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Amazon banned Criminal Profiler Pat Brown's book on the Madeleine McCann case

Anything else than the McCann's 'sanitized' version is to be silenced

After Gonçalo Amaral's book on the Madeleine McCann case was removed from being sold in Amazon, two years ago, due to the McCann's injunction - an injunction that was overruled by a Portuguese superior court last year, now the McCann's lawyers have successfully banned another book. According to the Criminal Profiler Pat Brown on twitter: "the McCanns have had Amazon pull the book, The Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann" due to "legal conflicts" with the "content and the title".

It's obvious the McCann couple will continue to use their powerful team of lawyers, in the UK and in Portugal, to stifle the Rights of Freedom of Speech and Expression in order to prevent anyone to have a different opinion on the Madeleine McCann case.

Update at 3:00 am GMT: Pat Brown has just confirmed on Levi Page radio show that she was Carter-Rucked by the McCann couple, quote from twitter "I have indeed been Carter-Rucked. Amazon has pulled my book because the McCanns claim it is defamatory."

You can now listen the to the interview excerpt here (video clip by Hideho):

Update 27 July, 1 am GMT: Pat Brown is going to set up a fund to search Madeleine McCann, on her twitter she stated: "I am setting up the Madeleine Search Fund. We will be looking in Praia da Luz, Huelva, and Rothley."

In Amazon UK, there's an advertisement of what will soon be a new kindle version of Pat Brown's book titled: "BANNED: Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - Read the Sample Download (It's the entire book). If you pay for the book, all royalties will go to my Madeleine Search Fund."

Update at 13:00 pm GMT: via Pat Brown's twitter: "Top national US radio show booking me now to discuss the Carter-Rucking of my book, from Amazon!"

Update 27 July: Amazon UK removed Pat Brown's "Banned" book, on facebook Pat Brown posted the email from Amazon that stated:

"Dear Pat,

We have received a notice of defamation from Carter-Ruck Solicitors that says the content of Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (UPDATED) B0055WYVCQ, contains defamatory statements regarding their clients, Gerry and Kat McCann.

Because we have no method of determining whether the content supplied to us is defamatory, we have removed the title from sale and will not reinstate it unless we receive confirmation from both parties that this matter has been resolved.

Carter-Ruck can be reached at:
6 St Andrew Street
London EC4A 3AE

T 020 7353 5005

Best regards,

Robert F.

Update 28 July: Pat Brown's book is on sale at Barnes & Noble and at Smashwords, according to Pat Brown's twitter "50% of the book sales will go to the Madeleine Search Fund - Praia da Luz, Huelva, Rothley".

Update 30 July: Pat Brown writes on her blog (read the full post there): Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Why was my Madeleine McCann Book Banned? - "(...) My book is now at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords (50% of royalties earned to go to the Madeleine Search Fund for Praia da Luz, Huelva, and Rothley) among a few other online venues. It will be interesting to see if these outfits also cave to any threat by the McCanns and their solicitors. In the end, the issue remains between the McCanns and Pat Brown and a court of law should either party wish to go there as to whether the Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is libelous or their claims that my book is libelous are libelous!

My opinion? My book includes the facts of the case from the police files and the words from Kate's book, Madeleine, and the words of the McCanns from their radio and television interviews. From these facts, I lead readers through the various possibilities of what these facts might tell us and what hypotheses we might develop. In the end, I offer the most plausible theory I have derived from the known public facts. Clearly, it is not a theory the McCanns like and a theory they do not want people to read. I find it rather fascinating that they went to Amazon and had the book removed; this behavior in itself is very suspicious to many people. They believe the McCanns do not want my theory to be considered, that there is something in it that makes them very nervous, and there is more to their getting my book banned at Amazon than not liking stuff someone said about them because it wasn't complimentary. If I am just a nutter and my theory is rubbish, they should have rolled their eyes and laughed it off.

Now, I am sure we will see comments here that will say, "Aw, come on, Pat, the reason the McCanns don't want your crap book out there is because it is libelous, you accused them of murder or of covering up a crime, and you based your 'theory' on tabloid information." I will counter by saying no where in the book do I accuse the McCanns of a crime - other than leaving their three tiny children unattended and defenseless - and my theory is not based on the tabloids. Since my theory is an opinion to which I am entitled and because my opinion is based on facts (I am not making some outlandish off-the-wall accusations I took from psychics or Internet gossip) and because the McCanns are very public figures, I see nothing in this book that is libelous and, therefore, I have no problem sharing my profiling theory with the world.

If the McCanns are innocent of covering up a crime (following an accidental death), they should view my theory as a reasonable opinion as to what could have happened, but, simply know that, regardless of the strange happenings that would have led to such a hypothesis, this is simply not what occurred. The fact that there is no proof of an abduction - and this is a fact - does not mean an abduction could not have taken place. But, because there is no proof of an abduction , the McCanns should well understand why they might be considered persons-of-interest in the disappearance of the daughter, Madeleine. They should also recognize that their commission of child neglect also might make them persons-of-interest. In other words, rather than sue and threaten everyone with a theory that they, the McCanns, might be involved in the disappearance of their child, a more normal response would be to simply understand why someone might think that way and deal with it

Even better, the McCanns could return to Portugal and clear up the matter. (....)"


  1. Amazon confirmed to me their "legal department' pulled the book due to 'copyright infringement' issues

    What's in a name eh!

    Amazon account closed

  2. I hope Pat goes on every talk show in the US to expose the McCanns.

    I also hope she will offer the content now for free on her website. I did pay for her book and would do that again, but now is the moment to show what kind of people the McCanns are.

  3. Who the hell do the mccanns think they are,i just pat doesnt let this drop and give in to the mccanns,come on pat expose this vile pair.

  4. O casal condenado ao medo perpétuo.

    Acontece que muitos dos que lutam pela reposição da Justiça para o caso de Madeleine são mais novos do que os referidos maus personagens.

    O medo deles da descoberta de todas as mentiras é permanente. Ficarão para a história e jamais serão esquecidos pelas piores das piores razões.

    Portanto,apesar de condenados perpétuamente ao medo, de nada lhes servirá já que as verdades virão mesmo ao de cima. Muitos lhes sobreviverão.

    E os exemplares do livro " A verdade da mentira" quando são restituídos ?

    De que está à espera a C_R. cá do burgo ?

  5. The case is becoming increasingly bizarre. From Australia was yesterdays 14 min video clip, most of the factual content... well if you can call it that is voice over, but doesn't go un-corrected. The group checked each others children every 30 minutes.. implying the whole of the holiday. The McCanns were stalked and that is what Madeleine was trying to tell them on the Thursday morning and why she was crying. SORRY folks what about Mrs Fenn hearing a child (McCanns) cry for over an hour on the Tuesday

    The squeaky clean, increasingly well groomed McCanns sell their tale of woe, correct me if I'm wrong, whilst in Aussie they never mentioned the £3.5 million grant to the MET to investigate. For which they have said they have already had several meetings.

    Still the FundLTD can continue to do what it does best, SQUANDER the dosh. Through their radiant smiles awaiting Madeleine's return, one has to be glad for the McCanns oblivion of the obvious.

  6. The mccanns must be very SURE of thier protection,other wise they would be in Jail now.

  7. The begging bowl is now in Australia then!!!!

  8. Hmm. Well I have it downloaded to my Kindle - will be very annoyed if it suddenly diappears since I have paid for it - but what's the betting that the ghastly pair somehow manage to swing that?

  9. It is amazing, the control the McCanns appear to have. After all there have been several books published which could be seen as controversial; ’The Murder of Princess Diana’ by Noel Botham and ‘The Strange Death of David Kelly’ by Norman Baker; to name but two – no-one’s tried to ban those – I would imagine that to do so would be an indication of guilt.

    I watched the Aussie interview – felt annoyed with the interviewer making blatant, inaccurate and defamatory statements about the Portuguese police investigation – which I felt amounted to slander.

    Discussing this saga with a member of my family who feels that the 'real story' is in the fact that the McCanns can manipulate the media, police and government, and he does not accept that they could have been involved in Madeleine's disappearance. He says, that if they are guilty, 'why on Earth would they continue 'courting' media attention?' That's a fair point and one I come back to every so often.

    I work in mental health and have counselled many narcissists and pathological liars but have not come across anyone who has maintained their version of a story for this length of time. So.........

    Do any of you have experience of working in this area and am I the only one who occasionally finds it incomprehensible that the McCanns could still keep up the pretense if they are guilty?

    That said that I still feel they are involved!

  10. I will never buy another product from Amazon, until they begin to sell Pat Brown and Goncalo Amaral's books. I will also be sending them an email to register my disgust. I hope everyone who is appalled by Amazon's treatment of Pat and Goncalo, does the same.

    How Amazon allow the McCanns to manipulate them is beyond me. The McCanns by their own admission and behaviour is the reason Madeleine is not here. Pat Brown and Goncalo Amaral only want what the rest of the Madeleine supporters want, the McCanns and anyone who helped them escape justice, prosecuted.

    Amazon, needs to set up a team, who will take a good look at the www.mccannfiles.com website, with their eyes wide open. They also they need to take a good look at Kate McCanns book of sex and lies. It will soon become apparent to them, why the Madeleine supporters are up in arms at the McCanns. If ever a book needs banning it is Kate McCanns book.

    The McCanns are able to travel the world peddling their lies and slandering people such as the PJ especially Goncalo Amaral.

    The McCanns and their wider family are able to use the fund that was set up to find Madeleine, to aid their finances. That cannot be right, in my opinion this is fraud.

