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Madeleine: Family warn kidnappers

Friday April 1 2011 by Tracey Kandohla

The mother of Madeleine McCann is using the book she has written to send a plea to her daughter’s kidnappers: “Please, let her come home.”

Kate McCann’s anguished account of her living nightmare since Madeleine was snatched nearly four years ago is set to be this year’s publishing sensation when it goes on sale next month.

Kate, and her husband Gerry hope the book will be read by Madeleine’s abductors and even by their daughter, who will turn eight next month.

A friend said last night: “The book is another warning from the family that they will never stop searching for their beloved daughter. Whoever snatched Madeleine should be warned that the book will only bolster the search efforts.”

Kate’s 384-page memoir, Madeleine, is being published on the missing girl’s birthday on May 12 and has been translated into several languages, including Portuguese and Spanish.

The family’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate is writing the book to raise awareness of her daughter’s disappearance and to pay private investigators to continue the search to find her.

“Ultimately she is hoping and praying it will lead to her daughter being found alive.”

The international drive to market the book is aimed at triggering a vital new lead in the long-running investigation.

A friend of Kate said: “Anyone will be able to get their hands on it. If Madeleine’s still out there, as her family and friends believe, she could have access to it.”

Kate, a 42-year-old doctor and her cardiologist husband Gerry, also 42, are convinced Madeleine was abducted nearly four years ago.

in: Express, 01.04.2011


  1. fancy warning yourself kate,stupid woman

  2. McCann parents run for charity

    (UKPA) – 13 minutes ago

    Madeleine McCann's parents have completed a 10 kilometre run in aid of a missing people's charity.

    The were joined by hundreds of families and friends of other missing people.

    Kate McCann, whose daughter vanished while on a family holiday in Portugal almost four years ago, said: "We are running this year to remember our Madeleine and all children who are missing.

    "We hope and pray that they come home safely.

    "We are very glad to be supporting the charity Missing People once more and helping them continue to be a lifeline when someone disappears."

    The pair were joined by others in London's Regent's Park including Peter Lawrence, father of missing York chef Claudia Lawrence and Rachel Elias, sister of rock star Richey Edwards, rhythm guitarist and co-lyricist of the Manic Street Preachers.

    Mrs McCann applauded the charity for the help and key advice it provides when the state cannot.

    She said burglary victims might get help from the state, but added: "If your child goes missing or a family member goes missing sometimes you might not get anything."

    Her husband Gerry said families of the missing provided a support network for one another and played a part in helping each other recover.

    He said: "Although you don't think you could ever carry on, actually, eventually you start to get some normality."

    via Press Association April 2, 2011

  3. If Kate feels that strongly about the charity 'Missing People' she could always donate a percentage of her book sales to them !! or is this just another photo-opportunity?


    "Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate is writing the book to raise awareness of her daughter’s disappearance and to pay private investigators to continue the search to find her."

  5. Same old rubbish - anything to get their names in the news - this pair never cease to amaze me - I will be buying Goncarlo Amaral's book - at least that is fact and not fiction!!!

  6. Kate...
    She said burglary victims might get help from the state, but added: "If your child goes missing or a family member goes missing sometimes you might not get anything.


    George, UK

  7. Our "favorite" couple preparing for the run:


    Is that Rachel Oldfield behind Kate? It looks like she has aged a lot...going gray.

  8. This couple are Barking mad (pardon the pun) Mr Amaral has more than his arm up his sleeve. The Maccann's have run the course,(another pun)
    They are so predictable, its a joke. Madelaine is well forgotten.
    But Justice for her is not forgotten. Tick Tock Tick.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  9. What's happening at McCann Files? I cannot access it, it says "directory listing denied"?

  10. The express are bloody pathetic lately all these pro-stories and calling them kidnappers!!!(yeah sure she was "kidnapped") can we just put a end to this bollox now and arrest them, what do they have on another poweful person as no way would they get away with this if they was not being protected???

  11. On Breakfast this morning Stephen Fanshaw was reading April fool stories the press had printed yesterday. This is obviously the Express's contribution.

  12. Well I have just been the victim of a burglary, and contrary to what Mrs McCann thinks all I have received is a bill to repair the window (sadly less than the excess on my policy). Whereas some people who "lose" famiiy members, even through their own negligence or whatever they were up to, seem to rake in millions from kind hearted people and sinister supporters. This woman really should learn to shut up while she's on a winner.

