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JK Rowling denies involvement in Kate McCann's book

The Reality behind the Spin

(....) Yesterday it emerged that the author had given a helping hand to Kate McCann, the mother of the missing eight-year-old, Madeleine, with her account of the disappearance in Portugal four years ago. But Rowling denied reports that she had written the book which is due to be published next month. in The Independent, April 12, 2011

The Spin

«JK Rowling helps Kate McCann write book on Maddy's disappearance in bid to raise £1m to find her

Heartbroken mother will not take part in celebrity-style signings because it would be 'in bad taste'

Bestseller: Harry Potter author J K Rowling has helped Kate McCann write a book about the disappearance of daughter Madeline after it emerged the fund to find her was running dry

Kate McCann turned to author J K Rowling to help write a book about the disappearance of her daughter to raise funds to help find her.

The Harry Potter scribe is understood to have assisted Kate in writing her harrowing account of the events following Madeleine's disappearance in May 2007.

They hope the book will raise £1m which will pay for private investigators to continue hunting for Madeleine for two more years (...)

Rowling also helped Kate and husband Gerry by putting them in touch with her agent Christopher Little who arranged a book deal with publishers Transworld (...)

Rowling has supported the McCanns in their desperate search for their daughter since her disappearance in 2007.

In January 2010 she attended a fund-raising event in London to mark the 1000th day since Madeleine dissappeared.

In 2007 she pledged a reported £1 million of her own money as part of a reward for information leading police to find the little girl (...) » in The Daily Mail, April 11, 2011

« (...) The McCanns hope the book, published with help and guidance from JK Rowling, will re-invigorate the search for Madeleine (...)

(...) Kate has spent the past six months – when not caring for her two other children Sean and Amelie – shut away in her study writing Madeleine. She has had help from the highest authorities.

JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and a supporter of the fund, has helped, including introducing Kate to her agent, Christopher Little (...) » in The Sunday Telegraph, April 11, 2011

«Harry Potter author JK Rowling has helped Kate McCann to write a book on the continuing search for her missing daughter Madeleine.

Rowling, 45, is a supporter of Madeleine's Fund, launched after the Leicestershire three-year-old vanished on holiday in Portugal in 2007.

The book, titled Madeleine and detailing the family's ordeal and the investigation, will be published on May 12, which would be her eighth birthday, according to the Daily Mirror.

The money raised will pay for private detectives still trying to find Maddy (...) » in The Evening Standard, April 11, 2011

«JK Rowling helped Kate McCann to write her book on missing daughter Madeleine.

The Harry Potter author gave advice as she penned details of the youngster's 2007 disappearance in Portugal.

Kate hopes to raise £1million from the book. She said: "Every penny will go on the search for Madeleine."

WITH cash draining from the fund set up to hunt for Madeleine McCann, JK Rowling’s pledge to help was a welcome boost to mum Kate.

The Harry Potter author gave the devastated 42-year-old advice and support as she wrote the harrowing details of the night her daughter vanished from their holiday apartment on the Algarve.

Kate’s book is expected to raise £1million and she and husband Gerry, both 42, hope it will help shed new light on how Madeleine vanished four years ago.

Rowling, 45, is a supporter of the Madeleine Fund, which has ­dwindled to £200,000(...)

Rowling has been heavily involved in the search for Madeleine since she vanished in May 2007. The writer offered a reported £1million reward to find the youngster.

She also donated to the fund set up to aid the worldwide search.

Rowling arranged for a poster featuring Madeleine to be made available to book retailers across the globe.

And last November she helped Kate and Gerry to secure their book deal. She suggested they use her literary agent ­Christopher Little, who arranged a publishing contract with Transworld.

Last January, Rowling met the couple, both doctors, at a fund-raising event in London to mark the 1,000th day since Madeleine vanished from Praia da Luz.

Her official website features a Madeleine section giving details of her case and phone numbers to contact with information (...) » in The Mirror, April 11, 2011

And the 'Clarrification' aka the McCann's PR 'damage control' statement

«There is no truth in reports that Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is helping Kate McCann write her book about her missing daughter Madeleine, a family spokesperson said last night.

A number of national newspapers yesterday reported that the best-selling author was helping the McCanns write their account of how three-year-old Madeleine went missing while on holiday in Portugal almost four years ago.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said that while Ms Rowling and the McCanns share the same literary agent, the author had played no part in the publication of the book, called Madeleine.

Speaking to the Mercury, he said: "In the light of recent reports citing JK Rowling's involvement in the Kate's forthcoming book, I can confirm that while she has been and continues to be a long time family supporter, her only involvement in bringing the book to publication has been via her literary agent Christopher Little, who has also been representing Kate.

"Beyond this, JK Rowling has had no involvement in the writing, editing or publication of the book."

The book will be released by publishers Transworld on May 12 – Madeleine's eighth birthday» in This is Leicestershire, April 12, 2011

Note: Some of the Portuguese press covered the McCann publicity stunt, one was the formerly unbiased Público newspaper in a small single column article in the Oporto edition, the other was Sábado magazine in what can only be described as a translation from the Mirror tabloid. Perhaps Público & Sábado's editors-in-chief should teach their journalists to verify their sources (McCann 'press releases' in the UK media) before copying and printing fake stories... that is, if they wish to be taken seriously in other issues non-McCann related.

