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Kate McCann launches book to «tell the truth»

Kate McCann says she wants to tell the «version of events» of the parents

McCann couple in a Lisbon court, last year, when they were trying to ban the former Judiciary Police coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral's book titled 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie'

The mother of Madeleine McCann will launch a book with her daughter's name, on May 23 in Lisbon, four years after the disappearance of the child, which is marked on this Tuesday.

In a press note sent by their publicists in Portugal, quoted by Lusa news agency, Kate McCann states that the book was written with the objective of «telling the truth» and the «version of the events» of Maddie's parents.

The mother of the child added that «it was not an easy decision» to write the book 'Madeleine', each cent that results from the sales of this book will «revert to the investigation and search» for Madeleine.

«Nothing is more important to us than to find our little girl», Kate explained.

Her husband, Gerry McCann, said he was hopeful that the book «would help the investigation to find Madeleine in other ways too». «Our hope is to have an impact on those who have relevant information (consciously or not), to present it and to share it with our team. Someone has the key piece of the puzzle», he said.

The English girl disappeared on May 3, 2007, from the room where she slept with her twin siblings, whilst the parents dined with a group of friends in a near-by restaurant, from the tourist resort of the Ocean Club, in the village of Luz.

After 11 days of investigation, the Judiciary Police constituted an English citizen as arguido, Robert Murat, for suspicions of being involved in the case, but found no evidence to arrest him.

Without the body and the perpetrators of the crime, the Judiciary Police(PJ), who initially admitted the kidnapping, turned the course of the investigation in August 2007 towards the likely death of the child, with suspicions falling on the parents, Kate and Gerry, both doctors.

The turnaround in the investigation was based on biological evidence collected in the apartment and in the car rented by the McCann couple, 25 days after the disappearance of their daughter.

After having undergone several hours of questioning at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the PJ in Portimão, Gerry and Kate McCann were constituted as arguidos.

In mid 2008, the prosecutor of the Republic archived the case, which will be reopened if new relevant data surfaces.

in TVI24 [selected to translate, others are similar since their origin was a McCann's press note released by their hired publicity team in Portugal], Público, Diário de Notícias, Destak, Expresso, Jornal de Notícias, SIC Notícias, Ionline, Obervatório do Algarve, Diário Digital, TSF, etc. all published May 3, 2011


  1. Then there is a version of events of the parents. Is that a second, third or forth version? because they already delivered some, full of contradictions, to the police. Now, who is going to play the abductor? A tan, creepy man or a blonde beautiful guy. If he has a good look maybe the version got more supporters. After all Madeleine disappeared leaving no traces but that is not an evidence of her going trough some serious harm, at least for her parents.

  2. How can somebody appear in the papers pretending to tell the truth and call it a version? A truth is a fact and on it did not fit any version. Kate you target your own feet.

  3. It is more and more developing into a personal battle between Kate and Goncalo Amaral.

    Books, injunctions, facebook rivalry, usage of the media...

    The book will be a retaliation for Amaral's book trying to play the ball into his court with accusations against him. Gerry has left the court and indeed the tribune.

    The good thing about the book is, that it will also be another attempt to amend their initial statements only possible with additional lies. The rogatories have already solved the case for me, but the book will give us additional evidence about the case, not through revelations but through lies.

  4. the Mccanns cannot help themselves in their quest for publicity and more publicityand even more money!
    For four years we have had to tolerate this couple who neglected their children then courted the media, some of the public have been fooled giving to their 'fraudulent' fund and buying the 'fraudulent book'. people do not research cases or check facts but simply accept what is presented before them by the media and continue to give money to a private company whose sole purpose is to keep two criminals from facing prosecution for their crimes.
    This case proves how easy it is to con the public..but what the mccanns should realise is that in this life nothing is for nothing..will pay ev entually pay the price for their crimes and so will all those involved.
    Justice for Madeleine...

  5. Is anybody in charge of this investigation...why are mc cann able to continue with this farce, everybody knows they are guilty, why is nothing being done. They should be charged because of their fund and book, all lies but makes money for mc canns. Is there nobody with the integrity to re-open the investigation and get the mc canns charged. The whole world knows they are guilty.
    Today is the day that Madeleine disappeared off the face of the earth two people (or maybe more) know exactly what happened to her, Gerry and Kate, the despicable money grubbing parents.

