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Metropolitan Police faces quiz over McCann review

Metropolitan (Met) Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson will face questions following the decision to review the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

London Assembly member Jenny Jones will raise the issue at the Metropolitan Police Association (MPA) meeting later.

She will ask about the allocation of resources for specific cases of children who have disappeared.

Campaigners and relatives of other lost and missing children will hold a vigil outside City Hall ahead of the meeting.

Madeleine, whose family live in Leicester, went missing at the age of three while on holiday in Portugal in May 2007.

Outside jurisdiction

Earlier this month the Home Office said Scotland Yard would bring their "bring their expertise" to the search for Madeleine.

But campaigners have raised concerns that this has happened at a time when police resources are stretched and the Forensic Science Service is due to close.

At the meeting Ms Jones will ask: "This review was requested by the prime minister and home secretary. Is your understanding that in future an elected police and crime commissioner would be able to request that the Met investigate specific cases in this way?"

She said: "A missing child is every parent's worst nightmare and I have real sympathy for the many families in this position.

"Because of the prime minister's request to review the Madeleine McCann case, the Met police will be using a lot of time and resources to focus on one particular case, outside of their jurisdiction.

"I don't know how they will justify to other families why their missing children will not be getting exactly the same level of attention."

A Met spokesman said the review was being carried out at the request of the Home Secretary.

He said: "The commissioner has considered the request and the review will be carried out subject to funding being made available by the Home Office as the case is beyond the Metropolitan Police Service's jurisdiction."

in BBC, May 26 2011

Vigil for missing children outside City Hall as Metropolitan Police Authority meets

The Metropolitan Police Authority meets tomorrow at City Hall for the first time since the Prime Minister instructed/encouraged/invited/asked the Commissioner to consider a review of the Madeleine McCann case. And outside there will be a vigil to remember all missing children attended by relatives and campaigners. Several MPA members (including Jenny Jones AM and Jennette Arnold AM) have already announced they will be joining them.

I am sure that those campaigners and relatives will be asking whether the cases in which they are concerned can be reviewed by the Metropolitan Police in the same way that the Madeleine McCann case is to be. And this is hardly surprising.

The Commissioner will no doubt tonight be polishing up his answers as to why he made the operational decision (without being pressurised by a politician, of course) that the McCann case should be reviewed and whether the same factors will apply to the other cases.

He will also no doubt remind the Authority that the Home Office has offered to pay for the costs of the investigation. This is, I am sure, a welcome contribution to the Met’s budget, but will this cover only the additional costs of the investigation or will it cover the costs of the salaries of the detectives engaged in the review and, if so, where will the replacement detectives be found to cover the work that those detectives would otherwise have done?

And was this offer of financial assistance a factor in the operational decision that the Commissioner made to have this review? And, if it was a factor, does the offer to pay guarantee anyone else a Metropolitan Police case review? Might be a nice little earner.

I am sure the Commissioner has also given thought to what will happen after the review has been concluded. Will the review be shared with the McCann’s? And, if not, what is the purpose of the review? I am confident that all will be made clear tomorrow.

in Lord Toby Harris blog, published May 25, 2011

External link: MPA Committee: 26 May 2011, Webcast Archive

«(...)The Commissioner has stressed that he made the decision and there was no political interference from David Cameron.

Yesterday, under questioning from Metropolitan Police Authority members, he detailed his reasoning for taking on the investigation.

Sir Paul said that one of the reasons is the number of murders in London – which has fallen to 124 in 2011 from 172 per year in 2006.

He explained that it meant there is now no need for 24 murder teams across the capital and the number will be reduced in the next nine months, leaving experienced detectives free to take on the McCann case. (...)

(...)Sir Paul reiterated that the McCann review will not cost the Metropolitan Police. The Government will reimburse the Met on a quarterly basis as the review goes on, he said.

"It is not an open cheque and it is not going to go on forever," he added.»

in The Telegraph, May 26 2011

«(...)"It is not an open cheque and it is not going to go on forever," he added. Sir Paul said that as they are in the process of reducing costs, the review could "give us the opportunity of retaining some skilled people".(...)»

in Lutterworth Mail, May 26, 2011


  1. For goodness sake get this sorted out , your taking the rise out of the populace of both Portugal and the U.K and many , many other peoples throughout the world . We've been waiting for four long years to get Justice for Madeleine McCann .

    Jenny Jones must use her influence and inteligence to get the U.K. GOVERNMENT and the Met police to force the McCanns to ask for the case to be reopened in Portugal .

    Saving millions of hard earned tax payers money . And at the same time we will see Justice for a little girl a U.K citizen who has been badly wronged by so caring parents .

  2. I am starting to believe they use the word "review" and not "re-opening" to avoid mixing up issues (?)and mark a different stance between Madeleine and truly kidnapped children.
    Of course I might be totally wrong but things are moving for sure.
    As you say Anon 1,lets hope Jenny Jones will bring her influence and intelligence "to get the U.K. GOVERNMENT and the Met police to force the McCanns to ask for the case to be reopened in Portugal" which would be fantastic but as we know and the portuguese authorities have repeated ad nauseam,the case would be re-opened IF there is new evidence...so..here we go:speculating like mad because we do not really know whats going on

  3. We just simply have to wait and see and at the same time stay with our seeking and wanting nothing else but the truth. Rest assured, our voices will not be silenced! If we cannot find justice done through SY I hope we can mobilise all on this blog and others to persuade the authorities in Portugal to re-open this case even if it is in the absence of these notorious perpetrators, all 9 or 12 of them, try them in their absence, as someone else suggested on one of the threads on Joana's Blog, sentence them in their absence and declare them as persona non grata in Portugal, be rid of them in Portugal for once and for all, where they have the straight faced gall to visit and contaminate more people as often as it pleases them. Very soon they will also need plastic surgeons to change their faces as they will not be able to move from their town. Those of you who just love to support their small business, they will be after you for more.
    The case against them is mounting. No sober minded person can by now accept anything they say, even if it is 'good-morning' you have to check if the sun agrees when you find yourself in the presence of these villains who have managed to lie about their lies as well. This little girl, wherever she is, must cringe at the very thought that once upon a time these two were her parents. Someone was right, she looked like trash on piers morgan show, well he does not deserve anything better either.

  4. Child sex crime 'every 20 minutes'

    A child was the victim of a sex crime every 20 minutes last year and one in four of the known suspects was also under 18, police figures have shown.

