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Maddie Case: Judiciary Police denies involvement in British Investigation

The Judiciary Police denies that there is at this time any joint investigative team - involving Portuguese and British - devoted exclusively to find new clues about Maddie's disappearance. Contacted by Renascença, Pedro do Carmo, the Judiciary National joint director, explained that similarly to other cases, an investigation of this kind is never completely closed.

Portugal's contacts with the British authorities and vice versa have occurred informally and spaced. The information exchange has taken place where necessary in the context of police cooperation.

The new British incursion in trying to find the British girl does not bring any new responsibility to Portugal. It also does not give total freedom to the British to do any investigation in the Portuguese territory, unless it is done trough the legal processes.

Pedro do Carmo explains the Judiciary Police continues to be open to all steps that might contribute to enlighten and solve Maddie's disappearance. So far, there is no new information, or evidence, that can lead to the reopening of the investigation archived in 2008, said the director.

What is certain is if the English deem to be necessary a meeting with the Portuguese investigators to cross data and confer informations, the Judiciary, guarantees Pedro do Carmo, will be totally available to continue to cooperate.

David Cameron reopens investigation to the case

Last night, the British government decided to resume efforts to find the English girl who disappeared in May 2007, in Praia da Luz in the Algarve. After speaking with the Home Office, the British prime minister, David Cameron, has ordered the Metropolitan Police of London to constitute a team with their best investigators to dedicate themselves to the verification of evidence of the Maddie case, that is, to do an operational analysis of this case.

The British Government has announced it will provide all the necessary financial support. According to the British tabloid "The Sun" last night, Met Police Commissioner, Paul Stephenson, announced that a team from that force will travel soon to Portugal.

Renascença contacted the Public Ministry to understand if they were informed of the British visit and what type of collaboration can Portugal provide, but so far didn't received any reply.

in Rádio Renascença, May 13, 2011

Affaire Maddie : la Police Judiciaire dément toute participation à l'enquête Britannique (with thanks to FrenchEuropean)

La police judiciaire dément qu'il y ait actuellement une quelconque équipe mixte d'investigation comprenant les Portugais et les Britanniques, consacrée exclusivement à trouver de nouveaux indices dans la disparition de Maddie.

Contacté par Radio Renaissance, Pedro do Carmo, le directeur adjoint de la police judiciaire, a expliqué que, de même que dans d'autres cas, une enquête de ce genre n'est jamais complètement close.

Des contacts du Portugal avec les autorités britanniques et vice versa, se sont déroulés de façon informelle de temps à autre. L'échange d'informations a eu lieu , quand c'était nécessaire, dans le cadre d'une coopération des forces de police.

La nouvelle tentative britannique pour trouver la fillette britannique n'implique en aucun cas que le Portugal a une nouvelle responsabilité. Elle ne donne pas non plus aux Britanniques une totale liberté d'enquête en territoire portugais, à moins que cela soit fait dans un cadre légal.

Pedro do Carmo explique que la police judiciaire continue à être ouverte à toutes les démarches qui pourraient contribuer à éclairer et résoudre la disparition de Maddie. Pour l'instant il n'y a aucune information nouvelle pouvant mener à la réouverture de l'enquête archivée en 2008, a dit le directeur.

Ce qui est certain, c'est que si les Anglais considèrent comme nécessaire une rencontre avec les enquêteurs portugais pour comparer les données et discuter des informations, le pouvoir judiciaire, garantit Pedro do Carmo, sera entièrement disponible pour coopérer.

Hier soir, le gouvernement britannique a décidé de faire de nouveaux efforts pour essayer de trouver la fillette anglaise disparue en mai 2007, à Praia da Luz dans l'Algarve. Après s'être entretenu avec le Home Office, le premier ministre, David Cameron, a ordonné à la police métropolitaine de de Londres ( MET) de constituer une équipe avec leurs meilleurs enquêteurs qui devront se consacrer à la vérification des indices de l'affaire Maddie, c'est à dire d'effectuer une analyse opérationnelle de l'affaire.

Le gouvernement britannique a annoncé qu'il va fournir le support financier nécessaire. Selon le tabloïde britannique « Le Sun », hier soir, le commissionnaire de la police métropolitaine, Paul Stephenson, a annoncé hier qu'une équipe de ce corps de métier va se rendre prochainement au Portugal.

