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Express: At last, sad Kate McCann can smile again

For once, grieving Kate McCann can find something to smile about. So often pictured as a sad, withdrawn figure, she and husband Gerry burst into laughter as they promoted her book about their lost daughter Madeleine.

The couple were in Amsterdam to launch the Dutch edition of the book which they hope will help to boost the search for Madeleine across Europe.

The heart-rending memoir has already topped the best-seller list in Britain and Australia, and hundreds of thousands of copies have flown off the shelves.

A spokesman for publishers Transworld said: “We hope it will reach number one across Europe and that somebody with important information will read it and be moved to come forward.”

Copies have been snapped up in Portugal, where Madeleine, then three, went missing from a seaside resort on the Algarve during a family holiday in 2007. The McCanns, both 43, from Rothley, Leics, have been given a boost by the amount which the book has raised towards their fund to back the continuing search for their daughter.

They say they have new hope that she will be found after Scotland Yard agreed to review the investigation into her disappearance.

in: Express, 24.06.2011


  1. The Express is being naughty(read taking revenge)...they say poor distraught Kate can smile again and then it follows "they BURST INTO LAUGHTER"!!!
    Burst into laughter as they promoted the "heart rendering memoir"!
    What could be so funny about that that made them burst into laughter?! Where they thinking of all those stupid and gullible people who bought the book and helped to fatten the fund...?

  2. A revolting smile from a revolting couple.

  3. In the video link (the rare smiles), at minute 3.21/3.22, who's the child in the seat on Gerry's side(right hand side on the picture)???
    It's dressed in pink(ish) clothing, a girl? But not Amelie, the child seems too big to be Amelie, much bigger than the child asleep on the other seat(this one is Amelie or Sean?)!

  4. Yeah, sure, the books have been snapped off the shelves in Portugal and put in piles on the floors of the book shops. Nobody is buying it here in Portugal, well maybe the PJ might for evidence. Their PR wants everyone to believe that Kate's book is a best seller all over the world! This couple is desperate because they think that by being best selling authors, being popular and adulated they might hold off the inevitable: the truth coming out.


    Why shouldn't they be smiling? Their PR and publicist campaigns could not have been more successful. Puritan, teutonic/robotic ideology is ruling the waves, the book is selling extremely well - so well in fact that it may overtake their nemesis (Gonçalo Amaral's) provisory sales figures.

    And as if these were not enough, the British government backs their "official" (fictional) version of events and Scotland Yard's is drafted to "doctor" the PJ investigation. No more 48 questions to be asked...

    All McCann team now needs is for the new pro-Conservative government in Portugal to instruct the courts to find Gonçalo Amaral (not to mention Manuel Luís Goucha, Prof. Paulo Sargento e Dr. Hernâni Carvalho) guilty of defamation which would add a few more millions to Find Madeleine,Inc..

    Madeleine, the brand, is selling well and fast and they are "getting away with murder" - pass the metaphor...

    The "honi soit qui mal y pense" approach is working wonders...

    Who needs a make-up artist?

    :k Amarelinho

  6. Yeah, right, me too i'd be bursting into laughter when promoting a book about my missing daughter.... Un-believable!!!!! Only that should rise suspicion.
    I remember when the two little girls dissapeared in Belgium, kidnapped by M. Dutroux (around 1998) the mother was interviewed around five years later on a beach in Belgium. The interviewer asked her if she could say something about her daughter. The poor woman had tears come to her eyes instantly and said that no, she could not, not yet...
    I am soooo looking forward to the police pronouncing these two official suspects in the case and that they'd be brought to justice and condemned for their actions.
    Poor little Maddie... what a life she probably had.

  7. "The couple were in Amsterdam to launch the Dutch edition of the book which they hope will help to boost the search for Madeleine across Europe."

    Come on Europe, time to learn Dutch! It is never too late to do the right thing, no matter how long it takes, the search will continue.
    A waste of time of course; it's not about 'Madeleine number one', it's about the idea of 'Madeleine number one'. If need be the McCanns will buy all Dutch editions themselves, money is not a problem. For all your questions about 'how to sell an idea' please contact PR team McCann. Kate and Gerry McCann, from doctors to negligent parents to media whores. Talking of low-life.

  8. Of course she's laughing her head off, the cash is rolling in and that's what matters to them. The express has obviously been got at and have deleted the photo - Team Mccann doesn't want the public to see what really makes them joyful. She'll have to go back to her well practised furrowed-brow expression (which she's got down to a fine art).

    Wonder why their facebook cult are still raising money for them?

    a) They have reportedly made 2M from the book

    b) David Cameron has allocated 3.5M of taxpayers money for a 'review'

    And, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, they've now got a little five-year-old girl, reportedly, 'doing a walk' to raise more money/publicity for them. Not surprised that one hasn't been reported in the national media - it's sheer exploitation.

  9. Not only Express article photo removed but Mirror on-line similar article has NO photo at all! Never seen this before. Not even a Maddie pic.


  10. They really look like a couple in grief who lost one of their child's and have been haunted, for more then 4 years, by the images and the feelings of a paedo raping and touching her genitals. What a farce, what a pair of hypocrites.
    That picture deserves a place on the same shelf as the picture they took on 12 May 2007, outside Pdl church, when Madeleine was supposed to turn 4 years old if she was alive. On 12 May 2007, they were happy with business that just begin(millions on their fund in few weeks). Now they are happy with hypothetical incomes from the book. From my point of view, the book was not selling so well. Publicizing it as a best seller, by the publisher, is just marketing and is the first signal highlighting the bad sells and how baking the lies of this two narcissist was a wrong/bad decision from the publisher.
    I don't know anybody who had buyed that book. Contrary to the book of GA which went on sale in Portugal in the summer and after the first day of being out it was difficult to find it in stores, was quickly sold out.
    McCann's and their publisher will never assume the book as a sales disaster. Again, they are lying, pretending to have what they don't have- success. But since they are publicizing "success" across the world, it is time for somebody with "balls" in UK, to ask these money from the book to be transferred to SY and used to review the case and search Madeleine, instead of the 3.5 m gave by Cameron. The 3.5 could be used on the search of other really missing person. If the incomes of the book are to search Madeleine, why not giving them to an official police to do it? Gods know why.

  11. Quick! push them into the water! - that would make a great picture seeing these two fished out of a dirty canal.

  12. That is the most awful photograph of the Mccanns they look forced, and fake and not very happy together, so presumably the Express are having a 'bit of a go' at the mccanns they could have published a much better photograph than that if they had wanted.

    The Express is still reeling over the amount of libel money it had to pay to these two criminals therefore from that photograph I would say 'Revenge is a dish best served cold'.

    Justice for Madeleine

  13. Poor Amaral, what a terrible lot of work correcting Kate's book. I tis known, also from Amaral's book, that 5a was closed about 2am of May the 4th, and that Kate gave a Madeleine's bath towel to the local police that would use it for their dogs(scent).On her book she tells she gave the pink blanket to the man, haha, haha, haha, the pink blanket that must have been registered by the PJ, separately photographed and not only in the crime scene, correct date and hour. I think the towel was in the bathroom and the local police did not want the crime scene being touched. Talking about the pink blanket,by telling what she is telling, she admits it disappeared and she is blaming the local police. But this worries her, doesn't it? Besides, the forensic police came to 5a after the family had left 5a, nobody was allowed to enter it, except for the experts themselves.And the forensics started on the 4th and the towel was gaven to the police at the beginning of the 4th, before photos were taken. And the pink blanket remained on Maddie's bed.


    "What?" I hear you asking...

    A lot has been said about Daniel Kruger's locator machine (KTT). The overall impression (mine included) was that the man and/or the machine was a con. However people who criticize him (myself included) ignored important details:

    1. Kruger does not charge for his services. He is driven by a genuine desire to help. In fact "in the majority of cases Daniel paid his own travel and accommodation expenses...".

    2. His equipment has proven to be highly effective in locating missing people.

    3. Its accuracy has been shown in tests carried out by Prof. JFR Lues at the Central University of Technology, Free State (Zambia).

    The point I am driving at is:

    Daniel Kruger believes Madeleine is dead. In his map he points to an area in PdL filled with "refuse bags with unknown content" as well as to an "area closed to dog kennels", etc.

    Furthermore, Daniel Krugel "is haunted by the muddy pink and white child's blanket he found at the site in Praia da Luz in Portugal where he believes the body of Madeleine McCann is hidden."

    I wonder if a through investigation of the area given by Kruger has ever been attempted by the PJ. By "thoroughly" I mean inch by inch. May be Kruger is right! Madeleine's remains are still there.

    Would anyone be interested to form a "just do it" team of volunteers and/or an organization of volunteers to systematically research the area mapped by Kruger? http://www.daniekrugelfacts.com/

    Naturally, we would need Kruger to come back, test the area again and tell us if the body is still there and/or has been moved, before we even start.

    We could invite Gonçalo Amaral to co-ordinate the team of volunteers!!!

    Permission could be obtained from the local authorities to create a makeshift campsite nearby to accommodate dozens, hundreds of volunteers...

    We could set up a genuine Find Madeleine website for generate funds (basically food and camping equipment) or perhaps Kate and Gerry McCann would be kind enough to help us out with the funds and stop spending fortunes with PR and legal fireworks.

    Anyone for a hands-on approach? Do you think it is viable? Do you think it is crazy? Lines open...

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

  15. Poster 11

    Too late, they fled into the desert, they can't remember her name.

  16. Who, or what, is Gerry looking at? Shouldn't he be looking lovingly at Kate in this sort of photo?

  17. As soon as I saw that photo, I thought - the good old Daily Express, taking the p**s again.

    I love it.

    Gerry looks as insincere as ever, and I'm pleased to note that Kate looks extremely anguished and very wrinkled, despite the baring of teeth in a pretendy smile.

    her right eye seems to be permanently half closed now, like it in every picture. Oh what a shame.

    auty anti

  18. I have done it again, in a well know store all Kate,s books have gone undercover, last time it was the Magazines now its the books, all gone buried under,Jamie Oliver, not to be seen for a few days (I hope). I too had a smile on my face. Did it for all of us.

    Mary Liverpool UK


  20. Very interestin article in McCann Files, by Dr. Roberts.
    Kate once again reveals an unknown detail in her book, one about Gerry's 9:05 check:

    ..."she describes Gerry's 'check' at 9.05 p.m."

    "He glanced into our room to make sure Madeleine hadn't wandered in there, as she was prone to do if ever she woke in the small hours. Seeing no little body curled up in our bed, he went over to look in on the children."

    Gerry did not tell that to the police, he only mentioned his visit to the toillet!
    Why would he check his bedroom first to see if madeleine was there? It would be logical to do it after he looked into the children's room and saw that Madeleine wasn't there. But no, he looks into their room first...has Kate made a yet another "mistake" here? Was Madeleine sleeping in the parents room and not with the twins...?
    Kate, in an interview:
    "You don't expect somebody to go into your apartment and take your child out (of) your bed."

  21. I just got back from spending six days in UK, and i have the biggest find...madeleine second hand almost new, in a charity shop...cancer research to be precise in the east london area. <three pound gave me the opportunity and inspiration to check out this c---, Only manage to get to page 7, and her childlike immature amiration of gerry. Cant hack it, so boring, who wants to know her life. Obviously someone was as bored as me trying to read it, but I will continue before writing to the publishers.

  22. yes, a lot of work for Amaral, jesus help!
    The McCanns are really worried about the pink blanket that remained on the crime scene, was photographed by the forensic police, was probably checked on(blood? Vomit?) and given back to the parents after all tests were finished.This must have taken a long time, weeks, and the police missed it when the dogs checked on everyting they had in their new home.
    The intelligent Kate had to talk about it on an interview, later Oprah repeated the story on her show and Kate did not denie it. I think the PJ, who knew about the blanket, asked Oprah to refer to this issue. Or maybe Amaral did it. Oprah refered to the blanket and the whole world heard it.
    If the police took the bath towel with them, on that night, it has been registered and it must be in the files and who knows the parents had to sign a document(the day after) that the towel was at the police station(and had not been stolen, etc, also because it belonged to the OC.)At such a moments I love bureacracie.

  23. A new article of Martin Roberts' on McCann Files.
    I always cosidered Tanner's statement a disaster, seeing the abductor nearly one hour before the Smiths saw him. And Luz is a little village.
    If it was Istanbul or N.York, it would have sound better.J.Tanner wanted to help the McCanns and she complicated the story a lot, to the point that the abductor had a few seconds to escape from the apartment in order to be on time for her. It must have cost him a lot of energy and I would not be surprised if he sat down for a long time, with Maddie in his arms, because he had to relax before going down the street.Besides he had chosen the wrong direction, after having planned the abduction for days and days, and I presume he took the same way back and finally started walking towards south. If he would not have waist nearly an hour, the Smiths would never have seen him. Bad planner, that's for sure.

  24. You see Kate is laughing her head off cause she's just been thinking to herself...

    ".. hey, at work I've been rubbing myself up against grannies who were dead for at least 1.5 hours, else they'd be no cadaver odour to transfer, and guess what?.. nobody has bothered to ask why... and even funnier, nobody has noticed that I'm an anaesthetist, who's got no bloody business being near a dead body in the first place... seriously who the hell anaesthetizes dead grannies 1.5 hours after they've kicked the bucket..???... and yet I had the audacity to label the general public, who clearly have trouble stomaching all the lies me & Gerry spew, a bunch of nutters.... hilarious or what??"


  26. The mccanns appear to be able to do and say what they want, nobody questions it, no newspaper publishes anything factual about the case, always sucking up to the mccanns.

    They are laughing all the way to the bank and laughing at how easy it is to lie to the public, write a fictional book that becomes a best seller and take money from the public knowing every authority in the ENTIRE WORLD is not going to take any action against them.

    If they were a couple living off benefits in some sink estate they would have felt the full force of the justice systems, been locked up years ago and Maddies remains recovered. What a sick society we have become pandering to the likes of the mccanns.

