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Sunday Tabloid Spin - "The Next Chapter"

With funds dwindling and the trail gone cold, Kate McCann has written a hard-hitting book about the search for her daughter, reports Robert Mendick


Four years on, they still say prayers for Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz. Each week, the church in the centre of the Algarve resort makes the same plaintive plea for “Madeleine and all missing children and their families”.

PA; GEOFF PUGH Snatched: Kate and Gerry McCann, left, will use money from the book’s sales to pay for their ongoing search for Madeleine

Kate McCann, the girl’s mother, is sometimes there to hear them. She has made a series of secret trips back to the village, staying with the local Anglican priest and his wife. Shunning the limelight, she goes alone, leaving behind her husband Gerry and their twins, toddlers at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance but now old enough to be at school. The public has never been told until now of these solo trips.

But next month, Kate will find herself where she doesn’t really want to be – back in the full glare of the public spotlight. Her book, entitled simply Madeleine, is published on May 12 – the date of Madeleine’s eighth birthday. She was just three when she went missing.

The McCanns hope the book, published with help and guidance from JK Rowling, will re-invigorate the search for Madeleine.

While Gerry McCann has been back at work for more than three years, resuming his career as a heart consultant, Kate has shown no inclination to return to her day job as a GP.

Her life, instead, is devoted to the children, looking after two and trying to find the other. And, for the past six months, she has been writing.

Her book is expected to raise about £1million for the fund established four years ago to find Madeleine. The money should be enough to pay for private detectives to keep hunting for another two years, the fund having dwindled to £200,000.

Its publication will coincide with a media blitz that will include television interviews in the US, the UK and Portugal. Kate hates being the centre of attention but knows she has to go through with it.

“My reason for writing is simple: to give an account of the truth,” she says. “Publishing this book has been a very difficult decision and is one that we have taken after much deliberation and with a very heavy heart.

“However, with the depletion of Madeleine’s Fund, the decision has been taken out of our hands. Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.”

Close friends say there is nothing this deeply private woman would like more than to avoid the limelight.

Kate has made at least two secret trips to Praia da Luz in the past 12 months. She stayed with Haynes Hubbard, the Anglican priest in the village, and his wife, Susan, who is now a close friend.

“Look at her face when you see the television and newspaper pictures,” says Father Hubbard. “She doesn’t enjoy being in front of the camera but she is prepared to do it because it might bring her child back.

“They need money to carry on the investigation. They will never stop looking and that’s why this book has been written. It probably tears them apart to do this but the child is worth it.”

Another close friend says: “She gets strength from being in the area where Madeleine went missing. I don’t get the impression it is some kind of pilgrimage. It is not like she stands outside the apartment in tears.”

Kate has spent the past six months – when not caring for her two other children Sean and Amelie – shut away in her study writing Madeleine. She has had help from the highest authorities. JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and a supporter of the fund, has helped, including introducing Kate to her agent, Christopher Little.

The book has been painstakingly produced. Kate has spoken widely to friends and family to make sure her recollection of events is precise. Emma Loach, the daughter of the film-maker Ken Loach, has also become a close friend and adviser. She has made two television documentaries about the McCanns, and is a regular visitor to the McCanns’ home in Rothley in Leicestershire.

There has also been input from the Tapas Seven, the group of friends on holiday with the McCanns when Madeleine was abducted on the evening of May 3, 2007. They were dining with the McCanns when Madeleine vanished and have stayed loyal throughout.

The libel law firm Carter Ruck has been through the manuscript. Friends and acquaintances suggest that Kate will “want to settle scores” – particularly with the Portuguese police, who investigated the disappearance and became convinced, wrongly, the child’s parents were involved.

“She does not forgive what they put her through,” says one friend. “Kate is a strong woman and she knows what is right and what is wrong.”

After they were made arguidos – or suspects – back in September 2007 the McCanns finally left Portugal and returned to Rothley. Their arguido status was lifted about a year later. The only other person named arguido – a local man, Robert Murat – was also exonerated by the police at the same time.

Gerry returned to his job at a Leicestershire teaching hospital a little over a month later. Though supremely hard-working, he is, of course, still deeply committed to finding his daughter and active in overseeing the fund.

“Gerry is very much the bread-winner while Kate, when not looking after the twins, spends most of her day on the campaign side,” says a close friend, adding: “The book has taken up all her time. It is a cathartic exercise.”

The couple remain close. Kate is the more devout, attending mass at her local church most Sundays, with their twins, now aged six. Gerry attends, too, if he is not working.

“She hasn’t given up hope,” says the local priest, Father Keith Tomlinson. “Obviously life has been so, so hard but she is a strong character.”

The village has been protective and Kate feels comfortable in and around the area. “She doesn’t like going to London,” says a friend. “They get stared at out of ghoulish curiosity and she finds that very uncomfortable. They are famous for all the wrong reasons.”

