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Praia da Luz News segment

Praia da Luz news segment – May 3, 2011
Report by João Tiago/SIC *


Lower third – Maddie’s disappearance – 4 years/Madeleine McCann disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 3 of 2007

News Anchor: Maddie McCann disappeared four years ago, the parents don’t give up on the search, however the authorities remain without leads, and in Praia da Luz in Lagos the topic is rarely talked.

Sic Journalist (SJ): The landscape of that secluded spot in the Algarve continues to attract visitors, not as many as in other times but the sufficient ones, which guarantee the survival of some business.

Man Tourist (MT): “We had looked on google earth, and it looked very picturesque. I ‘googled-earth’ that church and the restaurant next door, which we are going to go and have a coffee.”

SJ: “And did you know this is the village where Madeleine has been abducted?”

MT: “No, no I overlooked that fact. That’s not the reason we came.”

Lower third – The authorities still do not have any lead about the disappearance of the child.

SJ: The pilgrimages to see the paradisiacal village from where Madeleine disappeared have long since ended. The search that has passionate the World is fading in time.

Lower third – Case has been forgotten by the locals and tourists who visit Praia da Luz

Beach Sales Man (BSM): “They asked where the place was, what had happened… Now they came and ask nothing, it is as if ...”

SJ: “They’d forgotten?”

BSM: “As if they had forgotten it. It’s a closed matter.”

SJ: Four years have gone-by since the night when Portuguese and English, locals and tourists, scoured Praia da Luz in search of the little girl. Only the church seems to want to remember her.

Lower third – Vigil in Praia da Luz church remembers the child but tourists are indifferent.

SJ: Indifferent to the prayers, families of tourists arrive to get their rest as they have always done.

Woman Tourist 1 (WT1): “I’ve got three children, and the youngest one has been coming since he was three years old. It does get a lot more freedom here than he does at home. When Madeleine first went missing, we did kind of rein him in a little bit, but as the years have gone on he’s got is freedom back, he’s like coming up to ten.”

Woman Tourist 2 (WT2): “I don’t want to think about what’s happened to her. I do sometimes but I can’t bare the thoughts, no, no.”

SJ: “It’s better to look at this wonderful landscape?”

WT2: “Yes.”

SJ: Just like Praia da Luz seems to have returned to normality, the Ocean Club hopes this summer will be as it used to. It’s preparing itself with improvements to welcome this summer tourists.

Lower third - Journalists from all over the world followed the case, which has become highly mediatic.

SJ: Similarly, the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared will open the doors this summer to receive tourists. The owner of the apartment who has been trying to sell it for the last four years gave up the sale.

Lower third – Owner of the apartment from where the child disappeared gave up selling the property.

SJ: In the fourth anniversary of that fateful night, the McCann couple has decided to stay home, in Rothley, close to their family and friends. They do not intend to go back to Praia da Luz for now, but they want to revive memories. On May, 12, the day that marks Madeleine’s birthday, Kate McCann launches her own book, in the hope that it will bring new leads. It’s simply titled ‘Madeleine’, the name of the girl who would have or has, at this time, 8 years old.

Note: * SIC Portuguese channel media lawyer is Isabel Duarte, who coincidentally is also the McCann couple ‘libel’ lawyer in Portugal.

McCann's media blitz set to start this weekend....

By Cormac Murphy

MADELEINE McCann's parents Kate and Gerry are to appear on the Late Late Show for their first major Irish interview, the Herald can reveal.

Host Ryan Tubridy will be talking to the McCanns on Friday week as they continue their efforts to locate their missing daughter.

It is believed the interview is being timed to coincide with the publication of 43-year-old Kate's book, entitled Madeleine, which hits the shelves next week.

The 384-page work is being released on May 12, Madeleine's eighth birthday.

Kate and Gerry marked the fourth anniversary of their daughter's disappearance with family and friends this week.

The book is their account of how the youngster vanished while on a family holiday in Portugal.

Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing in Praia da Luz, Algarve, in May 2007.

The McCanns hope the publication of the book will prompt people holding vital information about what happened to come forward.

It was originally due out last week but publishers Transworld postponed the release to avoid a clash with the Royal Wedding.

The official Portuguese inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance formally ceased in July 2008. However, private detectives employed by the McCanns have continued the search for the missing child.

Liverpool-born Kate's mother Susan Healy said of the book: "Kate has to tell her story, even though it's been the most terribly painful process over the last nine months.

