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McCanns face quiz

By Daily Star Reporter
3rd April 2011

MADELEINE McCann's parents are set to be quizzed in court later this year in connection with their daughter's disappearance.

Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leics, will face lawyers acting on behalf of the Portuguese detective who led the hunt for Madeleine.

They are suing former police chief Gonçalo Amaral for more than £1million damages over claims he made about them.
Amaral, who believes Madeleine is dead, is due to call the McCanns in his bid to defend himself.

Last night the couple's lawyer Isabel Duarte said she expects the libel trial to take place this year.

She said: "It could be June or July but most likely September. He can call them if there are things they can contribute (to his case)."

Madeleine went missing during a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007.

in Daily Star, April 3, 2011


  1. Joana e Astro:

    Bom dia e, como sabem não sei inglês. GA vai colocar os Mcs em Tribunal ?

  2. They have got themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place: either they have to pull out of the libel case or they have to face questioning for the first time before a court. "He can call them if there are things they can contribute" - you bet there are. Thanks to Amaral´s courage and tenacity their greedy, vindictive plan seems to be coming off the rails.

  3. Thanks for all the information!:q

  4. Aparentemente sim, passo a traduzir não-literalmente o artigo do tablóide inglês:

    "Os pais de Madeleine McCann deverão ser interrogados em tribunal, ainda este ano, relativamente ao desaparecimento da sua filha.

    Kate e Gerry McCann, de Rothley, Leicester, vão enfrentar advogados representantes do inspector português que coordenou a investigação do caso Maddie.

    O casal McCann está a processar o ex-coordenador da Polícia Judiciária, Gonçalo Amaral, em mais de um milhão de euros, por danos relativos a alegações feitas por ele acerca do casal.

    Amaral, que acredita que Madeleine está morta, deverá chamar os McCann, na sua tentativa de se defender.

    Ontem à noite, a advogada do casal, Isabel Duarte, disse que espera que o julgamento por difamação tenha lugar ainda este ano.

    Ela disse: "Pode acontecer em Junho ou em Julho, provavelmente será em Setembro. Ele pode chamá-los se existirem coisas que possam contribuir (para o seu caso)."

    Madeleine desapareceu durante umas férias em família na Praia da Luz, Portugal, em Maio de 2007."

  5. Can they pull out of this, mind you if they did Mr Amaral could stll sue them could he not. They have now backed themselves into a corner, with no way out.

    Its wonderful to see them on the rack for a change. I bet they play for time, in an effort to get things delayed.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  6. Tick Tock Tick Tock they must be S------G Bricks with fright, Woof Woof Woof

  7. The McCanns' plan is not working because they were convinced that Gonçalo was going to fold up and settle out of court, especially after the injunction was first granted and then upheld. Things just are not going their way anymore, are they?

  8. I.Duarte "He can call them if there are things they can contribute (to his case)."

    Dont come and tell MORE fibs,you stupid old cow:they are NOT going to court to "contribute" to "GAs case" but to be QUIZZED in CONNECTION with their daughter's "disappearance".
    A slight difference isnit,Isabel?*deverão ser interrogados* not having a cuppa....

    They had all the time on earth to "contribute" answering 48 questions and doing a reconstruction,truly helping the investigation.
    They did the opposit:they deny,they refused and now JUSTICE will come for MADELEINE.They have NEVER been able to show the slightest evidence the little girl was kidnapped,never,hence the "sightings" and media spins,trying to get "away with it".

    @maccanns:YOU OBSTRUCTED justice,YOU diffamed a man and a whole country.YOU spent your time suing people and it is ALL coming back to your pathetic liars faces.
    It was not a very good idea to take Dr.Amaral to court wasnt it?because he is going to defend himself and finish you up at the same time UNLESS you can provide the court with a SOLID evidence Madeleine truly was kidnapped but you cant and that the crux of the matter.
    It would not surprise me if you pull out because YOU have NO balls.

    Força Gonçalo! Madeleine will be able to RIP :t


    The same stuff that surfaced in court earlier this year will do so again in June, July or whenever.

    Again we will hear the opinions of the Chief Co-ordinator, former colleagues, experts, etc. most of which, if you remember, supported Amaral's thesis - the same as the British Police.

    To put it in more visual terms; what we will see will again, is the McCanns' struggling to swim amidst the turds of evidence they are so desperately trying to flush down the throats of public opinion...

    :o Oh! my God where am-I getting these images from?

    Dona Isabel in the knowledge of the impending publication of Amaral's revised edition of the "forbidden book" is under the orders of her masters (Sorry! I meant the plaintiffs) attempting to deflate Amaral's sails ahead of the publication of the Macs' "official version" of events (cough).

    Isabel wants to see Big Rock so she knows if there is anything new that might contradict the Mac's "official" version of events in court and/or before the book goes to press. She is trying to manoeuvre him to a new position that will benefit her arguments on the third and final round. She is, in other words, trying to avoid a straight knock out for her clients.

    It's simple potato logic! What's the matter with you people? Even Mario got the picture!

    Another passing opinion...

