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Human Bones found in Algarve - another update

Some people on twitter and on facebook have been speculating if the human bones found by a fishing boat in Algarve could belong to Madeleine McCann, according to a follow-up article published today in Diário de Noticías (paper edition), the bones belong to an adult.

Human bones picked up by trawler nets
by José Manuel Oliveira

According to authorities, human bones, belonging possibly to a "young adult or adult" were found yesterday, along with shellfish and monkfish in the nets of a fishing vessel during a routine inspection made by the Navy. The inspection was done between 6:00 and 6:30, when the fishing vessel was at work between the areas of Fuzeta and Tavira Island, six miles from the coast, the equivalent of ten kilometers.

As stated by the commander of Olhão's Port Authority, Ricardo Arrabaça, there are some "long bones of an incomplete arm, besides a pelvis bone and a leg bone, both equally incomplete", adding that "they might belong to an individual, adult who has been in the sea for a long time". In that way, it was excluded the idea that rouse immediately when thinking about the eventuality of the bones belonging to Madeleine McCann, the English child who disappeared on the evening of May 3, 2007, from Praia da Luz, Lagos. On the other hand, there is no record of disappearances at sea in that area.

The fishing boat, a trawler of Vila Real de Santo António, where no infraction was detected, had to be accompanied by the Portuguese ship Eagle to the port of Olhão for the bones to be collected. The human bones followed up from there to the National Institute of Legal Medicine in Lisbon. The case was referred to the Public Ministry.

in Diário de Notícias (paper edition), August 4, 2011

Human Bone found in trawler net

A human bone was found today in a trawler net during an inspection conducted by the navy off the coast of the Algarve, in Tavira, said to Lusa (news agency) the commander of the Port authority of Olhão.

"It was a trawler vessel, six miles away from the coast, off the island of Tavira, in the area of fish trawling, that was subject to an inspection made by a navy motorboat. When the net was raised, in order to inspect the fishing mesh, a human bone was found", explained the commander Ricardo Arrabaça.

The same source stated that the inspection was made between 06:00 and 06:30 and, when the human remains were detected, "the fish were thrown away and the vessel was accompanied by the ship of the Portuguese Republic, Eagle, to the port of Olhão so the bone could be collected".

"We contacted the Public Ministry, who has sent the bone to the National Institute of Legal Medicine so they can try identify to whom it belonged or to gather evidence that might help that task", added the commander of the Olhão's port authority. No infraction was found in the trawler, still according to the same source.

in Diário de Notícias, August 3, 2011

Update August 14, 2011 

Grisly find is not little Madeleine

THERE was new hope in the search for Madeleine McCann last night [the news was first published 11 days ago as seen above] after it emerged human remains found near where she vanished are not hers. Arm, leg and pelvis bones were discovered in a fishing boat’s net off the coast of Tavira – 60 miles from the resort where Maddie disappeared four years ago.

They sparked speculation about whether they were linked to Maddie. But authorities now believe the bones belong to a “young adult or adult”. The news will be a huge boost to Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry, 43, from Rothley, Leics, who are convinced she is still alive. Their hopes have been raised and dashed numerous times since Maddie vanished, aged three, from Praia da Luz.

Less than a year after her disappearance links were made between Maddie and bones found in a nearby reservoir. But they belonged to animals.

Meanwhile, thousands of “sightings”, including one last month in Leh, India, have proved fruitless. A spokesman for the McCanns said: “The search for Madeleine is very much continuing.”

Daily Star (paper version), page 9


  1. This could never be Madeleine's. She is not buried at sea because it would be too complicated and risky. She is somewhere safe, under earth or in a freezer.The safest way to hide a body is burying or cremating it.Even cremation could be risky, involving people who work at a crematory. I think this bone might belong to a fisher who could have being going missing not long ago.


    If the McCanns have anything to do with their daughter's disappearance - and naturally I do not wish to incur the wrath of the gutter-pack by saying they did ("of course they did not!" - my double says...)it would not have been very intelligence of "the abductors" to throw her body into the sea...

    Not that would prove anything against the parents - it could have been you or me or someone else who disposed of her there...

    Think: multi-million legal team with political strings attached......

    Now, if the Smith's sighting was confirmed by CCTV footage from that hotel, it may have been a slight different matter but...

    ... it was not, because that the CCTV footage was wiped out by the (Irish) hotel owner where the Irish couple (Smiths') were staying. Dr. So-and-so by the way, is also of Irish-Scottish extraction. Small world...

    What I am opinionating here is that it would have been more intelligent, either to bury her body (inside concrete say) or to cremate her.

    Naturally, she could have been given a proper burial in the Scottish Highlands or, as Pat Brown suggests, in Rothley itself... but again this is pure speculation - even if that hold-hall in the photo (apartment 5A wardrobe) is still missing and Dr. So-and-So trip to the UK could suggest such an undercover mission but... my friends we are just speculating...

    One thing is for sure: the truth very much like crude tends to surface...

    Have a good weekend and mind the gutter-pack...


  3. Although these bones are highly unlikely to be those of Madeleine, it serves as a reminder that not only fish are fished out of the sea. Maybe one day, and hopefully soon, she will be found in a similar situation and it will put an end to this tragic and sickening saga and people whose lives have been ruined by the McCanns can start to rebuild them.

  4. I remember to have read Amaral saying that Madeleine died in two different places. She died, she was brought to the apartment and she died in the apartment.That was very strange.
    On her book Kate tells that she went to the nursery, a nanny tells her Madeleine is there(alive), Kate ambraces Madeleine and she wakes up. Logically thinking, Kate would dream of going to 5a, Maddie alive, etc,because it seems she died in the apartment.
    Now I suspect that, after have being warned by the Ocean Club about the crying 75 minutes, the McCanns could have brought Madeleine to the nursery on Wednesday evening or Thursday evening, in oder to leave her under supervision, giving her a lot of Calpol, and she got a cardiac arrest.After resuscitation, they took her back to 5a, they left to the Tapas and she died for a second time.

    Amaral's words and Kate's dream add up with each other.
    In Kate's dream Maddie resuscitates(is alive) in that fatal place, not in 5a.An accident at the nursery could have been the cause of the death, later.
    An accident caused by the parents, not by the nannies.I don't believe the McCanns ever told the nannies about sedatives.And the nannies feared an investigation, incrimination, and one of them became Tapas 10, the Ocean Club being aware of it or not.
    After Maddie's death, the McCanns could have insinuated the nursery was responsible for it, blaming them. The only time the girl sleeps under their responsibility and she dies under misterious circonstances.
    Short after, three nannies left to Greece.

    This is in my opinion.

  5. # 3:
    "Although these bones are highly unlikely to be those of Madeleine, it serves as a reminder that not only fish are fished out of the sea. Maybe one day, and hopefully soon, she will be found in a similar situation and it will put an end to this tragic and sickening saga and people whose lives have been ruined by the McCanns can start to rebuild them."
    I agree with you. I wonder how McCanns feel about news like this.

  6. Anon 3: Agree, it serves as a reminder that not only fish are fished out of the sea.

    Anon 5: I think the McCanns feel like a fish outta water.


    My opinion (and a passing one at that) is that if M. had died of a drug overdose, that would have been from those pills her mother left lying about (check the photos in PJ files) - children find pills rather interesting, they look like sweets to them...

    Those pills (benzodiazepines, I think) are a much better item for speculation because it seems no child has ever died from a Calpol overdose.

    "I've never seen an overdose of Calpol," says Dr Wayne Lenney, a consultant paediatrician."



    No allegations are made here that the parents found her child dead and covered up for the accident even if that remains a logical possibility based on the facts of the PJ investigation. What we are attempting here is to correlate witness contradictions and the forensic dogs findings with M. disappearance.

    Unless a theory (such as credible scientific research) comes up concerning the nature and extent of a crime scene scent contamination (as the couple argues) anyone with an IQ has no alternative but to leave open the possibility that the parents could have been implicated in her daughters' de-materialization - very much as my illustrious ex-colleague Dr. G. Amaral expertly opinionates in his book. By the way, I know someone who has read the draft of Dr. Amaral's new book and tells me his arguments are even more convincing...

    :k Rui Roskoff
    Criminal Profiler and private investigator reporting from Praia da Luz

  8. Huelva acid beds - just say that to a McCann supporter and see their bottom lips tremble.

  9. Staying recently within walking distance of Luz,I tried very hard NOT to think about Madeleine, but I couldn't escape observing that I could not conceive of any way of getting rid of a body locally without being sure that I was not observed in that open country, or that the body would not be found; and at sea a body would have to be weighted and dumped beyond the continental shelf (a long way out) to be pretty sure that it would not be trawled up. I came to the conclusion there were only three realistic possibilities: - 1. The Dennis Nilsen method (i.e. via the drains), 2: Official help, 3: Transporting it elsewhere to dispose of it.

  10. We are always reading different stories of what happened to Madeleine it is time that the police did a proper job and opened the case for the truth. If the people of Britain want to know what really happened they should get in contact with Mr Amaral or read his book.Mr Amaral had a good case to open in the beginning and get to the truth.Its time to finish with the Mccann stories,they are not looking for Maddie they know she is not coming back,the fund is just after the money. Germany.

  11. To the members/readers of The Maddie Case Files Forum: There's a scheduled server maintenance on 5-6 Aug, forum likely to be down.

