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Maddie Case: McCanns lose another legal complaint

Maddie Case: McCanns Lose

The Public Ministry of Portimão rejected a complaint made by Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCann couple, which accused Gonçalo Amaral of giving false statements to the Social Security in order to obtain legal support. The Public Ministry considers that Gonçalo Amaral did not commit any crime.

“ This is another defeat for the McCann couple. It is another setback in their attempts to destroy me civilly [i.e. civil action].”

in Correio da Manhã, April 16, 2011, page 14, paper edition (with thanks to Caroline)

Caso Maddie - McCann perdem

O Ministério Público de Portimão arquivou uma queixa de Isabel Duarte, advogada do casal McCann, que acusava Gonçalo Amaral de ter prestado falsas declarações à Segurança Social para obter apoio judiciário. O MP considera que Amaral não cometeu qualquer crime.

“Isto é mais uma derrota para o casal McCann. É mais um revés na tentativa de me matarem civilmente.”

in Correio da Manhã, 16 Abril 2011, pág. 14, edição em papel


  1. I am loving reading these headlines lately!!! the press/media(English i may add) Goverment police judges etc have all jumped to the command of this awful couple for four years and treated good people like Goncolo Amaral like s**t, how the tables are turning and they are getting a taste of what they deserve(four years too late though) i really hope things get even better and they get arrested very soon!!!

  2. It is so very satisfying to know that the McCann's have lost another court case against Sr.Amaral.

    I hope to hear the same outcome if there are any other litigations that the McCann's bring against Sr.Amaral.

    I look forward to him taking the McCann's to court although I would think that they would do their level best to avoid it at all costs.

    For parents who go on about how concerned they are about getting their daughter back and needing other peoples money to do it, they seem to be wasting a lot of the fund money to persecute others.

  3. Wonderful news Wonderful man. God Bless him and his family. This sort of news has been a long time coming. Lets hope Mr Amaral has saved the best till last. Justice for Madelaine Maccann.

    Now how can her parents not want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mary Liverpool UK

  4. Yeah, this s getting better and better. I think the McCanns are not intendig to go back to Portugal, ever.Even for a short visit at Maddie's grave. Poor Isabel Duarte is getting a bad, worse name each day.

  5. I feel strangely disappointed for Isabel Duarte given her previous exemplary reputation as a lawyer. Perhaps, unfortunately for her, she got caught up in the emotion of it all instead of keeping a "professional distant" from her infamous British clients. I have always suspected Kate McCann of being an extremely emotionally manipulative person and Isabel Duarte's inability to maintain a dignified, professional manner in this case has only strengthened my suspicions that her professionalism as a lawyer had become "emotionally compromised" and her legal actions on behalf of her clients (The McCanns) against Goncolo Amaral where anything but legally fair, just & honorable.

  6. Great news for Goncalo Amaral, but the poor man must be stressed out by the constant hounding of him, by the McCanns. If I was Mr Amaral, I would sue the McCanns for harassment.

    Regarding the McCanns using the fund that was set up to find Madeleine, I thought they were not allowed to use the fund to pay for legal bills.

    The end is nigh for the McCanns.

  7. The recent case of mother, Keli Lane, in Australia, and her missing baby daughter, Tegan, proves that an inquest can be held for a missing child even without her body, and can rule that she is dead, and the mother charged after many years, and found guilty of a serious crime.

  8. I think if I would be Isabel Duarte, I would stop working for the McCanns. It was already a gaff, trying to stop Amaral's book, keeping all exemplars with herself, trying to force Amaral to pay 1 million pounds to the McCanns. Now this last stupid complaint in Portimao and they lost it again.
    What next? And I fear the McCanns will not pay her. I suspect they are bad payers.

  9. This is very good news, a few years ago it would have been unheard of the mccanns losing any court case with all the political support they received, times are changing, the support has dropped away, Brian Kennedy no longer pays their legal costs, they have been humiliated by the celebrities that once supported them - Kates book will be the 'final chapter' in this tragic farce, she will be on the front page of every newspaper but for all the wrong reasons!! Well done Goncalo, if it had not been for Goncalo and the internet forums standing up to the Mccanns spin machine the Mccanns would have escaped justice.

  10. Brilliant news for Mr Amaral,the mccanns deserve all thats coming to them.wonder how long i.d. will last as the mccanns are user and abuser,

  11. A shame to Isabel Duarte, a lawyer who, on mccann's issue, is payed with a lot of dirty money coming from public donations after the public being fooled with money asked to search the girl. Now we know where the donations are used.
    I hope no any portuguese citizen request anymore the services of that lawyer. She did not deserve any respect from portuguese people. Her reputation was killed on the day she appears side by side with mccann's. Have she left her A... from the chair to fill up a form and reopen the investigation? NO!!! Then, shame on you, isabel duarte. Portugal envergonha-se de ter gentinha como a senhora.

  12. What happened to the Missing Madeleine forum?

  13. Once, twice, three times a winner... Gonçalo is a good man.

  14. Dear Joana, Astro and All, Thank you so much for this news. I celebrate in my heart every time we have success for Sr Amaral. Well done! I will not mention anything negative here as the good news has positive energy which we send your way, Sr Amaral. May all your endeavours go from strength to strength and your environment, for you and your family be just grand and loving. We are thrilled and pleased and will leave this message with three Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! and Good Luck! we send your way also for your book!

  15. Nothing as usual from the UK Press, but I was in Portugal when the Ken Bigley story broke that he had been killed and there was very little about that on the Portugese TV. So perhaps they are waiting for the Big one from Portugal I wait in hope.

    PS is it true Kate and Gerry are singing for Portugal in the Eurovision song contest this year.


    and passed the "potter" to: the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Express, The News of the World and of course L'Osservatore Romano (Vatican).


  17. Well done Sr Amaral on this lovely sunny day what wonderful news and thank you to Joana and Astro for keeping us informed xxx

  18. http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk314/MCXLIII/McCannslose.png

    Here is a photograph of article.

    Great news

    And that photo of Gerry Mccann - too scary!

  19. “ This is another defeat for the McCann couple. It is another setback in their attempts to destroy me civilly [i.e. civil action].”

    Music to my ears! Unless it just comes across that way in translation, I'm inclined to wonder if the pun was no accident. :d

    This is no more than the courageous Gonçalo Amaral deserves..... and now he richly deserves the ultimate success in his struggle for truth & justice. I hope that day is near!

    Thank you dear Joana & Astro for all your hard work in keeping us informed in this UK twilight zone. :t :t

  20. Another kick in the pants for the McCann vendetta against an honest policeman who simply tried to do his job and find justice for a little girl.

    The tables are finally turning on the McCanns, with JK Rowling publicly distancing herself from the McTallTale, the dwindling fund (and two directors jumping ship), and the unravelling of their litigation against Mr Amaral.

    Good to see the McCanns on the wrong side of court verdicts for a change. Might they change their litigious ways when they get a taste of how much it costs to lose? If only they'd used the public's hard-earned in a proper way to find Madeleine, there would probably still be plenty in the fund.

    Assuming they actually believe Madeleine is still out there and findable, of course...


  21. The McCanns hate Dr Amaral because they fear him.
    They know he knows they were involved in their daughter's disappearance and they also know he will continue to search for the truth.
    We all know it as well, but we are not the coordinator of the police force in charge of the investigation and so do not have the weight and credibility of Dr Amaral.
    They see his destruction as a prerequisite to their evasion from justice.

    Now, I have nothing against the McCanns having legal representatives in Portugal, as long as obviously they stay within the law.
    I was however disappointed to see Isabel Duarte follow her masters' bloodthirsty instructions "Destroy! Destroy!" regardless of justice or legitimacy of all the silly stuff she tried to raise against him.
    She was so blinded by no doubt a lot of money that she became a disgrace not only to her country but above all to the legal profession :b

    Isabel, do you recognise yourself holding the umbrella?


    As for the book, the McCanns have published their inconsistent version of events countless times.
    Their videos can be seen for free at

    By all means watch the videos once more to remind yourself of poor Maddie ---- then give 10 pounds to a charity of your choice instead of a private company.

  22. 16, it is true Kate and Gerry are singing for Portugal in the Eurovision contest this year.

    The music itself is known, the text is different:

    # I'm singing
    in the shit#
    just singing#
    #in the shit

    #What a glorious feeling,
    I'm stinking, that's it!...#

  23. Yes, it seems that finally the tide is turning in favour of Mr. Amaral both in Portugal and in the U.K.! The Daily Mail even published TWO comments by Mr. Amaral's sister-in-law, Armanda Leal, who asked people to also think about her family's suffering, not only the McCann's.
    Slowly, slowly..."água mole em pedra dura, tanto bate até que fura" (portuguese popular expression, meaning that, soft water hitting against the hard rock, so many times it hits that it will eventually break it)

  24. This one is new to me but glad to see it was thrown out. Very few people would have the strength to withstand the kind of onslaught Amaral has been subjected to - a letter from Carter-Ruck is enough to ensure most people, including the media, cave in PDQ. Ironically, the McCann’s have used publicly donated ‘Search for Maddie’ money to systematically cripple Amaral - in an underhand bid to criminalise his application for legal aid and deny him the opportunity to defend himself they have tried to deprive him of his right to the public funding to which he is legitimately entitled.

