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Gonçalo Amaral: Inquest is a "shot in the foot"

Gonçalo Amaral says that Scotland Yard is “going to find several things that wont please the McCanns”

by Marisa Rodrigues

The former Judiciary Police coordinator who investigated Maddie's disappearance said the British police inquest, ordered by the British Prime Minister, will be a “shot in the foot” for the McCanns, given their experience in “unmasking false abductions”.

“If the Scotland Yard has the necessary autonomy and independence to investigate, they will find much that will not please to the McCanns”, said the former inspector who has always maintained that Madeleine's parents, who has been missing for four years from the apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, were responsible for the death and disappearance of Madeleine's body.

The Scotland Yard is a specialized police force, to whom David Cameron requested the investigation of the disappearance, after Kate and Gerry McCann wrote a letter with an appeal for that purpose. Andrew Bell, the Home Office spokesman, confirmed yesterday to JN the decision. The prime minister considered this to be an exceptional case, because Madeleine has been missing for a long time and “due to the high media profile of this matter”.

“While Madeleine disappeared in Portugal, and the Portuguese remain responsible for the case, the agencies that enforce the law here followed leads and sent information to the Portuguese authorities”, said the spokesman.

Questioned on how the investigation will be done, Bell only said that “the Portuguese process will be analysed”. He also said that he had been “assured the Portuguese authorities will provide all the assistance”, but he did not explain why was never opened an investigation in England at the time. “I can only speak about this decision now”, he said.

Influential Couple
“Once again it was proved that this couple has political influences at the highest level”, said Gonçalo Amaral, according to whom “one can not say re-opening since there was never an official investigation in England, despite the victim being British, just like her parents are.”

in Jornal de Notícias, May 14, 2011, paper edition

Gonçalo Amaral defends reopening of the Maddie Case
Former coordinator of the investigation says revision of the process by Scotland Yard is good news - Sic Notícias, broadcast May, 14 2011

Transcript/Translation thanks to anonymous @37

Voiceover: “Information that Scotland Yard will be reviewing all the information the Maddie case caught Gonçalo Amaral halfway between Spain and Portugal. Upon his return to the Algarve, the former investigation coordinator, who was removed from the case in October 2007 by the heads of the PJ, says that the involvement of the Metropolitan Police is good news because although the process was shelved, there is still a lot to be investigated.”

GA: “They (SY) should read the report, all the reports, by the private detectives working for the McCanns, for many reasons – to discover what clues they contain, and what type of information, and to find out what they have been doing because they have been using up a fund of millions of pounds for four years [ didn't quite understand, not sure if he says the word “defrauded” ] from taxpayers and many of the people who believed in this fund”

Voiceover: “Gonçalo Amaral hopes that the British authorities won’t be restricted to just analysing the sightings which are in the file, but that they will also concentrate on, for example, what happened to Maddie’s blanket, and that they formally and finally open a case in the UK, since up until now all they have done is to collaborate with the Portuguese investigation”

GA: “This case is registered in England, namely by the British authorities, as a mere disappearance, not as a child abduction, and the issue here is that we are looking at either a false allegation of abduction or an actual abduction, that’s the big question and that’s what needs to be clarified, via an in-depth review of what has been done and by doing what hasn’t yet been done, namely … and using all the information, whether it’s from the private detectives or all the sightings which later occurred, but based on the process.”

Voiceover: “Amaral says that if the help of Scotland Yard serves to reopen the case in Portugal, the first thing which should be done is the reconstruction of the night of the disappearance, to which Kate and Gerry never agreed. The British authorities’ desire to once again focus on the case came from the British PM himself, and happened the day after Kate launched a book in which she doesn’t hold back from criticising the Portuguese investigation. The book will shortly have another one vying for attention. Gonçalo Amaral has already finished writing his second book about the case.”


  1. "If Scotland Yard has the necessary autonomy and independence to investigate, they will find much that will not please to the McCanns”

    That might be too big an 'if'... let's hope not.


  2. I really hope Mr Amaral is correct and they have "shot themselves in the foot" big time!!! their lust of being too greedy may have cost that "pact" to fall apart there will be a lot of panic now i should imagine not only with the Mccanns but also their "close friends" and the disgusting powerful people who helped to protect them i really hope this blows up in their faces and the case is re-opened, justice for Maddie hopefully is on its way at last.

  3. Well said @ 2 its about time the mccanns were brought to justice this media blitz of theirs is nothing short of a joke. I thought how worried and stressed the pair looked last night on TV, they didn't expect an investigation they assumed nothing would be done and more people would put money into the book sales, but people find the book disgusting especially her graphic description of Madeleine. They both look so guilty, and their tapas friends know time is running out for them as well.

  4. No more Arguidos to come then!
    SUSPECTS in the disappearance Madeleine.

    Goncalo this will be a weight off your shoulders God Bless You.

