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War of words looms over Madeleine McCann books

By James Murray

Former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral is set for a new legal battle with Kate and Gerry McCann after writing a second book about their missing daughter Madeleine.

Mr Amaral’s book will be published in Portugal next month shortly before Kate McCann publishes her fundraising book called Madeleine.

It could not come at a worse time for Kate, 42. She is hoping someone who reads her book will come forward with information about the person who took her daughter on May 3, 2007.

The McCanns’ private investigator David Edgar is also preparing to beef up his team in Portugal to react swiftly to any new leads produced by Kate’s book. It goes on sale in Britain on May 12 and a week later in Portugal.

The McCanns have already fought a costly legal battle over Mr Amaral’s first book on the case. Called Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie, it was taken off the shelves for several months before being allowed back on sale.

On Friday the McCanns lost an appeal in Portugal’s Supreme Court to stop his first book from going back on the shelves there.

In the book Mr Amaral put forward the theory that Madeleine had died in apartment 5a of the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz on the Algarve. His conclusion angered the McCanns, who insist there is no evidence to suggest Madeleine died there and they still hope she is alive.

Now the stage is set for a fresh legal battle. Mr Amaral’s wife Sofia said: “Goncalo has been working on his book for about six months, spending days and nights assessing all the evidence. He has put in an enormous amount of work. The title has not been decided and a publication date will be sorted out this week.

“At this stage he doesn’t want to say too much, but he will say his investigation was cut short and he will explain what he would have done if he had been allowed to continue. The book is not just about Madeleine. He gives the background to other big cases he was involved with.

“The timing of this new book is just coincidental, nothing was planned. We are not trying to cash in on the fourth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance and we do not want a fight over Kate’s book.”

Mr Amaral was a senior investigation officer in the case but was taken off it after criticising British police for an alleged lack of co-operation.

After resigning from the Policia Judiciaria, he has become a successful author in Portugal and regularly appears on television news. He has tried to publish The Truth Of The Lie in Britain but no publisher has accepted it for fear of being sued for libel.

Kate McCann is said to have been warned by her publisher to be careful of what she says about Mr Amaral. However, she does chronicle her frustration with him and her anger over the way he looked at the case.

The Sunday Express can also reveal that Mr Edgar has been making regular trips to Portugal to check out leads in recent months.

A source said: “The investigation is very active. There is a hope that Kate’s book will lead to someone coming forward with the key piece of the jigsaw.”

in: Sunday Express, 20.03.2011


  1. And not a disgraced cop in site.the mccanns deserve all that is coming to them,KARMA.
    ibet the tapas friends are bricking it wondering what else Mr Amaral has got up his sleeve

  2. "Kate McCann is said to have been warned by her publisher to be careful of what she says about Mr Amaral."

    Fascinating. No doubt Kate thought she had a great opportunity here to tell her version of the "truth", and accuse Mr. Amaral of being the devil incarnate, a total incompetent and a liar to boot. But the printed word is not the same as a throwaway line in a TV interview, and you will be held to account for what you write. The publishers must be worried sick about the risk of libel suits.

    So what is left for her to write about? What can she tell us about her daughter´s disappearance, beyond what, with all its inconsistencies, she has told us already? Hopefully she may attempt to explain why she refused to answer those questions. More likely she will tell us what Madeleine, courtesy of the kind abductor, sent Sean and Amelie for Christmas.

  3. So no publisher will publish for fear of sued by the McCanns for libel,says it all about the pair of narcissists,they want to silence Amaral at all costs,and there seems not to be any journalist or publisher with any guts,but Mr Amaral could sell an English version on Amazon.

  4. “The investigation is very active. There is a hope that Kate’s book will lead to someone coming forward with the key piece of the jigsaw.”

    Which "active investigation"?PJs investigation or mickey mouse?The latter is the correct one init?
    A hope the mccann womans book brings new "leads/informations"?THEY are the only ones who KNOW what happened to Madeleine,not anyone else.

    "Kate McCann is said to have been warned by her publisher to be careful of what she says about Mr Amaral"
    Thats right! At LONG last somebody is warning them and it was time.Enough of their manipulations,lies and revenge.I guess that the publisher does not want to have "problems" and I also hope they will scrutinize the content of this INfamous book:people have learnt from the mccanns and their approach is very careful now.....

    Now just a word about Sofia Amaral:this lady does not have to give any explanation at all about GAs book published at about the same time as the mccanns.She sounds almost apologetic and I really do not see why she takes the trouble:they do NOT deserve anything

  5. Well done Goncalo! here's hoping justice for Madeleine at long last, your book will shame Kates fairytale book, maybe your's will be serialised in our newspapers (we can but hope!) I look forward to buying it in UK.

    The mccanns have had things their way for far too long events are changing, just reading comments on authors page of Kates book at Amazon goes to show the public are fed up with their continued begging for donations when they never once co-operated with proper authorities.

    A big thank you to Joana and Astro for keeping us up to date with events.

  6. The Express giving Amaral's new book a shout out - who'd have thought it? Sneaking in a mention of The Truth of The Lie being unbanned, too, and all the while letting us know that the Amarals are still very much together.

    All contained in an article that is ostensibly sympathetic to Kate McCann.

    Naughty Express....:o


  7. I hope that Kates book will lead to the investigation being re-opened and her and her friends ultimately being charged for the crimes they tried to conceal, the assets from her book being frozen and a proper investigation taking place.

    They tried to silence Sr Amaral but he has come back stronger than ever this case is far from over.

    Justice for Madeleine.

  8. What a man Mr Amaral is the Maccann couple have unleashed a tiger by self preservation and mutiple lies. Am I sorry for their plight, not on your bottom dollar. Bring it on Goncarlo Bring it on.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  9. "Edgar is preparing to beef up his team in Portugal", oh for goodness sake, how many dodgy PIs does it take to look for Madeleine. Talk about making yourselves sound important, what are they doing other times, sitting twiddling their thumbs waiting for Kate's book to be published. Nice little earner if you can get it. I bet their suntans are looking really good. I think it's more like an extended holiday for all of them on the back of Madeleine's fund.

    "To react swiftly to any new leads" - don't make me laugh. The lot of them are slower than your regular tortoise. They couldn't find their way out of a paperbag if it was put over their heads.

    Kate obviously was in no hurry to find Madeleine with her book seeing as it's taken her 4 years to write it.

    They should all be ashamed of themselves. The only one looking for the truth and for Madeleine is Goncalo and he's been thwarted at every turn. Let's hope that now his books can be published someone reads them who's conscience is pricked and comes forward to tell what really happened in May 2007


    Good news to compensate for yet another "bad hair day" for Portuguese Justice yesterday. At times I wonder if Portugal is in risk of becoming a Banana Republic...

    I am looking forward to read THE new Dr. Amaral's book which, no doubt, will be authoritative.


  11. I really hope she does say things out of line about Amaral and the case so it backfires on this evil women and they re-open the case can you just imagine the panic it will case for the cold twosome and their very "close friends" the tapas vile lot!!! thanks Joana and all the team keeping us the UK up to date with events.

  12. The McCanns can never rest from their brainwashing propaganda campaign to convince people Madeleine was abducted. Yet the truth of the investigation is going to come out eventually, and they must be constantly on guard. What a nightmare for them never knowing what tomorrow brings.

    Here comes yet another best seller from Dr Amaral, and the McCanns must be FURIOUS about that, all under the pretext of it hindering the 'search' for Madeleine. By the way McCanns where is the cadaver you were requested to hand over to the investigators?

    Perhaps when the case is reopened, which we all hope it will be, (except the parents of course, it's the last thing they want), the dogs could be taken round to Rothley and the long overdue search of their place take place at last.

  13. anon @6

    Not really any surprise. I remember a long time ago, on 3 Arguidos. a journalist saying he had been reliably informed that one national paper, a rather surprising one, and not one renowned for its investigative journalism, would pursue this case to the bitter end.

    For a long time now the Express has been like a crafty cat, eyeing and teasing a sad little sparrow on the back lawn. It´s just that sometimes cats have to be careful.

  14. Ha,hah,hah, and I hope this book will be published short before Kate publishes hers.
    Amaral's documentary was shown short before the McCann's showed theirs and as consequence they never showed the part played by the American actress.They had to change a lot in theirs.
    Hah,hah, hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Brilliant article, so damaging IMO - perhaps many Express readers will google for Truth of the Lie - they will find it immediately and in English , hahahahahaha - Express getting their revenge at last and i bet its just the start

  16. @ 12

    "The McCanns can never rest from their brainwashing propaganda campaign to convince people Madeleine was abducted...they must be constantly on guard. What a nightmare for them never knowing what tomorrow brings."

    Yours is a very perceptive point overall....just a quote for ID. Thanks for tidying up my thoughts...


  17. Goncalo could get an english version printed and put on sale in Portugal copies would soon find their way to the UK, and being a 'banned' book would make it even more desirable.

  18. Sr Amarals book will be very sought after, he should get an English version printed, copies sold on e-bay and Amazon would out sell Kates book easily and she has inadvertantly given him masses of publicity, time to get even with the mccanns Sr Amaral they have scored a home goal with this book of theirs !

  19. Everything comes to he who waits .... well done Sr Amaral

  20. Gooood! It seems the Express group is starting to collect on that "settlement" cash it was shamelly forced to pay to the Tapas9!
    And the Taps will pay...with a huge interest rate!

    Speaking of Kate's book "boosting up" leads for the search, I suppose we cam all assume that the angolan Marcelino "Maddie is in the USA and I know who took her" lead has come to nothing! Surprise, surprise! Or not!

  21. Just a thought, after all the nonsense that has been written in the British press should we accept this article at face value. This could be another ploy by the McCann team to get people to buy Mrs. McCann's book. An English speaking person whose knowledge of the case is based on the fiction they have been fed by the British media upon reading this article is likely to believe that Mrs. McCann is being thwarted by an opportunistic detective. Such a person may even buy Mrs. McCann's book out of sympathy. I have a feeling that the McCann team greatly overestimated the demand for Mrs. McCann's novel and are only now realising their error.

  22. great news all this...but not enough.
    Its great that these battles are been won by Goncalo along the journey - the man is an inspiration.
    it will remain tittle tattle unless followed to a legal conclusion!
    Then the fireworks begin truly - It is fair to say that this cover up has involved many and they should ALL be made to answer.
    There are many questions that will need to be adressed by both the British and Portuguese governments.
    That is what in my opinion is delaying everthing- they have retreated from the mccanns but know there conviction will raise many questions about their roles in this sordid, outrageous case.

    There are many cans of worms to be opened on many fronts!


  23. "War of words". I cannot think of a more appropriate and apt headline :n

  24. @no 9

    Edgar preparing to beef up his team is probably code for taking his mates out for a slap up meal before the cash cow runs dry.

  25. A must read: Kate's Book Madeleine: No.1 in Bestseller FICTION list "(...) The movements, behaviour and comments of her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, together with those of their friends, have been the subject of much conjecture and speculation since May 2007.

    Newspapers, both here and in Portugal, have previously suggested that the course of events as explained and propagated by what has come to be, disaffectionately, known as ‘TEAM McCANN’, did not stand up to scrutiny.

    Contradictions galore, non-corroboration of ‘Tapas members’ statements and bizarre, inexplicable behaviour led some to suggest that the McCanns and their Holidaying compatriots were hiding something.

    The PORTUGUESE Police, the previously World respected and renowned Polícia Judiciária, were rather less circumspect. Their report of September 2007 by Tavares de Almeida, then Chief Inspector, concluded, (amongst other things), that:

    Madeleine McCann died in the Holiday apartment on 3rd May 2007.

    A staged HOAX abduction took place.

    The McCanns were involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter.(...)"

  26. "(...) But of course, the MAIN reason why we know that Tavares de Almeida’s report is wrong is because in June 2008, the Portuguese produced another, FINAL report, as presented to the Attorney General, (although, remarkably, this didn’t mention that it invalidated the first, ‘interim’ report and in fact used much of its original content, without the specific conclusions of Almeida, of course).

    This is THE report, according to ‘Team McCann’and the British Newspapers and Media ,that “Clears” the McCanns of any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. We know this because Clarence perpetually refers to this report whenever he wishes to reinforce his client’s innocence.

    Tabloid AND Broadsheet headlines such as “Madeleine McCann police clear Kate & Gerry as they shelve case” (The Telegraph); “Kate and Gerry McCann cleared over Madeleine disappearance” (Sunday Times); “Kate and Gerry in clear” (The People) and “Portugals TOP COP set to clear Kate and Gerry” (The SUN), are pretty unequivocal in their message: that the Portuguese finally admit what the British Press, the McCanns themselves and their supporters have been saying all along, which is that Kate and Gerry had no involvement in the disappearance of their daughter and that the Portuguese Authorities were very clearly the inept, “bungling Porto plod” that they were frequently described as.


    That’s not quite the truth. It IS true that this report, (which lifted the arguido status of the McCanns, along with Robert Murat), concludes: “despite all that has been done and in spite of all our efforts and lines of enquiry, it has not been possible to obtain a solid and objective conclusion about what really happened that night, nor about the present location of Madeleine”.

    (It also clearly illustrates and DEMONSTRATES the HUGE and hardworking efforts made by the Authorities and the Portuguese people to try and find Madeleine, including securing the apartment, roadblocks, house to house searches and an account of ALL the intelligence and sightings that passed through their offices, unquestionably refuting the claims by ‘Team McCann’, their friends and the British Press that the Police were useless and ‘bungling’). (...)"

  27. "(...) It is only recently that I have actually paid any real attention to this publically available report. My nefarious mind had previously concluded that it wouldn’t be worth reading as it was likely to have been written, at least in consultation with, and possibly agreed by, Senior Detective Clarence Mitchell.