    More than 23,000 child sex offences - 64 a day - were recorded by police in England and Wales in 2009/10, up 8% on the previous year and 13% from 2007/08. One in four of the victims were aged 11 or under and more than 1,000 were four or younger, the data from the 43 forces showed.

    The NSPCC, which obtained the figures under freedom of information laws, said the rise was a real concern and it was clear that more services were needed to address the harmful sexual behaviour of young people, as well as adult offenders.

    Of the 23,390 child sex offences, including rape, incest and gross indecency, recorded last year, more than half (12,088) were aged 12-15, while around one in four were aged five to 11 (5,164) and a similar proportion were aged 16 and 17 (5,022).

    One in every 25 child victims (1,028) was aged four or under and the ages of a further 88 child victims were unknown. The figures also showed 2,200 of the 9,636 suspects were aged under 18. Britain's largest force, the Metropolitan Police, recorded the most child sex offences (3,672), followed by West Midlands Police (1,531) and the West Yorkshire force (1,205).

    Jon Brown, who leads on child sex abuse for the NSPCC, said: "The rise in recorded sex offences against children is a real concern and we need to find ways to help victims and change the behaviour of young offenders. More than 2,000 suspects in these cases were under 18. It's clear we need more services that address the harmful sexual behaviour of young people, as well as adult offenders. We urge everyone to be vigilant and report any concerns they have about a child."

    A Home Office spokeswoman said: "These figures are appalling and we'll continue to work with groups like the NSPCC to protect the most vulnerable people in our society. The child sex offender disclosure scheme was rolled out to all police forces in England and Wales earlier this year. This is not only a major step forward in our ability to protect children from sex offenders but also empowers parents and guardians to understand how best to protect their children.

    "There are specialist child abuse investigation teams and specialist rape prosecutors in every area and the Government has commissioned a review into the sexualisation of children which will report soon."

    But the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) warned that recorded crime figures were "not a good indicator of the prevalence or trends of child sexual abuse". Assistant Chief Constable Peter Davies, the Acpo lead for child protection and child abuse investigation, said: "We know that much abuse goes unreported, and it is conceivable that some increase in recorded crime may be attributable to victims, particularly those who have suffered historic abuse, having greater confidence to report these matters.

    "We have a firm commitment to continuing our work. There is much more to do. It is a priority for every force and we must continue to work both nationally and locally to share best practice and specialist skills. We can't do it alone which is where partnerships with organisations such as the NSPCC are so key but we will use every tool at our disposal to keep children safe from harm."

    Luton featured articles | Child sex crime 'every 20 minutes' - http://bit.ly/jRJHnR

  5. We can all sympathise with those parents who are not receiving the same amount of government or media attention. The must feel their child is not so important as Madeleine! It is tragic for them.

    Also they don't have the money the McCanns have, who should be paying for the review themselves. They have made a fortune from their blatant publicity seeking,

    Needless to say though, we all wish justice for Madeleine, along with all children lost in this terrible way.

  6. It is a public disgrace that so much tax payers money at this time is being directed at the case of Madeleine McCann.

    I cannot udnerstand why the McCann fund cannot be directed toward an official police investigation.

    Lets hope our useless and over placed pm is held to account for using our money for PR purposes.

  7. Balloons launched for Madeleine McCann charity - Community - Harborough Mail - http://bit.ly/k6WDsy

    «Event organiser and Harborough mum Maxine Harris became involved with Forever Searching after Madeleine’s case hugely raised the profile of missing children. Maxine, who also works with the McCann charity (...)»

    Again someone from Team McCann is lying as to the status of the McCann fund, it's a limited private company...

  8. Met chief denies McCann case claims

    Thursday, 26 May 2011

    Britain's top policeman has faced accusations that the Madeleine McCann case was getting "unfair" and "special" attention at Scotland Yard.

    Sir Paul Stephenson denied claims that his decision to agree to review the investigation into the girl's disappearance could come at the cost of other inquiries.

    The commissioner, appearing before members of the Metropolitan Police Authority, said additional funds from the Home Office to support examinations could help save jobs in the force's homicide division.

    Sir Paul was confronted over the review by London Assembly member Jenny Jones.

    Speaking at City Hall, she said she sympathised with the McCann family but asked him: "Why is this a special case?" Sir Paul replied: "I do not take your point."

    The police chief said he "jealously guarded" his operational independence as he pointed to similar reviews which took place in the wake of the Soham murders and Jersey child abuse scandal.

    The Government will reimburse the Met on a quarterly basis as the review goes on, he said.

    "It is not an open cheque and it is not going to go on forever," he added. Sir Paul said that as they are in the process of reducing costs, the review could "give us the opportunity of retaining some skilled people".

    Speaking later, Ms Jones, of the Green Party, said she was angered by the commissioner's response to her question. She said: "I am just not convinced by the commissioner saying that he has extra resources that he can move around so that other victims will not have unfairly lost justice as a result."

    Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing from her family's holiday flat in Praia da Luz in the Algarve on May 3 2007 as her parents Kate and Gerry dined with friends nearby.



    The dangers of over-protective parenting.

    By Mona Daley
    26 May 2011

    ‘I was out the other night with some women friends, and I mentioned that my daughter has been reading Kate McCann’s book about the disappearance of her daughter, Madeleine. This provoked a torrent of abuse about the McCann’s behaviour, leaving Maddie and the twins in a hotel apartment while they had dinner on the complex with friends, 50 yards away. How could anyone be so irresponsible? And they were drinking alcohol! I suppose a truly responsible parent would never leave a child sleeping alone anywhere. What about leaving a child sleeping upstairs in your own house while you enjoy a drink in the garden with friends? Suppose a local paedophile, you didn’t know about, broke in and stole the child?


    The McCann children were in a block of holiday flats with the door left unlocked - not a hotel (and there was no break-in). You really can’t equate that scenario with dining in your back garden. Does Mona Daley have a public footpath running between her patio doors & garden - one which leads on to an open road and a car park?

    Do strangers regularly amble past her patio doors whilst she dines unseeing within her separated, walled and gated garden, 50 metres away? It’s not about being ‘moral’ it’s about common sense. If Mona Daley thinks it’s ok to do what the McCann’s did, then I’m sure she’d have no objection to parents drinking in the local bar (50 metres away, or less, of course) and leaving the kids in an unlocked house/flat - what’s the difference?

