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The Confusion of a Media Spokesman - Back and Forth

spinning Mitchell

Kate McCann has written a book about the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine, while receiving support from the Harry Potter author, it was divulged recently. Well, that's wrong. The message is part of a confused public relations strategy.

Just two days ago it could be read in the British press that the Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, had participated in a book written by Kate McCann. In it the mother recounts her "true story" about Maddie, who disappeared in May 2007. In the original message, which the McCanns own spokesman Clarence Mitchell published in the media, the reader got the impression that JK Rowling had not only provided Kate McCann with the necessary contacts to her publisher, but also provided literary support.

But now it turns out that the announcement was incorrect. As the "Leicester Mercury" reported, the spokesman for the McCann family later was obliged to retract his statement, "In the light of many recent reports, it must be made ​​clear that JK Rowling is not involved in the book at all - neither in the writing nor in the publication". The Harry Potter author had supported the McCanns in the search for their daughter, said Mitchell, but that was all.

Why the misunderstanding?

On various Madeleine forums the false news report was received with dismay. Clarence Mitchell is also referred to as "brazen" and "influential" in terms of the publication of media releases in the British media. The McCanns are only interested in making money, write indignant commentators. They know that just by mentioning JK Rowling's name, the book which will come out in bookshops on 12 May, will, in their opinion, sell better. After all they have "their army of top lawyers, PR people and shady private detectives' to pay. Among other things, the name of lawyer Michael Caplan is mentioned - in 1999, he prevented the extradition of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet to Spain.

in 20 Minuten Online (German), April 14, 2011 - loose translation based on Nige's translation & google

Harry Potter author has nothing to do with Madeleine's book

Are the McCann family and the successful author JK Rowling a team? According to a DPA press release, the parents of missing Madeleine are said to be involved in its formation with the British novelist. Our reader Stefani Orth says the contrary.

Dear Editor,

Your coverage is not exactly correct, Mrs. Rowling has made clear today, trough her spokesman, in the British newspapers, including the “Independent” and the “Leicestershire Mercury”, that she is not involved in the writing, the publishing, or otherwise in the production of Mrs. McCann's book.

This has been clarified by the spokesman for Mrs. Rowling, and not the “spokesman” of the McCann family, namely Clarence Mitchell.

To bring Mrs. Rowling in connection with the book is once again a blatant PR move by Clarence Mitchell, spokesman and media adviser to the McCanns. This man, a former “media observer” to the elected Labour government has a huge influence on what is published in the UK media and not made ​​public. Mrs. Rowling has actually supported for some time, Gerry and Kate McCann, but pulled back at last.

The McCanns need vast sums of money to pay their army of top lawyers, PR people and shady private detectives. Michael Caplan, for example, is one of the McCann's lawyers, he has prevented the 1999 extradition of Chilean dictator Pinochet to Spain.

The use of the money from the “Madeleine Fund” should urgently be subject of a criminal investigation! The McCanns want a reopening of the case? They would need only send an informal letter to the Portuguese judicial authority, they have not done it.

What they have done is simply to create an online petition calling for a “re-view” of the case, a media-effective but pointless spectacle without any legal effect.

What they don't want in any case, is a “re-opening”, a reopening of the case by Portuguese police.

In the “Maddie Case” investigative journalism is required, the suspicions against the McCanns, of which the media consumer has hopefully noticed something, are, I fear, only the tip of the iceberg.


Stefani Orth

in Europe Online Magazine (German) - translated with google


  1. It disgusts me that the McCanns are still making money from Maddies name. It's about time they put their hands up and admitted their crime!

  2. I like this though: "In the light of many recent reports,it must be made ​​clear that JK Rowling is not involved in the book at all - neither in the writing nor in the publication". (...)The Harry Potter author had supported the McCanns in the search for their daughter, said Mitchell, but that was all.(...)

    Clarrie and his lies/manipulations are in the spotlight.Once again,someone else wipes up the muck off the the mccans faces.Why dont they for once,just once,come forward and say it themselves?The "that was all" is also interesting:Rowling has not seen the mccanns over the years as insinuated in previous reports nor did she give them more cash.

