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Murdoch's Sun serialisation of Kate McCann's book

By Nigel Moore

As anyone who has today purchased The Sun newspaper will know, the title of this short piece appears at various points in the papers exclusive serialisation of Kate McCann's book Madeleine.

It is now clear that this warning was no idle threat, as this morning I received a 'TAKE DOWN NOTICE' from the Corporate Legal Enforcement Team, who act for News Group Newspapers Limited and Times Newspapers Limited - publishers of The Sun and Sunday Times respectively (collectively 'News International').

The notice related to content which had been published on this site (including text and pictures) from the unpublished book written by Kate McCann - and which had been reproduced here from content originally published on The Sun website.

It pointed out that News International controls copyright in relation to the unpublished book and that Further News Group Newspapers Limited owns or controls copyright in the accompanying article published in The Sun newspaper, and online, on 07 May 2011.

Given that neither I, nor this site, hold any copyright over the material referenced in the notice, I have complied with this legal demand and now removed the articles. And whilst I could puff my chest out and make rebellious noises, the fact is it would signify nothing.

Better to concentrate time and effort on the search for the truth about what really happened to Madeleine and accept the absence of any extracts from Kate's book. Whilst that is certainly unfortunate, it is, on the basis of extracts so far published, unlikely to impact on the continuing search for the truth.

in McCannFiles.com, May 7 2011


  1. No surprise. That is only the confirmation of the business. They are trying to avoid the comments in the internet. Is growing the amount of people posting against the Mccann's and their booklet of lies and against the SUN who become a supportive paper for two suspects in a crime involving their daughter. The editor of that paper is ruining it with that support.
    I hope, other sites copy and paste the serialised lies, like a revolution, a rebelion. For each site gagged, two more openned. Wonder if they are going to gagg Portuguese, American, Germain sites, etc. A shame for UK. Is kate Mccann more important then William and Kate Middleton? Their wedding was everywhere in the Internet with free comments in many languages.
    When are the British authorities going to stop that charade and put an end to their business with their Fund investigated?

  2. Don't buy the paper. Leave the SUN and Kate book on the shelves. If they want the book to help the search, must be free and available everywhere. It is all about money, for both (the Mccann's and the Sun).
    The book was not yet released and she already made many contradictions with what she delivered before, trough her own mouth, to the media. Only stupid people can buy this two pieces of sh...

    1. Kate got £550,000 from the Sun for the serialisation I believe. If true, it's more than she could ever make from the book in the £1 bins in the bookshops and The Sun Readers are exactly where this belongs amongst. Problem being that she is a Scouser so the Sun must've offered considerably more money for the book as nobody in Liverpool where scousers hail from, actually read the Sun. It isn't even for sale in many news agencies so people on her own turf will be gutted they have to pay for a book as scousers don't pay for much

  3. It is because they behavior like that, they raise many suspictions. Mccann's lawyers are under that. The money is used for that- to gagg people, to manipulate information, to try to control internet. Now we can compare between Amaral and the Mccann's. Amaral book was available everywhere in the Internet. Even after been forbidden, no any portuguese court sent any letter to any site asking the book to be removed. Shame on you Mccann's and the SUN. Leave the PAPER on the shelves to be recicled as a toilet paper.

  4. We’re now gagged by the Sun Newspaper who are preventing its Maddie article from being copied and discussed online by enforcing copyright. Anyone who copies it is threatened with legal action.
    The paper knew full well the impact of that disgraceful headline, ‘I SEE HER….ALONE AND SCREAMING’ and that awful quote ‘The idea of a monster like this touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again’ - the McCanns certainly chose the appropriate newspaper.

    The Sun obviously wants the public to, ‘Buy the paper, invest in the book --- only £18 to you, our valued readers ---- oops, sorry yeah, that’s right, double the current going rate but we know you’re too dumb to check. And yeah, you’re right, we’re well aware our article about a 3-year-old missing kid is sensationalised, inflammatory & beyond the bounds of decency but, nevertheless, please remember dear reader, online access to it for the purpose of discussion is strictly prohibited, no questions must be asked. Just show us the money. Cheers!’

  5. THANK YOU dear Nigel for your wonderful website and the amazing effort you have put in over the last four years. I am sure even our dear friend Dr Kate found it invaluable in writing her fake memoirs, although a few discrepancies seem to have crept in despite your aide-memoire. Do they not realise that any parent who genuinely hoped their scribblings might jog the memory of someone who is inadvertently holding their daughter captive would be wanting the book to be circulated as far and wide as possible free of charge.

  6. The headlines so far, and it's only day one, are so disturbing, so off the wall, that it's probably not such a bad thing if the blogs are curbed a bit, otherwise it might just give more ammunition to the McCann's who like to play victim.

    I'm curious as to how those who have booked interviews with them feel about the subject matter they will have to discuss (again think headlines and sub headlines - clever editors!). Then again, they may jut avoid it and play safe. I don't see how they can ignore the obvious this time, especially as it's all written in their own hand.

    They can't complain when it;s their words...

  7. The book is now only £8 on Amazon with free delivery. The Sun newspaper is hated in Liverpool it was burnt on the streets after the Hillsborough disaster, and the lies it told.

