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Madeleine McCann - Portuguese Truck Driver Quizzed

By James Murray

Investigators working for Kate and Gerry McCann are trying to discover if a Portuguese lorry driver facing prosecution for child kidnapping is linked to the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

They are looking into whether the 34-year-old accused of kidnapping an 11-year-old Portuguese boy was in Praia da Luz, on the Algarve, when Madeleine vanished nearly four years ago.

Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonca vanished from his home town of Lousado, near Porto in the north of the country, in March 1998. Detectives believe he was kidnapped while walking home from school and taken to a prostitute who was paid to have sex with him.

Shortly after he was snatched there was also an unconfirmed sighting of the boy at Disneyland in Paris with a middle-aged man, suggesting he could have been moved around Europe by a paedophile gang.

In 2001 his mother was flown to Switzerland to see if a child sex video seized in that country contained footage of her son.

A breakthrough in the case was made when the prostitute allegedly confessed that she had been with the boy. She confirmed the suspect was seen with Rui Pedro on the day he vanished.

Former British detectives working as private investigators for Kate and Gerry McCann will now try to discover the movements of the suspect over the past 13 years. The Sunday Express knows the identity of the man, but cannot name him for legal reasons. It is understood he travelled extensively around Portugal.

Dave Edgar, the McCann’s main investigator, is keen to know if he has ever visited the Algarve, and in particular the resort from where Madeleine was kidnapped in May, 2007.

The man lived in Lousada but moved away after the disappearance of Rui Pedro and is believed to be married with a small child.

Detectives have passed a file on the case to a court for prosecution on child kidnapping. It is expected the suspect will be arrested and questioned in the coming weeks. In the past Rui Pedro’s mother Filomena has sent several messages of support to Kate and Gerry McCann. Pictures of both missing children appear on a missing persons’ website in Portugal.

After Madeleine disappeared, Filomena said: “When I saw the news about the disappearance of the English girl I was terrified. I immediately thought of my son, even though the cases are different, and I thought of Madeleine’s parents, the anguish they are suffering.”

Three years ago the suspect, who admits being with the boy on the day he disappeared, said: “As far as Rui Pedro is concerned, the thing I want most in the world is that he appears.

“I never denied being with him. But I never saw him again after we parted company that day and I haven’t a clue what happened to him.”

in: Sunday Express, March 6, 2011

Madeleine McCann flat to be let again

The holiday flat from which Madeleine McCann vanished is being put up for rental in the spring

By Sunday Express reporter

THE holiday flat from which Madeleine McCann vanished is being put up for rental in the spring after attempts to sell it failed, writes James Murray.

The disappearance of the three-year-old on May 3, 2007, made Apartment 5a of the Ocean Club in Praia de Luz on the Algarve notorious and over the past three summers it has been empty.

A year later, the owner, Ruth McCann of Liverpool, who is not related to Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry, tried to sell the property. The asking price was about £225,000 but she had no luck.

A source said: “It has been incredibly difficult for Ruth. She has money tied up in the property and needs to get it back.

“It was on the market for quite a time but there was never any real interest.

“Now it is hoped that people can finally move on and see the place as just a lovely apartment.

“The hope is that when some people rent it and the locals see that, then gradually people will stop associating the property with Madeleine.”

However, memories will be stirred up again on May 12 when Kate McCann publishes her book, Madeleine. She will undertake a round of interviews in Europe and America to try to keep the case in the public eye and to raise funds to continue the hunt for her lost daughter.

in : Sunday Express , March 6, 2011

Extra weekend spin

Secret video of Maddie suspect
News of the World
MADELEINE McCann suspect Raymond Hewlett said his wife would "go mental" if she was asked about the missing girl in a dramatic video recorded before his ...

Last Weekend Spin (Thanks to Nige at the McCann Files)

Kate plea to perv's widow
News of the World (paper edition)

Mum to mum ... please tell

EXCLUSIVE By Matthew Drake
Sunday 27 Feb 2011

HEARTBROKEN Kate McCann is pleading with the widow of a dead paedophile to break her silence in the hunt for snatched daughter Madeleine.