  6. "Our hope is to have an impact on those who have relevant information (consciously or not), to present it and to share it with our team. Someone has the key piece of the puzzle», he said."

    How would one unconsciously present and share relevant information? Hmm maybe by writing something unconsciously. Perhaps in a book??!!

  7. ......"each cent that results from the sales of this book will «revert to the investigation and search» for Madeleine"....

    Not that many 'Cents' in a ten pound note! Where does every penny go that is the question?

  8. I will be working on my own version of events, which will be presented to a respected journalist in due course. Whether this will result in publication is another matter, but history will not be kind to a number of people involved in this cover-up. Neglect is NOT the issue, but the people involved in the disposal of M will recognise themselves.

  9. Gerry McCann has definitely left the stage to Kate. The man finally admits that nobody believes him and his image is not a positive one. His advisers acknowledge his arrogance is damaging the cause. They will now give more visibility to the "grieving mother" to try to convince, and milk, the public. Another "good" marketing ploy, they think!

  10. Will Kate tell us in her "truthful" book why there was NOTHING in the holiday apartment that could provide a DNA sample of Madeleine??? A place were she lived for at least 5 days??? Will she tell why there was NO toothbrush, NO comb or hairbrush that Madeleine used available to handover to the police??? NO hairs on the floor or stuck to clothes??? Why get a pillow from Rothley for a sample of Madeleine's DNA?
    Mticulously washed holiday apartment, holiday clothes and Cuddle Cat, but a dirty pillow in "Rothley manor", conveniently waiting for the Leicester Police to get it...

  11. De onde vem a data 12 de Marco?

  12. Quote Gerry
    "Our hope is to have an impact on those who have relevant information (consciously or not), to present it and to share it with our team. Someone has the key piece of the puzzle"

    Gerry you stupid child neglecting ba***d, if you believe this sooo strongly why have you waited 4 years to write this book,sorry, cough..."Kate's Book"
    Gerrys trying to take a back seat now he knows the evidence is stacking up against them.

  13. Yes we all know who holds the Key piece of evidence that will solve this case dont we Gerry...YOU, YOUR WIFE AND YOUR HOLIDAY FRIENDS>

  14. Well said post 10!

    I can't wait to obtain a (unpaid for) copy of this drivel - it needs a very thorough review!

  15. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING BFOR THIS BOOK! But lets get a copy onto the web!

  16. I agree with the comment above, this is not about neglect - what is sobering is the thought that neglect is being used to hide something, so how bad must that something be!

  17. They couldn't even get 50,000 people to sign their stupid petition, and that was free, and we know the 50,000 included many duplicates because people on this blog alone, admitted to signing it several times, just to see what happened (and as they were able to sign it several times, I bet the McCann neglector clan each signed it LOADS of times).

    therefore they are VERY unlikely to get even 50,000 sales, because that involves people putting their hands in their pockets, I wouldn't for one)

    now the book is £10 (or less) that would only make £500,000 maximum, and not all of that would go to queen Kate, she would only get a small proportion after the publishers, wholesalers and retailers take their share of the profits (or are they donating their cut!!!!!!!).

    and as McCanns have already had an advance from the publishers, I very much doubt if there will be any surplus from the sales at all.

    You Gerry, as the bread winner, will have to work even harder, like the rest of us, and you may have to move to an ordinary house - shock horror - to pay all your court debts.

    Tee he he he what a joke. I'll be sad when this saga ends because it is just so entertaining. (obviously Madeleine's death is not entertaining, it is tragic, but it has happened, and over 4 years ago now, and nothing will bring her back, however, watching the parents lie their way into even deeper trouble, is a great spectator sport, enjoyed by many all over the world)

    aunty Anti

  18. I bet queen Kate is spitting feathers about the Osama Bin Laden news. couldn't come at a worse time for their book!

    It is taking all the headlines, even wiping Prince William off the the front page. .... Karma????

    aunty Anti

  19. "telling the truth?" For the first time after 4 years?
    In this case, she is admitting they lied to the police and they lied to the media all the time.
    We all know their truth, why repeating it?
    Unless they are telling what really happened.
    And they aren't.
    Tony Bennet and Amaral told us already about 90% of the story.
    Kate is not telling the missing 10%.
    Is it true Kate has returned to Portugal a couple of times short ago?
    Visiting her grave?