  5. Goncalo's Guardian Angel will see him victorious, justice for Maddie.

  6. The former Judiciary Police coordinator who investigated Maddie's disappearance said the British police inquest, ordered by the British Prime Minister, will be a “shoot in the foot” for the McCanns, given their experience in “UNMASKING FALSE ABDUCTIONS”.

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA! oh dear dear me! They can start recycling their book for loo paper then...
    Scotland Yard is going to reach the same conclusion as ther PJ: "they were responsible for the death and disappearance of Madeleine's body"

    NOT good at all for the mccanns,not a single bit of goodness here.In fact they have their backs on the wall theyve built a wall of lies.....to be continued

  7. Why don't articles like this ever find their way into the UK press?

    Th UK media never tell both sides of the story, never discuss objectively (or in any way!) any alternative to the least likely theory, that of 'stranger abduction'.

    Anyone had time to scan the book for free distribution on the internet - to help widen the search for Madeleine, which is the reason the book was written wasnt it Kate and Gerald?

  8. Caution - it is unlikely that this review will do more than look at the crank sightings.

  9. It all depends- I think we can assume that Mr Amaral has many friends still serving in the PJ and can be regarded as an "informed source".

    First good sign is that this appears to be a knee jerk political response from David Cameron. The timing suggests that it was a series of urgent phone calls along the lines of "what can we do about this?" how do we turn all this publicity into positive PR for DC?- forget about integrity or even care- he is a politician who has shown little sign of normal morality. However he will be less than pleased at the arrogant Mccann response- disparaging him in their media circus.

    Second good sign is that the Metropolitan police do not appear to want the job. Since they have been given the budget they have to do the job. Since it will not need to cover up any police misdemeanour’s we are likely to get a “proper job” done all other things being equal. Scotland yard still tend to have a very good reputation and are tenacious as well as good investigators.

    I think we can safely assume the PJ have no love for the Mccann circus and Mr Amarals assertion that SY will be given every assistance will come to pass.

    The only risks I see are
    1) That the thing is hijacked by the funny handshake brigade- the met is riddled with freemasons but I suspect this will be to high profile and employ to many non believers.
    2) The second is the huge number of people who have previously assisted the Mccanns and are now vulnerable also trying to derail the process.

    Best outcome- the SY provide or find sufficient evidence or facts that permit the PJ to re-open the case.
    Worst outcome- the Mccans get whitewashed- AGAIN.

  10. I hope and pray the McCanns will face the justice they should of faced four years ago,i also hope that when that happens poor Madeleine will rest in peace poor little mite,and i hope that Goncalo Amaral will be vindicated,this honourable man has my upmost respect and admiration,to think of what he and his family has been through makes me so angry,while those pair of'fucking tossers' are feted across the world as though they are some sort of saints.I have just read Richard and Judy's column online at the express and while 'have your say is not available'it is on another story on there concerning the express army growing readers,someone has left a comment on this article critising the censorship and commenting on Richard and Judy if you can go and read it,seems not everyone is enamoured of the McCanns and their followers.

  11. Poor Tapas 7, they will be bricking it now, knowing that the despicable McCanns have implicated them up to the eyeballs. Hopefully Scotland Yard will fulfil all of Goncalo's expectations - after all, as Clarrie would say, they are the "big boys"!!! Ha ha, Clarrie, if you are reading this as I know you are, can't wait to hear your explanation about why you were taken in by this pair. You certainly must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  12. There's an organisation in the UK called The Tax Payers Alliance. I wonder what their thoughts on this use of public money are?

  13. I posted this on Lord Toby Harris´s blog
    The McCanns as far as I can see are desperate to get their hands on the remaining police files held by the portuguese police. Why one should ask? They did not answer questions put to them in the beginning or assist the PJ in any way. The case could be reopened free of charge, only a request and a stamp, y voila. 2 million GBP has passed through their hand only 13% being spent on the SEARCH, why should they dictate to the police what should be done, why are they allowed to view evidence on file?? what is so special about these two who have squandered more or less2 million pounds, on what ? certainly there seems to be no evidence on what, no bills nothing. Others have lost children and did not open a fund or beg contributions from people. The whole case stinks and if the mccanns are involved on any review then I have lost my faith in british policing.
    My father served the thames valley force for 30 years, including special investigations and would never have believed in such favours for the chosen few. Who may have friends on the inside.

  14. "Assim se vê a força dos mccann " !

    Isto significa para mim o mesmo pessimismo do coment. n.º 1.

  15. God Bless Goncarlo Amaral, and his family My respect and admiration for this man knows no bounds. What a contrast between him and the cowardly Maccann's and their cohort's. I have said it before ans will say it again Kate and Gerry Maccann are not fit to tie Mr Amaral's shoe's

  16. If Scotland Yard comes up with a whitewash of the McCanns there will be an outcry of the people in the UK and the world. This case is unlike others like Jaycee Dugard because the child has not been seen despite unprecedented interest and publicity in worldwide media. Only if the child were living in a dungeon could she be still kept in secret. There is no way that she would be unharmed psychologically having been kept isolated for four years. No other missing child found in those conditions has remained unharmed.

