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Portuguese Attorney General's Office: No request received from UK Police

London, May 16 (Lusa) - The British police will assist in the search for Madeleine McCann, who went missing in the Algarve in 2007, but, until now, has neither requested cooperation or the reopening of the process from the Portuguese authorities.

In a reply that was sent to Lusa agency today, the Attorney General's Office states that up to now, "neither the Attorney General's Office nor the prosecutors that are responsible for the case have received any request or application, neither for cooperation, nor for the reopening of the process".

Last week, the British Home Office informed that the police will help in the search for Madeleine McCann, following a request from the parents for the investigation process to be reviewed.

in: Lusa, 16.05.2011


  1. This says everything. Has anyone tried looking for Kate's alleged receptionist's note, as mentioned ih her book? It's nowhere to be found in the PJ files. Have our media picked up on this? Of course not.

  2. It's either that the request for cooperation is taking too long or that they are frantically backpedalling to get out of this so-called 'review'.

    If it doesn't happen in the end, how will they ever justify it?

    Just what on earth is going on here? :j

  3. Good morning

    This is exactely what I was waiting for: an official communication from PORTUGAL.Short and concise the portuguese authorities have just officially denied everything.

    Once again I was extremely sceptical about the whole business over the last days and spins because it is obvious that the UK "has neither requested cooperation or the reopening of the process from the Portuguese authorities".
    If Cameron thinks he can do whatever comes out of his balls he is obviously wrong.
    The "empire" is over and it is time the Brits realize it and start respecting people and especially the Portuguese.
    Força Portugal!

  4. Such a request(if it happens) takes time.If England is intending to ask for it, they firstly have to plan who is going, who isn't, when, the goal of their involvement,everything very well planned.
    It is different from sending the fire brigate.
    Cameron's decision happened too short ago.
    What pleases me is that the McCanns are not arguidos anylonger.
    The have no right to disturb the new investigations, like the did to hinder the rogatory letters.Every 5 minutes they would mention a new sighting, delaying the letters as much as possible.

  5. It's high time, people can write to the Home Secretary, Theresa May,

    Or via the website, www.tmay.co.uk/contact

    to ask why £3.5M is being wasted on a search for a missing child when the police (Portuguese and British) investiation reported no evidence of an abduction, and the police conclusions were that the child probably died in the apartment. Why are suspects in the case calling the tune, and why are their claims such as that the shutters could be opened from the outside, that it took only 30-45 seconds to walk from the Tapas bar to the apartment, that the PJ police didn't arrive for four hours after 10pm, or that no forensics backed the dogs evidence when in fact blood was found, not being challenged by the authoroties? Why does this review seem to be a whitewash?

    People are concerned about the case because there are such glaring dicrepancies but we don't see the authorities challenging them. The whole thing undermines our faith in British justice and it's worrying. Justice must be seen to be done.

  6. Cameron's in deep trouble over this because many have seen it for what it was - a PR move swayed by News International - and are worried about political influence on the police. At the same time as he's cutting policemen, he finds £3.5m down the back of the sofa to review this case.


  7. The question is:

    - Mr. Cameron never ever should annonce that help without consulting Portugal in the advance and have their permission for the help. What is coming out now, show a PM not prepared for his international dutys. Portugal is an independent country, and has the main investigation under his hands. How can a PM from another country decide what the police can do, knowing that some of the steps the police need to do, are out of UK territory?

    - Martin Brunt, said on his Blog at Sky News, that some negotiations between the two countries were on the way, long ago. Who gave him that information? Somebody from the PM office or from the Home office? That information, according to what came out now from the PGR in portugal, is a lie and somebody have to be responsible and assume that lies. Why, Cameron or the home office did not denny what martin brunt was saying? By not dennying it, we assume, they agree with what he was saying. If is a lie, what was the agenda beside that information? I don't believe any coin will be transfered to that investigation. I don't believe any SY team will be setle. It is all a propaganda machine to close the mouths of the public who criticised the Mccann's and have doubts about their innocence. Is a big whitewash with help of the British Media.
    It is a public permission for the mccann's lawyers to request information about what is under secrecy inside the files the British police have. That information will be used against PJ with strategical leaks to the usual tabloids.
    If Cameron did not react and clarify the situation quickly ( He react immediately to the mccann's letter) his behavior was a shoot on his own b....ls.