    Did the police ever check on the basement of the Hubbards?

  20. @ aunty Anti #17:

    Agree with you about the book and the petition signings.
    TM will be eaten by the costs and charges soon. Without their money they will be dropped like a hot potato by their "specialists". The drying up of the fund is what Sr. Amaral is waiting for patiently. But in contrary to you I'm happy when this sorry saga ends but my heart goes out to the twins.

  21. the mccanns wouldnt tell the truth to much £££££££ to lose,
    but i bet thier tapas friends do,so do the right thing by MADELEINE
    and tell the pj what really happend to her.

  22. The publication of this awful book will give reviewers and critics a fresh chance to comment more freely about the events.Plus the public should be able to comment on a couple of sites, discussing the details (and discrepancies.)
    It's a great opportunity for us all, especially for the muzzled UK press.

  23. Fernis 9

    I like the way you write, very original and always to the point, thanks.

  24. The McCanns have always declared their innocence but that said, they are only denying their guilt, not the act itself.

  25. Is she still 'findable', If so, wonder where she is....

  26. Who can be expected to believe a word written by this proven liar. Kate lied about the shutters, lied about deleted phone messages, withheld information concerning Madeleines health and bank statements, therefore we can assume most of what she says is pure fiction the woman is a complete disillutional nutter.
    She would not know the truth if it jumped out in front of her, she has told so many lies, she has convinced herself of her innocence.
    Her face portrays her as a hardened parody of a woman consumed by guilt and driven by money.
    Kate should have been honest and owned up to whatever happened to Maddie not gone along with her arrogant excuse of a husband Gerry's manipulation of the media. Their daughter would at least have had a proper burial.
    Secrets never stay secrets they burn into the soul and eventually destroy it.

  27. Cody @ 20

    well, yes I agree about the 'twins' They are now at an age when they can no loger be oblivious to the stuff going on around them.

    I just dread to think of the psychological damage the parents have inflicted on them, pretending their dead sister is coming home one day. A sibling who hasn't even lived in their memory for a very long time, as proved by the mocumentary. And that's just one of the many fairy stories they have been force fed. Now mummy and daddy are going their separate ways, a divorce maybe the next thing they have to cope with.

    I wonder if Kate's book will be their permanent, brainwashing, bedtime story. I expect they have been told that the Harry Potter lady helped mummy write it, because she is such a good friend of mummy's!!

    Aunty Anti

  28. still 7 days to go.

    No Amaral yet.

    I know a book can be printed very fastly.I wonder if Kate's book is already ready to be sold.They are probably waiting for Amaral's book.We too.
    This whole story is tiring me.
    I hope I will react better on Amaral's book than I reacted on Bin Laden's death. I could not care less.
    I was fed up of Osama, nearly 10 years of non news, suspicions, terrorism yes, terrorism no, mostly no.

    And the McCanns: bringing them to justice, not bringing them to justice, new evidences, no new evidences, pink blanket, no pink blanket, David Payne, no David Payne...

    I'm exhausted.

  29. What is Karma, I see a lot of it in comments on this blog what the hell is it anyone please. I am serious I have no idea, what it is

  30. It is amazing:

    "The parents of Madeleine McCann have marked the fourth anniversary of her disappearance in private with family and friends."
    Is written in every tabloid in UK.

    1- If is private why publicising it everywhere? An oportunnity to remember the book and the money they said they need to keep paying Mitchell which work is delivering to the media information like that.

    2- Who marks the date his/her child went missing? Appears like a comemoration of the death.
    The mass in liverpool was a "pantomine" after all the publicity around something that should be done in silence, far from the media and without attracting the public to be used as a number. 200 attended the mass, said a source related with Mccann's. They show that number like if it was a huge number. Liverpool is a big city, What number is the population of Liverpool? Thousands and thousands. Only 200 got touched by the invitation of the priest and the family. I believe there was a massive campaign weeks before the mass, there was a massive invitation trough many ways. Only 200, spare time to commemorate the day a little girl died. I hope some prayed for her soul instead of just waiting for their moment in the cameras to give a word.