  27. @14 Prof Cebolinha.

    I'm willing! I live in Portugal, and would take some time out of my life to help look for Madeleine. I would also write to all the newspapers and authorities in the UK telling them what we're doing. Seeing as Kate says nobody else is looking for Madeleine, she
    should be delighted. Grateful, even.

    @18 Mary, you're fantastic. Under Jamie Oliver! LMAO!

  28. @18 Mary Liverpool UK Thanks, Mary! I do appreciate your thinking of all of us!

    What is so amazing are, the number of lies these two ugly, really ugly, insincere mccanns have to just roll off their tongue. Has anyone heard of the toothbrush that this clown gerry says his children share? So that Madeleine's DNA could not be checked. Where did he train? He makes a laughing stock of the British people at every turn. Did he fake his credentials as well? Where in the whole wide world do you hear that a toothbrush is shared? We buy different colours for our children and they are so proud of owning their very own little toothbrush!
    Yes, true to my word I am not buying this trash written by the wicked witch who has not stopped lying since the 3rd May 2007!

  29. @14 I would love to help but am miles and miles and miles away! Let me know what I can do!

  30. @ 18 Books covered up where I live too, so easy when browsing I suppose. Their smiles are to put a positive gloss on their reaction to the SY review. If it's independent they will be bricking themselves.

  31. Only one tooth brush for the 3 children?
    she is insane.


  32. Would Kate be this happy if by some miracle she got Madeleine back?


    "@14 Prof Cebolinha.
    I'm willing! I live in Portugal, and would take some time out of my life to help look for Madeleine."
    "@14 I would love to help but am miles and miles and miles away! Let me know what I can do!"

    At this stage we need to keep talking about it so that the idea reaches as many potential volunteers as possible. Also I am sure local people and those holidaying in the area will be willing to give a hand and join in spontaneously.

    The first move is to contact Kruger and ask him to come back with his equipment and assure us Madeleine's body is still in the area.

    The next step is to work out some basic logistics and have a small, pioneering team of individuals in the area, who are seen to be doing some search work.

    The media will quickly catch up with what we are doing (we will give a press conference before we start) and many, many, many more interested people will join us.

    May be we should set up a blog to enlist interested individuals and volunteers unless Joana Morais gives us permission to use her blog as a contact point.She and her friendly team (Astro and others) could perhaps set up a campaign as they did with the petitions!

    THAT'S IT! Let us start with a petition in order to have names, people genuinely interested in joining the search!

    Personally I have great faith in Kruger's equipment and his work. The gadget could be flashing out relevant information!

    Our job as a team is to go slowly and systematically (one square yard/meter at a time, say) over the area.

    We could invite Gonçalo Amaral to direct and co-ordinate the search - as he lives nearby and has the know-how. For all I know, he might accept the invitation...

    We might even be able to enlist Google maps (satellite) to help us "catalogue" the areas searched so far.

    I do think we have a momentous idea here. If Kruger's equipment is as good as scientists say, we could find Madeleine's body and bring this PR circus to an end. Finito!

    Stand up and be counted!
    YES! WE CAN!

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

  34. JUST DO IT!

    :j Is Prof. Cebolinha an avant-garde version of
    :k Amarelinho? A make-shift version of :k P.J.Tipps or Herr Gunther's double? Just curious.

    Now, seriously, count me in. I like the idea and I am a fan of the Nike admonition - Just do it!. When do we start digging in PdL?

    :d Winkler

    PS Perhaps we should ask Nike to sponsor us by using their motto "Just do it". Baseball hats? Sombreros? Think about it.

  35. Prof Cebolinha
    "Kruger does not charge for his services. He is driven by a genuine desire to help. In fact "in the majority of cases Daniel paid his own travel and accommodation expenses..."

    Ok he does not charge but may have a vested interest in promoting his invention but, that would not be a problem as it would play our way.

    I would like to help with the search - from September 2011 onwards. I could change my holidays (4 weeks) to suit the search. Far too hot in PdL right now for that sort of exercise. I know because I have been to Lagos in July. One could fry an egg on the top of a car's trunk lid!

  36. Very interesting!


  37. The McCanns must be very desperate for money. I can not imagine that they would make such fools of themselves with the photos made by the "Sun" for example. These photos are more than laughable. The only reason that they agree must be the desperation for money.

  38. I'm not a young person and in the course of my life have NEVER met anyone, ANYONE, who has ever made their children "share" a toothbrush. Absolutely ridiculous and begs the question, why didn't they want to give the PJ an article that would actually contain Madeleine's DNA?

  39. #22,
    I think the blanket disappeared on that same night (3/4th May), after the police left. It was photographed but I don't think it was aprehended (unfortunately!)


    when that subject first arose (NO toothbrush for poor Madeleine!) I too could not believe it! Doctors allowing their 3 childrenn to share the same toothbrush??? No way! I have trouble even accepting they shared the same comb or hairbrush, let alone a toothbrush!
    What a lame excuse for not providing a DNA sample! What about Madeleine's clothes, shoes, why were those not suitable? Why get a sample from an item that was in Rothley and that was collected without the supervision of the PORTUGUESE police (I have no trust whatsoever in Leicester police)? How could the Pj be sure THAT pillow was really Madeleine's pillow?

  40. #36, I too watched it!


    They still insist there's no evidence Madeleine has been harmed (then why did Kate have horrible thoughts about someone taring apart Madeleine's perfect little genitals?!), they still don't feel sorry they left Madeleine and the twins alone, they still only regret not being there AT THE MOMENT Madeleine was taken!
    Notice how she takes the opportunity to tell that the child Tanner saw in the arms of the "abductor" had NO blanket. Notice her face as she tells this (1:18/1:19'), that weird twitch.
    The fact that she made sure she included that bit of information in the interview makes me think it is preciselly the blanket issue that is at the base of the lawsuit against Dr. Paulo Sargento. The blanket is important!
    Once again, as they did in their "documentary" they make the Tanner sighting match with the Smith sighting, or vice-versa, "almost identical" Gerry says.

  41. Thank you poster (36) for the link to the McCanns interview in the Netherlands. They are still peddling their lies and they are still making unkind comments about the PJ.

    Gerry McCann said that the Smith family who saw a child being carried, gave the same description as Jane Tanner. No it Mr Smith said the Gerry McCann looked like the man carrying the child.

    How long are the McCanns going to be allowed to go from place to place, peddling their lies, before they are stopped and brought to justice? They will carry on doing this kind of stuff and making money out of Madeleine's name, until someone puts a stop to it.

  42. Anon 38

    That is a question that should be put to the McCanns. How is it also possible that DNA could not be obtained from the blanket or the toy if they were really Madeleine's belongings. Why would Gerry McCann have to go all the way back to the UK for a pillowcase. Why couldn't they get DNA from testing the pillowcase already on the bed in the apartment?

    The McCanns also lied about having credit cards. They told the investigators they didn't have any and then it turned out they did. I hope SY are aware of this and they can get the information the PJ was not able to get access to, and including the medical records of Madeleine. Just what had the McCanns used the credit cards for around that time of the holiday? For what reason would the McCanns want to lie about the credit cards? It all sounds very fishy to say the least.

  43. Anon @16

    Gerry is looking at the Ladies in the windows in the red light district!!!!!

  44. Laughing all the way to the bank...........

  45. I come from a big family, and we had to share a lot, because times were hard. However we never, never shared a toothbrush.
    And you know what else: my mother caring for her 9 children without the help of au-pair, nannies, creches etc never lost a child, at least not the McCann way. Caring for and losing a disabled child never made her complain. I'll never forget the silent grief on her face though. Something very different from Kate's hatefull greedy grimas.

  46. BTW, is it me or is Gerry's nose growing??

  47. I love the idea of the voluntary search. What a slap on kates face.
    But I think, nothing could be done/ searched without police authorization. Everything needs to be done in a legal way with a team of top polices supervising the search to avoid any contamination of whatever could be found. Let's lock the bad comments of McCann's team inside their insanity.
    Pdl surrounds is a wild. It need a meticulous and very organized work. Private properties must be searched as well if they raised any suspicion. That's why everything needs to be done in a legal way. Lets see the McCann's flying to Portugal, trying to stop the search.
    Let's invite the media to that event. We will see, many journalists invading pdl again. Let's bring McCann's lies and inconsistencies to the surface. We can provoke the debate the McCann's are trying to avoid, with many personalities coming from across the world( Pat Brown included). A very transparent debate to givevspace for an important witness to crack down and tell what she/ he saw/ knows and is keeping in secret for all that time. We can break their pact of silence and bring justice to that little girl.

  48. "@14 Prof Cebolinha
    If it happens, count me in too. but we mustn't disturb the real police, who may be doing things undercover as we speak, (write!) and already know where Maddie lies!

    I favour going to PDL and looking at the waters edge just before dawn. someone said you would be amazed what goes on then. It's on my To Do list! I bet it is fascinating.

    I bet loads of the locals know a thing or two as well.

    plus I'd like a mark warner holiday in Turkey, or wherever those nannies were quickly dispatched to. Should be a REAL eye opener.

    aunty Anti

  49. Funny, isn't it...?
    NO DNA from Madeleine to be found in apartment 5A, not ONE trace, and yet...according to the McCanns, it seems there was plenty DNA around to be "transferred" into the Renault Scenic to "explain" the forensic findings inside it...

  50. Oh dear! Some people are taking "someone's" comments seriously!
    Wake up people! can't you see those are an ACT???

  51. Christ however hard Gerry tries he can not get rid of the look of!"that bad smell under his nose" Ive come to the conclusion its got to be the smell coming from Kate, she is smiling like a laughing Hyena!!!!!!
    But not for long.... HE WHO LAUGHS LAST LAUGHS LONGEST, remember that Gerry and Kate!!!!

  52. This is a comment from David Bret, on the amazon site. Very informative.


    Several of my books have been serialised in the Express, along with articles I've written for them on commisson, therefore last week I submitted a piece regarding my letter to Cameron--nothing nasty or even controversial. I just wanted to know if it was morally and legally acceptable for the McCanns to be using money from the Maddie fund to pay for libel action they are allegedly taking. Number 10 responded favourably, but the sub-editor of the Express explained over the phone yesterday that no papers will print anything regarded as unfavourable regarding the McCanns, and that the couple's "office" had complained that a picture of them laughing was unfavourable at it is a "misrepresentation" of how they feel, which was why they insisted it should be removed. As happened with Canada, the press have now been instructed NOT to publish any more pictures of them which do not portray them as looking sad, or on the verge of tears.
    All of this will of course only go towards making matters much much worse for them if this case turns out as many of us suspect it will--we will see some of the most poisonous headlines in publishing history.

  53. What next to make more cash for this pair? Madeleine perfume!!

  54. @34

    Oh for goodness sake just do it!!!

    Kate wants you to
    We want you to
    You want t'to

    Kate gets to wear a black veil
    We get to mull over the 'findable' findings
    You get to find the 'findable'



    Anon 47 # "Oh dear! Some people are taking "someone's" comments seriously! Wake up people! can't you see those are an ACT???"

    The comments you might be referring to express an idea that can be implemented IF enough people commit to it (...)

    What are you afraid of? That the idea if put into practice might found something, "someone else's idea" cum bones that would put an end to the circus?

    Who are you to be so concerned about "the ACT"?

    Are you afraid it could be picked up by someone else and materialize into a real search? Does your name start with a K. or G. by any chance? Are you friends with or work for someone whose name start with a K. or G.? No animosity implied...just digging...

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

  56. @39 er hang on...

    Check that video again, the child being carried by the abductor spotted by Jane tanner..

    The only things that are discernible are the child's pyjama bottoms and legs and the abductor. The top end of the child's body is a pink indiscernible mess other than the abductors hands.

    Maybe a pink blanket after all!

    Seriously, these two are as slippery as they get.

    Just wait for Kate to say perhaps Jane got it wrong, that someone pointed out that Maddie's head and upper torso could have in fact been covered by a pink blanket.

    Doesn't explain the initial photos where the blanket is on the bed though. Wonder how they will wriggle out of that one.

  57. @ 44


    Yes, you are right I think - it is getting longer!

  58. In fact the idea of arranging a volenteer seach of PDL is not a bad idea, although I suspect prof onions, pgtips and his many other aliases was not serious, but this could be sponsered by companys if it had the right people organising it and organising the legalities, many people onece they came to hear of it would definately join, camps for rest and shifts for search. It is possible and i would certainly join, i live in Spain so maybe i could bring my german shepherds,one of which loves to pick up scents. Realistically its a lot lot of work but it could be done.Keep talking sounds good

  59. If this gruesome, lying pair of "you know whats" are not taken to task, then pretty soon, they will be making a film of Madeleine's life. They'll make millions of pounds, sail off into the sunset and Madeleine will be just a distant memory.

    Whoever said crime doesn't pay, got it wrong, because up to now the McCanns and their extended family are doing very nicely out of the fund that was set up to find Madeleine.

    If newspapers like the Sun, had printed Clarence Mitchell's media statement, where he said the McCanns and their extended family could use the fund to assist their finances, the gullible public who donated, might have kicked up a fuss about how their hard earned money was being spent.

    When I wrote to Theresa May, about Scotland Yard assisting the PJ, I mentioned the fund and told her what Clarence Mitchell had told the media. I also told Mrs May, where she could find this information, if she didn't believe what I said.

    Just a thought, does Gerry McCann no longer work? He seems to spend an awful lot of time travelling here there and everywhere with his wife, peddling lies and begging for money.

  60. Bernardo Bairrao, from TVI in the government. He is the new undersecretary of the minister in charged of the polices.
    Are the McCann's really suing TVI, MLG, HC and PS? If so, what an error. Wonder how many important information is TVI holding, regarding the McCann's game with media, when they live in PDL. Time to start breaking the wall and bring this two to the floor. Their daughter deserves justice and respect, not exploitation, even after been dead.