The Spin in Motion (update on April 13, 2011)


  1. The only connection between McCann and Rowling is both have written fantasy books.

  2. I thought that JK Rowling distanced herself from the McCanns, back in 2007. They asked her to insert a picture of Madeleine in her books and she refused. She said they could add a picture of Madeleine, to posters that were in shops. A lot of business men withdrew their pledges when the McCanns were made arguidos also Brian Kennedy no longer pays Clarence Mitchells salary.I never believed that JKR would have wished to be associated with "scathing things relating to the Portuguese police" (as Philomena McCann was reported as saying that the book contained, in November 2010). If the book isn't well received , and it's looking that way, it won't do JKR any favours at all, obviously the Mccanns are jumping on the JKR bandwagon.

    It's fast becoming that anyone associated with the McC's is being seen in a very poor light!

  3. "Heartbroken mother will not take part in celebrity-style signings because it would be 'in bad taste'"

    Oh, I see, then she's not doing book signings out of decency, not because she's scared stiff of the raging crowds...yeah, right, and I've just seen a pig flying past my window!

  4. "...which would be her 8th birthday..."?


  5. Somewhere I just read that Madaleine case or the McCanns themselves are on JK Rowling website.
    They aren't.
    Mrs Rowling must be feeling very uncomfortable, seeing herself involved with those riff raff people.

  6. anonym@5 You are right, that's what the hack wrote in the Mirror article: "(...)Her official website features a Madeleine section giving details of her case and phone numbers to contact with information (...)" - but if you go to J.K.Rowling Official Site there isn't a single mention of the McCanns Fund campaign.

  7. Somebody must have started this rumour. Myself I think it was the McCanns themselves. I remember when Gerry went to the USA for the first time, he wrote that his ticket was "kindly offered by a airline".Short later this story was denied.

    This story above is now used by the British media in order to squeeze the McCanns, getting the public against them.
    And to warn important people about the danger of this couple, who use every well known person. Goal: to belong to a better casta.

  8. So JK Rowling did not help write the book. Just hours after Rowling’s spokesman denied she had helped in any way, other than “supporting the fact” (whatever that means - could it simply mean ‘confirming’ the fact?)that her literary agent was also representing KM, Clarence Mitchell made a retraction in local newspaper the Leicester Mercury. Rowlings & Mitchells statements (see below) match almost word for word - but Rowlings denial certainly came first..
    The Independent
    “In a statement a spokesman for the author said: "While JK Rowling has been a long-term family supporter, her only part in bringing the book to publication has been in supporting the fact that her literary agent was also representing Kate. Beyond this, she has not been involved in any aspect of the writing, editing or publication of the book."
    Google news: Independent - 22 hours ago
    Leicester Mercury
    Hours later Clarence Mitchell made a retraction in the Mercury “"In the light of recent reports citing JK Rowling's involvement in the Kate's forthcoming book, I can confirm that while she has been and continues to be a long time family supporter, her only involvement in bringing the book to publication has been via her literary agent Christopher Little, who has also been representing Kate.
    ‎Google news: Leicester Mercury - 12 hours ago

  9. Maybe Rowling never offered that million pounds to the person who would bring Maddie back, alive and well.

  10. anonymous @7 & 8, in my opinion this now 'clarrified' news was, as always is with the McCann couple, a transparent PR stunt, a publicity stunt for the McCanns' book. Even backfiring, as it did, it still made the front page news and more importantly, it was then copied by several media outlets around Europe who still, unfortunately, swallow every piece of BS fed by the McCann's PR machine - "There is no such thing as bad publicity".

  11. I’m sure it didn’t escape the McCanns that JK Rowling currently has a huge publicity campaign advertising one of her books - they no doubt saw it as an ideal opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.

    Maybe they thought associating themselves with the very popular Rowlings would earn them kudos and her fans would, hopefully, buy a few million books. However, aligning their book with a well renowned author of fantasy fiction about , witches, wizards & mumbo-jumbo - appears to be another own goal as the public are quipping remarks such as ‘how appropriate’. Surprisingly the McCanns didn’t seem to foresee the inevitable jokes now doing the rounds e.g. ‘Maddie and the Half Blood Prints’ (from people who don’t even follow this case)

    Anyway I doubt very much that JK Rowling would want to be too closely associated with a book about book-banning controversial parents and a child who was, allegedly, abducted by paedophiles or who otherwise, allegedly, died in a holiday apartment. That would not sit well with Rowlings ‘magical’ image.

    This story is very reminiscent of the News of the World ‘Weird Diary’ controversy. When the diary crashed like a lead balloon the McCann’s flatly denied any knowledge of its publication -- but how else did the newspaper get hold of it. Such endless shenanigans, manoeuvrings and manipulation are proving to be very bad publicity indeed.

