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Judiciary irritated at British government

The English decision to reopen the Maddie case is generating controversy and ill being within the Portuguese Judiciary Police (PJ), even with officers that recall that “the English are not better than the Portuguese”.

The English Prime Minister, David Cameron, decided to have the investigation into the Maddie case reopened, but PJ officers point out that “the English need authorization from the Portuguese authorities to investigate in our country, because they do not have competence to act in Portugal”.

Some high-ranking officers of the British police have equally criticized this decision, arguing that the money that is to be spent is more necessary for other cases. This situation has even been criticized by Lord Harris, a member of the Metropolitan Police, who peremptorily states: "It again embroils their officers in a high-profile investigation, where the chances of success are unclear, and which will divert limited investigative resources away from other matters."

In fact, some 30 English detectives and many million pounds will be involved in the reopening of the investigation into the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in 2007, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve. The English decision was made after the child’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, sent a letter to the English Prime Minister, David Cameron, in which they asked for a review of the case.

According to members of the PJ that were contacted by O Diabo, the reopening of this case questions “the professionalism of our officers, who did everything that was possible to solve the child’s disappearance”, recalling that the English policemen are not better than our own.

Our sources recall that, despite “us having good criminal investigation labs”, a political decision was made to have the tests carried out in English labs, launching the suspicion over whether or not they were manipulated. “We let the English do everything that they want”, they say, recalling that this case “suffered various political influences, due to the missing child’s parents’ social and political status”.

The officers that were contacted by O Diabo recognize that “some mistakes were made in the investigation, namely inside the apartment”, but they recall, in defence of their honour, that there are many identical cases that remain unsolved in England.

The Judiciary Police – they reveal – had already been warned that the Scotland Yard had the intention to analyse the case again. This does not mean, however, that the criminal process, which is under the Public Ministry’s tutelage, will be reopened. This process may be picked up again if new facts that contribute to the investigation’s development are discovered.

PJ Available

Contrary to the general feelings within the PJ, Pedro do Carmo, joint national director at the Judiciary Police, cited by “I” newspaper, states that the PJ is available to cooperate in this case, and committed to finding out the “credible, consistent and relevant factors that may contribute to clarify what happened to Madeleine McCann”.

Meanwhile, British newspaper “The Telegraph” reports that some of the officers that are involved in the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann, four years ago in Praia da Luz, are close to retirement or about to present a voluntary leave, stressing that the English investigators will face major difficulties, because the documents are nearly all in Portuguese.

When the little girl disappeared, on the 3rd of May, 2007, Leicestershire police helped the Portuguese police in the investigation, but in July 2008, the case was archived. Until last week, precisely when Maddie’s mother, Kate McCann, published a book, the Scotland Yard decided to restart the investigation, after the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, intervened.

In her recently published book, Kate McCann, with the purpose to collect money for the “find Madeleine” fund, harshly criticises the Portuguese police system. Kate mentions the slowness that followed the first hours of Maddie’s disappearance, and the proposal that was made by the PJ, for the child’s mother to confess to concealing her daughter’s body, after her death, which was caused by an accident in the apartment in Praia da Luz. She says that this offer was an attempt by the Judiciary Police to make the sentence more benevolent.

In her book, Kate also tells about her suffering and the depression after her daughter’s disappearance, about her suicidal tendencies and the problems that she experienced in her marriage to Gerry.

The book was launched yesterday (May 23rd) in Lisbon, edited in Portugal by Edições Asa, from the Leya group, and by Transworld Publishers in the United Kingdom.

in: O Diabo, 24.05.2011, paper edition only


  1. I can't understand why Cameron would waste 3.5 million on finding the McCanns "innocent" all over again, at a time when budgets all over the UK are being decimated. It makes no sense from any perspective. I like the word "re-opened" in this report though!

  2. The Portuguese have every right to these statements, they did their very very best to solve this mystery, Mr PLONKIE Gordon Brown, signed the Lisbon Treaty on condition Sir Amaral is taken of the case.

    Hopefully these retired coppers in SY are going to "go out with a bang" a very loud bang of the jail doors slamming on Kate Gerry Tapa9 and all those disgusting individuals that are tamerping with the investigation into a beautiful little girls death and hiding of a cadaver.

    Casey Anthony and Kate McCann have exactly the same demenour.

    There is one place for people such as these - the slammer!

    DC Scotland Yard and the Pj will finally get to the bottom of this lie of that I am certain.

    Muito Obrigado Joana for this information.
    I am very close to this case as my children are Portuguese and live on the Algarve I am sick and tired of Kate and her cronies dissing the PJ sick and tired of it.

    PS: Sardines are the best treat for me when I go to the Algarve which I will be doing in six weeks, lets hope by then something has happened against the Amaral case and I will be sure to meet Princess Kate outside the court house!

  3. "The English decision to reopen the Maddie case"...

    "The English Prime Minister, David Cameron, decided to have the investigation into the Maddie case reopened"...

    Why is the PJ also passing the wrong idea that what the S.Y. is going to do is a reopening of the case???
    What's going on? We all know it's not a reopening, it can never be, because the british never opened an investigation on the case, so, there cannot be a reopening! Can't they tell the difference between a mere review and a reopening?!
    I despair, I really do!

  4. Bom dia !

    Até que enfim alguém se atira ao ar . A nossa P.J. está ao nível de qualquer Polícia de investigação. E, aqueles seres têm sistemáticamente atirado lixo, nem é poeira, para os olhos de alguns britânicos.

    A senhora escreve barbaridades no ...no.... livro e, diz mal de todos. Ninguém escapa.

    Na perspectiva dela , só eles ; o que dá uma imensa vontade de rir mas cheia de irritação pelas sistemáticas afrontas feitas aos portugueses.

    Faz-me lembrar uma peça de Teatro que vi na Cornucópia:


    Cenas de Karl Valentin E não se pode ........ ??????

  5. The DNA would have convicted them but the FSS saw to it that it didn't.

  6. That's rich coming from Kate McCann criticising the 'slowness' of the police in the first hours after Madeleine 'vanished'. This arrogant woman dares say something like that when she could not even be bothered to go search for her own missing daughter at all. Especially when her daughter could have been lying somewhere injured in the dark.

    Or did she know something the rest of those searching didn't?

  7. Seems to be dammed if you do and dammed if you don't, is not some movement in this case better than none at all. If the political will in the UK is to review/reopen the case why don't the PJ just do it call the Maccann's bluff and do it.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  8. Once again our Mccanns are using up valuable police time and resources for nothing, when will SY realise they only have to, ask the PJ to reopen the case. I certainly hope under these circumstances the PJ do not pass over the information they have been sitting on, not until the two forces work together, and bring Mcs and Tapas back for a reconstruction, how can you review without a reconstruction to back up what is in the files. They get away with a fraudulent fund, and still beg for more, but they cannot get off their ar--- and ask for the case to be reopened. More tax payers money for a pair who have never co operated and portray themselves as victims. THE ONLY VICTIM IN THIS CASE IS MADELEINE.
    I am disappointed in the actions of SY so far, and I bet GM has his nose in there some where. Funny handshake and all that. Disgusting.

  9. How about the PJ remind SY they have that 'stand alone' evidence, so they need do no more than help get the evidence together for charges.

    The UK also needs reminding they were holding out on important information requested from them by the PJ, for instance, details of the McCanns' credit cards being used at that time, but which they were denied access to. Also, the health records of Madeleine in particular they were also denied access to.

    If Cameron really wants to help find out what happened to Madeleine then he should make sure these requests from the PJ, and anything else they ask for, are fulfilled.

  10. Mary Liverpool, I agree with you!

    It is in BOTH countries' interests to nail this case once and for all. Every one of us wants to see this scandal brought to an end.

    Let both sides work together in a spirit of comradeship and cooperation. There will be kudos to all and the admiration of two grateful nations.
    What the hell is wrong with that?

    In the words of my old Nike T-shirt - JUST DO IT !!!!!

  11. @7 Mary, can you just imagine for a second what would be the reaction of the British authorities and British people if for example, the Prime Minister of Portugal, or of any other country, ordered an investigation/review of an UK case, in British soil, without having previously requested any authorization, without having the necessary jurisdiction?

    Furthermore, how dare the British police "review" an investigation that was, as everyone knows, politically pressured to be closed and boycotted by the UK police forces, UK media and UK politicians - not to mention hindered by the McCanns themselves, their Tapas friends, and by their horribilis PR man, Clarence Mitchell.

    The case does not need a "review", it needs to be reopened so the only police who has the capacity and jurisdiction to investigate crime cases legally in Portugal, the Judiciary Police, can carry on doing their work. And then if the SY/MET wish to cooperate with the Judiciary Police under the scope of international cooperation, that is a different situation altogether.

    If Cameron and the Met Commissioner wish to play foolish & empty games, in exchange of votes and better budgets, that's up to them and to the UK tax payers. Just don't involve us in this farce.

    As far as I know the Portuguese Republic is a sovereign state, we do not belong to the British commonwealth and we certainly do not have to obey to Cameron nor does our police.

  12. @ anonymous 1: I don't agree it doesn't make sense from any perspective because we don't know precisely what SY intend to investigate. Nor (@ anonymous 11) is it necessarily true that SY's involvement implies interference in the affairs of the PJ. Maybe SY's remit isn't principally to find out what happened in Portugal from May to September 2007, but issues that that have occurred in the UK since then?

  13. No offence to anyone in Portugal I am with you all the way, but both Portugal and the UK the need, a good kick up the Backside to get this case reopened. I do realize its the PJ in charge of the Investigation, as the crime was committed there. In fact they should have stood up to Brown and not shelved this case.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  14. I did not read the book but I read some comments.
    Now I'm sure Kate is not true to anyone and I would not be surprised if she would spread around lies about Tapas 7, who got in trouble helping her with their fake statemnts.
    They can even get horrible invoyces from Robert Murat, only because they let themselves be manipulated by the Mccanns, at a moment of weakness, that night.
    False statemnts and they will be not helped by the couple.
    It is even possible they have nothing to do with Maddie's death.
    Somewhere I read long ago that a couple, belonging to Tapas 7, are living separated from each other now and who knows this case was one of the causes of the separation.Too much tension, knowing the truth.Pointing to each other, accusing each other of being weak and of having lying to protect the parents.
    I hope they have enough money to pay the best lawyers in the UK but I fear they don't.
    One of these days I see them selling their houses in order to pay the lawyers, Murat and Amaral.

  15. It is becoming clear that the decision of Mr. Cameron was pre-agreed with Mccann's or with their Lawyers and Mitchell. WHITEWASH!!
    British government, no matter which Party will be at power, will face a serious issue regarding that case if Portugal decide to reopen it and ask the forensic samples to be tested at any of other International LAB, in Europe or in USA. The portuguese police always suspected the results of the FSS lab were manipulated and they claim the reports of some samples were never sent back to Portugal. Like the hair, recovered from the Scenic.
    Portugal already ask the samples but got the answer that were destroyed. Is largely known that is a commitment of all Labs to keep all samples well preserved, if they belong to an unsolved crime, which is the case. That's why we have across the world many cases reopenned and re-tested many years after an investigation being endorment.
    The FSS Lab and the British authorities will face an internationl embarassement ( if not a criminal behavior) for what they have done with Forensic samples. If they were not incriminating the mccann's, why they were destroyed? Don't tell me that they were destroyed because of the testing process. That did not exist.
    The new methodes to test are using micra particles from the samples to be tested and chimicals and Microscopes with high resolutions. We can test almost the most small particle and still preserving it to do further tests.
    The same samples that were destroyed, could be used to clear the Mccann's if they were innocent. The couple, who complaint about everything, remain silence, after 4 years, in an issue that could clear them straight away and close all the speculation and doubts about them.
    Any person, under that situation, will be not resting a minute without having the samples tested at different labs, if had nothing to do with crime and was innocent.
    The behavior of the British authorities associated with behavior of the Mccann's are the most suspictious in the all case and are at the base of all speculation, killing the image of the Mccann's and leading the public to ask pertinent and legitime questions.
    Why the FSS was shutted down? Why no questions at the British parliament about the closing of their national Lab?
    I start believing, there was a net of Paedos belonging to the British high society, where politics and business people were involved. Something close to the Belgium case and the Mccann's and many others, were on it. Probably Madeleine was just the victim of an accident but letting a foreigner police to investigate properly that accident, will expose parallel crimes, connecting her parents and who use to be with them, with Paedophilia. That can explain why Gerry and Kate, quickly connected the missing of their child with a Paedo ring- Was them, ringing the alarm to their important British friends, involved in Paedo crimes, saying "save us or we all become exposed if you don't act quickly and do something to stop the investigation of PJ".
    We all know, Paedo crimes are transversal in society. There is members of different Partys involved on it and they all cover their backs when they got into the government. That's why nothing changed in UK, even after changing the PM. UK is losing all respect. First was the Iraq, After the Russian guy who died under strange circumstances contaminated with radioactive substances. Then Madeleine. ( CONT)

  16. A editora é Asa ou Azar?

    Espero que seja Azar para os MacCanns.
    Deixa a PJ ler os absurdos.

  17. CONT:
    The honnest British parents should be concerned about the safe and the rights of their childs.
    Portugal still having Casa Pia, which involves also people from the high society and some politics. I hope one day the case will achieve a proper justice with all criminals paying for what they have done.
    I hope, related to Madeleine, PJ never gave up on the truth and on Justice, no matter if on the other side there is Cameron or any other guy, acting to protect the real criminals.
    What I know is, Madeleine case will never go away from Internet and from the public oinion without the public knowing the truth and be full convinced about what happened to the little girl. Your game, Cameron, mccann's and Mitchell, was just to fool yourselves. As one of your politics already said "is impossible to silence internet and put all that people in prison". We all still waiting:
    That are just 2 steps, but very important to search and rescue Madeleine. To do that steps there is no need of 30 polices or 3.5 M. Everything could be done at peanuts cost.

  18. There's something going on in the background here that does not make sense. If I remember correctly, the McCanns approached the new British Home secretary, Theresa May, only seconds after she got that post and requested help/interference (-your choice.)Mrs May said something like 'thanks but no thanks.'
    We in Britain were delighted that the 'over-helpful' Gordon Brown and his government had gone, and thought it was the end of the McCanns.
    Now, they reappear with the mandate of David Cameron himself, over-ruling Mrs May, his Home Secretary.
    And, further it won't make him popular to waste over three million at a time of spending cuts for everyone else.
    You'll probably disagree but the only answer I can think of is Masonic connections, with all that pressure and privilege.

  19. I don't believe Murat is innocent in all process. I think he knows what hapenned to Madeleine even without being direct involved. I think he helped the Mccann's without knowing exactely what was going on and end up dragged by some Tapas 7 to force him to shut up. IF not, why he never cleared take a legal action against some of the Tapas 7 or against the Mccann's? By not taking that action he also fails to prove his innocence.
    After his arguido status been lifted, was the right thing to do-sue who dragged him into the saga. If he was completely clean. What stops him to do it?
    PJ was on the right track when made Kate, Gerry and Murat, arguidos. They just made an error with the Tapas 7, they should be made arguidos together with mccann's and forbbiden to talk to each other.

  20. The British do not seem to have reconciled themselves to the fact that their police, politicians and judiciary are NOT viewed by the rest of the world as superior. The fact that the British apparently see themselves this way is laughable.

    "The Policia Judiciaria has a staff of 1964 civil servants, but only 1021 with the status of 'police'. The others support the investigation in the administration. To be admitted as a Police officer, the candidates have to fulfill several requisites and to be submitted to a public exam. After that they attend a course in the school - 'instituto nacional de policia e ciencias criminais' - for approximately 9 months. After that, if they pass the tests, they begin to work in the several divisions with the older officers. After a year, if they fulfill the pre-requisites, they are admitted as effectives. After 7 years as 'agentes', they can, by internal request, and after attending a course in the school, be admitted to the next rank -'inspector' This rank can also be fulfilled by people with a degree in Law, after a public exam, tests and attending a course in the school. After this rank, the next one - 'inspector coordinator' is fulfilled by an 'inspector' with a law degree, after developing a specific work. The ranks of 'subdirector', 'director adjunto' and 'policia seguranca publica' together have the competence of the 'police nationale' as in France."