  61. Anon @ 52

    Quite incredible. Who else is able to tell a newspaper what photos of themselves should or should not be published? Other "celebrities", even some members of the royal family, have to put up with any number of unflattering, embarrassing pictures being splashed across the front pages.

    But surely in this age of smart phones, youtube, websites etc. we don´t have to depend on newspapers to send a photo round the world. And there's also the old-fashioned way - thousands of fliers depicting the grinning couple, with no comment, left on supermarket shelves, restaurant tables, car windscreens etc. - now that is a campaign, much simpler than a search in Portugal, which I think would really open many people's eyes and cause a fair bit of annoyance in some quarters.

    @54 Oh for goodness sake just do it!!!

    I was amused by your ulterior comment. You leave me wondering whether you are capable to walk your talk or are just sitting on a wheel chair of comfort wearing your Marygolds.

    :h Et amen...

    Prof. Cebolinha


    Anon 45 "But I think, nothing could be done/ searched without police authorization. Everything needs to be done in a legal way with a team of top polices supervising the search to avoid any contamination of whatever could be found."

    Good point but I am not so sure. The way I see it all we might need is permission from the owner to enter the area(s) but since this does not seem to be fenced is therefore open to the public/us until someone (owners/authorities) tell us otherwise.

    I don't think it would be a good idea to look into properties... that would be beyond the scope of a private investigation - indeed as far as I can work out there are no houses in the areas initialled marked by Krugel in his map. Have a look at it here:

    I agree entirely with you that we need a very well organized search (thus my choice of Amaral as a co-ordinator) and that everything needs to be done in a legal manner.

    Naturally, we would need a legal adviser in Portugal to tell us if this is legally feasible. Personally, I don't think it is a crime if you are just sightseeing and/or looking for metal with a detector, say but I agree with you - our ar**s (cough) would need some sort of legal reassurance...

    As a matter of fact, I don't think it would be a crime if we were looking for Madeleine's bones - pass the expression. I don't want to be mean to the parents but if we are going to look for Madeleine alive we first need to make sure she is not lying dead exactly where an expert said she was (or might be).

    In fact this would best be done with the McCanns' approval (cough). Indeed if they decline to help (by providing an hair from Madeleine, say) this would be indicative of guilt and/or some other vested interest for lack of a better word...

    PS Those who are sceptic about Krugel's approach and equipment should visit this link for more details:


    :j Prof. Cebolinha

  64. Dandellion at 59

    What do you think of Daniel Krugel theory?

  65. I am NOT a McCann or a McCann supporter, I just feel a bit disturbed by the disconcerting and silly posts made here by the same person under her/his many "alter egos", that's all.
    The jocose tone of the comments make me feel uneasy and suspicious of the author's intentions, I feel we're being made fools of...
    Sorry, but that's how I feel when I read them, maybe I'm too serious for my own good...

  66. The McCanns were treated with kid gloves as they went back and forth on their journeys, especially in the early days when everybody was feeling sorry for them and before they became suspects. They had rich powerful friends always ready to offer assistance, people like Richard Branson who has his own planes.

    Search PDL if you care to, but that search with the dogs should also be carried out at Rothley. How did they ever get away with that being done, given that Gerry McCann and the McCann supporters had been back and forth from PDL to UK time after time.

  67. 39, the blanket remained behind on the bed and it was not photographed by the GNR neither by the PJ, that night. All the research was done by the forensic police which did not come that same night but probably the day after. After that bunch of people was send away, the apartment was locked and it came in the hands of the PJ.

    About Maddie s pillow case, I have the impression that Maddie did not go to bed on Wednesday night, after the cleaning lady had been there.Maybe there was a clean pillow case, not used yet.And maybe kate is lying about the tooth brushes. Probably Gerry needed to go to England.

  68. #62 I totally agree with you, his posts are way silly.

  69. @ 42

    For a long time I was also under the impression that Madeleine's DNA was nowhere to be found in the apartment, which made it necessary for McCann to travel to Rothley to obtain a sample from her pillow there. This is probably not so. The 'experts' who appear on one forum or another from time to time and seem to know what they are talking about, maintain that in order to be 100% certain that DNA identified in the apartment was in fact Madeleine's, a sample from an indisputable source would have been required for comparison purposes.

    Of course, if the McCanns had handed over to the PJ her very own personal toothbrush, comb or hairbrush, which would have borne her DNA only, then it would not have been necessary to obtain the confirming sample from her pillow in Rothley.

    Is this why the McCanns insist that Madeleine shared toothbrush and hairbrush with her siblings? Was this done intentionally to make it necessary for the confirming sample to be obtained in Rothley? McCann would certainly have read up on usual practice as regards DNA from the written matter supplied to him by Gamble, so it's quite feasible. Of course even then, it wasn't strictly necessary for McCann to travel all the way to Rothley himself. Apparently there was a member of the family there who could have let the police into the house to take the sample themselves.

    So why did McCann travel personally to Rothley to obtain this sample? From what we have learned about this person over the past 4 years, it was hardly out of a sense of duty to assist the investigating authorities as far as possible.

    The question is therefore, why would McCann go to such lengths to arrange a reason to travel to Rothley? As a control freak, was he just anxious to check with Leicestershire police to get some kind of indication as to their attitude? or was it for an entirely different reason?

    Ws it perhaps because McCann had a pressing reason to have his wallet 'stolen' in England so that he could cancel the credit cards (he reportedly didn't have) and be issued with new ones? The phone records may hold some interesting clues, but IMO it is the credit card information which is the "missing piece of the jigsaw". Over to you Scotland Yard.

  70. Hello Anonymous post (61)and thank you for the Danie Krugel link. I'm very suspicious of Danie Krugel, don't ask me why, it's just a gut feeling.

    I believe Madeleine is dead and I believe she died in the McCanns apartment. I also believe her remains will never be found. I believe the McCanns and at least one member of the Tapas group know exactly what happened to Madeleine, before her death and what happened to her remains after she was removed from the apartment.

    I'm not saying what I believe is correct, I'm just saying it is what I believe. I could go a lot further and say what I believe happened to Madeleine's body, but it would be too gruesome to say on here.

    While I would like the McCanns brought to justice, for their part in Madeleine's demise, I have a sinking feeling it will never happen. There are too many high powered people involved, who are friends of the McCanns. One of them was a very senior member of the British Government. This MP, with the help of a very senior member of the Portuguese Government, intervened when the PJ were close to bringing charges against the McCanns.

    In my opinion, there was a reason why the British Government had to make sure the McCanns were not prosecuted and I don't believe the public will ever find out what the reason was.

  71. Hello Anonymous post (62) can you please tell me which poster you are talking about, who in your opinion, is making disconcerting and silly posts, under his/her many alter egos?

    You are entitled to your opinion, but what you need to remember is, what you deem are silly and disconcerting posts, may well be valid posts to other posters.

  72. Anon at 20, another good point, another inconsistancy. This also adds more activity to Gerry's visit and further shrinks the window of opportunity!

  73. # 68

    No, no, no. If you were "a senior member of the British Government", with something really, shameful, embarrassing, even criminal, to hide, after an event which had the potential to shatter your reputation, wouldn´t your main aim be to quieten down the initial uproar as quickly as possible, and ensure that those involved kept a low, grief-stricken profile, in the hope that the world would soon forget about the whole business? Which it would have done, had the McCanns not determined otherwise.

    This mythical, senior member of the British Government, is he/she pleased with the way things have turned out?

  74. Anon 61

    "... thousands of fliers depicting the grinning couple, with no comment, left on supermarket shelves, restaurant tables, car windscreens etc. - now that is a campaign, much simpler than a search in Portugal, which I think would really open many people's eyes and cause a fair bit of annoyance in some quarters."

    An excellent idea, thorough searches best done the old-fashioned way.

  75. about danie kugel.
    living in south africa i have seen two interviews with this man.
    i don't doubt his sincerity for a second.
    about him not putting his machines through x ray machines - i go along with that - they can be damaging to humans and machines.
    he has solved several missing person cases. a simple, humble man who has a genuine desire to be of help.

    about the latest court case against tv1 - it is a desperate attempt to keep the box closed. hoping against hope that by still appearing to have the power to silence three people, this will keep other people's mouths shut. desperate measures.

    for all of those querying the help that this odious couple have received from high up i suggest you read this article. horrific but true - the top pedophiles are protected beyond measure. children are not safe. http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2011/06/child-abuse-and-top-people.html

    if i was the editor at the daily express i would have left a comment about why the image was removed. let them sue. the more cases they have taken against others, the more sordid they become.

  76. 68 Dandelion 1906

    Agree, but at least we can try. Read post 61, free publicity for the grinning couple, simple and effective.
    Necessity is the mother of invention.

  77. Poster at 61 I like your suggestion of the grinning duo featuring on flyers being left all over the place without a comment. This sublime approach will speak louder than words and do much to make the public aware of the McCann lies.

    Bye the way what's happened to the McCann mouthpiece, he seems to have done a runner. Come on Scotland Yard we are relying on you to solve the case of missing Madeleine.

  78. I' m also Catholic and when I pray to the Virgin Mary or to a saint asking for blessing for an alive person, I pray they guide him, protect him, blessed him,follow him. On page 154 Kate prays to the Virgin Mary asking her to keep her arms safely around their daughter. While most Catholic prayers for an alive person shows the person is still alive, able to move, to act, to walk, to be guided, Kate's prayer is telling Maddie is not moving anymore, in the Virgin's arms. There exist the words ' safe in Jesus' arms' often used in announcing of a child's death and mostly used by protestants.In Mary's and in Jesus' arms tells me she knows Maddie is dead.

  79. Yes, kate has the same hollow answers, rehearsed and repeated but searching for Madeleine is obviously not a priority as they have proved from the first hours after claiming she was taken. They have to stay in the 'groove' or false image they have created until their last breath.
    The lies and maybe guilt will take its toll. It will show in the body even while they are committed to their false life, they cannot fool the 'real self', the 'true self' it takes 'revenge' on the body, it shows up in the form of mental disorders, illnesses and deterioration, the doom of karma as life has to find balance!
    You can still turn it around, kate! Own up! Come back to the truth, the real truth. You did ask how a mother of a missing child behaves?! The minute you can face yourself you will know!

  80. Yes, 66, I have always wondered at the strange lack of DNA proof of Madeleine in the 5A apartment.Any child on holiday in a warm/hot place (or even a cold one) produces dirty clothes daily.
    So, did the grieving/searching Kate, in her terrible emotional state, manage to wash and hang up all the three children's clothes?
    Did she do it that night, instead of searching, or when most of the fuss was over?
    Where are the dress, knickers, socks, sunhat that Madeleine wore? Have they also been whoosh-clunked (or are they in the possesion of the PJ? (Though I still think the Last Photo is a fake)
    I agree with you that Gerry had to get over to England in a hurry about something.
    That apparent theft of his credit card in London (?)is strange too - as someone remarked, that would give a chance to obtain a brand new one with obviously a different number - removing records of previous debits unless a bank authorised a search of his records.
    He could, of course, have moved his account to a different bank, thus providing an entirely new trail Remember, they claimed to have no debit/credit cards at all.
    Sorry I cannot provide links.

  81. Such happy, smiley faces of the McCanns in that photo above.

    Not that worried about Madeleine in that paedophile lair that their investigator told them about then?

  82. Bill Henderson, who was British Consul in Portimao at the time of this crime, seems to have told Kate that paedophiles in Algarve use(d) to go inside the children's room, to lie in bed with them, while their parents were(are) sleeping.I don't believe he ever said that and if he did, the PJ must quizz him.How come that he knows it? The parents are sleeping and the children are small?
    I think Kate wants to explain the brown stain on Maddie's pyjamas, a brown stain that never existed.The abductor making himself a cold cup of tea, drinking it while lying on Madeleine, leaving a stain on her pyjamas, fortunately cold,otherwise it would burn her?
    As far as I know, Portugueses don't drink much tea. Was it than Payne?


    Anon 64 "I am NOT a McCann or a McCann supporter, I just feel a bit disturbed by the disconcerting and silly posts made here by the same person under her/his many "alter egos", that's all."

    Whether you are or not a McCann supporter is somehow a mute point. You could be one or the other as long as you present your case in an intelligent manner and back it up with facts and/or logical arguments.

    Incidentally, by logic is meant "the formal systematic study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning".

    Let us examine your reasoning to start with.

    Take this clause:

    "I just feel a bit disturbed by the disconcerting and silly posts..."

    You refer to my posts (and those of my "alter e-goes") as "disconcerting" and "silly" but you fail to explain why. Which posts did you find "silly" and/or "disconcertant" and most importantly why? See what I mean? Now, what sort of inferences do you expect us to make in respect of your own IQ?

    Now, may I give you a little kiss? Yes? Ooooo...

    :g Mmmm

    Prof. Cebolinha

  84. Lie Detection and the Technological Look-Back Principle (Kolber)on the following blog:

    Over the last decade, neuroscientists have made significant strides toward using various brain imaging techniques to determine when a subject is lying.........
    interesting read. Hope we can use it on mccanns soon!

  85. Does Kate talks about John Geraghty on her book, the one who gave her the key of the church?

    And why did 3 ladies leave the Ocean Club so soon after the disappearance and went to work in Greece?
    They know or saw something, didn't they ?

  86. On page 221, when the McCanns are about to be made arguidos, Kate's prayer is different-

    ' Dear God.Please bless and protect our Madeleine wherever she is.'
    You see God following her, blessing her, an alive child, and not God with His arms around her.
    In Fatima, Kate was praying for Maddie's soul, on her diary on August, she was writing for us.


    Anon 64 "disconcerting and silly posts made here by the same person under her/his many "alter egos".

    Really? I suspect it could be the Portuguese vibe in them that presses your "buttons". Mine too. Oh dear!

    I never complained because I realized it is the Portuguese vibe in Amaral that drives the McCanns' nuts, you know...