    Its sales in Liverpool have never recovered. Kate Maccann our beloved scouser, goes to the sun to tell her story knowing full well its history in Liverpool. Remember Souness the Liverpool manager he was hated in Liverpool for selling his story to the sun he had to issue an apology in the end there was such an outcry over the Sun.
    running his story. Will this happen to the Maccann pair bet it will not they can do no wrong. Rachel liverpool

  8. I wouldn't even bother buying either! Complete trash! Kate McCann's book should gather dust in the 'fiction' department. Why has no-one tried to gag her the way they tried to gag amaral? Seems to be one rule for them another for everyone else. Makes me feel a tad queasy actually thinking of those KIDS LEFT ON THEIR OWN .....

  9. Well said no 4. It appears any comments relating to Mrs McCann's paedophile references are banned,
    Her controversial narrative is allowed to be published but any further criticism by mambers of the public who find it offensive is also banned.
    Families are discussing these latest revelations. So we can discuss behind closed doors, but we are ordered to keep our opinions to ourselves.

  10. When I went shopping today Waitrose had loads of Sun's unsold as did Sainsburys.
    IMO as far as the public are concerned the mccanns are old news, people want to read about Kate and William and Osama bin Laden, not a couple of child neglectors, they are boring old news everybody knows they are guilty and trying to take more money from the public, they have had their day. Now is Sr Amarels time,God bless you Sr Amarel you have played a clever game, justice will be yours. RIP Maddie.
    Thank you Joana and Astro xxx

  11. Every thing comes to he who waits.....the mccanns have enough rope to hang themselves ....and they will.

  12. The Sun is the most down market tabloid newspaper, to have a story serialised in the sun is nothing, the sun is also asking the public for new stories ' do you have a story ' phone this number etc, the amount of unsold suns must speak volumes. Everything the mccanns touch turns to dust, just watch the sun disappear into the sunset. The more upmarket newspapers disregard the mccanns because like us they know they are a pair of scheming conners, desperate for money and they will take it by whatever means possible. They are rubbish parents, Kate sounds like a rubbish author but soon she will have plenty of time in prison to learn writing skills and perhaps some parenting skills that she so lacks. Justice for Maddie and Sr Amaral.

  13. Thank you Joana and Astro brilliant web site.

  14. I notice today that all newspapers reporting on the mccanns have a section that comments on the mccanns online are not accepted - now I wonder why that could be !!!

    It's about time this case was re-opened. Whoever is in charge please re-open it.

  15. Seems the McCanns can say what they like with impunity but the whole world is gagged from questioning their words & actions:

    Kate McCann accuses Algarve police of sex abuse cover up
    Kate McCann has accused Portuguese police of covering up a series of child sex abuse cases before her daughter Madeleine was abducted.

  16. The McCanns' book will confirm to all that they are involved in the disappearance of Madeleine, if it does not contain the following basic information that is essential if they genuinely hope any witnesses will come forward as a result of publication:

    1/ The time that Madeleine was last seen alive and by whom. This is among the most basic pieces of information you would expect to be released to the public in any missing persons case.

    2/ Either a substantiation, by presenting solid evidence that the gentleman seen by Mrs. Cooper is the "probable abductor" as they have claimed, or a retraction of that allegation. This is vital information that should be included in the book as if they expect the public to be serious about helping to find Madeleine, false information claiming a specific person abducted Madeleine can only serve to deter valuable witnesses from coming forward.

  17. I have just been on Amazon.co.uk. Kate McCann's book is now selling at £9.00, the second price decrease in a very short time. I am very disappointed to see that Amazon are still not selling Goncalo Amaral's book. Along with other people, I sent Amazon an email asking why they were selling the book one minute, then removing the book from sale.

    I am going to send Amazon another email.I will be telling them that as long as they keep supporting Kate McCann when along with her husband, she is responsible for the situation Madeleine is in, I will never buy another product from them.

    Amazon and other UK booksellers, have blatently treated Dr Amaral with contempt. They have conveniently forgotten that along with Madeleine, Dr Amaral is also an innocent party in this sad case.

  18. I bet the lawyers watch better than the McCanns watched their children.
    Kate and Gerry can learn from them.

  19. Anon 15 - "Seems the McCanns can say what they like with impunity but the whole world is gagged from questioning their words & actions:"

    So true - and reeks of a very sinister society - reminiscent of police states and oligarchies. It really seems as if the police, government and media are all scared of doubting this couple in the slightest - creepy. Why is there no balance in the reporting of this case?

  20. Have you see the online photos in the SUN trash paper??????. there are 2 pictures of their majesties Kate & Gerry McCann that look like a complete copy of their real Majesties Kate and William's engagement photographs!!!!

    The McCann woman is wearing a copy of her Royal Highness Princess Kate's blue figure hugging engagement dress, and King Gerry is holding out Kate's wrist as if he is showing off an engagement ring while actually showing off her cheap tacky (wouldn't be seen dead in) wrist bands!!

    They definitely have delusions of grandeur. what will be next - reaffirmation of their wedding vows with her wearing a copy of Princess Catherine's lace wedding dress!!!

    will these pics be on a set of Royal Mail stamps soon????

    aunty Anti.

  21. Anon 17 - I doubt whether Amazon will stock GAs book until it is published in English. They won`t get enough sales while it`s still only available in other languages.

    I can`t understand why GA hasn`t got it published in English yet - surely there is nothing preventing this now. I can`t believe there are no publishers in UK or USA willing to print it. If they are scared - then exactly what are they scared of?

  22. The Portuguese Ministry of Justice can sue Kate McCann now.What she is saying in her book about the the Portuguese police protecting paedophiles, yes, let Portugal sue her now.Proofs, my darling?This is the great chance for our country.
    Kate is playing with fire!