  12. Joana @ 11
    anonymous @7 & 8, in my opinion this now 'clarrified' news was, as always is with the McCann couple, a transparent PR stunt, a publicity stunt for the McCanns' book. Even backfiring, as it did, it still made the front page news and more importantly, it was then copied by several media outlets around Europe who still, unfortunately, swallow every piece of BS fed by the McCann's PR machine - "There is no such thing as bad publicity".


    Absolutely agree Joana but I really don't think the public are swallowing it anymore.

  13. "Heartbroken mother will not take part in celebrity-style signings because it would be 'in bad taste'"

    GMAFB The McCanns invented bad taste.

  14. Jo, there is a Madeleine page on JKR's website but curiously you can't seem to access it through the site menu. It should be listed on the 'Links' page but it isn't. Whether that is by accident or design, we can only ponder.

    Link is: http://www.jkrowling.co.uk/textonly/en/links_mm.cfm

  15. Thanks Nige, that's an old page from July 2007 when Rowling, like everyone else, supported without reservation the McCanns' Fund campaign. The current flash version of her site doesn't have anything.

  16. I notice Kate will not be taking part in any book signings. Is it because she is afraid for her personal safety, or is she afraid no one will show up to purchase her book? If it is because of personal safety, this (personal safety) must be a recent issue for her. She didn't see it as an issue when she left her three children, under the age of four, alone night after night. If people were prepared to line up to see her, I'm sure many of them would have questions that she would not be prepared to answer, rather than getting her autograph.

  17. Maddie McCann search goes viral

    The family of missing girl Madeleine McCann are hoping a viral email and photo of her will remind people about her disappearance.

    The devastated parents are hoping the email will reach 80% of inboxes around the world in two weeks.

    The family is hoping people will send on the “chain letter” because the story is only being covered in Britain, Eire and Portugal.

    There have been many alleged sightings of Madeleine in countries from as far afield as the New Zealand, Sweden and Brazil.

    Even Madeleine's own parents do not believe she’s in Portugal any more.

    They hope a photograph of Madeleine which shows the distinctive imperfection in her right eye will jog someone’s memory. They say her eye will be the same, but her hair could be cut or dyed

    Next month will mark the four-year anniversary of Madeline's disappearance.

    As the next phase of their search, the McCann’s will soon release a book which they have authored.

    All proceeds of the book will go to fund the continued search for Madeleine.

    Video from Australian Seven Media Group TV
    A viral email, searching for Madeleine McCann, will hit 80 per cent of inboxes worldwide.

  18. Thanks to Nige (McCann Files) for the translation/bringing to attention:

    McCanns: Madeleine McCann - Trade Mark No. 2456061? Day Trading (German)

    Published: 2011/04/12

    Perhaps one of the most bizarre aspects of the case of missing Madeleine McCann is that, within days of her disappearance, her parents submitted a trade mark application on her behalf. Trade marks are typically used to protect commercial property rights, so that, in this bizarre case, it seems that not only was Madeleine perceived as a missing daughter, but also as a future commercial concern, the rights of which were required, to protect the commercial interests of Team McCann. In a way, it's easy to see why Madeleine's image attracted substantial sums for the interested parties. Personally the thought of a 'trade mark' for a missing child sounds pretty sick to say the least, and brings a certain disgust at the whole question of her loss. But what is your opinion? Is it customary to mark a missing child this way? Was the McCanns' child an exception, whose name needed to be trade marked in the circumstances? Source: ipo.gov.uk

    Note: It should be pointed out that the trade mark relates specifically to the activities of the 'Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned' company and not Madeleine McCann herself.

  19. jkr should be bloody ashamed of herself for supporting child neglecters
    or worse.

  20. Grrr...they are such a brazen,appalling pair - more arse than class !

  21. I wasn't at all surprised to see the statement from JK Rowling - I see Clarence finally got around to issuing one too. For a genuine author like JKR to be associated with this book must have been alarming to say the least.

    Whether it was an assumption made by the newspapers which the McCanns didn't bother to correct, or a cynical attempt to bask in some of JKR's reflected publishing glory in the hope of selling some books is still rather unclear.
    When Goncalo has the Mccanns in court later this year there could be new developments as Goncalo publicly said it was the McCanns who archived the investigation, when they took the files, also they have not been cleared, but Goncalo Amaral and a senior member of the Portuguese police, said there was enough evidence to prosecute the McCanns.

    The PJ couldn't prosecute the McCanns for anything other than neglect, even though they suspected Madeleine died in the apartment. Also Madeleine disappeared because of the McCanns neglect and they would have faced a stiffer sentence, if they had been prosecuted.

    The British Government colluded with Jose Socrates and the McCanns walked free.

    British and Portuguese lawyers all expected the McCanns to be prosecuted for neglect. Philomena McCann said that Kate McCann expected to be prosecuted for neglect. She never said that her brother expected to be prosecuted for neglect, which I found rather strange, because Gerry and Kate McCann were both responsible for their childrens welfare. Kates book will be the first steps towards the re-opening of the investigation.

  22. Could someone who knows put me right on the matter of "double jeopardy"? I have vague memories of reading that under Portuguese law, once the McCanns had been prosecuted for neglect, they could not be tried again if evidence of an even more serious crime emerged. Is this so? Maybe they were hoping they WOULD be charged with neglect.

