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Criminal Profiler Pat Brown on Kate McCann's book

Kate and Gerry McCann press conference on February 19, 2010 in London after they won an injuction to stop the publication of the book 'Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie' in Portugal

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Did Kate McCann read my Letter to her?

Kate McCann has a new book out, Madeleine, an incredible self-serving propaganda piece which leads me to believe she must have read my letter (below from October 4, 2007). But, as can happen to people who may have a narcissistic personality disorder, they just don't know when to SHUT UP. For, in the book, Kate's explanations further lead me to doubt the McCanns' claims of innocence in the disappearance of their daughter. One simple example is the most peculiar speculation of Kate that all her children may have been drugged by Madeleine's 'abductor' both the night she went missing and the previous night. First of all, Kate, this would serve no purpose to the 'abductor' except to waste time and it would be difficult to accomplish. You must know that. So the only rational reason you are claiming the children might have been drugged would be to explain away the fact that, indeed, if it ever is proven they were, you have covered that issue by explaining you were concerned about the children's lethargy and someone else is responsible. However, the only ones likely to have given the children drugs would be you and Gerry.

Any good lawyer will tell you to SHUT UP, but, no, you keep talking, Kate, and we thank you for it.


Yes, Kate,

It isn’t your breast size or weight that is causing your problems. It is you and your narcissist evaluation of the situation and your PR team’s equally stupid assessment of the situation that is making you look so bad in the public eye.

I am a criminal profiler with years of experience dealing with parents of murder victims and missing relatives. Your behavior and the behavior of your husband fall far outside or the norm for grieving parents. Now, this may be because you are just terribly narcisstic folks who had nothing to do with your child going missing (outside of neglecting your children and putting your needs to party before their needs for comfort and safety, a narcissistic behavior if I have ever seen one). You and Gerry may simply be so narcissistic you have no understanding of how other people view your behaviors and your PR team may share your narcissism so that no one on your team has a clue to normal human behavior.

But, SHUT UP! Every time you open your mouths you do more damage to yourselves. You seem guiltier by the day. Your attempt at “damage control” is so obvious and so very much a day late and a dollar short, everything you do or say seems a cover up and a transparent attempt at proving your innocence.

Let me make clear what I think is weird about what you say and do:

You choose words about Madeleine’s disappearance which make it appear you know there is no abductor and that Madeleine is dead.

Both you and Gerry state your only guilt in the matter is not being their when Madeleine “was taken.” This statement makes no sense for abduction as Madeleine could not be taken if either of you were with Maddie when an abductor would have shown up. It makes more sense in the context that Maddie died while you were not in the apartment.

Your statements and attitude about Madeleine being alive do not square with parents who really believe their daughter is in the hands of a pedophile or pedophiles who are brutally raping and torturing her daily.

Your attempts at “finding” Madeleine do not represent the manner most parents would choose if they were actively searching for a live child but appear more to be the actions of parents trying to prove after the fact of a child’s death that they “cared” (not care) about her.

Your behaviors of “keeping a normal routine” and “keeping up one’s appearance” is admirable, but extremely bizarre. I don’t know any other parents of missing children who can appear so together and cheery. When my daughter cooked our kittens by accident in the dryer, I cancelled Christmas.

Gerry’s blog creeps people out. It is too upbeat. Terrified and distraught parents of missing children are rarely able to jog and play tennis and go to park with their other kids and have a fun time. Over a long period of time, maybe, but this is usually years after the nightmare begins. Some parents never recover from the trauma and it is common for marriages to fail and the brothers and sisters to feel their parents went absent after their sibling went missing.

Your ability to sleep at night after the first five days, Kate, is beyond belief. It is the behavior of one who already knows the answer and even then, is quite a narcissistic trait. If you believed your daughter was being raped as you lay in bed at night, sleep would be very hard to come by. I guess you finally realize this and your mother is saying that NOW you can’t sleep and Madeleine comes to visit you in the night. What changed, Kate?

Your PR team coming up with an answer to every accusation, answers that are ludicrous in themselves, makes you seem awfully defensive, and, if there is no way you or Gerry had anything to do with Maddie’s disappearance, you have nothing to defend. Furthermore, if all you care about is finding Maddie, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on such silliness. After all, as Gerry said, Maddie is the only important thing, right?

So, SHUT UP, Kate. SHUT UP, GERRY. Fire your PR team as they are totally worthless. If both of you really are innocent and your think Maddie is alive, return to Portugal. Start searching for real (and it took six months to set up a hotline?). Cooperate with the police. Take the polygraphs as you have zero to hide and, with competent polygraph examiners, the questions are so simple you can’t screw them up. I will even give you the four questions that should be asked:

“Did Madeleine die while you were present?”
“Did you return to the apartment and find Madeleine dying or dead?”
“Did you move Madeleine’s body at any time?”
“Did your spouse move Madeleine’s body at any time?"

These are simple questions. The answer to all of them should be “No.” There is no ambiguity in these questions (unlike a question such as “Do you feel responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine?” which you could if you acknowledge leaving her without an adult caretaker is irresponsible; an affirmative answer to such a question would be useless to the detectives as it could falsely indicate that you had something to do with Maddie going missing when you are only feeling guilty over leaving her unattended. Also, an affirmative answer could mean you simply do not feel responsible for what happened to Maddie no matter what happened to her as a total narcissist might).