  23. Within one week Amazon will pay us 9 pounds if we take Kate's book home.

  24. every one of the 27 comments on the on-line version of the Sun newspaper is pro McCann - how very surprising......

    aunty anti

  25. 17- this pressure of yours on Amazon is not right. This book has to be known specially by Portuguese authorities and lawyers.Let us see what Kate is saying,the stupid snake.The more she tells, the worse it gets for the McCanns.
    They are hanging themselves.
    Allow them to.
    Don't forget that Europe is a democracy, except for the UK.

  26. We need the book to be scanned and freely distributed on the web, the content so far is dreadful! They cannot sue anyone for a review.

    Very revealing that they have their lawyers watching - they are terrified of the truth!

  27. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3567599/MADDIE-MUM-MY-TORTURE-Madeleine-McCanns-mum-Kate-reveals-paedophile-fears-in-new-book-in-The-Sun.html?allComments=true#mySunComments

    Amazing! All so supportive - very serious editting going on here!

  28. News were obviously going to get the exclusive. They have done a great job for the team since May 2007. Time for the team to give back.

  29. I cannot believe this... I have been waiting with baited breath for daaaaays to see what they she has to say! Surely they can't get away with this, surely somebody will be able to upload pages to the internet, but how would we know where to look. I have about 4 or 5 Madeleine websites I log onto, this being the best, so please everyone keep your eyes peeled and somehow we can all keep checking to see if we can find anything and let the rest know! I will NOT buy this book, not now not ever but I WILL read their damning lies free online!!!! Surely their judgement day is coming!?!?

  30. Lets send some of our questions/comments to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. He is a politician from PSD who become long ago a commentator in all portuguese TVs. Now he is in "TVi.24" on the news at Sunday 8Pm. He use to bring some books to his previous program and make comments. On the day after, what he says is making headlines in almost all papers. Lets ask him a comment on Kates book and the accusations she made against portuguese police. How this affect the image of Portugal, in a moment that the country need so much the tourism to bypass the crisis. Is it fare? Her machine propaganda is set up around the world with British tabloides working at the front-line and we the public were prevented to read other versions of the facts, to give our opinion and to ask answers for what still not explained.

    Kate went too far and I believe that time she digg her own grave. She is making serious accusations and if she has no evidences to support that accusations she must go to an international Court to explain what moves her? What is the business behind the book. The police already miss his job and went in a very low profile. They are not facing until now any charges or any court investigation in Portugal. Then, what moves them? Fears, because the case was shelved but not closed? Could be reopenned at any moment and the book could be the new evidence the police was waiting for.
    Bringing to the news old stories about Casa Pia, did not work as evidences in such accusations. Speaking about the hypothetical British Paedos living free in Algarve, as was printed in some news 4 years ago, did not give a good picture about the British authorities who let them go abroad without informing Portugal about their criminal records.
    You are playing with fire Kate, and I believe if the bomb explode, your dear SUN and Amazon will be the first to run out of the chaos scene.

    TVI.24 has a section" Faca uma pergunta ao Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa" where we can ask him some questions.
    A chain needs to be created from the public into the places where some politicians could be reached. They have to know what is the feeling of the public from the real world.

  31. Who is paying the hard work of who is slecting the comments about kate book in the SUN? I believe hundred or thousands are very unsupportive and completely against the Paper, the book and her Pseudo-author. What a job. The Fund is paying that people who I believe were contracted just to do that specific work and shut up their mouths when the mission was accomplished.
    In Correio da Manha, all articles regarding Kate book have very bad comments against the Sun and the mccann's. Some even ask the dear British friends to send them samples of the Sun to be used as a toilet paper. A way to face the crisis. I'm affraid your book will be hated in portugal. You must revise your mind about publishing such insultuous rubbish in a country which hardly search your daughter and help your Fund when you just kick your bott.. out of the sofa to spread "findmadeleine boxes" with her face, around the algarve hotels to fool who was holidaying there, asking donations.. ... BUT NEVER EVER PHYSICAL SEARCH YOUR DAUGHTER. You have energy for jogging, for asking money under all the excuses. But no energy to come to portugal and do the reconstruction. Your friends refused it and you are not feeling well at the time,yah? And I'm Santa but lost my rendieers.

  32. Wait a minute.....surely the more these 'excerpts' are publicised, read and spread around, on the internet or via the book, surely is this not HELPING them to spread the word around to HELP in the search of Madeleine....why the defensive stance so early?. Why see the reproducing of excerpts as a negative, if indeed they so wish the word to be spread around just 'in case' it sparks off a memory somewhere with somebody.... mmmm....yep, control, control, control everything.... they don't WANT to help the search, they are using the book for self-serving purposes to protect their image and to feed their fraudulent fund, NOT to find Madeleine, because sadly they know what happened...... this is truly sickening and so transparent!!!! If it were my child (GOD FORBID but then again I NEVER LEAVE HER FOR A MINUTE) I would be handing out the book free in the street and copy pasting all over the internet in the slight hope that someone would read it!

  33. Hi Anonymous (25) my protest to Amazon, is hardly going to put them in dire straits. I understand that Kate McCann's book is going to be published in Portugal. No doubt it will be printed in Portuguese. What I don't understand is why Goncalo Amaral, doesn't arrange for his book to be printed in English, if this is the reason it isn't being sold over here.

    I understand that the version of Goncalo Amaral's book that Amazon was selling, was partially translated into English. The one person who bought the book seemed to be pleased with it.

  34. Kate has lost the plot, literally with this story. Comments about the book and the gagging of free comments in the press about the book can be made to Nancy Grace, crime reporter in the US, via her website. She has reviewed the case in the past on TV in the US and didn't agree with the abduction theory.