The pair are both early risers and fitness fanatics. Gerry often cycles the five miles to work while Kate, who was often photographed in Praia da Luz out jogging, remains a keen runner. Their new-build house, in a cul-desac, is described as “immaculate but lived in”, the walls filled with photographs of the children. There are other poignant reminders of their missing daughter, such as a poster of handprints hanging in the lounge, which was made by school children in Praia da Luz and given to Kate and Gerry as a goodwill gesture.

Upstairs, Madeleine’s bedroom has remained largely untouched. Occasionally birthday and Christmas presents sent to her are put there, unopened, awaiting her return. The bedroom is largely off limits to guests and Kate and Gerry have resisted all offers from the media to open it up for photographs and filming. “Don’t get the idea the room is some kind of shrine to Madeleine,” warns a family friend. “Kate and Gerry are sensitive about the bedroom. It is still Madeleine’s room and it hasn’t changed.”

The hunt for Madeleine has been going on for four years now. The Portuguese police began the search but from the outside it felt halfhearted, quickly abandoned as detectives there grew convinced that, first, the little girl was dead and then, even worse, that the parents were somehow involved.

In desperation and using money raised by the public and through benefactors, the McCanns hired one set of detectives after another. Privately there is an admission the money has not always been wisely spent, though the couple are happy with the team in place now.

One detective agency, based in Spain, promised to have Madeleine back by Christmas – that was in 2007 – while another, Kevin Halligan, was arrested – after being awarded a £500,000 contract to find Madeleine – for widespread fraud. The new operation is said to be more professional but hamstrung by a lack of resources and without the weight of the local police behind it. Sources say there are no obvious leads currently, though surveillance operations are mounted from time to time in Portugal and beyond.

The book may be one last push to find the girl. Kate and Gerry take heart from stories every now and then of missing children who suddenly turn up alive – such as Jaycee Dugard in the US and Natascha Kampusch in Austria.

“We are hopeful that this book may help the investigation to find Madeleine,” says Gerry. “Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information to come forward and share it with our team.

“Somebody holds that key piece of the jigsaw.”

in The Sunday Telegraph, 10 Apr 2011 (via press display)


  1. In the above article, Gerry McCann says someone holds the missing piece of the jigsaw.

    The ones who are holding the missing piece of the jigsaw Gerry McCann, are you and your wife.

  2. Why they don't finally come clean & admit there was no abduction by a stranger. It was proven by intricate police investigation that no abductor could escape through the window.
    Their story has so many holes in it - indeed they have changed it countless times when caught out - the simple explanation is that they are solely to blame.

  3. Mccann's Karma: When they try to live rich and anonymous, after doing their last assault on the public pockets with their fictionnary book, the papers bring them to spotlight again, remembering everybody about the lies... What a Karma, Mccann's- You never fade untill you pay every favour that papers have done to you on the pass. I stop seing them as innocent supporters. They look like vampires who will use your methodes to chasse you, Kate and Gerry.
    Don't worry, Mitchell knows how to do it... He knows how to jump out of the situation leaving you sink on the mud.

  4. Interesting to read this article and compare it with the latest from the Sunday Express. Am sure the mccanns are more than happy that the Telegraph still sings from the 'pro' hymn sheet, whilst the Express once agains to slip in pieces of 'questioning' (even 'anti') material.

    The author of this piece, Robert Mendick, needs to be sent a link to the police files etc. His piece seems to be based just on a crib sheet sent to him by the McCanns!!

  5. "They are famous for all the wrong reasons."

    The 'friend' who said this couldn't say it any better.

  6. Another brainwashing media blitz is on the way. The following is the McCanns ‘official’ response to a supportive poster
    whose concerns about leaving young children alone were dismissed by Team McCann as “unhelpful like piles. Irritating!” :
    We have all left our children unattended at sometime. There have been children abducted from the bath, bed, and garden. Children have disappeared under the very noses of their parents. Do we berate parents for leaving them on their own...? It's no different. Why shouldn't it be OK to feel safe. We should feel safe. I challenge you to say you have never left your child in the garden or the bath. Leaving your child does not make it OK for anyone to enter your place of abode and you seem to forget this. Berate the criminal. Why is the focus on the parents. The crime that was comitted goes unpunished. The criminal is at large and who knows may be staking you out on your perfect holiday and watching for a break in your so called perfect parenting and the moment you turn your head. Do we berate you for not keeping an eye on your child? Those with half an ounce of gray matter would form an intelligent view and try and support the search. Comments Such as yours are and are !
    How much more disingenuous can they get? Team McCann is now equating turning your head for a moment while your child is in the garden or bath (most people would not leave toddlers alone in the bath anyway) with that of making a conscious decision to leave three toddlers alone every night in an unlocked building with access to a dangerous balcony, stone stairs & a road - this was routine not a momentary lapse. On one of those nights one of the children cried for 75 minutes, on another night two of the children cried again and on the very day she vanished, Maddie asked her parents where they were the night before - her question was waved away as nothing more than a passing remark. Regardless of the obvious dangers Team McCann still ask, “Why is the focus on the parents?” and bizarrely insist, “it’s no different” to turning your head for a moment.

