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Seized books: Gonçalo Amaral denounces the McCanns and their lawyer (Updated w/ video)

Gonçalo Amaral, the former Judiciary Police coordinator who led the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, is denouncing the child’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, as well as their lawyer, Isabel Duarte, over a possible crime "against public authority", due to their lack of compliance in returning the seized copies of “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie”.

In a formal letter to the DIAP, the Public Ministry’s department for penal investigation and action, in Lisbon, Gonçalo Amaral recalls that the McCanns, through their lawyer Isabel Duarte, were named as legal keepers of 7500 copies of the book, with “the legal obligation to preserve them and to return them intact” in case the injunction that was filed by them was not confirmed by a higher judiciary instance.

After said injunction was overturned by the Appeals Court, Kate and Gerry McCann and Isabel Duarte still refused to return the seized copies of “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie”. In his denunciation, Gonçalo Amaral states his suspicion that “the copies of his book ‘Maddie: The Truth of the Lie’ have been destroyed”, based on the fact that said destruction was initially requested by the couple in their application for an injunction against the book – a request that was denied by the judge who granted the injunction in the first place.

The former PJ coordinator states that Isabel Duarte, the lawyer who represents the McCanns in their civil actions against Gonçalo Amaral, "knows that she should have returned" the copies that were placed under her guardianship, but has failed to do so, he suspects, "because they do not exist anymore".

Gonçalo Amaral further mentions that on the 23rd of May, Kate McCann prepares to launch the Portuguese version of her own account of the “tragic events that took place on the 3rd of May of 2007, in Praia da Luz”, within “the use of her freedom of expression”.

Nevertheless, according to the former PJ coordinator, Kate McCann’s freedom of expression “is based on lies and on offending the Portuguese justice, the Polícia Judiciária, those who have searched for her daughter, the Portuguese people in general and the people of the Algarve in particular”, by “launching lies about the safety, the tourism in the Algarve, and the action of the Police institution, suggesting that the Police in the Algarve covers up sexual abuse of English children, which is completely false”.

Gonçalo Amaral further recognizes that it is not up to him to denounce these actions, but rather a job for those who are in charge of those areas, who “shall respond according to what their consciences dictate”.

Rather, his denunciation focuses on “crimes against freedom of expression and of qualified disobedience” if the destruction or loss of the 7500 seized copies of “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie” by its legal guardians is confirmed.

The crime of loss or destruction of assets under public power, as described under article 355 of the Portuguese Penal Code, if confirmed, is punishable with a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Broadcast by SIC on May 19, 2011

«On these fundaments, they conclude by requesting the determination of the following measures:

a) The prohibition of sale and the order to seize, for destruction, the books and the videos that are still left at shops or any other deposits or warehouses» in The Temporary Injunction: Granted on September 9, 2009

Video Transcript

Portimão - Recorded yesterday

Lower Third: Gonçalo Amaral sends denunciation to DIAP against the McCann couple and lawyer

VO: In his hands, Gonçalo Amaral brings a denunciation that he will send to the Department of Investigation and Penal Action of Lisbon.

Lower Third: The apprehended 7.500 copies of the book written by Gonçalo Amaral have not yet been returned

VO: The Supreme Court of Justice authorized the sale of the book he has written, ‘Maddie, The Truth of the Lie’, several months ago but the book copies that were seized and kept at the guardianship of the McCann couple’s lawyer have not yet been returned.

Lower Third: Supreme Court of Justice authorized the sale of Gonçalo Amaral’s book

Gonçalo Amaral: This is a denunciation made to DIAP, the Department of Investigation and Penal Action of Lisbon, relative to the eventual practise of a crime of destruction of objects placed in public domain. Namely, the 7500 book copies of ‘Maddie, The Truth of the Lie’ of which I am the author, books that were in the possession of Kate McCann, Gerald McCann and their lawyer, Isabel Duarte. They were nominated as trustees when the books were seized, and they had them since September 2009. Decisions by the Superior Portuguese Courts annulled the injunction from which the seizure consequently emerged. Therefore, the books should have been returned.

VO: Without recording an interview, the McCanns’ lawyer confirmed that she is the trustee of the book copies, and as such, she would never destroy something that was entrusted to her by the court.

Lower Third: McCann lawyer says Gonçalo Amaral’s books were not destroyed

VO: Gonçalo Amaral stresses that the legal action taken by Maddie’s parents brought other damages.

Lower Third: Gonçalo Amaral says that legal action taken by couple brought personal and professional losses

GA: What causes a great loss to my family, mainly to my family and to me, are the other arrests in the scope of a main legal action that is ongoing. The seizure of the authorship rights, of the documentary, for example; the destruction of a company as a guarantee [ref. 1.2 million claim made by the McCanns], I had a firm of legal consulting that was ruined by this couple and by their lawyer… There are various things that have, even, prevented me from exercising a professional activity.

VO: With the denunciation on its way to DIAP, Gonçalo Amaral waits now for the return of the 7500 book copies of ‘Maddie, The Truth of the Lie’

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  1. Up to five years oh my but WHO would the sentence be served upon?

  2. Hi,
    I m surprised about all of this!!! I think it has been many days the courts ordered to return the books to G.A. and im sure GA could have reminded them many time to return them.

    Why G.A. is not filing a complain against them in court instead to start just a war of words with them?
    i dont understand that!!!!

  3. The McCanns and their lawyer are a law unto themselves. It seems they can ride roughshod over anyone they please and nothing will happen to them.

    Isabel Duarte should be jailed for contempt of court for refusing to hand over Dr Amaral's books and if she has acted on the McCanns instructions then they too should be jailed for contempt of court.

    The McCanns have been able to prevent Goncalo Amaral from selling his book in the UK and now they are going to rub salt in Dr Amaral's wounds, by going over to Portugal to promote Kate McCanns book.

    Now it appears they've got David Cameron, eating out of their hands. It seems David Cameron, has ignored Gerry McCanns crass comments about his son Ivor and is bending over backwards to help them.

    Whoever said "crime doesn't pay" was misguided. The McCanns have certainly benefited from their crime and they'll go on benefiting from their crime, until someone grows a backbone and a pair of b***s and brings them to justice.

  4. "suggesting that the Police in Algarve covers up sexual abuse of English children"...
    Now I understand why the McCanns and the Paynes went to Algarve.They believed this story and they expected the PJ to cover up Madeleine's death.
    Why abuse of English children?Only English children while children's bodies are the same everywhere in the world? What a stupid woman.I don't understand why Gerry did no check on her stories before she published them.She will have to explain where did she get this story from.
    Was it the consul? The consul will have to explain his words.

    I hope Mrs. Fenn's family will sue Kate for what she has written about that aged lady.

  5. Hello,

    I think the Mccanns they have politicised too much this case.
    It can even happen a deplomatic crisis between this two countries in the near future, bcause of irregularities, intrigues, lobbies,cover up and discrepancies in this case, which the responsibles are only the the Mccanns;

    whom their intention is to be able to escape from scrutiny of justice, and completely to wipe out everythings which is related to Goncalo Amaral.

  6. It is high time doctors and psychiaters read Kate's book, in order to protect the siblings.
    She is a walking danger, sick, unstabel and dangerous for her own children.
    Gerry is a irresposible father and husband, he sees how sick she is and he does not do anything to save his children.Is he waiting till another disappearence happens?
    What I have always noticed is that Kate has the tendence to mention Sean, nearly never Amelie."why did you..."Even Gerry, on their documentary, he gives attention to Sean"Good boy!!!!!!!" In old videos she would mention Sean separetely.
    Doctors should pay attention on this detail, before it is too late.

  7. Bring it on Bring it on Go Get them Mr Amaral.How dare this pair set foot in Portugal to promote their lies how dare they

    Mary Liverpool UK

  8. Whilst in Amsterdam, for the launch of the Dutch version of his book ‘A Verdade da Mentira’, Gonçalo Amaral took time out to answer some questions.

    05/05/2009. Part 1 of 2

    The questions/anwers are not verbatim but from notes:

    Q: Have you considered the possibility that Madeleine died on the previous night or even when Mrs. Fenn heard the crying?

    A: Naturally – the investigation begins with establishing if the person who disappeared, does actually exist and then, who was the last person to see her – the investigation shows clearly that she was last seen around 17.30.

    Q: Have you any doubt as to the validity of Madeleine attending the creche on 3/5?

    A: No doubt whatsoever.

    Q. Do you think the case will definitely be opened soon?

    A: We would like it to be reopened, in fact I wrote my book to prevent the shelving of the case, but it did not work out that way, the book actually came out one week after the case was shelved. The counterforces were very strong.

    In the political climate of today, there is a movement leaning towards the reopening of the case.

    Q: What is the most efficient way for us to help you?

    A: To let it be known there is a certain pressure, from the pubic opinion.

    Q: So it is useful, then, to write to the Prosecutor?

    A: Yes, and also to the Justice Minister and Members of Parliament.

    Q: Did the content of the 14 text messages have any relevance to the case?

    A: No. But what IS relevant is that they deleted calls from their mobile phones.

    Q: If the McCanns had been honest about Madeleine having died in an accidental manner, what would have been the juridical consequences in Portugal?

    A: Almost none. A mild punishment for neglect. That is provided the body did not show signs of violence. In England, as in Germany, punishment for neglect of children is more severe.

    Q: Do you think the McCanns knew that?

    A: They have made a decision very fast. It is well possible they did not know about the law in Portugal, but not that they did not know the law in England.

    Q: Are you hoping the McCanns will sue you?

    A: Yes! (here he gave a Portugese metaphor about a bullfight, something about having to first entice the bull into the middle of the ring before the fight can start).

    To be continued

  9. Part 2 of 2. Goncalo Amaral Interview at the launch of his books dutch version
    "A verdade da mentira"

    Q: Is it true, as was reported in De Telegraaf, that an injection needle was found in the apartment?

    A: No, that is not true. In fact we have found no medication at all. None at all. Except for ‘likdoornpleisters’ = litt.: corn plasters (for your feet – sorry can’t find a better translation).

    Q: Do you think the children were sedated?

    A: There is no doubt.
    (Here he told an anecdote: that Kate called a colleague of Gonçalo Amaral’s in the PJ, in August, to ask them to check the twins for traces of sedation. Apparently Kate was alone when she called, and a bit upset. That same afternoon, Gerry called and cancelled the request.)

    Q: What do you think is the meaning of the blood behind the sofa?

    A: Possibly from an attempt at resuscitation.

    Q: At what time do you think the death has occured, given the fact that cadaver odour needs time to develop?

    A: Cadaver odour begins to develop at the moment of death, due to chemical reactions in the body, it is not a matter of hours before it develops, to the nose of a dog which is very sensitive it can be detected very soon. More important is that from the inquiry we know that before the 3rd of May nobody died in the apartment, nor in the car.

    Q: There was a story in a newspaper that the dogs followed a trace to the beach, is that true?

    A: No. Mark Harrison had made a schedule, a plan, for the dogs, where they should search. They have searched all the apartments, the villa, the cars, the church, the sewer pipes near the church, the beach, fields, but the only traces the dogs found were in the apartments and the car of the McCanns, some clothes, and the soft toy.

    Q: Do you think the body was refrigerated?

    A: Yes. The bodily fluid in the car show that. If the body had been buried there would have been mummification. The fact that there were fluids points to refrigeration.

    Q: Where do you think the body was kept?

    A: That is what we were trying to understand when I left the investigation. 15 alleles might not have been conclusive in the eyes of the Public Prosecutor, but for the investigation it was sufficient. The body must have been in the boot of the car. We want to know who drove the car, who was behind the wheel.

    Q: Do you know if Gerry is a FreeMason?

    A: Police does not investigate such things. It can be he is, but I don’t think it is of significance to the case.

    Q: When Justine McGuinness left she did not want to speak to the Portugese press, why not, do you think?

    A: In her diary, Kate speaks very badly about Justine.
    (Mrs. Amaral: There were problems between Kate and Justine)

    Q: Do you think Justine knew something was not right?

    A: I rather think that money was the problem.

    Q: The Daily Express mentions that Madeleine’s body could be in the tunnels. What do you think?

    A: These tunnels have been investigated, we would have known. Last year an English lady also pointed them out.

