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Scotland Yard investigates Judiciary Police work

Maddie: Archived process is going to be translated to be read by 30 British officers at the orders of David Cameron

by Luís Pontes

A team of 30 investigators from the Scotland Yard will begin to analyse the whole process of the Portuguese Judiciary Police investigation in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

“The investigation team consists of senior officers. They are very experienced and will review all the steps taken by the Portuguese and English authorities”, explained to the DN a source from Scotland Yard's press office.

In the first phase, the work intends to dissect all the investigation done on the field, the statements collected by the Judiciary Police officers and the forensic evidence that was analysed in Portugal and in the United Kingdom. According to a police source, they will also request the full translation of all the Portuguese documentation.

In a second phase, the Scotland Yard might send their officers to Portugal. “For that to happen an authorization from the Portuguese authorities will be requested”, said the British police source.

The deputy director of the PJ, Pedro do Carmo, confirmed to DN that he had direct knowledge, of the two times, of the interest of British authorities to re-evaluate the investigation that was done in Portugal.

“We were contacted by the liaison officer from the British Embassy in Lisbon and then we had a contact made by the Scotland Yard”, said Pedro do Carmo to the DN.

According to the deputy director, the British authorities did not make any additional requests.

“The process is public and can be accessed by anyone”, explains Pedro do Carmo. “The process is formally archived, nevertheless the Judiciary Police still pays attention to consistent and credible information that may arise. We are open to all collaborations. We maintain an excellent relationship with the Scotland Yard. They will have our full support”, stresses the Judiciary Police deputy director.

The reopening of the criminal process belongs to the Public Ministry tutelage and depends on any new fact considered as relevant. The British authorities have not added anything to the process and, as such, as the DN found, there is no request to reopen the case in the Prosecutor General's Office [PGR].

The request to re-evaluate the investigation was prompted by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. “I confirm that information and therefore we have the best investigators in the case who will work exclusively”, stated a source from the Scotland Yard.

The review will involve thirty investigators and does not gather consensus even amongst the British police.“The investigation will take years and millions of pound will be spent”, said Jenny Jones, from the Metropolitan Police Authority to the Metro newspaper.

“There are hundreds of unsolved cases that don't have this kind of support and the resources that are going to be diverted are necessary”, she stated.

The new investigation ordered by David Cameron emerges a week later, after the McCann couple, who are committed in the launch of the book 'Madeleine', sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking for a review of the case. “We want an independent, transparent and full review”, asked then Kate and Gerry McCann.

Before making public his decision, David Cameron informed the McCanns, through a letter, of his request made to the Home Office (body which oversees the Scotland Yard)

The investigation will be lead by the Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood. This homicide investigator [Homicide and Serious Crime Command] has chosen for his team experienced investigators who are close to the end of their careers.

The new team will also meticulously analyse, besides the work of the Portuguese, the performance of its own agents who were in Portugal between May 2007 and July 2008.

According to a report published last year, in April, by the newspaper 'The Mirror', the British Home Office spent more than half a million euros in the Maddie case. Just in air travels, during the 709 days that Scotland Yard were in Portugal, 25.325 euros were spent. Each of the 126 low-cost trips costed an average of 129.20 euros to the British taxpayers.

in Diário de Notícias, May 20, 2011, paper edition


  1. "Scotland Yard investigates Judiciary Police work"

  2. This sounds like a loooong process that is going to take years, meanwhile the McCanns are still free and cocky... smirking and acting like they are above everybody else. It's amazing, you'd almost think they really believe in their story.
    I hope the police also looks at interviews they have done, which to me almost suffices to make an opinion on what kind of people these two are. I hope they investigate the fund.
    I don't know what to think, if this is good news or not... What about the satellite pictures or videos of the Algarve that were alluded to a while ago? Now that would be brilliant, having a pictures of Gerry carrying Madeleine to the beach.
    What about Gonzalo Amaral? Will there be articles to rehabilitate him? Will the McCanns have to pay him for what they did to his carreer and to his family?

    Something else: I'm not surprised the Madeleine book sells well, it's amazing how misinformed people are! All mainstream articles in the french press are pro McCann, all focussed on the 'poor mother living every parents' nightmare'.
    Makes me want to translate this whole site into french.

  3. Cameron on the turn and doing the dirty

    There are more and more examples of the Prime Minister hanging his senior colleagues out to dry

    by Jon Craig (Sky News’ chief political correspondent)

    What have Madeleine McCann and the military got in common? Oh, and universities, the National Health Service and forests?

    Answer: They’re all issues on which David Cameron has hung a member of his Cabinet out to dry and overruled the policy of a major Government department.

    “U-turn if you want to”, Margaret Thatcher famously declared at the 1981 Conservative Party conference. “The lady’s not for turning.”

    Well, the current Prime Minister is. And, it seems, David Cameron doesn’t mind publicly humiliating a member of his Cabinet if he thinks he or she has got it wrong.

    Theresa May, Liam Fox, David Willetts, Andrew Lansley, Michael Gove and Caroline Spelman – and a few more – have all been hung out to dry by the Prime Minister and their policy abruptly overturned, leaving these poor hapless secretaries of state to squirm in public, smile sheepishly and fall into line behind the latest prime ministerial whim or edict. (...)

    On Sky News, the McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, revealed that Kate and Gerry had met the last three Home Secretaries, Theresa May, Alan Johnson and Jacqui Smith. The Times also reported that a detailed report recommending a full review of the Madeleine McCann case had been sitting on the Home Secretary’s desk for almost a year.

    So was it dithering by Theresa May or political interference by the PM? Lord Harris of Haringey, a former chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority and still a senior member, claimed Cameron was “driving a coach and horses” through police protocol.(...)

    I’m afraid I’m not convinced, however, about David Cameron’s intervention on Madeleine McCann.

    read the article in full at The Tribune

  4. I will be sending some names to Teresa May, asking for them to be followed up, with a copy to relevant people.

  5. There are quite a few key withheld statements which will be VERY important. Bet the Mcs are dying to get their hands on them. Are they directing Scotland Yard's operations as they did with Leicester Police? They are making fools of you all!

  6. Book on 50% offer at Waterstones and no attempt to promote it. Thanks Waterstones!

  7. @1,they should do that if they do the job properly

  8. From now on, if I hear certain politicians- across the spectrum- pontificating about law and order, our civic duties, child protection, redundancies being necessary to get the economy on its feet, whilst an obscene amount of money is being spent on collusion,I will feel inclined to throw a brick at the TV or radio. In order to cope with my fury. I think I will set up some meetings with like-minded people who are not suffering from the delusion that we live in an open democracy. Maybe we could form an alternative media channel?