"We just hope that something will come from the book. It's something that may just force someone to come forward. It's also an account for Madeleine and for the twins [six-year-old Sean and Amelie]."

Proceeds from the sales will also help boost their dwindling fund to search for their daughter.

The book, which Kate wrote without the aid of a ghost writer, has a recommended retail price of around €22 and is expected to become a best-seller.

Extracts will be serialised by newspapers from this weekend before the book is published.

A family friend described how Kate wrote through the day, while the couple's twins were at school, and then returned to her study to write late into the evening after the children had gone to bed.

The McCanns hope sales of the book will raise more than £1m (€1.1m) for Madeleine's fund.

The book's launch will be accompanied by several television interviews, including the Late Late appearance.

in Herald.ie, May 5 2001


  1. I have just seen the TV commercial here in the UK for this Saturdays Sun newspaper and how we can all read the serialisation of Kate McCanns haunting heartbreaking book.

    I thought I was going to throw up at any moment!!!!!!

  2. Groan!

    When is the truth going to be given centre stage!

    Suspects in a child dissapearance defending themselves using all the might of the press - and supported by a class of people who care little for the rights of children.

    A book written by the Detective who tried to dig up the truth lies silently behind a language barrier - unseen by the majority of the British people.

  3. Post no. 1 - you are not alone, but bear with this, the book will be her undoing - it will be analysed.

  4. We have got to get this book and expose it to intense forensic examination.

    If its true she wrote it and tries to use it to alter history, it will be damning!

  5. In the Video above, I've just noticed the photos of Madeleine by the pool again. At 2 mins 33, Gerry's arm is inserted into the shape of her hat. That was the photo that was commonly distributed.

    In the photo in the Church at 2 mins 40, his arm is not there. I believe this Church photo is the one that people have been trying to find a copy of. I hope someone can catch the picture, as I don't know how to.

    It makes me so very, very sad to think that the photo-shopping of Madeleine onto a background, faking her presence by the pool, with her pretty little smile, was a happy reality that she never got to enjoy.

    We who seek justice for that little girl will not rest until that justice is done. Rest assured of that you faking liars, Gerry and Kate McCann, when you read this, as I am sure you will.

  6. Father with 'post-natal depression' killed daughter
    A father who believed he was suffering from male post-natal depression searched the internet for information on how to kill a baby before suffocating his six-month-old daughter, a jury heard.


  7. This book has been written so the twins will read mummys version when they are older.

  8. Sadly they will have been brainwashed into bekieving mummy's version of events long...long before they are able to read beyond Blue Book 3'

  9. In the last pic in the herald.ie article, Gerry appears to be 'enjoying his own company'!

  10. @7

    The brainwashing probably began the night Madeleine was 'taken'. I'm sure Kate (and Gerry) have seen to it that Sean's memories of that episode have been well and truly rinsed through the wash.

  11. Saturday,7th, serialisation Kate's book will start.

    Joana, I'm really getting tired of this.
    I'm loosing my patience.
    Where is Amaral's book?
    An interview?

  12. I bet she wouldn't have dared to embark on this literary masterpiece if she hadn't had Nigel's Mccann Files to refer to as a reminder of all the lies told in the past that mustn't now be contradicted.

  13. Will de Sun publish it every day or every Saturday?
    One page per Saturday, more than 300 weeks?
    About 7 years?
    It means the McCanns don't expect Maddie to be found before.

  14. Joana, there are people in Portugal saying Amaral's book is being printed abroad.It even seems to be printed already.
    Can you tell us if it is true?

  15. I have told my family NO COPIES OF THE SUN(or better known as the SCUM) in this house now, they really burnt their bridges after the Hillsborough tragedy, but now they have hit bottom to me, paying this vile disgusting couple, and promoting this book of lies all week!!! hit the scum where it hurts dont buy any copies of this BS SHAME ON THEM.

