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Madeleine McCann: Scotland Yard get £3.5m grant for inquiry

by David Collins

A SPECIAL £3.5million grant is being given to Scotland Yard to fund the Madeleine McCann inquiry.

The Home Office cash will fund a team – led by an experienced detective – which is being set up in the next few days to carry out a review of the entire investigation.

It will cover the cost of man hours, flights to Portugal, hotels, consultation fees from forensic firms and any other expenses.

There will also be a hefty cost for translation work on the thousands of documents requested from Portuguese authorities.

Files from Leicestershire Police – said by police sources to be “substantial” – will also be ­examined by the London team.

Leicestershire has been the UK liaison force for the McCann family and posted officers to Portugal during the hunt.

The funding comes after Kate and Gerry McCann made an impassioned appeal to David Cameron for help to find their daughter, who was three when she vanished in Portugal in 2007. The Prime Minister, who met the couple 18 months ago while in opposition, has already written to them saying he had personally authorised the review.

A police source said: “The money is ring-fenced and is an emergency grant put to one side by the Home Office.

“It will be made available to the ­Metropolitan Police specifically for the review of the Madeleine McCann case.”

The insider said the task was “enormous” and could take years.

The McCanns, who believe ­Portuguese police botched the investigation, said: “This is a step in the right ­direction.

“The expertise of the Metropolitan Police is renowned and we are reassured by our Government’s commitment to the search for Madeleine.”

The couple have written a book, entitled simply Madeleine, which they hope will boost funds for the police investigation further.

in The Daily Mirror, May, 14, 2011

Madeleine McCann: Scotland Yard a reçu une somme de 3,5 millions pour l'enquête. (with thanks to FrenchEuropean)

par David Collins

Une enveloppe spéciale de 3,5 millions de livres a été octroyée à Scotland Yard pour financer l'enquête sur Madeleine McCann.

L'argent du Home Office servira à financer une équipe, menée par un détective expérimenté, équipe qui sera constituée dans les prochains jours pour mener à bien une revue de toute l'enquête.

Cela couvrira le coût salarial du personnel employé, les vols au Portugal, les notes d'hôtel, les notes des firmes d'analyse d'expertise médico-légale, et toutes les autres dépenses.

Il y aura aussi une énorme somme consacrée au travail de traduction des centaines de documents qui seront demandés aux autorités portugaises.

Les dossiers de la police du Leicestershire, dits «substantiels» selon des sources policières,seront aussi examinés par l'équipe londonienne.

La police britannique du Leicestershire a servi d'intermédiaire pour la famille McCann et les officiers en poste au Portugal durant les recherches.

Cet octroi de fonds arrive à la suite d'un appel passionné fait par Kate et Gerry Mccann à David Cameron, pour qu'il les aide à retrouver leur fille, âgée de trois ans lors de sa disparition au Portugal en 2007. Le premier ministre, qui a rencontré le couple il y a 18 mois quand il était encore dans l'opposition, vient de leur écrire qu'il a donné personnellement son autorisation pour la revue de l'enquête.

Une source policière a affirmé ceci : «L'argent provient d'un fonds, gelé pour les cas d'urgence et économisé par le Home Office.

“Il sera alloué au MET spécialement pour la revue du cas de Madeleine Mccann..”

La source a nous a dit que la tâche était «énorme» et pourrait prendre des années.

Les Mccann qui pensent que la police portugaise a saboté l'enquête, ont dit : «C'est un pas dans la bonne direction.»

«Les compétences de la police métropolitaine sont renommées et nous sommes rassurés par l'engagement pris par notre gouvernement dans la recherche de Madeleine.»

Le couple a écrit un livre, intitulé simplement Madeleine, qui, espèrent-ils va fournir encore plus de fonds à l'enquête policièire.

in The Daily Mirror, May, 14, 2011

Clarence Mitchell on the 3,5 million pounds review
Broadcast by BBC, May 13 2011 | transcript with thanks to R.

Clarence Mitchell: It’s a glimmer of hope, it’s movement for the first time in many years, now, and erm, Kate and Gerry are very pleased with this. It’s exactly the sort of thing they were asking for. We still don’t know the exact terms of what the Met will be doing. The Home Office has made it quite clear that they won’t go into the operational detail and that’s entirely appropriate, but, what needs to be done is re-examination, if you like, of all the original work, of all the original forensics, everything that was done, all the witness statements, erm, and everything come in since it was shelved in 2008 Information going in from anywhere in the world to Portugal. Kate and Gerry, the private investigators have no idea whether there are any potential leads in there and it could be the smallest piece of information that you need to link to something that’s held on databases here. There is no single database looking at all this information, which is commonplace in many other cases that are unsolved in other countries. So it’s high time that this happened and Kate and Gerry are very grateful to Mr Cameron and the Home Secretary for, erm, beginning, what appears to be, the first stage of a review process.

Male Interviewer: Clarence, you mentioned private investigators. Then. they have been working consistently throughout, throughout this period of time, have they?

CM: Small teams of different investigators at different times on short contracts have worked. At the moment there is a very small team, headed up by retired British policemen.

Male Interviewer: But, they presumably, they don’t have access They have no official means of access to information or the other, or the different police departments.

CM: Exactly right, they have no formal access to any police at work on this. There, of course, is contact and they hope that, that contact improves, but, one of the great frustrations is, they wouldn’t necessarily know what was being done in Portugal and, and frankly even in Britain, at times, and so this will help coordinate and potentially unlock any key piece of information.