    Another effect of the McCann publicity campaign has been they have been feted by the media in an unprecedented way. It will be very difficult for some TV and Radio personalities who have recklessly taken them to their hearts instead of remaining professionally objective when interviewing them. There will be people who will cling to their belief that they were not at fault if new evidence is revealed. There are people in the public eye who regard the Mccanns as 'one of them' who don't want to believe them guilty of anything. But if new evidence comes out they will change their allegiance swiftly when the public become informed.

    The Times today never used the word 'abduction' when reporting Mr Cameron's and Therese May's requests to the Met and Scotland Yard, only the word 'disappearance'.

  17. I hope this is a shoot in the foot and I wonder how many millions of new sightings we will get from now own.
    Before the police starts inquiring people who look suspicious, Gerorge Harrison, etc, they have to finish the first part of the process.
    Who knows Cameron is fed up of this story and he wants to solve it.
    I'm sure he knows about the conclusions of the police.
    Gosh, McCanns,I pray you are really lost.

  18. Unfortunnatly I don't believe the truth will ever come out.
    That is just one more epysode on the Circus. When the Mccann's wrote and send a letter to Mr. Cameron, they were absolutely sure about his reaction and which step he is going to do next. If not, look how long it takes for him to react. A huge reaction in a short time, for a so sentive case in public opinion, proves negotiations behind scenes and agreements behind scenes. The rest, we all know how it works- just using the methodes available to deliver the agreements in the most apropriate time to make them appearing normal. If the same reaction happen out of the context of the book, the suspictions will be raised immediately.
    Carter-Ruck and Mitchell, know well the strategies to be used to frame all that politics. After all, they work for them, they know their most sensisitive secrets and have no ethical problems with leaking them to some type of newspapers. Wasn't Mitchell hired by Mr. Cameron to be his Media adviser during the last elections? We just need to add 2+2 to get the full picture.
    Why contracting new people to make the team incharged of the review and call it SY? Why such amount of money to pay salaries, tickets and hotels? Why not just transfering people already working for SY( with salaries already payed by taxes) from one team into Madeleine case? Why not just reactivate the team of SY who have been already working with PJ in PDL? Are this people going to be called to help the review or are going to be bypassed and dismissed? They were there on the early days. What they know, what they saw, I believe is very important for any review. They were masterpieces in the investigation. Not calling them is an error because they were removed from the investigation, too early, according with PJ.
    The British citizens need to be more interventive and more attentive with what/where this 3.5m. go. Families are facing problems with high crime in UK, some involving teenagers who did not respect coleagues, teachers, parents, etc. No more money was allocated to make the streets, the parks, the schools more safe and from night to day, 3.5m appear to be used in a single and controversial case? I didn't see any reference on mr. Cameron letter, about how and why the mccann's cooperation with police was so poor. He should publicly ask them why they refused to do the reconstruction under the excuse of their friends? Why they left vital questions without answers? Why they leave Portugal almost immediately after being arguidos? If they were innocents and their child abducted, they must stay there and reconsider their position regarding the questions posed by the police until they clean their names.

  19. One can only hope the couple know no one in Scotland Yard... I am not so sure about that, remember that they have Piers Morgan under their foot, and someone high enough in England who was able to convince the Portuguese in a few days to remove Mr Amaral from the investigation and to file it without having reached a conclusion. (all this while being suspects!!! who defends a friend that killed their child?!?!)
    I'm especially suspicious since the McCanns said it is one step in the right direction or something...
    I would have preferred for the portuguese PJ to continue what they had started and for the english just to step in to 'push' the McCanns to collaborate...
    I am not sure about this, hope I am really wrong and that they went to far indeed... Kate looked so slutty on TV at Piers Morgan.
    These two are so unbelievably full of themselves!
    What news about Mr Amaral's book to be published in the UK? It's high time public opinion had some real food for thought about this case!

  20. PM: Madeleine Case 'Exceptional' - Sky News
    Ruth Barnett
    May 13, 2011 1:00 PM

    The Prime Minister wants to see a UK police review in into Madeleine McCann's disappearance because it is "clearly an exceptional case".

    That's according to his spokesman, who today rebuffed several potential criticisms of the decision - that David Cameron is bowing to the tabloid press, that it amounts to political interference by the Home Office, and that it will be costly.

    Mr Cameron considers it "exceptional" because of the significant public interest, the length of time Madeleine has been missing and the international dimension to the case.

    If there are doubters, they may point out that it is perhaps only the first point that is truly unique - there are other children who have been missing a long time, others who are missing abroad.

    And has the Home Office interfered by making this "request" to the Met? It is claimed not - because it was not "direction" and the force agreed anyway.

    But, as Paul Waugh over at PoliticsHome also points out, this is a particularly sensitive issue in the light of the Government's hopes for directly elected police commissioners.

