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Madeleine Case: British police did not request reopening of the case to the Portuguese authorities

Tapas group and McCanns construct the time line of events in Madeleine's ripped colouring book, 3rd May 2007

The British police will assist in the search for Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in 2007, but, so far they have not requested the collaboration nor the reopening of the process to the Portuguese authorities.

In a reply that was sent to Lusa news agency today, the Prosecutor General's Office states that up to now, "neither the Prosecutor General's Office nor the prosecutors that are responsible for the case have received any request or application, neither for cooperation, nor for the reopening of the process".

Last week, the British Home Office informed that the police will help in the search for Madeleine McCann, following a request from the parents for the investigation process to be reviewed.

The British government stressed that "Madeleine's safe return" remains a primary concern, so that the British security forces continued to follow leads and pass information to Portuguese police.

The announcement came the same day that Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, renewed their request for an "independent, transparent and full review" of the investigation process.

The couple wants all the information that was gathered by the Portuguese and British police to be analysed, in order to find important data for the search.

Meanwhile, and once again, the Public Ministry reminded that the case can be reopened if and when "there are credible and relevant facts, as determined by law". However, advances the reply, "until now, no facts have emerged to allow the reopening of the case."

Madeleine McCann disappeared a few days before making four years, in May 3, 2007, from the room where she slept with two her twin younger siblings in an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

The parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, were having dinner at that time with a group of English friends in a restaurant about 50 meters from the apartment.

The child's mother, Kate, and father, Gerry McCann, were constituted as arguidos by the Portuguese authorities in July 2007.

On July 21, 2008, the Prosecutor General's Office announced the archival of the suspicions against the couple and a third suspect, Robert Murat, which dictated the end of the investigation.

in News agency Lusa w/SIC, May 16, 2011

New Search in Portugal

«British officers from Scotland Yard will escort as early as next week, Kate and Gerry McCann - the parents of Madeleine, who disappeared from Praia da Luz in April(sic) 2007 - to seek new avenues that lead to determine what happened. The couple will be in Portugal to launch the book 'Madeleine' on Monday.»

extract from Correio da Manhã, May 17, 2011


  1. quote,
    New Search in Portugal

    «British officers from Scotland Yard will escort as early as next week, Kate and Gerry McCann - the parents of Madeleine, who disappeared from Praia da Luz in April(sic) 2007 - to seek new avenues that lead to determine what happened. The couple will be in Portugal to launch the book 'Madeleine' on Monday.»

    OH NO,i see a white wash coming on here.

    but i tell you there will be an uproar if it is. i hope david cameron KNOWS that the MCCANNS can ask to have the case RE-OPENED WITH NO COST TO THE BRITISH TAXPAYER.

  2. "The announcement came the same day that Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, renewed their request for an "independent, transparent and full review" of the investigation process."

    Does Kate know the meaning of the word 'transparent', I think not !


  3. ESCORTED, i dont like the sound of this,is it for thier own protection?? i am thinking that sy are on thier side and NOT on Madeleines.thats the way it seems to me.
    is the corrieo the same as our scummy sun newspaper.

  4. I bet the UK police are sick to death of the McCanns and their constant complaining and blaming everybody, including them.

    Also, don't forget the Wikeleaks information that the UK was putting together a case against the parents. With a bit of luck they will be able to complete it.

    That will be a complete shoot in the foot for the McCanns! Ha!

  5. If they will be in Portugal next week with SY, is the right time to do the reconstruction. They are the major characters. All the others could be played by actors. They don't need the Tapas 7 to do the reconstruction. Wonder, if they are not going to put pre-agree conditions to travel to Portugal this time.
    Very simple, Kate and gerry... if you are not able to do the reconstruction, not launch your book in Portugal. The country don't need more garbbage to fill their bookshops. They already have some, special british tabloids and some others who repeat their absolute no news.
    I hope, a lot of courageous bloggers around the world, make your book available on-line with many translations. Will be not easy to sue and gagg so many people outside UK. You will be showing your true face and the world will know what Madeleine become for you and for all who spin around you: MONEY, BUSINESS.

