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Madeleine McCann witnesses asked to relive night she disappeared

The Tapas 9

by James Murray

KEY witnesses in and around the Ocean Club resort complex when Madeleine McCann disappeared should be asked to take part in a re‑enactment to help the Scotland Yard hunt for the child.

Former Yard Commander Dai ­Davies believes a controversial reconstruction with Kate and Gerry McCann, their holiday friends and others could be vital in encouraging new witnesses to come forward.

When top Portuguese detective Paulo Rebelo took over the case he was frustrated at not being able to stage a reconstruction as he believed it could provide a breakthrough.

However, at that time there were strains in the relationship with the McCanns, the so-called Tapas Seven and Portuguese police and there was suspicion about the motives of such an exercise.

Mr Davies, head of royal protection at the Yard and now a respected ­security consultant, said: “I believe a reconstruction should be one of the ideas on the table and it should be seriously considered, although it would obviously have to be handled very gently and diplomatically.

“Reconstructions screened on Crimewatch many, many years after serious crimes have been crucial in solving complex and difficult inquiries. If the reconstruction was screened across Europe it may inspire someone to come forward with crucial information.”

Jane Tanner, the friend of the McCanns who claimed she saw a man carrying a child near apartment 5a of the complex at Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve on May 3, 2007, days before Madeleine’s fourth birthday, has already taken part in a partial reconstruction for a TV ­documentary.

Another crucial witness is Irishman Martin Smith, who also saw a man carrying a child in his arms later in the evening.

Mr Davies said: “As well as these important witnesses it would be useful to seek the cooperation of others who were working at the tapas bar.

“With the close involvement of the Yard and cooperation with all the important witnesses and an agreement for a filmed version to be screened on Crimewatch and its ­Portuguese equivalent, I believe a reconstruction would be very useful. I also think the Yard should conduct a ­thorough overhaul of all the forensic evidence as something may have been missed and they should trawl over the crucial witnesses to see if a line of inquiry was not pursued.

“A lot of photofits have been ­produced over the years and the team will be anxious to try to identify those people.” John O’Connor, former head of the Yard’s Flying Squad, said: “They are lucky in that there is already a mountain of evidence to go through and analyse and they are very good at that. They are very good at concentrating on the really important leads and how they were pursued.”

Although the Portuguese police publicly released scores of files on the case, they withheld documents with details of British people living in the area with criminal records for sex offences.

That information will now come under the microscope of the Yard’s elite Homicide and Serious Crime Command unit.

Det Chief Insp Andy Redwood will lead the team and he will be reporting to Det Chief Supt Hamish Campbell, Operational Command Unit commander. The senior officer in overall charge is ­Commander Simon Foy.

Mr Campbell is used to handling difficult, high profile cases as he was responsible for investigating the ­murder of BBC news presenter Jill Dando and is known for his attention to detail and his tenacity.

It is expected DCI Redwood will at times have 10 officers working for him and he will split them up into groups concentrating on different aspects of the case.

He is expected to travel to Portugal later in the month with a small team to liaise with ­detectives in Lisbon and Portimao, some 20 miles from Luz. Portuguese police are still the lead force in the investigation.

In her book, Madeleine, published last week, Kate McCann, 43, revealed the existence of a note in the Ocean Club staff message book saying that the families were leaving their ­children behind each night.

She said: “I was dismayed. This was a glaring light to a child taker and yet no mention is made of it in the files until December 2007. December 2007! Seven months after Madeleine’s abduction! I could only conclude that its relevance had not been appreciated by the police.”

One avenue the officers will explore is whether sightings of Madeleine were taken seriously and properly examined. Last week an elderly woman contacted the Sunday Express to say she saw Madeleine at the Spanish coastal town of Torrevieja, near Murcia, the day after the kidnapping.

The woman, aged 81, said she and her husband saw a girl with a suspicious looking man near some shops. She said: “It was definitely Madeleine because I recognised the mark in her eye. I went to the police there and I have been to British police but I don’t believe the sighting was properly investigated.”

We have passed on details of this incident to private investigators ­working for the McCanns.

Last week we revealed that ­German youth worker Martin N, who is being questioned about a spate of child murders across Europe, will be asked if he was in Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished.

German police say he has ­confessed to one child murder and will be questioned about some 40 sex attacks.

in The Express, May 15, 2011

So when was Yard help offered?

HOME Secretary Theresa May is under pressure to explain exactly when Portuguese detectives made their offer to work with Scotland Yard.

Writing to Metropolitan Police chief Sir Paul Stephenson, Mrs May told him: “Following discussions between our Ambassador in Lisbon and the Portuguese Judicial Police, the Government received an offer of co-operation with the police here.” The meeting is crucial because it paved the way for Mrs May to request the assistance of the Yard.

However, the Sunday Express can disclose that Britain does not have an ambassador working in Portugal after Alexander Ellis was transferred at the end of last year.

In January, the Foreign Office announced that Joanna Kuenssberg O’Sullivan had taken over as Charge d’Affaires until a new ambassador was appointed. The following month it was announced that Jill Gallard had been appointed Ambassador to Portugal, but she will not take up her post until July.

Home Office officials were unable to explain whether it was Mr Ellis who had met with the Portuguese police, and if so when this took place.

“We are unable to check this sort of detail on a weekend,” said a Home Office official. “We don’t want to get drawn into who met who and when.”

in The Express, May 15 2011

Kate and Gerry McCann will not return to Portugal for Madeleine reconstruction

Kate and Gerry McCann have decided not to return to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of events on the night Madeleine went missing.

The couple believe a re-enactment will do "absolutely nothing" to help find their daughter, who was three when she vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Mr and Mrs McCann, who are arguidos or suspects in their daughter's disappearance, had been asked by Portuguese police to return to the Algarve along with the seven friends on holiday with them at the time.

Detectives wanted to stage a reconstruction at the Ocean Club complex where the McCanns were dining, leaving Madeleine and her younger siblings in the unlocked apartment nearby. But the couple, from Rothley in Leicestershire, have decided not to go back.