    Now if I was Amaral (which I am not...I don't even look like him in knickers!) I would not finish the revised edition of that book until I had read the Macs' first. It would made it far more easier for me to de-construct the Macs' misuse of signs and connotations and I would then be in a position to demolish their pompous pretences once and for all.

    What we are witnessing here is either PR or "ideological stuff", nationalistic/ethnical crap, you know or, perhaps a combination of both.

    Either the Macs' loose the case bye-bye or the Portuguese justice system needs a revolution. A revolution from without that is...

    In which case case I will order Mario to sign up for it. I am tired of him lazying about in bed...

    :g Pepperonia

  10. We all have an idea about the role of Tapas 7 in this case, the inconsistences. We know their names and we know they tried to protect the McCanns, after being manipulated by the couple.

    But can you imagine how nervous Tapas 10 must be now? Tapas 10 who hid the body and after all had nothing to do with Tapas 9 and with the death of the child? Tapas 10 who allowed Murat's life being destroyed although he knew the truth?
    This time the McCanns will be interrogated by Amaral who must know a lot more and who is keeping surprises for us all, including for the McCanns.

  11. Since my last post, I have been reading all comments (and visiting various websites regarding the McCann parents). The writing is on the wall for them (the parents). And not before time.

    They have offended decency itself (aided and abetted by the UK governments since Madeleine's disappearance).

    I am so disappointed by our so-called elected government(s) who are supposed to be our intellectual superiors. Yet the common-man on the street seems to have more sense than our intellectual masters.

    Had I gone on holiday and left my very young children alone in a appartment (resulting in one of them disappearing), I would have held my head in shame - and accepted any punishment meted out by a court. Dear God almighty, the punishment meted out by a court would have been the least of my worries. But then again, I would never have done so. That's the whole point of what the vast majority of the UK public are saying. You just don't do it!

    But these two con-artists are doing just that and (unfortunately) are succeeding in getting away with it. They left 3 very young children sleeping in a room whilst they went out for an evening's entertainment. As a result, one of the children went missing, and to this day, her whereabouts are unknown.

    And what do the parents say? 'It was not our responsibility.' For goodness sake, is it any wonder that the UK population is showing its disgust for the McCann parents? A disgust that has been hidden for almost 4 years by a media that has been more interested in its own survival.

  12. This is probably why Kate has written this book which she has said she hopes will raise millions!!! What is it, a Harry Potter bestseller? She should be so lucky. The McCanns will need every penny, as they say, but not for searching for Madeleine but for paying the legal costs in this libel trial and I hope they end up paying Sn Amaral's costs also plus huge damages to him and his family.

  13. I truly hope they have long,sleepless nights,but still think they would lie under oath, the 2 most infamous liars of modern day history

  14. There seems to be no end to their appalling and shameless behaviour since the bottomless pot of gold they have struck, in the form of ignorant supporters, gives them more opportunities, buys them more time for this cover-up . When will their misleading talk and actions finally be investigated; who knows, will they plead some disorder? A therapist may describe theirs as a disassociative state, when your deeds were so unmentionable, pungent, you disassociate yourself. Is it possible for any human being to keep up such a front indefinitely?

  15. @9 exactamente, quero ver os Mcmerdas a defenderem-se em tribunal, como já há muito deveria ter acontecido, de: Caso Maddie - relatório da PJ afasta tese de rapto defendida pelos pais e Maddie: testemunhas acreditam que Maddie morreu no apartamento. Ó Isabelinha, nem com as Mctretas esquemáticas consegues calar a verdade!

  16. I just hope they just ask again the 49th Question, the one Kate did answer. For a mother to obstruct intentionally an investigation in
    to her child's disappearence is in itself evidence of having a vested interest in the failure of the enquiry. Very telling!

  17. Joana: obrigada pela tradução. Vou aproveitar para o blog " copy and paste " Words...........by others.


  18. The McCanns are lost, aren't they? If it was an accident, Justice would have understood them.I wonder what kind of excuses they will find NOT to go to the tribunal.Because I'm for 99% sure that they will not come.Cowards. They must be going to the toilet every minute of the day, so nervous.The way they treated the Portuguese police and specially Amaral, the gossips, the calumnies, they made enemies who treated them very well without lying about the facts.
    In Portugal it is a question of facts and truth.
    In the British media it isn't.
    Europe is bigger than England, justice can be made everywhere.
    In this life you have to be careful when choosing whom you can irritate, whom not.Specially when you irritate people who are right, honest, carrying the truth.
    Come on, McCanns, answer Amaral'questions!No fear !

  19. Bela frase, esta, do coment. 8, se não erro:

    "Força Gonçalo! Madeleine will be able to RIP "

  20. I watched McCannFiles, a video of today's. Both McCanns lost a lot of weight (before they started running). They obviously knew already about Amaral's intention. They look tired and old.