The above four questions are simple and unambiguous and even a narcissist can’t misconstrue the meaning of the questions. The answers will be a simple “Yes” or “No.” Have the polygraph session videotaped so the police will be unable to do any underhanded scare tactics or interrogation that might distort the results of the tests.

Quite frankly, Kate, you and Gerry had everything going for you as parents of a missing child if you hadn’t left your children unattended night after night to go out partying. THIS is what made people dislike you. It was to your advantage that you are both relatively attractive people because IF you had big breasts and a porky physique and were not well-heeled professionals, you would have become suspects right off the bat and you would have not had the incredible monetary support you have been blessed with nor all those kindly letters. You would have been viewed as just a pair of slobs who probably abused their children as well as neglected them and you wouldn’t have gotten the phenomenal amount of publicity worldwide concerning Maddie’s disappearance. Other parents have gone public, run campaigns, and had web sites, but your fortune with publicity and support has been unprecedented. And, you complain, Kate, that people are treating you badly because you are fit! It was being fit and professional and well-off that got you so much attention. It was you and Gerry’s fitness as parents and your peculiar behaviors that got you the negative attention.

I have a final suggestion. Ask the PJ if I can come analyze the case. My organization will send me pro bono. As a criminal profiler I can analyze the actual evidence to advise the investigators as to the best investigate strategy. I have no problem determining this crime as an abduction and finding the creep that took Madeleine if the evidence points that way. I don’t have to like you and Gerry as people to view the evidence in an objective and professional manner. No one should be convicted of a crime simply because of personality and because people don’t like the individual’s personality. Solid physical and circumstantial evidence must exist to the point where there is no question as to who committed the crime. I would work very diligently to assist the PJ with the evidence and the facts and do a thorough crime scene analysis that would move the case forward.

Furthermore, if you and Gerry get charged in Madeleine’s disappearance and must truly defend yourselves, my services are available to you and your lawyers. I will be more than happy to analyze the evidence and, if you are innocent, do all I can to serve in your defense.

Good luck, Kate. May the truth be brought to light soon and you and Gerry get the justice you deserve in the case of your missing daughter.

All the best,

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Note: Some people have misinterpreted sarcasm as seriousness in some of my wording in the post. My reference to Kate having written the book "because she read my letter" is just a general nod to her reason for writing this book; to do damage control and "clear up" the questions people have asked about them and the things they have said about them. I am not actually saying that letter specifically was the reason for her book. Also, my offer to come profile the case, while something I would be happy to do, was more in jest than a serious request to be brought in. Obviously, Kate and Gerry are unlikely to be calling me anytime soon.

in The Daily Profiler May 21, 2011 published under CC BY-NC 3.0

Pat Brown is a nationally known criminal profiler, television commentator, author, and founder and CEO of The Sexual Homicide Exchange and The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency.

Pat has provided crime commentary and profiling and forensic analysis in over one thousand television and radio appearances in the United States and across the globe. She can be seen regularly on the cable television news programs, CNN, MSNBC and FOX, and is a frequent guest of the Today Show, the CBS Early Show, Larry King, Inside Edition, Nancy Grace, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joy Behar, and America's Most Wanted. For four seasons, Pat Brown profiled crimes on the weekly Court TV crime show, I, Detective. Criminal Profiler Pat Brown is the host of the 2004 Discovery Channel documentary, The Mysterious Death of Cleopatra. In the spring of 2006, Pat went inside one of Florida's maximum-security prisons to interview a child murderer for the Discovery Channel series, Evil Minds. In 2010 she profiled a new Jack the Ripper suspect for Investigation Discovery's Mystery Files. She is the author of The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychpaths (Hyperion Voice 2010) and Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers (Phoenix Books 2003), and is a contract writer for Crime Library. Pat contributed special feature content included in the 2005 home DVD edition of Profiler: Season Two and the 15th Anniversary Edition, 2006 DVD release of Quentin Tarantino's crime classic, Reservoir Dogs.

Through The Sexual Homicide Exchange, Pat offers pro bono criminal profiling and training for law enforcement and she provides profiling consultation to attorneys, families, and producers through The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency. Pat Brown holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University and developed the first Criminal Profiling and Investigative Analysis certificate program in the country for Excelsior College. Pat is the founder and director of The Society for Investigative Criminal Profiling, an organization working to promote criminal profiling as a major tool in police investigations.

from Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency/ Pat Brown's Biography

Pat Brown's latest book: 'The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths' is available at Amazon and the Portuguese version 'Profiler - A Minha Vida a Perseguir Psicopatas e Serial Killers' published by Guerra & Paz, is available at Fnac


  1. Thank you Joana for putting the thread regarding Pat Brown on the board. I read Pat Brown's excellent open letter to Kate McCann yesterday.

    I particulary like the ending of Pat's letter, where she wishes Kate good luck and then says "May the truth be brought to light soon and you and Gerry get the justice you deserve in the case of your missing daughter."

    I so agree.

  2. Yes, I found this review extremely helpful.
    No, I will not be purchasing the book because I refuse to support these despicable people in any way whatsoever.