  23. If Mccann's used/abused JKR image/name, she should come herself to the Media and expose them. She must sue the Mccann's and Mitchell because Mitchell still using the story to highlight the continuous support of JKR.
    A children writter must be away from any campaign coming from the main suspects of a crime involving a child. Mccann's remain suspects. They were not cleared by any court. They refused every step proposed by the police to bring more light to the investigation and find Madeleine. By letting her name to be associated with that saga for so long time, without any legal action, JKR compromised significantly herself.

    mitchell and the mccann's still acting with total impunnity. They grab innocent people to the front page of the newspapers, as potential abductors, with names and photos. They jump on the name of vip persons to advertise their agenda, and the uk authorities still acting with blindness, leaving the crime to grow. Could be a strategy to catch them inside the rat mouth, but is taking too long and the circus is going too far.
    I read now at Mccannfiles that the detectives company show small figures went to their acc. coming from the Fund. I don't believe they work for very little ( no matter if calling what they do 'work', is abusive because nothing was seen during those 3 years) . Then, the money is being delivered trough dark ways to avoid paying the normal taxes and to erase the tracks that could be used later, as evidences, if the authorities decide to investigate the destination of the money. Or the money is travelling to offshores, to Mccann's personal accounts and those detectives were little payed because in fact they don't spent a single minute searching Madeleine. They were just used for propaganda to fool the public with donations for a fake private investigation. The cocktail of crimes is growing day after day and Mitchell is involved on them untill his neck. He, and Mccann's lawyers, saw big figures.

  24. @ 26. I remember that something of the kind was posted by a Portuguese poster on a, now defunct, forum a couple of years ago. I am inclined to believe it, because the poster concerned always seemed very trustworthy and gave helpful and acurate information. It would, however, be nice to have confirmation, since there have been changes to the Penal Code since that time.

  25. Well these two were sailing along for nearly four years now, threatening, suing and elbowing their way through, playing VIP, attending anything and everything that meant publicity, harping on one word, abduction, the word that will ensure the steady flow of money and the word abduction ensured them their visits to the Pope and Oprah. And the umpteen contradictions of their story?
    They may have the advantage that they cannot be prosecuted for the death of their daughter but they and their friends will forever carry the stigma, the infamy, of being involved in the disappearance of this innocent child. It will stick, as if it is written on their foreheads. The paying back they cannot avoid.
    Sr Amaral, so patient, has left them enough time and rope.....

  26. "Where's Waldo?" is the American equivalent of the British "Where's Wally?"

  27. I have not purchased anything of J K Rowlings since her original involvement with the McScams and it will be the same with the publishers of this book; I will no longer purchase any books they produce, a pity because I do read a few of their authors but one has to make a stand. Think I ought to write and let them know that actually.

  28. 26 What a perceptive observation- double jeopardy! That's why neglect was simulated.

  29. So where did the front page story come from? If it's a hack that got a tip off that JK Rowling was helping Kate Mccann, what would you normally expect them to do? Surely they ring JK Rowlings PR team and get confirmation the story is correct and/or they ring the Mccanns PR spokesman and ask for a comment from them.

    How does a Front page story go to press without confirmation it's content is fact? Even if it does do that, why did the denial from the Mccanns not come sooner and be distributed to all news outlets, rather than just their local paper?

    Why hasn't the editor been taken to task over a blatantly misleading story? If I remember correctly Piers Morgan was sacked from the Mirror for running untrue headlines. while I'm not trying to say this is as important as that situation, it should still be a matter of concern that our news papers are turning into nothing more than comics and that editors and owners seem unconcerned at the quality of the journalists they employ.

  30. #26,
    I have no legal training whatsoever, but I believe that the double jeopardy notion only applies to the same crime, one cannot be judged and condemned for the same crime twice. If the McCanns were convicted for a crime of negligence towards the children, that would not prevent them from standing trial and getting sentenced for the child's death, if evidence of this later emerged. Different offenses, different trials.

  31. Considering the McCanns believe that Maddie is 'out there' somewhere, the book is surely premature!

    Maybe it's so they can offer a huge reward, but I won't hold my breath!!

  32. 26, I don't know. I know that a person can not go to prison twice for exacly the same crime, for which he has already payed. A process can always be restarted when there are more leads and proofs.O when the victim or his family is not happy with the judges's sentence.A death, by accident or otherwise, and hiding the body is much, much worse than neglect.

    Kate is not signing because I'm sure the author of the leaflet "What really happened to Madeleine"( I forgot his name) will definitely show up at the book store and distribute his story.
    And talk to her.


    Still, it could be true or untrue. It's a 50/50 bet.

    I mean, JK is certainly friends with the MCs - that much we know, so where is the harm of her placing her gold bracelets and diamond rings around Kate's shoulder and murmur some good sound advice in her ears?

    Even if some proper authors disapprove of JK's style, kids buy her books and Kate's book surely won't be for thinking, university graduate adults but for middle England's tabloid readers.