  12. I think Madeleine is buried in a privete garden, in Praia da Luz or Luz, belonging to an English person or belonging to a British business. A place that can be controlled by the McCanns, they know that her grave is ok and that the police did not find it.

    I don't believe she was buried far away, out of control.

    A privete garden sorrounded with walls. Or who knows she is buried inside of a wall of a privete house or garden.An Edgar Allan Poe idea, very practical. Or under a floor of a house.

  13. :a I would say the McCanns are shaking in their tiny boots at the moment! To think that someone had found bones would be very unnerving to say the least. Seems on Twitter the McCann gutter pack are everywhere ,impersonating or hacking into peoples accounts to discredit them. It would be nice if the PJ could take a little trip to the Huelva acid beds....I wonder what they might find?


  14. 7 - I agree about Calpol. Not strong enough. But I think Amaral uses the name Calpol to refer to sedatives in general.Just to indicate the family was used to use it.But how do you explain the blood and scent of death behind the sofa? Did she feel dizzi? Could be. But how come she died twice? I read that somewhere.
    Joana, do you remember that story?

  15. 12 You are correct. IMO

  16. 13, Dave, Why Huelva?
    Do you think they were traveling around with a corpse, that far away?
    The intention of Huelva was to confuse the police and the public.Those acid beds belong to a Spanish person, the McCanns would have to ask him to cremate the body, etc, etc.
    Imagine a colison of the Scenic, during that trip, an accident and the police being called... Kilometres, and kilometres with the evidence on board...
    They are not stupid.

  17. Been thinking again...

    Has Kate been trying to tell us something?

    The Freemason ring on her finger

    The Blue eyeshadow photo

    The genitals

    The grey images above her desk in the documentary

    Just another way of looking at things

    A story within a story, lies within lies.

  18. Re my previous Anonymous post wondering if Kate has been trying to tell us something, I could be falling for the red herrings...

  19. when a suspicious death happens inside of a family and the body is concealed, the killer always keeps an eye on the grave, in order to control it.
    He is worried all the time, fearing it will be found.It is known he goes back to check on it, over and over again, because he can not find peace in himself and also because he fears he did not do his job well.
    There are no repports of Kate going back to Huelva, after the McCanns went back to England.
    But we know she visited Luz and Praia da Luz a couple of times.
    That is the place where Madeleine is.

  20. Darling Kate was in Liverpool last week with the twins at a funeral,mass At Bishop Eaton parish, I think it was her old headmistress, she got up to do a reading at the mass. This woman has no shame.

  21. Madeleine's body could not be dumped on the sea. Not on the first days because forensic evidences were left on the scenic rented 20 days after she being missed. Cannot be later because due to the media coverage, all the activities involving the sea were hardly controlled by the police. Then, she must be buried in an empty property known by a McCann's British friend in algarve, or handed back to uk with help of the British authorities.
    Just came to my mind how hard was for the Portuguese authorities to discover the poor conditions some German child's were raised in algarve by german couples who received money from the German social service to supposedly, educate and take care of that child's. The algarve is wild in some places. There is isolated properties. Some empty almost of the year. A private garden could be used to conceal the body, and the owner of the property don't need to know that. Some properties have the keys under the care of British citizens who live in algarve more consistently. It is clear, payed or not, the McCann's had the help of somebody speaking English and knowing well the algarve,.

  22. Anon 19, absolutely agree. Just my thoughts.

  23. 13 Dave
    Probably they might find nothing (acid beds); perhaps that's the idea, because they are not stupid. http://www.mccannfiles.com/id168.html

    Anyway Kate was not in 'their' bed; she hates sleeping in her own.

  24. Madeleine could have been eventually cremated ,her ashes stored inside cuddle cat then discarded into the sea?

  25. If this case is reopened the dogs should be taken round to Rothley and a thorough search done. Gerry McCann and his supporters were back and forth from PDL to UK when Madeleine first went missing, and who would leave their child in a foreign land if they could take them back home. That Rothley search is long overdue.


    Anon #8 "Huelva acid beds"
    Anon #9 "The Dennis Nilsen method (i.e. via the drains).
    Anon #16 "Do you think they were travelling around with a corpse, that far away?"

    I have noted with interest your respective comments and have filed your personal opinions accordingly.

    For some bibliography on the above please check the following links:

    ON THE MCs HUELVA TRIP (thanks to Anon 23)

    Although I do not wish to be unkind to our "theoretical" suspects I have difficulty in discounting the possibility of such scenarios namely the surgical disposal of relatively small body parts that would avoid suspicions if encountered.

    Mind you... the skull would always pose a problem but nothing Nielsen could not have handled and to my knowledge he had no medical/surgical know-how. This is of course pure speculation and a bit harsh on the "technically innocent" couple.

    However, if we discount the DNA forensics as inconclusive - let us face it... if Madeleine's blood was found anywhere in the apartment how would you prove the parents were lying when they assert M. used to have nose bleeds, injured her knee, etc.? Do you want to play prosecution with a multi-million defence team and be gutter packed?

    To my knowledge, the most incriminating bytes (quite aside from the witness contradictions, scape-goating and downright lies) are the specialist forensic dog indications (Eddie's).

    If I were in the MCs shoes I would be investing a good sum of fund money not in PR stunts but doing some independent research (via a non-British University) on the extent of scent contamination (...).

    Furthermore, talking of contamination how could the scent have lingered on the mother's clothing and not on the father's?

    I can quite see Madeleine walking out into the night on her own accord and strange things happening (particularly given the presence of Russian and African immigrant road workers nearby) but the problem I have with this theory is the dog's detection of death...in their apartment...in the clothing...in Madeleine's Cuddle Cat...in the car's key...in the trunk...I mean...the dog was not just after the scent of a bitch! He was trained to bark ONLY in the presence of a particular scent - the scent of death.

    Could the dog be trying to tell his trainer that "the mother did it"? This is of course pure speculation.

    It's complicated. People on the McCanns' bandwagon often write about dogs doing mistakes but...so many, in the same case in different places? The mind boggles.

    I feel sorry for the McCanns'. This is a difficult one to wipe off the minds' of the public. To what extent Freud Communications and Lift Consulting will be able to sell ice to the Eskimos remains to be seen.

    My grand-mother Matilda used to say "Always tell the truth. Nothing but the truth - that will keep you in good stead". She may have been right although I have occasionally lied a bit here and there to save my cushion...

  27. Anon 23 "Probably they might find nothing (acid beds); perhaps that's the idea, because they are not stupid."

    I suppose we would have to go on site and drop small (Nielsen-sized) barbecue meat bites (including chopped bones) and see how well they did in this so-called acid water in order to have a much better idea. As it stands I feel inclined to agree with you. Too risky.

    You might just as well drop bits and pieces in rubbish containers as you travelled around. All a bit too gruesome admittedly. Such scenarios do not seem to fit the McCanns profile.

    Having written that, disposing of a body wholesale will also pose immense problems. All in all I would favour (and I am not saying I do) the Nielsen's approach, burial or incineration unless you had access to a large container with vitriol, say.

    Again this would require some on site research to study possibilities.

    As for the link to the academic paper I don't get the point you are making except perhaps that of the author's when she states:

    "McCann is deemed to be not quite what she seems. In this respect, she also embodies what is most threatening about the ‘post-feminist’ world and the fear of what might lie beyond it."


    Germaine Greer are you reading?

  28. Anon 19 "the killer always keeps an eye on the grave, in order to control it."

    Really? That would be the last thing I would do if I had buried a victim but since I have never buried anybody (nor do I wish to) I am not commenting further.

    Are you a follower of Procrustes by any chance? Just wondering...

  29. To all discussing the disposal of a body, how difficult or easy it is, etc., the Joana Cipriano case came to my mind. Her body was never found and both her mother and uncle were convicted of her murder and are serving jail sentences. The evil pair comes from the low of the lowest of society, a very disfunctional family (the disfunction going back years, not just the present generation) that was alredy referenced by the social services, they have very little formal education and have no social connections (meaning they don't rub shoulders with any important people that might have helped them) and very little money, and yet...they managed to get rid of Joana's body, almost without a trace. I say almost because the police found blood traces in the house and according to what I've read and heard on tv from one the investigators involved in the case, the police found strong evidence that suggested her remains were fed to the pigs!
    If those two portuguese "white trash" could pull it off, then "others" with much more resources would have no problems at all!

  30. An interesting post at little morsals about theu sight in India. By crossing the words from mitchell and from the Indian police, we can just arrive to one conclusion: the McCann's are behind the sight. They fabricated it and they payed the paper to publish the article. The police was not aware about any sight, before it comes in the tribune paper. Mitchell was talking about pictures and DNA, dismissed by the police. Talking about the pictures, incriminate the McCann's. They received the pictures via other way, which was not the police and before the police knowing the sight.

  31. An interesting post at little morsals about theu sight in India. By crossing the words from mitchell and from the Indian police, we can just arrive to one conclusion: the McCann's are behind the sight. They fabricated it and they payed the paper to publish the article. The police was not aware about any sight, before it comes in the tribune paper. Mitchell was talking about pictures and DNA, dismissed by the police. Talking about the pictures, incriminate the McCann's. They received the pictures via other way, which was not the police and before the police knowing the sight.