    If Scotland Yard are investigating this case in the manner they should be investigating it, they should start by taking the McCanns passports away from them. They should also begin to question them in earnest, not just every so often. There is 100% proof that the McCanns are responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine, by the fact they neglected her.

    The McCann committed a crime in Portugal a crime that resulted in the disappearance of Madeleine. They walked away from that crime, without showing an ounce of remorse. Unless one calls the McCanns joint statement "we are sorry we weren't with Madeleine, the minute she was taken" remorse.

    I hope Mr Amaral has taken steps to countersue the McCanns, they need to be brought to heel as soon as possible. If they are not going to be prosecuted for their crime of neglect, they need to pay financially for ruining Mr Amaral's reputatation. Not out of the fund, but out of their own pockets and if that means selling the house they wouldn't be living in, if it wasn't for the fund, then so be it.

    Amazon, needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  11. The McCanns don't court the media for nothing, they hide behind it, they manipulate it with their PR team and as to their version it is riddled with inconsistencies - if you read Kate's book you'll be surprised with her attempt to rewrite history.

  12. I don't think Pat Brown will take this lying down.

    Look at every moment in history that you are not allowed to question and you will find out your answer.

    The answer will be wrapped up in one word: guilty.

    If Pat Brown's book is supposed to have been pulled for "copyright infringement" then ask yourself this question...do you honestly think a writer and professional of her proportion would just write anything and everything without any knowledge of writers' law? Of course she wouldn't. Same with Mr Amaral, he would not - under any circumstances - do or say anything that would give the McCanns any advantage. Brown and Amaral are thorough professionals. The only difference is: Brown doesn't know what happened to Madeleine (but has a fair idea) and Amaral DOES know what happened to Madeleine (but doesn't know where the body went to because he was blocked from carrying out further investigating the case).

    Amazon and the rest of them can ban, block and eliminate from their shelves all they want because the more they do the more suspicion wraps around the McCanns like a scout's blanket full of nettles. Only the fools believe the McCann's version of events. Only the weak, the decadent and the ill-informed believe their fairy tale.

    For us - the enlightend and the wide awake, we all know the truth and nothing can ever take that away from us.

    "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." ~ BRUCE lEE

  13. The more banning they do ......

    ...... the more guilty they look.

  14. Thank you, Joana, for keeping us up-to-date once more. It is wonderful to have you back with us.

    Pat Brown, we need your help!! Please!! So far we have had no joy in curbing the mccanns as they seem to have all the manipulators on their payroll and have many people protecting them, like the British Government, Gordon Brown, many of the British newspapers who are too weak to represent us. Can you please get your newspapers to spread the word about Amazon and others who are supposed to promote the free speech of authors and how they kow-tow to people who should be in court to face the consequences of their lies for over 4 years now!!

    Pat Brown, we need your help!!

  15. http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/f3-mccann-case-latest-news

    Joana, the above link take us to a response by Scotland Yard to a letter Tony Bennett wrote to them

  16. @ PoppyMeze

    Putting aside the easiest explanation, that these are chronically narcissistic, attention-seeking personalities, I think there are 2 good reasons why they continue to court publicity:

    1. The internet is plastered, for all time presumably, with suggestions, accusations, even evidence of their guilt, so they are desperate, perhaps for the sake of their children, to convince the world once and for all of their total innocence.

    2. They need money, serious money, more and more money, not to furnish a lavish lifestyle, as some would claim, but to pay for their army of topnotch lawyers, private "detectives", libel cases etc.
    They are hamsters on a wheel, and now they cannot get off.

  17. If they have done something this desperate, it undoubtedly means that Pat`s profile contains the truth. As with Goncalo`s book.

  18. I have emailed Amazon to register my disgust and I have told them I will never buy another product from them, until they start to sell not only Pat Brown's book, but Goncalo Amaral's book.

    I have also emailed Pat Brown, to offer my support.

  19. You can email Amazon on cs-reply@amazon.com or cust.service03@amazon.com, and if you are on twitter use @Amazon or @AmazonKindle just tell them they've lost a costumer due to their removal of Pat Brown's book.

  20. I am saddened by the power these vile people have over the rest of us.
    I really cannot believe that Amazon has rolled over so easily for Carter Ruck.
    They really think they are untouchable.
    I hope Pat Brown has a way to fight back.

  21. The so called democracy we live in in the West is clearly explained by Noam Chomsky in "Media Control". The state propoganda in our every day lives we accept as democracy and we vote for these so called leaders and just look how far it has dug in its heels as we so clearly see how we are manipulated and rendered powerless and the so called power to the people only applies when you have joined in the circle of lies and corruption. What can we expect from David Cameron as he has also seems to have fallen into the trap even before he became PM and now seems to have joined the ranks of the top manipulators because they pull the strings. The mccanns have somehow managed to slip into this history of lies and corruption to benefit from the protection of these mafia clans and we are looking on while our money is being used to keep the corrupted in their jobs and their bank accounts liquid. The question is how do we break the spell of the scum of the earth. How do we open the eyes of the majority who are spell-bound and stand in awe of the corrupted leaders. How can we persuade our journalists that they have taken up their career to expose the scum.

  22. Pat MUST fight back in court...she WILL win, just as Amaral did. Freedom of speech has to be upheld or we're all sunk.
    Meanwhile...who the hell is forever protecting this repulsive pair and why??

  23. Who in this whole wide world is going to say here we draw the line, this far and no further, we want answers and we want them now!! Who has the decency, the interests of ordinary people in mind and can see it as a leader's duty that law and order prevails! Working people, the backbone of any nation, are being betrayed, scandalised and treated like aliens in their own country!! Just look at these mccanns who managed, not only the 4 years of lies to keep them afloat they are now adding more lies onto their opriginal lies, there building blocks of lies have not even reached its peak yet!! Where is the justice system, where are our honest uncorrupted policemen, where are our trusted judges, surely you can see through the games of these two seasoned manipulators by now!!!

  24. To think that I really thought that David Cameron will be the man to raise the right questions and that he will be the PM who will see that justice prevails. What a let-down so far. We have seen the true state of affairs in the last couple of months since the Tories took the reigns and we once again hang our heads in shame! We have seen nothing but bad, poor judgement and manipulation of words. They leave the country to burn of injustices, while they pluck the fruits of their corruptions. Did you see the letter to the mccanns signed 'David'?. Well David you are truly lost to most of us and no doubt you are a gain to the mccanns so far.

  25. Just emailed Amazon I buy lots from them in fact just received a book from them today. please email Amazon don't let the Maccann pair tell you what you can and cannot buy.

    Did anyone see the channel 4 programme on Rupert Murdoch last night the power that man had in the UK he was running the UK. I did not realize just how powerful he is.
    Good to see this blog back how we have all missed you lot.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  26. For those who are boycotting Amazon and closing your accounts - a quick how to: click on help on the top right of the screen, select manage your account, look at the left side of the screen, click closing account, then select the appropriate choices, use the email form beneath, and then you'll have to wait (about 2/3 hours) until the costumer service emails you back with a link that you'll have to press in order to confirm that you really, really want your Amazon account closed :) Fight for Freedom of Speech, Boycott Amazon!

  27. Thank you for the tips on how to close our accounts at Amazon. Sincerely hope that all who read here will also follow up by cancelling their accounts at Amazon!! We will fight them as we cannot join this mess.

  28. Sadly i have now accepted justice will never be done for Maddie, if this disgusting couple can still go around shutting up anyone and i mean a big company like AMAZON it just shows that they are being protected by someone very powerful, all i can hope now is KARMA will come around and hit all those involved in whatever happened to the innocent 3 year old, and that includes the disgusting scum who helped protect this vile couple from day one. I really hope Maddie is at peace now away from the sad life she must have been having.

  29. How do you get three and a half million pounds from the PM to promote your vile, despicable lifestyle? What do we have to do to be counted in without standing in a queue and then do not even get a reply or a nod, why mr PM are some people so important, more important than others they even get your attention and special favours for nothing! Why are the mccanns not pulled in for questioning? Why, why, why are some more equal than others!! The very people who cause the problems and cost the money are your celebrities, mr PM.

  30. I'm confused...does the long arm of Carter-Ruck extend its power into the USA??? Surelly Ms. Brown can continue to sell her book and divulge her theory inside the US, can't she? At least until an american court says she can't...isn't Amazon an american site? Maybe C-R have legal jurisdiction on Amazon.uk, but what about Amazon's sites in other countries?

  31. As others did, I too closed my Amazon.uk account! I was considering ordering a Kenwood Chef machine in the next few days, but not anymore, I'm taking my business elsewhere!

    Reading #6 comment made me think of how Gordon Brown was one of the targeted by the phone hacking thing, of how his son's medical records were accessed. When I read about that I immediately thought how was it possible that not even the prime minister was out of reach from the hackers, who had no problem with divulging the childs medical condition, BUT the McCanns and Madeleine's backgrounds were not touched at all? Or, if they were, not one word of it came out! Why have the McCanns been spared while the Uk's first figure is targeted? What/who protects them and why? It must be something imperious if it gives them a protective shield that not even the prime minister has...