  3. Interesting - good to see an alternative view, something we do not see in the UK media.

  4. when you have seen something really outstanding you should never go to extreems telling friends how good it was....For when they see it they will be far less impressed than had you said it was just very good.For the same reason when our 30 police officers see just how close kate had said their apartment was to the restuarant we will have 30 sceptical policeman questioning other things such as an abuction

  5. just as prince charles is always fiddling with his cuff links kates hand in the picture above has found its favourite resting place

  6. The Portuguese online news papers are not writing about the McCanns'presence in Portugal.

    Good of you all!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @6 wait for tomorrow, I'm sure Lift Consulting, their Portuguese PR team, prepared their book promotion. Anyway, here is the first of a Lusa news agency press release regurgitated by a PT newspaper on line [Madeleine: McCanns praise the re-evaluation and expect new data http://bit.ly/iXVKIb Quote: «"This was something that we have been asking for more than three years, and for the process, it is very important that this information is analysed again, so the investigation can happen. We are very pleased and we hope that new informations emerge" said, Gerry McCann.»]

    This begs the question: Investigation by whom if the process is still archived due to the McCanns & their Tapas friends lack of cooperation?! Obviously the pair is in Portugal just to promote the book and extort a few extra quid (read euros) to the Portuguese; to actually do something to force the real reopening of the process and thus the police investigation, as it is their right and their duty, is not on the horrid duo thoughts.

  8. http://moreas.blog.lemonde.fr/2011/05/22/maddie-les-policiers-britanniques-reprennent-l%E2%80%99enquete/

  9. And here it starts as predicted, not only a whitewash of the couple but a patsy within the PJ?

    from Craig Brown - Mail on Sunday - Book Review (print edition)

    ""much of the 2nd part of the book tells of the cackhanded attempts by the Portuguese police to declare Madeleine dead, and to implicate the McCanns. This allowed them to keep the tourist trade running and gave them an excuse for calling off the search. Kate McCann is rightly unforgiving of them, but I wonder if she should not go one step further. It seems to me that one explanation for their seemingly erratic behaviour might be that the abductor comes from within their ranks.""

  10. Have just received the tweet from Pat Brown`s site - I wish our media would report on this. We don`t hear much about our own Criminal Profiler Lee Rainbow these days - does the media want us to forget his conclusions.

    Is there any newspaper in the UK that writes in an unbiased way about the McCanns? Surely there are some decent journos out there.

  11. Maddie : les policiers britanniques reprennent l’enquête - POLICEtcetera - Blog LeMonde.fr - an article written by M. Georges Moreás, Honour Senior Commissioner of the National French Police http://bit.ly/lHTjP7

  12. The gruesome twosome should really take Pats' advice and shut up, either they are total narcissits or they are bricking themselves.

  13. Johanna at 9

    It sounds like the idiot pal of the McCanns is really scraping the barrel with that sick idea. Who has he got in mind for the abductor? Dr Amaral himself?

  14. You couldn,t make it up,the list of all the people to blame for Madeleines "disappearance",just grows and grows,today we have Craig Brown,fom The Daily Mail,stating that perhaps the abductor was within the ranks of the Portuguese police ,and that it was the saddest book he,d read!!Get real "man",for sad read sick,its because of saps like you the MaCcaans are "getting away" with this debacle.

  15. PS. I know this is straying away from such a serious debate,but as Kate herself confessed to us all that their sex life had become ,at times,non exsistant ,with her hand never straying far from his obvious body parts in full veiw of us all,why would that have ceased in the privacy of their own bedroom???? still,they do say sex sells books,and she managed to get several "explict"statements in her,book of the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth!!!!Hopefully it won,t be too long before she is uttering those very same words in a court of law! Hopefully ?????

  16. I am at a loss to understand WHY the PJ and the Portuguese people are allowing the McCann's to continually pour scorn on their country. Why is nobody standing up to them, and why are the PJ so quiet?

  17. The gagging of the taboids is coming to an end, superinjunctions are pointless with a click of the mouse all is revealed. The mccanns managed to silence the media ensuring they print pro mccann propaganda but thanks to the 'infamous' footballer and his superinjunction attempting to silence the media it has had just the opposite effect, he is now a laughing stock and the same will now happen to the Mccanns. There is so much 'bubbling under the surface' the media now state Madeleine 'vanished' from the apartment not was 'abducted'. The public are fedup with the white wash and clarence spin now is the time for the truth.
    Even now four years later the Mccanns still look as guilty as they did when they first stood outside their apartment, with Kate looking uncomfortable and not saying anything and egotisical Gerry lying, and since then nothing has changed with these two criminals who will soon face justice.

  18. Oscar Wilde said' Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us' how much does Kates book differ from what really happened ?
    Kate has attempted to re-write history under a blaze of publicity, but Kate so many people know you are telling porkies, you, your husband, friends you really have 'shot yourself in the foot' in your quest for more money. You are a cold, calculating waste of space.

  19. One of the most suspicious things the McCanns ever did was to ignore the Smith sighting. To most other people that sighting has got to be one of the best sightings of a possible Madeleine being carried by a possible abductor, and there was no dithering or embellishment about how the Smith's told it, unlike the account of Jane Tanner with her supposed sighting, which became enhanced with the telling.

    What other parents, if they had nothing to hide, wouldn't have jumped on that Smith sighting to give wide publicity to it, even if the man carrying the child did look like the father of the missing child. An innocent father would have been quite comfortable telling people that the abductor may have a likeness to him.

    Instead of that, the Smith sighting for all intents and purposes has been practically swept under the carpet by them.