A source close to the McCanns said: "There are no plans for Kate and Gerry and their friends to return to Portugal. They have all indicated their intentions to the police.

"The reconstruction will only take place if Kate and Gerry and their friends agree to take part. If they don’t agree it will not happen.

"Kate and Gerry have had grave reservations about the value of it. If the reconstruction was going to help Madeleine, nothing in the world would stop them taking part.

"But Kate and Gerry and their friends cannot see the point of all the disruption it would cause to their busy work schedules and families if, as they believe, it will do absolutely nothing to help find Madeleine."

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said yesterday: "Kate and Gerry and their friends remain committed to doing anything to help find Madeleine.

"I don’t want to comment on what they have told police but, if they do not return to Portugal, it is because they feel it offers no value and no assistance in finding Madeleine."

Mr Mitchell said that if the reconstruction was televised with the chance of bringing in new leads the McCanns and their friends would agree to do it.

He went on: "They would welcome a Crimewatch-style reconstruction which is properly broadcast for millions of people to see and could generate important new leads and fresh information."

But Portuguese police said they did not want the reconstruction to be filmed.

in The Telegraph May 27, 2008

«(...) E – About the Interest of the Reconstitution

Taking into account that there were certain points in the arguidos’ and witnesses’ statements that revealed, apparently at least, contradiction or that lacked physical confirmation, it was decided to carry out the “reconstitution of the fact”, a diligence that is consecrated in article 150 of the Penal Process Code in the sense of duly clarifying, on the very location of the facts, the following very important details, among others:

1 – The physical, real and effective proximity between Jane Tanner, Gerald McCann and Jeremy Wilkins, at the moment when the first person walked by them, and which coincided with the sighting of the supposed suspect, carrying a child. It results, in our perspective, strange that neither Gerald McCann nor Jeremy Wilkins saw her, or the alleged abductor, despite the exiguity of the space and the peacefulness of the area;

2 – The situation concerning the window to the bedroom where Madeleine slept, together with the twins, which was open, according to Kate. It seemed then necessary to clarify if there was a draught, since movement of the curtains and pressure under the bedroom door are mentioned, which, eventually, could be verified through the reconstitution;

3 – The establishment of a timeline and of a line of effective checking on the minors that were left alone in the apartments, given that, if it is believed that such checking was as tight as the witnesses and the arguidos describe it, it would be, at least, very difficult to reunite conditions for the introduction of an abductor in the residence and the posterior exit of said abductor, with the child, namely through a window with scarce space. It is added that the supposed abductor could only pass, through that window, holding the minor in a different position (vertical) from the one that witness JANE TANNER saw (horizontal);

4 – What happened during the time lapse between approximately 6.45/7 p.m. – the time at which MADELEINE was seen for the last time, in her apartment, by a different person (David Payne) from her parents or siblings – and the time at which the disappearance is reported by Kate Healy – at around 10 p.m.;

5 – The obvious and well-known advantages of immediate appreciation of evidence, or in other words, the fulfilment of the principle of contiguity of evidence in order to form a conviction, as firm as possible, about what was seen by Jane Tanner and the other interposers, and, eventually, to dismiss once and for all any doubts that may subsist concerning the innocence of the missing [child’s] parents.

In this sense, the legal procedures were followed, according to the norms and conventions that are in force, and the appearance of the witnesses was requested, inviting them to be present inclusively appealing to solidarity with the McCann couple, as it is certain that since the beginning they adhered to that process diligence.

Nevertheless, despite national authorities assuming all measures to render their trip to Portugal viable, for unknown motives, after the many doubts that they raised about the necessity and opportunity of their trip were clarified several times, they chose not to attend, which rendered the diligence inviable.

We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified." (...)»

in Process 201/07.0 GALGS - Volume XVII - pages 4636-4638 (Public Prosecutor's Archiving Dispatch))

«(...) All of the group’s members including the McCann couple were questioned several times, at length and in detail, in order to collect the greatest possible number of relevant details that could assist the investigation in discovering the truth of the facts.

From the analysis of the total of depositions that were made, the existence of important details that were not fully understood and integrated became evident; details that would need to be tested and tried on location, in order to establish the apparent failures to meet and lacks of synchrony, even divergences, in a suitable diligence, which was not possible to perform despite the commitment that was displayed by the Public Ministry and by the PJ to fulfil that purpose, as we will see in closer detail, further ahead.(...)»

in The Archiving of the Madeleine McCann Process - Public Ministry Prosecutor Final Dispatch

«(...) Addressing now, and specifically, the question relative to the diligence known as the “reconstitution of the facts” (Article 150º of the Penal Process Code), which was not performed due to the refusal of some of the integral members of the holiday group to return to our country (as documented in the Inquiry), the same would have clarified, duly and in the location of the disappearance, the following extremely important details, amongst others:

The physical, real and effective, proximity between JANE TANNER, GERALD McCANN and JEREMY WILKINS, at the moment when the former passed them, and which coincided with the sighting of the supposed suspect, carrying a child. It results, from our understanding, as unusual that neither GERALD McCANN nor JEREMY WILKINS did not see her, nor the alleged abductor, despite the small dimensions of the space;

The situation that concerns the window of the bedroom where MADELEINE slept, together with the twins, which was open, according to KATE. It would be necessary to clarify whether there was a draft, due to the fact that movement of the curtains and pressure under the bedroom door are mentioned, which would eventually be clarified through the reconstitution.

The establishing of a timeline and of the effective checking of the minors that were left alone inside the apartments, given the fact that, believing that said checking was as tight as the witnesses and the arguidos describe it, it would be, to say the least, very difficult that the conditions were reunited for the introduction of an abductor in the residence and the posterior exit of said individual, with the child, namely through a window with little space. It is added that the supposed abductor could only pass that window holding the minor in a different position (vertical) from the one that was visualized by witness JANE TANNER (horizontal).