Radio Renaissance a contacté le ministère public pour savoir s'ils étaient informés de la visite britannique et quel type de coopération le Portugal pouvait fournir, mais jusqu'à présent n'a pas reçu de réponse.

in Rádio Renascença, 13 mai 2011

Home Office statement on Madeleine McCann

The Home Office today announced that the Metropolitan Police Service will be bringing their expertise to the case regarding the search for Madeleine McCann.

A Home Office spokesperson said: 'The government's primary concern has always been and remains the safe return of Madeleine. Although she disappeared in Portugal, and the Portuguese retain the lead responsibility in the case, law enforcement agencies here have continued to follow up leads and pass information to the Portuguese authorities as appropriate.

'The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary have today agreed with Sir Paul Stephenson that the Metropolitan Police will bring its particular expertise to this case. Clearly, the detail of what that will entail will be a matter of operational judgment and it would not be appropriate to discuss at this stage.'

in Home Office, May 12, 2011

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Madeleine McCann: Scotland Yard get £3.5m grant for inquiry
A SPECIAL £3.5million grant is being given to Scotland Yard to fund the Madeleine McCann inquiry in The Mirror, May, 14 2011

Chance and the McCanns
A Met review buys easy headlines for the prime minister, yet cuts mean other victims have no help in The Guardian, May, 13 2011

Madeleine McCann case: PM criticised for calling in Metropolitan police
Peers describe David Cameron's intervention in case – after Kate McCann's open letter to Sun – as PR exercise in The Guardian, May 13 2011

Madeleine McCann police review to take years and cost millions
MPs criticise PM's ordering of lengthy and costly Scotland Yard review of police investigation into child's disappearance in The Guardian, May 13 2011

PM's Madeleine Decision Was 'PR Exercise'
David Cameron's decision to ask British police to investigate Madeleine McCann's disappearance has been criticised as being "like a PR exercise" in SkyNews, May, 13, 2011

Cameron intervention in McCann case 'is a PR exercise'
Lord Bradshaw, Lib Dem peer and Vice-Chairman of Thames Valley Police tells Channel 4 News' Cathy Newman that David Cameron's intervention into the Madeleine McCann case is a "PR exercise" in Channel 4 News, May, 13, 2011

Downing St denies giving orders to police on Madeleine
Downing Street and the Metropolitan Police have rejected criticism of the decision to review evidence in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in BBC, May, 13, 2011

Met Police 'bring expertise' to Madeleine McCann search
The Metropolitan Police are to "bring their expertise" to the search for Madeleine McCann, the Home Office says in BBC, May 12, 2011


  1. Did team mccann put a stop to this investigation or are the British police going to obtain all the paper work on the case that the Portuguese hold and hand it over to the two criminal suspects, I sincerely hope not.
    The days of superinjunctions and cover ups are over, we are watching !
    Thanks Joana and Astro

  2. Hello,

    Here is the comment i posted on Dailymail on Mccanns articles, but they refused to publish it. Have your judgement about it:

    "Before i say something about the Mccanns, let me say this:
    Now ther is inquiery quest about the Iraq war, bcause there r now many evidences it was a wrong war. In the time of the war many persons, most leaders ignored to check that if there was a reasonable ground for that war and now its many years later they are asking those questions.
    The same thing is happening now in Lybia. I'm wondering if years later, there will not be another inquiry quest for the war in lybia? its seems to escalate in long war like iraq/became a stalmate. Being afraid of that now they want even to assassinate kaddaffi to try to make it short.
    For sure, history have not taught us, especially our leaders.
    Now, the Mccanns, as good as they are politicians and strategist they are, they are dragging everyone in their scum; even now the scotland yard is in. Could it be possible in the future, many years later, be another inquiry in the Mccanns case, when the truth will go out?"

    As Goncalo A. said, Lets wait and see.

  3. Tonight, The Mccanns are live on Irish Tv, The Late Late show, will be interesting, I am hoping the host Ryan Turbidy asks some honest open questions!!! here is the link! http://www.rte.ie/live/

  4. "The new British incursion in trying to find the British girl does not bring any new responsibility to Portugal. It also does not give total freedom to the British to do any investigation in the Portuguese territory, unless it is done trough the legal processes". That means, the Mccann's and their friends have to come to Portugal to do the reconstruction? I hope Portugsl keep the spine straight to avoid passing crucial information to Mccann's hands. They don't want the case reopenned or a new investigation, they want to know what is in the files to use that information against PJ, with help of The Sun.
    Shame to Mr. Cameron, who seems not be well informed and not doing his homework before being involved on that circus.