  13. The Express states ‘A source close to Kate said: “No American deal has yet been done but it will be.’ (Clarence Mitchell??)

    There’s most certainly a whole round of interviews planned to plug the books’ release on May 12 (expect another media frenzy) but have any US interviews been arranged at that time?

    America is certainly a lucrative market to crack but, in view of the fact that the other high profile ‘Death Scent in the Car Boot’ case (Casey Anthony) is due to go to trial at the same time as the McCann book is published, they may postpone the US tour - not a good time to target Americans.

    In the Anthony case the dogs only alerted in the car boot and the yard whereas in the McCann case they alerted to everything connected to Madeleine; car boot, mothers clothes, childs clothes, toy, wardrobe in apartment, behind sofa in apartment, garden etc.

    And, as well as the Caylee Anthony case, America currently has numerous other high profile missing child cases where family involvement is suspected i.e. Haleigh Cummings, Kyron Horman, Hailey Dunn etc. Americans won’t be so easily duped.

  14. The Express has done it again and mccanns helped by Mitchell,who is a friend of Gordon Brown have produced their book and no doubt try to blame an innocent person when they know what happened to Maddie. Mccanns we have read never cried when she first went missing and made no attempt to look for her,all they want is the money this book will bring in.Maddie died in the flat.People should be careful and not waste money on a book that is not the truth.If they want to know where she is then open the case.

  15. "Kate, and her husband Gerry hope the book will be read by Madeleine’s abductors and even by their daughter, who will turn eight next month."

    You couldn't make it up, disgusting.

  16. Post 8. Yes, and look at the tension on the McCanns faces compared with the relaxed expressions on the genuine charity supporters there. They are the only ones visible wearing Madeleine tee-chirts too. It looks like there's no support for them. Are they just associating themselves with the charity to give the public impression they are acceptable people? Clearly noone appears interested in them there, although they mention well-known names in the public eye.

  17. There is always a friend who says something. Typical Mccann's/ Mitchell strategy. So used, so predictable that become boring, 'demode' and an obvious lie.
    Why their friends always appear to be stupid and without brain and always show how brainless is Kate? - A book to warm the search... she really need the smell of the money to warm up and get her b... out of the sofa. When her daughter was missing for few hours, she did not warm up to search her. Too cold to be bothered with danger her daughter could be, at the hands of the demo 'egg man'. And she complaints about the poor effort of the state to search her. What? ask the portuguese- was the most espensive investigation/search in Portugal and I never saw the UK government so helpful to a British family, as I saw with Mccann's. And what about Kate and Gerry and Their friends? They helped so much with reconstruction and the answer of the full questions. Kate must cover her face in shame when she opens her mouth.
    I can't stop laughing with idea of Madeleine with 8 years old reading a fiction book with more then 300 pages. If so... please let her stay where she is because the Egg Man is the best Tuttor in the world- he provide to Madeleine a 5 stars education... so successful that the girl is able to read the fake story her mum invented to fool the world and get an early retirement, living under the exploitation of the image/tragedy of her daughter. Will be amazing for Madeleine, to know all the lies and get the real picture of the pair who, one day she called mum and dad.
    I will not spend a coin on 'Madeleine', the booklet of lies. If Madeleine is able to read such piece of liiiittterature, then she will be able to write her version of the events. I will save my money until she writes her book to explain how her mum lies. Will be published in the heaven... You know that, Kate.
    You and your husband foolish again all the parents of the real kidnapped/missing children. Once again, you put money, your business and your agenda before everybody or anything. And you know, we know... YOU ARE THE ONLY PARENTS OF MISSING CHILDREN ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT NEXT YEAR YOU WILL BE AVAILABLE TO JOIN THE RUN AGAIN. No doubts, you booked your place on May 3, 2007, forever. Poor Madeleine... used and abused, even when she is not anymore able to say a single word.

  18. When the Maccanns had the twins they had the heir and spare,Maddie was
    surplus to their requirements, so disposing of her was just, what the doctors ordered. Unhappy Mothers day Darling Kate you are on the road to Hell.