Female Interviewer: This review presumably requires the Portuguese police to cooperate and, and what guarantee is there of that?

CM: Well, absolutely right. This happened on Portuguese soil. It’s absolutely appropriate that they have primacy, as the lead investigative agency. Erm, they’ve always, we’ve known, had to agree to such a process starting. It was made clear yesterday that the Metropolitan officers who will be working with them will, they will co-operate, the Portuguese will work with them and we’re very grateful for that. How that will actually breakdown in practice, we, obviously need, need to see how it progresses, but, essentially without that element of co-operation, erm, this can’t go any further forward, but, so far, all the signs are that an agreement has been reached at the police level.

Female Interviewer: I mean, this is going to be a mammoth operation isn’t it, because there must be so much information, there, being held by Portuguese police, which is going to be reviewed and, you know, on a purely practical level, it’s, going to need to be translated, apart from anything else.

CM: Well, this was always one of the problems, in the, right at the start. There were lots of translations from English to Portuguese and back to English at times and sometimes mistranslations and things like that would occur and that’s what led to some of the nonsense stories, that you will recall, around that summer of 2007 to 2008. Erm, yes, lots of logistical issues around this. How, who, where, when. How’s it all gonna happen, but, the main point, as far as Kate and Gerry is concerned is that at last there is some sense of movement in the case. They were incredibly frustrated at not being told anything about timelines or what was happening, frankly, in both countries and their frustration was growing, which is why they wrote to the Prime Minister. It, sadly, it shouldn’t have got that far, but, but, it has and, erm, as I say they’re grateful to Mr Cameron for his intervention and for his very kind, and, letter expressing empathy with their position, last night.

Male Interviewer: Is there any kind of timeframe on, on…. I mean, how much time are they gonna to give to this? How many people are gonna be involved, because there is a, this is a review of what evidence there is and that will take a certain amount of time. I mean that will happen and there’ll be a fullstop at the end of that process and then, if you like, you’ll be back where you started because, well, the police may well say, at that point, we have reviewed it and we’re not doing anything else.

CM: Two quick points. First of all, yes, erm, it will take a certain amount of time. The operational side of it is entirely for the police to resolve and to, and to work through. I won’t necessarily know what will happen, but that will come good. We hope there will be good liaison with the private investigators, which is critical. Erm, will it lead to nothing? We don’t know. You say we’re back where we started. Not necessarily, we could find that one key piece of information that leads to Madeleine being found. This could, could, I stress, begin to unlock everything as Kate and Gerry have been hoping desperately for the last four years.
You’re right though, it, it’s open ended. We need to see. Everything that has been done, has to be looked at and everything, the lessons that should be learnt, need to be learnt and if there’s anything key in there that can be found, even now, so far down the line, it must be found because it could still lead to Madeleine being brought home.


  1. Surely the money from Kates book, and fraudulent fund should go towards the cost of this review.
    The mccanns are taking the tax payers for fools, whilst we fund one investigation, they pocket the money from book sales that was to go towards the 'search'.
    I despair, I just pray that a proper and full investigation is carried out, official police documents are not handed to the Mccanns and this investigation is done in a proper and professional manner.
    When Scotland Yard decides the Mccanns are guilty (as most of the world already has) court cases should be forthcoming no more cover ups and spin merchants, and all the lies and media spin we have had to put up with for the last 4 years.
    Also Kate does not need the money from her book does she, so why not give it to the investigation, that was the purpose of the book in the first place ...wasn't it?

  2. Dear Joana, Thank you for the new thread. For some reason all the comments from three threads, here, this blog, have disappeared as per my previous post earlier this morning.

    Does this make sense that these two people, can now sit freely with their wrist bands, since Scotland Yard has the job that will cost 3 and 1/2 million GBPounds and it now leaves them without a job and money as who is interested in adding to their bottomless pot of gold. They have shot themselves in the foot. They have been wipping, slipping and whining now for nearly four years and someone has taken them up on their 'challenge'. If some of them would have only sat up and listened to Dr Amaral the whole saga would be something of the past. But no, after the money spent before on these specimens, how much was that? perhaps they never reached the end total, they are coming up with all this money? for a new investigation. It really takes the prize!! You Brits have money to spare on an investigation which could have been settled if you sent the whole tapas 9/10 back to report to Dr Amaral and we would have seen justice done for this little girl. What a poor show. And now guess these two can pull in their 'investigators' and is she going back to her miss goody two shoes role and he, who knows what else they will think up. They still think themselves above their role as parents and the law!! Pay the money to Portugal to continue this serious case and you will have the results in no time because they have the answers!!!

  3. 'The couple have written a book, entitled simply Madeleine, which they hope will boost funds for the police investigation further.'

    The profits from the book go into a police fund?

    Yeah right.

  4. I see Kate McCann is looking rather tanned. Must have been a result of lying in the sun all week.

  5. This case has nothing to do with Scotland Yard. It is a matter for the Portuguese police authorities. It is clear the McCanns want the information to themselves so that they can manipulate the circus.

    Here's my message and a message from millions of us: Ask the Portuguese authorities to open the case and as Mr Amaral said, it will only cost the price of a stamp. Why dance around the issue, McCanns? Got something to hide?