    How many cases remain unsolved in the UK...or worse, how many cases were shown to have been completely "bungled" (to use a word the British media have used so often against the Portuguese)?

    A short list of examples:

  21. #18
    Masonic connections, a paedo ring involving people who are part of the coverup, someone in the Tapas group working for British intelligence. Many theories. We'll probably never know.

  22. Who is going to get a copy of the final report?

    Is the Portuguese police going to get a copy of the report? Are they going to be told; here is your report card, you got an F for interview techniques, a D for effort and cooperation, a C- for forensics and an overall mark of F? Are they going to recommend to the Portuguese police that the McCann couple and their friends go back to Portugal for a reconstruction? Are they going to recommend that the Portuguese police examine the credit records of the McCann couple and their friends? Are they going to recommend that the Portuguese look at the phone records? Are they going to recommend that the Portuguese police examine Madeleine's medical records? Are they going to suggest to the Portuguese police that they obtain background information on the parents and their friends? Or perhaps they are going to tell the PJ to investigate some paedophile or some gypsy? Who knows, the report may even bring Mr. Amaral's conduct into question, maybe they'll ask that he be looked at.

    Are the McCanns going to get a copy of the same report or will theirs be different? Are the officers from SY going to ask them to go back for a reconstruction? Or will it be a report that highlights all the errors that were made and names paedophiles and gypsies that were in Portugal at the time? Will it be a hash job on Mr. Amaral?

    How will the public know what came of the report? Will the Portuguese police re-open the case because of it? Or, will all that will come of it be that team McCann announce through the British media that the report has been very helpful in pointing out where the Portuguese police went wrong and what new leads should be investigated by their private detectives?

    I reiterate, Britons need not worry, this is a PR exercise with a minimal cost to the British taxpayer.

  23. woodward said... 53
    In her book Kate McCann gives details of the misconduct of the police officer Bob Small,she records him telling Gerry that the PJ would get a shock when they saw the FSS results. The information gave Gerry comfort apparently. Bob Small effectively pulled the rug from under the PJ who were about to question Gerry as arguido, no doubt they were intending to give him no clue as to the strength or weakness of the DNA case and were going to put to simply show him the video of the sniffer dogs alerts.Add to this the equally inappropriate mateyness of Insp Stuart Prior with the whole tapas crew and one can understand the frustration of the PJ. As A UK citizen I apologise unreservidly to the PJ for the Leics Police apparent dereliction of duty.

    PJ said this,

    Our sources recall that, despite “us having good criminal investigation labs”, a political decision was made to have the tests carried out in English labs, launching the suspicion over whether or not they were manipulated. “We let the English do everything that they want”, they say, recalling that this case “suffered various political influences, due to the missing child’s parents’ social and political status”.

    Conspiracy theory ! no way, i truly believe Gordon Brown got those DNA samples back to the UK .so they could be manipulated

    Why, to cover a child abuse scandal !

    Cameron closed the FSS almost immediately he came to power !

    Cameron closed the CEOP almost immediately he came to power !

  24. @19 Murat was the first of many scapegoats the McCanns tried to blame for Madeleine's death/alleged abduction.

    The Portuguese Justice system is very slow, as you can notice from the ongoing Amaral's book banning saga (since 2009), or from other high profiled cases like Casa Pia, Rui Pedro's case, Freeport, etc. We're still waiting for news on the Murat versus Tanner case, and the other four law suits that were confirmed by his lawyer, Francisco Pagarete: «Concerning the British media, his position is very critical: “The press was biased. The news was broken in the following way: “This man is guilty, we have already caught him and it was even us who turned him over to the police””, he says, alluding to the journalist [Lori Campbell] who said she had noted “strange” signs in Murat during his contact with the media. But there is a difference in the way that these cases are handled in Portugal and in England. The lawsuits that were filed against the British press were swiftly settled with a “deal” concerning the amount of the compensation. In our country, “there is no evolution” concerning the five lawsuits that have been filed almost one year ago.» in Murat's lawyer: “Nobody lies without a reason” http://bit.ly/mgbM9o

  25. Anon 20

    It is not the British people who are behind any dismissal of the Portuguese Judiciary. Don't forget where this originates. IT IS THE BLOODY MCCANNS BEHIND ALL OF IT, SPINNING AND SLURRING AS USUAL. And all because that arrogant twosome couldn't get them to bow to their commands, and wag their tails like so many other idiots have, because they see through them as the liars they are. Don't forget their spokesman 'he lies through every tooth in his head' Clarence, is speaking on their behalf. They may be hiding behind him, but they are the ones putting the words in his mouth, so liars all.

  26. Anon 18 I think you have made a good point there, and we should write our MPs asking that Cameron be made to answer that one. We all know that Masons take an oath to help fellow Masons. Is that why the rest of the families of the missing of not getting the same attention, because they don't belong to the right Club?

  27. Cameron will be slaughted if this case comes back the same as it started wasting £3.5M and the Mcs sitting pretty, still calling the shots and begging for even more money informing us "we are innocent because New Scotland Yard said so" I can't see how NSY can do anything other then a proper review and ask the PJ for help and dig out that stand alone evidence that the PJ have, and shut the Mcs up......or else its have the Mcs in our faces for evermore!!!

  28. The British police and the P.J . both work for the high establishment . The higher establishment of both countries don't want justice for Madeleine . This is obvious . What they do appear to want is conflict between the two nations peoples . Of this I'm positive .

    As long as there's money to be made from the Madeleine story the higher establishments of both Portugal and the U.K. will be laughing all the way back to their palaces . Unfortunately . I hope I'm very wrong in my thinking .


    "Our sources recall that, despite “us having good criminal investigation labs”, a political decision was made to have the tests carried out in English labs, launching the suspicion over whether or not they were manipulated. “We let the English do everything that they want”, they say, recalling that this case “suffered various political influences, due to the missing child’s parents’ social and political status”.

    :k Amarillo

  30. The only winners in this case will be the lawyers and the media . Madeleine McCann is big business . Is it any wonder this lovely little girl is fogotten ? The losers are those who seek justice for her . The greedy and corrupt have their plans but we must not forget that God , has his plans too .

  31. #5, according to some reporters (Hernâni Carvalho was one of them, and I trust him, he said he saw a copy of it with his own eyes, and even said that that copy of the first report is someone's insurance policy for the future...), there were TWO FSS reports. The first one was damning for the McCanns, a very close match to Madeleine's DNA, 100%, Martin Brunt said, if I'm not mistaken, and it led the PJ into making them official suspects, because with such strong evidence they could no longer be interviewed as witnesses, the law did not allow it. Then, surprise, surprise...along came a second report, what was before is no more, the samples were contaminated, very poor quality, bla, bla,bla, not a conclusive match to Madeleine! The FSS back pedlled completely and left the PJ hanging out to dry!


    You see...Sócrates was not in a position to "displease" or cause any inconvenience to Brown. He absolutely needed Brown to sign the Lisbon Treaty ("Porreiro, pá!"), and he also was dealing with the suspicions of his involvement in the Freeport case, a case that had links to the UK. It was important to assure the good will of the british authorities...

    "Quid pro quo"

  32. #29,
    can you imagine if the forensic test had been done in a portuguese lab and the results were positive against the parents? There would have been an outcry of accusations of foul play and forgery of results from the good old Albion! The portuguese authorities wanted to avoid that and naivelly trusted the honesty and independance of the FSS, no one would dispute the results of the leading british forensic lab if those results were bad for the McCanns.
    It's a pity that the PJ did not suggest to have the tests done in neutral ground, in the USA, or Belgium or France.

  33. #28, could not agree more with you! My feelings exactly!

    Sad, isn't it? Makes one feel like a "Don Quijote de La mancha", fighting windmills...

  34. @19

    I'm with you there

    Robert and his mum's confession box by the sea aren't out of the woods yet IMHO

    I have bored peeps to death with this..but Antonio Cardoso's testimony of what he believed to have seen on May 3rd still remains the one testimony that BOTH the then PJ and TEAM McCann were happy to sweep under the carpet....swiftly

    Whilst false sightings away from Portuguese soil later on-brought out the juggernauts

    did not compute then..does not compute now


  35. Another excellent write up from Christopher Freind on the McCanns and the uselessness of looney lefty Piers Morgan,Freind also states he has requested interviews with the McCanns many times but have been turned down,i bet he has the McCanns would quake in their boots,and Gerry would need to keep scratching his ears,and Kate would need to hold on to his finger even more tightly than she already does in their interviews.

  36. If Robert Murat had anything at all to do with Madeleine going missing then he would not be suing the Tapas friends of the McCanns who tried to implicate him. As for taking the rap for the McCanns if he knew what really happened to Madeleine, there is no way he would have let the media crucify him as they did without spilling the beans.

    There is no evidence against him whatsoever. It is the McCanns and their apartment and belongings that were reeking cadaver. It was also McCann himself that Mr Smith was eighty per cent certain was the man carrying the lookalike Madeleine towards the beach area. It definitely was not Robert Murat, because he knew him as a nodding acquaintance, and would no doubt have stopped for a chat. As for the time of this sighting, there are two people who worked at the Tapas who say in their statements that McCann was missing for half an hour during the time this occurred, and it was when he came back to the Tapas that Kate McCann then got up and went and did her thing of alerting that Madeleine was missing.

    I don't know how the case against the Tapas people, especially Jane Tanner is progressing, but I sure do hope Murat wins and takes them for every penny they have because he was put through hell, and with great help from them and their allegations against him, which subsequently turned out to have all been untrue.

    He and his mother have also suffered great intimidation, but then we know there are people around who are not of the nicest type, those who even resort to such vile acts as killing a family pet to try and make a point, but they obviously have much to lose and are desperate. Nasty, sinister, slimy, evil, people. Thankfully there are brave people around who have been standing against them, and have shown they are unafraid of their threats.

  37. Just take a close look at the board members of the FSS.

  38. @ 36


    It definitely was not Robert Murat, because he knew him as a nodding acquaintance, and would no doubt have stopped for a chat.


    whilst you might be correct-I advise against the use of 'definitely'

    unless you were in that road on that night at the precise time

    were you ?


  39. Access to information in 2011 is very different from the days of the effective super injunctions of 2007 where it was possible to silence the media, but as recent events have shown the days of silencing the media and super injunctions are now long gone and it is imperative that both Police forces work together to bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion.
    Sadly the real story here is not about a child losing her life but how such a cover up was possible, for such negligent parents and with this investigation the judiciary will be humbled, bypassed and disempowered at a stroke both in UK and Portugal not because David Cameron has finally requested a review or reopening , this has come about because the people have demanded justice for Madeleine, thanks to the internet there is nothing to stop information flowing, the internet has taken us back to the future back to the days when we lived in communities where everyone knew everyone’s business. That may not be right and it may not be fair but it is how things are now and the days of the super injunction – the cheaters charter isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. So Carter Ruck and Clarence Mitchell your days are numbered whatever happened to Madeleine Beth Mccann on 3rd May 2007 can no longer be silenced, everybody knows the game is up except for the Mccanns and their lawyers now they should grasp what is really happening the voice of the people has spoken deafeningly and we will not go away until there is justice.
    Cameron will not be able to perform a whitewash for Mccanns in view of the current economic climate it would be political suicide for him and totally unacceptable and all involved know this, it is now only a matter of time. Justice for Maddie and for Sr Amaral.

  40. "Leicestershire police helped the Portuguese police in the investigation" .......

    helped? ........ hampered surely.

  41. Is sir Paul Stephenson a honest man? Can we believe his words, can we believe his good intentions or is this still a show?
    No interview with the McCanns about the MP. Could this mean hope for Madeleine? Mr. Stephenson says there are less"murders"in London now,less work for the MP, he can use the left overs.
    I thought this MP would talk about abduction, paedophilia, illegal adoption, refering to the little girl.
    Imo, he believes the child is dead and the parents are involved in this case.
    And who knows he also knows about Payne,more than the PJ know.And about all Tapas.After four years, there must have been more people going to the police, telling what they saw or suspect.Not only the Gaspars.

    Less murders, god forbid, I see Mitchell shooting around in order to keep the MP busy in England.
    My problem is that I believe the UK is a corrupt kingdom.
    If the SY don't accept the reconstruction, than we will see that Cameron is as corrupt as the devil.
    The best statement against the McCanns is Kate's book.
    I believe the PJ is now analysing it before they come up with new questions.
    The stupid Kate should never have written it.She is incriminating herself and Gerry all the time.
    I don't understand why a lawyer or Clarece Mitchell did not control her.
    And I wonder if Tapas 7 are very happy also with the book .I swear they are not.They want to forget 2007 but the McCanns don't let them.
    Who now will believe the parents's version, after have reading so many stupidities in that book?

    Thank you, McCanns. You are helping the PJ a lot!


    @36 "I don't know how the case against the Tapas people, especially Jane Tanner is progressing"

    No one seems to. I am surprised the Portuguese Press did not press that button around the time Kate launched her "official version of events" there. May be they too were pressed not to...

    :k Amarelinho

  43. @ 20 "The British do not seem to have reconciled themselves to the fact that their police, politicians and judiciary are NOT viewed by the rest of the world as superior. The fact that the British apparently see themselves this way is laughable."

    Well argued and researched contribution and in case you wonder I am not patronizing you. I ought to know...

    :k Amarelinho

  44. Great Great post 36, the only thing i will pick you up on is , Robert Murats case against the four individuals is not about money its a criminal trial, what Robert Murat is after is complete exoneration, which will not result in finacial gain as its a criminal trial, these four individuals will face a prison sentence if found guilty


    Guerra "Who is going to get a copy of the final report?"

    No one. Like you said, it is just a PR exercise in ideology which uses two top rank Brits (medics) as a leitmotif.

    Think football. It is all show biz but people believe in it as if it were some kind of religious ceremony or exorcism.

    Likewise, ideology brings people together around a book, a flag, a scarf or a T-shirt and helps politicians (and the vested interests they represent) cling to power.

    Not that Cameron's Conservatives have any change of retaining power in the next election, still...Cameron needs to be seen to be doing something and if he can cling to the McCanns bandwagon for effect so much the better.

    The fact he may have grabbed the wrong bandwagon only adds to the entertainment value of the case. The show must go on and not unlikely a Broadway show the end is set before hand.

    The end (you got it)is to denigrate Amaral and make the Portuguese look stupid. Anything is possible with PR...

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Goebbels said and his cousin Clarence believed it but that was in the 1940s...

    What the Portuguese PJ is saying is:

    "despite “us having good criminal investigation labs”, a political decision was made to have the tests carried out in English labs, launching the suspicion over whether or not they were manipulated. “We let the English do everything that they want”.

    Full stop. Return.

    :d Zé Malho

  46. 32, several times I commented on Correio da Manhã, suggesting and even asking the PJ to send the samples to the USA. or Germany.
    They did not do it, their own fault.
    How very naief the PJ were, trusting England although it was obvious the McCanns were being protected.
    I believe the FSS has gotten the correct results in their administration and we need Wikileaks to help Madaleine.
    Maybe they don't have the samples anylonger( I doubt it) but I'm sure they have the right results.
    Could the UK be so corrupt as everybody seeming to be?

    I wonder if the PJ know who was Tapas 10. If they know it, it could make this case much easier.

  47. jimuck, yes you are right it is a criminal case, (all the better), but presumably they can also be sued in a civil court by Murat if they are found guilty.

  48. Isar at 38

    No, it definitely was NOT Robert Murat that was seen by Mr Smith, and as he was eighty per cent sure it was Gerry McCanns, whilst not one hundred per cent, sounds like a good chance it could have been him.

