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McCann couple in Lisbon to promote their book

Video by Sic, broadcast on May 21, 2011

Translation & Transcript

Voice Over - The story that arrives on Monday to the Portuguese bookshops starts before Madeleine's birth, and is detailed in private matters, such as the desire to have children, the pregnancy, Madeleine's first months. The decision to write this book was always made, the decision to publish it, says Kate McCann, was more difficult.

Kate McCann - I always wanted to, to write down the truth, really, for my three children, and I guess the reason, or the trigger reason why I actually, why it became a book and why it was published, is because we have to fund the search for Madeleine. And the fund was running low, so we needed to raise the money.

VO - Kate McCann also writes about what she considers to be the hypocrisy of the cooperation between the British police and the Portuguese police. It's infuriating, writes Madeleine's mother, that even though we know the British police are very aware of the selective leaks to the media, they continue to insist that they have a cooperating relationship with the Judiciary Police.

KM - If I'm honest, I suppose I was hoping we had more public support, really. But because we were at such a low ebb, and things couldn't have gotten any worst than they were in September 2007, I suppose I'd hoped someone to come forward and publicly showed support or basically, you know, said what they felt about certain bits of information that were appearing in the media.

Gerry McCann - Most of it implying that Madeleine was dead, and we felt that was a complete injustice, because if people believed that Madeleine was dead or that there was evidence that Madeleine was dead, the search couldn't go on and obviously that, as parents, was incredibly painful.

VO - Gonçalo Amaral is about to publish a second book about the Maddie case. In March the Supreme Court of Justice authorized the sale of the first book written by the former coordinator of the investigation, who was removed by the Judiciary Police directorate. The book that was taken from the bookshops due to the injunction made by the McCann couple.

GM - We have proceedings underway against Gonçalo Amaral and that's all we really want to say about it.

KM - I guess we just want people to keep looking really for Madeleine and as Gerry said the age progression images is a very useful tool, and I guess people just to open their minds, remember she's still missing really, and she can still be found.

VO - The British government announced recently that the Scotland Yard is going to investigate the Maddie case, and analyse all the existent information of the archived process. In the United Kingdom, Kate McCann's book sold 74000 copies in the first three days.

Video by RTP, broadcast on May 21, 2011


  1. Has anyone seen the coverage in the DM online. The comments that are being allowed through are truly fantastic to behold. The majority are of the same opinion, that the gruesome twosome are up to their stinking necks in it.

  2. My, my...Kate has upgraded her wardrobe! Lots of new frocks(seen in the most recent interviews)! Has she had a "style intervention"? A visit from Stacey and Clinton, from "What not to wear"...?

  3. Tenho imensas alergias devido aos pólens, ozono e, por aí fora.

    Com estes ,o meu sistema nervoso agudiza-se e fico bem mal.

    Sou alérgica a gente pérfida como os Mcs.

  4. Profiler Pat Brown and Eilis O'Hanlon (Independent.ie) have both reviewed Kate's book and have found it wanting.


  5. So they wont do any book signing in the UK for fear of being "attacked" BUT they will book sign in a country where they are hated, and trust me they are hated in Portugal. My children live in Albufiera I visit there three times a year and NOT one single Portuguese person I spoke to beleive in their lies and scams, they are totally disgusted as the Portuguese have a reputation (and well deserved) of being extremely children and family orientated (ask me I know)

    I believe they are in Portugal for Legal reasons to have a little tete a tete with Mrs Duarte, who will possibly inform them that they are


    This review will be their downfall - they chose to insult David Cameron at the SKY News conference 13th May as well as the last three Home Secretaries, Mr Cameron would NOT be calling for ANY review (he knows the repercusions of this move) if he did not believe in the PJ and UK conclusions of the Police Files. He has far too much to risk, the fact that EVERY parent of a missing child will want the same "treatment" as DC knows it is not possible.

    He knows full well they are guily, its just a matter of time.

    Tick tock goes the clock.

  6. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH. Sorry for screaming, but the McCanns make me so mad. How they have the gall to go over to Portugal to promote their ghastly book, I'll never know. They have skins as thick as rhinoceroses.

    This visit is not just about their book it is about boosting their public image. They are reminding the people of Portugal that Madeleine is still missing and needs to be found. The people of Portugal don't need to be reminded of this fact. The good people who lived in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, stayed off work for more than a week, searching for Madeleine. While the McCanns jogged, played tennis and did everything they had done while their kids were stuck in that creche.

    The nannies of the creche gave Madeleine, Sean and Amalie, the holiday they should have been experiencing with their parents, if their parents hadn't decided that their "Me Time" was more important that spending time with their 3 children.