    The Lords voted to change this policy earlier this week (though this will almost certainly be overturned by the Commons...) and one of the main criticisms centres on fears these hugely powerful individuals could make politically-motivated interventions.

    In a draft protocol on commissioners, published by the Home Office, it says its "strong commitment to ensuring that the operational independence of Chief Constables will remain".

    But when does a "request" become an instruction?

    And lastly, the cash. The investigation won't be paid for by the cops, but by the Home Office, thanks to "unallocated" money in the budget which will be given as a "special grant".

    But at this time of fiscal austerity, it may be a surprise to some that there is any leftover cash at all. I've asked the Home Office for more details on how much there is and what it is normally spent on - I'll update this post when I get a response.

    A quick search suggests in the past this pot of cash has been used to fund an investigation into a fatal fire and policing events such as political party conferences, plus there are reports the Government would help pay for the inquiry into the Cumbria shootings this way.

    David Cameron will be more than aware of all these issues and clearly believes it is the right thing to do and that all those involved have acted properly.

    His open letter to Kate and Gerry McCann, published in the Sun, indicates he is reacting partly as Prime Minister and partly as a father.

    Labour's shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, has welcomed the McCanns' request for information and the authorities' decision to do everything in their power. This suggests while there might be questions about how the Government has responded, there's unlikely to be a row.

    COMMENTS ARE ALLOWED AND ARE NOT GOOD FOR MCCANN'S. Seems they are finnaly hiting the nerv of some people in Uk. Wonder how long will take until this people become gagged. Or is Mr. Cameron Fed-up of the Mccann's and want them to shut-up and assume their faults? The next months will show us the true picture of Mr. Cameron regarding Madeleine issues.

  21. Mail on Sunday today -

    A senior member of the body that governs Scotland Yard, Jenny Jones, said today that while sympathising with the McCanns, a ludicrous waste of over 3 million pounds would be spent on the review of this case and it would deny other victims of crime justice. She would be doing all in her power to stop this amount of money being spent and try to prevent it going to the McCanns.

    I think she is right when we are all supposed to be tightening our belts during this awful recession.

    David Cameron must do a u-turn on this.

    The McCanns have enough money and rich friends to fund their own fresh review!

  22. In Daily Mail today: "Police authority: Maddie inquiry is a ‘ludicrous’ waste of money"

    "The new police inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was yesterday described as a ‘ludicrous’ waste of money by a senior member of the body which governs Scotland Yard.

    Jenny Jones said the millions spent on the review by British detectives – ordered last week by David Cameron – would deny ‘other victims of crime the chance of justice’.

    Ms Jones, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, has vowed to do everything in her power to stop the inquiry.

    Her comments echo disquiet expressed by her fellow MPA member, Labour peer Toby Harris, who accused the Prime Minister of undermining the operational independence of the police."

    I think this is not looking good for McCann's.

  23. "Kate McCann has confirmed what I'd heard about the McCanns' meeting with Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss the scoping report on the feasibility of a joint UK-Portugal review of all the information on Madeleine's disappearance gathered by forces in both countries.

    Kate said: "I asked her if she had read it and she said she hadn't." (Mrs. May's spokeswoman denied she hadn't read it.)

    According to Kate the Home Sec also told the couple they couldn't see the report themselves "because it's sensitive.""

    From Martin Brunt-Sky News

    Kate caught with her lies, by the Home Secretary?
    Kate lie to the Media about what Theresa May said to her? Kate trying to pass the message she did not read the files. A spokeswoman for Theresa May, denny Kates words and said she read them.

    Kate sayng " the Home Sec also told the couple they couldn't see the report themselves "because it's sensitive." HOW CAN SHE TOLD YOU THAT KATE IF SHE HAD NOT READ THE FILES?
    YOU LIE and your lies are buyng more lies in an avalanche that will "attrap" you. You have a problem with your Account of the Truth. Seems to be not only with what hapenned in the 5A on May 3, 2007, but with everything in your life. A compulsive liar. This is a disease. Maybe now I start understanding why cameron react so quickly regarding your letter and why the speed of the reaction was a surprise for you. You are expecting no reaction at all, to continue persuiving your business of destroying the "xambholic police" and asking money. Amazing that the xambholic police and the xambholic investigation had a strong and active participation of SY, contrary to Leic. police who had been too laise and too protective of your backs. Irony, the xambholic SY are requested now by Mr. cameron to review clues that could be not looked attentively 4 years ago. Clues that lie on Leicester police offices. That means the Gaspars statements are going to be analised properly, and the Smiths called to remember their sights, and Brian Kennedy called to explain why he got involved in the defense of the parents of a mysterious missing child and why he fly to PDL to have a word with Murat? AND WHY GERRY BROTHER GAVE UP HIS JOB TO BE PART OF THE FUND? WHY HE CHANGE A SECURE JOB FOR SOMETHING UNCERTAIN? OR WAS JUST UNCERTAIN FOR THE XAMBHOLIC POLICE BECAUSE FOR HIM, HE WAS SURE ABOUT HUGE REVENUES, AT LEAST FOR 3 YEARS. A kind of jackpot. Hard to say NON.