    How the Tapas friends would have loved to have implicated Robert Murat, including people still plugging away at it on the internet, but all to no avail. Just like the dogs, Isar, which you have previously tried to discredit, Mr Smith knows what he saw, and it DEFINITELY wasn't Murat.

  49. David Cameron must have been listening to Clarence, his old election media monitor, instead of his Home Secretary Theresa May. She knew that it was wrong to meddle with the Portuguese investigation, in their jurisdiction, they lead. The question is if Clarence has convinced him of an abduction will he be unprofessional enough to cross all rules and give confidential information to the McCannns. He must also be a friend of Rupert Murdoch. All the promising leads to be found lead to the parents but my guess is that these will not be reported. Whitewash.

    Portugal must not allow corrupting British influences to damage it's reputation in this investigation by ignoring the evidence of parental involvement. They must emphasise and highlight parental involvement where the evidence of it exists.

  50. This was on a Sky blog, this morning.
    They are really pissed off with you.


  51. Some interesting pick-ups from "Madeleine", By Kate Mccann
    Source: The Sun serialization:

    "One of the first things we did ( WHEN THEY WERE BACK IN UK) was to ring our GP. We wanted to make contact with the social services to pre-empt any interest they might be obliged to take in us.(PRE-EMPT?)

    "In the light of the headlines and our arguido status, we realised there would be pressure on the authorities to assess the welfare of the twins."
    ( ALWAYS GOING AHEAD THE POLICE, ALWAYS CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATING. So strange behavior for who claims to be innocent).

    "Our doctor came round that Monday morning and we talked things through with him. ...... yet not once had our GP been contacted for any information about us."

    "The police had not sought access to our medical notes and nobody had ever asked him if we were well and healthy, what kind of people we were, whether he'd ever had any concerns about us or our parenting skills." ( THE WAY SHE LIES IS REALLY AMAZING. THE police claimed they request the access to medical reports and this access was dennied by British authorities, now kate change everything with total impunnity, saying the police did not ask anything, trying to highlight the incompetence of the police. Since you assumed you talk with your GP should we conclude that the most inconvennient information in the files was already deleted?)

    "Three days later we had a meeting with a social services manager and a local child-protection officer. (ALWAYS MEETINGS WITH MANAGERS, AHEAD) They went through various formalities with us and, while they took care to keep everything on a totally professional footing,(?????) I could tell they felt uncomfortable about having to subject us to this sort of scrutiny. ( SORRY, IF THEY SHOW THEY WERE UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT HAVING TO SUBJECT YOU, THEN THEY ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. A PROFESSIONAL, DO HIS WORK WITH INDEPENDENCE, WITHOUT SHOWING ANY EMOTION)

    "Madeleine had started at this nursery at eighteen months and had still been going there when we left for Portugal. It was awash with memories. After lunch, I went to collect Amelie and Sean. As we were getting into the car, Sean asked, "Where's Madeleine?"

    Then he answered his own question. "She's round there." He was pointing to an annexe where the older children were based, the place where he remembered Madeleine going each morning.

    I recalled how the twins used to stop at the window. "There's Magalin!" they would say in their toddler babble. "There's Magalin!"

    NOW THE DESPICABLE MOTHER IS TELLING TROUGH HER OWN VOICE THAT THE TWINS, MORE then 4 months after were able to remember and retell moments they have experienced before going to PDL, when they were much younger. Really kate, you hanging on your own rope).

    "One of the big changes in our life has been the loss of our anonymity - something I'd always taken for granted."
    (REALLY? Amazing!!! Who called the media to PDL against police adviser?)

    "As a direct consequence of becoming known (I can't bring myself to use the word "famous"), I am now very self-conscious in public places."
    ( ADMITING THE ALL TRAINNED BEHAVIOR. We noticed it in all interviews)

    "I worried that if people saw me smile or laugh, they'd think it inappropriate. After all, I thought it inappropriate myself. I worried that if they noticed me out and about they'd be saying, "How could she? I just couldn't if it were me".

  52. " ... Stressing that the English investigators will face major difficulties, because the documents are nearly all in Portuguese."

    As astro and ines know only too well it is difficult being precise in translations. Which probably accounts for why the left out such crucial details from their own. Perhaps the debt owed by Portugal is such that special diplomatic concessions might now be made As regards a met operation.

    Changing the subject, I came across an international drugs case that had many of those involved meeting under the pretext of 'bible classes'.

    Imagine my surprise.

  53. Lol Joana did you really 'lunge' at ID?

  54. House of COMMONS Oral EVIDENCE
    Wednesday 23 March 2011
    Bill Griffiths, Dr Gillian Tully and Steve Thomas
    Evidence heard in Public Questions 1 - 75


    Reading the whole of this transcript, I feel that the first FSS report (fine blood spray etc) and the second one (inconclusive determinations, material supposedly lost or destroyed) would indicate some bizarre govt.? private? high level individual? or group ?‘interference’.

    The transcript is quite long, but is, in my opinion, completely worthy of the time taken to read it.
    It gives a very valid insight into the FSS, how its operational structure has been changed by UK government proposals since 2005 (during Labour) and is now being continued, in its closure, by the current Conservative govt.
    The transparency, insight and concerns of the FSS respondents are quite enlightening, leading me to ask, just how, when, where and why, an “influence” might have crept in to enable such a change from the first to the second FSS reports.

  55. @39

    "thanks to the internet there is nothing to stop information flowing, the internet has taken us back to the future back to the days when we lived in communities where everyone knew everyone’s business."

    I so agree with you. Along with the innate human instinct to know the difference between right and wrong, the overwhelming and vast majority of human beings need to see 'justice done'. I do believe that your observation above, is our one, over-arching strength. We will see 'justice done' because we will always find a way of communicating and without ceasing, pursue the 'perpetrator' until justice is done.

  56. Can't seem to read the minute for Madeleine video on CEOP site.

    PACT - Interesting....'former' CEOP CEO? I didnt notice this...he has slipped over to PACT. Gamble actually invited a suspect in a child neglect and 'abduction' case to speak to the CEOP!

    Meyers Wife was recently accused of pocketting most of the money they raise and her husband, the guy who did nothing about the McCanns abuse of the media (and his own wife took Gerry to Washington! Jessie, it is all about the money money money!!!!

    From the PACT website...

    Jim Gamble, QPM

    In a long and distinguished career as a police officer, Jim Gamble was the head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland, overseeing anti-terrorism before becoming Deputy Director General of the National Crime Squad in London. In 2006, he was asked to set up the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and was appointed its CEO. During this time Jim was also the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) lead on child protection, including child abduction, child trafficking and all aspects of online protection. Under his leadership, CEOP rapidly established a national and international reputation as an incredibly effective child protection agency. Its work has benefited countless children and has resulted in hundreds of pedophiles being arrested. In October 2010 he resigned from CEOP and joined PACT’s board in 2011.

    Sir Christopher Meyer

    Sir Christopher Meyer is former British Ambassador to the United States and Germany and former Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission. He is a non-executive director of the Arbuthnot Banking Group and a member of the international advisory boards of Fleishman-Hillard and British-American Business inc. He is author of DC Confidential and Getting Our Way and is a regular broadcaster and documentary maker on foreign affairs. Christopher is married to Catherine and together they have four sons. Having been closely involved with PACT since its creation, he joined the board in 2009.

  57. http://www.pact-online.org/Advice/advice-action-guide-pact-parents-and-abducted-children-together-parental-abduction-missing-children-associate-of-icmec.html

    Not a lot about prevention - they could say something like 'Dont leave your children in an unlocked ground floor apartment and go drinking every night!'

  58. Incredible! This is the advice for PRVENTION of adbduction on the PACT site!!!!!!!

    No really, this is all they say about prevention!

    Advice - Prevention

    If you are worried that your child might be abducted, take action before it happens.

    Make sure you have the following information available:
    •A written description of your child including hair and eye colour, height, weight, fingerprints, and any defining characteristics.
    •Your child’s date of birth, passport details, and a current photograph.
    •Information about the other parent including: physical description, fingerprints, passport details, bank account details, driver's licence number, and a recent photograph.
    •List of addresses and telephone numbers of the other parent’s relatives, friends, and business associates abroad.
    •Should your child be abducted, this information may be vital in locating him/her.

    Do the following things:
    •Contact one of your national organisations or helplines.
    •Tell your child’s school about your problem.
    •Teach your child to use a public telephone and a mobile in an emergency.
    •Have your child finger-printed.
    •Get copies of any existing court orders.
    •Call your country’s passport office to find out whether they can refuse to grant your child a passport.
    •Contact the embassy of the country to which your child may be abducted and ask if the would-be abductor’s passport can be revoked.

  59. Cameron, the SY and the McCanns know the child is dead and they know the Portuguese police is waiting for new evidences although they have already all evidences that prove the child's death: dogs, blood in the car, etc.
    The Mccanns just want to make noise around it and Cameron is joying the game.
    I'm sure the parents will not accept doing the reconstruction, they are not stupid.
    Portugal has gotten a very good police, they work very well and already August, September 2007 they had the evidences that the McCanns and Tapas 7 were involved in Maddie's death, concealing the body and hiding the facts. If the PJ were a incompetent police, it would not have been necessary to dismiss Amaral and to archive the files.
    Pressured by the Labour government, the process was archived and now the Conservatives are playing the rol of the Good Samaritan towards the girl.

    I trust Kate's book will betrade the McCanns,
    It is the best witness agaisnt the McCanns.

  60. I don't see a recontruction by Tapas 9.

    Gerry would never accept going down that street, with a child in his arms, walking along the Smiths.

  61. Why do not Ceop exist anymore?

  62. Anon 63 - I believe CEOP does still exist but not as an independent organisation - it was integrated, along with other organisations, into a National Crime Agency under the new government. This is why Jim Gamble left - apparently because he could not run it as he wished anymore.

    What worries me is that the FSS is said to be closing - surely this is a complete backward step in crime prevention and I cannot believe this to be true.

  63. Just had a thought and I wondered to its viability.
    Kate writing that book was a disaster for her. And I think she knew it. But it is a bit like the neglect thing, you have to admit neglect in order to allow the abduction. when neglect becomes your only option then you are in a hole.

    just imagine that for some reason kate felt she was being monitored closely and felt unable to tell certain people the new line, or what they should stick to and the likes. when she writes about her lowered libido it struck me she could be talking to a lover, some kind of a message. it is not there to win her admirers, to enhance the life of the twins - so why did she write it?

    then she writes about wondering if gerry also thinks of beautiful -------s being torn apart. i mean this is damaging - to put this in the book. why. what would make this better than the option. what is the option. this is the smoke, what is the mirror.

    to me it is some code going out. those in the know, and there could be many, immediately will know what she is trying to convey that we in ignorance just can't understand why she would mention this. is it to make her appear human? hardly.

    how do we look at what she has written from a different perspective?

  64. I don't think the FSS is closing. I think they are joying another institution, perhaps with less employés, but still existing.I think it is a question of economising due to the crisis.They will probably change its name but still do the same work.
    I hope that the employés who got fired will fight back, telling what happened to the samples.
    They can tell it to Wikileaks. They lost their jobs anyway.Why care about fidelity?

  65. jesus,su,65,

    did she write about wondering if Gerry also...?

    they are both sick and nobody is saving the twins.

  66. There's a leading news story in the Mail on Sunday about a major gagging order against a major public body,it states " The man,who is in his 50s and whom TMoS is not allowed to name,was employed until a few weeks ago as a senior director at an organisation deeply involved in law and order".He has overseen a number of controversial issues that have led to turmoil within the organisation and the departure of key individuals.Apparently he has been carrying on with a much younger female employee.I don't know if this is Jim Gamble but didn't he resign late last year from CEOP but only left a few weeks ago?,and i think another two people from CEOP resigned a little while back too.Just a thought.

  67. There are special institutions that watch children when they are still little.
    I believe Rothley, Leicerstshire have gotten a one, with psycologists.
    The twins are at danger and perhaps Mary from Liverpool could write those people, after having finding their addresses.
    In an interview(In think RTP), the journalist asked Gerry if he agreeded with the whole book and he said yes.
    We are all responsible for those twins because we know too much about the parents.
    Their lives are being destroyed.

    Does kate refer to payne in her book?
    Has he gotten also perfect genitals?

  68. I believe Madeleine died from an overdose. Madeleine was crying for well over an hour and did not quieten down until her parents returned; it could be possible that her parents then gave her additional sedatives to calm her as she had become distressed they could have overdosed the child. In the morning found her dead and attempted to unsuccessfully resuscitate her on the floor where the blood was discovered. She was then placed in the wardrobe where cadaver was also detected whilst the McCann’s decided what to do. They knew they would lose their jobs, children and house and serve prison sentences and the scandal that would follow ‘Two doctors administering sedatives to young children so they could have a night out’ would bring disgrace to the medical profession. It is possible Madeleine was already dead on the morning Kate said she asked why they did not come last night, if they were there that night she would have asked them that question then, children tend to forget things by the next morning, this statement of Kate’s serves no other purpose than to place Madeleine alive on that morning.
    The McCann’s were doctors and thought they knew what they were doing perhaps this is why Kate placed her hand under the twins noses on that fateful evening to ensure they were still breathing, and she suggests in her book that an abductor could have sedated all three children, why mention such a stupid idea. The McCann’s also refused to allow the twins to be tested for sedatives, if they truly believed an abductor had sedated their children they would have had no hesitation in having tests carried out.
    Gerry played tennis for part of the afternoon before he had a foot injury and was unable to resume play. Perhaps this is when he went off to find a suitable place to later hide Madeleine’s body, whilst Kate jogged along the beach in full view of the Tapas friends who were at Peridiso to appear she was out jogging whilst Gerry was playing tennis, however this could not be further from the truth as her jogging session was probably very short but long enough to be seen as was Gerry’s tennis session.

  69. cont/
    Later Payne visited Gerry on tennis court to see how things went, the Payne’s and McCann’s are close friends and still are according to Kate’s interviews, then Payne dropped round to see how Kate was dealing with everything hence his nonsensical statement about timings etc. We should also consider the deleted phone messages and why was this necessary?
    During the Tapas dinner Gerry disappeared for sometime this coincides with the timing of the smith’s statement this would be when he first moved Madeleine’s body to its first hiding place.
    When he returned Kate played her part and the rest is history...
    They waited 45 minutes before calling the police because Gerry knew he had been seen by the smiths so it allowed the smith’s time to get home before all the pandemonium started, otherwise Mr Smith might recall the man he saw carrying a child towards the beach.
    The McCann’s were the big news story everybody jumping on the bandwagon. Since many people have distanced themselves from the McCann circus they were deceived some admitted they were taken in others just kept quiet. Gordon Brown assumed the publicity he would receive would be good for his profile nothing was checked out people assumed the McCann’s were innocent and Madeleine could genuinely be found. If only these people had been brave enough to put their hands up and say they made a mistake they were taken in by the McCann’s this case would have broken down long ago.
    Since Gerry has been invited to Washington and flown around Europe, he was invited by Rupert Murdoch owner of the Sun newspaper to a bravery awards police ceremony in London where he was applauded, McCann’s have given interviews to the Sun and Kate’s book was serialised in the Sun.
    Kate mentions in her book a special place she visits near rocks on the beach where she goes to think of Madeleine each time she visits PDL she goes there – this area I believe is Madeleine’s final resting place.

    As this has become such a high profile case costing the tax payer millions, and we have access to free flowing information on the internet, we will not accept a whitewash it should be dealt with throughly no more cover ups !

  70. Dear Joana

    On this website, here the link, the frog in the icecube is once again making an appearance:


  71. @19

    Totally agree with you on the involvement of Robert Murat. This man is no innocent bystander. He knows exactly what went on, took the rap of being made Arguido as were the McCanns. He knows PDL inside out, being raised in Portugual, knows the language, knows the McCanns from the UK, especially the JT and ROB from Exeter.