  6. I would like a refund on my taxes for my share in this, please.

  7. Scotland Yard, take this whole saga back to Portugal, put these two back in 5a and don't forget the friends they 'are into' approximately 8 of them, let them show us their traipsing through the apartment that evening when the child 'disappeared' i.o.w. a reconstruction which was Dr Amaral's idea some time ago now. It will take one flight, one day and then the time to put it all together. And it will not cost you three million ponds.The whole reason they want to stay in the limelight is because they just love the attention. The sooner we show them up for what they are the sooner we will be rid of them.

  8. I am in the UK and I don't believe the Portuguese investigation was botched, I believe it was hindered by non-compliance and compounded by governmental interference which supported that non-compliance to achieve their own agendas.

  9. Did anyone see the interview the McCanns gave on Irish television last night? If you didn't here is the link.


    The interview is well worth watching,the presenter Ryan Tubridy didn't pussyfoot around the McCanns, which is what British presenters do.

  10. In the Newsnight interview Kate's account of why she believes Madeleine is still alive was word for word almost as it was on Loreine Kelly programme. they have got their story straight. Kate talked calmly about her fears that Madeline WAS in the hands of a paedophile always in the past, as though she no longer fears that. Why does she not fear that now? She also wondered why Gerry got over his GRIEF quickly but is glad he started the campaign. One feels GRIEF for a time when there is a death, but worry when a child is missing.

  11. Anon at No. 8, my sentiments exactly! What is going on for goodness sake? It beggars belief that this couple are still walking free, let alone get our PM to give them the assistance of Scotland Yard, what the f....! Am I on a different planet??

  12. I don't think this 'review' is going to make any difference whatsoever.

    As another poster pointed out, it's just a 'whitewash', a complete farce. At best the results of the investigation will be 'inconclusive'.

    They don't have a body, the forensic samples were destroyed - if I'm not mistaken. Without forensic evidence the cadaver dogs findings won't carry enough weight to matter.

    It was obvious from the start that the McCann's have may friends in very high places and it looks like that's still the case. I suspect we don't know the half of it.

    I mean, their child neglect pretty darn obvious and undeniable and they got away with it! What makes anyone think that they will be charged with Madeleine's disappearence - if indeed they are involved - when there really isn't a scrap of firm evidence against them?

    I'm sad to say it but I don't think justice will be done. I'm really not looking forward to a second round of the media circus that's about to befall us.


  13. Why does this sound like bad news to me?
    Why should we trust Mr Cameron who seems so much into the McCanns that he decided to spend that much money on just one missing child, and precisely this one?
    I think this is more likely another mysterious unexplainable turn in this story, where money and friends in the right places make you get away with childmurder!

    Already i was speechless at the careful way Piers Morgan spoke to them. Does no one have the balls to address these people the way they deserve to be?
    Really, this is a nightmare. There should be a british petition from uk taxpayers asking WHY THE HELL THEY SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR MCCANNS COVER UP?!!!!
    Because this investigation is just going to be how to find a suitable and believable story to cover up what they did to their daughter. I don't believe for a minute that this is going to be an earnest investigation.
    I hope Kate and Gerry rot in hell, life is short fellas, and punishment in the afterlife is waiting...

  14. The Maccann's will not want this will they or am I wrong, I know they are very well protected, but not everyone in a high position is protecting them are they? Is this not better than nothing at all. If the PJ open up the case and work with the yard with no interference, from the Maccanns is this not good. And in the middle of it we have the libel trial so thing are not looking good for all the lies, or am I wrong. (Please anyone answers) If the UK govenment want to spend money to catch the Maccanns that is good enough for me

  15. Just say Scotland yard solve this and the Maccanns are caught out, I am not saying they will but maybe, it will look terrible for the PJ they will really be the blundering cops the UK media made them out to be.
    Portugal should have done this 3 years ago this case should not have been shelved Mr Amaral should not have been taken off the investigation. Portugal looks like the UK cops are taking it out of your hands are you really going to allow this to happen.

  16. Last night's Late Show on RTE was quite interesting. At one point Kate refers to seeing the open window / shutters on the fateful night. She says "I'm not lying about that!"

    Kate, you didn't lie there but where did you lie?

    See bottom link and slide play button to approx. 1:39.10


    Angelo Del Montello

  17. I heard an interview on the radio by a British child protection officer, who was once a British police officer. He said that any investigation that takes place, will be lead by the Portuguese police assisted by the Met.

    I believe yesterday was not a good day for the McCanns. They only wanted a review, they didn't want the Met to get involved with any investigation, because the Met are the ones who told the PJ they should not have accepted the McCanns word that Madeleine was abducted, until there was proof she was. The Met also advised the PJ to make the McCanns suspects.

    David Cameron and his wife must have been really upset and disgusted to listen to Gerry McCann bring their little boy Ivor into one of their television interviews on Madeleine's birthday.

    The McCanns were telling the interviewee, how in the past, they had asked for help from David Cameron as well as the Home Secretary. Gerry McCann with a smirk on his face said "He knows what it's like to lose a child"

    I was horrified when I heard him say that. Ivor was a much loved and cared for little boy by his mummy and daddy. The Camerons lost Ivor because he had a serious illness. The McCanns lost Madeleine, because of their bad behaviour and no one can say anything different. Well they can but deep down inside they know it is true.

