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Keir Simmons' blog: "Could there be a breakthrough in the Madeleine McCann case?"

by Keir Simmons

I’m told that behind the scenes quiet negotiations have been underway for some time to try to persuade Portugal to cooperate with a review of the Madeleine McCann case.

The last government commissioned an inquiry into whether it was possible. Whether the evidence gathered by detectives in Portugal, Leicestershire Police and the McCann’s own team could be brought together. I’m told that report concluded that Portugal’s government would need to agree to it.

Hence the negotiations that have been underway which might well lead to a breakthrough at some point.

If this is the case, it looks as if the government have not kept Kate and Gerry McCann informed in the way you might expect. They have issued an open letter to the Prime Minister. In it their frustration is clear.

We could only use some of it in tonight’s ITV News at Ten. So here it is in full:

Dear Prime Minister

As a devoted father and family man, you know the importance of children. Our beloved eldest child, Madeleine, was abducted from Praia da Luz, Portugal, four years ago. Since then, we have devoted all our energies to ensuring her safe return.

Today we are asking you – and the British and Portuguese governments – to help find Madeleine and bring her back to her loving family.

We live in hope that Madeleine will be found alive and returned to us. One call might be all that is needed to lead to Madeleine and her abductor.

To this end, we are seeking a joint INDEPENDENT, TRANSPARENT and COMPREHENSIVE review of ALL information held in relation to Madeleine’s disappearance. Thus far, there has been NO formal review of the material held by the police authorities – which is routine practice in most major unsolved crimes.

A key piece of the ‘jigsaw’ could easily have been overlooked and not joined up with another.

We have tried in vain to get the authorities in the UK and Portugal to play their part.

But, sadly, our requests have seemingly fallen on deaf ears. It is simply not acceptable that they have, to all intents and purposes, given up on Madeleine.

I know you will share our concern that no law enforcement agency in the world is currently searching for Madeleine. Our small team of investigators is working alone. They do not have access to all the information gathered during the course of the investigation and have no statutory powers.

It is fundamental for any major incident that a case review is undertaken to identify all the avenues that could be explored that might lead to new information coming into the inquiry. The information in Madeleine’s case is not even held on one central, searchable database capable of linking data.

The benefits of pulling together different bits of evidence can be enormous but until this is done we cannot be sure what, if anything, has been missed. Four years may have passed but Madeleine is still findable. As we have said before we don’t want hollow, meaningless words.

We want action. We want the authorities to help us. Madeleine’s abductor is still out there – other children may be at risk.

It is not good enough to just say it’s a Portuguese investigation.

It is not right that a young vulnerable British citizen has essentially been given up on. This remains an unsolved case of a missing child. Children are our most precious gift.

Please don’t give up on Madeleine.

Kate and Gerry McCann

in ITV blogs, May 11, 2011

Read as well SkyNews Martin Brunt's blog: What Next For Madeleine Search?

«(...)There have already been high-level discussions between the Foreign Office and Portuguese officials to find a way of conducting such a review.

One plan is for a team of UK detectives - probably from Scotland Yard - to got to Portugal and pore over the police files.

One crucial exercise would be to do the mobile phone cell-site analysis that wasn't done(...)»

(...) Kate added: "We hope David Cameron will show he cares about children - about Madeleine, about one of his citizens, and demonstrates this not just with words but with actions.

Leicestershire Police, the McCanns' local force in Rothley, are the liaison between the UK and the Portuguese authorities on the probe.

The force holds detailed files from UK inquiries. Most have not been shown to Kate and Gerry. (....) in The Sun

«(...) David Cameron's spokeswoman said: "The Prime Minister met Kate and Gerry McCann while he was leader of the opposition and he has followed their plight very closely.

"He and the Home Secretary want to make sure the Government does all it can to help them."

A Downing Street source added: "Our priority is that we find Madeleine McCann. Clearly this is a matter for the Portuguese authorities.

"But we will continue to work with the Portuguese authorities."

The official Portuguese inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance was formally shelved in July 2008, although private detectives employed by the McCanns have continued the search.»

in SkyNews


  1. "I’m told that behind the scenes quiet negotiations have been underway for some time to try to persuade Portugal to cooperate with a review of the Madeleine McCann case."

    "If this is the case, it looks as if the government have not kept Kate and Gerry McCann informed in the way you might expect."

    What does the above mean? In his tweet he states reopen on his blog review.

    Just my opinion I think the case is being reopened and the spin is commencing that it is a review and the McCanns were the ones that fought for the review or reopening blah..blah...blah...

    Judicial Secrecy is a veil the McC's can use to spin, spin, spin....their UK press stories.

    I hope this case is being reopened and I will not be surprised if it has nothing to do with review and it is not by the McCann hand.

    Hopefully this is the start of justice for MBM and possibly the reason the book had to be published. Hmm if the case is being reopened can this book be published?

  2. This has been all over News at Ten in the UK. The Maccanns and Keir Simmons were interviewed, you will get it on ITV player. Cameron is not the Nutter that Brown is.

