1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Just a small detail...

"The incentive to accept this "offer" seemed to be that if we didn't agree to it, the authorities could or would go after us for murder, and if we were found guilty, we might both receive life sentences." - Kate McCann, in 'Madeleine'

There is no such thing as a life sentence under Portuguese law.


  1. that kate is telling bloody lie's again,how on earth can anyone believe a word she says, apart from her faithfull followers.

  2. I notice how quiet the mccanns have suddenly become now David Cameron mentions an investigation into the case.

    The fund and book sales revenue should be frozen, just as they did to Goncalo Amaral to await the outcome of the court case. When the fund is proven to be fraudulent the money should go to childrens charities.

    The mccanns should be made to co-operate what we all want is justice and the truth, for four years we have been fed misinformation. The government needs to get this investigation right, no more cover ups, find out who is involved and start with the reconstruction, the mccanns are not in a position to refuse to co-operate that is what this book is supposed to be about 'finding the missing piece' so they should co-operate and so should their tapas friends. The days are over where they dictated how this case should be run, and now the government has become involved Portugal should push for this case to be re-opened and it will be, but it needs to be made clear to the mccanns and co that this time around they must co-operate or face the consequences.

  3. For Reference

    «In Portugal, the maximum limit of a jail sentence is 25 years, and this can not be exceeded in any case. With the Penal Reform of Sampaio e Melo in 1884, Portugal become the first country in the world to abolish the penalty of life imprisonment» Wiki & Portuguese Penal Code, Article 41º

    Note: In July 1, 1867 a law act was passed which embodied the so called Penal Reform of Barjona De Freitas which, among other novelties, abolished the death penalty for civic crimes, an innovation in which Portugal preceded any other country in the world.

  4. Gosh, I was kind of hoping that there was. ;-)

  5. Her Portuguese lawyer denied that any plea bargain was offered. In order not to cause any friction between him and his client he said that it was a misunderstanding. Piers Morgan, asked Mrs. McCann if it was true that there was a plea bargain offered by the Portuguese police. Mrs. McCann instead of responding yes decided to be a little more cautious and used the word "indirectly."

  6. Click on to this two part interview on Irish tv .



    In this interview both mc canns stress they were never ever asked to do a lie detector test and kate says Portugal doesnt do lie detector tests are both these statements true?
    Gerry mc cann gets all flustered and confused when the interviewer asks him how much they have spent out of the funds so far and further refers to the fund as a buisness.

    The interviewer asks them heart wrenching questions about Madeleine but Kate only breaksdown in tears when he eventually mentions the twins??? Draw your own conclusions.


  7. Hopefully our Portuguese friends will check that the Portuguese version of Kate,s book is the same as the English version including all the disinformation about the police and people who tried so hard to find Madeleiene and have been subject to unending abuse by way of thanks. Will Socrates bend over again like he did last time? Whats in it for him? Unless Gordon Brown suddenly takes over as head of the IMF .

  8. A. Dubliner thanks for the links, the protocol at the beginning is wrong though, it should be http instead of htpp ;)

  9. Thanks Joana, im only a novice when it comes to IT.

    A.Dubliner. :))

  10. If Anyone here has any contacts with the discovery tv channel they should ask them to comission the myth buster programme team to carry out an experiment of the slamming door incident which Kate has claimed in her statement was caused by the shutters and window being wide open.
    Those of us who have watched the myth buster programmes know they could prove whether Kates statement was true or false beyond doubt.
    This could obviously be carried out as just another myth buster without any reference to this case.


  11. " there is a wholly innocent explanation for any wrong statements that kate may have or may not have written in her book.." clarence

  12. The news this evening from the UK

    British Top Police

    beleive that Madeleine could be found alive and well

    Are these people taking substances that alter their minds!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anon 7
    Interesting videos, especially kate only crys at the names of the twins, gerry is back to nose scratching etc.
    worth watching

  14. A.Dubliner

    In this interview both mc canns stress they were never ever asked to do a lie detector test and kate says Portugal doesnt do lie detector tests are both these statements true?

    In answer it is McCann speak for the police didn't ask them to do a lie detector test and they are not admissible by law.

    The McCann's own spokesperson stated that they were willing to take a lie detector test


    When a leading UK expert offered to do it for FREE they did a U-turn saying there was no need because they were speaking the truth and there was no point as no court of law would accept them in evidence.
    The expert said:

    ""Kate said she'd take it to prove her innocence but in reality, she wasn't willing."