  9. I REFUSE to believe this unless there is an OFFICIAL confirmation from the PORTUGUESE AUTHORITIES.
    How on earth that cameron man has the cheek to "order" to investigate the PJs work?
    This is simply outrageous but I also think that may be the reality/truth is in factis the mccanns who are going to be investigated.
    All of a sudden they seem to have been wiped out:no more crap interviews,no communication over being SUED by GA....?Be prepared for a massive spin at the weekend

  10. Conspiracy theories have previously been dismissed, but even sceptical friends are finding all of this more than odd.

  11. Amazing. 30 policemen and millions of pouds to be spent on... investigating the PJ's work?! If I was a British taxpayer, I'd be rioting on the streets. As I am only a poor Portuguese sardine muncher, I will patiently wait for Justice to be done in the memory of Madeleine.

  12. people seem to be extremely concerned that this review is going to be nothing more than a whitewash...what exactly would there be to be gained from that?!! To have a whitewash you would surely need a scapegoat, as the idea of a review is to solve a case and find the guilty persons responsible and not to prove someones innocense !! If at the end of spending 3.5 million the result was that no one was brought to justice there would be uproar and I dont see what the government would have to gain from that!

  13. i have just signed ben needham petition - take a look at his mothers "heartfelt" letter - a little more heartfelt than the mccanns i must say.
    david cameron is a f5555ing ba5555ard for doing this to other parents who have lost their child in similar (?) circumstances - and those circumstances were the truth.

  14. Résumé/notes rapides en français:

    20 mai 2011 |

    « Le procès archivé va être traduit pour être lu par 30 officiers britanniques sous les ordres de David Cameron »

    Luís Pontes ( Diaro do Noticias)


    30 enquêteurs vont l' analyser. Ce sont des officiers seniors très expérimentés qui vont revoir toutes les démarches des autorités britanniques et portugaises ( source Scotland Yard)

    Tout d'abord étude minutieuse de toutes les démarches faites sur le terrain, des études médico-légales faites dans les deux pays, traduction complète de la documentation portugaise.

    Deuxième phase : S.Y peut envoyer des officiers au Portugal, avec l'autorisation nécessaire du Portugal. ( source policière)

    Le directeur de la PJ Pedro do Carmo a confirmé au journal qu'il y a eu connaissance des 2 fois où les autorités britanniques se sont manifestées ( contacts avec l'officier de liaison ambassade britannique à Lisbonne et contact avec S.Y . Selon lui, pas d'autre demande des britanniques.

    Le dossier est public en libre accès. Réouverture possible en cas d'information crédible.Très bonnes relations avec S.Y. Et collaboration sans faille de la part des Poprtugais.

    Réouverture relevant du Ministère Public. Rien d'ajouté par les Britanniques, pas de demande de réouverture à l'Office du Procureur Général.

    Requête d'enquête par D.Cameron, S.Y confirmant un travail ciblé de ses meilleurs enquêteurs.
    30 enquêteurs, manque de consensus dans la police britannique . Trop longue et trop chère ( Jenny Jones de la MET au journal Métro). Va laisser en attente des centaines de cas non résolus.

    Inspecteur en chef Andy Redwood ( section des homicides et délits graves). Inspecteurs de l'équipe proches fin de carrière, très chevronnés. Analyse du travail portugais mais aussi celui des officiers britanniques sur place entre mai 2007 et juillet 2008.

    Selon un rapport ( Avril 2010 The Mirror) dépense pour l'affaire Maddie un demi million d'euros ( présence de S.Y au Portugal = 709 jours : montant 25.325 euros pour seulement avion. 129,20 euros par contribuable britannique pour 1 voyage par avion. 126 voyages )

    Diário de Notícias, May 20, 2011, edition papier

  15. A whitewash - without a doubt! I've expected it for years - I only wonder why it took so long! Before you know it the evidence of the dogs will have been dismissed, the DNA evidence summarily dismissed - Big Brother - the ministry of disinformation is alive and well!

    I just hope the cabinet ministers beiing humiliated and the people of the UK do not allow this shredding of the unwritten constitution - the PM is not empowered as a dictator!

    I wonder how close to Camerons ear sits our old friend Mitchell?

  16. anon at 2... i dont know about france but if you click on to la derniere heure belgium and then onto maccann youll find the majority of comments are anti..one said that if you lose a child because you leave them to go to dine in a resturant you shouldnt go on tv but that you should hide ...there were 38 no sorry counting mine 39 approvals

  17. well i am really hoping it is to shut the mccs up once and for all ....
    surly they must get fed up of the mccs blaming everything and everybody but themselves ....and now this book about you you you k mcc....

    the book is priced £9 in asda ......[for now]

  18. Why will this process take years? They have 30 Scotland Yard officers, some from Portugal and yet it is going to take years. That makes no sense. Amaral figured out what happened in a couple of weeks, so why is it going to take years for 30 officers from an elite police authority to do the same?

    I just finished The Truth of the Lie and Amaral talks openly about how Stuart Prior of Scotland Yard was plainly in Portugal in 2007 to protect the McCanns and that he looked panicked when the evidence was pointing at them at the villains of the story.

    More and more I am thinking this story is more complicated than just an accidental death and a cover-up by frightened parents.

  19. Chère @14, merci bien pour la traduction :t bisous xx

  20. anon.@11

    IF it is true that ALL investigation, statements and forensic evidence are to be subject to dissection and analysis I, as a British taxpayer, have no problem making a contribution to the expense, especially as so far there has been little talk of the Scotland Yard Officers wasting time and money on hunts for Egg Men and Victoria Beckham lookalikes.

    Some see this as just a whitewash, I am prepared to believe that an analysis "of the whole process" could well be something more, and in that case if the British taxpayer doesn´t foot the bill who will? We can hardly expect the Portuguese people to bear any more of the costs. For better or worse the McCanns are ours.

    One other thought: was it just coincidence that all this came about the moment Kate´s book was published? The police now have a first-hand account, in her own words, from one of the protagonists in this case, and they can study her version of events at their leisure. What a gift.

    Maybe I am being naive, but I can´t help feeling hopeful.

  21. I´ve been trying to make sense of recent developments for the last week, and now I have a theoretical scenario that people can shoot down in flames if they wish, it´s only a theory after all.

    Powers-that-be in Portugal talk to powers-that-be in Britain: "We have new evidence, we want this case re-opened, we want it done and dusted once and for all. Only trouble is, times are really hard in Portugal, how can we possibly ask the people to pay yet again for an investigation which not only has already cost a fortune but also involves citizens of another country?"

