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Breaking News: Arguido in the Rui Pedro case to stand trial

The court of Lousada has announced this morning that Afonso Dias, who stands accused of the abduction of Rui Pedro, who disappeared on the 4th of March, 1998, will stand trial. Judge Jorge Moreira Santos has issued a ruling that has pronounced the only arguido in the process over the crime of qualified abduction.

The judicial magistrate's decision has taken into account the arguments that were presented during the instruction debate that was held on the 26th of May.

The accusation in the Rui Pedro case was produced on the 11th of February this year, sustaining the "strong probability" of Afonso Dias having taken the youngster to a sexual encounter with prostitutes, in the early afternoon, in the area of Lustosa, Lousada.

After that, Rui Pedro was never seen again, despite the diligences that extended abroad and included the cooperation of Interpol.

in: SIC Notícias, 06.06.2011

also watch: Exclusive interview with Rui Pedro's parents, on TVI24



    Would he still be charged?

  2. "Suspeito do rapto de Rui Pedro julgado para elucidar "indícios objectivos"- JN

    Hello, Dear Kate, 13 years after the crime, the investigation re-starts at the point where was wrongly stoped. Polices and judges did not change their points of view. There is less forensic evidences (at least known by the public) in this case then on your daughter's case, but the statements of the witnesses, the contradictions of Afonso and his absence of a valid alibi, is enough to bring the case to a court trial. I believe, now Filomena Teixeira will finally know what happened to her son.
    During this 13 years she was the face of the pain, the grief, the mysery. A slow agony that lead her to die a bit everyday.
    She did not write a book, she did not explore her drama or the destiny of her son. She did not look for a coin coming from any way, she did not travel to see Oprah and sell an expensive talk show. She keep pressuring the right place, day after day. And the right place was PJ and the portuguese justice. They are the only ones who have power, money, knowledge and all the ways openned to search and rescue her son.
    I really wish all the best for that brave lady and her family, during this new step that now begans. Contrary to the Mccann's, we never saw her planning events many months/years ahead the day she could be reunited with her son.
    Just a small curiosity- Kates book " Madeleine" is advertised on the Arts section of the DN, by a portuguese guy with a video. He says what the Mccann's or their huge team of advisers ask him to say. It is very interesting that the mccann's finnish the promotion of their book in Portugal with a wish that in one year, when Madeleine turns 5, the book can contribute to know where she is or what happened to her. That capacity to launch a business based on their daughters tragedy and sistematically perspond for a far date, the day she could be found, is really amazing.
    Shame on the DN that gave some space for that charade to stay on.

  3. I'm very happy this man will stand trial. This is a little comfort to Rui Pedro' s parents. Very little but still a comfort. Who is this blessed judge Jorge Moreira Santos and is he willing to study the Maddie files ? Maddie was last seen by Gerry and she disappeared short after, he stated.
    And Gerry was last seen by the Smiths with a little girl in his arms. Enough to stand trial like Afonso Dias will.
    This is a wonderful step of the Portuguese Justice. If Dias is innocent, he can show it in tribunal.
    Gerry will have to explain why was he walking around with a child in his arms, in pyjamas, bare feet,during a cold night, and short before Kate raised the alarm.Who was that child, please?

    This will be a start.
    If he has proof that child was Clarence Mitchell, whom he adores, no problem.The police will understand him.
    Who doesn't adore Clarrie?

  4. Yeaah, just starting the trial asking Gerry what was he doing with that child, down that street.And who was that child.Perhaps it was not Madeleine at all but he has to prove it.

    I suppose the pink blanket was given back to the McCanns and they never considered the possibility the police would check on everything when the dogs came.The police must have a list and photos of everything they found in the apartment and it could be that, giving everything back to the Mccanns,it could have been a trap. According to myself, it was a trap. If there were not been any dogs, the PJ would have found another excuse to control the list.

  5. Hopefully we see real justice for this child. Is he still alive? We pray that this arguido will speak the truth. My heart leaps when I see you have something new for us to read, Joana and Astro. I also pray that your new prime minister will make all the difference to the politics in Portugal and that he sets a true example to the running and managing of your country. Socrates, thank God, was dropped like a hot potato!

