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McCann couple "is stronger than in 2007"

This Sunday, the McCann couple stated to Lusa agency that they are satisfied that the English police has decided to re-evaluate the case of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, in 2007 in the Algarve, and said that they hope that it will bring more information.

Gerry mentioned that the couple “is stronger than in 2007” and that “the pain and the assortment of emotions are not as close to the suffering” of those days.

“Our life has brought us joy. We have two other beautiful children and other things that make us happy. It is not a complete life, there is a feeling of sadness that is always present. It is not like living a nightmare, like in 2007, but we are working hard to find Madeleine”, he sustained.

Gerry McCann, who traveled to Lisbon this weekend in the company of his wife, Kate, expressed to Lusa agency that both were “very satisfied that the Metropolitan Police is going to re-evaluate all of the information and the case files”, after the intervention of British prime-minister David Cameron.

“It’s something that we had been asking for over three years and, for the process, it is very important that that information is analysed again, so more investigations can take place. We are very satisfied and we hope that new information will appear”, Gerry McCann said.

Madeleine’s father also stressed that he expects cooperation between the English and the Portuguese authorities and mentioned that the book ‘Madeleine’, written by Kate, may help “people to open their minds”.

A book which, Gerry McCann stressed, does not have the purpose of collecting funds for the investigation or to silence those who do not believe in the British couple, that always insisted on the thesis of Madeleine’s abduction.

“Concerning the many lies and ridiculous things that have been written about us, we are not impressed. What we say to those people who do not believe in us is that, please, read the book and compare what has been written. You must face the facts and what we have done, throughout time, to find our daughter”, Gerry stressed.

Confessing that it was “a major decision to publish the book”, Kate reinforced that Madeleine’s parents want to present the truth.

“There has been much speculation, much lost information and lies”, the anesthetist doctor stated, while her husband, a cardiologist, said he believed that “directly and indirectly, the book helps the search” for the child.

Four years after Madeleine’s disappearance, in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, Gerry and Kate McCann continue to believe that their daughter is alive and reiterate the need to continue the investigation, also defending that those responsible must be punished.

“In my heart, I feel that she is somewhere and in my head, based on pure facts, there is no evidence that says she is not alive”, Kate observed.

The book ‘Madeleine’, which is already on sale in Portugal, was launched in London on the 12th of May, and for each copy sold, one cent will go into the investigation and search for the child.

a McCann PR team in Portugal/Lusa News Agency press release published in Correio da Manhã, Sic Notícias, SOL, Público, Diário de Notícias, etc, on 22.05.2011

Screenshots taken from the public view of the McCann's Official Facebook wall


  1. Bom dia!

    Mais fortes na perversidade, na maldade, no maquiavelismo e na obsessão para destruir uma Família Portuguesa e Um Homem, Cidadão Português.

  2. "for each copy sold, one cent will go into the investigation and search for the child"

    I'm really shocked at this.

    Where does the rest of the money go? They claim they are desperate and that 'the fund' to search for Madeleine is running low and yet they put JUST ONE CENT per book towards it? O_O

    Why would they do that?


  3. Shouldn´t that last line read "not one cent will go into the investigation and search for the child"?

  4. Who the hell does GM think he is "you must face facts", refering to their book. Since when was it factual to offer up spin that there was an abduction, when not a shred of evidence points' to that. This is along with all the other inconsistancies they choose cover-up.

  5. Your child is dead, kate! We know that there is no other explanation for: “Our life has brought us joy" - Stop your sick behaviour! Give your book to your husband jerry to read. He can also not get enough of lies. You both act like satisfied cats, after a saucer of hot milk. You really only have to answer one question : What have you done with Madeleine's body? Where have you buried the child? Face the cameras and tell the truth. All those people around you KNOW!

  6. There seem to be (at least) 2 "McCann couples": one for consumption of the UK media, and another one that is rolled out to Portugal. In the UK, they say that all of the profits from the book go into the fund to help search for Madeleine. In Portugal, only one cent goes into the search for Madeleine. How extraordinary, and what a pity that the general British public is denied access to the two faces of this pair. The UK media is at least as criminal as whomever 'took' Madeleine: criminal for obscuring the reality about this case, for manipulating information and for creating an illusion that does not match reality at all. Give people the full account of facts - or give them nothing at all. And no, I am not certain that the McCanns are guilty. But this is not right.

  7. So Gerry says it's "A book which, Gerry McCann stressed, does not have the purpose of collecting funds for the investigation or to silence those who do not believe in the British couple, that always insisted on the thesis of Madeleine’s abduction."

    Really, so the fact that it is now almost impossible to post on blogs concerning Maddie on Sky blogs now has nothing to do with their incessant efforts to silence anyone who picks out the holes in their stories?

    Not impressed.


  8. So much of the British media is compliant to one boss, Rupert Murdoch, one boss one story. One Big Brother.

  9. I saw a ''flash' circular bottom right put on the book cover saying all royalities etc would go to the fund.

    Is this really going to be the case of ONLY 1% goes to the fund or is that only what the author gets?

    I've no idea about who gets what. Serialisation, advances ... can this be clarified please.

  10. The Drs McCann seem to be becoming even more arrogant and self-assured as time passes, I did not think it possible that there could be other humans on this planet who are more narcissistic than those two. Then they reappear on the scene with McCann Mark II, an even more repugnant couple than their last incarnation. God knows how they will evolve if not locked up. I forsee the 2020 McCanns bouncing back on to the global stage suing Amarals chldren because they happen to share his DNA which will obviously be a crime in 2020 McCann world. That year they will also be demanding one pint of blood from every being and selling it to keep the search going for Madeleine, who in the 0.01% chance of being alive will indeed be in hiding in a lair somewhere outside Luz, and who fully intends staying hidden as she will not want to claim those two as her parents.

    Everytime the McCanns raise their ugly personalites, it only serves to remind me how corrupt our world really is. Our governments lie to us, they rob us of our hard earned cash, they commit murder on a daily basis in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya purely for the purpose of lining the elites pockets. It is not about democracy or moral superiority, we Brits can never claim that as we have neither of those. So the McCanns only mirror how our country really is, but most people fail to see it because they are distracted by x factor, and all that crap, dumbed down to never question so called authority, yet feel they are informed with world events because they watch BBC news 24 hours a day, without realising or questioning what they are being told by our STATE TV propoganda.

    Here we are targetting and focussing on the McCanns for I believe good reason, when we really should at the same time be focussing on all the people who are allowing them to evade punishment, they share the same ideals and morals. ie they have none. Life is only about screwing the hard working little people, and lining their own pockets no matter who gets hurt in the process. Children, mean nothing to them. They will kill, sell, abuse and not have a second thought about anothers pain or dignity. That is why the McCanns are free, they are probably admired for their lack of care and morals. Gerry gets patted on the back by policemen, lawyers and politicians for his sheer audacity. Corruption pays. Honesty and a good heart does not anymore. Attack and expose the people who are running this country supposedly, and the McCanns will fall.

    Sorry about the rant, reading Gerry's soundbites above and knowing they are again in Portugal, selling a book to the Portuguese, a country and its people who they basically defecated on from a great height makes by blood boil.

  11. “There has been much speculation, much lost information and lies”, the anesthetist doctor stated.

    Yes indeed, there has been much speculation about the lost information and lies in this case. And the more the McCanns say, the more they muddy the waters, leading to more speculation about the lost information and lies.

    They need to follow the advice of Pat Brown and just go away and SHUT UP.


  12. Susan Healey (Kate McCann's mother) gave an interview in yesterday's Sunday Express. She said her daughter had no intention of making any money out of the book "Madeleine" she said she wrote the book for the twins. She said she only decided to sell it because there was hardly any money left in the fund.

    Susan Healey is as big a liar a her daughter. The McCanns have been talking about book and film deals for the past 4yrs. I often wondered what kind of family the McCanns came from, when Clarence Mitchell revealed that they were using the fund to assist their family.

    I know what kind of family Kate McCann comes from, because Susan Healey, has sanctioned the book as suitable reading material for the twins and Kate McCann has already said that she hopes wherever Madeleine is, she will get to read the book. She said the twins will read the book, when they are old enough to understand it.

    If Madeleine is alive she is only 8yrs of age and for Kate McCann to think that this book is suitable reading material for her, then she is in serious need of psychiatric treatment. I can only presume that when the twins reach the age of 8 which will be in less than 2yrs, the book will be thrust under their noses.

    I can only imagine what will be going through the twins minds when they read this book. It will be bad enough for them to read about their mother's lack of sex drive, but to read about their mother thinking about their big sister's genitals being ripped apart, will be horrific.

    Those twins will be the butt of their playmates jokes in the playground, if any of their playmates get their hands on this book.

    I don't know why SY are saying this investigation should take months, because files need to be translated from Portuguese into English. There is enough evidence in the files that are already printed in English to show the McCanns are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

    In any case it shouldn't take long for the remainder of the files to be translated from Portuguese into English. When threads appear on Joana's forum written in Portuguese, I press a button and in less than a second, they are translated into English.

    I understand that there has to be a thorough investigation. I just hope that at the end of it, the McCanns are not going to walk away without a stain on their character. They must be prosecuted for the very least, the neglect of Madeleine.

  13. For our children's sake, someone please put a stop to this circus!

  14. "for each copy sold, one cent will go into the investigation and search for the child" - WHAT?! I am shocked!!!

  15. http://tv2.rtp.pt/noticias/?t=A-RTP-entrevistou-o-casal-Mccann.rtp&headline=20&visual=9&article=444304&tm=7

    I actually burst out laughing when Kate says she's always been over-protective. To be honest, she has protected herself and Gerry very well.


  16. If it hadn't been for this desperate discomfort one feels when reading their lies I would even consider buying this book but no, how can we possibly support the blatant, blaring inventions written obviously, without any shame, the endless propoganda. They can keep a straight face and dish it out. We can only wish and hope that truth will prevail. Are they not just laughing their narcisstic heads off at the foolish public who so religiously defend them and pay up without questioning their actions and words? The kowtowing and humouring has no end. If they have sold 72,500 copies of their book at 1c a copy..? more insults, how can anyone still take them seriously? Please take note mr Cameron, mrs Theresa May, SY and anyone who is planning a whitewash. The mccanns are in their own make believe world and they have to repeat their fabrications as they are endeavouring to believe their own words. This is possibly one of the biggest scams ever and started on 3 May, 2007.

  17. This pair are as hard faced as they come. Now they even dare to say the money from the book is not going towards the search, not that we ever thought it would be anyway. We have seen they do whatever they like with the money they have been given, but of course they do have that in small print so as hopefully to cover their backs, though the unsuspecting people sending them money would no doubt have not been aware of it. (I hope this gets tested in a court of law, so as to stop this rip off of the public who need protecting from such funds, and people like the McCanns, who have been begging money on the strength of the fairy story 'ABDUCTION' of Madeleine, when there has been no evidence of that whatsoever. Too late now for Clarence to be denying that, as it has been their mantra from the start). What a nice little earner that Fund of theirs has been for them, and them only needing to give a small percentage of those millions to their so called 'search' which people were led to believe it all went to. So where has the rest of the money gone? How many properties have been purchased with the money and in whose name have they been purchased?

    As for them saying they are pleased their wish has been granted for this 'review' by Scotland Yard which may produce more leads, pull the other one McCanns. The unsuspecting public you play to may believe you, but those who have been following the case know the information contained in the Files can end up leading SY right back to you, and the case 'reopened'. 'REOPENED' - definitely not the favourite word of the McCanns, and a suggestion to be avoided at all costs.

  18. Just look at the picture and that cold cow(yes i dare call you it you disgusting cold narcissist syco)on her latest iphone dressed up wearing the "bracelets" to advertise, she makes me want to vomit and my skin crawl, Murdoch stop protecting these two now and throw them to the wolves no body believes them and know it is a huge cover up so to stop all questions why your papers and media are so behind them let them loose and face trial now! the circus has to stop for the sake of the forgotton child in this Maddie and hopefully she will then be at peace.

  19. Dandelion, if Kate McCann has written that about her daughter's 'genitals' then she is in need of some kind of treatment. How utterly disgusting that she should put this into print, let alone thinking of giving it to her children to read. Sick! In fact it sounds like the sort of book a paedophile would enjoy reading.

  20. The one cent may refer to the royalties. People should not forget they have already been paid for the book and the serialisation. Sales generate extra in royalties, which according to some reports is a higher percentage than a novice author would normally get, after help from JK Rowlings in drawing up the contract.

  21. I'm enjoying their spin in portugal. First, not too much coverage, at least in the papers on-line. Second, all papers who covered their spin highlighted that only one centime from each book go to the search. We can see trough the comments that the most important information all readers pick from the book was that-ONLY ONE CENTIME go TO SEARCH THEIR DAUGHTER. Why the public should get worried and make an effort to loccate their girl if the parents think she did not deserve more then a centime from a book that starts costing 20 Euros?
    Tell that to all the other parents of missing children. You are really a shame, Kate and Gerry. When the twins get older ennough to understand that business, they will hate you. After all, any one of the two could be in Madeleines place if the misfortune knock on their door that fatidic night.
    You have to pay 5 stars salaries to mitchell, lift consulting, isabel duarte, carter-ruck and the clown detectives. And you enjoy your new good life. You will never achieved that good life if Madeleine did not went missing, or if she was found long ago. Then, why searching her? Let her be missing forever. MISSING IS THE KEY TO KEEP THE BUSINESS ALIVE.