    Cameron listens: "I sympathise. Trouble is, times are pretty bad with us too and it´s going to cost some if it´s done properly. Not sure the British public will wear it either. Look, leave it with me, I´ll have to wait for the right moment."

    And the right moment comes. Kate raises awareness yet again with her book, The McCanns bang on once more about their "review", The Sun starts up a petition pleading for signatures, the public sign up in their thousands. "Right," thinks Cameron, "I think we can get away with this now, say it was The Sun wat dunnit and we will foot the bill. My people love The Sun. Better not call it a "reopening" just yet though: to keep their supporters happy we´ll say it´s a response to what the McCanns have been asking for and some people will even think what a nice bloke I am. OK?"

    And the Sun and the McCanns are so gobsmacked that several days go by without us hearing a squeak from any of them.

  22. This is truly an international blog, Joana. Look at the languages here! It is wonderful. Mary of Liverpool UK is also so encouraging. Her post may be on another page; she frequently writes something that gives us new hope. I say prayers for Dr Amaral that all goes well for him and that his books are returned soon and we are so looking forward to his new book which I'm sure SY will welcome and also study for the valuable information it holds. SY in case you are reading here on Joana's blog, Dr Amaral's first book, "The Truth of the Lie" you will find when you google it as we have not had an opportunity to buy the book due to the mccanns and their opposing any freedom of speech and the little british journalists have had no backbone so far to make the public aware of the lies of this ugly, dreadful couple.

  23. 30 police officers, millions of pounds.
    This case has nothing to do with a simple death or a murder.
    Imo it goes much and much beyonder Maddie and Tapas 9.At first helped by the PM of the Labour, now helped by the PM of the Conservative party.
    Blair, Brown, Cameron. I remember the scandal of Christine Keeler, Profumo and the investigations stopped when there was a leak that a high person of the royal family was involved with Christine.
    At least it was what the media published at that time.
    At that time visiting a prostitute was a scandal.
    The McCanns and perhaps Payne too know a terrible thing about somebody.They could even have evidence against this person.And this person could probably be above any political party, independent of
    all different governments, and at the same time dependent of all them.
    A person that got to be protected and remains protected because of what he means to the UK.I have no idea who he/she could be but I have the idea that Cameron and SY are under pressure.
    One dead child less, one dead child more, who cares?
    I hope I'm wrong.

  24. Maybe I`m old fashioned, but surely any official correspondence between a prime minister or an MP and members of the public should be in a formal mode, rather than `Dear Kate & Gerry` and `Yours David`. This reminds me of the familiar way Gerry communicated with the Leicester Police, on first name terms with Stuart Prior `Dear Stu` etc. Stuart Prior actually appeared to show deference to GM.

    It makes me wonder if the letter was written by Cameron knowing full well it would be on the front page of the Sun the next morning.

    "Call me Dave" up to his usual tricks.


    The objective of Dad's Army "investigation" is to de-construct the Portuguese effort and label it a farce. A sublime PR gambit. This should not surprise anyone not least Clarence Mitchell...

    It will be interesting to see whether the Portuguese will lower their trousers when Dad's Army whistles/requests permission to operate in Portuguese territory...

    Not that the Portuguese have much of an option if they want British "help" with their economy, that is. I have placed "help" in apostrophes advisedly. Portugal has to give back that "help" with interest - and still be looked upon as incompetent...

    :h It is embarrassing...

  26. Any cop worth his salt is not going to dismiss the findings of those UK dogs. That is something they will not be able to get past.

    Sorry Gerry, but you have not done a good enough job to try and discredit them with the police, and those dirty nappies, rotting meat, sea bass and all, are not even close, and you know it.

  27. No coincidence 21. Cameron saw a PR opportunity and took it. I don't expect anything to come from this

  28. how dare SY send 30 men at great expense with the risk of ending up with no result or with perhaps even more leads that come to nothing.They must be aware of the already bad internet postings and press regarding corruption in their ranks to risk the fury that any further non results may bring. We just have to wait and see but i hope every move and every uttering will be on show for us all soon

  29. How about the Portuguese present the UK Scotland Yard investigators with that 'stand alone' evidence right away if they don't already know about it?

    Dr Amaral and others certainly believed there was enough evidence for charges to be brought, and the decision to shelve the case had a political element to it, not forgetting the McCanns and their helpful friend Brown, and also talk of 'suicide' risk around at that time.

    The McCanns were looking like haunted, hunted, creatures when the PJ were over in the UK. Really like they were running scared, even though they had got themselves those fancy expensive extradition lawyers and all. What a relief it must have been when the investigation was called off and the 'arguido' status removed. That is the very last thing they would ever want to happen again, and it looks like everything they have done so far has been with the intention of trying to stop the case being reopened, and if they lose control of this so called Scotland Yard 'review' it may end up turning into the last thing they have worked so hard to avoid. I believe Dr Amaral thinks it is still perfectly possible for this case to be reopened, and charges end up being brought.

    So at this time that 'stand alone' evidence would be very appropriate to produce and present to the Scotland Yard investigators. That wont go down too well with the McCanns.

  30. I hope I'm wrong but I can't see why £3.5M is to be spent on checking whether the PJ have carried out their procedures according to their own process. What will be the outcome, presumably "Yes, the PJ have carried out their procedures according to theit own process". SY can't investigate further because the investigation can't be re-opened, nor has any request been made fot that. So that leaves 30 SY detectives chasing their tails, is that why they are to be people close to retirement? Have they nothing better to do? It's a big price to pay for a PR job isn't it?

  31. only 29 will get back safely

  32. Thank You @ 23, I love Portugal and its people, and feel your hurt regarding this case, and the way your country has been so slighted in the UK press. I also feel hurt for Mr Amaral and his family,all because 2 doctors from the UK failed to protect their children, and then passed the blame on to others. I am ashamed to say I was born in the same city as Kate Maccann, please don't judge us by her standards I don't know anyone who would do what they did and neglect children in that way. Also she has not got the backing of many Liverpool people despite what the press say.
    Please God this case will be solved and little Madelaine can be laid to rest. She never asked to be born, and deserved much better than the parents she had, she is better off without them.

    God Speed Justice for Madelaine Maccann.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  33. Kate is looking fit and well and airbrushed in her latest spread in the popular Womens Own - a well read popular magazine. The usual 'poor me' theme runs through it of course. Will there be a day ever again that we won't be reading her story somewhere or seeing them both on some television programme giving their all! They must be making a fortune, yet they still want the British taxpayer to foot the bill for Scotland Yard's review of the case. Why are so many people, who you think should be able to work things out for themselves, so taken in by this couple?