  35. To Anonymous (25) regarding my last post to you. The Portuguese authorities don't need to read Kate McCann's book to know that she and her husband played a massive part in Madeleine's disappearance. They already had that information back in 2007.

    For reasons best known to the Portuguese authorities and the representative(s)of British Government, they decided against prosecuting the McCanns.

    The McCanns are now free to make as much money out of missing Madeleine as they can.

    There is something very corrupt about this case that allows the McCanns the freedom to do pretty much anything they want. The McCanns seem have the power to control what is written in the press. Who has given them the power and why?

    Madeleine's life meant nothing to the McCanns and it appears to mean nothing to the ones who could but won't bring the McCanns to justice.

    I have a good idea what is behind Madeleine's disappearance, I would love to say what I think it is, but I don't think I would be allowed. I will give you a hint, Katherine Gaspar's insinuations about David Payne. Read from this what you will.

  36. Hi Anonymous (34) I have been over to the States many times and I have watched Nancy Grace's crime programmes. She is an excellent reporter and when she gets her teeth into something, she is like a dog with a bone.

    Nancy reminds me of Sandra Felgueiras, the Portuguese television reporter. Sandra has never been afraid to ask the questions other presenters are afraid to ask.

    I would love to see Nancy and Sandra, present a crime programme about the McCanns.

  37. They do not want the sun articles on the internet because some astute person may pick up a few clues or contradictions. Just wait until the whole book is analysed, there will be conflicting errors. I hope our friend the PJ finally raise their heads and defend themselves. Dr amaral we are all waiting for you.

  38. Sandra Felgueiras is a doubled face on that case. She put some questions to the Mccann's just to avoid the criticism of the portuguese public. In a program where she was interviewed ( Praca da Alegria) she made very disgusting insinuations about PJ. I never buyed the reports of that lady in that case. I thing Portugal has much, much better and more independent journalists to interview and make hard questions to the Mccann's.
    Have nothing to do with that case but SF mother was under police investigation for many years and was charged with corruption. Off course, her daughter could not be an independent journalist for cases involving the reputation of the police. Become quite clear in portugal that Maddie case was used by some power to discredit the police work because this can be used by them on their own cases. Lawyers, politicians and some journalists, all work together to discredit PJ and the non corrupt judges. Maddie was the cherry on top of the cake. They always can blame others for shelving and not bringing Mccann's to court. Pinto Monteiro knows well how to do it. mccann's lawyers in portugal know well who are the corrupt politicians (they use to be their lawyers aswell). According to my point of view, is all controlled by their lawyers who know how to tide the politicians exactely where they have a lot to answer- Their faible points, the suspiction of corruption that always surround them. That is what is giving power to the mccann's. That lawyers and the poor service they do for portugal need to be exposed. What other explanation can we have when we see always the same lawyers(offices) defending the politicians from crimes like Casa Pia, Face Oculta and criticising the work of PJ? When we see Marinho pinto accusing PJ of torture, being criticised by his partners but re-elected? PJ is a very competent police who disturbes the work of that lawyers making their defenses more harder. It is a kind of mafia using the power and the country on their own profite. The Mccann's will feel safe during the kingdom of all that people. Free to make all accusations with impunnity. Free to stole the money from honest people in different ways.

  39. From Anon 4
    "The paper knew full well the impact of that disgraceful headline, ‘I SEE HER….ALONE AND SCREAMING’ and that awful quote ‘The idea of a monster like this touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again’ - the McCanns certainly chose the appropriate newspaper"

    100%% with you
    I will not comment any further out of respect for Madeleine but the "marketing ploy" continues with the now usual sanctions,gagging,manipulations and the like.When we read some excerpts ,immediately anyone in his right mind would recognise the atrocious trash this book is.It is all about abuse and killing.It sells.Read on :http://tinyurl.com/6xefoq5

  40. "I was crying out that I could see Madeleine lying, cold and mottled, on a big grey stone slab"
    I think this book will be very revealing....

  41. I can only comment on the interviews I saw Sandra Felgueiras make with the McCanns. Whatever Sandra's reasons were for making those interviews matter not a jot to me.

    What did matter, was the way Sandra made the McCanns squirm during those interviews. In my opinion, Sandra's skill in interviewing the McCanns, showed to most people who were watching, that the McCanns were certainly more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

    I don't know and I don't care if Sandra or her mother, have done anything remotely shady in their lives. Whatever they may or may not have done, can never be as bad as the deed the McCanns did towards Madeleine.

    The McCanns are walking free, because of corrupt actions, between at least one representative of the British Government and at least one representative of the Portuguese Government.

  42. My (41) was in reply to anonymous post (38)

  43. Thank you 34. it is a good idea to write to Nancy Grace about this book. Unfortunately there is nothing good to say about the first chapter. I can almost hear kate's voice as I read and it is not pleasant. Her style is distasteful and to buy this book may not be the best way to spend your money. Let them have it and keep it. We will know one way or the other what she is trying to convey and hopefully she let's us know what on earth she has done to her daughter because she was going to tell the truth. She and her newspaper will eventually learn that you only catch flies with vinegar. Just look at the attitudes. What next?! How many books did you say you want to sell kate? It is not looking good for you.

  44. I find the terms and quotes used in this article when referring to imagined images of a small child being sexually abused by a paedophile deeply obscene and offensive!!