  6. why on earth are they going to portugal to promote their book, can't see it selling much there-and if anyone does buy it they are in for a shock with all the criticisms and blaming and whinging

    kate the kamikaze pilot

  7. quote British officers from Scotland Yard will escort as early as next week, Kate and Gerry McCann..... unquote

    If this little snafu of Portugal not having received an official request by that time is not resolved the British officers from Scotland Yard maybe escorted out, or worse to jail, the moment they get of the plane.

  8. Madeleine is not in Lisbon, there are no clues to be found or forensics to be done in Lisbon. Only politicians and lawyers...

    It all happens too unnaturally quick to be genuine. It was preplanned, you can decide between a whitewash and an arrest.

  9. Scotland Yard will solve this case. I believe it's going to happen. I feel almost sorry for McCanns. Almost sorry but not quite. It's payback time!

  10. This latest news smells of the Mcs taking control once more.
    We could email T may and demand the Mcs have no control or sight
    of the evidence as is normal with suspects.
    Are SY acting as official body guards? it stinks

  11. Im afraid i have lost faith in any justice being brought now, we may as well not call it Scotland Yard police any more(once a respected police force)it is what Murdoch and the Goverment wants is how the police work i think, gone any free speach we had the country is run by powerful people ie Murdoach and everybody else have to go along with it, there will be a whitewash no justice and if people think Cameron will be any different to Brown i think you are sadly mistaken they both protect the Mccanns and that is what they are told to do, the only thing the Mccanns and co cant silence is the internet to shut any whispers about them up but other than that the press and media will go along with the whitewash they are all in it together, i hope i am wrong but sadly i dont think so. that is why Mr Amaral is hated by the scum as he will not go along with what they want the only decent man who has more guts than that disgusting lot put together.

  12. Kevin Halligen is being represented by Jeremy Moore, who acted for Barry George in his appeal. Will he be pitted against the Scotland Yard officer "working" on the McCann case, who put Barry George in prison?

  13. British SECURITY forces? Well the Mccanns did get a lift home from the airport from Special Branch, according to Kate's book. She is telling us all just how well protected they are, or hopefully, were.

  14. Well this will show up if the sy are corrupt or not,seeing as we have read the file's and know that the mccanns and friends HAVE NOT told the truth and if we can see it then sy must be able to see it too,
    the mccanns should have no say in what sy do or not do,nor should sy keep the mccanns up to date with whats going on after all they are still suspects surely as no where can i find on the net that they have exonerated of any wrong doing.

  15. "British Officers from SY will escort Kate and Gerry McCann" - whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat - I just don`t believe it. They are still being treated like innocent royalty as though its a fact that they are without guilt and the abduction story is true. Are the establishment people really so gullible as to have been totally taken in by this couple?

    Or has Correio da Manha`s actual wording been lost in translation.

  16. #15 I don't think they have been taken in by them. It's just the official line they have to follow, it seems. The powers that be and all that...

  17. lets just hope that SY
    escorting them to portugal that they leave them there never toreturn to these shores again(sorry portugal) cause i am sick to the back teeth with thier lie's and money grabbing ways this is from the liverpool echo,they have no shame at all, they are plain vile. this is from the liverpool echo.

    Such generosity, especially at a time of financial hardship speaks volumes for the city and its people. Even while we were unloading the car and setting up the venue, pensioners were coming up and slipping money into our hands for the fund

  18. The British government sponsored the trip to Brussels and now they will be sponsoring this latest trip to the Algarve.

  19. Amaral is very much to be respected for making a stand but his managers recognised that he would never back down and so he was removed from the case, making life unbearable and resulting in him leaving the force. Sadly, Amaral no longer has any say on who sees which files. I am concerned that Portugal may feel more weakened by the economic situation and less empowered than 4 years ago. Are we really to see a repeat of Britain bullying the Portuguese Authorities to get what 2 British citizens want? I still feel shocked about what happened before and I don't think I could bear to witness round two of the same. It seems like it's a decibel world - those who shout loudest get most.