  34. If the McCanns are prosecuted, there will be a lot of red faced media presenters. Presenters such as Lorraine Kelly and Fiona Phillips. They've fawned over the McCanns for 4yrs hanging on their every word and I don't understand why.

  35. A couple of years ago 3 former police officers took part in a cutting edge documentary, which was about Madeleine's disappearance and filmed in Pria da Luz.

    I can't remember every detail about this documentary, but I do remember that the 3 gentlemen, retraced the McCanns steps to the Tapas Bar and the distance from apartment 5a to the Tapas Bar was longer than the McCanns said it was. They are still saying the same thing

    The 3 gentlemen also proved that the McCanns could not see their apartment from the table where they were sitting at the Tapas Bar. The McCanns had previously said they could and they are still saying they could.

    I wish these 3 gentlemen would join SY in Portugal, because I have a very uneasy feeling about this investigation. I read on another forum that the detective in charge of the investigation, is the detective who was instrumental in the jailing of Barry George for Jill Dando's murder. He was later cleared of her murder and given compensation.

  36. I hope SY investigate the British Government's intervention in this case. If SY do their job properly, the heads of the people who intervened in this case will roll.

  37. Cameron's 3.5 million pound boost for the Portuguese tourist industry.

    Yes, everybody's friend, "call me Dave" has come up with an ingenious scheme to bail out the hard-pressed Portuguese tourist industry.

    Thirty aging Scotland Yard detectives nearing retirement, will qualify for a free holiday at the seaside in Portugal. Sun, sea, sand and every evening Tapas, all you can drink without passing out and a quiz with a buxom lass thrown in for good measure.

    And it won't cost them a single penny - the British government is footing the bill using 3.5 million pounds it has acquired from the taxpayers, or sheeple as they are scoffingly referred to in political circles. Will the lucky tecs be taking their wives, girlfriends or even boyfriends with them? I doubt it; this is a holiday for the lads only, no wives, and definitely no kids (we don't want anyone else to go missing do we?).

    Are they going to be staying at the Ocean Club? Will they catch the mysterious abductor? Watch this space for further developments.

    What has this got to do with justice for Madeleine? right, you guessed it - nothing.

  38. #35, Dandelion,

    maybe you mean the computer-generated reconstruction of the night of the 3rd May and of the Tapas9 comings and goings(what they said to the PJ). If I recall correctly it was made by DR.Paulo Sargento. Even if it is not the one you mean, it's worth (re)watching.
    Dr. Sargento said in his blog:
    "Em Outubro de 2007, em conjunto com o Professor Pedro Gamito e sua equipa (Diogo Morais, Jorge Oliveira, Tomás Saraiva, Miguel Pombal e Joel Rosa), realizei uma reconstituição 3D das duas horas, supostamente, anteriores ao desaparecimentode Madeleine Beth McCann" ( In october 2007, along with Professor Pedro Gamito and his team (names), I created a 3D reconstruction of the two hours which supposedly preceded the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann)




  39. Im afraid this is a PR exercise - Cameron is the worst and most inadequate and inappropriate 'leader' this country has ever had.

    When he employed Mitchell, the writing was on the wall for all to see. Of course no one does see - well, few of us see!

    This place - this blog - is one of the few places where the truth is valued and understood. There are people in Portugal who better understand the importance of freedom of expression and opinion than the English - we have been fools under the Scots for years, even Blair was a Scot.

    The goblin and his trashy missis will win - whatever we say.

  40. Post 32

    Well said...

    I would also like to add that her Book is in "Bad Taste" with no thought of children who have been sexual abused.

    She writes in her book about her thoughts about Madeleine in the hands of pedeophiles.

    Are these the same pedophiles that she once prayed for??

    When you have centre stage you must be careful what you portray.

  41. i have never seen a couple with so much guilt written all over their faces.you cannot disguise such guilt...david cameron is commiting political suicide if he tries to fool the public by any whitewashing of the truth ...

  42. 34 Dandelion.

    They will not be prosecuted - ever.

    The reason for the support you rightly identify is something I said and was berated for four years ago - on Anorak. Media types - especially women - have children. Yet they have full time careers. How can they? Simple - they use child minders, nannies, creches or simply leave the kids on their own.

    I believe its that simple - they think 'there but for the grace of god go I' and of course they know who owns the media!

  43. On a Lighter note, I was in my local supermarket, today Sainsburys, looking at the Magazines low and behold Kate Maccann's face staring at me from the front page of the Womans Own. I promptly turned all the Magazines back to front. Hope I am not on camera.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  44. The UK seems to have lost it's diplomacy skills...

    It's insulting, disrespectful and rather patronising for Scot Yard to announce that they're going to review the work of the Portugese police. Especially in view of the fact that the UK police never cooperated fully with the Portugese Police when the case was open (see Amaral's book).

    Can you imagine if tomorrow the Portugese announced they are going to review Scotland Yard.

    The civilised way would be for the UK authorities to ask the Portugese authorities to do a review and offer the expertise of Scot Yard if it was needed.

    But of course why would you do that when you've got a hidden PR agenda to see through.

  45. I believe the British government knows it has been caught lying one too many times.
    The lies are coming out.
    I don't believe that Cameron or any leader at this moment in time is going to allow a major police unit to be discredited.
    If you have 30 detectives reading Kate's book and then going through the LP's info - you will have 30 detectives polishing their handcuffs.

    Again I re-iterate that Kate has been set up for the fall.
    From the moment of that whoosh clunk video , she has said things which cast her in a very poor light. Why no one who claims to love her edited her book, especially the low libido parts just shows me again, how she is on some medication and is knotting her noose.

    I will not be satisfied with the arrest of this couple. I also want the arrest of the person who has had the power to collapse this investigation and feed the media a pack of lies.
    I want him (pretty sure it is a him) locked up with them all.

    If those SYI detectives go to PDL and see the distance from the Tapas to 5A, that alone should get several parents arrested.

    I feel pretty confident that things are moving towards a resolution. It is going to be shocking for many. I think Cameron might even know who else is involved.

  46. I see now that Kate is referring to Jane Tanners and the Smiths sighting as being the same man...that in itself confirms to me that Tanners sighting must have been the alibi they knew they had to create as they were aware of the Smith family sighting on the night....it just isnt feasable that this 'abductor'wandered aimlessly around the town for at least 45 minutes carrying a kidnapped child. The 'abductor' was placed in the same scene as Gerry whilst he was talking to Jez...Tanner wasnt seen by either of them or by the girl smoking a cigarette..thats because Tanner wasnt there!!