  22. this VILE couple must be so sure than have got away with happend to Madeleine that they can use and abuse any one who does not believe them.COME ON PORTUGAL PUT AN END TO THIS NOW.RE-OPEN THE CASE

  23. if it became mandatory overnight for people at the top to disclose if or not they were freemasons IMO a lot of questions and suspicions that have arisen on this forum would be answered

  24. Is it possible that the shelving of the case originally in Portugal was due to the fact that it was costly and it was known to both the PJ and the British police, that at the time , the conclusions they reached were in all probability correct but at the time not enough evidence to convict in court. That any 'interference' from the Uk government may have been more of an agreement between the two countries to put things on hold until more evidence was available to them. Perhaps now they have found that little piece of evidence and all thats needed to be done now is to combine all the files to secure a prosecution...Im no expert by a long shot in these matters but I still cant see what a whitewash would achieve as the press in the Uk has already been unable to print both sides of the argument...a whitewash would only achieve to make the internet users who feel strongly about this case to fight even harder for justice...

  25. I wish these parents would just go away! I'm sick of reading and seeing them everywhere. I wonder how many of the people who believe what they read and see have seen the pair laughing their heads off in the photo taken on Madeleine's 4th birthday. I think not, and the newspapers have never printed it to my knowledge. Kate only puts on her agonising face when it suits her. She is a fraud - so is Gerry - and I believe their tapas pals know this and that's why they have not put themselves out to strongly defend them, except when it suited them to get money from the newspapers.

  26. @Poster 10.....well said.

    My own conclusion is that this vile pair have been protected from Day One and three Prime Ministers later are even more protected.
    The pair of them should be behind bars but sadly, it isn't going to happen unless someone in the Tapas group cracks.

  27. This is the only true thing Gerry Maccann has said in over 4 years, they will be stronger,than in 2007. Lies make you that way, and the longer you live a lie the more you yourself believe in it. You have to tell 100 or more lies to maintain the first You then are unable to separate fantasy from reality. A web was spun in May 2007, and has spread, with lots of people trapped in it.
    Liars don't care whose feelings they hurt, they would swear your life away in a court of law. they are bold, selfish,cunning, self preserving at all costs loyalties go out of the window,this pair are mentally ill, there is no doubt about that. They have no feelings for this child she has long gone, its not their fault it never has been and never will be. They are terrified of the truth, they must shake at the thought of it. But the truth will win out, We have to trust all on the side of truth will see the day of this pair,This case will be solved,despair and lies go hand in hand,so have faith, Maddie God Bless Her will get Justice.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  28. I was going to comment on the "ONE CENT" going into the "search", but as I read the comments alredy made I see there is no need to! I would only be repeating what many others said!

    Gerry: “Concerning the many lies and ridiculous things that have been written about us, we are not impressed. What we say to those people who do not believe in us is that, please, read the book and compare what has been written. You must face the facts"...

    Yes, Gerry, face the facts indeed! The fact is that you and your wife lie with as many teeth you have in your dirty mouths(learned from Mitchell, huh?). You said "read the books and compare...", I say, watch and read the many interviews you gave and compare...

    JUst one example among many available "out there"(damned internet, huh?):
    In McCann Files:

    "Kate McCann 'I feel guilty every day of my life' Woman magazine paper edition"
    ..."But when the accountant told us last year that we only had enough to cover six more months of investigations, we organised three fund-raisers. And I hope the sales of the book I've written will help with funds and bring in information."

    Forgot to say that only ONE CENT will go into that help...?!

  29. I will not be buying a book new, whilst I wish Madeleine could be found or we could at least have answers regarding her fate I will not contribute in any form to Kate and Gerry McCann but, I do look forward to used copies of the book appearing on charity shop bookshelves, I will know then that the money I pay for it will go to a good cause.

  30. Found this in:


    "1. The original Press Release"

    "Madeleine’ by Dr Kate McCann
    Transworld acquires ‘Madeleine’, Kate and Gerry McCann’s personal account of the disappearance and continuing search for their daughter.

    “There are several different reasons as to why I finally came to the decision with my husband Gerry to write and publish this book,” said Kate McCann. “This decision has not been an easy one. Many factors needed to be given thorough and careful consideration, not least the impact of such a book on the lives of our three children. My reason for writing is simple; to give an account of the truth.[ Publishing this book has been a very different decision and is one that we have taken after much deliberation and with a very heavy heart. However, in the last few months with the depletion of Madeleine’s Fund, it is a decision that has virtually been taken out of our hands. EVERY PENNY WE RAISE THROUGH ITS SALES WILL BE SPENT ON OUR SEARCH FOR MADELEINE. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.”"

    "Bill Scott-Kerr, Publisher at Transworld, bought the book from the Christopher Little Literary Agency for publication in Spring 2011. ALL ROYALTIES WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO MADELEINE'S FUND – Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited."

    What a change, from "every penny" to "one cent"...
    Well, they said it would all go to "their" search for Madeleine, and we all know that "their" search includes many travelling, hotels, providing for the "extended family", lots of people on the pay roll, etc., etc. ...in the end, Madeleine would be lucky if one cent will end up being used on her benefit!

    One has to consider one thing though...Correio da Manhã has been known to publish many sloppy, innacurate articles. Maybe they got it wrong, I wish their reporters would do a proper job and double and triple check their sources. Maybe it's not the case here, but they have made mistakes before and it just helps to fuel the "pro-McCanns" fire...

  31. Anon 29, Público newspaper has published the same information: http://www.publico.pt/Sociedade/mccann-satisfeitos-com-reavaliacao-do-caso-maddie-e-a-espera-de-novos-dados_1495347

  32. Given the doubts that have arisen over the "one cent per copy" issue, it seems to me that it is relevant to clarify that several news outlets in Portugal are quoting the exact same amount and the exact same circumstance: Correio da Manhã, Público, Sol, Observatório do Algarve, etc.

    Even the usually very pro-McCann SIC newschannel reports that information: http://sicnoticias.sapo.pt/pais/2011/05/22/mccann-elogiam-reavaliacao-do-desaparecimento-de-madeleine-e-esperam-novos-dados

    The actual source for this information is not revealed, but all of these articles appear to result from interviews that were given by the McCanns to the Portuguese media, over the weekend.

    May I point out that even admitting that there could have been a misunderstanding concerning this particular detail, there is an indirect quote of Mr McCann saying:

    "Um livro que, frisou Gerry McCann, não tem como propósito angariar fundos para a investigação nem silenciar os que não acreditam no casal britânico, que sempre insistiram na tese de rapto de Madeleine."

    "A book which, Gerry McCann stressed, does not have the purpose of collecting funds for the investigation or to silence those who do not believe in the British couple, that always insisted on the thesis of Madeleine’s abduction."

  33. IIRC usually an author is given an advance and when the advance has been recouped in full the author then gets paid royalties. I wonder if an enhanced advance was paid to the author and the royalties are only a penny for each book sold or a penny for each book sold until all of the enhanced advance has been recouped via sales of the book. Perhaps that may be what the enhanced royalties means. Perhaps every penny raised though sales is quite literally a penny a book!


    The intervention of their "toffee" PM further supports their theory that the responsibility of the child's disappearance rests with the "incompetent" Portuguese PJ.

    Because theirs is an ideology to which millions of people subscribe a significant number of such "Matrix socks" will feel inclined to believe it...

    This is in fact a variant of what Dr. Amaral calls "The Truth of the Lie".

    Good lack to the McCanns and their beef with the Portuguese...

    Unfortunately for them the Portuguese (and not only) know where their bone lies...


  35. #28

    Agreed. I'll be buying a second-hand copy from Amazon once they start appearing at £0.50 or less from various secondhand book dealers, which won't be long.

    The scribblings of Kate McCann that I've seen posted on the internet are tiresome and tedious, so I won't be reading it, only keeping it for reference.

    I too will ensure that these parasites see none of my hard-earned.


  36. I hope Scotland Yard are going to discover more about the case the UK were putting together against the McCanns, as we were informed by Wikeleaks. Forget all the bogus Madeleine sightings, they should start from there.

  37. Even though the McCanns say they need the money for their Fund to search for Madeleine, we know that is just a spin on the truth. The truth is that most of the money in the Fund never goes to search for Madeleine. That is something they demonstrated right off when they were paying their mortgage with it and the media got onto it and published it. The public were angry about that. Just how angry would the public be if they knew some of the other things the McCanns have been using that money for!

  38. On the cover of the English edition, it says that the money from the book goes into the Fund. The Portuguese press quotes that only one cent per book is going into the investigation and the search for Maddie. Thus it is now clear that the Fund and the search for Madeleine are two different, separate issues. The money from the book DOES go into the Fund, but it is not applied on searching for the child. They have stated themselves that the Fund is to assist Maddie's family financially. That is what the money from the book is being used for. Nothing new, really, but thanks Gerry, for making things so clear.

  39. As we can see from the various media reactions, McCanns and their willing helpers are desperately trying to talk the book up and make it a success.

    There is of course the expected lack of critical objectivity from the British media, but then the people who normally review books are not getting themselves involved with this one at present, and who can blame them?.

    A further hindrance will definitely be the news that only one cent per book will go to the fund. Gullible, naive or just plain stupid people who thought that purchasing the book would be directly assisting 'the search for Madeleine' will be disappointed with this.

    IMO though, this book could easily become a future classic, although sales will only really take off after the case has been solved and the McCanns have been brought to justice.

    As the quintessential illustration of narcissism and a psychopathic personality, it is predestined to become the standard reference work for countless generations of students of psychology and criminology.

  40. It is their typical use of language - we want a review not the case to be re-opened - you have to look carefully at every word they use.

    EVERY PENNY WE RAISE THROUGH ITS SALES WILL BE SPENT ON OUR SEARCH FOR MADELEINE. - yes sales, not advances or serialisation rights or other payments - sales of the book only.

    ALL ROYALTIES WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO MADELEINE'S FUND – if the royalty is 1 cent because the advance was so high, then this is not a lie, just being economical with the truth - book sells for 23 euros, 1 cent is 0.04%.

    This avoids telling the unsuspecting public that the advances and serialisation rights go where ? To kate and Gerry Mccann's pockets. Why do they need the money as he has a very well paid job ?

  41. I am also going to buy the book only when it appears second hand and very cheap on Amazon. But it occurs to me that some of the parents at the twins' school will no doubt be buying it (well, I would if it was written by a neighbour of mine) and some of them will have older children who will also read it unless their parents hide it carefully. There will be children aged up to 10 and 11 in that school, so you can just imagine what will be said in the playground. How will Kate McCann dare to show her face there knowing that people how been reading about her sexlife and about the fact that she thinks references to her daughter's genitals are OK for general consumption>

  42. The book I would pay dearly to read would be 'The extremely truthful account of the life and times of Clarence Mitchell'. I realise he would have to be on some kind of truth drugs for a month or two while he poured out his secrets, since the man is an accomplished and experienced liar only mind altering substances would break through those layers of deceit. Apart from this McCann saga, we would learn exactly why this man turns up at every big story and is considered 'a safe pair of hands' to churn out the carefully chosen bits of information in various big crime cases for the general public to digest and believe. His cover of being 'clarrie the complete tosser in a pink shirt spinmeister' works really well. The stories he could tell and the people whose comfortable lives he could destroy would fill a bookshelf.

    However back to McCanns book tour. Is there a plan for this book to be sold elsewhere in Europe or America? Jeez Kate McCann the author on a world book tour. Has there been any more talk of a film being made from the book. They really can say and do whatever they like on the subject of money earned going towards the fund. Even when we can prove it is a lie, the papers will not print that, so their statements are never questioned. I often wonder if there is another need for money to continue to pour into the fund, apart from lawyers, perhaps there is/are some people who need a regular paypacket to keep their mouths shut.

  43. Well if the PM believes that it's in his interest to keep the UK presss and media on his side, would he be swayed towards a decision to review the case by the man who owns most of the media? Is that why he jumped to overrule the Home Secretary? "What the man from DelMonte wants, he gets".

  44. Gerry says it is not the nightmare that it used to be.
    I kind of imagine if I lost a child and did not know its fate, the nightmare would not diminish - it would grow in magnitude.
    Can you imagine reading this and hearing how there is sadness but the suffering from the early days is over.
    How can it be over.

    Have they found her - no - then how the fucking hell can their suffering be over and only sadness remains.
    I think with even the greatest will in the world if I was either Kate or Gerry I would be in a straight jacket salivating uncontrollably.
    Going back to work, writing books, promoting books, suing policeman - no I would be suffering.
    Really suffering.

  45. #19,
    In the original press released of the book concocted by the McCanns and their publisher it was clearly stated that:

    "Bill Scott-Kerr, Publisher at Transworld, bought the book from the Christopher Little Literary Agency for publication in Spring 2011. ALL ROYALTIES WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO MADELEINE'S FUND – Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited."

  46. Thank you Joana (#31), it seems they are all repeating from the same source. I went to C.Manhã online and looked for the journalist rsponsible for the article and it seems it came from Miguel A. Lopes/LUSA.
    Sorry for thinking evil of C.Manhã, this time it seems they went in with the "tide".