    The McCanns' insist they are innocent and who are we to say otherwise? It is important never to leave that possibility out of sight no matter how minuscule it may seem. They could be both.

    Take one of the most persuasive arguments against them: Eddie The Dog's findings...

    Gerry will tell you:

    "These dogs’ frailty was proved by a study that was carried out in the USA, in the case of a man that had been accused of murder. They had ten rooms, and in each room four boxes were placed, containing vegetables, bones, trash. Some contained human remains. They stayed there for ten hours. Eight hours after the boxes were removed, the dogs came in. And the dogs failed two thirds of the attempts. Imagine the reliability when these dogs test an apartment three months after the disappearance of a child." (Expresso interview)

    If we are to play this game properly we will have to admit Gerry's is not a bad argument - until we find another research that contradicts this one. Mind you, I have not read the research he quotes but I trust his information is "bone fido".

    What about the blue holdall mysterious disappearance? Could Madeleine have filled it up with her possessions before running away?

    What about those doctored scribbles about the time checks?

    Could it be only because they knew they were up to 5 years in a sunny jail for abandoning their children? Not that the PJ would have bothered with that. Her neighbour upstairs told them she could hear Madeleine crying her lungs out for hours and no charges were brought to the well-to-do couple.

    What about Tanner's false witnessing? She not only saw the egg-man, she pointed her finger at Murat who by the way does not look like an egg.

    What about the Smiths' sighting? Gerry will tell you he was in the restaurant at that time but... was he?

    I don't have to go on do I?

    So, are the McCanns' guilty or innocent? Well, unlike some of you, I don't know. I am not sure.

    What I do know is that there is no smoke without a fire and the McCanns are letting off more smoke than the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.


  34. @ anon no 25

    Please don't plagarise other people's posts. I know where you obtained your first two paragraphs from, as they have been lifted word for word from another forum. By then adding your own comments you are making it appear that the person who wrote the earlier post is also responsible for yours, and we both know that isn't the case.

  35. Madeleine has entered history under the title: "The Most Traded Little Girl in The World"

    Thanks to her progenitors who have been the most unscrupoulous,disrespectful, unloving, sly liars people ever born.
    Since the start I have been hopeful that "one day" justice would be done.I believe as strongly as I did 4 years ago that justice will be made as it is not a question of "time" but of truth because it is permanent,time goes to never come back
    Time goes but truth remains and against this the mccanns are losers:while they spent all their time spinning and being in courts,others have worked hard to gather the "missing pieces of the puzzle",gerry.Add this to your marketing board:time is spinning out and shrinking.

    Whats the title of the last chapter of "The" book,kate?
    "Off to Portugal Courts"?
    See you there then

  36. I last posted some months ago when a very similar situation happened.
    There was a man who claimed he knew where Maddie was in the U.S. and it was splashed around and the McCanns looked the fools again.

    Like they look now.
    I am seriously beginning to think that there is a concerted effort to make them look guilty whilst pretending to be supporting them.
    I am by no means saying they had no part in the disappearance of their child.
    What I am saying is that someone else also had a part and that someone else has the power to continue this disinformation scam about this couple.
    That other/silent partner continues to throw guilt at them yet any idiot can see it does not throw them in a good light. To put in the paper one day that JK was assisting, and then the next day say that it was denied, is a huge faux pas. One a paper would not do in a hurry. Yet they did, why, a favour, a command. Who gave that story out and why was it not checked up on? Again a favour, a command.

    I look at that image of Kate and the top of the page and I feel compassion. Maybe I have grown old since Maddie went missing and I hated the parents based on information laid at my door by internet forums. And yet I look at that face and I see an enormous toll has been taken. I cannot throw the first stone, I can offer compassion and a willingness to find the truth - even if that absolves this couple we have all learnt how to hate. Yet not one of us has ever met one of these people.

    I look at the lies our governments tell us about 9/11, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. I can't trust anything I see anymore.
    Hell first they tell me there is no nuclear fall out in Japan, and then they tell me that radiation is actually good for me.

    The McCanns must certainly answer the questions posed to them, but maybe , just maybe for them to reveal what they know - the Truth - the unarguable truth of what happened to their daughter - they just might need a whole of protection.
    We are not seeing the wiles and ploys of a couple, we are seeing the whiles and ploys of a very big player.
    Maybe there needs to be a complete change in the way of perceiving this case.
    Gerry's trip to London was pivotal in this and I wish we could find out more about who he had contact with.
    Maybe just maybe someone can come forward - but why would anyone walk into a crowd of waving pitchforks and buckets with tar and feather.
    There is someone else involved in this and that is where our attention needs to go. There is enough to warrant the case being re-opened.
    Every second insights and speculations arise. So many intelligent readers not looking at the whole picture. Just looking at a small picture. A small window.
    smoke and mirrors.

    This latest piece for me is the final proof that there is a huge discreditation being manipulated now.