    Then we are supposed to believe they are serious about searching for their child. They have got to be joking. Suspicious indeed.

  20. maybe just another conspiricy theory but i recalled that someone suggested that DC may want to be rid of the maccanns.By risking sending 30 police officers (an overkill for which he could be easily critisised) does it not prevent a possible whitewash had just a few specially selected officers (remember the reception given to gerry at a police dinner) gone to portugal? Now 25 pro-gerry officers cannot face the 5 other officers and say black was white (for instance when seeing the distance the apartment was from the restaurant.) They have all to come back with the same agreed observations

  21. Another McCann supporter bites the dust

    Ambassador's wife faces questions over Bush and Blair's charity
    Lady Meyer, the wife of Britain's former ambassador to Washington, defends her charity, of which Cherie Blair and Laura Bush are patrons.
    With Cherie Blair and Laura Bush, the wife of the former American president, as its patrons, Pact is a charity that has garnered much media attention for its founder, Lady Meyer.

    The wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, formerly Our Man in Washington, faces awkward questions, however, about who is actually benefitting.

    The latest accounts for Pact, which stands for Parents & Abducted Children Together, disclose that all but £9,500 of the money that it received in donations was paid to Catherine Meyer, who is the chief executive, and to one member of staff.

    Lady Meyer paid herself and her employee a total of £49,586. Mandrake understands that Lady Meyer received almost 70 per cent of that sum.

    Pact’s income from donations was £59,056 and it received a further £38,234 in grants from the City Bridge Trust and the Chear Foundation.

    Lady Meyer, who is also the president of the charity, which she set up in 1999, says in her report: “At a time when, in my personal experience, fund-raising has never been more difficult, our spirits (and our finances!) were lifted by another act of generosity, this time from the much-maligned financial services sector.”

    The previous year, Lady Meyer paid herself and one employee £63,877, even though the income from donations was a mere £6,036. That year, the charity, of which Sir Christopher is a member of the management committee, received £20,823 from the City Bridge Trust.

    Lady Meyer, 58, a familiar face on the London social circuit, established Pact after she was involved in a long fight for access to her two sons from a previous marriage, to a German doctor.

    “We are doing a huge amount of work for very little salary,” she says. “I used to work in the City and earned much more. The ratio isn’t different to any other charities.”

    Ambassador's wife faces questions over Bush and Blair's charity - Telegraph - http://bit.ly/kSoMnK

  22. A letter in response from the directors of Pact
    Charity salary - http://bit.ly/jdA09i

    SIR – Catherine Meyer, chief executive of Parents and Abducted Children Together (Pact), does not “pay herself” anything (Mandrake, May 11). Her salary is set by the trustees. We consider it to be at the low end of the pay scale for chief executives of charities with a demanding brief. She herself recommended reducing her salary in 2010 because of the difficulty of fund-raising in the harsh economic times.

    The accounts are for all to see on the Charity Commission’s website. In 2010, total income was £97,805, total expenditure £80,491. Salaries for our two staff members, Catherine and her assistant, totalled £45,531. This is under half of income and just over half of expenditure.

    Furthermore, donors give their support not just to enhance Pact’s work on behalf of Britain’s missing and abducted children, but because they are inspired by her leadership and record of success.

    Mark S. Bergman
    Barbara Taylor Bradford
    Anne Bujon de l’Estang
    Jim Gamble
    Sir Christopher Meyer
    Adrian J. Oldfield
    Amanda J. Sayers
    Trustees, Pact
    Richmond, Surrey

  23. Working for Lady Meyer

    Mandrake’s disclosure that the wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, the former British ambassador to Washington, faced awkward questions about the finances of her charity Pact has struck a chord with Matthew Steeples, who was involved with it for three years.

    “I was surprised to read how much Lady Meyer is being paid by Pact when I gave a considerable amount of my time working for the charity for nothing,” says the marketing consultant. “I assumed that, as this is a charity, she was also volunteering her time for the good of missing children.

    “Other people who gave time and contributions will feel equally disappointed, as we believed that our efforts were for charity. It now seems as if we just worked to pay Lady Meyer’s salary.”


  24. The silence of the British media continues to anger me. As a Canadian, I have said from the start I know the McCann's deception would have been 'outed' by the U.S. media long ago. Pat Brown is a well recognized Crime Profiler on this side of the Atlantic - she knows her 'stuff".

  25. This so called charity sounds rather like the McCann Fund where unsuspecting people are giving money for the supposed search for Madeleine, not realising how little of the money actually goes towards that, with the majority going to the McCanns to spend how they wish.

    Somebody really should investigate the McCann Fund.

  26. Posts 21, 22 and 23

    Interesting if not surprising. Getting onto the 'charity' gravy train has got to be the prime agenda for securing a place in the top 10,000 earners; its a lifestyle choice. There's nothing quite as easy as fooling people into donating money, especially where vunerable children ´can be used to tug the heartstrings. Makes no difference whether your name is Lady Meyer or in the McCanns' case, Lady Muck.

  27. 1 cêntimo! O "Público" informa que por cada exemplar vendido, Kate doará 1 cêntimo ao Fundo! Nada mais a comentar.

  28. Hold on a minute...Christopher Meyer - wasnt he the guy who was in charge of the press complaints committee - which refused to accept complaints about Parsons racist comments about the Portuguese and was a McCann defender?>

    My god this is getting worse - is there nothing we ordinary folk can do about this blatent corruption?!