    3- Kate, if you comemorate in private, why not doing it in PDL close to your child? Your tabloids waste paper and ink saying that you travel many times to PDL without notifying the public( who cares?) just to be more close to your child. Now, you choose to be far? Fears...Bad memories. Memories that I believe are not part of your book. Are you going to send a sample of your book to the Pope, to priest Pacheco and to the Bishop of Fatima, FREE? That will be a big event, if so, which deserves a page in some papers. Cheers darling. I'm ready to read your book, here or somewhere in the Internet, for free, like millions have done with Amaral book. It is your turn now to prove you are searching your daughter and not millions of Euros, Pounds, Dollars, TROUGH HER.

  31. Kate, let me guess: You and your husband are going to fade after the book, praying in front of your Laptop everytime you click to check your bank acc, just to prevent bad news ( a disaster sale with your account not groing as your whishes).
    Why is it smelling so strongly about a divorce being on the way? Gerry, loosing an oportunity to shine is arrogange beside your book? Humm... "Split is on the air, split is on the air..."
    The public really want you alone in TV interviews without that G. always controlling your mouth trough your hands. Hard to hide. Cameras were always showing the switch control.

  32. What more can one say about the lies of the mccanns. The book is not worth it; if you had to spend money at Amazon buy yourself something that adds fun to your life. Yes, you will be able to read mccann book eventually online as there are enough people out there who will make it possible. But have pity for the paper it is printed on.

    The mystery is deepening because now we have a faked abduction plus a mysterious birth certificate?!!!!! If the parents think their children cannot sense their falseness, their deviousness, Machiavellian behaviour they have a guess coming. Children will not be able to express their feelings but they certainly pick it up.

    What is wrong with the british government when right under their very noses we are watching this spectacle that becomes more and more of an enigma as time passes. Can't they even see the free hand these people have got to promote their business and all the questions around it. The authorities do not act on the outcry for justice for this little citizen who never arrived back in her country again. No investigation??!!

  33. The church in Liverpool, the mass was held is a very big parish, the biggest in Liverpool, so most were probably people who went to the evening mass there anyway its Kate Maccann's parents parish. The priest there has been supportive to them from day 1, but he is getting moved in I think Its July. (another 1 down to team Maccann).

    This church has a prayer vigil for Madelaine every week and has done since she went missing. Are her Grandparents or her parents there when they come to Liverpool. No they are not and never have been, its all show for all of them no newspapers no Maccann,s or Healeys. The Maccann grandparents are well over Madelaine well over her believe me they are. Liver bird from Liverpool

  34. Kate and Gery Maccann overwhelmed with suppport from Liverpool I don't support them, People I speak to in shops and on the Bus don't support them. I was in hospital people there don't support them. my hairdresser is not supporting them.friends from my parish church don't support them. Just where is this support.

    I support Mr Amaral and Liverpool football club in that order.

    Maccanns never, never, never, never, will.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  35. 23, You're very kind. Best regards :a

  36. From McCanns web site

    Original message from supporter:

    Dear you. Have you got any new tracks about the disappearance? I'm in Norway and it is not so much talk about this disappearance longer unfortunately.

    Hope it goes well with the family ♥

    Response from the McCanns:

    Hanne, unfortunately, there is no police force actively looking for our daughter. We are hoping with the petition (link is to your left), we can get the UK government to put a police force on the search/investigation. Also, with our book coming out on the 12th, we are hoping someone will remember something and that vital clue can lead to Madeleine.

    What they don't say:

    We could actually ask the reopening of the police files and ask a review of the process through our lawyer but it would be a dangerous move for us because we may have the "arguido" status back on us and police might force us to do a reconstitution. I don't even want to think about it! No. No. I rather want to rehab...

    Another question:

    What about the private investigator? Are they no longer looking?