    I would like to know why the McCanns are allowed to keep begging for money for their fund, when the investigation that is taking place, is being funded by the British and Portuguese taxpayers. In my opinion the McCanns should be told to keep out of the public eye, while this investigation is ongoing.

    Unless they are being given enough rope to hang themselves. I would love it if the PJ took the McCanns in for further questioning, under the watchful eye of SY. If one or both of the McCanns refused to cooperate, SY will see for themselves, what the PJ had to put up with back in 2007.

    Hello Anonymous post (1) can you please tell me how I can access the DM online ?

  7. The comments the daily mail are allowing against the Maccann pair, are wonderful. bring them on.

  8. This pair are very very sick, bold as brass. They are finished its only a matter of time. And as for their lawyer or lawyers,in Portugal.
    they should hang their heads in shame. Go get them Mr Amaral they are ready for the kill.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  9. no 6 Just google daily mail UK

  10. How this country has been violated in this case, can he do to support its population and the advent of advertising that comes from Kate Mac cann make his book! This is very serious to accept that this couple has been the coordinator in this case, Mr Amaral, has still not had the honesty to return her books!

    Why people accept such humiliation she? Explain that to me, then I do not understand this country!

  11. McCanns fly to Portugal for new appeal for Madeline | Mail Online - http://bit.ly/kqQRjp

  12. Some strange stuff in today´s Express (they appear, or claim, to have a lot of contact with Mr. Amaral). This is just a bit of it:

    Earlier this month the Sunday Express published a photofit of a man seen acting suspiciously near the McCanns’ apartment alongside a photograph of a 40-year-old German youth worker, being held on suspicion of murdering several children across Europe.

    Mr Amaral said the first time he was aware of the photofit was when he saw it in the Sunday Express.
    Last night he said: “I knew about the statement from the British woman but the photofit was not sent through. I believe it is important that this line of inquiry is investigated.”


  13. @ 4

    Presumably you are the same algarveisfedup from the Martin Brunt blogs?? I'm amigodepeniche.

    Will the Portuguese version be exactly the same as the English version? I would love to compare them, but I refuse to add any more money to their fund.

    Presumably the excellent contributors to this blog will be comparing, not to mention Amaral.

  14. Why have they not yet learnt to speak Portuguese - they've had four long years to do so?

  15. Will Clarence Mitchell be directing operations at Scotland Yard and will SY officers spend £3.5m of taxpayers money following bogus leads as supplied by David Edgar? Or will there be a proper investigation into this little girl's disappearance?

  16. High NO6- Daily Mail UK, hope this helps

  17. An interesting and amusing scenario if Mrs. Kate McCann was to come across Tweedledee and Tweedledum (her description of the first two Portuguese police officers who arrived to assist her on the night her daughter disappeared) together with the other Portuguese officer she referred to as a F----g T-sser hereinafter (Frederick Thomas - nicer ring to it.)

    Let us hope that Frederick Thomas will at some point in the future come face to face with Kate McCann, have the opportunity to interview the lady once more, and that Tweedledee and Tweedledum are on traffic duty during their visit to Portugal. (Kate McCann deemed them useless, not officers who investigate 'crimes.)

    Maybe the OC receptionist who Kate McCann felt took a risk by recording the tapas instructions re their nightly table booking,
    in a staff book, might now be employed at the hotel where the McCann's will stay.

    Maybe Kate will after 4 years acknowledge that Madeleine is not missing due to any of the aforementioned persons, but for the risk she and her partner took by failing to protect their young children.

    The book simply an exercise in shifting blame - and money!


  18. Thank you Anonymous post (16) I will take a look at the comments. I have just sent an email to Theresa May regarding the McCanns visit to Portugal to promote their book. I mentioned the fund and I also asked Mrs May if it was now time for the McCanns to keep quiet, while the investigation was going on.

    I emailed Mrs May a while ago, shortly before the McCanns were due to visit her. I received a reply from her office, it wasn't from Mrs May herself, but I was told my comments had been read by her and I was thanked for my email.

    It was because of the email I was sent that I felt confident in sending Mrs May another email.I'm sure Mrs May has had plenty emails regarding the McCanns, especially since Mrs May has instructed Scotland Yard to investigate Madeleine's disappearance.

    When I receive my reply from Theresa May's office, I will let Joana's forum know what is said.