    Bloggers go on and on about their use of the fund. It makes our hackles rise. We hate them for it. But how do we know it is their initiative. Do you think if Gerry walked into the Express and said please cover this story for me that they would. No way.
    Someone higher up the chain pulls in the media flavour and guess what we hurriedly write comments about the odious money grabbing couple when the bastard who was in on the child's destiny continues to walk the corridors of power throwing badly crafted bullshit at us but lap it up we do.

    For all of us who think we know exactly what happened, how it happened - might just be in for a big surprise when the truth comes out.

  37. I think Rowling got involved in the McCann story right at the beginning when so many well meaning people, myself included, believed the McCanns. God knows how many people donated money with the hope of helping that helpless little girl, but only the famous were publicly acknowledged. Rowling might have stopped believing them years ago, hence the removal of the Madeleine page from her website. If I had a million pounds I might have donated it too in good faith.

    I do not believe Rowling is a stupid woman and I think she may well have figured out by now what really happened. Give the woman a break. If she publicly acknowledged what we all know now to be true, it would be world news. I do not blame her for going quiet on the issue.

    We all want justice for Madeleine. Poor baby.

  38. It was a clever PR stunt on the part of the McCann entourage. They made that association with JK Rowling, who has millions of admirers around the world, knowing it was a lie. The news would of course later be discredited has it has been, but by then they hoped that the PR exercise will have resulted in some success. Success being defined as: greater public awareness that the McCann book is soon to be released; and duping people who are avid fans of Mrs. Rowling into ordering the book.

    I believe this could be the last opportunity for the McCann couple to take advantage of the public to make a large sum of money. If this book flops their ability to harass people through the court systems will be greatly diminished. Their anxiety will increase tenfold.

  39. I think that the PJ are just biding their time and will eventually get their culprits, they were not bothered about charging them with a lesser charge of neglect.......They want more!!!!!

  40. Amazingly as I read on McCann Files Gerry registered the trademark for Maddie a short while after she went missing, and it remains his property until the year 2017, so he obviously didnt thinhk she would be home much before then. Same with the bike ride, put off till summer, wont be home before then either, some of his actions tell us that he knows she will not be home. But still they continue to beg for the fund, if your sure she is coming back why beg for money. I would be very interested to know how much has now been paid off their mortgage and how much of that came from the fund. I dont think we will be surprised, as Gerrys sister once said they were always tight for money. Living beyond your means gerald...what parents whose child is missing plan a trademark registration , you would be too upset and full of grief and horrified at the thought.
    Maddie the cash cow poor love.

  41. I hope the newspapers that printed the JKR false story now give as many newspaper inches explaining that they got it wrong.
    JKR should demand a front page apology (just like the Mccanns did a few years ago from Express newspapers)

  42. Susannah@ 40
    You may be right but this other person could be one of the Tapas that wants to speak out and is trying to force their hand.
    As parents the pair of them act like egoistic selfish, moneyraking uncaring and nasty people. Whose to say this was planned with the idea of the fund to pay for rothley towers, maybe it was a case of solving two problems. I also do not believe Kate has returned to PDL several times, someone would have notified the press, gone are the days when the Mcs can move freely without being observed.


    Come to think of it, the millions of JK Rollings admirers are mostly kids which makes the PR stunt all the more remarkable. People what happened to fair play?

    A substantial number of kids is going to use their pocket money to buy the book believing it is some kind of Harry Potter - and may be it is... I have a gut feeling it will be rather potty!.

    The brilliance of the move was in making a connotation between Kate's book and J.K. Rollings' myth. Basic Barthes dear fellows!

    Like Gerry once said: "You have to admit that from a pure PR point of view it was brilliant!" - or words to that effect.

    Now, this may be a rumour but I have heard that Garcia-Roza - the Brazilian ex-professor, author of the best-selling crime series featuring Inspector Espinosa is giving Gonçalo Amaral a little hand as well. I am reading his book "Pursuit" and I can' put it down! Damn it! I have to take another day off work tomorrow!



  44. I don't know why but I get the feeling Fiona Payne is the one of the Tapas Group that is heavily involved in Madeleines disappearance.

  45. i too no longer buy JK rowlings books nor do any of my family nor do we line her pockets by attending the films. Anyone who supports the abandonment of small children,regardless of whether they believe the improbable abduction story, will not receive one penny from me or mine. This rule also applies to every media sofa sitting celeb who rushed to claim that leaving small babies alone was just fine, when they appear on my tv screen ,on a magazine cover or a radio programme I switch off ,over and refuse to buy. They wont even know or care but supporters of unrepentant child cruelty will nto be sustained by me,it is a matter of concience.

  46. Pearl at 49 - I agree I also do not buy anything from businesses that have supported the Mccanns - I never travel with Virgin or buy any Virgin merchandise, nor J.K. Rowling's books and I never read newspaper columnists articles that have supported Mccanns or watch Lorraine Kelly. I cannot understand how people think it acceptable to do what the Mccanns did and then go ahead with scripted interviews and publicity stunts aiding the Mccanns.
    For four years the mccanns have continually asked for money, spent it, and asked for more and so it goes on. They are greedy, self serving individuals.
    The Mccanns deserve everything that is coming to them. Justice for Maddie.