  24. In the Indy: "Madeleine probe 'a ludicrous waste' :c

    "The Government is closing down the Forensic Science Service because there are not enough funds. This is a crucial part of police work."
    "Although it is tragic and I feel for the McCanns, how can the Prime Minister justify spending millions of pounds on one case?"

    People are NOT happy at all. WHO Cameron think he is?
    In any case,lets find some positiveness in this: double shot!! One for Cameron and one the mccanns


  25. I think the likes of Jenny Jones etc are playing right into the McCanns hands,the McCanns are probably praying that this SY investigation doesn't go ahead so they can then say "See we asked for a review but was refused,it's not our fault".

  26. I have sent the following letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

    14 May 2011
    Prime Minister
    The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
    10 Downing Street
    SW1A 2AA

    Dear Mr Cameron,

    Re: Madeleine MCann, K&G McCann

    I choose my words carefully and have considered the appropriateness of contacting your office on this matter. I am trusting my concerns will be taken seriously even if you cannot respond directly.

    Rumours abound over the McCann's; many people feel there 'is something not quite right' with the handling of the case, especially as anomalies remain; e.g. EVRD dogs outcomes.

    Maybe we will never know what happened that night, nevertheless it seems the McCanns did leave their children in an unsafe environment on a daily basis. This comes under the category of Neglect in the Social Services Child Protection Handbook and given another ‘post-code’ the McCanns would have received very different treatment from the authorities here.

    I am informed that it is illegal to interfere with the course of justice. If the case is to be re-opened I feel that the government should remain uninvolved as should any other non-witness.

    Yours sincerely,

  27. If only Ms. Jones would have added to her comments the fact that there is absolutely no need for this expensive and time consuming MET review, because the McCanns can have the investigation on their daughter's disappearance reopened at any time, by the only police force who has jurisdiction on the case, and FOR FREE! All it takes is for them to formally request it from the portuguese authorities.

  28. I see the MET involvement as a good confirmation for Mr Amaral's views on this matter

  29. #19 wrote:
    "who defends a friend that killed their child?!?!)"

    Well, the "who" who has his own skeletons in the closet, which have to be kept in the closet at all costs, and that knows the "friend"
    will spill the beans...

  30. Good morning to all!
    Can anyone clear this doubt for me, please?:
    We all know that some of the portuguese police files were released to the public, and that some were held back, still in secrecy of justice. Those held documents are not available to the media and the public, BUT...what about the british police force(s)who worked in Portugal with the PJ? Do they know all of the documents, all of the process? Has the PJ withheld information from the british, or was everything shared with them? I have been thinking about this for a while, the S.Yard and the Leicester police worked in a joint investigation with the PJ, they must have had access to the whole complete process, so, there are no unknown documents, facts, leads, that they need to get from Portugal now for their review.

    Am I wrong in assuming this?
    What is your opinion on this?

    Thank you.

  31. John Stalker former Police Chief who is highly respected said that his gut instinct after watching the investigation felt that the Mcann's and Tapas holiday makers were "Hiding a big Secret"

    I for one have always felt that because of the conflicting stories,
    media cover, interference, the Portugese have a difficult job to do.

    This case is a cold case but would imagine that if any credible evidence had surfaced during the last few years the Portuguese would have acted accordingly, lets face it with all the hype and
    attention it has been sujected to Portugal has suffered a great deal of "bad press"

    There has been vast amouts of money paid out to private detectives lawyers etc by donations by the public but incredibly with all these resources as far as I am aware the "leads and sightings" have not found this little girl.

    It would be an easy option when a child goes missing to blame it on an abduction but as we all know abductions by strangers are rare.

    I feel that the Mccanns will be under the spotlight more so
    now because of all the recent coverage by the media about the released book and involvment of the government.

    Not a good place to be if there are "secrets"

  32. Hi Joanna,
    I saw in the mccanns facebook that its showing their company as a non-profit organisation.
    We know that before this company was registered as a private company. do you know if they have changed it officially in Non profit company or they are still misleading their supporters? what i suspect.

  33. Re Jenny Jones .

    It's ironic that she doesn't want the UK to fund the investigiation when we consider that the British Police can't investigate the process , they can only co,operate with the P.J. and work together with them accordingly . As international law prevents any alternative . What the hell is going on ?

  34. According to Wikipedia, Ms Jones is from the Green Party and specialized in the analysis of ancient bird droppings. She is also a candidate for Mayor of London in the 2012 elections. Whilst the relevance of specialization in the analysis of ancient bird droppings may not be immediately obvious when considering the subject at hand, jumping onto a populist bandwagon in order to up your profile for a forthcoming election certainly is.
    Toby Harris is of course a Labour peer. It's interesting to note that Ed Miliband immediately distanced the Labour Party from the criticisms and accusations put out by Harris. Given the involvement of Gordon Brown and other members of the Labour administration at that time in this affair, distancing the Labour Party from any criticism of Cameron's actions would appear to be the most sensible thing to do should it be necessary to distance the party from the acticities of Brown and Co at some time in the future.