    In any case,I have never quite understood why such common people as the mccanns have had a "front" or spokeman.Who has been constantly worried the mccanns would say the wrong thing over the last 4 years?Back to square one? May be but I have the strong feeling this is coming to an end.

  3. remember Clarrie says his job is to control what comes out in the media and as Gerry once said the good thing to come out of all the reports is that no one knows what is true and what isnt...a perfect combination for them!!

  4. Anon 2 said, "I have the strong feeling this is coming to an end."

    Me too!

    The sham is wearing down and the truth will finally be revealed. At this point poor little Maddie is free. She's home with God. But what about the twins? What happens to them when their life falls apart? Not to mention the other Tapas kids. There will we fall-out on the parents who lied openly like Jane Tanner. Won't she be in Holloway along with Kate? Not just Maddie has suffered. All those kids are going to suffer. How could those parents do this to them. Did they think they were invincible? That they would never get caught?

    Sad all round.

  5. Off topic but an interesting piece today from: http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.com/

    Evidently, the cognitive therapy that Jane Tanner underwent enabled her to recall the abductors jacket, trousers, shoes, and hair style. She was even able to decipher, under sodium lights, minute detail such as the tiny pink pattern on white ankle length pyjama bottoms.
    But, as the blog points out, Tanners description of the pyjamas does not correspond with the wide-legged short cropped pyjamas the McCann’s publicised as being identical to Maddies - and cropped pyjamas would ride above the knee not stretch to the ankle.
    No matter how much therapy you undergo, you can’t recall something that was never there in the first place - that’s a false memory. The blog asks why, if Maddie was really abducted, would the McCanns readily accept and even endorse Tanners inaccurate description and concludes that, no matter how dubious her so-called sighting is, without it there is nothing left to support an abduction.


    Eta: You would think that, given Tanners newly discovered super-enhanced memory skills, the simple but important matter of where they - Tanner McCann & Wilkins - were actually standing, would be a no-brainer.
    She says, when she spotted the bare-foot child being carried away, McCann and Wilkins were standing near the apartment. However, in the 2009 'mocumentary' Gerry McCann persuades Tanner that she was wrong about that particular memory and insists he and Jeremy Wilkins were standing on opposite side of the path.
    Wilkins recollection of where he and McCann were standing is the same as Tanner’s which means (according to GM) Wilkins must also be wrong.
    Clearly, the McCanns endorsement of Tanners cognitively enhanced memory is dependant on how helpful, or unhelpful, it is.

  6. Boa tarde !

    Desde uma boa estratégia de marketing, logo em 2007 à marca registada em 2008; a projecto no verão passado .... enfim...... Pobre Miúda.

    Na minha opinião não houve enganos.

    O " incidente " foi intencional, já que assim o nome da Pequena aparece sempre, nem que seja para servir para desmentidos. Continua a ser notícia : o nome dela, mais nada.

    Não tenho dúvidas que , deste modo , a estratégia mercantil continuou a funcionar pois eles preferem que se fale sempre, mesmo com críticas. Pouco se importam ; que lhes interessa é que se continue sempre a falar para que as as máquinas de fazer dinheiro permaneçam bem oleadas.

    "Falem de mim sempre mesmo que seja falar mal. Indiferença, não "

    Este será 1 dos muitos lemas do mercantilista G.Mc

  7. This is my take on whats happening.
    The Mccann camp is split ....the stitches have come undone - internal support is leaking away.
    I suspect for some months now the Mccanns have been told to fade away - to basically shut up and move on.
    The Mccanns however I suspect are not happy with that advice - partly because they know the case is NOT closed ..and can be reopened at any time! thus weighing on their mental well being....always looking over their shoulder etc
    So unable to live in this state of limbo - they have chosen to (at their own peril) discard the advice.
    By doing this they have bitten the hands that have fed them all this time.
    The only protection they have from the case been concluded ...is the involvement of the many others that would get sucked in to this huge huge cover up.

    The apologies they are having to make regarding JK Rowling - has angered and hurt them immensly- they know truly realise they are alone.
    This time they do not wield the power they once had !

    The only ending is Truth and Justice for Madeleine Mccann a 3y/o little girl.
    Nothing else is acceptable.