    Source: http://headlines-today.co.uk/2011/01/21/goncalo-amaral-in-amsterdam-from-may-2009/

  10. Dear Anonymous #2, this is not a "war of words". It is a formal denunciation to a judicial authority.

  11. @4.didnt gerry say it was british paedo's that took Madeleine,are there many british ex-pats in PDL?Perhaps he is blaming them.
    I. D is a thief if she hasnt returned the books and i jolly well hope Mr Amaral makes her pay.

  12. There was a programme on in he Uk last night which I think many on here will find very interesting and informative...I do not have the link but it was called Crimewatch Special Catch Me If You Can and is easy to find on the net...although the cases on here are not related to the McCanns in any way it does show the lengths that some criminals will go to to conceal their crimes...establishing an alibi,courting the media etc....for anyone interested in crime this is a must see

  13. I just hope the people of Portugal do have a conscience and exercise their judgement by not buying ''Madeleine'' by Kate McCann. Seems like Madeleine was also a devine conception as her father gets little mention these days.

    But do the McCanns now need the money from the sales of the book, being that the investigation is now funded by the British tax payers at £3.5million, and their priviate investigation shouldn't be necessary.

    On which note, when did they make it public other than Companies b annual audit EXACTLY what the money gets spent on? And for that matter when did they last, if ever inform the donating public about the responses from their many appeals, apart from the occasionally red-herring.

    Rather than constantly finding excuses, the receptionist left a note, the maid\cleaner didn't lock the window, the PJ didn't investigate to their satisfaction, ask Oldfield why he didn't miss their daughter, since there were TWO EMPTY beds in the room, one clearly in his line of vision. Or how was it possible that Madeleine was abducted DURING her fathers check, since she was gone before he got back to the Tapas

    This has been written so those who know little about the cas can actually understand why others question the version of events the night Madeleine disappeared.

  14. Police numbers being slashed, yet we are going to send 30 to investigate the case of a child who died 4 years ago. The Portuguese will do this without any expenditure from the UK if the Mccanns make this request. Why don't our press ask this simple question. WHY HAVEN'T THEY DONE SO as a headline? The answer lies in the first sentence.

  15. God and Mr. Amaral forgive me, but I almost wish that they have indeed destroyed the books! In that case they would have to pay for the books and they ALL would have to answer in court for a criminal act. Isabel Duarte acted under the instructions and wishes of her clients, the McCanns, and, by doing so she knew she was disobeying the law and the court's rulling, I think this is reason enough for disbarment!

  16. Please read this


    VERY interesting, allegedly both Lord Harris in his blog and The Telegraph briefly reported Madeleine's DEATH.



  17. I wish these liers get locked up the minute they set foot in Portugal.

  18. @ Anon 2

    RE-read the article will you?
    GA is DENOUNCING and SUING them for not returning the books.
    This has nothing to do with a "war of words".Please do not lower GA to the mccshite"s level.
    He hasnt spend the last 4 years denoucnicng and going from a lawyer to the other like they did.

    I personally "wish" the books are destroyed and they might probably well be because the mccanns really thought they would win the court case and anticipated their destruction.
    Ô joy to see them in jail for contempt of court,them and their stupid lawyer....is this why the mccann woman is going to launch her book with SY as a watch dog?
    Or is SY going with them to make sure they dont leg it?
    Something is going on....

  19. Dave 8 @ 9 thank you for this information, after reading the post it is baffling that this case cannot be re-opened, it is such an injustice to Madeleine and to Sr Amaral that nothing positive is done.
    The finger of guilt definitely points to the mccanns someone should have the authority to properly investigate, and to see the Mccanns in court. They have made a mockery of the justice system.

  20. Interesting article at http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html

    "She must want a holiday home in the Algarve"
    "I am not commenting on this book" and "I am not helping its promotion" were the first words from Gonçalo Amaral when questioned about the launch of the book written by Kate McCann. However, he guarantees that the words "of this lady are only lies", he laments the defamation that she has done to the Algarve, describing it as a "place where children are raped" as well as the "vulgar language" she uses.

    The former coordinator of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine dismissed even the hypothesis of reading the book – "I like to read interesting things" – but promises that he WILL TAKE RECOURSE TO JUSTICE IF THE CONTENTS CAST DOUBT ON HIS PROFESSIONALISM AND ETHICS.
    Confronted by excerpts from the book – in which Kate guarantees not having seen Amaral during the five months that he led the case of the disappearance – the ex-coordinator states that he spoke to her since the "first day". The ex-coordinator added that Kate must be "planning to buy a holiday home in the Algarve" with the proceeds from the book ("after having paid for her house with the money from the alleged fund to search for Maddie") and guarantees that the cover of the book is a "plagiarism" of the cover of the Dutch edition of his own book "A Verdade da Mentira".
    When contacted by Destak, the PJ chose not to comment on the book and criticisms of Kate McCann about the investigation."

    My dear Gonçalo start the draft..sorry you have to read that piece of trash: GET THEM
    Força Gonçalo!they are small game for you

  21. Any news about the new Amaral's book?
    If the 7500 books have being distroyed, I believe Isabel Duarte will pay them, instead of the McCanns.
    75.000 or even 82.000 is a lot of money.I don't see the McCanns accepting this invoyce.They will blame Isabel Duarte for having done it, without their permission.

    Who can tell me the negative comments the McCanns made about Cameron and that lady of the government?
    Nigel, if you read this, maybe you still remember them.

  22. @12
    That is exactly how I interpret Kate McCann's book - a taunt to authorities- Catch us if you can!

    A. Miller

  23. Madeleine’s £Millions

    Fund Objectives

    The full objects of the Fund are:

    To secure the safe return to her family of Madeleine McCann who was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007;

    To procure that Madeleine's abduction is thoroughly investigated and that her abductors, as well as those who played or play any part in assisting them, are identified and brought to justice; and

    To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine's family.

    IF the above objects are fulfilled then the objects of the Foundation shall be to pursue such purposes in similar cases arising in the United Kingdom, Portugal or elsewhere.

    With the launch of Kate McCann’s book, came what seemed like a never ending round of interviews, mostly televised. Soon after followed the announcement by PM David Cameron that instruction had been given for New Scotland Yard to be part of a review of the files on the Missing Madeleine case. The McCann’s and their spokesman Clarence Mitchell a little stunned at this news but it was welcome, he said. But what will it throw up..? The glaring discrepancies in the police witness statements for sure, the urgency for Kate McCann to co-operate and answer all questions which may hopefully be put to her. Kate McCann refused during the initial investigation to co-operate with the investigating force in this regard. And of course for the McCann’s and their friends to take part in a re-enactment of events of the night the child was reported as missing. The McCann’s as arguido at that time had no choice but to agree, but without the friends participation the reconstruction could not go ahead. Difficult to comprehend that those adults who holidayed with little Madeleine who believe she is in the hands of paedophiles refused to help police...but they did.

    The question on everyone’s mind -Will these people, the McCann’s and their friends NOW fully co-operate with any review or investigation joint or otherwise which may take place, or will history repeat itself and they refuse any request made of them by the Met Homicide and Serious Crime Division to take part in a reconstruction of events of the night their child was reported missing. Will they give NSY the same run around they did Leicestershire police/Portuguese police who attempted to arrange such a diligence? Many communications passed between the McCann friends and Leicestershire police, forwarded to Portugal and back again – the end result – their refusal to return to Portugal to assist the police.


  24. cntd

    David Cameron has made his pledge to them, at a huge financial cost to the country at a time when budget cuts are affecting all police forces, the Met included, but he has assured that Central Government will pick up the estimated £3.5m tab.
    David ‘We are all in this together’ Cameron it cannot be stressed strongly enough that the public if paying for this, expect no less than the full co-operation at all levels by the McCann’s and their friends. They do of course have the legal right to refuse. But what of Madeleine’s rights? Interestingly Gerry McCann used Cameron’s catch phrase in the past days. Indeed Gerry, you are all in it together!
    Gerry McCann at the press conference in Ireland said he was pleased to hear that the Met would be joining ‘OUR’ case. He seems to have misunderstood, the Met are not joining HIS case – the McCann private detectives work only on the basis that the child was abducted. Far be it from me to point out, but the Homicide and Serious Crime Squad if this review takes place, will be working under the direction of the Portuguese police authority which remain the lead, and will be looking at other scenarios also. They will not be taking instruction from the McCann’s or their friends, who one would imagine - top the list of those requiring to be re-questioned, to iron out those differences in their many statements, police and other.
    Gerry’s usual quirps - ‘Ask the dogs’ or ‘Read the book’ won’t cut it with the Met!
    And then we have the Fund too to consider - £1m the McCann’s hope to realise, from book sales. The Fund in November 2010 they stated stood at around £300,000 and unless donations came flooding in, this would dry up by springtime 2011. They launched a campaign at this time for further donations, unknown to the public at that time that they had a book in the pipeline which they were to receive a six figure sum by way of advance from Transworld!
    The Fund monies raised for the Madeleine search are used also to finance their legal actions taken against the ex Portuguese police detective Goncalo Amaral - to silence him. They have lost their last three actions. The cost to the Fund enormous I suspect?


  25. cntd

    So what is the position at this point in time? Is it possible for EVERY PENNY of book sales to be spent on a search, and now that the Met are to be involved, what would that search, the McCann private search involve physically and financially?
    In first year £500,000 was paid to Metodo 3, a private detective agency the McCann’s hired – an agency with no experience in missing persons. They promised to have Madeleine home by Christmas 2007. Of course this was never going to happen. £500,000 down the drain!
    £350,000 was thereafter paid to Kevin Halligen, Oakley International, a fraudster wanted by the FBI, now in custody. The McCann’s claim not to have known he was a criminal.
    McCann’s stated that they had wasted Fund monies donated by the public. In the same breath they assured the public that this would not happen again, and stated also that every penny earned from the sale of the book – they hoped £1m which would allow two more years ‘search’ power- would be ploughed into the search for the missing child.
    They made no apology for the monies wasted, simply asked for more, asked the public without evidence of guarantee, to believe that they would take better care of the Fund, in much the same way they did their children – when their daughter told them she had been awake and upset in their absence they agreed to take better care of them – That very night they walked out on them once more, leaving the door unlocked. Madeleine disappeared, much like her £Millions.
    As springtime has come and gone has the ‘advance’ from Transworld every penny gone on the search for the child, and has the £300,000 which remained in the pot in November 2010 been enough to pay the mounting legal debts the Fund seems to have incurred amongst perhaps others? More importantly now that the public purse is to be used to pay the costs of this review, how will the Fund spend the monies intended for the search for the child...Would it be generous and honourable of the McCann’s to now pass these monies to a missing person organisation to help others? Throw it in the pot to reduce the cost to the UK public?


  26. cntd

    The Fund as Gerry McCann explained is not a Charity, a small business run by Gerry and Kate McCann and a couple of friends, all who are the Board of Directors. The objectives of the Fund are ‘so limited’ that charity status cannot be applied, would it therefore be practical a sound financial move to consider widening these objectives to allow for the monies to stretch further, for the Fund to obtain the benefits of a Charity? Nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so.
    There is also a reward of around £2.5m to be considered– though the Fund is reluctant it would seem to publicise this. In the past we were told it would encourage the “wrong sorts” to come forward. If the information brought to you is the sort you are looking for – credible – does it matter which “sort” provides this?
    Kate McCann has published her book – one aim to raise much needed money. She tells us she hopes it will also lead to information on her missing child. The book it seems, contains very graphic details of her thoughts as to the torture which may have, or still is, being inflicted on Madeleine by her paedophile captors – What “sorts” will that bring out of the woodwork, one wonders? The wiseness, amongst other things of this has to be questioned, not least for Madeleine if she is found alive, but the effect of this on her remaining children Sean and Amelie, seems not to have been considered long or hard enough.
    The McCann’s took legal action against Goncalo Amaral, the ex Portuguese detective, claiming his book would damage their twin children. They lost! Goncalo Amaral’s book, not in English, and not readily, available in the UK - McCann’s “story” serialised in the Sun, ‘Madeleine’ on sale they anticipate, worldwide?
    I ask whose words are more damaging to these children, are they equally damaging?
    Gerry McCann spoke in interview of how difficult it was to return to work, newspapers carrying stories of Madeleine at every turn...is that not what they have orchestrated this past week or so? If, awkward for him, difficult for him to deal with – how will six year old Sean and Amelie?


  27. cntd

    Since Madeleine’s disappearance £m’s have been spent, to no avail. Of that there can be no argument.