  47. YES, #18! She really dared to put that in the book! A book that was supposedly made for her children to read and understand the "truth"!!!
    It is on page 129, you can see it here:


  48. The only connection the Fund has with madeleine, is the name, used to fool everyone. The Fund is a private banc acc. to where people transfer money or made deposits. After, all the money go into other accounts, probably out of UK in an offshore to avoid any investigation ( forcing the routes of the money to be lost). I believe Halligen and the detectives real job, was moving the money and buying cheap sights and cheap abductor witnesses.
    The book was the last assault into the public pockets because trough donations no any centime was raining anymore.
    I hope every portuguese who get the misfortune of looking at this book in a bookstore remember that only one centime gos to the search of a dead girl, and went away, leaving this pile of lies in the shelf.
    I think, LUSA was the source of the information and if many papers reported the same and the shameful Gerry said that the purpose of the book was not raising money to the Fund, is because he feel the discomfort of many comments made in UK last week when they launched the book there. They think People will not buy the book if they know the money is going to the Fund. The all public is asking the purpose of the Fund and where Millions of pounds and euros went. Then, in Portugal they changed the rethorica saying the book was not to raise money. Then, they end up in an even worse picture- THE PAPERS SORT OUT THAT ONLY ONE CENTIME GO TO THE FUND/SEARCH and spread it. The rest, most probably go to a new private account they openned again to mask the money from the book. They start with a small crime, which I tend to believe now, could not be an accident and add more crimes. They keep adding crimes because they know, the PUBLIC WILL NOT GO AWAY WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED TO MADELEINE, then THEY CANNOT FADE INTO SOME SHADE. THEY WHERE FORCED TO BE IN THE MEDIA TRYING TO REVERT THE SITUATION. A KARMA.... THEY GOT ATRAPPED BY THEIR OWN STRATEGIES.
    Where is the Petition with thousands signatures to be used to convince Mr.Pinto monteiro to reopen the case? A quarter of the number of signatures they claim was enough to convince any Attorney general. Where is the Petition? Where is the form filled to reopen the case?
    The Mccann's will regret the letter they send to Cameron and Cameron will regret the answer he gave to the mccann's. Now more people is AWARE OF THE TRUE FACE OF THIS EVIL PARENTS.

  49. Stronger maybe but no more believable...by their theory we have a person who was watching their movements and meticulously planning to abduct maddie, he even popped in the night before to drug her in preparation for the snatch the following night..so with all this forward planning what theory do they have as to why he didnt plan out exactly what he was going to do after he abducted her..Tanner seen him at 9.15 and the Smiths saw him at 10pm . Thats a very long time to wander about in different directions in an abduction as well planned as they say it was.

  50. Was it just a mad coincidence? Every time that pair has more media attention, my computer starts behaving strange. A lot of problems with Internet.
    They are the European BIN LADDEN(S), Paying a kind of terrorism in the Internet to disturb Foruns and Blogs where their lies are not accepted. I believe Mitchell knows very well how to do it. He is payed also for that.

  51. I Clarrie, when are you going to write a book about being the spin machine for the Mccann's in a crime that involves the death of their girl?

  52. quote
    The book ‘Madeleine’, which is already on sale in Portugal, was launched in London on the 12th of May, and for each copy sold, one cent will go into the investigation and search for the child.


    Not really a surprise, but to see it in print is quite shocking.
    Who does still doubt these are the greatest crooks loose?
    Who will still give money to them?

    Anonymous said... nr. 10
    The Drs McCann seem to be becoming even more arrogant and self-assured as time passes, I did not think it possible that there could be other humans on this planet who are more narcissistic than those two. Then they reappear on the scene with McCann Mark II, an even more repugnant couple than their last incarnation. God knows how they will evolve if not locked up.

    Totally agree!! They are the real sociopaths and becoming more and more dangerous becomes they have learned, no doubt with all kind of courses paid for by the public, how "normal people would behave.

    Just when they open their mouth they still give themselves away. Their fanclub/defenders should snip their vocal chords.

    I do agree, these are golden times for sociopaths. Some people think sociopaths are ugly loners who set cats on fire, no these are the classic sociopaths from these times. They care about nothing but themselves. They will sacrifice their friends, family, children as easy as 1,2,3 and they have a huge following because part of that are the blind who don't want to see. The other part are the enablers. Count on it that the future will bring much more McCanns.

    I thought that Kate's diary was rather funny psychiatrist material, but the book gives so much more away from the sick puppy that Kate is. I knew that she wrote the book for the twins, because those she fears the most. But writing all this cr@p for your children!, outrageous You're sick Kate, very very sick. And yes so is ma Healy, I think they are very much alike.

    Mary Liverpool, I wish I had your faith. The only thing i know is that there will be another day of reckoning and that's not gonna be pretty for these two, and all that helped them.

    I rather hope they publish some more, because with every event their ugly faces show more clear.

    BTW I assume that's a calculator in Kate's hand??

  53. 'McCann Couple is Stranger Than In 2007'


  54. "Foi um homem quem levou a Maddie"- Dizem os Mccann em entrevista no DN.

    Nao li a entrevista, nem preciso. Todos sabemos como estao desesperados em transformar o Gerry visto e reconhecido pelos Smith, no homem sem cara ou cheio de borbulhas, que levou a Maddie. Nao sao capazes de dizer que os Smith mentem. Porque sera? Medo de despertar a fera adormecida que pode haver em cada um dos Smith. Afinal eram varios e todos viram o mesmo Gerry. Dificil para qualquer policia, desprezar o testemunho coincidente de mais de uma testemunha, nao e? Dificil comprar todos os Smith e faze-los contradizer em tribunal o testemunho que ja prestaram a PJ e a SY. Entao, o melhor e tentar cantar a mesma cancao e dizer que foi um homem que levou Maddie, rezando para que os distraidos nao liguem o Gerry dos Smith ao raptor dos Mccann.
    Embora nao tendo lido a entrevista, verifiquei que o ou a jornalista usou outro chavao interessante que nao agradara aos Mccann: "Kate e gerry criticam Goncalo Amaral por defender a morte de Madeleine sem provas enquanto defendem a tese do rapto sem qualquer prova".
    Queridos Mccann, ha de certeza mais provas naquilo que Goncalo Amaral defende do que na historia fantasista que voces defendem. A prova e que toda a equipa da PJ + procuradores envolvidos na investigacao defende o mesmo. Quanto a vossa historia, so a lunatica da Jane ajudou a fazer uma perninha porque para sermos correctos, nunca vimos nenhum dos outros Tapas 7 defender em publico o rapto. Tem sido cautelosos, procurando nao envolver-se mais do que voces ja os envolveram. Porque sera? Any idea dears?

    QUE PROVEITOSA FOI A VOSSA 'TRIP' OU MELHOR 'TRIPA" EM PORTUGAL. Com ou sem Lift Consulting, os jornalistas tem se encarregue de vos queimar o umbigo e nem precisam de escrever muito. Basta escreverem curto mas certeiro quanto baste, que o publico portugues que nao e feito de leitores do the SUN, encarrega-se de ler o que esta nas entrelinhas. Estou a adorar. As coisas que voces tem revelado directamente da vossa boca, tem sido fantasticas.
    Venham mais entrevistas. Va la jornalistas portugueses, entrevistem os Hubbard tambem e o velhote ingles que lhes deu a chave da igreja e os empregados do Ocean Club que eles agora acusam de ter escrito no livro de registos que as criancas Mccann ficavam sozinhas a noite. Esta na hora de desmascarar estes TOTOS que tem andado 4 anos armados em bons e intocaveis.

  55. Why does Mr Gerry not tell us that SY are searching for Madeleine and her abductors? Why does he use the word "disappearance" instead of "taken" or "abduction", after all we know those are his chosen words.

    Could that be because he knows SY are hanging onto his every word, as he is at the centre of their investigation, and will take it as a very guilty indication from him if he misquotes what he knows they are actually doing?

    I am not going to do as they demand and buy their book, I have read more than enough and listened to more than enough directly from them to form a view. In short they are not normal parents who properly care for their children the more they try to insist they are the worse they sound. Take the quote above from Gerry for example, both he and Kate have referred to just wanting to get back to normal and they were planning a book back in 2008 for sure, that was reported in our media. So normal life with loads of money, that is all this couple care about. We know that is not how "normal" parents would actually feel or how they would prioritise matters. They would certainly be too distraught to be threatening and suing people.

  56. If SY, get involved in the Mccann case and later come back with the gruesome twosomes' innocence, there will be a backlash like they have never seen by the public, and forums like this one. Lets' hope that this is not David Camerons' goal or I strongly believe it would be political suicide. And I for one would not vote for him or his party again.

  57. "As the quintessential illustration of narcissism and a psychopathic personality, it is predestined to become the standard reference work for countless generations of students of psychology and criminology"

    Bravo T4Two :n :n
    Social worker training videos by the score too :o

    Even if their own story were true that would still be the case! They have never demonstrated any genuine love or concern for little Maddie. They employed criminals and con merchants and told us they were looking for her, in fact they were looking for dodgy non police witnesses, silly sightings if enough cash crossed the palm and as much dirt as possible on Goncalo Amaral and anyone else they wish to discredit.

    I applaud all those on the internet who are simply not going to be cowed by this couple so that they can rake in millions out of their own little girl without anyone explaining what they are really like. Although Kate herself gives a good clue in her book, from the extracts I have read! Maybe Murdoch explained to her "sex sells"?

  58. @viv,how the f**** can they ever think of getting back to normal when Madeleine's own father said she has been taken by a paedo,jesus wept.

  59. Who knows maybe they have left all these inconsistencies and holes in their story for the very purpose of staying in the public eye....after all without the controversy and doubt Maddie would be just another missing child amongst many...there is no such thing as bad publicity remember ....the McCanns goad the doubters with words like'nutters' knowing full well that this will fuel the fire and keep them talked about for many years to come...when they see the anger that they instill in people they probably give themselves a pat on the back as we continue to aid them in keeping their high profile alive...

  60. Hello Anonymous post (47)the McCanns efforts to make people think Madeleine was abducted, get more ludicrous every time they speak. If those children were drugged by the would be abductor the night before Madeleine was taken, the McCanns as medics. would have known that they had been drugged.

    It has taken them 4yrs to come out with this little gem and for what it's worth I don't believe them. Once again they are lying to save their own skins, just as they lied to save their own skins, on the night Madeleine was supposed to have been abducted.

  61. Anonymous said... 18
    Dandelion, if Kate McCann has written that about her daughter's 'genitals' then she is in need of some kind of treatment. How utterly disgusting that she should put this into print, let alone thinking of giving it to her children to read. Sick! In fact it sounds like the sort of book a paedophile would enjoy reading.

    But is Kate MaCann telling us a truth when she talks about this disgusting dream/vision.

    Remember the the late night phone call made to the Potuguese police officer about a dream/vision she had about where Madeleines body lay, this may have been more truth.

    I have always believed in a child sex abuse scandal and have not being proved wrong.

  62. Su @ 43 these are my thoughts exactly. It isn't even logical to state that your daughter has been abducted, to care about it when it happened and then to care less about it 4 years later when nothing has changed in their belief of what happened. The truth is they looked happy on her 4th birthday and Kate says she was able to sleep well after 5 days. Poor Madeleine - they actually care even less now if that's possible.

  63. 60 You make a very good point, they are feeding off their notoriety, it is that salacious need to know about this bizarre couple that perhaps they figured will sell their book. Gerry commenced with his inane bloggings but then thought no we need to hold off the books and films. Just enought to hook the public in.

    If their reputation was actually being damaged (or indeed the apparent search for Maddie) why is it they waited until the 12 month time limit had almost expired to shut The Daily Express up? There were certainly McCann posters on there just deliberately being abusive to wind things up.

    It is a very simple matter in UK to shut the press up from writing that sort of stuff when you are still innocent in they eyes of the law. They could have complained to the PCC but as we know Gerry refused to let them act against the Express and other papers. The very first moment those articles appeared they could have instructed Carter Ruck to write a desist notice, by waiting they were making themselves infamous and bumping up their libel bill. We had a lot of bizarre utterings from them in that time scale about the dogs - that was not closing the story down, it was adding to it!

    I think it is actually difficult to really conceive just quite how cold and calculating this couple are. But I hope they are bugged wherever they go.

  64. jimuck, whatever or wherever she got the idea from, there is no need for her to put that in a book which she is wanting people to read, let alone her or anybody's children reading. Sick! Or that stuff about her and Gerry and their sex life. Who does she really think cares, and does she expect people to go ahh! poor Kate and Gerry can't have sex. It sounds like more of the Kate and Gerry show. This woman can't seem to get her priorities right even in a book about Madeleine, but then, if she could, her daughter would not be missing in the first place.

  65. @48,oh believe me, clarence the gob has most proberly started on his book of lie's as we speak.

  66. Maybe I missed this news. When did the director Peter Hubner resign from Madeleine's Fund?


    Who are the directors of Madeleine's Fund?

    There are nine directors of the Fund. They are:

    * Peter Hubner; a retired consultant;
    * Brian Kennedy, a retired head teacher;
    * Edward Smethurst – A Commercial lawyer;
    * Jon Corner – Director of a media company;
    * Michael Linett- retired accountant
    * Kate McCann General Practitioner
    * Gerry McCann Consultant Cardiologist

    7 not nine!If this is how they add and subtract, I can imagine their account books.


    2011 I notice it is stated in KM's book 'madeleine' that there are now only 6.

    Michael Linnett
    Edward Smethurst
    Jon Corner
    Kate McCann
    Gerry McCann
    Brian Kennedy (Uncle of KM)

  67. Meanwhile, by writing this book the McCanns are managing to take the attention away from the Gaspar statements and Payne.

    David Payne, now there is an interesting one, somebody who actually wanted to make a statement 'off the record' (as mentioned when he was making his statement to the UK police). The information he wanted to convey 'off the record' was about the disappearance of Madeleine, though as the PJ were not there at the time they may never have got to know what it was.