    Leaving your valuables alone “does not make it ok for anyone to enter your place of abode” and burgle you. However, though you can “berate the criminal” all you like, you would be a very stupid person if you failed to lock & secure your property as your insurance policy would be invalidated. You may consider the insurance company to be, “unhelpful like piles. Irritating1” but they would deem you to be irresponsible and would not pay out.


  7. …cont

    And how about this comment from Team McCann; “The criminal is at large and who knows may be staking you out on your perfect holiday and watching for a break in your so called perfect parenting and the moment you turn your head. Do we berate you for not keeping an eye on your child?”. Beware - never ever question Team McCann, who knows what may happen if you do - that abductor may just be lying in wait to exact revenge on you.

    We can take it as a given that only the McCann’s or someone extremely close to them, is authorised to respond on their official campaign site which makes this sinister comment a deliberate attempt by Team McCann to intimidate and spook a reasonable supporter who merely disagreed with the official line.

    FindMadeleine then goes on to say, “Those with half an ounce of gray matter would form an intelligent view and try and support the search”, in other words ‘just shut up you brainless fool and send the money’. If anyone, whether they are a supporter or not, dare show dissent, Team McCann, right on cue, always trot out the same old sarcastic ‘you perfect parent you’ line, even though no one has ever actually claimed to be a perfect parent (nobody is) but common sense alone tells you that their actions were just plain wrong.

    The site has now removed the mangled comment - KM probably thought better of it and deleted it.

    For the past four years Team McCann have ‘worked incredibly hard’ to instil the notion that it’s ok, ‘responsible parenting’ even, to go out & leave small kids on their own whilst simultaneously alleging that one of their children is now in the clutches of a paedophile as a direct result - how cock-eyed is that? It is so absurd that I’m sure they don’t really believe it themselves but so far they’ve got away with it because the media, and others, turn a blind eye and are unwilling or unable to challenge them. It’s about time an advocate in child welfare spoke out and called a halt to Team McCann’s insidiously dangerous propaganda before some stupid parent somewhere is influenced by their irresponsible drivel and tragedy befalls another child.

  8. 'But next month, Kate will find herself where she doesn’t really want to be – back in the full glare of the public spotlight'

    Mendick is talking about the woman who will gatecrash any event anywhere to grab a bit of publicity.

  9. The Telegrapg: "The pair are both early risers and fitness fanatics. Gerry often cycles the five miles to work while Kate, who was often photographed in Praia da Luz out jogging, remains a keen runner"

    Well they must be prepared, in case they have to do a runner.

  10. They are unhappy with their previous detectives, Metodo3 and Kevin Halligen, both of whom were paid hundreds of thousands of publicly donated money. WHY haven't they sued them?

  11. Telegraph:

    'The book has been painstakingly produced. Kate has spoken widely to friends and family to make sure her recollection of events is precise'

    You bet. Must get the 'story' straight.

  12. God when is this farce going to end. We're expected to swallow this tosh, "The new operation is said to be more professional but hamstrung by a lack of resources and without the weight of the local police behind it. Sources say there are no obvious leads currently, though surveillance operations are mounted from time to time in Portugal and beyond"

    They're probably just snooping around Portugal looking for dirt on the Portuguese Police, Amaral and anyone else who doesn't believe them.

    They still have £200,000 but are "hamstrung by the lack of resources" Exactly how much money do these people want? Where is the money going/gone? Is it being used on the so-called 'search' or to pay lawyers? Why isn't the private company 'Fund' accountable and transparent?

    Oh, and there are "no obvious leads currently". Well I'm sure they'll manage to come up with something before May 12.

  13. So "Father Hubbard says she doesn't like being in front of the cameras" But she was laughing like a drain in Praia da Luz in front of the cameras on Madeleine's birthday just after she vanished.

    I notice that once again, and again, and again, all this money never comes up with any credible leads, does it? so what's the point in this book really?, to try to brainwash the public? Frankly I'd rather beiieve the expert British and Portuguese police evidence and their conclusions. Why should the Mccanns have scores to settle because they were suspects, what sort of people talk like that?...Oh yes.

  14. @12 didn't you know? Maddie is in America, it's a whole different and very gullible market for the McCanns to rip off. Wait for 'I, Kate - the Musical' coming to a theatre near you!

  15. No book signings...no surprise. What they fear most is a rogue reporter (or other) asking uncomfortable questions in the full glare of publicity.