    So what happens now?

    The theme of the interviews campaign so far has been that no one is looking for Madeleine, save the McCann’s, the mantra no police force is being pro-active, no Government is involved. Well that has all changed. I guess new scripts for the remaining leg of the book campaign are now required. But what of these interviews...coming on the back of the Sun extracts, where Kate it is said has poured out her heart, been scathing of everyone also, including husband Gerry, blame shifting included, and who has declared ‘almost’ that she has solved the crimes against her daughter... the alleged abductor she believes may have read the note written in Portuguese language which the receptionist at the hotel put in the staff book – it read that the McCann’s and their friends for the duration of their stay at the Ocean Club would leave their children alone each night in the various apartments and dine at the tapas restaurant. They required a table booking for 8:30pm. Oh she doesn’t “blame” the receptionist she was only doing her duty.
    It seems to have escaped Mrs. McCann’s attention that she was responsible for the care and protection of her children, and it was she/her party who asked the receptionist to make a note of what was to be a regular table booking. Is she telling us she did not expect a record of this? She further in her book suggests that her children were awake and crying the night before the child was reported as missing. The alleged abductor she believes most likely paid a visit attempted to take Madeleine on the night of the 2nd May 2007, but her crying prevented this. On this night the McCann’s did not return to their children until just before midnight, as they did on the night prior to this, the night a neighbour heard Madeleine cry for over one hour calling out for her daddy. Despite no evidence of abduction, and police evidence which tells a different story, Kate continues in this vein, crudely and unashamedly leading the reader. What I ask are the suggestions made by Kate based on any investigation by the McCann private detectives, or simply her imaginings, speculation on her part? Are they the findings, conclusions of Dave Edgar their lead PI – that the alleged abductor:
    1. Was in or around Apt 5A on the night of the 2ND May 2007 and disturbed her children?
    2. Drugged her children on the night of the 3rd May before taking Madeleine.
    3. Obtained information re the McCann party- from the records held at the reception?

    Do we know what conclusions Dave Edgar has reached? Which entrance he thinks the abductor used to gain access to 5A, which route he left by, front or back door, and at what time this took place? Does he have any thoughts, as to why, Madeleine, did not wake the cold night air not able to stir the child? What are his thoughts on the open window and shutter, not jemmied, but opened as Kate McCann has stated to create a red herring, the window with only her prints. What purpose would, opening this window serve?

    What are the findings of the McCann private investigation, not Kate or Gerry’s speculation – the findings of the Private Detectives –allowed only, to investigate abduction?


  28. cntd

    I have never held with the abduction story as told to the world by the McCann’s, and that is my right, reaching that conclusion based on the information available.

    I watched carefully the recent televised interviews. Despite having followed this case closely and having knowledge of the various versions and discrepancies recorded in the police files, the police, witness statements given by the McCann’s and their friends known as the tapas bunch, I attempted neutrality -viewed through the eyes and ears of someone who knew nothing of Madeleine, the McCann couple. Admittedly I could see it would not be difficult for someone not having followed the case to simply take what was being said at face value, to believe. I asked myself had I misjudged them, were they simply a nice couple, and this awful tragedy had befallen them? I listened to Gerry McCann still after four years defend their decision to leave the children alone in the apartment, his dining in the garden references. How other resorts in Europe have listening services, they were mimicking this system. He told of how one would never expect someone to go into an apartment and steal a child. Kate telling us that if she had known of any danger she would never have taken the risk, and all that she could add, as she has said in answer to this, so many times previously “I can only say I know how much I love my children.” More discrepancies creeping in with almost every word they uttered!

    Loving your children is one thing – keeping them safe and protecting them as far as humanly possible, quite another. Inconceivable that the McCann’s did not feel they were taking a risk. More so as their police statements reveal, when out during daytime they LOCKED the apartment to protect their material goods, evidently risk of losing property given far greater consideration than risk to their children’s safety, their lives. Why did this same risk assessment not apply to their children safety?

    Could the McCann’s have done more – well yes that is obvious. But what is not obvious, not to me at least, is WHY they did not think for a moment, that leaving the door unlocked may allow someone to enter? Why would it be left unlocked at all? Their friends say Kate told them they left it unlocked for the Madeleine to be able to get out and go look for them in the bar. I waited to hear the McCann explanation for the unlocked door, their denial, that they would never have expected their child to wander the dark streets of PDL in search of them, deny that they left the door unlocked for Madeleine – there was none. In fact, in interview they make no mention of the unlocked door. They do however state that Madeleine could not have managed to open the patio door – then why leave it unlocked and why tell their friends it was for Madeleine?

    Kate McCann:

    "And even if they want to say theoretically she wandered out of the back door of the apartment, you're basically saying a three year old has opened the long curtains, closed them behind her. Opened the patio doors, closed them behind her. Opened the gate, closed that behind her. (Gerry interjects to say "and the child lock") and done the same at the bottom. It's not possible."

    From Fiona Payne’s police statement, speaking of what Kate McCann said:

    “She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean, this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying ‘Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or’, erm,‘or locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there and the door’s locked if she woke up’,
    We have heard the ‘fire’ tale also, but how if the child could not open the patio door, was she expected in event of fire, to lift two babies from their cots and see them safely through an unlocked door which she was unable to open.


  29. cntd

    I listened as they related how they met as young doctors, and how they never argue. But I never heard a single word which convinced me that they have been telling the whole truth. Soon I was comparing the various interviews to the police witness statements, how Kate in her book leads the reader, makes suggestions as to what may have happened to Madeleine, the kids crying the previous night, the note in the book at reception, that her twins may have been drugged, her story of the jemmied window which had to be retracted by her spokesperson as there was no truth in this, and how this became a window opened by the abductor to create a red herring. Common sense sharply kicked in – much is not right in the case of missing Madeleine McCann! Yes they looked and sounded like a “nice” couple, but nice people carry out terrible criminal acts. Nice people lie! And nice people manipulate and lead, introduce to us what they want us to hear/see/believe.

    The brown stain on Madeleine’s pyjamas sprung to mind.

    A stain Kate tells us was not on the garment when the child was put to bed on the night of 2nd May, but was there the following morning at breakfast time – it looked like a tea stain Kate McCann tells us in her book. But Madeleine had no tea at breakfast, and it was a dried stain, not the result of a spillage over breakfast. It was at this same time that Madeleine told them that she and her baby brother had cried the previous evening and at this time she asked of them where were they, why had they not come when she had called for them.

    The McCann’s have stated that at the time they felt what Madeleine had said meant nothing, she popped off to play, a moment after! After the child’s disappearance and with hindsight they felt maybe it held more significance and brought it to the attention of the Portuguese police. Many months after the child disappeared, news of this ‘crying incident’ became public knowledge, the McCann’s after deciding it may be significant, curiously instructed their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell make, a public statement to say that it meant nothing? Not ‘nothing’ on the night of the 2nd May 2007, but that it meant nothing period. Quite an extraordinary turn around! Now in 2011, for the purpose of Kate’s book, the tale of abduction, the crying incident prominent, significant once more!
    But what of the mysterious stain on Madeleine’s pyjamas, why does Kate McCann need to tell us about this? She immediately washed this pyjama top and hung it out to dry she told police. What is the relevance of this? Surely she doesn’t think the alleged abductor stopped by to have tea with the children the night prior to Madeleine being removed from Apt 5A?


  30. cntd

    The stain it seems appeared sometime after, Madeleine was put to bed on the night of the 2nd and the morning of the 3rd May 2007- a brown stain, like tea. Kate McCann by her own admission – her daughter had not been given tea.

    One would therefore have to conclude that Madeleine had been out of bed in her parent’s absence. She was awake crying for her mummy and daddy, her parents tell us, her baby brother also. Did Madeleine go through to kitchen for drinks? Did the child attempt to make tea? A three year old having been in the kitchen I would imagine would be quite evident. A chair pulled over required perhaps to reach for something, a glass a cup out-with the child’s reach, and spillage, more than likely, especially in the dark, spillage of some description, not only on clothing but on kitchen counters. Could she reach the light switch? Had she taken a drink for herself her baby brother to ease his distress to comfort him? I’m sure she would not have cleared up afterwards, did not wash the dishes.

    There would unquestionably have been evidence of a three year old having pottered in the kitchen a bit of a mess I would imagine.
    The McCann’s it would seem were very lax with their children. Not questioning Madeleine re the crying incident, not asking her about the stain on her pyjama top, and leaving them alone in unlocked apartment despite the aforementioned. The McCann’s have stated in recent interview that Madeleine was very bright a very articulate child – she would have had no problem then in explaining the crying and the stain. It begs the question – Why did they not ask the child?

    As with the crying incident, the brown stain something Kate McCann felt significant, she needed to inform the police of this. If a tea stain, instantly identifiable one would have thought.

    Astonishing that Kate McCann could not! It surely, being, a simple, process of elimination for Kate McCann as she would know what drinks she had in the kitchen of 5A and what medicines Madeleine may have been able to access. If not a drink stain - not difficult at all to discover what the stain was – blood, vomit as a GP she would know or am I naive in my thinking?

    If, a parent puts their three year old child to bed in nice clean pyjamas, retires for the night. Gets up next morning and there is a big brown stain on the child’s pyjama top – would they not seek to find what it is and how it came to be there? Incredulous the lack of attention afforded the McCann children!

    Did this child have an accident, a fall having climbed on a chair when attempting to reach for something, injured on the evening of the 2nd May, an injury which perhaps worsened on 3rd May – Madeleine was that day very tired, needed to be carried her mum stated from the dining area back to 5A after having her evening meal – the stain perhaps something rather different from tea?

    Or, might I suggest that the brown stain was not on the child’s pyjamas on the morning of 3rd May 2007 but was the result of a fall on the evening of the 3rd May 2007?

    What is obvious to me – Kate McCann did not serve Madeleine tea on the morning of the 3rd May 2007, she acknowledges this, acknowledges also that there were no spillages at breakfast time, acknowledges there was no stain on the pyjama top when she put the child to bed – if Madeleine made tea, or took any type of drink during the night in their absence, it is not possible for them not to have been able to establish this from not only the stained pyjama top but the‘state’ of the kitchen on their return from the tapas restaurant.

    The Portuguese police investigation points to the child having had an accident in 5A...

    The Met, Gerry McCann stated – ‘highly experienced in serious crime.’ Goncalo Amaral says of the Met - ‘experienced in unmasking false abductions!’

    News of their possible joint review with Portuguese authorities must be both welcoming and comforting.

    Sixty Million Dollar question remains -The Fund – Madeleine’s £Millions – Good with money the Met?


  31. cntd

    During campaigning the McCann’s stated £1m would give them two more years of ‘search’ power.

    TV3 Interview May 2011 (Questions and answers abbreviated)

    Question – Do you mind me asking how much has it cost you so far, the campaign to raise awareness, travelling around, doing everything you possibly can?

    Gerry – How much has gone through the Fund?

    Q. I mean, well...I don’t know, is that the same as what you’ve spent, or..?

    G. I’m sure we’ve spent quite a lot of money along the way of OUR OWN...

    Q. Are we into £m’s here?

    G. Well the Fund has, I think the total budget so far, since Fund was operational in May 2007... about - £2.5m, a lot of that money came from awards against newspapers, so certainly over £1m of that was there and a lot of the other has come from donations...

    Q. How far or how long will another £1m get you? (reference is Kate's book)

    G. This is something we are reviewing all of the time...
    The Issue I’m coming to is we will be looking at costs going forward very very carefully and looking at whether what we are doing is cost effective.

    Q. David Cameron’s enquiry, review will help alleviate some of those costs I would imagine, wouldn't they?

    G. I’d certainly hope so it’s like the elephant in the room that hasn’t been done for us really about a review. What we need to see, it’s very early days but we need to see is what that will materialise into, and what the co-operation is with the authorities in Portugal.

    Kate: If we do get co-operation, and it does go ahead it’ll help to guide the investigation you know, it’s very hard, we’re reliant on information coming in now and really a review will basically give us avenues to be explored or explored further as well as link relevant bits of information together.


    I’m still no wiser where the £m’s have gone or where any future £m’s may go. No wiser how long or how far £1m from the book will take them. They have mastered the art of avoidance!

    Kind Regards one and all

    A. Miller

    Links for TV3 interview:



  32. ???????????