  47. Poster 40,,

    This place - this blog - is one of the few places where the truth is valued and understood. There are people in Portugal who better understand the importance of freedom of expression and opinion than the English - we have been fools under the Scots for years, even Blair was a Scot.

    If the English are fools and im not stating they are, you did that , they only have themselves to blame.

    Jimuck ! a proud Scotsman.

    Remember Thatcher was English

  48. Hi Anonymous post (39) Sorry I didn't make myself clear in post (36) The 3 former police officers were British. I think the programme was called Cutting Edge, but I could be wrong.

  49. Hi Ian post (43) Sadly I think you are right. Every so often I read something that gives me hope that the McCanns will be brought to justice, then something happens and my hopes are dashed.

    I had high hopes that SY would work with the PJ and get to the bottom of this case. Since I read that the detective in charge of the case, is the one who was instrumental in getting Barry George wrongly convicted of the murder of Jill Dando my hopes are once again dashed.

    Everything seems to be going wrong. Isabel Duarte the McCanns lawyer has refused to hand over the books belonging to Goncalo Amaral. The McCanns will be promoting their book in the country where they committed their crime, without fear of retribution. They are confident that their book will be a best seller in Portugal and they could be right.

    Some of the good people who searched for Madeleine, while the McCanns jogged, may even buy her book. Not because they are supporters of the McCanns, but because they will be curious what she has written.

    Later this year, the McCanns will be taking legal action against Goncalo Amaral, for doing nothing more than speaking the truth. They are confident that by the end of the case, they will be in possession of all his assetts, including his home. They are not only putting stress on Goncalo Amaral, they are putting stress on his wife and his children. They know that if things go the McCanns way, they will be homeless an penniless.

    While I would like to think the McCanns will lose their legal action, I can't help but feel that the Amaral family will be going through hell, until the McCanns day in court arrives.

    I feel physically sick when I see them on television. Gerry McCann smirks, while his wife puts on that anguished look.

  50. The 'catch me if you can' phrase certainly applies to kate & jerry; they are also contradicting their own lies, over and over again. That alone should put them behind bars. The lies that don't stop. It is so painful to see these two in their faux life as they contaminate everybody and by now have not a single honest bone in their body. Can you imagine how phoney a life they have. Is someone else responsible for kate's make-up because how can she possibly look into a mirror? The sick atmosphere the twins have to endure in the environment of these make-believe parents.
    Yes, I agree with the comment above that it should not be necessary for SY to check the papers of the Portuguese police because they, the Portuguese will be as competent as any good investigation team.
    Is it judge Hogg who is in control and the ward of MBMcCann? It is encouraging that they, the mccanns could not claim any police records as she put her foot down, as these two sly, slippery, so and so's have done enough damage and have left many a casualty in their wake.
    We hope and pray for justice and truth to win!!

  51. 44 Mary Liverpool UK

    You are great!

    a reader

  52. Hi Ian
    Long time not seen :d
    I think they will never be prosecuted otherwise they would have been already.The Anorak"s olden days are over when there were raging talks but no progress have ever been made one way or the other.
    Thats the sad reality after 4 years of "it":they are still smug and smirking.
    What bugs me tho" is that we will never exactely know what happened to Madeleine and this fills me with sadness but that one thing I am sure of: something really awful happened to her.
    May be finally do we really want to know?
    RIP Medleine

  53. Thank you! Mary, when you turn the faces over, (yes, they do have more than one), you do it for all of us!
    The mccanns have many faces and Lucifer is so enjoying their input.

    Please folks, do not lose heart, believe in the goodness of life. They are a small majority of liars, turning the milk sour, but we can face them and it takes only a few good thoughts to have power over evil. Think on anything that is pure and good and beautiful in this awesome world. I can imagine that Madeleine herself is helping us to drive her parents into a corner from which they cannot escape. They are phonies and the whole world knows it. They have no place to hide!

  54. Ian at 43

    That may be so if this was a simple accident and covered up.

    The McCanns could easily have covered for an accident and put the time of finding Madeleine back to next morning, and said she had the accident while she was sleepwalking and they were asleep. That would have been the end of it.

    That wasn't done, and the question is why?

    The answer has to be that it was not a simple accident. The case should be reopened as a murder investigation, and as soon as those dogs were brought in and were telling of a death in that apartment, that ought to have happened.

    From then on that abduction scenario became a nonsense, because nobody abducts a dead person.

  55. 44 I think you were performing a really good public service in Sainsburys and what is more you made me chuckle.

    Fair play to you and maybe the camera operator will understand:k

    A cold case review in Uk means a review of all the evidence to see if there is any way the case can be cracked by developing further lines of inquiry or spotting something within the existing files of evidence that could lead lawyers to formulate charges when it is all put together. It is not to criticise either LP or PJ.

    I am sure we all want the very best for little Maddie and other children who are put at risk by child abusers being seen to get away with it due to a currently inconclusive case. It is always extremely difficult for any investigating force with no body and defendants as devious as Kate and Gerry McScam. There are only two witness sightings of Madeleine apparently being removed and neither seem reliable. The police may be quite certain that Madeleine is dead but they still need to get evidence that will stand up in court, this is not a couple who are going to admit anything or leave any stone unturned in defending themselves. In fact I would not be the least surprised if Kate intends to use her proceeds for exactly that purpose. IMO Gerry has always set her up to take the fall.

  56. The Leicestershire police have acted despicably in sabotaging the Portuguese investigation. Holding on to the Gaspars` statements, not releasing medical records and financial records, conducting the rogatory interviews in a lax manner... I`m sure there`s more. We did hear of one English detective saying that GM should be investigated further, but I doubt whether this happened. GM being best buddies with Jim Gamble and Stuart Prior certainly rings alarm bells - how come their superiors did not pull them up for that? Maybe they did. More familiarity with dear Dave which is reciprocated it seems.

    Portuguese detectives must be livid to have had their efforts sabotaged by the Leicestershire detectives, then have to suffer the Met/SY detectives reviewing their work. If SY find the Portuguese detectives work to be wanting, they need to investigate the Leicestershire plods to find out why.

  57. Why did Cameron wait till Kate's book was definitely printed and made public? The point of no return. She can not change her stories anymore.
    And if the girl is still alive, why not hurry up with his decision?
    Every minute tells, in case of abductions

  58. read the story above.
    investigate(tittle) and analyse(story)

  59. The Scotland Yard knows deadly well that Madeleine is dead.
    I expect them to fight back and to publish the truth.
    Otherwise the siblings will continue this farce, after their parents death.It will cost millions to all of us in Britain.