  16. You should never, never NEVER leave a small child unattended in a bath (any doctor will tell you!!!!) As for gardens, I once let my two-year-old daughter play in the back garden while I kept an eye on her from the kitchen window. She wasn´t abducted, but we ended up in A. and E. because she found some "nice berries", which turned out to be black nightshade. Hospital staff gave me a right ticking off, and quite right too. Babies and toddlers need constant vigilance,

  17. So, they are "hamstrung by the lack of resources".

    Well, I would be hamstrung by lack of resources too, if I was continually using Carter Ruck - probably the most expensive libel lawyers in the UK. And when you add on to that their Portuguese lawyer and their UK extradition lawyers ...

    Still, it's good that the public can see where most of their hard-earned cash will go if they donate to the fund.

  18. “Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information to come forward and share it with our team"

    Blah blah blah....4 years later?: mccann woman why dont YOU answer the 48 questions the PJ asked you before people "come forward with new information"?

    @12 you are probably right:there might be a new "sighting" before the 12th of May to make the whole thing look real" -well at lest in her poor mind of course-.It wouldnt surprise me in the least.

    The whole saga is reaching an end methink and she knows it:soon she/they will have to come as a witnesses,not arguidos, and will be obliged to answer under oath.
    They really underestimate GA and HIS intelligence and this is a BIG mistake,probably their biggest mistake :c

    Força Gonçalo and thanks to you,soon Madeleine will RIP

  19. "They are famous for all the wrong reasons".
    I'm happy the Sunday Telegraph is saying that. True or not, that paper is talking about doubtful things, after all. This is good. The British media are daring more.
    At the beginning they were not even publishing about doubts.They were inconditionally in favor of the abduction theory.

    And I don't believe they ever payed Metodo 3.

  20. They are scared. Nobody knows what the new Amaral's book will bring us. Or perhaps the McCanns know it already, a leak from the editor.
    I can't wait.
    Astro, Joana, please spend a night reading it and tell us.

  21. Wonder what Fr Hubbard's involvement is in all this? He always toes the McCann line, assuming he is correctly reported, but it isn't possible that anyone genuinely believes them surely?

  22. The publishers have had the manuscript checked by carter ruck, obviously incase Dr Amaral picks up any information, or can sue for defamation. Kate likes the limelight all those photos of her running recently, and gerry, are we interested in their life ...no we just want to know where Madeleine is.
    I blame the PJ and British police forces for not investigating this case further. If you notice on McCann Files one of the runners on kate and gerrys list id chief superintendantRollings, head of Missing Persons for Leicstershire Police... Gambol has disappeared a nd they are matey with another high up official, and they were suspects..it stinks

  23. Anon. #21 - I too have wondered about the Hubbard's involvement. The McCanns became friendly with this couple on very short notice. Were the Hubbards interview by law enforcement at the time? I understand the Catholic priest is bound by the seal of the confessional but I find the Catholic couple's relationship with the Anglican clergyman and his wife very curious.

  24. When their online petition was set up at the beginning of November 2010 they pleaded for more money as there was “only” £300k left in fund - they omitted to mention that they’d already signed a book deal. Later that month we discovered that they’d received a large advance (??) from Transworld publishers, as well as a reputed £200k from The Sun newspaper for the serialisation of the book. They said every penny raised from the book deal and The Sun, was to go straight into the fund. Now six months later this article informs us that the fund now stands at £200k,

    So, where is the money?

  25. Absolutely wonderful comments from #6/#7! Couldn't agree more, those are exactly my feelings and thoughts.

    "For the past four years Team McCann have ‘worked incredibly hard’ to instil the notion that it’s ok, ‘responsible parenting’ even, to go out & leave small kids on their own whilst simultaneously alleging that one of their children is now in the clutches of a paedophile as a direct result - how cock-eyed is that? It is so absurd that I’m sure they don’t really believe it themselves but"...

    Yes, how absurd! Their daughter is, according to them, in the hands of a paedophile, ah...but a nice one for sure, because they proclaim she has come to no harm and hope she is being treated with love and respect(!), given her comforter blanket, being read a bedtime story, or else...Madeleine will be giving them(the paedos) her tuppence worth!!!

  26. Kate, you have 48 questions to answer but still you choose not to. Once you do the case can be reopened and you can get the real police involved again...oh ..but you don't want that do you...What have you got to hide?


    Thanks Joana for all your hard work, if it is true that you have been unwell of late, I'm very sorry to hear that and wish you a speedy recovery and best wishes for the future.

  28. Ha ha ha, get ready folks for:

    ---Kate McCann and The Chamber of Secrets---

    Daily Mirror tomorrow:


    She helps Kate write book

    Secrets of search revealed

  29. Kate attends mass most sundays, any Catholic worthy of the name attends mass every sunday,
    I was told 2 weeks ago by a friend of the Maccann's that Kate has finished with mass, and its Gods fault and the stupid Portugese Police. And Maddie is still alive and well.