  8. @4. that is the same as my thinking,how can and why would you put your children through this,it cant be because they are just friends of the mccanns, its my feeling one or more of the tapas are involved as much as the mccanns as to what happend to Madeleine otherwise they would have told the truth from the begining, friends or not.

  9. When the McCanns managed to get Goncalo Amaral's book banned, they and their spokesman were gloating. I believe they thought that the banning of the book, would help them to sue Goncalo Amaral for over £1million.

    The McCanns had a massive shock, when the ban on Goncalo Amaral's book was overturned in the Appeal Court. Then the suffered an even bigger shock, when they tried to get the Supreme Court, overturn the Appeal Court's decision and the Supreme Court ruled in Goncalo's favour.

    The McCanns have got to pay two lots of court fees, plus the fees of Goncalo's lawyer and the fees of their own lawyer. I read somewhere that the fund cannot be used to pay lawyers fees. If that is true, the McCanns will be selling their big detached house in Rothley, to pay the fees.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the McCanns dropped the litigation case against Mr Amaral. They are aware, that he is going to quiz them in court and the last thing they will want, is to appear in court and be quizzed.

  10. @ 1 ,I too am sickened that MacCanns are still making money from Maddie, they have no shame ,they have no morals, but I have said from the day they opened the LIMITED COMPANY ,that greed will be their downfall

  11. And yes, Madeleine was nearly four years old. Her right as a little child to play, have fun, go to school, to grow up, study, go to the theatre and symphony concerts, art galleries, to travel and much, much more is all taken away from her and all the birthdays she would have enjoyed.
    Sr Amaral has made it imperative that he finds out the details of this little child's absence. This is who and what we support. The one man who made it his battle to find out what happened as he was appointed to start off with, with this task. A little girl disappeared, kate, your daughter and Sr Amaral needs you to answer some questions. Please clear this up. For once and for all.

  12. That Epysode remember me another one- When the Mccann;s went to the Vatican in 2007. First mitchell show up to the media saying the Pope want to recieve kate and gerry, making the story to appear like if having the Mccann's at the Vatican had been a Pope invitation. When later was questionned by the port. journalists he retract himself- The Vatican was contacted by the mccann's trough the representative in UK.
    The mouth of that big crocodile is enough to swallow the world and vomit it on the next day. What a LIAR.

  13. Have you an actual link to where the Pink one is supposed to have claimed that Rowling we helping to write the book? I honestly don't think he ever did you know! What you have to undeerstand about the British press is that they don't need any help from anyone to write untrue rubbish - they do it all on their own. And then Mitchell corrected them, no doubt because Rowling was annoyed. Bit of a nonstory.

  14. If Mitchell really, truly wished to make a retraction that would stop the first press release divulgation be sure it would appear in every UK tabloid - it suits their spin the very discreet way in which their retraction was covered. In that way they can always say, to whomever, be it lawyer or Rowling: "Listen, we tried our hardest to demystify the spin, didn't you see our only retraction published in a local newspaper?"

  15. 13, don't defend mitchell. He have a close relation with media, special some poor journalists. Will be not a surprise for me if one of those days a serious paper outside UK, bring to light that some journalists were payed by the Fund to print the words mitchell seems more convennient for the mccann's. Since long ago, it is all about money and the money is the best friend of all that people but also their huge enemy. They will be caught because they lost the STOP POINT. Don't know where to stop fooling the public. After the book will be the movie, etc, etc. The incomes of the book will be not enough to pay lawyers, mitchell, etc, for many years.

    What make mitchell travelling to Dubai? THE SPREAD OF THE SPIN to discredit the portuguese police worldwide when they made the injunction against Amaral book. The guy did not do a single step without knowing exactly the profites for his side. The strategy is working because he knows many uncomfortable secrets from British people with political power. It is the only reason, according to me, that explain the blindness of the british authorities for what it is evident, IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CRIMES COMMITTED BY A PRIVATE GROUP IN OUR TIME. It is not anymore about a little girl who mysteriously disappeared in PDL. The crime grow and is giant now. mitchell knows it and knows, he is involved on many chap of the giant crime. He have to carry on to save his own skin.