    This sense of "superiority" we British have in relation to other cultures has been indoctrinated in us. It has nothing to do with reality. It is an ideological implant. On second thoughts I find "its" comments rather shrewd. Prof. C-bolinha et al is it?

    Don't take it personally. Remember, it is not "you". It is your social conditioning and you don't wish to sound "Teutonic/robotic" like "you know who", do you?

    :d Forget the lollipops! Nuts are rich in selenium - an anti-oxidant.


  88. Several references have been made to the McCann's rich and powerful friends. How did an ordinary pair of GPs get such rich and powerful friends? They did not come from that sort of background. Kate McCann's grew up in Allenton. I also grew up in Allerton and my family still live there. It is not a neighbourhood of rich powerful, people, but merely a perfectly nice lower middle class area. Gerry grew up in similar or less circumstances. Where did all these friends materialize from?

    I don't think McCanns have as much power as everyone thinks. They will meet justice and they will meet it when the pressure gets too great on the other Tapas members. One of them will spill the story in the end. Kate and Gerry will spin out the lie forever but someone who knows the truth will tell it eventually.

  89. while I strongly suspect the Mccanns are being protected by powerful individuals (otherwise why have they got away with what only appears blatant lies and fraud). However, they are not that well connected that others who are just as powerful cannot bring this charade crashing down around them. They bang on and on in the public eye hoping to convince all the public of their innocence, yet to anyone with an ounce of grey matter would see this travisty for what it really is, in my opinion they are very scared and know there are powferful forces who will one day pull the rug from under their dirty lying feet.

  90. For some time now I have had lucid dreams and 'images' of Madeleine being buried, cremated or hidden in a ’holy’ place. I imagine others have also. Does anyone know whether there was any relevant church restoration or building-work going on at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance – either in the UK or around Praia da Luz Portugal, please?

  91. I would love this pair of criminals appear before Judge Judy!!!

    She'd have this case concluded within minutes!!!!!

    An English Lady

  92. We believe Maddie died the day before she was reported missing and they had time to clean up the flat.They went to the priest for help and he gave them the key to the church so that they could enter any time day or night.They told him what had happened so that he became involved then they hired a car and cleared all the evidence.Maddie's bed was not slept in.That poor girl must have had a bad time.Cameron must know what happened and should open the case and get it cleared up.If the British people love children then they should think about what happened to that poor little girl. Germany.

  93. PoppyMeze

    Don't know about in a church, but there has been work done inside the house of the McCanns because I can remember somebody mentioning it.

  94. Anon 84

    If David Payne knows what happened and is keeping to some 'pact' of silence, then he would be wise to abandon that idea since the Gasper statements are not going to go away, and will continue to follow him until this is sorted out.

  95. Was the 'last photo' really the first photo that was taken when they arrived. Gerry does seem to look a bit hassled.

    As for the real 'last photo', maybe the PJ have that one, cold sheet and all!

  96. First of all in my post (69) I referred to poster (62) when I should have said poster (64) I'm sorry if I have offended the poster who wrote post (62)

    Hello Anonymous post (84). Gerry McCann said he contacted Gordon Brown, shortly after Madeleine "disappeared". He said Gordon Brown had given him his personal telephone number and he could call him anytime he wished, day or night. Philomena McCann said that Gordon Brown was a family friend. Gordon Brown pledged to Gerry McCann that he would be speaking to the Portuguese Prime Minister about the case. Shortly after he spoke to the Portuguese Prime Minister, Goncalo Amaral was removed from the case.

    I don't know what else was said between Gordon Brown and the Portuguese Prime Minister, but whatever it was, it was enough to prevent the PJ from pressing charges against the McCanns.

    Sir Philip Green gave the McCanns the use of his private aeroplane and they could use it to fly wherever they wanted to. Sir Richard Branson put £100k into the fund and when the McCanns were made arguidos, he said he would pay for the best lawyers in the land to defend them.

    Brian Kennedy, the doubleglazing billionaire, paid for the first and maybe the second lot of the McCanns private detectives, until around a year ago, he was also paying Clarence Mitchell's salary.

    The Gaspars made their statements to the Leicester Police Force, the Chief Constable of the Leicestershire Police Force, held on to the Gaspars statements, for 6 months. By the time he passed them on to the PJ, the McCanns were back on British Soil. A very senior officer in the Leicester police force is a very good friend of Gerry McCann's.

    There is only one reason, why the person who dealt with the Gaspars, sent their statements to the Chief Constable of the Leicestershire Police Force, instead of the PJ and that is because the McCanns are high profile and the Government wanted to keep them out of jail.

    Another of the McCanns good friends is John Corner, who is a very high profile man in the media and the Godfather to Sean and Amalie, the McCanns twins. He has been able to control what is being said by the media.

    All these people have protected the McCanns with money and power and Gordon Brown has helped the McCanns escape justice, there is no two ways about it.

    Goncalo Amaral said that the British Government, intervened in the case and the McCanns with the help of the British Government, shelved the case.

    The McCanns and the British Government stayed silent when Goncalo Amaral made this very public statement. If Dr Amaral had been telling lies, the McCanns and the British Government would have made a public statement, saying Dr Amaral was lying. Also the McCanns would have sued Dr Amaral as soon as he made that statement. They sue anyone who looks sideways at them.

    The McCanns have been allowed to do and say anything they like, without fear of retribution. The only way this will stop, is if the PJ are allowed to bring them to justice, without intervention from anyone.

    Always assuming the PJ want to bring the McCanns to justice. It will cost the Portuguese taxpayers a lot of money if the PJ bring them to justice.

  97. @62

    It was tongue in cheek

    though it must be frustrating for Kate

    knowing that she is findable

    but no one is finding her

    She's given enough clues!

    What are 'marygolds?

  98. @66

    So the photo of the pink blanket is 24hs or so after the 'abduction?

    If so was it the blanket?

    It could be Kate or Fiona's cardigan?

    Or just a pinky thing...

    Or maybe the PJ planted it


  99. Hello PoppyMeze post (86) I know there were roadworks outside the McCanns apartment, but I don't know if there was any restoration at the church.

    I'm of the same mind as others that Madeleine died the day before the McCanns said she did. It would have been easy for Madeleine's body to be disposed at that time. Her remains could have been put into the blue holdall, that Gerry McCann said he didn't own. No one would have batted an eyelid if they saw someone coming out of the McCanns apartment, carrying a large bag.

    The McCanns would have had time to clean their apartment and do other necessary things, before they reported Madeleine missing the next evening.

    I don't even believe the twins were in the apartment, on the night Madeleine was supposed to have gone missing. If they were, they were sleeping in cots with no bedding in them. Also Kate McCann would not have ran to the Tapas Bar to get help if the twins were in the apartment and Madeleine had been abducted.

    All Kate McCann needed to do, was open the window and shout for help, she and her husband have been saying for 4yrs, that the Tapas Bar was only seconds away from their apartment and they could see the apartment from where they were sitting in the Tapas Bar.

    The McCanns have lied through their teeth from the first day Madeleine was reported missing and they are still lying. I don't believe for one minute that Scotland Yard are not aware of their lies.

    If Scotland Yard come to the conclusion that the McCanns have got nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance, it will be obvious that the review is corrupt and the McCanns know something that could bring the Government down.

  100. Google the sad case of Chris and Cru Kahui in New Zealand. Two three-month old twins believed to have been thrust against a hard wall or such. They died on 18 June 2006. In 2008, their father Chris Kahui (21)was found not guilty after jury deliberated for 1 minute. In the early days after their deaths, at least 12 people connected to case who might know something all originally took 'vow of silence' so much so they were dubbed the 'tight 12'.

    Their mother Macsyne King was questioned in court by Chris Kahui's lawyers as to her involvement. Now she has written a book - with an investigative journalist - in which she will 'tell all' relating to the events leading up to these 2 babies' deaths. A Facebook page has been set up in protest again her benefiting from the deaths - and pointing out that these two were the only children who had NOT been taken away from her by child and family services. Two leading book retailers have now said they will not stock it - due to the response from their stakeholders and buying public. At this moment, an inquest is being held in to the deaths of these babies.

  101. Anon at 87 - I agree I think Madeleine died before 3rd and the apartment was cleaned and clothes washed, the laudry maid at OC said Mccanns sent laundry on that one day only, this could be why there is a lack of DNA, the apartment had been spotlessly cleaned.

    I hope SY take tougher action on Mccanns do credit card searches, reinterview tapas. We all know the lies they spread, they have made a mockery of our media, but why the Express just dosn't come out and say something is unbelievable, these papers have lost all credability and the libel money they have paid to these criminals is a joke. The tapas gave their Express money back to the Mccanns because they knew they were not entitled to it and that this story was pure fabrication otherwise they would have kept that money, who gives money like that away?
    The book is a work of fiction but why are they allowed to publish such rubbish when they are still suspects. Someone needs to stand up to these two and their 'office' and get it sorted.

  102. If Kate is telling Gerry went checking in their bedroom before he went to check on the three children in their bedroom, it explains why Maddie´s bed was not used that night or the night before. She was allowed to sleep in their bed, imo.But the MCcanns could not say she was abducted from their bed, too complicated for the abductor. Every investigation team knows most abductors are prepared to make concessions but not that much. This changes the story, imo. Maddie could have died at the beginning of the 3rd, during the night, while the parents were already sleeping and because of the sedatives they had to hide her.
    And the three ladies who worked at the creche and who left to Greece must know something about the accident.
    Because it is also strange that Tapas 7 went to the beach on the afternoon of the 3rd, and the McCanns didn´t.
    The photo at the swimming pool, only one of the twins, Maddie with a baby face, very strange.

  103. Whatever happened to Madeleine that night, I believe the McCanns are suffering.

    Lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu seems to have advised Kate to confess.If he did, he does not believe in the innocence of the McCanns.To defend
    a guilty person who insists being innocent is very difficult for a lawyer. A lawyer has to be convinced of his clients´innocence.


  104. Does Kate talk about the Gaspars on her book?

  105. I feel positive about the Leicestershire police-For a long time I thought they were blindly in favor of the McCanns. They aren´t

    There were witnesses from restaurant Millenium who witnessed the McCanns came every day for breakfast.Kate denies it and now she feels sorry for Murat and probably victim of a mistake of the witnesses who stated to have seen him that night.Those wonderful 3 witnesses,Kate? Russel, Fiona and Rachel? Your best friend Fiona, Russel The Cleaning Gentleman and Rachel who joined you on that sport day? Three people making such a terrible mistake? Did you go to the police showing your concern about Murat? Did you ask those 3 friends to go to the police and to repair their statements?
    This is an issue for a new inquire.Those 3 got to go back to Algarve after you published about your doubts.We all expected you were deadly sure about your friends' statements, you talked to them all the time and you are in doubts now?This is a very serious case. And you got to be quizzed about this too. HOw come you doubt about such a serious friends. How can the police ever believe the rest of their statements about May the 3rd? It is easy to recognize Murat, his glasses, his figure, his eyes... and the 3 of them made such a terrible mistake?

  106. It seems that on an interview, Kate said she wished the abductor ' would give her her blanket' .
    Oprah cited this on her show and Kate didn't deny it.
    And now Kate says she gave the blanket to a GNR police man, the same night of the abduction.
    Is the abductor the GNR man?

  107. Does everybody here notice that every time the PJ say something incriminating the McCanns, it gets lost in translation and when positive things are said, they translate it well?

  108. To Dandellion "First of all in my post (69) I referred to poster (62) when I should have said poster (64) I'm sorry if I have offended the poster who wrote post (62)"

    Since you mention it, I realize @64 postings are likely to be from Rosieppops'. A "trojan horse". Simply ignore the unenlightened soul.

    #62 was from Prof. C. et alia - a "show-off" with an IQ...

    By the way Dandellion, your comments are always serious, intelligent and informative. Keep them coming.

  109. "Several references have been made to the McCann's rich and powerful friends. How did an ordinary pair of GPs get such rich and powerful friends?"

    Elementary dear Watson! It is called ideology. Doctors (and judges) are always way up in any ideology. British ideology may no longer rule the waves but it is still a force to contend with. It floats in the ether like an episteme (Foucault).

    "Foucault uses the term "episteme" in his work "The Order of Things" to mean the historical a priori that grounds knowledge and its discourses and thus represents the condition of their possibility within a particular epoch."

    The other way to look at it is from Berne's Transactional Analysis perspective. It is a sociological game called "Us versus Them". Same rules apply in international tennis or football.

    The Darwin thing to remember is that we humans have jumped from the apes but have not done so very far...

    Prof. Cebolinha et alia


    "su said... 73
    about danie kugel.
    living in south africa i have seen two interviews with this man.
    i don't doubt his sincerity for a second."

    Thank you for your contribution. I thought the same myself but, it is always best to hear from someone closer to the genius.

    Incidentally, if you are in SA could you possibly find out Krugel's real e-mail address, e-mail him and determine whether he would be willing to come to PdL for an update check? We would need confirmation that Madeleine's "trace" is still in the area.

    We have e-mailed Ivan Meyer to no effect.

    See here: http://www.daniekrugelfacts.com/Letter-D%20Krugel-I%20Meyer-Tests.pdf

    The reason is we are seriously considering the possibility of putting together a team of volunteers to search the area Krugel indicates in his maps. We plan to invite Gonçalo Amaral to coordinate the search.

    Our aim is not simply to discredit the McCanns'/Cameron abduction theory. It is more altruistic than that.

    We believe that no search for Madeleine alive can be seriously entertained without first confirming the opinion of an expert (if not genius) that Madeleine's is likely to be dead and her body found in the area he indicates.

    I think I am right in saying that Krugel believed at the time Madeleine was no longer alive. An opinion that coincides with the dogs findings - albeit inconclusively (cough).

    Thank you on behalf of the investigation team.

    Prof. Cebolinha et alia

    PS Naturally we are aware that his equipment requires an hair from Madeleine and we are not sure the parents would provide that. We know from Gonçalo Amaral himself that all hairs from Madeleine (indeed all forensic materials) have been destroyed by the defunct FSS but... we will try and ask the McCanns' when the time comes.