  47. I believe the book will be a flop, why buy it?

    The McCanns have published their inconsistent version of events countless times through the media, including TV, to the point of utter public saturation. It will all be lies anyway, just like their association with J K Rowling.

  48. I never buy anything with J.K.Rowling's name on, or Richard Branston's and any other "celebrity" who supported these child neglectors(at the very least)they are a disgrace, there was also rumours Simon Cowell donated, so again anything that prat is involved i dont want anything to do with, not to mention Lorraine Kelly, Fiona Phillips Eammon Holmes RICHARD MADELEY( THE PRAT WHO LIKES SUPERMARKET WINE A BIT TOO MUCH!!!) and all the vile lot who still are loyal to the creepy couple shame on the lot of them!!

  49. Hi Sampras! You are not Pete are you? I start to like your quirky, show-off manner, watch out! Anyway, I think you have got the link wrong, this is more like it:


    Sorry Joana, this does not seem to have anything to do with the title but when one reads the story line it might have, besides this distinguished academic best-selling author helping out G. Amaral is news, breaking news I would say.

    Anyway, the story line for those who didn't get through the link is this:

    "When his daughter disappears and a patient emerges as the prime suspect, a troubled psychiatrist comes to Espinosa for help..."

    The rest you may or may not have guessed. I haven't. I haven't read it yet but I will order a copy and send the bill to Sampras.


  50. Joana, the choice of photos was great. My next door neighbour come knocking on my door asking if I was all right. I was all right allright - just laughing, o dear.

  51. Post 40. It's not some anonymous 'Mr Big' who is suing Snr Amaral and trying to take his income, pension and family's home, scaring his wife and children, is it?

    Though Clarence Mitchel has introduced doubt about the abduction theory in radio interviews by calling it a mere hypothesis, and responded with doubt about the publicised assertion that Maddy is in the USA, as though he is now gradually backing off from fully supporting the Mccanns story. But if they have practiced a massive deception for four years, isn't this just what they deserve? They hardly deserve sympathy. It is only Madeleine and the twins that deserve that.

  52. Hi Pearl (post 49) and very well said. I remember Fiona Phillips telling the McCanns, that she and her husband had left their children in hotel room, while they went out for the evening.

    Phillips is a disgrace and I will never watch any programme she is presenting. The same goes for Lorraine Kelly who is another staunch supporter of the McCanns.

    The fairy tale that the McCanns have spun for 4yrs, has gone on long enough. The authorities in Britain and Portugal, need to get off their backsides and sort this mess out once and for all.

  53. I think the media found a way to crash Kate, using JK Rowling.What they want is to see Rowling denying (to denie)the whole story, which she did already through her spokesman. An important writer, known by millionas and millions of people, saying after all"I have nothing to do with the McCanns".
    At that diner, she "kindly offered" some of her books, signed by herself, but not for free( Joana, how many books?).People had to buy it, hah hah hah and the McCanns could keep the profit and share it with other organisations hah hah hah!The McCanns expected millions and billions from her pocket.
    The best was the man of the Virgin airlines, who offered the couple his plane for free,to travel around Europe(May/June2007) and, last year, at the diner, he kindly offered a few tickets of his airline, hah hah hah!!!!
    Very good!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy this!

  54. Hi Anonymous ( post46). If it is true that Kate McCann has been visiting Father Hubbard, the Anglican Priest and his wife in Praia da Luz, the Priest shouldn't be too surprised if she turns her back on them and the Anglican Church, once she has had her use of them.

    Kate McCann and Gerry McCann who are both Catholics had turned their back on Catholicism. They only returned to their faith on the night of May the 3rd 2007, when Madeleine disappeared. Kate McCann asked a Merseyside Catholic Priest, to come to Praia da Luz as soon as possible, to comfort her and her husband.

    Kate McCann's mother told the media, that she couldn't understand why her daughter and son-in-law, wanted the Merseyside Priest to fly out to Praia da Luz as soon as possible. She said neither of them attended church.

    Father Jose Manuel Pacheco, the Priest in Praia da Luz, also comforted the McCanns and gave them the key to his church, where they could pray in private.

    The McCanns were very disloyal to Father Jose Manuel Pacheco. They never told him they were leaving Portugal and they didn't give Father Pacheco his key back in person, they gave it to someone else to give to him. Catholic Priest from Praia da Luz and they upset him very much. Father Pacheco has remained loyal to the McCanns and he has said, that he will take what the McCanns told him, to his grave.

  55. People who don't know it is a lie will get very much concernd about JK Rowling's health, convinced she got a stroke at such a young age.
    Badly written as I expect Kate to have done , in case she wrote the book all by herself, revision and corrections made by Philomena, it will probably be a litterair disaster.But I believe somebody else wrote it for her.

    Involving Rowling in this oeuvre, it will be more than an insult and who knows the editor warned her about the quality of Kate's style. Although I believe that JK is aware of it.

    Next step: I hope the media will comment JK's bad style.