  21. Um dia e da caca, outro do cacador. Quem disse que os anjos nao guiam as estrelas? Madeleine guiando os passos de GA.
    Quao ridiculos os posters deste par: " Nao desistam de mim". Nao foi isso que fizeram ha 4 anos, no dia em que mentiram sobre o seu desaparecimento?
    O poster devia dizer "Nao desistam de me explorar". Foi assim que se resumiram 4 anos de Fundo, mentiras e fama. Com pouco trabalho, Muito pouco trabalho. Descobriram a formula do 'Bom Malandro'-Muito dinheiro e Boa vida. Porque Meia duzia de idiotas bem colocados fecharam os olhos e deixaram a mentira florescer e alimentar-se a custa da honestidade e da parca informacao deliberadamente servida a uma fatia do publico.
    A mae onzeneira que um dia acusou o policia de escrever um livro a explorar a filha, acaba ela propria a compilar uma mentira ficcionada para poder alimentar as sevicias em que mergulhou. Boa Madeleine.... A TUA MANEIRA, VAIS FAZENDO JUSTICA. E a oportunista da advogada portuguesa, e bom que largue o caso antes de se afundar com ele.

  22. The McCanns don't "contribute". they TAKE!!!!!

  23. Well, it will be most interesting to see what the most expensive libel and extradition lawyers in the country advise their notorious clients to do next! I can't wait. Even if they tell them to pull out of the libel case against the great Amaral and to resist being subpoenaed back to Portugal, how are the British media going to spin that to Clarence's tune? And why would Amaral not counter-sue them even if they do drop their case? He has come close to losing everything because he stood up to them - why would he give up now? A very brave man - very foolish of them to take on someone with such integrity.

  24. They knew this was about to come to court, hence all the publicity and the novel writing. Hopefully GA will have the opportunity to pull the book of kates memoirs to pieces before the court date. I personally do not think they are afraid at this moment, they started this libel...and they are quite sure with such high profile lawyers and friends in high places they will win, and if they do not they have covered the cost of litigation. Unfortunately nothing here could cause the case to be reopened unless a serving detective is part of the evidences. Why not call some of the uk police to give evidence. They are cleaning their reputation before this case comes up, and the book will serve as proof that they were suspected wrongly...remember McCanns what is written in that book may be held in evidence against you..I rest my case.
    Jane Tanners case must be up soon as well if it hasnt already been settled out of court.

    God be with you Dr Amaral, you are a fine and brave man, Many respect your commitment to Madeleine.

  25. I wonder if the McCanns will keep Mrs. Daurte as lawyer or if they will choose a new one.September will not be easy for her, specially because she is not good in defense of death crimes.As far as I know, she is specialised in libel issues.
    And she can loose her temper and get very nervous.
    Astro, Joana, please ask Amaral if it is possible to follow this process through internet.For people who don't live in Portugal it would be a good thing.Maybe Skype?

    JOANA,! I just saw you posted this post above.Welcome!

  26. I believe the McCanns will come as witnesses. A witness is always obliged to come.They have no rights like an arguido has.They have to answer all questions.They probably will have to witnesse and to proof what they have spreaded around about the police and about Amaral in particular.They have to come with facts.

  27. Why aren't the Portuguese media talking about this news?
    Isn't it strange?

  28. I start wondering if this news could be true.
    No British paper, no Portuguese paper is talking about this.
    Joana, I believe you have Amaral's phone number.
    Could you please call him and verifie this?
    It is possible that Nuno Duarte got a job at the Daily Star.

  29. Mccann's are selling Madeleine again...advirtised as durable and good quality...9.99p each.

    They never give up on the cash, she represents since May 2007.

  30. @anonymous 27

    The Express Group have been playing a crafty game with the McCanns for a while now. Is it possible that they are being a bit creative here in order to flush the pair out on this issue? I, for one, have heard no mention of the libel trial for a long time now, and perhaps, if the McCanns want to drop it, this article is trying to force them to come out and admit it.

    While on the subject of things that have gone very quiet, is there any news yet of the Tanner V. Murat case, have the seized copies of Amaral´s books been returned yet, and what happened to Kevin Halligen? Just wondered.

  31. @11 mersa Well said. In fact, well said to a lot of the posts today. I wonder if the McC's read the posts here? I would if I were them.
    Forca Goncalo x

  32. More and more people are becoming aware of the darkness the mccanns and collaborators have created around the disappearance of this child, a little person, the life shortlived and the child now hardly acknowledged but when the parents, make yet again a callous, unbelievable statement, without fail to draw attention to their need of money for the 'search' they keep postponing, their useless, empty efforts now going in for four years. These wild goose exercises ever so often of a sighting, obviously, just to keep their ever dwindling number of supporters interested in the little game they are staging. Has kate included or concluded THE END with or without Madeleine in her version of the spin? Her book is worth less and less. You can now buy three books simultaneously, hers included, for the price of one. They may have to run and hide soon. Own up your secrets, all nine or ten of you! Speak out! Your lives as doctors have no doubt been twisted into a surreal drama and your concealing of facts will play out daily.
    Trusting Sr Amaral will have the last word as he has a quiet, patient composure that is reassuring and encouraging.