  15. The Portuguese statement is that the investigation cannot be re-opened unless there is sufficient new evidence, by law. Also that no such evidence has been forthcoming. Therefore, as the crime took place in Portugal's jurisdiction, and only Portugal can re-open the case, it follows that the British cannot legally open an investigation into the crime. That means no new diligences can take place such as a reconstruction, which would show that no abduction took place given the published facts of the scenario.

    So that means that SY are only going to examine the Portuguese investigation process to see if any abduction sightings/leads were not followed. Investigating the parents' claims will not be on the agenda.

    Presumably the parents will be there to examine the evidence with the SY detectives, how convenient for them.

    If this is what happens, in effect showing potential suspects the the evidence against them without them being arrested it is very disturbing indeed. I pray that the PJ and Portuguese authorities will not cooperate with this, it would surely go against all constitutional legal process. I trust that Dr Amaral will keep an eye on what happens and inform us through the media and through Joana'a contacts, please. This is very worrying.

  16. 13: That is how this review will begin and end: "Madeleine McCann could still be alive". Any evidence against the parents will be dismissed and rubbished. The PJ will be the villains. This is going to be a white wash but it will not bring closure. All this to weaken Amarals defence in the libel case?

  17. @17 - Very possibly.



    Interestingly enough though, the officer in charge of the review is a Homicide guy, not a missing persons expert...

  18. 16 Legally you are quite wrong. See this extract from the Code for UK Crown Prosecutors. UK can investigate and prosecute serious crimes committed abroad, including those listed which clearly covers the potential conduct of the McCanns and Co. I would suggest this is why Kate and Gerry have now gone rather quiet...Gerry wanted to see the files, that is NOT what is going to happen, neither is he going to be given any assistance to just slag off the Portuguese Police which is clearly what he is about.

    When Kate refers to a "life sentence", I would point out that the average "life sentence" in UK is only 14 years and I think that is what she probably meant, a lengthy one. That does not change the fact her book is a load of old contradictory lies or that her lawyer denied that any such deal had been offered which is contrary to both Portuguese and UK law. He may however have given her that legal advice to encourage her to co-operate and mitigate any sentence.

    Resolving jurisdictional conflicts
    Where the offence occurred on a single territory

    Generally, an offence will only be triable in the jurisdiction in which the offence takes place, unless there is a specific provision to ground jurisdiction, for instance where specific statutes enable the UK to exercise extra-territorial jurisdiction:

    sexual offences against children (s. 72 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003)
    murder and manslaughter (ss. 9 and 10 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861)
    fraud and dishonesty (Criminal Justice Act 1993 Part 1)
    terrorism (ss. 59, 62-63 of the Terrorism Act 2000)
    bribery (s. 109 of the Anti-terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001)
    For a list of particular offences with an extra-territorial reach see Archbold 2-36a-2-83.

  19. I don't know what to think about this case, the lies, contradictions, weirdness of it all.

    What I know I don't like is no cadaver scent on Gerry, no Gerry fingerprints on shutters, no Gerry name on book, no Gerry claim to have read book post editing, plus Gerry claimed had he written the book he would have divulged a lot more. Slippery eh.

    Just watched Irish interview from this morning and it was Gerry who convinced Kate to let Sun do serialisation.

    Oh, and since SY he's donned his copper hat again.

  20. Ask yourselves this:

    What have Gerry and Kate McCann *got* on the British government that crosses party lines and ensures a cover-up from one administration to another.

    There you will find the answer.

    I agree, this will be a whitewash.

  21. The UK police are not so stupid that they would dismiss the cadaver dogs on the strength of somebody like Gerry McCann claiming they are not reliable.

    The police depend on and trust those dogs, and they have helped them solve many a crime, and the blood and cadaver dogs figures large in this case.

    I think the McCanns have been wrong footed this time. They will have expected the usual response from the Government of dismissing them. They could then bleat on as usual about how nobody will help them, and having to do it all themselves, and 'please send us millions more so we can carry on'. This will certainly have put a spanner in that Fund of theirs.

    As for the 'review' they want, the police wont be stupidly taken in by that either. Those who have followed the case from the beginning know exactly what has been going on, and their pal Brown is not around any more to give orders from on high.