    I know what I am about to say, has been said by many posters, but I am going to say it again. God bless Joana and her team, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts with each other and thank you for all the information that you place on your forum.xx

  19. These two shameless creatures posing as human beings are so certain of their story that they go back to Portugal! to sell their fiction, pointing fingers at everybody but themselves. They have by now adopted thin, monotone voices, not even ashamed of their countless lies. The death of their child is certain, no matter what they have practiced to say to the cameras, with only questions they are prepared to answer. Please keep them there. Who can make a citizen's arrest with cameras on them to clarify all they have not been prepared to reveal. Treat them in the same way they treat their children. No consideration.

  20. Why do they keep talking about GA's second book? He has already published two on the case, a new one would be his third.

  21. Yes the comments on the Daily Mail site are a truer indication of the publics feelings towards them:


    However, the McCanns obviously have people working overtime on Amazon.co.uk as there are lots of 5 star reviews going up from newly registered accounts. Please take the time to go there and give your own responses or reviews.

  22. 20, We only have 'The Truth of the Lie' in English online. I personally do not have any knowledge of a second book.

  23. Hello Anonymous post (21) I posted on Kate McCanns page, on Amazon for a while.I knew that there would be a good chance she would read those posts, because of the very fact that the page was given to her by Amazon.

    I was threatened with legal action, by certain posters, more than once, for expressing my views. The threat of legal action didn't stop me posting my views, I figured if Amazon had thought they were libelous, they would have removed my posts and given me a warning. Also whatever I posted, was out in the media and were either direct quotes from the McCanns, Goncalo Amaral and others involved with this sad case.

    I stopped posting, because there was a lot of idiots posting, who were disrupting the forum.

    I didn't post under this screen name, I posted under the name of Maisie Mai.

  24. @no2 Yes I agree she has had some styling help. Previously she couldn't put together an outfit at all and she didn't chose stylish clothes. She actually looked like she bought all her clothes from Primark.

    She still needs to get the stylist to find her a size that fits though.

  25. @ 20 and @22 'The English Gag' - Story of a forbidden book was indeed Gonçalo Amaral second book, however one can say that it wasn't a book specifically about the Madeleine McCann case but rather more on the fact that his previous book "Maddie, the Truth of the Lie", was banned due to the McCann's censoring injunction.

    A few articles previously posted on this blog regarding 'The English Gag' book:
    Locard's Truth - The Preface to The English Gag (by Francisco Moita Flores)- http://bit.ly/mrsvoK
    'The English Gag’: Amaral Defies the McCanns - http://bit.ly/mFIw2p
    Gonçalo Amaral presents 'The English Gag' - http://bit.ly/moUJK6
    Gonçalo Amaral: “I owe the McCanns nothing” - http://bit.ly/m3YMu6
    'The English Gag' by Carlos de Abreu Amorim - http://bit.ly/kKT00j
    'I am the same Citizen who Believes in the Values of Justice and of Freedom' - http://bit.ly/jadq8N
    Gonçalo Amaral: "This is a Book of Protest" - http://bit.ly/kM7yOW

  26. I'm 22 - Thank you, Joana, for the references. I will certainly go back and do some reading. Very kind of you! Thank you for this space. I feel drawn here to your blog and indeed often visit to read the comments of the many people who visit here.

  27. maisie mae
    the amazon main discussion has been pulled although there remain a few small ones
    probably because an online copy of the book was posted there yesterday

    i agree with most posters who say they have a brass neck going to PT

  28. In the above interview Kate says "it couldn't get any worse than it was in september 2007",i would think it couldn't get any worse than it was from the moment Madeleine disappeared which was in may 2007,Kate McCann is imo mentally disturbed.

  29. Jonana,

    Do you know if A Mordaça Inglesa is still for sale anywhere? I lent my copy and I don't think I'm going to get it back, but it looks as though Guerra e Paz don't have it anymore.

  30. @29 Guerra & Paz didn't publish the "English Gag", the publishers for that book were the multinational group Editorial Planeta represented in Portugal by Planeta Editora. You can buy the book "Mordaça Inglesa" here http://www.wook.pt/ficha/a-mordaca-inglesa/a/id/3306454

  31. Obrigada, Joana. Não me lembrava que era outra editora. Ooops.

  32. Shameless and greedy couple! They don't spare words to humiliate Portugal and the portuguese, but they come to our country to promote their book. I hope we show them what we think by leaving the book on the bookshops' shelves. Bloody narcissists.

  33. Oh dear, the Daily Mail must have received a call from Clarrie as the comments have been whoosh-clucked. Did anyone manage to save them?

  34. The Daily Mail comments have now been pulled. Now why am I not surprised - was it because the McCanns weren't getting the sympathy that they expected/felt they were entitled to?

