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Pat Brown's Analysis - Madeleine: Wherein Lies the Truth

by Pat Brown

It is said there is often a lot of nonfiction in fiction and a lot of fiction in in nonfiction. Kate McCann's new autobiography, Madeleine, is a prime example of this axiom. I say 'autobiography' because Kate's book is not so much about what happened to her missing daughter, Madeleine Beth, but about Kate McCann nee Healy - her life, her loves and her losses, her trials and her tribulations. In reality, very little of the book is about the missing little girl who vanished in Praia da Luz, the lovely vacation destination in the Algarve of south Portugal; it is a carefully crafted revisionist history of one of the most puzzling missing children's cases in recent years and a strident defense of the characters and behaviors of Kate and Gerry McCann.

Children go missing every day around the world but few children get the level of publicity that has surrounded the case of Madeleine McCann, who was almost four-years-old the evening she vanished from the McCann's Ocean Club apartment, allegedly snatched from her bed as she slept in a bedroom with her twin two-year-old twin siblings, Sean and Amelie. What set this case apart from so many is the fact that her parents were not at 'home' with their children when this alleged abduction occurred; they were off in the resort complex dining and drinking with their seven friends for the evening. For that matter, all of the infant and toddler children of the Tapas restaurant party were left alone to fend for themselves while their parents enjoyed their last night in town.

Madeleine and her brother, Sean, had spent a good hour of the previous evening crying for their parents and a couple of the other children were fussy or ill, one to the point of vomiting while her parents were off having dinner. Three of the families locked up their apartments while they were gone, but the McCanns, Kate and her husband, Gerry, say they left all the doors open so that someone, apparently anyone, could have easy access to the children. The parents of these children were hardly uneducated boobs. They were medical doctors and surgeons and folks of relatively high status back home in their British communities. The case made the tabloids, but, in fact, it was the McCanns themselves that courted the media relentlessly, making Madeleine the most recognized missing child in the world and, themselves a target of a good deal of criticism and skepticism. They claimed their campaign was to find Madeleine but a fair number of people think it was a smokescreen to cover their own criminal acts.

When Madeleine turned up missing at the end of the evening's revelries, the world was not only shocked that the little girl disappeared but that her parents were neglectful in their duties to provide a safe situation for her. Not only that, but rumors began to fly that the McCann children may have been sedated by their own parents so as to not be problematic again when left unattended and with that additional bit of disturbing information, the McCanns became victims and villains at the same time. Over the course of the next few months, the police came to believe that the only victim in this drama was Madeleine who they surmised died accidentally while left alone and that the McCanns hid little Madeleine's body somewhere in Praia da Luz, staged an abduction, and with the help of their friends covered-up the crime. Four years later, the case remains unsolved and the McCanns remain under suspicion.

Which is why Kate McCann wrote her book, Madeleine. Not, in my opinion, to re-energize the search for her daughter as she claims, but to convince people of her innocence and raise revenue. Considering the fact the book sold 50,000 copies of the very first day and was serialized for half a million dollars and the Amazon reviews are mostly glowing and supportive, I would say Kate has achieved her goals in quite a smashing way.

But, there are still hidden nuggets of gold to be mined from within Kate's version of what happened in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007. The one dangerous thing about telling yet another rendition of events is that there is often truth among the lies or lies among the truth; this is why police investigators always want persons-of-interest to keep talking and defense attorneys keep telling their clients to shut the hell up.

The added information in Kate's book has enabled me to complete a Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (US and UK). I had been reluctant to offer one for a long time because, in spite of the many police reports and statements and television appearances of Kate and Gerry McCann, I wanted to hear the story from one of their mouths, to know their answers to some very pertinent questions. Kate finally did me the favor when she wrote, Madeleine, and although most of the book is a defense of her behaviors and actions, it is through this defense that Kate has given me a much stronger insight into what likely happened the night Madeleine went missing and why certain things happened or did not happen. Even with time to meticulously choose what one wants to say, it is amazing that what actually ends up coming out is something that perhaps would be better left unsaid. However, personal agendas, narcissism, and a lack of objectivity can cloud the judgment and the end results might not be exactly what the person intended. And I thank Kate for that.

Let me tell you two of the biggest revelations in the book: Kate admits no one came through the window of the children's bedroom. Yes, after years of insisting that someone broke into the apartment by tampering with the shutters and forcing the window open, Kate now backs down from that claim, agreeing with the Policia Judiciaria that an abductor did not climbed into or out of the room. This is sort of a Bombshell Tonight. What this means is that Kate does not claim the police botched the evidence and while she still claims there was an abductor that opened the window for reasons that make no sense, her admission changes how I view what actually happened that night.

Another fascinating bit in the book is Kate's incredibly generous forgiveness of Jane Tanner for not telling her immediately that she saw a man carrying Madeleine off from the apartment; she is instead thankful that "someone had seen something". In other words, Kate is happy an abduction was seen going down, not that she was notified of it in time to do anything about it. This startling revelation tells me a lot about the mindset of the McCanns and adds greatly to the profile in determining what happened to Madeleine.

I hope Kate McCann does achieve her goal of re-energizing the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and that the truth of the matter will indeed finally come to light.

in Women in Crime Ink, June 15, 2011


  1. Super! Thank you Astro and Joana! Looking forward to Pat Brown's updated version of the profile in the disappearance of this child. Kate wants to be caught out. She really wants the truth to come out! It is a matter of time. The amazing thing is that kate just loves the press and cameras despite her 'loving privacy'. What is the next step?

  2. Steel Magnolia writing on the Pat Brown blog comes up with that reminder that Rebelo came to the conclusion that the children were all left together. That was the babysitting. But that would also render neglect obsolete.
    Kate is going to take the entire blame for the whole thing.
    We are all so sickened by her that we will be jubilant thinking justice has been done.
    And it would have to a certain extent - but I believe there are several people who are as guilty - and all need to pay for their deeds.
    It seems to me as if the world is starting to spit out the filth and those carriers of it that have been hidden for so long. A time of planetary cleansing. This does not bode well for the up to now protected.

  3. I see over at msn uk, where an article about Kate was posted yesterday, the McCann's paid agents are relentlessly posting comments trying to sway the public to think that yes Kate is guilty, but only of neglect.

    Must be a new strategy from the McCann's PR camp.... you know to hell with trying to get the public to think she's completely innocent as it just aint working.. instead if they're going to think she's guilty then at least try to direct the pubic to think she's guilty of the lesser crime of 'neglect'.

    By the way, those McCann's paid agents who troll the internet's comment sections... are they getting paid out of the fund set up to find Madeleine..??

  4. I can't wait to read more about what Pat Brown thinks of the McCanns. She is a smart woman, and certainly a voice that is heard and respected in the US. I hope she will inspire certain members of SY to do their jobs properly.

  5. O parto tem sido difícil - que o diga Gonçalo Amaral - mas a verdade oficial está a caminho.

    A caminho da prisão desejo ver os McCann e todos os que foram coniventes com este processo absolutamente degradante e amoral.

    O mundo não será o mesmo depois de Madeleine McCann mas, a PJ, o Ministério Público, a Procuradoria Geral da República, o Ministério da Justiça e a Assembleia da República também não.

    Alexandra Correia

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with Pat Brown's analysis. Kate McCann's book has very little to do with Madeleine and what happened to her. I personally get the feeling that the main focus of Kate McCann's book & its intentions were primarily to seek public 'exoneration' & 'forgiveness' for whatever happened to her missing daughter

  7. I bought the Kindle it is well worth $3.44 and a very interesting read.

  8. If the window was not used by the abductor, what was he doing up on the road? Just trying to attract Tanner's attention?One of the McCanns said the abductor left through the window because he heard Gerry and Wilkins' voices.And now Kate admits he couldn't have done it.
    But if he left and came in through the front door,he must have bumped on Gerry and if he had a key(the only possibility) he could have been somebody of the OC, the poor Tapas 10 who accepted to help the parents, like Murat who offered to help Tapas 9.

  9. I have not read the McCann book but formed the opinion that it mainly deals with Kate and not Madeleine just from reading the pity articles in the British press. This woman has indeed become the "celebrity victim" world wide. I look forward to reading Pat Brown's Updated Profile of Madeleine's case. She does amazing work in the U.S. and also works 'pro bono' in some cases. May I suggest the Portugese authorities contact her for her assistance; together something might come about to bring about justice for this beautiful child who died before reaching her fourth birthday. The person(s) responsible should never again walk freely on this earth.

  10. Keep talking Kate. We noticed since Sep. 2007, you are an Animal( is a compliment not an insult) in permanent mutation. First, you dismissed or discredit all PJ words or any evidence police could find. Now, you are trying to fit your agenda on what cannot be changed- the facts, an accurate investigation, achieved.
    Off-course, no shutters damaged, no window used. Your fingerprint was a result of a previous moment when you let the sun coming in, to warm your PDL days. The only problem was you, in the pass already stated, you never openned that window and Gerry waiting for GNR to immediately let them know, Maddie was abducted due to the damages on the shutter.
    Now you are prepared to drop in the saga another innocent person to blame- A worker from the resort, with a key and some privileged knowledge of the habits of the group.
    A mutation, most of the times went wrong and can create a creature hard to describe or define. A sick creature.
    You are digging your grave because a criminal investigation allows very few changes and none done in an so unprofessional and so naif way. I did not buy or read your book, but from what is already known, you again lied to your public and sell a different product.
    Was not your book supposed to be an account of the truth about the disappearence of your daughter? After all, is an Autobiography? Who you are, to think that somebody cares to know about your difficult to have sex with your husband, your difficult to concieve a child, your feelings while thinking about a Paedo touching the perfect body of your child?
    You publicised one product and sell another. People, who buy the book must complaint and ask their money back. You keep playing with public with total impunnity. I hope SY take that, also on their accounts while reviewing the case. You still far from an innocent mother. But was not your lawyer Pinto the Abreu, who came to you after you being questionned by PJ, and said" After knowing the evidences the police show to him, he was absolutely sure, you will become arguida"? The Sun serialized that, straight away from your mouth, trough your book. No surprise!!!

  11. Gerry McCann may have already tried to tell us what happened to Madeleine in his 'moment of madness, an accident' excuse. Though I can't remember his exact words, they were along those lines.

    Was that said because he knows it from personal experience, or did somebody tell him that so as to explain the death of Madeleine? If so, they are deluding themselves, as it only takes an instant to form the intent to kill, and then to have followed through with it, that is murder. No accident. As for the 'moment of madness', well, that would be for a jury to decide. If this is the excuse for what happened, something sudden and rash, leading to the child's death, then that person should stand up and take the responsibility for it. They should not expect to be allowed to walk free and be unaccountable.

    There are innocent people who have been caught up in this terrible, tragic event, and their lives made hell through no fault of their own. Some of them also have children. We must not forget that, Kate and Gerry are not the only ones with children, though at times it seems as though this has been forgotten.

    As for the McCanns and their proclaimed Christian religion, lying is one of the sins that precludes entry into the 'Kingdom of Heaven', no matter how somebody can try and make excuses for themselves so as to carry on lying.

    A true believer knows that to lie is sinful, and they know that staying silent and knowing the truth, even if they were not directly responsible for what happened, amounts to the same. They must have known that innocents have been blamed and suffered, and still they have said nothing.

    If so, then they had better hope they don't die in the night. Not when they have had plenty of time already to come clean with the truth, but stayed silent so as to protect the guilty.

    That is certainly not in accordance with Christ's teachings, and if any Christian minister told them otherwise, then he is doing something very wrong by not advising and urging them to do the right thing, which they already know. They should go to the police NOW, while there is STILL TIME, and TELL THE TRUTH, before yet more innocents are dragged into this and their lives turned into a hellish nightmare, and PUT AN END TO IT.

  12. i just finished reading pat brown's book....her theory of gerry taking madeleine's body down to beach....at about 10pm.....i have always thought that gerry discovered Madeleine at about 9:20 after talking to Jez. He then came and alerted all the doctors. All apart from Dianne went up to the apartment at that point..note the executive chef's witness...they made their plans and returned to the tapas bar while gerry took madeleine towards the beach being seen by Smith's at about 9:55, and O'Brien cleaned up the mess. However I believe that he did not bury the body on the beach. He was given access to another apartment and hid the body in a fridge......much later they hired the car and removed the body and took it to Heulva acid beds....i believe that by this time jon corner knew the plan and was taken along as support and a cover...i believe that Kate's parents know the truth.

  13. Where on earth is the increasingly silent Gerry?

  14. Pat Brown's "Profile of What Happened to Madeleine McCann" is very interesting and can be viewed and read on your PC using software downloaded here:

  15. I`ve just read Pat`s updated profile of this case (downloaded from Amazon for £2.12.).

    Its very well thought out as you would expect from an experienced profiler - what`s possible, what isn`t possible, what`s fact etc. She explains why they had to lie and change their statements, timelines etc.

    From all her deductions, she poses the theory (and stresses that it is just a theory) that Maddie died earlier in the evening, maybe from falling from the settee whilst sedated - she thinks K&G may not have clapped eyes on Maddie after they put her to bed and gone straight out to dinner. She proposes that Gerry found her dead during his check which she thinks occurred after (not before) he chatted to Jez. Matt went to look for Gerry as he had been gone a long time and found Gerry floundering with a dead child. This is when the abduction was thought up. She doesn`t say whether Diane Webster is included in the scheme. They had to make the actual `abduction` time earlier than it was so as to give Gerry an alibi that steered him away from being the man the Smith`s saw at 10pm.

    Pat doesn`t include any reference to the Gaspar`s statements and doesn`t mention the seeming cover up and help by people in high places nor the media sucking up to them.

    Its a good read and helps to get things in perspective and be objective but, as Pat admits, she doesn`t know everything about the case.

  16. Anon @ 13

    I´ve been wondering that too. Maybe his employers have decided it´s high time he concentrated more on the job he´s being paid to do - he´s hardly been giving it his undivided attention over the last four years.

  17. I read Pat Brown's excellent book last night. I would have preferred it if she had studied the McCanns' and their friends' movements and statements as of 17h30 when Maddie was picked up from the crèche, but it probably would not have changed anything in her conclusion except maybe for Maddie's time of death. However her conclusion more or less matches that of Gonçalo Amaral, that Maddie died accidentally and that her parents and friends covered it up and hid her body and invented a story of an improbable abduction. Have just seen that Pat Brown's book is No.1 on amazon.uk.

  18. Where in the files does it say that Paulo Rebelo came to the conclusion that the children were all in one apartment being watched? This is total rubbish I am afraid. There is nothing in the files to support this and it distorts the case completely taking away the reason for two couples to go ahead with the cover-up to leave only truely sinister motives.


    Dr. Kate McCann missed yet another golden opportunity to answer those 48 questions. After reading her book we cannot help but be drawn to the old, more plausible inferences, namely:

    "- Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A on May the 3rd 2007.

    - There was a simulation/fake of an abduction.

    - Kate and Gerry are suspects in the involvement of the disposal of their daughter's body.

    - Madeleine's death may have been caused by a tragic accident.

    - There is evidence of negligence regarding the guard and security of the children."

    in Dr. Gonçalo Amaral book "The Truth of a Lie" as summarized here:

    We cannot wait to read our illustrious colleague Dr. Gonçalo Amaral new book but as Lord Guiness said:

    "Good things come to those who wait..."

