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Leonor Cipriano's lawyer to sue the Portuguese State

Évora's Court upheld the PJ Officers convictions

The Appellate Court of Évora did not approve the appeals of the two Judiciary Police officers who were convicted in Leonor Cipriano's trial and decided to maintain the ruling made at the court of first instance, said this Friday Marcos Aragão Coreia, adding that he intends to sue the Portuguese State for violation of Human Rights.

According to Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, the Appellate Court considered "quite sufficient" all the evidence in the first instance to prove the existence of a "serious crime of torture" against Leonor Cipriano.

At trial, held in Faro for several months, the two inspectors of the Judiciary Police, Gonçalo Amaral and António Cardoso, were sentenced to one year and six months and two years and three months respectively, suspended in its execution.

Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department in Lagos, was convicted as the author of a crime of false testimony, and António Cardoso, as the author of a crime of forgery of a document.

According to Marcos Aragão Correia, the Court of Appeal of Évora has declared "unfounded" the appeals, including a request by the defendants for "renewal of proof".

from left to right: Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano, Leonor Cipriano convicted for murdering her daughter Joana, Leandro Silva's Mum, Leandro Silva and his sister

The lawyer added that the judges who reviewed the appeals, besides deciding to keep the final ruling made at the first instance, confirmed that Leonor Cipriano "was brutally tortured by various agents of the Portuguese Judiciary Police who remain unidentified."

According to Aragão Correia, the court considered that they "should not worsen" the sentence given to Gonçalo Amaral since he is a "first time offender" and has retired from the police.

Marcos Aragão Correia announced that in consequence of this decision, Leonor Cipriano will lodge a formal complaint against the Portuguese government to the United Nations for "gross violation of the most basic human rights".

According to the lawyer, it will be asked the condemnation and expulsion of Portugal from the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations.

in Correio da Manhã 18.03.2011

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  1. "said this Friday Marcos Aragão Coreia", "According to Leonor Cipriano's lawyer", "According to Marcos Aragão Correia", etc etc.

    Where is the independent verification of his story?

    "According to the lawyer, it will be asked the condemnation and expulsion of Portugal from the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations."

    Heaven help us all.


  2. I have a strong feeling that she was beaten up inside the penitenciary, by the other inmates! Even among hardened criminals there's a code of honour, child molesters and child murderers are not well looked upon. Lots of the inmates, women who are mothers themselves, who suffer with the absence of their children, for the obvious reasons, would not take kindly to a mother who killed her own child, profanated her body and denyed the child a christian burial!

  3. "According to Marcos Aragão Correia, the Court of Appeal of Évora has declared "unfounded" the appeals, including a request by the defendants for "renewal of proof"."

    Pity the court did not...I would like to see Mr. Marinho Pinto explain in detail how he came in possession of the (in)famous pictures of "battered" Leonor, when and where were the pictures taken, by whom, etc.. I would also like to know what's in the hospital report(was she ever taken to hospital?). I would want to hear what the prison wardens have to say about this, if they noticed any injuries in Leonor at the very moment she arrived at the penitenciary...?


    I am thinking exactly in the terms described by Anon 3: "Pity the court did not...I would like to see Mr. Marinho Pinto explain in detail how he came in possession of the (in)famous pictures of "battered" Leonor".


    Because in an international court of law the judge would look at the controversy surrounding those pictures and would demand exactly what Amaral and Cardoso did a ""renewal of proof". Who "doctored" those pictures? Why and/or for how much?

    These are no doubt sad news for Dr. Amaral. It must have been a sweet-and-sour day for him...

    Amaral and Cardoso can still appeal to a Europen court. I suspect Amaral at least will.

    As for Leonor Cipriano, I find her demands despicable. What she is really saying is: "Independently of having killed my daughter I still deserve respect as a monster. I want the Portuguese tax payer to fill my suitcases with bank notes while I am waiting to get the hell out of here.

    What we have here as well is a cold war between Marcos "Ghost Buster" Correia and Gonçalo Amaral "Big Rock"...

    Order! Order! Order!

  5. "According to the lawyer, it will be asked the condemnation and expulsion of Portugal from the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations"

    Does it include Madeira or is it just the continent?

    Oh! My! See the sort of advice lawyers dish out when they start meddling with spirits...

  6. Obviously Mr. Correia's affirmations have to be verified. You have to wonder is this actually true or just the babbling of a deranged man or a man who has been instructed to say these things to counteract the recent good news regarding Mr. Amaral's book. Could it be that there is so much hate towards Mr. Amaral and the people who are seeking the truth that any attempt will be made no matter how ridiculous it is to detract from what is perceived as a victory of sorts.

    It doesn't make any sense. If there is enough evidence to declare that there was torture, shouldn't the people responsible be retried?

    I personally would sue the Portuguese State for allowing this basket case to practice law.

  7. "gross violation of the most basic human rights".

    What about the gross violation of Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano's most basic human rights?


    "Electronics engineer Miguel Custódio was summoned as a computer expert to the Court of Faro..."

    1. "According to the technician, the images of Joana’s mother that were presented in the process “have passed through a software filter that manipulated them”...

    2. "He subsequently asserts: “it’s not possible to determine what manipulation was carried out without having access to the original files”...

    3. "According to Miguel Custódio "it was not possible to establish the date of the photographs” because “the disc where they were recorded was no longer the original one”... The CD that was appended to the process was recorded in October 2008 from images that had been recorded on the 9th of May 2005..." (fascinating).