  16. How grateful we are, Joana, that we may express ourselves here on your blog. Thank you for this space and your keeping in touch! The mccann & co egos will not influence our positive energy as we are on the side of Truth and that means my money is on Sr Amaral all the way. The mccann and cronies started this saga and they have no plan as to how it is all going to end so they just create more stories hoping this will all go away; they are scraping the bottom of the barrel and they create from a weak stance, standing on quick sand. Haven't they read their kids the story of the three little pigs? You know about the respective houses of the straw, sticks and bricks. Truth, like bricks, is the strongest and it provides strong shelter.
    They have killed innocence and we want it back. We even believed them once. But how do you explain the disappearance of a little girl, their child, who thought she was safe with this pair, and now we cannot find her, (yes, after four years we are not looking anymore) and to crown it all, any, almost any trace of the little life even in that apartment in PDL, as if she was not on holiday with them, any trace wiped out. Their friends support their story and knew of the child's existence but hardly any proof in 5A that she was there? So when I do my maths I can only think that one minus one leaves nought. She is gone!! So you see Sr Amaral makes sense all the way and we wish him and his solid family blue skies and comfort and abundance of joy all the way, that justice will prove itself here because his conscience is clear and that is what he is conveying to us, that we are faced with untruths and arrogance. Give us and your little girl the whole truth mccanns. Why do you still think you can hide the truth from the law abiding citizens, the profilers, psychologists, psychiatrists and many other professionals who care enough to join in online to discuss the no-sense picture you are painting for us.
    I often wonder about Madeleine's little book they used to 'document' their, aherrm, 'watch'. That is unforgivable that they wrote on her little book!! How dare they! They clearly showed absolutely no respect for this little girl's memory!! How can we ever have sympathy for the 9/10 people who clearly created this chaos!!

  17. PS Chin up to Portugal. Before you know it the lean days will be over. You still have the sunshine, beautiful country and not least, very brave people and no one can take that away from you. Sending positive energy to you!

  18. This is the second time I have tried to post my views, the first time I was told my post wasn't accepted as soon as I pressed the "Post Comment" button.

    Once again the jail dodging McCanns are being given the opportunity to peddle their lies in the media. Kate McCann will begin by telling her story in the Sun. She knows she is in a "win win" situation, because even if no one reads her story, the Sun sells the most newspapers in the UK.

    The McCanns have also been given the opportunity to tell their story, when they appear on an Irish television programme in the near future. Then there is the forthcoming interview in the United States, when they are interviewed by Piers Morgan or Oprah Winfrey.

    The McCanns quest to raise money, is nothing to do with finding Madeleine, if it was, they would have searched for her when they first discovered her missing and would have kept searching until they could search no more.

    Gerry McCann has said that he is taking a back seat from now on, because he is the breadwinner in the family. If Clarence Mitchell was telling the truth, Madeleine is also a breadwinner. According to Mr Mitchell, the fund that was set up to find Madleine, is assisting the finances of the McCanns and their wider family. Although I prefer to call it lining their pockets.

    I believe that Kate McCann's many trips to Portugal, have nothing to do with praying for Madeleine's safe return. If it was, why is Gerry McCann not accompanying her? After all he is Madeleine's father and his prayers are as important as his wife's.

    When the McCanns left Portugal after being made arguidos, they never set foot in Portugal, until at least a year after their arguido status was lifted. If ever Madeleine needed her parents to pray for her in Portugal, it was then, as well as now.

    I believe the reason Kate McCann is visiting Portugal, is because she is having meetings with her lawyer and the person who assured the member of the British Government, that the McCanns would not be brought to justice, for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

    I believe Kate McCann wants a document drawn up, to say that if evidence comes to light to show Madeleine was killed accidently or otherwise, she and her husband will be exempt from prosecution.

    My beliefs my seem a little far fetched, but who would have believed that the British Government, would step in to help the McCanns evade prosecution. The British Government, along with the British police, knew that at the very least, the McCanns were guilty of causing Madeleine to disappear, because they failed to take proper care of her.

    This is why the Portuguese police wanted to bring charges against the McCanns and this is why they were blocked by someone in Portugal with the clout to block the charges.

    If evidence comes to light and the Portuguese police are blocked from prosecuting the McCanns, the British police will not do anything. They did nothing in 2007 and they aren't going to start now. The fact that Madeleine is/was a British subject, means nothing.

  19. The mccanns and their accomplices seem to have joined the ranks of the sick, troubled and broken when they actually studied, as doctors, to give professional help to us. Now is all this knowledge going to the dogs? Where do we find trust in you as all your decisions you have made up to now points only to more questions! What a shame. Prove that you have what it takes to provide answers to the many outstanding doubts swirling around this case, please, all of tapas 10 involved, come forward and show us that you can pick up this challenge and clear the air for once and for all.

  20. Excellent information once again! Thank you:)

  21. Yep after the filth they printed about the Hillsborough tragedy, the scum newspaper was banned in Liverpool, to this day i don't know of any scousers who have forgiven them for what they wrote.

    How ironic that IT has chosen to take money from the same newspaper that wrote such filth about all of liverpool after the tragedy.