    The 'formerly banned by the McCann couple' book, whose trustee, Isabel Duarte, the couple's lawyer affirmed that “nothing will force her to return them”, in spite of a Superior Court ruling which obliged her to deliver the books to their rightful owner; have finally been returned to Guerra & Paz Editors. We, in this blog congratulate Guerra & Paz book publishers as well as the book author of “Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira”, Gonçalo Amaral, for fighting and for standing up against the machiavelic censorship attempt by a couple of former arguidos.

  33. this morning a newspaper report that in italy amanda knox is to appear in court for slander against 7 police officers who she had said had cuffed her...what if she had said that they also threatened her with a life-sentence as with kate which may as in portugal did not exist

  34. The McCanns think as people who are above the law. Now perhaps they will be brought to book (no pun intended) and will be charged with a criminal offence as they deserve. Al Capone was brought down at first only for Tax evasion.

  35. There is no law that can be used successfully against the McCann's. Political influences abound.

    We live in a corrupt society - the whole of Europe may as well have been absorbed by Germany in the forties - as the outcome is beginning to look the same as it would ahve been, the exception being the appalling murder of human beings in death camps - but who knows what can happen if corruption and concealment are the order of the day??

  36. What baffles me is that the books were actually handed over to mccann's lawyer, as somebody else's property or assets shouldn't they have been secured in a neutral place of storage?

  37. Hi Anonymous post (11)If anyone saw the McCanns interview on the Irish Television programme, the McCanns hinted that the staff at the Tapas Bar, could be to blame for Madeleine's disappearance.

    The McCanns said a reservation book, which contained an entry from the McCanns for a table reservation, was left lying around and the public would have been able to read what was written in the book.

    According to the McCanns, the entry said, "The McCanns require a table reservation for x amount of days, because they are leaving their children alone in their apartment"

    The McCanns said they were shown the entry in the book, after Madeleine went missing. If this is true, the only way the staff at the Tapas Bar would know that the children were alone in their apartment, was if the McCanns told them.

    Was this a red herring planted by the McCanns? Had they already decided on Madeleine's demise before they made the table reservations? Reading between the lines, I think the McCanns intention, was to show the Portuguese police, that the abductor, was someone who was visiting the Tapas Bar and saw the entry in the book.

    Funny how it has taken the McCanns 4yrs to dream up this story. If it was true, I feel sure, this would have been mentioned back in 2007.

    I agree with Anonymous post (6) that it is to be hoped that doctors and psychiatrists are reading the book. I also hope the P.J. the Met and David Cameron are also reading the book.

    I hope someone is keeping a very close eye on the twins. I pity them living with this pair of nutters.

  38. Ah! AH! A Isabel Duarte esta "lixada". Nenhum dinheiro do Fundo paga o embroglio em que se meteu pensando que estava a enfiar-se num processo "Topo de Gama" porque os Mccann eram Vips e bem assessorados e ela com a ajuda de uns amigalhacos, tinha o caso ganho na secretaria, sem ter de correr o risco de juizes independentes, imparciais e honestos porem os olhos em cima do processo.
    A prepotencia desta advogada que julga que as leis sao so para serem cumpridas por outros, tem de ser julgada tambem em sede propria. Ela prestou um mau servico ao pais e aos portugueses.
    Nem todos os casos valem a pena, minha cara, mesmo que role dinheiro facil e bom, mesmo que o direito a defesa legal seja um direito de qualquer criminoso. Por qualquer motivo, Rogerio Alves e pinto de Abreu saltaram da linha da frente. Nao foi por certo, por acreditarem que Madeleine possa estar viva e regressar sa e segura aos bracos dos pais. Nenhum advogado de topo abandona um caso destes se acreditar que os pais estao inocentes. E estes abandonaram, mesmo que nao o tenham assumido publicamente. Quando vem aos programas de TV e por convite porque estiveram relacionados com o caso. Tenho serias duvidas se o fazem gratuitamente.

  39. Well if they blame Isabel Duarte for this, they will have made another enemy, poor souls, and they have so many !

    If the books have been destroyed they will just have to cough up the money of the value of said books !


  40. Surely Mr Amaral's lawyers have advised the McCanns lawyers to return the book and backed the request up via the court involved.
    I shouldn't think for one moment that the McCanns lawyers would act without instruction from the McCanns, and if they have not instructed her to return them the onus is on the McCanns, as I'm sure the said lawyer has advised them that the property MUST be returned as per the Court's ruling.

    Mr Amaral would be wise therefore to get his lawyers to advise the Court that his property has not been returned.
    Of course he can also tell the world that it hasn't, but he must tell the Court it hasn't

  41. This story of Dr Amaral's denunciation of the child's parents and lawyer to the authorities must be reported to the News Agencies. This needs to be brought out into the media, the Press, immediately. Although we are keen to see justice done, we are slow in reporting to the News Agencies via their websites and it needs to be done.

    Wonder if the McCanns will be arrested over the contempt of court when they return to Portugal and will be handed over by SY. Chance would be a fine thing, ha, but at least if reported to the press, the public will know about this crime.

  42. If Gonçalo Amaral wants to set up a fund that will be used to fight those two liars in court so he can get his books back, or even compensation.. then I would be happy to contribute to it.

  43. Cameron has just addressed this at PMQs... referred only to "reviewing the paperwork." So expect £3.5m to go on translators and police time

  44. Hi Dandelion 1906 :)

    Apparently there are several examples of McCann not making a secret out of the fact, or of even consciously 'spreading the word', that he left his daughter alone in the apartment every night while he and his friends went out to enjoy themselves.
    Doesn't Wilkin's partner also mention him boasting about this to them in her subsequent newspaper article?
    Preparing the scenario or just incredibly stupid?

  45. Sir Paul Stephenson and Bob Quick- remember him? executed a raid on the home of Tory MP Damian Green. Doesn't look promising does it?

  46. In recent interviews (specifically the Irish ones), both the McCanns and the host of the program refer to those of us who refuse to ignore the evidence that Maddie died as "nutters", a "tiny minority", obsessive people with no lives and no education.

    I know for a fact that among those who support Goncalo Amaral and seek justice for Madeleine, there are many extremely intelligent people; among them lawyers, police officers, doctors, librarians, academics, criminal profilers, business owners and many other reputable professionals.

    This case has caused tensions between two political allies because the British government and media is complicit or actively involved in efforts to portray Portugal's police as incompetent in solving crime, as corrupt and less capable than British police. This is simply not true and yet the xenophobia continues. As the wikileaks cable between the UK Ambassador to Portugal and the US proves, the British police were as suspicious as the Portuguese that there was no abduction and the McCanns were involved in the hiding of Madeleine's body. Clearly the McCanns have political connections higher up than even with the British police. Clearly they are operating as if they are very certain that no matter what inconsistencies there are in their statements, they will not face prosecution in Portugal over Maddie's death nor will they be charged with fraud over the Madeleine Fund in the UK. As others have said, they are a law unto themselves.

    To succeed in this cover-up, it is necessary to destroy the reputation of any and all involved in the investigation who have developed evidence. Also, they can, with immunity, point the finger at others - from Raymond Hewlett all the way to the receptionist at the Ocean Club, the Victoria Beckham look-alike, etc.

    Martin Grime is being accused of directing the cadaver dog, Eddie and the blood dog, Keela, to specific places - their alerts are being dismissed. Goncalo Amaral, after nearly three decades fighting crime in Portugal, with many successes against drug cartels and other criminals, is their prime target because Amaral will NOT bow down to the political pressure and be silenced as they are attempting to silence him. It is NOT Amaral alone who concluded that Maddie died and the McCanns faked an abduction, it was the conclusion of the investigation. Yet his refusal to lie or to be silent has resulted in the decision the McCanns have made to destroy him and his family.

    So we won't be silent either. We are not nutters, nor are we obsessive compulsives with no lives. We are people who refuse to turn away from seeking justice for Madeleine and others impacted by the lies of the McCanns.

  47. Dandelion 28 Can you give a link for this programme as I watched 2 parts of Cagney interview and it wasn't mentioned about the book there. If you could give the point in the video minutes I'd be grateful. If it's been redacted, it will be significant.
    Many thanks

  48. I don't for one moment believe that any restaurant staff would write that customers were "leaving their children alone" either in their apartment or elsewhere. This is nonsensical, as waiters are not stupid, they are trained to be sensitive to cutomers personal needs and to be discrete. Utter and obvious nonsense Kate. They seem to believe they can say anything and people will believe them, why?


    "The McCanns have certainly benefited from their crime and they'll go on benefiting from their crime, until someone grows a backbone and a pair of b***s and brings them to justice." (Dandellion at 3)

    I understand and share your frustration but that is I am afraid how the Justice system works - and not just in Portugal. In the absence of caught-on-the-act evidence (CCTV, say) justice becomes an elaborate game of PR and dialectics - for the rich...

    The average Joe Bloggs faced with the wealth of circumstantial evidence the PJ had in their hands would have confessed half way through the interview, except the McCanns' arrogant sense of Britishness plus the fact that they are "doctors" would not allow for that.

    In order to entrap the McCanns' you would need clear-cut, no "ifs", no "buts" evidence (such as a video on them de-materializing Madeleine...) or their multi-millionaire defence team would make mincemeat of your arguments.

    Faced with such dilemma, the decision of the Portuguese authorities was quite understandable. They would have spent millions of much needed tax payers money bringing the McCanns' to court and in the end risk to make fools of themselves...

    So they did something more intelligent which was to release the process files and let the McCanns' be tried in the Internet court of public opinion. This move was so intelligent that it threw the McCanns into the greatest PR, image dry-cleaning campaign ever seen on the planet yet the stains on their image won't go away...

    Whether the British PM decision to bring Scotland Yard's "Dad's Army" to obfuscate the results of the Portuguese investigation will succeed as a master PR move that remains to be seen...

    In the High Court of public opinion at least, the McCanns' have been found if not guilty at least highly suspect of the death and/or disappearance of Madeleine. That much is apparent from the official PJ Files.


    I do have faith in the intelligence that guides the higher echelons of the Justice system in Portugal. The Portuguese type of will is of the "skilful" rather the "powerful" type.


    The Portuguese approach is not the thick-boned, bulldozer-like approach of their northern Europeans neighbours. Theirs is a neo-Machiavellian, creative and intuitive approach that senses the on-going dynamics of power involved where power is anathema to skill.

    It is very much like a contest in Aikido. The master is never the first to attack, instead he moves swiftly with its opponent thus facilitating the crashing of its own head under its own force against the nearest lamp post, door or wall - as the case may be.

    (Sampras bodyguard)

  50. Goncalo points out that Kate rang (I believe Ricardo Paiva - never trust a policeman if you are a criminal or involved with one) and asked for tests on the twins for drugs.

    Who was looking after the children when Kate went for her run? Logic would suggest that was Gerry taking his turn because he wanted to play tennis at 6 pm. Maybe Kate is telling the truth when she says the children were all very tired that night and Maddie asked to be carried. Maybe someone has done his best to make sure they were, ready for the "abduction"?

    When you read what Goncalo has said, that Gerry immediately cancelled any suggestion of tests, who is it who looks the guilty one? And that is without all the hand grabbing and foul looks at Kate when she gets in wrong in interviews and much more besides.

    I have no fixed view about what happened to Madeleine, but I confess to being rather fixed in thinking it was Gerry that arranged it. But Kate has gone along with a coverup and she involuntarily burst into tears on the Irish interview the moment the twins were mentioned (something I have never seen her do for Madeleine) She knows they are the end of the road and she is going to lose them now as well. This couple could be equally evil but somehow I think she wrote that book for her own personal reasons. The same reason she was able to walk out of Portimao Police Station looking arrogant, but Gerry, oh dear - that surely said it all to any onlooker.

  51. «At Commons question time today, Tory veteran Sir Peter Tapsell asked the Prime Minister: 'Now that there is to be a full investigation into the abduction or murder of Madeleine McCann, isn't there a much stronger case for a full investigation into the suicide or murder of Dr David Kelly?'

    Mr Cameron replied: 'You are raising two issues. Firstly, on the issue of Madeleine McCann, I think it is welcome that the Metropolitan Police have decided to review the case and review the paperwork.

    'On the issue of Dr David Kelly, I thought the results of the inquest that's been carried out and the report into it were fairly clear and I don't think it's necessary to take that case forward.'»