    4. “What I was told later was that she [Leonor Cipriano] went to the toilet and that when she exited, she precipitated herself towards the stairs and inspector Marques Bom precipitated himself towards her to try to prevent her from falling down the stairs”, he told the court. (it's a possibility).

    The inspector further added that he had “no motives not to believe in his colleagues” even more so because at the date of the facts, Leonor Cipriano had already admitted her involvement in her daughter’s death to the instruction judge, on the 13th of October." (even more fascinating).


    Quoted from:



    "Agência de detectives que procurou Maddie recrutou advogado para "queimar" Gonçalo Amaral no caso Joana Cipriano".

    Which means:

    Detectives' agency which tried to find Maddie, recruited lawyer to "burn" Gonçalo Amaral...

    The lawyer "Publico" was referring to was of course, Marcos Aragão Correia and the detective agency was of course Metodo 3 (the infamous McCanns'sleuths). The idea was of course to discredit Gonçalo Amaral and you don't need Publico to tell you why...

    It is important to note that Gonçalo Amaral is charged because of the failure (to report acts of torture) not to commit these - if indeed any have been committed. I refer here to forensic evidence that suggest the proof (photos) was..."PhotoShopped". Alas!

    The question remains: Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes and with what purpose?

    Let us not forget the position of certain names close to so-and-so in the juridic system in Portugal in Portugal, not to mention the subservient political elite...

    N.B. "Publico" is a Portuguese newspaper of record not a tabloid.


    I. M. Konfused

  10. Segundo determinadas "fontes" : espesso.co.uk e "JamesM" , novo livro de GA antes do da K ?


  11. http://twitter.com/#!/publisher_guide

  12. M. Konfused @ 8,9


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Publico/SIC investigative piece makes perfect sense.

    The allegations of "torture" do not surface in 2005 when the events took place. They only seem to do so when Cipriano's original lawyer is substituted by Aragao-Correia in 2007 - after Madeleine's disappearance... that is when Metodo3 acting of behalf of the McCanns' contacts Aragão...hmmm...

    Aragão Correia does not confess being funded by "The Fund" but admits: "If I am taking sides with one of the parties it is because I am receiving moral support from them...". In Portuguese "“Se estou a tomar partido por uma das partes, é óbvio que essa parte me está a dar apoio moral”. (verbatim).

    Now it is me that is confused...

    M. Baffled

  13. Guerra @6

    "If there is enough evidence to declare that there was torture, shouldn't the people responsible be retried?"

    If you meant "if there is NOT enough evidence" - which I am sure you did, I am in total agreement.

    It is another bad hair day for Portuguese Justice...


  14. What is strange about this case is that no one was convicted of the alleged beating of Mrs. Cipriano and yet Mr. Amaral was sentenced for false testimony and Mr. Cardoso for forgery of a document. And of course the person who knew the origin of the photographs of the bruised Mrs. Cipriano, Mr. Marinho Pinto, was not put on the stand for questioning because of some quirk in Portuguese law. According to Mr. Aragao the appellate court states that there is enough evidence to prove that Mrs. Cipriano was tortured. So in that respect Mr. Cardoso, Mr. Amaral and the officers that served under him should be retried so that the more serious sentence of torture be applied.

    Forgive me if I doubt the veracity of Mr. Aragao. You have to take into account that the McCann team, of which Mr. Aragao is a part, has engaged in a campaign to besmirch Mr. Amaral any news that gives Mr. Amaral any credibility is quickly counteracted. I believe the timing of this article is no coincidence. Even if what Mr. Aragao says is not true it will detract from Mr. Amaral's victory until it is proven to be false. We'll have to wait for confirmation.

  15. check out

  16. Scapegoating those two officers is ridiculous since no one was charged with her torture. IF that being the case, where's the proof she was tortured.
    Her bruises could have been sustained in other manner, and with a mad lawyer representing her who incidentally happens to be paid under the table by the mccanns, who knows what the mad lawyer is capable of manipulating leonor to his agenda.
    There is no loss to leonor - in fact she might be promised plenty money to lie. Very fishy I think.

    When Amaral emerges victorious from the mccanns litigation I hope he has more time and resources to go after that mad lawyer and the state of portugal. From all it looks he surely has plenty valid legal grounds to do so.

  17. This was published by "Publico" as well - a newspaper of record... so one has to assume the sentence confirmation is true. What may be false are the arguments the appellate court used to reach such conclusion. I refer here to Guerra's perceptive comments above.

    It is also interesting to note in this context (if one assumes MAC - Marcos Aragão Correia, has a direct or indirect connection with the McCanns PR machine) the copycat move used by Isabel Duarte (MCs ex-lawyer)by filing proceedings against G. Amaral for "false statements" - even if no one has yet charged the McCanns and/or their friends for "false statements"... and as we know from official case files there were quite a few. No one has done so except perhaps Robert Murat in his case against Jane Tanner for her "faulty witnessing".



  18. The key words are: "said Mr. Aragao;" "according to Mr. Aragao." It seems that no journalist verified with the court if what Mr. Aragao has said is the truth. It's also peculiar that no journalist contacted Mr. Amaral to get his reaction to this alleged decision by the court.

    Whether it's true or not you must admit the timing of the release of this article is suspicious.


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