  32. It sounds like the corruption in the UK is massive, I for one do no believe there will be justice for Maddie, God I hope I am wrong. I watched the australian programme the MCs smiles, until the presenter asked if they had killed Maddie, then watch their expressions,eye movements, constant blinking, feeling uncomfortable etc. Why have SY not worked with the PJ and asked for a reconstruction?. Why with the inconsistencies in her book is the PJ not reopening the case, I find this odd. Where is Dr Amaral? i hope he brings forth new evidence.meanwhile Tony bennett suggests a new form of attack
    Taken from jillhavern,forummotion,where letters from the MF to SY can be read. The following is from Tony Bennett MF.
    In the light of those comments I would suggest that ANYONE who considers they have evidence of any kind, even circumstantial evidence, that Madeleine McCann was NOT abducted, then they should write to DCI Andy Redwood at:

    Homicide and Serious Crime Command
    Room 3.30
    1st Floor
    Belgravia Police Station
    202-206 Buckingham Palace Road
    SW1W 9SX

    Please be specific about what your evidence is, give sources if you can, suggest possible new lines of enquiry if possible, and always make any lettters polite, courteous and to the point.

    From The Madeleine Foundation Committee

  33. I will pull my Amazon account as well, all threads on Kate Mc author page are being pulled if they arent sympathetic.
    Who are they to dictate to us what we can and cannot read. There seems to be a lot of scatch my back and I will scratch yours, going on, favours for favours, funny handshakes all round

  34. Carter Ruck does NOT have power over Amazon unless it is backed up by court papers confirming their accusations. What Carter Ruck peddle is FEAR. But I would not expect Amazon to bow to it.

    The McCann's have no more or less power than any other: with the'Funds'to pay for any spurious action they choose.

    The McCann's at present make a lot of money for Amazon as does TRANSWORLD, pressure to remove further sales may have had an impact on Amazon's decision.

    But the fact is so far it is nothing but 'bullying' and future 'business dealings' with Amazon that give them the 'appearance' of power.

    Someone recently advised me that the McCann's are not untouchable, when or if sufficient evidences surfaces 'they are for it'

  35. NO nos sorprende. Mi apoyo y fuerza para Pat y para todos los que como ellan luchan porque los "Media Control" no nos controlen.

  36. I wrote the following email to Amazon after discovering they had removed Pat Brown's book from their site:


    I am very angry and disappointed to see Amazon bow to the pressure from Carter-Ruck, the libel attorneys representing Kate and Gerry McCann regarding the disappearance of their very young daughter Madeleine McCann while they were in Portugal on vacation four years ago, and remove the Kindle book written and published this summer by criminal profiler Pat Brown.

    I have followed the McCann case these last four years. It has been obvious since almost the very beginning that the McCanns have been protected by government officials and other powerful people, and the media in the UK has been muzzled and not allowed to publish the pertinent facts of the case that point to the likely death of Madeleine before she was reported missing by her parents and the cover-up and fraud that her parents have been responsible for ever since.

    I have been a customer of Amazon's since 2005 and since then have spent thousands and thousands of dollars purchasing items through the site (check my purchase history).

    Unless Pat Brown's book (The Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann) and the book written by Goncalo Amaral, the first Portuguese investigator in charge of the McCann case (Maddie: The Truth of the Lie) based on the first months of the investigation are put back on the Amazon site for sale to the public, I am most seriously considering canceling my Amazon account, even though it would hurt me more than Amazon. I can find other ways to order books, music, and household items, even if it will be less convenient.

    It's time for Amazon and others to stand up to these bullies and not allow them to get away with their deceit and possible crimes and stifling free speech of those trying to get the truth out to the public. Show your customers if you have the guts and strength of character as an organization to take this on. If Amazon is willing to remove books from its site just because a person or group doesn't like what it says about them, you might as well close up shop.

    Read more about the FACTS of the Madeleine McCann case at mccannfiles.com, joana-morais.blogspot.com, madeleinefoundation.org.uk

    Please let me know what you decide.


  37. Anonymous 31...It was proved, subsequent to Gordon Brown's rant in the House of Commons, that his son's medical records were NOT hacked and that the information came from a parent whose son shares the same condition as the Brown's son. Mr Brown was ever one to jump on a spare bandwagon (the Mccann case is a prime example of this) and on this occasion he also did so with gusto !

  38. The more they sue people, and the more they prevent publication of other books on the subject, and the more they lie, the guiltier they portray themselves, and still using the same old photo of Maddy which wasnt even recent when she went missing. Do they thinkthat the rest of us are so stupid, so what they´re doctors, so is my husband but he doesn´t have the arrogance and up your nose look that these two have. There are both good and bad docs,depends on the person but for sure most of their support comes through Masonic connections,who will protect their "brothers"...I hope this is not the case but I find it rare that SY havent combined forces with the PJ and ordered a reconstruction, and pull the suspects and tapas in for questioning, maybe then one will spill the beans.I never understood why this fund has not been investigated, its fraudulant it does not produce complete information, like 1st class travel 5STAR HOTELS,exclusive fundraising dinners to rub shoulders with the famous, gerry is not a heart surgeon, he takes a clinic and reads MRI scans, She is a neurotic, needing to be centre of attention, obsessive. The first couple of chapters in the rubbish book shows that,your diary kate shows no real emotion only staged ones. you might get an oscar though

  39. Is it possible Pat Brown as a Criminal Profiler sue McCanns? As a criminal profiler she has the experience to show in a Court House why McCanns are not saying what has really happened to Madeleine. Adding to her own process against McCanns she might use the Gonçalo Amaral and the rest of the police report on the case.

    The better place to take action will be in London. British people are the most interested public that must know what is behind Madeleine disappearance. After all Madeleine McCann was a british citizen.

    Tapas friends should be protected by Law if they're ready to came forward adding some important information on this case. They might be caught in something really bad and under a huge pressure they didn't think clearly about all the implications this case may have in a future as we can see now.

    It is obvious that some of them fear to came forward, McCanns sue everyone that do not share their abduction theory although they were not able to give a single evidence of it. More important than that police haven't found a single trace left behind except, of course, Kate fingerprints in the window.

    The same window that they told about to the family and friends that was forced and was smashed by someone during the break-in. However, police found that the window was absolutely Ok as well as the front door. There was no sign of break-in.

    Pat Brown is a very clever professional and very respect in TV as a opinion leader and of course as a expertise on criminal area. Let's see what their lawyers advice her to do in the next days.

  40. Hello Anonymous (post 31) for give me if I don't have any sympathy for Gordon Brown. If the media are to be believed, it was Gordon Brown who told them about his son's disability.

    If Gordon Brown's phone was hacked it's a pity it wasn't hacked when he was busy helping the McCanns escape justice. According to Gerry McCann and his sister Philomena, Gordon Brown is a family friend and he was contacted by Gerry McCann, very soon after Madeleine "disappeared"

    Gerry McCann said Brown, who at the time was Chancellor of the Exchequer, had given him his personal telephone number and told him he could phone him anytime day or night.

    Gordon Brown said he was going over to Portugal to speak to the Portuguese Prime Minister about the case. I don't know if it was Gordon Brown who intervened, when the PJ were close to charging the McCanns, but someone from the British Government intervened. Goncalo Amaral said publicly that the British Government intervened and no one from the British Government said a word. The McCanns never commented on Goncalo Amaral's statement and they would have done, if he had been telling lies.

    We will have to see what happens, if anything does happen, when Scotland Yard finishes their review of the case.

    I know what should happen and I have said it time and time again. The McCanns and anyone who helped them escape justice should be prosecuted. If this doesn't happen, then the law has lived up to its name of being an ass.

  41. I'm no great fan of Pat Brown, but this is ridiculous. Amazon just lost another customer

  42. Pat Brown is a highly respected profiler in the U.S. I just hope she can secure an interview with say CNN to announce this deeply disturbing report. Carter-Rucked indeed!!! I guess we won't be reading any of this in the U.K. press. Unfortunately the British people who still support the McCanns and the Fund, will not hear about this and how 'their' money is being used to silence the true story of Madeleine. How many versions have we heard from the McCanns - the latest "truth" having taken four years to come up with and you could drive a truck through the discrepancies in it, or so I've read since I've not even seen the book here in Canada.

  43. I'm sure the McCanns are going to sue the government of Norway because all the attention of the world is going to Oslo.

  44. Given that it appears to be very easy to have a book removed from sale on Amazon. I hope Dr Amaral and the PJ send legal letters to Amazon. IIRC KM has written some pretty damning stuff about them. Can KM prove what she has written?

  45. how did that whistleblower (about NOW) die?

  46. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005EOAWJ6/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title

    Thank you, Joana, this is so exciting. It is also on the tweets!!

  47. Thank you!!! Pat Brown!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  48. Did Pat Brown`s book make any mentions of the Gaspar statements (or David Payne/Yvonne Martin)???

  49. Pat Brown could ask Bill Gates for financial help. Having gotten jewesh blood, Bill Gates knows too well how precious every life is, specially a child's life. And he knows what it is not to have a decent funeral and a decent grave.And he knows the injustice of people escaping from the law,being protected by governments, not paying for their crimes.

    He knows what a group of people can do to others and also to a child. He knows what wasting an innocent life is.

  50. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005EOAWJ6/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title
    I have checked the above link given by 47 this page will now show error 404 when you go there, so that means amazon has removed this page as well. Fortunately I had saved the page before removal.