    Mary Liverpool uk

  3. A load of bo---cks, sory but gerry mccann is desperate to get his hands on information being held by the portuguese and british police forces. Who the hell does he think he is having access to such documentation when he and his wife were aguidos and never officially cleared.
    If there must be a review it must be without the noses of the mccanns, no one who has once been under suspicion should be allowed to see all evidence held. If there is a review between Portuguese and British police it is fo r their eyes only and not the shark eyes of dear Gerry, and I will write accordingly to the PM.It could be called corruption. Everyone should tell the PM NO to a transparention review, so Gerry gets his info.

  4. If I were the Portuguese, I would tell Cameron's government that the PJ would be willing to open their files and participate in a review provided that Kate McCann will return to Portugal, answer the questions put to her that she refused to answer before, and that the McCanns and their friends would return for a reconstruction.

    Also, regarding the McCanns' detectives: They should not be allowed to see information that has not heretofore been released or to participate in any "review." Individuals employed by former suspects in a case should not participate in an investigation. If there is any sort of review, the McCanns' PIs should turn over everything they have to whatever UK police entity is chosen to participate, with the understanding that they will not be allowed to see police files that any other citizen cannot see.

  5. BUT ......... why would any police department make its files available to SUSPECTS !!!!!!!

    Is everyone going loopy ??? Is the McCann brainwashing working ?

  6. From Martin Brunt's blog:

    "Stand by for Cameron to take a personal interest.

    And why not, at a time when his government is poised to bail out debt-riddled Portugal with a £4bn hand-out?"

    This is very serious. Is M.Brunt hinting that Cameron will blackmail the portuguese government into accepting the british interference and surrender all the police files to whichever entity will be conducting the "review"??? It can very well be the case!

  7. It is now 12:17pm in Lisbon, it's the 12th May, Madeleine's birthday.
    God bless your little soul, dear angel.

    (My heart is so heavy right now, my son will have another birthday on the 13th May, for me it's the most beautiful day of the year, but tomorrow, well, today, the sky won't look all that bright...)

  8. They really, really do want that information and they want before the libel trial commences.

  9. It doesnt matter really, they wont find Madeleine - the McCann's know exactly what happened and Gerry is far too cocky. Thee are acid beds in Huelva.

  10. The McCanns have had enough time to have built a single searchable database, but they dont want one. Search the internet and you will find references to Gaspers, to Smith's sighting and to many many inconsistancies.

  11. This is one child - there are hundreds missing. Who are these people that we are supposed to think she is mor important than nay other child - surely they as the reason she is missing should be left to carry the can?

    Kate McCann is clearly psycholgically damaged - and I dont mean by any abduction.

  12. Dear Mr. and Mrs McCann,

    Thank you for your letter. In the UK it is not good practise to allow suspects in a criminal case to have sight of the investigation files, and I am sure you can understand the reasons for this. This practise would be applied in Portugal as well.

    My advice to you is to ask the Portuguese authorities to re-open the case and for you and your friends to give them all the assistance they require to help bring justice for your daughter.

    Yours sincerely,

    David Cameron

  13. Personally I see this as another McCann emotional bullying tactic, using the timing of the book launch blitz as a platform, a book which has been regurgitated by the UK press in a nauseating style, to pressure Cameron. This is exactly what they attempted to do the Home Secretary Theresa May before. The thing is, this is all futile media spin.

    The McCanns don't need a REVIEW, they don't need a private limited fund which has been used to gag with injunctions books, documentaries, the press, silence and threat those who question their groundless 'abductor' version and real inconsistencies, they don't need to be playing the f****-tosser-cops-tried-to-frame-me, when they can, free of charge to the UK tax-payers, ask the Portuguese Public Ministry to reopen their daughters case.

    They could do various things to REOPEN Madeleine's case, for example: both of them could insist for their Tapas friends to make the non-televised (this is not a reality show, but a police investigation!) reconstruction, or they could offer explain to the police the several inconsistencies in their sworn statements, or they could answer the 48 questions made by the PJ, or they could release documentation that was requested when the investigation was still ongoing, documentation that they've refused to release, or as Brunt points out, they could agree to release their mobile phones data, etc.

    Any of this choices would force the Public Ministry to REOPEN Madeleine's process, which is archived waiting for new evidence, and thus the Police investigation into their daughter's disappearance would commence. And did I mention for FREE, without the need of a Limited Private Fund!

  14. The now all-too-familiar tactic to try to find out just what information the Portuguese have. But even if the Portuguese agree to review the case with the British police, I'm sure there's no way they'd ever release any previously withheld information that might point to this NOT being a case of abduction. They'll keep that to themselves as long as necessary. Let the British police go and chase up leads or 'sightings' that have already been dealt with if they want to; God knows the McCanns will be happy to see the cash-strapped British police waste more money on a fruitless quest.

    Everyone is sick of seeing these disgraced parents doing their complaining, blame-shifting, exhibitionist routine all over again, the mad media circus once again coming into town. But this will die down ... and then what we've really learnt from the book can be looked at again, especially that very nasty temper of Kate McCann's that leads to her lashing out uncontrollably and breaking things when angry. I hope none of her children ever has ever had to witness her behaving like that - a very worrying thought.