But Mariana Schmuecker – herself a mother of six -has snubbed FOUR requests to reveal secrets about her husband, convicted child rapist Raymond Hewlett.

Detectives believe what she knows could hold the vital key to their investigation.

When the News of the World confronted her the callous German just snarled: "Clear off! I'm sick to death of hearing about Maddie McCann!".


Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry desperately want Mariana to shed light on Hewlett's links with child-sex perverts in Portugal’s Algarve, where three-year-old Maddie vanished in May 2007.

Ex-fairground worker Hewlett bore a striking resemblence to the straggly-haired man seen lurking near the McCanns' holiday apartment.

His previous conviction included the rape of a 12-year-old girl he lured into his car then drugged with paint stripper. And he was bragged how gipsies had offered him "good money" for his own blonde-haired daughter aged two.

But Mariana, who suddenly shipped off to Morocco with Hewlett just three weeks after Maddie's disappearance, has stayed tight- lipped – even about her partner's flawed alibi.

Hewlett claimed that on the Thursday Madeleine (right) was abducted he was with his family at a market up the coast in Fuzets. But that market is only held on Saturdays. A source close to the McCanns told us: "Through detectives Kate has begged Mariana to speak out and hopes she will do the right thing. As a mother herself you'd think she'd want to help."

Mariana lives with her kids in the German city of Aachen, in the same flat she shared with Hewlett before he died two years ago of throat cancer at 64.

A source close to the investigation said: "Our detectives are pretty certain Mariana knows a lot about Hewlett's background and activities. That would open up doors to paedophile networks in the Algarve.

"We were never able to rule Hewlett out as a suspect. He'd have had useful information and we're convinced Mariana is more than able to fill in the gaps. But she just tells us to go away or puts the phone down."

"We want to know WHO she knows, and WHAT she's heard about possible routes to spirit a child out of the country."

"She and Hewlett left Portugal at a rate of knots because he feared being associated with Madeleine's disappearance."

"We wanted to know about the six children Mariana and Hewlett had because none of them had any official birth documents. And there was a seventh child who died in mysterious circumstances."

"They never explained how they could move from country to country with the children despite having no passports."

And also:

New Maddie hope

By Jonathan Corke
27th February 2011

MADELEINE McCann's parents hope a major police breakthrough against human trafficking in Portugal's Algarve might lead them to their missing daughter.

We can reveal how, in a huge bust earlier this month, 12 men were arrested on suspicion of trafficking women and children and forcing them into the sex trade.

And it is hoped they could have vital information on Madeleine's case and may even know who took her from the resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Last night Madeleine's parents, doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, both 42, were anxiously waiting to hear of any new lines of inquiry.

Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Clearly any information that the Portuguese authorities gather from this operation that is relevant to Madeleine would be of crucial importance.

"Obviously, Kate and Gerry will want to hear from the relevant authorities should anything of significance develop."

The raid, codenamed Operation Roadbook, saw immigration officials from Portugal's SEF border security agency and police join forces to smash the network.

According to detectives, 30 young women, including several under-age girls, were rescued as eight properties and 11 cars were raided across the Algarve and Aveiro, in the north of Portugal.

The SEF said they believe the ring to be responsible for the sexual exploitation of "many" young women in the Algarve.

In a statement they said: "The network used very violent physical and psychological coercion to force dozens of young women into prostitution.

"Some of the women were found to be underage while others had been the victims of the forced administration of narcotics."

According to the SEF, the gang constantly moved the girls to different locations, both in Portugal and outside the country, where they would be sold and traded.

"The movement of the prostitutes between different networks hindered the police and judicial authorities in being able to conduct a criminal investigation.

"But authorities in Spain, Italy, the UK and Germany co-operated with us with the assistance of Europol in this case."

A police source said missing persons cases in the Algarve were being looked at as a result of the sting.

Madeleine, from Rothley, Leics, was just three when she vanished from the holiday resort of Praia da Luz in the Algarve nearly four years ago.

Investigators trying to track down the missing girl have long suspected her to be the victim of a professional human trafficking network.