    Mail Online - http://bit.ly/l6xGLI

  52. Review the case and review the paperwork? An admission that this is in no way a re-opening of the investiagation - also reveals Cameron as a liar - theydidnt 'decide' anything of the sort - he ordered it! What a bastard - I hope the people of the UK take note!

  53. Hi Anonymous post (47) here is the link, which I have just found on Jill Havern's website forumotion......


    If by chance the link doesn't work, just type in the Google box McCanns are interviewed on Irish television. You will see the link to Jill's website forumotion, press the link and it will take you straight to the page where the link to the Irish television programm is.

    I've just found another link to the programme....


    The above link is a link I put on Joana's forum, in an earlier post.

  54. @32 Clearly the person who imparted that information on the books being returned at that time (posted on December 9, 2010 in 'Wikileaks: Madeleine Mccann talked about in US Embassy cables' http://bit.ly/jwCOSE) had a wrong information which lead me to post that erroneous message. Subsequently we have posted on this blog several articles with updated information regarding that matter which explained the McCanns' lawyer, Isabel Duarte, failed to comply with a superior court ruling, that is, failed to give back the books as ordered.


    "Madeleine" has been top of the sales list in Amazon website for the past 17 days!

    That, coupled with the fact, that the McCanns no longer need to spend a penny in further PR campaigns (Scotland Yard will do that for them) makes Kat & Jerry best-selling millionaires!

    Madeleine has become their "chick with the golden eggs"...

    Here is one comment I copied and pasted from Amazon:

    "This book does nothing to confront the gaping contradictions surrounding this case. Kate McCann could have taken this opportunity to face down her critics and deal with the unanswered questions but instead she writes one long monotone of evasion and self justification. There is much to answer but Kate avoids all, wearing an armour of self pity to deflect. The revealing aspects of this book are by chance e.g.there is an interesting comment when on the night of the abduction, Kate says she wanted to be just left alone as "my grief was so agonising and so personal....".


  56. Thank you A Miller for summarising recent events.

    I think that Kate is not only great at avoidance but also great at suggestion and my interpretation of the brown stain is that she wants people to conclude of their own free will that the abductor came to the apartment the night before abducting Madeleine and spilt a drink on her pyjamas - admittedly not hot tea - more likely to be beer or liquor. She is playing with people's minds and assumes that everyone believes every word and then makes every attempt to fill in the gaps for her. Extremely manipulative, that is how I see it.

  57. Poor foolish Isabella, so trusting of the McCanns.

    It sounds like it is pay back time for you Isabella for daring to mention the word 'reopen' with reference to the case, and especially for daring to say it in a court of law. A silly, silly, silly thing to do. Don't you know that Gerry hates the word 'reopen' and it quite knocked him off his guard, and you surely must have known you should have stayed silent, or said 'review' instead. The McCanns have since had to work so hard flogging that 'review' they claim to care so much about, so as to distract from a 'reopening' which is the last thing they want.

    Now it sounds like you will have to find the money to compensate for the non return of the books, and/or doing time. No matter you were doing it for your beloved McCanns.

    The McCanns will, of course, walk away blameless. Surely you wont mind though. Since you have demonstrated so well how you are only too pleased to help them in any way possible, the loss of money or doing time is a small price to pay for disregarding the law.

  58. Some of the posts on here today are BRILLIANT.Wish we had people like you reporting for the "media",its so one sided I want to scream out , "they,ve been spinning their lies so long now,they even believe them themselves."Perhaps ,the person who is now being blamed for leaving a note telling of their neglect in having no baby sitter for their 3 babies,could,and should imo,sue them for the wrongful accusation,that it most certainly is.PS Kate,do you remember where you last saw the pink blanket?

  59. Anonymous 16, If Lord Harris did refer to Madeleine's death in the past then he must know or believe that what Mr. Cameron is getting involved in is an elaborate PR scheme. And that is why he referred to Mr. Cameron's request as a breach of Scotland Yard's independence, because he surmised that Scotland Yard were given specific instructions and it was not just a simple request which could have been refused. So, when Lord Harris makes the remark that he does not believe that Scotland Yard can investigate the Portuguese police, he is basically implying that this is not a true review but a whitewash.

  60. if they could get kate maccann into court with for example the charge of slander and then with a bible in her hand make her answer a few difficult questions all the expensive lawyers in the world could not help her

  61. 51, Sire Peter Tapsell at House of Commons today "a full investigation into the abduction or MURDER of Madeleine McCann...".
    Great, I love this Peter.
    The McCanns must regret, regret, regret that they have gone too far.

  62. Forgive me, if I'm suspicious of Amazon's claims. It could be that Mrs. McCann's book is indeed a best seller or it could be a marketing ploy, people are known to want to read what everyone else is reading.

    I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I would wager that there will be reports in the near future stating that sales of Mrs. McCann's book in Portugal have exceeded those of Mr. Amaral's book, "The truth about the Lie."

  63. At the risk of repeating myself - having watched several of the McCann's interviews in recent days - I am amazed that both of them feel they can make blatantly inaccurate statements:
    K: The window had been 'jemmied' open (a short crow bar)
    K: It takes 35 seconds to walk from Tapas to the apartment.
    G: As soon as he got back to the apartment he checked the windows and shutters and he was alarmed to find that the shutters opened from the outside.
    G: With vague reference to the dogs gave the impression that he knew more about their work than their handler!
    G: There is no evidence pointing to their involvement.

    There is something seriously wrong here! The McCann’s were so confident of their stories around the night of Maddie’s disappearance I am wondering why.
    Maybe….. Maddie was unwell earlier or injured herself and they put her to bed dosed with medication and she died –then later they acted out the ‘abduction’. Instead of taking his turn in ‘checking’ the children, G took her ‘somewhere’ . The Smith’s seem sure of whom they saw hurrying towards the beach.

    The puzzling thing is: why didn’t they just say she had an accident – is it more sinister than that? Anyone would understand an accident even if they had left their children alone – grief and humility would soon have public opinion on their side. The reason for the lies is the main thing I struggle with.

  64. To revieuw, not to investigate new sightings( Madeleine being seen on the Aconcagua(Andes), being taken by an anaconda, being part of a harem, hidden under bricks in Japan,wearing her pink pijamas...)
    Tic, tac, tic, tac...
    It is not necessary to translate 30.000 pages.The most important ones and god knows what the PJ know and the couple and we still don't.
    Somebody could come forward with the truth now instead of continuing keeping this secret.This somebody, if he belongs to Tapas 9, he will be responsible for the crazy expenses of the UK.

    Money of taxes payers.

    Tell the truth and you will economise time of the Scotland Yard.

    And UK money, in this time of crisis.

  65. A. Miller @ 31 brilliant post so well put together. Thanks

  66. "Dr Who" mentioned a couple of times....(-:

    In interview - Madeleine loved it

    At dinner table with Sean & Amelie

    by Kate.


  67. @62.i am sure Mr Amaral would not make some thing like that up when it can so easily be verified.give the man some credit.

  68. Perhaps after Scotland Yard have read the Gaspar statements they should focus in on Payne.

    No doubt, he will have a tale to tell!! He certainly was anxious to talk off the record regards the disappearance of Madeleine. Unfortunately, the case was shelved almost immediately afterwards, so perhaps the PJ never got to hear what he had to say, and that 'off the record' statement is still sitting there somewhere in a File with the LP. Just as the Gaspar statements would still have been unknown about in Portugal if somebody had not sent them to the PJ, only in the nick of time for them to read them before the case was shelved.

    Maybe we should write to Scotland Yard and remind them.

  69. i think it will go down in history that the biggest mistake that gerry maccann made was to dismiss us all as a few nutters on the internet

  70. Viv @ 50

    Sometimes I wonder whether Madeleine was sleeping in the double bed with Gerry, when Kate slept in the children's room, if that was the night madeleine 'came in'

  71. No gratuito DESTAK de hoje, Isabel Stilwell entrevista Kate McCann.


  72. If I were Dr. Amaral ( which I'm not) I would live it to God .

    I wouldn't waste another hard earned euro on those those pair of SHITS .

  73. 68, do you think if Payne did something wrong in the uk, scotland yard would not know it? do you think the Leicester police did not or are not sending information to them? after that foot note of Kate's I'm not worried anymore.
    foot note, shot in the foot...

  74. I understood Sun would publish several video's of the McCanns and I only saw 2. Is it correct?

  75. If Madeleine was still alive in the afternoon of the 3rd, this crime was premeditated.They could not find an address very fastly, they could not find a Tapas 10 in few hours.Let us say from 5pm to 10pm.Firstly the shock, confronted with an accident,not believing what they saw, than planning what to do about it,than calling an innocent Tapas 10 to help... Unless Tapas 10 was the priest, who believed their story.But the priest does not speak English. In this case they asked for Tapas 11 to talk to the priest.And Tapas 12 had a freezer at home.
    Tapas 11 could be somebody of the Ocean Club, as an ambassador between the couple and the priest. Going to the administration of the OC,asking for help, none of Tapas 9 would have attracted the attention because they were staying there.A death of a child in one of their apartments would have been bad news for the concern.A death, a ghost...Tapas 12 could also be from the OC.An accident, that is what they had been told.Parents losing the twins,neglect, Ocean Club with a bad name, losing clients. But in reality the parents did not want a post mortem, the priest and the OC had no idea of the truth.Now they are all involved in this crime while they were only trying to help the McCanns and the concern.
    Knowing that Scotland Yard is involved with this case now, those people, including Tapas 9, are going to the wc every 3 minutes.

  76. 70, or shot in the foot noot?
    Gerry would love to shoot it.

  77. Let "Madeleine"be a best seller.
    People will find out she is lying.

  78. I don't know what I can believe, what I can't.
    The McCanns are keeping their mouth. Sending SY to Portugal would not have been necessary because it is known that there are no important new leads.
    Would Cameron take the risk to start this, knowing the the SY is an independent institution, and that they are not obliged to obey him?
    I wonder of the aged Clarence Mitchell will join then, in order to obstruct their work.

  79. In the video below the PR imo preens that the permanent injunction will happen and appeals by Dr Amaral will possibly delay the permanence. Hmm well we now know that the outcome is the injunction was quashed! Wonder if they shot themselves in the foot by being so confident that their temporary injunction was going to be permanent? So confident they disposed of the books. What next the books were abducted??


    Listen from 7.00 secs on and watch his face @7.18 secs on:

    but clearly there is not much point in going for a temporary injunction if it doesn't become permanent eh and that will happen but I'm quite sure that any appeal by Mr Amaral's side will possibly delay that

  80. 52 - Do you not think David Cameron is playing with the McCanns using their preferred language "review"? After all, it does not take 30 murder squad detectives to review some paperwork does it? That aside, he would obviousl not wish to make any public comment that is going to add to the clamour (i.e. us "nutters" on the internet) on this case and potentially prejudice a trial.

    I think we on the internet have played our part in making sure the British government realise, we want a result on this!

    Everyone I now speak to about this case believes the McCanns have run out of time to be free agents and that Madeleine died by overdose or by banging her head. I still believe it is even worse than that.

    British agencies have been investigating the McCanns for the last four years, it is naive to suggest the CEOP report in particular does not tell all the salient facts. Now Cameron wants a final panel of experts to put them where they belong, thank goodness for that! That may well include David Payne IMO.

  81. It just gets more disgusting everyday ...
    Can you now see the extent of this corruption ?
    It is coming from the top - as i have said before the uk is a corrupt police state now!
    There will be trouble ahead in this country..big trouble.
    Civil unrest will soon be the order of the day.
    Do you feel powerless - like a lost voice in the Dark?
    - so do many and its taking its toll.

    The Uk government thinks it has control of its people like no other country...the Police are in its pockets - the media tycoon and devil himself ...mr murky murdoch is the puppet master to them controlling the agenda's and propaganda.
    To Me they are murderers ..cowardly - spineless - scumbags .....they have money and thats it.

    So we are all cowards ..on the internet lolol ...i will happily give my name address, picture - whatever you want.
    Ill hold infront of me and call you liars mr/mrs mccann and much more.
    I will happily go face to face with you to see who is the coward - would you like to arrange for a "live" debate using your media influences - now who is the cowards?

    Finally - can you tell me about the Yacht that was hired by a high ranking police official, was it a royal owned yacht ? ....whitewash ahead.


  82. I may be off the mark here but I suspect that until the publishers themselves take the issue up with the McCanns, nothing much can be achieved except for highlighting the pair's disregard for the law. Nothing new there!