    He must be receiving a nice little package every month for shutting his mouth.

    I don't believe for a minute he has a case against JT !

  72. Ill feelings between the Portuguese judiciary and the British authorities?
    That's not exactly a surprise. Does anyone remember how long it took the British to investigate offshore and local bank accounts in the Freeport case?
    Or the never ending soap opera of the extradition of Vale e Azevedo?
    Pedro do Carmo is just being polite. A man in his position cannot say publicly what's on his mind.

  73. @48

    I never discredited the dogs - they can only alert/or not to what's put in front of their noses

    Martin Grime-yep I discredit him to the tune of 96 k which he took
    in Jersey for finding a coconut shell

    but that's just my opinion


  74. @ 70

    there's a lot in your post that sounds plausible

    both the PJ and Kate agree that the twins slept through the aftermath of Madeleine having disappeared..

    from what I gather very little searching on the night of May 3rd was done by either G&K or the rest of the Tapasniks - they were bothered checking on the health of their remaining children.

    Mrs. Webster could of course remain in her plastic chair by the Tapas bar-she had no child to worry about.

    I suggest ALL the Tapasniks' children were medicated throughout the holiday

    there's your 'pact of silence'

    IMHO as always


  75. 68 One paper says the man lives in a mansion in Herts and got the OBE so I don't think it's Gamble.

  76. Anon 70, Very interesting, and a drug overdose would make sense as to why Madeleine would have to be kept out of reach of an autopsy.
    Yet if she had been given something to make her sleep, presumably she would have been in bed when she died. If so, why was there no cadaver scent in the bed, or even in the children's bedroom at all, though the cadaver and blood dogs alerted clearly enough behind the settee where the blood splatters were found. (Experiments with cadaver dogs discovered it takes approximately one and a half hours after death for cadaver scent to be given off, and the best cadaver dogs able to detect it). Although it is possible Madeleine could have died in her bed, she would have had to have been removed from it before there was time for the build up of that scent. Also, if they were attempting to resuscitate her why would they do it behind the settee and not on the table.

    I hope this case will be reopened as a murder investigation because nothing makes sense except the child died due to foul play, and not accident. An accident could easily have been covered by the resourceful McCanns. On the basis of the timing of the cadaver scent being given off (one and a half hours), and Kate McCann alerting to Madeleine missing (10pm), it would mean that Madeleine could not have died later than 8.30pm, and certainly would mean that Gerry McCann did not see her alive and well in her bed at 9.05pm, immediately before Jane Tanner says she saw Bundleman with the child. There would not have been time for the cadaver scent to have built up in an hour and for the dog to detect it.

    Fortunately for the McCanns, evidence regarding the findings of cadaver dogs is not allowed, yet they are still desperate to discredit them. No wonder. They tell a very different story to the one they are selling.

  77. The files were archived, Amaral was dismissed and the McCanns left Portugal less than 48 hours after have being made arguidos
    BECAUSE the PJ is competent.
    If they weren't, the McCanns should still be living in Algarve.

  78. #I feel guilty every day of my life# (Kate/McCann Files)

    What a coincidence, Kate! We all feel the same about you.

  79. Like most of you..I've read Kate's book

    my personal opinion

    the lady has way too much on her shoulders..and Gerry is the additional albatros around her neck

    walk straight into the nearest Leicestershire cop shop

    and tell what REALLY happened on May 3rd

    the God you so frequently evoke in your book will smile sweetly on you


  80. I wonder if Tapas 7 are still friends with the McCanns. They must be horrified with Kate s book.I would.And I m sure they will never spend any vacation anymore with the McCanns(specially because they still have two children left). I expect at any moment somebody will tell what he knows about this case.I did not read the book but the little that I heard shows Kate went too far and that she is mentally ill.I wonder who could be her next victim.Tapas 10 could write an anonymous letter to the PJ.Or somebody from the FSS.

  81. Maybe the book is aimed at the Tapas group. It being an
    instruction manual. To be committed to memory .
    So everybody will know their lines when judgement day arrives.

  82. Isar,the dogs did not react to a coconut shell,just because no actual body was found at the spot they alerted to does not mean that a body hadn't lain there previously,the coconut shell just happened to be at that spot,those dogs are absolutely spot on,they weren't wrong before Madeleine and they haven't been wrong since Madeleine,and no amount of trashing them or Martin Grimes will change that,as for Kate having the world on her shoulders,good,but not enough guilt to come forward to say what really happened to her own child,no it's self preservation at all costs for the McCanns as it has been since day one,i see not one bit of guilt from either of them.

  83. quote
    Like you said, it is just a PR exercise in ideology which uses two top rank Brits (medics) as a leitmotif.

    Top rank Brits?? Have you listened when Kate opens her mouth, even 4 yr and no doubt many classes she still speaks unintelligible English.

    Very well worded. Kate indeed sees herself, as all narcissists, as the God in her own universe. She is the ultimate hero, who would have solved all problems if it had not been for all those villains. She is the ultimate martyr, who in all beauty takes all suffering heroically, a saint in the making. Her lies are so blatant because this is really the picture she has from herself in these 4 years. And no-one in her family, none of her friends will correct her. This is beyond self-aggrandizing: it's delusional.

  84. Tapas 7 must curse the day they accepted the invitation to go to Praia da Luz.They will always remain suspects.
    I notice Russel O Brian never appeared again, after the day he "recognized" Murat.
    Possibly he wants to keep distance from this case.

    Is Kate talking about Payne in her book?

  85. Isar at 75

    The dogs did not alert to a coconut shell, they alerted to a place where the teeth of children teeth were found, even though the cadaver/s were taken elsewhere. There was the scent of death in that place, so don't try, as usual, to discredit the dogs or Martin Grimes for doing their jobs. Just because you chuck in anti McCann comments it is not hard to get the measure of where you are really coming from.

  86. I see the McCann supporters are back on here doing their bit for the cause. Always good to see when they are rattled, and it must be so worrying that somebody is going to spill the beans at any moment.

  87. @Isar Perhaps you should read up properly on Jersey. Human remains in the form of bones and teeth were found at Jersey, but it could not be established if they were the result of a recent crime or not. So lets not forget the dog did it's job correctly, as did the handler who led the dog.

    As for the coconut shell that the dog alerted to, the handler didn't make any claims as to what it was, he left that to the forensic experts. They established it wasn't human bone, but that's not to say it hadn't at some point been in contact with cadaver material. As experts agree scent transference is possible.

    So don't let the coconut shell became a convenient piece of material to divert away from the fact that the dogs were successful in what they are trained to do.

  88. It is possible Madeleine was overdosed when her parents arrived back at the apartment they had been drinking, she was distressed, she may have gone behind the sofa to sulk wanting attention and they just let her get on with it and went to bed themselves, they clearly did not bother with the children everyday spent in the creche and every evening left alone, I expect madeleine spent a lot of time on her own in her short life.

  89. #Anonymous 81

    No, I've not read that creature's book and I expect that most of my countryfellows didn't.

    And, that thing that you call "Lady" doesn't seem to hold anything upon her shoulders, in fact, since May 4th 2007, she always made it clear that everything was on everyone elses shoulder but hers.

    Dear Isar, she will never tell the truth, not even in the name of that faked devotion to God that she invented, because she is a coward but most of all a demented person - she created a lie that she now believes. That's how psychopaths function.


  90. Or, is it possible that Madeleine was so afraid of somebody that she ran behind the settee to hide, but too late, that certain somebody caught her and killed her with sure and certain evidence that she had definitely come to some harm.

  91. @Anon 81

    Why do you assume that "most of us" has read the "lady"s loo roll"?
    I havent and I wont.
    Please,watch your wording because the mccan woman is everything you wish but a "lady".
    And if as a "lady" she hadnt gone on the piss every night and looked properly after her children,"she wouldnt have to carry anything on her shoulders".But it is true she carries a great weight:the weight of her lies and one day she will brek down,although psychopaths can go on a long time up to the moment,they explode.And THIS is the danger,not for her but for the reaiming children.
    After reading some absolutely disgraceful and pornographic snipets of her book (that her kids will read soon too),I believe the social services should look into the twins life a little bit closer.
    Thats what I think of your "lady"

  92. Obviously Kate McCann sees no need to protect those who have helped them, as we see from her recounting in her book how Bob Small interfered with a criminal investigation on their behalf by passing on confidential information to Gerry and herself. Disgraceful behaviour since they were the main suspects at the time. This incident should be immediately reported to the police authority, and it may even be a criminal offence for a policeman to do such a thing.

    Never a good turn goes unpunished eh, Kate!

    Tapas friends take note.

  93. Well said at 39, the Maccanns days are numbered, this case will be solved

  94. The McCanns lied to the investigators when they were asked if they had any credit cards and they said no since it turned out they certainly did. What a nerve to lie to the police like that.

    No wonder the PJ wanted to find out about those credit cards and when and for what they were used in PDL. For instance, might they have been used for the purchase of such things as an extra large buggy, and a fridge or some kind of cooling/freezing apparatus or device. The McCanns never mentioned they had problems with the fridge in the apartment, but Payne certainly said they did in his statement, though unfortunately he was not asked to elaborate on this.

    Yes, those credit cards should have been produced, and Scotland Yard should be informed that they never were, and it was never discovered for what they had been used. Can they still find out now if they so wish? Hopefully they can, and they will.

  95. The many suspicious finds in and around this case leaves me totally aghast as to why these mccanns (I feel sick writing their name), are still calling the shots and ruling the roost! The world knows them as a father 'if the child got hurt it is not my fault' or something similar, and mother, 'we're good parents, not suspects'. Is she sitting on her throne counting all her money and he has his feet up, grinning and groaning with pleasure, planning the next campaign to increase the bottom line of his fund!!? Everyday I find a new blog and I learn something new about these two fraudsters, these two oh so disgusting, disturbed specimens.
    Keep writing, keep posting, commenting, visiting the blogs. We have to keep the pressure on. We absolutely have to get these two characters off the street and locked up! The only investigators who will give us the truth about this case are the police in Portugal. We cannot trust the British. They will not handle this properly, we have no reason to believe that they will be truthful. They took the initiative back in May, 2oo7 took information with from the PJ and what have we got? What came out of their 'expertise'? Once bitten twice shy! Here four years later and another useless? start? They can hand their money to the Portuguese authorities who have done a superb job and they will have their day in court! The PJ seem to have more information, the kind of data these scallywags would like to lay their hands on but will not be given any satisfaction by PJ. This morning I read about semen on a child's bedsheet???? We are all angry and we feel so let down by the UK!!!We cannot trust you, no freedom of speech, no thorough investigation, everything stalled, buried, conveniently mislaid. Stop the world and get off UK and take all your fraudsters with you!!

  96. @28 why would Portugual be laughing all the way to the bank? Portugual are the ones who have lost a lot of tourism, they have lost their good name, the have been left a laughing stock........Why are they happy for this case to be left unresolved?
    The only people laughing all the way to the Bank are Team McCann.

  97. If Robert Murat would have taken place in the disappearence, helping Gerry ,who was recognized by the Smiths, it would not be logical that O Brian, Tanner, Fiona and Rachel would have pointed him as suspect.
    They would all belong to the same club and Tapas 5 would have protected him.
    Imagine he would tell that he indeed was asked to hide the body...
    Murat is innocent and even Kate asked the police to investigate him better, a proof he has nothing to do with this case.
    Tapas 9 never accused each other, they would certainly not point to Murat if he was Tapas 10 or 11. Too risky.

  98. I don't know exactly what was said to Gerry McCann when he was taken in for questioning just before they legged it out of PDL, but he sure did look green around the gills when he emerged.

    Queen Kate of course breezed through it, even finding time to have a laugh and texting session in between, her having decided not to answer the questions at all (no doubt saying it was on advice of course, yes, right!!), though she was informed it might harm the investigation, so seriously she was taking it.

    Gerry tripped when he came out from being questioned, and here's hoping we are going to see both of them tripping before long, and that smug look wiped off their faces.

  99. Anonymous 98, there are more pragmatic reasons why tourism is down. The global economy is poor and people have less disposable income. According to English ex-patriots who live in the Algarve, their colleagues are choosing other destinations like Turkey because the Algarve has become too expensive. They scoff at the idea that tourism has been affected by the Madeleine case.

    Yes, Portugal's reputation has suffered. The average Joe who has not been to Portugal and who believes everything the media tells him will likely believe that paedophiles are running rampant in the Algarve and that the Portuguese police are neerdowells. However, those people who have vacationed in Portugal and police forces from around the world who have dealt with the Portuguese forces know that the media's assertions are simply not true.

    I watched a documentary on Sunday about a Canadian woman who was brutally murdered in England. The Murderer put the woman in a suitcase and took her to Heathrow airport and abandoned the suitcase there. He later returned to the airport and boarded a plane to Lebanon. He was caught on camera and identified. Scotland Yard contacted Lebanese authorities and the man was finally detained in Lebanon. According to Lebanese law, Lebanon has jurisdiction when any of their citizens commits a crime anywhere in the world. They asked Scotland Yard to send the evidence, and Scotland Yard agreed to do so. The evidence never arrived and the man was released and then detained once again and then released. After a year had passed the evidence finally was sent by Scotland Yard, but by this time the man was nowhere to be found. The Lebanese authorities held a trial without the man being present and he was found guilty and sentenced to death. The murderer was finally located in Bahrain and extradited to England. He is now being tried 11 years after he murdered the woman.

    The host of the documentary told the Scotland Yard chief who he was interviewing that there is this idea held by the public that Scotland Yard does not make mistakes. The Scotland Yard chief replied we are human we make mistakes too.

  100. Sir Paul Stephenson justifies spending the money and manpower on the missing Madeleine case because he says the murder rate has dropped.

    Pull the other one. More like a murder a minute. It is a very lawless place to live. I doubt it is the murder rate that has dropped, so much as the killers are getting wise to the fact that once they have killed, if they clean up afterwards and hide the body, then there is less chance of it even being investigated as a murder. It can always be classified as a missing person case, or an abduction perhaps?

    So how many murders exactly does he know there has been when the murderers are hardly going to write to him later and inform him. On the other hand, there are thousands of people on the 'missing persons' list and never even been investigated at all, but Madeleine is certainly not one of them.

  101. Anon 102 quote
    «Sir Paul Stephenson justifies spending the money and manpower on the missing Madeleine case because he says the murder rate has dropped.»

    As you insinuate that is a silly justification.
    My opinion is that he had to try to wash the face of the "little boy" Cameron, and also the face of the New Scotland Yard for bending to his orders.

  102. I do not comprehend how Cameron can justify setting aside 3.5 million of tax payers money on the Madeleine case. It is obvious even to those that have not followed this case from the beginning the Mccanns and their friends are hiding a big secret.
    The justice system has been made a mockery of by the mccann circus, start questioning the mccanns about their lack of cooperation, their fund, their reluctance to take part in a reconstruction. Make them take a lie detector they are after all criminal suspects in their daughters disappearance otherwise this will go on forever. I'm also sick of seeing their fake grief paraded out enabling them to send around their begging bowl for more money to top up their private bank account, they are a disgrace and so is our justice system for allowing them to continue with their farce.

    Thank you Joana and Astro.

  103. #97,
    "'if the child got hurt it is not my fault'"

    I think it was even worse, even more callous:

    "From the Expresso interview (first interview after being released as arguido):"

    "Gerry: If they had found DNA – so what? And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment – why would that be our fault?"