  32. WHAT Huelva acid beds??? WHERE?
    Please, someone enlighten me, I've seen this subject raised so many times and yet I can never find any real evidence of the existance of such a place! I googled for it and I only found information about some chemics factory in Huelva that seems to make some kind of industrial acids! Is this what people mean when they talk about the Huelva acid beds? Or do they mean that there are some natural acid lakes or soils highly acidic in the Huelva countryside where one could dispose of a body? If this is right then give us some concrete geographic coordinates, where are those located, or some websites describing those, please! I don't see how it could be done in one of those factories, it would take help from someone inside the premises, not impossible, but difficult and risky.

    Huelva's acid plants(factories?):



  33. Regarding the possibility of Madeleine being buried in a garden in PDL. Kate has been back several times to visit her friends (the Anglican priest and his wife - the Hubbards, I believe). Does anyone know if they have a garden?

  34. 28, this is known. The killer remains worried about the quality of his work. Many times he even goes to the funeral of his victim.

    What do you mean with Procrustes? Greek mythology?

  35. It would only take the parents a couple of phonecalls to contacts in England sometime before the 3rd for them to arrange a safehouse resting place in PdL with a cool cellar or fridge, if you go with the theory that she died earlier, that is.

  36. Anon 26 "he had no medical/surgical know-how".

    Actually Nielsen used to be a butcher! Please refer to the link you provide (Wikipedia). I understand medical training includes Human Anatomy and Surgical Procedures - a more humane and sophisticated form of butchering...

    What I am saying is that such scenario is possible even if it contradicts the doctored "official version" of events and who wants to be "gutter-packed"? :p


    Anon 27 "You might just as well drop bits and pieces in rubbish containers as you travelled around."

    Original thinking. I take my baseball cap to you...

    Such possibility could explain (COULD...I am not saying it does) why so-and-so's Renault Scenic boot was often left open over night to air... after the owners did their nightly disposal one or two bags of "past the sell date" meat + rubbish???

    Even assuming our "theoretical suspects" already have an alibi for that, such scenario could fit the forensic dogs circumstantial evidence and the rented car's mileage. I wrote "could" I am not saying it does.

    Just thinking...

    :k Rui Roskoff
    Criminal profiler and investigator reporting from Praia da Luz

    An excerpt from my pocket diary:

    Portimão, 6 August 2011 - 23:55 hours GMT

    Spent most of the day working on the case. Mostly field work.

    Had dinner at the "No Solo Agua" by the marina with Andrea Authier - a pretty French journalist with brown hair and hazel eyes. This was around twenty past twenty GMT.

    Everything was running smoothly until Andrea's wanna be boyfriend Bastiaan - a blonde Dutch with a melanin deficiency... romped through the restaurant. Andrea seemed instantly mesmerized by the apparition but I suspected she was only trying to make me feel jealous. I did not. Not with such specimen.

    Gave both a polite excuse and left soon afterwards.

    Walked to one of the nearby cafés in Praça de Manuel Teixeira Gomes by the waterfront. Ordered a "bica" (expresso), a large "amêndoa amarga" (almond liquor) and lighted up another "Camel" (17 so far).

    To my great surprise found myself sitting next to a well-known ex-PJ inspector .

    After more than an hour of chit-chat it transpired that much undercover work on "the case" has been done since by some ex-elements of the PJ initially on "the case". I am told they are quite ready for court proceedings IF there is a "go-ahead" from "headquarters".

    "Go ahead with what?". I asked the former inspector. "Court proceedings against the ******'* ?". I wondered aloud.

    The ex-PJ gave me a whimsical smile for an answer.

    Left café Antunes and my illustrious ex-colleague around 22. Strolled past the "No Solo Agua" but no sign of Andrea. Thought about giving her a ring but had second thoughts. Too hot for romance. Let Bastiaan sweat.

    Strolled by the waterfront enjoying the calid night and yet another "Camel" (18 so far) before walking back to my apartment in Rua Judice Biker (street) under the impression of being shadowed, not quite clear by whom.

    Just arrived. Checked the hidden CCTV camera records for any signs of a surprise visit and put the cascavel back on the reptile tank. See no unusual shadows outside. The air temperature is now around 25 degrees Celsius. Had (another) "Camel" (19 so far) and a double "whisky on the rocks" - as a cool-down.

    Now, going to sleep with my friend "Taurus" under the pillow - Model 4510TKR-3BUL 3-inch barrel. Past midnight. Over.

  38. One dog could be wrong one time.
    Two dogs could be wrong one time. At the same time, on the same place, about the same issue? Very unprobable, dear.
    Two dogs could not be wrong many times on different places, all related with same people and the same issue. Sorry, Kate and Gerry....ask Isabel Duarte and your top lawyers at Carter-Ruck, what they learn on their criminology subject at the university, about the importance and the accuracy of the dogs.
    If those lawyers were on the other side of that story(accusation) that dogs will not bark, they will talk. That's why those lawyers deserve no respect and had no credibility. it is all MONEY and HYPOCRISY. What means Madeleine memory, when on the other side there is some bank accounts that could easily grow. She is death. Nothing could be done to revert the situation. They know that. "LET'S FOOL JOURNALISTS AND POLITICS AND PLAY WITH SENTIMENTS OF THE HONEST PUBLIC, WHO WILL BUY FOR SOME TIME OUR LIES AND WILL PROVIDE US LITTLE DONATIONS for each one, BUT A HUGE AMOUNT FOR US. SO HUGE THAT CAN BE DIVIDED BY ALL OF US, LEAVING ALL WITH a FEELING OF EARNING A JACKPOT"- Team Mccann, on their meetings.
    That easy money, for them, is a drug. They all got addicted to it. Cameron will be just another pigeon to kick down, if he tries to trow some stones at the rail. Those lawyers from carter-Ruck, together with Mitchell, they know many sensitive secrets about many politics that they can easily control them. It is the only explanation, I can found, for that circus to go so far and stay on for so long.
    Stop the money. Let Mccann's Fund to dry. Don't buy their book of lies or the imoral itens they are selling on their Findmadeleine/ Fa(cekebook. Stop the money and almost all that team of convenient hypocrits will runaway like criminals, to HIDE and FADE. Then, will be our turn, the blogs and the bloggers to keep them ON until they explain in a Court, what happened to Madeleine and where they hide her. Will be never later... NEVER SAY NEVER.

  39. Anon 17 who wrote " the genitals"

    Whose genitals? I did not see that. Please clarify.


  40. #26 "nothing Nielsen could not have handled and to my knowledge he had no medical/surgical know-how"

    Yeah but he was a butcher.



    AUGUST 6TH, 2011 22:31

    "Oh the fun that was had here when Madeline McCann went missing! I remember it now…..

    That bloke, Slocombe, and that other bloke, Coulter, both trying to be the most “controversial” was amusing to watch.

    Then there was the general air of “conspiracy” floating about the place.

    I recall another bloke – the bloke who posts hideous sketches and paintings of his hideous wife – made a comment about Gerry McCann puchasing an ink cartridge for a printer, proving, without doubt, he was hiding something. Some drippy bird posted on that blog’s thread agreeing, and added that Kate McCann had recently bought news clothes, and she asked: Where did Kate’s new clothes come from?
    It was the sort of piercing question that Woodward and Burnstein could only marvel at. I posted a possible answer to the dopey chick in question. Maybe she got them from a “clothes shop”?

    However, I have recently spent hours watching some high quality documentaries concerning Gerry and Kate McCann and the almost endless contradictions and absurdities in their story.

    I have seen footage of them both which I can describe only as “disturbing”.

    I watched the footage of the sniffer dog in the apartment, but didn’t realise there were two dogs used. One was a “cadaver dog” which has, in over two hundered deployments to a scene, never wrongly alerted its handler. Apparently, this particular pooch is insured for over £7 Million quid and belongs to the British Police, not the Portuguese.

    There are many reason for my change of mind. A great many.

    Gerry’s very coy answer about sedatives, and his inexplicable statement about the night “we found her…” are part of the larger picture.

    The above links prove nothing, certainly. There are more things I could link to, but won’t.

    Clarence Mitchell seems to be less than honest. There is plenty to be said about that particular human.

    There is the tapas cook who was – what shall we say? – brought to the “attention” of the group known as “Team McCann” and was “approached” by Team McCann.

    Make up your own mind. I have."


  42. 25, how would you imagine Maddie's body being taken back to Rothley? Certainly not by Gerry's 7 friends, they would not dream of this.Besides they were already known by the police, they knew they were being watched.
    About leaving their child in a foreign land, they do, because it is the best for them.If they left their children at the nursery all the time, and they left them all alone in the apartment, what is wrong about leaving the girl in a grave in the same region?
    No dogs in Rothley, wasting time and money.The body never left Portugal, it did not even leave Algarve.Kate is honest when she says "I know she is out there".She means Praia da Luz or Luz.
    We know it too, Kate, but not exactly where.Tell us, please.

