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Sunday Tabloid Spin - "Kate McCann Fears Attack"

Madeleine McCann's mother Kate McCann will not do a book tour as she fears an assault

By James Murray and Tracey Kandohla

KATE McCann is so fearful of being attacked she is refusing to do public signings of her new book about the fight to find daughter Madeleine.

She will do television interviews here and in Portugal, where Madeleine disappeared four years ago, but will not meet the public over fears for her personal safety.

A source close to the publishers told the Sunday Express yesterday: “Kate doesn’t want to give anyone the opportunity of heckling her or attacking her during any promotional tour. It’s been emotional enough just writing the book.”

The 348-page book, called Madeleine, is published on May 12, the little girl’s eighth birthday.

We can disclose that one of the groups that could potentially have caused trouble is The Madeleine Foundation, which plans to distribute leaflets and step up an internet campaign confronting Kate and Gerry McCann on the date of publication.

They have already written to publishers Transworld demanding answers to 163 questions.

The questions include several put to the couple by the Portuguese police. One question asks: “How would the McCanns’ children have coped if there was an emergency while they were absent and out of earshot?”

They also ask why the McCanns did not use the hotel’s evening baby-sitting service.

The Foundation letter states: “Many feel that the McCanns owe it to the public, whom they have so frequently asked for help, to give them reasonable answers to their questions.”

Kate, 42, has written the book because the Madeleine Fund, set up by well-wishers, is getting through money fast.

How the McCanns treat their "well-wishers", h/t to NfPS

The McCanns want to be able to pay for further private detective work to track her down and cling to the belief that Madeleine is still alive somewhere.

Kate has said: “My reason for writing is simple – to give an account of the truth.

“Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine.”

The couple have devoted their lives to finding Madeleine.

They live in Rothley, Leicestershire, with their six-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

The couple say Madeleine was abducted from their Algarve hotel apartment where the children had been left while they had dinner with friends a short distance away.

Public book-signings have become a risk for celebrities.

Last year former prime minister Tony Blair was pelted with eggs and shoes by anti-war protesters at a signing in Dublin.

A year earlier X Factor star Leona Lewis was punched in the face as she signed copies of her autobiography in London.

in The Express Sunday April 10,2011


  1. More spin via press display (excerpts only)

    Can Kate McCann’s book refocus the hunt for Madeleine?
    The Sunday Telegraph|10 Apr 2011|Page:17

    Snatched: Kate and Gerry McCann, left, will use money from the book’s sales to pay for their ongoing search for Madeleine PA; GEOFF PUGH
    Four years on, they still say prayers for Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz. Each week, the church in the centre of the Algarve
    The Sunday Telegraph|2011-04-10|UK|Page:19

  2. Well the way I see it she`s probably right to stay away from the public.

    Why can`t they ask their backers for more money, or have they all abandoned this sinking ship once they found their money was going to their extended family, who to my mind shouldn`t be getting it at all.
    IMO they are all using the money to keep out of jail.
    IMO they all know perfectly well what became of Madeleine.
    NOT ONE of them has the decency to break ranks & tell the world.
    Could it be that they all have so much dirt that would come out? I THINK SO.


  3. Fears .... Why if she is telling the truth???

    You know Kate, you lie again on your book and the public did not forgive you for all the fool you already delivered.

    Somebody can confront you with the true story. Somebody can ask you very simple questions like;
    - why did you not search your daughter when she was missing for few hours?
    - Why you leave 48 questions without answers at the police desks?
    - Why you refused the reconstruction of the last day of your daughter?
    - Why you never asked the portuguese police to search the place 10 miles away from PDL, where your detectives said Madeleine could be captive?
    - Why you never fill the form to reopen the investigation in Portugal and UK?

    For one time, stop being coward. Face the public, the same public you foolish to ask donations, the same public you are trying to fool again by selling a poor fiction story like if it was a true biography. You know where is Madeleine. We know, you know where she is. STOP LYING. FACE THE TRUTH.

    Amaral will face the public. He has no fears. What make the difference? THE TRUTH AND THE LIE.

  4. what the heck are these papers up too,why dont they just print from the official file and ask some hard questions,i sure more people would be interested in that than this sh&t.but then again there,s more way to skin a cat(no offence to cat lovers)

  5. So, Kate McCann is a "celebrity".
    Yes she had better stay away from the British public, who are understandably upset.