  22. I still fail to understand the love between the British press and this couple, even though I can clearly see the connection: their mutual taste for money! I remember the newspapers titles before the out of court settlements, with their accusing fingers pointing towards the McCanns, and I can't but wonder (well, perhaps not) the tiles now! 180 degrees turn overnight. Just like that, brilliant! Soon they will demand sainthood status for the couple. Not a word of doubt, not an embarrassing question asked. Instead, every explanation taken for granted, boundless support and childish adulation! Shamefully, this love afair will go on until the day justice is done and, afterwards, I will anxiously wait for the reaction from the British press. Another 180 degrees turn?

  23. Wonder if the Sun is going to put the book online and allow comments with "have your say". If not, the all business was just a strategy to advertise the book and get money into their accounts( the paper and the Mccann's). Because, online will reach more public and more possibilities to get the missing piece(????) but less money. With " have your say" on, strong possibilities to have somebody, even anonymous, giving the information they claimed they want/need. But let me guess- WILL NEVER APPEAR ONLINE AND IF SO, COMMENTS WILL BE NOT ALLOWED, because they know the truth, they know where is the missing piece and who is holding it. THE SUN BECOME A SUPPORTER ON THE COVER-UP OF THE MOST ULTRAGEOUS CRIME AGAINST A CHILD, IN UK.

    Regarding Sic and Espresso, they are loosing all the credibility also because of the position they adopted on Madeleine case. They are not independent and their connection with Isabel Duarte says it all. Nothing will be said or written without her checking the news. This is manipulation and is not helping PSD( Pinto Balsemao, the owner of Sic, is a member of that party since day one) image. Why the mccann's get always close to politics in portugal? Are the politics going to search Madeleine? NO!!! But they can help them manipulate the truth and avoid the case to be reopened and bring to Court.
    If you are clever, Pedro Passos Coelho, clean up all the dirty stuff on your Party. Bring mccann's to justice. That is the best service you can give to your country and your people. Without credibilising the justice ( together with corruption, madeleine was the most) the country will be not able to overtake the crise and be moralised. People are tired of having this Mccann's enlarging their bank accounts based on a crime and many lies, when in portugal people have to see their salaries reduced, their taxes increased and the number of unemployees enlarging everyday. The portuguese payed the most expensive investigation the country ever faced( Madeleine) and the portuguese were the first to transfer money to mccann's Fund when solidarity was called. That was when they believe an abduction had happened and were not aware of all the lies. Now, they know, the abduction was impossible, the mccann's did not search their daughter on the first hours, gave statements full of contradictions to the police, delete mobile calls and SMS, refused a reconstruction, refuse their credit cards to be investigated by the police, refused to hand medical records from them and from madeleine, publicise the face of the girl, special the coloboma against police adviser. Wonde if madeleine ever had a coloboma. Wonder how many mums manage to control their emotions/tears in a shock moment and excuse it saying was a police advise. They seem to be very selective on what police advise them to do. Just following what is more convennient for their businness.

  24. Just heard a trailer this week on BBC Radio 4 with the voice of Kate McCann. She is going to be on WOMANS HOUR some time soon, next week? Yet more publicity for the book. All child-neglecting mothers will be tuning in, obviously.

  25. @23 :q well said,cant understand why the papers support child neglectors (at the very least)thank god i dont have to buy any of them,
    i wouldnt like to think my money is going any where near the mccanns personal fund for them to dip into to pay there lawyers and there so called investigators.

  26. @21

    Yes, I'm surprised that, as a scouser, Kate McCann has chosen the Sun newspaper to serialize the book. It's quite a slap in the face for the Liverpudlians who've supported them - especially as the Healeys' have made a big thing out of KM's roots. The Sun treated the Hillsborough victims and their families appallingly and it is still utterly despised in Liverpool. The McCanns decision to use the Sun, shows an incredible lack of thought and sensitivity for all those families who lost their children, siblings & partners in that disaster. Quite a few people have mentioned it, including a couple of their own supporters on facebook who were told they can buy the book instesd if they don't like the Sun (everyone has their favourite paper you know). Money is the most important consideration I suppose.

  27. I thought there'd be another media circus but they’re now blitzing us with TV ads - wonder how much it’s all cost.

    The ad voiceover has just changed from: ‘the only person who knows what happened to Madeleine’ (I bet that caused a few open mouths - much too near the mark). It is now: ‘told by the only person who can’.

    What an awful farce.