    Cucoo, Gerry! Hellooo! SHE WAS ALONE!!! UNSUPERVISED! OF COURSE IT WAS YOUR FAULT! My own son, when he was about 2, fell from his high-chair, because as I was about to buckle him up something boilled over on the stove and I turned around to attend to it, he leaned forward and fell, banging his head on the floor. I rushed him to hospital, we were fortunate enough, he was not seriously hurt, just a bump on the forehead, but I felt guilty, oh so guilty, of course it was my fault, I got distracted for a second and that's all it took. I felt guilty, and I was there when it happened!
    But they just don't get it, do they?! Why on Earth did those two self-centered people decide to have children???


  104. Sorry a bit off track but I couldn't help but be curious about Gerry's push re 'crisis psychologists' on the Close Up New Zealand interview.

    Here they are:


    "2008 Heathrow crash landing, 2007 disappearance of Madeleine McCann, 7/7 London bombings, 2004 tsunami ... these are but a few of the major incidents that we have responded to"

    Jeez, Plane crash landing, 7/7, Tsunami, stuck in there is you know who.

    Obviously, it pays off to name drop when you have mass marketed your daughter's disappearance...M&S, Gap. Ceop, Pact, and so on.

    What a disgusting pair and what slithery morons the organisations that use them to promote their business are.

  105. #100 I remember the look on Gerry's face well. I was shocked to see him look like that as previously he had been so cool, focused and collected. But when he left the police station at Portimao he was a broken man. He probably thought it was game over. Kate on the other hand was defiant and hardly bothered at all. What a contrast.

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that police station. Didn't Gerry say something like 'we are finished, our life is over' or words to that effect?

    I have no idea whether they are guilty or not (although I have my theories) but why would Gerry say that unless he had just realised that the PJ had indeed found out what they had done?

    Maybe I'm putting two and two together and getting five, but that's the impression I got at the time. Gerry's look that day said it all really.

  106. I have read again the publications about the SY connected to the Maddie case.
    The investigators are specialized in homicide and serious crimes.
    I wonder if the McCanns are happy with the word homicide.
    It is the first time British authorities talk in public about this possibility.
    Should they be as fed up of the couple as the PJ are? And we are?

    Will they realise that Kate lies about Portugal and soon, very soon she will start lying about the SY?

  107. Anon 107

    Dr Amaral, who plays his cards close to his chest, said about the McCanns 'they know that I know'.

    No wonder they have tried their hardest to stop him, but their attempts will always fail because the truth will eventually come out, and they don't know from one day to the next when that will be.

  108. quote
    Dear Isar, she will never tell the truth, not even in the name of that faked devotion to God that she invented, because she is a coward but most of all a demented person - she created a lie that she now believes. That's how psychopaths function.


    having been brought up in the RC way myself...yep..a rosary around a stuffed toy did raise eyebrows - early on

    is Kate unhinged ? I did not allow that thought to enter my mind-being a fairly placid person

    but then there's page 129 - that for me is when the circus came to town


  109. @ 89


    As for the coconut shell that the dog alerted to, the handler didn't make any claims as to what it was, he left that to the forensic experts. They established it wasn't human bone, but that's not to say it hadn't at some point been in contact with cadaver material. As experts agree scent transference is possible.

    So don't let the coconut shell became a convenient piece of material to divert away from the fact that the dogs were successful in what they are trained to do.


    so where are the Jersey bodies the dogs 'alerted' to ?

    millions were spent on finding these - to no avail

    I suggest the one person both Amaral and the McCanns would most like to ask questions of

    ...is Martin Grime

  110. quote

    Isar at 75

    The dogs did not alert to a coconut shell, they alerted to a place where the teeth of children teeth were found, even though the cadaver/s were taken elsewhere. There was the scent of death in that place, so don't try, as usual, to discredit the dogs or Martin Grimes for doing their jobs. Just because you chuck in anti McCann comments it is not hard to get the measure of where you are really coming from.


    again-the dogs can only alert to something that's put in front of them - 96 k for Grime's efforts in Jersey is plenty of motivation
    to be liberal with your efforts.

    We have yet to find out how much he was paid for his Luz-oeuvre-a work in progress.

    As I am sure you have done your homework, you will know this - synthesised cadaverine (for training purposes) can be pretty
    easily obtained on t'net.

    There's a scent of death wherever man walked earth-to prove mass murder in Haute de la Garenne - you have to do better than a mouldy piece of coconut.

    It's a no-goer

    with all respect


  111. I watch the video. The dog runs into the apartment. It stops at a fitted wardrobe. It is extremely agitated and starts to bark incessantly. "What a stupid dog, it's only a wardrobe! I wonder why it's barking?" The dog runs behind the couch, again it gets extremely agitated and starts to bark incessantly. "What a stupid dog, it's only a couch! I wonder why it's barking?" Fast forward to a park deck. The dog runs down a line of cars, stops beside a Renault Scenic, sits down by the driver's door and barks incessantly. "What a stupid dog, it's only a Renault Scenic! I wonder why it's barking?" The dog runs to an assortment of clothing laid out on the floor, picks out a child's red T-shirt and starts to bark. "What a stupid dog, it's only a T-shirt! I wonder why it's barking?" But the dog takes no notice, picks out a pair of black & white check trousers and again barks incessantly." What a stupid dog, it's only a pair of trousers! I wonder why it's barking?" The dog moves to a soft cuddle cat toy and again starts to bark. " What a stupid dog, it's only a cuddle cat toy! I wonder why it's barking?"
    So, why did the dog react in this way? Was there a piece of coconut shell in the wardrobe, behind the couch, in the Renault Scenic, under the red T-shirt, in the check trousers or hidden in the cuddle cat toy? Of course there wasn't. The trick with the coconut shell was staged at a later venue. So why did the dog alert? Oh and why did it only alert to locations in the McCanns' apartment, to the McCanns' hire car, to the McCanns' clothing and to the cuddle cat toy? Coincidence? Is Martin Grime a con man? Has he managed to con the FBI out of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Did he manage to fool the S. Yorkshire police for more than 20 years? Are the more than 200 cases his dogs have helped to solve by detecting cadaver odour a complete lie? Is the so-called expert Mark Harrison really a naive fool for recommending that Grime and his dogs be brought in? Oh of course silly me! There must be a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found. That's what Clarence said isn't it? But then, if there is an innocent explanation, I've yet to hear it in any of the numerous interviews with the McCanns or indeed in their very own documentary – it's not even mentioned in the book.

  112. Sounds promising (for Justice) and very ominous for Messrs. McCann, no mention of any abduction and let us see what happens next ( I am sure he knows and I think the McCanns already got their spinners working on attacking the London Met and of course Portugal in general) This is the reality no matter what the McCanns tell us, it really is tick tock for them now :

    The National Assistant Director for the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Pedro do Carmo, told me: “We are in contact with the Metropolitan Police. They have informed us what they want to do, to recheck the files. Our colleagues in the UK are fully aware of our commitment and interest in trying to solve this case, to know what happened that night. At this point we have talked and we have a very open relationship. Let's see what comes next.”

  113. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxEN1FDteaE

    Anyone outside UK able to tell us in the UK what this is?

  114. 107, I agree Gerry's look said it all, he needs to be in control of the investigation and that day he learned, he is not.

    If, say, he and his mates actually caused Maddie to disappear that may explain the look on his face compared to the one on Kate's and why he takes not part in the writing of her book. He is the one who is even more concerned about anything he does say may be used against him.

    In UK when there is a trial with a number of defendants involved, say they all kicked someone to death, they often have different barristers representing them. It is surprising but whilst they may have all been very happy together kicking someone to death, when it comes to getting nicked and appearing in court they all turn against each other and want separate representation. Paedophiles are the same, I did not touch the kid it was him, he took the photos, it was not me, I tried to save the kid...

    I think Kate and Gerry will finish up really spitting at each other and she will use her book money...to get a top barrister to try and explain exactly what she meant when she yelled "they have taken her". That hardly sounds consonant with a mummy's duty to love and protect her child.

  115. 109 I do not believe Dr Amaral will ever release into the public domain exactly what he knows about the conduct of Kate and Gerry McCann. For one simple reason, he wants the same as we all want, them put on trial for it. He has already stated UK could deal with that and that is what will happen. But our Portuguese colleagues will continue to help and no doubt give evidence, i.e. officers like Ricardo Paiva who had direct dealings.

  116. the pact of silence

    Both Amaral and Kate McCann agree that the twins slept right through the aftermath of Madeleine going missing-sirens/screams/flashlights

    -to paint the picture...how could anyone slept through this ?

    right ?

    So we take this as a fact

    Both Amaral and Kate agree that extensive searching by ALL of the Tapasniks on May 3rd-was lacklustre to say the least - they had their remaining kids to attend to and rightly so

    So we take that as a fact too

    might this suggest that the 'glue' that held the 9 tapasniks together over 4 years might be as sad as it is pedestrian

    that ALL the children by ALL the couples were 'aided to sleep' everynight ?????

    and only Gerry was allowed to speak for the group..

    no pampas grass..no dirty macs..nothing lurid...just making sure the adults had a good time-without Mrs. Fenn grassing on them to MW management.


  117. T4two 113

    Excellent post, thank you.

  118. I agree I also think all the children were 'aided to sleep' each night, hence the pact of silence from the group and letting Gerry be the mouthpiece, careful not to contradict one another. The group are also careful mentioning that they did not actually see Madeleine on any of their checks, listening by doors etc. I believe Madeleine was removed by Gerry when Gerry was seen by Smiths and the rest of the group were aware of this they are attempting 'damage limitation' by distancing themselves from more lies.
    Something happened that they are all involved in.
    The Portuguese police and Amaral worked hard trying to solve this case but they were hampered so much by 'outsiders' they deserve credit for what they achieved making the mccanns suspects when the rest of the world was viewing the mccanns as victims.
    SY should work closely with Portuguese police and ignore the spin from carter ruck and clarence, just get on with the investigation, and bring the conviction against the mccanns that is long overdue.

    When this case is finally over the authorities should also do the decent thing and properly apologise to Sn Amaral for the rubbish that has been said and printed about him and his family and the abuse dished out to the Portuguese people for questioning the mccann innocence there is so much injustice here affecting so many people.

    The Mccanns are the epitome of evil, the pair of them disgusts me, why they ever went through the expense of having IVF to have precious babies and then leave them night after night to go out drinking and then make money from the death of Madeleine is beyond belief.

  119. Ref 115
    The UTUBE posting is of a lawful protest in Hartlepool crown court where approximately 2000 or more UK citizens entered the court and peacefully served lawful arrest warrants on the Judges sitting in the court.
    The warrants stated that the Judges had not upheld their Oaths of appointment and as such were arrested for Treason under an article of common law enshrined in the Magna Carta (In the UK common law has precedence above all other law)
    The Police tried to intervene but were informed that it was their duty at uphold common law and a stale mate ensued.

    If you are in the UK and cannot view this video try this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws31OahlUmQ&feature=related

    Letter from Iberia

  120. So the Portuguese Judiciary Police are irritated, what does it take to make them act and protect the innocent.
    The whole of this distressful episode is due to the Judiciary not protecting the innocent and not only allowing criminals to escape justice by giving the despicable McCann’s a VIP escort out of Portugal but for the last four years ignoring McCann’s contestant attacks on all things Portuguese.
    The McCann’s appear in Portugal with monotonous regularity making their claims of Portuguese incompetence on TV in newspapers and the Judiciary does nothing.
    The judiciary has failed in its duty of care to an innocent girl who is probably dead the parents are in some way responsible if only of not protecting her.
    The McCann’s continue to vilify all things Portuguese and their daughter does not get justice from Portugal

    Letter from Iberia

  121. 114,viv,

    who are you, blessed person, who could talk to Pedro do Carmo of the PJ, who ever he might be.
    I hope the PJ will not be forced to bow for fucking England.
    What more are the PJ waiting for? The reconstruction, nothing more, nothing less, with the Smiths and Gerry playing the most important role.
    Blessed Smiths who come from Ireland and not from the UK.

  122. Next weekend there're elections in Portugal, right? What if the "Partido Popular" and the "Partido Social Democrata" form a coaltion? Are we entitled to hope for better days then? What has Portugal to lose anyway? The country is maligned as a "haven for pedophiles", the holidaymakers are extemely endangered in this insecure banana republic, we've learned recently, it was widely spread in the British tabloids. Portugal experienced an extreme downfall in it's reputation not alone as a holiday country and that's a result of Socrates' cowardice and grovelling especially in the McCann's case!

  123. @115 google Roger Hayes Lawful Rebellion - they had a judge arrested

  124. "He is the one who is even more concerned about anything he does say may be used against him"

    @ Viv #116,

    Would him publicly stating in The Late Late Show that they actually requested that the dogs be brought over/in, be used. I still cannot believe I actually heard him say 'actually at our request'. Surely he has to explain how he was responsible for that, to the Portuguese Judiciary and British Police? Is that considered as misrepresentation? Especially given the case is merely archived. Surely the case should be reopened to question him about that, if it is not true?

  125. Sharon Shoesmith former director of Haringey Childrerns Social Service may get a 2 million payout.

    The Mail on line have reported that she refused to accept blame for
    failing to protect Baby P.

    "I'm not in the blame game, I don't do blame'

    the report then went on to say that she said social workers cannot stop the death of a child and blamed the police and health workers for the tradedy.

    Give a thought to children who suffer abuse/neglect from the very people they rely on to protect them.

    Children end up dead, the unblamed end up rich

  126. We have more banana republics sprouting and the leaders were all at school with mickey mouse and goofey, the most fashionable of comical graduates; now join freemasons and what have you got - animal farm! You can only join if you swear to be corrupt and praise your brothers who will make every effort to be unscrupulous, a pervert, change the law to suit their needs and deeds.
    Once upon a time we had journalists who let us know in no uncertain terms when and where we had to investigate and prosecute, they would uncover the lawlessness and we would see that justice is done.
    Now we have club members like mccanns and tapas-forever and they indeed have assured us after four years that the corruption is well secured from the few who want to see real, honest, credible law enforcement.
    Have you noticed only a chosen few are allowed to bark?!! Have you noticed that only few are allowed to be heard? We have given the sepp blatters and the zumas and the mccanns and dewanis and clarence mitchells, (I will need a hundred pages to list them all)they all have a stage, a platform because the journalists, the voice of the people, have joined the disgrace, the foul play, the miscreants, they have abandoned their duty and these, by now wild animals, cannot be tamed anymore, it is free roaming, our security, namely our law books have been re-written. The era of power to lawlessness is in full swing!
    Let us keep going as it cannot be in vain. Let us increase the power of the internet. Let us stop the erosion of society, the decay, this debilitating, unhealthy state of affairs for our children's sake, for the sake of the innocent little children who did not ask to come into such a world just to find our parents couldn't care less either because what happens if they pay us any attention is their own narcisstic lives suffer. Just ask Madeleine McCann!! We know she is dead and the parents cannot admit that without cutting off their money making aspirations in which they have persuaded awarders with deep pockets to bless their moneypot and the pope joined in and Gordon Brown made all this possible.
    Thank you Joana and Astro and your team for all your time and efforts for this cause.

  127. #111
    "so where are the Jersey bodies the dogs 'alerted' to ?"

    Jersey is an island...sea, sea, and more sea...

  128. T4two - Your post made me giggle - sounds just like KM talking in her usual disingenuous way. I suppose she would more likely to be calling the dogs `f....ing tossers` under her breath.

  129. @All
    Why dont you take the street in front of nº10 to protest against Camerons decision to spend SO MUCH money on that pair of criminals?
    You have been here over the last 4 years making noise which I can only applaud of course but this is obviously NOT sufficient:make your indignant voices heard.I believe a coordinated action in Portugal would bear fruits.This case has become and IS a scandal in both countries and it MUST stop.
    Go and protest for the RE-OPENING of this sad case,NOT a simple "re-view".
    Good luck
    RIP Madeleine

  130. @111 In Jersey, human teeth and bone fragments were dated to long before the period covered by the investigation. Neither the dogs nor Martin Grimes were at fault. There is in fact nothing to spoil the validity of the dogs though you may be desperate to do so. I wonder why?