  43. 31 Acid mine drainage in the Iberian Pyrite Belt (Odiel river watershed, Huelva, SW Spain): Geochemistry, mineralogy and environmental implications http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0883292705000491


    google: Fertiberia's in Huelva, Europe’s largest sulfuric acid plant. http://www.sulphuric-acid.com/sulphuric-acid-on-the-web/acid%20plants/Fertiberia%20-%20Huelva.htm and http://www.grupovillarmir.es/ESTRUCTURA/FertilizantesyQu%C3%ADmicaB%C3%A1sica.aspx

    google map for huleva http://maps.google.com/maps?q=+Huelva&hl=en&ll=37.257113,-6.949539&spn=0.031425,0.051327&sll=37.277263,-6.999407&sspn=0.015708,0.025663&t=h&z=14

  44. Rui Roskoff @ 37, an ilusionist.

    Even, if I strong believe a lot of work still being done behind scenes by the official PJ Inspectors, the actual and the ex, contradicting Mccann's words and whishes that nobody is looking( apart them) for their daughter.... I don't believe you ever met any ex-inspector and had such conversation. The Inspector you so conveniently tried to involve in your story, is too clever, too intelligent.... far from the "sardine muncher" from Mr. Parkers or the Sun mccjournalists. He spots a monkey, miles away and reserves the bananas for who deserves it. I believe, not for a guy coming from the No Solo Agua in a later summer night. That's why the guy leave flowers in the air without anything concret.
    I see that post as part of a Pro-strategy, trying to know who knows what. wake-up the snake and see if she can bite.
    Only the despicable Mccann's can come with such idea of the portuguese police not investigating and not searching their daughter. The case was not solved. Since was not solved, any time can be reopenned. Different Inspectors, came to TV programs to say, about other cases, that when a case was not solved, the investigation remains open and active. For that, they don't need to set a circus and be in the newspapers all the time. That is the mccann's game, not the police strategy. Maddie case was, and still one of the most important criminal cases in portugal. It was not complicated at the beginning, but her parents and all the political/media involvement they manage to bring in, transformed the crime in something more serious then just the accidental death of a child with the disappearence of her body. Due to the sensitive issues under the crime, the crime is a subject of discussion for many people, in cafes or whatever, but not FOR ANY INSPECTOR WITH A STRANGE, or are you trying to say that you are not a strange, at least for the case?

  45. 42,
    Taking maddie's body back to Rothley by land was not so difficult. Going back to May 2007 and doing a little exercise of my memory, I find some odd issues that look very suspictious for me at the time. Now, after 4 years and knowing the behaviour of the mccann's which was largely available at the media, I have no doubts, they could have done it. They could have payed somebody to carry madeleine home with little help of some British authorities, special the Ceop.
    17 days after May 3, Gerry flew home apparently to pay some bills and set his life for a long stay in PDL( wonder how he knows at the time, the stay will be longer). But some reports said he went to Rothley to look for some pictures of Madeleine( in fact the last picture of the girl near the pool was released the day after) and look for lawyers and legal advisers. At the time he had already a spoke-woman named by the UK government and met Mitchell who return with him to PDL. Mr. Gamble was already at the scene with gerry having at his hands some special manuals which are available only for special polices. More or less at the same time, arrived to PDL two soldiers who gave up their jobs to search Madeleine. They said, they met Leicester police who gave them green light to come and do their job. Wonder why they met Leicester police if at the time who was helping PJ, was SCOT.YARD. The 2 guys said they fundraised their search, but was never clear who payed and how they payed their stay in PDL. Later, one of the soldiers died in a mysterious way and his death was never investigated because the body was cremated.
    A truck arrived to PDL with a big inflatable showing Madeleine. it was aspected to be a huge media event, well explored by the Mccann's. But, Surprise, surprise, they went on a trip that day, to Sagres or to Fatima( not sure about the exact destination) and gave little attention to that truck or DIVERT THE ATTENTION FROM THE TRUCK. Who payed the inflatable and the truck trip is also controversial. From Mccann's version, was an offer from an advertising company. I read already in some blogs and I think in the Blacksmith bureau, that the two drivers of the truck were contracted by Gerry's brother( the same who gave up is job to enter the Fund) and the company who made the inflatable was not financial health at the time, then could not be offering the inflatable for the Mccann's. It is a fact that the inflatable passed almost unnoticed by the Mccann's who love to make huge stories and a big circus around, sometimes, ridiculous and small events. Why, they missed that one and took the media away from it? Was the truck searched by portuguese police or the British authorities manage to help it leaving portugal without been searched?
    I noticed that Kate weares many times the black and white square trousers, in TV reports, during the first days/weeks after maddie being missing. that were the trousers spotted by the dogs with maddie cadaver scent.
    I never buy the idea of Gerry going back to Rothley so soon and in a rush, to pay bills. That could be done trough Internet quite easily. He went there to solve some pratical issues. Issues that could not be longer persponded. And he got the help of Mitchell, some lawyers and Gamble. All well payed by the healthiest Fund. That's why Mitchell can't give up on them... He is on the center of the crime since the beginning.... same with Gamble.
    Madeleine could never left PDL. But she could be also in Rothley. That's why the Mccann's feel so confident with gerry saying on the press "find the body and prove we did it". Pat brown also set a fund to search Madeleine in PDL and in Rothley. Why Rothley???

  46. Talking about the medical/surgical/anatomy know-how necessary to dismember a body, it took me again to the Cipriano case. In his confession to the police, João Cipriano (Joana's uncle)described how he dismembered the poor little girl's body and of the difficulties he had while doing it. The police wanted to confirm that he was telling the truth about him dismembering the body, that it was not just another fantasy account (because he had told them so many lies before, even conducting the police all over the countryside on a wild goose chase for Joana's body) and see if what he described was possible and accurate, so, they asked a surgeon to analyse his descrition of the gruesome act, and the doctor confirmed that indeed he must be telling the truth about it, that his description of the act was correct.
    Did João C. work as a butcher before? I don't know...but I know he or someone in the family kept pigs, and in the portuguese rural places people who have pigs do know how to cut them to pieces...before the European Union and all its fobic hygienic rules people slaughtered their pig(s)in their backyard, it was a big "feast", the "matança do porco"(the slaughtering of the pig), all family and friends invited!
    Sorry if I'm making you all sick...I'm feeling a bit nauseated myself...

  47. #39, Ayako,

    "The genitals" are a mention in Kate's book, she wrote of how she used to have terrible thoughts of Madeleine's "perfect little genitals" being torn apart (by the abductor/abductors).

  48. Anon 34 "the killer remains worried about the quality of his..." + "What do you mean with Procrustes?"

    OK a psycho might feel tempted to visit the burial as some kind of trophy shelf but perhaps not a highly educated professional (who reads police investigation manuals) and who knows his/her every move is (potentially) being tracked...furthermore a doctor knows the difference between a body (a vehicle) and a spirit (the real thing). Madeleine is no longer in the body (assuming she died as circumstantial evidence suggests and in which case they know damn well) so why take risks to visit the burial site?

    Anyway, just my opinion. What you say is possible too but it is more er...Procrustean....

    :a So you had not met Procrustes yet? Well I meet him here all the time...

    "In a Procrustean solution... instead of finding the best fit line to a scatter plot of data, one first chooses the line one wants, then selects only the data that fits it, disregarding data that does not, so to "prove" some point.

    It is a form of rhetorical deception made to forward one set of interests at the expense of others. The unique goal of the Procrustean solution is not win-win, but rather that Procrustes wins and the other loses. In this case, the defeat of the opponent justifies the deceptive means."

    Think for example Clarence Mitchell or consider some of the less reality-testing comments posted here.

    We must be wary of becoming anti-McCanns for its own sake. We are neither anti or pro-MC except perhaps pro-T and Truth is best served matter of factly.


    Thanks for the hard data and the links.

    Are you suggesting then that surgically prepared bits and pieces of Ms body would dissolve if dumped in these waters?

    We would need some experimental evidence of this before considering it further.

    Say one would dump bits of "past the sell off date" meat into the river and see how long it would take for it to dissolve (if at all) and/or whether this would arise any suspicions from passers by and/or nearby houses.

    Certainly from what I can see from the photos the colour of the river bed would serve as good camouflage (for small flesh and bone bites that is) as long as these were well dispersed... but again this strikes me as too risky. We would need to have a better look at the terrain and of course test the hypothesis (flesh/bone dispersal)

    If you were also referring to the possibility of someone related to the MCs buying a substantial amount of sulphuric acid from Fertiberia in Huelva that would be a much better hypothesis except that it would have arisen suspicions and quite certainly reported. One would need to be investigated further. We know the date the MCs were in Huelva and Fertiberia sales records for that day could easily be checked.

    However the all operation sounds to me over complicated

    All that was necessary to do was to dispose of the "surgically treated" body little by little and given the size of a child it would not take many days. The best way to dispose of it would be to take the bits - mixed with other garbage, to the communal rubbish container. Simple.

    The rubbish collecting lorry would tip the container in, collect all the rubbish in it and trituration and compression would do the rest. Naturally one could do the same in different communal containers as you travelled around. A more elaborate disposal with even smaller chances of detection.

    Again one would need to find out where this rubbish is taken to and how it is disposed of. It is incinerated? Buried?

    Naturally a more functional and less shocking alternative (can you imagine yourself making mince meat of your own daughter?) would be to bury her somewhere far away in the countryside. If the body was later found any DNA traces found with it would not make a iota of a difference. The "abductor" did it.