  111. Anon at 97 "What are 'marygolds?"

    :c To the best of my knowledge "Marygold" is a dish-washing gloves brand.


    If you ask me and assuming the PJ thought she did it herself. it could have been because mothers are usually closer (and under the circumstances more temperamental)than fathers. Mind you a slap from Gerry - a tennis player - could easily have sent despondent Madeleine's head flying against a hard object and bingo!

    Look at it as "a shot in the dark". The PJ wasn't there so how would they know? It must be an informed inference from the dogs (not to mention the numerous contradictions). My op.

  113. Dandellion at 96 and 99

    Very intelligent and informative postings. Thank you.

  114. A medical specialist, specially a cardiologist, has a lot of connections and people tend to help when his doctor gets in serious problems. Gratitude is normal in people. Of course, rich and poor offered their help. <it is not that strange and Gerry's social back ground does not play any role in such a case. People want to do something back to the doctor who saved their lives.

  115. Joana, Astro, is it possible to make a photo copy of the book, page
    366, hah hah hah, from ' We are still pressing...' and publish it here? hahahahahah!!!!!!!!

  116. Anonymous 97 Marigolds are rubber gloves for cleaning if you have to
    use substances that will damage your hands Marigold is a trade name

  117. Hello 93 and 99 and thanks for your responses.
    99, I think the incident must have happened earlier but if it was the day before with a holdall how does that fit in with the Smiths sighting of someone looking like GM carrying a child on the night Madeleine went missing?

  118. About the forensics, I wrote ' the day after' but I wanted to say ' the following day' .I mean May the 4th.
    Yaaah, I also get lost in translations...

  119. I am dredging my way through this book and have hardly started, I know about the lives of all the family, which for me isnt relevant,kate and her pegnancies, she must think she is the only woman ever to have given birth, again irrelevant. Yes Madeleines name pops up frequently as a prop to what she is saying about herself. There are frequent mentions of EARLY LEARNING CENTRE toys, so for sure she is earning publicity funds there...what has this to do with Madeleine. Its hard reading as its boring kate and gerrys life. I will plough on as I want to read the so told truth.....Please SY do something about this pair and their fraudulant fund. Where is the justice for Maddie in being used as a cash cow, how can they defame her memory so. its disgusting

  120. I agree with Anon 108, Dandelion's comments are always serious, intelligent and informative.

    Poster 106
    Regarding the McCanns everlasting pyjamas/blanket story: just creation of confusion imo to mislead, suggesting Madeleine was ALIVE and might get cold.

    According to Gerry it is fundamental for the search that Madeleine is alive.

    Gerry: "And if people believe, erm, unnecessarily that Madeleine’s dead without any evidence then we’ll never find her."


    a dead body, unfindable?

  121. At anon 99
    It can't be something the Mcs have on this Government, its newly formed, if anything it could have been something on the last Labour Government or Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, Cameron is no fool imo, It will take alot more then the McCanns to bring him down.

  122. And what about the Smiths?

    Dandelion? @ 99.

    No point in leaving out their CRUCIAL statements is there?
    I would be Interested in your reasoning for this omission.

  123. I firmly beleive Cuddlecat played a Major role (used by Kate Mccann)
    in Madeleines final resting place?



    "I realize @64 postings are likely to be from Rosieppops'. A "trojan horse". Simply ignore the unenlightened soul."

    Will you people please stop picking on my good friend Anon 64?

    As it is clear from my posting at #83 entitled "Just a Little Kiss" I have exchanged kisses with #64 is she is now of my most devoted admirers - and I of hers...

    I trust this will bring the issue to a satisfactory conclusion.
    Thank you.

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

    "A little love goes a long way!" (Emmanuel Jesus "The Christ" in "The Dead Sea Scrolls" (latest batch).

  125. 39, I think all objects of 5a were taken, checked on and given to the McCanns and to the hotel back, some later.The police were trying to find traces of the abductor, investigating every centimeter.
    They sure made an administration of every object, took pictures of all of them before returning them. When the dogs came to the MCCanns' house, they made again a list of all objects and I think that was the moment the PJ missed the blanket.But they never told it, waiting for a Freudian slip.Not even when the McCanns were made arguidos, I think ,the PJ did talk about it. I would not be surprised if the police are keeping more surprises for the McCanns.
    That of Gerry checking on his bedroom before checking on the children, this changes the whole story.Imo Maddie went to bed very early in the evening,she used Gerry's bed (Kate's was not used, imo), the twins did not see her sleeping and she got too much medicine, imo.Now I wonder if her pyjamas' pants were put off immediately after she died or if she went to sleep not wearing them.If she stayed long enough behind the couch, without being found,enough time to mark the place with cadaver scent, I think she died only in her T-shirt. If I am right, because these are speculations, why was she not wearing her pants in her father's bed?
    I'm not pointing to Gerry as the person who could be interested in such a situation but pointing to him and to Kate as the responsible ones for their half nude daughter in that bed. Why was she in a separated room, wilsh her parents had told so many times that she would come to their bed about 2am, when she was not able to sleep, and not before, (and certainly not very early in the evening)? Was she already deeply asleep at 6.00, 6.30 pm, when Gerry went playing tennis? Did she die not long after, falling of the sofa and how come nobody immediately saw her, dead or dying? Maybe dead and they realized they could better not complicate the crime scene and they left her on the floor while planning what to do about it.
    The PJ have a lot to do: in her father's bed already in the early evening, no pants on, too much sedative and David Payne visiting the family.

  126. # 111 "Marigolds are rubber gloves for cleaning if you have to
    use substances that will damage your hands Marigold is a trade name".

    Correto mundo!

    My girl friendS - my culture allows me have more than one... use them to wash dishes, etc.

    On the other hand, "Marigolds" are known to have been used by criminals to wash crime scenes. Professionals however prefer surgical, disposal gloves.

    How do I know this? Don't ask me...

  127. The British Medical Association announced this week that even if there is only a suspicion by a doctor of child abuse/neglect, then it must be acted upon. That means it must be investigated fully. Where does this leave the Tapas nine, and those children left out of sight and hearing?

  128. If the McCanns do have "something" on some people it doesn't matter who is in office at this or any other time. They have knowledge on things about certain individuals who come from all walks of life, but are now in positions of influence, pilars of society sort of thing, people with reputations to mantain and a lot to lose in case of scandall, they are not necessarily all from the same political side. Let's say that the big secret is about paedophilia or swinging, the two are not exclusive of one particular group, both are transversal in society, practiced by people from different political parties, religions, professions, etc., and that can mean they will always have protection no matter who's in government.


    The new Social Democrat/Christian-Democrat government in Portugal (Pedro Passos Coelho/Paulo Portas) is very close to David Cameron's conservatives whom, as you know, supports the McCanns "official" version of events - the so-called abduction theory.

    The new Minister of the Justice is a woman and a mother at that (Paula Teixeira da Cruz). The new minister of Internal Administration (inc. the Police) is a man (Miguel Macedo) but happens to be a top lawyer close to Rogério Alves e Isabel Duarte - the McCanns' lawyers.

    The European Court of Justice on the other hand counts among its judges (Cunha Rodrigues) the father of that young lady (Maria Gabriela) that upheld the rights of the McCanns in February 2010 before the appeals court overthrew the inexperient judge's decision and upheld Amaral's constitutional/human rights in March this year...

    Small world you might say.

    Fingers crossed for Gonçalo "Amaral"...

    :p Zé Malho

    Disclaimer: The assumptions made above merely reflect a passing opinion expressed here under the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º. No allegations are therein made or implied.

  130. To A.Dubliner.
    "I firmly believe Cuddlecat played a Major role (used by Kate Mccann)in Madeleines final resting place?"

    Eddie detected something on it that's for sure. May be Madeleine was holding on to the toy when the accident happened. Assuming there was an accident that is. Contamination would be an alternative explanation but...contamination by what?

    What makes your belief so firm? Would you care to share it with us?

    PdL lampost

  131. Anon A. Dubliner "I would be interested in your reasoning for this omission."

    Dubliner, please go gently on Dandellion. She is one of the finest commentators on this blog. I assume it is a "she" for such fine brain must be operating under the Feminine Principle.

    I don't know why she did not mention that may be because she cannot mention everything... by the way I am writing a book where EVERYTHING will be mentioned. I am accepting advanced orders at a discount price...


  132. On a more serious note, if anyone is following the Knox appeal, they will notice the difficulties re forensics.

    Independent experts appointed by the court ( I wish the UK courts did this but they seem comfortable allowing experts from both sides to confuse) seem to be arguing against the prosecution.

    As far as I can make out, forensics will never win the day unless it's watertight, with no room for ambiguity.

    Cross contamination is easy to argue (so it seems) and I think that's fair because you need evidence to convict,

    At what point do forensics become water tight? I don't know, I'm not a copper.

    I think they (McCanns) feel pretty safe re forensics. And Gerry is right, it can point at something but it doesn't add up to a pile of beans.

    Unfortunately, Hmmmm.

  133. Thank you to everyone who like my posts and thank you to everyone else for their informative posts. It's good to be able to debate without fear of the abuse that happens on may forums. It's thanks to Joana and her team that we are able to debate in this way.

    Hello PoppyMeze post (115) If Madeleine did disappear before May the 3rd, then the man who the Smith's said they saw on the evening of May the 3rd, was either Gerry McCann carrying a child who was not his, or someone who looked like Gerry McCann, carrying a child. I hope what I have written makes sense.

    Hello Anonymous post (120) If you mean what I think you mean, I haven't put the Smith's statement on here, because it can be found on the www.mccannfiles.com website.

  134. Where is the enthusiasm of the McCanns' about the MP getting involved in the case? No interviews?
    The Leicestshire police did not want to show them eventual files because " no clear evidence they are not involved in the disappearance". Kate writes that this was in 2008, when they were still arguidos, that 's why. Since July 2008 they are not arguidos anymore and why not show the McCanns what they have in the files?
    At page 266 she irritates the Home Office and comments in such a way that it sounds as Theresa May could not care less about them.
    It sounds the Home Office is responsible for Madeleine's fate. Everybody is, except for them.
    At the end of her book, we can see the Mccanns are not so powerful as they seem to be and as the media sound.

  135. Hello Anonymous post (119) Sorry I didn't make myself clear when I was talking about the British Government. I was talking about the British Government who were in power in 2007.

    To my knowledge the British Government have never got involved with a case where a British child has gone missing, to the extent that the British Government got involved with Madeleine's case. I can accept that the British Embassy, would have sent someone to offer the McCanns support, but for Gordon Brown to intervene, when the McCanns were suspects was very wrong.

    Gordon Brown, would have been well aware that the McCanns had broken the Portuguese law when they left their children unsupervised. He would have been well aware that there were other factors in this case, that brought the PJ to the conclusion that the McCanns were more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

    The PJ should have been allowed prosecute the McCanns without interference from the British and Portuguese Governments.

    This brings me to the British Government who are in power now. I would like to think that David Cameron, is investigating why in 2007, at least one member of the British Government, with the help of at least one member of the Portuguese Government, intervened in the case and why.

    While it may be too late to bring action against that the person/s involved,David Cameron will know for himself how corrupt this person or persons have acted.

  136. Anon at 104

    Kate doesn`t talk about Gaspars on her book.

  137. Why did Kate tell that Gerry checked on their sleeping room, a glance, before going to the children's? Maybe to give an innocent, simple explanation for the fact the dog smelt Maddie's scent in their room? Not necessary because people know she used to go to her parents during the night.Besides he could go to the children's room in the first place, because it is located nearer the front door.Going to his room, he had to pass the wall of the children's room, the bathroom and then to arrive at his room.And he had to go back and he was on a hurry to go to the toilet.
    This story is very strange and the PJ have to start quizzing around, all over again. This must have to do with things Kate told around, Freudian slips, and now she feels the need to correct them.
    I can't believe this is only stupidity. By the way, she wrote a couple of times on her book that she is intelligent.
    Her words, not ours.

  138. To Dandellion

    "I would like to think that David Cameron, is investigating why in 2007, at least one member of the British Government, with the help of at least one member of the Portuguese Government, intervened in the case and why."

    Another very good point Dandellion!

    I would love to think that as well but, I fear Cameron's intervention was purely ideological. The "inception" could have been Mitchell's. I would be very surprised if it was not...

    Ipso facto, this implies SY will be reviewing the case from the "abduction theory" perspective - the "official" McCann/Mitchell/Cameron theory, that is.

    Likewise, the involvement of the parents ("accidental death and occultation of body theory) is not on SY's agenda.

    In fact, the way I see it, the purpose of SY "review" is to make the PJ look stupid. Any other "wrong inferences" SY may "accidentally" reach, will be well beyond the reach of the information freedom act (or Wikileaks).

    We must be open to the possibility that there is a tacit, unwritten, unspoken, non-verbal agreement between all parties - which is exactly how "ideology" works.

    "But, why such a vested interest in making the PJ look stupid?" I hear you asking...

    Because if you can denigrate the Portuguese investigation - particularly the core investigation team under Gonçalo Amaral, what you have in terms of PR is a significative victory for the McCanns/Mitchell/Cameron abduction theory...

    ... Roughly the equivalent of a "not guilty" sentence in the "court of public opinion" (cough).