    Luis Eloy
    Head of Media Analytics
    :k P.J. Tipps
    Investigateur Extraordinaire

  20. Reading this well presented book simply re-affirms initial feelings of something just isn't right. Pat Brown has clearly and cleverly picked up on important information contained within the PJ files. The statements of the Tapas 9 are at most times not easy to follow. Pat uses the police evidence well to highlight the numerous red flags regarding statements and evidence as well as the many high profile media appearances of the McCanns. The reader is given the opportunity to consider both guilt and innocence and abduction or parental involvement. This book enables anyone who knows a little or a lot about this case to get a balanced view. The cadaver dogs are right up there with the refusal for reconstructions. I think Pat holds the key when she writes about the McCanns not wanting to take responsibility. There are always two sides to every story and getting the balance right is key to understanding whay may or may not have taken place on 3rd May 2007.

    Minty Lou

  21. This is an excellent and highly readable book by an expert criminal profiler who considers the case of missing toddler Madeleine McCann - who went missing on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal when on holiday with her parents (both doctors). The case of this missing little girl, who disappeared from the bedroom she shared with her younger twin siblings where her parents had left them alone to have a meal with friends at a restaurant 100+ m away, is one of the highest profile missing persons case to date. Pat Brown carefully, and succinctly, considers alternative hypotheses in the context of current and publicly available information about this case. By the end of the book she has formulated a theory of the fate of Madeleine Beth McCann. This book grabs your attention from page 1 and keeps it in a firm grip right up to the last page. Thank you, Pat.


  22. I do not have a Kindle reading device and thought I would be unable to read Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (UPDATED) (Criminal Profiler Pat Brown Profiles) thanks to Amazon offering this:

    Get your free kindle download for laptop and PC here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_pc_mkt_lnd?docId=1000423913

    I very quickly managed to download the 'free kindle download' and also within seconds managed to buy Profiler Pat's recent kindle and started to read it straight away. It is well worth the price and imo an excellent insightful read.I shall be rereading and rereading it!

    General E Speaking

  23. 15-Pat Boone is analysing this case according to information that the police released and I'm sure they did not tell a lot.The police must know a lot more and keeping it secret because it is still an unsolved case. I believe we know perhaps 30% of this story.
    Amaral insists on suspecting the presence of Payne in the apartment
    and it seems he even said Payne may hold the key of this case.Only visiting the apartment for 30 minutes, between 6.30 and 7.00pm, it would not involve him in a death that occured much later, after the parents had left. Unless Madeleine was already strongly sedated before Payne arrived and her sedation had different goals...
    And not only Kate but also Gerry allowed it.It is clear that the PJ suspects Kate as being the one who sedatet her but Payne intrigues me.
    Only because he is a paedophile, it does not mean he abused Madeleine on that particular afternoon.Maybe yes, maybe no.
    Maybe she was extra sedated for Payne, that's why Amaral suspects him.
    It is possible that the sedation worked for only a couple of hours, she woke up, etc.
    But was there enough time to develop cadaver scent, to clean the apartment and to hide the body? From 9.05pm to 10.00pm?
    My only explanation, if this was not premeditated, is that the McCanns got help from the Ocean Club.
    Another theory is that the child died before diner, that's why O'Brian stayed away, and after planing the solution for the body, he started cleaning the floor. They left her behind the sofa till everything was arranged.She could even have died at the McCanns'presence, no autopsy because of the sedation, too strong and too early in the evening( for Payne?).
    And I don't believe Matthew Oldfield went to the apartment that evening.He lied to help the McCanns after being manipulated.
    Gosh, he must regret he lied!

  24. :h Good and evil is in each and everyone of us. It all depends where the light falls...

  25. Although I haven't read Pat's book and possible scenario, it is interesting that somebody who has read it has written that Madeleine, according to Pat's theory, could have been sedated and put to bed and then fallen behind the settee.

    If so, the question surely has to be, how did she get to fall behind the settee if she was sedated and put to bed.

    Yet if we consider possible paedophile involvement,(not forgetting the Gaspar statements), and the children being known by a number of those close to the McCanns, to be left for great lengths of time alone, 'behind the settee' would be an ideal place to molest and even kill a child without being seen by anybody entering the apartment.

    'Behind the settee' would also be an obvious place a small child would run to try and protect itself if being chased and terrified, before whoever they were fleeing from caught them and killed them there.

    So how did Madeleine, who presumably would have been well asleep if she had been sedated and put to bed, get from her bed to 'behind the settee' in the first place? Also, if Madeleine had been given too much medication to sedate her then surely she would have died in her bed, yet there was no alert from the cadaver dog there. The blood and cadaver scent were behind the settee.

    As for the McCanns overdosing Madeleine resulting in her death, I don't doubt the resourceful McCanns, being doctors themselves, could have come up with some acceptable excuse to explain that, and they would still have walked away without charge as we have all seen how the McCanns have been able to walk on water.

    This case should be reopened as a murder investigation, especially since the Gaspar statements of suspected paedophile involvement were received. Why were they held back for so long? How has David Payne been given a pass on this when Murat and his family had their lives turned upside down?

    More likely Madeleine had to be hidden because her body would have revealed how she was killed, and who was behind her death. No accident involved, an accident would have been easy to cover. Something far worse. What exactly? Is this case ever going to result in justice for Madeleine, or are certain things just going to be swept under the carpet and ignored?

  26. Its far more sinister and twisted i believe....infact i dont believe they are all aware of what honestly happened ..in respect to the "accident".
    You see if we are to analyze all scenarios ....accident is but one and to my mind the following events that occurred along with the depth of the cover up ..suggest something far more sinister.

    In respect to the lie ...well who's to say that there are not lies within lies.
    For example it is possible that one of them harmed the child ..and when others became present ...that a lie was told that they found the child had fell and badly injured themself etc .....then in such a scenario you have only one who knows the real truth ! the others are starting their lies from a lie they are unaware of.

    Either way ....the truth Can and Will be found - and no whitewash will prevent it !!

    thats a truth and you better believe it !!


  27. Anon @ 10 excellent post, Kate tries to blame everybody else and attempts to make herself look like the victim and tries to get sympathy from the public.

    I would never spend money on her fairytale book but I hope SY pick up all her inaccuracies.

  28. Continuing my theory from short ago: it could be that at least one of the parents was present when she died or maybe both or only Payne.But I'm sure somebody was present. The proof is on the fact that the T-shirt of Maddie's pyjamas had cadaver scent and its pants didn't.
    This means that somebody took immediately her pyjama's pants off
    because a cadaver can urinate and, if washed, the pants would remain wet till the evening and this would call the police's attention. Besides the urine would show traces of sedative, if it would not be well washed. I don't believe Madeleine went to bed only in her T-shirt By the way, the PJ saw she never went to bed on the 3rd.She was completely dressed up in pyjamas when she died.Whatever caused her fall, it was fatal and somebody used to cadavers immediately thought of the urine and acted as quickly as it was possible. That is why the dog did not bark at her pants.
    There were grown up people in the apartment when she died, imo.

    Another thing intrigues me: the lady cleaner who cleaned the apartment on Wednesday the 2nd, should come back on Thursday the 3rd, to pick up the trash, but she could not do it because she had such a lot of extra work demanded by the OC that she got short of time. This is odd. See statements Maddie files.

    And I still think she died at the beginning of the night of the 3rd, that is why Tapas 7 went to the beach on that afternoon (and the lady did not pick up the trash).To confuse the ladies of the creche. Because the evening before she had cried for 75 minutes.Next evening: too strong sedative.In this case, why does Amaral suspect Payne? And that fake photo at the swimming pool, the stain in her pyjama in the morning, everything to hide the real time she died?
    And why a photo with only one of the siblings and not both?

  29. Let's hope that Pat Brown doesn't get Carter Rucked. Now the despicable duo have sued TVI management, Manuel Luís Goucha, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho for defamation!! It seems however that the defendents are looking forward to the trial.

  30. It is good to understand what might have feasibly happened in this case and it's clear that the police had used their powers of analysis too and arrived at a very similar position. I don't think it will stand up in a court of law, unfortunately, without more evidence and also a motive. If the exact same circumstances of Pat Brown's conclusion happened to most other people while on holiday, who would have another secret apartment available in which to hide a dead child? Who would help people under these circumstances and why? There must be a lot more to this so-called holiday than meets the eye.

  31. CBS Crimesider

    Oregon mom strangled 11 yr.old daughter to protect her from pedophiles, say cops

    An Oregon woman who reportedly admitted strangling her 11-year-old daughter to death, saying she did it to protect the girl from pedophiles, was arrested yesterday

    Law enforcement testimony depicts a hysterical and incoherent Buckley talking out loud to herself about killing her daughter, saving her from pedophiles, and how she wasn't strong enough to kill her husband or herself.


    :e :e :e :e

  32. Firstly I would like to say that I am not a K and G supporter...I have read the police files and IMO. anyone who has .cannot fail to come to the same conclusions as the PJ did especially considering that over the last four years even more inconsistencies have appeared. I am not sure about Pat Brown. as I know nothing about her apart from what relates to this case,,,her profiling may well be correct but I do not know....

    A question niggles me though...If this was a 'fake abduction' why on earth did the Tapas 9 act it out in the way that they have done....would it not have made more sense to wait until the morning and say something along the lines of 'we must have left the patio doors open by mistake when we came in and someone must have abducteded M in the night whilst we slept? This would have been a far simpler scenrio than what they described and would have been much more believable...better judgement clouded by too much wine perhaps? whilst having to make a hasty decision? Who knows? I sure as hell dont!

  33. Even if the McCanns spend even more millions trying to whitewash themselves, it will never be achieved because the whole world thinks they are guilty whatever any smart arse lawyers or politicians say to the contrary.

    Is see they are now sueing Paulo Sargeanto, Goucha and Carvalho for libel. They must have totally lost their marbles.

  34. Those of us who have followed this case and commented from the outset, have also questioned the varying accounts of what happened and the window has been discussed many times. I just find it puzzling how Kate can write a book in which she changes things that she was adament about in the beginning. e.g. the window, she also now says the street was well lit but this was not the case and additional lighting was added after Madeleine went missing. Snr Amaral clearly found her account of things "odd" to say the least, now Pat Brown has noticed things, and I trust if Scotland yard do their job they will notice the same.

    This case gets stranger and stranger by the day. Kate writes a book, which in the main is a "poor little me" story. Why was the book not by the McCanns? Why is Gerry not on the campaign trail that Kate is currently on? Has it at last become all too much for Kate, is she having her final fling of trying to convince the world she is Mother Superior or is she trying to demonstrate she is going insane and will not be able to stand trial when eventually someone has the courage to take the McCanns to court and make them explain why they complain the police did not do a good job which was impossible to do with the media circus they created and the false statements they made.

    Kate knows full well her every word is scrutinize, so she writes a book with changed stories. Will her next book be one worth reading. "Madeleine, the truth of our lies"

  35. poster 24

    motive is obvious:

    if Madeleine's body was handed over, an autopsy would be carried out. If it was found to contain sedatives, all the kids in the group would have been tested. the other 3 families stood to lose their lucrative jobs as doctors, and obviously Kate and Gerry would be the first to lose theirs.
    the twins would have been taken into care, away from those "good parents" (perlease).

    maybe all the other kids in the group would have been taken into care too.

    If Maddie was dead, nothing could help her, but they could still all help each other cover up their crime of child sedation and child neglect.

    did you say no motive????????

    aunty anti

  36. 15, 20, 21
    I too like the simple style. The evidence and the conclusions become compelling when set out so straighforwardly. I agree there is no need for the more exaggerated conspiracy theories. Occams razor as its best, and even better, it is capable to 'falsification' in the Popper sense, in other words it can be tested to see it if is correct or not.

  37. To number 26. If the police forces in Portugal are anything like those in the UK they are very stretched at night, especially in rural areas, so the timing would have been the most difficult for the police, who would have been very thin on the ground - if Maddie's absence had been reported next morning I suggest they would have been all over it at the highest available level. Added to which I suggest that anyone abducting a child in the small hours would have been much more conspicuous and less plausible than during the evening.

    It occurs to me that most of the high profile child abductions that I have encountered have taken place in the hours of daylight - like burglaries, the concept that most crime takes place after dark is a myth.

  38. Hi all just finished Pat's profile and it is well worth the few pounds we have to pay to read it. I think those of us that follow the case should all buy it and encourage others to buy it too.

    Pat has a way with words that will make the average person see what most of us have been able to see for many years.

    It's not often we get those with 'status' to put themselves on record in this case and if we show support for them when they do. then no doubt it will open the floodgates for others to have the confidence to do the same.

  39. @26

    From Gerry's whole handling of the staging of the abduction we can deduct that it was of utmost importance to him that there would be no suspicion falling on them. Therefore he needed an alibi for the WHOLE GROUP for the exact time of the abduction. This was only achievable with an abduction during dinner when the waiters and Dianne Webster - who imo was not in the know - could testify their presence. Therefore the first plan was imo to remove her from the apartment between 21:00 and 21:30 and to confirm - by Matthew's check - that she was still in her bed at 21:30. So that the abduction could only have happened between 21:30 and 22:00 when all were together at the table. "Unfortunately" Jeremy Wilkins crossed this initial plan of a removal during the first half of the hour by circling the block with his son in the buggy.

    From then on it went downhill...

  40. I have just read Pat Brown's book and at last somebody has something published and available in the main stream that is common sense and very probable
    Well done Pat your analysis is what we have been waiting for.
    I hope SY do as thorough a job as you have.
    I do not have a kindle but you can get the soft ware for free from amazon and download onto your PC as comment No. 14 states here, so this book is available for us all to read.
    Pat takes us through the events of the 3rd step by step and I believe what she is saying is very probably what happened.

    The media have made fools of themselves over the Mccanns especially The Sun these newspapers have lost a lot of credibility in pandering and sucking up to the Mccanns version.
    Thank you Joana and Astro for posting this article it is a real positive move in the right direction for justice for Madeleine and Sr Amaral.

  41. "Kate now backs down from that claim, agreeing with the Policia Judiciara that an abductor did not climbed into or out of the room. This is sort of a Bombshell Tonight"

    The stance Kate McCann and her lawyers took on this was pretty inevitable, wasn't it? If they had admitted liability (leaving windows and doors open etc) they could have been charged with neglect. She clearly feels confident that the new Portuguese Government won't pursue such charges - especially now so much time has elapsed. In fact, there is likely to be a time limit on charges of this nature which now allows the McCanns to clarify the exact circumstances now - free from any such liability.

    It's not a situation I'm entirely satisfied with though as it always seemed clear that the McCanns were putting their own welfare before that of their daughter (if their claims are to be believed). In entering this kind of situation with the Portuguese Police they were effectively starving any official investigation of oxygen. The way I see it all their actions in the first 18 months had a dual purpose: they were staving off charges of neglect (and, as a consequence, ruining any official Police investigation) and trying to conduct their own investigation using the British Police by Proxy (their very Met heavy/Govt assosiated PIs). This way they could save their own sorry skins AND advance an investigation (do you think they told their own investigators that Madeleine was taken through a window? No).

    Let's look at it another way: if they were so clever to pull off this kind of stunt in the first place, they are not going to ruin it all now by making silly errors like this. The book and the statements it makes are there for a reason. There won't be any gaffs that give the game away. Not when it was probably proof-read by the likes of Matrix Chambers.