  15. I found it difficult to watch these liars; I had to leave the room where my TV was several times. Piers Morgan was practically putting words in their mouths to facilitate their answers.

    Mr. McCann said that the description that Mr. Smith gave of the man carrying a child on that night was similar to Jane Tanner's description. Obviously, he wanted the public to believe it was the same man.

    Mr. McCann suggested that it was possible to open the shutters from the outside.

    They described the resort area as a local where burglaries often took place.

    When asked if they had been offered a plea deal to reduce a possible sentence, they didn't say yes, Mrs. McCann decided to use the word "indirectly."

    Piers Morgan when talking about the Portuguese police making the McCanns arguidos used the word "retaliation" then corrected himself and used some other word in its place, for the sake of being nice, I believe is what he said. However, the damage had already been done, i.e. the suggestion that the actions of the Portuguese police were some kind of retaliation.

    Mr. McCann joked how he and Mr. Wilkins had failed to see the abductor, that Jane Tanner had seen when she passed by both of them. He chuckled as he said that obviously the abductor had passed by and that he and Mr. Wilkins should have seen him but somehow they didn't. It's just one of those things.

    Then there was talk about their sanctimonious religion, about their great suffering and their supposed desire for a review of the case files. And it finished off with asking the public to buy the book. An hour of nauseating television.

  16. This may be just a minor detail but its something that has niggled at me ....the friends that were holidaying with the McCanns had baby monitors with them whilst eating at the Tapas bar...I find it quite incredible that the McCanns didnt...when they were discussing how the they were going to do the checks on the children in the evenings the subject of monitors must have been discussed between them somehow....it would be interesting to know what answer the McCanns would give to being asked why they didnt feel it was necessary for them to have one even though their friends did....it just doesnt make any sense at all!!

  17. Dear Joana, thank you for keeping us up to date with this mccann saga. Aren't they just so ugly on piers morgan's programme. She looking so sulky and playing the victim and he jolly because he most probably thinks his story is safe. Wonder if p.m. could draw viewers with this. He also dropped the ball. Poor for a journalist to soft-soap instead of asking the burning questions!! We have only Nancy Grace left but I do not have her email address. If anyone could please post it here.

    I just hope the book brings them as much 's..t' in their lives as all their other undertakings. Their five supporters have not enough tentacles to stave off the barrage of words printed around the world about these two 'fg ts' and their oh so quiet little tapas friends. We are waiting as it only appears that they have the longer end of the roap.

  18. They described the resort area as a local where burglaries often took place.

    so thats why you left the apartment open with 3 kids in there?

    you really are a right pair of muppets

    Mr. McCann joked how he and Mr. Wilkins had failed to see the abductor, that Jane Tanner had seen when she passed by both of them.

    how the hell can you joke about a possible abductor of your kid!!!!
    i really think those other two children should be removed from their care or lack of it!

  19. The mccanns appear concerned about what other evidence might be on record, this suggests their involvement in madeleines disappearance, when they were given previous records they never bothered to read through the files Kate stated that on television so there is something else they want.
    I sincerely hope the portuguese do not give into this request because the mccanns are suspects, they are involved and once they get their hands on all the files they will be able to build a stronger defence with their spin merchants.
    This is a very unusual case never before have I witnessed people clammering to interview such a dreadful couple, it has shown the worst side of human nature all jumping on the Madeleine bandwagon for their five minutes of grosque fame.
    Sr Amaral has remained dignified throughout this media circus and this along with the evidence will be his strength.
    Mccanns may have a few Z listers fawning over them but the majority of the public have no time for this neglectful, deceitful, money grabbing couple.
    They try to give the impression that the public holds Kate and Gerry in their hearts and prays for Madeleines return, but the truth is very different, the public are disgusted by the Mccanns behaviour before and after Madeleine disappeared, we are denied freedom of speech, our logical comments questioning the mccanns are barred or ignored eventually this barrier will break down I do not know what it will reveal but many supporters will hang their heads in shame, this has become a travesty and someone should take charge and get the case re-opened as it stands justice has become a joke.

  20. The McCanns have just appeared on ITV's Lorreine Kelly programme. Gerry seemed unable to look at Kate and only glanced at her. When asked whether he was getting the old Kate back, he said it was a long recovery and scratched his ear - so. Kelly's sychophantic interview fed them with all the right answers, in particular that the twins brought them joy. This had to be dragged out of them like an afterthought and Gerry repeated mechanically that the twins need them. Kate said that Madeleine is all around her all the time. A strange expression, one would think she would say that they think of her always. Gerry seemed impatient. There were two misleading statements that should be corrected. One was that they have been cleared of all wrong doing by the Portuguese. Second they said that the Portuguese have evidence that they are not looking at, and it can only be viewed by a review of the case - a blatent lie. Also on BBC TV's 'Missing 2011' programme later, the McCanns repeated that they found "the window open and shiutters up."