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

    Disclaimer: the views expressed here and elsewhere by Prof. Cebolinha et alia represent passing opinions. No allegations are made and/or are implicit. The comments are made under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 37 of The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

  139. Maddie did not disappear before the 3r. She probably died before the 3rd, on the 2nd, very late in the evening or even at the beginning of the 3rd. The McCanns had 24 hours to plan the concealing of the body. One strange part of the story is that the Ocean Club sent 3 ladies of the creche to work in Greece, very soon after the disappearance and another thing is that Tapas 7 went to the beach on the afternoon of the 3rd, without the Mccanns. And Gerry faked the swimming pool photo of the 3rd.At least twice Kate was present in PDL, on a 2nd. I think an October the 2nd and another 2nd, some later. On the last 2nd she attended a Mass in PdL and went home on the 3rd, without attending a Mass.You should expect she would be present in the church on the 3rd but she wasn't. That man seen by the Smiths was definitely Gerry, otherwise Brian Kennedy would not have visited them. And the man who was seen by the Smiths would have shown up, identifying himself.
    Another proof it was Gerry is that on his documentary, he crossed the street to talk to Jez, giving the opportunity to Jane not to be seen by both men, and trying to make the police believe him..He changed the story and Jez knows it. If he had to change the story it is because he is involved in the disappearance.

  140. To Anon 127 "On a more serious note, if anyone is following the Knox appeal, they will notice the difficulties re forensics."

    It is not just forensics in the Knox case.

    Here again we have a couple who is unlikely to have deliberately killed the victim but which, somehow is some way, was likely to have been involved in the tragic events of that night. Too many contradictions in both cases and the case of the McCanns - too many dog barkings (in different places).

    Here again we have a case where money and ideology function as a megaphone and where "simulacra and simulation" stand for reality.

    In all fairness the forensics in Madeleine's case did not count for much. And what if the blood samples found in apartment were Madeleine's? Where would that lead? Kate has already said Madeleine used to bleed from the nose, that she fell and hurt her knee. Disprove that...

    Now the samples from the car are a bit more interesting but again prove nothing.

    The weight of forensic evidence against the McCanns' however comes from Eddie "The Dog" but as Gerry shrewdly remarked "ask the dog" - to testify in court, presumably.

    Eddie "The Dog" knows, we know but... it cannot be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Barring anything more sinister what may (or may not) have happened in both cases was likely to have been an accident.

    In Knox's case it is most unlikely that she will be involved in another murder and likewise it is unlikely the McCanns will harm their other two children.

    Both should be left to look after their lives...the problem with the McCanns is that they don't allow us to.

    Embarking on an international PR campaign designed (essentially) to clear their good names may not have been the best of decisions or investment of donations.

    The McCanns could, say have used some of those funds to check the area given by Daniel Krugel as the that where Madeleine's body may be found.

    No serious attempt to find Madeleine alive should be made until there is confirmation that she is not dead and...

    ... one way to do that would be to take Krugel's professional track seriously. Surely they can afford to pay a team (or arrange for volunteers) to do just that, no?

  141. Has the review, by Scotland Yard started, are they in Portugal its all gone so quiet.
    Also as for Kate Maccann growing up in Allerton, she as far as I know grew up in Anfield, and went to All Saints School in Anfield, made her first communion in Anfield, then went to Notra Dame, near Anfield, her parents now live in Allerton ( which is a posh part of Liverpool) her formative years were in Anfield.

    Also @ 78 In Mary and Jesus's Arms is for a dead person. Its probably the only truth in the book.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  142. Does Kate say in her book that she feels sorry for Tapas 7, they are suffering under suspicions because the parents were neglect? That she wishes they were not involved in such a story and that they don't deserve it? That their names and photos are and were in all papers, that they could live under a cloud of suspicions for the rest of their lives? Does she openly ask her excuses to them, who were ready to help the couple, who delayed their return to Britain and probably most of them could have been cheated by the McCanns and they did not know about Payne?
    And they are now seeing as being pedophiles?

  143. Dandelion Post 128
    Madeleine could not have disappeared the day before the 3rd; she was seen by staff.See following quote from Goncalo Amaral's book

    'Thursday May 3rd
    At 9.10am, Madeleine arrives at the day centre, accompanied by her father. Between 10.30 and 11 o'clock, the day centre leaders again take Madeleine and her little classmates to the beach. She then goes on a boat trip in a yellow catamaran-type boat, which does not go very far from the shore. At 12.25, her mother fetches her for lunch and takes her back to the day centre at 2.50. At 5.30, after a jog on the beach, she goes back to fetch her, as well as her brother and her sister, and they all go back to the apartment.'

  144. By the way it is July 1st. In England we shout ‘White Rabbits!’ at the beginning of the month - supposed to be lucky – let’s hope it’s lucky for little Madeleine.

    Just a thought; the world is supposed to be full of ‘mediums’ who can contact those who have ‘passed on’ – why do none of them come forward?

  145. Laughing all the way to the jail...

  146. #132,
    "Why did Kate tell that Gerry checked on their sleeping room, a glance, before going to the children's? Maybe to give an innocent, simple explanation for the fact the dog smelt Maddie's scent in their room?"

    The problem is...what the dog scented was the odour of a dead body! That's what he is trained to do, he does not pick up/point up the scent of a living person, he is trained only to detect the smell of death.

  147. I was reading about the difficult life the McCann family had in the past, 7 people living in one room. I didn't expect that in Scotland, in the years 60s and 70s. I knew this happened and still happens in Russia, lack of space. Now I understand why the McCanns and perhaps specially Gerry are desperately fighting not to lose their good jobs, their beautiful house, cars, etc. and why they asked such a lot of money from innocent people.The best lawyers,the best contacts, tv channels, news papers. He hates his past.Preferable no decent grave than being again poor. Very often Gerry is saying : 'We can not change it.' and if they can not change it, at least they can preserve their rich life or even try to become richer.
    Rather unhappy and rich than unhappy and poor. Money does not make people happy but it helps a lot when you are in trouble.
    The crime itself, death, concealing the body, a fraudulent fund,accepting Murat being made arguido, cheating on authorities, demanding false statements from Tapas5, putting them in trouble, are worth the risk. Please no poverty,
    no Charles Dickens back in my life.And no jail.
    Imo opinion, money and social status play the biggest role in his life, not the children or his wife.
    If this case gets the right solution, Gerry will become trash in the UK, . I wonder if the hospital will keep him and if other hospitals will accept him.
    They will be sued by Greeks and Trojans, there will be no uncles Brians enough to help them. They could become poorer than Gerry was in the young years of his life.


    To PoppyMeze at 144 who wrote: "Just a thought; the world is supposed to be full of ‘mediums’ who can contact those who have ‘passed on’ – why do none of them come forward?"

    I am afraid they have...

    One recent example from the media:

    "Missing Madeleine McCann 'spoke' to psychic

    7:10pm Tuesday 10th May 2011

    By David Wiles »

    "SHE claims to have received telepathic messages from missing girl Madeleine McCann and experienced a premonition about the death of Princess Diana...“For about a week I was aware of this small child standing near by bed, and naturally I began to ask questions about who she was,” she writes.

    The name ‘Madeleine’ came through strongly to her, she says, and when she asked where she was the girl kept talking about Portugal and water, showing her a deep well and repeating the name of one particular person. "


    :h Now, what could that name be?

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

    Disclaimer: the views expressed here and elsewhere by Prof. Cebolinha et alia represent its own passing opinions offered under protection of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 37 of The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. No allegations are made by Prof. Cebolinha and/or therein implicit.

  149. Anon 147 "I was reading about the difficult life the McCann family had in the past..."

    Reading your comment left my jaw in a dropped-down position. Your criminal profiling is rather convincing. Poor Gerry...

    Could we have some more of your Einsteinian thinking please?

    A. Reader

  150. #139,
    (Gerry)"...He changed the story and Jez knows it. If he had to change the story it is because he is involved in the disappearance."

    Jez knows and stood/stays silent and so did/does Jane Tanner! I think that is where her tears and emotion came from in the documentary, she cried out of frustration and anger of having to go through the humiliation of being contradicted by Gerry and see him get the upper hand on the matter, not from as she said, re-living the terrible moment when she saw Madeleine being taken and did not realize what she was seeing.

  151. 139 - I agree with you, Madeleine died before 3rd, Paynes statement was to place Madeleine still alive on 3rd but what a mess he and Kate made of that statement, full of inconsistancies and errors, Maddie was already dead.
    probably died the night before Kate said ' Why did you not come...etc' that was also to place Maddie alive on the morning.
    Some (not all) of the tapas were aware of the cover up, Payne definitely was as was O'Brien, the others were just used.

    Why have Amarals books not been returned to him?

    SY must do a proper investigation, Maddie definitely died before the evening of 3rd. The 3rd was used as a cleaning up day and sorting out stories day, and bringing the rest of the Tapas group in. Tapas went to Parisdiso because they knew the CCTV would record them and possibly illiminate them because that was when Mccanns removed Maddie from apartment. Murat and his friends are involved in this somehow.

    The Payne and Kate's meeting with Payne of 3rd are key to this. There are missing hours from mccanns during that day, Gerry hurting his ankle and unable to play tennis etc, Kate jogging along beach alone, this was when they hide maddie.

  152. #142,
    I do not for one moment believe the other Tapas were/are "innocent by-standers"! They are in it up to their necks, so, no need for Kate to say: "sorry, folks"...

  153. "Madeleine could not have disappeared the day before the 3rd; she was seen by staff. See following quote from Dr. Gonçalo Amaral's book..."

    Good thinking Poppy Meeze. The only doubts (as far as Dr. GA arguments go) are about the pick-up time and/or who signed for it.

    Anyone to comment on this?

    Remember we also need the time window for the cadaver odour to settle if we are to accept GA "accidental death" theory (Occam's Razor) as 100% plausible.

    Dr. Kate McCann's assertion that she had been in touch with deceased patients prior to her visit to Portugal (inc. that she took Madeleine's toy with her) would need to be checked and the range of potential contamination evaluated scientifically (ideally by using the same dog - Eddie) in order for a jury to proceed.

    Please read the transcript below:

    "1. Cadaver dogs are known as valuable forensic tools in crime scene investigations. Scientific research attempting to verify their value is largely lacking, specifically for scents associated with the early postmortem interval. The aim of our investigation was the comparative evaluation of the reliability, accuracy, and specificity of three cadaver dogs belonging to the Hamburg State Police in the detection of scents during the early postmortem interval.

    Carpet squares were used as an odor transporting media after they had been contaminated with the scent of two recently deceased bodies (bodies are all less than 3 hours old). The contamination occurred for 2 min as well as 10 min without any direct contact between the carpet and the corpse. Comparative searches by the dogs were performed over a time period of 65 days (10 min contamination) and 35 days (2 min contamination).

    The results of this study indicate that the well-trained cadaver dog is an outstanding tool for crime scene investigation displaying excellent sensitivity (75-100), specificity (91-100), and having a positive predictive value (90-100), negative predictive value (90-100) as well as accuracy (92-100).

    Cadaver dogs–a study on detection of contaminated carpet squares.
    Oesterhelweg L, Kröber S, Rottmann K, Willhöft J, Braun C, Thies N, Püschel K, Silkenath J, Gehl A.
    Institute of Legal Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany

    Herr Gunther

  154. Imagine Kevin Somethig would ask the McCanns to use their political power in order to hind his extradition to the US, otherwise he will tell why the McCanns sent him such a lot of money?
    Which one of you knows by chance where Kevin is staying at this moment and could you please try to get in contact with him, suggesting this idea?
    It would be great!

  155. 143, if amaral's text is right, she died very early in the evening, short after they arrived in the apartment.But the police depended on statements which could be false. No time enough to plan, to arrange a Tapas 10, to hide the body unless it was premeditated at least by one of the parents.Let's say she took the medicine at 5.30pm and died at 6.00 or a little later than 6.30pm , a little more than 3 hours to get rid of the body and it could be that the whole disappearence would have been already done if Gerry would not have met Jez. Because the dog barked at the grass under the patio/parents' window( maybe a scent, maybe not). It could be Gerry came downstairs with the body, he heard Jez's crying baby, he put the corpse on the grass(for a short time), in dark, he went to talk to Jez, and some later he took the body back to 5a. Maybe the original plan could have been abducted through the patio doors but Jez's presence in those streets made it difficult.That is why Jane had to see the abductor during the moment Gerry was chatting with him and the open window was probably plan B. The McCanns knew the window was too narrow and impossible to be opened from outside.Besides the window was in front of a parking with several cars, anyone could see or not the abductor.Maybe plan A was going downstairs, turning right, and immediately turning again right, going through that narrow street, turning left at its end, and going down the street, south. It would avoid the parking place. Or maybe the McCanns were planning to tell Maddie was abducted from their bed,(plan A) the abductor through the patio doors.
    Who knows Gerry used that narrow street.

  156. 147, that certainly is plausible that the fear of poverty is the motivation for their blatant lies and explains the designing and scheming of this pair. They are not interested in the truth. It is good enough for the two of them that confusion and fiction take the place of facts and reality. They will obviously go to their grave with their knowledge of the death of this little girl as they certainly, after 4 years, have no intention of revealing what happened on or before 3 May, 2007.
    PoppyMeze 143, How can we trust any information/evidence/witness by the staff employed by the OC, no matter which department or section they worked in, if all were briefed and seem to repeat only that which they were rehearsing? When I read about staff shipped off to other countries to obviously secure the stories and keep it all so controlled I doubt every word of their evidence. It is too watertight, signatures and the bookings for Tapas etc. etc all seem to be fabricated after the event!! None of the stories fit even saying they saw Madeleine on those certain days could be any other child of the same description, we just cannot trust any staff member as they seem to be covering their own tracks, jobs threatened, and forced loyalty to their employer as a result!. To me it is one big conspiracy.
    We need one or more investigative journalist, with pluck and integrity, to follow up on each person, find them and record the truth.


    "On July 7 2008 Mrs Justice Hogg gave judgement in the Family Division of the High Court regarding the attempt by Kate & Gerry McCann to gain access to all the Leicester Police documents regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann."

    “While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”


    "Therefore, after all seen, analysed and duly pondered, with all that is left exposed, it is determined:

    a) The archiving of the Process concerning arguido Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code;

    b) The archiving of the Process concerning Arguidos Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code.

    Article 277 number 3 of the Penal Process Code is to be fulfilled.

    Under article 214 number 1 item a) of the Penal Process Code, the coercion measures that have been imposed on the arguidos are declared extinct.