. What happened during the time lapse between 5.30 p.m. (the time at which MADELEINE was seen for the last time by a person that differs from her parents or siblings) and the time at which the disappearance is reported by KATE HEALY (at around 10 p.m.)(...)»

in The Judiciary Police Final Report, June 20, 2008

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  1. "Although the Portuguese police publicly released scores of files on the case, they withheld documents with details of British people living in the area with criminal records for sex offences.

    That information will now come under the microscope of the Yard’s elite Homicide and Serious Crime Command unit."

    So this is what the 'review' is going to focus on: details of paedophiles living near the area that they say the PJ allegedly witheld.

    How neat. They get the chance slam the PJ once again and give credit to the McCann's theory of abduction by paedophile all in one go.

    And this is going to cost 3.5m?

    Whitewash... whitewash...whitewash...


  2. I am sick of this nonsense. The McCanns always wanted a televised reconstruction - no doubt because of its theatrical benefits (it doesn't need to be properly documented - which would prove it was impossible for an abduction to take place). They dont want a proper investigation - and I cant stand all this 'sightings' crap again!

    Im sick of the Mcanns!

  3. Anyone going to get the Kate McCann book on line - for free of course, we want it to look for clues as to what she did to Madeleine

  4. Dai ­Davies is soooo right about the re-construction,bet the tapas lot are petrified:-))).lets hope though this is not another white wash.

  5. i will make sure Teresa May has some verifiable information I have gathered, with a copy sent to a reputable journalist...and I know readers will say they are woefully thin on the ground in the UK.
    If nothing comes of it, at least I will have the satisfaction of having done my duty and the knowledge that the recipients know what I know.

  6. @1 the details of the British sex offenders were asked to be kept under wraps by the British authorities http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/01/madeleine-police-files-under-wraps.html

  7. @6 Thanks for clarifying that. Do we know for what purpose?

    And how devious to give the impression that it was the PJ who chose to 'hide' them when in fact they were asked not to divulge them by the british authorities themselves.


  8. I see the article is by James Murray. Not even useful as toilet paper.I'm just angry at myself for wasting 10 minutes of my life reading it.

  9. 1 and 7 yes it was the UK police who got upset that the Portuguese might reveal the paedos. As you say, devious to try to make t sound as it its the portuguese who wanted it hidden - the UK police arent uncovering anything. As you rightly say, smacks of a whitewash of the bloody hateful mcCanns.

  10. ""The reconstruction will only take place if Kate and Gerry and their friends agree to take part. If they don’t agree it will not happen."

    Thanks for reminding us of the unbelievable arrogance of this man and his cohorts. Just who do they think they are? No wonder the McCanns have lost all credibility when they take on such a superior attitude. They would garner more sympathy if they showed some humility and gratitude.

    Is this what they will be saying again when Scotland Yard want them to do a reconstruction? No - it will probably be "We`ve already done one - our own" !!!

  11. Christ, now the McCanns have no choice but going back to Praia da Luz, for the reconstruction.
    I'm sure they will not. Millions of excuses
    They will be invited as witnesses, not as arguidos.And witnesses are obliged to obey, in case of such a serious crime.
    I still don't have any hope this will happen.
    Who knows, Cameron and the McCanns are cheating on us all.
    I hope for a recent photo of Kate and Gerry, after Cameron's decision.
    If Kate is looking worse than she did in her blue dress(close up).

  12. I believe they can be forced to return for a reconstruction as a witness, I even thought as a suspect they could not refuse. If SY whitewash this case then we know that the UK or met is not the force it once was.
    Its such obviously lies, gerry on the late late show said he could open the shutters from outside, I dont think so Gerry, anyway your fingerprints were not found there. Then he stated we asked for the dogs, Again I dont think so Gerry...it was you who rubbished them.
    Their stories change time and time again, surely the Yard will not allow this. There must be one that Gerry cannot manipulate who will stand straight and investigate this case for what it is, a load of lies. They should re anyalise the apartment with the dogs and see what happens, it hasn´t been rented since but soon will be.cavadar stays around for a long time as these dogs have proved. The cs rubbish everyone who may get close to the truth.

  13. Here we go again. Dai Davies a security consultant doesn't impress me if he says that there were suspicions about the motives of a
    PJ reconstruction at the time. Suspicion by whom? Yes that's right THE SUSPECTS of course. Well well, surprise surprise, what would anyone expect. Yes the PJ were professionally doing their job, their duty, as of process, checking whether the McCanns story of events checked out. If it did they would be free of suspicion, but they refused and as the Judicial conclusions said, in effect, failed to prove themselves beyond suspicion.

    So Hamish Campbell is Operational Command Unit Commander and was in charge of the investigation into the murder of Jill Dando. Well they charged the wrong man there, didn't they? He was eventally cleared and the appeals cost the taxpayer a fortune. No I'm not impressed.

    They charged the wrong man in the Jill Dando case, on the flimsiest evidence, a vulnerable man. Wouldn't it be conventient to find that a criminal paedophile was in Praia da Luz at the time to suit the abduction theory, and blame the PJ for missing that (even though the paedos were checked at the time and it was the British who asked the PJ not to publish their names for the sake of anonymity. If this happens we will all know why won't we?

    Firstly any rexconstruction must be supervised by the PJ and must be completely transparent to prove whether a wind draft is possible in the apartment with only one window open; whether the shutters can really be opened from the outside as Gerry says, and whether the colour and design of pyjamas can be seen in the dim Sodium lighting at night as Jane Tanner described. It will not be necessary for the McCanns to be there for that, will it?

  14. "Portuguese police are still the lead force in the investigation"

    This is the only important bit out of the whole lot.
    The mccanns have been playing with fire and they are going to get burnt to the bone marrow.They will be forced to do what the PJ tell them because the PJ is the LEAD,like it or not.And I believe this time they wont be the softy they have been so far or better said,obliged to be.

    "Former Yard Commander Dai ­Davies believes a controversial reconstruction with Kate and Gerry McCann, their holiday friends and others could be vital in encouraging new witnesses to come forward"
    Here you go mccann people: many are going to "help you to find Madeleine"! but this time there is no jetlags nor going here and there.