    Mind you, it would make a difference if tyre marks of the Renault were left nearby (but it is too late for that now)

    :k Rui Roskoff
    Criminal Profiler and Investigator reporting from Praia da Luz

  50. Anon 42 "No dogs in Rothley, wasting time and money"

    Mind you, it would have been interesting (at the time) to see if the dog would have detected the cadaver odour in their house. If they did not then KMC would have a hard time substantiating her clothes' contamination theory. The thing is if the dog (Eddie) picked it in PdL and NOT in Rothley how would she explain the contamination. There ought to be more contamination in Rothley don't you think?

  51. 50, now I understand what you do mean with the dog in Rothley.More of Kate's clothes smelling death. The most important are the apartment and the car, because the child disappeared in Praia da Luz.The reactions of the dogs are enough to corroborate the conclusion of the PJ. The boots of the Scenic has nothing to do with Kate's clothes.Neither the DNA .

    About reopening of the case: it is possible the MP is having a secret contact with the PJ, possibly discussing the issue in silence. We don't know. When they reopen it, the case will probably have gotten already very far. No media around, no Sky,nobody disturbing their work.This time they will work in peace.

  52. How about diverting suspicion onto Murat to ensure that his garden was dug up (which it was quite early on) and absolutely no trace of Maddie found. What could then be easier than to bury a little frozen body in the already disturbed ground? Murderers (the ones who get caught) apparently think it is a good idea to bury a body somewhere remote, but recently disturbed ground always attracts attention unless the police have done it themselves and thereby ruled it out as a burial site.

  53. Further comment from poster no. 9. The green communal rubbish bins where I stayed were in a prominent position, and some had open lids, very public, not a place I would want to risk hiding body parts. Added to which they were emptied by hand by a man with a small pick-up truck, not some large refuse wagon as per UK. The risk factor of using these bins as a method of disposal would seem to be very high.

    As for the acid beds, the McCanns, travelling without anyone local, would have to find this place in an industrial area in broad daylight, and hope that what was for disposal would sink in water laden with salts, and which could not be wrapped in plastic bags because they would slow down the chemical reaction, and they would probably have had to research the location on a computer, leaving traces both on that and on servers - which also sounds a bit high risk to me.

  54. I don't know how people can clear Murat. He was made suspect together with Mccann's and remained suspect more or less the same time as the Mccann's. He knows well the Resort and the Algarve. He speaks well english and portuguese. When asked if he knows Murat, Gerry got disturbed and refused to answer the question. Murat behaviour at the beginning was so suspictious as the Mccann's behaviour during those 4 years. His mum set a strange stall to ask and divert information from the police in the terrain.
    The fact the dogs did not find anything inside his house and car did no incriminate him, but also did not clear him. He fail to give a good explanation for the mobile calls he exchanged with Malinka that night. He fail to clearly sue the Tapas 7 who bring him to the crime scene. The Court case against Jane Tanner if ever exists, must be a big media event in order to clean his image and bring back his reputation. where is it?
    Any person with a pinch of intelligence has no doubts, the Mccann's had the help of somebody knowing well the Resort, the Algarve, the way the portuguese police works and speaking well english and portuguese. that guy could not be an ocasional tourist or a strange contracted to hide a body. Must be somebody sharing with Mccann's some issues- somebody incharged of the Resort with somebody from the British comunnity, living near by. If the guy was knowing exactely what was the job, or not, that is another story. He could have been fooled and later realised the troubles. too later. The Mccann's and their friends are experts at fooling people. A blue tennis bag went missing at the same time as the girl. Gerry did not reported the disappearence of his tennis bag. he acts like if he did not had it but some witnesses reported the bag as part of their luggage when they arrived to PDL. I don't know if the bag exists or if it was another myth created by the Internet but is clear, that he feels uncomfortable with questions related with bag.

  55. 33, the Anglican priest and his family live in a house behind the church.Bud I don't believe they would hide a murder.That garden I believe to exist could be of a rent house or even a bought house, maybe with Brian Kennedy's money who is a millionair.And the house is registered on somebody else's name, money sent from England, etc.
    If this happened, the PJ must know it.And maybe who bought cement and where, after the 3rd of May.A British buying cement, yes.The PJ must have thought of all those details.
    I don't believe the McCanns took the body to Huelva, asking a man in their best Spanish, "would you be so kind to burn my child?"

    They realise that there are alredy too many people who know the truth, Tapas 7, their best friends, relatives, neighbours.

    At the beginning, such a story remains secret but as time goes by, people start to change, specially the ones who are not directly involved in the crime and don't have a real interest to keep hiding the truth. But the whole problem is the fact they let themselves be manipulated by the McCanns and they incriminated themselves with false statements: Tanner, Russel, Fiona and Rachel accused falsely Murat, they impossibly can go back because it will cost them a lot of more money and prison.Mrs. Webster did not lie but she can not tell the truth, in orde to protect her daughter Fiona and son -in- law David. Matthew can also not tell the truth, in orde to protect his wife Rachel.
    David Payne is the only innocent one, hahaha, he did not incriminate anyone, he did not call any attention to himself, he did not see anything.Obvious! he is involved, isn't he?

  56. NOSING IN...

    Anon51 "now I understand what you do mean with the dog in Rothley.More of Kate's clothes smelling death."

    Yeah... that could happen but... I was thinking exactly the opposite...

    Suppose Eddie's nose did not pick up any suspicious scent at all (in Rothley's) AFTER he had done so in PdL (clothes, cupboards, cuddly cat, car keys, etc.?)

    THAT would make the need to test the extent of scent contamination (ideally using the very same dog)obsolete. Remember "contamination" was KMC alibi...

    If the dog picked nothing in Rothley that would suggest KMC was lying when she said she had taken those holiday clothes (casual clothing!!!) to work which were then in contact with several dead/dying patients. She would have to indicate other items of clothing in Rothley as the ones the dog indicated in PdL were not enough to have her "dressed to the occasion" (...)

    Conversely, she might have had the benefit of a doubt if other clothes in Rothley at the time (which had never been to Portugal) found to be contaminated (ideally by the same dog).

    Mind you... the fact KMC stated she used to take her daughter's cuddly cat toy to work that in itself is highly suggestive of guilt... that alone might have been enough to convince members of the jury that she was lying - particularly if no CCTV footage of her carrying cuddly cat to work were presented by the defence.

    Eh! This is just speculation. I don't believe the parents did it. The Devil did it.

    Have a nice day and avoid being gutter-packed if you possible can.

    Anon 50


    Anon 52 "How about diverting suspicion onto Murat to ensure that his garden was dug up (which it was quite early on) and absolutely no trace of Maddie found".

    Do you have the dates for the search and the renting of the Scenic? Mismatch? The search was in August 2007. The renting I don't have.

    You mean putting the body there without Murat or his mother seeing them doing it? No, unless they had previously made arrangements with Murat...

    Mind you... Murat seemed to have been around a lot trying to help out (he said) - so much so that he arose the suspicion of at least one minor journalist Lazyrella or something from the Mirror.

    Talking about gardens if I were to go into conspiracy theory I would rather search their neighbours' garden...that one with the Freemasonic symbols...

    "I lived in the village of Rothley (the McCanns home village) most of my life and I (know for sure) that there is a (hidden) Knights Templar (freemasons) Lodge in the said Village, hidden deep inside the very exclusive Hotel called (the Royal Court Hotel Rothley) (the "Royal" description having been dropped some years ago)"



    This is of course my own passing opinion prompted by the flow of our casual conversation and no allegations are therein made or implied.

  58. 52, what a dangerous idea.Burying without being seeying?


    "Achado macabro em casa na Foz" (sinister finding in a house in Foz)

    Arqueólogo André Carneiro alerta para o perigo para a saúde pública. A Polícia investiga a origem do espólio, que assusta moradores." (An archeologists alert the authorities for the dangers it may pose to public health. Police investigates...")

    In today's "Correio da Manha" . See link below. More details in the print version. This may or may be of interest particularly since the photo of the skull seems to be that of a young child.

    Check link below for the photo.


  60. @44...... your words are encouraging that the work continues and you speak up for the PJ who quietly do their work without seeking the limelight and they know what they are doing. Hopefully they will soon have the McCanns with their lies and their conspirators facing a judge in court. McCanns must be running out of ideas; wonder what Kate sees when she looks in the mirror......

  61. Anon 42 Search PDL by all means, but also Rothley, the only place no red herrings have pointed to. Not forgetting to search higher than ground level, especially looking up and seeing what can be seen.

  62. @59 On Sic at http://sicnoticias.sapo.pt/pais/article723092.ece, quote: "The police found human bones in two houses in Foz, Oporto. The bones are from a cemetery, which suffered an intervention in the nineteenth century, and are owned by an archaeology company of Coimbra. The Health Delegation says there is no danger to public health."

  63. According to Amaral's book, the dogs went to the McCanns rent house on August the 2nd, they went to 5a on the evening of August the 3rd, and to all of the cars including the Scenic on August the 6th.

    Murat's home was checked on August 4 and 5.

  64. Gosh, British tabloids are talking about abducted children, probably a request of the McCanns, I think.
    This could mean the McCanns must be scared right now and they want to convince the public that Madeleine was taken by a criminal.