    So you see we all got it wrong. And that is the Holy Gospel according to The Maccanns and their cohorts and the UK media.

    These people are barking mad WOOF WOOF WOOF

    Liverbird from Liverpool.

  30. Clarrie and Gerry will do everything to avoid Kate to get direcly contact with the public. No signatures, no little chat, no answers.
    She makes too many mistakes, all the time. That's why she did not answer the 48 questions and why she will not present her book herself, signing it.Three words and we will all find out where the body is, what really happened to Madeleine, what happened to the pink blanket and who is Tapas 10.
    Shame!, please Gerry and Clarrie, let her talk! And bring Philomena along. Let her talk too!

  31. Holland is in schock. A sick young man shot 6 people dead and committed suicide.Very sad indeed.There are still 17 people in hospitals and 7 of them are in serious conditions.

  32. Will be boring her interviews with her delivering across the world the same cassette: “My reason for writing is simple: to give an account of the truth,”

    She spent the last months being trainned to deliver the same story, same answer every time. Amaral, as a top investigator, already gave the most important answer to the portuguese journalists: " Nao e assim que eles encontram a filha", more or less, "will be not like that, they will find their daughter".
    The book/ interviews, are useless for Madeleine but very profitable for her parents pockets. How much you are charging for each interview? Anyone in portugal with RTP payed by portuguese taxes? A shame if so.
    Only official police can search and find Madeleine. The rest is just spin to feed Mccann's luxurious life and their insultuous team of lawyers, Mitchell and detectives. Any other parents with a pinch of sense and dignity will have fired the bunch of incompetent detectives, long ago. After 3 years, what have they done apart annoying the cancer dead man in Germain and been almost espelled by a Germain prosecutor? NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But the Mccann's can't fire them because they know too much about their lies and their strategies to fool the public.

    That's why I stop buying Harry Potter books for my children and they are not wasting money on any ticket to see any of the Harry potters saga in the cinema. They learn how to say NO and they agree. Who support criminal parents did not deserve a coin from any family with children. Mccann's were made arguidos, remain the main suspects and refused to do all the steps that could clear them. They fail to hand any evidence to support their abduction theory and they fail to prove their innocence. The police openned the door for them, they closed it cowardly.
    I hope nobody buys Kate pile of lies. At least in Portugal and in all countries they connected with a tan Paedo abductor. Childs deserve respect and the Mccann's desrespect their 3 children an all children in the world.
    Kate, leave your face out of our screen TVs. Stand your a... every morning to work as a GP. There is no crise on your job. You are a fake person, nothing on you is genuine. You and your husband knows well where is the missing piece of the Jigsaw. Fill the form, reopen the investigation, tell the truth to the police.

  33. Have just seen report in today's Daily Mirror that JK Rowling is supporting K McCann and advising her about her book. Either JK has suddenly become unaccountably mean with her money, or she's not supporting the MCs at all, because JK is known to be a most generous donor to causes close to her heart. If she was genuinely supporting them they woud have no need to write books or run races or anything, as she could spare millions to help the search. She knows perfectly well, as do all the rest of us, that the whole thing is completely fictitious. It's not even a question of giving them the benefit of the doubt any more, as most of us probably did for the first few weeks. There simply is no doubt to give them the benefit of.

  34. JKR write the book. Is the new chapter of Harry Potter fantasy. Madeleine become one of the new characters and Kate and Gerry te new evils.

  35. Kate doesn't like to be in the Limelight ? Who is she fooling ?


  36. The Mirror (McCann Files) tells that the Portuguese police "became
    convinced"that the parents have to do with Madeleine's disappearence.
    "Became convinced"and not "are suspecting".
    What a progress in the English media. Getting better and better.

  37. No 10- because Kevin knows EVERYTHING! Why do you think we hear nothing of the extradition? Inkerman and friends.

  38. April fool changed for 12.


    Wanna be judges and investigators please note:

    The fact that she did not answer the questions is a poor argument. Her husband did answer the questions. She was advised by her lawyer not to. A confirmed fact.

    OK, we can now argue that the questions put to her husband were irrelevant and that only hers mattered, which again is a poor argument. This kind of idle talk will not get this court of opinion anywhere. If anything is discrediting us members of the jury (cough) The law, dear commentators, allows for such prerogatives.

    Now having written this, I am aware that under Portuguese legislation, the lovely couple should have got up to 5-years in jail - for abandoning their children to their fate.

    But...surprise! surprise! The law was never applied and instead The glamorous duo were allowed to fly away. This should never have happen.

    The focus of the investigation should have been on whether or not the McCanns' had abandoned their children to their fate and/or whether they were ultimately responsible for the child disappearance.

    The contradictions were so many that I suspect not just the parents would end up in prison. Some of their friends too.