    This is where Joana will argue that the McCanns are so arrogant that they are doing an ' OJ.J Simpson'. Just showing how clever they were. But it's a bland piece of work by comparison. She's still doing a PR job and she was handed a terrific platform by the British Conservative Government to do this. They couldn't have picked a better time than to review the case. I wonder how many additional units the Met's and Cameron's decision has helped shift of this book? Would it have languished in the bargain book bin without that timely boost?

  42. @26 The answer to that theory may be that if the body had to be removed, it would have to be done in the dark late evening, looked more natural, when there was less chance of being recognised, and quickly. But as there wouls be still a chance of being seen, the abduction would have to be staged at that time giving the impression that it was the abductor who was on the street. Possibly there was an intention to force the shutters but the appearence of JW prevented that?

  43. I too don't recall any official conclusion rom the investigation (under Paulo Rebelo)that mentions the possibility of the children being all together in one of the apartments. It was a media thing, it was in a portuguese newspaper and was discussed in tv shows (Hernâni Carvalho in TVI and Moita Flores in SIC, if I'm not mistaken).
    I cannot see how anyone can come to that conclusion from reading the letter Kate wrote to P. Rebelo.

  44. Anon.#26,
    it would be too risky to claim that an abduction had taken place during the night, while the parents slept. It would raise many questions, why didn't the parents (both) hear anything? Why didn't the children wake up and cry? Were they all deep sound sleepers, or could they all have been drugged? The PJ could have made them all go for tests in the hospital, the parents would be in the center of the investigation, far too risky! The children alone in the apartment was a much "safer" scenario..."wew were not there, we saw nothing, we heard nothing, we know nothing"

  45. 26, it must have been a logical reason to raise the alarm at 10pm.
    One of the possibilities would have been Gerry been seeing at 10pm with the body( and by chance he was), the McCanns going home at 11pm,12 am, as usual, and not noticing the chind had vanished. They would have been extra neglect.Besides they needed Tanner's statement, to innocend themselves.All Tapas 9 needed alibis: they needed each other, they needed the waiters.
    A disappearence from home, during the night, immediately makes the family suspects.No alibi.

  46. It is noticeable that the Gaspar statements have been nicely swept under the carpet in this woman's scenario. An accident after all. Well in that case maybe we should all pack up and go home and leave the UK to sort out the fraud because there is no way this case will ever get reopened.

    Meanwhile we will never get to know the truth of what really happened to Madeleine because the accident scenario certainly does not make sense. An accident could easily have been covered by the McCanns by saying they discovered Madeleine next morning and her death happened whilst they were asleep. They could even have allowed the body to be examined. Something far more sinister couldn't be covered so easily, and the body had to be hidden because of that. We are talking about the resourceful, clever, McCanns here aren't we!

    The last thing these people want discussed is the Gaspar statements, and that is why the last thing they want is for Dr Amaral's book to be published in the UK, and they will fight tooth and nail to stop it because who knows what other information may raise its head if it becomes public there.

  47. Aunti Anti @ 31 - I agree with you I also believe all the children were sedated that is why the Tapas were willing accomplices, but never would they have dreamt that Kate and Gerry would make such a media circus from that fateful night with their contiuing quest for publicity and money.

    If the Tapas friends read these blogs they would be well advised to say what really happened because it is only a matter of time before they are all brought in for some serious questioning. The time and money wasted on this case, including the fraudulent fund will also be taken into consideration for determining prison sentences.

  48. Come on, the Mccann's and their friends were at the end of their holidays. They had no much time, to play with it. Leaving the body to pretend they discovered Madeleine dead in the morning and start a story to excuse them, was too risky. The first thing an autopsy will determine was the exact time the death happen. The second, what caused it.
    All the calls they made to UK were easy at night and very difficult during the day. During the day, people could be not picking the phone because they were busy. During the night, everybody picks a ringing phone ( worried with bad news from a relative). During the day, the people they contacted in UK, could exchange phone calls and start suspecting their story. Will be more difficult to fool them. At night, each one stayed with his/her own feeling and when the sun raises and they were prepared to react, they wake-up with the media from the all world( including CNN) passing the news of a beautiful British girl abducted in PDL by a monster. The Tapas 9 got all the night to finnish the plan they bake, while the police and the world was looking for an abductor and a girl with Coloboma. After a crime, every second comptes and could make the difference between success and disgrace. They are doctors, they know well the importance of the time and the danger for them, if the body become available for the police.
    For me, something more sinister then a death caused by sedation, hapenned to Madeleine. Probably the body could show some damages indicating recorrent traumatisms in places where cannot be explained as a result of playing, even for a hyperactive child.
    Why they did not allow the police to check the medical records of Madeleine? Because some of that traumatisms were repported there in previous times? Because she had no Coloboma? Because she was a sick girl and not the perfect child they publicised? I hope SY have a look now at this records. They must be holding some keys to solve the case.

  49. I did not buy Kates book. Like what I was suspecting, the book was not an account of the truth. Instead is a personal promotion to try to clear Kates name.
    I'm going to buy Pats Brown book, to see how a top USA investigator look at that polemical case. But I will buy it with a pinch of reserve, because up to where my memory takes me, I remember Pat Brown offered her services to the Mccann's, when they run back to UK, in September 2007.
    If the book raises the suspiction some bloggers, who read it, posted in the Internet, I believe the Mccann's, their lawyers and Mitchell will be having emergency meetings to see what they can do to stop the sellings and reverse the situation. Is Pats book going to be forbbiden? Is she going to be Carter-Rucked and gagged? We will see, how long Gerry, Mitchell or their usual "unnamed friend or relative" will stay in silence leaving such caravan driving free. Their reaction (or no reaction) will be very relevant and full of interest, even for the police incharged with investigation. I hope, one of this days did not appear on the Amazon a message saying that a percentage from Pats Brown book went into the Mccann's Fund. I will be regreting every single coin I spend on it.

  50. If there is no movement in this case, or the Murat v Tanner or Maccanns V Amaral by Christmas 2011, forget justice for Little Maddie too much time has elapsed, any movement has been at a snails pace. If by December things stay as they are. We can all pack up Mr Amaral can pay off the Maccanns burn his books, and Kate and Gerry and co can ride off into the sunset to live happy ever after. And the dark shadow of the Maccann's will haunt Portugal forever. That is reality. This case should be forgotten. The Maccann pair are home and dry.

  51. I believe the abductor opened the window in order to check on the weather. He wondered if he had to use an umbrella. Or perhaps he needed some fresh air, after he was shocked with Gerry's presence in the apartment.

    I don't believe Maddie was hidden in an apartament in Praia da Luz, that same evening. Too risky because the police could bring dogs. My theory is the church,the priest's home or somewhere in Lagos, a home of an Ocean Club's emloyé. Perhaps this employé was sitting in his car, near the church, waiting for Gerry. But I have no doubts she was not in Praia da Luz, that night.Later they took her back to an apartment with a freezer, in PdL, possibly belonging to the Ocean Club.It's possible she is still there.They never took her to Huelva, specially because it was the week when the dogs were there.Such a terrible distance and the parents driving around with her corpse.Impossible. That was smoke and mirrows trying to confuse the police.They went to Huelva on the day the two dogs were checking on Murat's home.Instead of standing outside his house, waiting for an answer of the PJ, they left PdL during the whole day.
    I think they were followed also because the days before the dogs had barket in 5a and at the cuddle cat and clothes.Nothing strange happened during that trip and if they delayed it on their way, they did it on purpose.Maddie could be in Lagos as well.

    And I can't believe the PJ have no idea where the body is.They have and for some reason they are not telling.

  52. Pat draws the same conclusion as Amaral: accidental death based on available facts. The Gaspar statements are of course highly significant as is the fact that they were not sent to the PJ the moment they were received. Perhaps the Gaspar statements give a clue to the real fate of Madeleine or perhaps they give a clue to the reason for a UK Government cover-up (i.e. the UK Government did not want the PJ to probe the background of McCanns and Tapas). Pats work will not be welcomed by the McCanns because it puts forward the theory that the McCanns KNOW Madeleine is dead and the fund is a fraud.

  53. The McCann’s now admit that they left three children alone in an unsecured apartment whilst they wined and dinned with friends.
    What ever happened to their daughter, it was due to their negligence in not protecting the children and not exercising the duty of care required of a parent to their children.
    All the forgoing now being admitted and or being proved true why do not the Police in Portugal re-open the process as new information within Kate’s book has come to light and issue a request for an European arrest warrant for both the parents and also the for other so called Tapas seven who it would appear also committed the same offences,
    Letter from Iberia

  54. @ 47
    They are more likely to carry on with this money making charade for another 3 years. By then their little Madeleine will have been missing for 7 years. She will then be declared legally 'missing presumed dead' and these evil parents will have got away with their years of deceit, conning us all and making a nice amount of money to settle their future. They will probably emigrate and never be heard of again.

  55. The pace of justice on that case, is not a surprise. Portugal is known for slowing down all delicate cases in justice. Just this week I read in the papers that the homicide of a guy in Chaves, reach the court 11years after the guy been killed. A shame.
    I hope the new minister of justice do something to reverse the faith and reopen Madeleine case to dignify Portugal and stop forever all the abuse the McCann's have done behind their child memory.
    The new minister is a lawyer and she seems not to belong to the same office as Isabel duarte. I hope so.

  56. Excerpt from the McCann files - Another one seeing through the lies, its about time SY called the Mc's in to explain themselves.

    By Dr Martin Roberts
    17 June 2011
    With you, for you, and about you petal.
    For openers
    Kate McCann's revelatory autobiography adds remarkably little to what was already known about daughter Madeleine, despite claims that it was written to help the search for her (helping 'the search' and helping others to search are not quite the same thing). What it does do, categorically and, one might add, rather usefully, is to confirm the falsehoods originally put in place over four years ago. It is an artfully choreographed confection, liberally sprinkled with lies, blatant and subtle, and topped off with a dash of hypocrisy.

  57. There is a new article of Martin Roberts' on McCann Files.
    Very good and it makes me think of a pupil I ever had in the past, who suffered of dislexy. It was absolutely impossible to correct what he wrote, so much work.This is what I think about Kate's book, although I did not read it.

    And I believe Gerry landed in that forest of contradictions and lies, that's why he disappeared.
    Or who knows he was also abducted. I suppose lots of people are commenting on Find Madeleine blog, commenting the book on a negative way.This book is a death penalty for the McCanns and why did not Kate keep her mouth?
    Money is not everything in this life altough...they need it to pay good lawyers.
    What a stupid woman. Possibly Gerry feels they got in worse trouble now and how stupid to attack Portugal the way she did, irritating everybody and specially the police and Justice.
    She is doing everything to get everybody against her and she made it.And the British media are waiting for the opportunity to fight back. I believe the British media know a lot about the McCanns'privete life by now and they could even help the PJ anonimously, by telling them.
    And I also believe that Tapas 5 regret their support to the parents and to the Paynes and they curse the day they decided to go to Algarve. For the rest of their lives they will be seen as criminals, liers, oh jesus! people will recognize them everywhere.

    And who knows not all of them are paedophiles.

  58. please someone explain - How "accident" concluded ??? exactly !
    You just can NOT say that without evidence.

    Infact the files of evidence suggest something else.

    This is NO accident.


  59. I agree with most of what Pat Brown says but I believe the 'accident' happened when Payne was with Kate, his statement and Kates insistance that he was there minimal time just looks suspicious. Also that night Payne never left the table but all the other men did which makes me feel more sure he was involved, his alibi was he was always at Tapas.
    Then there is the deleted phone messages where obviously all the group were contacting one another.
    I find it odd that the others were all prepared to help the mccanns in their cover up, considering a death was involved they must have realised the seriousness of what they were doing, they had all been drinking heavily and alcohol can affect a persons judgement. Amaral said they were all 'scared' so whatever happened to Madeleine it must have been something they were all party to, otherwise they would have distanced themselves from such a 'accident'.
    Their silence since speaks volumes of their guilt!

  60. Anon at 53 - I agree completely with your post - the Tapas group will spend the rest of their lives under a cloud of suspicion and the Mccanns will never find peace.

    When the twins grow up and have children of their own will they trust Kate and Gerry to babysit their babies knowing how neglectful, deceitful and arrogant they have been.

    Gerry's 'moment of madness' will haunt them all for the rest of their lives, to deny Madeleine a decent burial and trademark his daughters memory for financial gain is pure evil.

  61. everyone ....what you are up against in this case is not the Mccanns.
    Its the Establishments of both countries - that holiday was no ordinary holiday.
    The Connections to Ireland are incredible (political connections are strong there aswell) - i was wondering is there anything going on in Ireland that could cause National security problems?

    The UK is totally corrupt now - rest assured - we have weak political people, who are in their jobs for what THEY can get - certainly not to help and serve the people of this country.
    Everthing that made my Country Great has been destroyed by these lowlifes.

    The Establishment has been infiltrated by people who have no sense of loyalty to Britain, infact some seem to have a vendetta to break up the fabric of what made Britain - Great Britain and they are succeeding,... infact possibly close to have succeeded.

    There is a definate agenda to breakdown the country - divide it , and to lead us into a new order.

    I am awaiting the revolution - you may laugh or think crank but mark these words and observe what is happening in europe and ultimately the world today.

    It bears revelence to the people surrounding this case - and how they have the uk sewn up. British people have become easy to shape and tell them anything - Portugal's Government have not YET got the same control over its Nation ...thus the reason this case has not been able to be covered up as they would have liked.

    Goncalo Amaral is a hero in more ways than you all can imagine.


    keep ST GEORGE in my heart.

  62. Does anyone have any information on the latest lawsuit that the McCanns have taken out in Portugal? Looks like the fund that was set up to find Madeleine, is being depleted yet again, to pay for more legal action, against those who dare criticise the McCanns.

  63. I can see how the Tapas 9 helped the McCanns in order to protect their jobs, lifestyles and reputations. But how could they have got others to help them dispose of a dead body in the event of a sudden child death? Not everyone is a paedophile or a criminal. Was Madeleine expected to die? Was there a system already in place?

  64. Is there an on-line summary or translation of "The English Gag"?

    I have read the briiliant forward but know little else about it's contents!

    Thank you

  65. There's a new article by Dr. Roberts in McCann Files, it's really worth reading, very good as always!

    'Lie With Me Mummy'

  66. #57 St Johnston (where the McCann family own a pub) is on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Do a bit of searching regarding the Real IRA and the village of St Johnston. Perhaps you'll find some answers to your questions there.

  67. Kate McCann said she feels pity for faceless people who comment on the internet about her. I for one do not want her pity, and I do not want to buy a book that claims to be intended to help find Madeleine but is infact a book of self pity by the author.

    I find it sickening that she thinks the public need to know that as a result of Madeleine's alledged "abduction", it affected her sex life. What the f..k !! Who cares !

    In order for me to pay a penny to read any book she writes it would need to contain the truth and be about why she did not co-operate and why she did not go and search for her, and why she whipped up a media circus so quickly as most children are found within 24 hours. Also why has she just skipped over things like the eye witness sightings, why has she not explained why after Madeleine cried all night she still went out, why has she changed her mind about the window, she was so sure at the time (apparently)

    She may think people who have pulled her apart on the internet are sickos, but what she did (leave her kids) and what she has done since make her sicko supremo

  68. Mojo @ 57 - what a brilliant post you sum up how most people feel, it is so frustrating reading the propaganda that is spread in our media through corrupt greedy individuals whose only aim is to make more money for themselves.