  35. I believe the truth will come out, because the mccanns have pushed this back into the public domain, at present we have newspapers and their backers supporting the mccanns, because they have been been told to do so, such as that ridiculous article by Richard and Judy in yesterdays Express, these people are dependent upon the taboiolds for their livlihoods so instead of seeking the truth they go along with'what is expected of them' but this is coming to an end, Sr Amaral I believe has been villified by these people, but he has stood strong, and in his strength we can see the truth, he has stood firm, whilst all around him have succumed to the mccanns spin machine, but in this one person there is truth and there is hope, I firmly believe that now Scotland Yard are involved, there will be no more timewasters, no more excuses, because we all know, as do the mccanns and their friends that a child has lost her life, she is nowhere to be found, and the investigation should now take it proper and rightful course, so many people want justice, and we will not accdept Mitchell's spin or anybody elses spin, the mccanns have lied, that we all know, now the proper investigtion starts, justice for MADELEINE and thank you to Joana and Astro and all the other websites dedicated to Madeleine.

  36. someone has to kick the Mcs up the backside to go to portugal and perform a reconstruction, with the tapas. who better to do it than SY, they cant all be masons that will turn a blind to gerrys & kates inconsistensies. Gerry was saying on the late late show that he could open the shutters from the outside, you cant..that why we all have them on our houses. Gerrys fingerprints were not found on the shutters. these inconsistencies need to be addressed by firm hand, and SY has some fine detectives. There are honest policemen and for sure within SY many have wondered about this case. The biggest error would to let nosey gerry, or the private plods have access to the files from portugal, gerry is not sure what information has been sat on, so he can worm his way out of it. Anyway Kate wrote the book why is gerry in on the interviews

    Read the book! ask the dogs! gerry

  37. Last Friday 13th, there was the tv show "Vermist" where, quite at the beginning they talked about Kate's book, "directed by J. Rowling, the writer of Harry Potter"
    Even if you don't understand Dutch, call
    and click on "laatste uitzending" (last broadcast)
    you will recognise the words "geregiseerd(directed), Rowling, Harry Potter".
    Mrs Rowling got to know Kate is using her name.
    Who writes her?

  38. Before people get too excited by Amaral's comments I'd bear in mind that Hamish Campbell - the man who has been appointed to the Met Team was responsible for the entire Jill Dando media circus.

    Campbell was responsible for wrongly convicting Barry George - who was widely seen as a scapegoat for a professional hit. George later had his conviction quashed.

    The man leading the Jill Dando coverage for the BBC at this time was Clarence Mitchell.

    Bell Pottinger actually head up the Jill Dando Charity Fund too.

    It's the same old same old from a staffing point of view. Campbell - like so many of the McCann PIs - started out in the anti-terrorist squad.

    Mitchell was the first British reporter on the scene for the Dando case.

    By his own admission, Mitchell was an old pal of Dando. he says she called him 'Clarenzio'.

    Weird but like the Pentagon over the Bin laden story - there are players involved who seem to be deliberately courting somekind of conspiracy claim.

    They seem to have a preferred pattern in mind and are just handing people the right kind of dots.

    Spooks are everywhere, Joana aren't they? I am sure Portugal have their own fair share too, don't you think?

    I hope I'm wrong about Campbell. I'm not of the opinion these people are all bad. Corruption is a complex beast in the Met. I suppose it can be a necessary evil in certain circumstances.


  39. Sunday Express to the rescue again, they must want their pound of flesh for the money they paid to the McCanns...

    "Former Yard Commander Dai ­Davies believes a controversial reconstruction with Kate and Gerry McCann, their holiday friends and others could be vital in encouraging new witnesses to come forward.

    When top Portuguese detective Paulo Rebelo took over the case he was frustrated at not being able to stage a reconstruction as he believed it could provide a breakthrough......

    ....Mr Davies, head of royal protection at the Yard and now a respected ­security consultant, said: 'I believe a reconstruction should be one of the ideas on the table and it should be seriously considered'...."

    well, we're all with you there! Not quite what the golden couple were after methinks, I bet the Tapas 7 are wetting themselves... tee hee.

    aunty anti

  40. I agree they have shot themselves in the foot they were depending on there being an uproar with the likes of their media pals such as Jenny Jones, who said today "that while sympathising with the McCanns, a 'ludicrous' (a Clarence Mitchell quote if ever I heard one) waste of over 3 million pounds would be spent on the review of this case and it would deny other victims of crime justice. She would be doing all in her power to stop this amount of money being spent and try to prevent it going to the McCanns". If all had gone according to plan they would be in the clear with regard to the review being cancelled - but, because the £3.5million grant is being given there is no recourse irrespective of a public outcry!