  10. What is the point of a British 'review' of the investigation process (paperwork, as described by Cameron) when the investigation is not to be re-opened by the Portuguese whose jurisdiction it is in? Unless of course, the purpose is to officially whitewash the McCanns. Cameron has already referred to the case as an "abduction" when there is, in fact no independent evidence of such a crime.

  11. The SY commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, said that the review was to appraise the investigation. He said the review was to make recommendations for new lines of inquiry. We all know that the English authorities have not completed the old lines of inquiry. Sir Paul Stephenson said that the final report will not be published.

    So, I don't know why everyone is getting all worked up about how much money is going to be spent, because every indication is that it will be minimal. It is a PR exercise, it has a facade but little substance behind it.

    It astounds me that after all this time people are still so gullible. Open correspondence in the Sun newspaper? A review confirmed when a book is about to be launched? Thirty officers are assigned? Not three or four but thirty. Millions of pounds alloted? Come on, wake up people! The Portuguese authorities must be shaking their heads as they watch this scam unfold.

  12. Dear me - I wish people would stop comparing the McCann's activities with the behaviour of normal people!

    Personally I think th lack of attendance to the safety of their children is a smoke screen for something worse.

    On the basis of evidence, there was no stranger abductor - if an abduction did occur it was not a stranger that did the abducting.

    I fear the expensive 'review' will simply be a whitewash and will decide that the McCanns are not guilty of neglect and not guilty of anything else - that there was a stranger abduction. But we know, those of us who have bothered to keep up with this appalling case, that there is no evidence of abductio and that Kate McCann is a nut case (who writes disgusting prose about her own daughter).

    Nothing on the BBC TV headlines about the challenge to the disfraceful and unjustifiable waste of 3.5 Million Pounds today.

    Typical, if Mrs McCann, failed Mother, sneezed, no doubt it would be all over the TV!

  13. Mona Daley- oh here we go! Trundling out the "There but for the grace of God"" appeal to try and win the PR battle. It's LOST!

  14. How big a picture does he need to paint for the meddling do gooder Ms Jones without totally giving the game away, remember he needs to protect the McCanns from the public as well!

    "The police chief said he "jealously guarded" his operational independence as he pointed to similar reviews which took place in the wake of the Soham murders and Jersey child abuse scandal."

    I hope she carefully ponders his comments including "I do not take your point" and realises what an idiot she is.

    This is NOT a bog standard missing person case, this is Kate and Gerry getting rid of their little girl and then seeking to make millions out of doing so, that is what makes it "exceptional".

    Who can honestly say they have ever encountered a couple quite as utterly scheming and gruesome as these two? It is going to take all the expertise the London Met can give it to finally put these two where they belong.

  15. The McCann case is indeed special. It is 'special' because it has been one great big PR exercise on behalf of the vile McCann parents from the start.

    'There is no evidence that any harm has come to Madeleine' says Gerry McCann. The man is sick in the head if he doesn't think his daughter vanishing from a holiday apartment, having been supposedly abducted as they keep telling the public, amounts to 'no harm'.

    The McCanns have been told that if they return and answer the questions, and they and their friends do the reconstruction, the case can be reopened. Obviously, that is the last thing the McCanns want as they may end up 'arguidos' again, but is Cameron and the Home Secretary so stupid they are willing to pay out vast sums of tax payers money, and anger the rest of those with missing children who are being ignored, for the McCanns favoured 'review' of the case, when it could easily be reopened if they cooperate.

    Contrary to what the McCanns keep telling people, they were never cleared since there has never been a trial.

    Maybe Cameron and the rest should be informed or reminded that the McCanns can get the case reopened at any time if they would only cooperate with the investigation. Anything else, including a review which does not lead to charges against the right people, has to be a farce. And that includes chasing down those bogus sightings of Madeleine which only help try and reinforce the abduction fairy story the McCanns have been selling. The McCanns sure have come up with plenty if those. Meanwhile, the investigators who worked on the case are convinced Madeleine is dead, and her death covered over. Those dogs have never been wrong yet, and why should they be in this case either.

  16. Why does the Madeleine case get "special attention"?

    Jenny, we have been asking the same question for four years.

    Why is Madeleine the only missing child to be featured on the CEOP website, with her own video? Why did Clarence Mitchell, head of the Media Monitoring Unit in May 2007 fly out to help the McCanns? Why did CEOP officers fly out to Luz within days of Maddies disappearance and frame Murat? Why did Madeleine have a Channel Four documentary made about her that gave the McCann's version of events only? Why are the media so totally uncritical of the McCanns? Why do the nonsensical sightings and stories make the front pages of British Newspapers? Why did Leicester Police hold back the Gaspar statements rather than send them to the PJ as a matter of great urgency? Why are the McCanns treated like VIPs? Why is there a wall of silence when members of the public ask the Government legitimate questions about this case? Why is the fund allowed to continue when it is so obviously a fraud?

    Yes Jenny, a very "special" case. Keep asking questions please!

  17. Consultant from Kingston Hospital may be questioned in Madeleine McCann review


    Thursday, 26 May 2011
    posted by Radio Jackie News Team @ 12:29 PM

    Consultant from Kingston Hospital may be questioned in Madeleine McCann review

    Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson is to face questions over missing Madeleine McCann.

    The review will look closely at the moments before and after the 3 year old vanished.

    It’s not yet clear whether members of the so called 'Tapas 9' will be asked to contribute information.

    The name refers to the friends of Kate and Gerry who were dining with them on the night of the disappearance.

    One of them, Dr Matthew Oldfield, a consultant at Kingston Hospital, was the last person to check on the McCann children that night.

    He didn’t, however, check to see if Madeleine was in her bed.

  18. Thank you post no 4. These truths need to be known, and also all the cases that are hidden because they are perpretated by people who own the system. We are given the sordid story of a stupid footballer who cannot keep his trousers up, and meant to be appalled at the superinjunction he can afford. Just don't inquire of all the other ones in place to protect the guilty, we need to protect the innocent surely. This re-investigation needs to be reminded on a daily basis that we no longer will put up with any whitewash and will be looking extremely closely at everyone involved in this. Keep the pressure on, let them know we mean business and will accept nothing but truth or their resignations.