  56. I believe that there are two pieces of the "jigsaw puzzle" which will answer both how Maddie "disapeared" and how the McCanns were able to arrange certain things in a foreign country. One missing piece may be Dr David Payne and the other piece is likely to be helpful Robert Murat. Deny the puzzle either of these two pieces and the full picture may never be known. And surely the identification of these pieces may unlock the mystery to such an extent that the re-opening of the case is justified?

  57. PEARL 49.

    You are a pearl (not sure if this is an English expression, but I hope you understand what I mean).
    May many people take example by you.

  58. The Maccann's used the Catholic Church, in the days after Madelaine went missing they were not devout Catholics it was a cover, The Priest who went out to them left his parish here, in Liverpool when we are short of priests,his first priority, should have been his parish not the Maccanns. He also was jumping on the Bandwagon, sorry but he was.
    Is anyone surprised they turned their backs on the church they are supposed to belong to, if they can do it to their children for a glass of plonk they can do it to anyone.
    Mary Liverpool

  59. For a while now I have started to doubt if it was Father Pacheco who really "gave" them the church key...remember that the Luz Church is used/shared by both catholics and anglicans, it provides religious services for both faiths. Father Pacheco officiated the catholic rites for the locals and an anglican vicar conducted the protestant rites for the large expat community of the area.
    Before the (sudden?)arrival of vicar Hubbard there was someone else, he came to replace that person...who was the previous vicar, the one who was "in charge" of the protestant souls of Luz in April/May 2007 and therefore MUST have been involved, along with F. Pacheco in the spiritual assistance given to the couple in those first hours/days? Why nobody talks about this priest? Why was he replaced, exactly on the days that followed Madeleine's disappearance? A coincidence...? There are far too many coincidences in this whole affair!
    WHO really gave the church key to the McCanns...?

  60. Anon 27, if it is true about the PI's showing very small incomes from the funds, then the UK Inland Revenue and Taxes should be alerted to this, is it a case of them been given cash so the fund doesn't have to pay out the tax on their income for their work...........IF TRUE THIS IS WRONG!!
    In the past they would have been able to get away with this but not nowadays

  61. Very pleased to see that people are boycotting the products/services/media appearances of McCann supporters.
    I also made a vow to do this from the outset and have staunchly stuck to that vow.
    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to switch TV/radio channels whenever the likes of Kelly or Aled Jones pop up.
    Or to rip up and bin the latest Everest Double Glazing blurb to arrive through my letter box.
    Never read a Harry Potter. Never rode on a Virgin train. Will now never attend a Kylie concert.
    I could go on, but you get the drift.


  62. Anon 40....
    Noway this was at the beginning about protection through money, Brian Kennedy, money alot of it, is a very powerful tool, and this is just what the McCanns HAD, I dont believe there is any "Upstairs" cover up at all, or anyone else apart from the Mcs and Tapas friends that know what happened to Maddy.

    Brian Kennedy, JK Rowling, Beckhams and any other Celeb did offer help at the beginning because it puts them all in a very favourable light, Gordon Brown got involved(and probably did twist Socrates arm a little)only thinging that it would be disgraceful for 8 Doctors leaving their children to go out drinking, this would bring scorn of the UK. Gordons famous "friends in common" was probably just that, friend of a friend of a friend.
    If Maddy had an accident and died in the apartment, if the McCanns were been "protected" why didn't Gordon Brown cover their sorry backsides and deal with that for them, no he didn't because he also thought like the rest of us that Maddy had been abducted.

    Kate McCann looks horendous, and yes I feel very sorry for her, but imo it is all self inflicted, looking at her I cen't see how she will go on much longer, something will have to give either her guilt or her health, either way it is very sad.

  63. Anon 52
    Dont forget the pathetic philip schofield, DONT WATCH THIS MORNING ANYMORE, even thoigh Holly W is a darling


    Hi Dinara! Are you Safina? I thought so... Sorry about the link error. Funny I thought I had copied it right...

    All Garcia-Roza's books are money back guaranteed. Garcia-Roza was a Professor of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy at the Federal Universiy of Rio de Janeiro. He not only writes well, he knows what he is talking about.

    I understand Gonçalo Amaral is over the moon by having him on board.
    Garcia-Roza's IQ is several notches above that of JK Rolling.

    Trust me I know everything about JK - I know her former Portuguese husband... and I have had the privilege to share a table with Garcia-Roza in Copacabana's Palace Hotel - I know what I am talking about...

    So tell me...what's your phone number? just a little joke...

    Kindest regards

    Pete "Pistol" Sampras

  65. The burning question is who was the newspapers source for that JKR wrote Kate's book story? That must come from the mccanns camp because the papers couldnt possible make that up.

    Hope JKR is pissed her name is exploited by people she used to support and would stop her support. It serves her right to recommend her publisher letting the mccanns think she's friendly with them and supported their book.

  66. OMG in that picture she looks as old as Isabel Duarte.
    In fact she looks like ID's sister.

  67. I think that when father Pacheco said he will take what the Mcs told him to his grave, says it all,for me it confirms their involvement. In a case such as this the pope should give permission for the priest to tell what he knows, after all we are talking about a small child here.

  68. is all this rubbish about the book a case of LOOK OVER HERE AND NOT OVER THERE.


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