    That 'off the record' statement of his would be very interesting to read. Unfortunately the case was then shelved so it is doubtful the PJ ever received it. Don't forget it took months before the PJ received the Gaspar statements, and it sounds like they had to ask for them to be sent. Did they ever request this 'off the record' information Payne wanted to give?

    If those Gaspar statements were to become common knowledge, David Payne may once again be willing to burst forth with whatever it was he wanted to say 'off the record' at the time he was giving his statement. Would it help take the heat off him, as those Gaspar statements sure don't look too good as far as he is concerned? As for the information he wanted to give, but not to be put in his statement, was that so it would not reach the eyes and ears of certain people? It certainly sounds a likely reason, but who might those people be.

  68. @su #45

    "Gerry says it is not the nightmare that it used to be.
    I kind of imagine if I lost a child and did not know its fate, the nightmare would not diminish - it would grow in magnitude."

    My gut feeling is that they know her fate only too well :f They have grieved for her and now they are moving on.

    There's no other explanation in my mind. As you say, if they didn't know or thought she was still at the hands of a paedo there's no way on earth that their nightmare would diminish.

  69. Apologies if I'm repeating a previous post - not read them all BUT

    I've never seen Clarence Mitchell look so unconvincing and tired as on latest BBC interview.

    It's worth a watch.

    I still think he is a government plant.

    Plus I think Kate and Gerry are the most convincing they have ever been in the recent portuguese videos. A.rse feel notwithstanding

    I'd love to know what's really going on.

  70. http://tv2.rtp.pt/noticias/?t=A-RTP-entrevistou-o-casal-Mccann.rtp&headline=20&visual=9&article=444304&tm=7

    No evidence Madeleine is dead
    No evidence Madeleine is dead
    No evidence Madeleine is dead
    No evidence Madeleine is dead...

  71. @44.we are talking about the possible death of Madeleine, a mere baby
    so surely the PM wouldnt sink that low.

  72. Maybe we should inundate Scotland Yard with the Gaspar statements, and the statements about the Smith sighting, just in case Gerry is trying to take charge of everything as usual, and pointing them in the direction of the rubbish they dish out to the media of the bogus sightings of Madeleine, and the crackpot photofit descriptions of abductors.

  73. No one has posted the book for us all to review - I'll not pay a penny for it - but desperately want to review it!

    I see its even cheaper on Amazon now - bit its not REACHED ITS VALUE YET!

  74. I wonder who takes these staged photos?

    John Corner - the guy who took the heavy make up picture? I wonder if he is of the same persuasion as David Payne is alleged to be?

  75. Someone posted on Amazon a review hoping that the book would 'fly off the shelves' - I agree, but into the bin!

    Come on someone - if you bought the book, get it scanned and onto the web as many want to review but few want to pay as it means giving money to the McCann's.

  76. 13 Did it really say that in the book Dandelion? If so, how come noobody in the media has commented? How could Martin Brunt, supposedly and investigative crime reporter, not realise it is appalling for a Mother to state something no sane person would utter an surely casts doubt on Kate McCann's sanity? Why did no advisers warn her against such a statement!

  77. I am still having a problem with the sentence

    ""...por cada exemplar vendido, reverterá a totalidade para a investigação e procura da criança""

    To me it reads that every copy sold, adds to the total to the investigation and the search for the child.

    Has the article been changed?

  78. #75, Corner, who said about Madeleine:

    “So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd,” family friend Jon Corner says of the child. “So—God forgive me—maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality. Some bastard picked up on that.”

    More on Corner:



    He, along with Payne, gives me such an uneasy feeling...

  79. Pigs that eat their young

  80. Anon 72. Joana's post 11 on the previous thread about Pat Brown, Criminal Profiler. POLICEtcetera Blog - Le Monde.fr
    An article written by M. Georges Moreas. Honour Senior Commissioner of the National French Police. Google Translation from the French.

    " British Prime Minister, David Cameron, asked Scotland Yard to reopen the case concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in May 2007 in Portugal. Those are some thirty police who will look at the entire procedure, both of British and Portuguese, to try to find new elements. Then a group of investigators could go there and start fresh investigations, at least if the Portuguese authorities give their approval.

    This decision of the Prime Minister is moderately popular with police officers and one of The Met (Metropolitan Police Service) has roundly criticized. This creates exceptional indeed a bad precedent in a country where the police are more distant than in the executive branch and we will lead to more expense. The serious Guardian also noted that in his letter to McCann husband, Cameron envisages only the thesis of abduction (He wrote, "to help find Madeleine"), implicitly excluding the possibility that the child is dead. This is not a logical process of inquiry. Faced with criticism, coaster interested in good standing who said he was not an order but a suggestion and that the corresponding budget surplus would be taken on the Home Office (Department of the Interior ). At last, a sum of 3.5 million books have been released

    It seems that the British Prime Minister has thus yielded to the request of the wealthy Rupert Murdoch, owner of Sun among others, who made the promotion of books by Kate McCann, Madeleine. The tabloid reportedly paid £ 200 000 to ensure the premiere publication of good stories, as they say. In this book, the mother of Maddie gives his version of events. In the United Kingdom, opinions differ on the McCanns: some admire their fighting spirit in search of their child, while others question their attitude that they are mercenary. " etc.

  81. 77, don't forget that the British media is as gagged as the media in the old Soviet Union.
    Any other European country is much more free than that island.
    Martin Brunt is also gagged. No choice but to shut up.

  82. 77, I have commented this before.

    A narcissist person does not accept corrections.
    Imo, Kate is sick and her children are in danger.
    Gerry is a irreponsible father and husband. As doctor he can see how insane his wife is and he does not do anything to provide a treatment for her.
    A treatmant would help a lot.Some weeks in a clinic and she could become better.
    Possibly he is happy with her words, hoping psychiaters will take the iniciative and he will get rid of her.

  83. Funny how the McCanns just attack Correio da Manhã, SIC noticias, Lusa and other PT press still carry the same paragraph of what is clearly a McCann PR team press release «O livro Madeleine, que já se encontra à venda em Portugal, foi lançado em Londres a 12 de maio e por cada exemplar vendido reverterá um cêntimo para a investigação e procura da criança.» in McCann elogiam reavaliação do desaparecimento de Madeleine e esperam novos dados - SIC Notícias - http://bit.ly/mt7Va4

  84. If like myself you don't want to give money to Kate and Gerry McCann there are quite a few used copies of the book for sale on ebay, perhaps when you have finished with your copy you could donate it to a local charity shop, that way someone else can read the book without any money going to the grusome twosome plus the charity shop will benefit and therefore you are assured your money will be going to a good cause.

  85. Johanna, #78,

    You're right, Correio da Manhã has changed that phrase! I am sure that yesterday and this morning it had the "one cent" version, and the proof is in one of the reader's comments. Strangely enough, they changed the article but forgot to edit or erace this comment:

    "deixem o livro portugues voltar as livrarias,e tambem em inglaterra, veremos entao a diferenca. 1 centimo? e para onde vai o resto?para a felicidade deles!!!Um filme sera a seguir,entao sim terao o bolso cheio.Pobre Maddi"
    (let the portuguese book -Mr.Amaral's- return to the book shops, and also in England, we'll then see the change. 1 cent? and where does the rest -of the money- go? to their happiness!!! A film will follow, then, yes, they'll have the pockets full. Poor Maddi)

    I just went and checked other newspapers version of the article and it still reads "one cent", Público, Sol, Diário de Notícias, Sic Notícias, etc.

    What happened? Did Lift Consulting contact C. Manhã...? But forgot the others???

  86. Sorry, off-topic, I've popped into Textusa's blog and it seems that Kate makes NO mention of Madeleine's most outstanding feature, the one they made into her "trademark", the "good marketing ploy"! Yes, that's it! NO mention of the coloboma at all!

  87. Hello Anonymous post (77) This is what Kate McCann said on page 129 of her book Madeleine....

    "I asked Gerry apprehensively, if he had any horrible thoughts or visions of Madeleine. He nodded. Haltingly I told him, about the awful pictures that scrolled through my head of her body, her perfect little genitals being ripped apart.

    Nobody in the media does comment, because they have been gagged. Why are the media so frightened of the McCanns?

  88. 88, not frightened of the McCanns.Frightened of the British libel laws.Today I followed a complaint of Sun news paper about a football player and his mistress, on the BBC.
    Cameron agreeded the libel laws are too tough but I've got the feeling no politician wants to change them, neither he does.
    Politicians can be very corrupt people, they need those laws.
    I don't understand why the whole media in Britain don't make a huge noise,every day, about this issue.Pressure on the politicians.
    Or just agreeing among themselves not to talk about any of them.Not at all.
    Politicians need the media.Silence would kill them.

    About Madeleine's genitals: I hope the twins will grow up less riff raff than their parents are.It will be a miracle but I believe in miracles.
    I hope the twins will get their conclusions about their mother and father.
    Well dressed but no class at all.

  89. Anonymous 87, when asked by Piers Morgan if people could still identify Madeleine, the child now being older, by her eye defect, Mr. McCann downplayed this feature of his daughter. He even went as far as to say that it was not an eye defect but a fleck of colour. If I'm not mistaken he mentioned that Madeleine's eye was examined and no defect was found. Obviously, this is a clear change in strategy by the McCann team. It could be that they are being proactive and revealing now what someone will verify when they are finally allowed to examine the child's medical records or perhaps it is a change in marketing. There are photographs of Madeleine which appear to demonstrate that that fleck of colour has a mind of its own, never in the same position.

  90. This whole coloboma thing shows them for what they are: not only would no real doctor falsify such a diagnosis, they falsified photos to go with it. That means they deliberately created a situation where Madeleine would abusively not identified.
    I used to think it was an accident gone wrong, but this is so evil there must be more behind it.

  91. Mccann's claiming on their Facebook "Correio da Manha corrects the article about the 'only one centime from the book going to Madeleines fund'".

    I have checked Correio da Manha on-line this morning and can't see any correction.
    What about Publico, Sol, Sic, Lusa? Many printed the information delivered by Lusa. Why the mccann's on their facebook named just Correio da Manha?
    They still working on spin to continue fooling their blind readers.
    Even if the money gos to the Fund, WHAT IS THE FUND? A private account that differers only from another one because instead of having their names explicit there, the names are hide under the name Findmadeleine.
    Who is paying their day life, their trips, their holidays, their PR team? THE FUND OBVIOUSLY.
    Have nothing to do with Madeleine, but today while reading in CM the news about the little girl Iara, who lost her batle against Leukemia I can't control my tears and quickly my heart compared the behavior of Iara parents regarding their daughter with behavior of the Mccann's.
    The portuguese joint in solidarity the effort of Iara parents and the IPO to find a medication out of stock in Mars in Portugal, for her, to fight a virus. Everybody wants to help the little girl.
    Mccann's got the same or probably much more solidarity from the portuguese, translated in money and a long search, but still insulting the country and using it to abuse and disrespect the memory of their child. They don't deserve any respect or a single coin from portugal.

  92. To 90 & 91,

    Gerry clearly don't want to connect Madeleine eye deffect(???) with coloboma. What Madeleines picture shows, is clear a coloboma. A surgeon interviewed in RTP early May, I think it was immediately after the release of the picture, says it was coloboma and when JR Santos ask him if a surgery could remove the deffect and change Madeleine eyes to avoid her to be recognised, the Dr. said NO. Over the time the deffect remain the same and nothing could be done to remove it or change it.
    Since the beginning I had the feeling that the picture could be manipulated to exagerate a small deffect or create the deffect to target the public. The public tend to feel more connected with the drama if there is small other stories behind it. Madeleine deffect falls directly in our hearts.
    For me the picture was manipulated. Madeleine appears more beautiful and more young on that picture then on most of others. Did not look the same girl, the baby Kate is holding, the coloboma girl and the one on the tennis court or when she was wearing the blue football kit. And how, they got 4 pictures of Madeleine( postal card type) professional printed, all the same, to hand to GNR immediately after raising the alarm?
    If the picture was manipulated and Maddie has no coloboma, I can understand why they jumped over the moon to avoid any medical record to be delivered to PJ.
    My second daughter was born with a small black spot on her right toe called "nevo", since minute one that spot was recorded on her medical booklet and tested with a conclusion signed by the daughter who named the spot. Imagine if it was an eye deffect like the one Madeleine is showing.
    It is very easy to manipulate pictures and keep the world searching a person that doesn't exist. They were and still very confident about Madeleine little chances to be found.

  93. It is deeply concerning if this coloboma doesnt exist after all the emphasis that was put on it when Madeleine first went missing...this was pushed as a guaranteed way of identifying Maddie to the general public...you dont have to be a detective to figure out the implications if it turns out to be a false description

  94. Hi All,

    What is the official spelling of Jon Conner's name?
    Is it Conner, Corner or Coner.

    Whichever way, it sounds like someone is 'conning' someone else; has got someone in a corner; or as it sounds like the French, "con" or "conard", means "idiot, twat" which isn't a polite thing to call anyone. Trust the McCanns to mix with such.

  95. Guerra, #90,

    Yes, I read things about the "drifting" coloboma, or even the inexistent coloboma. In one of my "googlings" I came across this:


    It's about a documentary that was supposedly made about the veracity of Madeleine's coloboma, but I could not find any link to that documentary.