  28. Fernis 22 "Soon they will demand sainthood status for the couple."

    I've said it before, very original and so true. :)

  29. Unbelievable. The Sun Newspaper is actually CONNING it’s own readers. The book can be bought for only £10.00 from various outlets but the Sun’s advertising the ‘special price’ of £18.00 for it’s readers.

    “Readers can buy Madeleine (RRP £20) for the special price of £18.00 including free UK and Ireland p&p. To order please call 01206 255 800 and quote the reference 'MMC'.
    © Kate McCann 2011. Extracted from MADELEINE by Kate McCann, to be published by Bantam Press on 12 May priced at £20”


  30. Dandelion 1906 @ 18 - I totally agree with your post, there is so much duplicity involved with the Mccanns Kates trips to Portugal would be for anything other than praying for her daughter. This pair have only ever thought of themselves no consideration for their children or the public. After the book what next...'Madeleine' perfume !!

  31. The McCanns have used publicly donated money - meant for the ’search’ - to gag Amaral’s book. The irony of that is-: the public have paid for information to be withheld from.... the public.

  32. From tomorrows Sun newspaper

    Mrs McCann, "I see her alone and screaming" and believe she’s in the hands of 'a paedophile' but - as she has told us many times -there is no evidence Madeleine has come to any harm.
    My God!

  33. Mail

    "Her book will serve as a hard-hitting reply to the controversial book published by former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral. He was sued for libel by the McCanns for publishing his theory – despite minimal evidence to support it – that Madeleine died accidentally in the apartment and her parents staged an elaborate cover-up".

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1384421/Tormented-Kate-McCann-I-sit-Maddies-bedroom-twice-day.html#ixzz1Lc66895g

    That is the final paragraph in the following article


    It's all about Amaral, and money of course. "Minimal evidence" cuts both ways. (-:

  34. gerry & Kate have been sucked into the limelight and theýreloving it, little is said of Madeliene, a small % of the fund is spent on searching & remembering Maddie. Mostly it is spent on lawyer fees to sue Dr Amaral & shut the internet voices. ´
    They know where Maddie is and what happened, but they are confident that this will never be discovered. The pact of silence from witnesses is illegal. why were they not called into court by law.?
    The visits to witnesses is illegal but the McCanns and their friends have got away with this. Pervertation of the cause of justice is what has happened here, with the Mcs taking control. Absolutely disgusting for the UK

  35. “I see her… alone and screaming”

    Did the McCanns know in advance what the Suns front page would be?

    This must surely be the most despicable front page I have ever seen.

    And what night might they be referring to? Was it when Maddie cried alone for an hour and fifteen minutes on Tuesday 1 May. Perhaps it was when she and her brother Sean cried again - the night nobody came - Wednesday 2 May, Or, maybe it was Thursday 3 May when she was finally ‘abducted by a paedophile‘?

  36. Kate’s book extract from the Sun
    published in May 6 2011

    «All was silent. Then I noticed that the door to the children's bedroom was open quite wide, not how we had left it.

    I walked over and gently began to pull it to. Suddenly it slammed shut, as if caught by a draught.

    A little surprised, I turned to see if I'd left the patio doors open and let in the breeze. Retracing my steps, I confirmed that I hadn't.
    Returning to the children's room, I opened the door a little, and as I did so glanced at Madeleine's bed.

    I couldn't quite make her out in the dark. I remember looking at it and looking at it for what was probably only a few seconds, though it felt like much longer.

    It seems so daft now, but I didn't switch on the light straight away. Force of habit, I suppose: taking care to avoid waking the children at all costs.

    When I realised Madeleine wasn't actually there, I went through to our bedroom to see if she'd got into our bed. That would explain the open door.

    On the discovery of another empty bed, the first wave of panic hit me. As I ran back into the children's room the closed curtains flew up in a gust of wind.

    My heart lurched as I saw now that, behind them, the window was wide open and the shutters on the outside raised all the way up. Nausea, terror, disbelief, fear. Icy fear. Dear God, no! Please, no!

    On Madeleine's bed, the top right-hand corners of the covers were still turned over forming a neat triangle. Cuddle cat and her pink princess blanket were lying where they'd been when we kissed her goodnight

    I dashed over to the second bed, on the other side of the travel cots, where the twins slept on, oblivious, and looked out through the window. I've no idea what I expected to see there. Refusing to acknowledge what I already knew, and perhaps automatically going into a well-practised medical emergency mode, I quickly scoured the apartment to exclude all other possibilities, mentally ticking boxes I knew, deep down, were already ticked

    I checked the wardrobe in the children's room. I ran into the kitchen, throwing open all the cupboard doors, into our bedroom, searching the wardrobes, in and out of the bathroom, all in about 15 seconds, before hurtling out through the patio doors and down towards Gerry and our friends.