  18. This is simply outrageous and this is NOT the re-opening of the case (merely a review) which ONLY the Portufguese can do so I am not entirely sure of whats going on here.I am gobsmacked,honnestly gobsmacked
    In any case,what about ALL THE OTHER CASES of really kidnapped children? Has the UK ever given funds to the parents?
    The IN-justice carries on .... it is really GREAT time to throw yourselves in the streets in the UK.The Camerons govt has funds for that pair of criminals but is sacking nurses and doctors cutting on education???? Pass the sick bucket

  19. I think Mr Cameron has put the parents between a rock and hard place now; there will be questions that must be answered properly and not evasively.
    This is UK taxpayers money, Portugal has used up huge amounts of their own tax payers money, they are in charge of any investigation, but they were in an unenviable position diplomatically, now they are not.
    I think the true story will soon be out.

  20. http://www.journalism.co.uk/news-commentary/-freedom-of-the-press-is-something-you-have-to-learn-/s6/a543963/
    last paragraph taken from an article on press freedom:
    "You have to learn to tell the truth, learn to write down facts that are different to those you once assumed, learn to note down opinions that are also new in the world of the journalist, and learn not to be afraid of giving your mental opponents a podium from which to speak. Only then can you call yourself a representative of the free press".
    In the UK so called 'free press' is not allowed because no article to represent other facts about the mccann case can ever see light of day. The journalists are pussy-footing and kowtowing and bending backwards to oblige else the little toys will fly out of the cot.

  21. All this so called 'review' business was dreamed up by the McCanns spin machine after the suggestions, even being made by their own lawyer in court, that the case should be reopened. Gerry McCann was in shock, what to do, what to do, the last thing they can possibly afford is a reopening, so the McSpinners came out with the word 'review', and have been going on about it ever since.

    They are running scared, always playing distracting games. Now they have to distract from the book Dr Amaral will release in the UK. They have to make it look like they have the whole of the Government and UK police believing them, and not Dr Amaral. They have been losing their rich supporters, yet they have to keep plugging away at keeping the public from learning the truth of the investigation and the opinion of those that worked on the case that Madeleine is dead.

    I think the McCanns are going to get more than they bargained for, yet they will have to carry on making out they are supporting it. Anything that Gerry McCann can't be in absolute control of is not good news for him, and this wont be. They are probably regretting it already. Oh, to see their faces if the Portuguese turn round and say they will reopen the case.

  22. Duncan Campbell is an excellent investigative journalist, but even he is not up to speed on what's going on here. He has been truly taken in by the spin. Come on Duncan, do what you do best; read the McCann PJ files and see for yourself ehat's been going on. Don't be spood fed. Check out the reasons the FSS may have been disbanded and look at the former board members and their links.

  23. So much for helping all missing children, it has always been I-me-I, no matter how much money is in the fund.

    It is money well spent though if it throws these 2 sorry a$$es in jail.

  24. boy are'nt the mccanns costing people a lot of money,when it was them who "lost" Madeleine,HOPE THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE THE REMAINING MADELEINE FUND MONEY TO A REAL CHARITY NOW LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD.as if the police are going to do this it will be for FREE.ANY BETS:-))

  25. oh what a tangled mess we weave

    when we set out to deceive

  26. AS many have said, what about the fund money??? The McCanns are cashing in loads of money from the book, donations, etc., why isn't the fund used to pay for the inqury???
    British tax-payers protest, now!
    Families of other missing british people, demand the same response from the government and from the MET!
    What makes the McCanns so special?!

  27. I wonder who "twisted" Cameron's arm (not to say another part of the male anatomy...) into doing this...? Why such a swift and most unusual response? I bet there are lots of other families of missing people who have written to Blair, Brown and Cameron and are still waiting for a response. It seems that whoever has been "protecting" still has the power and is in a position to keep doing it and put the PM under pressure, independantly of which party is in power...it's not a Labour "thing" only.

  28. I am staggered - this is incredible.

    How can this possibly be justified?

    The McCann fund must at least be frozen surely - as this is claimed to be for 'finding' Madeleine - a known to be dead child!

    It is not worth this amount of money even to throw the McCann's into jail where they belong.

  29. "8,

    Thank you, from a 48 year old portuguese woman, who has always loved everything british, and has sadly felt that love fade away somewhat over the past 4 years...people like you reassure me that I haven't been wrong in my affections all my life!

  30. A review could take years?

    The McCanns must be laughing their heads off. They have just been given exactly what they want, yet again, plus several more years of breathing space.

    I wonder how the families of other missing kids feel seeing the McCanns getting special treatment yet again. Exactly how much pull does this pair have? They have never been cleared as suspects in their own child's murder and yet they are given endless support and government/tax payers money to keep getting away with it.

    I'm beginning to think these people will never get charged.

  31. #12 wrote:
    "I don't think this 'review' is going to make any difference whatsoever"

    It can make a lot of difference, if the McCanns will somehow get their hands on the undisclosed portuguese police files! The PJ will be left with nothing to use in a possible future legal action.
    I read some news about the MET not being reliable, riddled with corruption and blundered investigations. How can one be sure there aren't some "McCmoles" inside the MET...?

  32. How can anybody still believe that there will be justice for the little girl by those in power?

    Have you not learned anything in the past 4 years? They are asking their best experts in cover-ups to do a "review". Those that David Payne phoned on May 4th.

    And people still cling to the hope the name "Scotland Yard" still gives them. Wakey wakey....

  33. If the Scotland Yard gets this investigation, the only thing they got to do is to read the official PJ conclusions, and look for those facts written among the 30.000 pages.
    Which one of you can send them Amaral's video, that you can find on Joana's?
    And send it to Cameron? And to his wife?
    I hope these 3.5 million, which will never be used, of course, will irritate the British population.