A source said: "Even if these men were not involved they may have information about who was and the channels used."

The 12 men, who are all EU citizens, are being held in custody with court hearings taking place in the main Algarve tourist city of Albufeira.

Note - the original article published on February 9, 2011 at Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) site makes no mention of Madeleine McCann.


  1. More UNBELIEVABLE rubbish, surely this can't go on for much longer, give them enough rope and they WILL hang themselves.

  2. "More UNBELIEVABLE rubbish, surely this can't go on for much longer"

    I think this will go on quite a bit longer and with increased frequency, especially in the lead up to the book launch and the book tour.

  3. It was only a matter of time. There is nothing that they do that surprises me anymore. It is disgraceful.

  4. From The Newsletter of The Church of The Holy Name Liverpool
    (where Maddie was baptized) dIffernt priest there now Fr Seddon has long gone)

    Thank you to everybody who signed the petition for the release of documents relating the case of missing Madeleine Maccann to enable an Independent review to take place.

    The Maccann's are sticking to churches in Liverpool they have had past contact with. Kate no longer attends any church that is no surprise to anyone. Devout Catholic my A--E

  5. Busy, busy, busy ......
    Lots of dead horses to flog!
    Lots of wild geese to chase!
    More unconnected people to harass!

    Book launch, book tour ...

    I know we always think that they can't sink any lower ... but this particular well of fiendish depravity is bottomless.
    And yes, it WILL go on and on.
    Until someone who has the authority PLUS a pair of b*lls decides to put a stop to it.

    Do you know anyone in authority who has b*lls?
    I don't.

  6. Sooner or later, I fear, they will find someone like this who is likely to go down anyway for another matter of child abduction. Someone who might not say no to money for adding Madeleine to their list.
    I see they have tried that before with Hewlette? they will keep IMO paying for sightings & everything else they can to get our eyes off of them for the disappearance of their daughter.
    Someone somewhere has enough IMO to put an end to all this, but won`t do it.
    Has anyone else had the feeling that this case is so huge & the Mc`s are only a small part of things that they can`t be touched yet as there are bigger fish to fry?
    For all we know it could be possible that one day they will close in on the whole disgusting bunch of them. I won`t hold my breath though, too many corrupt people linked to this IMO.


  7. It was bound to happen, as certain as rain, they just had to link Rui Pedro and Madeleine!
    The article is full of mistakes and I doubt very much that Filomena Mendonça ever sent supportive messages to the McCanns! Maybe at the very beggining, but I bet she soon realized Madeleine was NOT abducted...

  8. Can anyone enlighten me what is the hold up on the Murat v Tanner case or has that been shelved now.
    What is happening to the Maccann V Amaral case. I know that will not be shelved Amaral is too on the ball to allow that to happen. Is the Gag now fully off Mr Amaral or are complications, still in that as yet anyone answer please

  9. It is laughable. A stupid journalist who once again did not do a properly homework.
    Paedophilia was dismissed my dear James Murray. And what about Madeleine with a prostitute payed by Afonso? This is what happen when a British tabloid try to stick another story into Mccann's Circus.... THE CIRCUS BECOMES EVEN MORE LAUGHABLE.

    It is good for Afonso, if he become dragged into he circus by the incompetent private detectives. He must have told the truth many years ago to avoid that problems.
    Watch your steps Kate. You and your husband remain the first suspects for the only official investigation-PJ. 4 years already passed. They will not need 13 to reopen he case and charge the real perpetrators.

  10. I bet that next we'll have news headlines claiming that Madeleine is in France, someone will suddenly "remember" seeing her there with a "swarthy" truck-driver! Why? Well, because this man, Afonso, was working in France before returning to Portugal to face the charges.
    Wait for it...

  11. another load of loblocks,how in gods name can anyone take the mccanns serious i will never know,but alas there are some deluded people out there who think the mccanns had nothing to do with Madeleines so called abduction and thats why this charade goes on,poor Madeleine

  12. Why stop at the Portuguese truck driver? I'm surprised everyone involved in even a passing sense with an abduction going back to 1948 hasn't been linked to MM. Then they could start on serial killers, burglars...all enquiries and leads plastered over the front pages, of course


    It is a far shot but... please understand the detectives are trying to earn a living! They must be seen to be doing some work.