    Sr Amaral will be proven right because we have a voice and they cannot stop the free flowing information available daily on the internet and we will not allow corrupt individuals to manipulate our freedom of information, no matter how hard they may try.

    Well done Joana and Astro.

  69. Read the profile, it's great, simple to follow, which is no mean achievement with this case...definitely sticks within the parameters of Occams razor and adhere's to KISS

    On a side note re the drunken man they claim to have happened across in the middle of the road close to their apartment where they were headed back to from the airport where Kate picked Gerry up:

    When Kate says 'We've all been there'

    Apart from this possibly being a cover for someone seeing her and Gerry heading to an apartment close by, could it also be that 'we've all' refers to the rest of the Tapas. It would be a good ploy, very forensically aware if for example Madeleine was stored in this apartment for a short time and it was an apartment they had all visited at some point. As in DNA and dropping them all in it...

    Just a thought...

  70. 58, this is also my question.Who helped them and why? The McCanns are graduated in Manipulation and one of my theories would have been the church, after a confession and request of somebody of the Tapas. But because the priest does not speak English, that person had to ask a British, who speaks Portuguese, to translate it to the priest.Too complicated, too risky.
    Perhaps someone who was working in the resort and this someone had interest to hide a death of a child. Or he was simply manipulated by the McCanns, feeling sorry for them because they could lose the siblings.But this person, Tapas 10, was a British, imo, speaking English. And I don't believe his home was in the resort but somewhere else, not far away, I wonder if it was in Lagos.
    Maybe the first weeks hid in his home till the McCanns rent the car
    and took the body somewhere else, perhaps back in Praia da Luz, to an empty apartment.But the English dogs never barked in any other apartment!as far as we know.I think removing the body happened when the couple went to the Vatican, immediately after they rent the Scenic.The McCanns took the media with them, all attention was in Italy, and PdL was empty.There were relatives staying with the siblings and they could have used the Scenic in order to replace the body. If they did, the PJ must know it. But why didn't the dogs
    smell it anywhere?

    I always hoped the McCanns should be arrested in Portugal, after returning to it to talk to their lawyers.
    Obviously the PJ don't have another evidence against them.

  71. 55, your words, my words. It is exactly what I think. The fact Payne did not leave the table is a confession itself.
    He is probably the one who needed the most cover up, together with Kate.
    It impresses me that O'Brian, a very good friend of Gerry's, disappeared since he "recognized" Murat.
    After they all returned to England(Tapas 7) we again saw Tanner, Oldfield, Rachel, Fiona, Webster(on that Express Tapas 7 photo) and even the repulsive Payne on that photo.
    And we never saw O'Brian again.

    I think he vomits the McCanns and the Paynes.

  72. Poster 62

    This is Kate's way to tell that she feels pity for us AND for her anonymous faceless low-life supporters. It's called rewarded with ingratitude; poor masochistic supporters, I feel pity for them.

  73. @64

    Very interesting. Does anyone remember the reference to a room somewhere, a closed up place, where there were children's toys and possible photographic equipment?

    I have wondered several times, (1) what were those marks on Madeleine's legs and arms, the wide strap marks, on the tennis court photo and (2) why was her bed so neat on 3rd / 4th May, as if no one had slept in it, and (3) why was there no evidence of her DNA and her latest worn clothes not being supplied, or at all, being found in 5a, save the blood, which had been damaged by bleach? and cadaver odours.

    Given that this case appears to break with all norms and it would appear that there is something too sinister to be passed off as a genuine accident, is it at all possible that she was 'elsewhere' most of the time, being visited by 'whom' 'when'.

    Could a new drug such as a new type of 'rohipnol' 'date-rape' have been administered to any of the children, to make them 'restful'.

    John McCann, Gerry's brother, who gave up his job at the drop of a hat, to help develop the fund (which was then to support the wider family) was a drug rep for a big pharma company. Could the holiday have been something of a surreptitious drug trial, that went wrong? There's too much that doesn't add up here, leaving the whole affair open to such awful questions.

  74. IMO, Gerry is now swimming in a sewer, after he flushed himself through the wc. We all know the inerviews and statements by heart, and now Madeleine "with her legs under the blanket", Gerry's statement telling "it was hot", not under the blanket, Kate telling on the book that they reasumed the search in the cold night...
    I remember long ago to have read or seen a video with Kate telling the abductor was organizing the sheets and blanket before he left the apartment with Maddie. What an ideal abductor, doing the house hold.And he didn't do it so well because it was a mes(mess)?
    Kate says she became Mrs. McCann the day after the abduction.In this case, who signed "McCann" for her at the creche, on May the 3rd?

    I feel sorry for Amaral, such a lot of work to reply al the lies.

  75. @ 53

    How ironic....
    dislexy v dyslexia

  76. I wonder how that marriage is working now.
    So many stupid things incriminating themselves, so many inconsistences.
    And also telling the Leicestershire police wrote to that Judge that there was no evidence the parents were not involved in the disappearence.
    How could Hot Lips be so stupid?

  77. For the most part the McCanns have got the outcome they wanted by having the public believe they were victims of an 'abductor', who came in the night and took Madeleine while they had popped out for a few minutes for a meal a few yards away. 'Sorry we weren't there at that MOMENT' says Kate hoping to reinforce that. By going on about an abductor they are managing to completely distance themselves, and their friends from the crime.

    Even if the people want to say they are neglectful by leaving their children, that is OK with them, the money has been rolling in and so what? They are still distanced from the crime.

    Yet if the public got wind of the Gaspar statements and suspected that paedophile involvement had been going on that would be a different matter. That is the underlying reason they don't want Dr Amaral's book to be published in UK, and that is why they work so hard for that information to be swept under the carpet.

    They are quite happy for the focus to be on neglect, and even accidental death which was covered would not concern them so much as something far worse. That is the mention of the Gaspar statements in Dr Amaral's book. That is something they don't want read and discussed in the UK. For the McCanns, and their Tapas friends, the possibility of paedophile involvement which the Gaspar statements raise, must be prevented at all costs.

    So the questions have to be asked. Why has David Payne managed to get a pass on this? Why did it take so long for the PJ to even get hold of those statements, and why was the case shelved when there was so much else to investigate, including that? Why has this been allowed to be swept under the carpet? On the strength of those statements alone the case should be reopened. What other information might then be revealed if the public became aware of these statements? Are we ever going to get the answer to that if the McCanns can ensure the UK public are kept in the dark?

  78. Respect Pat Brown's version. But can't understand why ignoring Gaspar statement?!! One more covering? Step by step down... .

  79. The reply below after my email to mrs Theresa May:

    June 2011
    Dear Ms......

    Thank you for your e-mail of 23 May to the Home Secretary about Madeleine McCann. As I am sure you will appreciate, the Home Secretary receives a large amount of correspondence and is unable to reply to each item individually. Therefore, your e-mail has been passed to the Direct Communications Unit and I have been asked to respond.

    The Government’s primary concern in this matter is the wellbeing of Madeleine McCann and it is right and appropriate to do what we can to continue to support the search for Madeleine.

    It might be helpful if I clarify the Government’s role in this matter. Since Madeleine’s disappearance in Portugal some four years ago, the Portuguese authorities have retained the lead in this case. However, the Government has continued to liaise with them and the police here have been following up any leads and passing information on to the Portuguese authorities as appropriate. Although the case remains filed in Portugal the authorities here continue to liaise with the Portuguese authorities as appropriate and in response to any new developments.

    In view of the passage of time since Madeleine disappeared, the Home Secretary with the Prime Minister’s support, asked the Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police to bring its particular expertise and know-how to the case which might help provide a fresh perspective and suggest lines of inquiry which might usefully be pursued. In the light of the request the Metropolitan Police Commissioner took the operational decision to review the evidence relating to this case. That work is underway and is part of the UK’s continuing contribution to the search for Madeleine.

    Yours sincerely,

    D Beaney
    Direct Communications Unit

  80. Maybe its their money or maybe its their connections, but something is stopping this case from reaching its rightful conclusion; whatever it is, we will find out, nothing can be kept a secret forever; and those stupid enough to believe that it can will pay the highest price !!

  81. Just a matter of interest, as the window (open/closed?) is a matter of discussion currently. Kate McCann's update on the findmadeleine website, of 14 or 15 January 2010. This is when the backpedalling on the window story began. It is a part of the day 988 post on the McCann's blog/update site, Pamalam's website has the text in full.

    "The window: I described to the police officers exactly what I found that night, as it was and is highly relevant and I knew that every little detail could be helpful in finding my daughter which is our only aim. The window which is a ground floor window was completely open and is large enough for a person to easily climb through it. Whether it had been opened for this purpose remains unknown. It could of course have been opened by the perpetrator when inside the apartment as a potential escape route or left open as a 'red herring'"

    -- Trismegistus

  82. I think the Direct Communications Unit now needs asking why the Portuguese Government is cooperating with the British Government's search for Madeleine when its own police force believes she has died. Bizarre.

  83. I'm not great in English and I have a question.

    "which might help provide a fresh perspective and suggest lines of inquire which might usefully be pursued.
    In the light of the request the Metropolitan Police Comissioner took the operational decision to review the evidence relating to this case".

    Do I understand this well? The MP decided to review the evidence(dogs, DNA, inconsistences)?
    A fresh perspective: reconstruction?
    lines of inquiry: calling David Payne for a new statement?
    In this case, no new Eggmen? No harem in Saudi Arabia?

    Oh how I hope more people went to the police to tell about what they know about the McCanns.

    Are there more blessed Gaspars in England?

    I see this letter as bad news for the McCanns. Am I right?

  84. to review the evidence?

    well, I see this as good news.

    I can't believe the MP are corrupt. They must be honest. And I thank God and Allah that the SY are not intending to investigate "new leads" presented by the McCanns.
    Somewhere here, maybe on an older post, somebody wrote that, speaking about the SY, things were not looking good for the McCanns.

    Within some hours we will start reading about new sightings.New Zeeland, Gambia, Peru.

  85. Short ago I read again the Gaspar's statements and I noticed that Mrs. Gaspar's one was longer than Amaral reproduced on his book.
    But I can not find it back. I think I read it on Pat Browns' blog.
    It was very shocking, that missing part.
    Can somebody help me on finding it back? Thank you.

  86. I was fearing they would review 20.000 translated pages.
    They will only review the evidence related to this case.D Beaney is talking about evidence, not about leads.
    After the McCanns have said for 1000 times that there is no evidence of anything.
    This means the MP are working directly with the evidence found by the PJ.
    And of course also working with the lack if evidence : there was no abduction.
    Both issues and the reconstruction will be far enough for a trial.
    No interview with the McCanns, telling they are happy with the SY?

    What a shame!
    My god, and M. Oldfield was the last one in the apartment.
    I still think he is involved in the disappearance!

  87. 80- who said Oldfield was the last one in the apartment! Russel O'Brian was the whole evening absent and I believe he is the one who is connected to Maddie's death.That's why Tanner was giving an alibi to him and to herself.
    Or maybe he and Oldfield had an appointment with each other in 5a, that evening, when the rest of the Tapas was already in the restaurant..We don't know.
    Maybe it was their agreement with the McCanns who allowed it.

  88. #79, again the subject of some "missing" part of the K. Gaspar statement! Some posters have mentioned it before, that the statement we now can read is incomplete, that there is a part missing, the one where Mrs. Gaspar tells about Gerry McCann and his shocking behavior. I must say I never read any version of the Gaspar's statements other than the one available in Joana's blog, in "The Maddie case files" and in "McCann Files", and there is no "special" information on Gerry, except his disconcerting lack of reaction to Payne's disgusting gestures, and that is shocking enough!



    According to a study conducted by the BBC in May 2010 there were 1143 murders unsolved in Britain. Likewise, according to LBC radio in London (Nick Ferrari) one in eight crimes remains unsolved - whoopy!

    My question is...

    Do you think Scotland Yard's "Dad's Army" can do better than the Lusitanian PJ did - short of bringing the McCanns' (and their friends) to trial that is?

    Lines open...



    Dad's Army deserves a mini-apology. The number of unsolved crimes in Portugal is roughly the same - if only slightly lower (10%).

    Could this be a universal constant like e=mc2?

    These figures further support the theory that the British PM decision to bring Scotland Yard's into the McCanns bandwagon was ideological in nature and redundant in practice - a mere vehicle for PR and media gossip.

    Meanwhile, another snack for thought...

    Another "sardine muncher" (Villas-Boas) is being brought into Britain to help out in the football department. It makes me wonder what Gonçalo Amaral transference fee would be like if he was still in the PJ...

    The mind boggles...

    :k Amarelinho

  91. 76. it is not bizarre. This is at least what D Beaney is telling that anonymous. The MP know the child is dead, Beaney knows, Theresa May knows, and Cameron too, of course. Perhaps those are official rules to approach a police and government in such a cases. Please don't judge it too fast. Bureaucracie exists everywhere. This seems to be still in the phase of reviewing "the evidence related with the case". I'm happy the SY went directly to the evidence instead of trying to analyse new leads. That was what the McCanns had asked for, new leads, hah, hah, hah. The English public will understand the MP are checking on the evidence because Kate told already on a foot note that the Leicestershire police don't have a clear evidence that the parents are not involved in the disappearance, may God bless Kate for a change. Amen.In this case the British population is warned already of lack of proof of their innocence, they know by now that the window was not used, that Madeleine's legs were under the sheets and not how Gerry told it.

  92. Why the Mccanns have got away with is very "whats' the word "strange", Why??? because even without any evidence of murder or without evidence of abduction they have just that "got away with it". However the reasons being are not clear, help from on high, luck (teehee lol), or dirt they have on someone on high, as yet we do not know. However what we do know for sure is something stinks to the high heavens' with this case, the press are gagged. Amoral, gagged, social services, gagged, and so on. So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out either one- they are truly protected, or two- the powers that be are waiting, just waiting to gather enough info to say "GOTCHA", lets'hope its' the latter, otherwise this may be the biggest disaster for Britain in such a long time, never mind Portugal.

  93. I also received a letter from the Home Office, after I emailed Theresa May, regarding Scotland Yard's involvement in the case and the fund to find Madeleine. The contents of my letter are as follows....

    Dear Mrs **********

    Thank you for your letter of 22 May to the Home Secretary, about Madeleine McCann. As I am sure you will appreciate, the Home Secretary, receives a large amount of correspondence and is unable to respond to each piece personally. Your letter has been passed to the Direct Communications Unit and I am replying on her behalf.

    The Government's primary concern in this matter, is the wellbeing of Madeleine McCann and it is right and appropriate, to do what whe can to support the search for Madeleine.

    It might be helpful if I clarify the Government's role in this matter. Since Madeleine's disappearance in Portugal, some four years ago, the Portuguese authorities have retained the lead in this case. However the Goernment, has continued to liaise with them and the police here, have been following up any leads and passing information on to the Portuguese authorities, as appropriate.

    Although the case remains filed in Portugal, the authorities here, continue to liaise with the Portuguese authorities as appropriate and in response to any new developments.