  19. This is the most shameful whitewash of a crime. Is almost obviously that there is an agenda behind the review of SY. After listening the SY talking so soft about a case of a missing child that become global, I have no doubts, these review was to close the case without finding Madeleine, cleaning the name of the Mccann's and leaving them free to enjoy the money they have in the Fund and the money the book could raise.
    We don't see the SY talking about reconstruction, re-interviewing the all Tapas 9 and some other witnesses, going back to the point where the investigation was wrongly interrupted. They know what happened to Madeleine. They know where she is and they don't want her to be found. The only doubt I have is how Cameron will clean the faces of the Mccann's without creating a diplomatic incident with Portugal, because any wash in UK will represent dirt in Portugal. To clean the Mccann's he need to dirt the PJ.
    The 3.5 M and the 30 police allocated to the case, is just one more Fairy Tale. Not a coin will be spend on that review. Will be not review at all. For me, everything was planned by Mr. Cameron, Mitchell and Carter-Ruck and they just were just waiting for the convenient moment to take the actions. The launch of the book was the correct moment- Mccann's write to Cameron, via the Sun, and he replies in a blink. For a PM who we supose has many issues on top of his desk to be analised.... issues that involve the life of all britains, is very suspicious quickness of his response. If he use the same speeed for all issues, UK will be at the Guiness with most rapid and efficient government.
    That solution will be a shame for all childs and will mark the day the childs in Britain lost some of their rights. Something to worry all children. They are the most vulnerable part on that equation and they need to be protected from their abusers. Unfortunately in most of the cases, their abusers are their own parents. How is UK going to condemn other parents after clearing the Mccann's? Mr. Cameron you are openning a can full of snakes.

  20. I see already that this is not going to happen.
    A good propaganda for Cameron, worried about a child, and the impossibility of th MP to study this case.Too expensive.

    The MP know they don't need a translation of 30.000 pages,

    They need the conclusion of the PJ and than they need to check on the documents that brought the PJ to their conclusions.

    No eggman, no Malta, no harem.
    The MP have to ask: "What is your conclusion and where are the leads and the evidences you found in order to get those conclusions? Inconsistences? Dogs? Blood? Smiths? Blanket? Payne?No reconstruction? Freudianslips? OK, let us start with the reconstuction, the timing etc and eventually we can go back till the eggman.
    But at first we have to start with what the PJ know for sure. This will be the base of our analysis".

    Simple comme bon-jour.

  21. If the PJ and the MP don't solve this case very soon, the McCanns will continue begging for centuries and centuries.
    The faster they get arrested, the better for the UK.
    Politicians need to concentrate themselves on the real problems of the kingdom and not to be interrupted by the couple, all the time.

  22. Unfortunately I fear that the other cases of children's disappearence
    are merely children's disappearence, not more than that.
    Even if they are murdered, it is only a murder for each of them.
    The other parents must realise that Madeleine's case goes much beyonder disappearence and murder.
    Much and much beyonder.

    Three Prime Ministers, two Labour and one Conservative, waisting their time to help the McCanns, while none of them works for the police, yes,
    they are under pressure of something.
    A tough pressure.
    I've gotten my suspicions.
    The whole case is very paynful, very paynful indeed.

  23. I get the feeling Mona thinks the younger you let them take care of themselves, the richer they get, because Mr Zuckerberg is rich.

    Now I think about it since it is about money it might have been the motivation for the McCanns too.

    I suggest the next parent who, wherever in the world get arrested for letting his/her/their kid alone, should sue Mona, and tell the judge she was just following advice.

  24. I have to add to my last comment: this is probably the most idiot article I have read about the McCann case. You wonder if one of the requirements to become a McCann disciple is an IQ far under 80.

  25. The purpose of this review is to "clear" the McCanns and to make the PJ and the Portuguese judicial authorities look "guilty". This will pave the way for the McCanns to sue the Portuguese state over millions of pounds. Easy peasy.

  26. I have thoughts which keep switching between a whitewash to protect the Mccanns' then logically I think no matter what, is David Cameron so stupid as to commit political suicide for this vile pair. Then I think has someone got him over a barrel or is this just a smoke screen until they get the mccanns over a barrel and watch them sink If David Cameron is not being forced to protect the Mccanns then surely the clock is ticking for the gruesome-twosome and what SY may be looking for is clues the PJ may have overlooked to get this vile pair banged to rights It just seems odd that all of a sudden DC is becoming proactive, only time will tell.

  27. Yes, 23, I thought this all along and this 'investigation' is not about this little girl, it is about the scammers of the century, to protect the two maccanns, the 'parents' of this child, who is not considered in all of this and did not deserve to die and be forgotten about in this disgraceful way. At the same time, their scheming friends are also protected.

  28. Anon 12 -

    " Personally I think th lack of attendance to the safety of their children is a smoke screen for something worse.

    On the basis of evidence, there was no stranger abductor - if an abduction did occur it was not a stranger that did the abducting."

    I agree, particularly considering the "they`ve taken her" statement. Surely anyone can see that she was expecting some people to come and collect her - but maybe it was a surprise that they`d done it before she expected them to, or was she overcome with emotion that she`d actually `gone` and reality hit her.

    It would explain why they continue to spout `she was abducted` with impunity because its half right.


  29. viv@14,i wish i had your faith that the mccanns are going to get their just deserts

  30. Anon 26 - Same with me - I cannot figure out what DC is up to. I know Viv has faith in the authorities and I can see why she thinks that Jenny Jones`s challenge could be damaging. Maybe DC & SY are being clever and planning to catch them out but I don`t hold out much hope considering the support the McCanns have always received. What is obvious is that the McCanns must have some `dirt` on the government and it could be connected to Operation Ore/Landslide and the names that were never released.

  31. Never known of a case like this EVER...

    If this case ever get's proven to be correct as Mr Amaral states then the world will listen, can you immagine what they the Tapas group must be thinking if it ever did...it must be hell.

    No wonder they are going to the extremes they are, they have no other option than to carry on with this charade, they just can't afford to lay down....everyone know's their guilt....

  32. Of course there is the theory that the government/legal system have to protect the McCanns because of prejudicing other investigations or up and coming court cases surrounding paedophilia rings.

  33. 22, I agree that the whole case is Paynful.That is what I've thought for years.
    probably the power of Tapas 9 is in the hands of a few people.
    It could even be in the hands of the Paynes as well.
    I fear the SY will be gagged. Or they are gagged already.