  96. Information on colobomas:


    It can be a serious health condition, of course that any child who was born with it would have it registered in his/hers medical records and would for sure be consulted by an ophtalmologist. If Madeleine really had colobomas then it must have been mentioned in her medical records (the ones the PJ never got to see...).

  97. What has got stronger since 2007 is my utter disgust for that couple and anyone who supports them.Thats the only thing I know.
    As long as the case is not re-open we will spend time and energy trying to find out the why and how Madeleine died and why they are not brought to justice like anyone else.
    I notice once more that the Portuguese authorities have not made a single move in their favour nor did they decide to re-open the case: so far there has been NO official communication of any sort and unless this happen I refuse to be sucked in their ever lasting spin.
    They are "stronger" because they want us to believe they are but the reality is they are weaker.I have learnt to read between the lines of their spins
    Any news about GA"s books by the way?
    Have a good day all and dont torture yourselves: they are not worth it

  98. to 90 & 92.
    IMO. Either there was a genuine coloboma & with it possibly came various medical conditions that they don`t want known. Check Wikipedia or Google.
    Or there was no such thing & as is suggested now that the parents are re-writing the whole story.
    Yes I`ve seen many photos of Madeleine where the "speck" seems to change position.
    Certainly there is the possibility that there never was a coloboma, but what if there was & she did have something imperfect about her & these two freaks only wanted to keep the two perfect twins?

    I`ll go a step further & say I think there are many different kids used in the photos of "Madeleine"
    From day one it has been nothing but lies & cooked up confusion.

    I can almost read them like a book after all these years & they are nowhere near as clever as they think they are.


  99. Today is the first time I have heard of any of the suspicions concerning Maddies eye...SURELY if Gerry has now stated that there isnt a coloboma after all, that in itself is enough NEW evidence to reopen the case...it beggars belief that they could so blatantly back track on this subject and get away with it if the coloboma was made up purely for marketing purposes....the list of questions that need answering just keeps growing....

  100. Thank you, 92. You are very observant and I enjoy reading your intelligent posts and many other posts here.
    We will be positive for the truth to come out. We will be patient, watch and see how these two unreliable mccanns are digging their hole.

  101. I was reading that the main reason the Catholic Church are against IVF is because the embryos that are not used are ultimately destroyed, unless of course, they can be used for another woman, or other women, and then they are not wasted.

    Could there be more children of Kate and Gerry's around? Was that DNA that Gerry went to get not even Madeleine's to begin with?

  102. I can't make my mind up if the Mccanns' are stupid or know full well they have the backing of the prime minister and SY. The plot thickens, reading a translation of Goncalo Amarals book, it appears to be suggested that the british secret services were monitoring the Mccanns calls, is this true and if so why?? My personal feeling is they have dirt on some high-up figures, however how the mighty shall fall, and I shall still keep the faith that David Cameron is setting them up for a very big fall indeed, and if so couldn't happen to a nicer pair of child neglecting narcissists.

  103. gerry on irish tv on one of there interviews said "it was only a fleck" and it certainly "wasnt a coloboma"will see if a link still exists.

  104. Was it the coloboma that Gerry said was a good marketing ploy, or was that something else? What a way to think about your child as something to market. I can't imagine anybody else thinking like that when their child goes missing. Marketing and money is the name of the game as far as they are concerned.

  105. Kate deleting her texts again

  106. in the independent this morning while referring to how secretive this country was becoming the writer mentioned the maccanns and complained that questions allowed to be put to the couple had been limited

  107. hmmmm strong you say?

    you need to look at the amazon reviews guys cos you dont look very strong on there, although some geezer called hotrod seems to have your back? not many others though?
    not strong id say weakening everyday..

  108. Back then, the following distinguinshing marks for Madeleine were stated on Gerry's blog:
    Left eye: blue and Green colour
    Right eye: *green colour with a brown spot in retina*
    Small brown mark on left leg calf.

    So Gerry is actually consistent: spot or fleck, same thing.

    However we know from all the photos we've seen that her blemish was in the iris, not the retina. It wasn't a spot, it was a larger mark. Surely a doctor would know the difference?

    Were the photos edited?

    And why did they make such a fuss about the coloboma in 2007, against the advice of the police?
    This doesn't make sense, then again nothing about this case does!

  109. What is the use of faking a coloboma on a missing child's eye?
    Besides the nurses of the crèche must have observed it.
    I don't believe it is faked in the photo's.
    Besides Maddie was very small for her age and that could point out to heart problems, one of the consequences of coloboma.
    At the very beginning of this case there were romours Madeleine was a little autistic.That could have been the reason she was not a easy child to cope with.Is it true?

  110. who knows that one cent story is true.
    Gerry comes from Scotland, doesn't he?

  111. The stress on KM face is their for all to see, she looks like a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulder's, the guilt they are carrying must be immense, im so glad i will never be in such a position, i remember reading somewhere that GUILT eat's away like a cancer from the inside..

    Did anyone else notice the early pictures in the sun newspaper relating to her book that Madeleine struck a remarkable resemblance when she was quite young to the brother of gerry??, i thought the resemblance was uncanny, the roundness of the face, nose, eyes everything,looked like his brother, i was ammazed...

    I saw something that took me back on a busy train that first morning the sun published those pic's nearly everyone was either by- passing those pages rather quickly or exchanging expletives as to how they found the whole circus regarding the mccanns disgusting.

  112. @108,

    It's possible the Mccanns faked the coloboma because they did NOT want Maddy recognized. Why did they refuse to hand over her medical records to the PJ? They have half the world searching for a kid with a "defect" in her eye. What a great distraction. A marketing ploy as Gerry said.

    Aside from that, my brother has a coloboma, very much like Maddy's and it is not noticeable at all unless you are close up to him. Increasingly I'm thinking that it's as much a lie as everything else.

  113. The McCanns have never said that Madeleine had a coloboma, they have only ever mentioned a noticeable fleck running from her pupil to her iris. And now Gerry smiles, on the Irish programme,and says it was not a coloboma but only a small fleck that you'd have to be really close up to Madeleine to see it. It was ALWAYS a good marketing ploy to the McCanns, posters of a pretty, much younger than nearly 4 child, with a very noticeable mark in her eye. Funnily enough that was the only photo I've seen where the mark was so pronounced. Do they expect people to bend down and thrust their face into a child who they consider may just be Madeleine, scaring them half to death, I wonder?
    Personally I believe the dogs, difficult to pass off as totally unreliable, especially to Scotland Yarf officers. This case will never be resolved unless and until they are ALL forced to take part in a reconstruction and ALL questioned individually but at the same time under caution.
    Then I think there's a chance of getting somewhere near the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann.

  114. Anon 108


    The coloboma was a 'good marketing ploy' according to Gerry (I wonder about Kate). Now the marketing has done. Possibly in Madeleine's case the coloboma is a 'not good health' sign of the 'close to the perfect' child. Imo Kate McCann is obsessed with perfectionism and looks.
    Why keeping the medical records a secret when your child is missing?

  115. Anonymous said... 109
    who knows that one cent story is true.
    Gerry comes from Scotland, doesn't he?

    It could very well be true (the one cent story), remember Kate MaCann is English, most wifes holds the purse strings !

  116. Cameron-McCann: Dixon Family Seeks Equal Treatment

    The family of missing British journalist Michael Dixon has written to Prime Minister David Cameron to appeal for help, following his intervention in the Madeleine McCann case.

    LONDON, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael's brother, David Dixon, said: "It's great news for all families of Britons missing abroad that David Cameron and the Met are helping the McCanns. Now we're asking them to do the same for us."

    The Dixon family's letter to Prime Minister Cameron says: "We need political action to break the wall of apathy ... Michael has not become famous like Madeleine, but he is no less important and our pain is no less sharp."

    The Dixon family is asking for the PM's intervention to make sure the Metropolitan Police Authority reviews the case files and sends a mission to Costa Rica.

    The British authorities have admitted there is a problem with red tape. Minister of state Jeremy Browne said in a letter on 12 May : "The Costa Rican police invited the UK police to discuss the case via a teleconference, but this offer was turned down."

    Michael Dixon vanished after leaving his hotel room in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, on 18 October 2009.

    The story was recently covered in a BBC documentary: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/fast_track/9478002.stm

    Download COME HOME - a charity single for loved ones gone missing http://helpfindmichaeldixon.com/content/music-campaign

    DIXON letter to PM: http://www.helpfindmichaeldixon.com/update/appeal-letter-david-cameron-24-may-2011

    SOURCE David Dixon

    Cameron-McCann: Dixon Family Seeks Equal Treatment -- LONDON, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- - http://prn.to/kFZ6gl

  117. Anon 116, and we English don't want to own her, she is of Irish stock on both sides of her family.

  118. Well David Cameron,the only way out of this is to get the muccanns back for the official re-construction for FREE,the the money you have not spent on the muccanns can be spent on Ben Needham and Michael Dixson and the many more missing people whose family's havent had thier story splashed all over the media every day and made lots and lots of £££££ out of thier missing child, THEY ARE THE ONE,S THAT DESERVE YOUR HELP.

  119. I remember posting about the columba (or lack of it) several years ago on Anorak. There is a photo of Maddie which shows very clearly that she has not got any mark in her eye. It is still available on the internet, but I also have it stored on my computer.

    one poster wrote back "keep this photo whatever you do!". someone else wrote, "it is probably photoshopped to make Maddie look perfect, it's very easy to do this to photos now, and therefore, the photo isn't significant".

    Of course, the answer to that would be - well if the parents are so experienced at photo-shopping, probably the very odd 'last photo' and the even odder photo of Maddie in the playground with 2 right feet and a flattened knee, are also photoshopped, so we can't believe anything the Mccanns say or do.

    My opinion of the photos of Maddie, that do seem to be genuine,(e.g. tennis courts) is that she looks like a very very sick child. She has horrendous bags under her eyes for a 3 year old, just for starters. She almost looks as if she is developing progeria, but I think that normally happens within the first 2 years.

    And we come to the same old theory, why would an abductor choose a difficult, not perfect child, when he could so easily have taken Amelie instead. she would also have been so much easier to carry through a tiny window! -

    answer: according to Kate - Maddie was wearing such pretty clothes!!
    answer: according to sensible people - there was no abductor.

    Aunty anti

  120. Reading the comments to Kate’s book in Amazon, I cannot understand how some people can completely disregard the hard facts of the Portuguese (and British) police investigation, and the disastrous failure of the McCann in protecting their children. Instead, they defend, understand and even encourage a couple that long ago should have faced the full force justice. How is it possible? The McCann callously left their three children locked in an apartment, night after night, during their fatidic holiday. The McCann lied to the police in the ensuing investigation, and entered into contradiction time and again. They fabricated a checking timeline. The McCann refused to answer the police questions, even knowing that failing to do so they could jeopardize the investigation for the whereabouts of their daughter. The McCann couple DID NOT SEARCH for their daughter, unlike hundreds of locals who DID IT spontaneously (and are now humiliated by them). The McCann went jogging and play tennis while others were searching for Maddy, just a few days after her disappearance. This is something I find absolutely incomprehensible. The McCann and their friends wrongly accused an innocent man, Robert Murat, of their daughter’s abduction, and never showed any remorse or uttered an apology. Later on they would accuse many others. The McCann ran away from Portugal, even after vowing that they wouldn’t leave until their daughter was found. Later, many other ludicrous episodes, sightings, declarations, you name it, came to reinforce their lack of credibility. They wouldn’t be able to go this far if it weren’t for the help from their libel lawyers, through which they intimidated the media and everyone who dared question their fairy tale. During the course of the process, they became rich and famous (out of court settlements, Fund, interviews, TV appearances, good quality bracelets, travel packs, book, etc).
    I am not questioning the suffering the loss of a child causes. But, let me also say that in this case the McCann couple have a very strange way of showing it. One thing is understand a suffering couple, another is defend their deeds, applaud their actions. This I find absolutely incomprehensible. One cannot simply forget what is behind Maddy’s disappearance: Madeleine McCann vanished because their parents abandoned her. No more no less! As far as I am concerned, these people are defending the indefensible.


  121. Did not Gerry McCann produce some posters using the "mark" as a marketing ploy ?

  122. Here is one poster on Sky News


  123. I believe the review is being conducted for the McCanns and the report is being written for the McCanns. To strengthen their case in any libel action and also to provide them with full visibility of the police files.

    The head of the Met knows Madeleine is dead but his "off the cuff" comment about there being a "remote chance" that Madeleine may still be found alive sends out a clear signal about the way the direction the "review" will take.

    Now is not the time to sit back and relax, it is the time to work even harder to get the truth out: write to your MP, the Met, the Home Secretary.

    When CEOP released the "Minute For Madeleine" video there were many people saying similar things, that Jim was going to solve this crime but then a couple of months later Gerry McCann was his star-turn at a CEOP training event! And after all the hype about that video has CEOP ever given a single update about the impact of that video? No, of course not..

  124. And there was this bizarre LOOK poster with plenty of emphasis on EYE !


  125. Maybe we should write and ask Cameron if he is ordering this Scotland Yard 'review' as a special favour to a fellow Mason, and is that what is making the difference between their request and the requests of the other parents of missing children.

    Otherwise, what does make the McCanns so special they can get whatever they want, and all that money, when they have already had millions of both Portuguese and UK tax payers money spent on the case, and millions given them into their Fund.

  126. #118

    'Anon 116, and we English don't want to own her, she is of Irish stock on both sides of her family.'