    As soon as our table was in sight I started screaming. "Madeleine's gone! Someone's taken her!"»

  37. Nothing seems to be able to stop the McCann's - utterly incredible.

  38. I wonder if Kate will mention that Madeleine had run away a previous night and was missing for 45 minutes? before she was found hiding in a bush. No instant cries of abduction then. They quietly looked for her for that amount of time with no fuss.
    This makes the claims of instant panic and instant recognition of an abduction on May 5th rather over the top. With the doors open? and Madeleine having a history of hiding one would think the surrounding area would have been at least briefly searched before hysteria took over.
    It also beggers the question what or who Madeleine was hiding from in the first place.

    Also it will be great to find out why she refused to answer those 48 questions. Indefencible in my book.

    @ 11 : I'm sure Mr Amaral has it all under control. If we the watchers are getting worried imagine what is going through the McCanns minds. A real coup would be for Amaral to get the Express to serialise his own book along side Kate's. Or maybe he is waiting to read Kate's version before adjusting his book accordingly to disprove what ever theories she will put forward.
    What ever Dr.Amaral is up to it will be worth the wait.

  39. i see her alone and screaming!!!!!!!!!!!

    yep sounds right thats how you left them every night wasnt it, good im glad you remember so that when your dragged back to portugal for justice to be served you cant say oooooh i dont remember.....

    may justice come swiftly for you madeleine......

  40. See the scum(sun) is going all out along with the BS daily mail are protecting the vile child neglectors(at least) all of a sudden she is worried she is with a paedo!!! why the sudden change creepy Kate?? you always said Maddie is fine and come to no harm?? oh is it to change tactics now and hopefully sell your comic book?? or is it for SYMPATHY hence more money in the fund, Kate you disgust me. also i see the daily mail are only printing positive comments and only putting green arrows yeah sure more like someone is changing them green from red arrows(would not surprise me as these two are protected by the press and media)!!!!

  41. The Sun extract is complete nonsense. Firstly. if the window had been open, the bedroom door would have slammed shut as soon as Kate entered the flat, when she first opened the patio doors, because of the air pressure difference, not later after the doors were shut again. Gusts of wind don't slam internal doors when there is no chimney in a flat/house, unless a door/another window is also open together with the window. And why does she suddenly mention "going into a well practised medical emergency mode", when Madeleine wasn't there. Is this a Freudian slip, a reference to what really happened? This story is someone's imagination, not truth.

  42. The 'truthful'book is now £9 on Amazon,the Express are allowing comments today,none favourable.

  43. It is becoming obvious that madame kate must have read all the blogs to write her 'book'. That is what she has been doing. Gleaning from the information she picked up to make her story 'credible'. We are not fooled. Tell us what you have done with this child. How is it possible that you brought your child to PdL and she disappeared without a trace?!!! You, her mother, could not be trusted with her? If your little girl was abducted you would have produced all her little things she left behind and you would be thankful for all the help and searching and searching, the questioning, you would have co-operated with the investigation. Do not bring us more of your stories. You are creating more chaos and you will have fewer friends.

  44. Kate, we want the truth for once!!!

  45. Unbelieveably sick, vulgar, the stuff of a third-rate horror movie. A terrible mistake which can only damage Kate McCann´s already fragile reputation even further - no wonder Gerry is keeping his distance. I wonder if Amaral (and one or two of the more reputable papers)have been lying low of late deliberately, knowing that given enough rope Kate would eventually hang herself.

  46. You will have to try again, kate. It doesn't sound good so far. If you were my sister I would tell you that it reads like a cheap novel. Anyway, truth is stranger than fiction. This is fiction!!!

  47. How can this group, tapas 9 plus kate, even think that we would buy this book, let alone the absolute lies that keep coming!!!! What do you take readers for? You will not get far with this version of the 'truth' because so far we have heard it ALL. And the rest..we know that too.

  48. They said Madeleine might read their book - but they knew in their hearts she never would. Kate McCanns comments about the paedophile abductor & her little girl are truly stomach churning. She would never have written those horribly graphic words if she thought her Madeleine might one day read them?