  6. According to Radio Jackie Matthew Oldfield will probably be interrogated by the SY because he was the last one in the apartment, before Kate raised the alarm.
    He stated he did not see Madeleine but who says he is telling the truth? I never thought of that but he could be the one who caused the death, probably accidentally, who knows. Alone in the apartment, with somebody else' s child..., could he be evil?
    If he listened to the children at the windows, why go inside the apartment? This is odd. That could explain why his wife Rachel #recognized# Murat.And who said he went to the apartment at 9.30 pm?
    Maybe much before and Gerry found the girl at 9.05.
    In the McCanns' reconstruction, he was really looking very bad, very unhappy.Feeling guilty?
    And why are Tapas 8 protecting him?

  7. Pobre Mãe ! Pobre Família. O que têm sofrido desde 1999. Este sim, um drama enorme, conjuntamente com Rita Sloff Monteiro; Jorge Sepúlveda e mais um desaparecido na Serra da Arrábida há vários anos também.


    Quanto aos outros, os de UK, esses nem sabem o que é este sofrimento de não saber de um Filho/a.

    E quanto aos livros e DVDs por devolver ?????????

    A máquina de lavar mais branco impede que saiam notícias sobre os nossos. Só sai porcaria acerca daquele casal.
    Por cá, a lifting , do S. da C. e da C. N., continua a trabalhar;são eles os, também ,grandes culpados.

  8. In the ordinary course of events, Kate and Gerry would latch onto this and insist there is a connection, just like they did with Mari Luz. In fact they are their supporters have previously cited this case.

    But I am thinking they are now feeling the need to be rather quiet which is so out of character for them. NO more pointing the finger away from themselves.

    It does prove the point that no matter how long it takes, in a really serious case like this the police never give up hope. All children deserve that.

  9. Today, in TVI 8pm news, the parents of Rui Pedro were interviewed. I was so shocked when I saw Filomena, Rui's mother, she is terribly thin, emaciated, I don't think I ever saw her so poorly, the dear soul, and I'm fearing for her life. Her voice is a weak whisper, she struggles to speak, it is clear that she is under strong medication, I truly cannot believe how she is able to function, to stand up, to keep fighting, she's a shell of a woman. So much pain emanates from her fragile and tragic figure, how much more can this mother endure!
    To my mind came that interview Kate McCann gave to Isabel Stilwell in Destak newpaper, titled "What should the face of the mother of a missing child look like?"(http://www.destak.pt/artigo/95546-kate-),
    I suggest that Kate takes a good look at Filomena's face, and then look at herself in the mirror and bow her head in shame!

  10. Pity this isnt Gerry McCann and his unsavoury friends (and revolting wife) in the dock.

  11. I was just thinking the same Anonymous post (1). I wonder if the day will ever come, when we will see the McCanns in a similar position.

  12. A venda aparente de milhoes de livros no Reino Unido( nr.1) e em portugal(nr.4) e um presente envenenado. So significa que apos 4 anos, contrario ao que os Mccann desejam, o publico continua apaixonado por este caso e a procura da verdade. Ninguem acredita no rapto, ninguem acredita neles. Mesmo os que os defendem, nao e por conviccao. Defendem-nos porque detestam a policia ou tem uma visao xenofoba de Portugal.
    Mais tarde ou mais cedo, esta investigacao vai acabar reaberta e os culpados vao ter de ser condenados. Ha inevitabilidades que nenhum dinheiro do mundo consegue comprar. portanto, Kate, saboreia o teu presente porque ele esta envenenado e vai ser efemero. Com o teu livro, conseguiste trazer mais duvidas a investigacao, incriminar-te um pouco mais e envergonhar todas as maes que responsavelmente, zelam pelos seus filhos.
    Ha um oceano de diferencas entre ti e Filomena Teixeira. De um lado esta a vicissitude, o oportunismo, a vergonha. Do outro, esta a dor, a angustia, a miseria do que e viver um dia de cada vez com uma unica certeza- A INCERTEZA SOBRE O PARADEIRO DE UM FILHO QUE SE DESEJA "APARECA NO MINUTO SEGUINTE".
    Espero que o Afonso, que tambem e pai, quebre o seu silencio para contar a verdade e que tu Kate, em respeito aos teus 3 filhos, um dia facas o mesmo.

  13. Kate’s book reminds me of the story about a worker every night when he clocked off from work he would push a wheelbarrow full of rubbish past the security guard, each night the rubbish was checked and found to be just rubbish, then years later security realised the man had been stealing wheelbarrows!