    Cameron knows his son, disable or not, will have no future, he will never take part of life again.

    The right that Madeleine had to live and to have a future was taken from her.
    Not by life itself, by God, and that is what happened to Cameron's son, but by her parents.

    The little boy was taken Nature, the McCanns got rid of Maddie.

  34. http://www.rte.ie/player/#v=1098327

    GM @ 1.43 secs: When the dogs came that was actually something that happened at our request because we wanted a more thorough search and the NPIA recommended these dogs and basically.

    So the world is told that the McCanns requested that Eddie and Keela be brought over? WT?!

  35. :j JUST AS WELL...

    For I think the compensation figure Kat & Jerry will have to pay Dr. Amaral will bankrupt their Limited Company Fund.

    Wait...Amaral has only won the first round (on decision). So far so good but...

    Now, with the full force of one of the most hegemonic (nearly wrote demonic!) nations on the planet behind the Macs...think Macaroon! Sorry! I meant Cameron!.. Amaral's freedom of speech might again be curtailed and his life and family completely ruined... well, it is already a shambles...

    This is why you will not see "the book to end all books" (Amaral's) until all dust has settled. Amaral will (if he can) fire his "atomic missiles" only after he has finally walked out as a free man. Last time I saw him on the local he was reading "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.

    I have no doubt that the case will go the European courts and the British government will then apply all influence it can very much as it is doing now. It is complicated...

    For all we know, the Portuguese government might (like a good old Judas) be willing to sell one of his dedicated sons in exchange for some help with the economy - to be paid for at a later date at inflated interest rates...

    It is called " cowering"" - the very same submissive posture male monkeys will adopt in the presence of others they deem more powerful...

    :o "Scratch my back NOW "geese"! Meeh "ukgb" top monkey!"


  36. It should not be a matter of their compliance or not. What choice do they have in such a serious case where a child has disappeared and the parents do not take any responsibility bar trampling on people who had legitimate 48 and more reasons to question them. Why should they have a choice to return to Portugal for a reconstruction, why? Take them back kicking and screaming!! They went on holiday and returned, back in the UK, without the fifth family member, missing and presumed dead. Someone has to make them understand that they are responsible for the child wether they want to believe it or not. They are going around with their same story they have learnt, so glib, and four years later the rest of the country are still just hanging on their lips, paying hard earned money to the fund. Who is going to investigate the fund, mr cameron? Is that alright with you that the only family known in history can do what they like, when they like and how they like and we are looking on, we can't believe our eyes and ears. Is this called free range politics?

  37. Hi, I don't want to tread on anyone's toes, but if Joana doesn't mind, here's my translation of the 2-minute newsc lip I've just seen on SIC.

    Voiceover: "Information that Scotland Yard will be reviewing all the information the Maddie case caught Gonçalo Amaral halfway between Spain and Portugal. Upon his return to the Algarve, the former investigation coordinator, who was removed from the case in October 2007 by the heads of the PJ, says that the involvement of the Metropolitan Police is good news because although the case was shelved, there is still a lot to be investigated. “

    GA: ”They (SY) should read the report, all the reports, by the private detectives working for the MCCanns, for many reasons – to discover what clues they contain, and what type of information, and to find out what they have been doing because they have been using up a fund of millions of pounds for four years [ didn't quite understand, not sure if he says the word “defrauded” ] from taxpayers and many of the people who believed in this fund“

    Voiceover: “Gonçalo Amaral hopes that the British authorities won’t be restricted to just analysing the sightings which are in the file, but that they will also concentrate on, for example, what happened to Maddie’s blanket, and that they formally and finally open a case in the UK, since up until now all they have done is to collaborate with the Portuguese investigation”

    GA: “This case is registered in England, namely by the British authorities, as a mere disappearance, not as a child abduction, and the issue here is that we are looking at either a false allegation of abduction of an actual abduction, that’s the big question and that’s what needs to be clarified, via an in-depth review of what has been done and by doing what hasn’t yet been done, namely … and using all the information, whether it’s from the private detectives or all the sightings which later occurred, but based on the case.”

    Voiceover:”Amaral says that if the help of Scotland Yard serves to reopen the case in Portugal, the first thing which should be done is the reconstruction of the night of the disappearance, to which Kate and Gerry never agreed. The British authorities’ desire to once again focus on the case came from the British PM himself, and happened the day after Kate launched a book in which she doesn’t hold back from criticising the Portuguese investigation. The book will shortly have another one vying for attention. Gonçalo Amaral has already finished writing his second book about the case.


  38. This is the McCann’s end game; they have been successful in turning the whole thing around.
    I hover always been of the opinion that The Portuguese authorities have not exercised their duty of care to the child Madeleine and that they should have been proactive and issued an arrest warrant for the McCann’s
    But as Portugal has consistently not responded to the McCann vitriolic attacks on its police force, individuals and society in general, the opportunity to bring Justice for a little girl has slipped through the hands of the Portuguese justice system.
    The McCann’s are now not only laughing at all of Portugal they are being viewed as victims of Portuguese incompetence rather than the despicable persons and disgusting parents that they are
    Who now will bring Justice to an innocent child not Portugal that is for sure?
    Letter from Iberia

  39. #31

    I meant in terms of solving the case. I agree with what you are saying, 'corruption' is the name of the game.

    Sadly, the McCanns will continue to get away with whatever it is they've done - be it neglect or something more sinister.