    And for the same reason, we Scots can refuse responsibility for Gerry! Sorry Irish posters, they're all yours....:c


  127. Sorry to interrupt thread, but cam anyone provide a link to the Irish radio interview, I think on 13th May? I listened to Part 1 and thought I could come back to part 2(and 3?) but can't find it anywhere now! Many thanks.

  128. 120 What a good post.

    Absolutely - if this abductor was as clever and profficient and well informed (from watching them for days) then why on earth make off with a slightly flawed older child that could speak recognise and yell etc.

    Amelie would have been the perfect choice - and indeed a perfect pair of twins were available for abduction (everything in mcCann world is 'perfect' - even things that simply shouldnt ever be mentioned - Kate's appalling description in her scrawlings).

    Personally I think the neglect side of things is also false - too much willingness to admit - but of course protected by lawyers and careful word and invention.

  129. The photo at the top here is staged of course, I suspect by the person who is an expert with camera work - and photo editting - Jon Corner - I suspect this man is somehow involved - some kind of 'ring' - why else have they got the appalling 'make up' photo where madeleine is painted like a whore?

  130. 125 - odd isnt it, Kate said they didnt call her that.

  131. The justice system and authorities in the UK and in Europe have let the people down badly - and themselves too, as it reveals so much of the way it all works!

    Equality will never exist all the time money calls the tune. Our forefathers died for this!

  132. 88 Dandelion

    Oh my god, this is utterly appalling! How could this be allowed! 'Perfect little..' even that is sick - let alone the next part! WHo talks about their child like that - about any child!

    She is one sick woman and the media are sitting silently by, as are the authorities.

    But worse, what about Gerry McCann?! How could he allow her to say that - what about her publisher...the censor! Jeez!

    If this isnt incontrovertible proof that something is not right here, then I dont know what proof is required!

  133. I am sickened beyond words, the light has finally hit me, the prime minister I had hoped to regain brtish pride has let me down, so much. There is such a cover up beyond words and David Cameron, the man who comes from a totally different world to me but who appeared the peoples' person has let me down. Not ever again will I trust any politician to serve justice in England, or for that matter the UK.

  134. http://littlemorsals.blogspot.com/2010/05/changing-coloboma-of-madeleine.html

  135. Why Kate describes Madeleine's body as pretty and perfect? Was it because was not perfect and not so pretty?
    Some mothers never accept the reality and tend to live under an imaginary situation. The one which fit their dreams.
    The daughter she loves was the one her imagination created, not the real Madeleine. Thats why she behavior so distant and so cold, showing no emotions while talking about Madeleine but falling in tears when she talks about the twins. Thats why they, both, had no problems to use and abuse the memory of their daughter, by seting a business around something that will be a so dramatic tragedy for any normal parent. Madeleine (the real girl) was an object they lost. An object about which they don't feel strong connections. She was not the perfect girl they dreamed about. The missing become a relief and simultaneous an hunt inside their brains. When she went missing, the real Madeleine disappeared and the dreamed one come to life with a massive campaign to sell a beautiful and perfect little girl.
    I always found it odd, Kate in all interviews, strongly remark how beautiful Madeleine was/is. Any other mother will remark more the vulnerability of the child, the ingenuity, the panic, the pain.
    The Beauty is very relative. For Kate is very important. Using it to target the public is a very dangerous option. She use it because she knows the first picture of Madeleine showing the coloboma, was a good choice for their business. The public become touched by the face of a little angel with a small deffect. That was the dreamed Madeleine, not the real one.
    They tend to live well with imaginarium circumstances. They created the abduction and they believe it on the same way they created the perfect Madeleine.
    From that pair, nothing surprises me.

  136. NEGLECT- no this is a red herring to deflect what really happened, however whatever happens they appear protected, lets just see if future parents are afforded the same respect- I think not, HEY DAVE

  137. The problem, dear Gerry, with Madeleine fleck is: the first picture you delivered to the press asking the world to search your daughter, did not show a fleck. Show a very noticeable change in the shape of the iris. Show something close to Coloboma and if your daughter has only a fleck you misinformed the public since minute one and deliberately damaged the search/rescue of your daughter. That is a crime and you should come back to Portugal to explain to a judge, WHY YOU HAVE DONE IT.

  138. I bet the McCanns would run a mile if they had to take a lie detector test as they do in the US. It would be time to get out of town quick, just like they did when they ran from PDL after the investigators attempted questioning them, and then went and got themselves extradition lawyers.

    Not for the McCanns to go searching the countryside and getting their hands and knees dirty looking for their child like other families do when their children go missing. Not even that first night when Madeleine could have been lying there somewhere still alive but injured.

    Well after all, it was too dark said Kate. And the next day, and the next night, and all the days and nights after? Madeleine could still have been lying there alive and injured somewhere for quite some time. Yet the McCanns managed to find time for the jogging and tennis and hair streaking. 'Didn't you want to go search with the other people' somebody asked Kate. Kate thought for a while and then said, 'well we did, but we were so busy'.

    Just like that Fund of theirs, where only a small percentage of the money actually goes towards the 'search', these McCanns sure do have strange priorities, and it is hard to believe that searching for Madeleine is top of the list, though they make such a song and dance about it.

  139. Kate says in her book that "there were the two men that came to fix the shutters in the Room"

    if anybody have more information of those men coming to fix the shutters can tells us.

  140. Hello Anonymous post (128) I can't find the link,to the McCanns interview on the Irish television programme, "The Late Late Show" If you visit Jill Havern's forum, which is called forumotion I'm sure you will find the link on there.

  141. Kate, did you know why I never believed Madeleine had an eye deffect or was abducted?
    Because your imaginarium stories did not fit on the Statistic as a science that deal with numbers. A problem of probabilities.
    The poor little Madeleine, on her short life, trough you, become the champion of very rare things:
    - she has a very rare eye deffect.
    - she went for a week holiday to a very quite village in Portugal and become abducted.
    - the abductor visited the crime scene, 3 times: May 2 when she cried, May 3 when she was snatched and May 3 again to pick her blanket.
    -Mrs. Fenn, who stated that she use to stay at home, heard her crying on May 2 night but (that is amazing) manage to went out of her flat at 6 O'clock on may 3 and stay out exactely during the most crucial time for the police investigation- When everything happened.
    -Jane Tanner manage to be in the street exactely on the moment the abductor was passing with Madeleine. She was so lucky to be there but so unlucky that apart seing him , she was not able to see anything relevant to rescue Madeleine.
    - Jane Tanner manage to be out in a dark and cold night, enough time to see the abductor and the girl and the father of the girl and one of his friends.
    - Gerry and Wilkins did not saw Tanner or the abductor and did not heard the shoes of the abductor walking on the street( That is amazing, considering the type of shoes described by Jane, the condition of the road and the silence of the night).
    -The abductor passed with girl trough a narrow window without letting her down or leaving any evidences.

    I can carry on with a long list of very rare circumstances, so rare, so exceptional that they deserve a statistical treatment. The probability of this to be true is minimal. The probability of this to happen to the same person is Zero. The probability of that to happen to a little girl sleeping in a resort in a quite place in Portugal is..... ZEEEEERO.
    You lie so much that you end up on that joking situation- The first lie buy more lies and so on.
    Kates book, is just one more joke to add to a long list.
    What shocks me is the way you desrespect the life/memory of a little girl and the way you dismiss the inteligence of the public. You show your true face and your very dubious inteligence. You must be protected by something/somebody and this is really a motif for all the public to be worried. Protection is the only reason to justify why you are not in prison long ago. Could be the money raised on the Fund, who protects you. If so, shame to the public who help that charade to be on.
    We, the public, really need to be more cautious and more attentive when somebody call us for charity.

  142. With every respect to all on this blog, no one yet knows what will happen in this case, with the SY review, we are all jumping the gun in our eagerness,for things to happen quickly. The police are keeping silent at the moment, and quite rightly so. We have to be patient a little longer,(Good God we have waited 4 years) The Maccanns are nothing special just a doctor and half a doctor, we are making them in to untouchable Gods they are not, it will all come crashing down around them. We need to stop this wild speculation.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  143. off topic but the french police recently issued an EAW for somebody they believe involved in the murder of a french citizen in ireland.as irish police cant/wont take it any futher.they plan to procute him in france,for a crime commited in ireland.so could SY find enough to do the same if the PJ cant do any more?

  144. link to earlyier post re franch and murder
    the extradition case is still ongoing.
    food for thought for the mccanns IMO.

  145. nice devotional picture

    sint gerardus and holy Kate

    she's sending a sms to angels, demanding them to watch Maddie otherwise they will be sued.

  146. "O jogador britânico Ryan Giggs faltou ao primeiro treino desta terça-feira, depois do seu nome ter sido associado, no parlamento, ao caso de adultério com a modelo Imogen Thomas.

    A justiça tinha proibído os meios de comunicação de publicar a identidade do jogador do Manchester United, casado e com 2 filhos, mas John Hemming, deputado inglês, referiu o mome do futebolista quando se dirigiu ao Presidente da Câmara dos Comuns, argumentando que já não era novidade o nome de Ryan Giggs nas redes sociais. "Senhor Presidente, com cerca de 75 mil pessoas a já terem identificado Ryan Giggs no Twitter, é impraticável prendê-las todas", argumentou John Hemming.

    Relatado pelo jornal escocês "Sunday Herald" por não ser abrangido pela ordem judicial, o caso Giggs chegou à Câmara dos Comuns uma vez que Inglaterra vive neste momento uma grande polémica que envolve as leis de liberdade e privacidade de informação devido a este mesmo caso, sendo inúmeras as manifestações contra a posição do tribunal .

    O primeiro-ministro britânico, David Cameron, pronunciou-se na segunda-feira de manhã, afirmando não ser justo para os jornais todas as redes sociais poderem relatar determinados casos e os jornais não. "Desta forma, a lei e a prática têm de ser actualizadas relativamente à forma como as pessoas consomem a informação actualmente", defendeu."- In JN

    Sera este o mesmo Cameron que ordenou 30 policias da SY + 3.5 M para a revisao do processo Madeleine?
    Nao tem sido obrigados ao silencio ( ninguem sabe muito bem como nem porque, porque que se saiba os Mccann nao entraram com nenhum processo em tribunal contra os jornais e por isso tambem e dubia a indemnizacao que receberam) TODOS OS JORNAIS BRITANICOS QUANDO SE TRATA DE FALAR DOS MCCANN?
    Qual e a diferenca entre Giggs e Kate e Gerald Mccann? Ha de certeza mais sites, foruns, blogs dedicados aos Mccann, na Internet do que a Giggs. E impossivel silenciar a verdade e um publico informado que questiona com inteligencia comportamentos dubios e Fundos duvidosos.
    Pode ser que seja o pronuncio do fim das "super injunctions". Se for, os Mccann que aguardem o que os espera porque o The SUN e uma fera adormecida, pronta a saltar-lhes em cima. FACTURARAO IMENSO COM PRIMEIRAS PAGINAS A ROTULAREM OS MCCANN, BASEADOS NA VERDADE E NA INFORMACAO CORRECTA. FACTURARAO MUITO MAIS DO QUE FACTURARAM COM A SERIALIZACAO DO LIVRO OU OS ARTIGOS FABRICADOS DE ANTONELA LAZZERY. Esta senhora sera a primeira a tomar o novo barco para nao perder o salario e o lugar no tabloide. O lema sera " Os Mccann que se lixem".
    Ainda esta semana li algures o comentario de uma alta figura inglesa a proposito das entrevistas dos mccann, questionando porque eram limitadas as perguntas quando se trata de entrevistar os Mccann. Ja todos perceberam que as entrevistas sao programadas ao centimetro. Ate o comportamento deles( mao na mao) e treinado e sao exigidas imagens a mostrar ao publico esse comportamento. Senao, como e que se justificam grandes planos das maos?
    A farsa esta a chegar ao fim. Cabe-nos a nos nao ficarmos em silencio e continuarmos a desmascara-los, trazendo para a Net inclusive os extractos do livro de Kate que mais chocam o publico para que toda a gente fique a saber que aquilo nao e um livro para procurar Madeleine. E um livro de promocao pessoal, carregado de mentiras novas ou velhas, de manipulacao, de obscenidades em muitos dos aspectos que se referem a Madeleine.
    Como diz John Hemming, "e impraticavel prender toda a gente". E impossivel "tolher o pensamento" a quem questiona com inteligencia tanta falta de liberdade na imprensa e tanta inaccao na justica, para um unico caso.

  147. #141,
    I think there was a repair made in one of the shutters in the Oldfield's apartm. I think a service note from M. Warner of that repair is somewhere in the police files.

    From Matthew Oldfield's rog. interview:

    4078 "Is there anything that you can think of, worthy of mention, up until the Wednesday night before we move onto the Thursday?"
    Reply "No, my initial thought is there's nothing that's leapt out that I haven't mentioned before. I mean, there was no sort of strange people or anything unusual with the, with the flat. Some people had, I mean, gardeners came round to trim the gardens once or twice, or maybe just once a week, I mean, because we were there for three weeks, maybe they came round slightly more. Somebody had workmen in maybe during, the shutter we broke, the shutter broke for, the outside shutter by the patio door broke for us on the first day, I think it went back up into its, so you couldn't actually drop it on the outside, the shutter by the patio, but we didn't drop that anyway, until we got in at night, but I think it broke and it had to be, and I think they did come, yes, they did come and repair it. But apart from that there wasn't really anybody else (inaudible)".