    The irony is that they were then allowed to came back (by then fully equipped with a powerful PR and legal machine) to demand over a million from the police - well...the ex-Chief investigator.

    If it had been my student girlfriend (who has to work as a waiter at Starbucks to help pay for her studies) and I (a free-lance journalist wanna be) we would have been still in jail.

    There are three different laws. One for the professional well-to-do, another for the middling classes and a third for nuts and bolts people...ethnics...immigrants...lost souls.



    J.K. first marriage was to a Portuguese TV journalist (Jorge Arantes) from whom she has a daughter (Jessica).

    J.K. used to say J. was too jealous. Well, may be J. was missing the K. - may be J. had reasons...who knows...

    Sadly, her half-Portuguese daughter (if her Portuguese grandmother words are anything to go by that is) was then carefully kept away from the Portuguese side of the family. You don't see any photos of her with Jessica, do you? Any veiled faces around her? No.

    Now, this and the fact J.K. lived for a while in Scotland with her sister may explain her "chip in the shoulder" towards the Portuguese and her sympathy for the Scottish (Gerry) McCanns. So you see, there is nothing mysterious about J.K. rolling a book for Kate...

    J.K. sympathy for the "grieving parents" could be nothing but a way to try to get at her Portuguese husband's feelings and "those stupid people down there..."

    Oh! Joanne Rowlings you look so pretty - very much like Pandora must have done...


  41. anon at 32 exactly the mccanns are only interested in making money and JKR should know better than getting mixed up with these people, bad career move JK my friends and I refuse to buy anything to do with Harry Potter since your involvement with Mccanns.

  42. I remember Robert Mendick!the author of this MaCann propaganda piece,i will never forget Robert Mendick! for one main reason ,he is the sick bit of filth who put this to print on behalf of Kate & Gerry MaCann

    "A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve"

    The MaCanns are disgusting people, surrounded by disgusting people !

  43. They uncovered the Darwin fraud. They will uncover the McCann fraud....eventually.....I hope they get put away for a long time....

  44. Madeleine:
    Our Daughter's DISAPPEARANCE and the Continuing Search for Her
    By Kate McCann
    (Still no questions answered?)


    Gerry McCann
    (Still cooking sea bass and blogging/blagging?)

    JK Rowling
    (Still writing fantasy?)

    Emma Loach
    (Still making Moc-Docs or just co-writing crock books?)

    The Secret Seven - Russell O’Brien, Jane Tanner, David Payne,
    Fiona Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Rachel Oldfield and Dianne Webster
    (Still honouring that pact of silence - no reconstruction yet?
    Did the co-written “story” require many secret meetings?
    Seen Robert Murat lately and how is Katerina Gaspar?)

    The McCann family - John McCann, Philomena McCann
    Trish & Sandy Cameron etc
    (Still think Money-Talks-Dogs-Don’t?
    Lassie was always pretty sharp though)

    The Healy family - Brian & Susan Healy, Uncle Brian & Janet Kennedy
    (Still maintaining the PJ are corrupt and PDL is evil - or just praying?)

    Clarence Mitchell
    (Still impersonating police officers? Still instructing the media and directing operations?)

    Marcos Aragao Correia
    (Still supporting the McCanns, dredging that dam for Madeleines body, consorting with Metodo3, cosying up to brutal Child killer Leonor Cipriano. Still & targeting Amaral?)

    Brian Kennedy
    (Still checking out witnesses? Any more visits to Robert Murat, the Smith family or others? Still think Metodo3 was value for money? And how about Kevin Halligen and Edgar & Cowley?)

    Metodo 3
    (Still expecting Maddie home by xmas - which one?
    How much were they really paid and just how well do they know
    Brian Kennedy and Marcos Aragao Correia?)

    Kevin Halligen
    (Still in jail - since November 2009 - no bail, no trial?
    That’s tough. Innocent until proven guilty - for some only it seems.
    Why didn’t Halligen - & subsequently Edgar & Cowley - check the McCanns information line for a whole year. And the McCanns didn’t ask about tips? Didn’t they care?)

    David Edgar & Arthur Cowley
    Still searching that lair in PDL or is it:
    It gets you out of Knutsford I suppose. By the way, what exactly
    were they searching for in Lisbon? Funny situation that; the private
    investigators investigating the official investigators when they really should have been looking for Maddie)

    Still getting paid to put the screws on abduction sceptics?
    Please see book title - why does it say disappearance - what happened to the ABDUCTION? The public have been browbeaten into accepting that they knew IMMEDIATELY Maddie was abducted but for some strange reason, they have never explained why. Of course, I forgot, Clarence Mitchell - after four years - recently changed the goalposts when he stated publicly that the “abduction” is only a hypothesis - odd that.

    Last - but not least - The UK media
    (Still touting for public donations for the secret private company/lawyers fund?
    Ever wondered what really happened - no?)