  22. post 7. The interviewer wasn't as taken in as he appeared to be, for professional reasons. He kept them at their ease to draw them out, and had to make them feel believed and ensure they weren't offended. In the first clip they seem to take the bait after 16 mins. and start to talk about people who doubt their story. In the second clip, Gerry seems to get it that the interviewer has challenged them that Mdadeleine may not want to come home and he grins defiantly while talking about this.

  23. Dear Salsa,
    then it seems she may not be found alive. I am quite confused about our wonderful SY who are escorting Kate & Gerry who are going to a book launch. I cant understad the pull these 2 have over high ranking detectives. Nothing that comes out of their mouths is the same as they declared before. They change their accounts of what happened like most of us change our clothes. They may well be innocent, but then there is no reason to lie, The british police should stand by LP and the PJ and not allow the Mcs to bad mouth these teams of proffesionals. Gerry is very confident he has it all under control, see the irish videos. If SY let the country down because o the funny handshakes or whatever the UK as a free speech and honest country is finished. Whatever happened to Maddie, the Mcs know something, Portugal Bring it on and open the case before you are made to look complete idiots. Support your fellow man Dr Goncarlo Amaral, who believes in justice.

  24. Doesn't she realize that they alredy got "life sentences"?!
    No matter if they will never be brought to justice, they are alredy judged and condemned by public opinion, due to their actions(or lack of) and their inconsistencies(lies).

  25. Reply to 17 I Agree

    The guilty always need someone to blame.

    The innocent are the ones who pay the price

    Is Mr Amaral the one who pays for wanting truth

  26. Guerra, #6,
    Yes, she said "indirectly, via our lawyer".
    Now, I would very much like to know what Mr. Pinto de Abreu(lawyer) thinks about this...she is putting him on the spot, it won't look to good for him to be associated with an illegality...

  27. So.. the McCanns get to keep all the money they've raised and the British public have to pay for the Scot Yard review.

    If those two had any sincerity about them the would say... "Since Scot Yard is now going to look for our Maddie, at a cost of three million to the taxpayer, we would like to donate all the proceeds from 'that book' to a childrens charity... especially as 'funds needed to find Maddie' no longer applies"

  28. "Madeleine McCann could be still alive"
    Of course, what else can that policeman say? He can impossibly say she is dead because till now England was not involved in the process.
    Officially she could be alive.But the MP and Leceister police know she is dead.
    And they have now to officially find out the truth and to conclue exactly the same Portugal conclued.
    It is not going to cost much to the UK. Reconstruction, explain why the pink blanket disappeared and that's it.
    And I bet the PJ know a lot more than they have ever told.

    Tapas 10, 11,12 are praying the Lord to protect them. I would not be surprised if Kate would write or tell Madeleine was victim of Tapas 10,11 or 12.

  29. Are the Scotland Yard travelling with the couple in order to control them? Maybe a warning of a British public prosecuter not to let them escape to a country that has no extradicion agreement with the UK?

  30. Read what John Stalker (British ex chief) said about the invesitagtion


    google it........

  31. @Anon 29

    Exactely my thought:I think SY is going with them to Portugal to have an eye on them and NOT to investigate anything...

  32. Trash from the book of the lies and a small detail as I feel particularly nasty today
    "My anger and ferocious maternal instinct"

    "Ferocious maternal instinct"? jajajajaja oh yes? she cant conceive naturally and has a "ferocious maternal instinct"? must be a special instinct then because it certainely did NOT work in Portugal as you left 3 small children night after night to go on the piss....then you left the twins ALONE while touring the world to "look for Madeleine".

  33. In the second video clip (Anon 7) Kate seems to get more and more grim as the interviewer asks an obviously unexpected question about Madeleine, forcing them to think outside their carefully prepared mantra. The added strain seems to make Kate face what she has blocked out during the interview, Madelein's true fate, and she breaks down in grief. When she is under strain one eyelid droops slightly.