  131. Agree with you Guerra, in some way, but I think who really lost the reputation was not Portugal but the government. We all know, the country was safe and the people very kind, before the assault of a type of politics who clap their hands when PJ is discredit. Discrediting PJ and some competent judges works for their own protection, because like that they can manipulate what/who should be investigated in freeport, Face oculta and many other suspicious cases. And that is a behavior transversal to all partys because all have a dream to be in power and bennefite from the same. In fact, when they arrive to the power, they all become the same- corrupts. The honests are so few, that they become dragged by the system and quickly have to change if they don't want to be left aside.
    I think, is a false question that one about the Algarve loosing tourists. Yes, they lost the British, more due to the increase of the Euro rater, which was not favorable for who use Pounds, then because of Madeleine. The British decreased, but other nationalities increased and the tourism was not so bad. Many portuguese, Spanish and french choose to do their Holidays in algarve and had an oportunnity to see in loccus, the beaches full of children, playing in a safe environment. I went there every summer with my children and never feel any risk.
    Mccann's are lying when they stick Paedos with Algarve, There is probably more Paedos in each town in UK, then in the all Algarve. Paedos are not stupid. They study their targets, many months or years ahead and will not choose an holiday place full of floating people, who if were with kids, had 24 hours to take care of their kids because they are free in holidays. I never believe any negligence from the Mccann's. Specially in a cheap place where a creche was available and nannies could be requested to take care of the kids at night. The negligence was made up to suit the abduction. Even, if the mccann's really left their children night after night alone, there is little chance for an abduction to happen. Unless, the abductor came with child and planned everything before.
    Dr. Gerry excused himself for leaving the doors of the flat openned because abductions are very rare. What changed in is life, from 6:30 to 10 O'clock, on May 3? I believe, was not an abductor coming from nowhere and leaving no traces.
    They think, the public is stupid. Have we, other politics in power and they will end up eating every single spin/lie they delivered. Some are so stupid that if they were not related with a crime where a child lost her life, were laughable.

  132. Spot on! Oh yes, 118... That's my 'most likely guess' too...

  133. Isar at 112 - you disgust me!

    How could you dismiss what happened in Jersey as if it is of no consequence. Did you know that some of the children who were absued day in, day out committed suicide. You should have listened more carefully to the brothers/sisters left behind who gave very emotional interviews on many TV news reports and perhaps you should read up on what actually happened to all those children - victims of abuse - instead of reading the garbage in Kate's book and what they - the McCanns - spout in their TV interviews.

    You are hard-nosed and callous like the McCanns, or are you one of
    them. Perhaps the thought of abused children doesn't bother you. Maybe you worked at Haute de le Geranne. I won't say any more.

  134. We will not buy the 'kate book', adding insult to injury. How much more attention do we give poor kate. It took her 4 years to unravel her diary, her imagination run a riot and now she has it all together. She has convinced them, her and jerry's version of events.
    They, our two notorius celebrities, are leading this investigation their way, mind, while they are saying: 'Madeleine is still missing and someone needs to be looking for her'- wow, they have spoken from their throne!!

    Do you still maintain that you have written this book for your 'kids', madame kate? Please add, it will have to be an epilogue, that you made no effort to look for your child as you had to concentrate on your financial statements AND create the next step in your scheming little mind, bending over backwards to get it right; we know we have all the pictures, all stages of your scheme: the fashion including shoes, all those colours you had to choose from, that 'which 'look' must I dazzle them with today'? the hairstyles, the right sad face, well important to tilt the head when the cameras come, that took some practice, show pain, bother! and it all takes away from the 'me' time but had to be done! or not. And none of these low cost flights, I have it made, you know, jet-set and first class tickets!!
    We have heard all the brand names, are you going to add some more of your own, soon, miss kate? the europe fashion houses are waiting.
    What is also screaming for systematic inquiry is that they had their small business up and running in such a short time. The body was not even cold and they were in business. They had a small business organised while others were looking for their child. How did they know? and Whaaat????? Can you even begin to wonder how this is allowed in Britian??? FOR EVERYONE to see and contribute, the lawlessness continues!!! The politicians are literally eating from the mccann hands treating them like the poor victims!! It took 4 years for a politician to make another move, we have our sincere doubts about this intervention and the money scheme still stands in 'concrete', secure, an ever filled horn of plenty.
    We are all parents, mr Cameron and we want justice not whitewash. Every person in a leading position is condoning this behaviour as they are al sitting on their hands! The mccanns must be so proud of their doings and achievements as they have managed their financial interests like a walk in the park and have the sympathy of all those who have turned a blind eye, the population, mind! It is an encouraging world for people who thrive on dishonesty and people who look the other way not prepared, to have punished, those criminal behaviours. 'We are all in it together' Have we appointed these leaders because we prefer the law of the jungle? Bush courts? Nothing taken seriously? If you can say 'F---k' you have it made. This is the 21st Century!!

  135. Kate and Gerry can never split up unless this case is solved.Gerry must control Kate all the time.She makes too many mistakes.Till the day the confess the truth they will remain living together.

  136. 114,viv, I think if Mr. do Carmo said the PJ are open to receive the MP, it is not because the MP are asking to search for Tanner's Eggman but because the PJ this collaboration is useful to find out the truth. Not that the PJ don't know that the child is dead and that the parents are somehow involved in its disappearence but the PJ need this process also to be officially open in the UK, in order to investigate the past of all of Tapas 9.Who knows there is a lot of information about each of them, not only about David Payne and the PJ and the SY can get a full picture of this case.
    And, most important, information about Madeleine's health. Was she autist, like the media published before?Autists can be very tiring with no perspective of getting better.

  137. The BIG mistake we carry on making is that we think the mccanns are in control but in fact they have TRIED to be because they are NOT...hence the spins,the dsightings and the whole circus.
    Since the announcement of SY"s possible involvement the mccanns have kept low profil on their loo roll and the rest.
    hey"ve tried to silence GA
    They"ve tried everything and the result is that:"the investigators are specialized in homicide and serious crimes".
    @Anon 79:with you totally.
    All the parties involved KNOW Madeleine is gone and is no way back for her
    RIP Madeleine

  138. On Another blog, (Steele Magnolias) a comment from Mr Amaral, that he is of the opinion, this case will not be reopened, has he been misquoted in this, because I have read he has said he is confident the case will reopen and be solved. I also think a lot is going on in the background both in Portugal and the UK.

    Ben Needhams mother has also written to Cameron to ask why the special treatment of the Maccann case her son is just as important, never ever seen her photographed with Kate Maccann. Or the Maccann pair mention her child its all Jaycee Lee Duggard I could do any Maccann interview I have it all off by heart. Scripted like this in parts. Woosh, Woosh, no evidence, no evidence, someones taken her, no light on, the abductor, someone knows, a family member, the key to all this, the shutters were open, I could audition if they make a film. The only thing left out is Woof Woof( Bad dogs) woofing for nothing at all.

  139. T4two 113

    Yes NL I agree - an excellent post.

  140. IF what viv 114 said is true, the McCanns are scared to death.I' m sure they will try to manipulate the MP, and I would not be surprised if they are already doing it.
    I hope every investigator of the SY group will read and see all absurd they said in their interviews and in Kate's book.
    If they really mean to solve this case and to take the PJ's evidences
    serious, the parents are lost.
    This crime got to be registered in England in case of extradition.
    And Tapas 9 got to show up in Praia da Luz, for the reconstruction.
    Not(yet) as suspects but as witnesses. When Justice calls a witness, he/she is obliged to go and to answer all questions.
    I hope the British media will be free to talk about the truth.
    Or see you in Argentina, Mccanns?

  141. Isar-Are you sure your not part of the mccsumm team, after all you do have a very plausible way of discrediting all those trying to solve this farce, woof, woof, do your reading more carefully.

  142. Has anybody considered that if Madeleine was murdered behind the settee and her body not removed and hidden, the search for the killer would have been well and truly placed amongst the Tapas group right from the beginning.

    They were the ones who knew the children were left alone night after night, they were the ones who knew the apartment was easy to gain entry to, and they were the ones who knew the parents did not check regularly on those children.

    Much better to have removed the body and turned suspicion on to a big bad abductor. A monster who fled in the night taking Madeleine away, even allegedly seen by one of the Tapas friends so as to confirm this.

    Would people who supposedly went to such lengths to cover an 'accident', also be prepared to cover a murder? That is the question.

    After all, the child would still be dead no matter how she had died and can't be brought back to life, and who knows what might be discovered amongst those Tapas friends themselves if the investigation had been turned on them.

    The truth is we don't really know how Madeleine died, yet this case should be a murder investigation since those dogs indicated Madeline died in the apartment and the abduction fairy story flew out the window. The resourceful McCanns could easily have covered for an accident, or even an accidental overdose and made it sound plausible, but not for a murder. Once the body of the child was found, there would be no mistake that it was murder, even the clues pointing to who the killer was. That body would have to be got rid of.

    If this case is ever reopened it should be investigated as a murder case. That would make the public sit up and take notice that Madeleine is dead, plus concentrate minds enough to cooperate with the investigation, something certain people have not previously been prepared to do.

    Also, given the Gaspar statements, and the suspicions of the lady Dr Gaspar in particular, this surely should be considered enough evidence to reopen it. Why is Dr Payne being given a pass on this? Did Gerry McCann vouch for him and they believed him? The Gaspar statements also place the focus back on the Tapas crowd, those people who regularly went on their holidays together, until a child ended up dead. It beggars belief that somebody like Robert Murat could have been made an 'arguido', but not David Payne. Why was he never made an 'arguido' and if the Gaspar statements had been received earlier, not so close to the case being shelved, would he have been? Or, because he is a doctor does he get a complete pass?

  143. @140

    Don't forget this mantra "there's no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm"

  144. Isar, you're in good company, viv, who has a law degree, like the McCann couple also believes that there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead.

    You know, I was thinking about cuddle cut. Mrs. McCann obviously thought the dogs were correct when they detected the presence of cadaver odour on the toy , because she tried to explain it. Mrs. McCann said that she took Madeleine's favourite toy to work with her, where she interacted with several cadavers. You've got to hand it to Mrs. McCann she is quite the mother; what mother would wean her child off of her favourite toy by taking it to work with her? What mother would decide to build up her child's immune system by taking her favourite stuffed toy to mingle among unsanitary cadavers? What a mother! She is always thinking of her children.

  145. brilliantly put Guerra!

    And what mother would deliberately feed the story, to two tiny impressionable children, that their big sister had been taken from her bed, by a bogey man, in the middle of the night, and he still has her imprisoned? It would be bad enough if it was true, but the mother knows perfectly well that it isn't even true.

    anti anti

  146. It is really very quiet on all fronts. Especially Los McCanns. Do I sense the trial with Goncarlo Amaral is close? do I sense a nervousness at the silence of SY, I hope so, Do I sense a lot of action going on in the background...yes I do, and about time. 2 people are making the PJ and UK police forces look like imbesiles.

  147. 123 The quote Pedro do Carmo of the PJ is from a newspaper report. It may have escaped your notice but the McCanns friends refused to attend for the reconstruction and the PJ could not force them to do so. That is an end to the matter. However, if they refuse to co-operate with Brit Police they could be prosecuted.

    126 Zodiac, "misrepresentation" has no place in criminal law. The police know that the NPIA recommended bringing the dogs over and will not jump every time this man opens his mouth in the media, they will just keep investigating until they have sufficient information to charge him with whatever he did with Madeleine. It is a bit misleading to say "re-open" the case because it has never been closed in UK or Portugal. UK can never close the case of a missing British child/ Ward, possibly murdered, and Portugal "shelved" the case which does not mean "closed".

    138 No one is suggesting LP want to investigate Jane Tanner's eggman. I believe that was Mr Carpenter. In early press reports it is stated she was LEAVING her apartment at 9.30 not 9.15 when she saw this. I believe she was persuaded to change her story to alibi Gerry, perhaps? The 9.30 timing rather than 9.15 exactly coincides with the evidence of Mr Carpenter carrying his child from the evening creche.

    I think your point that Portugal need the help of UK to extend jurisdiction i.e. to be able to force the TAPAS group to go to Portugal and do the reconstruction is a good one. It would be great if it happened!

    Guerra, I think you will find there are a lot of Portuguese people with law degrees who say just the same as me. There is a lot of evidence the McCanns were involved i.e. their inconsistent lies, but there is no clear evidence that Maddie died. However, there is much from the PJ files that has not been released and nothing at all has been released from UK files, so they may know something we do not. If you read my blog you would not think I was a McCann supporter, it is you who attacks the Police/governments, just as the McCanns do. It is also the McCanns who insist they "have a lot of support" again you say just the same. It is alien to me that any police officer would support such a couple and that matters not what nationality he is.

  148. 146 Can you point us to where Mrs McCann says she encountered 6 cadavers at work or took cuddlecat to work with her. I think you will find it was someone other than her, perhaps her husband and his sister feeding that to the press. If you check the official files you will see that she was on "maternity leave" and so clearly had not even been at work since before the birth of the twins. Some people like the facts and others seem to go for the McGerry fiction.

  149. The complaints the police received in Jersey from the victims were about systemic child sexual abuse, not murder. I agree with Isar, Grime pocketed a massive £96000 and produced no evidence of murder whatsoever. His fee for this cannot be justified on any level, how much does dog food cost?

    People lose sight of the fact that Eddie is a "victim recovery dog" and on many occasions that is what he has done. But he did not find Maddie or any victims in Jersey.

  150. 144 Police do not enter into an investigation as complex as the Maddie case saying right this is an abduction or right this is a murder and that is what we are investigating. It was always made plain all options were being looked at and it is very plain from information from British agencies we have seen murder was obviously being considered. They had to keep all options open because although it was clear the TAPAS group were the "key" to what happened to Madeleine, it was not the least bit plain what they actually did with her.

    Police do not announce to paedophiles they are "suspects", that would hardly help the investigation, particularly that obtained by covert surveillance methods. They are often groups of people sharing their sick interest in children, one will tip off the other and make the police job impossible. If there were many Brits involved and it has been going on well before the holiday, how could Portugal investigate and prosecute that? Payne, the holiday arranger?? I do not understand people who say, well the British Police followed the McCanns as suggesting that was the end of the case. They were following the two suspects!

    The police in UK (and Portugal is no doubt the same) are also prohibited from disclosing information about children, whether that be their medical records or that they have suffered sexual abuse. It would be a serious breach of their human rights, but that is what people seem to demand. When children grow up, if they consent to disclose information to the public about sexual abuse they suffered as a child, that is fine, but they do have the right to choose!

  151. The crime in Jersey was so horrendous that according to some reports, some kids were not registered when they Entered. Means, they were brought there exactely to be used and abused until their END. Can you imagine something more terrific then that?
    Vulnerable children who lost almost everything were put under the care of the state to suffer the most horrendous attack against their physycal and menthal integrity. Britain has no forgiveness for what happened there. Leaving that crime without punishement, even after many years, tells a lot about the characters dealing with justice.
    Australia, many years after recognised the crime they have done against the "arborygenes" and ask forgiveness. We know, that cannot change the pain and the misery of who directly suffered, but give relief and some peace to who is alive and for the new generations.

  152. @111

    In reply to your post, quoting my post of 89.

    You ask where are the bodies? Did I say the dogs alerted to bodies? I said the dogs alerted to human remains, which they did. Bones (Human ones) and teeth (Human teeth) were found where the dog alerted. It's not the dogs job to decide if the found remains are there due to a criminal act.

    It's pointless trying to deny that at Jersey the dogs alerted to what they are trained to do. It's noted in the police report that the remains were found. The coconut shell is irrelevant, scent transference is possible, therefore if something has been in contact with a cadaver it wouldn't matter if the piece of material found was a coconut shell or anything else.