  35. Sorry, Joana, ignore my previous post. Daily Mail comments have been returned!

  36. "O livro ‘Madeleine’, que já se encontra à venda em Portugal, foi lançado em Londres a 12 de Maio e, por cada exemplar vendido, reverterá um cêntimo para a investigação e procura da criança."
    Correio da Manha

    Revertera 1 CENTIMO Para a investigacao e procura da crianca? E PARA ONDE VAI O RESTO?

    Estes fulanos sao um insulto a inteligencia de todos nos. Oportunistas no seu melhor, depois de muito bla,bla.... a unica coisa que lhes interessa...." aos que nao acreditam em nos, comprem o livro...." DINHEIRO, EUROS FRESCOS.
    Nao acreditam em nos, mas deem-nos dinheiro para nos usarmos a perseguir quem ousa duvidar de nos e procurar a verdade e Madeleine. Sao dois otarios que se traiem a cada segundo. So as autoridades fingem nao ver o que e evidente e os jornalistas continuam com as perguntas cruciais na gaveta.
    Ate quando esta palhacada?

  37. O parzinho diz que esta mais forte que em 2007. Nao querera dizer 'mais rico'? Continuam com problemas de expressao- dificuldades quando se trata de dizerem a verdade.

  38. Kate McCann- "I always wanted to, to write down the truth, really, for my three children, and I guess the reason, or the trigger reason why I actually, why it became a book and why it was published, is because we have to fund the search for Madeleine. And the fund was running low, so we needed to raise the money."

    WITH 1 CENTIME? ONLY ONE CENTIME FROM EACH BOOK WILL GO TO THE SEARCH OF MADELEINE. Where go the rest of the money? To your shameful wardrobe or to buy a property in Algarve ( maybe close to the land where Madeleine is resting)?

    I hope no any portuguese buy that piece of s... If she wants to tell the truth in Portugal, she must fill the form to reopen the case and tell the truth to a judge.
    That lady is menthal ill.

  39. Kate changing again the story about the PJ proposing 2 years in jail if she confesses. Now, was the police but trough her lawyer. Is she a clairvoyant or a witch?
    I love the way Gerry looks at her when she was answering the question. His eyes had nothing to do with his hand to hand with Kate. He was controlling.

    The love image they pretend to sell each time they appear in Tvs is so ridiculous....
    Are they going to travel to the cellar 10 miles away from PDL, where their detectives claim Maddie was captive, to rescue her? If she is alive what stops them to go there?
    I'm also shocked with 2 years in prison for who hide a body. Must be much more. But what is amazing is to see that after 4 years this two still not knowing/understanding that PJ has no power to give any sentence. Then, they cannot propose any type of sentence because they don't know. Only judges can give sentences and they will analyse and balance everything before condemning a criminal. Most probably was their lawyer, who after looking at the evidences showed by PJ, advised her that if she confesses she will got her sentence reduced in two years. That makes sense. But the pathological liar did not resist to use what her lawyer suggested to accuse and stick the words to the Pj inspectors. What she is doing and repeating in TVs every time a journalist pose her that question, is a crime of perjury and manipulation. They still adding crimes with total impunnity, acting like if they are above the law.
    Cameron will regret the support he gave to this two liars.

  40. Contrary to what happened in UK, comments are allowed in portuguese papers and they are so anti-Mccann that nobody believes their farce. People are saying they look like two characters coming out of a terror movie.


    I HOPE THE PORTUGUESE AUTHORITIES REFUSE ALL THE COOPERATION, REQUESTING THEM TO DO THE RECONSTRUCTION AND FORMALLY REOPEN THE CASE IN PORTUGAL. WHAT ARE THE SKILLS OF THIS 30 SY POLICES COMPARED WITH TOP PJ INSPECTORS? JUST BECAUSE CAMERON ALLOCATE THEM TO THE CIRCUS, DOESN"T MEAN THEY ARE CAPABLE. From UK came a lot of s... in some previous actions and investigations. Remember the Brasilien guy shutted to dead in the underground and the portuguese guy who spend time in prison wrongly accused of killing his girlfriend? PJ has no stories like that on their pass, then they are more competent. SY has no authority to review or reanalise the work done by PJ and some international polices. Europol, Interpol, Spanish and Moroccan police were called many times to assist the searchs and help a joint investigation(PJ/SY). Then what are this 30 guys going to do? EVALUATING THE WORK OF TOP OFFICERS FROM SY WHO WENT TO PDL AS A REQUEST FROM GORDON BROWN? RIIIDICULOUS!!!! AND THAT WILL COST 3.5M??? RIIIDICULLLLOUUUUS!!!!!

  41. #37 If I read correctly (my portuguese isn't brilliant I must admit), you are saying that for each book sold, ONE CENT will go towards the search for Madeleine?