    However, it is abundantly clear, after having studied the document to any appreciable degree, that one must question exactly WHICH passages the British Media are referring to when they assert that the report “Clears” the McCann’s and their friends of any wrongdoing.

    In fact, one might question whether they have actually read the report at all, or have in fact read a DIFFERENT report.

    For I can think of no other explanation for them NOT addressing the following facts:

    The report makes VERY clear that there were “inconsistencies” surrounding the evidence and testimonies of the McCanns and their friends, and that these inconsistencies could have been easily highlighted and addressed were it not for the “un-cooperation from several, relevant witnesses”.

    It goes on to say that the Portuguese strove for a re-construction or “reconstitution” of KEY events, but that they could not as “some of the key members of the McCann holiday group” were unwilling to return to do so.

    The report goes on to specify that there were CLEAR inconsistencies and irregularities with some of the statements provided by the McCanns and their friends, thus the need for a reconstruction, particularly in relation to Jane Tanners’ statements relating to her alleged sighting of a “supposed abductor”, specifically noting that at the precise same time, Gerry McCann and TV Producer Jeremy Wilkins were in the very same “narrow confines of space”, yet neither man saw either Tanner OR the alleged abductor.

    The report ALSO suggests that a reconstruction was necessary to pinpoint HOW and WHEN an abductor could possibly have struck, given the regularity and frequency of the checks being made on the children, as asserted by the McCann’s and their friends. The report CLEARLY doubts not only this testimony, but also the ability of ANY abductor to enter and exit the apartment as proposed by the McCanns, through the small window of the apartment in the manner being suggested, whilst carrying a child.

    More importantly, it suggests that the events as suggested by the McCanns and their friends contained inconsistencies and irregularities relating to the WHOLE period spanning from around 5.30pm on the evening in question,(“the last time at which Madeleine and her siblings were seen by anyone other than her parents”), up until around 10pm when Madeleine was reported missing.(...)

    »To read the full article, please click on the link

  28. A good critic on the latest books saga at Anorak» Madeleine McCann: Amaral’s New Book Published Month Before McCanns’ Madeleine "(...) Maybe it comes at a good time, serving to remind readers and the great unwashed that an innocent child went missing and has yet to be found? It may trigger new leads.

    The McCanns’ private investigator David Edgar is also preparing to beef up his team in Portugal to react swiftly to any new leads produced by Kate’s book.

    Leads produced by the book? Is this saying that the book has new information that could trigger new lines of inquiry? Surely this book has nothing new to say? Or is it that the mere publication of the book could trigger new lines of inquiry? In which case: good? (...)"

  29. A slight off-topic here, but I have noticed in Radio Times this week that ITV are shortly going to screen a dramatised version of a book called "The Suspicions of Mr Whicher" (a true story of the death of a child in an English village in 1860). I have read the book, and was immediately struck by the incredible similarities with the Maddie story, with Jack Whicher of Scotland Yard as the Amaral character. I do hope ITV are not going to be so ludicrous and unhelpful as to screen this shortly before Mrs McCann's book is published. Our friend Clarrie may have to bully someone to get it pulled. (I hope I have not drawn this to your attention Clarence when you might otherwise have missed it.)

  30. "The McCanns’ private investigator David Edgar is also preparing to beef up his team in Portugal"

    Oh for goodness sake! Checkout the Urban Dictionary for the meaning of "beef up".

  31. I believe Mr. Amaral's book would sell very well in the U.S. particularly since it was once "banned". It could be advertised as "The Book the McCanns Didn't Want You To Read". Perhaps Oprah Winfrey might want to interview Mr. Amaral. She appeared very skeptical to me when she interviewed the McCanns.

  32. @30 thanks for that important piece of information, it's always good to learn new meanings even if they're weird slanguish ones..... can't shake that image from my head now - blargh!

  33. Number 30, what an image you have conjured up!! I was just about to have my breakfast, but probably not much point now!

  34. Astro, Joana, is it possible to interview Amaral, before he publishes this new book? I can not wait till next May. Thank you.

  35. By the way, does anyone knows how much will the McCanns have to pay GA for the "The Truth of the Lies" loss of sales during the time it was banned? Don't show any mercy GA!

    As to GA's new book...bad news to the McCanns & Co: another thorn in their flesh! Waiting for Gerry's comments.


    If you try to comment on the Express website where this story is published, you will get a stopper: "having your say is not available for this story".

    I wonder why this always happens with stories involving the McCanns?

    Is it because the McCanns are trigger happy and sue at the blink of an eye or as my Scottish maid tells me, because the story was probably paid for by you know who?

    What's your say?

    M. Baffled

  37. @ 30 on beefing-up

    Well, I did check the urban dictionary as you suggested and it says (quote):

    "Function: verb. To perform an act of masturbation with the intent of increasing flaccid penis length and girth. Ex. he felt it necessary to beef up before entering the crowded sauna without a towel.

    Hmm. I will advise my boy friend accordingly.

    "Mario do you mind beefing-up before walking naked into my bedroom?"

    Now, seriously, do you think the McCanns' are beefing up their version of events or the sleuths are "beefing up" it up? My God! What's going on?

    I have sent an e-mail to the Express editor warning him of the unfortunate choice of terms...

    Now, if you excuse me I must answer the door. It's Mario I think. Talk of the devil...


  38. Anon @ 34 "Astro, Joana, is it possible to interview Amaral, before he publishes this new book? I can not wait till next May. Thank you."

    Wow! What a fantastic idea! Can't you ladies pick up that phone and check the rumour for us? Just ask him: "Tell me, is this true?" You don't need to ask him details because I am sure he won't tell you (in war the element of surprise is of paramount importance) but you could ask him things such: "Why this new book? Is it an extended version of the first? Does it add to what you have written so far? Is it true the book addresses other cases, etc.".

    Come on ladies you know better than I do what to ask. Pick up that phome/mobile and get cracking! The McCanns' cannot sue you for that. You have journalistic immunity...

    :g Laureen

  39. Anon #37 "I have sent an e-mail to the Express editor warning him of the unfortunate choice of terms..."


    I am #30. Thinking about it perhaps it was not an unfortunate choice of terms. Perhaps they were transforming the obvious into the sublime i.e: They may mean he is a W*n Kerr as in British slang meaning. Judging by the video on Joana Morais blip tv below, if they were, I agree.


  40. Talking of wan Kerrs, has anyone been watching An Island Parish on BBC on Friday evenings (I must apologise to our Portuguese friends for this little diversion!) One of the priests has a ginger prize cock(erel) with a wonderfully pompous way of strutting around. Guess what, he is called Clarence!!!

  41. Anon @ 37 I just got to thank you for making me laugh so much...beefing it up !!!!

  42. Tell me, Kate, if your pretendy detectives are very active but you still don't have a clue, ahem, I mean the key piece of the jigsaw, what pray, are they active about? What are they doing, without the key piece of the jigsaw to follow? Are these just more 'empty fluffy words' again, Kate? And why would the responsible doctors be angry at the Senior PJ investigation Coordinator's police team's conclusions about the case? After all they are legitimatre, according to three Appeal Court judges in Lisbon, last year, where the PJ witnesses confirmed them in court. They are also echoed in the judicial interim report on the case, and the final report leaves open the possibility that Maddy died in the parents' apartment, doesn't it? Now why oh why would the McCanns be angry about the legitimate evidence found by a renowned and respected police force? And Wikileaks reported that the British police also developed the evidence, lets not forget that!

    Yes, be careful not to defame Snr Amaral, Kate, I see that the Daily Express is most respectful towards him these days.

  43. Expresss is taking the profit to tell again that Madeleine is dead.
    They are using the news about Amaral-s new book in order to repeat what they have said before and that have cost them a lot of money.They are waiting for the opportunity to write a lot more about this case without being sued and they will get it.Express will never forget the McCanns. Wait and see.

  44. @43 "Express will never forget the McCanns. Wait and see."

    Yeah! On second thoughts you could be right. The article is not just blowing the pipes for the McCann's...This will sound like a trombone to them...

    Order! Order! Who did it?

    :o Pepperonia

  45. Can anyone with knowledge of the Portuguese legal system begin to estimate the probable costs of the legal actions, which one supposes the McCanns (= The Fund) will have to pay.
    Is there a time limit enforced by the Courts.

  46. Its great to see so many people still commenting who know the facts as they occurred and have not been swayed by the McCann claim that abduction is the only theory - their clinging to this false claim and attaching it to a parents hope is not fooling us is it!
    Such weak coverage of the disaster (for the McCanns) of Sr. Amaral winning against their attempts to silence him! Looks like Portugal has so much more freedom of expression than is left in the UK (and indeed in the US!).

  47. I also think the Express, besides being very patient, has been very clever in a way you wouldn't necessarily expect of a tabloid. After all they got away with handing out what was quite a modest sum (relatively speaking) to the Tapas conspirators outside (not inside!!) the Royal Courts of Justice. I have noticed that in their ostensibly pro-McCann articles now they manage to cram quite a lot of negative information about them, and they are definitely being appropriately respectful towards Mr Amaral. What a pity their more up-market colleagues are still paralysed with fear about being sued. The Express has gone through all that, discovered it was all hot air and bluster from the despicable Mitchell, and come out the other side. Long may it continue - Justice for Maddie!!

  48. Simple fact is McCanns, how can you ever expect to win any of your cases on the pretext you have to silence the books as it might hinder the 'search' for Madeleine, when you yourselves have refused to cooperate with the investigators in their attempt to discover what happened to your daughter.

    You must think people are really stupid if they can't work that one out.

  49. The McCanns’ private investigator David Edgar is also preparing to beef up his team in Portugal to react swiftly to any new leads produced by Kate’s book.

    What a load of craps!! Their private dicks hadnt follow up on any leads not even the latest one that Maddie is in america, so why would they suddenly be prepared to beef up their team because of mccanns' book.

    The case was so high profile widely publicised in the world press read by everyone worldwide and no leads came in...yet kate mccanns childishly imagine her book with will lead to new lead when by comparison only a very small percentage will buy it..what a fucking JOKE! The mccanns are not only arrogant they are clowns.

    That statement made her sounds stupid. Their book is about money for legal battle with Dr Amaral.

    I hope they are afraid, very afraid of Amaral's 2nd book and I bet they will do nothing about it...not after they know they will lose their libel case. How can they not lose ...when the injunction overturn is a good indication of the verdict.
    The mccanns will lose the LIBEL and will pay dearly.

  50. Good post @49
    Yes the Mcs including Mitchell and Tapas friends, will now be bricking it, they must know its just a matter of time now.

    Can't wait for the Amarals book to be printed in English, wonder if he will get it done befor 12th May!!!!!!

  51. Dr Amaral must put english translations in most EU countries, they will find their way into the UK, no problem, and also many countries like Spain and Portugal have large english communities that may not speak the guest countries language fluently. I would willingly translate for him but there are many english versions on the net. Dr Amaral is to be respected, his commitment to Maddie has caused him many problems but silently he fights on....for Maddie. Much more than her parents are actually doing, they pretend they are but reality shows us that their most concern is shutting the mouths of anyone who does not agree with them.
    Gerry , everyone knows how you sucked on your lollipop and made jokes and talked of rugby, whilst the PJ were working on a kidnap demand email...you are one hell of a w--k--!
    I hope Dr Amarals new book sells well, the Mcs cannot ban it if it talks of other high profile cases. I for one will buy it, as his last book was very down to earth and told it how it was.
    Sorry, but I havent time for Kates fluffy words of fiction, he truth always shines through.

  52. Reuters Top News
    FLASH: Portugal Prime Minister Socrates submits resignation -SIC TV

  53. Astro, do you think I can order the new Amaral's book directly from the editor in Portugal (again Guerra&Paz)? I live in Holland.

  54. Can anyone tell me why is Mr Amarals wife called Sofia Leal,( a very pretty lady I may add bet Kate is jelous) is her name not Amaral, or do married ladies in Portugal use their single name, Silly but I am confused,

  55. Dear Anon #52, I have recently ordered a copy from Guerra & Paz's website, for a friend who lives abroad, and it worked ok.

  56. Dear Anon #53, in Portugal, it is not obligatory for a woman to take her husband's surname when they marry. Personally, I have not taken my husband's surname, although many women still do.

  57. Last night late I posted the news of Socrates dimission because I believes this is obviously an important news AND relevant to the matter at hand if you are interested to know of course.How comes my post does not appear here today?
    Will any of my post containing important info about the mccanns and wikileaks for example be censured in the future?Just asking because if this is the case then this blog joins the general trend of thought: only the owner has the "privilege" to post breaking news.
    An anti mccann convinced the truth and justice are on their way.Any takers?

  58. Anon. #53,

    I see Joana alredy answered your question, just want to add the following:
    It is also possible for the husband to take the wife's surname, I give you an example, a friend of mine took her husband's surname and he took hers, sort of a "democratic swap", lol!
    And, if you look into the police files you'll see that Mrs. Kate McCann is not referred to as Kate McCann, but as Kate Healy. Why would the PJ do this? I'm sure the PJ used the name as it comes in her UK identification documents, passport for sure.
    I suppose that the Kate McCann thing came from the media.

    "Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann, on the 4th of May 2007, at 11.15 a.m.

    "After checking in, the deponent and his wife, KATE HEALY,"...

    "Witness statement of Kate Marie Healy, on the 4th of May 2007, at 2.20 p.m."

    And from:
    "Cartas Rogatorias Vol III"
    Page 26

    Leicestershire Police Force

    From: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    To: SIO, Operation Task
    Department: Main Criminal Unit
    Date: 16th May 2008

    Ref: Background Information– Kate McCann

    "Dear Sirs,

    In response to your letter of request, I can provide the following information regarding the above-mentioned subject.

    Kate McCann was born on March 5, 1968 in Merseyside.
    Her maiden name is Healy, which she still uses in her clinical practice.
    She is the bearer of British passport number **************."