  60. NEGLECT- the word they have programmed into their critics. No neglect, but a simulation of neglect AND abduction. How can a child be abducted without leaving her unsupervised? Therefore NEGLECT was a necessary scenario; A There but for the grace of God appeal and voila, the perfect red herring. Add we were checking regularly and you have your defence against a neglect prosecution.

  61. Except that this is not a conventional Cold Case Review, if as Cameron said, it's a review of the paperwork. The investigation cannot be reopened without new evidence and there has been none, nor a request. It doesn't take a review to know that there are more lines of enquiry to follow, that's in the public domain. For example, medical records, credit card accounts, phone records, and content, a reconstruction and further rigorous interviews of T9, further forensic tests, whether a print on pyjamas could been seen in sodium street light, whether enough draught would occur to close a door with only a window open. Shutters were secure from outside, and where the photos printed of Madeleine came from. It's Catch 22.

  62. I found a very interesting letter written to David Cameron by TB on 18th May regarding his support of the McCanns and the involvement of SY and his closeness with the Murdoch Newspaper group and SY's involvement with Murdoch etc. It takes some time to read but is quite an eye opener.

    If Joanna will allow me to put up the link I will do so but only with her permission.

    It will be interesting to see if David Cameron replies
    to the letter as quickly as he did the McCann's letter.

  63. If SY do their job properly, they will not only uncover the incompetence of the Leicestershire police, they will also uncover who in the British and Portuguese Government, was responsible for overruling the PJ, when they were close to bringing the McCanns to justice.

    SY also need to find out why Gordon Brown was involved with the case from the beginning. Gerry McCann said he had given them his private telephone number and they could phone him day or night. Gordon Brown also said publicly, that he was speaking to the Portuguese Prime Minister about the case. The question is, did Gordon Brown have enough power, to persuade someone with enough power in the Portuguese Government, to overrule the PJ and allow the McCanns to walk free?

    I have always been under the impression, that shortly after Gordon Brown spoke to the Portuguese Prime Minister, Goncalo Amaral was removed from the case. If that is correct, I don't understand the logic in removing Dr Amaral.I have been lead to believe, that Dr Amaral's successor, has come to the same conclusion as Dr Amaral.

    I hope that if SY are investigating the PJ's investigative procedures, they are doing it with the PJ' approval. I also think that the McCanns should now be stopped from speaking about this case and promoting their book. The fund should also be frozen, until this investigation has reached a point where the McCanns and and anyone else involved in Madeleine's disappearance, are brought to justice.

    If these people are not brought to justice, then the whole investigation will have been a waste of £3m of the British Taxpayers money and Madeleine will never get the justice she deserves.

  64. Anon 61 - I agree with you. The neglect scenario had to be manufactured.

  65. I see the Telegraph were still taking comments on their news story from about 2/3 weeks ago up until 11th May. The comments are up to 1,084. I was looking for one that I saw posted about 2 weeks ago by someone who knew of the McCanns and lived not far from them and stated, if I remember correctly, that the McCanns ate out most nights at very pricey restaurants. They also changed their children's nanny quite often so that the children didn't get attached to any one particular nanny (what??????).

    I would have thought it would be in the children's interest to have someone who they could trust and knew everything about them, their likes/dislikes, friends, favourite toys, sleeping habits etc.

    That leaves something to think about. Why wouldn't they want the children to get attached to any one nanny, was it because they would divulge too much information when they felt comfortable with that person. Were the childen told not to tell the nanny anything when a new one showed up on the doorstep at regular intervals??

    It also gives some indication as to why the children were left "home alone" when he and she (can't bring myself to mention their names) ate out at the local restaurant. They obviously weren't use to eating with their own kids, perhaps they couldn't stand their messy table manners or she/K didn't like the idea of having to clean up after their mess and left it to the hired help.

    The person who made this statement obviously was not aware that the McCanns have taken out a superinjunction (which I assume they have by the lack of anything reported by friends/neighbours/colleagues) for anyone not to divulge anything that has happened in their family life, but this one slipped through the net.

    Whether it is accurate or not, it's 50/50, but then the McCanns version of events is 50/50, so they can't really complain if they're stretching the truth themselves.


  66. Anyone noticed that this:
    "A team of 30 investigators from the Scotland Yard will begin to analyse the whole process of the Portuguese Judiciary Police investigation"...
    Does not match with this:
    "The process is public and can be accessed by anyone”, explains Pedro do Carmo."

    We know that the WHOLE process IS NOT public and only a fraction is available, so what will the SY be analysing...? The words chosen by Mr. Carmo seem to mean exactly that, the SY will not have access to the undisclosed files, but to what's alredy in the public domain.
    If I'm wrong, does it mean that any of us can go to the Portimão court and ask to look at the WHOLE process, undisclosed files included???
    What is your interpretation of this, please?

  67. Hi Dandelion, #39 here,

    This is the only Cutting Edge doc. about Madeleine that I could find:


    "The McCanns also hope a Channel 4 documentary about their daughter's disappearance, to be aired on Thursday, will refresh the memories of people who were in Praia da Luz two years ago.

    The documentary, Cutting Edge: Madeleine Was Here, follows two private detectives, Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley, as they try to piece together evidence given by witnesses."

    It was a "McCann taylor-made" thing, with their rent-a-cops Cowley and Edgar.

  68. Gordon Brown appears to be a bit autistic, that is no doubt one reason why he wss taken in by the duo - he must have thought his support for them would improve his public image and make him look touchy feely. Surprised his wife didn't put him straight, but then she is in PR so maybe she can't recognise the truth when she sees it under her nose.

  69. I just figured something, or not....

    Kate was interviewed first by PJ, is it possible Gerry told her to heed the instructions of the lawyer and not answer any of the questions. Kate was able to debrief Gerry because he was interviewed the following day. He would be well prepared to answer the questions.

    Keep it simple, no contradictions and Gerry looks cooperative while Kate looks obstructive.

    Just a thought.

  70. Poster 70, I think I remember reading somewhere that Gerry was put up in a local hotel after giving his evidence so that he had no contact with his Mrs or anyone outside before she gave her evidence.

    The PJ were not stupid although a lot of people/newspapers seem to like to print stories that they were. I would imagine they have a lot of their own criminals as shifty as the McCanns to deal with so they are used to dealing with all sorts.

  71. Dee, That may be so, but in the early days Kate was not up to speed on how to answer the questions. For example, she had to think long and hard before answering the question of whether Madeleine was awake or asleep when she last saw her. She eventually said 'asleep'. Maybe it was far better to keep her mouth shut, or Gerry might have been wetting himself when she was being questioned.