  29. Joana @11. So according to M. Georges Moreás, writing in Blog - Le Monde.fr DC has given in to Rupert Murdoch? Is he the mover and shaker on all of this?

  30. The Narcissist.... from what I understand about narcissists they hate to be ignored more than being critised.

    The problem is when they are critised they do what they do best; take care of their own interests, no one is more important than them ; be it a child, a parent or friend.

    Cross their path at your peril as they will blame you and others for their suffering to gain the attention they crave.

    They are not capable of real emotions or feelings for others, their prime agenda is to figure out how to mimic real feelings.

    The only emotions and feelings they show are about themselves.

    They are willing to lie and manipulate to reach their goal.

    Who does this bring to mind??

    no prizes for guessing!!!

  31. In England they said they publish the book to make money in order to search for Maddie, in Portugal they deny it.
    I wish the Portuguese media would not talk about them.
    But I admit Kate's book is necessary in Portugal, for the reopening of the investigations.Judges got to read it.
    And it got to be analysed by Justice and by the PJ.

  32. I said it before and I say it again.

    Madeleine's death goes much beyonder her death itself.
    It goes beyonder any politician, any political party in the UK.
    There could be sinisters or dirty things happening in the UK, now or in the past, photos,videos, documents.
    The McCanns have evidences against very high placed people, imo.
    Thát's why they are being protected.
    But what?
    No idea.

  33. Off course, Kate and Gerry never ever want that lady close to their lifes. Too dangerous. She can quickly smell the truth and expose to the world how reliable the dogs are.

    PJ can invite her to help with review.

  34. The Sunday Times letter's page actually printed some anti mccann letters questioning their behaviour - considering that once nothing negative was ever printed in our media about mccanns I believe times are changing, it is no longer acceptable to attempt to gag the media now we have the internet.
    30 police officers will work together to solve this case, there can be no more excuses for whitewashes especially now tax payers money is involved. Tax payers have funded the mccanns lavish lifestyle for the past 4 years whilst the mccanns have sought litigation against anyone questioning their abduction theory. An abduction of which there was not one shred of evidence but much evidence to the contrary that the Mccanns are involved in Madeleines disappearance.
    As Pat Brown states I also hope the Mccanns get the justice they so deserve.

  35. Well said Pat Brown more and more factual articles are appearing in the media, it can only be a matter of time before the Mcs are in court charged with concealing Madeleine's body and whatever else they did to that poor child. RIP Maddie

  36. 22, Jim Gamble? Was it the guy incharged of the CEOP? Was it the CEOP who pass to Gerry hands some interesting criminal manuals for him to learn how to conceal a cadaver?
    Interesting, the world is so small and at the end all that parasites get together and live under the same way -EXPLORING THE VICTIMS AND ALL THE HONEST PEOPLE WHO GAVE MONEY TO THE HANDS OF THAT GUYS, BELIEVING THEY ARE HELPING THE VICTIMS AND CONTRIBUTING FOR A MORE SAFE WORLD.

  37. Let them talk. Every time they gave an interview, they got more rope to hang themselves.
    Kate is assuming the twins were sedated. I did not read the book ( will do it only if become available on-line for free) but I read already the comments of some people saying that she tells on the book that the children were sedated also on the night of May 2. If so, how Madeleine and Sean cried? was it before or after the sedation?
    Kates abductor is really an amazing character: He keeps coming back to the crime scene and managing to leave without leaving any traces. He went to the flat on 2 May and on 3 May for two times. One time he carried Madeleine and the second time he carried the blanket. When he came back to carry the blanket, Kate was on the flat. I believe she had a chat with him, that's why she was so sure about being a man- WAS GERRY. GERRY LEFT EVIDENCES (HAIR) AROUND THE BED AND NEAR THE WINDOW. Kate left evidences on the same places. THE FLAT WAS CLEANED ON WEDNESDAY. BLOOD IS HARD TO CLEAN, BUT HAIR IS VERY EASY TO CLEAN. THEN THE HAIR FROM THIS TWO CHARACTERS DROPPED THERE AFTER WEDNESDAY CLEANING.
    Kate claimed the window was closed during the all holidays and openned only after the abduction. If the window was closed the all holidays and the abductor was responsible for opening it, how Gerry hair went there? Trough his statements, he tried to keep himself out of the flat for most of the time, using the tennis as an alibi. When did your hair fly to lie near the window, dear Gerry?
    A reconstruction should be mandatory for this two characters. Who said the abductor did not left evidences? What if the abductor was Gerry? I believe, the truth is not far from that scenario.


    Dr. Gonçalo Amaral and his team arrived at the very same conclusion well before you did...


    PSssst Thanks just the same...

  39. Pat brown...
    another one trying to sell a book on the back of this case...criminal profiler...sounds more like an armchair detective...

    go right back to the very first days ...

    and you will see (as scotland yard will) that kate mccanns mother gave more than one interview stating quite clearly ....

    madeliene could NOT have wandered off as she had a sleeping disorder
    and had to be SEDATED to keep her asleep and in bed....

    reported in more than one british newspaper...

    the facts are there...
    whoever is in charge of the case just doesn't want to acknowledge these facts...