    Will Mrs. Fenn's children sue Kate? They got to!

  34. Until the announcement of the Met's involvement in the Madeleine case, who had ever heard of Jenny Jones? She may be a leading specialist in the analysis of ancient bird droppings according to Wikipedia, but I suspect that this had never been sufficient to gain wider public recognition and that her fame has spread to only a limited number of people.

    As Green Party candidate for the position of London Mayor in next year's elections, that limited extent of public awareness must have been perceived to be a major problem and one which could only be addressed through an extremely sophisticated and therefore expensive PR campaign. A major problem that is, until the announcement of the Madeleine review; here was a heaven-sent opportunity to get the woman's name and face all over the media, without having to spend one single penny.

    I therefore applaud Chief Constable Sir Paul Stephenson's stand in the face of this person's assault on public decency by her attempt to exploit the disappearance and probable cold-blooded murder of a child not yet four years old, for her own political purposes.

    Miss Jones has managed to progress overnight from expert in bird droppings to expert in bovine droppings. I hope that in next year's election, the people of London will treat her with the contempt she deserves.

  35. Oldfield, Payne , McCann all well involved but there is a bigger fish that has through his connections enabled this smoke and mirrors scenario to continue for so long.

    The press reported how Kate McCann was upset about having to travel to see the pope on a passenger seat - as the pope awaited her.
    at the last beatification of a pope - a most holy event in the vatican - robert mugabe was present an invited guest - doesn't speak speaks volumes. This is the Vatican, an organisation with people who know what is happening on the planet. Yet will invite a murderer who continues to starve his people and yet hangs out with world leaders at places ike this.

    Cameron and Obama smiling and posting with the overdressed wives whilst they bomb the shit out of a country whose leader they don't like and a currency that knock out the west.

    There is nothing anyone can do in a crazy dance that we are seeing right now where the evil do seem to be ruling, and the innocent being trampled and bloodied. Just to see the bullshit that lies behind this case and how any supposed first world country would get away with the xenophobia and ignorance.

    I guess what i am meaning to say is right now there is so much insanity in front of our eyes, total and utter insanity, they are all on screen now - those people of the lie clinging on whilst they can.

    But there will come a balancing and truth is unarguable, truth is beauty, truth is complete. I get that there are a lot of people out there who are getting caught out right now and as a poster above said, they just can't lie down and bow out - they have to feign innocence until the end. They don't have a choice.

    And we have to watch at how absurd the whole thing can become before truth has her way.
    It it was not so tragic you could have the makings of a black comedy.

    I have a daughter who would have been Madeleine's age. It is what has kept me so glued to this case. At first in the sincerest hope of the child being found and then for the sincerest hope that truth wins. And may all the guilty partners be caught - not just the set ups.
    To me it is about maybe the singularity of justice for Madeleine will somehow make up for the injustices elsewhere at such high levels.

  36. Sue, #35,
    "This is the Vatican, an organisation with people who know what is happening on the planet. Yet will invite a murderer who continues to starve his people and yet hangs out with world leaders at places ike this."

    And I feel like adding, this is the Vatican, who has shamefully protected paedophile priests over the years!

  37. Was not amazing? One week passed since the book was launched in UK and not a single sight of Madeleine, around the World.
    Dear Mirror, can you tell me who used to be behind the sights?....
    No doubts... there aswell, went the money from the Fund, until the last sight in New Zealand, which went very wrong and end up with police and a father, very angry, scaring the Mccann's.

  38. @31 I agree and that's not only true for the McCanns and the Tapas 7, but for all who helped, including diplomats, politicians, forensic experts etc.
    That's why the real truth will never be exposed. Those sleezeballs can't come out looking stupid and corrupt! No way.

    I love the paynful joke.

    I also agree that there are a lot of people here that jump the bandwagon just to get publicity. And don't forget, there is not such a thing as bad publicity. Look at the McCanns themselves, in spite of all that happened directly, or indirectly through their actions they have more money and attention now than ever before.
    In spite of all the suffering Kate write's about in her book it must have been narcissistic heaven the past 4 years.

  39. @7 McCann Team forced to correct their lie

    «Event organiser and Harborough mum Maxine Harris became involved with Forever Searching after Madeleine’s case hugely raised the profile of missing children. Maxine, who also works with the McCann family’s campaign(...)» Balloons launch highlights Madeleine McCann case - Community - Harborough Mail - http://bit.ly/kGF0sd

  40. Scotland Yard will wipe the smug look off the faces of the Mccanns et al by making this a thorough, truthful and transparent investigation, its about time somebody took charge of this ramshackle circus. There are obviously high profile people involved for mccanns to have been able to silence the media to such an extent that respected columnists and journalists have become a laughing stock.
    Madeleine is just the tip of the iceberg but what lies beneath is the depravation, corruption and contamination of individuals who have become obsessed by money and power and who believe they are above the law.

    If David Cameron and others bow down to the mccann spin machine then his days in power are limited, the power of the voice of the public cannot be silenced any longer, we want closure, we want justice this case is documented worldwide, why have two neglectful parents been able to blame everybody else for a situation of their own making, creating so much duplicity and deceit, the setting up of a fraudulent fund to help pay their mortgage and litigation cases, how is this possible??? people are sick of what the mccanns represent their image is like a cancer spreading through our society ruining the lives of individuals that dare to question mccanns version of events whilst trade marketing a dead toddler for their own self gratification.
    To keep its credibility SY needs to do a proper job - SY we are watching !!


    In anticipation of the S.Y. (Dad's Army) forthcoming review, we are interested in educated, analytical minded people who will give some of their time to Review the SY forthcoming review. I know, I know...

    ...the SY does not intend to publish their "ex-cathedra" review of the PJ investigation but...occasional titbits will be released now and then under Clarence Mitchell/British PM instructions, you know...to denigrate the Portuguese and simultaneously dry-clean the McCanns' image...

    Please pass me the deodorant spray - pheeewwwwww...where was I?

    While we are all waiting for SY first (doctored) press release perhaps we could start by comparing some of the assertions made by K.M. with the facts of the investigation and draw some preliminary conclusions from these.

    Also - I know this will sound offensive to some but... after Kate McCanns' failure to offer reality-testable counter-arguments to Amaral/Occam's theory we need to work on the hypothesis of the McCanns' being innocent. Specifically, how could this actually be proved? Any ideas?