    After all many of those who contributed to the fund were not aware, at the time, they the McCanns never looked for Madeleine that night, that they would refuse to cooperate with the police, refuse to answer the police questions, that cadaver odour would be found by British dogs in their flat and belongings, etc.

    They were also not aware that the money was spent on holidays and jobs for their extended family, mortgage payments on their expensive home, and private investigators with criminal links such as Metodo 3 and Kevin Halligen.

  6. What Kate McCann fears is being put on the spot : she fears a questioning public. So she should, I would like to look her in the eye and ask why she includes David Payne in her circle of friends given what Dr K.Gaspar told the Leicestershire police.

    I have not and would not ever leave my daughter alone in the bath for one second. Like K.Gaspar I would keep watch on my daughter in the bath when child molesters are about.

  7. "The couple say Madeleine was abducted...."

  8. What a lot of BS! She never feared for her children"s safety didnt she? she left them alone and one "vanished"

    "Public book-signings have become a risk for celebrities".

    If this book is an account of the truth why would one be afraid of a public apparition?Does the mccann woman really think she is a "celebrity"? well from this angle of vision yes she is very IN-famous isnt she?
    The truth is, kate mccann, that once more you do not want to appear in public because you do not want to answer questions from the public,the very same public you have "pomped up" over the last 4 years and which is claiming ANSWERS.Thats the only reason why you do not want to appear in public.NOBODY will ever touch you not even with a barge pole.
    This is a sunday spin,an other sad one:kate needs attention while she should hide in shame."Devoting your life to look for Madeleine"are you? You should have devoted your time to LOOK AFTER her,you fools

    RIP Madeleine

  9. If the media are to be believed, the McCanns did go to their backers and ask for more money, a few months ago Christmas. It seems that they were unsuccessful because shortly after, they said that there was hardly any money left in the fund.

    Who can blame these backers for not giving the McCanns more money for their fund. They must have been appalled to hear Clarence Mitchell say that donors to the fund, won't mind the McCanns and their wider family being assisted by the fund.

    Transworld, the McCanns book publisher, has given the fund a large cash advance, so that should put food on the tables of the McCanns and their wider family for a few months. There may even be enough money for a holiday for them all.

    Transworld, say they are expecting the book to be a best seller, I think they will be sadly mistaken. The book is already reduced to just over £12 in Amazon and is only available in hardback.

    Kate McCann has her own page on Amazon and it is a real eye opener. There are pages and pages of critical comments about the McCanns and hardly any comments supporting them. The ones who are supporting the McCanns are hurling abuse at the ones who are criticising the McCanns.

  10. The Author
    Kate McCann

    "Sorry, no biography exists for this title"
    Biography: Child neglector :c

    I have 2 questions:
    I heard the mccanns are going (dunno if this is true) to send a chain letter because they apparently have 80% of the world emails address
    1) how on earth can they have the email addresses?WHO gave them?
    2) isnt this a breech of privacy?

    Thanks for answering

  11. It is not the people to be scared of kate, it is yourself, your lies.
    Nobody to protect you from the public, or what? Well at last you may begin to realise that the angry public want the truth from you. Stop your play-acting. Can't you see it yet? Everybody knows what is going on. We can see what you're trying to do. It is not working! If for nothing else come out of your story, play the truth role now if not for anyone but your remaining children, but then I really do not think that you care much. Your unsafe feelings are only just starting. You can change this, you know how. Look into the mirror.

  12. This article is telling us that Kate McCann is protected and confirming that they know what we know - she has to be to prevent ugly scenes and violence.

  13. If I receive one of these chain emails, I will report it as a phishing scam. I will also ask my internet provider, to find out where source of the email and take action against the sender.

  14. Well, it's good that the Madeleine Foundation is publicised in the article, and the many questions that need answering, including those of the Portuguese police that Kate refused. But how can a mother who neglected her children night after night by leaving them alone in a dark unlocked apartment, SHE CLAIMS, a police suspect, who is begging for money to pursue a personal theory that Maddy was abducted, for which there is no independent official evidence, become a celebrity? The public are not all fools Kate.