  16. Joana@14
    "If Mitchell really, truly wished to make a retraction that would stop the first press release divulgation be sure it would appear in every UK tabloid"

    Spot on. No front page 'Sorry JK' from the Daily Mirror which was responsible for the lie - not even a page 25 retraction. The retraction was solely reserved for the McCann's local paper, the Leicester Mercury.

    Mitchell issued the retraction hours after Rowling's spokesman had made it clear that she was not involvedin the book. Mitchell knows exactly what he is doing and I have no doubt he and Team McCann were behind that Mirror article - a great free ad for the book.
    The whole debacle demonstrates the sheer untrustworthiness of the media and the blatant lies they feed us.

  17. Joana you are spot on(again) the vile Mitchell and disgusting Mccanns know exactly what they are doing, the book it seems is not selling well according to figures on Amazon for pre-orders so a way to "help" sales they named J.K.Rowling as the writer hoping to get her usual sales to buy(i dont as she supports the Mccanns so she does not get a penny from our household) but unfortunately a lot of people do buy and they tried to target her market, also the attack story the day before about creepy cold Kate being "frightened" (rolleeyes)it is to get sympathy again from the public as that is whan they made their most money from guillible people who felt sorry for them, i had their cards marked the first day when they strolled down to give a press conference looking done up(not like two worried parents at all) and read from a piece of paper on about Madeleine like they were reporting a lost car i thought then i dont believe them and never have changed my mind in 4 years.

  18. There was a media suggestion too that Kate McCann was invited by the parents of Claudua Lawrence, to the vigil at York Minster and lit a candle for her, whereas the invitation was really a general one to others with missing children and Kate tagged along, I believe.

  19. @13:
    Sorry, I think you're a bit naive here.
    JK Rowling allegedly involved in the writing of Kate McCann's book "Madeleine" is a great promotion stunt, really good PR-stuff for the book. Then after Mrs. Rowling's voiced displeasure a retraction was made in solely one local newspaper!
    Who is the McCann's spin doctor, huh, who was feeding the media the last three and a half years? What do you think? Mickey Mouse or what? Hey, the McCanns need money money,money, put it in an envelope and send it to Kate and Gerry. Or buy the book.

  20. Someone here reported the other day that Garcia-Roza, the best-selling crime fiction writer was advising Gonçalo Amaral as he gives the final touches into the second edition of his expanded version of "The Truth of a Lie" - which by the way won't be just about Madeleine...
    Garcia-Roza has apparently been contacted by Globo Media and he said: "I am not confirming or denying, bye! bye!"
    May be it is just PR. I don't think Amaral needs an adviser. Well, anyone would welcome the advice of a literary giant like Garcia-Roza, even the McCanns'!

  21. 18, I suspect she went to York Minsk to be photographed at the side of Prince Charles. She hoped he would give her some attention.
    And I noticed that, after the Prince kept distance from her, and after the judges in Portugal were in favor of Amaral, the media in the UK got more strenght and they started daring more things.

  22. @ Post 18, you actually believed wrong!

    Kate actually ASKED the parents of Claudia if she could tag along. So said Mr Lawrence.