  41. The wall they have been building is suddenly collapsing. Now the British government cannot go back and they can only blame themselves for not keeping their mouths shut. Everyone could see that their behaviour was not natural. Always forcing the events, always going that bit too far. Always blaming everyone but themselves. Always forcing the abductor's theory. The SY will scrutiny their detectives work and I'm afraid they won't have much to show except huge bills. And the Tapas gang will be wetting their pants waiting for the SY's knocking on their doors. Now let us watch the events roll! I would be loving it if it were not so tragic.

  42. @26. good letter.i hope david cameron gets quite a few more like this.

  43. No 26
    AAhh I thought you have least got it printed in the Sun (joke), mind you the mcs probably got paid a lot for theirs, shame you missed out. For me the fact that it was printed openly in a rag, and not delivered directly to the PM shows to me gerrys thoughts , money.
    Who airs their dirty linen in public

  44. Clever move by Cameron - if McCanns are cleared by SY then he wins, if they are charged, he wins....so he wins points either way.

  45. Carole Malone writes a fair column today in the NOTW online.

  46. 39: Dai Davies is a McCann supporter and Clarence Mitchell associate:


    Don't be fooled by the Sunday spin.

  47. this quote from the Guardian is very pertinent:

    'Kerry Needham, the mother of Ben Needham, the British toddler who was abducted on Crete 20 years ago, said: "I am pleased for the McCann family and look forward to the government offering the same support to all the families with children missing abroad." '

    This couple must have sooooo many enemies.

    aunty anti

  48. David Cameron and others now have to choose their path-the right or the wrong. Once traversed, there is no going back. Take your consciences with you on this journey and if the path you have chosen is the latter, you will never find your way home again.

  49. Could two separate investigating teams be so far off the mark that they don't agree on some points? For instance, would SY deny the validity of the dogs? Would they ignore the Smiths' sighting? Would they not be suspicious about the two timelines in the sticker book and so on and on and on....

  50. As Clink Eastwood said, ''MAKE MY DAY''

    oh yes imagine the roggies re-run at the MET, without a pre-read of everyone's previous statements, not that it matters now since they are all published on the internet.

    But instead of the non-committal responses to ''you know'' the kid-gloves are actually removed, no constraints of the roggie protocols.

    As they say BRING IT ON.

    Perhaps it’s time there was a thread or forum, IDEAS FOR THE MET. Lets start with

    ‘you know’ Madeleine wasn’t abducted between the frequent checks according to the T9Timeline, she actually disappeared DURING MR MCCANN’S check ! since she was gone before he even got back to the Tapas

    The MET might actually discover just how helpful (being sarcastic) the LP were

    or are they just going to plod around directed by TM !

    I think Cameron was embarrassed into his decision and decided once for all to bring this to an end! But I think it was a wrong move.
    Mrs Fluffy-Talk should have been left as the decision maker.


  51. @46

    McCann's are innocent until proven guilty.

    I think they are guilty as sh@t but I'm a quiet voice with no influence in the media or criminal investigator world so I can say so.

    For those who have a responsibility to solve this case and those who report in the media, it's imperative that the McCanns are treated as innocent and believed until evidence proves otherwise in a court of law.

    Otherwise they can argue prejudice

  52. "David Cameron should have requested the re-opening of the case from Portugal and been kept up to date with the progress". Anonymous wrote this on another blog and that would be the right move for mr cameron to have this investigation money paid to Portugal to sort out the mess due to the failings and bad behaviour of dear mr & mrs mccann who have found about 110 excuses why they haven't been available for the search or reconstruction. Let Portugal finish the job they were investigating 4 years ago. They can do the job without SY. Why on earth does mr cameron think that Portugal needs the help of SY?!

  53. Someone started a thread on the Digital Spy General Discussion Forum asking about the Carole Malone article and DS deleted the thread. There is another one going basically querrying why they are not allowed to discuss the McCanns on DS.

  54. Too late - the new thread on Digital Spy has now been removed.

  55. Dee 51 - Thanks for that. It makes sense that, if/when they are charged with an offence and go to trial, they could plead an unfair trial if there is worldwide prejudice against them. Maybe that`s why the media are not allowing any negative comment about them.

    But, by the same token, they are still prejudicing justice by being allowed to squawk their lies continually. If it is trial by media - they would be found not guilty.

    It would surely be very difficult now to muster up an impartial jury.

  56. There was an article on the Mccanns on a french yahoo site. There were a lot of comments, some clearly anti McCann, one was a comment I posted.
    Well it all got deleted. When you go to the article it says: no comments posted yet!!!!!
    And the french "Elle" magazine seems to be on the side of the McCanns aswell, speaking about Kate like tortured mother who has been through the worst ordeal blablabla...

    I am amazed. I will never stop being amazed by this story. I think it is our durty as people who know better, to spread the truth far and wide so that, even if, God forbid, they would escape justice, there would be someone at every corner of the world to make them know for the rest of their lives what people really think about them.
    They both need a good slap in the face.