    Another legal action that I hadn’t heard of before is reported in the Daily Mail: “The McCann’s have taken successful legal action to prevent the publication in Britain of Amaral’s book about the case, The Truth Of The Lie”
    Have they secretly taken out a super-injunction preventing publication of Amaral’s book in the UK but allowed the Mail - for PR, or operational reasons perhaps - to make it public knowledge. OR is it just the Mails turn to fabricate a story? You can never tell with this saga. The question is, how many times have they secretly resorted to the courts to gag people and - as Amaral’s book is just a faithful record of the investigation - have they got an injunction on the police files too?

  25. If the McCann’s are just half as litigious as they’re reputed to be, their legal fees must be astronomical, hence imo, the desperate search for cash and the true reason for writing the book. I doubt their current detective David Edgar is draining the fund - given his catalogue of blunders it‘s amazing he‘s still on the payroll -he surely can’t be earning more than the minimum wage. In the two years he’s been employed by the fund, Edgar has failed, like his predecessors Metodo3 and Kevin Halligen, to produce one single genuine lead in the search for Madeleine. Following his highly publicised trip to Germany in May 2009, Edgar bizarrely declined to interview terminal cancer patient Raymond Hewlett because he was only allowed one hour of Hewlett’s time. Next, in August 2009, came the huge furore over the ‘Barcelona-Posh-Spice-Have-you-got-my-daughter-who’s-been-taken-to-Australia-on-a-yacht’ lead, but unfortunately Edgar botched that too by omitting to make even the most rudimentary inquiries to verify the ‘bankers’ story (and who can believe a banker?). Shortly after, in September 2009, Edgar informed us that Maddie wasn’t in Barcelona or Perth after all, but was in fact being held captive by gypsies in a lawless PDL lair, but he hasn’t organised a search party and has so far, failed to locate her - So no pay rise for him.

    It’s strangely perverse that while Team McCann are so quick to harass Amaral and pillory the Portuguese police, their own privately-hired detectives’ endless list of assorted blunders, fraud, incompetence & lack of follow-up are simply brushed aside - the McCann’s & Mitchell even claim to be ‘satisfied‘ with their ‘work‘. (But I’ve never been convinced their modus operandi was ‘the search for Maddie’).

  26. This is great news for Dr Amaral, but yet more FURY and AGONY for the McCanns as those walls of theirs take another pounding.

  27. Hi Joana, I have just read an article in yesterday's Mail, that says that the McCanns have taken successful legal action, to prevent Goncalo Amaral's book The Truth of the Lie" from being published in the UK. It isn't the first time that a British newspaper has made this statement.

    Have the McCanns taken successful legal action, to prevent the book being published in the UK? If they haven't, can you please tell me, if Goncalo Amaral take legal action against the newspapers for printing this lie? If the McCanns have issued this false statement to the newspapers, can Goncalo Amaral take legal action against them?

    It isn't fair that the McCanns will be allowed to have their book published in Portugal, when no one will publish Goncalo's book.

  28. Joana, please an interview with Amaral, about his new book?
    It would be wonderful.
    Name of the editor, please?


    When asked how much this legal PR stunt might have cost the Fund, a friend of mine who happens to be a solicitor based in Lisbon, replied:

    "Someone like Dr. Isabel Duarte - a grade A, top lawyer, could charge a minimum of £500 per hour (administrative costs aside). If I give it a minimum of 50 hours for her and her team to think out, submit and follow up the process...a week's work, roughly... we are talking about anything in the region £25.000 but to be on the safe side (include court fees and costs) I make it £50.000...". She pauses.

    - "Whaaaaat?" I say. I must have sounded surprised...

    - "And this estimate is conservative..." She adds. "This figure does not include further expenses such as a possible appeal, a pay-out to Dr. Amaral or any other conceivable scenario any of which will not come cheap...".

    I was dumbfound.

    Was this then why the Madeleine Fund was created? For PR fireworks and image dry cleaning?

    :h I. M. Konfused

  30. @16 "Nothing as usual from the UK Press"

    Thanks for lighting up the procedures. I had the giggles again...and Gerry above does not look happy either...:o

    Why the hell don't this people publish the book, get Hollywood to do a biopic, get the money and stop projecting their guilt on to others? Just for them to look above guilt and suspicion? They start to look like two brainless celebrities.

    For all we know,the girl could be locked in a dungeon because of them. If only they could be quite for a while and pray Madeleine might, just might surface. With so much noise it is as if they knew Madeleine is already dead. What they are doing is dangerous for the child. It always has been. If there is still a child that is.

  31. Gerry filmed his documentary in Praia da Luz around an Easter.
    At that time I thought it was on purpose. Being a Catholic, he must be concentrated on the Holy Week,death of Jesus, more than protestants are.Jesus promised a life after death in which the McCanns also believe, I presume.
    I wonder if any of them is willing to come to Algarve next week.

    What will win? Their fear for the words of the Portuguese judges, their fear for the words of the Portuguese Public Ministry or their faith in Jesus, comforting them near Maddie's grave?

  32. Yhis was a very petty complaint! It didnt get mentioned in the UK press, I;d like to see it reported there!

  33. "The couple have taken successful legal action to prevent the publication in Britain of Portuguese cop Goncalo Amaral's book about the case, The Truth Of The Lie, in which he repeats his hypothesis that the McCanns were involved."

    I found the above passage in an article entitled "Fresh hope in the hunt for Madeleine McCann" in the newspaper the "Sunday Mercury." The article is posted on the McCannfiles website.

    From experience I know that every piece of news which is viewed as a defeat for the McCann team is quickly counteracted. So, I wonder if the above passage is correct or is it an unfounded piece of news put forth to counteract the McCann team's latest failure?

  34. Kate turned down the offer of a ghost writer.
    She doesn't need more ghosts in her life.
    One is enough.

  35. So why exactly did the McCanns go to court? Just to hope that Sr Amaral would have to pay more to defend his case?

    The McCanns know full well that the ONLY way they could win against Sr Amaral is if he is unable to pay for a proper defence. In contrast, they have as much money as they need at their disposal to pay for an army of top solicitors.

    The McCanns can't fight with the truth, so they try over and over again to upset Amarals apple-cart instead - but they are not strong enough.

  36. Congratulations to the English media.
    The Sunday Mercury (McCann Files) publishes today an article about Kate, where it talks about the fact the McCanns legally prevented the publication of the Truth of The Lie, where Amaral tells the hypothesis that the parents "were involved".
    That is great.

    Besides a very insinuating photo of Madeleine's(at least to me).
    If I'm not mistaken, the Sunday Mercury comes from Rothley, where the Paynes also live.
    Who knows people over there know something about David.Or about all the Tapas.

  37. Having already gotten their fingers burned with a nasty and pointless civil case where everything they did not want the world to hear came out, they lash out once more with a petty and vindictive criminal complaint - accusing Goncalo of fraudulently getting Legal Aid.

    They are broken and they are beaten, bad losers.

    In UK those who make false and vindictive criminal allegations can be prosecuted. Come on Portugal, turn up the heat!

    Continuing Good Luck Goncalo and Justice for little Maddie McCann xxx

  38. The daily mail article on April 15, does mention that the McCanns were successful in preventing the publishing of Mr. Amaral's book in Britain. I had read part of that article a couple of days ago; I stopped reading it when I encountered phrases such as "subjective suspicions" and "false suspicions," so I missed the part about Mr. Amaral's book being banned in Britain.

    Mr. Amaral should still go ahead and publish an English version to sell to the rest of the world.

  39. http://www.mccannfiles.com/
    On the above files, I've just looked again at the Madeleine photos, on the tennis court and beside the pool. Firstly, what are those marks on Madeleine's legs and wrists, red marks with dark grey, wide strap or plaster marks? Secondly, I now see clearly that Madeleine's nose bone is longer and more developed in the tennis court picture, than it is in the one by the pool. Since the one by the pool is supposed to be the latest, supposedly dated May 3rd, this inconsistency in bone development poses the question....why would someone go to such an extent to fake a photo....

  40. The McCanns behaviour towards their 3 children in Praia da Luz, sickened me, as it did thousands upon thousands of people. Their behaviour still sickens me. I am sick and tired of reading their endless diatribe in the press, where they and the interviewer, make them out to be victims.

    There is a price war going on in the USA, between Oprah Winfrey and Piers Morgan, because both of them want to interview the McCanns, who want to use the USA to help them in their "search" for Madeleine.

    I'm disgusted that Oprah Winfrey, who is the champion of children welfare, wants to interview the McCanns and pay them an extortionate amount of money to hear their lies.

    Oprah Winfrey and Piers Morgan, both know the McCanns are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. Yet they're both fighting to interview the McCanns.

    I feel like I am going mad, I'm so frustrated with this case. I can't understand why everybody with clout, is supporting the law breaking McCanns. The British newspapers are still printing lies about Goncalo Amaral and saying the McCanns have been successful in banning his book in the UK.

    I keep asking this question, who are the McCanns? Why have they been allowed to flout the law in Portugal and walk away without being prosecuted?