  23. At their fateful tapas dinner O’Brien was missing for up to 40 minutes supposedly checking on his sick daughter, if Madeleine had met her fate earlier, Mccanns were absent from Paraiso in the afternoon, it was possible that O’Brien was the person seen by the smiths carrying his child as a decoy.
    Mr Smith was 80% sure it was Gerry, but the two men look very similar IMO O’Brien was acting out the role of the abductor whilst Gerry waited around the apartment area ensuring that nothing untoward happened that would jeopardise the abduction scenario for example if there had been a disturbance in another apartment or anything that would make the abduction not seem feasible, Jez came along and the two men chatted. It also gave O’Brien time to get back to his apartment with his daughter; before Kate did her check. O’Brien said he saw the scene unfold from his balcony Kate calling Maddy etc. O’Brien and Mccann both admitted they wrote out the time line in Maddies sticker book.
    Jane (O’brien’s partner) remembered she’d seen an abductor but never mentioned it at the time, is this because Gerry later told her to say she’d seen the abductor at the same time he was talking to Jez giving Gerry that alibi.
    On his trip to London when he ‘lost’ his wallet IMO Gerry met up with the Tapas group to ensure they were all ‘toeing the line’ he needed to know who had approached them and what was being said, he also needed to reassure them that all would be fine. Whatever happened to Madeleine this group are all involved, otherwise they would have told the truth.
    Mccanns have played the sympathy card throughout Kate constantly carrying cuddlecat, regularly going to church. Reading Gerry’s earlier blogs I cannot believe that any innocent parent in that situation would be able to write such mundane nonsense every day, again each blog was checked by Kate before it was published. Later the group stated that Gerry wants to control all information that is disclosed by them and so they formed a pact a silence
    The body IMO was disposed of before the 3rd. After the 3rd there was media frenzy and it would not have been possible. The cadaver in the scenic could have been from towels or rags where they cleaned the apartment again before leaving, it was on Kates clothing not Gerry’s, key fob and cuddle cat all things Kate had handled. Amaral suspected Maddy was weighted down and thrown into the sea hence their constant jogging along the beach everyday they were able to see if any activity was present wherever she was disposed of and they could talk without fear of being overheard. Sergey Malinka owned a yacht, and he was suspected of child porn. O’Brien carrying his daughter was supposed to be seen but unfortunately nobody noticed him, it would have all followed Jane Tanner seeing the abductor O’Brien went through a busy, lighted part of the town. Kate even made an appeal about the abductor asking ‘was this man seen anywhere else in town ‘.
    This latest escapade with Rowlings book the mccanns have been told to make a statement to clarify Rowling had not helped with this book of theirs, but again it’s a half hearted statement how many of the public will be aware of it. Clarence Mitchell has protected the Mccanns not your usual spin PR he’s connected to the government hence Gordon Brown’s involvement with Socrates again the Mccanns played the sympathy card with Gordon who lost a daughter in 2002 and a fellow Scots who presumably thought he was aiding two British citizens abroad, but now we all know different.

  24. The Mirror story is not really that surprising. PR stunts are par for the course with this case but it appears the JK stunt has backfired a bit. Apart from the embarrassment of having to make a retraction (done in the most weasel way possible) the JK connection has already spawned a lot of bad jokes (they may regret making that connection)

    Still can’t get my head around the fact that they’re actually writing an 'account of the truth' after four years of ducking and diving .. lol that’s rich. Can we take it then that they’ve not yet told the truth?

  25. Ann 23
    Knowing what Gordon knows now, Im sure he wouldn't have touched them with a barged pole

  26. Anon23
    A very feasable theory.
    If the book is the truth, then they could be charged for with holding information. Its obviously been very carefully checked by Carter Ruck for anything they may possibly allow them to be sued. So with these bits of fluff removed the book will be one boring load of dribble, all that they have spun over the past 4 years. Not their reasons for allowing the case to be shelved, or not assisting the police in anyway posible. Nor why the fund pays for 5star hotels for their travel etc. Its very strange that 2 suspects who have not officially been cleared can make a documentary (using the fund)and televise it, hold up market fund raising activities, and now publish a book with a huge advance. One does not doubts that gerrys been very clever with his trademark idea and with the fund, opened shortly after Maddie went missing, and collecting boxes placed in Bars. How tacky for so called grieving parents, whose mind in reality could compose such a scheme when your 3 yrold daughter had just gone missing. How did the police allow this pact of silence, one day the smile will be wiped off the faces of these two and not before time.

  27. I believe the Mccanns have over stepped the mark with this book, the Tapas 7 must be seething 'why can't they just go away quietly'. There is no such thing as a perfect crime, most of what happened is still documented on the internet, it really is only a matter of time. Sr Amaral will get his day in court with the Mccanns, public opinion has gone against them, and that is something you cannot spin. We may never find what happened to Madeleine but we can be sure those responsible will face court charges and long prison sentences.
    Too many people want justice for Maddie, and it will happen.
    Very well done Joana and Astro.
    When all this is over I shall miss your blog!

  28. Joana, any news about the new Amaral book? When?

  29. I love the Daily Mail of today's, the 15th(McCann Files).
    It is telling,in short, everything about this case on a way the McCanns can not sue it.
    It looks like they feel sorry for the couple but it's telling the real suspicion and truth.Daily Mail is also fed up of being gagged.
    Really wonderful!