    Response from the McCanns:

    Rhian, we still have our private investigators working on the case, but the vital piece to the puzzle is still missing. It's hard work going through thousands of tips. We have some of the best in their field looking for Madeleine, but we are also missing vital information that the Portuguese police have not handed over to our investigation team. The Portuguese police gave-up on Madeleine back in 2008; when they shelved the case. We are not kept up to date on any new information they may receive either. That's why it's important we have an independent review of everything in the files and any info that is missing is gathered and added to the puzzle to figure out where our daughter is.

    What they don't say:

    If fact what we really want is to put our hands on vital information that the Portuguese police have not handed over to our investigation team. And supply this information to our lawyers in order to work on it to make sure that we are much, much more away from jail than 4 years ago. Please do not forget to buy our book. Top lawyers cost us a fortune. Thank you.

  37. Hi all,
    Soon or later, i think one of the tapas 9 may crack down and reaviling everythings about Madeleine desapearance. It must be very hard for them to carry on hiding this sordid secrets and their responsabilities in the desapearence of Madeleine.
    In one way or another, the Madeleine case can be resolved in the same way like this interesting story and a happy ending after 41 years old cold case of a murdered boy(John), aged 15, in 1969, one of the suspect finally breaks down and confess all the killing with his accomplices.

    Extrait of the article about that case:

    "....All we wanted was for the truth to come out and to know what happened before John's parents died.'

    It was this relentless pressure - and probably the guilt of what he had done - which finally led one of the accused to break an alleged 'pact of silence' that the trio had kept for four decades.

    Edward Brown, one of the three accused, allegedly broken down and revealed the terrible secret to police...."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1377448/3-Lowell-men-arrested-murder-John-Joseph-McCabe-1969.html#ixzz1LUIfDS00

  38. I hope, Kate in writing this book, she had taken more time to think TWICE about it. As this expression says "VERBA VOLANT, SCRIPTA MANENT"(spoken words fly away, written words remain).
    Things seems going against them this days, this book as well could be a thorn they are impaling themselves.

  39. anon @37
    Good post.

    This ludicrous little snippet made me laugh: "We have some of the best in their field looking for Madeleine".

    Can they really be referring to David Edgar? If they're pleased with his services, given his track record, then his remit can't possibly be, 'looking for Madeleine'. Considering the succession of frauds & incompetents they've hired, how can they be surprised that people are dubious about their story?

    And I agree with you..... they sure are desperate for that vital info held on the police files, aren't they?

  40. Another site has posted a review of a book written by un-named McCann supporters (2009).
    Extract: “We demand that the questions put forward in our book be put to Mr Amaral, and that he must answer them, and an official, proper and accurate account of his answers be made for the record. Further, if any wrongdoing is suspected, it must be investigated and if found correct, then due process of the law must be applied.”

    Madeleine McCann disappeared without trace on 3 May 2007. Mr & Mrs were the last to see her alive, but they….
    Failed to cooperate with the police inquiry
    Claim to know, without doubt, she was abducted but did not call the police immediately
    Failed to search for their own child
    Lied about a break in
    Sidestepped Judicial Secrecy by using friends, family & spokesman to act as mouthpieces
    Refused to answer questions
    Did not produce medical, bank or phone records
    Went against police advice & endangered child’s life by advertising eye defect
    Friends refused to return for reconstruction
    Fled Portugal when made suspects
    Repeatedly employed blundering, useless & fraudulent detectives
    Failed to be transparent regarding the fund which is, in fact, a private company
    Failed to exercise their legal right to prevent the case being shelved & then blamed the police for not looking their daughter
    Failed to request the reopening of the case

    The above are just a few facts from this case but enough to suggest that a more appropriate version of the original text would be as follows…..

    We demand that the questions put forward in Mr Amaral’s book be put to Mr & Mrs McCann, and that they must answer them, and an official, proper and accurate account of their answers be made for the record. Further, if any wrongdoing is suspected, it must be investigated and if found correct, then due process of the law must be applied.

  41. According to the Sun advert for the McCann fairy tale book, Kate is the only one who can tell the true story - EXACTLY!!!

    Pity she doesnt isnt it - unless the book addresses any of the many discrepancies, inconsistancies and plain lies which dwell in the words of the McCanns, their friends and indeed their internet supporters!