  40. Dear commentor 39,

    We're all aware of Madeliene's sleeping disorder. You seem to be at pains to make out that the McCaan's have asserted right from the beginning that they sedated her... nothing could be further from the truth.

    As much as you'd also like make out, it's not for Kate's mum to make ludicrous assertions.. only Kate & Gerry can assert whether or not they gave Madaliene or any of their other kids any sedatives to help them sleep. Pehaps you could point us to their witness statements where they (Kate and/or Gerry) make these claims.... no??... didn't think you could.

    It sounds like the McCanns 'new defence' is that they did after all give their children sedatives... and one of their paid agents (commentor no.39) has turned up here to 'ram' the new strategy down our throats.

  41. Ned P - well said - can't belive the cheek of these McCann puppets - are they seriously now trying to plant breezy comments about sedation... just when the whole thing mught actually become under scrutiny.
    Since Dr K McCann was, at one point in her expensive and wode-reaching tax-payer funded training, an anaesthetist, it raises interesting questions about sedation...

  42. are the Sunday Times readers letters online anywhere? (ie not behind the paywall)

  43. A Criminal Profiler develops profiles, i.e. descriptions of traits, characteristics of unknown perpetrators in criminal cases. Pat Brown therefore has the skills to spot a person with a narcissistic personality disorder. I, myself, have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with a couple of these type of people during my life, and that is why I suspected early on in this case that the McCann couple were afflicted with this condition. Like Mrs. Brown has said these type of people don't have real emotions they copy others. They are actors. Here is an example, with regard to the McCann couple: On the night of May 3, 2007, Mrs. Fenn heard shouts from an female person calling out "we have let her down." It was Mrs. McCann doing the shouting. Mrs. Fenn asked Mr. McCann what had happened and he replied that a girl had been abducted. Mr. McCann did not say that it was his daughter that was abducted, and this is another indication of a person with a narcissistic personality disorder. As difficult as it is for some of us to comprehend, a narcissistic parent does not have the same attachment to a son or daughter that a normal parent has.

    Mrs. McCann in her book describes the Mrs. Fenn incident as follows: "At about 11pm, a woman appeared on a nearby balcony and inquired of Kate: "Can someone tell me what all the noise is about?" Kate told the woman that her daughter had been stolen from her bed to which the woman responded: "Oh I see" as though she had been told a can of beans had fallen off a kitchen shelf."

    This is another indication of narcissistic behaviour. Mrs. McCann is attributing her and Mr. McCann's character flaw to Mrs. Fenn. The McCann couple has been doing the same to Mr. Amaral.

  44. The Ryan Giggs case, parliamentary privilege and the unsustainability of super-injunctions - has resulted in a lot of press about how the Internet cannot be tamed. While the Internet / Twitter chats freely about cases for which there is an injunction, the other media cannot publish anything.

    This case is going to blow everything wide open. All the media have to say is "you cannot stop it on the Internet, so why stop us...how can there be one law for Internet and another law for us". I think this Ryan Giggs case is going to open a Pandora's Box in the press in terms of the McCann case.

  45. I am the child of a narcissist and I am convinced they are both narcissists. This explains why they could keep up the lies for so long. Narcissists are experts at lies and deception on a scale most people can't even begin to imagine. Their entire lives are built on lies. This is worrying because I fear they will NEVER confess without physical evidence.

  46. I am continually puzzled by references to the McCanns as being middle-class. I am a Liverpudlian, and Kate has a strong Liverpool accent, far from the cultured, posh circles that everyone assumes they both belong to. Can you imagine her and Gerry at a classical music concert, or at a Shakespeare play, or reading Dostoevsky?
    And while I have respect for my local doctors in medical matters,I do not see them as being totally untouchable members of society.
    It is part of the McCann P.R. myth that they belong to a much higher class of people than most of the rest of us.Lots of other doctors are prosecuted for careless driving,bad accounting,sexual harassment and, in the case of Harold Shipman,murders.Merely being a doctor does not make anyone above investigation or accountability.

  47. @ 43 guerra

    There is a posting on the SteelMagnolia site from someone who
    speaks up for Mrs. Fenn who can not defend herself as she has now passed away. The writer calls Kate Mccann "A Spiteful Women "

    @45 Rosalie

    even with physical evidence most narcissists would never admit fault.

    As you say most people can't imagine the deception and lies that they are capable of.

  48. Its the narcissistic traits that cause confusion to all and sundry. To the gullible, Kate McCann comes across as so ingenuous, heroic, a poor victim of all these `useless policemen who are out to get her`, these `evil bloggers who don`t have lives of their own`, yet obviously has rather disturbing traits simmering below the surface. This confusion causes suspicion and distrust amongst the more discerning public.

    Their manipulation of people is very clever. A recent example is emotionally blackmailing David Cameron by using the `you`re a father` line, which I thought was such a low down trick.

    They also perpetuate discord and feed off other peoples` reactions. The lies and salaciousness of her book was done to provoke reaction. They do not understand or care how they are perceived. There is no shame.

    Another signature of narcissism is never being wrong and also seeking revenge on people that challenge them. What they have done to Goncalo Amaral and his family is detestable, but they would have no qualms at all about doing this.

    I see that so much of the history has been re-written by Kate in the book - Anna Andress has pointed out a few. One that bothers me in particular is the "they`ve taken her" phrase which was initially reported. This has been changed so many times. I tend to believe this is actually what she said and reckon a lot can be gleaned from this. It seems she was expecting some people to come and `take her`.