  15. Another of the Sunday Express´s very clever articles. I especially like that use of the word "celebrities", which is a subtle piece of sarcasm at the McCanns' expense. This paper is not going to leave them alone until they get their money back.

  16. anonym@10 according to the article published yesterday at The Sidney Morning Herald, an article which seems to be a compilation of old McCann family statements with added publicity for the "new book", the McCanns are going to invade "80% of the world's email inboxes". In my opinion I see that more as spam than a breech of privacy; that is if you take seriously the "self-advertisement" made by the McCanns, can you imagine 80% of the world email inboxes... in the words of a certain PR: "it is as ludicrous as it is nonsensical"!

  17. Good morning Joana

    I think what will probably happen is, a select few will receive the email and be asked to forward the email on to their friends and family. Philomena McCann has already made that suggestion.

    I have already said in a previous post, that if I receive one, I will report it as phishing scam.

    The McCanns have stooped as low as they possibly can, in their quest to get money for their dwindling fund. Once again they have used Madeleine as a cash cow. If they could get away with it, the McCanns would also use the twins in the same way.

  18. Well, didn't she say many times in interviews that the "critics" are just a very small minority, a sad bunch of internet nutters?!
    Then why is she so afraid? A couple of hefty bodyguards can keep her safe, right?
    I feel the Express is taking another "installment" on their sweet revenge against the McCanns, amongst what seems like the usual "spin",
    not very long ago it would never print anything like this:

    "The questions include several put to the couple by the Portuguese police. One question asks: “How would the McCanns’ children have coped if there was an emergency while they were absent and out of earshot?”"

    "They also ask why the McCanns did not use the hotel’s evening baby-sitting service."

    "The Foundation letter states: “Many feel that the McCanns owe it to the public, whom they have so frequently asked for help, to give them reasonable answers to their questions.”"

    And this:

    "The couple say Madeleine was abducted from their Algarve hotel apartment where the children had been left while they had dinner with friends a short distance away."

    ("the couple SAY"..."the children HAD BEEN LEFT")

    And, if you go to the paper's page, the photograph of Kate they used is terribly unflattering!
    LOVE IT!!!

  19. More likely she does not want to risk the humilliation of sitting for hours in a bookshop to sign half-a-dozen books! (if that!)

  20. Good morning Dandelion, you're right, they're attempting to create a chain email letter, i.e. junk email by all accounts. BTW, they've already used the twins in countless photo shoot sessions, one just needs to google images for "Amelie and Sean McCann" to verify that.

    Part two of today's Sunday Tabloid Spin - "The Next Chapter"

  21. Anon.#6,

    But K. Gaspar NEVER kept watch while her child was in the bath because a POTENTIAL child molester was around!!! And that POTENTIAL child molester WAS INDEED BATHING HER DAUGHTER!!!
    She merely asked her husband to be more "attentive" at bath time IF it was Payne who would be bathing the children! What the f*ck did she mean whith more "attentive"??? She had a strong feeling that Payne was a molester and yet she still lets him bathe her daughter!!! Is this woman for real?! There must be some screws loose in the woman's head, really! I just don't get it!

  22. I am really looking forward to receiving an email from the McCanns. As they are not in my contacts or safe list and are clearly NOT welcome in my inbox I will report them for spamming and phishing because they are trying to sell me something.

    The good side of this will be that I will have their email address and they may find that some Chinese electronics goods company could hijack my email address and spread flatscreen and iPod deals to the McCanns and ALL of the 80% supposed email addresses.

    Now THAT is something I'd love to see happen.

  23. Well said Anonymous (post 21) If I had witnessed what Katherine Gaspar said she witnessed between David Payne and Gerry McCann, I would have said something at the time. I would have then packed my bags and either gone home or moved to another resort. Well away from the McCanns and the Paynes.

    It beggers belief that the Gaspars allowed David Payne to bathe their daughter, after what Mrs Gaspar said she witnessed.

    I don't understand why David Payne would want to bathe the Gaspars daughter. It isn't as if all the children were in a big bath being supervised by all the parents. He was in the Gaspars apartment bathing their daughter. Why?

    I wonder why the Paynes and the McCanns, have never commented on this story. It has been flying around the net for a couple of years and although it wasn't printed in a British newspaper, it was printed in a newspaper that was available to English speaking expats on the continent.