    She also said that cuddlecat was 'on the shelf' and that is how she knew that Madeleine had been abducted. That has since changed to cuddlecat was on the bed.

    What a pair. Refusing to cooperate with the investigators who were trying to discover what happened to their missing child and getting out of town when suspicion focuses on them, thus making them look even more suspicious.

    Don't forget also that the UK police were there while they were being questioned, and were feeding questions to be asked. They no doubt have the measure of this pair. It will all be in writing.

  72. post 67. I don't know what he means exactly, but usually "the process" simply means 'the procedure followed', and not necessarily the evidence in the process. Analysing the process may not be the same as analysing the evidence.

  73. sue aka humanist, your post is spot on, totally agree with everything you say, the only bit missing from your post is GORDON BROWN.

    Kate & Gerry Macann plus Tapas are going to be held to account in a court of law , for their parts in the death & disposal of Madeleine MaCann.

    All the people who think these individuals are not going to face justice, im going to be very bold here and say your wrong im afraid.

  74. Hi Anonymous post (68)and thank you for your post. The Cutting Edge documentary with Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley, is not the documentary I saw. It appears I was wrong when I said it was a Cutting Edge documentary.

    The documentary I saw, involved 3 former British police officers and they uncovered discrepancies, with the McCanns version of events. The two that stick in my mind are the ones where the gentleman proved that the McCanns could not have seen their apartment from where they were sitting at the Tapas Bar and the distance from the McCanns apartment to the Tapas Bar.

    I am almost sure that the camera crew were not allowed to film the inside of the Tapas Bar.

    I have searched the net for information about this documentary, but the only information I can find, is the information regarding the Cutting Edge documentary that Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley, took part in. I am hoping someone on here will have seen the documentary I am talking about. It was filmed 2 or 3 years ago.

  75. from therothleyobserver in telegraph comments: Kate McCann actually has written, "her perfect little genitals torn apart."


  76. Magic Maddie could be Cameron's Obama moment. My bet: navy seals will pull Maddie from some Syrian military complex and she won't have aged a day since going missing. Tories will be happy, Catholics will be happy, Mr Happy will be happy and there won't even be a need to trade in any of Maddie's Tweenie videos. The jobs a good 'un.

    I'm only surprised they haven't used any of the translations provided by the likes if Ines and Astro.

    Not ...

    There always seemed to be key details missing oddly enough.

    Didn't the McCanns get the whole files translated? Wonder why they aren't using those?

    It's soon going to have had enjoyed more translations's than Cervantes' 'Don Quixote'.

    They always seem to pull the 'waiting for translations' when they're playing for time. Maybe she'll return by her own volition in the meantime saving the UK taxpayer a cool 3 million and the coalition government some difficult questions about the review of the investigation in light of recent cuts to the Police budget.

    That would be a bonus indeed. Cameron would still be able to claim the credit.

  77. Dee @#70,
    I have always felt that too! It was a combined strategy, whoever goes first does not answer and briefs the other on what was asked. It was a risk though...what if they would be asked two completely different set of questions?
    I also have always thought that the PJ made a huge mistake when they interviewed the McCanns and their friends on different times/days. IMO they should have been questioned all at the same time, in different rooms, not allowing them time to meet and discuss what each was asked. I suppose it was not feasible due to lack of staff and space (the PJ headquarters in Portimão seems a bit small from the outside).
    I read somewhere that the "gang" also had to be taken in turns because of the children, they told the police that someone had to stay behind to look after them, which for me is a lame excuse, there were the M.W. nannies and the police could have placed female police officers minding the children.
    I bet that if the questionings had been made all at the same time it would have made a lot of difference to the outcome of the case.

  78. “We want an independent, transparent and full review”, asked then Kate and Gerry McCann."

    Scot. Yard is not an independent police and the way they were dragged in, is not transparent. Then, any review cannot be independent or transparent.
    And independent review can only be done by polices from other countries, working in separeted and at the same time. Give it to Italien, Germain, French and Spanish police and at the same time to the FBI. And why not, the mccann's doing the reconstruction and called to answer the questions they refused at the beginning? Which other British suspects get that support from the PM? Why they should be exceptions? And why they should be exceptions using the tragedy to raise millions which nobody understand where were spent?
    GA is true, when he says, politics got involved in justice issues. In How many other things he has reason and his analyse is true?
    Is it possible, the police from one european country reviewing/checking the work of the police of another european country? Is not that a kind of "prepotence" and "colonialism"? And why doing everything in a rush? Is it because in portugal, early June will be elections and the wind can change damaging the all business?
    I can predict: some Scot Yard officers who worked at the beginning with PJ, will be sacked to protect the Mccann's.
    Is Cameron Going to ask a review/check on the investigation of French police regarding the death of Lady Di? Al Fayedd always shows doubts about how his son and Diana died. Why not, a review on that case aswell?
    I think Cameron buys his end. As usual, who gets involved with mccann's end up destroyed. A Karma.

  79. Como sempre, o Ministro da Justica, o procurador Geral da republica e o Director da PJ, vao engolir em seco e deixar que os ingleses lhes "comam as papas na cabeca". Que vergonha e que humilhacao para Portugal.
    Quanto dos 3.5 M vai servir para untar as maos destes 3 senhores? Qualquer revisao independente, para ser transparente tinha de ser pedida por Portugal e obrigatoriamente deixar fora do processo a policia inglesa e portuguesa.
    Para que a revisao aconteca, os Mccann nao tem de formalmente reabrir o processo em Portugal? Para este crime quem e o cidadao David Cameron? Esteve na PDL quando a miuda desapareceu? Fazia parte do grupo de amigos? Se nao estava directamente envolvido, entao nao devia ter qualquer poder para ordenar o que quer que fosse. O que ele fez e usurpacao do poder e abuso da autoridade. No maximo, ele podia pedir a Portugal que revisse o caso, aos mccann que colaborassem com as diligencias pedidas pela policia e oferecer ajuda. NUNCA, NUNCA NOMEAR 30 POLICIAS OU DISPONIBILIZAR UMA VERBA. Esta a comprar a justica portuguesa e os paroloes dos figurantes que representam a justica portuguesa, estao a deixar-se comprar vergonhosamente.
    Os Inspectores da PJ de Portimao mereciam mais respeito das autoridades portuguesas. Daqui so ficam duas licoes: os crimes compensam, em Portugal, quando se tem bons padrinhos e os inspectores da PJ deviam ter o direito de poder recusar investigarem crimes quando os suspeitos estao bem relacionados com o poder. A justica vai cair na rua e a criminalidade vai disparar.
    Sejam otarios, portugueses. Amanha, aplaudam o casalinho que vos insulta e comprem-lhes o livro que eles agradecem enquanto gozam com a vossa cara e se deliciam com altos repastos nos hoteis de 5 estrelas, pagos por vos.
    Portugal nao pode deixar-se amordacar de forma tao vergonhosa. Esperava mais "t....tes" da Direccao da PJ.