  8. For goodness' sake just listen to yourselves!! Why on EARTH would you write to May and try to get this cancelled if you really have any concern for uncovering the truth and helping the child?

    That's truly sickening! Everyone should be throwing their weight behind making this work, not trying to spike it!

  9. #8 People don't want 3.5 million pounds spent on a whitewash. The country is in deep financial trouble, people are losing their jobs and services are being cut.

    If I thought that this review was going to 'uncover the truth' I would be the first to support it. But it's my opinion that it won't, so why spend such a vast amount of money? It doesn't make any sense.

    If the McCanns want the case reopened all they have to do is write to the relevant authorities in Portugal. It wouldn't cost them a bean, save the price of the stamp.

    Why not do that and save the UK all the hassle and expense? Why do we, as a country, have to pay for this farce to take place? Haven't we endured enough?

  10. @8 Why shouldn't people write to May and tell her that all this farcical "review" is absolutely useless (and a waste of UK tax payers money) if the McCanns and their Tapas friends refuse to take part in a police reconstruction? I just hope SY checks the numerous inconsistencies made by the Tapas 9 in the official statements, in the various documentaries and recent interviews - that's the first lead to follow.

  11. Surely it would be much better for Theresa May to request the Portuguese to reopen the case. They no doubt will tell her they would be willing to do this if the McCanns and their friends would cooperate.

    She can take it from there, and draw her own conclusions if they refuse, which they no doubt will.

  12. Even if it was an abduction, it would be irresponsible to spend all that money to just one case, and have all the other missing person cases linger without help.

    Even if it would get the McCanns in jail it would be money unfair spent if you look at all what is still very much needed in the society.

  13. Anon 8 - I think the idea is that it could be done for nothing if Teresa May just asked the PJ to reopen the case. With SY involved people are thinking that its hardly likely that the McCanns are going to be on the suspect list and made to take part in a reconstruction. There is already talk of SY accompanying the McCanns to Portugal as if they are royalty. People are not trusting of the UK involvement and fear there will be the same whitewashing and cover-ups that have gone on before.

    I`m all for UK and Portugal getting together to resolve this case, and I don`t mind tax payers money being spent - my only concern is that every part of the establishment is corrupt and it will surely be corrupted again. They need Columbo on the case !

  14. I don't understand how they know the review will cost £3.5m. Must be just an estimate? After all, if Madeleine is findable then it is just possible that she will be found in the first few days....

  15. #13 Exactly.

    I've been feeling so sad about this lately, it's really getting me down.

    Is there no justice in this world? I dispair of the world we live in and it sickens me that ordinary folk like us are unable to do anything.

    I should let this case go, it's only causing me upset and a great deal of annoyance.

    I don't think I can bear to watch this whitewash, I mean 'review', unfold. It was bad enough the first time round, I really don't need a repeat.

    Will somebody give me hope? LOL :b

  16. Hi Anonymous post(15) I know how you feel. I get depressed, when I see the "Gruesome Twosome" on television, peddling their lies with British interviewers fawning all over them.

    The McCanns must be laughing all the way to the bank, now they don't have to pay for a review and investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. They can now dispense with their private detectives, who were as much use as a chocolate kettle.

    I wonder if they'll dispense with the services of Clarence Mitchell, he is another who is about as much use as a chocolate kettle. Why should they pay Clarence Mitchell? They can use their latest spokesman, David Cameron for free.

  17. can any one really see cameron wasting 3.5 M and 30 police on a reveiw,i dont think so, (lets not forget cameron is a politician and they all lie).All he had to say to the mccanns was .GO BACK AND DO THE PJ RE-CONSTRUCTION,and if that didnt throw up any thing new :-))) then perhaps help in some other way.
    lets hope that Ben Needham gets the same chance as Madeleine is getting, cant see it happening though,and thats why i think this will be a white wash just like David Kelly's review was.


  19. Oh! Thank you, I found it now! comment nr 5 gave us mrs T May's email addresses. Yes! I'm not British and I do not live in the UK but I will also write for what its worth. I'm sure mrs May is a very intelligent person and will take the right action as far as the mccanns are concerned.


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