  45. 29, Kate attends mass most Sundays while she makes a mess of the McCanns' life the rest of the week.

  46. Poor Madeleine with 'parents' such as hers she was lucky to have reached her 3rd birthday...RIP Maddie

  47. Anon @ 44 absolutely brilliant post you are spot on...what a circus, what a farce !!!

  48. Just been reading posts at Kates Authors page on Amazon, there are almost 2,000 posts since it opened and the majority of posters are asking questions...people want action, fund investigated and case re-opened, no more 'fluffy words', justice for Madeleine.

  49. Fantastic blog Joana and Astro ...you make a great team.

  50. Is Kate jogging in Rothley every day, or the jogging strategy was just used in PDL to attract the Media and fool the generous public?

  51. Kate advised by her lawyer for not answering the 48 questions, was a strategy because she has strong responsibilities on the disapearence of her daughter and that responsibilities have nothing to do with negligence.
    The negligence was invented to allow an oportunnity for a strange to enter the saga. That oportunnity had less then 5 minutes to happen and be concluded. Impossible due to physical, logistic and natural obstacles. The negligence never hapenned that's why they cannot hang on it and try to negociate less then 5 years in prison ( a suspended sentence) by cooperating with investigation. They lie about the negligence and with Kate silence or not, the judges quickly will desmantle all the lies, in Court. Then, the Court and anything that could end up with them questionned in Court, must be avoided.
    The money from the Fund and the book, never went or go to search Madeleine. Was used to feed who could help them stay out of Court. For that they CREATE A FAKE FUND, A FAKE PETITION, A FAKE SEARCH and now, A FAKE BOOK. Their life lies on a limbo of "PRETENDING TO" but doing the opposite. FOOLING, FOOLING all the time... But the Public is hard to fool at moment and their expensive team will not survive without the smell of the big round numbers. One day, one year, the rats will be caught. Is never late for justice. Just look at Internet and see how many people post about Madeleine/Mccann's everyday, passionated, like if she had disappeared yesterday. Your Karma Mccann's, you are fooling yourselves and damaging the futur of your remaining childs. They will not forgive you when they grow up and start understanding the real situation and finding the truth.

  52. All the comments in todays daily mail against the Maccanns never thought I would see so many people against them it thanks to blogs like this we in the UK are so well informed about this case.
    Too right Kate Maccann, will not be signing her so called book she will be lucky if 1 copy is sold.
    Whats that song from the musical Chicago, You had it coming you had it coming.

    Rachel Liverpool

    You took the UK public for Mugs too long. Its payback time.

  53. J. K. Rowling, an award winning FICTION writer helping Kate McCann with her book - how appropriate!!!!!

  54. What a terrible amount of news about Madeleine and Kate. It has more to do with Amaral's book than with something else.They are scared and I hope they have no idea about what his book contains.And, like I said before, I can't wait.If I would be Kate, I would continue attending all masses in this world.
    After having blaming the Portuguese police, the media, the abductor, she is now blaming God. God doesn't care at all about her negative feelings about Him but I think many religious people will.

    I hope Portugal will hear about this. And many English people too.
    Portugueses are very religious people.

  55. I just saw the announcement of a book at Guerra & Paz' editor:
    "Guia de filosofia para pessoas inteligentes".

    This is very funny.

  56. Interesting that Kate has been making secret lone trips to PDL and staying with the priest. Is this to be near Madeleine?
    But wasn't Madeleine abducted? In which case she would probably be miles away from PDL, maybe on a different continent, seems Kate knows otherwise.

  57. 44 Excellent post.
    "The Secret Seven" brilliant!

  58. She is not attending any signing of her book because she already taste the feeling of the major public on the Amazons site dedicated to her. It is even abusive to call her an author. She is not able to say correctly a paragraph with more then 2 sentences, then how she could write a book? JKR wrote it. "Madeleine" is the new epysode of the Harry Potter Saga. That's why has a subtitle "the continuous search for her" or the last modification done by team Mccann "the secrets of the search" (exactly like Harry Potter).
    I was thought that the book was an oportunnity for Kate to gave an account about the Truth. Seems not. She fooled the public again and was caught even before releasing it. If was about the Truth, must be about May 2 and 3, 2007 and ending with their statements to the police on the first week after the disappearence. If is about the secrets of the search, then must start in Sep. 2007 when she runaway to UK, because before that is known, she never search her daughter (no secrets to reveal).
    The only secrets about the search, which are important for the public and need to be revealed and investigated are 'WHERE WENT THE MONEY FROM THE FUND donated by millions of honest people?' I don't care about the amount JKR or Brian Kennedy, or other so called VIP bakers claim they gave to the Fund... Even because I don't believe they ever transfer a single coin to it. They are not stupid. They will not let their bank Acc. to be connected with a Fund full of innuendos and belonging to a pair at high risk of being investigated and accused of homicide and concealment of the body, fraud, etc,etc. Their Hypothetic donations were used to convince the innocent public to spare some money and give it, and to grab some publicity to themselves. They just gave the name, not even the face because I never saw any of that VIPs talking or supporting the Mccann's in public. It is always, Mitchell, the Mockjournalists or a friend, claiming the support and the donations. I'm very curious to know why the owner of 'Virgin' and 'Topshop' let Mccann's down. Any line about that, Kate, on your book?
    JKR use to be a top writter but she started going down when her books were claimed to be a 'plaggio' and now with that association with Mccann's, she signed the last chap on her fall.
    A fantasist writter is really the best for writing about the search for Madeleine. Was all a fantasy to avoid any explanation about where really went the money. Then, who should attend the signing of the book, must be JKR and assume that now that Harry Potter grows up and he become an adult, she need another character to entretain the young public. Madeleine is perfect. She cannot grow up. Will live forever as a lovelly little girl born in a wrong family.