  41. Since the McCanns say they are innocent and have been cleared of any crime, why don't they simply formally request the reopening of the investigation into the disappearence of their daughter? They would then have all the resources of the Portuguese police and assistance of the British police and Interpol. Why isn't that better than just using Dave and Mutley, the two 'has been' plods, and wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds? (Haligen) Do they prefer to control the investigation instead of getting the best expert help?

  42. I got it wrong it's not just Kate and Gery for Eurovision, It's Isabel Clarence Kate and Gerry. Its a group song. 12 points for Portugal from the UK. The song will be sung on the steps of the court. Can't wait
    La La La La

  43. Anyone who wants to read Gocarlo's book can do so in English on the internet but it is a travesty that it cannot be published in this country - what are they afraid of and why don't Portugal ban their book? Brilliant news about them losing another case - finally people are seeing common sense (except the British press of course) which reports nothing that is detrimental to the Mccanns! No surprise there then!


    Oh dear! I had missed that. I have e-mailed the Sunday Mercury's editor accordingly: david_brookes@mrn.co.uk. Thanks.

    Mind you I have e-mailed the editors of the Daily Mail, The Sun, the Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, the News of the World yesterday about the new setback for the beloved couple and not even one has acknowledged or thanked me for the tip.

    No doubt only news that support government/Mitchell "official" version of events will be considered "news".

    What shall we call this? Media bias? Ethnical prejudice? Ideology? a tutti-frutti ice cream? Can anyone clarify it for me please?

    :h I.M. Konfused

  45. I watching this sad comedy from the day One. This endless saga of The Great Lie.
    Please have a look at the Martin Brunts blog "The Words That Link Madeleine And Jo". I read this blog every morning and every morning I can see whole pages disappearing in front of my eyes. Mccanns cahorts cleaning uncomfortable posts fighting for the Great Lie. Who the hell they are to dictate me what to read, what to think, what to believe in! Where is this "Freedom of Speach"?!
    This is just one of the removed posts:"...Posted by: Ian M - Fuerteventura on April 18, 2011 11:46 AM
    ..I have calculated that in a period of some two months, 1133 entries have been removed by other than SKY. That is an awful lot of concern for the written word I suspect. It doesnt prove mens rea, but it does prove worry.

  46. I think they successfully prevented the book from being published in the UK but that was before.

    I don't think it refers to the new expanded version Amaral has been working on with Brazilian academic and fiction crime master Garcia-Roza - a best-seller for MacMillan in the USA - if we are to believe the rumours.

    To my knowledge, Amaral has not confirmed or denied the arrangement nor has for that matter Garcia-Roza.

    Mind you given the trigger-happy finger of the McCanns when it comes to any opinion that contradicts their, diplomatically supported version of events, it is only natural British publishers are scared of publishing anything that has not the McCanns' royal seal of approval.

    Disclaimer: I believe the beautiful couple are completely innocent of any wrong doing...the problem is I am confused. Well, they are trying to confuse me...

  47. cont.
    "Posted by: hastings10 on April 18, 2011 12:10 PMPosted by: hastings10 on April 18, 2011 11:52 AM

    Reposted due to deletion.

    Without doubt Ian's posts are among the most intelligent, well written and balanced on this blog. They are disliked intensely by those who lack the skills to debate them, which is the very reason action is taken to delete them. ..."
    Now I think how big is this "secret" which makes so many adult people to behave in such... unusual way. - ?
    Recommended (6)Reported

  48. 41 Oprah fighting to interiview the McCanns?
    Who believes that?
    So many stories and people around the world, and Oprah fascinated by this couple?
    It is as true as the story about JK Rowling helping Kate.
    I don't know who that Piers is.
    Whoever he might be, I don't believe he is fighting too.

  49. Anon #23,
    you nearly made me spit my coffee all over my desk and computer! So funny and very appropriate!

    Anon #43,
    yes, another pop band, ABBA style! G&K, C&I, dressed in leotards!
    Ladies and Gentlemen,...The TABBA! (the T stands for Tapas)

  50. Well I think we should all email Oprah, at her site...tell her a few facts and give her a few questions to ask. I certainly will be doing so.
    Who said crime doesnt pay, not the Mcs thats for sure

  51. Piers Morgan has been widely criticised in the US for being ‘soft and fawning’ toward his guests so that may appeal to the McCanns but viewing figures for his show are very poor. His decision to have Charlie Sheen as a guest on the show was seen by some as a cynical ‘marketing tool’ to boost flagging ratings -- car crash TV.
    I doubt CNN pay guests to appear on the show -- Oprah Winfrey does not pay guests (see below) -- but talk shows are all about promoting books films business etc. and just making an appearance is worth a lot in marketing terms. The ‘bidding war’ story is probably nothing more than spin as it’s doubtful the McCanns would pull in many US viewers.
    Why would an American audience be interested in a British child? They already have more than enough controversial cases involving US children.


    HI, thank you for your inquiry. The Oprah Winfrey Show does not pay it's guests to participate on the show. Thank you again and have a great evening.
    -HarpoBear, Oprah.com Community Producer


    Piers Morgans opinion in 2007

    Everywhere I go at the moment, I get asked what I think of the Madeleine McCann story, given my background as a newspaper editor. And the honest answer, given all the claims and counterclaims, is that I have absolutely no idea where the truth lies.
    All I would say is that nobody I know says they would ever have left three kids aged under four on their own to go out with their mates at night on holiday. NOBODY


  52. Piers Morgan was the editor of the UK Daily Mirror, he got the sack, a few years ago. Then Simon Cowell had him as a judge on Britians got talent, he has a chat show on UK TV its just started again last night, also a chat show in America. Please oh please don't tell me he is interviewing the Maccann Pair.
    This pair are really desperate for the cash. I don't believe they are being fought over. pleading more like. They have the huff the royal wedding is in the news all time not them.

  53. This story on the Daily Mail of today's (McCann Files) could not be true. There are more disappeared children in the USA than sand on their beachs.Oprah received the McCanns once and it sounded to me (her questions) that she did not believe them.
    Somebody whispered her the story of Madeleine's blanket, hoping Kate would not deny it, Oprah reffered to the blanket and indeed Kate did not deny it.That was an ambush that Amaral needs for his process against the McCanns and it is on a video.
    If this Morgan is true, he certainly will come up with tricky questions.Wait and see. Very good for Amaral.

  54. Terrible amount of money going to Isabel Duarte and she does not achieve anything.
    Nice, this money will be kept in Portugal and help it in its economy.
    Keep charging them, Isabel.
    Good of you!

  55. Such a noise in the British media.
    The Mccanns are scared of the new Amaral's book.
    No new stories, nothing, no direct interviews.
    I wonder if they payed somebody to break in Amaral's computer.
    Or to break in the editor's one.
    They have probably tried.

    Joana, is Gerra & Paz still Amaral's editor?
    I never got a reply.

  56. #51

    It's all been done before, at the time of Oprah's first interview with the McCanns.

    Oprah and her research team are not for listening when it comes to the McCanns, even though she looked like she had a bad smell under her nose at their last interview.

  57. @49

    The Oprah Show ended a while ago. Peirs Morgan used to be a British newspaper editor and now has taken over from Larry King's show in USA.

  58. "The Public Ministry considers that Gonçalo Amaral did not commit any crime"

    And the day will come the Public Ministry will consider the MANY crimes the mccanns have committed...
    I!m lovin"it!
    Last chapter: "The Beginning of The End"

    @Anon 9 :q
    I echoe this! HA HA HA

    @Viv 38
    Looks like there is NO appeal this time....aw...
    And Madeleine cashing out for all her parents cumulating LOST court cases

  59. Hi Anonymous (post 51) I emailed Oprah Winfrey, as soon as the McCanns previous interview was announced. I told her quite a lot of facts and told her to check them out on the internet. I never had a reply.

    I emailed the BBC last year and told them how disgusted I was, that they were allowing Kate McCann to speak on Aled Jones's Mother's day programme. I told them some facts and asked them to check them out on the internet, in case they thought I was telling lies.

    I had a standard reply about 6weeks later.

  60. First of all I am so happy that Dr. Amaral has won his latest round with the McCanns. I have read that Kate has made secret visits to Portugal - maybe that's why we didn't see her searching when Madeleine was 'missing', she was searching "in secret". When the McCanns were on Oprah back in 2009, I thought Oprah appeared skeptical of them. Now that there is a 'bidding war' between Oprah and Piers Morgan, I rather hope Oprah wins. Piers Morgan, who replaced Larry King LIVE, does a taped show and does not get the huge audience that the former show got. Piers Morgan who, as the former editor of the Mirror, must be aware of the blog the Mirror ran at the time and the consequences of that blog contributing to the world-wide interest in the case. I can hardly believe that Gerry is letting Kate loose on U.S. TV; perhaps he will have to write a book to repair damage she will do to their "image".

  61. @Dandelion 41

    Dont beat yourself up! may be Oprah & Piers are just "fighting" to be THE one to crush them with questions.Same story as with Rowling:they are using "names" to show off and nothing else.Gosh! the time will come they"ll disappear and be behind bars and we will "miss" them! How are we going to cope with "weaning"?
    I believe this is an other spin to "show how "famous and celebs" they are...you know...err...By the way not a peep over this new legal loss" in the british media is there?

  62. "But a McCann source said: "The two giants of American chat shows are battling it out. The deal is not done but Piers is hot favourite."