    Are you still 103% sure you want a "review" of the case?
    Stock up on loo paper and invite your IN-famous T9 for a shit party:it will suit you all.
    NO dogs allowed

  15. Sun tells that Kate was surprised that Cameron's request went so fast.
    She had expected that it would happen next week.
    So fast, after 4 years of agony?
    In such a cases, when your child is abducted, every second seems centuries.
    What is the difference between now and next week?
    None. Probably they expected again an answer: "a Prime Minister does not get involved with crimes.It is a Portuguese matter and eventually a matter for Ministry of Foreigner Affairs".I wonder if they are shocked with Cameron's decision.
    I bet they are.
    This Kate's comment, "next week"shows thay are not very happy, imo.

  16. Dai Davies is a McCann supporter and Clarence Mitchell associate:


    Don't be fooled by the Sunday spin

  17. Please read john Blacksmith short text on McCannFiles, 15 May 2011.
    Kate's own words and British police's words.

    Didn't anyone control Kate's texts before she published her book?
    She is probably confessing everything at the end of her story.
    I wouldn'be surprised.

  18. A footnote, provided by Kate McCann

    On July 7 2008 Mrs Justice Hogg gave judgement in the Family Division of the High Court regarding the attempt by Kate & Gerry McCann to gain access to all the Leicester Police documents regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    The judgement was by agreement between the parties and was made in open court.

    M/S Kate McCann in her book Madeleine has now provided an except from the official submission of Leicester Police to the court regarding the matter and outlining the reasons why they could not agree to provide the documents. Signed by the assistant chief constable of Leicestershire it runs:

    “While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”


  19. IF the tapasniks are re-interviewed they it wont be under the constraints that applied in the rogatories where questions were agreed in advance. I do hope Jane Tannner can restrain herself from gutter language and sexual innuendo, it adds nothing to her account and we have had enough disgusting language and dodgy references from Kate.Hopefully Fiona can resist the temptation to giggle like a schoolgirl at innappropriate moments. Madeleine at least deserves their respect and their habitual undignified behaviour is an insult to her memory-I doubt the yard detectives will be as matey and familiar as some LP officers clearly were. The first duty of the police is to the victim,not their relatives.

  20. The McCanns will rue the day they ever asked David Cameron to help them. They made two very serious mistakes, in one of their many television interviews on Madeleine's birthday.

    Their first mistake was when they publicly criticised the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary. The second mistake was when Gerry McCann said "He" meaning the Prime Minister "knows what it's like to lose a child." I can imagine that the Prime Minister would have been furious and along with his wife, very distressed at Gerry McCanns cruel remark about his young son Ivor.

    The McCanns know full well, that Ivor died due to serious complications and they know how they "lost" Madeleine.So does the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary. That is why the Met are now involved and will assist the Portuguese police when the investigation begins.

    The McCanns know that they will have to cooperate with the investigation, they will be in serious trouble if they refuse. The McCanns no longer have the protection they once had.

    The clock is ticking for the McCanns and their friends. Madeleine is about to get the justice she deserves.

  21. Reconstructions solve crimes years after the fact. This has been shown time and time again.

    If the McCanns refuse to show up this time they will fall under great suspicion. How can they refuse?

    Someone is going to crack under the strain of this new attention. I believe a confession from one the T9 is coming. My bets are on Payne.

  22. I just wrote editor Harmonie in Holland(email) telling about the tv show Trosvermist.nl, where they told Kate's book was directed by J.Rowling, although it was denied by Rowling's spoken man, some time ago.
    And that they can check it on internet.
    I requested Harmonie to tell this to the British editor in the UK,
    and to tell it J.Rowling too.

  23. I have no doubt that McCann and McCann disciples, yes even those in LE, will try to steer all this into chasing of outrageous sightings until the money runs out. It has never been the plan to find out what really happened to Madeleine.
    The video touches on something I have said so many times: they drunk 7 bottles of wine (or maybe even more) that's almost a bottle per head. That after one (or more) predinner glasses at home and before that some cocktails at the tennis courts.
    These people were over the legal limit for driving, Yes Mike O. I know: it was your vacation too. It is not for nothing the legal limit, it is that difference in being able to make correct judgments and just decisions. It explains for me a lot of the behaviour of the so called friends, who were very likely pulled in this mess out of a misplaced loyalty and pity and would have done much different while being sober.

    Now there is no way back, for none of them. They will always have this monkey on their shoulders.

  24. Sorry should be Matthew O.

  25. It is very hard to see what a new investigation will show up now. My only surprise (and bafflement) is the alacrity with which Cameron coughed up the £13 million.
    Obviously, Clarence Mitchell has had a huge success - in both doing the deal with Murdoch, and getting Cameron onside.
    But how did he do it?

  26. I believe this is going to be a whitewash for the Mccanns. It is not re-opening the investigation because no new evidence has appeared for the Portuguese to do so, and only they can, as it's their case, So what's it all about? Is it about fitting up some poor bas***d whose already in jail who nobody will sympathise with? I hope not. But the shakey hand brigade will want a whitewash. The British paedophiles have been checked once so what's going on? There will be an opportunity to twist the facts in the press enough to discredit the PJ, like implying they didn't check the paedophiles. But to do something significant and worthwhile with this review like proving that no abduction took place should not be difficult. The evidence is there, in black and white and photos, the proximity of the Tapas friends to the flat, the lack of abductor forensics, the inaccessible positions of the cots and bed in the dark. Will it happen, nothing of the kind, if the friends have anything to do with it, wait and see. Who, other than the parents has decided they should be feted by the media when the evidence has always pointed to them being under suspicion?

  27. Looking at those photos they all look vile but David Payne uugggggh the man gives me the creeps. The power this couple have over the press and media scares me, someone on amazon (a nasty pro-Mccann of course) was saying how easy it is to get peoples IP e-mail address, now as they have people monitering the anti-coments about the Mccanns how do we not know they are passing the IP address on to them and the powerful people who protect them? after all Murdoch has an unhealthy protection of them and he owns most of the press and media??? sometimes my computer goes weird maybe i am over reacting i worry they are sending things bad to my computor? but nothing surprises me any more about how they get protected?? there is only this site i feel comfortable on now where i can say my pice about the vile couple and know it is protected thanks Joana.