    In view of the passage of time, since Madeleine disappeared, the Home Secretary with the Prime Minister's support asked the Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, to bring its particular expertise and know-how to the case. Which might help provide a fresh perspective and suggest lines of inquiry, which might usefully be pursued.

    In the light of the request, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, took the operational decision to review the evidence relating to this case. That work is underway and is part of the UK's continuing contribution to search for Madeleine.

    The nature and scope of the work, will depend on their operational assessment by the Metropolitan Police, of how best their expertise might be used in taking forward the search for Madeleine. That work is at an early stage and it is therefore, not possible to estimate the likely costs. The Home Secretary will provide the necessary funding, which will be subject to regular review.

    While Madeleine remains missing, we will continue to do what we can in the search for her.

    I should make it clear that any funding will be made available by the Government, will fund the Metropolitan Police Service's part in continuing the UK contribution to the search for Madeleine. No funding from the Government, is being made available to the parents of Madeleine McCann.

    Yours sincerely
    **** ***

  94. Anon @ 76

    It would certainly be bizarre if the British Government and police were to come out at this stage and declare that they, like the Portuguese police, believe Madeleine to be dead, and that her parents could have been involved in her disappearance. For all we know that is their position, but how could they possibly say such a thing, even if they knew it to be true, while the investigation is ongoing? I think we need a little patience, and not to jump to conclusions so readily.

    Meanwhile, the silence is quite deafening!


    "According to LBC radio in London (Nick Ferrari) one in eight crimes remains unsolved - whoopy!"

    Guess where the typo is?

    You got it! It should read:

    "ONLY 1 (ONE) IN 8 (EIGHT) CRIMES IN BRITAIN ARE SOLVED" which means in Britain 7 crimes out of 8 remain unsolved.

    Can you believe it?

    :k Amarelinho

  96. #86,
    one would expect that after 4 years everyone who's interested in the Madeleine McCann case would be able to spell MR. AMARAL name correctly! Please forgive me if your mistake is innocent and unintentional, but of all the ways one can distort his name that one is the worst! I'm not sure if the word exists in english, but in portuguese it means a person without morals, someone who has no sense of right and wrong, and that Mr. Amaral certainly is not!

  97. 87, Dandelion, at least twice a week my whole neighbourhood gets an A4 open letter brought by our postman, with different informations: new prices of the dry cleaner's, new prices of the shoemaker's, milk man's etc. The texts are very similar, they only adapt the prices, and I suspect those stores have them by millions, on their balconies.
    That is what I think it is happening to Theresa May's office.They have a circular letter already in stock, they just address it, they press a button, and there the letter goes.
    That could mean that the whole UK are asking the same questions, they want to know if the MP are doing something about this case, after they have read Kate's book.
    I believe they are putting pressure on the MP and on Theresa May.
    I think that only the foot note about the Leicestershire police is enough to cause a short circuit in Mrs. May computer.
    People are not stupid.

    Thank you, Kate!

  98. The Mrs. Gaspar statement I read before and for a couple of times was not telling about a shocking behaviour o Gerry's, as far I remember.
    It was telling what Mrs. Gaspar suspects of Gerry after having observing him.

  99. I don't see why the Scotland Yard would not do their work on a proper way.
    The McCanns are not Jesus' parents (they are too rich to be).
    The Portuguese police is not saying anything about an eventual colaboration from the part of the MP. I think that by now the MP must know a lot about about Tapas 7 and about the McCanns. I expect people writing them about incidents or even going to the police station to make a statement. After four years the British files about this case must have become a encyclopedy.And I don't believe Tapas 7 kept secret of all of they know. Each of them has a brother, sister, a best friend. Maybe they wait for the day the case will be officially re-open.
    If I would be Tapas 10, 11, I would put Madeleine's body on the side of a road, very visible. Or at least the freezer with some of her blood.

  100. Hello Poster (91) You could well be right about a circulation letter already being in stock in Theresa May's office. The reason I wrote to Theresa May, was because I was concerned that the McCanns were still raising money for the fund to find Madeliene, when Scotland Yard, with the PJ were now reviewing the case.

    I pointed out to Mrs May that the fund was also assisting the finances of the McCanns and their extended family, which I didn't believe should be happening. I know Mrs May has no control over how the money in the fund is used, but I thought she should be aware of how the money is being used.

    I told Mrs May that the McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell, was the one who made a public statement, saying how the money in the fund was being used. I also told her where she could find this information, if she didn't believe me.

    This is the second time I have written to Mrs May. The first time was when the McCanns were meeting her. In my first letter, I pointed out to Mrs May, that the McCanns were responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine and they were portraying themselves as the victims.

    I received a reply to my first letter, which was completely different to the second reply I received, which was understandable, because Scotland Yard were not involved at that time.

    Although the letter wasn't written by Mrs May, I was told she had read the letter and that was good enough for me.

  101. Hello Poster (90). I must admit I too, have been guilty of spelling Goncalo Amaral's surname as Amoral,in the past. Even though I have spelt it correctly before I have spelt it wrong.

    As long as the poster who spells Dr Amaral's surname wrong, is not writing anything derogatory about him, I don't think he would be offended.
    Poster (86) hasn't written anything derogatory about Dr Amaral. In my opinion, the poster like I have in the past, has just spelt his name wrong by accident.

  102. @92 who is defending our dearest gerry here?! the very fact that he, dave, feels the liberty to even touch on such a subject as mrs Gaspar explains, in the company of his pal, gerry, makes it an offence especially as gerry did not counteract as 'it was a conversation between dave and gerry', now what does that tell you! Don't come here defending these people! We have had to listen to their crap and lies long enough! We know who they are and we also know that they cannot show a face to the world, we know what they look like!!

  103. 90- The name Amaral comes probably from Latim amarus, the name of a black grape and the translation is "bitter".
    You are mixing up Amaral with amoral.Amoral is a person that does not feel what moral is.

  104. I have found a, in my opinion, less credible theory of Madeleine's dissappearance. I say less credible, though again in my opinion, it is probley as credible as the abduction theory.

    Also it is an absoulte pain to read but I got a weird sense of satisfaction forcing myself to read it through to the end!


    Mr B

  105. Here's a strange coincidence. yesterday it was announced that former McCann PI Halligen lost his appeal and will face (almost) immediate extradition to the States and today we have former McCann lawyer Michael Caplan QC demanding an 'urgent' overhaul of the our extradition agreement with the US:


    They try to pin it on the McKinnon case, but I'm not so sure there isn't a different kind of urgency here


  106. http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/hackgate-day-120-the-mccanns-spokesman-andy-coulson-david-cameron-and-13-million-of-public-money/

    Hello Astro/Joana, you may know this website. This whole page on this blog is interesting!


    Now I understand what her parliamentary fuss might have been all about. A point her PR team must have picked up from this survey (my opinion):

    "(although) crime cost individuals and households at least £34 billion last year, less than one penny in every pound of justice spending goes toward supporting victims."

    What her PR team tried to hide when demanding a British review of Madeleine's case was this:

    "British Crime Survey estimates that 9.5 million crimes are committed each year but only one in eight are detected." which exposes their motivation. What is the point of appealing for help to what seems an utterly incompetent police force?

    Could it be all about PR, simulacra and simulation? i.e. guilt projection. We suspect the latter was not a genuine attempt to find Madeleine's whereabouts although of course could be both.

    Oh! How we wish her book could have answered those 48 questions instead of avoiding them...



    :k Amarelinho

  108. I hear the McCanns have started suing people again, money in the pot do not look for Maddie, just sue the next lot ON THE LIST.
    See LITTLE MORSALS BLOG. They are out of their pram!! and very confident.

    Iposted a couple of times and the posts have never appeared?¿?


    "Manuel Luis Goucha, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho have been made arguidos yesterday, Wednesday, in a libel action started by Kate and Gerry McCann.

    The criminal complaint, initiated by the couple’s lawyer in Portugal, also affects the TVI administration. It was during a talk show broadcasted by TVI that the alleged crime has occurred.

    The psychologist Paulo Sargento – arguido since yesterday – confirmed the information and stated “that he did not speak yesterday but that he intends to do so during the proceedings because he has knowledge of elements which may lead to the reopening of the inquiry related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.”

    An interesting detail is that the process is not under the law of secrecy of justice.

    A source close to Maddie’s parents has confirmed the complaint and added that “other complaints may still occur”.

    So could everyone please wear velvet gloves when referring to the celebrity couple? The alternative would be to use a multi router/server device/software that completely erases your tracks on-line.

    In a world that systematically denies freedom of expression by means of a money-driven justice system as a new form of Inquisition it is important that the Internet remains a bastion for freedom of expression...

    Be savvy! Be well...

    :k Reporter X



  110. Appeared in the Tribune

    Manuel Luis Goucha, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho have been made arguidos yesterday, Wednesday, in a libel action started by Kate and Gerry McCann.
    The criminal complaint, initiated by the couple’s lawyer in Portugal, also affects the TVI administration. It was during a talk show broadcasted by TVI that the alleged crime has occurred.
    The psychologist Paulo Sargento – arguido since yesterday – confirmed the information and stated “that he did not speak yesterday but that he intends to do so during the proceedings because he has knowledge of elements which may lead to the reopening of the inquiry related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.”

  111. Dio mio! The McCanns have just started spending the huge proceedings from "Madeleine" book sales. So you thought it was all about the search for Madeleine! :c

    They are suing a top Portuguese journalist, a main Portuguese TV station owner and a Portuguese top academic. Mind you, suing the latter (a university professor) might prove to be their undoing.


  112. 92, this Mrs. Gaspar's suspitions could be anything, if you don't tell us what it is.
    It could be alcohol, aggretion, irresponsibility, drugs, lack of consideration with Kate and with his children, a mistress, etc.

  113. Pat Brown's analysis is another stone the McCann couple cannot turn.
    Another thorn in their flesh. This is something they hated to read and they are worried as hell. Scotland Yard will have their own profilers, but this analysis from Pat Brown is THE ONE they cannot dismiss. I hope somebody had the initiative to supply them with a copy.
    I am still waiting to read that the McCanns & friends have been summoned and questioned. Can't wait :l

  114. According to the Liverpool echo Kevin Halligan is to be sent to the USA for trial his appeal to the high court has failed

    @86 I have also been ticked off in the past for spelling Mr Amaral'

    name wrong, Wonderful blog this we get lessons in spelling thrown in just wonderful. Where else would you get that.

    What has happened to Ironside has he been wooshed. loved reading his comments.
    Mary Liverpool UK

  115. Theresa May and the rest of them talk about 'searching for Madeleine'.

    In case she, and the others, have missed it, or want to stick their heads in the sand, the investigators who worked on the case came to the conclusion that Madeleine died in the apartment.

    What, therefore, has been the point of searching for a living Madeleine here, there and everywhere for these four years?

    How about these cops who are now investigating the case started by SEARCHING FOR A DEAD MADELEINE instead. It is about time somebody did that in the UK. Yes, actually searching for her remains instead of going over old ground and coming to the same conclusions as the PJ and the UK investigators did. They may get lucky. She may be closer to home than they think.

  116. Whys is Kate wearing a red plastic wristband in the Belgium interviews? Plus in one she mentions that there was no blanket around the child spotted by Jane Tanner and the Smiths (-:

    Wonder where that pink blanket is..

  117. 75 - have I not been paying attention? Is Kate now saying in her book that the bedroom window was closed after all? If so, this is an extremely important development in "the Story."
    If the window is/was closed, then the magic abductor is left with the front door (which is at the back, as seen from the Tapas Bar)as entry and exit. Or he has to use the patio doors, going up and down the steps.
    Or have I got this wrong and the window is/was still open and doing its whoosh clunk on the door and billowing curtains? I'm really puzzled now.

  118. It is noticeable that Kate McCann took the opportunity in her book, now that Mrs Fenn is dead and can no longer refute it, to attempt to discredit this elderly lady by making bitch remarks about her regarding the night Madeleine supposedly went missing.

    It was Mrs Fenn who said in her police statement that a child in the McCanns apartment was crying for well over an hour on the night of the 1st May. Seems like the McCanns are rather worried about that statement. After all it does not fit in with their scenario of their constant checking, and children that slept well. It is not even the same night that Kate McCann referred to when she said Madeleine told her they were crying and why didn't she come, so was that two nights they were crying, the 1st and the 2nd? There would be no reason for Mrs Fenn to lie about the night of the 1st, and as her friend was on the phone with her at the time, no doubt she would be able to verify it.

    Yet there is something very fishy about that night of 1st May when it was also revealed that calls were being made from the apartment by Kate McCann herself. Had she been in the apartment all along and just let the child cry, until the child was eventually screaming 'daddy', 'daddy'? Yet who could stand to be talking on the phone to somebody with a child crying in the background for so long? Was there no attempt to comfort the child? Maybe the investigation should begin from further back than the night Madeleine was said to have gone missing.

    Perhaps Mrs Fenn's niece would care to address this attempt by Kate McCann to say that her aunt was some kind of heartless person who did not care a child was missing, and was refusing to help on the night Madeleine supposedly went missing. I sure hope that somebody who knew this elderly lady steps in and puts the record straight. Kate McCann should not be allowed to get away with saying that, albeit she waiting until the old lady was dead before she did because I don't doubt Mrs Fenn would have stuck with her story about the crying and contradicted her.

    It is a vile, vindictive thing to do, but then, hardly surprising after the attacks the McCanns have launched against others, including Dr Amaral, who also dared to contradict their account.

    It was not Dr Amaral or Mrs Fenn who were leaving Madeleine home alone nights while they went out and did whatever they liked, so that eventually Madeleine came to terrible harm in the apartment. If that is really how she came to be harmed.

    Madeleine was not Dr Amaral or Mrs Fenn's responsibility. She was not their child, more's the pity, as she would no doubt have been alive and well now. She was the responsibility of the selfish McCanns, who could not even be bothered to stay and take care of their children as it was their duty as parents to do.

    Wasn't it Gerry McCann who said that what they did was not beyond the bounds of good parenting and there is no evidence Madeleine came to any harm. Still making excuses for themselves. What a bloody idiot he is if he think most people believe that, except other idiots like him of course.

  119. 88, yes, the silence is quite deafening.Very well said. Since June the 12th they stopped complaining that nobody is doing anything about this. They must regret a lot, but a lot. The first answer they got from Theresa May(I think) was that it was a Portuguese case under the reponsibility of the Portuguese authorities and the McCanns knew it.They continued on insisting on the issue, just to convince the public they are innocent ideal parents and now it seems Cameron decided to involve himself in this, with his request to the SY. I requested this before and I ask this again: somebody on this blog, whose relative is somehow connected to the Scotland Yard, was commentig that things are not good for the McCanns.Could this person (I think it is a lady) try to find out more things, please? I'm dying of curiosity.

  120. The McCanns make me think of a story that happened in my little village long ago.
    There was a little man, who had difficulties to learn and who lived and worked at a priests' home.Because of a defect on his back, he was called Little Hunchback.Once he went to the station to pick up a bishop, at 2.00 am, he walked home with him, talking, "Little Hunchbak is very pleased to receive Mr. Bishop, Little Hunchback will warm up the food of Mr. Bishop, Little Hunchback enjoys making some coffie for Mr.Bishop..." After the meal, bishop and Little Hunchback were climbing up the stairs, Little Hunchback carrying his bag and the bishop started a conversation in the vocativus, calling him:
    "Little Hunchback!, w..."