    The McCanns, their 'source' *waves to Clarence* and their friends and supporters make me feel physically ill. They obviously inhabit a different world to me. Nothing they ever say or do suggests they think about anyone or anything but themselves. That poor child. I despair.

  63. Great news and good wishes to Dr Amaral and his family.

  64. I doubt there is a "bidding war". If anything, there are conditions being required by McCanns that either Oprah or Morgan must agree to. As in, don't ask about the windows being jemmied, don't ask about the cadaver dog alerts, don't ask about the changed timeline, don't ask about the dodgy detectives (Metodo3, Halligen etc.) don't ask about the scapegoats (Raymond Hewlett, sightings in USA & Dubai) etc. The vast majority of Americans don't know who Kate McCann is, don't want to buy her book and have access to the internet to determine what to think about the case. An interview with Kate McCann is not going to be some kind of "must see" event no matter how hard their PR people work to make it appear it is monumental.

  65. #51,

    That's exactly what so many people did in 2009, before she interviewed the McCanns. If she (or whoever does it for her) read the comments she acted as if she couldn't care less. Those very pertinent comments, posing all the right questions and naming the hard facts were not taken into account by Ms.Winfrey, not if one is to judge by her wishy-washy soft interview!

  66. The Hare is very pleased by this news.

  67. It is a shame that I did not see this news published on any on-line portuguese media. Portuguese democracy is really a shame. Also because of that, I understand the last comments of Otelo saraiva de carvalho. After more then 35 years, the country goes back to the dark time when some information was prevented from the public eyes.

  68. Oprah and Piers is the same misinformation as JK Rowling, they would like to be interviewed, but who really wants to listen to more lies, remember them on Lorraine Kelly they hardly mentioned Maddie just wanted to push their 'holiday packs' and that interview did not do Kelly any favours, everything mccanns touch turns to dust, this is yet another PR put out by their team, there will probably be a few more in the coming weeks, just ignore them.

    What we need is a publicity boost for Sr Amarals book.

    Thanks Joana and Astro great site.

  69. Oprah is a very clever and very informed lady. The best of her last show with mccann's was not the show itself or the questions she made or avoided to made. The best was the group of guests she first prepared to be together seating side by side- the mccann's and the grandmother of Cailee anthony( her daughter was in prison accused of murdering Cailee and faking an abduction). Wonder what makes Oprah selecting this group of guests. Later, after mitchell and probably Carter-ruck being in scene, Cailee anthony grandmother was persponded for another day, after the mccann's. But the clever Oprah did not ended the show without delivering a banana skin to Kate- The pink blanket from Maddie, pictured by GNR and missed since that. Kate blaming the abductor to have the pink blanket and Madeleine, was a bullet on her own feet. Now we know, wy she is saying, her daughter was not harmed at all. She lost the all family and the cuddle cat, but still having her pink blanket to comfort her when the abductor was rubbing her stomach. WHAT A SHAMEFUL MOTHER. If her book was written following the pattern of her interviews, will be a comedy.

  70. Perhaps the bidding war exists on the same planet where JKR is involved with helping KM write her book. The Pink McPR Planet La La Land where the McPI's Knit and Purl are preparing to search every yarn sighting sometime never!

  71. I don't believe her book will ever show up in the bookstores. If she has fears of being attacked in the signing events, she and her publisher will not take the risk of having her book burned in the streets, calling the attention of all media ( the one not manipulated) for the news. Too risky.
    Mitchell will come out with a crap excuse on the week/day before, to excuse the absence of the books in the bookstores. Can I give you an idea? "Sold out trough Internet and no idea about when, if so, the second edition". But he will not forget to advise the findmadeleine site with crap tshirts, the Paypall botton and off-course the free donations any one from the public could give to the pair to help them searching Madeleine. That, is the real mission of the book-advertising the donations. No books in the stores and I believe also, no books in the Amazon, trough Internet. The lies will be delivered like the old "Bordad'agua" in portugal or the "Maria", Chap by Chap in the SUN. The story fits perfectly on the SUN type. The tabloid is now famous for his fabricated news and his misinformation. Any similarity with reallity? read the SUN, you will got the big lies and the most fictionate reallity. Thanks to mitchell and the mccann's.

  72. I just hope that whoever interviews the McCanns in the USA, takes a leaf out of Sandra Felgueiras's book. Sandra has never been afraid of asking the McCanns questions, that British interviewers are afraid of asking them.

    Although the McCanns have never fully cooperated with Sandra, when she has interviewed them, she has made them squirm in their seats.

  73. The McCanns in an american interview...I would like it NOT to be with Oprah or Morgan, but with CNN's Nancy Grace! She's the one to make them sweat and squirm!

  74. Joana. do you have any idea which editor is editing the new Amaral's book?
    I would like to order for an exemplar before it gets sold out.
    Thank you.

  75. It is very well possible that we still don't know who Amaral's editor is in order to keep the whole book in compleet secrecy.
    No time for Kate to change hers.
    In this case, I expect his production around May 11th, at two seconds before midnight and after those seconds we will enter the 12th.
    Good of you, Amaral, good of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Anon @4
    Isabel Duarte's name is mud now, I hope Portugual never forgive this woman, after she stabbed her own Country in the back....dispicable, greedy little witch that she is.


  77. yes Great news and good wishes to Dr Amaral and his family.

    there is a program on Monday night that i doubt the mccs will want showing before there book is released perfect timing ....

    Re: The Suspicions of Mr Whicher ITV 9pm 25th April

    quote from review

    Redhead said: “This a very modern story. It gripped the country in the way that the case of Madeleine McCann has done in our day. It became an obsession for the press and was even debated in the House of Commons. Perhaps for the first time, the Rode Hill House murder exposed the darkness that lay behind the solid front door of the respectable English home. As a story it is riveting but also deeply touching.”

  78. Just found this on amazon, it was available today now its been taken off, why would amazon do this, then take it off, I think they are testing the publics reaction, is it possible Joana to ask your posters to send amazon an e-amil to ask for it to be back on sale.

    PS: you dont have to have a password you just click on the "skip this bit" it works because Ive done it.


  79. Sorry forgot to add this bit to my last post...


    Click on the "skip password"

  80. If I was Oprah interviewing the McCanns my first question would be did the Madeleine Fund pay for a reported sighting of Madeleine in America to justify you coming here to plug your book by appearing on my show?

    Is it just going to be Kate this time, rather than The Kate and Gerry Show? Maybe he is on his much loved bike?

    It would be more difficult for Piers to do a savaging if it is just the Lady Kate, I mean she might cry, that is if she actually knows how to do that?

    Interesting comment above Kate's Fund, for when she gets rid of Sir Gerry. But there again it would be very difficult for these two to split up and still work in self preservation mode as they clearly do.

    In response to the one that answered me, you are right, no more appeals the McCanns went right to the top of the court system in Portugal, end of, shame shame. Still, they could always say someone is breaching their human rights, oh and Madeleine's of course!

    I think the decision to write the book "got taken out of our hands" when they finally realised Goncalo beat them. Need a few million quid, enter plan B. I am going to call it the anti prison Fund that keeps getting frittered away on erm various crooks.

    Gerry, "I want the best possible outcome for us", I suspect that dreamed of public adulation and millionaire lifestyle did not quite pan out for him then?

  81. brilliant site Joana annd Astro - justice for Maddie.

  82. Kate will never go alone to any interview. With Gerry or fiona, she always will have somebody to control her mouth. A karma for sharing secrets related with a crime.

  83. It is possible to contact Nancy Grace on her website, just Google. She has covered the Madeleine case in her USA criminal analysis TV programmes and is quite independent and hard hitting. She will consider all the facts given to her and investigate independently. She didn't buy the abduction scenario.

  84. Someone should definately bring Nancy Grace in.
    She would sort this lying load of **** out.
    How I`ve always wished she would get involved.


  85. 76, Kate getting rid of Gerry?
    This will never happen. Gerry has to keep her home, in order to gagg her.They got to spend the rest of their lives together because they share the truth of a crime. That is why Kate did not go back to her job,imo.She would talk too much and make incriminating mistakes.She feels very lonely with her public secret.I can't think of anyone spending the rest of his life at home, no social contacts in order to hide the truth.She is still 42 and perhaps she still has to live 42 years more.What a hell.Even if the twins grow up and become able to take care of themselves, she still will be inside of their house. A prison itself.

  86. Oprah, Piers Morgan or CNN Nancy Grace, its going to make no difference for the McCanns, Gerry can run but he can't hide........

    The end is in sight, for these two child neglectors

  87. Bidding war? To do what?
    To give her enough rope to hang herself.

    The highest bidder to hang her...oh I am loving it.

    Its just book promotion stunt. Looks like they're pretty worried about book sale. No one is going to buy their load of manure.

    About the article stating successful banning of Amaral Book, well I dont notice the word successful as much as I notice Amaral repeats his thesis the parents were involved. This latter bit is more important as it explains why they wanted the book banned/

    Oh the witch ID has scored another own goal.
    The mccanns must be tired of paying a useless lawyer..
    yet ID continues to lick their arse..
    I will always remember shortie ID holding an umbrella for the Dowager kate mccann. I bet despite that ID got a good told off in private...that's what dowager does. One face in public and another in private. I bet stupid ID is not spared ...some lashing of the mccanns tongue for promising and not delivering and costing the mccanns plenty in money and reputation. Oouch that's heavy.