  83. Thank A. Miller for your great analysis. A very good read.

    For Guerra: I have no doubt the McCanns will do everything to make the sales in Portugal look good. After all they have enough money floating around to but the books and give them away as presents. After all this is the truth according to katie, everyone need to know it.

    For Dandelion: another strange part about the reservation story is that Rachel O made a groups reservation, so why would the McCanns go do it over again?

    But as always the gall of this woman is breathtaking. They leave the kids alone, even after they were made aware one cried for one hour 15 min, even when Madeleine asked "Mummy, why didn't you come when we were crying?" -btw remember Kate's sneer when she told about that?, so they callously left their children in distress and now are trying to blame a receptionist for what happened?

    It's never your fault he, Kate?
    Very typical for sociopaths.

  84. I am waiting for an answer from the mccanns and their unlawful brilliant lawyer to GA"s denounciation about HIS books and an official communication from both Home Office and Portuguese authorities over the possible SY"s involvement in a "review" of this very sad case.
    Thats the only things that interest me right now.
    None of it looks good for the mccanns and thats what counts
    The rest is "spin & spin".Although I must admit I am intrigued about SY "accompanying" the mccanns to launch their loo paper in Portugal.
    WHY on earth would SY do this?
    I tend to think that it is to make sure they go back to the UK where they are under tight watch since the last 4 years,dont you think? :d

  85. Unfortunately I think David Cameron has just requested a review of the paperwork to see whether all leads have been followed sufficiently. This can only be a PR job for Cameron who naively believes in the deadly duo. Although the British can't touch the investigation proper without the Portuguese, they cannot re-open it by law without further evidence, they said.

    One thing the British SY could do though would be to investigate (from the paperwork evidence) whether an abduction was possible. It was certainly unlikely and probably impossible, and so this could lead to the investigation of the fraudulent fund. If this doesn't happen this will be a whitewash.

    But even so, the Portuguese will still be able to re-open the investigation when new evidence arrives. I suspect the body is long gone, but one of the Tapas could crack. Certainly I think the parents would fall apart if questioned in a court of law judging by their unstable TV performances and Snr Amaral is due to question them in court over his case, I heared. I wonder if he likes mincemeat.

  86. I really hope the SY mean to solve this case. By the way, it is already solved by the PJ. The girl is dead. The question is what caused her death, who is responsible for it and why was her body concealed and by whom.
    I have gotten the impression that the power of the McCanns is becoming less and less, otherwise Cameron would have said that reopening of the process is not his responsibility.
    Possibly he wants to get rid of the McCanns, who knows.
    By the way, where are they? No new interviews talking about the continuation of the investigations?
    Who knows SY is already in Portugal.
    Stupid Clarence said the McCanns are very happy with the reopening.

    We too.

  87. @56

    In complete agreement with you - Kate McCann very much leading the reader, the power of suggestion!

    Was it not Gerry McCann who stated that a theory without evidence is worthless?

    That is the difference between the "theories" of Portuguese police authority and Kate McCann's 'speculation and suggestion' - one has evidence, the other has not!

    I would though, be interested to hear what are the thoughts of Dave Edgar re his clients abduction theory. Having said that, if you listen to the recent interviews - they have no leads, no thoughts, as Kate said, they are relying on information coming their way. So Dave and his team, are sitting twiddling their thumbs meantime!

    It is interesting how if anything, other than their abduction theory is hinted at, that person or site has to be shut down! Interesting also, how they were happy to take legal action against Srn Amaral re his book, claiming it would be damaging to their twins, Sean and Amelie - yet they so easily allow to be put into the public domain what they have in this past week, in the form of Kate's rather distasteful writings, and also to have allowed the Sun to present this to the public in the only way they know how - to turn Madeleine's disappearance into the tackiest of tales! It is terribly sad.

    A strong argument that this will be damaging to their remaining children. Kate said she wanted to give the children something that would allow them to understand 'our ordeal.' Whose ordeal? Her and Gerry's, the twins? (what ordeal does she consider the twins have suffered? - they don't remember Madeleine for sure. They will have been told of her each and every day, but that is not memories)
    Or could it be that for once she is thinking of the ordeal Madeleine must surely have suffered waking every night alone in that apartment, and then having an accident, no one there for her, and if on the other hand they are correct and the child is alive and with a paedophile, the ordeal she has suffered for 4 long years and is still suffering now.

    I rather think though, Kate was referring to HER AND GERRY - their ordeal.

    When Kate speaks of what her thoughts on what a paedophile will be doing to her child, it is not from Madeleine's perspective, her suffering, it is Kate's pain and suffering we must hear - not Madeleine's!


  88. cntd

    Kate McCann is not in my opinion a weak wee woman, rather the contrary. Never take your eye off the ball concerning her!

    How quickly in the TV3 interview her anger rose at the suggestion by the interviewer that the public are split with regards to their involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. No it cannot be 50/50 she declared, she doesn't believe that. She won't accept that. She angrily asks the interviewer if anyone he has met 'doesn't like them' so to speak. This was then quickly followed by her statement that people write her not nice letters. She had to somehow re-enforce her belief that she was more liked than not. Bizarre behaviour on display. If this is true that she receives not nice mail, it cannot be condoned but it does not negate the fact that the public are divided in respect of the adult McCann's treatment of their children, and their subsequent actions in all areas and aspects of this case. She said she has never met people like this. Neither have I, and I would imagine not many of us have. But then again, not many of us have met people like the McCann's and their friends either - I for one have not. I have met anyone who treats their kiddies as they did, never met anyone either who condones the neglect of the McCann children.

    Kate McCann states her book is an intensely personal account, it allows her to say what she could not shout from the rooftops, for this she makes no apology.

    Perhaps she could make apology to Madeleine for not shouting from the rooftops or including in this vessel, a personal account, the answers to the questions put to her by the Portuguese police which she refused and which may have helped police if not find Madeleine, discover, reach a better understanding of the events of that fateful night.

    I do hope if Kate is ever questioned or re-questioned by police, Portuguese British or both that her memory does not fail her, that the following from her book, remains fresh in her mind:

    "It has enabled me to recall with CLARITY my innermost reflections at periods when my whole life was clouded by despair, and it is the reason I have been able, four years down the line, to be so precise about the timings of particular events."

    Great news - she remembers it all now!

    Take note also, she openly is scathing about the Portuguese secrecy laws, yet in her book:

    "I have been as open as possible about everyone involved in the story. As our investigation is still ongoing, and for legal reasons, some opinions or episodes cannot be shared until Madeleine is found. I hope readers will understand this and not judge this record harshly because of it."

    I for one do not judge her harshly, I appreciate there are only so many lies one can include in a single book!


  89. VIV @ 77,

    The big majority of the public did not believe David Cameron allocate 3.5 M and 30 polices to investigate just one case. The numbers are so exagerate that can be seen only as a mask to hide a whitewhash that can be done very easily and very quickly just with a single meeting bettween the Mccann's, somebody from Camerons office and a top officer from SY.
    Will be not a surprise for me, if in the near future, the Sun came out with a front page" Madeleine's body found by SY". They just need to ask the Mccann's where the body is and close the case without charges for them. Leaving them free to enjoy the money from the book and the Fund and close the mouths of people like me, who don't believe a single word of that pair and don't believe on any abduction. If the body is in UK, we will see the last act of the circus with Mccann's playing victims again in Madeleine Funeral. If the body is abroad, the news will fade quickly before somebody start asking proves about the body.
    Personnaly, I don't believe even on a review. They will not get bothered by going trough the papers and have to overtake again the Forensic evidences that are clearly there or the ones which are missing just because the results were manipulated.
    Why the FSS was desmanteled? Any other story in UK or in any other country of a National Lab closed without strong reasons? Was not a problem of money because 3.5 M are available now for one case. With that 3.5 M, how many tests the FSS or any other Lab could do to help many investigations?
    Cameron is trowing sand at the British eyes. His letter and his decision is so ridiculous that his image Internationnaly, will end up completly burnned. The Portuguese police just need to be quite and act with the dignity, waiting for the clowns playing in UK.

    The hypocrisy surrounding Maddie case is just opening our eyes for other cases more serious and more danger for the public, like Iraq and the terrorism, who put the life of many people in danger because of the decisions some politics take on their offices without evaluating the consequences.

  90. 89 Spot on. I absolutely agree with your point that this case is important because it exposes so much of the workings of the UK and European State.

    I wonder how many of the British public, especially the English public, realise that their State is so subordinate to the greater European State?

    With Scotland and Wales effectively separating - but continuing to use the English through a Westminster UK Parliament whilst they can get on with their own affairs leaving the English powerless to get on with theirs!

    Sad days - and sad that the hero's of World War 2 died for just a few years of freedom - the European super State now dominated by Germany.

    The McCann's are, in my eyes, despicable low life - Kate is obviously a spoiled bratt grown up - a scouse 'hot lips' crude nodody who has no mothers instincts - with money - whilst Gerry a sad little Irish/Scotsman who fawns all over her and can't beleive he got a not bad looking girl when he looks like a goblin.

    There, I ssaid it! Feel better now!

  91. 88 Do you have a copy of the book? Why then is it not all over the internet! lol! I want a copy but refuse to pay for it - as I believe it is being used to prolong a criminal fraud.

    As to her words, she has it all covered doesnt she! Picks and chooses what to say with a claim that some things can't be told because of an ongoing investigation - errr...what ongoing investigation anyway?

    She is a liar - her contradictions prove it beyond a doubt - no one can be prosecuted by anyone for ssaying it - there is ample proof - liar liar liar!

  92. Kate will reveal more when Madeleine is found? Well, thats never going to happen is it!

  93. Just by refusing the reconstruction, other suspects faced a deep investigation, more charges and their status changed from suspects into guilt. If we add the forensic evidences found due to the activity of the dogs, most of the suspects became charged straight away and many still in prison now.
    The dogs were used in 200 cases, in UK and abroad, including the USA. Any news about one of that 200 cases, reopenned or reviewed with the evidences re-evaluated, and the guilt people allowed to recover their freedom? No any. That is the most important information we have to keep from the all Mccann's circus.
    Other criminals have lawyers, who lost the cases because of the dogs. IF THEY HAD A CHANCE TO PROVE THE DOGS WERE WRONG AND NOT RELIABLE, We will have see them long ago in the papers, asking for the cases to be reopenned and looking for a chance to win the case and make some more money. The silence of that lawyers and the silence of the criminal relatives, speaks louder and has more power then all the lies and the ridiculous sentences used by the Mccann's and their pink man.
    I hope, next Sunday in Portugal, some public show up around the mccann's to rip some samples of their book and say to them face to face " THEY ARE A SHAME FOR THE NAME MOTHER AND FATHER, AND THE CHAMPIONS OF THE LIES. THEIR TWINS ARE GROWING UP AND SOON WILL THINK BY THEMSELVES AND WILL FOUND THE TRUTH IN THE INTERNET, NOT IN THEIR BOOK OR TROUGH THEIR MOUTHS". The Truth is something you cannot hide or avoid forever.
    for the public, madeleine is just a passionate criminal case. For the twins, will be a case to drive their lifes untill they full understand what hapenned to their old sister. They were young, but together will be able to revive old memories. If not from Madeleine being removed from the flat, from the accident/death and from the moment they were forced to drink a syrup without been ill. I can imagine how they will be hating their parents. No surprise if kate cries when she or somebody talks about the twins. She is looking ahead and the sky looks black for their relationship with twins when they reach their teens. Some Teens are very sensitive and know well how to punnish their parents when they discover their crimes. I can imagine what they will be feeling inside the luxurious mansion of Rothley payed with money raised under the death of their sister.

  94. She says: "The British authorities have information, the Portuguese authorities have information and our team have information, but none of these files have been brought together.

    "It's very possible that the key to this whole nightmare is lying in that information." quoted from The Sun 16 May

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3581834/Kate-and-Gerry-in-Maddie-video-bid.html#comment-rig#ixzz1MnmABhbl

    Is this not what the mccanns' ambition is all about? They only want their hands on the Portuguese's details of this crime. The question is will Snr Amaral's investigation be 'sold out' to the mccanns? How will SY go about this, I would like to think, reconstruction of the case?

  95. The Big revelation from dear Kate:

    -Paedos in Algarve to sleep with British childs, with their backs covered by the police.