  20. I don't know many people in Liverpool who are supporting this pair, the only people who seem to support the abduction fable are people who don't have access to the internet, and are being fed with the newspapers in the UK.
    Regarding SY we have to wait and see, the police are not going to give information to any media outlet, and not to the Maccann pair, because of the mess of this case we are all distrustful of everyone, I am not a Maccann lover, I can't stand the pair of them evil lairs, but Portugal and it justice system are not blameless in all this, the PJ in the first weeks of this case made one hell of a mess, its time they finished the job and solved this crime.

  21. http://www.tv3.ie/videos.php?video=35780&locID=1.65.74&date=2011-05-16&date_mode=&page=2&show_cal=&newspanel=&showspanel=&web_only=&full_episodes=


    Im not sure from what countries these are visible from but 2 part brand new Irish interview, dated yesterday

  22. Comment no. 11 has it spot on I think...

    Anyway good to see a lot of you have caught onto the 'witewash' that's coming your way.

    The book, the extracts, tv interviews, that letter and of course the Scotland Yard 'review' are all part of the same PR effort with the same and only agenda.. that is to see these two are made to look 'angelic'...

    According to the Evinging Standard today, the Met Chief believes Maddy could be found alive... oh really? ... why not say.. "hey there hasn't been any two statements given by them two and their Tapas7 with an iota of consistency to them. The evidence clearly points to them two hiding something, and you know what, given our reputation I reckon we can nail the both of them good and proper..."

  23. Apologies if this has been posted already, Salsa doesn't always have the time to keep up to date.

    Madeleine McCann 'could be found alive' says Britain's most senior police officer


    First I thought there we go again, Maddie will be home for Christmas.

    Then I read on -
    The review will be led by Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command

    Not missing persons expert? HOMICIDE?

  24. This is from the Met Police webpage, from a legal point of view Madeleine could still be alive as it has not been proven exactly how the McCanns disposed of her - if that is what they did. My personal belief is that Gerry and Payne in particular arranged for her to "disappear" and Gerry was then intent on suggesting stranger abduction.

    It will be seen the Homicide Unit can deal with all matters relating to the conduct of the McCanns and Co including high risk missing person cases (where death is likely) and linked financial crime. I am sure that is what they are doing and Gerry was very unwise to say to Mr Cameron, you have lost a child, you know how it feels. Mr Cameron has a CEOP report about Gerry... and I am certain he absolutely adored his disabled little boy:

    (cont'd extract from met webpage)

  25. Homicide and Serious Crime Command

    Detective Chief Superintendent. Hamish Campbell - Operational Command Unit (OCU) Commander

    Key Responsibilities: The leadership, management, oversight and responsibility for over one thousand members of personnel within the command who undertake murder investigations and other serious crime investigations within the capital.

    Key Units: The key units supporting this task include the 24 Murder Investigation Teams (MIT's), the Homicide Task Force, HOLMES support (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System), the Central Criminal Court Trials Unit, Coroner's Officer, Family Liaison Advisory Team, Disaster Victim Identification as well as significant police staff support across all areas.

    Murder Investigation Teams investigate:

    All murder, manslaughter and infanticide offences;
    Deaths within the workplace or mass disaster where culpability for the loss of life is likely to be an issue in criminal court
    Attempted murder where the evidence of intent is unambiguous or where a risk assessment identifies substantive risk to life
    High-risk missing persons where there is a substantive reason to suspect life has been taken or is under threat
    Linked series of two or more stranger rapes which are beyond the capability of SCD2 Sapphire Command or other 'critical incidents'
    Additionally, the teams provide advice for the MPS and other police forces on 'High Risk' situations.