  88. You're right there, #75. I read the book The Suspicions of Mr Whicher a while back, and the first thing that struck me was the similarity to the McCann case. I am looking forward to seeing the dramatisation, but not holding my breath as it wouldn't surprise me at all if Clarrie got it pulled at the last minute! (Hello, Clarence, if it doesn't get aired we will all know why.)

  89. I dont expect Kate to make a million of pounds of her book.It is very difficult to make money with any book.Where and to whom does she expect to sell it that well.Does she think it will become a best seller? It will not. An usolved story and people know what happened. The only thing that it is important it is the fact that it will be important to the police.Whatever she writes could be used against her.People remember the interviews on tape, she can not make too many inconsistencies.But I think Clarrie is controlling her but I guess we all have gotten a better memory than he has.Besides he must be fed up of this story and we aren't.

    After the royal marriage we will get thouwsands of books about the royal couple in which people will be interested.Brittish people will invest their money in their History, not in the McCanns.
    And everything for the McCanns is "a million"pounds. Did they burn the money they got at the beginning? They are used to get money, and a lot.Now they have to work for it and they will see it is not easy.

  90. When Gerry was away for the first time, I think, the police saw a girl somewhere and they told Kate that perhaps she could be Maddie.
    They took Kate by car to the place and noticed how indiferent she was during the trip, under the possibility of finding her daughter.
    I believe the police made up that story in order to check on Kate's reaction.

  91. I'm convinced there is a cover up in this case. If not, why has Goncalo Amaral been blanked when attempting to publish his book in the UK? Someone has put a gag in place, that's for sure!

  92. in the daily mail today....the general medical council is applying to have any reporting regarding the wrongdoings of doctors kept secret even in cases of murder ..rape or child abuse

  93. #91,

    I think she was being taken to look at some CCTV video (not sure, think it was from a petrol station) and see if she recognized Madeleine as the girl who was on that video. Yes, she was not at all anxious and excited at the possible sighting of her daughter, which would have proved abduction and that she was still alive, but instead, complained that the police car was speeding too much, that the officers were rude and inconsiderat because she was not even offered some snacks or tea, etc.!!!

  94. 91, what are you intending to convey here...?

    This morning I found another site, where the mccanns theory of the fake abduction is pulled apart. It must be literally thousands of people by now who are watching and waiting; and who knows, this case may still be tried with or without a body. We may still find that an opportunity will arise in which these people have to stand in court and face the music they themselves have composed. Everything points to a not yet known, mysterious? death? of this little girl as the parents and others, have given themselves away with many slips of the tongue. Which can lead to one conclusion that the little child is certainly not, as we are lead to believe, with any abductor as no parent could, so light-heartedly, brush off with words, such a fact, that their precious child is in the hands of an evil person. The very thought that your child's sweet presence is at any given moment, with a pervert and is forced to share his contaminated life style. This should be more than enough to get you off your seat, get going, keep going, not deviate. She has been spoken of in the past tense, many websites carry the videos............

    Who else may we see in this possible court case. Maybe many faces we will instantly recognise? Waiting in anticipation to see the re-opening of this case, with or without the parents. Sr Amaral's next book will no doubt also clear up many of the questions.

  95. There are so many sites all demanding justice for Madeleine, the days are long gone when the mccanns were celebrities. Sr Goncalo has been so brave in the face of what the mccanns have attempted to do to him, there will be justice for Madeleine and Sr Amarel.
    Thank you so much to Joana and Astro for keeping us informed and for all your work - absolutely marvelous thank you.

  96. Hi all,
    There was one time Gerry McCann told the media that the cadaver dogs, in the case of the murder of Eugene Zapata’s wife, had been described by the judge, Patrick Fielder, as ‘unreliable’. Dr McCann on another occasion described the dogs’ alerts to cadaver odour as ‘incredibly unreliable’. Do the McCanns still stand by that statement, now that they know that Eugene Zapata eventually pleaded guilty to her murder, after discoveries wholly consistent with the dogs’ alerts (and admissions by Zapata) proved that the dogs’ alerts had been 100% correct in that case?

    Very interesting links below regarding that case of Eugene Zapata's wife murder:




  97. The McCanns must be nervous, very nervous.My goodness I would not like to be in their shoes.

    Kate's book means that they are not getting money from the public and they were used to it. They cheated on so many people, they became rich, they got very expensive lawyers who could not change things in Portugal.
    Paying around and achieving nothing.If they are paying...
    Perhaps only achieving nothing, hah, hah, hah! and refusing to pay.
    Never in my life I would work for them.

    Who knows the reason Rogerio Alves and lawyer Carlos stopped working for them was because they are bad payers.It could have taken too long to get their money, if they ever got it. I wonder if this was the reason.
    Who knows next time we will see another, new lawyer.

  98. Dear Joana, Trust you do not mind if I give you this link to some fabulous news:


    scroll to:
    Re: Madeleine Foundation member's letter re McCanns' book is No. 1 letter in Lancashire paper today

  99. Take a look at Jill Havern's website forumotion and you will see a very good letter that was written by a member of the Madeleine Foundation and printed in the Widnes Weekly News and the Runcorn Weekly News.

    I have just found the link to the letter on the Amazon forum (Kate McCann's page) The forum is well worth a visit because there are over 2000 posts on the forum.

    Below is the link to the letter on Jill Havern's website.


  100. Methink 2011 is a bad year for the mccanns & Co.

    @Dandelion 100
    Thanks for the link: an excellent letter which has been published without fear.Truth is coming out big time.Thats all we want,from the truth justice will be done to Madeleine.

    Little Madeleine,you can start RIP :t

  101. Hi Anonymous (post 99) Your post regarding the article in the Widnes and Runcorn weekly newspapers, hadn't appeared on Joana's forum, when I wrote my post (100).

    Nevertheless as you say it is fabulous news and well done to the member of the Madeleine Foundation, for writing this excellent letter.

  102. About the letter mentioned by #99/#100, and that is said to have been written by a Madeleine Foundation member ("The lead letter in today's Widnes Weekly News, accompanied by a large picture of a solemn-looking Kate and Gerry McCann, is by a Madeleine Foundation member, who signs himself anonymously in the newspaper as 'Widnes Market shopper'"), there is some very strange things about it and the person who wrote it! If, as it is mentioned, it was written by a Madeleine Foundation MEMBER, then how is it possible that that person makes affirmations like:

    "Mr Amaral has come in for much vilification in the British media for stating in his book his opinion that Madeleine died in a tragic accident and the McCanns concocted an abduction scenario. WHAT I DID NOT KONOW, UNTIL RECENTLY, IS THAT MR. AMARAL'S THESIS WAS SHARED BY ALL OF HIS FELLOW INVESTIGATORS, MOST NOTABLY THE FORENSICS EXPERT, MR. PAULO SARGENTO."

    And also on the "accompanying note":

    "I also did not know until recently that a trained British police dog detected human cadaver in the McCanns' holiday apartment.."

    I have some difficulty in accepting such affirmations from a MEMBER of the M.F.! Some member, huh?! Does he not read the M.F.'s publications, does he not go to the foundation's website and read all the information there...?
    Maybe it's just me, but this looks strange.

  103. Anon 103. But his 'affirmation' is quite possible if he has only recently joined the Madeleine Foundation, isn't it? Simples.

  104. listen up folks. The Mccanns killed Madeleine a 3y/o child !
    They then with friends and the help of the British Government at the top levels ie Blair/brown/milliband (david) covered it up.

    The British Government aren't bothered they kill many people and then feed us English a load of propaganda ! fact - bullshit wars, truth tellers murdered - (DR DAVID KELLY)- and many others.

    COI - MMU if your reading - go and run along and tell you murderous superiors whats been said - you spineless bunch of twats.

    Ive had enough of the crap we keep been told - my hope is one day - all will be held to account..

    It has gone to far now - and justice will need to be served on All -family, friends, fss,LP,CEOP,PACT,NICMEC,HOME OFFICE,FOREIGN OFFICE,BRITISH GOVERNMENT - u get the gist - there are very high ranking people who KNOW madeleine is dead ....and they lied! fact!

    Then with the help of the bullshit media papers,news,they tried to brainwash the people about there child murder cover up......what a bunch of evil tossers.

    I can not help but let my emotion flow - sorry.

    I FEAR no one or anything - I am an ENGLISHMAN who knows these so called elected people - are frauds.

    its a Bloody disgrace.


  105. The Sunday Telegraph reports the recent death of Mrs Pamela Fenn, the elderly lady who, on the night of May 1st 2007, heard Madeleine crying for one hour and fifteen minutes (an incredibly long time for any child to cry).

    “Pamela who died last month.
    Mr Fenn [her nephew], who lives in England, visits the flat monthly and has witnessed its transformation from white-washed holiday home to a ghoulish, run-down tourist attraction. “There are always tourists who stand outside and get their friends to take their photograph outside 5a,” he says wearily. “They find some ghastly attraction in being pictured at the spot when a little girl was abducted. Gerry McCann did come up to apologise to my mother for all the unwanted attention…”

    So Gerry McCann paid Mrs Fenn a visit.
    It seems every witness in this case has been got at in some way, either by the McCanns, Brian Kennedy, the phoney private detectives or the highly paid lawyers.