  148. The more these mccanns point us in a different direction the more we realise how guilty they are!! The minority trying to cover up for them are just in the same frame of mind and Cameron and Co are also falling for it!! and their favourite perpertrator, Jerry McCann who never fails to look like Jerry, the cartoon cat, who has just had his fill of fresh cream, with his usual slyness and evil grin,'Look at me, I have it covered on all sides'.
    The Truth is surrounded by uncertainty, Jerry Surrounded! That means you cannot get away with it. If the Law does not catch up with you and your guilty wife, at the heart of it all is your daughter and that is where the truth lies; you will never lay your daughter to rest because your secret will eat you up, both of you!!

  149. #141, more on broken shutters...,yes, it seems the McCanns also had trouble with some shutters as the Oldfields did. Funny, they both had problems with shutters, and in the same area of the apartments, the back rooms! What a coincidence! Careless, unlucky, or...too much testing on how to get the shutters "jemmyed"...?

    I haven't read Kate's book, i do not know in which context she makes reference to those repair men, but if she is implying they might have had anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance, that they saw her and got "interested", well, it was the wrong room and the wrong window! I bet the men never set foot in the childrens room, the repair was on the opposite side of the apartm., and I suppose they also did not see Madeleine or the twins, they were at the creche at the time.


    Mario Domingos Moreira, Maintenance man, Ocean Club, repaired shutters in apt. 5A, p. 532

    Witness Statement
    Mario Domingos Moreira

    Date: 2007-05-08

    Occupation: Handyman

    Place of Work: OC

    He has worked at the OC for about 20 years and currently works in the Maintenance Department, he carries out repairs inside the apartments.

    He works from 09.00 to 18.00 with a break for lunch at 13.00. He has Sundays and Mondays off.

    When asked about the events being investigated he says that he only saw the girl's mother once. This happened during the exercise of his functions, and after instruction from his superiors he went to apartment 5 A.

    His services had been requested because the shutters in the bedroom at the back of the apartment, facing the Tapas restaurant were damaged and with the aim of providing the mother with instructions regarding the operation of the washing machine. When asked, he said that the damage to the blinds was centred on the pull-handle, limiting their opening. He says that this kind of damage is quite frequent, given the fact of the need for some initial force to raise the shutter, sometimes associated with a lack of knowledge of the mechanism on the part of some of the tourists, who keep applying force, contrary to what is required, and which results in the violent destruction of the respective handles.

    When questioned, he says that he never works alone, he is always part of a team of two. The other individual is his colleague, Luis Ferro, who accompanied him in the execution of the repairs mentioned above.

    When asked, he says that he did not notice anything strange in the previous days, either in the apartments he entered or in the surrounding areas that could be connected to the disappearance.

    He was at home at the time of the events.

    Reads, ratifies, signs.

  150. @125

    The streaks of tears seem to have been photoshopped on Madeleine's face on this poster, the original on mccannsfiles is "tear free".

  151. Any official communication from the Portuguese authorities about the re-opening of the case (with or without SY) yet?
    Because really it is the ONLY thing that counts and will count right now.
    The rest is a big BS like here : "Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt" http://tinyurl.com/43c73qv


    "Scotland Yard is putting no limits on its review of the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, Britain's top policeman has said.

    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said his force's re-examination of the case would be a "significant piece of work" that could produce recommendations about new lines of inquiry."


    No wonder the McCanns are feeling stronger than in 2007. Back then, the evidence was pointing an index finger at them. Now, with all the forensics conveniently disposed of and the findings of the dogs dismissed as "the remnants of a fart supernova" the McCanns official version of events is back on track...

    :j Amarillo

  153. @Mary Liverpool 144
    I totally agree with you Mary.
    The police forces both English and Portuguese are silent and I think that this is obviously the right attitude.
    In the UK many parents of missing children are very upset that that git of Cameron allowed himself to generously give such an amount of cash to the mccanns (so to speak) and are mobilizing themselves to transmit a clear message: what about OUR missing children?
    How is Cameron going to deal with this more than understandable and growing indignation? Is he going to recapacitate and say he made a mistake? I doubt it but something is certainely going on behind the "stage" (we already know SY disagreed with this action),hence the lack of VERY important and REAL news.
    As you are saying,Mary: we need to stop this wild speculation because it keeps the couple in the "news" and this is exactely what they want.
    Obviously Joana"s blog is a necessary source of information but I am 100% sure the mccanns read it and can monitor many things from this unvaluable source of informations and opinions.
    Beware of the dogs!!!

  154. I am not a McCann apologist but I think we are putting too much emphasis on the 'one cent' thing. In my opinion it was just a simple typo - it probably ought to have been 'one hundred per cent'.

    Even the McCaan themsleves are not so stupid as to tell the truth if it was just one cent.

    On the subject of royalties - I realise they are different for different types of books and so on but the contract I have for the book I am writing is that the author gets 10% of sales (so 10% of £20 if it is sold at full price and still 10% f it is sold at a reduced price). The sort of books I write don't come with advanced payments but it is my guess that publishers hedge their bets on this and hope, in the end, it will all work out equal. If the book sells less than expected the author wins, if it sells more the publisher wins because the royalties per sale are so, so much smaller.

    Mr B

  155. How much faith do you have in a review that is announced by a Prime Minister via the Sun newspaper? A review that was announced when the McCanns were about to launch their book in England?

    When Lord Harris makes the statement that he doesn't think Scotland Yard can investigate the Portuguese police, do you not think that he suspects that Mr. Cameron's endeavour has an agenda?

    It has been mentioned in the British media that negotiations with the Portuguese have been taking place for quite some time, yet the Portuguese authorities have declared publicly that no one from England has contacted them with regard to this matter. Therefore, if the English authorities have not even contacted the Portuguese authorities, why would anyone believe anything else that England says with regard to this case?

    What do you think the nature of the review will be when the people who are supposedly going to conduct it, use words like "appraise and errors?"

    SY commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said his force's re-examination of the case would be a piece of significant work that could produce recommendations about new lines of inquiry. What happened to the old lines of inquiry that were never fulfilled by the English authorities?

    SY officers did take part in this case, so why is it that no one mentions this fact?

    Sir Paul said that the final report won't be published. What do you think is the objective of this review, to solve the case or to produce a final report that the public will never see?

    If a final report will not be published how will the English public know if any review was done at all? How will they know how much was accomplished by their tax money, of course if any was spent at all on this so called review.

  156. Hi Angela 127 those southern neighbours of the Scots certainly know how to slander, first the Scots now the Irish, the bloody Welsh will be next !

  157. Well said Mary, SY have chosen the most experienced detectives to finally ascertain what happened to Madeleine. To the very best of their ability and with the evidence that is available of they can further track down that is exactly what they will do.

    On top of the very considerable work already done by both Portugal and UK this is the very best hope we all can have of finally seeing justice for this little girl and of course UK can and will prosecute them, if their conduct extends to something far more serious than child neglect. I think it does, that does not make me right, people need to keep an open mind and trust the police, including one of the best forces in the world for getting results in very difficult cases.

  158. Anon 143, I totally agree with your every single word. I am watching this circus from the very beginning and can't understand, how on earth this two liars can foolish all the public?! There are some individuals not such stupid and naive, so why Mccans call us "minority"?!! I am absolutely confident that majority of the people do not believe in abduction fairy tale. They can write books, make up more and more heart breaking stories, they are able to dictate people when and what to say or not to say. But the truth is - they are guilty in their daughters death and are doing everything to avoid the justice. Another question - who and why is so helpful.

  159. Anon at 143 excellent post.

  160. Neglect is what the Mccanns want people to believe. Its music to their ears. This makes their abduction theory plausible. For the child to be abducted it had to be left on its own.

    They didn't neglect. They disposed.

  161. Totally unrelated to Madeleine but just had evening news on and they were speaking about two paedophile priests, which got me thinking about why did Kate need to phone the priest back in the UK in the middle of the night when Madeleine vanished, her mother said Kate was not particularly religious Kate also deleted phone messages which would suggest suspicious behaviour, the pair have lied so much and after reading her graphic account of Madeleine’s private parts on the infamous page 129 of her book, and Gerry immediately stating Madeleine had been abducted by paedophiles, and Gaspar’s statement and Yvonne Martins’ concerns about Payne. Maybe this group and others back in the UK were all involved in paedophilia especially how Gerry has managed to coerce the Tapas Group into cooperating with their pact of silence and Jane Tanner attempted to blame Murat.

    The marketing of Madeleine that followed her disappearance was well planned and cold towards Madeleine and has made a vast amount of money for the McCann’s. The McCann’s have always shown a lack of emotion towards Madeleine, Kate to write so graphically about her would suggest she knows Madeleine will never read the book and If Madeleine’s body had been found Gerry introduced the idea of paedophilia so it would be assumed paedophiles had done that to her, maybe how Kate described Madeleine in the book is how she actually looked when she died hence their need to conceal her body.

    They used Madeleine’s book for their timeline perhaps she died early evening or 2nd May nobody saw Madeleine 3rd crèche records could have been ‘amended’ this group are very vague about all details, no medical records or credit card records, Kate washed her favourite toy these things distraught parents would never do.
    They visited the Pope for the publicity value, why were they not out searching in PDL for Madeleine like the locals, had time for jogging and flying around Europe, Gerry’s blog what parent in that situation would be capable of writing about such trivial things Madeleine was nothing more than a commodity to the McCann’s and they are still abusing her memory for money.

  162. http://www.lordtobyharris.org.uk/vigil-for-missing-children-outside-city-hall-as-metropolitan-police-authority-meets/

    Vigil for missing children outside City Hall as Metropolitan Police Authority meets
    Author: Toby Harris
    Wednesday May 25,2011

    The Metropolitan Police Authority meets tomorrow at City Hall for the first time since the Prime Minister instructed/encouraged/invited/asked the Commissioner to consider a review of the Madeleine McCann case. And outside there will be a vigil to remember all missing children attended by relatives and campaigners. Several MPA members (including Jenny Jones AM and Jennette Arnold AM) have already announced they will be joining them.

    I am sure that those campaigners and relatives will be asking whether the cases in which they are concerned can be reviewed by the Metropolitan Police in the same way that the Madeleine McCann case is to be. And this is hardly surprising.

    The Commissioner will no doubt tonight be polishing up his answers as to why he made the operational decision (without being pressurised by a politician, of course) that the McCann case should be reviewed and whether the same factors will apply to the other cases.

    He will also no doubt remind the Authority that the Home Office has offered to pay for the costs of the investigation. This is, I am sure, a welcome contribution to the Met’s budget, but will this cover only the additional costs of the investigation or will it cover the costs of the salaries of the detectives engaged in the review and, if so, where will the replacement detectives be found to cover the work that those detectives would otherwise have done?

    And was this offer of financial assistance a factor in the operational decision that the Commissioner made to have this review? And, if it was a factor, does the offer to pay guarantee anyone else a Metropolitan Police case review? Might be a nice little earner.

    I am sure the Commissioner has also given thought to what will happen after the review has been concluded. Will the review be shared with the McCann’s? And, if not, what is the purpose of the review? I am confident that all will be made clear tomorrow.

  163. I've watched Dave Cameron these days on BBC.
    He has a pudding face, very soft.
    No personality. I fear he is a weak man.

  164. 144 We do, do we? Why? We have been 'wildly speculating' for 4 years!

    Carry on everyone - do what you want, dont let some anonymous person tell us what to do (that includes me!)!

  165. They want this case "solved" not shelved,they want a declaration that the abductor has been found,if they dont get the case closed they are on the treadmill forever,they cannot move on because someday ,many years from now, a policeman not under the control of their current friends in high plces ,is going to pick up the file ,blow the dust of it and submit the case to a judge who is too young to remember the Lisbon Treaty or the time when Socrates could overule judges.

  166. I decided to buy a second hand copy of this book, I want to keep it as a reference, but I don't want the McCanns to get one cent of my money!

    I looked on e-bay, and yes, there ARE many copies of the book. BUT BE CAREFUL - most of the copies are new ones, and it's no different from going into a high street bookshop and getting one.... Kate gets the royalties! Make sure yours is actually a second hand copy.

    aunty anti

  167. @166 - it is not someone who is anonymous, it is Mary from Liverpool who is just reminding us to wait and see but I do also understand the impatience because we have been writing and reading for over 4 years now without results or perhaps we have swayed opinions and influenced thinking to the possibility that these two foxes have been up to no good and we want justice to be served, especially as they continue to seek the limelight and are wallowing in their dirt.
    We may show restraint but it does not mean that we have a change of heart. Our participation in this discussion is of the utmost importance as we all want closure for this little girl who's memory is so exploited by the parents that it goes beyond any understanding. The book has only magnified the lies of this shameless couple.
    "We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel." ~ Marshall B. Rosenberg
    This certainly applies to the two mccanns, they are extremely dangerous, so our words will point in this direction, just as a reminder as to who we are dealing with, be relentless.