  153. 139, you are deadly right.
    Dictators who are murderers never write books and never call the media in order to influence the population, excusing themselves.
    They don't need to.
    The McCanns are not in control, that's why they make noise all the time.A dictator never does.

  154. 2 weeks passed since Cameron ordered the review of the investigation. No news from Scot. Yard. Don't tell me that 30 guys with 3.5 M take more then 2 weeks to realise that the abduction was faked and other circumstances must explain what hapenned to the little girl. They take more 2 weeks to close an investigation branch that since minute one, has no evidences to support it? Poor Madeleine.... Now a bunch of 30 incompetents were brought in to be sure.... SHE WILL NEVER BE FOUND.

  155. @151 - a EVRD dogs costs from 50,000 to 80,000 pounds to train

    The 96,000 pounds will include the cost of the handler as well as dog food. The rate quoted for the McCann case was 1000 euros per day - it is in the PJ files.

    The dog responded to cadaver odour as trained. This is what Martin Grime has trained the dog to - to indicate the presence of a dead body or human remains.

    EVRD dogs were used successfully on Ground Zero and the Pentagon to detect human remains despite the enormous devastation caused by the 'plane crashes and fires and collapse of buildings.

    The McCann PR machine quotes two examples of dogs getting it wrong. Zapata - the presence of the body was detected after 28 years - the husband was eventually prosecuted. Trayer - the drug dealer - was eventually prosecuted.

    Attracta Harron's remains were detected in a burnt out car.

    Gerry McCann and his PR machine are doing their best to discredit the dogs and Martin Grime. Gerry McCann claims he requested the dogs to widen the search for Madeleine - why would he request EVRD and CSI dogs - on the advice of NPIA. Maybe he thought that they would never alert to anything meaningful, but the dogs alerted.

    Instead of questioning the dogs, people should question Gerry McCann's claim that the dogs are "incredibly unreliable".

  156. Mccann's friends refused to attend the reconstruction due to Mccann's request. All was planned under Mitchell surveillance during their secret meeting in a hotel.
    The innocent parents of a girl under the hands of a Paedo, will rush to PDL to do the reconstruction and try to rescue their girl, even if their friends refused to. Any actor can play their roll.
    Mccann's think they are clever, but really, they are 2 stupid parents who after all, god blessed with a child they don't deserve.

  157. viv 151

    It's supply and demand viv. When you own two of the very few dogs that are trained and have a 100% record in this discipline you can obviously demand exhorbitant fees and get them.
    If I was a cynic I might query the decision of S. Yorkshire police to let Grime go freelance and take the dogs with him when they did. Given the obvious potential for earning such vast sums, not a particularly good decision on their part.
    I'd also probably start to wonder whether McCann's telephone call to Grime's superior at the time had any influence on this decision?

  158. re post 154

    exactly, it doesn't matter if a dog alerts to a coconut shell or a wardrobe! It just means there has been cadaverine (scent of dead body) in that spot.

  159. 149, viv, the eggman was ironical of myself.Of course we all expect the SY will arrive with more serious intentions. The PJ will never let
    anyone to mix up in their business unless the goal is to arrest the responsible ones for Maddie's disappearence.
    Where are the McCanns right now? No interviews, no happiness, nothing?
    They are the ones who insisted on getting contact with the PJ, for a review of the "new leads" and they did not expect the MP getting involved with the case.Neither did they expect Cameron listen to them, doing them this great favor.
    O god, do they regret it?
    Friendly fire, getting shot by the UK. Or shooting themselves by accident.

  160. viv, you seem to be irritated. Of course I've seen you much more upset than this before. Do you remember when I last posted on your site? I believe I only posted 3 times before you decided to have people log onto it. It was when that story appeared in the British media about Madeleine crying for her parents. Mitchell and company berated the Portuguese police for having leaked that case file snippet to the media. I posted in your blog that I suspected that it was team McCann who purposely leaked that story and not the Portuguese police. Your reaction to my posting was rather strange, you seemed to be angered and basically told me to scram. Of course you and the rest of the McCann clan were not counting on the Portuguese police denying Mr. Mitchell's claims and accusing him of being the source of the leak. Who could have predicted the Portuguese police's reaction, given their past reluctance to defend themselves through the media. I'm sure a lot of people were surprised.

    Mr. Amaral believes that what evidence exists points to the child having died in the apartment. So do I.

    Mr. Amaral believes that the McCann couple is well connected in British society and that they have a lot of support. So do I.

    Mr. Amaral believes that the English police were being dictated to by the McCann couple. So do I.

    Mr. Amaral believes that there was political interference in this case. So do I.

    The McCann couple believes that Mr. Grime's dogs are ineffective. So do you, viv.

    The McCann couple believes there is no evidence to suggest that Madeliene is dead. So do you, viv.

    The McCann couple claims that the British government has not helped them. You think the same, viv.

    The McCann couple says that the English police have not been doing enough for them. And you concur, viv.

    Did you read the above article, viv? Did you miss the following passage?

    “We let the English do everything that they want”, they say, recalling that this case “suffered various political influences, due to the missing child’s parents’ social and political status”.

    According to your logic, the officers who said the aforementioned are McCann supporters.

  161. @ 149 That's interesting, so why was it reported that the Portuguese said the case cannot be reopened by law unless there is sufficient new evidence to do so? What do they mean?

  162. From what I've read, I understood that Jersey is rulled by a very closed knitted "bunch" of highly influent and powerful people, with a common "agenda". The way I see it, it seems like a place right out of the feudalism age. It must be a paradise for the wealthy and powerful ,but hell to the common working class "Mary and Joe", the ideal place for the sort of "things" that are said to have happened at Haut de la Garenne.
    Indeed, some british people are more equal than others...

  163. Viv at 152

    I disagree the police cannot say they are investigating a suspected murder case, thereby alerting the public to the death of the child in the apartment.

    The McCanns have free access to the media, brainwashing the public that Madeleine was abducted, reinforcing the belief that Madeleine may be alive, saying the public can help and send money, most never even being spent on a search.

    The investigators, after the dogs, no longer believe Madeleine still alive. They do not believe she was taken from her bed by an abductor.

    The case should be reopened and public informed it is a death and possible murder being investigating. Time, money, and manpower were wasted first time by runaround searching for a non existent 'abductor', thanks to Jane Tanner and her alleged sighting.

    Abductors do not abduct a dead body, and dogs indicated it was not a live child taken away. What terrible thing happened in that apartment to cause the death of the child? The McCanns have played a clever game with media help and the silence of those in authority. They managed to divert attention to the 'stranger in the night' stealing Madeleine from her bed. In fact they have done a great job to throw confusion into a case they should have been told, as suspects themselves, to keep their oar out of, and not interfere with a criminal investigation. Disgraceful to see how they took charge, even making statements and issuing photofits as if police themselves. Demanding this, demanding that, bleating and begging. Unbelievable they got away with it, even sending their 'own detectives' to question 'suspects', and informing the media along the way. Besides threatening people who dare to challenge their version of events with court action. Trying to silence the world to the point of attempting to ban books. Have we ever seen anything like this before from people made suspects themselves!

    Since detectives in court have said they believe Madeleine is dead it has not been so easy for the McCanns to threaten those who say the same, as this information is now in the public domain.

    If the UK really want to help with this case they could start by releasing all information requested by the PJ which was denied them previously, plus giving whatever other information they may be holding on to for whatever reasons, just as they held on to the Gaspar statements for so long. If those statements had been released earlier it might have been a different outcome entirely by now.

    How about the Gaspar statements be used as that 'new information' needed to restart the case? Surely this serious information of possible paedophile involvement should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet?

  164. Viv (150). Why would Kate McCann have been on maternity leave prior to the holiday in Portugal. I have yet to hear of anyone getting maternity leave for 2 years in the UK.

  165. Good post Guerra 146 - yes as soon as Kate realised cadaver could be present on cuddle cat she washed it which under the circumstances suggest very suspicious behaviour, if Kate was innocent she would have wanted to preserve cuddle cat and never wash it. Sometimes its the little things that speak volumes about Mccanns guilt.
    I do hope this investigation does not become another whitewash, I really want to see justice for Maddie as do so many people, I'm sick of how the mccanns have dictated how this case should be run, and their scripted interviews and fake grief.
    Well done Joana and Astro

  166. T4two, you watched a different video to me. Maybe yours had been heavily edited, i don't know, but there are aspects of the one I watched that i do find troubling. So did some of the Portuguese experts who examined it, they asked questions of Grime about it.

    And Isar is right, no matter how much anyone may disagree. There were no murders at Haut de la Garenne. There was terrible, shameful abuse - but no-one is missing. It's as simple as that. Everyone is accounted for. While the UK and Jersey system of 'caring' for children may be poor, it is not so awful that kids can just go missing in care and no-one even notices.

  167. Viv,

    I don't know who you are, or even that you have a law degree as you claim. Anybody can say anything about themselves on the internet and it may or may not be true. To throw in a few legal terms means nothing. You could be sitting with a law book by the side of you.

    You claim there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and obviously want us to disregard the dogs. That is exactly how the McCanns want us to think. You also appear to have a grudge against Martin Grimes, just like Isar. Just like the McCanns.

    As for Madeleine being dead, I believe what Dr Amaral and others who worked on the case say, and they say they believe she is dead. They also know a lot more about this case and what is in the confidential File than any of the rest of us do. That is the information the McCanns want to get their hands on, just as they tried to get hold of the information the LP are keeping confidential by taking them to Court to obtain it. Both of these authorities the McCanns have spoken out against.

    Far from the McCanns being pleased the SY are going to be involved, I think the opposite is the truth, because I also trust the Wikileaks statement that the UK were putting a case together against the parents. That must have sent a chill through the McCanns if they didn't already know it.

    Things were looking very bad for the McCanns at one time when they legged it back to the UK, and then the PJ investigators came over. Was the 'threat of suicide' card played then? There was such talk around. Is that why the case was shelved because it certainly never reached the end of the investigation? There is still much else to be investigated. Did somebody from on high put in a word that it must be called off, just as somebody from on high is now telling the SY to investigate.

    This case wont go away because too many people believe Madeleine died in the holiday apartment and they want the case solved, and no amount of attempting to be dismissive of the dogs, or to denigrate Martin Grimes will change that. As for the amount of money you claim he has received, if that is true, good for him. For the training of those wonderful dogs he deserves every penny and more besides.

  168. 19, Murat is suing some people of Tapas 7. He started with Tanner who "identified him" being the eggman.
    Later she described George Harrison as being the abductor.
    Mr. Smith knows Murat and he said to the police that the "abductor " was not him.
    I have the impression that some people here want to push the guilt to Murat.
    73, did you break up with JT? If you didn't,
    ask her again! Murat is suing her since January of last year.
    I notice that, after it was known that the MP could get involved in the investigations, some people here started to attract the attention to Murat.
    And I suspect that 19 and 73 are the same person.

  169. RE training of the dogs, this was done at taxpayers expense when Grime was working for the police. T4two - as a police officer Grime could have elected to retire when he liked really, maybe that is what he did? UK police dogs that have trained with a particular officer always retire with the officer. I remain very concerned when Grime retires with these valuable assets (the dogs) and then immediately goes to Jersey and charges a massive £96000 looking for murder victims in relation to a case that was quite clearly about serious sexual abuse of children - unfortunately often so many years back that many of the abusers had since died.

    We have not been given any clear evidence that corroborates the alerts of the dogs and that is why the McCanns have so far not been prosecuted. If they did murder her or have her abducted I believe they are now looking at the end of the road, the Metropolitan Police will get them.

    I think people should consider just how much money Gerry has made out of the dogs and all of the plants he has put in the papers to hype the story up and his selective suing so long after the stories had been written. He waited twelve months to sue the Daily Express and the same with Goncalo's book. He is far more concerned with the money he can make out of such claims than any personal damage to his "reputation". Whether that is because he knows the dogs are wrong or because he is just so convinced no conclusive evidence of her death will ever be found, I do not know. I am more concerned about Madeleine than him and so will keep an open mind as to whether she was dead or alive when he got rid of her.

  170. Kate was a locum GP, that means she just worked odd times as a "temp" to cover for doctors on sick or holiday leave etc.

    So it would be quite easy to state she was still on "maternity leave" if the reality was she had been too ill to work since before the birth of the twins. Mainly, I believe, due to her mental health.

    I believe it was shortage of money that was a lot to do with Maddie being got rid of by Gerry, Kate, I still think not quite such a willing participant, but I could be wrong about that. I have always found it a lot easier to work Gerry out, he is a repetitive thug who thinks if he says something enough times it will stick..hence he feels that getting all this, ahem, "evidence" of Maddie being abducted by a stranger outweighs the evidence against him. That shows he just does not think straight, fortunately Portuguese and British Police do. Innocent parents have no need for a spinner and a web of lies and deceit or to cashin on their missing little girl.

    Gerry was heard getting his well rehearsed lines straight from the first few moments when a witness overheard him telling his no doubt horrified relatives "she has been abducted by a gang of Portuguese paedophiles". That was the pot calling the kettle black IMO or as psychologists would say, projection. He and Kate were also attacking the Portuguese Police that very night. So how could anyone think this was not planned. Just put yourself in their place, your daughter has just disappeared, the only people who can save her are the Portuguese Police, so do you start attacking them? Hardly!

  171. Guerra, I would still like an answer to my question at 150 please, where does Kate state ...6 dead bodies at work.....took cuddlecat, she does not does she! But Philomena and Gerry do...

  172. 169

    I have pointed out there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead. That is a strict legal point, there was nothing to corroborate the alerts of the dogs.

    That is a very different to "belief", I actually believe it is very likely she is dead and that she was murdered, do you see the difference? It pays to keep an open mind. It has always puzzled me why people ignore the vast amount of evidence of guilt against the McCanns and just focus on the dogs, there is much worse than that!

    Dr Amaral has stated he will not release all that he knows and will not release information that would prevent a trial. So do people really think they have all of the information? Dr Amaral has also stated that UK could prosecute the McCanns and that Portugal have no jurisdiction in relation to fraud, and I have been saying that for the least three and a half years! Now, I hope people finally believe me, the McCanns are in serious trouble, always have been and are not protected at all by British Police. What they protect is the evidence against the McCanns, they do not want them having it and they do not want it in the public domain (beyond what it already is) because that would prevent them standing trial. The case was shelved in Portugal because they could find no evidence whatsoever that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger and the McCanns were told, bring us evidence of that and will re-open the case. Failing that the McCanns have to face their worst nightmare, British Police. Wait and see!

    Gerry has said he wants the case re-opening in Portugal, he does! He wants Ricardo Paiva sacked (because he knows the score) and he wants them looking for pimply paedos etc. It is never going to happen, Gerry is a fool. Only Portugal have jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute a stranger abduction, but if it was the McCanns or other Brits, then British Police can and will prosecute them. Leicester Police issued a statement some time ago, they intend to bring to justice those behind the disappearance of Madeleine and will not disclose evidence until they have been prosecuted and any appeal has been dealt with. In short they do not want to prevent a fair trial.

    Now the McCanns have something even worse than Leicester Police, the London Met and it just serves them right!

  173. #169 wrote:

    "Things were looking very bad for the McCanns at one time when they legged it back to the UK" ... "Did somebody from on high put in a word that it must be called off, just as somebody from on high is now telling the SY to investigate."

    I think the decision to call off the investigation was made much earlier and the McCanns had knowledge of that. According to Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who served as the portuguese liaison officer between the Mccanns and the PJ, when he went to inform Kate that she was going to be questioned again (and made an arguida), she made some revealling outbursts:

    "Gerry called the PJ to try to prove innocence" Diário de Notícias

    "On that day, the 3rd of September 2007, after knowing that she would have to testify to the PJ in Portimão for the second time, Kate reacted in a hostile and aggressive manner. Sentences like "what will my parents think?", "what will the press say when they find out" and "but the Portuguese police is being pressured by the Government to end the investigation!" demonstrate just that."

