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Piers Morgan Tonight with Kate and Gerry McCann

Video Clip from CNN

Gerry and Kate McCann: Safety questions "quite frustrating for us, because Madeleine is still missing"

Gerry and Kate McCann talk to Piers Morgan tonight for the hour in a worldwide exclusive about the search for their daughter Madeleine four years later. They discuss the search, the emotional toll and their new book.

In this clip, Morgan questions the couple about the safety of the complex where Madeleine disappeared. "We did what we thought was best in the kid's routines," said Gerry. "I take your point, but for me, if your children are asleep upstairs in a bedroom, and you're dining in the garden, you're out of sight and you can't hear them. And that's the similar thing to me." But The McCann also spoke about the frustration of the safety questions.

"I think the worst thing, about the focus on our behavior – and if we could change it we would have, we can't change it – but it takes the focus away from the abductor," said Gerry. "And that becomes quite frustrating for us, because Madeleine is still missing."

Watch the full interview tonight at 9pmET/PT [2am GMT in UK/PT].

in piersmorgan.blogs.cnn.com, May 11 2011 (article cached by google)

The McCann's point of view from the Tapas bar to their rented holiday apartment, where their three children under the age of four were left asleep, alone for various nights in a row.


Piers Morgan (PM) - Gerry, I mean, a difficult question, but obviously the resort you were in, had lots of nanny facilities, and they weren't that expensive to use, and you are both professionals earning money. Another criticism that is put to you is: why didn't you just pay to have a nanny if you wanted to go out for dinner?

Gerry McCann (GM) - Yeah, I mean, it's not a question of money. We did what we thought was best with the kids routines, and... I think as parents, ahm, we were, we had a very good routine in terms of the whole bar, bed story, type of thing. And, and, I take your point but for me, you know, if your children are asleep upstairs in a bedroom and you're dining in the garden, you're out of sight and can't hear them. Ahm, and that's the similar thing to me, we were...

PM - Except, I guess, that most peoples homes are secure, you know?

GM - Sure.

PM - This was not a secure property, people could come in and off the street if they wanted to, that, that's were the criticism, I guess, comes at its most fierce towards you. You're intelligent people and you're certainly good parents, no one is questioning that, from all the accounts that we've all heard. It's just, when you're having people coming in and off a street like that, and it's not your home, and it's not really secure.

GM - Again, that it's back to the safety issue, we did not perceive an element of threat, and... Child abductions is so rare, why would you have ever have thought that someone was going to get in the apartment and steal your child? (clip cut) It just didn't enter our head, if it had, it wouldn't have happened...

Kate McCann - You're right. We've been trough all of this questions, day in day out, why, how, why... And I can only, you know, say to myself: Well, Kate you felt really safe and I know how much I love my children, and there's no way I'd taken a risk.

GM - I think the worst thing about the focus on our behaviour is, and you know, if we could change it, we would, we can't change it but it takes the focus away from the abductor [notice the smirk whilst Gerry mentions the word abductor], and that becomes quite frustrating for us because, Madeleine is still missing, and those, that person, or those responsible for taking her, are still at large.


  1. Yes, Gerry the abductors are still at large. Hiding in plain sight. I am of the firm belief that they will be brought to justice...it's just a matter of time. I feel we are getting ever closer and that time is fast approaching.

  2. incredible... no-one's questioning their parenting skills???

    the world has been questioning their parenting skills since day 01

    as for K, I don't like to be personal but... she looks like a slapped arse


  4. Youtube have disabled comments , shame on you , youtube .

  5. She’s got that furrowed brow look down to a ‘T’ now though she didn‘t start practising until the first anniversary. Amaral was right, she’s an actress.

  6. @4 it wasn't youtube, it was the pro-mccann woman who uploaded the video, it's a choice that you can make when you upload a video.

  7. like having dinner in the garden really ,buckingham palace comes to mind ,of course they would have had security to protect their precious belongings...don,t you think????

  8. news at ten in the uk repeated at 11 on channel 33 the maccanns write to david cameron to have a review of the case also access to the files the police have

  9. LOL! Kate looks like she has a jacket potato inside her mouth!

  10. Tssst, tssst, Gerry...again the "dining in your own back garden" excuse? If you're in the garden or downstairs and the children in their room upstairs wouldn't you use a BABYPHONE???