    This so-called review is just a 'formality' to clear their names and silence the critics both in the UK and Portugal for ever.

    Wish I felt different about it, would love to feel hopeful like some of you but after all that's happened in the last four years (heavy government involvement, nobody even mentioning the obvious neglect, the press falling over themselves to protect them, etc) I can't. It would be naive.


  40. This is the McCann’s end game; they have been successful in turning the whole thing around.
    I have always been of the opinion that The Portuguese authorities have not exercised their duty of care to the child Madeleine and that they should have been proactive and issued an arrest warrant for the McCann’s
    But as Portugal has consistently not responded to the McCann vitriolic attacks on its police force, individuals and society in general, the opportunity to bring Justice for a little girl has slipped through the hands of the Portuguese justice system.
    The McCann’s are now not only laughing at all of Portugal they are being viewed as victims of Portuguese incompetence rather than the despicable persons and disgusting parents that they are
    Who now will bring Justice to an innocent child not Portugal that is for sure?
    Letter from Iberia

  41. 37 obrigada, posso usar aqui no blog, no próximo post? :D

  42. Anonymous 40. It is called turning the other cheek and it is not a weakness! If you just look at the quiet way in which Dr Amaral has conducted himself over the last for years I would say that he is without a doubt smart, patient and abiding his time. These two empty vessels, jerry and tomkate, who have never stopped playing the victim are not a patch against this great man. They will long be remembered for the abominal way in which they are treating the beautiful Portuguese people, with such absolute disrespect and contempt, they should be stripped of their titles.

  43. The Liverpool Echo is allowing comments !


  44. I am really wondering if this for real or is this an other spin????
    WHY would the UK pay out when they KNOW the mccanns can ask for the RE-OPENING for FREE????
    Whats going on?
    I WANT to see a communication from Scotland Yard and then I will believe it...to my disbelief

  45. Amazing! The McCann’s stamp their feet & shout, ‘Jump’ and the UK Prime Minister, asks ‘How high?’ Are they special in some way that is yet to be revealed? The round-the-clock TV & press coverage is more full-on than the royal wedding.

    Other families have not had a fraction of the assistance afforded to the McCann’s but they’re still complaining - apparently the proposed review is not exactly what they had in mind. They condemn all and sundry but deny any responsibility themselves, still clinging to the silly ‘dining in the garden’ excuse.

    David Cameron needs to explain why he thinks the circumstances of Maddie’s disappearance is more “exceptional” than, say, Ben Needham, or any other child because the taxpayer now has to fork out £3.5m for a review even though these parents refused to cooperate with the original police inquiry. It will be interesting to see how far Scotland Yard get with the Tapas 9.

    I wonder what the scope of this review actually is? Given it is to be funded by the taxpayer, the public have a right to know.

  46. I think the ONLY thing which is relevant in that massive spin is:
    "Home Secretary Theresa May" spokesman confirmed that the Portuguese authorities will retain “lead responsibility.”

    THIS should have been in the first line of the article from Liverpool Echo NOT the last bit.
    Now any delirious comments from the mccshite over this fantastic news¿
    WHY is it the mccann woman"s mother who has to answer questions about this? cant the Queen of the Lies herself say she is happy?

    I dont think the mccanns are happy at all because they might be in the spotlight and this time....but still I dont hold my breath

  47. any one think that david cameron knows that the mccanns can request the re-opening, and that it would not cost the goverment a penny.or is this all to do with a WHITE WASH and thats why he is poking his nose into police biusness.

  48. If this reveiw goes ahead and the met do the job as it should be done,then the mccanns are F*****, also why the reveiw is going on the mccanns fund should be frozen after all they were arguido's and could be again and i wouldnt like to think they could salt the money away for a rainy day.

  49. Sometimes I feel I am on another planet to our British Media - I am totally gobsmacked at that interview with Clarence Mitchell - it was conducted as if the abduction story is the only one being considered and as if the McCanns are innocent - what`s up with these interviewers? They had a golden opportunity when the subject of `co-operation` came up - why didn`t they mention about the McCann`s `co-operating` as well? Why didn`t they talk about the McCann`s and the Tapas 7 having to be re-interviewed and the reconstruction having to be done? It makes me lose total faith in these spineless interviewers - they couldn`t be more biased. Its absolutely despicable.

    And the last thing that should happen is that the McCann P.I.s should be allowed any access to any of the police files as this information will be directed straight to the McCanns.