    I urge everyone to email the Home Secretary and Prime Minister and clearly say that the McCanns wanted the case shelved, but can simply request the Portuguese to reopen the case, and that as potential suspects in this investigation, they should not be allowed to see the evidence they haven't seen. They clearly said in this interview that there was evidence they haven't seen.

  21. Interview Eammon Holmes Sky News Martin Brunt 12th May 2011

    Eammon - Is anybody still looking for this child?

    Martin – No, That’s the issue, for McCann’s, apart from their own two private investigators who have a wealth of information and leads to follow who simply can’t do 5% of the work that is needing doing. Fifteen months after Madeleine disappeared Portuguese police said they can’t do any more they effectively closed the investigation and that, more than anything is what’s driving the McCann’s eh, to try to get somebody to start looking, the fact nobody is really looking other than their small team of investigators.

    E. Let me ask you, this happened in Portugal, subject to Portuguese investigation. What can be done this end, what would and independent review achieve?

    M. Their argument is that there were lots of leads, thousands of leads that they feel were not properly pursued, and there were leads that emerged in Portugal, and leads that emerged back in the UK, Leicestershire police have been looking at issues and leads that emerged this side of Europe eh, nobody has sat down and married those two separate investigations and looked for common threads between information that came up in Portugal and information that emerged in the UK that may be about the same kind of suspect. And one of the other big issues that they are concerned about is there was never any pursuit, they feel, by Portuguese authorities of mobile telephone tracing, suspects came up, mobile numbers, they believe were used by suspects weren’t properly tracked.

    E. Well that’s a very intelligent way of looking at it, a very polite way, is that a polite way of saying that the Portuguese investigation was pretty darn poor?

    M. It was, I mean, anybody you speak to who was involved in the early days has come to that conclusion. The most glaring example of that is 4 months after Madeleine disappeared, suddenly the McCann’s became suspects, remember when they were paraded going in and out of the police station, they became arguido in Portuguese police terms, that was something that should have been nailed very very early on. Most children who are abducted or killed by those closest to them, the parents are often guilty – the Portuguese police should have fully examined the couple in the early days of the investigation. To go back after 4 months and treat them as suspects was a shining example of the way that invetistigation was done poorly.

    E. Just finally Martin, Again, today is a very poignant day, the 8th birthday of this little girl, so that’s what, 4 years now she is missing, 4 years she is missing, and her mum has written this book, what is mum, what is Kate hoping to achieve with this book, what can she achieve with this book?

    M. I think it’s really about publicity for one thing. I mean the Sun Newspaper and the Sunday Times have been running extracts for the last 3-4 days, so it’s reminded people that Madeleine is still unfound and the hope is, it will encourage people to keep looking for her but of course it is also part of a move to put pressure on the Government to achieve exactly what they are asking for today in a joint review of all the information gathered over the past 4 years.

    E. And their chances of getting that?

    M. Well I think there is an awful lof of pressure on David Cameron, they’ve written to him directly. They are fed up with Theresa May. They’ve spoken to her the Home Secretary, they feel that she promised action and hasn’t delivered. They’ve appealed to Prime Minister, as a devoted family man, as they say in the letter, and they hope that this might just be enough to just prompt him to start talking to the Portuguese.

    E. Okay Martin, thank you.

  22. Interesting how the media continue to play along with this charade. Is someone in the media being blackmailed ?. I've always thought they (McCanns) maintain a profile, despite knowing more than they admit, to avoid swimming with the fishes.

    If they faded away to obscurity most people would forget. Instead they keep the focus on themselves. It cant be for money.

    David Cameron is receiving some very bad advice if he gets involved.

    There is something very, very wrong with this whole performance.

  23. I have just read an extract from the book and it seems even the Sun didn't have the stomach for it. How can anyone possibly believe their story. Kate McCann writes in the most vile and horrific terms of her childs abuse. I've never seen anthing like it and hope I never will again. BUT BUT BUT McCann refused to cooperate and answer the questions that might help her suffering child. She, her husband and their disgraceful friends refused to do a reconstruction that might help one of their own - a suffering little 3-year-old. They have not asked for the case to be reopened even though they can. I hope Kier Simmons - and the rest of them read this - he and they - might actually realise why people don't believe a word any of these people say. Sceptics have been called many things but we could never be as bad as this bunch.

  24. Loreine Kelly's ITV show is about 'show biz, entertainment, selebrity gossip' and that's all McCanns abduction theory is. I'ts gossip, there is no evidence of an abduction or even of an intruder into the apartment, despite a forensic police search. The same is true for Piers Morgan's chow on CNN. But the lie that needs to be nailed is that the parents were cleared of all wrong doing. Obviously the McCanns insist on this being included in the programmes. The truth is that insufficient evidence was found to prosecute on the conclusions that the PJ team came to without further investigation. Of course that was shekved for political reasons. But the investigation should be reopened and all the diligences pursued again, and this should be made clear to the British public. Not to do so by the media is a form of deception, isn't it?. As Dr Amaral said, the friends dod not take the opportunity to clear themselves of suspicion by taking part in the reconstruction. The case needs to be reopened without giving the former suspects the new evidence, and they must be required to take part in a reconstruction of the crime.