  33. It is really striking the difference between the thoughtful measured comments of most contributors here and elsewhere compared to the viciousness and vitriol of the supposed McCann supporters who appear on some blogs, eg on the Amazon one. Are the McCanns really paying people to spout that kind of evil non-sequiturs, because if so they are totally insane. If they're not paying them, those posts must be written by people who are actually insane themselves and just spoiling for a fight, even a virtual verbal one. The Amazon site is good because you can just delete a poster like that and not have to even see their drivel. Slowly, slowly I think justice might at last be coming for Maddie.

  34. Will the priest be called as a witness, the one who allowed the body to be kept in the church?
    What happened to jerrys blue bag?
    What happened to the fridge?

  35. @33 i am convinced they pay (out of the fund)people to go on forums, message boards etc then when the anti- Mccanns post's come through they get nasty to get the threads closed down, i have been on many in the past and the vileness what comes out of the Pro-Mccanns is disgusting then again i would not put it passed Kate and Gerry to be posting themselves, they are that desperate to silence anyone.

  36. TO @21 "Meia duzia de idiotas bem colocados fecharam os olhos e deixaram a mentira florescer e alimentar-se a custa da honestidade e da parca informação deliberadamente servida a uma fatia do publico"

    Quem escreve assim não e gago...

    :a O que e que pagas hoje?
    - Sai duas bicas para a mesa do "Fundo"...

  37. The McCanns are wasting their time pursuing this case ever since the decision was made to remove the temporary injunction. The judges in that ruling hit the nail on the head with their judgement in favour of Dr Amaral. His book stuck to the facts of the official investigation and the conclusion of the investigators, and it is the McCanns themselves, who by refusing to cooperate with the official investigation, left them with no leg to stand on to request a book and its author be silenced on the basis it would hinder their 'supposed' search for Madeleine.

    At the end of the day, it is plain as can be that THE MCCANNS THEMSELVES HAVE BEEN THE BIGGEST HINDRANCE TO THE OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION, and the judges were not fooled about that. By not cooperating, their actions, and that of their friends, have spoken louder than words. From the start of this case the McCanns have thought they could do whatever they pleased, but they were wrong, and now their chickens are coming home to roost, and the truth of the investigation is being revealed.

  38. I sincerely hope more surprises this time round like the one of Lee Rainbow last time ! Cannot wait for this and justice for Madeleine.


  39. Goncalo Amaral on French television

    On Monday, April 4, 2011 at 20:40 on W9, through two new documentaries, Criminal Investigations offers an update on the strange disappearance, on 3 May 2007, of the child Maddie McCann.

    You can find out on this link:


  40. Joana, I'm also doubting about the truthfulness of this story.
    Portugal is not talking at all about it.Neither are other papers in England.Have you gotten more sources? Amaral himself would be the best one.There must be a way to contact him.

  41. Anon 35-33!
    They pay - NO QUESTION! And they control Sky News. Which is strange for me. They are deleting uncomfortable posts, abusing other people. Who are this perverts? Where from is this strength and this endless power?!
    When it is going to stop? Who can stop this circus?.. Help!

  42. What I carry on appreciating very much is GAs complete silence:not a peep,not the shadow of an article,NOTHING :c
    @mccanns:beware HIS time is coming up and he will lash out to you with and by the law at his side.
    I read somehwere sometime ago that the mccann man was going to cycle from the UK to Portugal(to raise fund-whatelse?-) in JUNE but the trip has been cancelled....I wonder why :d
    @mccanns:Coming to Portugal in JUNE and NOT later on this year then?kate the last make up fashion is "victim face" worn with large sun specs and a dash of cadaver scent...woof woof
    @Duarte:get the facts right you old spinner:see ya in JUNE

    Força Gonçalo! thanks to you Madeleine will be able to RIP

  43. i pray to god this is true,Madeleine needs justice and this will be the only way to get it ,to have the mccanns being questioned UNDER OATH. Bravo Mr Amaral FOR STANDING TALL. Also anyone have any news on the murat v tanner case

  44. In McCannFiles:

    "Criminal Investigations: The Maddie case, 04 April 2011"

    "Criminal Investigations: The Maddie case W9!

    Tonight on french channel W9!

    Anyone has access to this tv channel? Any chance of a transcript?

  45. #20, there was also Rachel Oldfield, right behind Kate, and she looked so ooold too! She looks like her own mother, lol! So gray!

  46. Today 4/04/2011 on the french TV: W9 at 20.35 there is a special program with the 2 versions ( GA and Mc Cann)!


  47. The broadcast by W9.fr of today seems to be TVI's documentary Maddie, what Lies beneath the Truth with Gonçalo Amaral, based on his book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' and also on the official police investigation, which most of you have already watched either on the Portuguese TV or on the web. The other is an ITV documentary, that is the McCanns mockumentary. W9.fr is the French channel that decided not to broadcast the above mentioned documentary and mockumentary after having being (allegedly) Carter-Rucked by the McCanns.

    «Criminal Investigations, 21 October 2009

    Enquêtes criminelles : le magazine des faits divers W9.com

    Tonight at 20:35: Criminal Investigations: the news items magazine

    Maddie: What has really happened?

    Through two unreleased documentaries, "Criminal Investigations" is an update on the disappearance of Maddie McCann, which occurred on May 3, 2007.