    ONE CENT????? O_O

    I ask the same question as you, where on earth does the rest go? And, are the people who are buying this book aware of this? I think not.


  42. No4 Interesting. Could you post Eilis O'Hanlon (Independent.ie) 's review please

  43. Kate: an interesting choice of word.
    '...remember she's still missing REALLY.......'


    Here comes again the vexed question of the leaks. Which leaks?

    Don't these two racist bigots realize the Press in Portugal are just as good (if not even better) at scoops?

    It needed not have been the PJ to pass information on to the Press. Conversations can be overheard, inferences made, rumours started, bugs placed, etc. It happens everywhere. You just wait and see how quick the Brit Media Pack will use Dad's Army review (SY) to make the PJ look stupid...

    I very much hope the Portuguese justice system sees through their ulterior intentions (dry cleaning) and has the final saying on the Macs legal assault on Dr. Amaral...

    ... May Dr. Amaral be duly compensated for the suffering and losses he and his family have sustained as a result of the McCanns' image dry-cleaning exercise in Portuguese territory.


  45. kates book should be called LIE OF THE TRUTH.and i hope the people of portugal will see how the mucckans have made your pj a laughing stock the same way they have made david cameron look, getting him to spend our taxes on a FRUITLESS REVEIW.OR IS THIS REALLY A COVER UP FOR SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ELSE

  46. My god cant that kate sit on her hands as it quite cringeworthy the way she,s always groping gerry or stroking his hand or is that because she is nervous.

    sorry didnt know where to ask this,but is there news on the MURAT V TANNER CASE,or was/is that a red herring

  47. not sure if my posts are arriving here. if they are thank you joana for the site, i look forward to posting more.
    bekki, uk

  48. relief! seems i've worked out how to post - finally! been following this case from day one but only just set up e-mail :-)
    IMO this book is doing far more damage to the support for the mccanns than us so called 'anti's' (or 'haters' or 'trolls') ever could. having read through several threads it seems that many who have bought the book having previously been a supporter, have now turned 360•
    many seemed to be really disturbed by the p 129 'genitals' comment and the 'f***ing t***er' chant certainly along with breaking the bed in a rage has just show her to be a vile, common thug! the foul-mouthed insult won't be forgotten here in uk and certainly not portugal.
    all I can say is if only a quarter of those daft enough to buy the book and put money in the mcliars coffers react in the same way it can only be a good thing.
    tick tock tick tock, the truth is catching you up kate and gerry...
    RIP dear little madeleine.

  49. In fact this whole story is so bizarre and the Mccann's behaviour is so unbelievable, sometimes I think it must all be one big hoax, some kind of strange experiment.But why would they do that? It must be real!

  50. #51, interesting theory! I wouldn't think in this day and age it would be impossible for such an experiment to be carried out (and be successful). a test to gauge the gullibility of the public? I do think the media bias in this case has been unprecedented.
    the 'big lie' is a propaganda tool. reading up on this is scary, the mccann machine seems to use identical techniques, you can look it up by googling 'the big lie'
    an extract from a us office of strategic services report describing hitler's psychological profile;

    'His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.'

    sounds a LOT like the MC's to me, and their attempt to totally destroy snr amaral.
    I think the lie is now wearing very, very thin. truth, as they say, is the daughter of time, and the clock is ticking away. heading to the final countdown and justice for maddie, we can only hope.

    bekki, uk

  51. What I find hilarious, is that the McCann's used a compendium of several other childrens photos to make up the front cover image of Madeleine for their book, and the minute I proved the image was faked from several other childrens photos and published it on The Lost Marketing Ploy blog for all to see that their daughter didn't exist, they decided to smudge the image as much as possible to disguise the patched in nose, eye's and hair on the front cover, and all for the love of money, hahahahahaa!

  52. What a pair of brazen swindlers. Making money off the back of a dead child (as the elite cadaver and CSI dog PROVED). They are totally disgusting as backed up by Page 129 (is that the what you DID see Kate) and having THEIR mortgage paid by using public donations is beyond belief. They did not even search for THEIR daughter on the very night she went missing : WATCH - You Tube video 'THE McCANN DID NOT PHYSICALLY SEARCH. You just couldn't make this stuff up if you tried really hard. I hope the twins read all about how they were neglected night after night in favour of a piss up with their friends and the inconsistencies in their statements and also their friends statements. I also look forward to the day the twins read THE GASPAR STATEMENTS. Yes the McCanns might have escaped justice for now. They will NEVER in their old age escape their devil of a conscience. They will NEVER escape the opinion of the public and the whispers of how they treated their children. They are nasty people. Rot in He'll both of you.


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