  25. How can The Sun send a letter to Mr. Cameron on Mccann's behalf, to review the case? Since when The Sun was nominated mccann's lawyer or spokeperson? Why not Carter-Ruck or mitchell, or a relative or the mccann's themselves? AND WHY THE PUBLIC NEED TO KNOW THEY SEND A LETTER TO MR. CAMERON? It is all about to CONTINUE FOOLING THE PUBLIC, TO BRAINWASH UK CITIZENS and CLEAN THE IMAGE OF THE MCCANN'S.
    The article in The Sun is signed by the usual Mccjournalists and the editor of politic. Why the editor of politic? The Sun caught on the same net. They start supporting the abduction without evidences and now they have to carry on until the end.
    The review they ask is including the reconstruction under PJ supervision? Is including a total investigation of the Mccann's belongs(relatives and friends) in UK? Is including the handover of medical records, credit cards and bank acc. movements? Is including the mobiles SMS and calls? I believe non. Now they will say most of the information was not available anymore. Too late. We know, how that charade works.
    What I don't understand is why the British citizens still quite and not going to the streets to ask, at least, the Fund to be investigated? They are mocking you, all. Imagine how many parents of seriousely ill childs are struggled with money and praying and crying everyday looking not only for a miracle to save their childs, but for money to pay operations, expensive treatments, etc. If that parents start a Fund similar to the Mccann's Fund, will be allowed? I believe not. And if so, they will pay taxes and the money will be controlled, not free to pay lawyers and spokepersons.
    Mccann's and who enter their boat of lies and cover-up are desperate not to search or find Madeleine, but to runaway from justice. They have done it one time in portugal and they want to do it again in UK.

  26. Blogger was down for most of the morning, due to a scheduled maintenance which is still ongoing http://goo.gl/6x3XD This blog commenting system and the dashboard weren't working, posting this just in case the same problem occurs again.

  27. In the BBC Woman's Hour interview with Kate, she repeated that "there is absolutely no evidence the Madeleine has come to any harm" and yet she believes she is in the hands of a paedophile? She also asserted that Snr Amaral's book and allegations had no basis whatsoever, when, in fact, the court in Lisbon ruled that they were the conclusions of the PJ police team as a whole. She also alleged that the PJ exagerated the significance of the dogs evidence which, she said, had no forensic evidence to back it up. The UK media in general is at best very naive in allowing such deception to be broadcast. Where are broadcasting standards? There should be complaints to the BBC and Ofcom. The interview was conducted as sentimental garbage and the intervioewer sneered that she couldn't pronounce Snr Amaral's his name as though it was a joke, and not her ignorance. How disgusting the UK media have become.

  28. post 16 For Nancy Grace, you can google her website and use that to vontact her with comments, programme suggestions, etc. Her team will read it and act. She has covered the case on TV before objectively and didn't buy the abduction theory.

  29. The comment window is behavioring strange. Something related with Blog Administration?

  30. I Think Mitchell and Carter-Ruck are behind that movements to make everything appear like if the Mccann's officially asked to reopen the case. A bluff to clean the face of the Mccann's.
    They are trying trough all ways, excepted the legal ones, to access the information kept undersecrecy in the PJ files. I hope Portugal resists. But I open an eye when few days ago I read that UK did not agree with FMI resolution to rescue Portugal from the crisis. That smell too much the "Tratado de Lisboa" between Brown and Socrates.
    This desperation of the mccann's and their lawyers to access secret information when they fail the reconstruction and did not help the police with crucial information such mobile calls, medical reports, credit cards records, and the questions left without answers despite the police highlighting to them how risky was that option, SAYS IT ALL ABOUT THEIR WORRIES AND THEIR INNOCENCE.
    The Mccann's remain the first suspects. They have being made arguidos in front of their lawyer. Kate said, her lawyer saw evidences and for him was quite clear she will become arguida. The lawyer is a top lawyer in portugal and at the time was also the President of the Ethical commission. I believe, if the evidences were not strong, if were weak or dubious he will be the first to disagree with arguido status. Were the evidences, who convince him that the arguidos status was the best for the mccann's, because under the arguido status they can refuse answering compromising questions. They can use the silence for their own protection if the case reach the court. Leonor Cipriano use that strategy. As witnesses, they have to answer all questions, in court.
    Even after all that is already known, the mccann's want to be treated as exception. Why? why should they access undersecrecy information when other suspects in other cases can't benefit from the same? Portugal has more crimes underinvestigation. What the mccann's want is illegal and to be accepted I believe is not only a matter to be decided by Socrates, is Minister of justice and Cameron. In portugal, the decision need to be analysed by the parliament and perhaps will be send to the President of the Republic to see if gos or not against the constitution.
    For Portugal and the portuguese, there is no difference between the mccann's, the Ghob King, El Solitaire or any other citizen. The law is transversal and should be served in the same way. They already have suspictions regarding the application of the law to some political corruption, I don't believe they will add more wood to the fire. IF SO, Mr. Socrates and Mr. Cavaco Silva will have a lot to answer to the portuguese citizens and they will be signing the end of PJ and open the doors of the country to high, serious and uncontrolled crime.
    Reviewing Mccann's case only can have one mean: DO THE RECONSTRUCTION, ANSWER THE QUESTIONS LEFT BEHIND AND HAND TO PJ ALL INFORMATION THEY NEED REGARDING THE MCCANN'S AND THEIR FRIENDS. I never understand why they defend an abduction but never put the hypothesis of having one of their friends directly or indirectly involved on it. On the same situation, if I suspect one of my childs was abducted, I will never put my hands in the fire for my friends and don't tell me I'm selfish. This is normal. I will suspect them until the end of the case because they were the ones who had privileged information regarding the child and the family habits.