  28. I think we have to wait and see - very difficult to do I know, but so many rumours, claims, counter claims. There may be a whitewash and a focus on 'abduction' and 'ubduction sightings' - but there may equally be a proper investigation. Sr. Amaral must be involved -surely!

    However, I suspect the former - but reserve judgment on those who are employed in this 'review'

  29. New "sightings" coming up soon! :c

    @Dandelion 20
    My thoughts too: they"ve made a BIG mistake and I would say they are even worried because it is going MUCH faster than they thought.Imo they are finished now

    @Anon 18
    I mean the woman IS stupid to reproduce a VERY incriminating statement isnt she?
    She is just telling that there is NO clear evidence that eliminate them.Brilliant!
    That book is going to be very interesting

    @Anon 16

    Lots of spin going on right now,even more than usual to fool people.
    Of course people back up that pair of criminals:everybody had enough of them their whinning moaning complaining slandering which is leading to a re-opening of the case.
    I think this is not simple "review" but a proper re-opening with a reconstruction and all.
    Very very interesting time ahead and it wouldnt surprise me if it happens very soon too.

  30. I believe, Mccann's did not wellcome the idea of a reconstruction. They want a review to wash their names, not to search or find Madeleine. They will all get "ill" that day to avoid show in loccu how impossible was their abduction.
    Interesting that Kate reveal on her book so many new evidences, like her and her husband asking Madeleine if when she cried on the night before, she and her brother were at the bath. The night of the cry was the same Kate claimed having an argue with Gerry and Gerry not been nice to her. From so many revelations, "the existence of a note in the Ocean Club staff message book saying that the families were leaving their ­children behind each night" was picked up as a main information. Somebody believe that note ever existed or exixt? Kate cannot go more low- Now she is preparing the terrain to accuse some of the Ocean Club workers of being the abductors or helping him. Here, there is clearly a message for the people inside the OC, who lie for them and help them with cover-up. Kate is saying KEEP YOUR MOUTHS CLOSED OR YOU WILL END-UP INVOLVED. Who believes in booking the dinner at the swimming pool (like she said)? She is who believes on her own lie. Even, if the booking had hapenned there, I don't believe somebody wrote a note saying the childs were left alone. If so, that will be known long ago and PJ will not dismiss such detail. The inspectors are good with details. Kate was not that good with her lies. But even, if Kate gave that information and who was incharged of the bookins, write it down, KATE WAS THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME FOR PUTING AT RISK HER OWN CHILDS. SHE HAS A DEGREE IN MEDICINE, SHE IS AN ADULT, SHOWLD BEHAVIOR RESPONSIBLE AND NEVER EVER REVEAL IN A PUBLIC PLACE, HABITS THAT BELONG TO HER PRIVATE LIFE. On that information there is clearly an agenda and the destiny of the message was not the police investigation, was the eyes and the heads of who, from the OC help them covering up what hapenned to Madeleine. There is a Tapas 10, 11, 12. Few, but somebody help them and how long they will be silent, is what worries Kate and Gerry and perhaps some of their friends.
    The article is a Pro-Mccann. The Guy pointed out the reconstruction just because that request is obvious. Pj wanted to do it at the early days, but were asking to waite because could be a shock for the parents. Wonder who advised them. The British Embassy most probably or Alipio Ribeiro who said in an interview that suspecting the parents at the beginning will be horrible. Trough that sentence he show the poor skills he has to be PJ director because most of the crimes against childs were done by their parents, then they should be the first suspects always.
    The article was to fool the public and help Kate play her Lie Game.

  31. "......But no matter how much I try, I simply cannot find anything worth defending about Gerry and Kate McCann. Or the complicit paper tiger known as the British Media"
    And many of us can reiterate this statement on freindlyfirezone.com
    Thank you, Joana, for your mail. Nobody in my house is interested in the mccanns & co. I visit your blog several times a day hoping for some breakthrough. The mccann pair and their tapas friends haven't had enough of all this and only have themselves to blame for not co-operating with the police in Portugal.

  32. Hi Joana

    Tbh I think David Cameron is so sick and tired of these educated doctors who don't have any common sense i.e. looking after children, he has called their BLUFF ! And that's why they are so surprised.

    A re-opening, I can just imagine, the other Tapas 7, having panic attacks at the moment !


  33. I think this involvement of Scotland Yard will happen very quickly, lets be honest Portugal's justice system is very very slow, the PJ made huge mistakes in this case from the start, they did not know how cunning and protected the Maccann's were. Bur having said that the case should not have been shelved, and Portugal needs to Place a firework under its justice system. The Maccann's had to be stopped they were pushing their luck too far
    This case has not gone away due to Mr Amaral and blogs like this one, when the Maccann's got off that plane in the UK they thought they were home and dry. How wrong they were

  34. Yes it should be easy to prove that no abduction took place from the reported evidence, timeline, Gerry's chat outside with Wilkins, the tight fit of the cots and bed in the dark bedroom, the absence of abductor forensics etc. Kate said in a TV interview this week that Madeleine could not have awoken, opened the patio door and closed it, opened the gate and closed it and wandered off. And, of course, if she was grabbed by a stranger outside the flat, as one of the family said, she would have screamed her head off while Wilkins and Gerry were nearby, and Mrs Fenn upstairs.

  35. This interview is very assertive! I'm not sure if I saw it before. Is short, looks serious and goes straight to the point! McCanns and friends lie on their statements (obstruction to justice), they did not participate on a reconstitution (suspicious) and Madeleine is death (truth). The Fund is a fraud! This is the truth that some do not want to accept. Madeleine is dead and the parents and friends are holding a big secret! They are not begind bars - it's truth! - but they got a good prison for the rest of their life's - feeding this bloody advertising machine created on 2007.

  36. Kate McCann:

    "And even if they want to say theoretically she wandered out of the back door of the apartment, you're basically saying a three year old has opened the long curtains, closed them behind her. Opened the patio doors, closed them behind her. Opened the gate, closed that behind her. (Gerry interjects to say "and the child lock") and done the same at the bottom. It's not possible."