    Dear Kate, we all know that. They arrived on 28 April 2007 in a low cost flight to enjoy a cheap week holiday in the Ocean Club. They sleep with childs until one misteriously disappeared. When evidences were found, the Leicester police covered their backs helping them to get away with their crime, and ensure they safe return to UK. While in UK, they were allowed to become milionnaires just by selling the image of their lost child ( I think missing is not the apropriate word).
    I don't know if the end of that story full of Monsters and Beautys will be " AND THEY LIVE HAPPY FOREVER".

  96. Well,at least now "the abductor" can quickly pack his and Madeleines bags,before SY arrive!!!!!! I heard that when Teresa May attended a meeting of police yesterday,she was greated with silence,they are obviously disgusted with the police cuts that have been announced ,but then told 30 officers can be released to "check details" in Portugal in the fiasco of our time!!!


    "Forgive me, if I'm suspicious of Amazon's claims. It could be that Mrs. McCann's book is indeed a best seller or it could be a marketing ploy, people are known to want to read what everyone else is reading." (Guerra)

    Hi Guerra! How are you doing? I am afraid it might be. It is not just on Amazon.Check this:


    I think part of the problem is that we do not have (to my knowledge) a Portuguese version of this blog. The Portuguese might not be as well informed of this case as they would otherwise be.

    Also the Portuguese do not send their children to school in uniforms like the Brits do and as a result the latter tend to identify more with each other. Their herd instinct has been nurtured from an early age.

    The other (concomitant) factor you must consider is ideology and hegemony.

    For British audiences at large (gullible) this is not just a case of truth and justice or rather is but by the reverse.

    A British citizen(s) cannot be allowed or seen to be humiliated by elements of a culture they perceive as "inferior" (sub-human, even)which by the way helps to explain the British PM recent involvement (history repeats itself).

    Scotland Yard has not been drafted to bring light into the case but to discredit the Portuguese investigation. I may be wrong, though :a

    Having said that Dr. Amaral's first edition of "The Truth of a/the Lie" sold quite well and surprise! surprise! Kate's Portuguese version might, just might, beat Dr. Amaral to the numbers...

    Not that it would matter. Truth does not have that many sympathizers. Intelligence and discernment have never been the privilege of the masses but of the few.

    I can only hope that Dr. Amaral's publisher waits before they deliver their "coupe de grâce".

    This is not necessarily a bad thing. For it guarantees the McCanns' will have enough funds to pay the compensation Dr. Amaral deserves for the inconvenience (suffering, really) imposed on him and his family by the McCanns' legal (appropriation) gambit.

    Zé Malho

  98. @94,did kate really say this....Paedos in Algarve to sleep with British childs, with their backs covered by the police.... is it in the book

  99. They have tried continually to lay their hands on police files, both Portuguese and British since this saga begann. They even brought a case before the Family Division of the High Court in an attempt to obtain access to the Leicestershire police files. This was opposed by Leicestershire police on the grounds that,

    "“While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”

    Of course the proceedings at that court were 'in camera', which is perfectly acceptable for a court dealing with family matters and predominantly concerned with minors. This secrecy was no doubt behind the thinking for making Madeleine a ward of the court. The information is however published in Kate McCann's book, "Madeleine", as pointed out by Blacksmith recently.

    If it hasn't been obvious thus far, it should be by now, that we are dealing with two extremely manipulative and dangerous criminal minds here. I think we do the British police a great injustice when we accuse them of bias in favour of the McCanns. The McCanns and their helpers are masters at creating illusions such as being on friendly terms with the Leicestershire police, or implying that they have the exclusive use of Scotland Yard as personal bodyguards for book-signing events in Portugal.

    The McCanns want access to all the police records. They can then 'leak' the evidence through their PR monkey. Only after thus rendering all evidence effectively useless, can they ever be certain that no case will materialize against them at some time in the future.

  100. Any update on this,has duarte got the books or have they been destroyed

  101. @t4two,you say we do the British police a great injustice,but if we can see through them why cant they,and didnt a copper from leicester leek info to them,im sure i read that way back.

  102. Very well said T4Two. Just one small point, Mrs Justice Hogg wanted her Order to be made public and it is available on the internet. This is a break with tradition in family cases. She made Madeleine a Ward of Court on 2 April 2008, being the same date the McCanns made a fresh application to the court to try and force LP to disclose their files (in accordance with the previous Order the McCanns had obtained but the Ch Con of LP was ignoring)

    Quite how anyone can suggest the vigorous opposition the McCanns received from LP/ security services and even the then Attorney General and the actions of Mrs Justice Hogg reversing her earlier Order and denying the McCanns access to the files is any indication of the UK sucking up to McCanns is completely beyond me.

    I believe there has been a concerted and massive amount of spin aimed at deflecting from just how badly they lost that case (they had to back down and sign a Consent Order) and the fact that Mrs Justice Hogg made Madeleine a Ward of Court which is absolutely terrible for them!

    The McCanns always will lose because they are guilty and no amount of spin from their supporters will change that.

    A cold case review by London Met has seen the killers of Stephen Lawrence charged after 18 years, now they are conducting a cold case review into Team McCann, that speaks for itself!

    The McCanns have spoken about the need to get Portugal to "co-operate", by that they mean re-open the case there on McCann terms, start looking for their fantasy abductor. That is not going to happen, the McCanns have several screws loose and are desperate.

  103. @ 101

    How do you know whether the British police have seen through them or not? I do not expect the Leicestershire Constabulary to put out a statement informing the world that they have seen through them. Ditto Scotland Yard, David Cameron, Theresa May et al. Therefore I base my conclusions as stated on the irrefutable statement of the Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire as quoted in my previous post.

    Forget all that stuff about being innocent until proven guilty - with the British police everyone is a suspect i.e. potentially guilty until eliminated as such on the basis of hard evidence. In effect the statement is saying that the British police are unable to eliminate the McCanns as suspects because they have no clear evidence which eliminates them. In other words, there is no evidence which supports the McCanns' claim that their daughter was abducted. So, we know, as opposed to thinking we know, that the British police are in agreement with their Portuguese colleagues in this respect.

    Wow! that's a turn up for the book (excuse the pun)isn't it? All that PR work and constant claims of abduction have been a complete waste of time (and money). Let's see if Scotland Yard come to a different conclusion - or no conclusion at all; then we can all scream "whitewash", or not, as the case may be.

  104. T4two

    I have to agree with you there, and don't forget where most of the rubbish that is fed to the UK media about this case comes from. Straight from Clarence, the spin master himself, he who 'lies through every tooth in his head', according to the PJ. With the blessing of the McCanns of course. Have they ever been known to contradict anything he has said on their behalf.

    Have we all forgotten so soon the Wikileaks information about a case being put together in the UK against the McCanns. Whatever information that was based on will still be with the police. Did somebody close to this case already give them the information they need and they were going to use it, until the case was shelved, and then the information they were basing that case on also had to be shelved. Were they as frustrated as the rest of us when that happened? They also may have been told to stand down by somebody from on high, and I can certainly remember Brown making a visit to the LP. Coincidence, or what?

    As for somebody in the UK police passing on information to the McCanns, it is possible, and also I seem to remember there was somebody in Portugal whose large amounts in his bank account was unaccounted for. Did that ever get resolved? Perhaps because of the worry that information would be passed on to those they didn't want to know about it, the UK investigators have kept things well and truly under wraps.

    The same goes for Portugal, where we have been told that most of the File is still secret. No wonder the McCanns have tried all which ways to get hold of it in the UK, by even daring to take the LP to court for it, and also in Portugal, even having their lawyer demanding the PJ comply with their requests. Imagine that, people who have been the main suspects themselves daring to demand they see all the case files. All in the name of supposedly searching for Madeleine. The McCanns want to control everything, and there can't be too many people in the know about this case who don't see that.

  105. @Viv 102

    I agree with you but I really cannot grasp why Madeleine has been made a woc.Is this the protocole foolowed by the courts for missing children?
    I am also wondering ,IF true of course, why on earth would SY "accompany" the mccanns to Portugal to launch their book? What for? First time ever a police authority would do this,they didnt before even when they were arguidos,so why now?

  106. I pray Isabella Duarte is going to prison, for five years.

  107. In todays Mail it says 30 police officers are working on the case, some are due for retirement, so are being kept on for the Madeleine case.
    I believe these police officers are experienced with many years knowledge of homicide and the duplicity of criminals, the Mccanns have gone very quiet, all is not going well for them.
    Cameron really cannot afford another cover up, the eyes of the world are watching thanks to Kate and her book pushing the mccanns back into the spotlight, but they have also pushed the tapas back into the spotlight something I believe they did not want, remember they gave away their libel money to the mccanns because they knew at some stage they could be asked to repay it once the case was re-opened, they knew they were not entitled to it, otherwise they would have kept it. The mccanns have insulted many people, now tax payers money is being used to fund this investigation, we all expect a full and proper investigation.
    Superinjunctions are becomming a thing of the past, thanks to the internet it is no longer possible to buy silence.
    This book will be the mccanns undoing, the police investigators will not at this stage of their careers 'become part of the coverup' they will want the glory that will go with solving the mystery of Madeleine Mccann.
    The mccanns and their friends will have to take part in a reconstruction, how can they not after all the fuss they have made. The tapas 7 may be offered lighter sentences if they co-operate and tell what they know, they would be fools not too because they will all lose the jobs and children especially if they continue with their 'pact of silence' which is nothing more than a 'pact of guilt'.

  108. I understand that Amaral's assets have not been freed yet.
    Am I right of did I understand it wrongly?

  109. This investigation is the right thing to do, it will settle this case once and for all.
    It will not be possible for the mccanns to come out of this looking inncoent because we all know it and they know it that they are anything but innocent.
    at present the newspapers are a joke they are unable to print names of celebrities and footballers taking out superinjunctions but on the internet we all know their names, what is the point in newspapers but to print propaganda.
    The fund will be investigated and we will all be surprised at the actual amount of money that has 'slipped' through the hands of the mccanns far more than we ever anticipated, greed and fear is what has kept this case from reaching its rightful conclusion. Goncalo Amaral has stood firm against these people and he will get his day in court with them and madeleine will also get justice.
    Just reading all the comments on AOL and other websites the public has had enough of the mccann circus.

  110. Hi Ze Malho, I hope you're doing well; I'm fine thank you.

    It is probable that many Portuguese people will purchase the McCann book out of curiosity, nevertheless I suspect that sales figures will be inflated.

    With regard to this endeavour by Scotland Yard, It appears to me that this is another attempt by the British government to make the public perceive the McCann couple as credible.
    This is similar to the PR exercise the government undertook when British politicians accompanied the McCann couple to Brussels.

    I don't believe Mr. Cameron is naive, he must have known for some time that the circumstantial evidence in this case points to the McCanns' involvement, yet that did not stop him from hiring Mr. Mitchell as a relations and communications advisor during his election campaign. There have also been reports that he met with Mr. Murdoch, the biggest media mogul in the world, before being elected prime minister. Mr. Murdoch, who is the primary reason the McCann couple controls the media, abandoned Mr. Brown and supported Mr. Cameron who was leading in the polls at the time. Taking this into consideration and the timing of this announcement coinciding with Mrs. McCann's release of her book, one cannot but be wary.

    What I have noticed is that the McCann couple has become more bold, more confident, they brush aside the unexplainable with a laugh. We are dealing with people who believe they are invincible and smarter than anyone else.

    Upon reading some of the comments it appears to me that many Britons have not yet come to the realisation that their government is being controlled by this couple. They are still giving their political leaders and their police forces the benefit of the doubt. It would be nice to be proven wrong, we'll just have to wait and see.

  111. I notice how every photograph of Kate Mccann in the newspapers is of a very guilty looking Kate !!!

  112. Let judges and public prosecuters in Portugalread Kate's book.
    Let the Policia Judiciaria read it.
    It will help Madeleine.

  113. Interesting challenge in upper circles….. perhaps we (nutter bloggers seeking to voice a different viewpoint) are not alone and democracy and ‘balanced reporting’ might re-become attainable.

    "..Former US vice-president Al Gore has hit out at Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, accusing it of "an abuse of power" by forcing his liberal TV station off air in Italy because it did not fit in with the media giant's "ideological agenda".