  11. Someone, anyone, please,
    I do not know Piers Morgan, I know nothing about him or his work, what's he like? Has he any "history" on this case? What are we to expect from him in this interview? Has he been perceived as a pro-McCann or else?

  12. Gerry McCann was right when he said the people responsible for taking Madeleine were still at large. The people responsible for taking Madeleine, were sitting right in front of Piers Morgan, peddling their lies.

    If I were Piers Morgan, I would have been tempted to wipe that smug look off Gerry McCann's face with the back of my hand.

    As for Kate McCann saying how much she loved her children and implying she had done nothing wrong, she also deserved a smack in the mouth.

    Piers Morgan also deserves a smack in the mouth for saying the McCanns were good parents. He didn't say that a couple of years ago and he shouldn't have said it now.

  13. «Everywhere I go at the moment, I get asked what I think of the Madeleine McCann story, given my background as a newspaper editor. And the honest answer, given all the claims and counterclaims, is that I have absolutely no idea where the truth lies.
    All I would say is that nobody I know says they would ever have left three kids aged under four on their own to go out with their mates at night on holiday. NOBODY.»

    in Piers Morgan Daily Mail column, October, 5, 2007

    Piers Morgan on twitter in May, 10, 2011, quote: "The McCann i/v is one of the most moving I've ever done."

  14. Hi folks...

    sorry to spoil the party, but CNN don't bring you news.. and never have. They do however ram propaganda down your throats at every opportunity they get.. (mind you all the major news channels do the same).

    The point is, this is not an interview in the sense we all understand an interview to be. It's really a public relations effort, and in this case, on behalf of the McCans... being presented in disguise as an interview. These kind of interviews happen all the time. When you know how to spot them, you can see them from a mile away.

    Real question is... just how have the McCanns managed to mobilise support from such 'high up places'.. jeeesus! just how many friends up there do they have?

  15. Thanks for your #13 post, Joana.
    It seems he has shifted somewhat and not in the right direction...another one fooled by the sainted duo or did "someone" step on his toes...?

  16. "you are intelligent people, you are certainly good parents, there are no questions about that..." and I did not understand the rest of that sentence. Who can help me?

  17. Gerry, how come that you think that it takes the focus away from the abductor?
    We are all focused on you and Kate, don't worry.

  18. What a stupid pair, guilt written all over their faces who do they think they are fooling and as for Piers, well I won't be watching his trollop on television any more.

  19. God! I can't stand those two! They keep coming back like an anal fissure!

  20. Ooo Err - he disn`t like the comment about not affording the babysitting service did he. He always does that superior smirk when an interviewer touches a nerve. He did it with Jeremy Paxman when Jeremy made him feel a bit uneasy.

  21. I was very active in trying to achieve justice for Madeleine for a good two years.... the whole thing has tested my faith to the limit, I honestly believed justice would be done long before now.... I feel devestated to see that 'gruesome twosome' still spouting out their filthy lies after all this time..... it sickens me to my very core..... they are evil personified.....


  22. The reason so many people find it hard to show sympathy for the McCanns is that they never show any humility. If just once they had said "I'm sorry Madeleine." & "If only we hadn't left them," or "How it was a stupid thing to do to," they may get more people feeling sorry for them. As it is, normal people think they were only thinking of their own pleasures & to heck with safety issues.
    I personally will never ever accept it was good parenting, but I also feel very sorry for them. I just hate people that kicks someone when they are down & no matter now how many times they wish they could change things, they can't, their darling little daughter seems to have vanished from the face of the earth.
    Too many conflicting stories & I flip in & out of thinking what may have happened. But at the end of the day, Madeleine is still missing, as is Ben Needham & so many others.
    "God Bless them all, & please let them be found.........hopefully alive."

  23. this interview is bogus. piers morgan writes for the daily mail , who , like the mirror, and notw when it was in circulation and the telegraph are all pro mccann. so nothing factual will come out of this

  24. Much solidarity with these two grieving parents. What parents among us has not, somewhere along the way, taken a small risk that could potentially, in the worse case scenario, had devastating consequences. Life has dealt them the worst blow. And I wish them & their family much love as they continue to search for Madeline. x

  25. How many pieces are now missing in that famous jigsaw, that Gerry so often used to refer to, talking about his hope of finding Madeleine? The answer is of course; all of them.


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