    The Telegraph article, by Olga Craig, is the usual blinkered, cringeworthy, factually incorrect reporting that we've read for four years. Strangely, no matter what they say or do, the media never ever question the murky activities of Team McCann. When will they start caring about the child instead of the parents reputation?

  106. Joana,
    With regards to poster 103's doubt as to wether the letter
    to the Widnes Weekly News was written by a member of the MF, I do not think it matters one iota who wrote it. It is there-that's what counts and it is brilliant! When I say brilliant, I'm refering to the editorial of the publication. I live in Liverpool and popped into a Widnes (10 miles away) and got a copy.It was indeed lead letter and Kate looks shell-shocked as though she'd just read it! I have not got a scanner so cannot upload the actual page of the WWN onto the internet. I'm sure however, somebody, somewhere will do so in the next week or so. I actually think it would be worthwhile you starting a thread on here, specifically discussing this letter, once the actual image and headline MADELEINE:WE SHOULD LISTEN TO THE INVESTIGATORS can be downloaded.

  107. Mojo 105 :q

    Let your emotion flow: to an extend they reflect what we all more or less think and enough IS ENOUGH

  108. MOJO well said what a cover up it all is.

  109. Hi Mojo, poster 105, totally agree with your first sentence, there was no accident

    But why have the MaCanns managed to get the rest of the Tapas to play ball on this covering-up of the death of a child,imo the Gaspar,Yvonne Martin & Sofia Leals concerns come to mind, yes im meaning child sex abuse

    The MaCanns have got THE PACT just where they want them !

    To all involved in this site, carry on being strong ,the truth is coming.

  110. Any contact with the McCanns and you are fucked for the rest of your life. How many people got bad luck after they involved themselves with the couple.
    Now I've read Blair and Brown are not invited to the royal wedding.
    Good of you, William.
    Good of you, Charles.Who knows their protection of the McCanns, Paynes could also have helped them to be fucked by the royals.Riff raff people protecting criminals, putting pressure on Portugal, helping hiding a crime.
    Not inviting those two gentlemen could not be a political choice.England is a democratic country and a royal family never shows their political preferences.They are not allowed to, they are kings of the whole population.

    Good of you, royals, keep distance. One of this days we probably hear more about the mistery around Madeleine.
    Who knows the royals know much more than Amaral knows?
    Why did Blair and Brown protect the McCanns?

  111. The process is slow but even the news about the mccanns' falseness, their strangeness, deviousness will reach the people who are still supporting this infamous couple. More and more people are getting involved and expressing their disgust and dismay at these two who think us all gullible. Even if we do not ever ever see them back in Portugal facing the judges, the majority of the people worldwide would have found the truth and read the reality and facts about this case. The two already cannot move without being recognised. I predict a lonely, useless life for these two. They should be persona non grata in every country.
    To think the hospitality they enjoyed on the beautiful Portuguese soil, sunshine, a holiday paradise and their way of reciprocating. It's a disgrace. And they display their usual audacity to go back there as often as they can, sometimes 'secretly', well we can imagine why. They expect by now to be tarred and feathered where they show up. The cycle ride postponed?
    God help those two children. They may even disown them one day.

  112. Jimuck 110 :q

    I agree with you and Mojo:there was no accident but rather a disgusting story behind all this and I think many many people here and on other sites know it too,including GA (even if he NEVER said it)and the COURTS

  113. Anon 111 - "Why did Blair and Brown protect the McCanns?"

    It`s become so obvious that establishment persons have something to cover up - even if they are not partaking in the dirt, they know people who are and there must be many of them. The `dirt` has to be child abuse of some sort - I can`t think what else it can be unless its ritualistic/occult goings on. Its pretty obvious the press are gagged as well - you see it when they only allow pro-mccann comments and moderate out any dissenters. Only once, as far as I can remember, has any major online newspaper allowed anti-mccann comments and it flowed amazingly for a couple of days. I`m sure that was a slip-up.

    I`ve always been quite sceptical of some of the conspiracy theories and websites, but the utter incredibility of the McCann story makes me more inclined to think that there are very negative energies ruling the upper echelons of society.

  114. For years I have come to just one conclusion about the entire case.
    Nothing else explains why such cover up in high places.
    The PACT by people who have children in the group also tells me I`m on the right track.
    It seems to me there are those who think little of their children & would supply the needs of many a disgusting vile scum, even, or should I say especially in high places with plenty of money flowing in.
    I don`t doubt for one minute that THAT is the truth and must be covered up at all costs.
    All the children on that holiday should have been checked, IMO.
    If I am right, it is no wonder they ALL hope this goes away.
    They would ALL have so much to lose, children too.

    What I don`t get is how the rest of the family can just be ok with all this.

    They must all be trying to save face.
    I have news for them, THEY ARE ALL RUINED FOR LIFE.
    There is no where any of them can go, we all know what they look like. RUINED FOR LIFE.

    It`s the poor children who need help.


  115. Quote from a poster on Kates Author page at Amazon
    'word on the grapevine is that the mccanns official campaign on facebook is asking all their followers to buy the book and ask all their family and friends to do so as well because God wants Madeleine found and that thebook is the only last chance to find her, and alot of them can get it by May 7th - a week before its official launch so they can prepare to comment on forums'


  116. Gerry mccann has been able to manipulate the situation because of Mitchell and his connections. Clarence being a PR man knows exactly how to present the 'facts' they would like us to believe hence his ' there is an innocent explanation for anything etc etc' the Tapas friends have kept quiet because of their conflicting statements and as Payne said 'everything we say goes through Gerry first' or words to that effect. This suggests this is all a cover up. The government became involved because two middle class doctors pleaded for help and assistance, unfortunately none of us were aware of the full facts of the case i.e shutters not jemmied, deleted phone messages, conflicting checking times, if we had known the true facts of that night the Mccanns would never have been able to start their 'fighting fund'. This fund paying for expensive lawyers serves no other purpose than protecting the mccanns.

    reading about this case and the level of people involved I am beginning to feel that it was premeditated. Madeleine was a problem child to the Mccanns and they have used her to (attempt) to become ambassadors for missing people. Financially in 2007 they were struggling, through Madeleine they have received 'easy money' but as the fund becomes depeleted they write a novel. They never once assisted the investigation choosing to spend 'fund' money on toy town investigators that they knew would not find anything. Keeping up appearances.

    They and their friends are involved in the death of a child, Sr Amaral and his investigators knew this, the British police admitted they suspected the Mccanns, so the 'final piece of the jigsaw' as Kate says in clearly in her hands and may she and her husband soon face justice.

  117. If organ trafficing is one part of this story most of the Tapas would have been involved. So...

  118. The rumour about the book being available a week early to Mccann fans is a pile of rubbish, started by Mr Bennett on the basis of absolutely nothing as far as I can see. This is not the way the publishng industry works.
    I'm intrigued at the story that a third book is due from Goncalo Amaral. So far that is all it is, a newspaper story. Has he confirmed it?

  119. Anon @ 119 - how do you know it is a 'pile of rubbish'?

    FYI, authors get free advance copies of their books as a matter of course.

    ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of galley proof quality may also be supplied to the writer and other interested parties for review and promotion purposes.

    Are you assuming that authors keep all of these copies for themselves?

  120. Referring to 119 - Do you mind? If this is Sr Amaral's tenth book what is that to you. Do you think you can still spread mccann stories? Your mccann voices are fast fading, becoming thinner, the sounds feinting. You have contaminated everything you touch! We have had to listen to your lies and fabricated stories now for nearly four years. It is best for you to go where you would like to be heard. Here we talk about the truth of the case of a faked abduction and everthing that points to that and nothing else. A child is missing, never saw her home again and a very honourable man namely Sr Amaral is giving us the facts. If it hadn't been for him we would never have known the details of this child's demise.
    Why would anyone want to read the mccann's version of the 'truth', the examples we have had so far have been unbelievable so what is there to add!

  121. 119, yes, there will be a 3rd book of Amaral's, around the second week of next May,I'm not sure about the date.
    On a interview, I read (or heard) that he will tell new things.

  122. Anon 119
    Actually it is standard practice in the industry to give advance copies to reviewers.

  123. 123, I hope Kate will give copies to the Portuguese police and to Amaral, asking them to review her book.

  124. 119,

    yes, Mrs.Amaral confirmed the existense of Amaral's third book and its publication will happen around the time of Kate's publication. It is merely "a coincidence".Not on purpose, hah, hah hah!
    The McCanns will not have time enough to change theirs, like they had, changing their documentary.Filming is easier and faster than writing and printing.Hah, hah, hah!

  125. Imagine Kate has to eliminate millions of pages of her book, at the last moment, and the editor will be confronted with a wide book cover and a half dozen pages.hah hah hah.

  126. Joana, is it true that Amaral's book is being printed in France?

  127. I have no idea if Amaral's book is being printed in France, or by whom here in Portugal. Read again Sofia Leal's short interview given to the Express last March, I believe it explains everything: «In the book Mr Amaral put forward the theory that Madeleine had died in apartment 5a of the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz on the Algarve. His conclusion angered the McCanns, who insist there is no evidence to suggest Madeleine died there and they still hope she is alive.