    Fiona Payne:

    From Fiona Payne’s police statement, speaking of what Kate McCann said:

    “She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean, this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying ‘Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or’, erm,‘or locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there and the door’s locked if she woke up’,


    This begs the question which of them is being truthful - Fiona Payne or Kate McCann.

    It answers also, the question re the gates. Oldfield and others were unable to say how they found the gates. And no one until now has mentioned the long curtains on the patio doors being drawn closed. According to Kate they were, and according to Kate both gates were in locked position.

    Not likely as she said a three year old would open close, curtains, doors and gates...Even less likely an abductor carrying a child would do so either!

  37. people seem to be really concerned that this is some kind of whitewash...think about it logically...why would the UK government go public and spend out vast amoun ts of money just to prove the McCanns are innocent...that would be political suicide..and would the PJ really agree to a joint review of the investigation if they thought this was going to make them look like incompetent fools...no I dont think so...IMO this review is being done because there is real belief that this case can be solved...and its going to go much deeper than looking through a few more bogus sightings..this really is the search for 'THE TRUTH'

  38. Thanks Joana for the comprehensive information provided besides.

    The problem is S.Y. is under strict instructions (my assumption) to look ONLY for a possible abductor, not to stick their noses into anything that might compromise the McCanns. The connection McCann <> British government is pretty strong. Whether this is due to Clarence Mitchell's involvement or something "deeper" we don't know.

    The goal of the exercise is to prove the Portuguese botched the investigation. Nothing else - except of course to dry clean the McCanns' image.

    I am sure the Portuguese know exactly what the British will be up to and I suspect they will regret not having charged the McCanns'(and their friends) years ago for attempting to pervert the course of justice AND abandoning their children to their fate. That way even the accidental death of the child might have "accidentally" been found and clarified...

    As it stands the McCanns are set to embarrass Portugal yet again...

  39. To 1,6,7

    Interesting, the same British authorities who ask PJ to hold the identity/information about the Paedos out of public eyes ( to Protect the integrity of that people) did not move a finger to protect all the hypothetical abductors, the Mccann's bring to the front page of several newspapers with pictures, names and off-course a very bad story behind them. What an hypocrisy.
    The Egg mans, Creepy and Pimple Guys, have rights when they become individualized with names and pictures. The Mccann supporters who claim they are vilified in the Internet, trough our comments, have no pinch of intelligence and dignity. Vilified was Hewlett and all the Hewletts wrongly dragged to the saga. Even for doing that without a single evidence, the Mccann's need to face justice. Anyone of us, if try to do the same, will face justice.
    Why the abductor needs to be a man, ugly, poor, with a criminal record and preferable ill? I never understand the discrimination made by the Mccann's, even for the abductor. And how they know?
    All criminals had their first time and before that first time they were all normal and without any police record. How the Mccann's know the abductor was not a normal, pretty guy who got the temptation for the first time? The Tapas, all love stories of horror. Cheap stories of sex and horror. Kate manage to write one of them. And the all British Media presented the book like if she was the winner Of the Nobel of Literature. They become a joke. Which other book had the same advertisement? Only Harry potter and JKR. Now, because when she starts, was just an unknown author. Kate, so desperately, trow herself on JKR bag. She suffers from a Celebrity disease. The problem is what made her famous was not a good thing, was a shame, was her total absence of talent to do something that all animals do by instinct, BE A MOTHER.
    AND NOW, THE SUN PRESENTED HER AS THE VICTIM. THE VICTIM WAS/STILL MADELEINE. ABOUT MADELEINE, NOT A SINGLE WORD. HOW SHE IS FEELING IF WAS ALIVE. WHAT IS SHE DOING? IS SHE HAVING EDUCATION, HEALTH ASSISTANCE, LIKE OTHER GIRLS OF HER AGE? IS SHE PLAYING AND WAITING FOR SANTA TO DELIVER PRESENTS AT CHRISTMAS TIME? IS SHE HAVING A LAP TO SEAT AND EAR A STORY? IS SHE CALLING MUMMY/DADDY TO SOMEBODY? HAS HER NEW LIFE, A CERTAIN KIND OF NORMALITY? THAT YES, CAN TORMENT ANY MUM and leave the mum completely destroyed. So destroyed that she will never be able to write a book explaining how beautiful and attractive was the body of her daughter, how angry she was just by thinking of a stranger touching that body and how she fail to have sex with her husband. Disgusting, what The Sun selected to sell a Victim Kate.

  40. Nossa, mas a mulher é burra demais!
    Não entendo como conseguiu o diploma de medicina.

  41. I agree with 32, I think DC is sick to the back teeth and calling their bluff, it is out of their hands now - it was easy for them to knock PJ but far harder to knock SY.
    The rights and wrongs of shelving? I think had there been a chance of MM being found alive PJ would not have shelved it, but they were being stalled at every turn and I think its better the McCs make one awful fuss about 'noone looking for Madeleine' only the diehard believers are left and very few, most people are very cynical or indifferent and either way would be glad to hear an end to the K&G show

  42. @ 33 the way it looks the investigators in Portugal were undermined, stabbed in the back and completely bulldozed by all and sundry and no one gives them the credit for the work they delivered even with the little co-operation they had from the tapas 9 and everybody else involved in the cover up. We know of the two governments who failed to stand by the investigators. The insulting newspaper headlines and the most disgusting, totally uncalled for language aimed at Dr Amaral who wrote the book "Truth of the Lie" for us to be informed of the true state of affairs in this unsolved case, the circus that started on 3/5/2007 with the main figures, tapas 9 to 12 people in the manege. Are they going to co operate now? Bet you the phones are red hot and the lawyers already arguing! We are so tired of their sniveling and driveling and ranting and prancing!