  51. The McCanns have chosen the wrong person to meddle with! They should know by now that it's dangerous and foolish to poke the tiger with a short pole (rough version of the brasilian "cutucar a onça com vara curta")!
    Let's see what happens with Ms. Brown's investigation...I'm sure she will have no problem coming to Portugal and conduct her inquiries here, but what about the U.K.? If she is refused a visa(do american citizens need visas to enter the U.K.?) or is in any way prevented from stepping on british soil or prevented from investigating in Rothley it will not look good for the McCanns and the british government.
    I'm afraid she won't have an easy time in England, I remember that when the FSS was in the (long) process of analysing the samples collected in the apartment and car, some portuguese reporters were arrested just because they were standing on the PUBLIC road in front of the FSS lab!

  52. Thanks Joana for keeping us up-to-date. I can only hope that having Pat Brown's book banned will draw more attention to it. She will not take this tactic by Carter-Ruck (the McCanns) lieing down. She is one very courageous woman. She has a lot of influence in law enforcement circles in the U.S.

  53. Thank you poster 15 for the link to jill havern's site, where I also read about the connections the freud family have to rupert murdoch and also the fact they have property in PdL. Are they Tapas 10? Freud employed Clarence too. Great friends of Cameron...how much more entangled can this get?

  54. @9


    I have a sister who is schizophrenic. I cared for her for many years.

    When Kate McCann first "came on the scene" she reminded me so much of my sister, yes physically, but more than that.

    My first thoughts, and without knowing more about this case, other than a child had disappeared, the parents claiming abduction, my sister came to mind.

    My sister was ill for many years, the family fighting to get her treatment. Each time we managed an appointment with a psychiatrist, she seemed to fool them. Yes fool them. GP's recognised her illness and would refer her. But so many times this happened. Long story short eventually she was treated and has been, over the years 'sectioned' many times. There is a tale she tells, and has done throughout the many many years of her illness, untrue, but to those who do not know, it is perfectly believable,plausible.

    You see as one psychiatrist said, we have to remember that what she says, what she tells us - SHE believes it to be true!

    Kate McCann could be my sister! I believe she is not stable mentally. I would not know if she is schizophrenic. But I think there is every chance she is/was mentally ill in some way.

    On another level, I understand that some would ask why the McCann's would court publicity for as long as they have, if they were guilty.

    I think one answer to that is - Why did they have a Fund set up, days after this child disappeared? The conditions of which tied up so tightly that only they the McCann's can benefit from it.

    They were thinking - LONG TERM, and not only with regard this Fund!

    Of course it could be said if guilty, they never for a moment thought that it would drag on so long. That their story would be accepted. Could be they did not count on the power of the internet, where the public could discuss this case, where sites were set up, unlike anything ever before in a case of a missing child - where people were not prepared to just forget Madeleine. That they did not bank on this, could not have foreseen the massive interest in this case, information quickly communicated by internet. Who could have? Perhaps their 'money and run' didn't work out as they may have planned. And they most certainly did not for a moment figure on Portugal's Goncalo Amaral! Could be things spiraled out of control, leaving them no choice but to keep up the pretence!

    I don't believe them to be innocent of all involvement in the disappearance of their daughter - I think their reasons for still courting publicity, a mix of the above scenarios. They cannot now NOT continue. They have stones to unturn it seems!

  55. Pat Brown's book is available at Barnes and Noble.

  56. This is a message to Pat Brown:

    Please ask Bill Gates to help you fighting back and to help the search for the truth.
    Madeleine's siblings are at risk and there must be justice for her.

    Absurd that no authority is protecting the siblings in the UK.

  57. Two things the McCanns don't want to happen. They do not want mention of the Gaspar statements getting into the mainstream media, and it was Dr Amaral who mentioned that in his book which they have tried hard to ban, plus they don't want any mention of a search at Rothley. Anywhere but Rothley. That is far too close to home!

  58. When my sister called me from Portugal to tell about the disappearence and Kate was on tv, making an appeal to the abductor, she commented:
    "The English mother is completely out of herself, so shocked. She even looks like a psychriatic patient, kold,not meaning what she says. It sounds she has no maternal feelings for the little girl.
    Very sad, very sad, poor mother."
    Later my sister commented that on that evening, watching the appeal, she thought of Joana's mother, whom at the beginning she believed to be innocent. The same lack of emotions.

  59. This sounds like Carter Ruck trying it on yet again. The conclusions of the investigators into the case is now in the public domain since they announced in a court of law their belief that Madeleine died in the apartment, so it is certainly not out of bounds for anybody to speculate on this. Pat Brown is very unlikely to lie down and play dead just because CR tell her to.

    Here's hoping this is a way for her to have a loud public voice regarding this case and her conclusions and beat the McCanns at their own game.

  60. I work in mental health and have counselled many narcissists and pathological liars but have not come across anyone who has maintained their version of a story for this length of time. So.........

    Their ever changing version? Have you read the re writing of events by the mother?

    You are obviously not very experienced, or you are just -playing Devils advocate. The McCans continue to not make a simple time scale work! they refuse to do a reconstruction on the basis it will be blown out of the water. They change quotes/times/dates/places in their "account" of the truth. Their behaviour is apparent to any experienced psycologist. laughing - giggling at a time when their daughter may have been having her (quote mother " little genitals torn). You need to find a new job. You cannot seem to identify anyone showing obvious signs of denial!

    Those TWO parasites (IMO)Constantly change their version everytime someone tears their version apart with evidence and forensic detailed perusal of ALL they write and say.

    For such excerpts please go to www.mccannfiles.com

    I hope you don't mind me posting that link Joanna. There are a few great intellectual writers who blog and post on that site.


  61. Have the Gaspars been sued yet? if NOT why NOT? Hmmm

  62. I totally agree with 55 above.The very first photos of the McCann couple show a sullen almost dishevelled Kate and a husband reading from a written script. Later we saw photo evidence of the bruises on her arms, as if she had been hysterical and needed to be restrained.
    Gerry was so obssessed with her, remember, that he dashed all the way to New Zealand when she was working there before they were married.
    The cries that Mrs Fenn heard that sounded like "Daddy, Daddy" have often made me wonder if Maddie was crying out for help from him.
    (All of this is in my opinion only.)

  63. It Appears that the indian sighting is yet more smoke and mirrors by the McCanns team, the police have no knowledge of it, the Mcs detectives are looking into it??? What an empty bowl?
    How much longer will they be allowed to play cat and mouse, rob people of the freedom to write what they know about, whereas kates load of trash is full of indescrepencies. This whole case is so odd, I hope Pat Brown is true to her word and does go to Pria del luz, for some TV station will be prepared to back her, and if she works alongside Amaral more the better.
    If I lived in UK I would demand gerry does not continue to work for the NHS,he´s never there anyway. If kate wrote the book why is he going everywhere with her??frightened she may slip up gerry?

  64. Pat Brown can publish with impunity in the USA because there is no malice present in her book. The McCanns have bitten off more than they can chew this time. All over the world now questions are being asked in public media.

  65. Who says the truth? Mitchell or Indian police?

    According to the Chandigarh Tribune events became heated and an American tourist was said to have tried to take the girl from the couple she was with. The girl was being accompanied by a Belgian man and a French woman.Local police were called to the scene and allegedly made copies of the couple’s passports. The couple, however, insisted that the girl was their daughter.A spokesman for Leh police told local media: “It all depends upon the evidence like DNA for which help from Madeleine's parents and the British police was required.”

    "Our private investigators are aware of the reports from India over the weekend about a possible sighting of Madeleine," McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said Thursday, the Mirror reported. "We are liaising with the Indian authorities over the incident and await the results of the DNA test."On the Find Madeleine Twitter account, there was no additional information."What Clarence has said is what we know. When we know more, we will pass it on," a tweet on Thursday read.

    Kashmir police deny finding missing British girl
    Srinagar, July 28 (IANS) The Jammu and Kashmir Police Thursday denied media reports that a British girl who had reportedly gone missing in Portugal four years ago was found in Leh.
    Talking to some media persons here Thursday evening, Abdul Gani Mir, deputy inspector general of police (DIG), said: ‘We have not recovered any missing foreign girl from Leh.’
    ‘There is no question of carrying out a DNA test since we don’t have the girl. Our field staff in Leh have confirmed that no such girl has been recovered by them.’
    ‘A British media report said that a girl missing for the last four years from Portugal had been sighted in Leh district of the state. We have no such confirmation from either the police or the district administration,’ the DIG said.
    Earlier, a British newspaper report had said a four-year-old British girl, who was allegedly kidnapped while on a holiday in Portugal in 2007, has reportedly been tracked down to Leh city in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state.
    The report in the Daily Mail also said the parents of Madeleine McCann are, however, awaiting the results of a DNA test on the girl.
    Kate and Gerry McCann’s team of private investigators said they were working with Leh police who were alerted after a British woman spotted a girl she thought to be Madeleine. The abducted girl would now be eight years old.
    ‘Madeleine was about to celebrate her fourth birthday when she went missing on a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007,’ the daily said.
    ‘The woman who found the girl raised concerns with other tourists who agreed with her.’
    ‘An American man even reportedly tried to take the girl from the couple with whom she was.’
    ‘However, the French woman and her Belgian husband insisted they were the parents of the girl.
    ‘Leh police have now taken swabs so that DNA tests can be carried out on the girl,’ the Daily Mail report had said.
    Kate and Gerry McCann recently launched a book about how she disappeared. Proceeds from the book, titled ‘Madeleine’ go towards the funding of their search for their daughter.
    The official Portuguese inquiry into the girl’s disappearance was formally shelved in July 2008.
    British Prime Minister David Cameron has also asked Scotland Yard to carry out a review of the investigation, the Daily Mail report said.