  50. This is smelling very bad. Why Cameron allocate so much money to a single case? If I was the relative of one of the other persons that still missing in Uk, I will feel insulted and abused by the government of my country. What makes Madeleine different then any other British missing person? I believe is not the ridiculous letter sent by Kate and Gerry, via The Sun.
    The Mccann's will be forced to do the reconstruction under PJ supervision or they are going to negociate with SY a kind of soft reconstruction, fake and pre-agreed? The review did not start yet and seems that the Mccann's, via Mitchell, are already passing the message of a certain control of the steps the police have to do. What a shame. I never saw that pantomina in any other country.
    Probabilities spoke by themselves. Normally most of the disappearences of young childs are a murder caused by one or both of their parents.
    That review, smell too much a way to wash evidences from the PJ files and solve the case with Madeleine abducted by a death paedo or by a Paedo already in prison. Both not able to denny or defend themselves.
    Britain could not go more low in a time when to combat the terrorism, cooperation between countries is a most.
    We know, the reports about Iraq were manipulated to allow an invasion and a war that is a shame for anybody with a pinch of intelligence. They have done it one time, they have no fears to repeat something similar with Madeleine.
    Mr. Cameron, You manage to trough yourself inside the lions mouth. Is not anymore, PJ who will be analised by the world, it is you and the team you allocate to help with investigation. I
    I really don't understand why they need 3,5 m. to pay salaries. Are they going to employ new people or use the staff from SY which salaries are already payed by public taxes? If they are going to employ new people, wonder which experience they have and how easy will be to manipulate that team. Then, the British government is going to hire private detectives and call them SY just to review Madeleine case?
    In Anorak I read that the dogs Eddie and Keela, still working for the police and earn much more money then their instructors, every time their services were requested. If that is true, why the British media foolish the public with false news of the dogs being dismissed from the police? If they were dismissed, why not all cases where the dogs were been involved, became reanalised? People were charged due the work of the dogs. They deserve the same oportunity of innocence gave to the Mccann's. After all, the victims have no rights and they are minor pieces inside the justice games. That is the only message to retain from the all circus.

  51. Is Cameron Allocaiting the same amount for Ben Needlan? What is the difference between Ben Needlan and Madeleine? Don't tell me that the pain of Kate is more intense and more difficult to deal with, then the pain of Ben Needlan mother.
    The British have to ask their PM what was the criteria behinh such step on Madeleine case, leaving others behind.
    Instead of spending such money, why not only send to Portugal the material PJ requested to help their investigation? Will be more cheap and more accurate.

  52. If this review is indeed legitimate and conducted without interference from the McCann team. It will be interesting or perhaps the better word is amusing, to see what evidence the McCann, so called, private investigators will present to Scotland Yard.

    The Portuguese police have stated that they have not been informed of this latest endeavour by Scotland Yard. They have even stated that contact between the English and Portuguese police has been sporadic and of an informal nature. And here you have the snake oil salesman Mitchell saying that "all the signs are that an agreement has been reached at the police level. Mr. Mitchell is quite anxious that the McCann team know at all times what investigative work is being done by the British and Portuguese authorities, most criminals would be. And of course what better way to know what's going on than the authorities feeding information to the McCann pseudo investigators, Mr. Mitchell not only thinks this is necessary, he believes it's critical. Now, why would that be? The criminals "need to see everything." Has this ever happened in the history of criminal investigations?

  53. Weren't they gonna sell their house, and the family would sell their houses, that would at least get some burden of the shoulders of tax payers.

    Oh stupid me, our sociopaths find everyone else has to pay for their stupidities, after all it was their vacation too.

  54. quote Last night's Late Show on RTE was quite interesting. At one point Kate refers to seeing the open window / shutters on the fateful night. She says "I'm not lying about that!"unquote

    Very interesting indeed, especially with the emphasis on THAT.

    Apart from the fact that these two cause an immediate nausea in me, I have a hard time understanding Kate. She really needs some more speech classes, while Gerry is almost there not scratching noses and pulling ears.

    Man these two are great for demonstrations "telltale signs you're lying".

  55. Review but NOT reopen the case.

    The whole point of this exercise is to enable the Mccanns at long last to get their hands on every bit of information that the Portugese police have in their hands against them.
    This would enable them to prepare a defence in the event that one day they are charged.
    Its time for Amaral to visit Britain.

  56. The "I'm not lying about that!" quote is very interesting.

    Subconsciously Kate reveals that she is lying about something and she is trying to emphasise that this point about the shutters is not a lie.

    Also from the RTE interview, Gerry claims that "we" requested the dogs as advised by the NPIA. The dogs are blood and cadaver dogs used to find dead bodies or human remains. So again, Gerry trys to give the impression that he is in control of the investigation. The dogs were requested by Mark Harrison after a request by the PJ to review the search as it switched from looking for a child alive to a dead body.


    Guerra at 52 "If this review is indeed legitimate and conducted without interference from the McCann team."

    Interesting to note you have sensed the move as well, but you may have missed an important detail... well... I doubt that :d

    My perception is the McCanns, Mitchel & Freud Communications having failed to destroy Amaral - who in the public's eye persists as an index finger pointed at the McCanns' pecadillo... opted here for a very clever move, which was to have the British PM endorsing a revision of the case by the legendary "Dad's Army".

    Because of the prestige Scotland Yard still has... due not to its excellence - SY is as efficient or mediocre as the rest, but to the imaginative, opium induced writings of Conan Doyle... the McCanns and their associates hope the conclusions Scotland Yard will reach will be distorted by their own (shared) sense of cultural supremacy thus effectively nullifying the impact Amaral's theory has had on public opinion worldwide.

    The move can ONLY be understood in terms of British ideology and its enduring claim to world hegemony.

    Portugal in their eyes remains a semi-colony of Britain (Port wine, etc.). The aim dear Guerra, is not to find Madeleine but to find "errors" that will label the Portuguese investigation a farce.

    This, assuming the Portuguese fall into the trap... will dramatically improve the McCanns' public image and of course, add to Portugal's image as incompetent - all the more credible now after the complete crash of its economy. Welcome to the European Union! "You take some money from us first and then you pay for that and the rest. Deal? Deal!"

    The intervention of the British PM was therefore not - as the "toffee" PM says, on the grounds of compassion but on the grounds of ideology.

    Cameron is the "toffee" High Priest of British ideology and cultural supremacy (cough) and the McCanns as doctors stand as untouchable symbols of that.