    True, they would be better off checking the records of every single hotel and bed-and-breakfast, every single tourist that was in PdL the day the s**t hit the fan - starting with the McCanns', their friends and acquaintances but of course they are not paid to do that...

    The problem is these semi-professionals are paid to investigate only one possibility. The possibility that the child was abducted.

    Now, any sensible person would have hired detectives not to pursue a certain line of investigation BUT to disprove the doubts raised by both British and PJ investigators, starting say by explaining the dogs behaviour in a sensible, convincing manner namely with empirical data.

    As it is, the McCanns' efforts amount to guilt-projection and PR fireworks, whereas the British gut press attitude boils down to ethnical prejudice.

    You only need to look at the facts of the real investigation, and have a basic grasp of Critical Discourse Analysis to uncover one and the other.


  14. Yes, I think that poster No 6 is right. They are well nigh untouchable. With regards to today's rubbish in the Express, I thought we were assured that Madeleine has taken to America only a couple of weeks ago? The book launch will see a return to the "glory days" of the summer of 2007, with a fawning British Media helping them to sell it (Sad to say, I think it WILL be a success)accompanied by a lucrative world tour. And I think the vast profits accrued will used to finally vanquish Mr Amaral I'm afraid to say.

  15. The usual smoke and mirrors. Pretendy detectives latch onto a completely unrelated case. Even Filomena says the case is different (well done Express for slipping that in) Unrelated time frame, unrelated gender, unrelated age, unrelated geography. They can't actually relate this to the Maddy case, so they tell us they are looking into whether they can do so. Bulls--t. Surely people aren't complete fools and realise that if there was anu relation whatsoever to the Maddy case, the real police would have been onto it by now. No wonder Gerry laughs. What happened to the 'lair' near PdL?

    At least this proves they have nothing real to talk about.
    Don't forget we still have the exagerated sales figures and popularity and false wonderful reviews of the 'truthful book' to look forward to.

  16. Remember that the McCanns are being advised by Claudia Nogueira's PR agency in Lisbon.

    One should thus anticipate that any events in Portugal that that can be manipulated to support the abduction theory will be tipped off to the gut press in the UK.

    The gut press is what sells and what sells is where public opinion is.

    The McCanns are not concerned with educated, thoughtful people capable of their own opinion throwing rotten eggs at them, they are more concerned with the average, feral Joe Builders and their Rosiepopps-like wives which constitute the majority of the NHS patients' on their list.

  17. Post 13

    Good post, as you say why arn't the pretendy Cops investigating why the PJ have FIXED up the Mcs, why arn't they digging into the police files and proving the PJ's naughty inaccuracies, all their massive mistakes they made, AND LASTLY TRYING TO PROVE TO US THAT THE DOGS ARE RUBBISH...........No!!! they choice to ignore this.....WHY!!!!!

  18. Lilyofthevalley, yes I agree UNBELIEVABLE RUBBISH!!!

    But not for much longer.

  19. I'd like to know has Mr Amaral tried to have his excellent book published in english,if not why not?I'm sure if he can't get a publisher in our country(is there no one with guts)perhaps he could sell it on Amazon,is something going on behind the scenes?.


    Having given my opinion here... I am feeling particularly opinionated today!...Having given my opinion here (comma) I went straight to the Sunday Express website to paste it there but... guess what? It says at the bottom:


    Which made me wonder whyyyy? You guessed it!

    The British gut press is becoming too reminiscent of The Mubarak regime in Egypt which used its own media to condition public opinion. Top-down.

    All right then, it is not the British government but surely someone must have a vested interest in keeping this story going and please don't try to convince me it is all for Madeline's sake!

    There is no smoke without fire...


  21. This is just the beginning of a well-plotted PR campaign for the forthcoming book. Over the the next few weeks they will exploit every possible link, no matter how tenuous, to every missing/dead child or adult - anyone and everyone is fair game as far as these people are concerned. Four years on from their daughters disappearance and they are still chasing money - a few million is not enough for them. Unbelievable. Where has it all gone? I suppose lawyers and PR are very expensive.