    On the creche records(Ocean club's) she signs Kate McCann, except for the 2nd May, in the "Lobsters" group, where she signs
    Madeleine in as K. McCann, but signs her out as K. Healy!
    What is what? Is she a McCann or just Healy? Or both, depending on the occasion and mood...maybe sometimes she just doesn't feel like being part of the McCann clan...

  59. A bit off-topic, but...
    When I consulted the PJ files to see what is Kate's surname in the police documents I searched and searched for any photos of their passports(Kate and Gerry's), to no avail. I came across Madeleine's one though. I wonder what is Kate's full name in that document, has anyone ever seen photos of those passports? I'm sure they must be in the PJ files somewhere.

  60. It is very practical not to take the husband's name, specially nowadays. Elizabeth Taylor never did.
    If she would have done it, we probably would not have understood who died two days ago.

  61. # to Anon 53 "do married ladies in Portugal use their single name?"

    Darling, don't worry about details. We used to but we no longer have to. The next step is for the husband to adopt the wife's name. This stupid, aggressive and destructive gender has to be put back in its proper place..."Triiiiiiiiimmmmmm!"

    Oops! It's Pepperoni at the door - talk of the devil!


  62. Astro - don't know why but always had imagined you were a man.

    Feel quite foolish now :h

  63. I quite agree #53, Sofia is a stunning lady. She is also (along with her husband) a most devout Catholic. Quite a contrast to the McCann couple who are constantly attacking them and trying to destroy their happy life.

  64. Hi Astro Thank you so much for that, re Mr Amarals wife. Also are you able to order Mr Amarals book in English, from the publisher.

  65. Do we really think The Daily Express is out for revenge, I know they had to payout to the Macliars and their cohorts, but when thinking of the Express and the mail a yellow streak, down their back comes to mind. And by the Way Kate is never without her lipstick even in her darkest hours her makeup always has pride of place.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  66. Sofia Leal Amaral would rime too much.

  67. Is it just me, but is Kate(as in this pic) morphing into a Michael Jackson look-alike?

  68. @57 Some comments went automatically to the spam system while others were still at the 'moderation queue', yours was still unmoderated, the delay was due to that - we do have a life outside the internet & we are not 'here' 24/7 :) Thanks for posting the 'breaking news'.

    @58 reg. "anon#53" [now @54] it was astro who explained the surnames, not me.

  69. no. 58, I think it is quite an easy explanation of why Kate still uses the name Healy, it's something to do with being a doctor. A lot of professional people use their single names, as that is what they've probably passed their exams under and are registered under that name, therefore they use it in their every day business life.

    I don't think there is anything sinister behind it.

  70. @65,i dont think the express are out for revenge, if they were they would do some real reporting, and as you say they and the rest of the british tabliods all have a yellow streak running down thier backs,the only way to find any news and different views these days is to look on the internet on blogs because pound to a penny you wont find any thing worth reading (anything near the truth) in the british newspapers.

  71. Hi poster 58

    On the creche records(Ocean club's) she signs Kate McCann, except for the 2nd May, in the "Lobsters" group, where she signs
    Madeleine in as K. McCann, but signs her out as K. Healy!
    What is what? Is she a McCann or just Healy? Or both, depending on the occasion and mood...maybe sometimes she just doesn't feel like being part of the McCann clan

    Or maybe someone else may have been signing the records on Kate MaCann/Healys behalf, this person may not have known Kate MaCann used the title Healy.

  72. Did not realize my asking about Mr Amarals, lovely wife would cause so many comments, I thought maybe Leal was her second Christian name,anyway now I know. I also thought Astro was a man, I also feel foolish now. Thank you to all who make this blog possiblle, your hard work to get justice for this little child is wonderful.

  73. To Anon 62 "Astro - don't know why but always had imagined you were a man."

    If you paid close attention to the spacesuit you could tell it was a she. Well, at least I could. I used to be a space cadet with NASA before Pepperoni brought me down to Earth.

    Dio mio! That's him at the door again!


    :g Pepperonia

  74. Hi poster 59, you said,,,

    A bit off-topic, but...
    When I consulted the PJ files to see what is Kate's surname in the police documents I searched and searched for any photos of their passports(Kate and Gerry's), to no avail. I came across Madeleine's one though. I wonder what is Kate's full name in that document, has anyone ever seen photos of those passports? I'm sure they must be in the PJ files somewhere.

    What i find also interesting is we have not seen the police mug-shots of Kate & Gerry MaCann, you know the photos that are taken by the police with the serial number below, there would have been photos taken of them when they were made arguidos.

    I have seen Robert Murats its in the files, but not the MaCanns, it seems to me one law for the MaCanns and one for Robert Murat

  75. Jimuck71

    Yes Im sure that somebody was signing that register due to the creche not been run correctly, and when Maddy went missing the sh1t would have hit the fan, and who ever filled the missing names forgot Kate was a Healey imo

  76. No 69 Never heard of that before - in fact I think I can safely say you are an apologist for Kate McCann! As an aside, it irritates me when people refer to 'professionals' as if someone who was born with a silver spoon in her tight mean little mouth and had her education funded and passed a few exams and as a result got a job is in some way different to people who work without such opportunity. She is obviously a crap doctor - her communication skills are poor and he ability as a mother are clearly even poorer. I do not think this woman deserves any title that sets her above others. Gerald McCann also has poor communication skills and I doubt he has shone in his cosen work space.

    Anyway, I think that there is no reason to reject a view that it is suspicious behaviour just because some people use their maiden names. I am sure it is not common practice to swap names between delivery and collection of their children from a creche! In my view this is just one more oddity in a plethora of oddities that cling to the McCanns like shit to a blanket!

  77. I'm Dutch and on my pasport I carry my family name, the surname was given me when I was born.Under my name you can read "wife of...."and you can see my husband's surname.
    On my doctors dossiers, hospitals always identifie me through my maiden name, never my husband's.

    I believe Kate signed that document on the 3rd. Somebody helped her to reach it.Imo it could have been some employé of The Ocean Club who knew about the death and even could be Tapas 10.
    I always suspect that day because Gerry showed up with the "last photo", at the swimming pool. Madeleine with a baby face,much younger, sitting beside Sean and where was Amelie? 110% of twins always take photos together, specially on vacations.If you take the trouble to put two siblings somewhere for a photo, you put the third one too, also because two of them are twins.
    I'm convinced Maddie died on the second, who knows after the McCanns heard about the complaints of Mrs.Fenn to the Ocean Club's manager, if there were any.
    The fact that Maddie's bed was still well done(Ocean Club lady cleaner, Wednesday morning), Kate's bed still impecable, to me this proofs they did not have a good night, from the second to the 3rd.And it proofs also that Maddie did not go to bed on the 2nd.
    She could have died at the end of the afternoon of the 2nd, beginning of the evening.This could also explain Kate's presence in Praia da Luz last October the 2nd unless she wanted to congratulate Amaral with his birthday.I remenber she went to church on the 2nd, Saturday, and left to the airport on the morning of the 3rd, not going to church before she left.Nobody would ever have suspect the 3rd because we all know about May the 3rd, abduction or death.
    But the 2nd intrigues me...

  78. Leal (Loyal) is Sofia's maiden name.

  79. #69,

    No, nothing sinister in using the maiden surname in one's professional activities...however, signing one's name in two different ways in the same document, on the same day, now, that's fishy! Why would Kate consistently sign her name as K. McCann on the creche records, but suddenly change it on the 2nd May, and only in the "signing out" signature? On the other days she is a McCann mornings and afternoons, on the 2nd May she is a McCann when she signs Madeleine in after lunch, but by 5.30pm she's a Healy! Why???
    Also another weird thing I noticed on that 2nd May creche record, it seems the nanny, Cat(Catriona?), signed Madeleine out at lunch time(12.30), and other 2 children. Why did she sign Madeleine out, and not one of the parents? If she took the children to have lunch wouldn't it be natural to be her who took them back to the creche after lunch? But no, in Madeleine's case it's Kate who takes her back and signs her in at 14.45. It seems to indicate that Madeleine lunched with the parents, so, why and where did Cat take take her out?To the apartment? Kate picked up Sean and Amelie, why didn't she or Gerry pick up Madeleine as well? It's weird...

    The "Lobsters" creche records are all a messy, slopy work. In the one for the 29th April, the nanny didn't even bother to put the date on the record, it could very well be from any other day, how are we to know?
    The "Jellyfish" records are much neater, with separate registration forms for am and pm.
    Wasn't it "convenient" that Madeleine was in the Lobsters, the club with the lazy slopy nannies that made amess of the records and maybe, likewise make a mess at noticing which kid is which...?

  80. I also think Maddie died on 2nd May and they used the 3rd to clean up apartment, move body and set into motion their abduction plan. The creche records are probably fixed but staff will deny this because it will look bad on them, but I doubt Maddie ever went to the creche on the 3rd, there were so many blonde little girls at creche and nobody personally knew Maddie.
    When David Payne popped round and saw Kate late on the 3rd it could have been to find out how it all went removing the body and how she was coping with it all. I don't think all the tapas group were fully aware of what was going on, but David Payne and Russel O'Brien definitely were. Russell because he gave such a lame excuse about his little girl being sick during dinner and being absent from the table for 45 minutes.

    Now Sr Amarals book is going to be published against Kate's pack of lies fairystory litery rubbish, the truth will out. Justice is long overdue in this case for far too long Mccanns have had things their way, manipulating the media through expensive PR people and running a frauduent fund and on-line store they have literally 'sucked maddies memory dry' for financial gain - they should all be locked up they are disgusting excuses for human beings.

    Well done Astro and Joana on your excellent blog.

  81. Mr. Amaral spoke to the "Algarve resident":
    (also in McCannFiles)

    "He also spoke of his rights to publish in the UK: “I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people also have the right to be able to read and know about all the versions about what may have happened during the night of May 3, 2007."

  82. Kate McCann to release book on Madeleine's disappearance
    Updated: 25-Mar-2011

    By DAISY SAMPSON daisy.sampson@theresidentgroup.com

    Readers will now be able to hear two sides of the story surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann as her mother, Kate McCann, is due to release a book detailing the case from the McCann family’s point of view on May 12 while the former police inspector in the case Gonçalo Amaral, has been granted permission to resell his controversial book Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira (Maddie - The Truth of the Lie).

    Madeleine, the book, has been written by Kate McCann to help boost funds for the search to find her daughter Madeleine.

    It is due to be released in the UK on May 12 to coincide with Madeleine’s eighth birthday.

    A spokesman for the McCann family has confirmed to the Algarve Resident that a version will be translated into Portuguese and launched here shortly after the UK release.

    The spokesman said: “The book was written to give Kate and Gerry’s account about what happened on May 3. Kate and Gerry felt that it would help people to have their point of view as there have been several opinions and alleged facts everywhere, but the least of them being from Madeleine’s parents.

    “They hope that the book could help people to remember something or for people who might know something to be prompted to step forward and share information that will help the investigation.”

    Money raised from the sale of the book will be donated to the Find Madeleine Fund to help continue the work of investigators who are searching for Madeleine.

    Appeal rejected

    Meanwhile, former police inspector Gonçalo Amaral is now able to place his controversial book back on sale after the Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Kate and Gerry McCann to ban the book.

    The decision of the Supreme Court came on March 18, just weeks before the planned release date of the book by Kate McCann.

    Gonçalo Amaral told the Algarve Resident that the decision to be able to sell his book again was a “victory for democracy” and added that the public should be free to read all versions of the case including his and that of Kate McCann.

    Gonçalo Amaral said: “I have not read the book by Kate McCann but believe that they have the right to freedom of expression to be able to write what they like about the case.”

    While the former police inspector did not criticise the plans of the McCanns to release their own version of the case, he said that he was unsure if it would be able to help in the search for their daughter who disappeared from their holiday apartment in May 2007.

    “Could the book help to find Madeleine? It depends on what it says so we will have to wait and see if it can contribute in any way to an investigation, and if it can, it would then become something that could be used as evidence in a case,” said Gonçalo Amaral.

    He also spoke of his rights to publish in the UK: “I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people also have the right to be able to read and know about all the versions about what may have happened during the night of May 3, 2007.”


  83. To Anon 77 "I'm convinced Maddie died on the second, who knows after the McCanns heard about..."

    Good thinking, but we must all remember we are working on hypotheses. In a court of law it is not that simple which explains why the Portuguese authorities allowed the McCanns' to get away on the benefit of a doubt.

    It is also a good exercise to try and see things the other way around. I have tried... the problem I have is to explain Eddie's behavior particularly since there is no empirical evidence that suggest clothes can be contaminated by just passing or being near a corpse (as Kate alleged). To my knowledge the police never checked Kate's alibi in this respect which further adds to my suspicions. I hope she explains that in her book...

    I mean, how else could have Eddie nosed in on it? We are talking about a top detective dog who has worked for the FBI, remember?

    I have tried to explain their, and their friends lies, on the grounds that they were trying to show (pretend) they were responsible parents. They were not checking that frequently on the children if at all, I think.

    I also suspect Madeleine was given the task to watch over the twins when their parents were out dining or boozing in the evening. That explains the crying overheard by their upstairs neighbor and Madeleine saying to her mother "why didn't you come last night when...etc.) although we cannot rely on Kate's transcript. It is obviously a justification to wave away the neighbour's testimony.

    My initial theory was that the child wandered out of the apartment and into the night and/or that some passing weirdo (there were road works going on in the area at the time) saw the apartment door/window doors (accidentally or purposefully left open) and took his chances... then Madeleine starts shouting/crying bingo! but... why bother to take her body along with him?

    An abduction without forensic indication of any sort except Tanner's preposterous "sighting"? brings us again to Eddie's nose findings again.