  43. With the recent information from Kate's book (see Unterdenteppichgekehrt) about the McCanns having dinner with Clement Freud, whose son Matthew Freud is married to Elizabeth Murdoch, whose father Rupert Murdoch is owner of most of the UK press, and with Clarence working for Matthew, the McCanns, the Labour and then the Conservative governments....

    with Cameron (before he became Prime Minister) and his wife and children being privately flown out to meet Murdoch (owner of the Sun and much more) near Turkey, one wonders what was going on at such a high level, that the simple holidaying McCanns were invited to be cooked for, by Clement Freud, in Praia da Luz.

    Given that Cameron has just removed Vince Cable (who tried to oppose Murdoch getting the rights to BSkyeB) and given that Jeremy Hunt was put into Vince's place, whereby the BSkyeB rights have now gone to Murdoch (increasing his near monopolistic control over media outlets) I wonder how 'impartial' this Cameron call for Scotland Yard to intervene in the Maddy case might be.

    Some are thinking 'Whitewash'.

    With the following coverage by Infowars re the IMF leader Straus-Kahn's alleged sexual attack on a New York hotel maid....


    which also makes reference to child trafficking in Portugal, Belgium etc., are we looking at a genuine attempt by Cameron and the Yard, to sort the McCann case out, or are we looking at the next stage in a long and controlled cover up that goes right to the top.

    I am content that the weight and numbers of honest, justice seeking, people in this world can and will eventually outweigh such overt corruption in the end, and for this, we (bloggers) do not let the matter rest.

    It would be good however to know just who 'the enemy' is and what their 'weaponry' is, since we need to focus our sights on that.

    Are we looking at a 'GENUINE, Cameron-campaign for the truth' or 'YET ANOTHER cover up, in the "GUISE" of a campaign for the truth.'

    I am not that convinced of the former, but would very much like to be.

  44. Kate cannot do it better. Now she is claiming, the abductor may sedated the twins. Really? Was not her, Gerry and The pink man who call it "LUDICROUS" when PJ and Amaral suspected the behavior of the twins strongly indicated, they could be sedated.
    Then, Gerry and Kate, how long have the abductor been in the flat to sedate 3 childs (Madeleine did not cry)? What was the methode to sedate? Syrup, injection, smelling or tablets? No matter, which was the methode. How he manage to do everything without leaving forensic evidences? Are you both doctors? Really? You should not make such mistake.
    Personally, I believe the twins were sedated but not inside the 5A.
    Looking at the description of the crime scene, done by the GNR officers and by GA on his book, it is clear, the twins were not in the cots to sleep the all night. There was no bedsheets or blankets in the cots. For a cold night, that raise already suspictions. They came to the 5A, as part of the morbid scenary setted up to fool the police. It is obvious, they came sedated. Is the only way to keep two young childs quite when the surround is a mess.
    Takes 4 years for Kate to admit something the police suspected since minute one.
    The point is, if she suspected the twins were sedated by an abductor, why she refused to give permission for the twins to be checked in an hospital? By doing that, she difficulted the search and the location of her daughter. She refused all vital steps that can lead to her daughter, on the first hours after the disappearence. God and she knows why....

  45. The mccanns are finished
    It wont be a mere "review".It is going to be a PROPER re-opening with reconstruction and all.There is NO escape for them now.What couldnt be done 4 years ago is going to happen NOW.
    Whatever time is takes and has taken,I firmly believe truth and justice are on their way.

    Madeleine you can RIP
    Gonçalo força! you are almost there

  46. Am I the only one reading this article differently?! All I see is that a former Sc. Yard commander beleived it was necessary to do a reconstruction, NOT that a reconstruction will be made, or that the Sc. Yard officer in charge of this "review" intends to go ahead with doing it!
    This is old news, I remember reading about it before. It does not matter what this gentleman believes, he has no power, he's not in charge of this case now, and has never been, I'll believe that the Tapas9 will at last be obliged to come to Portugal and do the reconstruction when the news comes from the present S.Y.investigation team AND the portugese police!
    The article's tittle is very misleading, shame!

  47. There are 2 new videos on Sun of today's.

    I think they were made very short ago, maybe yesterday or today.
    Kate's hair has the same model when she was wearing the blue dress, 2,3 days ago.

  48. Pauline Neville Jones departure gives me some hope it will be a re-opening and not a review.

  49. Does anyone have any news about the expected anouncement from Portugal regarding the review?

    Apparently the FindMadeleine Facebook site is still asking people to sign the petition for a review which seems rather odd considering it has already been granted.

  50. The book is due out in Portugal on 23 May. It'll be interesting to see if the contents are exactly the same as the English version or if they make some subtle changes.

  51. @ #42:

    Excellent informative post!

  52. That (supposedly last) picture by the pool and the one that was in the Church.

    I know, we've analysed it to death, but for a short while, before the SUN whoosh clunks it, we have the privilege of seeing the TWO different pictures together. (Can someone capture the video picture. I don't know how to.)


    The video picture compared with the still picture....

    The video picture at 00.33 / 00.34 seconds, where Gerry's sharp pointed elbow juts in towards the fold in Madeleine's hat, has a 'dark green patch on the grass' behind Madeleine's right ear and the wall slope downwards.

    The still picture has 'No dark green patch' on the grass, no jutting elbow, and the wall slopes upwards.

    OK, so which one is Gerry going to claim is the real, i.e. NOT PHOTO-SHOPPED picture....'cos sure as moses, they are not both singing off the same hymn sheet.

  53. Anon @ 45

    You are right of course - Dai Davis is simply expressing a personal opinion. This is just another instance of the good old Sunday Express stirring things up a little and imparting some useful information (like mentioning Martin Smith)without risking getting into trouble. You have to admire their tenacity - I imagine the McCanns dread Sunday mornings.

  54. Dai Davies, a former chief superintendent of the Metropolitan police and ex-head of the Royal protection squad, claims the McCanns are victims of an orchestrated slur campaign.
    “We just think it’s time someone was strong on behalf of the McCanns,” he said.
    Mr Davies, a former divisional commander in West London, with child protection experience, has “deliberately” not met with the McCanns, but regularly speaks to their new spokesman Clarence Mitchell.