  59. Seems even JK Rowlings is distancing herself from the book now :


    ''Yesterday it emerged that the author had given a helping hand to Kate McCann, the mother of the missing eight-year-old, Madeleine, with her account of the disappearance in Portugal four years ago. But Rowling denied reports that she had written the book which is due to be published next month.

    In a statement a spokesman for the author said: "While JK Rowling has been a long-term family supporter, her only part in bringing the book to publication has been in supporting the fact that her literary agent was also representing Kate. Beyond this, she has not been involved in any aspect of the writing, editing or publication of the book."

  60. anon at 59,
    Everything mccann's touch, end up destroyed. JKR will be not an exception. She already damaged her reputation and popularity by leting her name to be connected with those two suspects.
    A minute is enough to destroy the image of somebody. Takes the all life to recover it.
    A lesson for who play the mccann's dirty game. The public in the internet or whatever will not go away until they face a real investigation, a Court and tell the truth.

  61. Ha ha, # 59, that is really funny. Poor JK, panicking that she might be associated with KM's inarticulate rambling lies. That would ensure no-one took her seriously as an author ever again.

  62. So, let's see - who is it who plants all the propaganda about the McCanns into the papers? Why, Clarence Mitchell of course. Yet here, one day later, we have the sainted Clarence denying the story he planted only one day previously. Not to mention the fact that in the Leicester Mercury, Clarence's words are put into the mouth of a spokesman for JK Rowling. I bet JKR was mad as hell when she found out the MCs had been using her name yet again to polish their tarnished image.

  63. Jk Rowling writes fiction books.....

  64. 59, how happy I am Prince Charles did no allow Kate to approach him, for a photo. I would not be surprised if she, after the happening, would have spread around the Charles had invited her for lunch or diner.
    The McCanns are dangerous people. Kate is using JK Rowling's name.

    Twice a week I teach handwork at a school, where I told the children that Mrs.Rowling is a dangerous person, supporting the McCanns. Tomorrow I will repair what I said because it is not true and Mrs. Rowling does not diserve my comment.
    And I will take the profit to explain what "pathological lier" means.

  65. Oh my goodness - poor Maddie disappearing at Beltane and when the moon was full in Scorpio - and having Auntie Rowling in on the action makes one`s mind think of all sorts. Never mind - 1000 points of light probably sent out a clear message to those in the know.

  66. Anonymous #62 Being "an ex-journalist who knows the media inside out" (lewispr quote) Clarence Mitchell will be fully aware that gendered assumptions and expectations frequently exist in modern newspaper press, particularly in tabloid newspapers. :d

  67. @64 - if you are really putting this sort of muck into the minds of schoolchidren then you urgently need both state intervention and medical help. This is not normal.

  68. Now J.K.R. has not been involved with the writing of the book. Well this just adds to the advanced publicity. I hope she sues Clarence Mitchell - this man is even more dangerous than the McCanns. He has access to the media where he can spin for them whatever needs to be spun at any particular moment. How can anyone take this person seriously???

  69. Anon 44!!!


    PC Ryan,UK.

  70. JOANA @65 pleased that PJReis is posting again.....great news!

  71. JKR on the same pile as many witnesses/sights of Madeleine-USED by Mitchell/ Mccann.

  72. Olá, Jona!
    Não acredito em btixas, mas acredito dm voltar a ver a Maddy! Espero.

  73. Wow some people are heartless!! How can anyone think these poor parents would do such a thing.. Yes they made a mistake leaving their child but they are going to live with that all their lives. Just think how you would feel if you lost your own child a 4 year old and when you need support and people looking out for her you get accused of something like that!?

    Also a woman a few years before stayed at the same place her child went missing too she had the same ivestigator as the McCann's and she got beaten by strangers into addmitting she killed her own child! Look into that before you start accusing.


    ^^ there's your goddamn evidence you assholes!


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