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  1. I've been checking on and off all day especially now we have the great news that Scotland Yard are getting involved in a review, at last a proper investigation into Maddie's case.
    Kate has really shown herself up for the sick woman she is with her graphic descriptions of Maddie's body, all comments on AOL and Amazon are now questioning the mccanns the tide has turned, the Mccanns looked really worried on the news tonight, no doubt Gerry has been phoning around trying to get reassurance from the Tapas group on their 'pact of silence.'
    I just hope none of the information the Portuguese hold is passed to the mccanns because they are suspects and their guilt is so obvious. If we had known 4 years ago what we know now about deleted phone messages, sniffer dogs, lack of physical searching by mccanns there would have been a different outcome.
    This investigation is long overdue, but this week the Mccanns sank to new depths with their litery filth and media blitz, so something had to be done about them, they were like a runaway train almost unstoppable, but hopefully now common sense will prevail and the mccanns will soon find themselves in a court of law being charged for their crimes and fraudulent fund.

  2. I was watching Sky News at 19:50 and there was an interview with a government official and if I heard him correctly he said words to the effect "it is not unusual for the British investigators to get involved with an international homicide.....eh...disappearance...".

    Did anyone else hear this?

  3. It is being reported that the Portuguese deny that there is to be a review with Scotland Yard. Any idea if this is true? If so Mr Cameron is going to look very red facesd!

  4. Be careful what you wish for, Gerry.
    Remember the tragic Soham case when Huntley was plying games with the media and the village Bobbies. It was only when Scotland Yard were called in that his little game was brought to an abrupt end.

  5. I too have been checking all day, I have missed this blog,I did not know how much till today, this blog is a refuge for us in the UK. thank you to all who make it possible. Can we have a party outside the court when its all over. If I win the euro lottery, it a party for all in Portugal. promise.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  6. Yes number 2 I heard that as well. Martin Brunt also mentioned homicide specialists.

  7. If I'm not mistaken officers from Scotland yard did take part in the Portuguese led investigation. Mr. Jose Freitas was one of those officers, a Scotland Yard investigator specializing in violent crime. Mr. Amaral even requested Mr. Freitas to come to Portugal to testify on his behalf, when the McCann couple were in the process of banning Mr. Amaral's book. A request which was denied.

    I tend to view with caution this announcement that Mr. Cameron enlisted the services of Scotland Yard. I wonder, is it a coincidence that the announcement that Scotland Yard is going to review the case is made at the same time as Mrs. McCann's book being launched or is this just another elaborate PR scheme to give credibility to the McCann couple.

  8. I was wonder Joana, if that had something to do with Mccann's. Internet was behavioring strange since they start their new saga, even regarding Newspapers where comments were allowed. Since the main job of Mitchell before getting hired by the Mccann's was controlling what was going on, on the Internet, we never know. Could be just my mind going evil. I feel sick just by thinking they could have such importance.
    I wish the Truth come out soon. But I don't believe this is going to happen. Taking in account the last news, seems with help of the tabloid "The Sun", they manage to fool Mr.Cameron and Theresa May to review the case and put their hands on what is undersecrecy on PJ files. Is Mr. Cameron going to put public money also on the search of other British persons, or Madeleine is special and deserves more interest/effort then the others?
    If the British are going to pay the investigation trough SCOT. YARD, the Fund must be closed, investigated and the remain money go to Scot.Y. And what about the book? Scot Yard can use it as a new evidence? The parents are going to be reinvestigated or the only possibility that can be at the top of the table is "abduction by strangers"?
    Cameron was dragged into the Circus. Could be the beginning of his end, because in Portugal is quite clear that the investigation didn't achieve a clear conclusion because the parents did not help the police with reconstruction and a JOINT INVESTIGATION POINTS TO THE DEAD OF MADELEINE THAT NIGHT. Is Cameron going to interfere with what is already known/achieved and erase compromising evidences from the files? And Portugal is going to accept such interference? If so, shame on all of that politics. They don't deserve the chairs where they are seating. They are a new type of criminals.


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