  31. So Martin Brunt is saying that the parents should have been suspected formally early on and that this was a failure by the Portuguese police?

    I agree with the first part, but the second - the reason for the McCann's not being formally arguidos straight away - was the media such as Sky and of course political pressure applied. The portuguese police very early on suspected the McCanns - but it was very difficult for them to go against the media machine - the very machine now turning to try to force Cameron to fule the McCanns diversion.

    Why does Brunt not tell the fatuous Holmes that the Police investigation could be immediately recommenced if the McCanns asked them to? Come on Brunt, show some courage and force this issue!

  32. Hi all,
    i just checked on amazon about the Kate's book, The reviews and comments on review are pouring in. You can go there and have a look yourself.
    I was surprise that some comments have been deleted saying: "deleted by amazon" or "deleted by the author"
    Its Unbeleleivable.

    And for you guys, who are surprised that the journalists, CNN, bbc or elsewere they are not asking strong questions, i dont think that it will happen at all, bcause before the interviews, those negociations going on first between the Mccanns representatives and those who want to do the interview, they are about "money" and "questions" which will be asked. For example, the mccanns they may make a condition not to ask a question regarding those court case they just lost recently, bcause of how shamefull they are.
    Indeed that interview this morning on bbc(Women's Hour), it was appalling. the journalist was asking like: How did you cope with this and that? there was no any tangible question.

  33. Private detectives are illegal in portugal. The investigation is all about May 3 2007 and before. Then what is the use of that detectives? Until now, their work was a shame, bringing to the Papers people who had nothing to do with case. No matter if they have a criminal record, they are not related with Madeleine case. If so, PJ will be the first to call them for an interrogatory. It is on the best interest of the police, solving that case and close the spin forever. Unfortunately for PJ, they don't have the power to reopen and investigate on their own. The public ministery and the Mccann's have it. The public ministery is watching the behavior of the Mccann's attentively to see how far they go without asking officialy and effectively to reopen the case. Mr. Cameron cannot ask Portugal to reopen the case. He is not the father of Madeleine and he was not part of the Tapas 7. Any step done by him will be political interference in a issue that belongs only to Justice area. We hear the politics saying all the time, about other cases, that Justice should be independent from politics. Then, how can open an exception on the most controversial case in Justice at moment?
    There is strong evidences against the Mccann's in the British Files. Is the only explanation for the behavior of the British authorities. If they were sure of Mccann's innocence they would have jumping over PJ and G.Amaral long ago. The conversation between UK and USA Embassadores recorded on the Wikileaks is relevant, not a old story like Mitchell said.
    Why the FSS was desmanteled? Why Gerry had in PDL crime manuals belonging to the CEOP? What was the roll of J. Gamble? Helping the cover-up to protect a pair that kill the image of the British abroad. Remember them saying that leaving the Kids alone was usual in UK? IS NOT. I have several British friends and never saw any of them leaving the kids without supervision, even when we are just having a barbecue on the garden.
    Where is Mitchell? He also jump out of the carriage? How this guy miss an oportunity to try a meeting with Obama and see if he can ask Socrates to reopen the case.

  34. I so fear that Portugal's upcoming financial debt to UK will hold them to ransom regarding this case. I do believe in the Munchausen theory and it is being enabled by the UK. There is something horribly murky going on here. Sorry to be such a negative harbinger. Let's have some truth...

  35. Anon 17 - regarding the baby monitors. The Paynes were supposedly the only couple that had a baby monitor, they also had the grand- mother Diana Webster, but she had accompanied them that night supposedly. As I just cannot accept that intelligent doctors would ever actually leave their babies unattended, I have wondered if all the children were put to bed in the Payne`s apartment - their apartment had more rooms I believe. Hence maybe all the babies were being listened to via the Payne`s monitor. By the time the police arrived it would have been easy enough to have transferred the twins carry-cots back to No. 5A.

    I really cannot get to grips with the story that such intelligent people, especially doctors, wouldn`t realise how dangerous it is to leave babies unattended - I don`t believe this ever happened - it is just a story to cover something else more sinister.

  36. Very nasty of Jenni Murray to mispronounce GAs name like that - how disappointing of someone who is supposed to be a well regarded broadcaster. It really saddens me that people are being so disrespectful towards Goncalo Amaral when he has the most integrity of them all.