    Portimão, 21.07.08

    The Republic's Prosecutor

    (José de Magalhaes e Menezes)

    AS FOR SCOTLAND'S YARD CONCLUSION WE HAVE ONLY TO WAIT AND SEE BUT here I agree with Prof. Cebolinha views above...it too is likely to be "politically constrained"...

    :p No animosity implied.

    Zé Malho

  158. anon 129, Case Closed Then....NEXT!!


    Candidates to the position of judges in Portugal were caught copying during their exam...here is the (Babelfish) translation. Hope you get the gist...See Joana Morais blog top right (Portuguese section) for more details...

    "The "copianço" ("free-for-all") was detected during the marking of the examination papers for the subjects of "Criminal Inquiry" and "Management of Inquiry", where it was found there existed “coincident answers” in the same group.

    The tests of the sitting examinees who were seated side by side were “exactly the same”, admitted the director of the CEJ, Ana Luísa Geraldes.

    Her adjunct director, Eloy Luis, alleged that it was impossible to repeat the test for manifest lack of time, having opted to the attribution of the minimum mark (of 10) to all future magistrates who will be placed on court duty in September 2011."

    "Imagine if the judge copies his/her "verdict" from a piece of paper on her desk who happens to have been placed there by Isabel Duarte or Rogerio Alves - the McCanns' lawyers?" - someone sitting next to me commented...

    Zé Malho

  160. ANON 29.

  161. When the McCanns went to Amsterdam by privete plane, July 2007, Gerry told to a bunch of journalists that he suggested the PJ to ask photos from everybody who was in Praia da Luz on that fatal week and Gerry repeated this request in front of the Dutch cameras.
    And a Dutch journalist asked Gerry:
    -"And are the Portuguese police requesting people to send the photos?"
    And Gerry: "-No."


  162. To Poppy Meeze at 143 "quote from Goncalo Amaral's book"

    "[Clarence Mitchell] say that David Payne, one of the holiday party, saw Madeleine being put to bed when he visited the McCann apartment at 7PM. Previously the last confirmed sighting of Madeleine was at 2.29PM when a photograph of her and Gerry was taken at the swimming pool..."

    "“While the children were eating and looking at some books, Kate had a shower which lasted around 5 minutes. After showering, at around 6:30/6:40 p.m. and while she was getting dry, she heard somebody knocking at the balcony door. “David was at the apartment for around 30 seconds, he didn’t even actually enter the flat, he remained at the balcony door. According to her he then left for the tennis courts where Gerry was. The time was around 6:30-6:40PM.” (in "Madeleine").

    According to Kate, Payne never entered the apartment and was at the door for no more than 30 seconds - although in her book she writes he pops his head in...small detail... Payne testimony however differs both in terms of where he stood (he said he entered the apartment)and how long it he stayed (3 to 5 mins versus 30 seconds) but that is what he says. It could have been more.

    Again there is no independent corroboration for this which allows for wild speculations such as the far-out Textusa theory

    The point to remember here is that there are no independent witnesses of these events. The only thing we can bet on is on " 2.29PM when a photograph of her and Gerry was taken at the swimming pool...".

    OK someone signed the parents book to collect M. around 5:30. The evidence is based on a signature. To my knowledge (and I haven't studied this case in depth there is some confusion about whether anyone actually saw and/or played with M. during the time she was supposed to be there...)

    Anyway, let us assume M. was indeed collected at 5:30 PM. This leaves us with a period of several hours where no one (aside from the parents and Payne) saw the child. Their testimonies are not, from an investigators point of view, reliable as they lack independent corroboration.

    This is the reason why Dr. Goncalo Amaral and his team write about a "period of 6 hours" which cannot be reliably accounted for.

    I mean this is the picture from an investigators point of view. We all know the parents would not have deliberately killed her own daughter - not two educated people and two doctors at that!. Either there was an accident or an abduction. Unfortunately the contradictions and Eddie The Dog evidence point to an accident.

    I agree with Prof. Seboinha above that a search of the area given by Krugel might help to eliminate the abduction theory or at least cast doubt on it - even if it was an abductor that placed her there in the first place.

    It is complicated, as they say.

  163. The McCanns keep saying Madeleine is still alive, Kate saying she is "out there" and no evidence she suffered any harm.
    In this case, I miss something in Kate's Catholic faith(and on her book): a prayer to Madeleine's Guard Angel whose function is to guard, to follow and to protect the vanished alive little girl, wherever she might be at every moment of every day.
    Guard Angels are created to live among living people,on Earth, they got a tough job and they only get dismissed when the person dies. Kate prays to the Virgin Mary, to God, both spirits that spend most time in Haeven, together with all kind of good souls, although they continue keeping an eye on each of us.
    But about protection and direclty guarding of alive people, specially of children, we Catholics can count on angels which are God's and Mary's assistents.
    The lack of a prayer to the protecting Guard Angel in Madeleine's story points to death.

  164. It intrigues me that the McCanns had the whole Thursday to make up Gerry and Kate's beds(the bed where Kate slept from the 2nd to the 3rd) and they were still a mess when Maddie disappeared.
    But Maddie's bed and Kate's bed in the parents sleeping room had being made up. Or they were made up the day before, by the cleaning lady. This could show Maddie spent the last night in her parents bed but not in Kate's. That's why I still think she died at the beginning of the 3rd or even at the end of the 2nd. The parents came home and found her dead behind the sofa. And the 3 ladies of the creche were sent to Greece.

  165. At the end of her book, Kate thanks people who supported her, special thanks to Fiona and Dave, their great friends.
    Thanks to the McCanns we all know now who Payne is and what is his favorit hobby.
    No special thanks to Tapas 5, that got in serious trouble because of Kate. She is thanking all the people who did not (yet) get in trouble because of the McCanns.
    She used Tapas 5 and she threw them away, treating them as trash. And they will pay a looooot of money to people who are suing them.
    Please read the new article on McCann Files. Tapas 5 were not even friends of the Mccanns'.
    Too late, their names are dirty and the public that follows this case suspects them of being pedophiles.
    Thanks to Kate. Thanks to Gerry.
    If Kate and Gerry did not even had consideration with their own children, they will not have it with Tapas 5, if it is convenient to them.
    I wonder who is more stupid: Kate or Tapas 5?
    I fear it is not Kate.

  166. the Government support is linked to where they come from - IRA territory.
    thats why its an establishment cover up - with every political party.
    national security etc.

    thats why the case is so political.


  167. #156,

    As far as I can remember it was Jim Gamble/CEOP who took on the task of asking tourists for their holiday photos. The photos would be analysed in the U.K. and then passed on to Portugal(PJ), Gamble promised...Of course, not one of those photos ever reached our portuguese shores...



    anon 159: "Case Closed Then....NEXT!!"

    Not exactly. You need to wait and see. Zen Mahlo at #129 is making inferences based on his/her assumption that everyone involved in the case is either corrupted or pro-McCann. I don't see the Portuguese judge in the European Court of Human Rights and/or Justice influencing the outcome. First of all he would to have to be selected for the trial (unlikely) then not all judges there are Portuguese. There is no way a judge at that level would ask a colleague to decide pro-McCann.

    In the Portuguese trial YES - there is a high probability of British diplomacy affecting the outcome on the McCanns' behalf - we have already seen that at the very beginning of this case when the McCanns and their friends where allowed to get away without at the very least being charged for "corrupting the course of Justice" (false testimonies).

    This cannot, will nor happen at the European Court of Human Rights.

    True both (Drs. McCann/Dr. Amaral) are likely to appeal if they loose. The McCanns advisers should know they will probably loose there but Amaral will almost certainly win.

    My humble opinion. No animosity implied one way or the other.

    :h Judge Judy


    Cameron (like all successful politicians) supports what the British public does (at least apparently) for that is their way to reach and hold on to power (or implement their policies - see ideology)

    Now, you tell me whom the public who reads the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Daily Mirror - not to mention the "broadsheets" support?

    While you are at it, please check the readership figures (Google it) for all these papers combined and the sales figures (in Britain) for "Madeleine" and you have an approximate figure of the number of voters Cameron is connecting with.

    This quite aside from his (or his wife) personal feelings on this issue...

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

    Disclaimer: the views expressed here and elsewhere by Prof. Cebolinha et alia represent its own passing opinions offered under protection of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 37 of The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. No allegations are made by Prof. Cebolinha and/or therein implicit.

  170. # 162 "he suggested the PJ to ask photos from everybody who was in Praia da Luz on that fatal week"

    In all fairness I must admit that was not a bad idea (starting with their and their friends cameras). The problem would be to implement it. Most people wouldn't wont to be involved.

  171. 164, I never thought of Madeleine's Guard Angel.It is true, no prayers of Kate. There is a video of Maddie's dressed up as pink angel and that shows angels are part of the culture of their home.

    Another thing is that the McCanns never made an appeal to the abductor, telling him when was the last time she got vaccinations and when she will need the next.

    Also no appeal when children were threatened by the Mexican flu.

    No need.

    The pedophile is a responsible person.

  172. Anon 165 "That's why I still think she died at the beginning of the 3rd or even at the end of the 2nd."

    "Impossible". The last confirmed sighting of Madeleine was at 2.29PM (on the 3td of March) when a photograph of her and Gerry was taken at the swimming pool..." unless whoever took the photo deliberately (premeditatedly) changed the camera's date.

    You are complicating the case unnecessarily. Scientific research shows that it takes less then 2 mins. for a corpse to contaminated an area!

    See Herr Gunther posting above (153)

    By the time Madeleine is reported to be back home and by the time her mother gives the alert several hours went by. Assuming there was an accident (physical or chemical) there would have been plenty of time to hide/remove the body and for it to leave scent traces. Assuming the parents were involved that is! This is merely an opinion. We are exploring possibilities. Under such logic there would have been plenty of time to plan.

    However the Smith's sighting could suggest (assuming it was indeed Gerry he saw) the father found her dead during his visit later in the evening and disposed of her body before Kate raised the alarm. Under such scenario Kate needed not have been aware of what happened. Not at this stage.

    This is of course pure speculation and I make no allegations. Other scenarios are conceivable. The man the Smiths saw could have been an abductor (if we dismiss Tanner vision as the result of excessive drinking or a benevolent lie).

    The problem with the abductor theory is that no death scent traces would have been left in the apartment but there were such traces there - and in the car...

    The only way the McCanns could be innocent would be for the contamination to have occurred through Kate's contacts with deceased patients prior to her visit to PdL, or for the PJ to plant the scent there (Rosiepopps theory) which is preposterous... anyway, to my knowledge the investigation did not got (or was not allowed to go) that far and check that.

    It is truly a pity Kate does not try to clarify these (and other issues) in her book. Pity really. The book is selling well as it is though - perhaps that was the sole intention: to oust Amaral's book sales figures?

    This case is very confusing...


    Strictly for thinkers...

    To PoppyMeze at 144 who wrote: "Just a thought; the world is supposed to be full of ‘mediums’ who can contact those who have ‘passed on’ – why do none of them come forward?"

    Check this site: http://www.briansprediction.com/MISSING/publicr/p/827MadeleineMcCann.htm

    I get a bit confused with all the intuitive "remote viewing" going on in here but the photos and inferences provided in the link above are nonetheless thought-provoking - assuming we are seeing the same African man or the same shaved head that is... and there are quite a substantial number of Africans and shaved heads in Portugal...

    :j Prof. Cebolinha

    Disclaimer: the views expressed here and elsewhere by Prof. Cebolinha et alia represent its own passing opinions offered under the auspices of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 37 of The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. No allegations are made by Prof. Cebolinha and/or are therein implicit.

  174. Jezus' words "let the little children come to me, for such will be the kingdom of Heaven" impressed Kate.
    She writes about it.
    Madeleine going to Jezus and being in Heaven.
    In Maddie's case, the impression is again death, the poor thing.

    Yesterday I watched Prince Albert's wedding and his beautiful bride and I had to think of Madeleine.
    On the contrary to Charlene, no prince on a white horse, no wedding, no marriage, no children of her own, not even a coffin.
    Somebody took her life and God knows why.
    At that moment I hated the McCanns.
    No future for Madeleine.

  175. This is quite an interesting link regarding Kates deleted phone messages;

    ' So the bottom line is that Kate McCann was in Apartment 5A when Madeleine cried for her father between 22.30 and 23.45 on Tuesday 1st May 2007, leading to a unique flurry of late night calls and to unique calls very early the following morning. A forensic examination of the records of Madeleine’s attendance at the “Lobsters” crèche on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd May 2007 is critically important because if they have been falsified, to establish she was there when she was not, this case takes on an entirely new dimension and sets different search parameters.

    Secondly, if the memories of the mobile telephones were deleted in way suspected, a level of cunning is implied that would be capable of conceiving plan to deliberately delay reporting Madeleine’s “disappearance”; if for no other reason than to disassociate it from the crying incident on Tuesday 1st May 2007.'


  176. If three ladies of the nursery left to Greece, short after the disappearance, the PJ and the MP got to quizz them again.
    This is a very strange coincidence.
    Kate's words: one or two can be a coincidence. Three is not a coincidence
    Who knows one of the ladies is Tapas 10. The McCanns knew them the best.
    And a nursery woman helping to hide the body of one of the children...that is too bad.

    My theory is that some employe of the OC could be involved in the concealing of the body. Anyone, a gardner, a waiter, a cleaning lady or even higher placed employes.