    In summary:

    "The prohibited investigation"

    Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese detective who led the investigation, is convinced of the guilt of the parents. He published a book on the case in which he expounds his thesis and agrees to recount, minute by minute, what happened on the day of the disappearance of the girl.

    "The parents' thesis"

    Despite the filing of the case, Gerry and Kate McCann still believe their daughter is alive. They have hired detectives and continue to search, collecting unpublished evidence.»

  48. Patience, Ladies and Gentlemen, Snr Amaral needs to keep his cards close to his chest, so that he doesn't tip off the opposition, Kapitch? By the way, were there really only two Maddie tee-chirts visible in that run video, so they didn't seem to have any supporters with them then, (except Aunty Rachell? Wow. Let's face it, if they employed shady detectives like Halligen, Metodo 3, why not a few online monkeys to do their dirty work for them eh?

  49. Just wanted to say Joana and Astro, what a absolutely brilliant website you have, log on every day, fantastic.
    There will be justice for Madeleine Mccann one day, too many people want justice for a 3 year old child that lost her life. Well done on all your work.

  50. Yes, I saw Rachel Oldfield behind Kate(McCann Files). I always found her a beautiful, charming woman.She is definitely the most beautiful of the group.She really became old and concerned, grey and unhappy.Afraid of Murat?She got involved in a stinky trash and I have the feeling the McCanns manipulated her to come together with them and to let herself be photographed.Someway they obliged her to support them.What a lack of personality, Tapas 7, they are like little dogs following their boss. My goodness, she lied for Kate's sake, falsely accusing Murat and this is going to cost her a lot of money.Are the McCanns willing to help her financially? Forget it.They never helped anybody.They are not crazy.
    They demand around, they manipulate, they command...
    For how long do you intend to accept this, Rachel? Till the pressure starts destroying your marriage? Your family life? Your wallet? What about your children, living with a nervous mother at home? Or with nervous parents?
    You got to think of your own health and of your family's. If, for some reason, you are being black mailed by some of Tapas 9, the reason can not be worse than a mysterious death of a child. The police will understand you. Please come forward and tell what you know.This case will cost your health and perhaps your life.
    And it is not worse while.

  51. This is where this blog becomes 'silly' and therefore discredited..
    you, the owners/mods decide to allow such garbage:


    04/04/2011 10:59
    Anonymous said... 34 Will the priest be called as a witness, the one who allowed the body to be kept in the church?
    What happened to jerrys blue bag?
    What happened to the fridge?


    good copy sure-your credibilty enhanced ? Not so sure

  52. Amaral was on French tv W9 (Wapas 9?).
    A short part of his documentary. The dogs.

  53. My post nº 42 is full of emoticons I never posted! How weird and unpleasant too....

  54. #33,#35,#41,

    Maybe they have engaged the whole of their "extended family" to disrupt the discussions on blogs and forums. And that's why the fund is now paying the "living expenses" of the said "extended family"!
    Reward for doing the dirty job...

  55. #51,
    Uncomfortable questions, eh...? Touched a nerve or two...?

    Well, maybe the priest one is pure speculation, BUT...there was a blue bag which made a "David Copperfield", vanished, and later had its existence denied(Mitchell), despite having been photographed by the PJ.
    The fridge, humm, many people are adamant it was mentioned in Gerry's own blog, and it was also mentioned in the media, and, as far as I know, camp McCann never denied (or confirmed) the story, so, I'm inclined to believe there was indeed a fridge "swap".

    Who are you to decide what is a valid or waht is a silly comment? Joana and Astro are nobody's fools, you should have realized that by now, they are very intelligent and astute ladies, if they decide to post such comments I'm sure it's for a valid reason, they did not find it ridiculous, and I trust their judgement a million times over yours!

  56. A friend who watched last night's W9 French channel broadcast told me that the program was as I had suspected, one factual doc and one mock. Nothing new, except the fact that finally, after two years, the French were able to watch Madeleine McCann case facts without the McCanns censorship: Vive la Liberté d'Opinion et d'Expression! :n

    51 Your intellectual superiority(complex) and capability of foreseeing the future(like certain wannabe lawyers) astonishes me, you're truly an inspiration for those who seek "credibility", whatever that means in your McCannish dictionary. The problem is: you've placed your "fluffy worthless words" at the wrong blog! I'm sure you'll find "very credible blogs" to suit your false pretences and taste.

  57. Good for you, Joana, for dealing with 51. Lovely to have you back and in form. The pro mccanns are feeling the pinch and know it is a matter of time as so many are speaking up and voicing their disapproval of the mccanns and their stunts, including, their maybe 7 or 8, other conspiritors who find they have time on their hands. No more 'kid glove' treatment for them. Give up! The arm of the Law is closing in on all of you who see yourself fit to spin your yarns about the 3 May 2007, or is it 2 May?