  5. i am bloody sick of every one crawling up the mccanns ar***,i hope they all choke themselvs when they reach thier tonsils,this is becoming a joke now,just haul this bloody pair back to pdl for the re-construction and Madleine will get the justice she deserves because they should be arrested immediatly

  6. Mccann's are desperate to put their hands on PJ files before the next elections in Portugal. They are not sure about Socrates winning the elections and continuing to protect their backs in Portugal. If a new PM come, they have to go trough a new proccess of corruption to try to convince another guy. That involves a lot of money to feed the hands of who has the right contacts, specially lawyers.
    They will use the media as their machine to try to run out of justice before the Summer ends.
    "A case like that was never completely closed", said Pedro do Carmo from PJ. A Karma for the Mccann's because their dream is to have it completely closed without Madeleine.

  7. What I don't understand is. The case was shelved because of Political pressure from the UK, The Maccann pair were allowed home because of this pressure, now Cameron is putting pressure on to review the case, and the UK govenment are footing the bill for this. So will this mean that the pressure is now on the PJ to reopen the case.
    I don't think the Maccanns want Scotland Yard involved in this, I may be wrong.

  8. If Scotland Yard is going to investigate, payed by British taxes, the Fund must be closed and the reveniews of the book offered for charity.
    The British public is going to accept that(pay the investigation of a girl, which parents refused to cooperate with police in the early days)? How much money will be allocated to Madeleine? Mr. Cameron gave the same instructions to be used in another cases of British persons that still missing? The allocation of some money to Madeleine, can be a personal decision of Mr. cameron or need the parliament to aprove it? Is Mr. Cameron going to send a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Mccann requesting them to go to PDL and do the reconstruction under PJ supervision? Or Mr. Cameron wants to rule Portugal in Justice issues?

  9. Well the Portuguese judiciary are very diplomatic. Why should they trust the British police after the delay in sending the PJ the Gaspar statements, the denial that the parents had credit cards, the incompetent rogatory interviews. And who was tipping off the McCanns about the PJ's next move all the time? Perhaps Leicestershire police will not be involved in this, will Scotland yard and the Met do a good job? At least the Mccanns cannot now claim they need the money to search for Madeleine. So what will they do with all the money? Anyone?

  10. Scotland Yard was involved in the investigation with PJ until they start pointing their fingers to the Mccann's. When they started suspecting the parents, they were quickly replaced by Leicester police. I hope the SY about which Mr. Cameron speaks, is not a camuflage of Leicester police to help "The Sun" cleaning the image of the Mccann's. Kate and Gerry can even reveal to them where is the body. A British guy, in prison because of another crime, will be blamed for killing Madeleine. He will be not able to defend himself and denny such accusations; and the Mccann's can live happy forever with all money they achieve by the exploitation of one of their childs.

  11. On Sky News this evening a retired police inspector (I think from SY) who has worked on many cold cases and in fact worked on a recent case when a suspect was convicted of a murder(s) after many years, said that every scrappy piece of paper, every statement etc will be thoroughly scrutinised by the SY team, then a voice over from the studio said, that would even mean Kate and Gerry McCann being interviewed again about the disappearance of Madeleine.

    No wonder Gerry looked sour faced in the interview he gave on TV, I think on the same news report. Unfortunately I was only half listening so didn't take it all in. Gerry was stumbling over his words when he was talking, Kate didn't say anything.

    Perhaps Cameron is playing them at their own game and thought "well seeing they've put me in a difficult position, I will let them know what it feels like". I think Gerry and Kate have pushed too hard, and have now pushed themselves over a cliff.

    I shouldn't think any PM likes to be told what to do my two child neglectors. Although he has said that he feels compassion for them and wants to help, who knows what he really thinks. Cameron and his wife went through a very difficult time for many years with their very sick, disabled son until he died of cerebral palsy. The McCanns played Russian roulette with their 3 very tiny children and lost. Perhaps Cameron is sick of them like the rest of us and wants them off his back.

  12. According to the Daily Telegraph it is believed that the Met and the Portuguese have been liaising for quite some time, but that the Portuguese remain in charge of the investigation.
    There is a lot of talk in the UK media that this is not what is understood to be what the McCanns want.
    I would say therefore that Kate and Gerry might be very sorry that they have demanded the UK Govt to aid them.