    So the Sun splatters us with her book, but says nothing about the book written by the only person really able to lay out the facts for us, the detective who led the case unti he was removed for political reasons.

    The Sun also talks of leads not followed up - I bet they dont mean the real ones - like the Smith sighting, like the ridiculous timeline etc etc etc....

  42. anyone got a copy of this book for us to distribute across the internet? We need to expose it and reduce the money going into these dreadful peoples pockets.

  43. It will be interesting to hear what the McCanns have to say now that the body of a little girl has been found 12 years after she was reported "missing". Joline Riendeau was 10 years old when she disappeared in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1999. The case is being treated as a homicide and the police are pursuing a "serious lead". Further information is available at cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal.

  44. thank you anonymous @44 I'm listening to the audios at CBC.ca

    «Jolène Riendeau

    Montreal police have found the remains of Jolène Riendeau.
    The 10 year old went missing in April 1999.
    She was last seen eating chips outside a depanneur [breakdown mechanic] near her home in Pointe-St. Charles.
    Investigators say they believe Jolène Riendeau was murdered and they are close to making an arrest.
    Andre Bouchard is a retired homicide detective who worked the case

    in http://www.cbc.ca/homerun/2011/05/04/jolene-riendeau/ »

    more here: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/timeline+hunt+Jol%C3%A8ne/4729541/story.html & http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Jol%C3%A8ne+Riendeau+body+found/4723802/story.html

  45. Not so much tell the truth as SELL "The Truth". It's all about money pure and simple.

    Sick O' Dee BS

  46. Kate McCann has selected the appropriate rag to publish her story - the newspaper that views titilation as their top selling point, or as most of us call it, tits and bums!

    What an insult to Madeleine!

    But then respectable newspapers wouldn't want to touch it presumably.

  47. Joana - This is an up-date to the case of Jolene Riendeau. An as yet unidentified man has been arrested and questioned by police. No charges have been laid. The man is known to police. More information is available at cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal

  48. Didn't Kate always say that she knew immmediately that Madeleine had been abducted when she saw them room but implied she couldn't say why because of the police investigation? I hope this would be one mystery solved by her book, but in the article in the Daily Mail today it says:

    "As she entered the apartment, she felt a draft and noticed the door to the children’s bedroom was wide open – but did not immediately realise a stranger had entered.
    She said: ‘When I realised Madeleine wasn’t actually there, I went through to our bedroom to see if she’d got into our bed. That would explain the open door.
    ‘On the discovery of another empty bed, the first wave of panic hit me. As I ran back into the children’s room the closed curtains flew up in a gust of wind.
    ‘My heart lurched as I saw now, that, behind them, the window was wide open and the shutters on the outside raised all the way up. Nausea, terror, disbelief, fear. Icy fear. Dear God, no! Please, no!’
    Madeleine’s bed-sheet still had the corners neatly turned over – and her Cuddle Cat soft toy and pink princess blanket were still lying where she had been sleeping

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1384421/Tormented-Kate-McCann-I-sit-Maddies-bedroom-twice-day.html#ixzz1Le8Bhnkq"

    So (1) It seems she did not realise immediately because of something in the room and (2) I thought cuddle cat had been placed on a high shelf?

  49. This is another part that troubled me in the article:

    "Immediately after the kidnapping, the couple struggled to cope with their loss and their feelings of guilt. And while she continued on a relentless search for their daughter, he admitted he needed to ‘switch off at times’. Mrs McCann, a part-time GP before Madeleine’s disappearance, said: ‘Gerry and I were just holding each other and saying: ‘We’re not going to survive this.’’
    ‘I didn’t know if I would ever get back to the person I was. I was conscious about the effect this had on Gerry. He needed me to be together and I just couldn’t get myself there.’
    Mr McCann added: ‘There were times when I thought she would never get back to being the woman I loved."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1384421/Tormented-Kate-McCann-I-sit-Maddies-bedroom-twice-day.html#ixzz1Le9HK6Pk

    Gerry needed time to "switch off"?! And she was worried about Gerry needing her to be together? Who would care about anything other than Madeleine?

    They just say such strange things, it just doesn't add up.