    Katherine Gaspar made a very serious allegation against David Payne, yet he has remained silent.

  24. Too right @ 15. I especially like the way they included a couple of questions from the Madeleine Foundation. Just wished they would have put a few more.

  25. The answer is simple Kate, get your well paid detectives/gorillas to accompany you in case of physical violence, they may learn a thing or two from any questions asked by members of the public that you may not care to answer. Dr Amaral was not afraid, also remember tv interviews will probably be you alone, hope you can hack it.

  26. Kate McCann is afraid of non-scripted questions. TV interviews are easy for the media coached McCann’s - kid glove treatment, addressed in hushed tones, no probing questions, & everything strictly controlled in their favour.

    What Kate McCann is really terrified of is a repetition of what happened outside the court in Portugal last year, where for the first time they had to face direct questioning by a Portuguese journalist and a bit of heckling by the Portuguese public. They showed themselves incapable of giving an honest answer to a straightforward question. They looked & sounded slippery, deceitful and very angry to be caught out - and they know it

    Kate McCann is not going to face curious, random journalists and members of the public at book signings. How many, apart from her strange evangelical-like supporters (& would she really want to meet them?), would bother queuing up anyway?

  27. Let's face it, Kate is not afraid of being physically atacked. She fears the guys from The Madeleine Foundation will ask her on the spot a few nasty questions. That's what it is. Again, playing the victim. Bitch!

  28. It is about high time that kate stops thinking that we are around to humour her with her stunts and fabrications. Start taking responsibility, kate! Your behaviour all along has given you away and now you are starting to feel the pressure and it is about time after what you have put Sr Amaral and his family through. You seem to think you can play with lives. Just look at you. The whole wide world knows that you refuse to own up and tell the truth about your daughter's disappearance and you have the gall and venom to pursue a man and his family because he knows that it was a holiday gone dreadfully wrong, writing a compelling book, fortunately while searching the net, I stumbled on the truth. Do you really think anyone takes notice that you will not be around to sign your book. The hard fact is that you haven't enough cronies to stop the truth from coming to light and I and many others cannot wait for Sr Amaral's second book due on the shelves soon! Hope you feel the heat, madam.

  29. i thought the mccanns said that its only a minority that do not believe them,so why is she afraid, she will have all her adoring followers around her ,who cant seem to grasp the fact that the mccanns have lied from the off, (jemmied shutters, any one.)
    i think she is trying to win yet more sympathy of off the gullible few.

  30. This couple is so megalomanic they urgently need to be tested for syphilis.

    Honest to God they do hold to international record for overrating themselves. They are worse that the Kardashians and Snooki, and that in itself is an achievement.

  31. Was the tunnel in praia da luz near the road works ever searched?

  32. Anon @10

    I say let them e-mail 80% of e-mails addresses(if they have them which they will not, as usual it will be a lie),they will get some very interesting abusive replies, to our two child neglectors that is for sure.

    They have milked this for ever penny they can get, but not anymore, the public are on to them, hense the cancelling of the Bookk signing .

  33. I thought Goncalo Amaral was going to dig there? Why hasn't he?

    Was every inch of the beach searched. If not? Why not?

  34. Grow up Kate and stop acting like a spoilt little drama queen for once in your pitiful, self-centered life.

  35. Dear Portugal we feel very sorry for you,you know why your country is short of money, the Mccanns have given your country a bad name with their lies and bad publicity. People are afraid to come to you for their holidays,you can blame all this kidnap story of Mccanns for this. You should have stood by MSr Amaral and opened the case for the truth,he is a true man and knows that Maddie died in the flat. Please open the case and restore your country's good name.J.Germany.

  36. The photographs of the mccanns leaving church laughing is that of a couple feeling the relief that people are believing their lies

  37. @15 i agree about the sarcastic comments now from the Express, at one time i was going mad with all the pro-Mccann stories by the Express but when you read between the lines they are taking the p**s, and i bet the Mccanns know it(or maybe not the narcissistic t**ts proberly think they have won the Express over after pinching £500.000 from them) i think cold creepy Kate is trying to get publicity for the book saying she is being threatened in the hope people buy it out of sympathy lets be honest that is where they got all those millions from the guillible public in the first place SYMPATHY of losing her daughter but now people at last have woken up and think there is a lot more to poor Maddy's "disappearance".