  66. the mccanns are scared of something. news about Madeleine in India on a Dutch Channel and deniend it, in Portugal.
    It is ridiculous sighting in India, so far away.
    But the parents want to show they believe the child is alive.They make up the story and denie it later.
    This could be the result of the phones hacking in Britain or even of Scotland Yard involved with the PJ.
    Or both.
    One of this days the parents will emigrate to somewhere, I believe.
    You will see.

  67. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2019698/Madeleine-McCann-Hopes-dashed-sighting-India.html

    "'It's not our Maddie': McCanns' hopes dashed after sighting in India"

    And I thought they NEVER called her Maddie!!!Silly me!

    Now, seriously, in the meanwhile that poor child and her parents went through a nightmare, dealing with the local police (sorry, no xenophobic intention, but God only knows what the indian police are like...) and there is talk about DNA testing! I hope that couple will get very good lawyers and make those responsible pay for their troubles.
    McCanns, I think that apologies are in order!

  68. I downloaded Pat's book on my kindle and it hasn't been removed yet, even though it is connected to the internet and i have been downloading other things after it.
    Good to hear that all the listeners of that Radio will hear what she has to say. And yes, wouldn't it be funny to have Kate McCann's book put off the market because of diffamatory statements, which it is so full of. We should totally mass-mail amazon stating that!
    I certainly will mail them.

  69. My reply from Amazon regarding the removal of the books of Pat Brown and
    Mr Amaral

    Occasionally books are removed from the Kindle Store for various reasons.


    Heather Kehoe
    Executive Customer Relations

    ---- Original message: ---- Mary Liverpool UK

  70. ANON #32

    "I would suggest that ANYONE who considers they have evidence of any kind, even circumstantial evidence, that Madeleine McCann was NOT abducted, then they should write to DCI Andy Redwood" (quote)

    I think Gonçalo Amaral might be able to help...have a look at this very short YouTube video.


    :h Sue McNamara
    :j Prof. Cebolinha's housemaid

    PSsst I wonder if I should e-mail the link to the Belgravia Police Station as suggested? The problem is I don't know how...

    :h Can you help?
    The e-mail is: westminster@met.police.uk

  71. Joanna what has happened to the Maddie case files - I cant get on whichever way I try ?? Is the site down for maintenance ?

  72. Prof cebolinha??? please check that you tube link, as I am being told it does not exist, maybe the mcs have had it removed, but please check incase it has an error.
    Maybe we should suggest thSY speak to Goncarlo, i am sure they would find it interesting.

  73. NOT KNOWING...

    Not knowing what was in that couple's mind at the time of their daughter's accidental death I couldn't say. But I would have liked to have an idea.

    I didn't see that there was any point in thinking about it. I bathed, shaved, put on some clean pyjamas and a dressing gown, rang for coffee; began to walk about the apartment trying to figure things out.

    Difficult to think when a pitch blue sky and a blinding sun awaits you at the beach, still I tried.

    I came to the conclusion that the difference between what is usually called a detective story and the things that happen in real life is that in the novel there is some sort of pattern of events predestined to fit in with each other. A jigsaw which must have a definite solution because the pieces will only fit into certain sections. But life isn't like that. Anything can happen, and it does. But it happens without any sort of cohesion, and it is more by luck than cleverness that one stumbles on a fact that matters.

    I lit my first cigarette of the day and began to think of three people that I was beginning to associate in my mind. At first thought there was some connection between these people. One would have imagined they were working together if nothing else because the dogs alerted the police to that possibility but what if the dogs were wrong? A wave of doubt entered my mind and I would have drowned in it if Logic did not come to my rescue. The dogs' legendary nose, Logic reminded me, could not have been wrong those many times!

    It was here that my thoughts were interrupted. Someone at the door. A waiter was delivering my breakfast - and a morning paper.

    Hmmm... a celebrity couple that once stayed in apartment 5A next door have just "carter-rucked" another "patsy". Interesting, to say the least...

    :k Toquinho
    Criminal profiler and investigator
    sipping a cool, tall long one at the Ocean Club - Praia da Luz.


    Anon 70

    Hi Sue - thanks for the link. I think you will find this one just as interesting. Are you sure Belgravia Police Station e-mail is as given?


    In that case I have e-mailed them both. Yours and mine. Mind you, the more people that e-mail them the better. Someone eventually will have to pay attention.


  75. No. 70 if you right click on the link and click on "send to" it will take you to your email page.

  76. Poster 61
    Why be so spiteful? I was merely being honest. You obviously are not aware that to be a therapist a person has to have integrity and constantly hold in mind that they could be wrong. Also one has to continually assess and reflect on ones' work and line of thought - which is what I was doing. I would think that a credible detective would have to do the same. Not to recognise this is an indication of someone who has little professional experience

  77. Dear Joana!

    Here in France, we also do not believe that Madeleine was abducted, only, unique évooquée hypothesis, without any evidence whatsoever, to put it. Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann did not even mention that it is saved and what would have been an accident outside.
    Since these parents are much enriched with the Madeleine fund, this money was used to what? Pay for their home, supposedly to pay teams of people looking for their daughter. But ultimately, what is the smallest element that have advanced the research and evidence that Madeleine has been abducted?
    Nothing has so far not supported or enhanced version of Jane Tanner.
    Or is all this money gone? What they still do today, since now the investigation for review is in the hands of Scotland Yard?
    Why the couple Mac Cann, and what an honor, and with what power is used to prevent to make known to all audiences, especially that of the United Kingdom by the way, another story about the disappearance of their daughter ? If they had done nothing wrong, why give so much energy and passion to bring these books explain that Madeleine, their daughter could just die in this apartment?
    We would like to know also the written version of the book by Pat Brown to this effect, but it is clear a priori that it reveals a version that is not good to let disclose and which could finally make the public aware that beyond of any film and demonstrations of all kinds of posturing Mac Cann, it seems that something is not right in their history of abduction and the instance in which, four years later, they make sure all the time bring up their request for money to find Madeleine and over again.
    If any one was able to purchase the book by Pat Brown, it would be nice to put it here on the canvas and translated as we want and we want to know the story, and that of another, as this courageous woman dares and wants detonate a truth that has happened to Madeleine on May 3 at night?
    For Madeleine, for these parents stop their circus and their lies, we need the truth comes out! Is t he person with a good dose of power and common sense to bar the way to the masquerade that really don ' no end?


    Anon 73 "Prof cebolinha??? please check that you tube link, as I am being told it does not exist,"

    I swear by my broom! They did not remove it! They changed the link!

    Have a quick peep at it before "they" (Met Police under Cameron's/MI6 instructions?) remove it again!


    :h Sue McNamara
    Directly from Prof. Cebolinha's sluice room

  79. Can someone pass this message onto to the relevant people.

    If you are banned, ignored, whatever, it's because things are reaching point where sub judice is a real possibilty....

    It might not happen but there is a serious possibility that it will.

    So tell them to chill out and yabber in the wind.

    Pat Brown is different, she can do what she likes because she's in US but anything of hers reaching UK is not so clever.

    All IMO of course.

  80. to poster 67 - I am sure they will come to canada, to be precise vancouver - oh lordy! They have already polluted Kits beach!


    Anon 55 wrote:

    "On another level, I understand that some would ask why the McCann's would court publicity for as long as they have, if they were guilty.!"

    Yours is a very good question and one (as you correctly guessed) I thought about myself.

    Let us live the poor, suffering, celebrity couple you referred to aside and imagine yourself (OK, imagine myself then) accidentally (or otherwise) terminating a child, a daughter, a son, whatever.

    Well, I don't know about you but I am a university graduate. I may not have learned much during the four years I spent at college in the 1990s but one thing I did learn. I learned TO THINK and NOT to panic. Brain beats brawl sort of thing.

    So, let us suppose I killed my young son accidentally, or my young son swallowed my wife's and/or girlfriend's medication (benzodiazepines) which she carelessly left on top of the chest-of-drawers and...bingo! kicked the bucket!

    Now faced with my son's death (cough) and realizing I am in the "Third World" - remember I am British and everywhere else looks "barbarian territory" to me... rather than telling the truth to these swarthy, dodgy-looking wannabe be cops (also thinking of the bad press at home which could affect my image as a professional of sorts) I decide to get rid of the body (cough) - with a little help from my friends... and play it from there. Fingers crossed!

    "The window has been forced! They got in and abducted my son! Go! Go! Go! and look for him!" (while I take a brake to inform the "Daily Telegraph").

    After the initial panic, I learn a couple of things and the most important was that even if the police were to find my son's body (cough) there was no way they could trace my son's death (cough) to me via DNA say... as I was in daily contact with my son (cough). They did try the trick with the dogs and that did not work either...

    OK they could perhaps find traces of the medication in him but...how the hell were they going to prove that was not given to the child by the abductor? Do you follow?

    Also, you must remember that I know where I put the body (cough) and I know that if the police did not find it at the time they will never will. Sorry... I cannot go into more details here.

    I am as safe as I can be and therefore the show can go on - indeed, the show MUST go on for the sake of my professional image and/or what my other children might think of me later, you know...

    My status and connections alone would suffice (remember I am a BIG guy back home) but I decided to make the plan completely foolproof by...

    1) Setting up a fund (to find my son).
    2) Borrowing a government spokesperson (Andy Coulson would do) to speak on my behalf.
    3)Hiring the best PR agency I could find (both in the UK and Portugal) to promote the official version of events (or make it official as it were).
    4) Hiring the best solicitors I could find both in the UK and Portugal.
    5) Getting the allegiance of prominent people who felt "nationalistic" enough to join my ranks against the Portuguese "Barbarians" (and add a million or two to The Fund).
    4) And if that was not enough I even managed to get the British Prime Minister and the Scotland Yard on-board !!!