    Now the stage is set for a fresh legal battle. Mr Amaral’s wife Sofia said: “Goncalo has been working on his book for about six months, spending days and nights assessing all the evidence. He has put in an enormous amount of work. The title has not been decided and a publication date will be sorted out this week.

    “At this stage he doesn’t want to say too much, but he will say his investigation was cut short and he will explain what he would have done if he had been allowed to continue. The book is not just about Madeleine. He gives the background to other big cases he was involved with.

    “The timing of this new book is just coincidental, nothing was planned. We are not trying to cash in on the fourth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance and we do not want a fight over Kate’s book.”»
    in War of words looms over Madeleine McCann books

  128. WTF? :e

    Police probe after toddler snatched by girl, ten

    POLICE are investigating after a toddler was snatched by a young girl.



  129. To post 127 .... The Truth of the Lie is available in France as I bought a copy at a book shop in Paris. I'm not sure about his new books though.

  130. The mccanns know full well what happened to Madeleine they are responsible for the events of 3rd May 2007. As we are approaching May 2011 we know of their deceit and lies, how they manipulated the press, attempted to ruin Sr Amaral (but failed) the Mccanns are known liars and their greed will be their ultimate ruin.
    They think they are important but they and their conspirators Brown and Blair were not given invites to the Royal wedding (and Gerry kept that date free!! ) everything the mccanns touch turns to dust KARMA and eventually Madeleine will find justice.
    Thank you Joana and Astro.

  131. 119 - Kates book has not proven to be the best seller they thought it would be, it is currently about 500th on the Amazon best sellers list.
    We do not need a book of lies from Kate, what we would like is her to tell us why she refused to answer police questions that would have helped to established what happened to her daughter, why she lied about the shutters being jemmied, when they were not, why she did not physically search for Madeleine because she felt it was too dark and why she washed cuddle cat after the dogs detected Madeleine's cadaver on it.
    Kate is a poor excuse for an author, she is an even worst mother - I hope she reads these comments because they come from the heart. They come from the heart of mothers and hers is cold and money grabbing and there will be a time when Kate looks into a mirror and feels the shame and disgust that we currently feel.

  132. Thank you Joana and Astro for your brilliant site, I read it everyday xxx

  133. Goncalo Amaral's book will be in stock on May the 2nd at Amazon.co.uk. The price of the book is £15.69 and is eligible for free super saver delivery.

    I am really glad Amazon have finally set a date, for people to be able to buy Dr Amaral's book, because one minute they said there was only 1 book in stock and they were expecting more and the next minute, they said the book was not available and they didn't know if or when it would be available.

    Let's hope other publishers follow suit and it is a best seller.

  134. I spoke too soon. The Truth of the lie is back to being unavailable. I am going to email Amazon.co.uk and ask them why they keep saying the book is for sale then saying it isn't.

  135. Regarding my last post, in which I said that Amazon.co.uk have once again made Goncalo Amaral's book, unavailable to buy. I have emailed them and asked them why they keep making the book available to buy, then unavailable.

    I have reminded Amazon.co.uk, that the ban on the book was overturned by the Appeals Court and permanently overturned by the Supreme Court.

  136. I've sent emails to several editors in Portugal asking about Amaral's new book and none of them answered me.
    It seems they have a pact of silence among themselves.
    Perhaps his book is indeed being printed abroad, like 127 suggested above.
    Let us wait and see.

  137. Joana, você tem informações precisas sobre o aparecimento do novo livro de Amaral? Este livro é impresso ou não? Onde posso obtê-lo, por favor?
    Jeviens também sobre este blog desde o início deste processo e Johanna, e felicitá-lo, como Astro e outros membros deste blog, para ver um triunfo sobre o dia da verdade sobre o desaparecimento de Maddie.

  138. KM's book is now £10 on Amazon.

  139. A representative of Amazon has replied to my email, regarding their removal of Goncalo Amaral's book from sale. This is what he/she says....

    Thank you for sending Amazon.co.uk, some information about the book by Dr Amaral.

    I will happily pass your message, on to the appropriate department, who will be glad to review your suggestion. Customer feedback such as yours, helps us to continue improving the selection and service we provide. We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us.



    Let's all hope that Amazon.co.uk put the book back on their book shelf. If Amazon, take a look at the comments on the page they provided for Kate McCann, they will see that there is a great need for the book to put back on the shelf.

    Dr Amaral is the innocent party in the disappearance of Madeleine. He isn't responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, Therefore, Amazon have no reason to refuse to sell his book.

    Whether one is or isn't a supporter of the McCanns, they cannot get away from the fact that whatever happened to Madeleine, is down to the behaviour of Kate and Gerry McCann. Yet Amazon are willing to sell Kate McCann's book.

  140. I've just taken a look on Amazon.co.uk and Kate McCann's book is is available to pre order for £10.

    The book hasn't yet hit the shelves and it has been reduced from £20 to £12.40 and now £10. I wonder how much it will be, by the time the book reaches the stores.

    Transworld, who are publishing the book, have reportedly put a huge advance into the Fund to Find Madeleine, because they are expecting the book to be a best seller. What happens if the book is a flop? Do Transworld get their money back?

    I suspect most of the money has already been spent, on paying the court and lawyers fees of the two cases the McCanns have lost, regarding the overturning of the ban, on Dr Amaral's book. Plus the money the fund would have had to pay to the McCann's and Dr Amaral's lawyers, when their lawyer made an allegation against Dr Amaral, that turned out to be false.

    That false allegation should be ammunition for Dr Amaral to use, when he countersues the McCanns later this year.

  141. In the window of W.H Smith its a major bookstore in the UK, is a poster of Madelaine, advertising the book for sale on 12th May, and if you pre order now you get it half price.

    Anyone wanting to read this trash give it a few months you will get it in the £1 shop that is certain.

    Mary Liverpool uk

    1. I've had it sent me by email for free haha. Better used as fire blocks, it's 'oh what a wonderful life BS'


    "35 sniffer dogs (will be) patrolling the area around the (Westminster) abbey during the celebrations (William and Kate marriage)"

    in the "Evening Standard" London paper edition (27 April 2011).

    Are sniffer dogs that reliable, really? I don't understand the British authorities reliance on so-called sniffer dogs after their two best barkers got it all wrong with the McCanns - seemingly...

    :d Sampras

  143. Anon 137
    Thats right: wiat and see.
    I personally love GA"s silence over his book and it is obvious his silence is very much respected by publishers and all.
    This silence contrast very much with all the fuss over the mccann woman"s book and thats what counts:contrast between this and that couple....although I do not want to make comparison because that would be an insult to the Amaral,really....

    1. Sr Amaral is saying what happened whereas McCann is making money off her daughters death

  144. Kates book is now half price at Amazon just shows what a litery piece of garbage it is, they cannot even give it away.

  145. Thank you Joana and Astro for your excellent site.

  146. Thank God for the Royal Wedding we are saturated here in the UK with it but its kept the Maccann pair out of the newspapers, hip hip horray'

  147. Wasnt it Ken Loaches daughter who made the farcical 'documentary' for the McCanns?

    Just watched 'The Wind that shakes the barley' - talk about biased crap! It explains why his daughter would support the McCanns...its the ethnicity. Seems to have forgotton the establishment position of Gerald and his scouse woman.

    Makes one wonder if this was something to do with the peace process - keeping McCann safe.

  148. @ 148 "its the ethnicity".

    It has always been from the beginning - one way or the other. It is ethnicity plus ideology and hegemony. It's all in the books. Search and you shall find...


  149. I too emailed Amazon asking them about Mr amaral's book,i recieved a reply earlier today saying"It isn't currently listed,but we encourage you to check back on our website soon to see if this title is available,we will do our best to obtain this item from the suppliers in future.warmest regards".This is very encouraging and i do hope Mr Amaral sells the English version of his book on Amazon,at least we now know they will indeed sell his book.

  150. Kate will have to sell 100.000 for 10,00 each, to achieve one million.
    And she still will have to pay taxes.

  151. 142 I'm keen to get my hands on a copy but I will not give any money for it. I want to review it in depth (as I beleive it could be their undoing - if they seek to address anything relevant that is!) so I hope we will get it posted on the web.

  152. I bet Kate did everything to show up beside William and Catherine, on the balcony of the Buckingham palace.
    Or who knows between the two of them, waving with her unsold book.

  153. The following passages are snipped from ‘Statement Analysis’:

    What do investigators look at first when a child is reported missing?

    The single most important element of a missing child's family is truth.

    When a child goes missing, an innocent family will do anything to help find the child. (these principles apply to missing persons cases in general, not just children). Embarrassing facts about affairs, drug use, stolen money, etc, all come to light, quickly, as every possible lead is followed up, and the family, desperate to find the missing child, are often fractured by the disclosures. Sometimes, for example, an affair comes to light, and police must investigate the love interest in spite of embarrassment. Innocent families always tell the truth, regardless of social embarrassment or consequence.
    Any lie is a powerful indicator that someone has the ability to place their own needs above locating the child and brings immediate suspicion upon the family member. Even a single lie will indicate guilt, as the need to lie highlights greater issues in the home.