    How the hell the scent of death gets into their apartment,clothes, car, etc.?

    The only benevolent theory I can come up with is that of the weirdo (above). He kills the child, the parents find the child dead and try to cover up for it in case the police suspect they did it, or charge them for "abandoning the children to their fate". I don't see the McCanns killing her own daughter. They don't come through as that type.

    Again, the child could have overdosed on those tablets (Kate's) on the table (photo), been given an overdose of Calpol, fallen from the sofa as Amaral suggests, etc. Other scenarios are possible even farfetching, imaginative ones such as Textusas'.

    One thing is for sure, the inconsistencies suggest the McCanns are lying about something and Eddie's nose tells us there was a corpse in their apartment (and car) so where does it leave us?

    This is for the McCanns a very tight boot... very difficult to take off. Again, I hope they address that in the book in a convincing manner except I cannot see how...

    It is above all Eddie, the dog evidence, that makes me suspect the parents know what happened and in my mind the scenario Amaral draws and the details you add in your comment are very plausible.

    This comment is offered as a passing opinion. I make no allegations one way or the other.


  84. Told to the police – Not sold to the public!

    Madeleine – abducted?

    Do the public realize that the McCann’s, Kate McCann, missing Madeleine’s mother refused to fully co-operate with the police investigation re their missing daughter?

    Do they know that their friends refused to take part in a reconstruction as requested by the police of the events relating to the day the child was reported missing?

    Do they know that the McCann’s have stated EVERY PENNY they make from the book soon to be published by Kate McCann will go into the Fund and be used to search for Madeleine?

    Do they know that this Fund is NOT a charity?

    Do they know that £300,000 of this money, publicly donated monies, from the Fund was given to a fraudster, a man they employed to search for the child, who was wanted by the F.B.I?

    Do they know that they paid another Private Investigator, Metodo, £500,000.00? This company claimed they would have the child home by Christmas 2007! This company did not have a record of looking for missing persons.

    Do the public know that almost £2m has already been spent/squandered?

  85. Do we know of any apology by the McCann’s to the public McCann’s for these monies, donated to help the child, being lost in this reckless manner?

    Have the public been given an explanation as to how the formidable team of experts, legal and otherwise working for McCann’s and paid from the Fund failed to realise who they had employed?

    Do the public know that the McCann’s tried to have silenced one of the police officers involved in the Madeleine investigation by having the book written by him detailing the facts of the official police investigation – banned? They failed in this Court action. This will incur hefty legal fees and much more if this officer now sues them!

    Do the public know that the McCann’s have been ordered by the Court to return to Goncalo Amaral the ex police officer, the books which they hold which are his property?

    Do they know that failure by the McCann’s to comply may result in hefty legal costs and perhaps more?

    Do the public know that the McCann’s pay for these legal actions that they instigate, from the Fund, the fund which we are assured, every penny goes to the search for the missing child?

    Do the public know that the McCann’s paid mortgage payments from this Fund?

    Do the public know that Kate McCann’s book is said to be “an” account of the truth?

  86. Would the public rather this “truth” be told to police and not sold to the public in book form?

    Do the public know that they received a substantial advance for this book?

    Do the public realize that the book will be serialised in the News of the World, and this has secured for them £200,000?

    Do the public realize that the McCann’s have at least £2m + once again in this Fund?

    What guarantee do the public have that this money WILL this time be spent strictly on searching for the child, and not on any legal action they decided to take against others, along the way?
    They have just lost one case at great financial cost to the Fund – do the public take the chance, donate further and hope that their donations DO go to searching and not on Court actions raised by the McCann couple?

    Do the public know that the McCann’s were NOT there they say when the child was removed from the apartment, so could not possibly know how this came about?

    Do the public know that according to the police there is NOT one shred of evidence to support the abduction theory?

    Do the public know that the alleged jemmied windows and shutters of the apartment were proven NOT to have been jemmied open at all, and that Kate McCann then stated on her official Madeleine Search Fund Website that the alleged intruder must have opened it to create a ‘red herring?’

    Do the public realise that Gerry McCann in his first statement to police said that he and Kate entered the apartment by the front
    locked door using their key? No mention of an unlocked patio door!

    Do they realise that he changed this version of events at a later date to them having entered by an unlocked patio door?

    Do they realise that in his documentary, his reconstruction of events he enters by the front locked door?

  87. Do the public wonder which version will be in Kate’s “an” account of the truth soon to be launched?

    Do the public know that Kate McCann’s best friend Fiona Payne in her police witness statement said that Kate McCann told her at the dinner table that night, asked her opinion and thoughts on what they the McCann’s had done – ‘left the door unlocked so that their three year old daughter Madeleine could get out of the apartment to go look for them in the pub if she so wished, for their three year old daughter to walk the dark and dangerous streets alone in her nightwear?

    Would the public rather this “truth” or account of the truth by Kate McCann, be told to police and not sold to the public in book form?
    Do the public know that they received a substantial advance for this book?

    Do the public realize that the book will be serialised in the News of the World, and this has secured for them £200,000?

  88. Do the public realize that the McCann’s have at least £2m + once again in this Fund?

    What guarantee do the public have that this money WILL this time be spent strictly on searching for the child, and not on any legal action they decided to take against others, along the way?
    They have just lost one case at great financial cost to the Fund – do the public take the chance, donate further and hope that their donations DO go to searching and not on Court actions raised by the McCann couple?

    Do the public know that the McCann’s spokesperson said this book was written to give Kate and Gerry’s account of the night the child disappeared, and that they have already made a documentary, misleading though it was, available online, so therefore NO need to fork out £20 for the book UNLESS there is a change to the story told in the documentary, though if the truth was told then, there should not be?

    Do the public know that Kate and Gerry said they were NOT there at that “moment” (the moment the child exited the apartment in whatever way?

    Do the public know that should this case ever be re-opened that the McCann’s and their friends will be top of the list of persons the police wish to question?

    Do the public know that a family of 4 adults witnessed a child being carried through the streets of Portugal, PDL on the night the child disappeared, and that some members of this family believe the man carrying the child was Gerry McCann?

    Do the public believe for a moment that the police would have ‘set-up’ the McCann’s, as some have accused them?

  89. Do the public think that the police would have ANY reason to do so?

    Do the public think that the intentions of the police here in the UK and in Portugal and all of the residents in Portugal who searched tirelessly for this child were anything but honorable?

    Do the public think that Kate and Gerry McCann require the continued services after almost 4 years of a hired spokesperson in the case of a missing child? £70,000.00 per annum it is said

    Do that Gerry McCann’s sister has told the press that Kate’s book is scathing of those involved in the investigation?

    Do the public think that this is the road to go down by the McCann’s, to condemn those who searched longest and hardest for their child, a child lost due to their lack of protection! A child left alone night after night in an unlocked apartment, a child who was expected to wander the streets in the cold and dark in search of her parents?

    Do the public know that there is every chance this case will be re-opened if the McCann couple and their friends AGREE to co-operate with the police and take part in a reconstruction of events?

    Do the public realize, and I am sure they do, that although the McCann’s speak of them being the only ones searching for their daughter, that this is the case with thousands of missing persons, police cannot keep ANY case open indefinitely, and we all know that should any credible information come to light in this or any other case it may cause a re-opening?

    Do we all understand that the McCann’s have not been abandoned by the police here in the UK or Portugal, and are not victims, like many other cases, the case of Madeleine has been shelved?

  90. Do we understand that the McCann’s are the victims only of their own actions?

    We know that the victim’s in this tragic case, are missing Madeleine McCann, and the remaining McCann children, Sean McCann and Amelie McCann, and those other children who holidayed with the McCann’s who were also left alone night after night.

    Do the public have any clue as to how Kate McCann writing a book could possibly trigger a memory in anyone, anyone at all that they have information regarding her daughter. Kate was not there, she told us, she was in the pub dining and discussing her daughter wandering the streets to look for her?

    Do the public know of any reason why Kate’s book would prompt someone to come forward when there is a £2m+ reward – rarely mentioned if at all by the McCann’s which would surely get anyone with any information to come forward?

    It is said the McCann’s book will be their version of events their side of the story. But how can there be more than one side to the “story?”

    There is indeed the McCann version of events(s) of that night, and there are the facts and evidence as gathered by police during the investigation.

    There are not TWO SIDES to this tragic case!

    It is tragic for many reasons, not least that the McCann parents left their children night after night, but that they find the time for long running Court cases against police officers, and to write scathing books about those who worked tirelessly to find this child.
    Can the public tell me in what way any of this has helped this missing child? A child they tell us they believe to be alive. A child their current PI said is most likely being held in a lair in Portugal – that was about 18 months ago.
    Have they taken steps to reach this lair?
    Were the Court actions and the book writing, their anger at others more important that it had to be penned in a way, which according to Gerry McCann’s sister, was scathing of others, of those who wanted nothing more than to find this child alive and well?

    Kate McCann on her website said she would get back to the readers with information as to whether she would be doing a book signing?
    She is not a celebrity, and her wee girl is missing. A book signing can hardly be considered appropriate or respectful conduct.

  91. From the Directors' reports of the Madeleine Fund accounts year ended 31st March 2010, Director John McCann states that the Fund will:

    "* continue to pay for legal representation for Madeleine and her family in Portugal. enabling them to obtain an injunction banning Mr Amaral from repeating his fabricated claims about Madeleine's abduction"


    From the police files. Kate's best friend Fiona Payne speaks in her witness statement of what Kate McCann said at the dinner table that evening re her and Gerry leaving Madeleine alone in the apartment:

    “She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean, this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying ‘Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or’, erm,‘or locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there and the door’s locked if she woke up’,


    FRIDAY, 18 MARCH 2011
    McCanns' appeal against lifting of ban on Gonçalo Amaral's book turned down by Portugal's Supreme Court of Justice

    According to today's online edition of Sol.pt the Supreme Court of Justice has turned down the McCanns' appeal against the lifting of the ban on Gonçalo Amaral's book 'A Verdade da Mentira,' by the lower court.

    The McCanns' lawyer, Isabel Duarte, must now return all copies of Amaral's book, which were seized following the original order to ban the book.

    Contacted by Sol, Isabel Duarte refused to comment on the ruling.

  92. No 76, I am not an apologist for Kate McCann. I can't stand her or Gerry and I believe that there were responsible for the death, accidental or otherwise of Madeleine. I only wanted to point out the use of using a maiden name(a professional is a common term for a doctor whether you like it or not) so stop that person who queried wasting their time on it. Someone who is qualified as a doctor goes through 5 years of exams and training, so Kate McCann can't be completely stupid. She just is a crap mother and has no maternal instincts. We have no idea whether she was a good doctor or not.

  93. I don't believe Payne ever went to the apartment at 6.30, 5.00pm on the 3rd unless some other tennis players saw him talking to Gerry at the tennis court, at + - 6.25pm.If he went, it was a cover up of the death. What was the McCanns' excuse not to show up on the beach, together with their children, on the afternoon of the 3rd?
    The absence of the Tapas children from the creche on the 3rd was obviously to confuse the nannies, none of the Tapas was present, they ALL went to the beach.

  94. Anonymous 82

    "He also spoke of his rights to publish in the UK:

    I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people also have the right to be able to read and know about all the versions"

    I will be one of the first to purchase an English version.

    An Englishman

  95. In the Sunday Daily Star [the tabloid from the Express Newspapers/Northern & Shell media group owned by Richard Desmond]

    ABOVE: Goncalo Amaral claims that Madeleine McCann died in a Praia da Luz holiday apartment in Portugal
    27th March 2011
    By Daily Star Reporter

    THE police chief sacked over the bungled hunt for Madeleine McCann is trying to get his once-banned book published in Britain.

    In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Goncalo Amaral said he is desperate to have his account of the search on sale in the UK.

    And he welcomed Kate McCann’s book about her daughter’s disappearance, which is to be released soon.

    Mr Amaral claims that Madeleine died in a Praia da Luz holiday apartment in Portugal.

    Earlier this month he had an injunction banning the sale of The Truth Of The Lie lifted by the Portuguese courts.

    He said: “I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people have the right to be able to read and know about what may have happened on the night of May 3, 2007.”

    It was then that Madeleine, aged three, vanished from the apartment and has not been seen since.

    Last night the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they would be making no comment about Mr Amaral’s plans.

    Mrs McCann’s book, simply titled Madeleine, is due out on what would be the child’s eighth birthday, May 12.

    Any proceeds will go towards funding the family’s search for Maddie.


  96. @post 80 i agree with nearly all your post except the "manipulating the media", the press and media are as disgusting as the vile Mccanns and the tapas lot, they have protected this lot from the first phone call to sky news that night, especially all the Rupert Murdoch run papers and press which always made me wonder why???.........maybe there are more people involved who are bigger than the Mccanns hence the extaordinanry protection they have had from day one??

  97. Anon 84 - 91

    Excellant post, and very well written.

    Can I please Copy & Paste?? This needs passing on.

    Gina, UK.

  98. I've just read on another forum, that the Daily Star has said Goncalo Amaral's book is heading for the UK. Last week,his book was on sale at Amazon, they said there was only one book left but more were expected soon. When I looked yesterday, Amazon said that the book was currently not available and they didn't know when or if the book would be back in stock.

  99. Legal costs will come from the fund? A simple yes or no required from Camp McCann.

  100. "Ex-Cop in Madeleine McCann Book Bid" Sunday's Daily Star. The Star is lying, it's Snr Amaral's New Book he wants published in the UK isn't it? not the first book. I'd say it's Kate that's desperate, not Snr Amaral. We knew that Kate would be 'furious' about the last Sunday Express story in which Snr Amaral is painted as the respectable fine man he is, and Kate is 'warned' to be careful about what she says about him. That nasty woman had to get her jibe in somehow and this article in the Star seems to be it. "No comment" eh, they seem to be running scared of Snr Amaral now, and all criminals they v a 'parting shot'. How I look forward to the laughable TV interviews where Gerry and Kate answer questions about the evidence in Snr Amaral's new book. Profilers get ready.