    Have any other parents collected so much cash on the back of a missing child? What's worse is the fact that they:

    failed to cooperate with the official investigation but give endless media interviews.

    failed to answer police questions but now write a book

    failed to return for a reconstruction but travel to Europe and USA to appear on tv.

    failed to prevent the shelving of the case (as was their right)but ask everyone else to look for Maddie and report information to them.

    failed to request the reopening of the case (And yes, they can simply ask to have it reopened - answering the questions and taking part in a reconstruction would constitute new evidence), but instead instigate a dodgy, unverifiable petition asking for a review.

    Oh, for a decent journalist.

  22. You are quite accurate number 6, but they are not as untouchable as they think.

  23. Please don't tell me it's Cindy and Alan Johnson as witnesses!

  24. If the book defames the PJ will this open the door to police sueing the McCanns? There's more to come.

  25. Rich,infamous and chained together for life- what a prospect and what a fitting punishment.

  26. To Anon 16

    I get the point you are making but two small corrections:

    Kate is no longer working as a doctor. She is now a free-lance P.R. officer spearing the campaign for the defamation of Gonçalo Amaral in particular and the PJ and the Portuguese people in general...and I understand Gerry is seeing private, not NHS patients. OK, may be both.

    We have to try and get the facts right,least this blog is perceived as having the same standards as the infamous RosiePops "laugh-in".

    Yours was otherwise a good point.


  27. The longer this charade carries on with no results, no breakthroughs, no hope in sight of ever finding long, lost Maddie at the end of the rainbow the more an increasingly sceptical public will question the real motives behind all of this nonsense.

  28. anon 22. I am anon 6.
    Thank you, you give me hope.


  29. Surely they won't go on a book tour? They will be lynched! Just imagine exactly who would come to 'meet' them?

    Unless of course the 'book tour' is some remote place than hasn't yet people who haven't yet donated to the fund.

  30. 4 years of begging for money, what are they doing with this money.......who are they handing this money over too, if this could be found out, the case would be solved.

  31. Joana and co
    it is very hard to post comments, im sure lots of posters will not have had their post sent to you, because once you hit the post botton you think your post has been sent when infact it takes you 4 attempts.

  32. All that is happening now is for book publicity, but imo its going to drop like a lead balloon and so it should.......greedy, neglecting selfish B******ds.

    This is the end of the road for these two, this book will be the finish of them.

  33. Why do they constantly keep asking for money, Im sure the pro's must ask the question....what the hell are they doing with all this money????

  34. Good post 22

    They do believe they are invincible, let us all stand back and wait and watch, activities are going to take a remarkable turn around soon regarding the McCanns and their friends.

  35. I look forward to getting hold of the book, Im not going to pay for it so I hope someone posts it! Then we can review it in depth and highlight the lies and inconsistancies (of which there are many already known - for example the claim on film that Kate 'almost left' when she noticed the door partly open - then she went to close it -without actually checking her child was there! Little doubt - in fact no doubt - in my mind, Kate McCann is responsible for her child no longer living!

  36. 23 - meant Thompsons, the people who found Osama Bin Laden. Will they all be in Morocco, as we seem to be heading in that direction again?

  37. If this supposed connection is factual the PJ can now reopen the case as it is NEW EVEDENCE

    Letter From Iberia

  38. I beleive that Gonzalo Amaral - or should I call him Sir, will wait for the book to be released. He did state that

    "the book and all its contents can and will be used as evidence against in the event of the case re-opening,"

    Lets hope so! How Lady Kate is going to spin herself out of this one with her web of lies - we shall see!

  39. Anon@35 i absolutely agree with you especially your last paragraph.

  40. One thing, if Kate was on extended maternity leave how could she have come in contact with all these corpses for the cadaver smell to attatch to her clothes, and did she really take dirty clothes on holiday??

  41. The Pj and goncarlo are awfully quiet??? Something is going on behind the scenes??

  42. In my opinion, Charlotte Pennington could be a pathological lier, who needs attention.I just read about her on McCann Files.
    She wanted to help the McCanns and she made up stories.This world is full of liers and she could be one of them.