    And he replied:
    "Little Hunchback is your fucking mother!!!!"

    This is what Kate does. She publishes, she does everything to sell her books, she shows up in every tv show and when people comment what she made public she replies :-" "Madeleine" book is your fucking mother".

    This can only mean the MP are involving themselves in Maddie's case.
    Now the McCanns need to attack Portugal.

  121. about the window that was not open.

    "-Sir, may I take a day off today, please? My grandmother is dying."
    "-She is improving! Last month you took a day off for her funeral!"

  122. Paulo Sargento is a very good friend of Amaral's.
    I believe he knows a LOT about this case.

  123. 115 what don you mean going over old ground? The ground is not so old because the investigations were quickly shelved. England can impossibly say they will look for a dead Madeleine because she is not officially pronounced dead. Cann't you see that it is no question of old ground that's why the McCanns started to sue around in Portugal? Maddie's body never left Portugal, it even didn't leave Luz. Why do some people here insist on believing Maddie is in the UK? Or insist on making us believe her body is not in Portugal?It is, 115, and it is not far from the resort or it is inside the resort.

  124. joana, you are there, aren't you?

  125. I hope Mrs. Fenn had children who must know a lot about this.

  126. Anon 123

    Unless you know to the contrary that Madeleine's body is still around the place she disappeared from you cannot possible say she was not taken back to the UK.

    Very few parents would choose to leave their children behind in a foreign land if they could get them back home, and if the McCanns could not do that with all the resources they had available then nobody could.

    Murat and his family had their property searched, so why should the McCanns be given a pass being as they also were made arguidos, and Gerry McCanns was back and forth from PDL to UK, plus there have been too many red herrings pointing elsewhere.

    As for Madeleine not being 'officially' pronounced dead, that does not have to happen before a person, dead or alive, can be searched for.

  127. I never understood why Robert Murat's mother's property including the garden was searched time and time again by the PJ. The PJ suspected the McCanns from the minute their lies were exposed, yet their property was not searched as thoroughly as the property of Robert Mother's.

    When the McCanns were made arguidos, they were allowed to leave the country the next day. Robert Murat who requested he was made an arguido, remained in Praia Da Luz.

    Robert Murat cooperated fully with the PJ, the McCanns especially Kate McCann didn't. Yet Robert Murat is still pilloried by some people, even though there was no proof he was ever outside the McCanns apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    If Robert Murat was seen anywhere near the McCanns apartment, on the night Madeleine disappeared, it didn't mean he was involved. He lived close to the McCanns apartment.

    Regarding the arguido status, I was under the impression that an arguido in Portugal, had to report to the police station at least once a week. The McCanns didn't set foot in Portugal until a couple of years after they had fled the country.

    Everything has gone in the McCanns favour, since they committed their crime and they did commit a crime. They committed the crime when they left their children unsupervised while they were out wining and dining. The friends they were wining and dining with, also left their children unsupervised while they were out. They too committed a crime and they too escaped prosecution.

    The case stinks to high heaven. I hope the PJ with the help of Scotland Yard, are able to bring the McCanns to justice, without interference from anyone. Especially the British Government.

  128. Someone mentioned the belgium interviews, I read in another site that in one of those interviews to a newspaper (De Morgen?)Gerry McCann said that the investigation is closed and it WON'T be opened again!!! Anyone from Belgium can confirm if this is true, please?

  129. Is there any RELIABLE source that can confirm the news about lawsuits against Dr. Sargento, M.L. Goucha and H. Carvalho? It's just because I understand this comes via Levy, I have not seen it reported anywhere else...

  130. 126, when Madeliene was still alive, the McCanns left her alone with the siblings for hours and hours and now you think they took her home.
    When they left the three children alone, all by themselves, they were only thinking of themselves, and not taking her home now they are again thinking of themselves. Too risky, a decomposing body or bones in a bag passing authorities on an airport! And everybody recognizes them. Imo her remains are still in Luz or Praia da Luz.
    Can you imagine a bag with the remains and the pink blanket? Smelling badly? If the Leicestershire police say there are no clear evidence the parents are not involved, you can for sure expect their bags are checked when they travel.

  131. 126

    "too many red herrings"
    Where did you read that? Thank you.

  132. "Joana, you are there, aren't you?"

    The proof some pro keep coming to disrupt and see what is going on. The picture did not look good for their best heroes, the McCann's. And that time the bullets came directly from their mouth.

  133. I wonder if some red herrings are pointing to Russel O'Brian too.
    That's what I suspect. Jane Tanner was much too fanatic to see the abductor and she was obviously protecting him and herself.
    He was the whole evening away, helping his child who did not vomit at all, imo.
    Cleaning behind a sofa does not take so many hours. And I find it odd we never saw him back after he "recognized" Murat. He disappeared as fast as Payne did. Odd, very odd.


    Amaral was (originally) a Jewish name. It is composed by two Aramaic words Amar-Al.

    Amar = the word, the message, expression or concept.
    Al= The one who is high, The Supreme, said by God

    Now you put the two together and you get the sense of "the word of God". Which in retrospect makes sense.

    AMORAL on the other hand means someone who lacks a moral code. Exactly the opposite.

    The comments no doubt have been made by Portuguese natives or speakers. They may not understand exactly what "Amaral" means (except it resonates with "a plural of love" - "amar" in Portuguese) but they instantly know what "amoral" means (...). One letter (o) turns its meaning around.

    :j Prof. Bolinhas

  135. Re: 118

    Does anyone know if evidence from a dead person is admissable? I am thinking Mrs Fen can no longrer be challenged in open court about her evidence so muct it be disregarded?

    Mr B


    If the news circulating on the Internet that the McCanns' have sued
    Manuel Luis Goucha, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho on Wednesday are correct, we need to ask ourselves why the mainstream media has, so far, kept so quite about it. Could it be an hoax?

    If the news are not an hoax, then it could suggest the McCanns PR team (Freud Communications and Lift Consulting) are calling shots and pulling strings at all levels. Know what I mean?

    Had the news been presented to a wider audience no doubt it would affect the sales of "Madeleine". People would instantly see where the money is going...

    People would see the book is not about finding Madeleine but to generate funds to finance an international "image dry cleaning" operation (PR).

    Naturally the above is just one possible inference, an opinion. I make no allegations (...)


  137. 115, a crazy idea, sorry, thinking Madeleine could have been brought to the UK.
    Think of the impossibility of this. Specially nowadays, after 9/11, every bag, evey package is checked on.
    The McCanns' power has to do with libel laws, with a lot of money and not with the border police. You suspect Madeleine could be buried in their garden in Rothley but she couldn't be.
    How could they have transported her body to England without being noticed? The corpse is definitely in Algarve, somewhere, not far away from 5a. Sometimes I think it could be in Lagos.Yes, they have been back to Algarve but not to take the body with them but to be near her grave. If there was a possibility of being buried in England, the police would have searched for it there.
    Because of Kate's foot note (may God bless her again) "no clear evidence the parents are not involved in the disappearence" we know the McCanns could be being watched by the regular English police.
    Besides, the police of every country gets the passenger lists of every arriving flight BEFORE a plane leaves for its destination.A plane does not leave before the list is known at its destination.
    I know it because my husband was an airliner.
    The PJ always know when the McCanns are coming and leaving. That's why I'm sure they could not have brought the body to England.

  138. 131, I think the evidence from a dead person is always admissable, in case this person left a legal statement. And who knows she told more than we know. The police never tell everything.

  139. Anon 133

    Are you seriously suggesting the McCanns could not have got Madeleine back to UK if they wanted to?

    With the means of transport and supporters they had available to them, you have got to be joking.

  140. Sampras @ 132

    IF they really are embarking on yet another defamation action, it just makes no sense. The main thrust of their attack on Amaral's book was that his claim that Madeleine was dead had hindered the search for their daughter. Such an argument used against Sargento etc. now that an army of Scotland Yard detectives are engaged, courtesy of the British taxpayer, in trying to find out what happened to her, is less convincing than ever. It would surely be laughed out of court. Besides, they didn't win their case against Amaral´s book - why should this be any different?

    The McCanns are still behaving as if Cameron never made his offer - that Amsterdam interview was like a needle stuck in the groove of a very old gramophone record. Even now they are still asking on their web-site for an independent, transparent enquiry, they are still asking those with information to get in touch with them,rather than Scotland Yard. Have they not realised yet that they have been given what they apparently were asking for? Or are they simply in total denial with regard to the turn events have taken?

  141. 135, I'm not joking. In this case explain me a way they could have found to bring the body overseas. Don't forget the UK is an island.
    I don't see it leaving from a harbour in Portugal, neither crossing Spain and France to Calais, Belgium or Holland. Imo they even did not take the body to Huelva.
    Try to think well, very well. This is easy on a film, a Poirot film,but not in reality. Their power is not what you think.
    It looks great but till now they were saved by Brown and Mitchell, by good lawyers, much money and the libel laws in the UK and Portugal. Pity that they forget Portugal is much and much more democratic than the UK. They had a lot of support when suspicions were not yet hanging above their heads.Now they are all by themselves, depending on the efficience of their lawyers.
    And you know, I wonder why only now decided to sue those 3 men.
    I remember Paulo Sargento writing articles and talking on tv interviews about this case and the McCanns did not think of suing him. This suing started now after the MP apparently got involved in the case. I wonder if the McCanns will allow the Portuguese people to break a wind once on a while. I did not watch the show with those 3 gentlemen .Did you and can you tell us what you heard?
    What they fear is the democracy in Portugal and the eventual commentings on the re-opening of the investigations.
    Please, don't worry. Thay are not that powerful.

  142. 135, I also believe the body never left Portugal. It must be somewhere in Algarve.

    130, thanks a lot for the expanation of the name Amaral.n Just beautiful and I love etymology.

  143. If Madeleine was brought back to the UK it would have been by road. To use a plane would have been too risky, but not impossible. The giant inflatible that went to pdl could have been used to move Madeleine.

    After the 3rd the Mccanns still had contact with Madeleine's body so she was hidden closeby for Kate to have had DNA on her clothes, key fob etc hired 3 weeks after Madeleine disappeared. Also in her book Kate states Madeleines DNA must have been planted in the Scenic, so she does not dismiss the fact that the DNA at some stage was in the scenic therefore by her own admission she is saying Madeleine was not abducted but is dead.

  144. The last thing Kate and Gerry want is for Madeleines body to be found, once it is found thats an end to the fraudulent fund, book deals, possible film deals, fund raising dinners, rubbing shoulders with celebrities... whatever they did with her body and how confident they are we will never find her remains, they are long gone from this world.
    BUT too many people are involved in the cover up, eventually mccanns will face justice because people do talk. Everyday another web site pops up demanding justice for Madeleine, everybody has an opinion on the Mccanns and a theory as to what happened to Madeleine, so it will not end until we know the truth, no matter how long it takes oneday we will know what happened to Madeleine Mccann and why her parents showed this little girl no respect even in death.

  145. 129, ok, but I agree about the suspicions some people here have of Matthew Oldfield. On that evening he was the only one who went twice to that apartment building, at 8.55pm and at 9.30. If listening at the windows outside (8.55pm) was enough to convince him that everything was ok, why going inside the apartment at 9.30?
    Listening would have been enough, like the first time. Could his story have been the other way around, he went inside the apartment at 8.55pm, he caused the accident, he went back and warned Gerry who went on checking on Madeleine at 9.05? And why, dear god, why twice to that building whilsh the rest remained sitting? O'Brian had vanished and Payne did not leave the table? Maybe his first visit was before 8.55pm, perhaps 8.45, who knows. Those are facts that make me wonder about Matthew.
    And I am happy the MP is now involved in this case. They got to find out more about that man.

  146. #131,
    Mrs. Fenn's niece and nephew know of the event, I'm sure she discussed it with them, and she also telephoned a friend on that night and told her what was going on, the relentless crying from a child in the apartment below. The friend told her she was not surprised about it ( I've always wondered wahat she meant by this, why was she not surprised that a child had been crying for a very long time in a holiday apartment? Was it a common occurrence in the resort, children left alone and crying endlessly...?). This friend could testify and the call must be on the phone company records.

  147. Thank you posters 14 and 22 - I have now downloaded the software and read Pat Brown's analysis. Delighted that we have a publication available, on Amazon, in English that clearly lays out a considerably more plausible scenario than that peddled by the McCanns

  148. Anti is being upped. Noise....remember how much noise they make when things are heating up:

    Now Kate's a figurehead for missing children

    Child is walking for Madeleine

    Madeleine having a file with Child Focus in Belguim is 'uplifting'

    I must have missed something out.

    They are very calm in the midst of the storm aren't they, as usual

    Must be the she warrior again, I can do that too when my back is up against the wall

  149. Anon 125 - Re Mrs. Fenn`s son, Ian. In an article in the telegraph recently by Olga Craig, he seems to think the McCanns were `kind` :-

    "Mr Fenn, who lives in England, visits the flat monthly and has witnessed its transformation from white-washed holiday home to a ghoulish, run-down tourist attraction. “There are always tourists who stand outside and get their friends to take their photograph outside 5a,” he says wearily. “They find some ghastly attraction in being pictured at the spot when a little girl was abducted. Gerry McCann did come up to apologise to my mother for all the unwanted attention – which was incredibly kind as he has endured a grief and pain that no parent should ever have to withstand.”



  150. Mary Liverpool 114 - You mentioned Ironside. I believe he`s a She and I read some months ago that she is ill.

  151. Anon 134 - Mrs Fenn`s evidence is still counted as her signed statement is on the police files.


    Anon at 140 "And you know, I wonder why only now they decided to sue those 3 men. I remember Paulo Sargento writing articles and talking on tv interviews about this case and the McCanns did not think of suing him."

    I don't know exactly why but I have an opinion. Two in fact.

    (1) The PM endorsing of the McCanns' PR campaign by drafting the mythological Scotland Yard into it, added considerable weight to the McCanns "official version" of events.

    In spite of numerous contradictions the couple stubbornness is vaguely reminiscent of Goebbels' perception "that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it."

    Now that they have the full force of the British government behind them they must be feeling invincible. I mean, anyone with a "middle of the road" IQ would - particularly with an Oxford educated head of state as a moral guarantor (cough).

    It might be relevant to note in passing that the PM himself had a disabled child who died and is thus inclined to feel sympathy for the McCanns' - even assuming there was in the latter case an accidental death or, as some cynics have argued a medical consensus for euthanasia. Remember the phrase: "I am not here to enjoy myself!" - or words to that effect? Well, it could mean anything...

    The PM, on the other hand, could have been trying to secure the votes of the Sun & Daily Mail's readers which accurately reflect the majority of the British Collective Unconscious - the kind that reads Rosiepopps blog, buys "Madeleine" and shies away from the official PJ Files. A no-brainer.

    There is an alternative way (concomitant if you like) to elaborate on these scenarios and clarify them further...

    The McCanns' publicist/PR team (Freud Communications and Lift Consulting) in liaison with the McCanns' legal team (Carter-Ruck/Isabel Duarte/Rogerio Alves) decided that such legal action could help boost the McCanns' image, increase book sales, etc. - all of which would add to their celebrity status as "wronged parents" and/or "suspects" - depending on which views you held... and which views you held, does not matter in terms of potential sales figures for any publicity is good publicity...