  50. The Scum pictures show Madam McCann in her new Kate Middleton blue dress !! Ah well, can`t blame her for dreaming.

  51. Jenni Murray is doing an interview with KM on Tuesday`s Woman`s Hour on Radio 4. I suspect the tone will be rather similar to the Aled Jones interview. Its hardly going to be challenging on Madeleine`s birthday.

  52. Anon.49. Kate is just giving more rope to hang herself.
    She must cross her words with statements of her husband, some in TV interviews. He claim entering the flat before the alarm. He gave us his moment of being a proud father with loveling childs lying on the bed. He even feed a fantasist hypothesis of the abductor being hiding behind the door when he was on the flat. Then, why was Kate so surprised with position of the door? Or was she not aware of her husband checking the childs? If so, means they were not together that night having a dinner in the Tapas. One of them lie or both lie.
    What about the blanket and the Cuddle Cat? On her first statement she sais to the police the Cuddle cat was on a high shelf that Madeleine can't reach and that's why she knows somebody was in and she was taken. Later, the cuddle cat was on the bed with blanket. We know, the blanket was pictured by GNR and disappeared on the same night after the alarm. To Oprah, when asked about that, Kate said the abductor must have the blanket with Madeleine. Then, when she lies, NOW OR ON THE FIRST HOURS TO THE POLICE? No matter when she lies. The lies are so serious that must be considered a new evidence to reopen the investigation. Her book was not yet out and she is already tide by her own words.

  53. If Kate has finally decided to 'tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but...' then why did she refuse to answer those 48 questions two weeks after thier kid went missing ?!?
    I was in POrtugal in Sept 2007 when I heard the McCanns state on Portuguese TV "WE SHALL NEVER BE BULLIED OUT OF PORTUGAL BY THE P.J. BUT WILL STAY IN PORTUAL UNTIL OUR LOVELY DUGHTERRRRrrrr IS FOUND !"
    24 hrs later they were made 'official prime suspects' and 24 hours after that they fled the jurisdiction ( ran away from Portugal).

  54. I sometimes feel that I am the only one with the strong belief that the answer to the puzzle is Gerry McCann and not Kate McCann.
    I think Kate shows genuine distress with the loss of her daughter but Gerry, that guy puts on an act... with what I believe are phoney distressed expression... in my eyes his body language speaks volumes !!! I believe Kate knows what happened to Madeleine but she's basically innocent. I believe Gerry is the answer to the whole riddle/puzzle

  55. To 55.
    I don`t agree with you there.
    I`ve seen pictures of Kate looking scared & deranged ( wearing her check pants & grey top ) It looked to me as though she was being almost dragged/led along the road by Gerry.
    I`m sorry but since that picture I cannot think of a sane person when I see Kate.
    Gerry on the other hand was necessary IMO to bully Kate into shape so she didn`t give the game away.
    They are both in my opinion involved up to their necks.
    If Gerry has let her loose now, god help the lot of them.


  56. Could you imagine if they did write the exact truth of what happened to Madeleine (with proof of course) how many copies would sell ? The next move would be to use that money to buy their way out of prison.

  57. the stress that Kate feels is more about the stress of "the truth coming out" rather than the heartache of loosing a child. I have NEVER and i mean never seen a tear come from that women's face nor Gerry. Some might say she is putting on a brave face. A brave face for who?Sure there has been times when it looks like she has teared up but they are few and far between. The interviews are about her daughter. Remembering her daughter isn't this alone enough to make someone be brought to tears?? I think i have shed more tears for this child than the two of them combined. I shed tears for how she was ignored and neglected. How she was handed over to the courts within weeks of her "disappearance". The main purpose for this was was for them to be able to request all the police records from the Portuguese police so they could find out what information there was about them. If they really didn't want Maddie in their lives wouldn't this have been the way to go about it from the beginning. Anyone would have been a more suitable parent than these two and at least she would still be able to live her life. Right now the truth of whether she is dead or alive is yet to be known. Adoption would have been the sane thing to do and i would rather Maddie to be have someone who actually wanted her than to be taken to a place in Portugal and be handed to someone on a silver platter ie. doors left unlocked, unsupervised etc etc etc.


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