  45. The Sun says ? - Then it must be a lie.
    Come to England and ask anybody in the street what the worst quality newspaper in England is and everybody will say 'The Sun'.
    Academically educated people in England do not want to be seen associated with The Sun (like "you must be a Sun reader" - meaning 'you must be stupid')

  46. Mccanns have found another story again in the Mail and the Express with pictures of new suspects,what they should show is a picture of Mr Mccann carrying a child as seen by Mr Smith.They were involved in what happened to Madelleine and now they are trying to put the blame on someone else. Its time Portugal opened the case and found out the truth.Please Germany do not get involved in this they are looking for someone to blame.Maddy died in the flat. J. Germany.

  47. My reply to '37'
    I believe Dr. Amaral said one or two years ago that he is keeping to himself (secret) two pieces of evidence that would bury the McCanns should they ever try to bury Dr. Amaral reputation. - I don't think Amaral is the type of person likely to bluff. Besides he has the support of the entire PJ so he is therefore a very credible person indeed.

    Another point, Dr. Amaral has apparently finished a new book and he is waiting to read Kate's book in order to put his into print. The title of his new book is also dependent on what Kate says in hers.

  48. It is only my computer or the sites/blogs where Mccann's lies were been questionned, are under "surveillance"? Joana and Textusa, the comment window in some of your posts is behavioring odd, asking ID authorization and showing the administraction window. Wasn't Clarrie who used to monitorized and spy what was going on in the Internet?
    Could be related with traffic increased at the Net, but two blogs having the same problem?
    Wonder why they are so worried if they are spying who say what and trying to access personal information.

  49. I Dandelion 1906,

    I respect your point of view. From Portugal, most of us have always the impression that Sandra could go a little far, could ask more harder questions. She seems always to stop at the turning point. But Mccann's interviews were known for their pre-agree questions.
    From anon.38

  50. Even my local radio station is giving it a mention on their news spot saying the McCanns book talks about how their marriage was floundering because of the strain ....... it sounds as if its going to be like those `true life stories` you see in Chat magazines at the doctors waiting room.

    Every one I have spoken to has expressed amazement that this story is still being given impact by the rag papers.

  51. Hi Anonymous (48) I supposed we were used to the UK presenters pussyfooting around the McCanns, so Sandra's questions were like a breath of fresh air. She seemed to get under the McCanns skin, but maybe I was seeing something that wasn't there.

  52. Today´s Observer certainly opened a can of worms. Good to see scores of interesting, reasonable, heartfelt comments in response to Barbara Ellen´s piece of trash. Pity the thread had to be closed down after the McCann supporters (and unfortunately some of their critics ) waded in and, as ever, started hurling abuse at each other.

  53. Our Lawyers Are Watching

    So are the General Public

    Did Kate see her daughter "Alone and Screaming" whilst her child was "giving her captors "her tuppence worth"

    Did Kate see her daughter "Alone and Screaming" whilst celebrating her childs birthday all smiles and flowers.

  54. I think Kate's description of a paedophile touching Maddie is utterly selacious, vile and disgusting, enough to give certain people ideas even, encouraging them to search the net or do worse. Such thoughts should not appaear in print.
    anyway I thought they claimed no harm had come to her

    aunty anti

  55. This book will be their undoing, they will not be able to claim that they didnt make inconsistant statements - this is fully authorised and the inconsistancies will stick like napalm!


    WHY is The Sun Newspaper overcharging its readers? It is offering the Madeleine book at the “special price of £18.00”. The book is on sale everywhere else for £9.00.

    ‘Readers can buy the book for the special price of £18.00 including free UK and Ireland p&p. To order call 01206 255 800 and quote the reference.’

  57. If it wasn't so sad you could easily laugh your head off.

    I mean, the McCanns didn't want to launch their book near the big wedding day and then BAM! Osama is killed and all-of-a-sudden the news headlines are swamped with Osama news.

    It couldn't have come at a worse time for the McCanns.

    Move over Gerry, there's a new headline in town in the shape of Al-Kate-a.

    Bye the way, if anyone is interested in buying the McCann book I can also recommend a few other titles like: Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. I think those books will be cheaper and more to the truth.

  58. The Truth of the Lie (by G. Amaral) v madeleine (McCanns)

    Two books, two completely different titles and two very different sides of one story.

    So, let's break this one down in short...

    The Truth of the Lie is written by a highly-regarded police officer and very intelligent man who was actually on the case using his years of training and experience. Add DNA, evidence of tampered timelines, un-coherent and un-frequent answers from the McCann party and you cannot help but things are just not adding up.

    madeleine by the McCanns is a book I have not read and do not intend to but no doubt they will tell their version that goes a little something like this...

    Promoting the abduction theory although no evidence whatsoever has suggested or stated that an abduction actually took place.

    Winner: G. Amaral by a landslide.

    You wonder why I can come up with this paragraph and be so convinvcing? Well, let me quote the great and late George Carlin: "I´ve got this moron thing going on and it's called 'THINKING' and I am not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions."

    Sadly, the majority of people in the UK do not know what it is like or what it takes to think for themselves as they are enslaved with false information every day. All the Brits need is a red top newspaper with front page gossip on the front, a pair of tits inside the next page, adverts for sofas throughout and then football scores on the back page.

    As long as there are six cans of beer in the fridge, Britain's Got Talent is on the telly and the bookies are open late tonight, that's all that matters and this is why the few can control and propaganda-ize the many.

  59. Nigel: Your site has been an invaluable source of information for me and so many other people all over the world who will NOT bow down to lies, propaganda and this cover-up.