  30. O'Brian is blond and thin or he looks thin.
    Gerry has dark hair and is atletic.

  31. One minute Amazon.co.uk are saying that the book, is available to buy, but there is only one copy. Then they say the book is out of stock and they don't know if or when the book will be back in stock.

    They have been giving out these messages for weeks. I've just had a look and the book is currently unvailable.

    It is a disgrace that Amazon and other book outlets will be selling the McCanns book, knowing that only are they are the root cause of Madeleine's disappearance. Yet they won't sell Goncalo Amaral's book when all he has done is wrote what is in the files, along with his thoughts. These book sellers have no problem selling other books that have been written by authors who share similar thoughts to Goncalo Amaral.

  32. I'm dying of curiosity to read new facts in Amaral's book.
    But I have a problem. For twice I emailed Guerra&Paz editor, about this book and I never got an answer.I also mailed it wishing success during the process in Lisbon.No reply.
    During the time Mario Sena Lopes was working for that concern, he immediately replied my emails and I had the feeling we had become good friends.
    His substitute couldn't care less. He/she never replies.
    How that concern expects to sell successifully, if they treat the public like that?
    I don't consider that person as being polite.

  33. anonymous 23 wrote: "Mr Smith was 80% sure it was Gerry, but the two men look very similar IMO O’Brien was acting out the role of the abductor whilst Gerry waited around the apartment area..."

    :e :e :e

    I don't think two men could be much more UNalike than Gerry McCann and Russell O'Brien! O'Brien is around 8" taller than McCann and the former has grey hair, whilst the the latter's hair is medium-dark brown.

    If Russell O'Brien had been the man the Smith family saw carrying a child (whom they thought could well have been Maddie) I doubt if Mr & Mrs Smith would have decided he bore even a 1% likeness to Gerry McCann, let alone the 60-80% likeness they estimated. The man the Smith family described, in no way matches Russell O'Brien.

    Aoife Smith said in her evidence that the man she saw was wearing beige cotton trousers, possibly with buttons. Gerry McCann was subsequently photographed wearing a pair of trousers which fitted this description, including a very unusual feature of button trim on the outer leg seams.

  34. David Payne said his tennis game finished early so gerry asked him to check on kate...but payne was at the paraiso restaurant so he made a special journey from restaurant to visit gerry at tennis court then he visited kate in her apartment. This is a very odd situation, did payne ever see madeleine at 5.30 or it is more spin.
    photographs and translations on mccannpjfiles are worth a visit.

  35. @29
    It looks like they feel sorry for the couple but it's telling the real suspicion and truth.Daily Mail is also fed up of being gagged.

    I'd like to believe that but I'm not convinced.
    The Mail knows that people are fed up with the one-sided sycophantic PR of the past four years -- more of the same won't sell books. The overall tone of the article is still very cloying but perhaps the Mail decided to inject a little controversy in an effort to spark more interest in the book.

  36. JillyCL and anon @23,
    I think you will find that the Smiths were certain the girl was Madeleine whom they witnessed being carried that night, But they couldn't recognise the face of the man carrying Madeleine.
    Mr Smith only realised to a 60 to 80% certainty that it was Gerry Mc cann carrying Madeleine that night when he saw mccann getting off the plane from Portugal carrying one of the twins,his hair, build and most importantly the way he carried the twin was what clicked with MR Smith and not Gerry's face.

    SO whether O'Brien or Mc cann do or don't look alike is irrelevant because the Smiths never stated they recognised Gerry Mc cann from his face.


    To @ 28 " Joana any news about the new Amaral book? When?"

    I cannot answer on behalf of our illustrious host but this much I know...

    There is a rumour that Amaral extended edition of the book is being "revised" by the Brazilian crime-master writer and ex-university professor (Psychoanalysis) Garcia-Roza.

    I read here that in declarations to Globo Network Garcia-Roza is neither denying not confirming.

    I can tell you Garcia-Roza IQ is several notches above J.K. Rollings. Read one of his books and you will understand why but, like I say, this is just a rumour.

