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Madeleine McCann Case debate on Spanish TV with Gonçalo Amaral

Susanna Griso | Photo: antena3.com

Madeleine McCann case will be debated on the Spanish TV channel Antena3, on Espejo Público [Public Mirror], a morning talk show, tomorrow at 9.45 am GMT.

The debate will address, amongst other issues, Kate McCann's book publication, the current state of the case and the manner in which the case can be reopened in Portugal, to end the inaction and the smear that alleges that no one is searching for Madeleine.

The program will feature the presence of the former Judiciary Police coordinator of the case, Gonçalo Amaral, in the talk show set.

You can participate live in the show trough SMS messaging or in the live chat system here.

Antena3 direct broadcast can be watched in here.

via Mercede's blog at Hasta que se sepa la Verdad (Until the Truth is Known )

Video broadcast on May 13, 2011 by antena3
to be translated


  1. Let us see what Dr Amaral has to say, I respect his every word. Unlike the Mcs he see things as they really are, not through fluffy cloudful visions. I shall be there tomorrow watching and listening to his evry word. Thankyou for taking the time to help find Madeliene peace.

  2. good luck goncalo amaral.we believe in you...the truth is very close....from ireland..

  3. Let's hope this program will not be cut short as the one in "Las mañanas de quatro" was...and to this day we still do not know why...

  4. Stand firm Senor Amaral and do not give way to any pressure from the UK government! There are thousands behind you here who admire and support you. Your dignity and composure in the face of all you and your family have been put through is an inspiration to us all.

  5. The program is postponed until Friday because of the earthquake in Spain

  6. Good on you Sr Amaral we support you, you are a bright light in this dark world.

  7. I'm in England and I am disappointed that once again my government is supporting the MCann's
    Where can I watch the interview please?

  8. Con motivo del terremoto de Lorca este programa queda aplazado para mañana viernes, 13 de mayo

  9. No 7 Poppy meze

    I don't think the UK Govt is supporting the McC anymore than they would you or I with a missing child. I think the McC's expect everyone to say' how high' when they say 'jump'.

    Have you seen the Sun report on the plea to DC 'as a dad' pure emotional blackmail and he has not responded, neither has Theresa May, and why should they....

    Its only Murdoch's Sun that is shining on the McC's not the real one, they should remember that.

    I wish SR Amaral well for tomorrow and hopefully one day the case will be reopened.

    Poor little Madeleine


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