  101. One thing has always puzzled, me. Why did the Maccann's stay so long in Portugal, from May to September, when they fled to escape justice.
    What was their motive,Madelaine was dead long gone so why stay. Any one with an answer please.

  102. Gina @97

    Do please feel free to copy and paste. Apologies for not signing my post I usually do. It was written off the cuff, so apologies for any typos etc.

    Thank you

  103. My understanding of the "Madeleine fund" was that the legal fees would not be payed from it. Esther at that time of conception commented that a seperate fund would need to be set up - she gave the impression that they were already "kindly" receiving donations to help with the legal fees from friends/supporters etc.

    It was also stated that whilst the "Madeleine Fund" would not be used to pay for legal costs and that the Mccans had not asked for it to - that legal advice had been taken and that it WOULD legally be possible to use the fund money - with the PROVISION that if convicted/lost that ALL the money would need to be REPAID.

    So tell me if the company accounts house shows costs spent on the banning of the "truth of the lie" book - through legal bills and such....Should this now be reinbursed?
    Also does it mean that to get these monies that have been spent in respect to the court proceedings they began against Goncalo, that a closer scrutiny of the funds accounts will be undertaken to arrive at the figure spent. ??




    "Told to the police – Not sold to the public!"
    To Anon 84-91

    This is a brilliant set of comments which to my mind summarizes it all. I mean... if you were the prosecutor you would have handed the McCanns a prison sentence! if I was a member of the jury that is.

    May be the Portuguese authorities should have held their ground (as Amaral wanted) and taken them to court instead of the airport...

  105. No. 92, I guess you are right, we do not know if Kate McCann was a good doctor, but she qualified and therefore cannot be stupid. Why oh why do the whole lot of them come across as sub-normal? Honestly, they're not like any doctors I have ever encountered, neither in my professional nor my social life.


  106. The media in Britain are daring to talk about Madeleine's death.
    In order not to be sued, they just tell what Amaral says and what his book is telling.Nothing more and nothing less.

  107. Does the Fund actually have enough money left for the legal costs ? There were two actions, both unsuccessful. If it does not, the McCanns may have to find the rest themselves.
    Can anyone with a knowledge of the Portuguese legal system estimate how much it might be.

  108. Following conversation from Sky Life of Crime

    Posted by: Adult Miller on March 27, 2011 12:12 PM

    Posted by: hastings10 on March 27, 2011 10:38 AM

    Hi Hastings,

    Monies in the Fund, whilst details of their source should be recorded, they would not I imagine be separated into monies donated by the public and monies donated through any McCann fundraiser. It is one pot.

    Should they, the McCann's wish to treat part of the Fund as 'theirs' then that is quite a different kettle of fish. One for the accountants.

    If it is in that Fund - it is NOT theirs!

    Now the conditions and terms as to the use of the Fund monies - again takes us down another road.

    What I would be interested to know is:

    Do the terms and conditions allow for the costs of FAILED legal actions (not directly related to Madeleine or the other McCann children, and not relating to criminal charges brought against McCann's - but more as in this latest case to protection of the McCann reputation) to be paid for from this Fund?

    I cannot imagine that ANY fund for a missing child would have had written into its terms and conditions - that the cost of fanciful and failed legal actions raised, would be the responsibility of the Fund and not the PERSONAL responsibility of those who raised the action. In this case the parents!

    One for the legal eagles to take a look at?

    Why should the Fund pay for FAILED legal actions?

    They,the McCann's failed, because the Court deemed them to be wrong.

    If they were wrong, then why should Madeleine's Fund suffer through the reckless risk they took with HER money?

    It may legally be the case, depending on the conditions, that the McCann's, if as brother John McCann clearly stated, have paid these costs and intend to pay further costs from Madeleine's Fund, that they would then be in DEBT to the Madeleine Fund, and expected to repay these monies.

    There would also be a little legal matter of who authorized such a payment, and what were the terms of re-payment? As in essence it would have been a loan. Are personal loans permitted?

    I think the Madeleine Fund, terms and conditions, and ALL expenses, loans included require close scrutiny!

    Have to add Hastings whilst they continue to accept public donations to that Fund - it makes no difference what they themselves contribute, even if now a greater sum than do the public - the status does not change. It is not their personal Fund.

    The status would have to be changed through legal proceedings.

    That said, they have this Fund tied up so tightly that unless Madeleine and those who committed crimes against the child are discovered, then they will go on forever more, collecting in Madeleine's name, with no other missing person child or otherwise benefiting from these enormous sums of money.

    Personally, if my child was missing, I could not keep this money to myself, I would have to share, absolutely have to, with others in the same position.

    It is, in my opinion, a strange breed who does not!


  109. @107

    Very good question!

    The McCann's in the knowledge that they had brokered a deal with Transworld, in the knowledge also that Kate was well on her way to completing this soon to be launched book, appeared on our screens to plead for money for their Fund.

    They claimed it would run dry by springtime (we'd already heard the dry by Christmas, dry by Halloween, Dry by Easter tale.)

    The Fund they said had £300,000.00 + remaining at that time. This was around 3/4 months ago.

    They said if it was not 'topped up' no one would be able to search for Madeleine, the search would end. (a dirty trick - emotional blackmail of the public)

    They directed the public to their petition (which incidentally, is still sitting exactly where Gerry left it, on the website. Just as Madeleine was still lying exactly where he left her, when he did his check that fateful night - Interesting that he said HE left her, left her on top of the bedclothes, as Kate said she didn't think Gerry was around when SHE put Madeleine to bed, underneath the bedclothes) apologies I diverse - the petition led to the PAYPAL button, which of course many of the public, at the thought of Madeleine not being 'looked for' gave generously.

    A short time after this, the round of interviews to muster up support and money - they suddenly announced that they had the deal with Transworld! It transpired also that they had been given an advance, it is said in the region of £1m +

    It was a bit of a dirty trick in my opinion to not, when campaigning for funds, mention that this deal was already struck and they had secured such a huge sum!

    Furthermore they have secured I believe £200,000.00 from News of the World for the serialization of the book!

    If we take the original £300,000.00 (+) the advance of £1m + (+)the £200,000.00 (+) donations - we could be talking in the region of £1.75 - £2m in the kitty. Maybe more, who knows?

    They claimed also at the same time they were pleading for money from the public that they had employed 2 or 3 new members to join their Private Investigation Team. So money could not have been such a problem that they made out at the time of these interviews.

    It struck me odd that on one hand they were asking for money, on the other they were telling us they had employed MORE investigators!

    What we did not know though at that time was what THEY KNEW - they had a £1m + advance in the pipeline and much more. How devious!

    Now whether this sum is enough to cover the legal costs incurred in their ridiculous legal actions, which we know they have lost - is quite another matter.

    I do not believe for a moment though that EVERY PENNY, as Gerry McCann has stated, of this money, raised by book sales or the advancement will go towards searching for Madeleine!

    With such hefty legal costs hanging over their heads - it cannot possibly!

    Such a shame they recklessly risked the money intended for the benefit of the child in such a selfish way.

    It does leave a question mark also. Will the McCann's provide the public with evidence of the monies raised from the sale of this book, and evidence that it has gone to searching for Madeleine?

    If they do not, then one could excuse the public if they take it that they have been duped!

    I would further question Gerry McCann's comment that EVERY PENNY raised will go into the search for Madeleine. Does he mean strictly every penny from book sales, or does this include the advancement.

    You see he is a slippery customer- and not good at math when it suits him!


  110. dear A. Miller, just for reference of your comment/post: One of the aims of the Madeleine Fund according to the latest 'Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited, Private Company No. 06248215' accounts states that the Fund/McCann couple have "continued to pay for legal representation for Madeleine[how, if she is a Ward of Court in the UK?] and her family in Portugal, enabling them to get an injunction banning [i.e. for censorship purposes as we all know] Mr. Amaral from repeating his fabricated claims about Madeleine's abduction[i.e. the McCanns and the rest of the "Defence/Clearing Image in the Media Fund" directors besides defaming Amaral by calling him a liar, they're in fact stating that the logical conclusions derived from the investigation that was done by the British and the Portuguese police are a figment of the imagination of those same investigative polices; i.e. a "fabrication" in opposition to their very (un)realistic, (un)evidenced & (un)witnessed abduction!]

  111. IMO The Mccanns have found themselves in a financial mess that they are unable to escape from far too many corrupt individuals are involved with this fund, mccanns are never going to be in a position where they can claim its run dry and close the accounts because it has become too complicated.
    It started off as a money making idea which caught on and worked, in effect it was easy money, Mitchell said 'just send your money in an envelope marked Kate and Gerry Rothley' were these donations recorded, also funds from the on-line store, participating in charity runs, charity dinners, Interviews, the money came rolling in it but how much exactly and it attracted dubious characters interested in making an easy buck, now the Mccanns are having to continue with what has become simply ludicrous.

    Most people believe Madeleine is dead and her parents are involved, four years ago we believed the mccanns version of abduction, it became a successful slick PR campaign which raised a considerable amount of money, but those days are well and truly over and will never be repeated.
    The controversy with Kates book and recent failed court cases the pair have become a laughing stock, forums are full of scathing comments about them, but still they continue telling everybody they need money to search for their now 8 year old daughter (who disappeared when she was 3 because they left her in an unlocked apartment ) we now know they never co-operated with the authorities or helped with the searches, in fact they have lied all the way through, body language experts point out their lies via their body language, they are uncomfortable doing these interviews, they know, we know so why do they persist in keeping up the pretence, when they could have gone away quietly years ago.
    The fund is two fold; nobody really knows how much money is involved in this fund or where it comes from; they could claim book sales and donations raised 2 or 3 millions we would be none the wiser because of how the fund operates; or they could claim failed book sales and donations only reached £400,000.00 again we could not disprove this because of the complex way donations are raised.
    The fund could be a cover for corrupt businessmen protecting the mccanns whilst being involved in money laundering the fund would be an ideal vehicle for such a project just look at the history of the players Brian Kennedy, Haligan etc, etc these people are/were in it for the money and nothing else.


    I have just been told by a reliable source who overheard Claudia Nogueira saying: "The McCanns' intend to retire from public life and the celebrity circuit after the publication of "Madeleine". They have had enough!"

    :h Uff! Thanks! Me too!

    PS Claudia Nogueira is the head of the McCanns' PR apparatus in Portugal.

  113. Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know that the book of Goncalo A. which was banned by the courts is now available on www.amazon.fr in Italian and german language.


  114. 110, Joana, em comparação com a mentirada dos McCanns, o Nuno Duarte é fichinha.Puxa, que bom partido ele passou a ser! A mentirada dos três é patológica e compulsiva.

  115. They included Madeleine's name (along with Sean and Amelie's) in the legal documents of the lawsuit against Mr. Amaral, his publisher and TVI, didn't they?
    I suppose they did it in order to be able to use the fund to pay for it. If Madeleine is a plaintiff, and it is "her" fund, then it can be used to pay any legal actions taken with Madeleine's name.
    I just cannot understand how they can get away with involving Madeleine in any legal actions, considering that, as far as we know, she still is a ward of court. Any legal move would have to come from the court and judge who is her legal guardian, or at least had to be authorized, right?
    How can the parents get away with this?! Why is judge Hogg turning a blind eye?!

  116. Please, an interview with Amaral. Please, Astro and Joana ?
    I really can't wait.
    I remember he said he was busy writing again and telling things none of us knew and knows.
    Greetings from Belo Horizonte.

  117. @111 "(...) we now know they never co-operated with the authorities or helped with the searches, in fact they have lied all the way through, body language experts point out their lies via their body language, they are uncomfortable doing these interviews, they know, we know so why do they persist in keeping up the pretence, when they could have gone away quietly years ago(...)"

    Not an answer, but for psychological behaviour & comparison purposes - Video: Why do killers speak out? Broadcast on 11/15/07 by MSNBC

  118. The McCann book Saga continues on the Express [by Tracey Kandhola/David Pilditch]

    Madeleine tribute

    Madeleine McCann went missing at the age of three in May 2007, during a family holiday in Portugal

    HEARTBROKEN Kate McCann has been overwhelmed with emotion writing a book about her daughter Madeleine’s disappearance, friends revealed last night.

    Kate is now close to finishing the deeply-personal account of her nightmare, which she hopes will raise millions of pounds for the dwindling fund set up to find her daughter.

    Any money will pay for private detectives to continue the search for Madeleine, who went missing at the age of three in May 2007, during a family holiday in Portugal.

    Last night a close friend said: “At times it has been heartbreaking for Kate.

    “Not surprisingly, there have been many tears. But Kate has been strong and carried on for Madeleine’s sake.”

    Kate, 42, a doctor from Rothley, Leicestershire, has been using extracts from her personal diary written in the days after Madeleine vanished.

    She has also been relying on family and close friends to help jog her memory.

    The friend told how Kate had been overwhelmed with emotion at times as she re-read the chapters.

    But she insisted she had to carry on to help her desperate fight.

    The friend said:“She is adamant it will be her very own account – written in her words – and has turned down offers by her publishers of a ghost writer.”

    Kate has been helped by her husband Gerry and close friend Fiona Payne, who was also on the ill-fated holiday in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

    The book was originally due to be published on April 28 – just before the fourth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance.

    But publishers Transworld postponed the release date by a fortnight because it would clash with the “media frenzy” surrounding the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29.

    Heart consultant Gerry, 42, has also postponed his own money-raising event – cycling from Portugal to England – because of the royal wedding.

    Kate’s book, simply entitled “Madeleine”, will now be published on May 12. That is the day of Madeleine’s eighth birthday, underlining the book’s central message that her parents are convinced she is still alive.