    Time will tell, otherwise Mr Cameron shall be under a lot of pressure to intervene and aid all missing children cases...which to be honest is not his function

  13. We have policemen being sacked because of the financial situation of the country, and yet the Prime Minister can find enough money (from the taxpayer of course) to fund this new review.

    The McCanns have earned a fortune in the four years they have been selling Madeleine and themselves to the world, with the famous Madeleine Fund taking hard earned cash from people anxious to help find their daughter, as well as lucrative interviews on a regular basis to television, newspapers, magazines etc. And now there are expected millions from Kate's book, and it will be the film next no doubt. Let them finance the review themselves, and at the same time get back to Portugal to answer those vital questions Kate refused to answer and do a proper reconstruction of the eventful night.

    Justice for Madeleine!

  14. I don't think Cameron is stupid - certainly not as stupid as Brown.
    Having lost a child himself he may have very little sympathy for callous parents like the McCanns.
    And I think that actively reopening an investigation is very different to a passive review.
    I also had the sneaky suspicion that the McCanns were saying how gratful they were but really thinking "oh dear now we're done".

    Will the police finally be allowed to investigate without constraints?
    We'll have to wait and see - can this be the McCanns' final act?


    Having already given the McCanns' (and their friends) a lucky escape when they should have had (at the very least) been charged with perverting the course of justice and with abandoning their children to their fate (5 years prison under Portuguese legislation) I am curious to see how low this time, Portugal's new wanna be PM will lower his trousers to facilitate the intrusion of Scotland's Yard nose into the backside of Portuguese affairs...


  16. I heard on the news that if Scotland yard review all the information all the witness's including the tapas group will be re-interviewed. Will Kate and Gerry still refuse to answer questions or do a reconstruction? This may be the worst move they've made to date.
    The McCanns guilt for leaving their children alone is what drive's them, they know they're responsible and will carry that burden to their grave's.

  17. Let's hope the case in Portugal eventually gets reopened with all this attention the McCanns are demanding. That is the last thing they want, and it would be good to see them shoot themselves in the foot. Maybe then they will be wishing they had put a sock in it when they are back to the arguido status.

  18. O David Cameron é um tremendo pau-de-bosta, precisando de votos.
    Ele que se afogue nos excrementos dos McCanns.
    Vi Clarence Mitchell na BBC.O homem está velhérrimo. Bem feito.

  19. Just watched the Maccann interview on RTE, they were asked about the washing of cuddle cat which they did not like at all and Gerry changed the subject right away, she made a comment about suntan lotion, also when asked what would they say to people who are convinced they are involved, Gerry answered "read the Book" the usual gust of wind and curtains blowing I could do any interview for them now I know it off by heart. A prosocutor in court would have a field day with this pair
    tripping them up good style.
    Mary Liverpool UK

  20. When I stand back and try and look at this case objectively with all the discrepancies, inconsistencies, suspicious behaviours, lies etc., every detective in the world must be of the same mind that the McCanns are pulling a fast one. They may not know what the crime is exactly but for sure they know something really dodgey is going on with the McCann`s story. And surely so does David Cameron and every other politician - they are not stupid. The McCanns downfall will be because they really believe the whole world is stupid. They are like little children who really believe they have conned the teacher. I think David Cameron is playing an ace card.

  21. The RTE TV programme tonight, McCann interview with Ryan Tubridy was very interesting. Kate claimed that the PJ didn't arrive for four hours after she raised the alarm at 10pm on May 3. Gerry said the police didn't log their call, only 40 mins later. Gerry claimed that he went outside the apartment and raised the shutters proving they could be raised from the outside, which is strange because Kate seemed to say they were already raised and the window was open. None of these things seem to correspond with the evidence. Ryan was good at putting them at their ease and encouraging them to talk, and to make such errors. One could see him gradually finding the interview very tedious. Kate claimed that it took them only 30 seconds to walk from the Tapas to the apartment. They would have to be running fast all the way to do that. They claimed that the they were made them arguidos only because the police were under pressure to get answers. The McCanns seem to be surprisingly confident to make such odd claims and covered most bloggers questions, well rehersed. Ryan said that many of the audience didn't believe they had nothing to do with the disappearance.

  22. I too think Cameron is being very clever, he must be fed up with the pair of them, he is calling their bluff. They may well have shot themselves in the foot here. How will they get out of returning to Portugal for a reconstruction if asked now.