    4. Post Missing Behavior

    Innocent parents or family members have a drive and intensity to find their child and nothing will hinder them. In the first 24 hours, they will search until exhaustion and those around them often must force them to get some rest, in the least. The drive, or intensity is so acute that no embarrassing disclosure to media will hinder them and the innocent family will pester the police to no end, often 'camping out' outside the police station. The lack of intensity is noted by the guilty. They seek to manipulate the press, and often speak of the impact to themselves, not the missing loved one. (see Scott Peterson) The guilty are concerned about how they are portrayed in media while the innocent care nothing for it; they only want their loved one returned.

    Police or investigators know that if a parent/loved one has caused the child's disappearance, there will be signals that will reveal a trait within the guilty: an ability to put their own needs/concerns above the missing child's.

    Interviews will often find the guilty party talking about himself or herself, rather than the child. (this is another reason why defense attorneys don't allow the client to speak). The guilty will often focus on how this has impacted them, their bills, their health, etc, But when the family member begins to berate media for how they are portraying them, the red flag turns red hot: Innocent family members don't give a damn what anyone thinks of them: they just want their child found.

    The "me" factor, when present, is a red flag for guilt. When it is coupled with other red flags, police will not seek the "stranger" suspect as they know who is responsible for the child's demise.

  154. At the launch of the petition back in November 2010, it was widely reported that there was ‘only £300,000 left in the fund’. Now six months later Clarence Mitchell says "The money from the book is being entirely used to fund the search for her. The pot had dropped to between £100,000 and £200,000 LAST YEAR and would have run out in the autumn. It means there should be enough to keep the search going for at least another year."

    Always so vague and contradictory - it seems impossible for anyone connected to this COMPANY to be open and honest about the fund money. Why does the amount remaining in the fund fluctuate so wildly when it‘s really just a simple matter of checking their latest bank statement for the current balance? They’re now being secretive about the ‘undisclosed’ book advance? If, as they say, every penny from the book is really going straight into the fund then the advance will be recorded in the company accounts - so why not make the figure public now? It was they who promised transparency.

  155. What ever happened to the huge reward - I see it is mentioned on Facebook and still available on the News of the World website - why is it not publicised especially now with the launch of the book? I just can‘t get my head around Team McCann envisaging a semi-literate gypsy pedo abductor settling down to read the book and passing it on to Maddie. But money might jog a few memories - it‘s certainly worked wonders in other aspects of this case.

    One of their supporters on the iPetition site is obviously still thinking about it:

    Name: Taylor on Apr 30, 2011
    Comments: i really hope u get ur daughter back it may be devistating without her i saw all of the videos on youtube i wonder if they are going to kill the person who kidnapped her she has been gone for a long time. i really hope she is safe, i cant sighn the paper petition because my parents said no but i hope you find her she is a beutiful child of yours i will try my haredest to find her if i do keep the cash prize

  156. The petition has, to date, attained 48,000 signatures, less than half the original target of 100,000 but, true to form, Clarence Mitchell craftily claims, “It was always loosely the intention to present it at 50,000 and, although it will be done soon, it will continue for the time being. There are also tens of thousands of signatures, many from Rothley, on paper copies that have yet to be collated and when they are factored in the figure will be well over 50,000. When it is handed in, they hope it will inject some more urgency into the search for Madeleine”

    In November 2010 it was loudly proclaimed, “they already have 34,000 signatures, but want 100,000”. As the petition currently stands at 48,000, this means they have only achieved an extra 14,000 signatures in the past six months. The purpose of the never-ending petition is supposedly to request the government to hold a review of the case, therefore the obvious and most bona fide choice for hosting it would have been the Petition-No.10 UK government website. Instead they’ve chosen the iPetition site which is easily manipulated and notoriously open to abuse - how many of those signatures are duplicated (it’s possible to sign many times over - checked). Have the same people signed the “tens of thousands of signatures” on the paper ‘copies’ as well? And there really can’t be that many signatures from Rothley - online or paper - it only has a population of approximately three and a half thousand people and I’d have thought it’s residents were amongst the first to sign the online petition.

    Madeleine’s parents are quite obviously in no hurry to present the petition but, conversely, “hope it will inject some more urgency into the search”. When they do finally get around to presenting it they clearly expect ‘urgency’ from strangers although they’ve shown none whatever themselves. Maybe the real reason for their lack of urgency is; they’re keeping the day they hand in the petition in reserve, as an added injection of publicity for the book - a good marketing ploy/publicity stunt - should the need arise.

    The review was never necessary. All they ever had to do was ask for the case to be re-opened - their cooperation, and that of the Tapas 7, in answering questions and attending a reconstruction would constitute new evidence and facilitate an immediate reopening of the investigation - that option has always been available to them but they chose not to take it.

  157. So Mrs Mccann has been to Portugal with her book,she was in the Sunday Express again but people were more interested in the Royal wedding.The Portugese people should not let her in after all the harm she has done to them.Portugese people know they were involved in Maddies plight. Maddie died in the flat.

  158. Casey Anthony Trial 9 May 2011
    Judge allows cadaver dog evidence

    The recent decision by the judge is that jurors may hear the evidence about the chloroform, heart-sticker residue, and cadaver dog. Chloroform is said to have been used to sedate the child, heart sticker residue from a sticker found on the mouth and the cadaver dog that had determined the scent of a dead body in the trunk of Casey’s car. It was at that time the prosecutors in the case determined Caylee was likely dead.


  159. When one says "I am not guilty" or "I am innocent," they are not denying the act; they are only denying guilt.

    :d Jacques de la Palice

  160. No William and Catherine anymore.
    Let us concentrate on Amaral and on his book.

  161. Our infamous couple should sit up and wonder what's going to happen in this trial of Caylee's death, happening almost as we speak and the km'book' may not even be sold. Yes, we are comparing the cases and guess what, together with 154 's information doesn't it just strengthen our suspicions. Start trembling mccanns we are getting closer and closer to when the goose will be cooked.

  162. I believe today is the anniversary of Madeleine's death.I believe it was the last time the cleaning lady made the beds in 5a.
    Kate's and Maddie's were perfect on the evening of the 3rd.
    It means, imo, that both did not use their beds the night before.
    Maddie was dead on the 2nd,before bed time.

  163. I wonder when Kate Healey will decide that Catherine Healey is more becoming?

    Aunty Anti

  164. The attention of the world is going now to Bin Laden's death and not to Kate's book.
    I expect the MacCanns to sue Barack at any moment.


    But that won't happen in Portugal amigo. The Portuguese embassador at the time confided to the Times and I quote: "the authorities are sensible enough to gauge when “for human reasons” prosecution would be inappropriate – and he did immediately add that the McCann parents were dining “so near by”." Whether his words reflect behind the scene political pressure brought to bear on the Portuguese( as Amaral and myself believe) or a sincere expression of Portuguese compassion is open to votes.

    Unless there is some truly dramatic development like HD CCTV images or CIA satellite pictures (the type used to track down Bin Laden) this case is closed.

    This does not mean that the McCanns will not be tried in the court of public opinion. They are being tried and they know that - thus their sustained PR campaign... legal actions...media fireworks... and now the book.

    I think that after making their point in the book - and assuming Amaral's second edition will pale in comparison in terms of sales, the McCanns' will feel innocent as it were and will go into a much quieter mode which is how it should be. OK, perhaps they are innocent and are showing a great determination but...too much smoke denotes a fire somewhere...

    Things always happen when you least expect them to happen - one way or the other.

    This blog is now closed!
    :h Sorry Joana! Just a little joke!

  166. What book? If there is a third book it's being kept as quiet as the Murat-Tanner case. Seriously, you are all adults, do you believe this? Sorry to be so off message, but it has to be said.

  167. Scarey isnt it, 48,000 foolish people - hope they dont all live in the same area, would be a nightmare place!

  168. Joana, I can't hear you.It is already May the 3rd, the fake date of Madeleine's death.When you disappear, Joana, I always expect a surprise.Who knows you left on holidays for a short time.
    Please come back. The USA found Bin Laden and Madeleine's body will be found too.
    Where is our dearest Amaral?

  169. I read on Dr Martin Roberts blog that the McCanns didn't register Madeleine's birth until she was three months old,when by law a birth must be registered within 42 days.

  170. I have just read on mccannfiles.com that the McCanns did not register Madeleine's birth until three months after her birth. In my jurisdiction that would be considered highly unusual. Has this come up before?

    1. Very strange. Even though they'd been through IVF do you think they may have had a quiver about being parents from the outset and at that point they could, as doctors, have *sold her* or given her away and just make out Kate had been a surrogate? Seems very strange. I was always so excited to officially register my brood and give them their official names. Something strange there, almost double the legal time, but then they like to be above the law

  171. Sr Amaral, I respect you so much. I saw the video from your wife on YT either one wife or mother to another (something like that) and it was an open plea to Kate McCann to stop her ongoing war against such a good man who was looking for Madeleine when he was due to move home

  172. I don't believe the McCann marriage will stand the test of time and having seen Kate recently 2014, I believe she is cracking up. A lie can only last so long if two people are involved as it will cause bitterness and finger pointing and an eventual split where all this will come tumbling out as they blame each other and the tapas lot take sides and Sean and Amelie are removed from their care, they're cracking!


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