  65. If Gerry arrived in PdL with a blue bag, it must have been registered by a camera at the airport in Faro.Specially nowadays airports are very serious about controlling passengers.It must have been also filmed when they left England, going to Algarve.And England, after 2001 and the attacks on 07-07-2005, must be extremely serious as well.
    If this bag ever existed and disappeared, yes, this is suspicious.Maybe it was used as coffin, after the body was wrapped in the pink blanket.We don't know.
    The stupid Kate could have told in her book that the pink blanket was brought back to England by the relatives but at the same time she would have to explain why, if it was a case of abduction and Madeline could be back any time.

  66. ANON65
    I thought there was a photo of the blue holdall in the cupboard in the police files, a blue holdall and a brown towel was found somewhere, and I also have read Gerry reported to reception he´d had the bag stolen. sorry cant remember where will look for it.
    ANON 60
    when kate looks in the mirror she sees a haggered reflection, caused MAYBE by someone who under pressure for some reason.
    also someone had pointed out Kate was on maternity leave, after 2 years???
    so how would she come in contact with dead bodies. Also a doctor wearing those short cut troseurs to work with a cuddlecat under her arm...I don´t think so, if she did then she would not have been my doctor for long.

    Remember the english man who handed over the keys to the church, they already knew him, he took care of their hire car i think, and I also believe he had associations with Kennedy


    Anon 44 "Rui Roskoff @ 37, an ilusionist.I don't believe you ever met any ex-inspector and had such conversation."

    I agree. RR comes through as someone with a rather creative imagination - I liked the idea of a cascavel looking after his things when he is out and about. I must have a look for one in my local pet shop, that should keep my boy friend's hands (Butch) off my knickers.

    Now seriously - RR arguments are often sound. I actually enjoy reading his postings. I don't quite see what pressed your buttons. :c

    As for RR meeting a famous ex-PJ inspector in Cafe Antunes it is possible he met someone in some caf in Portimao. Why not? I could not "google out" a Cafe Antunes in the location he gives, though. Either RR changed the name of the cafe or invented it.

    Furthermore, it may not have been GA, RR was referring to. There were several PJ inspectors working on the case. GA was their coordinator.

    Still, it is possible RR actually spoke with an ex-PJ inspector. And if not, does it matter?

    What did RR wrote anyway? That a certain ex-PJ inspector told him that he and some of his ex-colleagues had been thinking/working on the case? Surely, that much is plausible as you yourself admit. Surely GA must have been doing a lot of research for the new expanded version of "The Truth of the Lie".

    Now, IF it was GA he met, than it is possible GA could have made such comments in passing to RR. We really don't know who RR is. He is definitely smart, I give him that. May be he is what he says. A hack of some sort.

    Anyway, I will be off to Algarve myself on the 20th August and will look out for Roskoff and the Big Man himself, starting with the "Carvi Brasserie" in Portimao - the one place we know GA frequents and will make enquiries with the local PJ about any private detectives working in the area. I shall report back to you in due time.

    Hannah Puthoff


    Thanks Joana for clarifying that for us.

    Macabre. All these bones in little plastic bags (they looked like hospital specimen bags to me). Glad to know they belong to an archaeologist. My mind went off on a tangent towards...you know what...

  69. New police searches for missing teenager

    Published on Wednesday 10 August 2011 08:27

    THE family of a missing Co Tyrone teenager say they are afraid to build up their hopes that a new police search will find her body.

    The PSNI said it will launch fresh searches for the body of Castlederg schoolgirl, Arlene Arkinson, who disappeared in 1994.

    Arlene was 15 years old when she disappeared after a night out in Bundoran, Co Donegal.

    It is widely believed she was abducted and murdered. This Saturday, August 13, will mark the 17th anniversary of her disappearance.

    “Investigations into Arlene’s murder are continuing. We intend to mount further searches in the coming months,” a police spokesman said.

    “Arlene’s family have been kept up to date with the plans for a new search,” he added.

    Speaking to the News Letter yesterday, Arlene’s sister, Kathleen – who will meet with police this morning to find out more details about the planned search operations – expressed her fear, that any fresh hope could again be dashed.

    “We have to be hopeful, that maybe this time they will find Arlene after all these years,” she said.

    “But we cannot get our hopes up too much, we have had so much disappointment over the years, the comedown is very hard on all of us.

    “I am glad that things are moving again. Saturday will be the anniversary of when she went missing, and I would ask that people take a moment and say a prayer for Arlene and that she may be found and laid to rest.

    “We think about her every day since she went missing and we just want her found.”

    Kathleen also voiced her frustration that a new search had not taken place sooner.

    “We were told by police in November last year that there would be new searches carried out, but we do not why it has taken until now for those searches to begin,” she added.

    “It has been very difficult and frustrating – we only have heard from the police over the last few weeks, but before that we had heard nothing for a long time.

    “You start to think that Arlene has been forgotten about and that she will never be found.

    “We are glad that a new search will begin, but I will have to wait to speak to police to find out if there has been any new information which might lead somewhere.”

    Kathleen said the family were grateful for the specialist search team which came over from England with a sniffer dog called Eddie to help in a previous search.

    Eddie, a specially-trained English springer spaniel, not only found the body of Strabane woman, Attracta Harron, but helped police put her killer in jail, and also helped in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann in Portugal.

    Convicted child-killer and rapist, Robert Howard, 77, was charged with the murder of Arlene but was acquitted in 2005.

    In 2008, Arlene’s father, William, died at the age of 66 from a suspected heart attack in his Castlederg home following 14 years of anguish and tireless searching for his daughter’s remains.

    The family said their father had died from a “broken heart”.


  70. Public Enquiry Into Unanswered Questions Relating To The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann

    Responsible department: Home Office

    Kate and Gerry McCann have steadfastly refused to answer pertinent questions relating to the disappearance of their daughter. Recently, a sighting in Leh, India, was supported by themselves and their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, while the Leh Chief of Police denied that the event had taken place. Both parties cannot be right, and the fund-raising public needs to know the truth. Questions must also be asked regarding the use of money from the Find Madeleine Fund, following reports that the McCanns have used this for mortgage payments, and to fund lawyers for libel cases. Therefore I feel the need for a full public enquiry into these issues.


  71. The bag was pictured by GNR on May 3 after the alarm, inside the wardrobe. But magically disappeared together with Maddie blanket before the sunrise. Was it the same wardrobe where the dogs signalized the death scent?
    I don't believe the body was carried in the bag. Too suspicious. But, what about the clothes of who have been in contact with body? The dogs did not signalise the death on Gerry clothes, but this means nothing for what happened on May 3. His clothes could be carried away on that bag. And what about the pink trainers, Kate claimed she buyed specially for PDL? are them on their belongs caught by the police or are missing? OR THEY EVER EXISTED AND ARE JUST AN ATRACTION MADE BY KATE? on the pictures available from her jogging, after May 3, there is no pink trainers.
    It is clear, there is a lack of clothes on that family. When pj arrived with dogs to search Madeleine, a bath towel was what Kate offers to provide the scent of her child. Quite strange for a desperate mother which child had been abducted after being in the bed. Why not giving to the police the last clothes the child was wearing that day? That clothes must be full of Madeleine scent and ADN and must be very special for Kate because she describe them with emotion, on her book when she talks about the beautiful look of her daughter inside that expensive clothes she brought for her( the shorts and the tshirt Madeleine is wearing on the last picture near the pool). Kate never reported that clothes disappeared. Amaral was quite clear on his book when he mention the bath towel instead personal clothes. Very odd that mum. Very poor skills for a group of doctors, who want the world to believe, avstrange snatch their child.
    Textusa has an interesting post on her blog. Have a look. Very interesting, how far went the cover up of that crime.

  72. Anon 69 "We intend to mount further searches in the coming months,” a police spokesman said."

    Well done to the Irish police. Perhaps the Portuguese PJ could do the same in the area indicated by Krugel's Quantum Sniffer otherwise we shall have to wait for Prof. Cebolinha project to take off or to Pat Brown's fund to gather cash momentum.

  73. Ok,
    Hannah puthoff = Rui Roskoff = Insp. Ventoinha & many others ending on off. All to divert the attention from the big discussion.
    Non, no any inspector will have a talk about any case, in a cafe. They are competents professionals who will not expose themselves in a public place. Imagine if a kind of Marcos Aragao is around... Inspectors know, these kind of fungus growth wild and spread quickly, since money seems to be not a problem.

  74. I AM AWARE...

    ...of the negative comments made here about my persona. I have therefore instructed Messrs. Gutter-Pack LLP to look into the matter and bring the full force of the Law to bear on Anon 44.

    :k Rui Roskoff
    Criminal Profiler and Investigator reporting from Praia da Luz

  75. Regarding my previous post about Madeleine last clothes. Well, the last picture was delivered after Gerry first trip home. How convenient. If they had delivered that picture on may 3 or 4, most probably the police will ask that clothes. Was that picture the last of Madeleine? Why there is so few pictures from the girl on that holidays?


    Anon 73 "Non, no any inspector will have a talk about any case, in a cafe"

    Well, I am not so sure. Suppose I am an ex-inspector sitting in a cafe and I suspect you to be an hack of some sort. You see me and you go:

    "Small world! I can't believe I am talking to you right now, bla-bla-bla" adding at some point "what is this talk about the PJ not doing anything about the search for M?".

    What do I say? "Get the hell out off my face?".