    Financial Investigation Unit (FIU)

    The Financial Investigation Unit assist with identifying offenders in homicide enquiries, gathering evidence of their involvement and obtaining evidence of financial motive where apparent. The FIU deal with any Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) matters in Homicide investigations such as Cash Seizure, Forfeiture, Restraint and Asset Recovery through Confiscation. The FIU also assist with advice and help with the investigation of acquisitive crimes, namely Money Laundering, Theft and Fraud that have been identified during Homicide enquiries. Furthermore they seek to disrupt associated Organised Criminal Networks through available POCA legislation.

    Homicide Task Force (HTF)

    The Homicide Task Force (HTF) is a proactive resource of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command. The HTF supports the command with technical and tactical advice and implementation of operational tactics to assist murder investigation teams. A key role of the HTF is tracing and apprehending murder suspects, this involves the HTF supporting taskings from the murder investigation teams and assuming responsibility for locating and arresting suspects wanted for murders. The HTF also specialises in the support of armed operations on behalf of the command and is continually developing skills and tactics for use in all of the above functions.

    The Specialist Casework Investigations Team (SCIT)

    The Special Casework Investigations Team (SCIT) is based at NSY and is an additional resource for the OCU Commander. A significant proportion of the work undertaken by this team of experienced detectives is to progress new lines of enquiry, identified through the Specialist Crime Review Group's review of unsolved cases. The team also identifies, researches, trials and implements new investigative opportunities and techniques. They are the first line of response for the many questions and enquiries coming into the command, from the public and our police colleagues, which require research, development or investigation.

    Police Staff

    SCD1 also have a large number of professional support staff working to provide the organisational capability required to support the Homicide and Serious Crime Command. They include: HOLMES (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System) Support, which is a national system used to administer enquiries, Business Support (including HR, Resources, Finance and Business Planning), research and analysis, and investigative support functions.

  26. Maybe somebody has stepped forward and spilt the beans, and they are really being escorted back to Portugal by the police to be arrested.

    That would certainly sell newspapers, and their media pals would vanish overnight.

  27. Oh dear, why would police officers accompany them on a promotional tour for their book? Not a serious investigation then is it. Surprise surprise.

  28. Anonymous 20, how do you suggest the Portuguese police finish the case when there is always a British gatekeeper preventing them from getting at the evidence they need?

  29. Yes, Guerra, that is all we can think that any effort by the Portuguese is blocked. We seem to be living in a time when corruption, lies and foul play is at the order of the day. Let us see what mr Cameron is playing at. Can we trust him or is he going the same way as all politicians go? I was so hoping that he is a straight forward chap who would want to separate right from wrong.

    Anyone can see that the mccanns want to be something they are not. They want to be good parents, they want to speak the truth, they want a good life but they do not want the responsibility that goes hand in hand with all these qualities. They have been blaming every person they can point a finger at in the book but themselves. We would have trusted them with our life before this case came to light and now they have only earned contempt and disrespect. We also know they are making every attempt to get their hands on the records of this case held by the Portuguese authorities and that is one of their ambitions at the moment.

    We want to make a sincere appeal to SY and mr Cameron and mrs Theresa May, please do not allow these two people who have not proved that their child is abducted, to run the show, to walk over this investigation because this is what they have been doing up to now. Please! Please!

    One of our sweet posters here had the email contacts for mrs Theresa May. I meant to make a note and now I cannot find it. Will you please be a honey and once more post the details here. Sorry to be a bore. I eventually found Nancy Grace's details online and sent an email but have had no joy so far.

    A Dean at our University said to us once that sooner or later 'sediment and dregs sink, go down. The cream will float to the top'. Let us see how the dregs and the cream separate themselves in this next episode of mccann&mccann. Will SY be strong enough to allow the truth?

    We have to stay strong and keep posting as long as Joana will allow us here on her blog as it is a huge privilege to come here to read, post and connect. Thank you so much!

  30. justice for Madeleine seekers dont want a REVIEW what we want is a RE-OPENING.MADELEINE DESERVES THAT.
    And it would not take all that money and manpower to get it,just make the mccanns and tapas friends to do the PJ re-construction.


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