    The couple, who have five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, have publicly told of their fear that lack of cash could make it impossible for them to continue searching for their daughter.

    Gerry’s marathon fund-raising cycle ride from Portugal to England has been put back until the summer.

    Gerry and three friends were due to begin the gruelling 2,000-mile journey from Praia da Luz to Rothley on May 3.

    A family source said last night: “Gerry is disappointed because he was looking forward to the challenge to continue raising awareness and funds.”

  119. 109 A Miller
    A short time after this, the round of interviews to muster up support and money - they suddenly announced that they had the deal with Transworld! It transpired also that they had been given an advance, it is said in the region of £1m +

    And remember,shortly after they also let the public know, via Aunty Philomena that the book was just about finished, so when they were doing their begging for "MORE" money because the fund was running out, they had nearly finished "their" (I say this because Gerry will have been as much involved as Kate, he was there remember) Book.

  120. Anon 111

    Mitchell saying 'just send your money in an envelope marked Kate and Gerry Rothley'it will get there.
    imo Mitchell did more harm then good with that comment, another one of his gaffs, I remember my sister and friends commenting saying who the hell would just stick cash in an envelope, the money could end up anywere (yes in the Mcs pocket if it was cash).
    I can still see Mitchell say there on GMTV saying that and all my family saying how tactless it was.....money money money you stupid gullible public.

  121. Anon 112 probably because they know that they have milked it for every single penny that they can squeeze out of the public.

  122. “Gerry is disappointed because he was looking forward to the challenge to continue raising awareness and funds.”

    Have they ever thought people had ENOUGH of them?People dont want to hear ANYTHING from them ANYMORE.Madeleine has gone,she died and they are responsable for whatever happened to her.Noone else is.
    @mccanns:MOVE on and let people be.Let Madeleine RIP

  123. All charities now use 'gift aid' to increase donations. The mccann fund was never made into a charity so it does not reap this benefit.
    This does make the purpose of the fund questionable especially after four years.

    The fund is worldwide monies coming into it from abroad from what sources? and how much?

    The book could be a cover for a massive cash injection going into this fund. The fund should be frozen and fully investigated, as it is nothing more than Gerry Mccanns private bank account, to spend as he see's fit !

    Gerry must have physic powers as he is not cycling until the summer so this book of Kates will not 'provide the missing piece of jigsaw', and why is Kate getting advice from Fiona Payne when it was Jane Tanner that supposidly saw 'blanket man'. What a joke this lot are.

  124. Joana posted @ 118

    'She has also been relying on family and close friends to help jog her memory.'

    'relying on family and close friends to help jog her memory.' God, what an embarrassing admission - isn't it all etched in her memory? Or are the Tapas 9 still collaborating as they did before the rogatory interviews? Wonder how many secret meetings they've had with lawyers, and each other, to discuss the contents of the book - gotta get the story straight

  125. Perhaps this is KARMA - the book will bring them all back together and then they can all face justice together, just like they should have done 4 years ago.
    Go get 'em Amaral their arrogance is beyond belief.
    They will all be given the benefit of padded prison cells when the time comes !

  126. Last night a close friend said: “At times it has been heartbreaking for Kate.

    “Not surprisingly, there have been many tears. But Kate has been strong and carried on for Madeleine’s sake.”

    Really? Only seven months after Maddie's disappearance they were having 'fun' discussing the Maddie Movie - Talks began in December 2007. From The Times 8 January 2008 ...'Mr Mitchell said: “While it may be hugely entertaining and a bit of fun to think of cast lists, we are a million miles away from that sort of thing."

    The book's been in the offing all along as they were talking about it back in January 2008. Philomena McCann said it was completed months ago. But can't believe a word any of these people say

  127. The book they are writing is their fall:The End :c
    Mark my words

  128. Not only Mccanns are such a great writers. Please have a look. This is from Martin Brunt (Sky News):
    Posted by: Eve from Essex on March 28, 2011 10:34 AMThis has a great similarity to the McCann's version of how Madeleine disappeared.

    Great reading!


    Damn it! I have just heard from my (un)reliable source that Claudia Nogueira's confidence suggesting the McCanns will be leaving the celebrity circuit after the publication of their best-seller novel "Madeleine" is a misheard. Claudia Nogueira never said that!

    What Claudia thought (but did not say) was:

    "The McCanns will be increasing their PR activity in the next two or three years to help pay for litigation fees and compensation claims so, our business is safe..."

    Well now, that makes more sense to me.

    The Mac's will never stop their PR campaign, "dry cleaning" is a must. The truth is, they need to allay the guilt they feel and of course the public's mounting suspicions particularly since they have failed to silence the Chief Investigator.

    Mind you, the idea Madeleine could surface by the time she is around sixteen is, in PR terms, brilliant!

    This will force a large percentage of gullibles to hold their breath for another decade. Meanwhile they are free to write, walk, run and cycle for Madeleine "as if" they (and their friends) were completely innocent...

    Well, come to think of it may be they are, but Eddie and the British Police do not think so...


  130. Prince Charles is in Portugal for an official visit. Any journalist around to ask some pertinent questions about Madeleine case?
    Some sights of Madeleine were been reported as being sended to Charles Blog/ e-mail. Was it true or just another 'made up story' by team Mccann to give some credibility and suit their agenda? Hello, Brave portuguese journalists, ask him- Socrates and Brown are over.

  131. I´ll never understand how they have escaped further questioning, especially in UK. How come Gerry still has his job?? The Mcs will never come out of the limelight their 5 minutes of fame will last 50 yrs. Why on earth has this fund not been investigated I do not know, someone should start a petition for this in the UK, sorry I cant Im not in uk. This whole affair is despicable. IMO our only hope is Dr Amaral, and I loved his inference in the press that he welcomes Kates book, and that maybe new evidence will arise from this publication,wwhich will open the case. As any new info in the book can be used as evidence. Thats my man!Not quite the bungling cop as the Mcs would have us believe... Hes an admirable man.

  132. How this despicable pair must long for those heady days in Portugal during the long hot summer of 2007, when they swanned around believing they were true celebrities with an adoring public worshipping the ground they walked on. They even thought Pope Benedict himself, Christ's representative on earth, had been taken in by their story. The pressure is building up now to an unbearable level - how can the authorities and the likes of Tracey Kandohla possibly go on pretending to believe them? The storm has to break soon.

  133. The only thing that persuades me the whole scam was not pre-meditated is that surely Kate McCann would have gone somewhere a bit more upmarket than Primark for her holiday wardrobe if she had known the eyes of the whole world would have been on her after 3rd May 2007.

  134. How right you are.@132, The Maccann pair must long for those days in Portugal, when they were true celebs, the press the TV interviews's around the world. The clamour, for a word from this famous pair. But then September dawned,and summer days got shorter and the long arm of the law reached out towards them, they had to flee and bloody quick back to the UK. Its all over they thought, nothing or no one can touch us now.
    But A lone voice cried out for a child that had been forgotten, that voice keeps ringing in the Maccann ears, that voice bring's terror to the Maccanns, that voice they tried to Silence that voice speaks the truth, that voice belongs to Goncarlo
    Amaral a man who the Maccann's are not fit to tie his shoes. This case is not over. Justice for Madelaine Maccann is now starting to become a reality. Keep looking over your shoulders Kate and Gerry your time in the Sun is almost over.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  135. The world is in a very turbulent state right now; natural disasters, wars, uprisings and the worst financial crisis we’ve ever seen have all contributed, in one way or another, to people losing their homes, jobs, health and in some cases their lives and many children the world over are suffering as a consequence. But, despite it all, we still have the McCann’s scratching around for everyone else’s cash even though they’ve already squeezed millions out of the public. The money donated to that shady fund could have gone to genuine causes but it has been wasted on the false pretext of 'searching' for this child. We have no way of verifying how the cash they‘ve amassed over the years has really been spent because the private company/fund is so opaque but we do know they’ve hired useless and fraudulent detectives from the beginning (who did not even answer the so-called information phone-lines or follow up on the leads they themselves publicised) and we know they’ve spent a fortune on an army of lawyers and PR. Still, no matter how many red flags are flying, the British media just relentlessly promote this couple and their dodgy fund.
    Now the McCann’s are using the book to scrounge even more money. If it’s supposed to be the truth why didn’t they tell the truth to the police who were investigating their child’s disappearance? 500,000 people marched in London on Saturday because they’re worried about their futures, why on earth would they put more money in the McCann’s pockets by buying this book when they have their own families to think of? As a hospital consultant Gerry McCann is one of the top earners in this country but he still keeps leaching from the public (most of whom are much less well paid than him). And though the public are still expected to keep coughing up they are not allowed to know where all the money has gone, nor are they kept updated with regard to the management of the fund --- the McCanns site still lists the fund as having nine directors when, in fact, two of them left last year. If they want more cash to pay lawyers they should sell their house or scrounge it from family or friends who, more likely than not, know exactly what happened to Madeleine (but they have their own reputations to protect not just the McCanns). The McCanns should, at least, pay for their own cover-up.

  136. Gerry's marathon cycle tour has been postponed because of the royal wedding as well as Kate having to postpone release of 'her' book for the same reason. Gerry of course wants to raise awareness AND FUNDS. That is what it has been about all along - raising funds. Why on earth can't British journalists ask some hard questions when interviewing these people? I simply can't understand how this couple can continue to disrespect the memory of Madeleine by continuing to appeal to the public to search when they themselves did not. It also appears they have not considered the long lasting affect this will have on their remaining children.

  137. Let's get on our bikes in dog costumes. Gerry followed by Eddies and Keelas barking behind him would be a sight to behold!

  138. "Kate is now close to finishing the deeply-personal account of her nightmare," dated today 28 March.
    That leaves 34 working days to finish writing, proof read, print in draft, proof read again and submit to lawyers C-R and others, print, warehouse, distribute and sell.
    Did not one of the close family say a long time ago it was finished ? Possibly that version was more credible, unless there have had to be huge re-writings in the light of recent events, and advice from lawyers about not libelling Mr Amaral

  139. I have always been disgusted,that the McCanns are allowed to use the fund to aid their finances, but I was horrified when I heard Clarence Mitchell say that the fund is also helping the McCanns wider family. He also said that donors of the fund don't mind the McCanns and their wider family using the fund.

    I wonder why did the presenter who was interviewing Clarence Mitchell didn't ask him why the McCanns and their wider family need to use this money to aid their finances. The money was donated to find Madeliene. If they had been in Germany, Spain, Portugal, or even the USA, the presenters would have definitely would have asked him why these people are using the fund to aid their finances.

    If anyone wants to see the interview, it is on page 24 of the archives on this (Joana's) forum. The title of the video is Clarence Mitchell Spinning for the McCanns. Clarence is on the front of the video. Comments about his hairstyle will be very welcome:o

  140. @ 137 I would love to see Kate sitting in Waterstone's book store, for her celebrity book signing, with a couple of Springer Spaniels barking furiously at her (on leads of course). How about a couple of posters behind her, illustrating Springer Spaniels with the words "The Truth of the Lie" by Dr Amaral. Somehow I think Kate will find an excuse to miss her celebrity debut this time.

  141. Gerry - "cycling from Praia da Luz, Portugal to England" - " disappointed because he was looking forward to the challenge". I wonder, was Gerry planning to cycle through the Lair just ten miles from Praia da Luz, where his private detective said Madeleine is being held, NO? To be so disappointed, it must have been such a surprise for Gerry to find out that his wife is writing this book, er but hang on, this has been known for months according to the family, even finished once long ago, so why the surprise Gerry? When exactly did you really arrange this bike ride, and why didn't you tell Kate?? Aren't you speaking these days?
    Thanks to the Express for another hilarious blast of nonsense.

  142. To Anon 133: "The only thing that persuades me the whole scam was not pre-meditated is that surely Kate McCann would have gone somewhere a bit more upmarket than Primark for her holiday wardrobe if she had known the eyes of the whole world would have been on her after 3rd May 2007."

    Given the PR know-how K. has shown over the years, her Primark choice of wardrobe may have been apropos. Had she arrived in PdL as if she had come to a derby in Ascot, or a funeral for that matter, that would have looked pretty suspicious...

    The essence of PR is the ability to play with signifiers and signifieds, syntagms and paradigms, connotations and denotations...

    Essential Barthes dear Watson...

    :k Buster

  143. good morning to all, Dandelion at @139, it's also in here, on the blog, with an interview transcript :)

    Video: Clarence Mitchell Spinning for the McCanns ...and for Jane Tanner, extract:

    "(...)C4 Reporter - Last question. I think a lot of people would say that quite a lot of money has been made from Madeleine's disappearance from various court cases. How much has been made and is this being used in legal hearings like the one we've seen in Portugal?

    Clarence Mitchell - The fund is there to assist Kate and Gerry in whatever way necessary. There are a number of other backers as well outside the fund who also assist at times. The bulk, in fact all of the public money that came in in the early stages was all spent entirely properly on the search for Madeleine, on the investigative costs and everything else around that. Most of the monies that are still in the fund now are actually there from either the settlements against the Express Group newspapers and other media outlets that have also defamed them and so that is money that was, if you like, brought in through court action, not the public. And on top of that the most recent monies that have come in have been through supporters kindly donating at a fund-raising event and again they would be more than happy as supporters to see the money spent in any way that assists Kate and Gerry and the wider family and their investigators in the search for Madeleine.(...)"

  144. Book to be published on May 12 and in Porgtugal on May 19.
    So they KNOW Madeleine wil not be found before then.
    Gerry to do his cycle ride in the "summer".
    So they KNOW she will not be found before then.
    How transparent does the Press need things these days, before they ask that simple question, on the record.