    In an interview with the Guardian, Gore said the Current TV news and documentary channel was told unexpectedly three weeks ago that it could no longer be carried by Sky Italia because of its decision to hire a US left-leaning commentator often critical of Murdoch's company.

    He added that the decision reflected how News Corporation operated worldwide. "News Corporation is an international conglomerate with an ideological agenda. It seeks political power in every nation they operate. They wield that power to shut down voices that disagree with the agenda of Rupert Murdoch," Gore said”

    Full article here.

  114. I really can't believe that every police man in the UK is corrupt.
    Think of what Kate said in her book, that the Leicester police said they did not have an evidence that the parents are not involved in the disappearence.
    I hope SY is going to do something about it.
    If they protect the McCanns, I raise again the question:
    does this case has to do with a large group of paedophiles, are high placed people under pressure because the McCanns know about them, are there photos, films that could be published on internet, destroying politicians, their carriers and their homes?
    A much more serious case than Profumo's?
    Could it go till some royals?
    The Labour party protecting the couple and now Cameron's party protecting them as well?
    Child sex abuse is the worst that can happen to a alive child.
    I can't find any other explanation, in case SY protect the McCanns.
    And why did Gerry go home short after Maddie's death(for some hair, DNA)? Was it to replace and hide evidences against high placed people?That trip was very strange.

  115. To poster of 106

    The majority of the UK public dont give the McCann's a thought, any more than they give a thought to who governs them - they live in their private little worlds - planning for the week end and not much caring about anything except their own personal comforts and their immediate families.

    They give a bit to Red Nose day and Comic Relief - the stupider ones run an occasional Marathon - they hold 'Consultants' in incredibly high esteem - god like almost. They read the Mail or at the other end of the spectrum, the Sun or the Mirror.

    Its a sad little country sleepwalking into trouble - one day the muslims will outnumber the christians - and then the shit will hit the fan, but too late to do anything about it.

    The McCann's claimed that everyone abandoned their kids - and I suspect that in the media classes - and the 'middle classes' they do - hence the media support, Phillip Schofield, Fiona Phillips - JK Rowling (single Mother has time to write books - how did she manage that?).

    Thje McCann's are safe - Madeleine is removed from the world to such an extent that they know they are safe. Huelva acid pits will not regurgitate.

    Kate McCann probably screwed a few powerful people before Gerry netted her (through persistance - ugly little weasel) or maybe was the victim herself before she grew up.

    Best forget this sorry saga - maybe Madeleine didnt even exist? Best to leave the bastards to it - frustration is too great! Sr Amaral doesnt have the same power - Portugal cannot compete with the UK - even England can't!

  116. why are the McCanns not giving any interview?
    I would love to see Kate now, after Cameron's decision.
    we would see in her expression if she fears or not the SY.

  117. hah, hah, hah, did any of you read the Sunday Express of last May the 15th(McCann Files). Read it carefully. It is very funny, telling when the mCCanns start showing their pain. Hah hah hah!

  118. "Upon reading some of the comments it appears to me that many Britons have not yet come to the realisation that their government is being controlled by this couple"

    Are you actually Gerry, guerra? After all, nothing would give him greater pleasure:i

  119. Somewhere I read Cameron's letter to the McCanns and now I can't find it.
    Who can help me?
    And did Cameron ever allow the McCanns to talk about its exisistence and to scan it on internet and papers? Sighning only "Dave"?That for a PM who met the couple once or twice?
    Is he the Prime Minister of one of the most important countries in the world?
    If I'm not mistaken he wrote that letter compleetely by hand.Or am I mistaken?Very dangerous, very very dangerous for a Prime Minister, showing his own handwriting.

  120. Continuing my comment: it would have been less dangerous to show his handwriting to Al Capone's family.
    Is the UK fild up with stupid people?

  121. A letter sent to the PM from Ben Needham's Mother raises questions as to why one missing child is more important than another.

    Read her letter sent to the PM on the website Help Find Ben Needham

  122. I have some difficulties to believe Ben Needman's abduction.maybe it is true, maybe not.
    Kos is a very small island, people are nice and I don't think a regular tourist took the child with him.
    maybe it is true. no evidence, that it is.
    Cameron did possibly not realise he opened precendents, by directly helping the McCanns.
    I hope the SY will not bow for the couple.
    Police people in the UK are irritated with the lack of money of the government and they see now the millions that will be spent with the McCanns.
    Joana, the SY in London got to know you exist.Please send Amaral's video to them.
    Was Madeleine's death planned and that's why she was the only one who did not go to the beach that afternoon, because the McCanns needed an alibi of the nursers?They needed Kate's signature at 5.30pm to show everything was ok?

  123. viv, you've always been a staunch defender of British institutions, so much so, that you've led me to believe that you have an agenda to fulfill. The agenda being to allay people's suspicions that the British government and the English police are protecting the McCann couple and hindering an investigation into what happened to a child.

  124. Viv- your comment about Guerra is unpleasant.Guerra's response beat me to it. Just as I see it!
    Guerra -'m glad she/he- VIv, has shown her hand because it confirms something I have suspected for a long time.

  125. My excuses. I just found Cameron's letter to the McCanns. It is not written by hand, only signed.
    I pray the McCanns are lost.

  126. Poster 115 You could be right.

    The student handbook for 1992, when she was in her final year, gives a tongue-in-cheek review of her time there. It says she was part of a gang of firstyear friends referred to as the H G Girlies, who enjoyed drinking sessions. The book offers a quote, cheekily attributed to Kate, saying: "I hate sleeping on my own."

    Well, Kate hates sleeping on her own.


  127. Anon 116

    I think they gave that Irish tv interview where Kate started to cry after Cameron`s decision.

  128. The real Police, in Portugal and the UK , are not letting anything slip in this case, they know who and what they are dealing with the Maccann case and how any snippet of information, is jumped on by this pair and their lawyers. We have to wait and see, we all want to see the end of this cunning pair, and justice for this little child, she is crying out for it, its been all about lies, image, pride, and then self preservation kicked in. Truth in this case will win out just when we think all is lost, we have to trust, God is not asleep he is just appearing to be.
    Mary Liverpool UK

  129. Everything has gone very quiet here in the Uk since the announcement of a review...is there anything in the Portuguese press today concerning the book launch next week?

  130. Guerra at 110

    "It appears to me that this is another attempt by the British government to make the public perceive the McCann couple as credible.This is similar to the PR exercise the government undertook when British politicians accompanied the McCann couple to Brussels."

    A very pertinent thought among others. My overall perception is the leverage the McCanns have on their government comes from the position they occupy (doctors) in the ideological state apparatus - not to mention the influence of their up-market PR man: Clarence Mitchell...

    I have my doubts about conspiracy theories...well, I don't, except these do not happen through verbal discussions and agreements but are intuitively organized by spontaneous social programming (ideology). As Michel Foucault points out we are already embedded in discourse!

    No doubt Cameron is in chatting terms with Murdoch. Here is some further evidence.


    Zé Malho

  131. @Viv 102

    I agree with you but I really cannot grasp why Madeleine has been made a woc.Is this the protocole foolowed by the courts for missing children?
    I am also wondering ,IF true of course, why on earth would SY "accompany" the mccanns to Portugal to launch their book? What for? First time ever a police authority would do this,they didnt before even when they were arguidos,so why now?


    I think the reason for Mrs Justice Hogg making Madeleine a Ward of Court at that stage was relatively simple. She has received the information from Leicester Police that the McCanns may be involved in her disappearance. She therefore used her power to throw a ring of care around Madeleine and take the decision making process about Madeleine away from them. In the (admitted unlikely event) of Madeleine being found alive, her actions in April 2008 changed what she had ordered in May 2007 - that Order was the usual one that if Maddie is found in a foreign jurisdiction she must be returned immediately to the care of the McCanns. Now she is saying no, she must be returned to my care and I will decide.

    I am educated to degree level, including in family law, I know it is hard for people to understand, I hope that has made it a bit simpler. Sometimes it seems the more I try to explain the more confused people are ! But essentially the original applications the McCanns made were relatively straightforward, to get Maddie back BUT with a bit srung on that to me shows their criminal intent, British agencies had to disclose all the files to them. By April 2008 Mrs Justice Hogg knew that simply could not be allowed to happen because they may not be parents who are actually innocent in her disappearance. She made the LEGAL presumption Madeleine is still alive because that is what the letter of the law required her to do in the circumstances of no conclusive evidence to categorically say she is dead.

    It is for this reason I have always tried to get people to accept that just MAYBE the McCanns disposed of her alive.

    I hope this helps.

  132. @104,re the police,see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.after 4 yrs i dont think the police want to see through them.

  133. Can SY and PJ really arrive at completely different conclusions? Defrosted body fluid in the boot of a car? Cadaver odour in apartment, on cuddlecat, on slacks of Kate and on car. Car boot left open for days at a time.....to let an odour out....? I've never heard of baby poo smell lasting that long...the Smith sighting...the executive chef stating that the Tapas had left the table at 9:20 already.....many matching alleles.....give-away body language....and is there really a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this??....PR consultant....happy faces on Maddie's 4th birthday....lies and inconsistencies, refusal to co-operate with police...deleted text messages....disallowed text messages, lies about credit cards, medical records, the pact of silence....

    this is a homicide....so SY is appropriate....and the rags will just love it if they are found guilty...that will keep them in newsprint of regurgitated stories until the end of the century.

  134. Ze Malho, It is my understanding, and after having verified in the dictionary, that a conspiracy occurs when people conspire, i.e. 1: join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish a lawful end. 2: To act in harmony toward a common end.

    For me and many others there is evidence of a conspiracy, although we may disagree on who is conspiring and what end the conspirators wish to achieve, we do agree that the behaviour of certain individuals and or organizations cannot be forever explained as just another coincidence or some quirk of their society.

    You believe that Scotland Yard is coming to Portugal to discredit the Portuguese investigation, however at the same time you say that you don't believe in a conspiracy. How is that possible? Obviously you don't believe that Mr. Cameron gave specific directives to Scotland Yard, because as you say you don't believe in a conspiracy. So, if there is no conspiracy, does that mean there was no agreement among the officers of Scotland Yard to discredit the Portuguese police? Do you see what I'm getting at? The mere fact that you state that Scotland Yard is coming to Portugal to discredit the Portuguese police, implies an agreement to achieve an end, a conspiracy. To suggest that the officers of Scotland Yard have intuitively decided to discredit the Portuguese investigation because of social programming is hard for me to accept, we're not talking Al Qaeda here are we?

    This belief that Doctors are revered and are viewed as incapable of committing a crime seems to me to be an antiquated notion. Surely in the twenty first century people are aware that Physicians have been incriminated of crimes in almost every country you can name, England being no exception. People in this age of information do realise that Doctors are, like any other human, capable of doing good and evil.

  135. Dee at 70, sorry I only just noticed your reply. I am afraid I do have the same thoughts as you in relation to Maddie sharing a bed with Gerry.

    It is also a known fact that child sex offenders drug children they wish to abuse. That is a good way to get away with it, often the little child does not even know...but when she was crying "Daddy Daddy" what may have been going on. It is a horrible thought.

    Whatever stones need to be further unturned in the investigations that have so far been carried out by Portuguese and British Police, I believe there is now a determination to lift them all - bring a fresh perspective to this case as it was so delicately put. If that is finally going to shut the McCanns up for a bit, good. Every time I watch Gerry in particular it just fills me with horror at what he may have done to that lovely little girl.

    Justice for Maddie McCann!!

  136. It was the McCanns that asked for Madeleine to be made a ward of court. In Textusa's blog the poster "Ironside" once said that when a couple wishes to have their child adopted by a blood relative, the first step in the process is to have the child be made a ward of court.

    Mrs McCann was asked by the Portuguese police if she considered giving up guardianship of her daughter to a relative, Mrs. McCann did not reply. The theory is that Madeleine was already a ward of court when she disappeared.

  137. I extract below the relevant parts of the Order of Mrs Justice Hogg dated July 2008:

    On 2 April 2008 Madeleine became a Ward of this Court, and since that date has remained a Ward.

    I confirm the Wardship and Madeleine will remain a Ward of Court until further Order of the Court. The case will be reserved to myself subject to my availability.


  138. From what I have read it was the McCann couple that requested that Madeleine be made a ward of court. The proceedings to make the child a ward of court supposedly started on May 17, 2007, 2 weeks after the child was reported missing. Madeleine was officially made a ward of court on April 02, 2008.



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