    I have e-mailed Garcia-Roza via his Americam publisher (MacMillan). I am waiting. MacMillan might turn out to be the publisher for Amaral's extended version of the book. Just an hunch.

  38. Has Mitchell found another woman to write a story of how Mccanns are innocent?They are all frightened that the truth will come out.Why she sits in Madeleines bedroom and be sad its because she knows what she did to her.Maddie died in the flat,if they want the case opened,then do it. It is time that Mitchell found someone to tell the truth. J.Germany.

  39. I read this on another forum
    This is an article in the paper edition of Correio da Manhã and since it is not in the online edition I am not able to put up a link.

    Caso Maddie - Maddie Case

    McCann perdem -The McCanns lose

    O Ministério Público de Portimão arquivou uma queixa de Isabel Duarte, advogada do casal McCann, que acusava Gonçalo Amaral de ter prestado falsas declarações à Segurança Social para obter apoio judiciário. O MP considera que Amaral não cometeu qualquer crime.

    The Public Ministry of Portimão threw out the complaint of Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCanns, which accused Gonçalo Amaral of making false declaration to the Social Security in order to obtain judicial support. The PM considered that Amaral did not commit any crime.

    Gonçalo Amaral says that this is another defeat for the McCanns. Another setback in their attemp to assassinate me "civilly".

    Does anyone know if it is in today's papers or if it is an old story? Tx.

  40. The Mail has not printed my comment that pointed out the discrepancies and biased reporting in this case. Most of the comments are pro-McCann although they contain far the most red arrows. I think its pretty obvious that the moderators are biased in favour of the McCann camp.

  41. Ive just read this on Missing Madeleine site, great if true......

    O Ministério Público de Portimão arquivou uma queixa de Isabel Duarte, advogada do casal McCann, que acusava Gonçalo Amaral de ter prestado falsas declarações à Segurança Social para obter apoio judiciário. O MP considera que Amaral não cometeu qualquer crime.

    The Public Ministry of Portimão threw out the complaint of Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCanns, which accused Gonçalo Amaral of making false declarations to the Social Security in order to obtain judicial support. The PM considered that Amaral did not commit any crime.

    Gonçalo Amaral says that this is another defeat for the McCanns. Another setback in their attemp to assassinate me "civilly"..


  43. To @ 39

    "The Public Ministry of Portimão threw out the complaint of Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCanns, which accused Gonçalo Amaral of making false declarations to the Social Security in order to obtain judicial support. The PM considered that Amaral did not commit any crime. Gonçalo Amaral says that this is another defeat for the McCanns. Another setback in their attemp to assassinate me "civilly".

    I searched it in the CM website but obtained no return. That would be good news indeed. Too much harassment for just one person. It could be a rumour. Joana might wish to give GA a call and find out...assuming she knows how to contact him that is.

    Also if you try to google the the words that appear in the ad photo (which seems genuine enough) "Correio da Manhã" it yields no result... :p

  44. The thing is not even a amartuer burgler would go in and out of a window with like 2to 3 stone object let alone a child who could wake up at any time the most myjority of kidnappers and thieves would try doors first for a clean getaway surely it dont take a brainy person to know this ---the children therefore how the hek did they manage to get them to sleep all at once most small children suffer from teething bed wetting or feeling hot or sick so hours all still asleep even when they came back to check and oh--how did the kidnapper get the window open from the outside when locked from the inside where was his crowbar down his leg while he was running with a child anyway the window was a imature thing to do it was like reconstructed like someone had burgled the place --was litlle maddie insured?-- poor little luv---

  45. I dont think anyone should be taking anyone to court over the missing little girl maddie it is ridiculous--if the little girl was found then do it--because all this stupidity is getting in the way of finding her--- so get real and find her--- the mccanns are stooping to everyones level-- so have they something to hide afterall? scared of the truth? they say the truth hurts..... the system is getting soft tic for tac methods wasting time money making the whole issue here blow out of proportion it is like a show on tv who gets who and what! money talks but it wont find that little girl all this money making thing is just a ploy for selfish people on this world ---some people out thier are kind and genniuine those are the real people of society .the ones who ask for nothing only help--those who will help the mccans for nothing the general public so stop abbuseing them!!!!


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