    Wanna be collaborators please note:

    This will be a dispassionate, step-by-step empirical, sitting on the fence approach. No a priories are taken - everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

    Could Joana, Astro or any of the commentators here please set up a blog for this purpose or do I have to do all the work? :f


  42. Anon 17

    Thanks for that information, and that the review is going to look closely at the moments before and after the child disappeared. If this is so, then the Smith sighting surely can't be ignored.

    As for why they would mention Oldfield in particular as somebody they may wish to question again?? I would have thought somebody like Payne may have been more forthcoming.

  43. Does anyone else remember the criteria upon which the FOI requests regarding British Foreign Office communications were denied?

    National Security.

    The Met investigation will be a whitewash.

    There are reasons for this cover-up that the British government cannot allow to ever become public. The reasons have nothing to do with paedophilia.

    National Security.

    Security against who or what?

  44. I sincerely hope that Viv is right about this not being a whitewash, but I see nothing to suppose that. The point is that no abductor will be found, for if there isn't one there can be no forensic evidence to tie anyone to the crime scene, and there isn't any. Similarly without the body it will be difficult to prove what happened to the child. The most likely outcome of the 'review' it it will be inconclusive, with the comment that if only the PJ had done this or that, things would be different.

    But the public will not tolerate inconclusive, just as they have not tolerated the Mccanns not cooperating with the police.

  45. This is what the Home Office had to say over a year ago, it is primarily to protect an ongoing investigation and our relationship with Portugal and make sure that those who are prosecuted receive a fair trial. It is the McCanns supporters who repeatedly make demands for information, that is exactly what the McCanns want to know. No doubt the McCanns would also like to be able to bleat about their Human Rights and say well look at all this on the internet, you need to dismiss this case against us now Judge, we cannot get a fair trial.

    London Met will conduct their investigation in confidence and neither us bloggers or the McCanns will be given the details. That is the way it should be.


    The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is still ongoing. There are significant unknowns in relation to her disappearance. Leicestershire Constabulary are the lead force in the UK dealing with this investigation but the principle investigation agency is Policia Judiciara (PJ) in Portugal.

    We believe that significant harm to the investigation could result from either confirming or denying that we hold the information you have asked for.

    Should this investigation lead to a prosecution, saying whether or not this information is or is not held by the Home Office would risk undermining the human rights of any suspect to a fair trial and the rights of a victim, particularly if the prosecution would fail due to such an announcement.

    If the Home Office was to either confirm or deny that it did or did not hold any information that was gathered in the course of this investigation, it might risk compromising the conduct of this investigation.

    This could ultimately prejudice the administration of justice. In any event, to confirm or deny that any such information that was or was not obtained in the course of a criminal investigation, either voluntarily or through compulsory powers, ought not to be generally disclosed, save as far as it is necessary for the purposes of establishing or defending rights in litigation.

    There is consequently a strong public interest in ensuring that evidence is not contaminated for any future trial. In addition there is a strong public interest to preserve relations with the Policia Judiciara (PJ) in Portugal whilst Madeleine remains missing.

    Two of the Home Office’s objectives are to support the efficient and effective delivery of justice, and to lead visible, responsive and accountable policing.

    The manner in which the Home Office works to support the Police Service as a whole is one of our core business functions.

    If the Home Office prejudiced such a high-profile and sensitive investigation by confirming or denying that we either do or do not hold any of the information that you have requested, we would be seen as working against the efforts of both UK and Portuguese policing authorities, undermining their determined efforts to locate Madeline McCann and her assailants. This would not be in the best interests of the public..

    Any prejudicial effects to these ongoing investigations could jeopardise the health & safety, of Madeline McCann, in that it might significantly affect the chances of her being found.

    There is no actual public interest served in releasing information that may jeopardise the health & safety of any individual.

    There is a strong public interest in the UK maintaining the arrangements it currently enjoys with other States in matters of judicial and mutual legal cooperation in criminal and other matters.

    Any act that would prejudice this investigation may discourage other States with complying with reasonable requests issued by the UK or from pursuing legitimate investigations in the UK for fear that the product of such requests or investigations may be disclosed to private citizens.

    Tuesday, 26 January 2010

  46. It's a review not an investigation. No one is talking about solving the case. The Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said that the review could produce recommendations about new lines of inquiry. The fact is that the old lines of inquiry that were requested by the Portuguese police were never fulfilled by the English authorities.

    You would think that given the interest that was shown by Mr. Brown's government in this case that the Home Office would have expedited the flow of information from the English to the Portuguese, but they did the opposite. The Home Office delayed and prevented information from reaching the Portuguese police. Relations between the English and Portuguese authorities have been strained by this case and the Freeport case, because of the reluctance of the authorities in England to supply crucial information to the Portuguese. Do you think that the Portuguese police's faith in the English was strengthened when they saw that the McCann couple had been invited and accompanied by British politicians to the European Parliament to promote a child welfare cause? What do you think the PJ felt about Justice Hogg's plea, in her courtroom, to an unknown abductor? I'm sure relations will be further strained because the Portuguese authorities were not consulted with regard to this so called review. And they will be further aggravated due to SY saying it is going to appraise the Portuguese investigation. The officers of SY are being condescending and are not acknowledging their part in the original investigation.

  47. The reason it may be difficult for the UK and Portuguese to work together as far as passing on evidence is concerned, is that they are very different systems of law.

    In the UK when somebody goes to the police with information, they expect that information to be kept absolutely confidential, and certainly not released to the public. The Doctors Gaspars, for instance, if they had requested the information they gave to be kept confidential, would no doubt have been horrified to have discovered it was now public knowledge since being passed on to Portugal, and published in the released File.

    I don't doubt the UK is holding on to other information that has not been passed on for that very reason, and that is why the McCanns have tried so hard to get hold of it.

    If the PJ had to specifically request the Gaspar statements be sent on to them, they should also specifically request the information that Payne said he had to tell 'off the record' about the disappearance of Madeleine. Has this ever been requested so far, or was the case shelved before this happened and the Portuguese had time?

    What other information has been given to the UK police 'off the record'? It is Portugal's case and they should demand such evidence be sent on to them. It is Portugal's system the UK should be following, no matter any requested confidentiality by the person who gave the information. Or, do they believe they are holding information they do not wish to get into the wrong hands under any circumstances, and they can't risk its finding its way into a released File. Perhaps all this needs to be sorted out before ever the case is reopened again.