  168. @148
    I apologise that I cannot reply to you in Portuguese. I can only ‘read’ it, thanks to four years of trying to understand what Portuguese posters are writing on Joanna’s most essential website.
    I agree with you totally, that it is now completely ‘impractical’ to try to enforce the silencing of the public, by laws such as ‘super injunctions’.
    The internet now accesses so many thousands of intelligent people, who will fight to keep their freedom of expression, and to state their views and feelings.
    Until now, we have been frightened by the threats of being sued, of our websites being shut down, of our computers being hacked, of witnesses being harassed, perhaps to silence them, or to force them to change their statements.
    I do feel now though, that the tide has turned. We are witnessing the ‘weakness’ of the super injunction, because the internet exists outside of English territorial law enforcement, and because it can be legally and openly publicised in the UK House of Commons.
    This should now convince us that our efforts are worthwhile, and that we should continue to press for ‘justice’ not just for Maddie, but under all circumstances.
    Those people (Murdoch and his collaborating mentors etc.) who sought to control us through their own propaganda, through ownership of newspapers and Television News channels, have lost their control over the ‘minds of the people’ because they NEVER REALLY HAD IT.
    All they had was a ‘control’ over the ‘outlets’.
    Forcing a man to be silent does not mean he has changed his thoughts.
    Just as the force of water will always find the weak spot in the dyke, to break through, ordinary human beings will always find a way to get their voice out there and will always out number the ‘enforcement police’ by many thousands to one.
    It is only a matter of time and our unrelenting determination, before the tables turn and, in this case, justice for Maddie is delivered.
    The growing dossier of shared thoughts, information and analysis, being formulated by the contributions of Justice for Maddie Bloggers, is becoming a ‘work’ which will not be able to be ignored.

  169. "Sentença judicial arrasa argumentos de Sócrates sobre espiões de São Bento"
    por Augusto Freitas de Sousa, Publicado em 26 de Maio de 2011- Jornal I

    "O caso diz respeito a uma queixa-crime contra um jornalista que denunciou a utilização das secretas pelo primeiro-ministro. O tribunal decidiu que a notícia não era difamatória, mas sim um trabalho jornalístico fundamentado sobre um assunto de interesse público"


    "O advogado de defesa, Rui Patrício, disse ao i que a sentença é importante para a liberdade de imprensa e conclui que "num Estado de direito, todas as matérias, mesmo as secretas, são escrutináveis".

    (O artigo da Visao e de 2006 e depois de Maio 2007, o pais assistiu atonito a censura do livro " Maddie- A verdade da mentira" de GA, com os seus bens congelados a mando de uma juiza, mesmo depois de testemunhas terem deposto em tribunal a favor do conteudo do livro, testemunhando que o que nele estava escrito era o reflexo exacto da investigacao, analise e conclusao de uma equipa de investigadores que incluia inspectores e procuradores, e policias de dois paises.
    Goncalo Amaral foi perseguido, insultado com total impunidade e muitas vezes usando as TVs como canal priveligiado para passar a mensagem da perseguicao.
    Lembram-se de Marcos A Correia acusar GA de agredir Leonor cipriano e o companheiro e de dizer que o queria ver na prisao? Lembram-se de kate acusar GA, a porta do tribunal em Lisboa, de nunca se ter encontrado pessoalmente com ela durante toda a investigacao no caso Madeleine?
    Meses depois da sentenca da 7a vara, 3 juizes decidem que o livro esta correcto, nao e difamatorio e deve voltar as livrarias. Impunha-se um apurar de responsabilidades. Saber exactamente quais foram os argumentos da juiza da 7a Vara que a levaram a proibir o livro. Que jogo se jogou nos bastidores e entre que actores? Houve claramente um jogo, neste processo que beneficiou uma das partes. E o jogo e tao evidente que chega a ser chocante. De tal modo, que passados tantos meses apos a decisao dos 3 juizes, GA reclama que milhares de livros continuam retidos pela advogada do casal Mccann. Quem e esta senhora que se movimenta nos corredores da justica e desobedece as ordens dos tribunais? Que direitos excepcionais tem ela para lhe garantirem tanta impunidade? Onde esta a autoridade do tribunal? E se quando o livro foi proibido GA e a guerra e Paz, usassem o mesmo metodo e nao entregassem os milhares de exemplares a guarda dessa advogada? estariam impunes ou teriam incurrido num outro crime?
    Nao admira que os Mccann se julguem em Portugal, os REIS DO BURGO. Estao bem assessorados por advogados que conhecem os podres do poder e lhes garantem que o exemplo vem de cima. Depois basta controlar os jornalistas ou os media que ousem "por o pe fora do penico". Mas parece que os tempos estao a mudar. Se estao a mudar para o PM, espero que tambem mudem para Madeleine e a menina tenha enfim um dos seus direitos fundamentais preservado- O DIREITO A JUSTICA.
    Nao pode haver justica isenta e correcta sem Liberdade de Expressao. Nao pode haver justica se ela for frouxa.
    Os livros retidos tem de ser devolvidos e GA deve ter direito a uma indemnizacao por todo o mal que lhe causaram. Quem paga a indemnizacao... isso meu caro PM, e o seu ministro da Justica quem tem de resolver. Por mim, sei bem quem seria: Mccann's, Isabel Duarte e a juiza da 7a Vara porque ha decisoes que nao podem morrer impunemente na gaveta baratinha a que chamam "ERRO".

  170. #169, It's not an anonymous??? Don't make me laugh! Just because someone signs as Mary Liverpool UK he/she is not an anonymous?! Yeah, right, ok, It's our good old Mary Liverpool UK folks, phew, what a relief, to put a face to the name!
    Well, bye for now, better hurry to feed the cat, he's looking suspiciously interested in the canary...
    Yours truly,
    Maria Lisboa PT(NOT an anonymous...)

  171. Post 159 That's not the opinion of the French Police Commissioner who wrote this article.

    And remember, the investigation is not being re-opened according to the Portuguese!

  172. We are The Resistance to lies, b...s..t, propaganda, untruths, (call it what you will) presently reigning in and around the mccann camp, the most unpleasant, sick, useless, lawless, vulgar, how low can you go environment they have created and so far have had the advantage of stealing the spotlight and the attention of a few who absolutely supports their views so faithfully. How short-sighted can you be?

    Now we have no choice but to wait and see, the most difficult part and at the same time trust in an investigation, which I hope from the bottom of my heart, will be carried out with honesty and integrity.

  173. 172- I'm just as angry as you are but I also want to trust and Mary of Liverpool will soon let us know if some impostor is using her name.
    I am waiting to see the fraudulent mccanns' go up in smoke and all their stories and lies implode in their nest of trash and dirt. I'm on your side and cannot wait for justice to prevail.

  174. The Book: Contains

    a) Grief.....quite rightly as she is experiencing bereavement.
    b) Denial of every piece of evidence that doesn't suit their fabrication.The dogs' evidence, particularly,is sneeringly dismissed.
    c) Justification of all they have cooked up to pull the wool over the world's !! eyes.
    d) Dismissal of any theory other than abduction.
    e) Refusal to consider any other possibilities regarding an accident etc.
    f) The fear (blatant) of a liar.
    g) Self- pitying writing to gain the sympathy of the unsuspecting, gullible (sheeple)reader of the book.
    h) Occasional vulgar use of words showing the anger of a narcissic personality.
    In all 'She doth protest too much'and the book is too long.

  175. Poster 170 "Forcing a man to be silent does not mean he has changed his thoughts."

    Excellent post!

  176. @163 "maybe how Kate described Madeleine in the book is how she actually looked when she died hence their need to conceal her body."

    Sadly I've had the very same thought. Could Madeleine have actually been "baby sat" (for want of a better word) by someone outside the tapas group whose DNA it was essential to remove, hence the thorough cleaning of the flat. The mccanns probably go from the principle that if they have to go down, they will not go down alone and keep their high profile as security. There indeed was neglect on their part, but not in the way that they want the public to believe.

  177. Poster 70,I couldn,t agree with you more,especially as I am a woman who has been forced to become silent in my own home ,with regard to the MaCaans,as my husband has declared he,s SICK of hearing about them!!!!!!so any discussions I do have about that desbicable pair are on this site,but like you say,I have been "forced" to abandon discussions in my own home,BUT I MOST CERTAINLY HAVE NOT changed my mind.Exellent post,thank you and Joana.

  178. Why did David Payne say "I knew something was going to happen but never suspected this" or words to that effect. Why did he ring child protection at 23h00 at night. If what I am saying true, can anyone clear this up/confirm?

    If he did these things and he wanted to say something off the record he is key to this whole thing. If he was a brave man he would speak out. If he had any sense of decency he would speak out. If he loved his country he would speak out.

    In my opinion he said these things because he noticed bruises on Madeleine. Her mother was gripping her body tightly and it leave bruises. In my opinion Madeleine had a disorder and as she got older it became more evident and she became more of a problem. In photos of her at 3 she looks like a sickly child.

    Until she was 3 she was probably manageable and indulged, when she became older she was a devil to live with. In my opinion it was not child sex abuse, it was her mother that went too far in "a moment of madness'. In extreme rage and stress, she was pushed too far by "the screamer" and "lost it".

    She just hit on her that little bit too hard and she ended up against the wall with a cracked skull. In my opinion, her father defended the rest of the family to protect their skins. Everyone helped in this tragedy. I don't think it was planned.

    When Gerry said "I'm not here to enjoy myself" on the airport bus, it was just an ironic joke. Anyone might do this. Once they had their story of abduction right and the money started rolling in, everything snowballed from there and suddenly the opportunists came out in them.

    However the guilt will kill her. He does not look that stressed as he just disposed of the body.

    Why did she have to give up work? Because the only way she could handle the kids without killing them was too reduce her stress to the minimum. And they had a new source of income to pay for their incredible mortgage that would normally need two doctor's salaries to cover.

    I think she does not want her medical records to come out either. Probably she was on the edge of a breakdown. I would be with 3 children under 4, and one of them a 'problem child' in many ways.

    Going on that holiday pushed her stresslevels and fatigue over the edge. I know what its like to be slumming it on holiday. It's not fun to not have a place for the children to go where they are safe and you can relax for a bit. There were no nannies.

    I feel sorry for her cos she is probably more than shocked at what she did, cos I believe she did love her children. Wherever they are they have got themselves into a real pickle and they are drowning in the lies. One day someone will crack. Why do they clutch each other for the camera? - because Mitchell has told them to do this because it sends the right single to the public that this is a loving couple, getting strength from each other.

    I feel sorry for him and admire his strength to fight with all his might to keep his family together whatever it takes. Every now and again he loses it, like in front of the court in Lisbon, and when he walked out on the Spanish interview.

    I don't think their parents and families want them to go down, because who wants to bring up the twins. Her mother is wearing black cos she knows Madeleine is deceased but keeps the secret so she won't lose her daughter and have to bring up her grandchildren.

    Anyway these are my opinions on this.

    The conspiracy started after that fatal assault.

  179. SY appear to be backtracking, The McScams are quiet, probably incollusion with SY to make sure they understand the MCs story, and grouting out any funny handshakes. One day maddie you may RIP

  180. Hello Anonymous post (181) I respect your view, but you are so wrong.Kate McCann said Madeleine was a difficult child, she said she became very demanding, when the twins were born. Kate McCann's mother said that Madeleine was a very difficult child and she had to go and help her daughter with their 3 children, on many occasions.

    For God's sake what did Kate McCann and her mother expect? Madeleine was only a baby when the twins were born. She wouldn't have been able to understand why couldn't sit on her mother's knee at the same time as the twins. She would probably have felt rejected because her mother was cuddling the twins and not her. Hence her tantrums and demanding behaviour.

    I'm not knocking Kate McCann, any mother would have found it hard dealing with 3 children who were the ages of the McCann children.

    Regarding the McCanns Portuguese holiday,You got the story wrong, when you said Gerry McCann was joking, when he said on the airport bus that he wasn't here to enjoy himself. Gerry McCann was not sitting on an airport bus, he was sitting in the airport lounge with his family and friends.

    Gerry McCann's friend was videoing them all and he pointed the video at Gerry and said "Cheer up Gerry, you're going on holiday" Gerry McCann said "F**k Off, I'm not here to enjoy myself. Madeleine and her friend were sitting beside Gerry McCann when he came out with that foul mouthed rant.

    Kate and Gerry McCann had no concept of parental duty when they took their 3 children on that family holiday. They dumped them in the creche during the day and they left them to fend for themselves in the evenings. I don't know what the McCanns checks on the children were, on the nights before Madeleine disappeared, because in one interview, they said they only upped their checks to every 30minutes, on the night Madeleine disappeared. They only upped their checks, because Madeleine had told them that morning that the previous evening she and her brother Sean had woken up and cried for them.

    How you can say that Kate McCann loved her children, after the disgraceful cruel behaviour they inflicted on them I don't know. The McCanns children, were left in an unlocked unlit apartment, while their parents wined and dined, in a well lit restaurant.

    I'm sorry but the rest of your sycophantic post makes me want to vomit and I'm not making anymore comments on it. In my opinion, you are either winding up responsible parents for a laugh, or you are someone with children, who parents your children in the same way as the McCanns.

    If you are a person who parents your children in the same way as the McCanns, I suggest you get help before one or all of your children come to harm.

  181. Dandelion 1908 @ 183, totally agree with your post how anybody can find support for such a despicable couple is beyond belief, well said.

  182. Wow, I did not intend my comment regarding speculation, to cause any offence to anyone, and I am so sorry if it did. I never write on this blog anonymous, I have explained before, I am not computer savvy, I do have my email registered with the blog.
    I have tried open ID but am unable to do it, that is why anonymous, at the top, and my real name at the bottom, I am a she, I am from Liverpool it is in the UK it was this morning anyway, I unlike Kate Maccann do not lie, Is 44 old perhaps to Maria from Lisbon it is. I am sorry again no offence intended to Maria I do hope your cat did not eat eat your Tweety pie.

    Before my God Mary Liverpool UK ( Mrs Dot Dash)

  183. 163! Bravo! Brilliant! exactly my thoughts!

  184. @171


    Boa! Boa!

    :c Amarillo


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