    There is a consistent misunderstanding of this principle. This ONLY applies in a court of law.

    From an investigators point of view EVERY SUSPECT is guilty until proven innocent. Obviously.

    You cannot conduct a proper investigation the way the McCanns' wanted which was "Listen idiots! Just take our word for it. We were there. We know we are innocent!".

    The problem with such assertion is that I/you/he/she/you/we/they don't know because they were not there! Much more so if you are actually in charge of the investigation. Everyone MUST be guilty until proven innocent!

    The facts of the investigation made the McCanns look as if they were guilty and the more they move their a*ses to avoid the syringe the worst it gets. People keep forgetting that they walked out free on the benefit of a doubt! Repeat: on the benefit of a doubt!

    Personally I am astonished that the British PM has ordered Scotland Yard to look for the child as if the McCanns' innocence was a well established fact.

    This in my view completely discredits Scotland Yard - not that I thought they were that special though, but people think they are which I guess traces back to the fictional legend of Sherlock Holmes (who by the way was a Victorian private detective not a Yard man).


  58. I watched the Brunt interview of the McCann's. He has thrown away all pretence now and speaks as if it has been proven that their was an abductor and that everything the McCann's have claimed is true. He has obviously realised that his masters want that line - he know's they are a money spinner - he wants to be the one to interview them and be associated with the story.

    They speak as if everyone who disbelieves them is filled with hate for them and is driven by that. The fact is that there are millions of us who dont hate them at all, we jsut want justice - perhaps there is some hate, but only as there is for any criminal who harms others, especially children. They are knwon to be child neglectors -for that they should be exposed.

  59. It is important to remember that the story about the child asking why her parents didnt come the night before the alleged 'abduction' did not come to light through the McCann's. They sought to suppress it and accused people who were 'against them' of releasing the story. Actually I suspect it was deliberately timed to be used in that way, but by a McCann supporter (a 'double bluff' from the Clarence Mitchell media control camp!) but if we take them at their word, why then is this now claimed as being so important to the McCann's - I suppose its just another element they need to 'explain away' as it highlights their neglect of Madeleine.

    But why also did they STILL go out that night and abandon the children as they did and had done each and every night except the first one?

    Why does the establishment insist on supporting these people? We may never know.

    One thing is for sure, Martin Brunt has lost all credibility as an investigative crime reporter. He is simply not objective.

  60. Sampras at 57 - It makes a lot of sense what you write, said after my own heart! We have lost so much respect for so many now, none so blind as those who cannot see, here many who just turn a blind eye, I'm beginning to doubt mr cameron and his motives too. What is behind this interference? Why hasn't he asked Portugal to complete this investigation, they can and will, I'm sure and sent these 9 people off for a reconstruction. What is this all about?
    How I have grown fond of the many posters here, Joana and you and Astro and all. It is really a pleasure to visit your blog.

  61. Since everyone that the McCanns touch are ruined, poor Cameron, his days are numbered...

  62. Well said Sampras @ 57

  63. http://vimeo.com/23800630

    You may enjoy this :)

    Yours Mr Pow of Tayport
    aka Bonnybraies

  64. We have been told that the PJ are corrupt plods well Scotland Yard have a bit of previous in that regard , two minutes on Google revealed this



    your Mrs Pow

  65. oops seems the tide is turning because of the book




    Mrs Pow


  66. @ 64,

    Just absolutely brilliant. What a laugh ! and bravo to the video maker.

    On our daily pilgrimage to find Justice for Maddy, we need relief every now and then, to help us get though the mire and turgid, stinking mud which comprises the whole of the McCann case and its supporting entourage.

    When all other forms of freedom of expression are supressed, for fear of political / tyrannical retaliation, the 'Arts' are the one place where either straight drama, music or 'spoof' / black humour can still release 'the' message.

    Onwards and Upwards ! Thank you Joanna, Astro, Goncalo Amaral, and all the sites and posters who won't let this miserable affair drop until it is correctly resolved.

  67. This from the London Evening Standard, Monday 16 May 2011 by Sam Leith:

    "Sour taste of showboating

    The Prime Minister’s intervention in the search for Madeleine McCann reminds me of a previous instance in which a politician tried to curry public favour by sticking his oar into an operational concern of the police or courts. Remember Tony Blair’s backing for the Sun’s campaign to free Deidre Rashid, the wrongly jailed Coronation Street character?

    That was absurd, but just about forgivable. The current case leaves a nastier taste in the mouth. Weirdly, this sort of showboating seems infinitely more cynical and offensive when real people rather than imaginary ones are involved."

    Mr B

  68. NUMBER 9. This was not in fact a knee jerk reaction by Cameron. This investigation began several months ago. That is why the Mccanns look so afraid. This is not good news for them. True to form they have tried to make it look like their idea... the writing really is on the wall this time, at last.


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