  48. In my last comment I made reference to what Scotland Yard is claiming they are undertaking, which is a review and not an investigation. Anyone who has read my previous comments knows that I believe this is a PR exercise meant to give credibility to the McCann couple and devalue the work of the Portuguese police. This endeavour initiated by the British government is another slap in the face of the Portuguese police and Portuguese people in general.

  49. What a load of hypocrasy, I thought the involvement of SY to be the
    much needed movement in this case. I had great hopes they would work with the PJ demand a reconstruction from the mcs and thier friends. I thought finally british justice will raise its head, get this sham fund closed,and finally get movement in this case of a missing child. I am to be bitterly disappointed, SY are already saying only a review, come on now you were the best force in the world at one time, until politics stepped in. These papers do not need translation, the Mcs had them done. It would not cost SY or the british government one cent (which I believe is what the Mcs will contribute to their fund) ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS TO ASK THE PJ TO REOPEN THE CASE.....ITS FREE!. Do you hear that PM and Theresa May...FREE: These parents need to own up to what they know, answer the questions, and take part in a reconstruction, after all they have nothing to hide! DO they????? Stop this paiir from making money off the memory of their missing (not abducted) daughter. I notice all the new clothes and jewellery Kate. SY dont let the public down.

  50. When are we going to see an entusiastic interview with the McCanns, speaking about the Scotland Yard?

  51. Not the McCanns, but somebody else is being protected.
    The result of this protection is good for the MCCanns.
    Sometimes I wonder if this crime was premeditated by both or by one of the parents.
    Going to Portugal, starting yelling for help from British authorities.
    Among those authorities and high placed people, there are people who know what the McCanns know, "for you eyes only", and they know who got to be protected.

    If the Metropolitan Police "fail", it will be more than clear that they are not protecting the McCanns but protecting someone else.Although I think carrying the body in their own car, all by themselves, was terribly bad done.
    Any secret service would have done it better.
    Who knows Clarence is involved in something and he is the person who is being protected? Who knows he knows about corruption in the gorvernment?
    He aged a lot during the last 4 years.He could be the one who is protecting himself, manipulating around.And the government supports him, out of fear.

  52. Continuing my theory.
    Clarence is the one who is the closest to the government.
    He knows the way.
    He could definitely be involved in something, known by the Mccanns.
    He could be under pressure, blackmailed by the couple. He could lose his job, his status, his power.
    At the same time, he could know a lot about wrong, filthy things of the government people.And he puts pressure on politicians, on the CEOP...
    Many times, on detective books, the murderer is the one you less expect.
    His altruism and empathy goes beyond everything.Own interest.He could be scared of something.

    Could Clarence be the mystery behind Madeleine?

  53. In her book Kate McCann gives details of the misconduct of the police officer Bob Small,she records him telling Gerry that the PJ would get a shock when they saw the FSS results. The information gave Gerry comfort apparently. Bob Small effectively pulled the rug from under the PJ who were about to question Gerry as arguido, no doubt they were intending to give him no clue as to the strength or weakness of the DNA case and were going to put to simply show him the video of the sniffer dogs alerts.Add to this the equally inappropriate mateyness of Insp Stuart Prior with the whole tapas crew and one can understand the frustration of the PJ. As A UK citizen I apologise unreservidly to the PJ for the Leics Police apparent dereliction of duty. No doubt if Kate and Gerry ever face a EAW leics police will give them an escort to the plane to Argentina.

  54. plot a line from Justice Hogg's unprecedented, public WoC statement
    to all points and a lot more light is shed on matters

    a person(s) most probably known to G&K AND Madeleine is being


    hence the campaign
    hence the 'ring our number/e-mail us'

    ...rather than the Portuguese authorities


    -yes still alive and kicking 8 - )

  55. sorry..off topic

    RIP...or as some say RAP .. another great/unique person has checked in his mortal coil

    nevermind heh-we still have Cheryl Cole



  56. abduction by a stranger..highly unlikely

    which in my book leaves most likely...spirited away by peeps known to both child and parents

    woke and wandered-the most pedestrian theory (excuse the quip)still a possibility

    (there you go..potted theory in three lines)


  57. Woodward at 53

    If this is true, then Bob Small should be reported to the Police Authority. His conduct is disgraceful, passing on such information to people who were suspects themselves at the time, thus interfering with an ongoing police investigation. He should not be allowed to get away with doing something like that. Did he pass on other information to this couple also?

  58. I read Kate's account from cover to cover within 48 hours of publication here in the UK (as many of you would have)

    here's my review..

    -self regarding trash..emotionally incontinent

    -she never mentioned Chekaya or Mrs Fenn - why not ??? Independent witnesses are essential to any narrative of an alleged 'stranger-abduction'

    - page 129..sorry Dr. McCann..I don't inhabit the dark passages you amble down so lightly

    I give that book a 'fail'

    as in failing Madeleine


  59. The McC's are being suspiciously quiet for a change, and not many pro- McC's posting anywhere either.

    I think the PM is calling their bluff, before all this happened they were just an anonymous couple in a quiet English village - apart from their willingness to sue anyone who dares Boo to them I don't believe they have any power over anyone.
    One day very soon I get the feeling we shall hear of their arrest in the UK in connection with the disappearance etc of their child.

    The PM and SY and the McC are now answerable to the UK taxpayer.
    I don't believe this couple have any friends in 'High Places' inc Freemasons or politics, they just have very efficient lawyers who are also very expensive.

    But when SY find anomalies in statements even the McC's will have to answer. I still feel that they didn't expect DC to respond at all and certainly not in the way he did.

  60. It is all so tacky, an open letter in the worst c--- newspapaer in the land, and the DC responds in the same way, what a lot of
    b------ks. Surprised the sun hasnt published kate on page 3, theres a way to earn some pennies for the fund. I cannot and will not take this couple seriously, until they ask for the case to be reopened, many cold cases that are reopened bring fresh evidence, isnt that what the McCanns want?? Its free, no one trusts you when they know this. where is Dr Amaral, preparing his court case, luck be with you sir.

  61. Wait!! Is he making point the gun at your head and shoot" hand movement?

    Body language never lies.