  38. 31 and 33 concerning the police investigation done in the Roman tunnels, read the process translation at The Maddie Case Files http://bit.ly/fnWosK Extract: «(...) Therefore, this inquiry, which demonstrates the pertinent commitment of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) in the resolution of the disappearance of minor Madeleine McCann, demanded from it the performance or coordination of several diligences as described in the various files, namely: the preservation of the location of the fact (although it had already been rummaged by numerous people as we will discuss ahead); several collections and examinations on the existence of eventual traces; a circumstantiated photographic report; the installation, in the first 24 hours, of an extensive operational scheme, including the participation of several police and civil protection forces, in a total of over 130 elements; the reinforcement, in the next 24 hours, of said operational scheme, with the mobilisation of over 300 members of police forces and public entities; the installation of control posts on roads and on the Southern terrestrial border with Spain; the use of sniffer dog teams; the use of exceptional search and rescue teams (aerial, terrestrial and maritime), alerts and diffusion all over the country and abroad. As a mere example, during the following weeks and on a permanent basis, two helicopters, four vessels and several all-road vehicles, apart from private air-planes and boats, were employed; in the same manner, the investigation operations were coordinated with the specific search operations, with hundreds of diligences performed, like the identification and the formal and informal hearing of citizens, door-to-door searches, in the impressive number of 443, at the residences and tourist resorts of Vila da Luz and its surroundings, the identification and search of vehicles, and searches on the terrain, in an area that started out covering 15 Km2, and progressively grew to 30Km2 (where special attention was paid to locations like wells, passages, tunnels, reservoirs and lakes).(...)»

  39. Well the Express is getting their money in sale volumes.

    The mccanns will be very sorry they'd taken Express for a ride because that's a sword which can kill them even if they are careful now. Too late for them to undo the damage.

    The alleged MF threat is probably not even mccanns' perception but made up by the Express as their instalment revenge.

    She's not signing because there's no money in it. Anything that does not have profit in it the mccanns wont be seen dead doing.

    About No 10 commenter's question about email addies...hey they have havested 50000 of them from their petition and aunt Phil said they want people to start chain emailing. Theyre hoping to reach 80% all the way to Great WAll of China. Maybe maddie is hidden behind those wall.

  40. NO NEGLECT but a hoax checking story! How can a child who is being watched over be "abducted"? Only if you pretend to be checking, then play the -There but for the grace of God- defence as the least worst option. They've fooled most of the people most of the time, but not ALL.

  41. More likely fears no one will turn up for signings excepts for friends, family and paid lackeys!


    No one, nor even the grieving couple (cough) has thought of this...

    I have just been watching the film "Oranges and Sunshine". Here is a brief summary of the film's (true) argument.

    "Oranges and Sunshine" tells the story of Margaret Humphreys, a social worker from Nottingham, who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals in recent times: the forced migration of children from the United Kingdom. Almost singlehandedly, against overwhelming odds and with little regard for her own well-being, Margaret reunited thousands of families, brought authorities to account and worldwide attention to an extraordinary miscarriage of justice. She discovered a secret that the British government had kept hidden for years: one hundred and thirty thousand children in care had been sent abroad to commonwealth countries, mainly Australia. Children as young as four had been told that their parents were dead, and been sent to children's homes on the other side of the world. Many were subjected to appalling abuse. They were promised oranges and sunshine, they got hard labour and life in institutions."

    What if?

    It could explain the presence of Clarence and all the strings attached above...it's a far shot I know...still...


  43. M was dead, so a window of opportunity had to be created, to allow for an "abduction". It also had to give the parents a get-out clause,to avoid a prosecution for neglect. What better than- we were at a nearby restaurant, jumping up and down "checking". The public might condemn them, but the alternative was far worse and a price of some kind had to be paid.

  44. I see now from the Daily Mail that the reason she is not doing a celebrity book signing tour is not fear of attack, but because it would be in bad taste!!! Does the reason change according to the perceived readership of the tabloid concerned?

  45. i wonder if gerry said that madeleine was taken by paedo,s just in case she was found,only the pics above disturb me greatly,its as if he knows the tapas friends will not say anything and that they will get away with what ever they have done to madeleine.oh for some real investigating journolist to look deeper into this case.


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