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Portimão: PJ investigates human remains

The Polícia Judiciária (PJ) of Portimão is investigating the origin of human remains that were found on Tuesday night, at a beach slope in the area of Praia do Beliche, in Sagres.

According to the commander of the Portimão and Lagos Port, the Maritime Police was alerted at around 11 p.m. on Tuesday to "the presence of bones that could belong to a person", deposited halfway at a beach slope near Praia do Beliche, in Sagres, in the municipality of Vila do Bispo.

Commander Cruz Martins added that "the bones vere visible and an initial analysis has indicated that they belong to a person", with the case being handed over to the Public Ministry and the PJ for further investigation.

A source at the PJ has said that the "human bones appear to be those of a very young person", but only after the exams and analysis that will be performed at the Institute for Forensic Medicine, in Lisbon, "will it be possible to determine their origin".

The police authorities do not set aside the possibility that the human remains belong to a 21-month-old child that disappeared in July 2010, whose mother was drowned at a beach in Lagos.

The suspect of the mother's death and of having made the child, who was both their daughter, disappear during the holidays that they were spending in Lagos, is a 43-year-old German citizen who is presently detained in Germany, following an arrest warrant that was issued by the Portuguese authorities.

in: Correio da Manhã, 09.03.2011


  1. This could not be Maddie's. Badly hidden, on a hurry.
    But it still means hope for justice for Madeleine.

  2. My heart just skipped a beat!!!!! whoever you were,justice will be done for you now!Poor little mite .RIP.

  3. :p Oh! My! For a moment I thought...

    I know it may sound a bit insensitive if not macabre but "you know who" will have to materialize one day - dead or alive. More likely dead than alive but, I am a great believer in "the anything is possible" principle (cough).

    If the PJ theory is correct it only goes to show that a father is perfectly capable to murder his own daughter (mutatis mutandis).

    Having said that, I think in this case an element of racism could have been at play - Hitler is very much alive in many people's hearts - even in the...oops!I nearly wrote that couple's name! That would have been unkind...

    There is a difference between the ethnical prejudice shown by certain celebrity couples and the Nazis more pragmatic attitude.

    "keep medicines well out of reach and out of sight of young children".

    Source: http://www.direct.gov.uk

  4. According to the Diario de Noticias, the bones are of the baby-girl, whose German father murdered her mother and her.
    He got arrested now in Germany.

  5. This is very sad. The little girl is dead. I knew this story but I hoped the girl was living with a family, somewhere in Germany.But he killed her.Again a lost life that had the right to live.A soul with no future.Obviously this was premeditated and no accident.I pray this man with spend the rest of his life in prison, sleeping among rats.How can humans do that to little humans?

  6. Apesar do caracter morbido do meu post, seria bom que fossem os restos de Madeleine. Pelo menos acabava o circo do rapto e da crianca viva e ela tinha agora a possibilidade de descansar com dignidade.
    Mas nao, nao deve ser Madeleine. Os Mccann sabem onde ela esta e sabem que nao sera facil encontra-la. Tem a situacao controlada, por isso se dao ao luxo de planear eventos a longo termo e ate pretendem publicar um "folhetim" a 12 de Maio. Madeleine tera sido cremada ou esta dentro de uma casa a que alguem relacionado com os Mccann acede facilmente mas a policia precisa de fortes suspeitas para obter um mandato de busca. Ironias de um triste destino.
    O que e importante realcar destas duas criancas com fatidicas ferias no Algarve, e que o pai Alemao esta preso mesmo nao tendo aparecido o corpo da filha. A policia Alema coopera com a PJ e deixa que a justica funcione. Este nao teve tempo de arranjar Fundos ou advogados especializados em estradicoes. Para amenizar a pena vai ter de arranjar algum disturbio mental que convenca o juiz.

  7. I really pray these are Madeleines remains it will bring an end to the circus Mccann and stop their gravy train.
    RIP Maddie

  8. We read in the Express that Kylie has donated an expensive bag for the Mccann sale.Was the money to help for the house,it would be better to give for the hospitals or old people rather than poor Maddie who died in the flat,did she do it for publicity. Why do they not open the case to find out what really happened,what are they afraid of?


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