    (2) Why Manuel Luis Goucha, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho?

    I don't have to explain that, do I?

    Well, the last two have systematically appeared on Goucha's popular TV station to inform the Portuguese public about the case. One is a well-known Portuguese journalist (Carvalho), the other (Sargento) a well-known Portuguese academic with considerable status - a kind of Portuguese Freud, an expert on the "Psychopathology of Quotidian Life" if you like.

    IF (big IF)...IF you could discredit Sargento, a top academic and professor of forensic psychology (one who works with the Portuguese justice system) as "mad", what sort of impact would that have on your image - particularly if you were known as a pathological liar?
    Elementary my dear Watson :a

    As for journalists (top or otherwise) they simply have no right to inform the public about this case or hold any views that contradict the McCanns' "official" (government supported) version of events. Anyone ought to know that!

    "Eh! I am talking to you! And I am going to single you out (Carvalho) as an example to the rest of you, scum!"

    The McCanns will be invoking (my inference) the crime of "lèse majesté" - from the Latin "laesa maiestas" or if you prefer: "injured majesty".

    Hope this helps to clarify the issue.

    Dr. Pevides (trainee)
    Department of Media Analytics
    :k P.J. Tipps
    Investigateur Extraordinnaire

  153. "135, I also believe the body never left Portugal. It must be somewhere in Algarve."

    Did you read about the guy who flew a dead dog (holdall) in an EasyJet flight just to prove this point? I say it is possible. For all I know, the child could have been buried in the Highlands of Scotland. Sorry, what am-I thinking?

    I would love to read the child was found alive and well. In fact I have often dreamt about it. The problem is I hear this loud barking of a dog and I wake up in a sweat...


  154. Under the Criminal Justice Act 2003, Mrs Fenn's evidence would be admissible against Kate and Gerry, see the relevant section below, esp at 2 a. Her evidence is even more powerful and corroborated by the fact that she phoned a friend who could give live evidence to confirm that conversation. Rules against hearsay evidence in UK have been generally relaxed to make it more difficult for the accused. No doubt this is why Kate feels the need to seek to discredit her. I believe this is fundamental to what happened to Madeleine and caused the McCanns to tell lies about it from the very outset, no doubt having sat up all night rehearsing their lines ready to tell the police :

    16Cases where a witness is unavailable

    (1)In criminal proceedings a statement not made in oral evidence in the proceedings is admissible as evidence of any matter stated if—

    (a)oral evidence given in the proceedings by the person who made the statement would be admissible as evidence of that matter,

    (b)the person who made the statement (the relevant person) is identified to the court’s satisfaction, and

    (c)any of the five conditions mentioned in subsection (2) is satisfied.

    (2)The conditions are—

    (a)that the relevant person is dead;

    (b)that the relevant person is unfit to be a witness because of his bodily or mental condition;

    (c)that the relevant person is outside the United Kingdom and it is not reasonably practicable to secure his attendance;

    (d)that the relevant person cannot be found although such steps as it is reasonably practicable to take to find him have been taken;

    (e)that through fear the relevant person does not give (or does not continue to give) oral evidence in the proceedings, either at all or in connection with the subject matter of the statement, and the court gives leave for the statement to be given in evidence.

  155. 142- what is the giant inflatible? I don t know anything about this.
    Not a flying Philomena?

    Who can tell what Paulo Sargento and the other tow men said?

  156. I did not see the interview on Belgium TV. I saw it on the Dutch one.
    Kate was wearing the same clothes she wore on the interview around or short before Madeleine´s birthday. It was broadcasted telling about her book in Holland and Belgium. At the moment of filming, they still did not know about the MP.They told that during the 24 hours the police did nothing, and they had only the help of the trafic police( the one to control cars on the streets).
    They presented themselves as victims of Portugal's inefficiency.But that video was made short before the book was officially presented in England and short before Cameron wrote them.

  157. Murat´s house was checked on by the dogs after they had checked 5a and the McCanns house(cuddle cat, etc).A reason that makes me sure the McCanns did not bring the body to Huelva. Huelva and Murat s home happened on the same day, after the dogs investigations the days before.

  158. According to somebody here 1143 murders remain unsolved in Britain.I see this as being normal. Many times murders on prostitutes, call girls, in the drugs world, mafia become cold cases for ever.But murders in families, disappearance of children from their homes are different cases.The police have already a lead: the family, neighbors and friends themselves.They are not blindly walking around on the streets, asking people if by chance they saw the child.The investigation starts in the family home.And that is much easier for the police, even if they can not find any corpse.The first suspect is the person who saw the child,alive, for the last time. I think it could have been Russel O Braien who was not present at the Tapas table that night.He was absent for many hours and that is odd. There is the possibility Matthew Oldfield found him in the apartment, Maddie already dead, and they planned Tanner´s sighting.

  159. In case Kevin Halligen will be extradict to the US, we will get the chance to find out why the McCanns sent him such a lot of money, which he spent, and what is the reason they did not sue him.
    What did they ask Kevin to do with that money?

  160. There is a very good article on McCann Files, a paper Town and Village, ' Was Madeleine abducted?' where he also writes that the reason she did not answer those questions to the police because she was afraid of mistranslation.
    The journalist asks in the article, in this case, why did she not put the answers on her book?

    And I ask now: couldn't mistranslations also be too risky for Gerry? And for Tapas 7?
    She did not answer the questions because she makes too many mistakes when she talks. Her lawyer was extremely worried about it.
    People learn English all over the world. An official translator gets heavy tests before he gets his licence. Besides, I presume it was recorded, the police could check it on again.
    Her explanation is bull shit, for sure.
    Even not answering the questions, the police suspect her as responsible for the death. There must be indications, leads showing her guilt.


    "Maddie129" (English version) by Hernâni Carvalho e Luís Maia.


    Hernâni Carvalho is the Portuguese psychology graduate and journalist who the McCanns have just sued for defamation (cough).

    "Hernâni Carvalho was known to the great public through reports he signed from East-Timor and the Afghanistan, works that brought along the recognition of his peers, who granted him the two greater rewards of journalism in Portugal."

    Well, I was just googling him out and found that his book (originally in Portuguese) has been translated and published in English.

    You can only buy it through the publishers website, though. Link above. The cost is €9.09 (PDF format) roughly £8.

    Thought some of you might be interested...

    Zé Malho

  162. "MADDIE129" - THE BOOK

    Contrary to what I suggested above, you can also buy the paper edition of Hernâni Carvalho e Luís Maia's book "Maddie129".

    Same link. See FAQ for details. http://www.rcpedicoes.com/ajuda.htm

    Zé Malho

  163. So the Express have done it again and didn't write the truth about Mccanns,with a photo of them apparently enjoying their trip to Holland and laughing,he looks guilty and she has a forced smile.They look like two crooks who want some money.In Holland people still believe Maddie is dead. They say their book is a best seller but we dont know anyone who has bought one yet.They are liars,open the case and lets find out the truth.Poor Maddie,what she has suffered. Germany.

  164. #155,
    "An official translator gets heavy tests before he gets his licence."

    Murat was used as a translator by the police, and it seems it was not the first time, he had done it before. I don't think he's an official translator...
    And, judging by the many incredibly stupid mistakes in translations I hear on a daily bases on tv cable channels (Discovery, Travel, Odisseia, etc.) it seems that the license/degree(?) of some of those "official" translators came inside a cereal box as a token!

  165. Many are discussing the destiny of Madeleine's body...buried in Portugal, or Spain, brought home to the UK... I would say it left Portugal by sea. Why? Well, the Smith sighting for one, the man was walking towards the coast line, at that time of night, a cold night, the beach(es) would be empty. In one of the secluded coves there must be around Luz a dinghy could be waiting to carry the body to a boat anchored off-shore. I bet that among the many expats in Luz and Portimâo there are boat owners, and I suspect the McCanns had help from one or more of those expats in dealing with things. Then, the boat could have gone to England (to one of the channel islands, Jersey?) or it navigated away from the portuguese waters and a burial at sea took place.
    Just my opinion, of course...

  166. @128 and 151 If GM said on a Belgian TV interview that the case will not be reopened, was he carelessly implying that Maddy will never be found? for if she was found the case would be reopened obviously.

  167. Why can't the case just be re-opened, the Mccanns are so high profile thanks to their publicity team they seek donations worldwide surely this is unacceptable in view of the circumstances surrounding madeleines 'disappearance'. If nothing is done to stop them they will continue soliciting money from the public for years.

    The Mccanns are not gods nor are they untouchable they should be brought to account and this circus stopped, they have overstepped the mark many times but still they continue with their farce.

  168. With regards to what has become of Madeleine`s remains.
    When I noted that two of the Tapas men went out in a boat one of the days & came back with the story of one of them falling into the water, it made me think that could be when the body was disposed of.
    I think they said they went out quite a long way, so I wonder?
    Of all the discussions I have read I don`t think I`ve seen this mentioned before.
    I do believe Madeleine went missing earlier than the 3rd & that the Smith sighting was a RED HERRING.
    There was no way time for it all to happen on the 3rd. It took time to clean up & time to plan, not to mention what I have read about the records at the Lobsters creche & possible replacement child being used.
    No, lots more thought went into all this than we know.IMO.


    1. Maddy was.still alive on the 3rd she was at the tapas bar


    Anon @ 139 "they didn't win their case against Amaral´s book - why should this be any different?"

    The problem is we don't know about the result of the case yet. It is still pending. One possible reason Amaral has yet to publish the second edition of his book.

    The man who alone stood against the McCanns & Friends - and the might of the post-British Empire...has been left to be toyed with by two British crime suspects...

    We must not take things for granted because:

    (a) There is a new top lawyer in charge of the case (which incidentally has been linked to allegations of corruption).

    (b) The British PM backs the McCanns "official version" of events.

    (c) A new government (with Conservative affinities) has been elected in Portugal.

    (d) If politicians could have influenced the outcome of the investigation in the first place then one must assume they can, likewise, influence the outcome of a trial.

    What we must expect is: if Amaral looses, the case will be brought to the European courts. The same applies if the McCanns loose. They have the self-asserting mind-set, the money and the political connections to do just that.

    We must never loose sight of the fact that ideology (British ideology in particular) still has great influence on the world stage and that money and PR determines the outcome of any trial unless evidence is overwhelmingly clear cut - which is not the case here (cough). Furthermore, all forensic evidence has been destroyed, and SY will not ask Kate those "silly 48 questions"...

    Good luck to "The Word of God" (Amaral). In fact "The Word of God" does not need luck, it needs us to donate to his defence fund...have you donated already? If not please consider doing so.

    All you might have read on the Internet about the fund being a scam is in itself a scam...


  170. 150, no, I did not read about the guy flying the dead dog. But the police was not searching for a missing dog and that man was not suspect of anything I suppose. You could have dreamt of Gerry, who comes from Scotland, the concealing of Madeleine's corpse was his responsibility and the barking of the dogs that woke you up were the British dogs, associated to the death. I also would love to read Madeleine was found alive and well but like you(in your dream) I think she is dead and she could be burried somewhere and not in a freezer. Very sad, such a short life and it was not necessary.

  171. 159, leaving by boat that same night? There were already 9 people involved in the case, too short time to find a boat, the beach extremely dark...
    And how would you explain blood and Madeleine's DNA, cadaver scent in the car? The body was carried towards the beach, this is only an indication of the Gerry's direction at that moment but he was still inside the village of Luz. I think the body left by car that was parked maybe in front of the church. That's why Kate could raise the alarm short after 10pm. Did you think of a boat not far from Africa that could be carrying cocaina from South America?
    Burrying at sea would have been extremely risky, depending on sharks.Under the ground is the less risky possibility and if it happened, it happened at least three weaks after the the disappearance.

  172. For our friends who believe madeleine's body could be brought to UK by sea. This was not possible. Any boat to legally leave a marina at night time need permission. The Portuguese sea cost is one of the best covered by the police ( with night vision and rapid boats) due to their high control on the narcotraffic. Any boat, even if asked permission tp leave, will be tracked down by portuguese police or any international police after the alarm at 10 pm(when Kate raised the alarm). The McCann's job during all the time, was not looking for Madeleine, but spreading stories and scenarios based on a poor PJ skills and in the Idea of a third world country, not developed. This country, of-course, is not Portugal. The police they were talking about, is not PJ and is not Goncalo Amaral. It's their "imagynarium" country and police. Unfortunately for them, very far from the reality.
    The Portuguese papers reported on the early days, when McCann's manipulation was not yet in place, interviews with authorities of some of the algarve marinas where they confirmed the control done by the police. The ferryboat who crossed the Portuguese border to Spain, starting in Vila Real de STo Antonio, also confirmed, they receive the picture of Madeleine very early, then all the child's entering the ferry were controlled by the authorities without making too much noise (police activities to achieve success, need to be done in a very low profile, only the McCann's conveniently love the circus). The way the McCann's lie, even when they describe Portugal, the Portuguese and the Portuguese authorities, is so irresponsible that they need to legally respond in a Portuguese court, regarding that. They pass internationally, the message of ay country, without laws, where is easy to commit a crime and get away with it. Since that, the crime increases in the country, and the perverted had an opportunity to feel themselves that is not easy to get away. Very few, get away. But what is important, is the increase of the criminality, lead the country to waste money with all that perverters who get inspired by the McCann's.
    Madeleine's body was concealed somewhere in a house with a fridge. The dogs and the scenic did not lie. Her body fluids were found in the scenic, in a place where luggage should be carried. These body fluids came from a frozen corpse.
    Was reported in the files that the McCann's were called to return the scenic to the rental car because the rental car needed to hand back the scenic to Renault Portugal( who was the owner) and the McCann's refused to hand the car and change for another one. They got a new contract with scenic. Which excuse they gave, is not in the files, but is a odd behavior for anybody, more for a tourist. Why they wanted only the scenic? What was making the scenic irreplaceable until sep.2007?

  173. 150, Madeleine became a part of the life of hundreds, not only of yours or of mine.That is the reason you and perhaps more people dream of her, wishing she is still alive. And you hear the barking dog and you realize she is dead.
    I really hope the MP will find out enough, including her resting place, in order to give her a normal funeral. Instead of barking dogs you will hear church bells, so sad, but true.And the McCanns will pay for their irresponsibility and negligence.

  174. Louisee at 148

    I wonder what he thinks now that Kate McCann has ridiculed his mother like that by trying to discredit her? Just goes to show the McCanns are not what they seem.


    A lot has been said about Daniel Kruger's locator machine (KTT). The overall impression (mine included) was that the man and/or the machine was a con. However people who criticize him (myself included) ignored some important facts:

    1. Kruger does not charge for his services. He is driven by a genuine desire to help. In fact "in the majority of cases Daniel paid his own travel and accommodation expenses...". see here:


    2. His equipment has proven to be highly accurate in the past.

    3. The accuracy of his invention has been demonstrated and proven to a panel of experts in tests carried out by Prof. JFR Lues at the Central University of Technology, Free State (Zambia).