  23. Mr Cameron said every' parents worst nightmare', well I can imagine he knows a lot more about worst nightmares over the life and death of his son.

    I was told today by someone who has worked with the Police , if a 'review' turns anything up then questions will be asked, and answers expected, that being the whole point of a review. The McCanns will not be shown any files they are not entitled to see.
    I think they will rue the day they demanded so much

  24. This is a link to the latest BBC News website account of David Cameron's actions. The PM seems very naive. What an embarrassmment for the UK.


    Thirty or forty years ago such a PR gambit by McCann, Mitchell & Freud Communications might have convinced the silent majority that nothing would have happened - if it weren't for the "incompetence" of the Portuguese police, you know... :d

    Unfortunately in this on-line age, it is pretty obvious it all boils down to an exercise in cultural supremacy by the British "toffee" PM...

    I hope the Portuguese will be able to see through the gambit and do not allow a "Dad's Army" of Scotland Yard's legends to come in and adulterate the evidence...as FSS might have done with those DNA samples.

    You take away the false statements and witness contradictions, the destruction of all forensic samples, the barkings of Eddie The Dog and all you have in your pockets is lint.


    Stand by. "Deixa-os pousar". Good things come to those who wait...


  26. So much for an independent, unbiased review without political and or diplomatical pressure.

    History is about to repeat itself.

  27. Seeing Gerry on Newsnight being interviewed by Kirtsy Wark, he seemed subdued and dulled down to the point of being medicated.


    One wonders if he has been warned to keep his trap shut.

  28. This new loudy noise around the case has certainly to do with Amaral's new book.
    The McCanns are distracting the attention of the public because they know Amaral is coming up with his new story.

  29. I think Cameron is just like all those being pulled in in the beginning: he has no idea about what is really in the files. Do you think his information is anything else than a short summary from the British media? He probably thinks they were eating in their back garden, busy with responsible parenting and dropping over eachother checking kids.

    Oh and Maryann, whatever is her name, never cried, because the upstairs neighbor is dead now, you see she lied.

    And oh yes, there are sedatives that don't smell and that you can slip into children while they are asleep so they won't see her sister being kidnapped.

    And yes, Kate never changed her pants viewing six bodies and then going on vacation with her family and friends, and yes that is responsible doctoring under NHS standards.

    The guy probably eat everything he was fed and sees himself now as the savior of a little blond girl.

  30. Interesting so far...

    Now those two liars have somehow managed to mobolise support from the media... a kind of support that's only ever provided to govts. Private individuals never get the luxury of the media tripping over themselves to ram PR claptrap down their reader's throats on their behalf.

    Everyting we've been seeing lately is a Pubic Relation effort... you know the interviews, the extracts in the papers... and especially that letter to Cameron... (the McCann camp were trying to counteract the claims that they've never asked for the case to be reopened).

    Perhaps the 'resuming of the search' by the Met Police is also part of the relentless PR campaign. Obviously they're not going to find her.. that of course is not the intention. But what the Met will do is produce a report in a year or two with the pre-determined conlcusion that the parents are more innocent than Mother Teresa. And, as has already being stated, they'll put the blame on some peado who who's already dead and cant answer back... ie they'll bring the whole episode to an end, whilst at the same time exonerating the parents... the real purpose of the 'resumed search'.

    As I said previously.. the real question is just how have the McCanns managed to amass this support from the media?.. could there be a govt connection?

  31. Sometimes I think Obama, being a half-muslim,had much less difficulties to localise Bin Laden.He knew it, Bin Laden was killed one and a half year before the next elections and his death gave Obama a much higher popularity.

    Who knows Cameron could be helping the McCanns in order to find out the real truth(which he knows), using it to crash the Labour party, accusing Brown and the Labour of corruption, protector of liers who cheated and are still cheating the British people in order to make money and who hid the body of their dead child.
    Cameron's political party is weak right now. Using the McCanns and using the truth, the Conservatives could win the next election.
    Any American President would use this opportunity.
    My opinion is that he knows the truth.

  32. Hi,
    I followed the TV interview of the Mccanns on RTE Ireland. But its really disgraceful to hear Kate saying that the distance from the Appartement to the restaurant is just 45seconds. Its unbeleivable. I think that is just the time from your room to gate of your house.
    But whatch out guys, This woman is not stupid at all. bcause she knows very well that is impossible. She knows very well the game she is playing,
    Its seems she always want to be contreversial and for that the media can keep talking about her. It was in the same way she goes talking about her sex drive life or the genitals of her daughter in her book.
    Nowdays, its showing that in UK, you can be easly a celebrity and start earning big money, if you are contreversial enough. Thats seems to be her game.