  34. I am of the opinion and have been for the last week, Mr Cameron as well as Theresa May are calling the McCanns bluff, both Kate and Gerry insulted them both live on SKY News last week, wherein Kate specifically said it is The Governments responsilbility to help as she is a Brish subject she also asked a snooty comment "well what is his job then (Mr Cameron) she went on to mention that Mrs Theresa May had specifically said they could not review the files as they were "too sensitive" Both Theresa May and David Cameron would have read the files, read "The Truth of the Lie" and would certainly have read Kate's fairytale,

    When Mr Cameron stated the reason for this "review" is because it is a " special case" he knows very well the McCanns are guilty (obviously he cant say that publicly) and he is probably sick and tired of the McCanns slagging off the Government The Home Secretary and indirectly mentioning his little boy.

    Mr Cameron has made the right move, there is NO WAY the Yard can dismiss all the evidence pointing towards the McCanns and their disgusting freinds,

    They would probably start right at the beginning

    To answer all 48Questions ooops sorry she anwered two! the first and the last.

    Kate and Gerry's time is up ...............and they know it!


    The devil is in the details...

    Kate's trail of thought is incomplete here. She thought she would rather let the Portuguese have a go at their hand-picked, government supported, multi-million defence team and see what they could prove. Nothing. Money and ideology would talk them over.



    "?After all this time and pressure, I cannot believe that nobody wants to speak.

    ?I have a real suspicion that we are not being told the whole truth. There is something else there, some issue that members of the party are embarrassed about?"

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-490254/McCanns-hiding-big-secret-police-chief-claims.html#ixzz1MiXwZ99G


    @ 35 "Mr Cameron has made the right move, there is NO WAY the Yard can dismiss all the evidence pointing towards the McCanns and their disgusting friends".

    Slow down friend, you move too fast. The Scotland Yard have been asked to look for and follow any trails pointing to an abduction. Nothing else.

    They are strictly forbidden to come up with anything that might discredit the McCanns' official, government sponsored, "By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen", version of events...

    It is a PR exercise to discredit the Portuguese investigation. A last ditched attempt (I think) to dry-clean the McCanns' image - two top-grade British citizens.

    Nothing that might discredit the McCanns' will surface from "Dad's Army". Mind you, it might surface from G. Amaral comments (or writings) on their post, clean-up investigation. It is called the ricochet effect...


  38. #33 I couldn't conceive naturally either and I DO have a ferocious maternal instinct. Let's not get things mixed up, please.

  39. Locked door, unlocked patio , open window, jemmied shutters

    Abductor hiding in the apartment on GM's check at around 9.05/10

    Hope SY talks to the friendS who reported that GM was convinced that the alledged abductor was hiding in the apartment on his check.

    He believes that the abductor got in through an unlocked patio, but left through the window with his daughter.

    I am no detective but on the night Madeleine was "Taken" the news reported that the Mccann's told family and friends that the windows had been jemmied/ smashed by an abductor.

    There are many video's of the Aunt stating that the Mccann's gave her that information.

    My question is why on earth would and abductor jemmy/smash the window, then enter by an unlocked patio, then leave via the window with a sleeping /drugged child when the door was unlocked, at to top it all leave no trace!!!

    Kate Mccanns view "Red Herring" by the abductor ????

    What a web we weave when we try to deceive

  40. Hello Anonymous post (30) I think Portugal does have an extradition agreement with the UK. Not too long ago a British football fan who took part in a riot in Portugal, was extradited from the UK to Portugal and made to serve a jail sentence in Portugal. He has since been allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence in a UK prison.

  41. 40 Silve, I think you will find if you check that Gerry told relatives the abductor came in through the window and left via the front door which was left wide open. He was grilled again on 10 May and then vaguely announced oh well I must have left the front door open because actually although I previously said we left via that door, we did not, we left via the rear patio door. It is all this nonsense that demonstrates "pro McCanns" must be either family or paid posters because no one could actually believe he tells such contraditory lies to the police within the space of a few days and could actually still be innocent!

    At no stage have they ever mentioned the abductor using the rear patio door, I believe this is pure forum myth. But it is interesting that on the one hand they state they left it open but are not prepared to suggest such a thing. Probably because that would mean Kate's claims of someone "breaking in and stealing Madeleine" are just entirely false. If you think about it, Kate's oft repeated claim that she found the curtains shutter window open would be nonsense if they are also claiming he came in through the open door, it just does not make sense, does it?

    I think you should perhaps look to one English gent who has sought to latch onto this case for his own fame and fortune as the possible source of this particular myth.

  42. Watch it" the authorities could go after us for murder"



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