  49. A small boy said to Sean: "Madeleine is dead. Someone shot her".This means some people in Rothley believe she died and that she was victim of violence.
    Probably that small boy(was ist a boy?) heard comments of his parents and associated killing with a gun.That's is why he said "shot".

  50. All members of the McCann family will have a busy week-end, writing comments on the Sun.Very boring for them.

  51. This morning, my neighbour, who has no particular interest in this story apart from hoping Maddie will be found, asked me if I'd seen the 'Maddie ads', he said “There’s something creepy about this level of bombardment”. I agree. I’ve never witnessed a publicity campaign quite like this one. ‘Bombardment’ is the only way to describe it -- continuously running TV ads, National TV News channels acting as promoters & wall to wall coverage in the Press. With another five days to go this crazy level of publicity has already reached saturation point and the 12 May interviews are still to come = OVERKILL!

  52. The express have stopped comments.John Gaunt tweet "Not interested in the McCanns book shouldn't of left Maddie alone.Working class couple would of been crucified by the sun" Could this be the first journalist to break ranks.

  53. Just how much will all this advertising cost? It's on the radio stations as well as on TV. If the Sun or the publishers are picking up the tab, then what it generates in extra sales will be very soon eaten up by the advertising bill. If it's the fund, then it will also eat into profits. I suppose they have taken a decision to speculate, so as to accumulate.

  54. "The idea of a monster like this, touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again." Kate McCann

    How could anyone publicly, or privately, express such thoughts about their own child particularly if, as they claim, she is still alive and may even read the book herself. There’d be absolute uproar if a blogger wrote anything like that. How on earth did it get past editing or did they have complete control of that as well?

  55. Well, at least we now know that Cuddlecat was on the bed, not on the non-existent high shelf. And KM's comment when under judicial secrecy (yeah, right) that she know instantly that Maddie had been abducted has now been contradicted as if she had known that she wouldn't have bothered with her 15 second search of the apartment. I think the most telling comment in the online extract I have read from the Sun article is that the McCann parents think that parents who have lost a child to a road accident or cancer are at peace!! Unbelievable - is that they say to their patients whose child has died? No normal parent who has lost a child would ever be at peace, whatever the circumstances. As usual it is all about them and how they think they can extract the maximum amount of sympathy (translated into money, of course, that is all they really want) from the gullible public.

  56. Extract from Kate's booked from Anon 36 - On Madeleine's bed, the top right-hand corners of the covers were still turned over forming a neat triangle. Cuddle cat and her pink princess blanket were lying where they'd been when we kissed her goodnight

    Is that the same pink blanket that Kate referred to on Oprah Winfrey's show when she said "I hope her abductor has given her her comforter". If my memory serves me correctly, I think that's what Kate said.

    Oops, Kate, I think the cracks are beginning to show.

    Do we win a prize if we find the most number of discrepancies between your book, your PJ statements and TV interviews????

  57. Kate, how you explain your fingerprints in the window? Only yours, none from the abductor.

    " I've no idea what I expected to see there. Refusing to acknowledge what I already knew, and perhaps automatically going into a well-practised medical emergency mode" WHAT IS THIS KATE? What you already know and why you nedd to go into a well practised medicaL EMERGENCY MODE?

    "I checked the wardrobe in the children's room. I ran into the kitchen, throwing open all the cupboard doors, into our bedroom, searching the wardrobes, in and out of the bathroom" IMAGINE ALL THE NOISE IN A DARK FLA.... AND THE TWINS DID NOT WAKE UP AND INNUNDATE THE AIR SCREAMING? That is physical impossible, unless the kids were sedated. If they were sedated, God knows why.

    ", all in about 15 seconds, before hurtling out through the patio doors and down towards Gerry and our friends." IT iS AMAZING HOW YOU HAVE A COMPLETELY NONSENSE ABOUT THE TIME. For a doctor, is disturbing. 15 seconds.... What can you do in 15 seconds? For who claimed to not having watches it is really amazing the way you dragg you into your own mud. Now, we have the confirmation about what she have done after realising her daughter was abducted "hurtling out through the patio doors and down towards Gerry and our friends." SHE LEFT THE TWINS AGAIN IN AN UNLOCKED FLAT. NO FEARS ABOUT THE ABDUCTOR{S) COMING BACK. NO FEARS ABOUT THE TWINS WAKING UP, FEELING SCARED AND FELL FROM THE COTS.
    Kate you lie on your first statements to PJ because you said you scream from the balcony and some workers at the Tapas lied aligned with you when they said you screamed from the balcony. Become quite clear the involvement of the OC in the cover-up of that crime. Somebody will crack down or you have to sell your book in the streets to raise enough money to silent all the mouths. You can be protected by the corrupted authorities of both countries, but the pedestrians who were forced by the circumstances to play and enter your game, did not have such protection. They will not survive such guilt. Some still in Portugal. Now we understand why you travel a lot to PDL in a very low profile.