  33. The Independent - 14 May 2011

    Letters: The Madeleine McCann case

    Am I alone in being dismayed that Scotland Yard is being drawn into the Madeleine McCann case?

    In my view, when British citizens go abroad they have to accept that bad things sometimes happen and should not expect the British authorities, presumably at UK taxpayers' expense, to intervene, except on strictly consular matters.

    The overwhelming probability is that we shall never know what happened in this case, and, however distressed the parents may be, matters should be left as they are.

    Rodney Taylor

    Barton-Le-Clay, Bedfordshire

    The article by Christina Patterson, "Kate McCann is in media purgatory" (11 May), has done nobody any good.

    To put the matter in perspective, consider if two nurses had been in charge of the three McCann infants, and they had gone off together at the same time to have a meal and a drink.

    Would Kate McCann have thought the child had had justice, and the proper steps had been taken to protect such infants from such risk in future, if the nurses' sole punishment had been the remorse over their actions? Of course not. And would Patterson have written a sympathetic article about them, bewailing the way they had been questioned by the police, or reported in the media? Of course not.

    Tony Pointon



  34. Listen up folks..

    whitewash whitewash ......now is the time to be louder than ever .....if not - whitewash whitewash.

    The Government is involved upto its necks in this case an not in a good way.
    They already know Madeleine is dead - the Mccanns have huge influence at high level - huge!

    do not buy this latest round of bullshit - its getting worse.

    fight fight - action is what is needed - protests, publicity stunts, anything to bring attention to the case in a positive way.

    if your not up for it - then forget about justice.


  35. Dear Joana, the comments have completely disappeared from three threads:

    1)Keir Simmons' blog: "Could there be a breakthrough in the Madeleine McCann case?"
    2)Madeleine McCann Case debate on Spanish
    3)Piers Morgan Tonight

  36. Shocking News


    M.B., Germany

  37. I envy those of you who seem to know what is going on here. Me, I am totally confused. One thing is certain though: a lot is being hidden from the public. My only hope is that the McCanns are as bewildered as I am.

  38. Don't hold your hopes up for Cameron. He is notoriously uninformed on many subjects. He saw this as a quick PR opportunity, grabbed it without engaging brain and is now in trouble over politicising the police and the cost of any review at a time when constables across the country and being laid off. I hope this review will re-interview everybody and hold a reconstruction - without that, it's dead in the water.

  39. @30 you ask could there be a goverment connection?? my answer is most definately, why else did they fly out that vile cretin Clarence Mitchell out an ex GOVERMENT SPIN DOCTOR to speak for them??? the protection these two freaks have had from day one is out of the ordinary and i do not have a good feeling about this so-called "re-view" it is as another poster says a white wash to try and sway the public back in favour of the Mccanns as too many people are against them and too many people are asking questions as they believe a huge cover up is involved(which i believe is 100% true) hence more s**t more spin and more protection for this disgusting couple my heart goes out to that poor little girl who the press(Murdochs papers mainly why is that???) media and goverment,also some police who are only bothered about THE TRUTH GETTING OUT and protecting the Mccanns and not her.

  40. The Government aided the mccanns (for one reason or another ) and now Scotland Yard appear to be back tracking saying it will cost thousands with the investigation. SO WHAT this situation happens when people 'cover up' for criminals this case should now be transparent and properly investigated, the Portugues police should receive respect instead of insults from the British, the whole saga is a rotten, stinking mess perpetrated by two suspected criminals who believe they are above the law.
    The proper approach now is for Scotland Yard to become actively involved working alongside the Portuguese PJ, for Kate, Gerry and Tapas 7 to take part in a reconstruction and truthfully answer questions. Then invesitgate the fund, where all the money has gone, who received what and why. Freeze money from the sale of the book until the case goes to court.
    I believe there is enough evidence to charge the Mccanns and their friends (at the least for child neglect) and possibly money laundering and the concealment of Madeleines body. At least 2 of the Tapas (the paynes) could know where Madeleines final resting place is.
    How close is Gerry to the Tapas group, I think they have all distanced themselves from him, the fear of prison would be enough to break their 'pact of silence'. Justice is long overdue. Scotland Yard should get involved, get the statements and proceed with the prosecutions, now is the right time to do this and the mccanns have brought it on themselves.