    Am-I afraid of what Scotland Yard might find? I hear you asking? Why should I? Scotland Yard is not better than the cunning Portuguese besides I have already told you: I am innocent...

    ...and I will find you guilty of slander and/or defamation if you try to prove otherwise. I will "carterruck" you! You have been warned...

  82. One day we will hear the MP found clear evidence of the participation of the parents in the disappearance of Maddy's.
    They will not announce it before getting in contact with the PJ.It will take time.The police will have to collect all informations, analyse them and take a decision.A lot of work.
    The NOW would never let such an opportunity escape, to break in all suspect phones, because Maddie became an international issue.
    I believe many journalists even know where she is buried.
    The UK will explode on the day the parents get arrested.
    The parents will explode too.
    Gosh, I can't wait.
    I see many journalists writing books about what they know, immediately after the McCanns go to prison.
    They will make a lot of money which will be welcome because they lost their jobs.They need money.
    They are patientely waiting for their turn.
    Journalists are nobody's friends.

    can you imagine if one or other of them approachs the McCanns, asking for money in order to keep his mouth?
    This can happen.
    Or approaching THAT nanny, putting pressure on her?
    The Ocean Club?

  83. Anon @ 80

    Well said. Those who complain about the press being spineless with regard to the McCanns should bear in mind this week´s judgement in the case of Joanna Yeates' landlord, who was given a terrible bashing by the newspapers. In the words of the judge:

    "The Daily Mirror and Sun breached the Contempt of Court Act and the court has found that there was a risk of serious prejudice to any future trial."

    The less critical comment of the McCanns I see in the press, the more optimistic I feel that behind the scenes things are happening.

    Incidentally, do we know for a fact that the banning of Pat´s book was anything to do with Carter Ruck and the McCanns?

  84. 84 Can't you read? Pat Brown's book removal from Amazon was the McCanns doing. As to the "less critical comments in the press" being evidence of something that is happening "behind the scenes" - that's just wishful thinking. The SY review is a waste of time and money!

  85. I woke up this morning wondering whether it was possible that one of the other children in the party accidentally killed Madeleine if she was vulnerable in some way. After all, I think I am right in saying that none of the children were supervised at night time. One of the party had taken a baby monitor, I think, so did they put the children to sleep in one room? The twins' cots had no sheets so I find it hard to believe they were sleeping in them until disaster occurred and they had to be moved. I realise my brain is working overtime but I just can't fathom why the McCann's friends would agree to help them. Whereas if someone else's child was involved and it made them realise how irresponsible they had all been, I can just about imagine them feeling pressurised to do the wrong thing. Most of my friends are intelligent, professional, some are even quite high profile but I can't imagine any circumstances where they would help me hide and bury one of my children in secret. I suppose this is one of the many reasons people in general struggle with the official outcome that Madeleine died in the apartment. Having said that, I can't believe the abduction theory as presented by the parents for 1 second because there just isn't the evidence to support it.

  86. #79,

    Both links(youtube) work, at least for me.

    Thank you for posting those!

  87. Hello Anonymous (post 86) I would imagine it would be highly unlikely that any of the children of the Tapas group, could have accidently killed Madeleine. Madeleine, who was almost 4, was the eldest of all the children on that so called family holiday.

    I have never believed the twins were in the McCanns apartment, when Madeleine disappeared, because as you say there was no bedding in the twins cots and I couldn't see the McCanns putting the twins to sleep in cots with no bedding underneath and over them.

    Sandra Felgueiras, a Portuguese television presenter, asked Kate McCann 3 times in a television interview, if the twins were in their apartment, on the night Madeleine disappeared. Kate McCann refused to answer her, she skirted around the question each time Sandra repeated it.

    Gerry McCann said outside the Lisbon court, that they regretted leaving Madeleine alone on the night she disappeared.

    In my opinion, Madeleine came to harm and died in the McCanns apartment. I believe, as I have said so many times, that the McCanns know exactly what happened to Madeleine, they know where she is and if she is dead or alive.

    The McCanns admitted they never physically searched for Madeleine, they lied to save their own skins and Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions, regarding Madeleine's disappearance. If Madeleine had genuinely disappeared, by abduction or some other means, the McCanns would have done everything in their power to find her. They have done nothing.

    The McCanns, have used 3 lots of private detectives, including their present ones and none of them have done anything to find her. All have been paid handsomely from out of the fund, that was set up to find Madeleine.

    The McCanns present detectives, have been passing on leads to the PJ, who are no longer investigating Madeleine's disappearance. The PJ are no longer investigating Madeleine's disappearance, because the McCanns closed the investigation, when they demanded the files from them.

    This case would have been done and dusted, if the British Government hadn't intervened, when the PJ wanted to prosecute the McCanns for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.


    Anon 84 "Incidentally, do we know for a fact that the banning of Pat´s book was anything to do with Carter Ruck and the McCanns?"

    We know that for a fact because we have seen the letter from Carter-Ruck LLP to Amazon and Amazon's letter to Pat (...) We know the McCanns are involved because Carter-Ruck LLP are their lawyers...

    Anyway, funny you should mention this. I was just getting acquainted with Carter-Ruck's founder background. Please read on...

    "In 1980, the Daily Express editor Derek Jameson had been advised by Carter-Ruck that if he sued the BBC over their portrayal of him in a Week Ending sketch, he would win at least £25,000 in damages. The barrister in the case, David Eady QC, however advised Carter-Ruck to accept the BBC's offer to settle for £10 (sic) plus costs. Carter Ruck did not disclose this advice to his client. The jury found the broadcast defamatory, but also fair comment and Jameson had to pay costs, receiving a bill for £41,342.50 from Carter-Ruck. Jameson learned by chance of the QC's advice and Carter-Ruck's former partner David Hooper claimed that "Carter-Ruck told him a string of lies". Carter-Ruck later claimed that he did not want to undermine Jameson's morale in court." (quote/unquote).

    The above may suggest (and I make no allegations) that had Messieurs's Carter-Ruck pursued Mademoiselle Pat Brown with a defamation claim, Mr. and Mrs. McCanns' might have been in for a ride but... I make no allegations. Obviously.

    :k Rui Roskoff
    Criminal profiler and investigator
    at work in The Ocean Club / Praia da Luz.

    Anon 80 "sub judice is a real possibility...."

    Good point. It is not just a possibility. We are aware for instance that the McCanns' case against Dr. Amaral's book is not yet settled. It is awaiting trial.

    Surely this is one reason Dr. Amaral's expanded version of "The Truth of a Lie" is yet to be published. Of course the impact will be much greater if he awaits the final decision - particularly if this happens to be just before Christmas.

    Again I am not sure British publishers would fancy becaming prey to Carter-Ruck LLP (and the McCanns' belligerent financial appetite) by publishing "The Truth of a Lie" - even after the final Portuguese court ruling which no doubt the McCanns' will take to the EU courts if it falls against them - as indeed is bound to...

    but I don't see any problem with Dr. Amaral's book becoming a mega success in the USA and mainland Europe.

    It is also interesting to note that the McCanns' had no problem publishing their book in Portugal, whereas Dr. Amaral is prevented (by the sheer power of legal threats and governmental pressure) to publish in the UK. It says much for ideology, subservience, money and the rule of law.

  90. I bought and downloaded Pat Brown's profile on to Kindle for PC, desktop version. I can no longer open it. A message appears telling me to delete it from my shelf.
    I bought that from Amazon with MY money!!!
    Amazon if you removed this book from MY shelf - YOU ARE NOTHING SHORT OF A THIEF!
    I want my money back - NOW!

  91. I like the Daily Express article quoted on McCannFiles, 'She is Still out There' because it's clearly nonsense. At first it claims the India police took DNA and Passports. Later it quoted a local journalist who was there as saying they merely spoke to the couple with the girl, then let them go. Well done DE.

  92. http://steelmagnolia-steelmagnolia.blogspot.com/2011/07/mccanns-just-cant-be-bothered.html

  93. Just found out this site:


    Maybe it is worth looking into.

  94. Pat Brown has written her take on being Carter-Rucked on her web page.

  95. 85, you want it to be a waste of time.But it isn't. You have also the right of a wishful thinking.

  96. 96 It's a review, it's not a re-opening of the case. The SY didn't request the PT authorities to reopen the archived process - so, yes, it's a waste of time and money.

  97. It was most illuminating to hear Yates of the Yard saying on TV that he was not able to, but had hoped to explain to, MPs, I think it was, the difference between a scoping exercise, a review and a reopning of a case. IMHO a scoping exercise might be a two minute chat and a laugh with a mate in the canteen over a plate of bacon and eggs, a review might be where you count the sacks of documents on the case, and a re-opening? Well maybe that could be, with a bit of luck, something different...

  98. within decades, people will read on the papers that a nurse recognised Madeleine, living in a home for eldery people, being not yet senile, etc.

    Read McCann Files where the police in India deny the last story.

  99. Comments are welcome on Pat Brown's web page.

  100. I have tried to post a comment with google account but it will not work will try again as anon

  101. A review and thats a big waste of public funds , it will all be no problem Gerry.

  102. Ha hah hah, the Police in India denied the whole story. They did not hear anything about Madeleine, they aren't searching for any child, they did not test any DNA.
    This all means the McCanns are scared.
    Hah, hah, hah!