    Kate’s book leads the reader to believe Madeleine was abducted by paedophiles, that Kate is the victim and has been treated shamelessly by the inept Portuguese police whilst amassing a vast fortune in book sales and publicity for her and her husband. However if Kate was innocent she would have fully cooperated with the authorities and not sued anybody who dared disagree with her abductor theory, and as there was never any proof Madeleine had been abducted why is Kate so adamant that she was, she has gone so far as to rewrite history via her novel, the behaviour of a desperate woman.

    The rubbish and clutter Kate has spread via her slick PR team should be brushed away and whatever is left, no matter how distasteful is fact. The cadaver is damming evidence against the McCann’s, as are the Smiths, deleted phone messages, pact of silence from friends, the millions of pounds the McCann’s have made, and the shady characters employed by McCann’s Haligan etc, the setting up of a fund so quickly and on-line store – these are facts this is where the investigation needs to concentrate.

  14. Gostava muito de acreditar que com a saida de Socrates se fizesse luz sobre o caso Madeleine. Infelizmente, e minha conviccao que os politicos de todos os quadrantes estao vendidos aos escritorios de advogados que conhecem bem os seus telhados de vidro. Em Portugal, e esta crua realidade que joga a favor dos Mccann e lhes concede um poder que na realidade nao tem.
    Portugal tem de comecar a arrumar a casa e correr com o lixo politico que 30 anos de democracia e liberdade, criaram. E tempo de moralizar o pais e de o credibilizar. E preciso gente com coragem e ousadia para desafiar poderes instituidos.
    Todos desconfiamos que o rapto foi uma farsa e o Fundo e o livro criados a sua volta, uma fraude.
    Lanco aqui um apelo ao Prof. Cavaco Silva, ao Dr. passos Coelho e ao Dr. Paulo portas, em nome do vosso pais e dos cidadaos que representais... em nome das criancas e pela defesa dos seus direitos, reabram a investigacao ao caso Madeleine e deixem que a PJ promova a reconstituicao da noite do crime com os Mccann a terem de representar o papel que lhes cabe. Nenhum cidadao pode ser acusado ou julgado em praca publica, mas tambem ninguem deve proclamar-se inocente antes de provar inequivocamente essa inocencia.

  15. @Anon 6
    Could you please put the link to this information?

  16. 6- A new point of view of the police: Matthew Oldfield, the quiet doctor who never gave an interview and who disappeared as fast as he could, after the disappearance . Could he be involved in Maddie's death, was he the last one who saw her alive, was he in the apartment when Gerry arrived at 9.00 pm?
    We all concentrate ourselves on Payne, Kate and Gerry and we don't pay much attention to him.
    He could be the one responsible for the girl's death.
    He could have arrived at 5a already before the parents left to the restaurant, some kind of agreement.

  17. @ 6.

    Not sure how cadarver odour could have been found where it was if Madeleine was removed so soon after dying.
    No, OMO. it all happened on a different day entirely. That day was clean up & invent story day.


  18. 14, I read that on McCann Files, short ago.

  19. 14,please read on McCann Files: ' Consultant from Kingston Hospital may be questioned in Madeleine review' .
    And they write about Oldfield although it is not very clear it will happen. Maybe because the libel laws, the Radio has to be careful.

  20. Just out of curiosity when did Kate begin to emulate Madeleine's hairstyle? The bob with fringe one.

  21. #@Anon 16
    It did ring a bell but thanks anyway

  22. I was reading Martin Roberts on McCann Files and I am terrified how stupid Kate is.
    My impression is that she and Gerry don't have any contact with each other anymore.
    I don't believe she ever showed the book to him before it was edited.
    And the editor must have enjoyed the stupidities.
    Comments about them in the media increases the selling.
    Now everybody wants to buy the book.
    Horrible Freudian mistakes,contradictions, incriminating themselves.
    Amaral seems to be responding to her story, the poor Gonzalo, what a terrible lot of work.

  23. 12 an excellent post, totally agree

  24. Two wonderful articles from Dr. Martin Roberts, at Mccannfiles:

    (Kate caught on her lies)

  25. Any news about the new Amaral's book and about the Scotland Yard?

    I notice that the McCanns did not give any interview about their entusiasm about SY willing to help.
    I even did not read anything on Findmadeleine.
    Will that be a shoot in the foot or not?