  177. This is only a theory', I'm not accusing anybody.
    Maddie died on the night of the 2nd, beginning of the 3rd, when the parents were at the Tapas and they found her after coming back, late in the night. The following morning Gerry went to the creche where he managed to manipulate one of the women: an accident, they were not present, they would go to prison in Portugal, they would lose their jobs, they would be seeing as irresponsibles, and they would lose the siblings.They could not change the situation and they needed help.
    The best was a faked abduction, after three months nobody would talk about it anymore. The manipulated woman allowed him to sign the acte de presence of Madeleine in the morning and Kate signed it in the afternoon.They made an appointment for about 10.00pm, she would take the body with her which she did.
    She did not expect the McCanns make such a media circus of the case, she got scared and she told it to one of her managers.
    Too late to correct it, a nurse of a nursery hiding the dead body of one of the children would shock all turists in the resort and they would lose their confidence in that concern.Bad name! The last thing one expects is the collaboration of a teacher or nurse in a crime against a child.
    Three women were sent away of the creche and, even my theory being right, we have no idea who could have helped the McCanns.Also no idea if one of them ever helped.
    But it is not illogical to raise this suppositions because the only contact the McCanns had every day was their contact with the nurses of the creches. They knew each other a little bit. They knew Madeleine and the siblings and Gerry, who has gotten a silver microfone is his mouth, convinced them of helping in this situation.
    If my theory is correct, the lady could now tell the police what she knows, tell that she regrets everything.
    But these are suppositions, I'm not saying this happened.

  178. Tapas 10 could have been somebody working at the creche.

  179. If your child's bedroom was invaded by an intruder who abducted her, and there was a question about whether the intruder administered a drug or noxious substance of some kind, would you not insist that her siblings who remained unconscious despite an unholy commotion be given a complete check-up at hospital? Did the McCanns ensure the twins were given blood tests?

  180. My goodness, help, on McCann Files I read the CEOP will be the institution which will work with the Portuguese police.
    We will get again the same story, Murat, Malinka, Jim Gamble...

    #"There's is a hole in the bucket,
    dear lady, dear lady
    there's a hole in the bucket..."#

    But this time I have some hope. On the last pages of her book Kate complains that Home Office let their letters unwansered and that the British police don't show them the files.

    Earlier in the book she tells they could not see the files because they were still arguidos, they are not anymore since July 2008 and they still did not get to see them, according to Kate on May 2011.
    What a difficult Leicestshire police!

  181. Why has no one posted a copy of McCann's fairy tale on the web?

    I'd love to rip it apart - but need a copy of it and will not spend a bean toward the McCann lifestyle.

    So much for the power of the internet!


    Prof. C at 174 "Strictly for thinkers..." and PoppyMeezes at 144 "why do none of them come forward?"

    As you probably know that pic. (with MC) is known to the PJ. I don't know about the cop flashing his ID but on closer analysis he does not seem to be the same in all fuzzy pictures (observe the shape of his skull + height).

    Cynics might argue that could be "Lift Consulting" or some other PR agency associated with MC that come up with such associations. Possibly a fair point. Mere coincidences? Half truths? Assumptions? Daydreams? You decide.

    Now if PoppyMeeze at 144 wants "psychic" opinions than s/he should go for the best.

    In my humble opinion, the very best is surely that of Major Ed Dames (former US Army official "remote viewer") - not to mention Dr. Courtney Brown, Ph.D...

    ... Anyway I can only find Ed Dames related data in this area which will suffice for the purpose at hand.

    Dames has in the past hit pretty interesting targets.

    On preliminary analysis, "Brian's Dreams" have had some interesting results as well but what Brian does is not "scientific remote viewing". He is more of an intuitive or psychic which is not (by definition) so reliable.


    Here is the final report that come out from a team of "remote viewers" under Ed Dames supervision:

    "I want to thank everyone who participated in this extended project. To date its been over 120 days since Madeleine McCann disappeared when on vacation with her family in Portugal. The project summary is as follows:

    Madeleine McCann appears to be near a road that underwent some sort of construction/reconstruction within the past 3-5 months. In addition a mountain or mountain range is clearly visible in the distance from this road. The place where her physical body is located may be in or around a structure, possibly a house that is situated on a large piece of land, which may be close to a large open field.

    The location seems to favour her captors, as people go about there everyday lives without noticing a missing girl is close by.


    1. Madeleine McCann is in some sort of container/box in or around a quasi abandoned structure/house.

    2. Madeleine is somehow bound or tied down."

    Now compare this RV end-session statement with Daniel Krugel's map for any cues...

    Posted by:
    :k Herr Gunther


    "REMOTE VIEWING: The Science and Theory of Non-physical Perception" by Courtney Brown, Ph.D.




    Anon 176 "What a difficult Leicestershire police!"

    See ZM posting at 158:

    This is the OFFICIAL Leicestershire Police position:

    ""On July 7 2008 Mrs Justice Hogg gave judgement in the Family Division of the High Court regarding the attempt by Kate & Gerry McCann to gain access to all the Leicester Police documents regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann."

    “While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”


  184. Anon 172 "164, I never thought of Madeleine's Guard Angel."

    Now please let us be fair. How could you possible know who Kate has been praying to? I don't...

    The function of your guardian angel is to protect you at all times in the first place. If M. died then that was its fault (or its decision).

    My own guardian angel has saved my "bacon" on numerous occasions (particularly when I was younger) but to my knowledge not because my mother was praying for me. She was not the type to attend church on a daily or weekly basis and I don't recall her praying that much. Well, she did make sure I prayed before going to sleep...when I was very young...to a certain saint...

    Your guardian angel is, in the last analysis, the wisdom of your Higher Self who has lived many, many lives. May be Madeleine decided she was having too much competition at home, that the love and support was no longer there and she decided to get back to the drawing board. For all we know her spirit could already have reincarnated on a different body.

    People keep speculating about the parents being physically responsible for her disappearance whereas everything would have been meticulously planned by Madeleine's own spirit before she reincarnated. She needed that experience to evolve as a spirit. True she could have been the victim of an "evil" spirit - those prepared to settle for less than love. Uninvolved, low IQ spirits you might say. Anything is possible.

    I am just speculating you know...

  185. I saw an old tv programme called Missing Persons Unit from Australia. There was a case of a 15 year old girl who had been missing for 28 years. Her mother wasn't smiling; she was still reproaching herself for "not listening" to her daughter's upset at her relationship (which ended just before she disappeared). She still had her daughter's room as it was 28 years before, unable to change anything. Her daughter's best friend was being interviewed because her younger brother (a small child at the time of the disappearence and therefore not interviewed by the police) had phoned her with new information about the missing girl's school bag. He passed away soon afterwards. He had seen it in the broken down bus that was in the park, where the missing girl and her friend had been due to meet the day after she disappeared. Despite not having entered that park in the intervening 28 years, the school friend was unhesitating in taking the police to exactly where the bus had been, describing it as if it were yesterday.

    The contrast of this story and the actions and reactions of the main characters with the McCanns was striking.

  186. I'try in other words.

    I hope you post it. Tapas 10 lives or at least works in the resort.
    Now I'm sure about it.

  187. #177,
    Do your supermarkets carry books? Perhaps you could read it for free there...I'll explain, you see, here in Portugal the larger supermarkets have a book section and have seats for clients to browse the books, magazines, etc.. Just the other day I went to one of those, and it has a restaurant/cafeteria inside the premises just beside to the book area, and some books are also on display shelves among the restaurant tables. My husband chose a seat near one of the tv screens(political debate on, he didn't want to miss it)and to my dismay "the" book was right on the nearest display case, from top to bottom! As I didn't want to make a fuss and make him change tables I had to eat my lunch under the haunting look of Madeleine's face in the cover! What a terribly sad and disturbing photo that one is, I wonder why they chose it?! It must be one of the most unflattering photos of the child!
    After a while, I decided to pick up the book and browse through it, and I thought to myself, humm, that's how I can read the book without paying a single cent, one of this days when I have some time in my hands, I'll come and read it...eh, eh, eh...I'm feeling so naughty...

    -for the portuguese who are interested, the supermarket is Pingo Doce, in Telheiras (former Feira Nova), but I think that Continente or Fnac are good places to do it too.

  188. #175,

    I believe they did, but many weeks/months later on, the tests were done independently, I mean, the police was not involved, it was done by the parents in an unknown lab and the results, well, we have to take the McCanns and Mitchell word on it only, they never showed solid proof, as the lab report, were negative. Funny, the tests were done AFTER the twins had a good haircut (or several?)...

  189. The mccanns through PR agencies have built up a powerful business since 3rd May from Madeleine. There are so many snouts in the trough protecting the mccanns I don't think we will ever get to the bottom of what happened.

    I am amazed at the followers of the mccanns these people never research anything accepting whatever 'facts' are presented to them as truth. They become abusive towards posters questioning the mccanns version, the mccanns 'office' has the power to have newspaper photographs of the couple removed if they deem them inappropriate eg not crying this whole business has become such a mess.

    The Mccanns put themselves forward as ambassadors for missing people, and are accepted as such by organisations and charities with high profile fund raising events and dinners.

    This is the couple that neglected their children night after night (or so they say they did ), set up a fund days after their daughter disappeared, deleted phone messages, refused to cooperate with authorities, cadaver found on only items handled by themselves, inconsistencies in all statements but still they present themselves as the victims and are treated as such by our media.

    What an injustice to real victims this has become, Ben Needham's mother and other genuine victims mothers must weep at the coverage and assistance the mccanns have received when not once have they looked for their daughter.

  190. Is the Ceop blessed with 3.5 m to cover up Madeleine saga with a fake review/ investigation? Looks like. If not, why the metro police need the involvement of the Ceop on something the time proved they were useless. Gamble was a disaster for Madeleine. He helps the Paedos to get away with crime. He was there not to search or locate Madeleine, but to protect the McCann's, who the evidences prove, have an high chance to be involved in the disappearance of their daughter.

  191. Hello again Post 174

    I have just been on the website for which you provided the link.

    My first reaction - astounded as to why he placed all those photos of his own family including so many children, on his site?

    Surely he is aware enough to realise he makes them vulnerable?

    'Gifts' he MAY have... but little common sense!

  192. @177 It is available on thepiratebay.org, just search for it.

    I think it appeared in retaliation after some idiot was offering the Pat Brown profile for free on Twitter. Nice work eh? Really smart those McCann fans.

  193. On page 82 there is a map of a part of Praia da Luz, where it is shown the 5a, Murat's home(casa Liliana), the church, Batista super market, the beach(Promenade) but not the creche where Madeleine was staying during the day. The nursery was an important part of the last few days of her life and certainly of her last few hours.
    It is of the McCanns' interest to show casa Liliana to reinforce suspicions against Murat.
    Since the church, the super market, the Promenade and casa Liliana are shown on the map, it means to me they have nothing to do with the disappearance.
    Because Maddie died in the apartment, her body was concealed by Tapas 10 whose identity we don't know and the McCanns would never point to a suspicious place, anywhere.

  194. Posts 148,163,174
    I may have posted this twice as I tried to edit due to typos and it disappeared!

    Thanks for the links and info – I am always dubious about mediums. It is not my intention to be judgmental when I say it seems rare to find an academic, scientific ‘medium’. That’s not to say that all ‘mediums’ are fakes though I sometimes wonder whose need is being met?

    I cannot travel to Portugal though would help in anyway I can. I am not great at it but have had some experience with ‘remote viewing’. The US military used it in the first Gulf war so it has value.

    According to the scientist and researcher Gregg Braden; if the square route of one percent of the population agree on something, it can be happen; it has to do with our emotions; their interaction and effect on the hologram of the ‘matrix’ or Gaia? Now I do not ‘suffer fools gladly’ but this appears to have been tested and agreed on by other reputable scientists and the Institute of HeartMath in the States have done amazing work on DNA http://www.heartmath.org/
    Have a look at Gregg Braden’s interview on Australian TV; see what you think.

  195. #182,

    There is a house in Luz, near Murat's, that gives me the creeps. It's named Casa Niobe and it has a pyramid and a very strange garden, it gives me such an uneasy feeling, it looks spooky, ghostly. Niobe is the greek godess of mourning, why would anyone choose to name their holiday home in sunny happy Algarve like that is beyond me...have a look at the pyramid and the garden with some of its statues here:


    (the McCanns gave an interview to Sky News on the street in front of the house, with the pyramid behind them. Did this have a meaning, passing a message to "someone"...?)

  196. On her book Kate talks about a dream, she went to the nursery and Maddie was alive, one of the nannies telling Kate that Maddie was there, she saw her little daughter.
    I would expect a dream of Kate's, coming to 5a and the child was still there and not dead or "abducted".
    Dreaming of the nursery,Kate dreamed of Maddie's last moments,when Kate went to pick up her and when she was still alive and safe, under care of responsible nannies who were watching her the whole day. In that dream, Kate wishes she would go back to those last moments and do things different. Kate blocks their arriving on 5a, Maddie's last bath, no pants on, Payne's visit and the dead child behind the sofa.

    At least she blocks it in that dream she is writing about. But I believe she often dreams of the real facts which she can not tell us about.
    If she dreams of a living Madeleine at the nursery and not inside 5a, before the acccident, stories, milk and biscuits, it could be because Kate could have given a sedative to her nearly immediately after their arrival in the apartment and that was the beginning of the tragedy.For some unknown reason, this time it went wrong. I think Maddie could have suffocated in her own vomit, behind the sofa.Not necessarily a broken neck.

  197. re poster 179
    I seem to remember some hair or DNA (cannot quite remember) of Jane Tanner discovered in a villa along the coast where they went to party some times. Does anyone else remember this?

  198. Here`s a thought.
    Gerry said he wasn`t there to enjoy himself. People are saying something happened to Madeleine early in the week. The fund was set up so fast. Gerry`s brother quit his job to work on the, or should I say live off the fund.
    I remember a woman being in the Healy home at a very late hour on the 3rd. This woman at the time said she would get in touch with a friend out there who owned a bar, to see if they could help the McCanns. A bar with a fridge or two perhaps?
    To my mind there was something not perfect about Madeleine, whether healthwise or quite what, I don`t know. A lot tells me this was planned. Accident? I don`t think so. Drug overdose then why blood up the walls. Wouldn`t you just slip away if it were drug related?
    Just airing my thoughts.


  199. Fingers crossed! http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jul/05/phone-hacking-police-review-child-murders


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