    Just an aside note: to my knowledge, NEVER any parents from other missing children in Portugal had the comfort and reassurance, the luxury, of a family liaison police officer being assigned to them. The families were/are left to their own devices, facing the PJ's law imposed wall of silence. I've heard many times some of those families, from the most mediatic cases, say on tv how they waited and waited for months without any news or contact from the PJ, and it was them who had to go "knocking on the PJ's door", begging for any news on how the case was developing, what was being done, if anything was being done! Makes my blood boil! How helpless and impotent those families must have felt, and what a punch in the stomach it must be to see the pampered treatment the McCanns had.
    And that pair of negligent parents still dare to complain about their dealings with the PJ! What made them so special that they deserved priviledges never bestowed on portuguese citizens?!

  174. Guerra, #162,

    Bravo! Quoting Mr. Amaral, this case had "muita política e pouca polícia" (too much politics and little police)! (not in the sense that there was little police work, but that their work was always conditioned by "politics" and therefore incomplete)

  175. #150,
    It seems that Kate is able to come up with some "Katefiction" too...
    "Maddie?!...we NEVER called her that" (Expresso interview, I believe, and soon discredited by many examples found on the web. That blasted internet!!!

  176. #158, "any actor can play their role"

    Not exactly...you see, the participants in the reconstruction would be asked to reenact their movements of the night of the 3rd May, according to what they have stated to the police and what is registered in their depositions. If during the reenactement discrepancies sarted to emerge, if doubts aroused, who would rectify them? Who could the police ask for explanations? To the actors??? For instance, "Well, Mr. Oldfield, you said you could see the twins breathing from the door, but now it doesn't seem quite possible from this distance, does it...? How do you explain that?" Or, " Ms. Tanner, with this poor lighting and from this distance it seems very unlikely you would make out the colour of the pijamas...care to explain...?, oh, sorry, you're just a stand-in, of course you cannot explain anything, silly us, silly PJ, silly!"
    It would never have worked with actors, and that's why the PJ insisted they had ALL to be present. The "Tapas" wanted a dramatized, "Crime Watch" style reconstruction were they their version of events would go unchallenged.
    That's how I see it...

    My point

  177. 156, your are talking about "other circumstances" and it makes me think of "I know it happened under other circumstances", "the little girl"..."please give our little girl back".
    You are angry at the bunch of incompetent investigators of the SY, and saying SHE WILL NEVER BE FOUND!
    OK, Kate, you are now criticizing your own police. Incompetent.
    Whom don t you criticize? Wait till the reconstruction happens and you will tell us where the body is. Come back to Algarve as witness, you will be obliged to, and answer the new police questions. You are nervous, aren t you and I wonder when you will start criticizing Cameron.

  178. Cuddle Cat has become almost as famous as the McCanns themselves. Madeleine's favourite toy that her mother washed after Maddie was "abducted." There are countless pictures of Kate holding this toy. There are even claims that Kate took it to work with her and that was how the dog alerted to cadaver odour on it.

    Has anyone seen a picture of Madeleine holding Cuddle Cat? I found one that might be Cuddle Cat or perhaps a lump of pink blanket. There are hundreds of pictures out there of Maddie but where was her favourite toy?

    Maybe Cuddle Cat was just another "good ploy."

  179. Viv at 174

    You state,

    'Gerry McCann says he wants the case reopening in Portugal, he does'

    Where on earth are you coming from??

    That is the last things the McCanns want. That is the reason we have heard repeated requests for 'review', 'review', 'review' from them. They avoid the word 'reopen' like the plague and you must know that if you have been following the case.

    If Gerry McCann ever said he wanted the case reopened in Portugal, then he must have been backed into a corner and had no choice but to say it, but it is certainly NOT what the McCanns wanted or they could have officially requested it.

    I am left wondering what exactly your agenda is after reading some of the things you post. You sound very much like you are trying to cloud and confuse the issue of the death of Madeleine, and quite honestly I would rather trust Dr Amaral and those excellent dogs any day than anything you have to say about the death of Madeleine.

  180. If the authorities have refused to remove the McCann children from the orbit of their (at the very least) dangerously irresponsible parents, then they should have made sure the children were put on the 'AT RISK' register.

    Gerry McCanns keeps saying 'there is no evidence that harm has come to Madeleine' and doesn't seem to grasp that her vanishing from the apartment is obvious to everybody else that there is clear evidence that harm came to Madeleine. The man plainly has a screw loose, and all the more reason to have removed the other children since he has evidently no concept of what constitutes harm. As Kate McCann backs him up on this, neither does she.

  181. So where are the Mcs at the moment, on a world tour, being interviewed in secret by SY along with all the Tapas bods?
    Gerry was vry clever in not putting his name on the books in case something was used in evidence, he just likes to take the glory, and money. They were living well beyond their means and could not pay the mortgage, kate not working with post natal depression. gerry has always wanted to be rich and powerful, remember what someone who was at university said, GM reminded him of a shark, his cold eyes staring ahead. GM reads heart scans mostly. He also had control over 2 polcemen In LP "Stu" Prior being one and a policeman that warned him of FSS evidence, that is corruption or funny handshakes. Lets hope the silence is constructive and that soon news will start to leak out. Its rare for the Mcs not to be out there spouting, but perhaps they are all rehearsing their lines.

  182. @Anon 155
    I am 139

    There is a deafening silence right now rightly because not only they are not in control but because they are losing their very self control:too much to cope with right now.
    Not a word about the book,I mean no boasting about the sales (how strange init?)
    Not a word about GAs UNreturned own copies
    Not a word about SY"s possible involvement of the "review" of the case.
    NOT a single sighting in how long now? (I wish someone would tell me when was the last one)
    And more than anything else NOT a word about Madeleine.
    The last we heard of her is about Kate"s absolutely disgraceful fantaisy about her little body (out of respect to her I wont reproduce the text)
    It looks like the spin machine,all of a sudden, has come to a halt....I wonder why or do I?but since SY"s possible involvement,they didnt even "grace" us with a "sighting".....mmmmm
    All this is because,things are definately NOT looking good for them,one way or the other.I believe something is coming up.

  183. Interesting peice on Little Morsals about gerrys fruedian slip.

    Piers: And what did you think in that moment?

    Kate: I thought someone's taken her.

    Piers: And, Gerry, this is every father's nightmare. Every mother's nightmare. But as a father, a young girl, and she's gone. What are you thinking?

    Gerry: The first thing that went straight through my head and I think -- it was just disbelief. I said, she can't be there, she can't be there. And I was running to the apartment with Kate. And I've checked. And she said, I've checked, I've checked, she's not there.
    “She can’t be there?” Is this a mistake on behalf of the transcript author? I tried finding the interview but curiously it appears to have been stripped from the internet.

  184. Viv @ 149 That's interesting, so why was it reported that the Portuguese said the case cannot be reopened by law unless there is sufficient new evidence to do so? What do they mean, if not that an active investigation is shelved, i.e. not taking place??

  185. Cuddle cat 'alerted' me to the McCanns as does cadaver scent to a doggie!

    Kate carried it as if it was a badge of caring - obviously a ploy by Mitchell - PR 'expert' lol!

    As to taking it to work, this is rubbish - if it was indeed claimed. Why would a mother who dumps her kids at every opportunity (as do most media persons - hence their support of the McCann's - there but for the grace of god!) take the childs toy to work - notwithstanding the fact that if the child had a favourite toy, she'd not want mother to take it to work with her!

    Whilst I'm on the rant, this nonsense that Madeleine wondering where her parents were when she called them the night before making the McCanns think she had been visited by an abductor! What rubbish - she'd have said 'Mummy, who was that strange man sneaking around our room last night'. Their claims are stupid, illogical and for some reason allowed by the media and never properly challenged - in fact never challenged at all!

  186. Who is this McCann aplogist in anti clothing called 'viv'?!

  187. Good Post Viv at 174 very informative from what you say it would appear the Mccanns want access to all the information surrounding this case and then this would prevent a 'fair' trial and does that mean they would actually be let off on the grounds of 'unsafe' evidence?

    Was this the real point of Kates book will she claim she is mentally unstable, the things she has written in it certainly point that way, so she would get a lighter sentence or perphaps no sentence ? I found it odd it's Kate's book not Kate and Gerry's book for some reason he has stepped back from the book.

    If there is sufficient evidence against the mccanns and if this is the case and it certainly sounds it then why is the legal side taking so long to bring action against the mccanns what is actually stopping this case from progressing to its rightful conclusion of seeing the mccanns convicted.

    At present they appear to be running rings around the authorities with interviews, books, charity runs Kate has been visiting PDL on her own and that has not been reported in the media but on blogs so what is really going on. Pro Mccann supporters are abusive and get blogs shut down, they never have a logical argument just expletives and this Murat Tanner case whatever happened to that.
    why is this allowed if there is indeed such evidence to bring them to court, also considering the millions of pounds that they have squandered of public money given to them in good faith that is big time fraud They have insulted Police forces, sued newspapers I do not believe everybody is corrupt in this case now SY are involved I hope this case gets solved.

  188. I may have posted something like this before,but it deserves repetition! Could all the people on this site try the following easy experiment.
    Take a cushion or pillow in your arms and walk to a window on the ground floor. Now, think about how you are going to be able to climb out of the window WHILE KEEPING THE PILLOW IN YOUR ARMS. You have to open a) the window and b) the shutters outside.
    Luckily there is a single bed just underneath the window - but you don't deposit the pillow on that, or use the bed to stand on. Managing expertly to climb over the window-sill, you land outside easily (can't remember of it's soil or concrete) and walk away. You are not out of breath.You are still carrying the pillow.
    That is an easy version of what the abductor is supposed to have done. The photos of the children's bedroom in 5A show an undisturbed bed under the window.
    Apparently there were/are no forensic traces left by the abductor. The only fingerprints are Kate McCann's.- And the story was begun by a phonecall (from Gerry?) to Aunty Philomena over in Scotland, wasn't it, and then spread media-wide.Philomena was 'used' shamelessly to start the mock-up of the abduction story.

  189. #180,
    Kate said, or had "others" to say for her (what the poster that goes by the name of Viv calls "McGerry fiction") that she took C.Cat to work with her and my goodness, it was a hell of a week, lots of dead patients, that's why C.Cat reeked of cadaverine. Poor Kate, she's lucky enough the media didn't start to call her "Dr. Death", and, isn't it funny how she felt such a great need to wash C.C. because it was soiled with sun lotion, but was not disgusted at having Madeleine play with a toy that had been around dead bodies???
    Viv, comment#150, wrote that the dead patients story probably came from Gerry or Philo McCann, not from Kate herself, well, if it was so, the lady was not too bothered by it, it suited her fine. Did she ever set the record straight? I think not, she stood silent, not confirming or denying it. She also pointed out that Kate was on maternity leave, so not working and not in contact with any patients, dead or alive. I suppose her helpful husband and sister-in-law should have been aware of this and that going around telling "porkies" to justify the death scent on the toy was not a good idea. Are they stupid or think we are stupid??? Which is it, maternity leave and NO contact with dead people or was she working and was so unlucky that she had several deaths to deal with in a short period of time???

  190. Viv, as far as I understood, you said Pedro do Carmo told you about the reaction of the PJ' s and later you said you read it somewhere.
    Am I right?
    If I-m right, why did you change your story and where can I find it?

  191. 73, who is ROB from Exter? Do you mean Russel?

  192. Do not take lightly this bad-mouthing of the PJ! The mockery and insults that the mccanns and co managed to spread as they were the only ones allowed!!(do you get this in our so-called democracies) to be heard because of their monopolizing the media while using their brimful 'search fund' for sueing Dr Amaral and others. Especially Dr Amaral and his team who had to look on and press on while they investigated and worked with every form of resistance, intimidation, threats which compelled him to resign as the backstabbers were in the driving seat. The mud slinging aimed at the PJ came from every country reporting on the mccann child's faked abduction. Your very own country Portugal, who knows how these guys are trained and the United Kingdom, known for its 'excellent police force'!(Look at the records and you can see what a laugh that is, what happened to the good cops, we are stuck with the bad!). Where did all the money go! UK you give corruption a new meaning!

    We are ever grateful that we have people like you, Dr Amaral. You have courage, tenacity, persistence, integrity and the knowledge to stand up to these losers, our so-called leaders, who have forgotten who they are, especially when they gather at their expensive meeting places all over the world, spending our money, to see what is in in it for them. Our 'heads of state'; have we no-one left to vote for?! They can learn to be upright from you, Dr Amaral! Justice will come, one way or the other!!

    Think before you vote!! Find out before-hand if you are backing a loser, a weakling who has an ego too big to think of his own people once he has his foot in the door. When we can put these corrupt people out of jobs we will also squeeze the truth from the 'protected game'aka mccann..........

  193. @Viv,

    you posted above that Gerry got rid of Madeleine because of money troubles. Do you think Madeleine was sold, and if so, what for, prostitution or simply illegal adoption? Since there are so many beautiful, blue eyed, white children in Russian orphanages who can be got legally, why would anyone risk paying for a child that cannot been seen in public because half the world is looking for her? And why would the McCanns remain so public afterwards with the begging bowl extended. I remember Martin Brunt saying that Kate was going to be charged with child trafficking among other things. Why only Kate and what exactly is child trafficking?

    The other thing is the blood and cadaver odour in the flat, behind the couch and in the wardrobe. How can that be explained if Madeleine is alive?

    As much as most of us believe Madeleine is dead, we would all like her to be alive and well and unharmed. I just do not get why the parents would, if they had sold Madeleine, be so public afterward. Wouldn't they take the initial payment and run?

    I'm still believing the theory that Madeleine died accidentally and the McCanns covered up the death to save their reputations and future income. That's what Amaral said and I think he was right first time.

    But you seem to have a lot of inside info, so can you explain why you think the whole thing was planned for money?

    Do you think the entire Tapas group was in on it? Because several of them have colluded in the lie of sightings and checking on the kids.

  194. What a silence.No news about the MP, the PJ but also no word out of the McCanns' mouth. I wonder what is going on in that world.

  195. Viv at @114 is quoting an article written by Len Port here «Algarve Newswatch - http://bit.ly/m63VyC», from which no one can confirm if Len is really a contact of Pedro do Carmo. In fact, in my opinion it seems that Len Port is basically doing some creative writing à la Duarte Levy style using bits & pieces from other main stream media articles, or doe anyone actually believe that a National PJ deputy director would impart information to a blogger, who is British, not a journalist and lives in the Algarve? Pfff....

    Quote: «"Portuguese police fully co-operating with Scotland Yard on McCann case
    The Portuguese criminal investigation police today confirmed they are fully committed to co-operating with the Metropolitan Police review of the Madeleine McCann case and to re-opening the investigation if the Met come up with credible new evidence.

    The National Assistant Director of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Pedro do Carmo, told me: “We are in contact with the Metropolitan Police. They have informed us what they want to do, to recheck the files. Our colleagues in the UK are fully aware of our commitment and interest in trying to solve this case, to know what happened that night. At this point we have talked and we have a very open relationship. Let's see what comes next.”»

  196. Has anyone considered that maybe the reason for the lack of media reporting in the UK concerning anything negative about the McCanns over the last few years is perhaps, ...just maybe....that if enough evidence is found to incriminate them that they will not be able to claim that they wouldnt get a fair trial?

  197. Hi viv, you made a statement which went like this "Gerry has said he wants the case re-opening in Portugal" sorry viv i think i may have missed this quote,if you ask me, this is the last thing Mr Gerry MaCann/Mrs Kate Macann, Tapas and Gordon Brown want .

    What i have learnt , is that Eddie & Keela have tried to be discredited on only two occasions in more than 200 successful investigations, one the child sex abuse scandal Haute de la Garenne Jersey the other the Madeleine investigation , imo another child abuse scandal !

  198. #199 Jimuck,

    I share your opinion too, on both counts!


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