  145. I really am speechless..when is this gigantic fraud going to end...it cannot go on for much longer..can it?

  146. Why is this fund not being investigated, MP's have been sent to prison for fiddling less money than the Mc's have conned from the public.
    If there is justice in this world this year should see both Kate and Gerry in court facing charges for their crimes. They are soooo arrogant and guilty.

    They probably think their invite to the Royal Wedding has been lost in the post as they keep mentioning it !!!

  147. A new title for the book:

    'Madeleine: An Innocent Explanation for Everything.'

  148. @ 143

    Hi Buster! I googled what you wrote (Essential Barthes) and got this:

    "Roland Barthes’ Theory Regarding Persuasion via Contradictions and Paradoxes

    Barthes claims that a new model for modern persuasive communication has emerged. It is a three-step process: first, establish identification with the viewer. Next, from their point of view, shed light on the flaws of a given system, decrying its flaws and shortcomings. Finally, when all is said, and you have pointed out all of its great evils, you assert that all these things are trifles compared to the good you receive from it the system."

    Now I think I know what you meant. "Essential Barthes, dear Watson..." :o


    "Essentially describing a critically aware audience, Barthes promotes the intermediary role of the mythologist in decoding mythical speech – it being of utmost importance to understand that it is indeed a social fabrication rather than a truth, and further, understanding the distortion applied to the form. This distortion that is applied to the form and/or concept could also be understood as “spin” in contemporary political speech.

    The role of a mythologist is a large one – the critical audience has no necessary moral obligation to train others to think in a likewise critical fashion, but it is of course a good turn to do so. By exposing the mythical form as an alibi for an impoverished historical element, the mythologist, a critical eye on the myth-producer, is the only audience that wields enough power to unravel and expose the motivations behind manufactured myth.

    The general population, to be painted with a broad brush, would comprise this class of audience – the receptive and captive population.

    Unable to discern the difference between myth and history, myth and reality, and the motivations behind the construction of this myth – the myth reader is beholden to the conjured reality and truths projected by the marketer, the propagandist, the preacher, the demagogue.

    These unfortunates (or, perhaps for a lack of having to combat or struggle with the deeper interpretations and conclusions of mythical creation – fortunates) are not only myth readers, but further, myth consumers." (quote/unquote)

    Read more at Suite101: Barthes – The Mythic Form, How to Read a Myth: Reading and Deciphering Mythical Speech, Propaganda, Advertisements http://www.suite101.com/content/barthes-the-mythic-form-how-to-read-a-myth-a153942#ixzz1HzEXtKqY

  150. #133, #143,

    On Kate's choice of clothes( and Gerry's too), it was said that they were "adviced" to look simple, not to dress too nicely while in Portugal (2007). Hernâni Carvalho said so on TVI, in one of his regular comments on the case, in "Crime, disse ele".
    I suppose it was intended to make people feel more sympathetic towards them. Working class "Joe portuguese" with a monthly salary that does not even reach 500 euros, cannot afford to dress smartly, I mean, wear the fashionable "brands", only the cheap C&A sort. It would go down well with the Lusitan "great unwashed" to see the poor distraught parents were such simple unpretentious people.

  151. #139 Dandelion1906 said...

    "Comments about his hairstyle will be very welcome"

    It looks like the front left tuft of hair on his head (on his left our right) can be pulled open like a door. Pulled open to put a new brain in each time the one previously is worn out with all the spinning! Pity it imo is only ever replaced with a brain with no working cells!

  152. These two appear to be completely obsessed with the Royal Wedding. Why would you be prevented from starting a bike ride four days after it had happened? They seem unable to bear a single scrap of anyone's attention (or money) being diverted from them and their ludicrous money making enterprises, and totally unable to understand how weird they seem to the rest of us.

  153. Thank you very much Joanna (post 44) for putting the transcript and the link to the video on your forum. Bless you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to make our views known on your website and thank you to you and your team for all your hard work over the past 4yrs.

    I cannot for the life of me see why the McCanns are not just getting away with their part in Madeliene's disappearance, but using a fund that generous people donated to, to assist the finances of them and their family.

    I have never donated to the fund, because I smelt a rat as soon as the McCanns family started begging for money, days after Madeleine disappeared. The McCanns were using the facilities provided by the Portuguese tax payers, to search for Madeleine. In other words, the Portuguese police were searching for Madeleine, helped by the locals of Praia da Luz and holidaymakers. The McCanns as we know admitted they never searched for Madeleine.

    If I had donated to the fund, I would be kicking up the biggest stink possible, in my quest to get the fund investigated. There is no two ways about it, the McCanns, aided and abetted by their family and friends, have used have used Madeleine as a cash cow.

    They have proved by their actions that they know what has happened to Madeleine and if she is dead or alive. I don't understand why the powers that be have not brought the McCanns to justice, for their part in Madeleine's disappearance. I understand that the PJ's hands were tied, because of the British Government's interference, but Madeleine is a British subject, there is no reason on earth why the British police could not bring the McCanns to justice.

  154. I'm plesed the Mccanns have put themselves back in the media spotlight, this has been their own (and Mitchells doing) they have written a book on a very controversial subject and now they will pay the price for their lies. They are of the opinion they are infallible they are made to feel this way by their (very well paid) PR people, but the British public is not stupid and will not tolerate being taken for fools.
    Kate and Gerry make the most of your free time, it will shortly end.

  155. The fund hasn´t been investigated because no one has made a complaint about its activities, if I was an uk citizen i would have long past complained to the PM, police nd anyone who would listen. I also did not give to them, because seeing them laughing and happy leaving the church just after maddie disappeared made me sick.
    This fund is fraudulant, but it needs a petition to the PM or complaints to the police to have it investigated, or maybe the taxman. the fund is for Madeleine and the search for her, if this is still a possibility...not for libelling and protecting themselves...for if they are innocent, which many now believe they aren´t why bother to sue others, and if you are innocent you dont need the fund because the other party pays the costs...right gerry??? The fact they hired the most expensive lawyers,specialists in extadition, proves to all they are not so innocent. As for the rest of the family with their sticky fingers in the fund...you all disgust me. Time for an investigation, has no one the b-lls to kick start this, and not even changing the directors? and for sure if Gerrys on his bike in the summer, he knows his beloved Maddie wont be home by then.
    Poor Madeleine, may you be at peace wherever you are.

  156. I am happy Kate includes parts of her diary. I had a good laugh reading that one.
    Plus it makes excellent reading for future psychologists and psychiatrists.

  157. Do you think Trading Standards could investigate the fund, the fund has been set up in UK. Fund is not a charity it is a PLC and thats Trading Standard's area of investigation 'fraudulence ' involving the public's money ? If enough people complained to Trading Standards they would be obliged to look into it.

  158. A documentary could be made analysing the two books, Kates and Amaral's then looking into the background of the case, the reluctance of all concerned to co-operate.
    A factual programme outlining the benefactors to the Mccanns, the private investigation teams they employed and how and why they paid them so much. PR spin doctors, Carter Ruck, thanks to the Mccanns everyone has heard of Madeleine so the audience numbers would be atronomical.
    With the two books coming out together this would be a missed opportunity if no TV station did a documentary on it, even one of the smaller TV stations could produce a documentation, most the information is available on the internet, and they would go into history as the people that brought down the Mccanns (see how the mighty fall could be the title of the sequal !)and give justice to Madeleine and open the public's eyes as to what exactly has been going on.
    Then the ensuing publicity would ensure the media stopped printing what Clarence Mitchell dictates, and ultimately the case would have to be re-opened because there are too many loose ends and the public would demand it and Mccanns and their friends would face justice.

  159. How on earth can the professional doctor respect himself if all he does - making dirty money from the death of his child! They are not "professional doctors", more like ACCOUNTANTS!
    But when this black humor comedy is going to get to its logical end?
    How big is their crime(s), I wonder, if so strong and expensive is their defense team?

  160. Ha ha, I just got an email from Amazon inviting me to pre-order Kate McCann's book - a bargain at only £12.40. Somehow I think I shall be waiting till it appears in The Works for £1.99 before I purchase it - unless I've read it online by then of course.

  161. Anon 156, I for one have complained about the fund, Ive also sent 3 letters to NO 10 complaining of the fund and Nothing at all has been done, maybe people who live outside the UK should try, they may do better been, outsiders looking in so to speak.

  162. Anon 158 / anon162
    the trading standards may get involved on this one. yes 162 may be worth a try, I will think that one throuh..I did not contribute but the whole thing is a farce. Maybe setting up a petition where a voice for Madeleine is, for the reopening of the case, this can be redirected at the PM or whoever.problem is they all seem to be preoccupied with war mongering at the moment, so K & G are bottom of their list. we have to attempt to force an investigation.

  163. If only the media, had had the guts, to print the transcript of the video, where Clarence Mitchell said the McCanns and their wider family, were being assisted by the fund. There would have been a huge public outcry and a strong possibility that the fund would have been investigated. Who knows, maybe there would have been an investigation, into why the McCanns walked away, from their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

  164. "The friend said:“She is adamant it will be her very own account – written in her words – and has turned down offers by her publishers of a ghost writer.” "

    I know for a fact it HAS been ghost written by Emma Loach

  165. Hi To All

    Here is something I have had the strongest feeling to post for a considerable length of time,,,,,nearly four years to be precise!

  166. Is that the same Emma Loach who had her Down's Syndrome baby aborted ? Interesting that Kate "devout Catholic" McCann would associate with such a person !

  167. McCann's "Fluffy Wortheless Words" [part II] or Your April 1'st Express Spin


    Kate’s 384-page memoir, Madeleine, is being published on the missing girl’s birthday on May 12

    THE mother of Madeleine McCann is using the book she has written to send a plea to her daughter’s kidnappers: “Please, let her come home.”

    Kate McCann’s anguished account of her living nightmare since Madeleine was snatched nearly four years ago is set to be this year’s publishing sensation when it goes on sale next month.

    Kate, and her husband Gerry hope the book will be read by Madeleine’s abductors and even by their daughter, who will turn eight next month.

    A friend said last night: “The book is another warning from the family that they will never stop searching for their beloved daughter. Whoever snatched Madeleine should be warned that the book will only bolster the search efforts.”

    Kate’s 384-page memoir, Madeleine, is being published on the missing girl’s birthday on May 12 and has been translated into several languages, including Portuguese and Spanish.

    The family’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate is writing the book to raise awareness of her daughter’s disappearance and to pay private investigators to continue the search to find her.

    “Ultimately she is hoping and praying it will lead to her daughter being found alive.”

    The international drive to market the book is aimed at triggering a vital new lead in the long-running investigation.

    A friend of Kate said: “Anyone will be able to get their hands on it. If Madeleine’s still out there, as her family and friends believe, she could have access to it.”

    Kate, a 42-year-old doctor and her cardiologist husband Gerry, also 42, are convinced Madeleine was abducted nearly four years ago.

    In desperation, Kate has sent an anguished public message to the kidnappers, begging them to treat her beloved Madeleine “with love and respect”.

    The couple said on their Find Madeleine website: “We hope with all our hearts that wherever she is, she is safe and well.”

    They also hope “whoever may be with her is treating her with the love and respect she so deserves”.

    Anxious friends have revealed that Kate has been overwhelmed with emotion while putting the finishing touches to her book, which she hopes will raise millions of pounds for the dwindling fund set up to find Madeleine.

    Within weeks of Madeleine’s disappearance money from the public poured in, but it emerged recently that the fund had dropped from its £2million peak to just a fraction of that amount.

    A friend said: “Kate is hoping the book will keep the search going for another year.” (....)

  168. (....) Madeleine will be published next month by Transworld, who have bought UK and Commonwealth rights, including Europe, Australia and Canada.

    A source close to Kate said: “No American deal has yet been done but it will be.

    “Kate wants the book to be global because Madeleine could be anywhere in the world.”

    Madeleine went missing from the holiday resort of Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve days before her fourth birthday in May 2007 while her parents were dining with friends in a nearby restaurant.

    The official Portuguese inquiry into Madeleine’s disappearance formally ceased in July 2008 but private detectives employed by the McCanns have continued the search for their missing daughter.

    The McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, have developed close links with American authorities and have made several fact-finding trips to the US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

    An investigator also recently claimed Madeleine had been taken across the Atlantic, one of a multitude of claims and sightings that have been made over the years.

    Amateur detective Marcelino Italiano, 36, insists the youngster was abducted by an Algarve-based paedophile ring and has given the name of two key suspects to police. His claims are being looked into by private detectives working for Kate and Gerry.

    According to friends, researching and writing the book has been heartbreaking at times for Kate.

    One said: “Writing the book is proving to be a very painful experience for Kate, reliving all the awful memories and writing about her darling daughter when she is still not home.

    “It is the book she never wanted to write but the family are desperate to keep the search for her going.”

    Kate, who also has six-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, said: “My reason for writing is simple – to give an account of the truth.

    “Publishing this book has been a very difficult decision but with the depletion of Madeleine’s Fund, it is a decision that has virtually been taken out of our hands.

    Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important than finding our little girl.”

    Kate has recently accused the Government of giving up the hunt for her daughter, saying a series of ministers had shrugged off her pleas for help.

    She said: “We need action, not fluffy, worthless words.”

    in Daily Express, April 1, 2011

  169. Its the Express taking the P--S out of the Maccanns on April fools day

    Mary Liverpool UK

  170. "However, she does chronicle her frustration with him and her anger over the way he looked at the case."

    When I read the aforementioned sentence, I laughed. I gather Mrs. McCann prefers a detective who has been schooled in the ostrich style of detective work. What is the man supposed to have done when he was confronted with testimony that didn't match the physical reality? What is the man supposed to have done when Mrs. McCann's British police, these are the good police they're not Portuguese, told him that the child died in the McCann apartment and that the couple were the primary suspects? What is he supposed to do, go to the beach and stick his head in the sand much like British journalists? It's hard enough to deal with people that don't speak your language but what about people who can't even form complete sentences in their own language. Who would have know that physicians from England have a small vocabulary. Obviously, there will be no mention in the fable of the lack of interest shown by the McCann couple when Mr. Amaral was working hard to find that elusive abductor.