  80. I hope that someone picks up on the fact that Kate said she had checked and can confirm that Jane Tanner could have easily seen the pattern on the pyjamas because the street is well lit. True it is well lit NOW, but it was not at the time

  81. "That evening the local Catholic priest, Father José Manuel Pacheco, who had returned to Luz, came across to our apartment to introduce himself and offer his support. My first impression was of a very cheery chap. Nothing wrong with that, but at thetime his smiling face seemed out of place in the grief-laden atmosphere of our apartment".

  82. News of the wolrd
    May 22, 2011
    THE parents of Madeleine McCann yesterday went back to Portugal to plead for help in finding their missing daughter.
    Ahead of the launch of their new book - called Madeleine - Kate and Gerry blitzed the media with a series of interviews.
    Mum-of-three Kate, 43, said: "We need to find her and bring her back home to her family."
    She admitted she felt guilty if she ever laughed but added: "It's important to be strong and relax from time to time."
    Kate blasted Goncalo Amaral, the ex-police chief who wrongly implicated the McCanns in the disappearance.May 22, 2011
    THE parents of Madeleine McCann yesterday went back to Portugal to plead for help in finding their missing daughter.
    Ahead of the launch of their new book - called Madeleine - Kate and Gerry blitzed the media with a series of interviews.
    Mum-of-three Kate, 43, said: "We need to find her and bring her back home to her family."
    She admitted she felt guilty if she ever laughed but added: "It's important to be strong and relax from time to time."
    Kate blasted Goncalo Amaral, the ex-police chief who wrongly implicated the McCanns in the disappearance. They are suing him for defamation.
    She said: "He, more than anyone, has prejudiced the search for Madeleine."
    => They are suing him for defamation???

  83. On Express I read Kate told in her boek that a cousin or nepheuw of Mrs. Fenn(who died some months ago) was at her balcony in the afternoon of that fatal day and saw a man at a nearby apartment testing the gate of its garden, if the gate would make noise.It seems that Kate's conclusion was that it was the abductor, preparing a silent abduction for the same evening.

    How could Gerry and Mitchell allow Kate to publish this kind of rubbish.
    I suspect the couple is not talking to each other anymore and that they are living in a terrible crisis.That's why there is so much trash in her book.And she does not listen to anyone.
    The siblings are at risk every single day.
    She is not normal imo.She does not realise what she is doing.
    Somebody got to save the twins.And Gerry is an irresponsible father.

  84. I am 58


    not "every minute tells"but "every minute counts"
    (I mixed it up with Dutch)

  85. If you were kevin Halligan and were being villified for conning money out of a fund for a missing child and were having to spend months remanded in custody,would you tell your lawyers what you did with the £300k the mccanns gave you? I would, Halligen has some very expensive lawyers, for a man on Legal Aid,think it through folks, think it through. When ahouse is built from cards,only one card has to fall for the others to follow.

  86. @84.re kate and gerry not talking to each other,surely gerry read the book before it was published.oh he knows what a load of bo***** it is, he is setting kate up for a fall in my opinion.

  87. Read the american criminal profiler Pat Browns blog on profile of the day,it's a pity we don't have anyone with the guts that she has.Does anyone know how many 'truth'books have been sold?.

  88. I still feel a little guilt when I laugh but not as much as I did.’

    Says Kate in todays mail

  89. The cuddlekat on shelf/on bed mistake has been distracted from by the new story that the bedroom door slammed because the window was open. Kate doesn't realise that wouldn'a happen unless there was another outside door/window open too in a flat with no chimney to allow a draught. Bid foot in it Kate for all to see.

  90. Anon @ 84,

    Was the niece of Mrs.Fenn and the guy she saw coming from mccann's flat was one of the Tapas 7(Oldfield or O'Brien). Mrs. Fenn said she and her niece went out at 6 o'clock ( was not very convennient?) and Dianne webster said she took pictures of the mans( tapas 7) at the beach that afternoon, when they claimed they went on trip boat drived by one of the mans. They even said, they almost got an accident. Where are the pictures of Mrs. Webster? Any reference on kates book about that afternoon spend(????) by her friends in the beach? Any record in the OC for the rent of the boat? I believe, for safety reasons, no any boat was rented and alowed to go in the sea without recording the name of who rented the boat. Why they need an alibi for the tapas 7( mans) for that afternoon? At the CCTV in cafe paraiso they don't look like somebody who came from the beach or from a boat. They don't look also like somebody who is going to play tennis, as payne and gerry want the police to believe.

    So many lies.

  91. Dandelion @ 75 I know the documentary you mean, in fact I have been looking for it myself and cannot find it. Its definitely not the Cutting Edge one. I remember it was 3 (retired?) detectives from the UK who went to Praia da Luz to put their combined experience together and suss the case out. I cannot even remember what channel it was on. I`ve had no luck Googling or on Youtube.

    Joana - do you remember it?


  92. The PJ missed a shitload of things, not least why the woman playing tennis with Gerry on the afternoon of May 3rd (Jayne Jensen, who later fingered Murat) extended her stay at the Ocean Club the day before Madeleine went missing (she was due to leave on May 5th but extended it to May 12th on May 2nd). This is in the files but they didn't pick up on it. They didn't even ask her to provide a statement queerly enough even though she and her sister not only played tennis with Gerry on May 3rd but also had an apartment overlooking the tennis bar and restaurant.

    Her pal Neil Berry was the famous 'man in the stairwell'. Their other pal was the equally famous dark 'baldy man' and immigration lawyer, Rajinder Balu (not Ainsley Harriott, sadly).

    I wonder what else was going down in Praia da Luz during this time. Lots of recreational activities. Always a demand for certain kinds, especially when you are in the bars and club business.

    Fromer party-girl Kate and tennis wag Gerry strike me as the kind of people who have liked the odd 'recreational' in their time.

    People like this are not in the habit of sticking together when the shit hits the fan.

    Was Amaral in charge of again? Narcotics and organised crime? I bet he's been offered some bungs in his time.

    Jensen might have known nothing but its shocking this wasn't picked up on and followed up.


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