  58. I believe Amaral and the rest of his team will be reading that novel enjoying a wonderful beer. Kate digg her own grave.

  59. I wonder, is she going to explain why she thought it was safe to leave the twins alone again in an unlocked apartment, whilst she ran back to the tapas bar to alert the others, even though, by her own words ,she knew Madeleine had been taken. How did she know the twins would not be a target also...the answer is ...she wouldnt know....just this one action of hers alone is enough to cast doubt on the story they spun.........

  60. Anon @ 57 I agree with your post Kate's book is nothing more than a fairy story, all lies all made up.
    Kate Mccann is the epitome of pure evil, a nasty piece of work.
    I pity the poor twins having such a '££mother'

  61. Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal. The McCanns private detectives claim she is still being held in the PDL area. The McCanns claim the book will jog memories. They also claim the abductor, or someone who holds the key, or even Maddie, herself might read it. Why then, is it on sale in Portugal on 23 May - two weeks after the UK. Although belated, a separate media onslaught is obviously planned for Portugal and as a result I guess Maddie, her abductor and the key-holder will just have to wait another couple of weeks to read the book.

  62. willow @ 38 is it true that she went missing the night before for 45 mins as i have never read about this thanks

  63. @ 54

    Just like the blue eyeshadow and the new game taught to Amelie by a special friend - building a den in the bedroom - defiling, perfect little body, they appear to be indications of incitement to arousal. Not to mention the Gaspars. I hope not but it certainly makes for uncomfortable reading. If nothing else it's very odd.

  64. She is now bereft of all dignity, she has, I suspect, been abandoned by pretty well everyone except a handful of blinkered devotees, and those who are exploiting her for their own financial ends. Never thought I would say this, but I think I´m almost beginning to pity her.

  65. "The idea of a monster like this, touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again." Kate McCann

    What is that sentence? it is only me or that sentence have on it something perverse? Kate is talking about her daughter like an "in love" person who lost his partner. I'm not talking about mother love, I'm talking about love between two adults. What is that Kate? You under a Paedo picture regarding your own daughter? Disgusting, really disgusting. If your book has many passages like that, then new evidences are on the way.
    To express how you love your daughter, you must chosen other words. Now come to my memory, Madeleine picture, as a lollita. Disgusting.

  66. The usual sh1t from Kate......

    "I see her alone and screaming" and believe she’s in the hands of 'a paedophile' but - as she has told us many times.................there is no evidence Madeleine has come to any harm.
    Unbelievable,,, what a stupid contradicting thick woman Kate really is.

    Just shows what dynamite this book is going to be for the PJ/LP

  67. I tell you what the PJ must be rubbing their hands together with glee, they have patiently waited 4 years for this.......

    Kate Mccann you are a disgrace to the name MOTHER!!
    How do you put your head on your pillow at night and sleep is totaly beyond me.
    I cant believe the lies Ive read (on the internet)already, can't wait for the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. You cannot allow this book in your house anyway. It does not make for good literature. Keep it as far away as possible.

  69. Enough to make you vomit for days!

  70. Visualise that picture of them laughing like drains, leaving the church on what would have been Madeleine's birthday, with Kate's graphic description of her child in the hands of a paedophile and weep; for the effrontery of the Mccanns, about supine politicians who KNOW what happened, but also fear the consequences of tackling this pair. Most of all though, weep for that child and her siblings

  71. Where do you get this language from, kate? Would you really have wanted your child to read what you have written in your book? You put your foot in it every time. In fact your book is best left alone. Imo in this your first chapter you have started off with some really unusual language if it is meant for children as well. What a bad start. Not the way to sell a book so to print a chapter weekly is perhaps the way to go but unfortunately your favourite newspaper is certainly not ours either. Too bad. And now you have new accusations. Why??? You cannot cover up your experience in PdL by starting a new story. Your child is missing and we haven't had any evidence from you that she has been abducted and your story is hollow-backed by now. Remember, you said that you should know, you were there!!! You, mrs kate, have all the answers. Set an example, do the right thing.


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