  58. Assim vai a vergonhosa justica portuguesa: Varios anos depois... afinal Paulo Pedroso deveria ter enfrentado um julgamento. Afinal o Juiz Rui teixeira tinha razao quando lhe atribuiu a prisao preventiva. Afinal foi um erro congelar-lhe a progressao na carreira. Afinal houve lobbies e gente ligada a um partido, a manipular e pressionar a investigacao. Afinal, testemunhas foram aliciadas, compradas, perseguidas.
    Quais sao as consequencias? NENHUMAS. Ha sansoes para quem no Tribunal da Relacao de Lisboa decidiu anular a decisao do juiz Rui teixeira e dar tempo de antena a Paulo Pedroso para o Show mais bizarro a que portugal assistiu? NAO.
    O crime compensa. E por isso que o pais assistiu incredulo a mais uma vergonhosa e habilidosa fuga a justica- Os Tapas 9/10/11. E um erro incriminar-se so os Mccann. Quem esteve com eles, quem jogou o mesmo jogo, quem permitiu e alimentou a ideia de uma Madeleine viva e as maos de alguem, sabendo que ela estava morta, pactuou e deve ser julgado por isso. Mitchell, nao pode dormir descansado. Quantas vezes o vimos defender a mentira e alimenta-la com falsos avistamentos e erroneos raptores? Quanto dinheiro lhe correu nas maos para alimentar tamanho crime?
    E Marinho Pinto, continuara com a mesma cara de pau, a acusar e arranjar historietas para desacreditar a PJ? Afinal se houve CABALA, foi contra o Estado e contra as vitimas da Casa Pia, nao contra o PS.
    Todos estes vendidos deviam sair de cena para que se pudesses reconstruir o Portugal Perdido.

  59. The Mcs will be doing a general clean up, and organising that all witnesses they may call tell the same story. They might even call their tapas friends who knows. All I can say is that this is an extremely important case for Dr Amaral, not only financially, but a big opportunity to air all the insults he has put up with from them including losing his job. IMO he should be suing them for libel, a gallant man has paid dearly, curtesy of the Mcs. They should have kept their book under wraps until after the case, GA has a quick mind and will see through the fluffy useless works of this work of art kate is producing.The written word can be used as evidence in a court of law. They continue to use old t shirts with the same old photo after almost 4 years,why?no oone could recognise her from that. I saw Kate speaking at the races "I wanna tell u a story"but we know it all ready. This is GA´s opportunity to get justice for Maddie and for sure he needs all our help and support in whatever way we can. We are behind you Dr Amaral in your quest for justice for one innocent little girl, who has no voice to speak, and who parents continue to use her memory as a cash cow. How often do you look in the mirror at yourselves,obviously not enough reflections unlike some do not lie.

  60. "É um erro incriminar-se só os McCann" - absolutamente de acordo, espero que várias entidades, privadas, públicas e estatais, ajam e processem por danos económicos e morais ao País e aos cidadãos os fês-dês-pês todos que alimentaram esta fraude vergonhosa: dos McCann aos amigalhaços tapas7, incluindo publicitários caluniosos, bastonários ex e actuais sem ética, advogados embusteiros e 'vampíricos' e ainda, se possível, diplomatas e políticos que interferiram no caso, não esquecendo alguns jornalistas e ex editores que se esqueceram do que é fazer jornalismo...

    Mas já ficava contente se se fizesse Justiça em tribunal: negligência de crianças é um crime punível por lei - deixar passar em 'branco' (ou pior louvar como aconteceu no parlamento europeu em Abril de 2008) o que os McCann e os Tapas fizeram aos filhos no Algarve, em 2007 é uma afronta aos Direitos das Crianças!