  43. #40, found this on UK's maternity leave rights:


    "Women in the UK are currently entitled to 12 months' maternity leave, with the first six weeks on 90% pay followed by 33 weeks on Statutory Maternity Pay of just under £125 a week."

    I'm not sure, but I suppose, having a multiple birth (twins) means double the time of maternity leave? Then, Kate would have 2 years off, or more, if she would take the extended 33 weeks with very low pay. In view of this, of course that the dead patients thing is rubbish and everyone knows it! What makes me so angry is that such rubbish is accepted, no one in authority questions it or exposes it as an impossibility, a LIE! Not only in this case, but in so many other "impossibilities"(read LIES) that have come from the "horse's mouth"...and yet, no one dares to expose them!

  44. ''they are more concerned with the average, feral Joe Builders and their Rosiepopps-like wives which constitute the majority of the NHS patients' on their list.''
    What an incredibly rude, foolish comment.

  45. Poster 40,I totally agree with you,my goodness a lot of people must be holding their heads in shame regarding this "investigation",but wouldn,t you think her ex work colleagues were intelligent enough to query that ,and of course we mustn,t forget "cuddle cat" only had caveder on it because Kate used to take it into work with her????? and she was believed !OMG!!!

  46. Has anyone any information on the mccannfiles please? I can't access their site.

  47. Anon @ 40 exactly right,Kate no more come in contact with six dead bodies(in six weeks wasn't it) than i have,she was a Gp for two days a week,my daughter in laws father is a full time GP,and he told me that most of his patients are elderly and they either die in hospital or a nursing home,he very very rarely attends to these bodies,and he also said he wouldn't dream of taking his work clothes on holiday with him,and as you say at the time of that fateful holiday she was on extended maternity leave,it's all a load of rubbish and yet still the useless cowardly press continue to con the gullible public on the McCanns behalf,if something doesn't make sense then it isn't true,and the British media knopw it.

  48. Ref. Anon @46. Sorry, I put the wrong site down. I can not access "the maddie case files" site and I can't find any message on other sites to say it's down. Can anyone help please?

  49. Lynn post45,
    yep its incredible that all in authority accepts that a grown woman, educated so be it, takes Cuddle cat to work, let alone the MORGUE. God only knows why this bulls--- is accepted and why these 2 continue to control all.Actually I think Cuddle cat had not been with Maddie that long, as john corner bought it for her coming birthday???so maybe a week or so.Are all these policemen blind , I do not think so but there is something major lurking. The Maddie is in America story was to cover that they will tour US on book signing trip.....gerry will love that, he loves power and money.Dont see cuddle cat making appearances nowdays... and the recent self invitation to a church tribute, not even catholic was Kate cleaning her image. I believe after the twins were born she became unstable, and then never really returned to work and gerry didnt like having to produce all the money or his luxury living. Their mortgage is enormous, he basically only reads scans,etc. there are many that need to hang their head in shame over this case, and tere is somone that needs to speak out. this whole case is awash with corruption, and Gerry boy is pulling the strings...where is force of the Scotland Yard? the PJ? anyone who can help stop this circus and help a missing child that seems to have been forgotten by her parents and many others.

  50. 46,

    You can access the Maccann files no problem try again.

    How is Joana

  51. You give me hope poster 48,thank you,but why have people investigating this fiasco,chosen to "overlook" the blatent facts ????,thank goodness we have Joanna,s site where we can keep our desperate concerns in the public domain.I will never give up on getting justice for Madeleine.

  52. It's obvious to me that this case will soon be solved...
    the gang that has just been busted, kidnapped Maddie, to keep her in a lair near PDL, to love and nurture her for 10 years until she is old enough to become an under age prostitute.

    After all, she is so desirable, with her eye defect and other consequential health problems, shortness of stature, and she is a known screamer too. Just the type they always look for I would think.

    no wonder this is front page news

    aunty anti

  53. clarence mitchell the most obnoxious oxygen thief in england


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