    The McCann lawyers can watch until doomsday but the TRUTH will win the day and Maddie will have justice done for her.

    The Portuguese will not permit this propaganda war to be won by those who would protect a neglectful, criminal couple at the expense of Portugal and it's skilled, professional law enforcement agencies or any individual Portuguese police officer.

    Buying Kate's book (or even the paper in which it is serialized) will simply pay those lawyer's fees and will do NOTHING at all to find Madeleine McCann. The Fund is an international fraud, and every single Madeleine Fund director (past or present) must be held to account for their role in this crime.

    The McCanns and their lawyers are like poachers roaming the jungle searching for lions roaring the truth but for every lion destroyed twenty more will spring from the bushes.

    Poachers never win at the end of the day, not against the lions of truth.

  60. I believe Amaral is waiting for the publication of Kate's book translation in Portugal, before he publishes his new book.
    He wants a definit text before he comes up with his.
    The McCanns will not have the chance to change theirs.

    I remember that The truth of the Lie was announced with many more pages than it had when it was published, in 2008.
    Probably there were things the police decided not to release and Amaral let his book be edited without that.
    I hope he is publishing them now.

  61. Mrs McCann also described how she and her husband felt “completely alone” while searching for Madeleine the day after her disappearance.

    Read more: http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/Article.aspx/2258256#ixzz1Lr609Va6

    I am flabbergasted at the above statement. The McCanns admitted they never searched for Maddie and how could they feel alone when everyone in PDL was out looking for the child except them. They were probably already planning their jogging route for the day.

  62. In the Sun today. A receptionist is now in the firing line - another scapegoat - accused by Kate McCann of tipping off the abductor by leaving a note that the McCanns were leaving the children on their own. The note was probably written as a memo by a member of staff because the resort was deeply worried by Tapas9's negligent childcare arrangements and did not want to be held accountable if anything befell those children.
    It will likely turn out to be true, as is often claimed, that the resort staff warned the McCanns about the children crying at night and offered to provide childcare facilities which the McCanns chose not to accept - a possibe reason for the existence of the note.

  63. Am I missing something?

    "My heart lurched as I saw now that, behind them, the window was wide open and the shutters on the outside raised all the way up. Nausea, terror, disbelief, fear. Icy fear. Dear God, no! Please, no!"

    I thought the fairy story of the open windows and shutters had been debunked ages ago.

    Mr B.

  64. daily Express @
    In her new book Madeleine, Kate wrote:
    “As a senior house officer in gynaecology"

    was she really a senior house officer ?

    or is it a lie ?

    @sceptical scouser

  65. Serializing the book in the Sun (of all papers) is obviously a commercial move but not a wise one. I bet the McCanns wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. Its cheap headlines are an insult to their missing, probably diseased child.

    After four years of crazily insisting ‘There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed’, Kate McCann hypothesises in her book, in gruesome terms, her own daughters abuse. If your child was snatched by paedophiles you would be lying if you refused to acknowledge that she had come to serious harm but to publicly speculate about it in such detail and then claim the child might read what you’d written is perverse. Not in a million years would any mother want her child to read the contents of that book. (And what about the twins?)

    For years they’ve told us how they showed no (negative) emotion because the British advised them not to in case the abductor got off on it. Kate McCann now tells us how she had screaming outbursts, thumped walls, smashed furniture, shouted and swore at police and, in addition, gives a luridly speculative account of her childs abuse - If Maddie is still being held captive, won’t the abductor be much more likely to get off on all that?

    Team McCann claim Maddie is alive and may even read the book, so - apart from the expected personal tribute - it’ll be interesting to see if Kate McCann actually addresses her daughter directly - something she never does in interviews.

    I suspect this book was written to:

    Make money
    Pay legal fees (for all the Tapas9)
    Discredit Amaral, the police and Portugal
    Initiate a pre-emptive strike re: the forthcoming libel trial
    Make KM sound completely deranged and place the blame on Amaral, his book and the PJ
    Address discrepancies (an innocent explanation for everything)
    Manipulate statements (as previously seen in 2009 with Gerry McCann disputing Jane Tanners official statement i.e. ‘Which side of the road was Gerry & Wilkins?’. Fiona Payne’s statement re: the twins ‘under nose breathing check‘ is now disputed in Kate McCanns book)
    Attack the doubters, dogs, evidence, police, governments and all those who aren’t deemed ‘helpful’ - no doubt a special place in hell/the book is reserved for all bloggers and, not forgetting the latest target, the Ocean Club receptionist who they accuse of tipping off the abductor. No one is off limits - reminds me of Janet Kennedy remarking that the crying incident was probably down to Madeleine’s imagination
    Convince the followers (some are wobbling)
    Attract sales by throwing in a few sleazy and salacious details

  66. Mr B said: 'I thought the fairy story of the open windows and shutters had been debunked ages ago.'

    Kate McCann eventually came to the very strange conclusion that the 'abductor' could have opened the window as a 'red herring'. As you do, of course, while you're abducting a child and in a hurry to go out the door - you open the window thinking 'that'll give them something to think about'. I know, I know, only an idiot could think like that, but we are dealing with the McCanns here, not with sensible logical adults.

    Of course, you may be thinking more of the 'jemmied shutters' reports which played the main role in the first few days in making people believe this was an abduction rather than something else entirely. According to various relatives and friends of the McCanns it was Kate and Gerry who were busy informing them that the shutters had been damaged/jemmied; one person informed everyone that Kate had personally seen the damage. But ... er ... the shutters weren't jemmied or damaged in any way, so these little fairytales were just that - fairy stories. The media eventually reported the truth - that the shutters hadn't been damaged and that the McCanns had been (unbelievably) leaving a door open. Rather oddly, none of the media outlets seemed at all bothered by the lies that had been told about the shutters, lies that if they hadn't been told might have made people question the whole theory of abduction even sooner than they did.