    If nothing official is done about the Mccanns, we are going to get this rubbish for the next God knows how many years.
    Justice for Maddie.

  41. Cameron may not be well informed about the McCanns, but I think Theresa May the Home Secretary is, and he has effectively delegated this to her department. If Scotland Yard start in the right place, where all missing child cases should start, which is within the family, then I doubt if the whole grant of £3.5 million will be needed. What's left over can go towards the cost of keeping these two and hopefully their friend Clarrie in prison for quite a long time.

  42. Anonymous 36 - look, it is on wikipedia already: After Freud's death it emerged that in July 2007 he had helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz where he had a holiday home and offering them drinks. Initially when he wrote to them offering assistance they thought it was a hoax. [18] [19]

  43. @ 11
    I totally agree - I don't believe Cameron thinks very highly of the McCanns, but it would be political suicide to say so in public. He already has a reputation as a heartless barsteward. I think he'd rather take the flak for committing huge sums of money to them, so ostensibly he is doing what the McCanns say they want whilst at the same time allowing official debate about blame and money.

    This is how I'm choosing to see it. I accept that he might just be an idiot, lol.

  44. Dear Mr Cameron, People are disappointed that you are interfering in the Mccanns case just as Mr Brown did and afterwards Mr Ameral was sacked as he was getting near the truth. Mr Brown and Mitchell got what they set out to do.If you want the truth go and see Mr Ameral and get the case reopened and answers to those 48 questions under oath. The whole world believes the Mccanns were involved. Why they are so upset it is because they know what happened. Poor Maddy. Thankyou.

  45. The Portuguese have said that they have been informed of all new evidence, none of which has been sufficient to reopen the investigation. A peer review by the UK will find the same thing and since the forensic evidence has been destroyed there is no hope of confirming Madeline's DNA more definately than before. It's the status quo of not enough evidence to prosecute, despite the discrepancies in the statements and the Smith sighting and the dogs.

    The best outcome would be if the PJ reopened the investigation to pursue the reconstruction and the other enquiries that were prevented by non cooperation by the parents and British. At least they could result in being able to say definately an abduction didn't take place. The worst outcome will be a whitewash of the parents role despite their negligence. I think Cameron's interference is a PR job only to bring closure.

  46. This case should be reopened as a murder investigation, because that is what it surely is. There was no accident, an accident could easily have been covered and the McCanns walk away taking Madeleine back home with them for burial.

    The child had to be hidden to stop people finding out how she really died which must have been shocking. There was a paedophile element injected into this case by friends of the McCanns themselves with the Gasper statements, and to all intents and purposes David Payne has certainly escaped the scrutiny that Robert Murat had to endure.

    Why? Was he simply fortunate the case was shelved when it was, or were there people willing to turn a blind eye to this? David Payne should certainly be questioned by the PJ regarding those statements, but they never had access to him at all.

    Yes, this case should be reopened as a murder investigation if only on the strength of that, though there are many other reasons, plus it would also make people aware that Madeleine is dead and her body hidden. It is a dead Madeleine that should be searched for. There was no abduction, since nobody abducts a dead body.

  47. Bring back the dogs, the apartment may still have signs, put the dogs into the grounds of Rothley manor first! E
    Everyone should e mail theresa may saying the McCanns should not have access to the information on file.
    Using government funds, stop the pussy footing private police, as they will ilter information back to the mccanns.
    Investigate where the money from the fund has gone, and close it.
    Dont send any officers who are masons, so snidey gerry can wipe their a---

    Jacques Derrida, the philosopher, said...

    ...Hmmm, isn't that the essence of public relations?

    :h I.M. Konfused

  49. Please Portugal - stand up for your police service, your legal system and you political independence. Do not cooperate. Tell SY where to go and tell David Cameron that if he wants the case solved, to tell the McCanns et al to return to PDL for a reconstruction, as requested by the Portuguese police.

  50. I work as a Psychosomatic Counsellor
    That is; very concisely - the body acts out the traumas of the mind.

    It has been discovered that babies, even under the age of one year are able to 'feel' memories cellularly before they are able to store them cognitively.

    These 'memories' are not easily accessed - though hypnotism may help in adulthood. Over a period of time they may be 'acted out' in disturbed or maladjusted behaviour.

    The McCann twins will eventually 'display' evidence of the events of the night that Madeleine disappeared. Let's hope they stay healthy.



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