    Well, I might... but it all depends on who I think I am talking to.

    Say, if you come thorough as an educated "beef" and/or I suspect you to be a hack, I might tell you whatever you want to hear, but of course you are right, I would not give you any nitty-gritty details.

    I might on the other hand, suggest you wait to read my new book or (why not?) use you to send a subliminal message to a certain individual or PR agency. I might even tell you the truth, namely that "I have been thinking about it ever since." (full stop).

    Now, what I told you was: "I have been thinking about it ever since." (full stop) and you construe that as "the ex-PJ inspector says he and his colleagues have been working on the case ever since" that would be your interpretation, not a verbatim quote of what I said. Right?

    Either way it would suit me, and be close enough to the truth. I don't lie. The problem is, others do.

    Let me put this question to you:

    Are you by any chance more inclined to discredit others rather than providing some credible arguments yourself? Of course not.

    Hannah Puthoff

    PSsst I will be in Portimao late this month. I will try to ascertain if there is any truth in what Roskoff wrote. Watch this space.

  77. Kate was so proud and delighted of how lovely Madeleine looked in the new clothes, the peach coloured "broderie anglaise" clothes, and yet...not one photo of Madeleine wearing the said outfit!
    Isn't it weird...?

    Even weirder...I was looking back at the reports of the day the McCanns left Portugal, and on the photos of Kate, inside the car on the way to the Faro airport she is wearing the black and white checkered trousers that according to Eddie and Keela reeked of cadaver scent!!! Goodness gracious me!

  78. I dont understand how the Pj have not incriminated Gerry on this blue bag, its there in the files so how can he deny it, the police think it was to get rid of clothes. Come on PJ there could be evidence staring at you, open the case for the sake of the lost child.

  79. 5a was locked after everybody left, at 2.00am and only the PJ was allowed to visit the apartment.A man went to 5a in order to take finger prints.
    The following day they took the pictures, and the blanket was still on the bed(see photos McCann Files).Of course the PJ investigated every piece of cloth, toys, books, shoes, etc searching for an evidence of an abduction or death. This kind of work takes days, even weeks.The McCanns never brought anything from Maddie's room and probably nearly no clothes with them, that night.
    On the photos McCann files you can see that the apartment remained what it was,after everybody left.If that bag disappeared, it disappeared after the police gave back the McCanns'belongs, when they were living in that expensive house in PdL.
    Everything administrated and later given back to the McCanns.


    Thanks to Anon X for drawing attention to some new material in Textusa's blog.

    I just had a look at it as you suggested. For those of you too pressed or too lazy to have a look, here are some titbits of a very intelligent posting (inductive logic applied to some PJ files material - "Slide & Splash (S&S) "reservation" sheet.)

    "What most likely happened is that somebody, by request or own initiative, tried to hand over to the PJ only the first three sheets, May 1st, May 2nd and May 3rd. These were the only ones they had made up until then.

    However, when the reservation sheets were handed over, most likely the PJ requested ALL existing reservation sheets for the month of May, and not only those leading up to the May 3rd evening. A natural and adequate request, in my opinion.

    So whoever was handing over the papers, was surprised by this request and had to go back quickly and come up with the “missing” ones. To say that they didn't have them would give away the whole thing, wouldn't it?" (quote/unquote)



  81. I think you are getting confused with another Madeleine so called PI.

  82. ANON 46 "Talking about the medical/surgical/anatomy know-how necessary to dismember a body"

    I find it all rather macabre... for a parent to treat his/her own child this way even assuming the all session was treated as a "surgical procedure" necessary to safeguard their other children (and their) good name...

    Of course we know that both parents have been through anatomy classes at medical school and have an intimate, practical knowledge of body dissection - a possibility to bear in mind during any criminal investigation.

    And let us face it...it makes sense - particularly in the context of Eddie's nose findings in the apartment, in the mother's clothes, in the child's toy and even in the car!

    No matter how much I wish the parents to be innocent of "accidentally killing their daughter" I have difficulty in conciliating the dog's nose with the parents' version of events not to mention some of their friends.

    Another thing...

    Someone here mentioned the connection between the Templars and Rothley (where the couple lives) and mentioned some garden in Praia da Luz with Knights Templar/Illuminati statues/symbols. I have been able to associate Rothly with the Knights Templar:


    But I have yet to Google out the photos of the nearby garden in PdL (with Illuminati statues, symbols)to classify the comment as bona fide.

    Assuming such information is correct, that such garden exists, perhaps its grounds should be checked as a potential burial site - perhaps the PJ already did. I don't know.

    This brings us to the links between the Knights Templar, the Illuminatti and the New World Order.

    Unless this is nothing more than conspiracy theory the latter could (hypothetically) account for the political strings attached to this case. See:


    This is of course another wild inference but one which deserves further thought and is certainly worth investigating (by the PJ).

    By the way I just came across this info on-line while working on this comment. Here is the link:


    I am left wondering what this New World Order is all about. I hope it is all about order (badly needed) and not repression - no thanks! We are not all looters and arsonists.

    One thing is for sure, those high up in the hierarchy are bound to protect each other and get away with things the average Joe Bloggs cannot...

    A passing opinion. No allegations made.

  83. If I was so-and-so (and I am not saying I am or that this is what happened) here is how I would dispose of a small body particularly IF I had a little help from someone who had access discrete access to a cemetery - such as a local priest.

    No one would think of looking for her in the church that very night, would they? It was not an obvious place particularly since everyone was at first looking for a stray child and then for an abductor. The parents at this stage were 100% innocent or so it seemed.

    Afterwards a cemetery would be the ideal place to bury a body simply because a dog looking for the scent of a corpse would go barking mad.

    OK fair enough, if the dog was sniffing out for Madeleine's scent then fine.

    The question is: has the PJ checked any cemeteries in the region for such possibility? If not, that might have been worth checking...

  84. Follow Faked Abduction on twitter aka Brian Johnson,he has interesting link about his conversation with police investigating McCann case,the investigation is called Operation Grange,& policeman said "When investigating a murder".Also the cop said if people send in FOI requests they might get better response than Leicestershire police gave.

  85. just wondered if anyone watched a programme on tv last night about a child going missing in Manchester a few years ago? It reminded me so much of the Mc Canns the killer protested his innocence too much and got involved with the family and tried to manipulate the media and throw the police off his tracks just like the Mc Canns have been doing for years.I think its about time someone put a stop to this pair of suspects!!

  86. @ Zeca

    In common with most of her postings, this latest offering from Textusa is a piece of total invention and complete nonsense, penned by someone who is clearly in need of psychiatric help.

    In it she examines a sheet which appears in the PJ files, and which is taken from a notepad headed with the name of a nearby waterpark. The sheet contains a list of names of guests at the complex, together with apartment numbers and specific times. After going around the houses for about three pages, she finally identifies this list as a copy of the booking register of the Tapas restaurant for the evening of the 7th May - four days after Madeleine disappeared. So far, so good.
    She then, however, embarks on a total flight of fantasy, in which she claims that ''This piece of paper has the importance of PROVING the direct involvement of BOTH GUESTS and OCEAN CLUB STAFF in the cover-up of Maddie’s death. ''

    It's beyond ridiculous.

    There then follows much discussion on the comments page about the article, with claims that the people listed had all left the complex before the 7th May, the day to which it refers.
    This too is complete nonsense, and illustrates how poorly researched her articles are. With one exception, none of the guests listed had even arrived in Portugal until after Madeleine disappeared - but Textusa doesn't even check that information prior to accusing them of being involved in a conspiracy to cover up a death.
    Even other Anti sites are openly ridiculing her blog - and rightly so. It does, however, serve to bring into disrepute all those who disbelieve the McCanns if this is how they are portrayed - as deranged conspiracy theorists. She has taken one piece of paper, which may well have simply found it's way into the files by virtue of being amongst a pile of papers seized by the PJ, and woven a conspiracy involving staff and holidaymakers who didn't set foot in Portugal until the 5th May. Total and complete nonsense.

  87. Anon 53 "The green communal rubbish bins where I stayed were in a prominent position, and some had open lids, very public, not a place I would want to risk hiding body parts."

    I see the point you are making however I have just-just came across this piece of news on the BBC website:

    "A two-year-old girl has been found in a rubbish container in southern Spain after her parents allegedly abandoned her there, local officials say.

    They say the toddler was rescued after residents of the town of Cabezo de Torres, near Murcia, heard sobbing sounds coming from a container.

    The residents found the girl inside, saying she was "crying and sweating" with signs of panic on her face.

    Her parents were detained after the incident late on Saturday.

    The parents - who are reportedly of North African origin - are now awaiting trial on suspicion of neglect.

    Police have not released the names of the suspects."

    The point is if the idea occurred to North African parents it could just as easily have occurred to British parents, any other careless parents anywhere... besides dead children don't sob.

    It would have been a possibility - particularly when you think of it in terms of barbecue size "rotting meat! mixed with other rubbish.

    Disgusting I know. Still...these (spiritually) poor parents did not (apparently) show much care for their children safety by leaving them alone night after night, did they?

    Sorry, if I am being unkind... a bit obnoxious... pass the sponge... least I end up gutter-packed...


  88. Anon 86 "just wondered if anyone watched a programme on tv last night"

    Any more details, names, links? I believe you though; it is just that we would like to know more.