  19. Be careful what you write...it can be used as evidence in a court of law. You are beginning to worrying what the twins might think or hear and the next years will be worse. so you give them the fairy story version for now while you look for a patsy.
    All that money squandered, unaccounted for, could have paid a team to search the land around PDL 100 fold, but you wouldnt want that, preffering ex so called FBI,CIA, MI6 007 style conmen. you hold the answer...reopen the case and prove your innocence!! The book is garbage as you never helped the police enquiry at all. may god bring justice for Madeleine

  20. my goodness, Amaral is processing the McCanns.Please read McCann Files.I understood thet the McCanns are obliged to show up.

    About the Express: They are writing a lot now about the McCanns because they want to publish about Amaral's new book without getting in trouble.They want to show they have no preferences and they are only using their right to express themselves freely.
    Today about the McCanns, tomorrow about Amaral. That is what is behind the attitude of the Express.
    Don't think they ever forgave that miserable couple.

  21. This book will evidently focus on the aftermath of Madeleine's disappearance. However, if the McCann's are genuine they will provide information that is important if they are appealing to potential witnesses, such as the estimated time of day that Madeleine was last seen alive. If the book does not include that basic information, we will know that the book is a sham.

  22. Is this true or too much to hope for

    From The Sunday Star England

    MADELEINE McCann's parents are set to be quizzed in court later this year in connection with their daughter's disappearance.

    Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leics, will face lawyers acting on behalf of the Portuguese detective who led the hunt for Madeleine.

    They are suing former police chief Goncalo Amaral for more than £1million damages over claims he made about them.

    Amaral, who believes Madeleine is dead, is due to call the McCanns in his bid to defend himself.

    Last night the couple's lawyer Isabel Duarte said she expects the libel trial to take place this year.

    She said: "It could be June or July but most likely September. He can call them if there are things they can contribute (to his case)."

    Madeleine went missing during a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007.

  23. All this lovely natured fund raising for missing persons charity - it makes your heart sing.
    hold on hold on.....
    is this the charity, that gerry's sister Trish (Patricia) as become a representive for ?
    Is this the charity that is lobbying government with the help of sister trish to get access to how the funds from it are spent - allowing the parents to receive finanacial support !
    I believe she is lobbying to change the way the money in the charity can be accessed - its just unbelieveable.
    right all sing with me ...Money money money ....its a rich mans world.

    Tell me do such charities have to give an acccount on how much money as been giving from it to a particular individual- have they had money from this charity already?


  24. Is there any truth in Goncalo having McCanns in court this year?

  25. Good to see an article on the McCanns, independently written, the Star advertising Snr Amaral's book. I think we should all buy a copy when it's available to help with his legal fees, and donate to him via the website too. I see that the Star refers to Snr Amaral as 'former police chief' and not the usual 'bungling cop' that the McCanns defamatory articles wrote. There will be a lot in the press about Snr Amaral's books in the coming year, no doubt, let's see how the McCanns like it.

  26. Joana,thanks for the last couple of days "news"regarding that despicable pair.Will their tapas friends still be able to take the mental strain of keeping their mouths shut to save them all from the punishment they so rightly deserve ??.I will not be reading her "fairytale" version of the "abduction",lets face it SHE is the one who (imo)lost the plot 4 years ago.Hopefully ,with the start of some of our media ,at last, printing what tean macaan won,t approve of,we can ,at long long last,look forward to that can of worms bursting ,and what a field day the press will have then!!

  27. Madeleine reading Kates book, dont make me laugh, she will only be 8yrs, God Kate you are so thick to think the abducters will read it pass it to Maddie to read and then say"Oh were really sorry, you can have her back now". Gerry has a certain intelligence but is an egoistic fool. You both know what happened and if youd come clean in the first place, you may have gained sympathy. they will be studying hard so they can answer the questions correctly in court

  28. poster 28 -totally agree- Gerry to me is the more intelligent one, however in my opinion, although gerry is arroagant and to me vile, the wife is worse. Yes KM in my mind is linked strongly to this case, she is, at times the shrinking violet, but make no mistake about it, she is more vile than them all, what do you say Kate, comments on a postage stamp please.

  29. True narcissistic sociopaths. They deserve every bit of anguish they feel, but somehow I doubt they suffer.

  30. The only abductors that have read the book already are the McCanns themselves ! What dreadful parents!



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