    The review: instigated by Murdoch, is Cameron going to risk the wrath of the Prime Minister Maker by subjecting the McCanns to a genuine investigation? Get real !

  55. #42 I agree with you one hundred percent.

    There's no way in hell that this review or whatever it is is going to bring justice to Madeleine McCann. It's just a whitewash, nothing more.

    Looking at the main players in all of this, how can it be any other way? It's just not going to happen people, justice will NOT be done, I'm very (very) sorry to say.

    Please don't be naive, don't get your hopes up.

  56. If the police ask the Mccanns to take part in a reconstruction then they should do just that, not refuse. Whats this media blitz been all about with Kate and Gerry saying no-one is looking etc etc, when the police ask them to do something they refuse, who the Hell do they think they are.
    Why waste 3.5 million on this couple of criminals, it obvious they know what happened to Madeleine,stop pussyfooting around them.
    Tell them to co-operate with the investigation or they will be arrested. There is no one else out there to blame for Madeleine's disappearance the Tapas friends and Mccanns are all guilty, the lot of them make me feel physically sick just looking at their guilt ridden faces.

  57. Its about time all those involved in this cover up are brought to justice.
    What has gone on before is over now, the real investigation will start the government cannot afford to whitewash the mccanns, this will be done properly with British and Portuguese police 'leaving no stone unturned' its written all over mccanns faces, the fear of what is coming, they know they 'cried wolf once too often' I bet Kate wishes she never written that 'graphic' book of her's, stupid, greedy woman, now she will pay the price and about time too.

  58. I have always been of the opinion that The Portuguese authorities have not exercised their duty of care to the child Madeleine and that they should have been proactive in issueing an arrest warrant for the McCann’s
    But as Portugal has consistently not responded to the McCann vitriolic attacks on its police force, individuals and society in general, the opportunity to bring Justice for a little girl has slipped through the hands of the Portuguese justice system.
    The McCann’s are now not only laughing at all of Portugal they are being viewed as victims of Portuguese incompetence rather than the despicable persons and disgusting parents that they are
    Who now will bring Justice to an innocent child not Portugal that is for sure?
    Letter from Iberia

  59. Joana

    I found this article very interesting hope others do also . Here's the link . Please notice date .


  60. Who is Pauline Neville Jones?

  61. Joana,
    I hope you dont mind me posting theses links to an interview carried out on Irish tv on friday 13th with the mc canns.



  62. 60 Just google search for Dame Pauline because there is too much to write. She and Teresa May didn't get on, that's for sure.

  63. From the many recent tv interviews and the photos in newspaper articles we can see that "Madeleine's fund" was put to good use...Kate McCann treated herself to a Spring shopping spree!
    She's into frocks now!

  64. Hallelujah, Anonymous post (44) and thank you for pointing out something that I have been saying, since I heard Gerry McCann say they regretted leaving Madeleine alone in their apartment, on the night she was abuducted.

    I appear to be the only one who heard Gerry McCann utter those words, when he was standing outside the Lisbon court in early 2010. He and his wife were attending the court to get the ban on Goncalo Amaral's book made permanent. Not one journalist picked up on his remark, if they did they chose not to comment on his remark.

    Sandra Felgueiras, was also outside the court and in a later interview with the McCanns, she asked Kate McCann 3 times if the twins were in the apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared and each time Kate McCann changed the subject.

    I had always thought it strange that there was no bedding in the twins cots, but Madeleine's bed and the bed her mother slept in, the night before Madeleine disappeared, were full made up.

    When Gerry McCann revealed that Madeleine was alone in their apartment, on the night she disappeared, I understood why there was no bedding in the twins cots. On every forum that I posted on, I wrote what I had heard Gerry McCann say. My post was either ignored or those who did reply made excuses.Critics of the McCanns didn't believe that the twins were not in the apartment, they said just because Gerry McCann, said Madeleine was alone in the apartment, it didn't mean the twins weren't with her.

    I pointed out that there was no bedding on the twins cots,but I was told that the twins were taken away from the apartment when Madeleine was discovered missing and the bedding of the cots was taken with them. Yet the twins were in the apartment when the police came round.

    I believe the twins were taken out of the apartment, before Madeleine was dealt with. I don't believe Gerry McCanns story that he sent David Payne to their apartment, while he played tennis. I believe that the McCanns and David Payne were in the apartment together.

    Since I heard that a very senior member of the Met was cleared of corruption charges and released on bail, pending a retrial over further offences he was jailed for, I have got a very uneasy feeling that the McCanns will once again walk away scot free.


    Dandellion at 64

    Are you suggesting David Payne took Madeleine after that after tennis visit to his old university chum/friend/lover(?)Kate?

    That's a modified version of Textusa's theory!

    You do add very interesting and thought-provoking observations which everyone else seems to have overlooked. With such an eye for detail you could not possibly work for the McCanns' or Scotland Yard for that matter. :d

    They are not interested in whether the parents did it but who else could have dunnit.

    Any theories about who dunnit MUST comply with the McCanns. Mitchell & Freud Communications version of events...


  66. Hi Anonymous post (65) I was married to a British police officer for 10yrs and we used to get visits from police officers who spoke quite freely in our house, about certain cases they were investigating.

    I would try to walk out of the room when they arrived, but sometimes it was impossible. I kept my mouth tightly shut I would never, ever, repeat anything that I heard and I never will even though it was over 30yrs ago.

    I sometimes think that whatever I heard has made me very suspicious when I hear cases like Madeleine's.

    I am not trying to be an armchair detective though, I only comment on what I have heard the McCanns, the PJ, Goncalo Amaral, the McCanns family and British and Portuguese lawyers say. I don't comment on newspaper reports, because I know they bend the truth.

    I have also followed this case, since the news about Madeleine's disappearance broke and in the very beginning, I heard a Portuguese news reporter, say the McCanns broke the Portuguese law, when they left their 3 children in their apartment, without supervision.

    The news reporter said that restaurants in the resort where the McCanns were staying, were very child friendly and they had no excuse for leaving their children without supervision.

    Since that day I have actively followed the case.


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