  49. @ 44 - patrixjude, looking forward to this discussion on superinjunctions as the Brits may be persuaded to catch up with the 21st century. What we have seen from a distance is this weak, no teeth press and they all play 'follow my leader'. Since when do the journalists club together and report on everything being so perfect around people like mccanns. Why are the journalists deaf and dumb? What about a proper investigation by anyone worth his salt, on behalf of the public, reporting independantly and truthfully. How many websites and blogs are discussing this notorius couple, finding more irregularities every day, more lies and our precious 'organ for the people', are sitting on their hands. It is a disgrace!!

    Please investigate this mccann couple and print the truth for all to see! Narcissists claim entitlement, 'they feel they have lost so much..they feel that the world owes them...it goes beyond the alcoholic personality....they will sue other people when they do not give them what they want.....they will go to the level of court and law and money to achieve what the court and law and money will never be able to give you: self-esteem" quoted partly from Richard Roth's book. McCanns are searching and sueing to find self-esteem and they are searching in vain as they are relying solely on their lies, the lies are blocking the self-esteem. You cannot build esteem with lies. They have alienated themselves from themselves.

  50. Force the McCanns to take a polygraph as a first step. Ask them why evidence was destroyed prior to the Portugese police investigation. McCanns, your story, yes story, is a classic work of fiction. It's the facts we need.

  51. At the merest hint your children could have been administered any potentially toxic substance- the twins who slept throught the maelstrom- you would take them to hspital for tests as a medical emergency.But not the McCanns!

  52. 39 Bloggers are no longer taken in by planted information, indicating the new direction we are meant to follow. We wised up to that particular ploy a long time ago.

  53. Well 39, Kate's mother ought to make a statement on oath. Since when did a child who didn't sleep well receive regular sedation? Reading a story, an energetic romp in the park before bed, wheeling the buggy round and round the block.. we've all been there as parents. There was nothing wrong with M according to her parents and no medical report of sleep disorder. The main problem may have been her sleep pattern just didn't fit in with what was demanded of her

  54. Whats all this about then?

    Taken from the following link - http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic491.html

    Searches made of the local section of child abuse investigation shows a registration number 19309 in CATS (system of action location). A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference, if any investigation should be necessary by the department. No work has been done on the basis of this file.

    It may be nothing, but it's worth a review eh?

  55. RE.Jane Tanner rogatory interview. Jane says that she thought that maybe the stranger she supposedly saw carrying a child was maybe,

    "a person taking their child either back from the creche or some father just carrying their own child"

    I have searched the maddiecasefiles.com and was wondering if the police investigators checked the evening records at the creche to ascertain if or if not anyone collected a child around the time that Jane states in her statement.I cant find anything on this....anyone know anything regarding it?

    Also - We are told that the cover of Madeleine's bed was turned down neatly at the top corner...In the pictures i've seen it appears that the window is quite high up from the bed.It looks like someone would have to stand on the bed if they were to decide to leave by the window..if so then the bed wouldnt have been so neat.Any ideas on this one or have i missed something?

  56. The bed turned down shows how neat the bed had to be. It shows a 'signature' of course. Turning down the bed in this way is hotel procedure for those returning from dining, yet this was a holiday apartment with no room service of this sort. Who then 'turned down' the bed in this most pristine way?

    A person taking someone or even a towel would pull at the very corners and it would show. It does not. The bed then was never slept in?

  57. "Through The Sexual Homicide Exchange, Pat offers pro bono criminal profiling and training for law enforcement and she provides profiling consultation to attorneys, families, and producers through The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency. Pat Brown holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University and developed the first Criminal Profiling and Investigative Analysis certificate program in the country for Excelsior College. Pat is the founder and director of The Society for Investigative Criminal Profiling, an organization working to promote criminal profiling as a major tool in police investigations. "

    Sounds pretty qualified to me.

  58. @57

    Whether or not we believe Kate McCaan had a role in her daughter's disappearance has got nothing to do with whether or not Kate has heard of Pat Brown (typical dumb-ass propagandist's logic).

    We are not of the opinion that you (no.57) are qualified to say that Pat Brown is...".. horribly self-serving and completely unqualified to speculate on the mentality or state of mind of any individual...".

    Whilst you may or may not be a fan of the McCanns as you suggest, you are for sure one of their paid agents who turn up here every so often to spew PR claptrap on their behalf.

  59. to anon 60

    I won't be reading Kate's book until I can read it without contributing to the Fund but I have read the excerpts that are available.

    You have read the booook!
    Have you read the police files?
    Have you seen their interviews and media reports?

    Can you not see any discrepancies?
    Can you not see changing stories?
    Can you tell me how much the Fund has spent on actually searching for Madeleine?
    Can you tell me how much has been spent on PR and lawyers?


  60. poster6- Are you for real or are you one of the Mccann brigade. Do yourself a favour and read the bloody files and see contradiction after contradiction. Take off your blinkers and see it for what it is fool.

  61. Anon 60 - Not everyone is interested in salacious fiction which is only worthy of the gutter press, although I believe some people are reading the book out of curiosity to wonder at the latest fabrications.