    The role of doctor always carries a high status in any ideology perhaps because they are supposed to save lives which let's face it they occasionally do ... if we forget the excessive number of times they actually aggravate their patients' condition by prescribing drugs and substances which are completely alien to the human body evolutionary metabolism.

    Drugs which alleviate symptoms but aggravate the condition and in the end might kill you - as indeed could have happen with Madeleine...remember those photographs? those tablets lying on that table? Never mind the Calpol, think benzodiazepines...

    In sum: as "superior" British citizens (doctors) high up in the hierarchy of their own ideology, the McCanns must be protected from any accusations, any "stupidity" imposed on them by other "inferior" cultures. It is that simple. Truth and justice do not come into it. It is as an excuse. An accessory. PR at its very best. Think Clarence Mitchell!

    Will public opinion swallow it? Of course! At least until Amaral comes up with a more credible insider's view. That will have to wait until a third revised edition. He must be having a field day working on the second!

    Your comments are otherwise (as usual) very perceptive. I thought I would just clarify or elaborate upon this angle.

    An Old Man from Restelo
    A friend at your service...

  58. #56 said: "In sum: as "superior" British citizens (doctors) high up in the hierarchy of their own ideology, the McCanns must be protected from any accusations, any "stupidity" imposed on them by other "inferior" cultures. It is that simple. Truth and justice do not come into it. It is as an excuse. An accessory. PR at its very best. Think Clarence Mitchell!"

    I fear you are spot on.

    The McCanns must be absolutely sure that nothing against them will come out of this 'review'. They know they are safe, otherwise why take risks? They don't need the money, as a consultant Gerry will be earning a very good wage.

    I feel sorry for Amaral, I don't think he'll get the justice he and many others crave. Have you noticed how he's changed his look recently (new glasses, earring, hair style)? I see that as an attempt to be viewed differently by the UK now that this review is going to turn the spotlight to Portugal again.

    Sadly, I don't think it will make any difference. Amaral and the PJ are stuck with a bad reputation simply for being Portuguese, and therefore perceived to be 'inferior' (PIGS and all that...).

  59. "The aim dear Guerra, is not to find Madeleine but to find "errors" that will label the Portuguese investigation a farce"

    quoted from comment 56 - yes, exactly imo, this is the reason this investigation by SY is taking place: the British are using this as an opportunity to destroy the reputation of the Portuguese investigators.

    Let us trust the expertise of the investigators in Portugal together with Dr Amaral's findings and that they take the lead here with no interference from anyone. As much as tom and jerry would like to elbow their way in here with their spin man, you know, 'to be honest' the famous words, nobody has told them they are not the big deals they wpould like to be

  60. Old Man from Restelo, I've followed this farce long enough to be suspicious of any move on the part of the English to ostensibly solve this case. How can you not be suspicious? Why did Mr. Cameron, whom Mr. Clarence Mitchell has worked for, respond to the McCanns' request through the Sun newspaper? Why was this announcement made when the McCanns were about to launch their book? The whole affair reeks of an elaborate PR scheme. Alarm bells should go off in your head when you hear characters like this Lord Harris make remarks such as: "I don't believe our police can investigate the Portuguese police." Or when members of the McCann team declare that it is important to find out what errors were made. This Lord Harris is supposedly worried that the move by Mr. Cameron has compromised the independence of Scotland Yard, however, as to the independence of the Portuguese police, he couldn't care less.

    In following this case one cannot but think that many Britons view this case, much like the McCann couple, as an assault on their image and not about a missing child. Portugal should wipe their hands clean of this whole affair. Portugal does not have access to the missing information needed to solve this case nor does it have access to the suspects. The missing information and suspects are in England's domain. If the English upper class wish to continue in this campaign to dupe their citizens and the world, so be it. I wouldn't lose sleep over it, because I know there are many intelligent people around the world that have seen through this charade. And to these people England is damaging itself.

  61. Clarence Mitchell ran the Media Monitoring Unit for The Conservative Party during the recent 2010 General Election campaign.

    He used to work for Freud Communications before joining Lewis PR.

    Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch. She is now on News Corp board.

    And there is a connection to Rebekah Wade, who was editor of the Sun and is now Chief Executive for News International.


  62. Firstly Kate lied 'again' on the Piers Morgan show by saying the shutters were jemmied open. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows this is not the case.

    Secondly Gerry did not call in the EVRD dogs at all. And we're supposed to believe the lies that these so called doctors tell us on TV.

    What the devil is going on in the UK ? Kate and Gerry must have something on someone High Up in Politics.

    And in any event Jenny Jones from the Met did not like this idea at all. Let's wait and see what happens during this week when they have their meeting with the Chief of the Met.


  63. IMO by writing a book 4 years after kate and company show that they were losing their big fight against the internet.Now i think their next big fight will be among themselves.It may have already started

  64. I know there is some sensational work being done (including this blog) by a relatively small number of anti-McCann justice fighters.

    But, why am I not seeing campaigns and petitions galore on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter?

    And where are the investigative journalists for heavens sake? - this is fast turning out to be one of the biggest 'whitewashes' of our time, but I don't see anyone with the balls to take the fight to Mitchell and the Murdoch etc (Goncala Amaral apart).

    There is a captive audience out there...

    ...every man, woman and their dog thinks there is something "not right" about the McCanns and could easily be won over if they were fed the facts!


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