  103. The McCanns are irritating whom they can irritate, the Amazon, the British media, the Policia Judiciaria, Pat Brown.

    They are burning all bridges they leave behind and someday they will try to return through the same way and it will not be possible.
    This day is coming, may God bless it.
    I always thought two things: the answer of the crime will come from Praia da Luz and the case will explode in England. It seems now that it will come from England because I believe journalists of NOW know what happened.If the documents are in hands of the MP, there must be leads to be found.For a while no word about it because the SY got to organize what they have found. Kate, Gerry, Mitchell,the Healys, the McCanns, Tapas 7, the nannies, The Ocean Club,the Hubbards,eventual lovers of these people, friends and relatives of Tapas 7. A lot of work but worth while.It took the police some more than a month to interrogate Kate and Gerry, and to make them arguidos,after the dogs had barked at several things.And that was involving only the parents, in a small space: 5a and the car.
    God knows how many Gaspars have gone to the police in England and how many very things they have told.
    And what the nannies have commented among themselves, through the phone.
    It is a lot of work for Kate and Gerry to control everybody.
    Journalists who lost their jobs because of the NOW could get angry with the richness of the McCanns and the easy way they make money and they could tell what they know.
    Bad or not, at least those journalists were working hard for their salaries, every day, and the McCanns are living of other people's money.
    An anonymous letter to the police and the truth will be known.

  104. I SEE YOUR POINT...

    #82 "Am-I afraid of what Scotland Yard might find? I hear you asking? Why should I?"

    I see your point dear Anon 82 but consider the following scenario:

    Suppose Eddie The Dog is again drafted by SY to bring his "quantum sniffer" to the the MC's residence in Rothley and fails to bark a single once? Would that invalidate or support the MCs "contamination theory"?

    Furthermore, could ex-Dr. KMC explain that away by the fact that she has not had any contact with dead patients since and therefore no potential contamination has since occurred? Yes? No? May be?

    True we do not seem to have a scientific idea of how long an odour may linger for a dog to detect it. Do we?

    Perhaps SY might like to do some research on this and while they are at it, try to ascertain whether ex-Dr. KMC did , as she stated, bring Madeleine's toys (cuddle cat) to work or not. By the way I am not even suggesting the lady is a liar; strictly investigative protocol.

    Now imagine SY - and I say "imagine" advisedly for I suspect SY is working under strict instructions from DC to look ONLY into potential leads to an abductor and leave aside anything that might incriminate the MCs sice that was not the official (provisory) conclusion of their Portuguese colleagues in charge of the case.... but continuing...

    Now imagine, as I was saying, that SY brings Eddie (and why not Keela?) back to Apartment 5A at the Ocean Club and Eddie starts barking again or Keela finds other odour traces of interest there...or even more interesting in the area indicated by Daniel Krugel!!! - even if that is best left to my illustrious colleague Pat and her "Madeleine Search Fund" project.

    Then what?

    I must admit I have already done some work on this but...I need to know if there are any true investigators and criminal profilers listening before proceeding...

    :k Rui Roskoff
    Criminal profiler and private investigator
    based in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Portugal




    (Please see/read in the link above Prof. Cebolinha's comment at #63: An Alternative "Find Madeleine" Movement Gathers Momentum)

  105. A review can lead to a reopening of the case.It can start with a review, the police can find leads that were not used before,because it was shelved very quickly, or can intepret them on a different way.
    Don't forget they can add a lot more to the review,associate things among things, after four years, and it will definitely go towards a reopening.
    Give the police the time they need.
    When they re-open it, they will be already sure they will succed.
    Not before, depending on half-work.
    I believe everything will be ready before they take the McCanns again to the police station and this time in England.

  106. Madeleine has always being seeing in excentric places: North Africa, harems, Kashmir, Malta.
    Never in Praia da Luz or Lagos.
    This noise about a sighting could mean the extra fear the McCanns are feeling now.

    It was very stupid of Kate's to refer to the pink blanket in her book. "She gave it to a GNR man", after the
    apartment was locked and the blanket photographed by the forensic police.

    She did not give it to the police that evening, neither the following day because 5a was already in the hands of the PJ and the McCanns were already kicked out of that building.
    I believe the police returned the blanket to the McCanns, after forensic tests, and in August they noticed that it was missing.

    Who knows the PJ miss more of Madeleine's, socks, dress, underwear which they used to dress her up for the funeral.Or they miss a toy, a bracelet,a neckless.

  107. A nephew of mine was brought up without religion, his life based on Darwin, Marx and Engels. He is now 46 and about 6 years or longer ago he felt the presence of the spirit of his grandfather near him.
    My father(his grandfather) manifestated to him for a couple of times during the last years.Short ago his mother died, I was at the hospital with my nephew and I asked about those manifestations and he told me my father was with us at that moment.He was feeling the presence of his spirit.Short after I went back to his mother's bed room and a lady told me she had felt a presence near the bed of his mother.And nobody had told this lady of my nephew's feelings.

    A brother at the hospital explained me my father was expecting the death to happen, in order to take my nephew's mother away.

    Is there anyone here who believes this could be true? Spirits around us?

  108. 95 Where can I find Pats site thanks

  109. Since the police in Dehli India have said they haven't heard of any sighting of Madeleine, Scotland Yard could easily confirm that the story that Clarence has placed in the newspapers may be a hoax if they were informed. The public can write about any such evidence suggesting that Madeleine was not abducted to,

    DCI Andy Redwood
    Homicide and Serious Crime Command
    Room 3.30
    1st Floor
    Belgravia Police Station
    202-206 Buckingham Palace Road
    SW1W 9SX

  110. We know Pat Brown will help us all get to the bottom of this McCann cover up and with the power of the internet the real story will develop for all to see. Do stay wth the story. We need each and every searcher for the truth to support blogs like Joana's, write what you feel; express your indignation at the cover-up and the desperate hoax sightings that the McCanns think will change the scent of the sniffer dogs. Thousands are looking out for honest journalists who know "The Truth of the Lie", to quote the title of Mr Amaral's book. Those who want us to believe that the little girl is coming back also know that there is not a stroke of truth in the abduction theory. Speak for Madeleine,write for Madeleine, truth is solid, Pat Brown has a plan! Google and read Pat's book. It is food for thought.

  111. #Anon 91
    "I want my money back - NOW!"

    No need to get over excited. I think. In my experience Amazon never fails to make a refund.

    What must have happened here is that faced with the prospect of having to dish out a million or two in legal fees and compensation pay outs (and loosing a few pro-McCann fans in the process... imagine the number of such believers by the number of copies "Madeleine" has sold so far...) so, Amazon, as a good money making organization decided, in this instance, to play "Switzerland".

    Mind you, this is bound to change when the McCanns' versus Amaral case is definitely overthrown by the courts (Portuguese and EU)- but...wait...may be not...the Portuguese decision to shelf the case remains a powerful weapon in the hands of the likes of Carter Ruck LLP...

    In retrospect, it was a mistake to let the McCanns' fly home free. Had there been a trial, it would perhaps had been different. Amanda Knox has been locked up for less but there you are...Society is not ruled by Truth and Justice but by Power, Ideology, Money and PR.

    The Italians have shown much less subservience to the world ruling powers than the Portuguese and I admire that. Whatever the outcome of the present appeal Amanda has learnt her lesson. Have you heard of her carter-rucking anyone? I have not...


    This is of course my own passing opinion one I am entitled to as a Portuguese citizen under its constitution besides I have only 163 Euros in my wallet - plus some lint in my pocket...

  112. Anon 106: "I believe everything will be ready before they take the McCanns again to the police station and this time in England."

    I will not be betting on that. Sorry.

    You cannot make a case (not in this case anyway) without irrefutable evidence. Even Dr. Amaral accepts that. Indeed he regrets not checking those CCTV cameras footage that would confirm what the Smith's saw. THAT would have been irrefutable evidence but as it is, even the McCanns' have tried to manipulate the Smith's sighting to their advantage (...)

    Nothing else short of CCTV evidence, in this particular case, would do. Not all the witness contradictions...not even the "scent of death" picked up by the forensic dog...

    Wake up! SY is under instructions to look only for abduction traces not murder traces that might incriminate the parents. The parents have already been given the go-ahead by the Portuguese authorities - who in case you have forgotten are in charge of the case.

    SY will not trample on PJ's toes or if they do so they will do so at their own peril. Of course we all know the objective of the "toffee" inspired SY review is to discredit the Portuguese investigation but...mind the rebound, that is the "Review of the review".

    Dr. Amaral would be the right man for that. The Review of the review that is...

    No chauvinism implied...

  113. Anon 107 "Madeleine has always been seen in eccentric places: North Africa, harems, Kashmir, Malta. Never in Praia da Luz or Lagos."

    I very much doubt Madeleine was abducted but if she was the first place I would look for would be in the ex-Soviet Union area. Why? There were road works nearby at the time and a number of workers were "Russian" and African. Why not in Africa then? Too conspicuous but again possible.

    On the other hand the child could have wondered in the night (drugged...she had just swallowed mummy's pills...) and died in the arms of some worker who subsequently panicked ("are they going to think I did it?") and buried her under the roadworks.

    Nice inference right? The problem is...how do you bring Eddie's nose (the forensic dog) to fit into these hypothesis? That is the problem as I see it.

    Just my opinion you know. I respect yours.

  114. Gerry makes also mistakes, bad ones.

    Please read Martin Roberts of today's, McCann Files.

    "fell injuried" that is bad, Gerry! That's very bad.