  62. Hi Joana,
    I wish you hadn't deleted some posts here. Replies to original poster nº 60 make less sense now.


  63. Hello Joana, even if it unfortunately can cause confusion I do appreciate it when you delete the posts of these scummy mccann posters.
    They think they must be heard when we have had enough of the bloody extra favours granted the mccanns having had access where every other citizen had no right to legitimate questions even! The decay and ignorance is definitely showing in the UK. It is going downhill.

  64. The truth can be uncovered by looking at the initial registration of the domain names used, it was only a few days after the event, and was done by anonymous proxy. A bit weird?

    luv Squax x

  65. What got me was kate left the twins in the room when she went to tell people that maddie was missing.... That is a huge red flag.

  66. What the blazes does having big breasts have to do with anything? That poeple would have less sympathy with Madeleine's mother if she were overweight and had big breasts? People make mistakes, they do it all the time. This spiteful diatribe does nothing to help find the missing child. You should be ashamed of yourself. By the way, what size breasts do you have?

  67. @66 Before making asinine and totally ignorant comments perhaps you should read more attentively what the parents, that you defend so blindly, state:

    Bigger breasts would get me more sympathy, says Maddie's mother
    Kate McCann believes if she weighed 'another two stone, had a bigger bosom and looked more maternal' people would be more sympathetic, her mother has revealed in an interview.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/70870-bigger-breasts-would-get-me-more-sympathy-says-maddies-mother#ixzz1qZUL0CGO

    Now, if you consider to leave very young children with a combined age of 7, where the oldest child is three years old, not one night, but every night alone, unsupervised, 100 metres away, alone, in an unlocked apartment, while you go out to diner with your friends. Even though one of you children has woken up on the previous night, and cried for over on hour, alerting the neighbours, and after that you do exactly the same thing on the following night, without hiring a baby sitter service that was available and free at the tourist resort. If you consider all this to be a "mistake" then it is YOU who should be ashamed for defending the indefensible! It is a crime to leave children alone in Portugal, and the McCanns should have been taken to court at least on that charge. Not to mention the rest, which is far more serious.

  68. I recently read a body of text online which demonstrated to me the extent of the Mccanns guilt. As soon as I left the site my pc developed a virus. I am not very pc literate, but could this virus have been placed there by one of the Mccann group?

  69. They both show signs of having narcissistic personalities which means saving their own careers would be more important than anything else, I would say they accidentally gave her too much of a sedative.

  70. I am afraid this case has turned into The Emperor's New Clothes. The extents to which the couple have gone to defend their reputations (under the guise of searching for their abducted child) is breathtaking. They are even using large sums of donated money to travel around the world in what they must known is a wild goose chase.

    Their grandiosity and narcissism knows no bounds. Why are they being protected in such high places? Is it because they are doctors or Freemasons? What are there connections with the police? And why has it all become so political? There are so many unanswered questions.

    And still no justice for Madeleine.

  71. I agree with what pat brown has stated, the obstacle for me, with the mccanns, I see a lot of ignorance in the way pr manipulates the public in its own fairy tale.
    Sure this information kate writes shouldn't of eluded the original investigation, took too long in reflection of justice either way.
    It does beggar belief their still friends, with david payne, after the gaspers statement?
    More offended by the idea they were involved with their childs death, than being accused of some sexual deviation between Gerry and david payne?
    Interesting this has never resulted in a challenge from the mccanns team since it is claimed its a stranger with sexual interests!
    How did this come about in contrast to the gaspers statements?
    Graham McKenzie heard Gerry mention abduction by sex offenders, only four hours into the case?
    Yet the gaspers statements were held back for six months, after graham made his statement.
    Graham found this odd, considering there was no forensic proof it was a sex offender, when it was mentioned it was a girl that had probably wonderd off?
    Again odd to have such a story so early before a dog came to examine anything.
    This provides personal knowledge to strange events the police didn't even know?
    Too much of a cover story for parents who allege to know nothing, it dosent explain the silence either.
    They have made themselves look guilty in what they knew, not in what they didn't.

  72. Why does Gerry feel it carnt be any of the group, if its not the parents!

  73. Is it possible the mccanns couldn't connect with emotions of a real abduction?
    Was this a reason Gerry had books on abductions, to contrive the feelings from genuine cases, just a thought!

  74. I read this again after watching the couple last week and realise that even the people closest to them know that they are involved and withholding details. As the criminal profiler states the dogs dont lie and their own family and those paid to write comments to support them will know that mothers who lose a child dont say no comment to police questions nor wash that beloved child's cuddly toy.

  75. I haven't taken much active interest in the case until recently, though I have always believed that Kate and Gerry were responsible in some way. I shudder when I look at youtube films of them and can clearly see body language that suggests guilt and stories hidden, as well as narcissism and even psychopathy. I cannot understand though why the British police, apparently well trained in body language, cannot see the same signs. Are they all in or under the control of the handshake mob? This narcissistic couple, whether through an illegal mistake (of drugging the poor girl and her siblings to give them peace of mind) or brutality, or even an accident were involved in the death of their daughter and the unforgiveable selfish cover-up of her death. I believe the truth will prevail eventually, at least I hope so; maybe their fight against Amaral will backfire in court. They don't deserve 1 million pounds from anyone, and I strongly believe Amaral just wanted to find the girl and get justice for her. He's lost his family, home and job over this case, so I am pretty sure he had strong beliefs. I hope someone is going to be around for the younger siblings when her parents are jailed. Which I hope is soon.


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