    Anon 87 "this latest offering from Textusa is a piece of total invention"

    Thank you for your input.

    Having read Textusa's article with an open mind I was immediately struck by the poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted content of your comment. Sorry.

    I do not wish to sound unkind but there is a difference between dogmatism and pragmatism, in case you haven't noticed it.

    T. does alert the reader (at the very beginning) to the following:

    " I must warn you that today’s post will be total speculation. You see, I’m forced to rely on information given to me by others, and have nothing but their sources to corroborate it."

    Perhaps if you have other data/sources or you know better, you might wish to share those with us...

    Yes...we are listening...

    I do not wish to contradict or support T's inferences but I must admit I found her arguments sound - as a depart from the data she had in hands.

    As for the counter-arguments you offer...could you try to be more explicit? Try the step-by-step approach. Deconstruction usually works better than wild over generalizations...

    I don't think the overall point Textusa makes points to a conspiracy as such but to a "patch up" attempt made "a posteriori"... that much seems clear from T's inductions which are not so far fetching when you consider the nationality of who owns Ocean Club.



    "Mark Warner's childcare services were criticised in the BBC's Whistleblower programme in February 2008". (Wikipedia).

  90. Anon @87

    Thank you for highlighting Textusa's work. You are wrong. I have now thoroughly checked the OC guest list pages in the PJ files and some guests on that list WERE there when Maddie went missing.

    As you have taken a lot of trouble to try to discredit Textusa I am going to read all her articles. I think from what I have read so far she is very accurate and provides factual information. If she is laughed at by other blogs then I would guess it's those pro McCanns sites that keep a close watch in case people like Textusa expose new information that could lead to the case being REOPENED.

    I am also going to scrutinise the PJ files to see if I can see any other pages that seem innocuous but must be there for a reason.

    One thing that has always aroused my interest is why there was only statements from Mark Warner customers when other travel companies were using nearby apartments. Also why only British people?

    Why were some people on the guest list who were supposed to be in the same restaurant as T9 the night Maddie went missing were allowed to go home, one guy a day early, and never interviewed. What was special about these people? So it's not only what is in the files but also what isn't. Highly suspicious.

  91. Anon 91 "I am also going to scrutinise the PJ files to see if I can see any other pages that seem innocuous but must be there for a reason."

    Now you're thinking... :d


  92. @89 it was called someones daughter someones son about Darren Vickers who killed a child Jamie Lavis and then befriended the family, he lied and tried to mani[ulate the press and police just like the Mc Canns

  93. What poorly researched responses.

    If you actually read some of the supposed ''research'' conducted by Sina J, it is completely laughable. For example, she identifies one guest from the 'copy' list, by the name of Newman, then declares that he wasn't there on those dates, and that he travelled without children.

    That's because she is looking at the wrong Newman, on the wrong register.

    If she actually bothered to do her research properly and looked at the correct register, she would see listed there the correct Mr Newman, from the correct apartment, and in possession of the correct number of children.

    Frankly, Textusa is a complete irrelevance. Someone who is clearly unwell, and who is obviously getting a kick out of manipulating people. I don't really care if she has a go at the Scums, to be honest - they are not deserving of any sympathy - but her lies and character assassination of other witnesses such as Mrs Fenn are totally unjustified. Her central thesis that the McCanns and their friends never dined at the tapas is also palpable nonsense, based on her ridiculous assertion that they didn't have a table big enough. Whoever might have been involved in a conspiracy, there is nothing whatsoever to support her claims that the OC, all their staff and numerous other guests, some who weren't even in Portugal at the time, were ''In on it''

    This has all been comprehensively debunked on posts to her site - but she doesn't have the balls to print them

  94. Anonymous 87,

    'Anti' Sites?

    There are 'pro-McCann's' who are totally subjective and simply attack personally anyone who suggests anything other than a straight unavoidable abduction, but 'anti's' are generally a fabricated breed created by those who support the McCann's blindly.

    I say generally because there are of course nutters on both 'sides' of the argument. There are far more nutters on the side of the McCann's putting them into disrepute (as you would expect when religion is involved).

    I'd suggest that the McCann's actively and deliberately sought to bring religion into the issue of their child's 'disappearance' - despite being purported to be 'intelligent' (born of a public misconception that people who have the opportunity to continue in schooling after many leave to enter employment are in some way intellectually superior!). I believe that this 'clever' move brought the nutters over to their 'side' in droves.

    Anyway, my point is, there are pro McCanns. anti-McCann's and those of us who simply challenge and seek to expose the facts and the truth.

    You always know you have a pro when they attack you as an individual and do not seek to address the issues raised in argument.

    An anti will do the same, but aligning themselves against the McCann's.

    Those who are objective are easily spotted too, they debate and discuss the arguments and do not attack the person, except when they get exhasperated occasionally!

    So, how about you do as some of the other poster have suggested and address the argument - parking your allegiance to the parents who neglected their child (because objectively thats exactly what they did).

  95. Anon 88 from anon @53. I accept your point, but suggest that in this case the North African parents wanted their child to be found, hence the reason that they left her alive and physically unharmed. Poor child, what a terrifying ordeal, but at least she has a life ahead of her, whereas those who dump a body only have a life ahead of them if it is not discovered.

  96. :p INTERLUDE

    "Canine scent detection in the diagnosis of lung cancer: Revisiting a puzzling phenomenon"



    Anon 94 "Textusa is a complete irrelevance"

    You have obviously taken a dislike on Textusa and I wish not to be drawn into it, particularly since you failed (yet again) to explain (or even outline) your arguments properly.

    You do give one example but you do not elaborate on it.

    What you do is to over-generalize and the logic of that is:

    "T's analysis is faulty in this particular detail therefore all of T's analysis is wrong".

    Oh! Really?

    You then make another wild generalization by assuming ALL of Textusa'a analysis are "ipso facto" wrong - Dio mio!

    :h May I have your own opinion on this one "for example":


    Thank you.


  98. Anon 96 "88 from anon @53"

    A plausible assumption... still, that was not the most appropriate (and safe) place to leave a child which makes me doubt their "good intentions" even more.

    Parents can be ruthless for all sorts of reasons, you know...



    Sorry, this one published today in the "Evening Standard" paper edition (see on-line version below) is perhaps a bit too macabre for those of you with weak stomachs but...it serves to illustrate the possibility that Madeleine's (small) body could have been flown back to the UK undetected. Don't ask me by whom...

    ... this news link is offered to those readers with a passing academic interest in this case. It may, for example, serve to illustrate the fact that in the mathematics of probability any conceivable event is feasible to a certain degree, depending on certain constants and variables.

    No allegations of any kind are made or intended.

    Good night and good luck.

  100. Anon 57 "MURAT'S GARDEN "

    Are these the photos you were asking for? Just found them!

    This is not Murat's garden by the way but the garden of the house in front. Whether the forensic dogs were there or not I do not know but the point you made is an interesting one. Everything is possible unless you come up with an "official" version of events with a Carter-Ruck guarantee on it (...)

    This is the link...scroll down a bit...


  101. It is really ridiculous the way some criticize or dislike Textusa. If she had no grounds on her posts, she just had to be ignored. But not. The BH can't ignore her because her post show an inteligent analyze and a deep research . She is hitting some major players on their nevralgical center. Very close to the truth. They are worried and without contra- arguments to destroy her posts.

  102. Anon 101 "MURAT'S GARDEN" - "Are these the photos you were asking for?"

    :g They are indeed! Now get the dogs over there ASAP to test my theory! Much obliged!

    Anon 57


    The following is the text that goes with it (written by Frederico Duarte-Carvalho - Portuguese journalist)

    "It was impossible to ignore it, but very few journalists went to visit the garden where such a strange element was planted. If they had done it -like I did -, then they would have seen this other scenery just next to place where Madeleine had disappeared...

    See photos here: http://paramimtantofaz.blogspot.com/search?q=praia+da+luz+revisited

    Then, on May 15, Robert Murat was arrested. His house was on the opposite side of the pyramid house…

    I had to return to Lisbon on that day. I thought the case could be closed on the following days. But that didn’t happen. There were no sufficient evidences to point out Murat or his friends into.

    Two months later, on July 2007, the new British prime-minister received the Portuguese prime-minister, José Sócrates, in London...

    On about the same time the McCann friend's went to the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) in Portimão to testify.

    The police was doing all they could on the search, and even the father, Gerry McCann, thanked the PJ for suspending their summer leave in order “to ensure no stone is left unturned” in finding his daughter...

    It was Jane Tanner testimony that identified Robert Murat. She was walking along this street from the restaurant to the apartment...She said she saw a man walking into this street...

    My question was: Why walk into a street full of light when you had a dark street on the other end?...

    Then, 27 days after the disappearance, the parents went to Rome to see the Pope...

    They also went on to travel into several cities in Europe. It was in Berlin, on June 6, that they got a bad moment, when they had to face a hard question…

    It wouldn’t take too longer until the parents were to be found suspects...

    They were questioned for hours into the night...

    The evidences were never conclusive and they managed to return into England...

    On that day, as they arrived in England without their daughter, there was a traditional religious ceremony at the Praia da Luz church.

    It marked a final tune to this story…"


    There are several photos interspersed with some of the paragraphs. Please refer to the link above or below:



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