  37. Its pure emotional blackmail to DC as a parent, of course he cares about children, his own especially.
    BUT MM is not a citizen of his, she is a British subject BUT the RESPONSIBILITY of, and here is the sticking point, Kate and Gerry McCann.
    Therefore plead with the Portuguese to REOPEN the case, it doesn't need a review, it needs to be reopened

  38. I Guerra @ 15,
    Gerry smashing his own feet, again. It could be the same man the Smiths and Jane Tanner saw that night. It could be Gerry. After all, he and Jane were out of the dinner at the same time and he was out for quite long time. Enough time to have a short chat with wilk... and carry on his job. I believe, Gerry is lying when he says he didn't saw Jane. They both were there to have a safe going out from the flat without having strange eyes to witness the moment. The abductor(Gerry) could not do it without the help of one or two of his friends. Who assumed being out of the dinner, were the helpers. Jane and Gerry had a joint mission but both need at same time an alibi to keep them out of suspiction. Jane saw both, Gerry saw none( playing with time, the same time that tide them exactely on the neck). How dark was the street? dark with yellow lights that change the colour of everything. How long was the street? Quite long. Long enough for not playing with time in such ridiculous way. What is the pavement of the street? Not sand, not soft cotton, then the magical abductor from Jane Tanner will be heard from faraway in a quite and silent night, walking with Madeleine in such uncomfortable and unbalanced way and his wonderful shoes.

  39. http://www.freindlyfirezone.com/home/item/153-madeleine-mccann’s-parents-the-real-royal-couple?#itemCommentsAnchor

  40. @Anon 30

    100% with you

    I cant help but think one day, the mccanns will be forced to ask to the Portugese authorities to re-open the case with or without new evidence.
    The one which already exist are sufficiently incriminating as they are anyway and many aspects or have been totally discarded or simple closed tight to any proper investigation.
    The famous "never-made-public-files" after their arguido status was lifted, have never stopped nagging and tormenting them.Does anyone know whats in the file? May be, may be not.
    One thing is certain:they dont and they also dont know if "somebody" knows and could/would will use them to re-open the case.

    They know Madeleine is long gone,since day one.Their looking for her has been a pretext to ge after this specific information,to whichI guess they could have access ONLY if they request the re-opening of the case.The rest is BS

  41. Anon 35...ty for the reply about the baby monitors...but if you check through jane Tanners rogatory interview she talks about how she went down to the tapas bar with her monitor to check that it would work okay at that distance....she talked about how the Paynes had a high tech one and that she was worried that hers wouldnt be good enough. I also originally thought that it was only the Paynes that had one....seems this was not the case

  42. I watched the Piers Morgan interview last night on CNN. For the most part it was the same old touchy-feely thing. What struck me most was how Kate "distanced" herself from Gerry in the way she was seated although the hand holding continues. In the final moment they were asked how people could help; of course the answer Gerry gave was, "Buy the book". Gerry did call for a 'review' but they were not pressed for hard answers. Totally disgusting performance by Piers Morgan as well as the McCanns.

  43. It has been seven months since Goncalo Amarals book was 'unbanned'and still not published in English Why?.We need to see this excellent book on sale asap,so the British public can see the truth about this whole scam.Btw,the express hasn't mentioned the McCanns for the last two days,perhaps even they are disgusted by this devoted catholic mother's filthy mind and mouth.

  44. Gerry saying abductions are very rare. Yes Gerry, so rare that when they happened:

    -one parent is involved,
    - a friend is involved,
    - a revanche is involved
    - a ramson is involved

    Evil to say that abductions are very rare and then claim one without any evidence.

  45. :a YOU WISHED...

    "To this end, we are seeking a joint INDEPENDENT, TRANSPARENT and COMPREHENSIVE review of ALL information held in relation to Madeleine’s disappearance."

    If the Portuguese government succumbs to such emotional blackmail and falls into such cheap trap (as it did when it removed Dr. G. Amaral from the case) I will tear up my Portuguese passport and ask the UN for refugee status...


  46. Anon 41 - 35 here. Thanks, I had forgotten that Jane Tanner had one, but good on her for that at least - it restores some faith in humanity. I still find it hard to believe that even the McCanns left their babies unattended unless they are totally without any common sense at all - in which case, how did they ever get to be doctors?

  47. There is only one way forward to bring justice for Madeleine McCann
    The Portuguese authorities must re-open the process now and issue a European arrest warrant for the McCanns to return to Portugal to be examined with respect to the disappearance of Madeleine and that of not protecting their children, leaving them unsupervised and in danger.
    The reputation of the Portuguese police and Portuguese citizens is being savaged by the McCann’s and the British media, to which there is no response or rebuttal. With only silence from the Portuguese justice system
    Why is this
    I am convinced that the McCann’s are in some way responsible for what has happened to their daughter but by their skilful lying and PR they have turned the whole thing around pointing their grubby fingers at every thing Portuguese as being to blame.
    When will the Portuguese justice system defend them selves, their citizens and bring justice to an innocent girl and demand that her parents return to Portugal to face a court of criminal justice
    I fear this will never happen and the McCann will continue to accuse and rubbish all things Portuguese for ever and ever.