  61. Concordo plenamente consigo anon 60. So nao acredito na historia da negligencia que os Mccann pretenderam vender a policia e ao publico em geral, unica janela de oportunidade para a entrada de um raptor em cena.
    Uma olhada rapida pela internet a procura de restaurantes/ bares na PDL, mostra quase tudo- O Tapas nao aparece como destino turistico para ninguem, muito menos para o publico ingles. Quem publicita os bares/ restaurantes ( muitos sao turistas) faz questao de realcar que os bares sao sazonais e em epoca baixa, muitos estao fechados. So abrem se a clientela o justificar. Os Tapas 9 foram a PDL em epoca baixa, portanto sofreram da sazonalidade dos bares.
    O Chaplins aparece como destino turistico preferencial, tal como o Kelly. Sao operados pelos proprietarios, portanto nao estao tao condicionados pela equacao: salario dos empregados V afluencia de clientes. Inclino-me para que estes dois estivessem abertos e o Tapas fechado. Se os Mccann pudessem ir a algum bar naquela noite, seria ao Chaplins. Mas nao puderam. O que quer que tenha acontecido a Madeleine, aconteceu, segundo Kate, debaixo de outras circunstancias e ela e Deus sabem-no porque ela estava la. Estas foram as palavras de Kate em Lisboa, dirigidas a um jornalista portugues que lhe fez uma pergunta incomoda, na qual ela escorregou. Mais tarde, Gerry disse ao canal 4 espanhol que nada tinha sido pior do que quando a encontraram... nao disse como a encontraram, mas se a encontraram entao ela nao estava desaparecida, desapareceu depois. Como, as maos de quem? Nao se aplica o verbo 'encontrar' a alguem que esta/permanece desaparecido. Gerry foi traido pela verdade.
    O jantar no Tapas nunca aconteceu. A lista de reservas fornecida a policia, que acaba por ser no final tambem uma lista de consumos, parece uma farsa. Quem consumiu o que? Porque so se aceitavam reservas de 15 em 15 minutos e nunca depois das 9(21h)? Onde estao a amendoa amarga e os daikiris de Kate? Parece tudo uma fabricacao, resultado provavelmente do efeito avalanche que a mentira desencadeia... uma fabrica outra e assim em diante. A mentira da negligencia criou a mentira do jantar e a do rapto. E provavelmente quando a policia pediu o obvio, as facturas dos clientes ou a contabilidade do Tapas a provar o jantar... nao havia nada para fornecer. Entao, feita em cima do joelho, como a sequencia de acontecimentos delineada no livro de actividades de Madeleine, apareceu a lista de reservas. Fabricada, como parecem ter sido muitas outras coisas. Espero que GA dedique uns paragrafos no seu novo livro, ao jantar no Tapas.
    Na minha experiencia pessoal, ja fiquei sem jantar (decente, nao que tenha algo contra as pizas) em Vilamoura, em epoca de Natal/passagem de ano porque se contavam pelos dedos de uma mao, os restaurantes/ bares abertos e os poucos que havia recusaram servir o jantar porque passava das 21h. A partir das 22h tinham de pagar horas extraordinarias aos empregados. Para servirem poucos clientes nao se justificava. Mensagem percebida. Acabou tudo numa Piza 'take away'. Portanto a PDL em Abril/Maio deve ser pior que Vilamoura em Dezembro. O problema dos Mccann foi terem querido vender peixe de verao fora de epoca. Ate nisto foram uns idiotas. Mas a idiotice maior vem de quem obstruiu a investigacao e alimentou as calunias feitas a PJ. Muitos destes idiotas sao portugueses e ocupam cargos importantes no destino da nacao.

  62. Reading through old files on internet I came across this;


    Isn't it odd this couple lived a few streets away from Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien and all ended up at the same holiday resort together, but these two are never mentioned. Robert Murat also comes from Exeter where this couple and Tanner and O'Brien live. Maybe there is a connection here between these people. James Gorrod had a hire car, forensic tests were never carried out on it !

  63. @ Anonymous 51

    The put-down "silly" - levelled at anyone discussing the McCann and Tapas 7's roles in the disappearance of Maddie seems to be the current buzz-word from one tweeter in particular (greenink211) on the #McCann Twitter page.

    I detect the same superior, condescending attitude and heavy application of spin (aka lies) in your comment above. Perhaps you intended to post in green ink?

    McCann supporters can call me "silly" as much as they wish but I, for one, will not stop questioning the McCann and Tapas 7 lies until there is truth and justice for Maddie McCann, aged 3.

  64. I don't believe the McCanns ever confessed to the Portuguese priest.Perhaps not even to an English one. A priest is in first place a human being, I don't know..., who grarantees he would keep his mouth? I wouldn't.

    What about the fridge? Who can tell me about it? I heve read a lot about a fridge but I don't know what is it about.

  65. 62, Yeah, I red about the Gorrods. Very strange indeed.Also because they know Tanner and O'Brian. Perhaps the reason why O'Brian was taking care of his "sick, vomiting child". Could the Gorrods be Tapas 10? I believe the dogs checked on his hired car. Or didn't they? Maybe the police had a list of English people who were spending holidays in Algarve at that moment.They sure investigated all them. It is a good way to hide a dead child, let it sit down on a little chair in a car. It is known that not only the McCanns car was checked on by the dogs but also many more. About eleven, I think.The Gorrods'car could have been among those.
    But I have the strong feeling that the police know who is Tapas 10.

  66. Forgive me for being dim but there seems to be a strong reaction to Anon 51 querying the statement `Will the priest be called as a witness, the one who allowed the body to be kept in the church?
    Whether Anon 51 is a poster from the `other side` or not, I do not know, he/she may well be. But I cannot see what`s wrong in querying such a statement, unless of course you all know for sure that Maddie`s dead body was taken to the church and allowed to be hidden there by the priest - do you all know this for sure? Yes, she MIGHT have been taken there and the priest MIGHT HAVE allowed it, but the original statement by Anon 34 was made as if it was fact and ACTUALLY HAPPENED. And no, I am not a MCC supporter before you all start jumping on me. I just don`t like to see a good forum being discredited.

  67. For those who ask what happened to the blue bag, it is surely Gerry that knows. According to Martin Brunt, it was Gerry's bag after all.

  68. Joana, something went wrong. I had a long comment and I landed on a strange page.
    Are you being threated again? Be strong.
    No problem. Within a few weeks we will read the new book.Ask Astro to take your work over although I've heard you are much and much better now. No stress, no tiredness.Reliable source.
    Great and congratulations.