    Misdirection from day one, in the manner of the conjurors who get you to look in one direction so you don't see what's happening in the other. All IMO.

  67. Having read various excerpts in the Sun and other papers I’m beginning to think Gerry McCann is simply trying to protect his wife.

    Maybe the following blog by Gerry really does hold the missing part of the jigsaw to Madeleines disappearance. I think most will agree that his words have nothing to do with paedophile abduction:

    Gerry McCanns blog August 2007

    “Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand.

    An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended.

    Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear.”

  68. Contrary to what Kate McCann says in today’s Sun newspaper, cadaver odour lasts much longer than 30 days. In fact in the Eugene Zapata case (whose wife disappeared in 1976) it lasted no less than 30 YEARS:

    ‘Eugene Zapata was charged with first-degree murder last year after the dogs indicated they sniffed human remains in a crawl space at the Zapatas' former home on Madison's east side and other properties linked to him during searches in 2005 and 2006‘.

    The dogs would not be used by law enforcement, customs & immigration, the armed forces and on state occasions such as the royal wedding if they were unreliable.

  69. Kate McCann “I was suddenly boosted by a surge of adrenaline (must've been my SCOUSE FIGHTING GENES kicking in). I got out of the car and walked calmly towards the entrance, my head held high.”

    Drop the scouse act Mrs McCann. You chose the Sun. Liverpool doesn’t need you or it.

  70. In todays offering Kate McCann accuses police of framing her.
    She claims her lawyer advised her to accept a deal proposed by police - illegal in Portugal.
    She says Carlos Pinto de Abreu advised her not to answer question about her precious child’s disappearance although she admits she had no respect for him and referred to him as a "F****** tosser".

    It would be interesting to hear Carlos Pinto de Abreu’s version of events but he is probably bound by client confidentiality. She has trashed his reputation --- would he really suggest his client accept a deal which had no basis in law? Would the police suggest it knowing it was illegal?

    She is violently angry at being made a suspect but in reality the family is always the first to be investigated in a missing person case. It’s not at all surprising she was made arguida considering her refusal to answer questions even though she knew it was hindering the search into her child‘s disappearance; refusal to supply police with essential documentation (medical, financial & phones records), refusal to adhere to police advice concerning the media and Madeleines eye. What did she expect? Why does she see herself as special and not subject to the same rules as the rest of us?

    Some serious questions need to be asked regarding her allegations though .

  71. Edited to correct error

    In todays offering Kate McCann accuses police of framing her.
    She claims her lawyer advised her to accept a deal proposed by police - illegal in Portugal.
    She says Carlos Pinto de Abreu advised her not to answer question about her precious child’s disappearance although she admits she had no respect for him.

    It would be good to hear Carlos Pinto de Abreu’s version of events but he is probably bound by client confidentiality. Would he really suggest his client accept a deal which had no basis in law? Would the police suggest it knowing it was illegal?

    Martin Grime is referred to as a "F****** tosser". She implies he too tried to set her up by deliberately directing the dogs to her car because he saw the Maddie stickers.

    She is violently angry at being made a suspect but in reality the family is always the first to be investigated in a missing person case. It’s not surprising she was made arguida considering her refusal to answer questions even though she knew it was hindering the search into her child‘s disappearance; refusal to supply police with essential documentation (medical, financial & phones records), refusal to adhere to police advice concerning the media and Madeleines eye. What did she expect? Why does she see herself as special and not subject to the same rules as the rest of us?

    Some serious questions need to be asked regarding her allegations though .

  72. ..."my head held high"... as though your posture on the way to refusing to answer police questions gives you some kind of dignity, Kate?

    No. You are a liar and the world doesn't see liars as dignified.

    Self delusional? Certainly.

    When those of us who have read the PJ files, interviews and media spin for 4 years go looking for dignity, we turn our heads in the direction of a former member of the PJ. The name is Amaral and he holds his head high with the true dignity that comes from a desire for justice for Madeleine McCann.

    Remember her? The child who mattered less to you than another night out boozing with your fellow child-neglecting friends???

  73. 67, Of course Gerry wrote that for some purpose.I remember this text, not long before they were made official suspects.In my eyes it was useless to write this, not necessary at all unless its purpose was to convince the public that the death( if the police would prove it) was an accident, not premeditated.Somebody wrote here that Olegário de Sousa seems to have said "it was a crime against an English, committed by an English and planned in England". I don't know if he used the word British or English.
    And I don't know if he ever said that.
    But this "planned in England" sounds terrible.

    If this is true, the only way to get attention from British authorities and from the British public would be to commit the crime abroad, calling the media, to blame the local police, to blame everybody and to make money.
    They couldn't have done this all by themselves. They got help from somewhere, also from people in Algarve at that moment.

    I pray it was an accident.

  74. @71 Kate's slur is made to Ricardo Paiva, the PJ liaison officer.

    That excerpt: « (...)The handler stopped next to the Renault and called the dog. It obeyed; returning to him, but then ran off again. Staying by the car, PC Grime instructed the dog to come back several times and directed it to certain parts of the vehicle before it eventually supplied an alert by barking.