  62. The theory about Carence Mitchell is not a bad one.
    I never thought of that before.
    He remains too fanatic and he could have left his job not in order to protect the McCanns but to protect himself of something.
    Nobody dismiss himself of a good job with the goal of protecting unknown people, suspected of killing a child.
    His constant presence at every McCanns' interview shows concern. I can not imagine concern about three Prime Ministers and their different governments, different political parties, but it might be concern about himself.
    Being a journalist, now I believe he knows a lot of trash about people in the UK, and he is manipulating them, because he is under the McCanns' pressure who must know a lot about him.
    It is impossible that the McCanns know garbage of all politicians. It is very well possible they know garbage of Mitchell and that they are using him.
    It is true that Mitchell aged a lot in the last four years. He looks 70.
    Fear? Pressure? Nobody (Kate, Gerry, Murat, Amaral...) aged that fast like he did.

  63. clarence mitchell is the protector of someone else.
    how many times did he make a statement that was actually totally harmful to the mccanns - well for thinking people anyway.
    everytime he opened his mouth it was to dig their grave a little deeper. appearing to be on their side and manipulating opinion and press but in my mind not to their advantage.
    i again say that they, particularly kate is going to be the one to take the whole fall. from the whoosh clunk till her daughters precious,.... and her own lowered libido - she is the sitting duck.
    who is clarence protecting is the next question.
    don't think he is being blackmailed, it is what he gets paid for - it is his job.
    would be nice to call for an audit and see where sums of money have been coming from. but it is probably not going to be documented. these people are high powered, they know how to cover their tracks.

  64. Anonymous 47, that argument has been made before and I expected that it would be brought up again. The fact is that the Portuguese have not released all the information regarding this case, information has been withheld from the public to protect witnesses, and in some cases the past history of those that were investigated, among other reasons. You should recall that British authorities did go to Portugal to ask that certain information not be released to the public and I'm sure that the Portuguese police complied with the requests.

    This is the first time that I've read that the PJ made specific requests for the Gaspar statements. It is my understanding that the PJ had no knowledge of the depositions made by the Gaspars, those documents were submitted to the Portuguese police several months after Mr. Amaral was removed from the investigation.

    Anyways, your argument does not explain why basic information such as someone's records of credit transactions during a time period were not passed on to the Portuguese police.

    The Portuguese authorities tried and did make this case as transparent as possible. They wanted to keep their work above suspicion, unfortunately that was their downfall because they did not realise at the time the extent of the support network for the McCann couple.

    However, you are right they do things differently in Britain. To my knowledge, I'm not aware of any country were a judge or the countries government does PR work for suspects in a criminal investigation.

  65. guerra

    I also thought originally that it was the LP that sent on the Gaspar statements without being asked for them, but have since read that it was the LP that eventually got wind of these statements and had to request they be sent on. Perhaps Joana or somebody could clarify that.

    As for the PJ keeping information secret, of course they do, and rightly so, and that is what the McCanns have been trying to get their hands on.

    Just as the McCanns have been trying to get the LP to release theirs, even taking them to Court to try and get their hands on them. Thankfully they were told 'no can do'.

    The two countries do work on different systems of law, and I can bet the LP have information they will not have passed on to the PJ, especially as the case has been shelved since. It is this information the PJ must get hold of because if it took them months to get to read the Gaspar statements while the case was still ongoing, what else do the LP have filed away somewhere since the case was shelved, waiting for somebody to specifically request it.

    As for the information about credit cards, medical records, and whatever else the PJ need from the UK, this non compliance should be taken up with the Home Office as a complaint from the PJ who needed such information in order to carry out a successful completion of the case.

    It is disgraceful that this kind of information would have been available to the UK police in a similar investigation, but denied to the PJ in this one. Maybe Cameron is not even aware of the amount of obstruction the PJ faced, and if he was previously aware before he became PM, maybe he should be reminded again now he holds that position and is requesting a solution of this case.

  66. We should not forget either that visit to the LP by the pal of the McCanns, Gordon Brown. He who, according to Kate McCann, used to phone them often and ask how they were and if there was any way he could help.

    Just what kind of help did this foolish man render to the McCanns? Imagine that, a Prime Minster actually getting so closely involved with these parents who were to become the chief suspects in the case.

    So what did he discuss when he went to visit the LP? Surely the McCanns must have got a mention being as how they lived in the area and him knowing them personally and all.

    We have seen how Prime Minster Cameron can order the Home Secretary and Scotland Yard what they must do, imagine what Brown might have ordered the LP to do. Orders from on high, both in UK and Portugal? If this is so, then it is an utter disgrace that people in high positions should have allowed themselves to get involved on behalf of the McCanns, and with the interference in a criminal investigation. This is what there needs to be a public enquiry about.

  67. 43 You are on the right track, but it could take some time before the matter behind this is dealt with. It's not paedophiles, although I have no idea if the people involved are also paedophiles or know those who are.

  68. Kate's book provides a wealth of clues for those in the know!

  69. I wonder if Jose Freitas is still based at Scotland Yard because he was sent out to Portugal at the time of the FSS involvement and was called by GA to be a witness during the book banning case. He did not attend - supposedly prevented from doing so. He speaks fluent Portuguese and would surely be the obvious person to go again this time (unless he is prevented!). We shall see.

  70. TO POST 59- TOTAlIY AGREExxx

  71. Anon 59, yes spot on, Ive always said Cameron is calling their bluff, his reply that was printed in the UK Papers was enough to make you through up, that gushy letter would have been the last thing he would have produced, remember he has all the right advisers, who imo wouldn't have advised him to send that letter if he was helping/protecting them....noway.
    The McCanns didnt expect him to respond, there is lots of missing children in the UK, imo the Mcs thought he would ignore them just like the PJ have, they were wrong...... there silence is deafening.

  72. How is you website doing in the SERPS Joana? Or should that be 'SIRPS'?

  73. 21 June 2011 Liverpool Echo

    Kevin Halligen - Madeleine McCann detective loses appeal against extradition


    Perhaps it is time to update your news section about this development?

    Weird but neither the National Press nor the most noisy maddie bloggers (Reis, Levy, Brencardi, Morais, Mr Moore at the McCann Files) have put news items on their respective sites about this. Not even Tony Bennett (even though he's been commenting on it in forums).

    Why is that?

    Was this Halligen caper an unexpected plot development all along?


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