    Letter from Iberia

  48. Yet again we have a journalist asking us to give the Mccanns a break(i wish i could give them a break!!) even AOL have got a write up the USUAL BS they write after been told to by someone higer up, so i can only think it is to try and sway the public opinion back to them as obviously it is at a all time low, look at all the message boards they are not liked at all(good) of course you have the few pro-Mccann who try to start trouble and get the forums closed (the Mccanns and their followers only know how to talk by threats i despise them) so it looks like her book has made her a few more enemies and i for one is over the moon. Also if David Cameron helps the Mccanns by getting a REVIEW not a RE-OPENING of the case that will be final name in his PM coffin for sure!!

  49. @36,did you mean retarded broadcaster,and she is'nt the only one,
    how in gods name can anyone take what these broadcaster's say for the truth after all the sh** we have had to put up with with thier fawning over the mmccans.

  50. I think they have one eye on the forthcoming libel trial. They need two things
    1. Enough money to pay Isabel Duartes bill

    2, Resistance from the PJ to pursue their daft leads so they can say Amarals thesis that the child is dead is hindering the search.

  51. 43 I suspect that Sr. Amaral is waiting for the right moment - he is no fool. The McCanns have made this high profile - perfect time to launch his book is in the aftermath of her book.

    I hope!

    Let us not forget that this press conference is not really an appeal to Cameron, but publicity for the book.

    For gods sake dont buy it - but lets hope it is quickly scanned and put on the web - judging by the exceprts in the Sun it will damn her - it exposes her ignorance and simply raises questions and once again presents inconsitancies.

  52. Kate Mccann must be sick in the head to write the following highlighted in yellow section .......http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy69/HiDeHo1/tornapart1.jpg

    Kate makes my flesh crawl

  53. The McCann's must be certain, beyond a shadow of doubt, that Madeleine will never be found. If they had a only a glimmer of hope, that passage would not be in the book.

  54. Anon at 31
    Martin Brunt,s either talking B*LL*X, or not remembering the fact that the majority of the evidence collected against the Mc Canns was done so by Martin Grimes & Eddie & Keela some 4 weeks after the so called abduction of Madeleine.
    It was British police who advised this!!!
    So Gerry how can you state from day 1! B*LL*X

  55. I believe Kate McCann *is* indeed sick.

    She is so sick she doesn't realise how disturbing her diseased fantasies are to healthy people.

    She is also an angry, violent woman underneath her cold facade.
    As one reviewer on Amazon puts it -
    "I regretted reading it because it pulls at the heart strings and does not stop in a shamelss constant way. Couple that with the angry tones that Kate pours all over the page I felt exhausted. "

    She was criticised for not crying but how could she cry - she appeared to feel no grief at all, just anger at not being believed by the Police forces of two countries.

    If anything good has come out of this terrible affair it is the fact that Kate will never practice Medicine again, hopefully. Too late for poor Maddie though.

  56. Not sure if this has been posted:
    Statement to be made at 10pm. Doesn't say by who but it's embargoed until 10

  57. I'm not surprised by the reaction to this - so awful to put it in a book - but someone has tweeted the actual words and I'm sorry but imo that is so very very wrong.

  58. This could be a breakthrough

    KEY witnesses in and around the Ocean Club resort complex when Madeleine McCann disappeared should be asked to take part in a re‑enactment to help the Scotland Yard hunt for the child.

    Former Yard Commander Dai ­Davies believes a controversial reconstruction with Kate and Gerry McCann, their holiday friends and others could be vital in encouraging new witnesses to come forward.

    When top Portuguese detective Paulo Rebelo took over the case he was frustrated at not being able to stage a reconstruction as he believed it could provide a breakthrough.

    However, at that time there were strains in the relationship with the McCanns, the so-called Tapas Seven and Portuguese police and there was suspicion about the motives of such an exercise.

    Mr Davies, head of royal protection at the Yard and now a respected ­security consultant, said: “I believe a reconstruction should be one of the ideas on the table and it should be seriously considered, although it would obviously have to be handled very gently and diplomatically.

    “Reconstructions screened on Crimewatch many, many years after serious crimes have been crucial in solving complex and difficult inquiries. If the reconstruction was screened across Europe it may inspire someone to come forward with crucial information.”

    Jane Tanner, the friend of the McCanns who claimed she saw a man carrying a child near apartment 5a of the complex at Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve on May 3, 2007, days before Madeleine’s fourth birthday, has already taken part in a partial reconstruction for a TV ­documentary.

    Another crucial witness is Irishman Martin Smith, who also saw a man carrying a child in his arms later in the evening.

    Mr Davies said: “As well as these important witnesses it would be useful to seek the cooperation of others who were working at the tapas bar.

    Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/246743/Madeleine-McCann-witnesses-asked-to-relive-night-she-disappearedMadeleine-McCann-witnesses-asked-to-relive-night-she-disappeared#ixzz1MRr9Rg2s


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