  115. Most abducted children who are found alive are within hours of where they were taken. Why on earth would Madeleine be in India or South America or Saudi Arabia. It's as ridiculous as every other story about her. The hellish lair in PDL is far more plausible. So why isn't the McCann team scouring the area. Why aren't Kate and Gerry there helping?

    Because the whole thing is a scam. When is it going to end. The Eisenbergs have got away with it for over ten years. The McCanns are only at year four. Get comfortable everyone, it's going to be a long haul.

  116. Many people who have followed the Mccann case have raised questions about the Mccann's having protection in high places.

    Given the recent events of Robert Murdoch's empire one can not help
    wonder if Carter Ruck is one of his monkey's, Murdoch "The Organ grinder"

    In my opinion Robert Murdoch has no morals whatsoever, his paper covering Kate Mccann's book is proof enough for me.

    As a British Citizen I have been angered how the media have whitewashed this couple.

    I don't know who wrote this statement but find it very true and apt in this case

    "Control of the media in a democracy is essential because that is where people are supposidly informed"

    I hope Pat Brown fights the banning of her book as did Dr Amaral.

  117. Hello Anonymous (post 115) The McCanns and their private detectives, were in the UK, when they spoke about the lawless community,10km outside Praia da Luz, where they believed Madeleine was being held.

    The McCanns complained bitterly, because the Portuguese police, hadn't gone to this community to look for Madeleine, after their private detectives passed on the lead to the PJ.

    I would like to know, why the private detectives,who were being paid to look for Madeleine, passed on this lead to the PJ. The McCanns and their detectives, knew full well that the PJ were not investigating the case, because the McCanns closed the investigation, when they took the files.

    The McCanns and their detectives could have visited this community and offered a substantial reward out of the fund to find Madeleine, if someone could tell them where she was. They didn't and the reason they didn't, is the same reason they didn't search for Madeleine, the minute they discovered her missing.

    This lead was another red herring by the McCanns, to make people think she is still alive. The more "sightings" of Madeleine, the more people will donate to the fund. The more money that goes into the fund, is more money in the McCanns and their wider families pockets.

    I believe, that if the McCanns aren't brought to justice, when Scotland Yard finish their review, they will emigrate to a country, whose people are sympathetic towards them and will treat them as the victims. Gerry McCann can easily get a post as a Heart Consultant and Kate McCann will have no problem getting a job as a GP.

  118. Pat Brown's blog:

    The Daily Profiler


  119. For the Indian connection you need to research Bell Pottinger

  120. 112, we don't know how much more the PJ and England know about this case. We don't know if NOW hacked in Tapas 9 and in the nannies' phones.
    We don't know if there are or there have been undercovers in this case.
    My impression is that the only power the McCanns have gotten is their lawyers and Carter Rucker . Not even in the British government, not anymore.
    In Kate's book you can read how unthankful Kate is, towards Cameron's administration.
    And they got a shoot in their foot.

    You are so pessimistic about my comment (106) that I wonder if it is your wishful thinking.
    Who are you?

  121. Dear Joana!
    Thank you so much for your dedicated work. I am coming every morning expecting some news, like reports from a front line. It would be so good to hear about Goncalo Amaral. How is he?
    We are deaf and blind without your news. What is going on in Portugal?
    Wishing you all the best.

  122. Another reply from Amazon Mary Liverpool UK

    The Pat Brown book referred to in your correspondence, has been removed from our website because it violated our Content Guidelines. I'm sorry; we're unable to go into further detail.

    Currently, "Maddie. La verità della menzogna [Perfect Paperback]" by Gonçalo Amaral is listed on Amazon.co.uk:



    Heather Kehoe
    Executive Customer Relations

  123. To Anon 115 "The hellish lair in PDL is far more plausible. So why isn't the McCann team scouring the area?".

    Hopefully Pat Brown's initiative (which if I remember well, was also put forward by Prof. Cebolina in this blog) will search the area given by David Krugel "Quantum Sniffer".

    I really hope Madeleine is found alive and prove the dogs wrong - and the lies and contradictions the result of the truth... But I suspect Pat Brown's Search for Madeleine initiative will dig her out, or what remains of her, in the area given by Krugel's - which by the way is quite vast...

    :p Prof. Cebolina where are you now?

  124. Anonymous 115
    The wait will end when they declare the child legally ... 'missing presumed dead'... after the lapse of 7 years. So, we have 3 years to go and these crooksters will dance off into the sunset with their millions laughing all the way.
    What a sad world we live in.

  125. 112- a review can bring a lot of new views. I don't think the MP will concentrate themselves on fake sightings. The PJ conclusion is that Madeleine is dead and her corpse concealed.And the MP know it already. The concentration will be on what the PJ said and they will re-started from that point.
    I pray more people in England went to the police to tell what they know about this case.
    Somebody must have told something, be sure.
    Too many people know what happened that night, this could never remain a secret.

    This will get a snow ball effect. As soon as the first step is set down, dozens of people will come forward.

  126. 112

    keep telling your words to yourself. It will help you a lot in these difficult days.

  127. The ability to project such a false image to public, police, family and friends and dupe all for a long time is well within the relms of such an educated couple. I refer any readers to check out the case of Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan from Northern Ireland, who coluded to murder both their spouses, and duped police into believing it was a suicide pact.

    This couple kept their guilty secret for over 20 years whilst projecting the illusion of being the epitome of society - remarried, professional, authoritative and in the case of Howell a pastor in his own church.

    I have no criminal or investigative qualifications and will not even attempt to comment on the anomalies in the Madeleine case.

  128. SY might like to liaise with their collegues investigating Hackgate. The News of The World ,finders of Mrs Cooper,also had an exclusive interview with Dave Edgar ,the mccanns PI. In that interview Dave referred to his search through the top secret sex offenders register-where did he get a copy of that restricted document? Perhaps Rebecca Brooks ,who campaigned to have sections of it released and published details from it can aanswer that question.

  129. Just thinking off the top of my head, Clarrie gave me this idea, along with the PR folk and NOTW.

    What if McCann's were being 'saved' like a lollipop for a two year old hidden on the top shelf.

    The Indian connection to cover something was half baked, whether this was to take up headlines vis a vis Sarah Payne, who knows.

    But the McCann story, the real one, that could wipe out some really uncomfortable headlines, keep attention ticking along while the police are left to get on with the dirty business of corruption at the heart of the British establishment.

    Why not, I'd use it. Timing is evertthing.

    The McCann's are fodder, always have been, stupid people.

    (Scotland Yard spokesperson)

    I wouldn't have thought so, would you? Well, the McCanns do not think so - Gutter-Pack does not think so; who are we to think otherwise?

    Now someone inside Scotland Yard is calling the "review" a "criminal investigation"?

    Please read on:

    "SM: And is this a full time operation and what size team is working on it?

    Police: As I said we wouldn’t provide a running commentary but at the very beginning we said there were 30 officers who would be deployed, er, not continually but various tasks along with workload they have on other cases, er, but we have deployed 30 officers.

    SM: In a normal case in Britain it’s not unusual for the police to give an ongoing commentary as to how it’s progressing so what…

    Police: …I’ve only worked here 11 years but I would say it’s not common. We give information whilst it’s appropriate to produce but whilst there’s an investigation going on and where IT'S POTENTIALLY MURDER, we say very little, we say very little. You read a lot in the press but that doesn’t come from us. We deal with about 250 murders a year and all of them are dealt with in exactly the same way in terms of how we deal with the media."


    excerpt above sourced from:


    :h I. M. Konfused
    (Sue McNamara's sister-in-law)


    "I have to say that it was reasonably reassuring to hear that the Metropolitan Police are treating the case as “potential murder” instead of the McCanns’ nonsensical talk of abduction.

    It is probably premature to expect miracles but for the first time in a British Police force we can just about hear the cops singing in tune with Goncalo Amaral."


  132. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGk4AKOwJbc

    friday nights in the mccann household

  133. #Anon 133 "Friday nights in the McCanns' household"

    I don't quite get the symbolic logic of your video choice but I must admit it is entertaining...


    When feed-backing on other posts please include an excerpt of the comment as well as its number unless (of course) you sign it with an alias. This is because, as you may or may not have noted, the number/comment ID may occasionally change.


    :j Cluzot

  135. Since when is a store liable for the contents of a book they sell??

  136. For those who didn't listen here are the links to Pat Brown's latest interviews on the Madeleine McCann case

    August 3, 2011 on Websleuths Radio

    August 5, 2011 on the Levi Page Show

  137. Read Pats book loved it and very accurate I totally agree with her opinion!

  138. Got to say that ive just listened to the Pat Brown interview on websleuth ....and am left totally dissapointed - i respect Pat Brown looking into this case ......but that interview was a disaster. A total flip flop no mans land interview.

    It is blatant - this is a cover up - blatant!!!



    "There isn’t another recorded example in history where some poor unfortunate, let alone the official suspects in a missing child case, have been afforded the privileges, opportunities, attention, Ministerial guidance and support shown by the Government and press of this country"


  140. Hi Joana,

    what do you know about this link


    Do you belive the Maddie case will soon be reopend??

    Thanks for an informativ and intresting blog!!!

    Salutations, Ange

  141. Hello I found your blog I thought I would let you know about another book that has just been banned by Amazon. It is called "Formerly Filthy Rich" and detailed the inside secrets of the MLM giant company "Nu Skin". This book was up for about a week and NuSkin was finally able to have it banned. Very interesting stuff.


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