    The point I am driving at is as follows (and I quote):

    "After five months of fruitless efforts to find Madeleine, despite detailed information given by me to all relevant parties, I have now decided to publish this information so that any member of the public who is willing and able to assist in the search for Madeleine may have access to the very same information I have been providing to the parties involved since July 2007. I know that even if she was moved after July 2007, there will still be evidence of her presence in this area. I have done my very best, and believe my findings are correct. My heart goes out to all who knew and love her.
    Danie Krugel"

    Again, the details are here:


    Daniel Kruger believes Madeleine is dead. In his map he points to an area filled with "refuse bags with unknown content" as well as to an "area closed to dog kennels" , however the most interesting item he mentions is this (and again I quote):

    "Former South African police superintendent Danie Krugel is haunted by the muddy pink and white child's blanket he found at the site in Praia da Luz in Portugal where he believes the body of Madeleine McCann is hidden."

    The pink and white child blanket! THE blanket?

    I wonder if a through investigation of the area given by Kruger has ever been throughly searched by the PJ. By "thoroughly" I mean inch by inch. May be the man is right! Madeleine's remains are still there.

    Has anyone matched this information (see maps in the link above) with the Smith's sighting? Was the Gerry McCann look alike heading to that zone?

    Would anyone be interested to form a team of volunteers and/or an organization of volunteers to systematically research the area he gives? I mean...we would need Kruger to come back, test the area again and tell us if the body is still there and/or has been moved before we start. We could invite Gonçalo Amaral to co-ordinate volunteers...permission could perhaps be obtained to create a makeshift campsite nearby to accommodate dozens, hundreds of volunteers...

    Anyone for field work? For a hands-on approach?

    :k Amarelinho

  176. a really good idea Amarelinho, poster number 169, but probably not practical, and expensive for participants.

    However, I would be very interested in going to PDL, keeping ears open generally, and especially interested in watching the waters edge at dawn. I think it was someone on here, a few months ago, who posted about the very strange activities that happen there just before dawn, inviting us to come see for ourselves.

    In fact, it is on my "to do" list.

    Aunty Anti

  177. It is a good idea, Amarelinho, a team of voluntaries working for free. A slap on McCann's face, who didn't work for free, even when the work is searching their daughter.
    In my opinion, the body could not be there, unless the McCann's moved it back after krugel. The dogs signalized Madeleine on different belongs of the McCann's. I believe some were used by them after krugel.
    I never believe on that guy coming independently to pdl(nothing to do with his invention). He was contacted by the McCann's. According to some papers reporting McCann's source, the sample of Madeleine DNA used by him was recovered from Rothley( how can we trust that was from madeleine, or even if that sample exists?) everything could be fabricated and payed trough a "special" way by the McCann's who at time had a very health fund with fresh money.
    Krugel, according to Amaral book, refused to have his machine checked by the x-ray, at the airport. He claimed a rubbish issue( something like the machine could be damaged). Pj never buoyed his coming to portugal and his story regarding Maddie. Something was not singing well, but because he was arranged by the parents and the police was already suffering from pressures coming from top side( the British embassy) they decide to let krugel carry on his performance, with curiosity and skepticism. I believe the area was already very well combed by the police binomial men/dog.
    I think, who the Smiths saw was Gerry carrying one of his friends child's and not Madeleine. Just imagine how risky was for anybody to carry in an open/public place a body. Even if it was night, even if the girl was his child. A dead child could be easily spotted by a person who crossed with Gerry, due to the behavior of the body, due to the heaviest of the body under that circumstances. I believe the body was concealed in a house close to the OC, belonging to the resort or not. There was the most safe place for the McCann's on the first night. Police could not search private properties at night. During the night another person, unsuspected and out of the group could moved the body to a different place, under McCann's request. The police was busy following sights and looking for a living girl and an abductor. mccann's were busy entertaining the police with their stories and tv appeals. When they realize the house was not safe to hide the body, they transferred it to the scenic.
    I really don't believe krugel knows anything. If so, he will not miss the opportunity of having his invention and his name connected with investigation of the most famous missing girl in the planet. A single case will trow him on the fame trampoline. Something that all inventors are looking for. He is not different.
    Mccan's know well where is the body and for some reason they keep coming back to pdl in a very low profile. Probably trying to take the body to a final destination.
    From pj files, it's clear, McCann's had the help of a Tapas 10. Must be a guy knowing well pdl and speaking well English. Gerry will not take the risk of getting lost in translations.

  178. Just thinking out loud here but I wonder if Gerry did carry another little blond girl, maybe the same one used as a Madeleine substitute at the creche? Maybe the little girl had to be moved to a different apartment (Tapas 10?) because Madeleine had already been hastily placed in her bedroom with her. Therefore she could not be left to wake up next morning and witness a dead body. It would then have had the added benefit of providing a red herring in the investigation. But did the PJ search all the Tapas 9 apartments?

  179. According to Dr Amaral the body fluids obtained were revealed by forensic analysis to have been from remains which had previously been frozen, and not mummified as would be the case if the body had been buried.

    Why should anybody be surprised that the body of Madeleine may have been in a fridge/freezer or some such cooling device. After all, doctors usually put a dead body 'on ice'. It is their method of storing them because it keeps them fresh.

  180. Anon @ 137

    Madeleine's body could have been brought to a hiding spot ,frozen then brought in the scenic,creamated and her ashes( im convinced )stuffed inside cuddle cat and possibly brought back to the uk hidden in the billboard vehicle organised by John Mccann, anything is possible.
    Im convinced Madeleine's ashes were placed inside cuddle cat at some stage and thats why Kate mc cann never left cuddle cat out of her hands and eventually washed the toy with Madeleines cadaver scent and her living scents all over it. I beleive Kate Mccann has since disposed of cuddlecat, WHY?

  181. Viv @ 154

    Thanks Viv for your comprehensive answer.

    I was concerened that as Mrs Fenn would not be able to be cross-examined about her evidence it would, following attacks by Mccann's council, it would be accorded little weight but I think the corroborative aspects you mention should overcome that.

    Mr B

  182. Anon 177

    "It is a good idea, Amarelinho."

    Another version has it that someone informed the McCanns about Krugel...also bear in mind that Krugel had in the past been very successful in locating people/bodies with this device and he did not ask for money. You are entitled to your opinion, though.

    It is unlikely the McCanns gave Krugel the wrong piece of hair. Too risky as that hair could have been submitted to DNA analysis (the investigation was still on-going).

    Krugel's location data applies to July 2007 (quoting from memory).

    What would have been the point (motive) for someone to move the body around that time? Because it contradicted the "official", abduction version? Well, there is always a possibility which one reason that we would need Krugel to test the area again.

    The problem here would be for Krugel to take us seriously (he is certainly not answering our e-mails) and/or for that matter for the McCanns to provide Krugel with another DNA sample.

    Also, it may not be in the McCanns best interests to support a search that would add credit to the PJ/Amaral accidental death theory. Only the abduction theory allows them to project their guilt onto others and keep the campaign going.

    Mind you, even if a body was found, you would still have to link Madeleine's death to her parents in which case DNA alone would not help since they were in daily contact with her...

    ...even if drugs were found in Madeleine's remains - "someone else could have given them to her" unless they turned out to be the very same tranquillizers Kate was taking...

    ...in which case she might argue the "Abductor" must have seen them on the table and used them on Madeleine.

    Also if drug traces were found in her bones, it could have been Madeleine who took them accidentally, you see...

    ...have you ever wondered why those tables casually appear on a table in the PJ photos? I have...it's complicated. Again it could have been a sub-conscious death-wish rather than a "red-herring".

    Given a potential multi-million defence team other defence-inferences would be possible. Never mind common- sense...

    What such macabre finding would bring about would be the closure of the case - at least as far as Madeleine is concerned. The all PR circus, would come to a halt or perhaps not...they would go on suing anyone holding views contrary to theirs...

    I feel sorry for the McCanns even if I am inclined to believe in the PJ's accidental death theory.

    The bottom line is that they have another two children to oversee and educate - the sooner this case goes to rest, the better. Them going to prison would not be in the best interests of the two children. This was no doubt the main dynamic in the Portuguese authorities decision to let them walk out without a trial (if we ignore the obvious political strings...)

    :k Amarelinho in liaison with :j Prof. Cebolinha

  183. Some thoughts in response to the discussion regarding whether a body could be transported via plane to the UK - pure speculation of course; Old Trismegistus is in the same boat as the rest of you in having absolutely no idea what happened to young Madeleine.

    Just the thought comes to mind, that the McCanns were enjoying celebrity status at the time- not just plain celebrity status, but celebrity status riding on a wave of pathos and sainthood. An ordinary, say, security officer would feel a right heel for giving poor, grieving St. Kate a "patdown" or a "random wanding", for instance.

    I have never travelled with celebrity status, for I am not a celebrity nor do I want to be. However, in the course of business travel I have occasionally experienced something similar - trans-Atlantic first class travel on major airlines. One does sometimes encounter celebrities in the same circumstances (those who have to slum it on commercial flights, that is - presumably the private jet is in the shop, or perfume sales aren't what they used to be.) When I have encountered them, I find they get even more special treatment in protecting their privacy than what I am about to describe. Here is what happens when you fly trans-Atlantic first class on major airlines.

    You are whisked through security, in a special queue with special servers (and they do seem like servers) who are apologetic and don't require you to remove shoes, belts or any of the other indignities that mere business class passengers (let alone steerage) are expected to submit to.

    You are then escorted to a lounge which is separate from the riff-raff in business class. There you relax in comfort with plenty to eat and drink, until the aircraft is ready to board. You are allowed as much carry-on luggage as you wish; if it is truly too big to store in the cabin they will sort it out for you. After all, you've got a limo to catch at the other end, and it would be rude to keep your driver waiting while you wait for checked luggage to turn up!

    No need to watch the clock wondering when to leave the lounge to board! (A mistake I made the first time I did this, thus revealing myself as a rank amateur.) Oh, no, someone will be in to escort you, through an exclusive entrance direct into the first class cabin. This allows you to avoid any inadvertent contact with lesser beings, such as those stuck in business class or (horrors!) in steerage.

    Upon boarding, you will be greeted by someone introducing themselves as your steward(ess) for the flight, who asks among other things: How would you like to be addressed, whether you will be dining or prefer to sleep, and of course, what sort of libation you would prefer while we get underway.

    Just a thought... but under that sort of privileged treatment, one could conceivably get away with many things.


  184. Absolutely right Trismegistus, and I also seem to remember an incident where a man on the same plane as Gerry McCann was needing emergency medical assistance which Gerry gave, and he even escorted him off the plane? Now what mean person would go and search a doctor's luggage in such a situation when the doctor had to get away fast so as to aid the patient? Wasn't that also the same trip as when his wallet was stolen?

  185. To Trismegistus
    "Just a thought... but under that sort of privileged treatment, one could conceivably get away with many things."

    Where did I read that someone carried a dead dog in an EasyJet flight? For what you describe, no one needed have thought of such cheap expedient...

    Could such a scenario be linked to that missing holdall that the McCanns say never existed but is in that PJ photo? Not to mention the pink blanket (but that Krugel said he picked it up in his "target" area).

    Naturally this is all speculation under the freedom of speech act. We make no allegations.

  186. Why in this book Ch23 page 349 does Kate state that before MMC disappeared she was Healy not a McCann as per her passport, then why are all the creche records bar one signed K McCann or K M McCann

  187. Pat Brown reflex on the Casey Anthony trial:
    Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Arguments in Favor of the Casey Anthony Jury Verdict


  188. On reading about Pat Brown’s work and her books I decided to follow her on Twitter and watch her interviews on YouTube.

    I am sure her hunches on the McCanns hold much of the truth but I cannot see where she got her academic training or qualified as a Criminal Profiler and although I am sure she has worked very hard I am not persuaded that her expertise amounts to anything more than insight and intuition, which many people possess.

    I considered purchasing ‘Madeleine: Wherein Lies the Truth’ (a clever ‘play’ on the word lie) but it’s not even 20,000 words long, so hardly a book.

    Blogs often seem to just go round in circles repeating the same stuff so I have decided to take what action I can here in the UK. I have already emailed our Prime Minister, David Cameron about the McCann case suggesting he look at the outcomes of the ‘sniffer dogs’. He has not replied so I shall write again and this time post it Recorded Delivery so at least I can track it.

    Not being a fan of Pat Brown does not make me a bad person!
    I'd send a 'smiley' but I don't know how to do it

  189. Thank you! Nothing to add actually. When you research all the evidence and watch all the interviews, there is the answer quite near. I really, really hope for little Madeleine that the world will know the truth sometime soon.

    I am really sorry for Mr. Amaral and what they are doing to him, the McCanns. It's disgusting. I wish him the best of luck for his trial the McCanns engaged and maybe, it's the platform for the truth

  190. Reply to comment 186 (by an Anonymous).

    "Why in this book Ch23 page 349 does Kate state that before MMC disappeared she was Healy not a McCann as per her passport, then why are all the creche records bar one signed K McCann or K M McCann"

    How can it seem?

    Apologies if readers find this insensitive or offensive. But there is the right to make opinions based on evidence, or offer scenarios, not claiming that one knows exactly what happened. Perhaps if you are a great McCann supporter, these thoughts will anger you, and then you shouldn't bother to read them which consider what can be, in the other direction.)

    B ecause it's the story, Anonymous. It's a legend pre-planned, pre-written some time before. They stick to the story, a legend of unlife they have agreed to take.

    There is a two-fold purpose in the part of the story you mention:
    1. It is part of the ongoing creation of a character. This is to distort reality. One does not get caught, and how one goes about this is important.
    This can seem to come from a dumb, inane woman who makes stupid, nonsensical things, and holds them strangely, idiosyncratically, emotionally, close to her bosom. It is so kind of simple, and personal (not the kind of thing you disclose) it seems a kind of tempt, a taunt for people to come on and show her up, to show up the false character.
    While at the same time it is something personal, something emotional of a person unknown, that no-one could really have genuinely the right to question in another person, all things being normal. Some silly or just strange but genuine and inpenetrable thing about her identity, which any woman is entitled to think. If a being is precious, this would be a very precious part.

    You are supposed to think, and not interfere but still look with kind of disbelief and quelled, dumb belief at the same time. It's so personal, it's something that no-one civil would really interfere with - how anyone sees themself, in terms of who they were born as and a different person as a name they became by marriage.
    It's so personal, it's kind of ludicrous, kind of a joke of a soap opera, and an obviously telling, generic insert from a mix and match book. And is it supposed to be that way?

    2. If it's supposed to be that way that's in the 2nd reason. This is that the story I mentioned - the legend created and followed - is very likely to be part of satanism. It seems easily to be a devil worship thing with anti-meaning rather than valid meaning. This part, the "I am... [insert maiden name]", "then I am / am not [insert married name]". There was probably a toss up by someone as to which of those Kate would say is which. The detail is, typically, both very subtle and completely unsubtle at the same time.

    And satanism really means satanism - concerned with torture with no end. Take this which I wrote about the detail in the first meaning, the false character creation to "hide" the truth:

    "It's so personal, it's kind of ludicrous, kind of a clear joke of a soap opera" (I add - for sympathy of soap opera fans.)

    But think of the real context - what really happened. Whether or not there was torture and murder, there was the disappearance of a child then for trafficking to a childless couple, or, as other people say, for abuse. The situation which involves Maddy McCann's parents in a planned story, a devil worship ring, does not need to end in that they killed their daughter. In that context, their involvement or even just apathy in trafficking the girl is just as possible.


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