    Each time a dog gave a signal, Ricardo would pause the video and inform me that blood had been found in this site and that the DNA from the sample matched Madeleine's.

    He would stare at me intently and ask me to explain this. These were the only times I didn't respond with a "No comment."

    Instead I said I couldn't explain it, but neither could he. I remember feeling disdain for Ricardo.

    What was he doing? I thought. Just following orders? Under my breath, I found myself whispering, "F****** tosser, f***** tosser." This quiet chant somehow kept me strong, kept me in control. This man did not deserve my respect. "F****** tosser." (...)»

    via Murdoch's scum http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3570737/Did-they-expect-me-to-confess-to-a-crime-they-had-made-up.html#ixzz1Ltwq41Ys

  75. A new article on the Sun, 9th, and only 3 quite similar comments.
    Relatives of the McCanns are getting tired of this, the McCanns themselves too.
    Now I expect them to write lots of comments, to fight back what I just wrote here.

  76. Post 74, I can't beleive that a newspaper printed this and I can't beleive this is how the woman reacted - it didnt occur to her that someone else might have used the car and that this might have been madeleines blood anyway - even if it werent her?!

    Little wonder we suspect this woman - and what a low life she is - not exactly eloquent or intelligent is she! Clearly proves that the exams she passed were about information retention and not intelligent usage! Scares the hell out of me - is this the standard of our GP's?!!!

  77. 71, by the way, where are Carlos Pinto de Abreu and Rogério Alves?
    Are they fired?

  78. "I could not make love to Gerry", see Sun of today's.
    Is it necessary to tell about sex life?
    It is obvious to us that there are tensions inside their marriage.
    This is normal when a couple looses a child.
    I never believed those two peace-white-pigeons, hand-in-hand.
    Too artificial, too Hollywood.
    I think they did not separate because they share an awful secret, otherwise they should be living apart from each other.
    I believe Kate's nights must be terrible, waking up screaming, disturbing Gerry.If this the case, they can better sleep in separate rooms.But I wonder if she can bare the night,in dark, and all by herself in her room.

  79. Oddly I think the McCanns may have scored an own goal with this book .... regardless of it's contents (and I look forward to comparing those with the official police files!) the book is raising the topic of Madeleine with people again.

    And THIS time there is a wealth of information available that simply wasn't there 4 years ago - the transcripts, police files, Sn. Amaral's book, The Madeleine Foundation and invaluable websites like this one. So now, whenever the subject is coming up (which is ALL the time thanks to The Sun) we can simply point people in the right direction and let them discover the truth for themselves...

    and they ARE - people who previously just believed the UK Media spin and hype are now looking at the facts with clear heads and, finally, questioning the McCann's version of events.


  80. Most people would repeat some sort of nice mantra, but not our educated Kate her mantra was F---ing Tosser, very nice for a so called educated lady, I dont think. Be careful what you have written it may come back and bite you

  81. Well it that cold vile women Kate thought she was going to get the public behind her she is sadly mistaken she has just shown what a violent, foul mouth rough cow she really is ie smashing up beds and calling men who have been brought in by the police to do his job a f***king to**er, f**king t**ser!!! i could not stand this women anyway but after the blitz by Murdoch's scum newspapers, i now despise her! also i have noticed Murdoch seems to protect the Mccanns alot??? hmmm i wonder why? then again they have a lot of powerful people protecting them i have my own thoughts on why that is.

  82. "I could not make love to Gerry."
    Neither could one of us,Kate.
    About this issue, #you'll never walk alone#.

  83. Smashing beds, ****ing tosser, I could not make love to Gerry - and she wants madeleine to read this! She's mad.

    Anyway, I make love with my husband, not to him.

  84. So we have had the pulling on the heart strings with M being touched up by a paedo then we have action/violance with K smashing the bed up at her frustration with the PJ now today we have SEX. It's the perfect novel, you couldn't make it up. But then again Kate perhaps you can?

    Sick O'Dee BS

  85. hope the tapas friends are holding on tight, what with all this paedo crap coming up in the book, but we all know about the gaspers statement mentioning one of them making lewd suggestions (not spoken but actions).also didnt kate say they all into each other., and no amount of sun shit can take away the truth

  86. I'm becoming obsessed with this case, which is worrying. However, I bought this book to see what Kate had to say. I read it with an open mind over a few days. What I believe about it is that Kates feelings are real. She has lost a daughter no matter what the circumstances may be, but what are those circumstances? Every decent blog (such as this one) has all the theories we already know. But I am searching for something else. I searching for some theories that perhaps Madeleines disappearance was somehow threatened, or expected or something like that. Did something happen in the UK that made Gerry persuade Kate to go away on holiday. Perhaps this is something that they can't disclose to anyone for fear for the twins or for Madeleines life is she is still alive. Is there more to the Madeleine fund then meets the eye? Lots of wild goose chases by expensive detective agencies...why? I think there is more to it than concealing a body.....In conclusion, I enjoyed reading the book but was sorely disappointed by the end when they came up with those terrible photofits. I know someone identical to the ugly man but I know it wasn't him. This whole story is a smoke screen for something a lot bigger. I wish I could get my head around what it could be.

  87. Join the club Miss Independent! I've not bought or read the book but agree with everything you say, there's something missing (other than Madeleine!) that I, yourself and many others can't work out. I must admit I’m resigned to thinking that the truth will not be known about this case for many years if at all. However I take comfort from knowing that the McCann’s and some, if not all, their Tapas friends know what really happened. And they know that we know that their story is full of holes. I just wish one of them would have the courage to go to the police and tell the truth.


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