  69. Sr Amaral will be able to challenge the Mccanns version of events in court this year; this is good positive news, as he won his last against them. This is the couple that have sued TV stations, newspapers and individuals because they dare to have a different opinion to the Mccanns version. Clarence saying ‘everything has an innocent explanation’ and ‘just send your money in an envelope to Kate and Gerry, Rothley, there’ll get it’!
    The Mccanns version is not backed up by one single independent witness; everything they state happened is according to the Mccanns and their friends they will not accept any other version only the abduction. Each night these babies were left on their own in their apartment after spending the day in a crèche whilst the parents went out socialising and having a good time, not returning until late. What happened to their parental responsibility, why were they and their friends not charged with child neglect?
    Whilst the people of PDL searched for their daughter Kate admitted they did not bother, preferring to court the media and go jogging, posing outside the church to gain religious support. They were photographed laughing outside the church on Madeleines 4th birthday that was the look of a couple relieved people were believing their lies. Then came Gerrys trips to Europe including the Whitehouse and Good Morning America TV stations and a very publicised photo-opportunity with the Pope. So who are The Mccanns why were they given such VIP preferential treatment when the situation they found themselves was of their their own making? The fund was set up days after Madeleine disappeared how did they know she would not be found and the arranging of ‘milestone events’ requiring a vast amount of pre-planning, how could they be so sure the money, time and effort would not be wasted and Madeleine would be found.
    The involvement of the British Government ensuring their safe return to the UK once the finger of suspicion was upon them. Since then we have had pathetic photo-opportunities including Kate wistfully lighting a candle (photographer attempting to capture Kate’s look of sorrow) the charity runs, fund raising dinners, TV interviews, on-line maddie shop and of course the fund that also allows financial assistance to the wider family.
    Well one thing I would agree with the Mccanns on is the ‘fluffy words and no action’ of our government, it’s time to re-open the case, get the Mccanns and their friends back to Portugal and have a full and proper investigation. They will be in court later this year with Sr Amaral this is a golden opportunity to turn the tables on the scheming money making circus that is Kate and Gerry Mccann. The money raised from Kate’s book could be donated to a genuine missing person’s charity.
    Well done Joana and Astro and justice for Maddie.

  70. McCann's superimpose another nose from another child's photo onto Madeleine's face on Kate's published book cover!

    See 'The Lost Marketing Ploy' of McCann's faked Madeleine!


  71. Joana, again no anonymous. You are making the McCanns very happy.
    Because I think they are the only ones who can threat you.The rest could not care less.Please put back the "anonymous" and let them bark as much as they want.

  72. Four years on, Maddie search hits inboxes
    Tim Barlass
    April 10, 2011

    A photo of missing British girl in Portugal, Madeleine McCann, made into a poster is released May 12, 2007.

    THE family of missing English girl Madeleine McCann are aiming to reach 80 per cent of the world's inboxes in two weeks with a viral email and photo reminding people of her disappearance.

    The picture shows the distinctive imperfection in her right eye which her parents hope could be the vital clue to her discovery.

    Madeleine, aged four at the time, went missing four years ago next month while the family were holidaying in Praia da Luz in Portugal.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    Her aunt Phil McCann said: ''I am asking everyone I know to send this as a chain letter as the story is only being covered in Britain, Eire and Portugal. We don't believe she is in Portugal any more.'' Another aunt, Diane McCann, said: ''The purpose of this is to highlight the distinction in Madeleine's eye where the pupil runs into the blue-green iris.'' She said Madeleine's hair could be cut or dyed.

    Maddie disappeared from her bed as her parents Gerry and Kate dined in their holiday complex.

    Publication of a book about their daughter's disappearance has been delayed to avoid clashing with the royal wedding on April 29.

    All proceeds from the book will go to the McCanns' official search fund.

    in Sidney Morning Herald

  73. I thought these chain mail viruses illegal?? Who on earth do the McCanns think they are to invade others private inboxes, there has been more than sufficient publicity in regards of maddies eye. They just cannot stop milking it for whatever reason.

  74. Kate McCann has told the Daily Express, that she will not be doing any book signings. She fears she will be physically and verbally attacked.

    She's still thinking of her self 4yrs down the line, just as she and her husband thought only of themselves, when they left their 3 small children to fend for themselves. In that unlit, unlocked apartment.

  75. If I receive an email from the McCanns, I will be reporting it as phishing scam. The McCanns are an absolute disgrace and they are brought to task, for the major part they played in Madeleine's disappearance the better.

    I really do fear for the twins, because their parents must be a nightmare to live with.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was a link to their website and a message telling people to please donate. Money is usually at the bottom of any of the McCanns projects

  76. Oh dear, they do know how to shoot themselves in the foot.
    The Fund must be really low....................

  77. Amaral defence team has to be prepared for shrewd and tough Isabel Duarte because this is a civil case not a criminal one. Doubtless she would try her damnest to make sure the questioning directed is pertaining to mccanns answering to their filed charges and defending their charges containing their answers to those. The last thing she will allow to happen if freeflow of questioning digressing to answering of criminal charges.

    I think in the end it boils down to who the presiding judge will be and whether questions are accepted or rejected as appropriate or not.

    Amaral defence team must be prepared for the worst from ID.

    From all accounts Amaral looks set to win.


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