    Despite this couple not cooperating with the police to find their child, let's say that for some reason, which I can't fathom, you are convinced that they had nothing to do with the disappearance of their daughter. Would you still give them your hard earned money knowing how they have spent the millions of pounds that they have already been given? Think! Metodo3, Mr. Halligen, all criminals and yet these people were paid outrageous sums to accomplish what? The latest detectives, who knows? What can we say about the latest detectives, are they aspiring fiction writers or just plain incompetent. So why would anyone purchase this book? Why would you give money to people who at the very least have extremely poor judgment or at the very worst are guilty of killing their child.

  171. Events are not going well for the mccanns or there would be no need to write a book. Funds are running low and it is another attempt to bolster donations. They have written this book out of desperation for more money they have become used to 'not working for a living' and 'living this fantasy/lie of theirs' what amazes me is that newspapers print this rubbish it is so downgrading to read it and must be humilating printing it, what a sad society we have become.

  172. Kate Mccann is a liar (amongst other things ) this is the woman who refused to co-operate or answer 48 questions, do a reconstruction , lied about shutters being jemmied, admitted never once physically searching for her daughter in PDL preferring to do photoshots and jog along a beach, pose as the distressed mother in church, deleted all her phone messages and texts, lies that she has written the book when a ghost writer wrote it, Kate is a hard faced liar how anyone can have sympathy for this excuse of a mother is beyond me. Just looking at her posed photo makes me feel ill.
    It is a disgrace that Mccanns have used the church and Pope to gain support. 'Vengence is mine' said the Lord and so it shall be.
    Re-open the case and lock the pair of them up.

  173. I wonder if Kate McCann writes in her book, the reasons why she and her husband, left their 3 children alone in that unlocked, unlit apartment, all but one night of their family holiday.

    I wonder if Kate McCann writes in her book, that along with her husband, she never physically looked for Madeleine. I wonder if in her book, she has said thankyou to the locals and holidaymakers, who joined the police in their search for Madeleine. I wonder if she will explain, why it was more important for her husband and herself, to jog, play tennis and go for beach picnics, than look for Madeleine.

    How ironic that the McCanns were doing everything the holidaymakers who looked for Madeleine, should have been doing. While the holiday makers were doing something the McCanns should have been doing.

    I wonder if in her book, she explains why she refused to answer 48 questions, that would have helped the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. Or why she her husband, scarpered out of Portugal, on the first available plane, when they were both made arguidos. Along with her husband she pledged she would never leave Portugal without Madeleine.

    I wonder if Kate McCann will write in her book, why she and her husband turned Madeleine into a cash cow and along with their wider family are using money that was raised to find her, to assist them with their living expenses.

    I guess I'll have to go on wondering, because I won't be buying Kate McCanns book. I'll buy Goncalo Amaral's book if and when it becomes available in the UK or a country that publishes the book in English.

  174. Wow,Joana! Thank you, this is like a four year April Fool's Day! Of course kate is emotional while she is 'still writing' her book. She knows what happened. They are still 'paying for private investigators' in clarence's words. Have their other investigators stepped onto the truth now so others have to start anew in this so called search? The public have been paying through their noses to support the farce; how hollow and worthless can a story be?

  175. The British press continues giving echo and space to this couple and their macabre fantasy. What is the matter with these people? Are they shamelessly going along just for the sake of sales? The McCann's version of events has more holes than a swiss cheese that I cannot see any other reason. A disgrace!
    As to the book, it will be nothing more than a mirror of their twisted minds, an attempt to brainwash those who are more gullible and don't know much about Maddie's disappearance. The fund (please read, the McCanns) needs their cash. Not very subtle...
    Once again, Joana thanks for this :a

  176. The McCanns were protected after Gordon Brown's unwise intwervention in the police investigation, to court popularity at the time. Ut probably became a security issue to stop the government looking incompetent (which they were). Now Gordon Brown has gone, and the McCanns are on their own, and probabl;y scared. "Publishing this book has been a very difficult decision but with the depleation of Madelein;s Fund it has virtually been taken out of our hands". So it's all about money eh Kate? for legal fees? as the net closes in?

  177. @ 173.
    "Lock the pair of them up" you say.
    Well IMO there are quite a few more in that clan that are as knowledgeable & as involved in this disgusting case as those two & ALL should be locked up.

    Every single part of this case is about how much money they can rake in on the pretext of it being for looking for Madeleine.
    All they have ever done with the money so far was first to secure really good lawyers ( to cover their behinds ) then hire phoney private detectives to invent ( IMO ) phoney sightings.
    Not forgetting money to try to stop mr Amaral from getting the true word out there to the wider public.

    I do not only blame those two, but their wider family who have sucked from the fund, Madeleine`s Fund.

    I blame their whole group for the lies & deception on their part.
    Not one of the gives a hoot about getting justice for Madeleine.
    SCUM, the lot of them.


  178. If You people here still cant see why this has to be kept covered up your blind and quite frankly dumb.
    I am absolutely outraged this has been allowed to continue but understand why it has!
    There are huge elements to this case that none of us yet know - and would increase the outrage felt 10fold.
    The British Government is behind the cover up - and that is the difficulty in getting the truth nothing else.

    The Mccanns have something on people in the government and with the help of family / friends who influence such people they can keep the lies going- who else do you know who could mobilise the media coverage/Government officials to their side/lawyers of the highest calibre, funds set up in record time- copyrights passed, meetings with the pope ....come on wake up! - this is not "normal."

    Unfortunately the message been sent by the mccanns is that they will maintain this lie all their lives.....and i can see why- the alternative would destroy them, their families and many other peoples lives.......and ultimately change nothing the child Madeleine would still be dead. In some kind of twisted way - they think that becoming ambassadors of child safety is a way of atonement.
    Also the moment the truth emerged they would have to say what happened to the body- it goes without saying it would have to be located ......and this would add yet more disgust to the case.
    They would be spoke of in the same breath as the Ian Brady and Myra Hindley - and the surrounding families KNOW this.

    I am afraid to say that the only way to forward this case is now by protests/ publicity actions- people who feel serious enough to try and get into politics at local levels etc etc etc.
    Keep yabbing here aint going to sort anything - its time to stand up and be counted.

    Dont expect any help from the authorities we have at present they are already controlled in all of this - the UK is a POLICE STATE seriously - I am a Englishman living under the rule of oppression and corruption...democracy lolololol my ass!

    (proud to be a Englishman- disgusted at the BRITISH government)

    It would be good to see some English men back in politics at influential levels - read into that what you will.

  179. From the Daily Express, Friday 1 April.

    ‘The couple said on their Find Madeleine website: “We hope with all our hearts that wherever she is, she is safe and well.”
    They also hope “whoever may be with her is treating her with the love and respect she so deserves”.’

    For the past four years Team McCann have insisted that Maddie was abducted by paedophiles. Since when have paedophiles kept children safe and well and treated them with the love and respect they deserve?

  180. The book is currently on Amazon at £ 12.40, down from the original £ 20.
    Remaindered before publication ?

  181. Will this 'book' of the mccanns ever see light of day? Maybe Dr Amaral's book, which hopefully will be available soon, will force them to withdraw? Yes, they do have the blatant audacity to imagine that anyone is interested in what they have to say even while we have been hearing the same lies, over and over again, it is like a broken record. Yes, as Mojo suggested, in the UK, some group should stage a huge ongoing campaign, to stop these liars for once and for all, for the whole world to tune in but especially for the Brits, in the dark, to hear the truth. Will someone take the lead, please, we are sitting in foreign countries and haven't got the leverage.

  182. Poster 177 , i believe they tried to make it a security issue for the same reasons they made the paedophile investigation Operation Ore (D-Notice),Dunblane (100 year secrecy) a security issue, to cover-up something terrible, remember its Blair who was involved in these cover-ups .

    This is my opinion , but i truly believe this whole case involves a child abuse scandal, all the signs are there, the threats ,the intimidation ,the abuse ,the litigation against anyone who questions the MaCanns version of events.

    mojo, totally agree with all you say,im a great admirer, but you must remember Blair/Lyons/Millburn are English.

    Gordon Brown, Tony Blair have their filthy hands all over this investigation in my opinion.

  183. @178.spot on.they are the ones that have hindered the search for Madeleine and NOT Mr Amaral as the mccanns and family claim.
    was it Mr Amaral who didnt answer the 48+ questions?
    was it Mr Amaral who wouldnt do a reconstrution?
    was it Mr Amaral who put a younger picture of Madeleine?
    to my mind it is the mccanns and family and friends who have let Madeleine down,what disgusting people this lot are.

  184. Well said Mojo. Where to go from here? How to get started? How can we change things, not just re McCanns?


  185. So not only is the swarthy abductor supposed to treat Maddie with the love and respect she deserves (shame they didn't think of that when she was a tiny toddler in their care) but he is supposed to also teach her to read and buy the 'book' for her. You just couldn't make this stuff up! And how come Mrs McCann is allowed to publish her garbage in Portugal but Sr Amaral, who actually cares about what happened to Maddie, isn't allowed to publish his book in the UK? In fact, if the McCanns had their way he wouldn't be publishing his book anywhere, and would be currently selling his house and dividing up what little he had left after paying them off with his wife. It is really April 1st today.

  186. The Mccanns have made The Express newspaper nothing more than a laughable comic with their front page Madeleine propaganda supplied by Mitchell and Co.
    I e-mailed the Express this morning regarding their 'Madeleine ' headline story explaining that decent investigative journalism is not about printing what they are told to print, its about research, fact finding, why the mccanns have misled the public and been unco-operative in this investigation. They have manipulated the memory of their daughter for their own financial gain. I asked for a reply and of course did not get one.
    I see comments are 'not allowed' from the public on this their main story - what a joke journalism has become.

  187. amazon always sells new books at a huge discount, PeterMac. That's why Britain's bookshops are dying out

  188. "The British Government is behind the cover up - and that is the difficulty in getting the truth nothing else."

    Which British government might that be, anon? The one that was out on its ear 10 months ago, or the shower that's in now? Do clear it up

  189. So according to Tracey Kandohla the book has already been translated into several different languages even though four days ago she informed us that Kate McCann hadn’t yet finished writing it - that’s some feat, those translators must be psychics as well.

    It’s appropriate that this article appeared on April 1 because - like so many in the media - the Express consider their readers to be nothing but fools. The manipulation of the public by certain dishonest journalists in this case is, and always has been, downright unethical. The UK media, in general, are now so untrustworthy that you can't take anything they write or broadcast at face value - no matter what the subject is about.

  190. There are so many people calling for justice for Madeleine, that it will happen, just been looking at your stats ...fantastic so many visits, keep up the good work well done Joana and Astro.

  191. The Daily Express, Madeleine article, April 1.
    This is an April the First, April Fools Day joke, the Daily Express has published the precious McCann/Mitchell article on UK APRIL FOOL'S DAY. Well done DE, you've tipped us off about the absurdity of the abduction charade again. I bet the McCanns didn't like that.

    By the way, I heard on BBC Radio 4 that the Daily and Sunday Star newspaper is going into Administration because it cannot pay it's debts. A McCann mouthpiece bites the dust, good.

  192. Anyone know what has happened to Mccann Files tonight? Does Nigel need a cash injection?

  193. Mojo at 179. I tend to agree with you and I think a lot of us do realise that high levels of the establishment have to be involved in this case. Really it was obvious from the outset. Thousands of us don`t get uneasy feelings for nothing, not just jo-public but many learned, professional people who have experience in crime and psychology.

    One thing I feel pretty sure about is that JG is involved and that it is linked to Operation Ore and the Landslide affair. And it doesn`t take much common sense to realise how many politicians and professional people were caught out during that time.

    If it wasn`t for the fact that cadaver odour was discovered, I could possibly believe that Maddie is still alive and that she has been taken from the McCanns as security against them grassing people up. I sometimes feel they really are between a rock and a hard place, but then I remember the cadaver odour. Was GMs and DPs name on the Landslide list (and perhaps the other docs)? Did JG do a bargain with them that involved using Maddie and it all went wrong?

    I`m sure you`re right - its big and its dirty, very dirty. And, as we see with the goings on in Scotland, when the dirty dealings extend to the highest places, who can possibly fight that? Mind you, it gives one slight hope when the likes of Berlusconi and his antics are challenged.

  194. To poster 179.....You are absolutely 100% spot on sadly.


    Have a look at the "Madeleine" book page here:


  196. There is a page on MSN news at the present moment regarding the McCanns. MSN has asked for comments (which are slowly appearing).

  197. Mojo 179
    Im right with you on your post.
    How sickening is this whole thing, I despise the parents, supposedly intelligent people leaving 3 children of 3yrs and under alone, in a strange place in a strange country in an unlocked apartment in the dark. No one to attend if one vomited in their sleep, no one to drive away the bogieman if they had a nightmare, no one to care for them, protect them from harm. no one to wipe their tears, K & G think yourselves intelligent??? no I dont think so, you would not have taken such risks with such young children, your parental care stinks. And you use the name of you missing?? daughter to line your pockets to make more money...to pay for Rothley towers, and you search for fame. The pair of you should be struck off the doctors register, with the college of medics. I heard you were retiring from the spotlight....really? I dont see it.
    He will come out eventually and spill the truth...be warned

  198. jimuck..Blair was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 6 May 1953.


  199. There were about four families who are also medical profession and you look only to McCanns, what is in your mind they checked own children and neighbour family children. What the police checked and what they have found? The question is what security was done by Holiday Resort Club? Why PJ Portimao did not investigate properly abduction case option?


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