    If the MP don't do anything about this, it will mean Cameron's administration is involved in filthy things as well.
    Who knows Cameron himself.
    The steps of SY will tell us if at least one Prime Minister is clean of odd things.
    Blair and Brown aren't, imo.

    And what about Oldfield? Is he also a kind of David Payne?

    Russel O'Brian is another person who intrigues me. After "recognizing" Murat he disappeared forever and ever, Amen, he did not appear on the photo with Tapas 6, when they won a process against Express and we may not forget he was not present on that fatal evening. I still think he cleaned the floor on 5a and he took the blue bag away, with the wet dirty clothes or with wet closet paper that were used to clean the floor.
    It is even possible he dried the floor up with closet paper and flushed it through the wc.
    But what happened to the blue bag?
    What did he and Gerry put inside it and where is this bag now?

    It is obvious for me that O'Brian is hiding something, that's why he disappeared, like Payne also did.

    I hope the SY will qizz him too because he is acting on a very odd way.
    And dirty sheets with his child's vomits were not found by the Ocean Club neither by the police.

    And going back to Oldfield, I believe he has something to do with the accident and with the disappearance.


    ANON 13 "Lanço aqui um apelo ao Prof. Cavaco Silva, ao Dr. passos Coelho e ao Dr. Paulo portas, em nome do vosso pais e dos cidadãos que representais..."

    Excelente comentário...quem fala assim, por certo não e gago! Saem mais duas bicas para a mesa do "Fundo"...

    Zé Malho

  27. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Video-Chief-Prosecutor-Kier-Starmer-Backs-Sky-News-Plans-To-Film-Some-Court-Proceedings/Article/201106216010376?lpos=UK_News_Carousel_Region_4&lid=ARTICLE_16010376_Video%3A_Chief_Prosecutor_Kier_Starmer_Backs_Sky_News_Plans_To_Film_Some_Court_Proceedings

    Chief Prosecutor: Let Justice Be Seen on TV

    Fingers crossed....

    Thpugh I think Family/Divorce Courts might not be appropriate though willing to have mind changed. But criminal - definitely

  28. Anon. #24,

    ..."he did not appear on the photo with Tapas 6, when they won a process against Express"...

    They won NO process, there never was a PROCESS, it was an out-of-court deal. The "victory" group photo on the steps of the court houses was staged!

  29. 24, I rather believe Russel O'Brian, together with Jane Tanner, is the one who could be involved in Maddie's death. And that's why she gave herself and she gave him an alibi: she saw the abductor. For some time I believed she was protecting Gerry but now I believe she was protecting her partner and herself.For some very serious reason.
    That's why we never see him anywhere.
    On the other hand, I think the theory about Oldfield, taking part in that sinister happening, is a logical one as well.

    I find it difficult that cleaning behind the sofa would take the whole evening.There is much more about those gentlemen, Russel absent for hours and Oldfield in the apartment.
    He was all alone in that apartment, that evening. Or maybe together with Russel O'Brian and Tanner. What a sick people!

  30. House of Lords is now talking about Madeleine's disappearance, not about abduction.(McCann Files)
    They are improving.
    By now, they all know Madeleine is dead but they can impossibly say it.

    Kate's foot note telling what the Leicestershire police wrote to that judge in London (Snow White's step mother) is a blessing.
    We know now that the British police are not that bad.
    May God bless all of them, in case they deserve it.

    A great proof her death is known among high placed people is the fact that Prince Charles did not allow Kate to approach him on that day, in that cathedral. If that would have happened, it would be in all news papers.
    I am absolutely sure that Kate went there specially to be photographed beside the Prince of Wales.
    And I'm sure she invited herself.
    I would not be surprised if the McCanns would not sue the Prince, for his arrogance.

  31. For 4 years now we have been seeking justice for Madeleine,we have highlighted the lie,s the mccanns and tapas have told SO WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING TO US.thats the question that needs an answer

  32. I 2007 Kate started a diary she would show to Madeleine after she would come back.
    She used this diary in her book.
    What intrigues me is that the intention of this book is the twins, for whom she wrote it and to whom she will give it later, when they will be able to understand.

    What about Madeleine, when she comes back? Will she not read the book?
    I was Kate's intention in 2007!

  33. At 30 quite agree why is nothing being done, especially now we all know so much more than we did in 2007.

    Thank you so much to Joana and Astro.


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