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SOS Criança Report: 41 Children went missing last year

SOS-Criança has signalled 41 missing children [in Portugal] in 2010. Most of them ran away from home, but there were also parental abductions and flights from institutions. Some went missing for less than two days, others for over a year.

A report from SOS-Criança, an organization that was created in 1989 by the Child Support Institute (Instituto de Apoio à Criança) reveals that most of the children that disappeared last year had run away from home (25), but there were also 10 cases that were parental abductions and another six situations where the children fled from the institutions where they were staying.

Ten children were missing for less than two days and another seven for less than one week. The report further indicates that in five cases, the child managed to remain out of contact for one to two weeks, and three children disappeared for two to three weeks.

Three minors ran away for three to four weeks and another two remained unaccounted for a period over one month. In three cases, the minors disappeared for over half a year, and in four cases, for over nine months. The report further indicates that three minors remained missing for over one year.

Most of these children had someone “waiting for them”: 12 were with a parent, 16 with companions or friends and five with their siblings. Fifteen minors ended up returning “home” on their own, while in six situations it was the family or police (six times) that cleared the case. “Two children did not want to return home/to the institution, and nine have an open process”, the report mentions, indicating that 12 of the “missing” were repeat situations.

Concerning parental abductions, in 13 cases the parents were still married, eight were divorced, six were separated, and there were also two cases of people living together or single. The civil situation of the parents of nine missing children remains unknown until now.

Family conflicts are the most common motive for runaways

Family conflicts were the main motive for running away, followed by the internet and the influence of friends. "Domestic violence was responsible for four disappearances and abuse was responsible in three cases". The report further points out cases of psychiatric illness, neglect, behavioural problems, dating and even the story of a minor who ran away to attend a concert.

Last year, 31 girls and 10 boys disappeared, and most of the cases take place near the weekend: 11 on a Friday, seven on a Thursday and another five cases on a Monday.

As far as ages are concerned, there is no pattern: last year, two children aged two and six children aged three, five, six, seven, ten and eleven, but also five 16-year-olds and four 17-year-olds.

Most of them lived in Lisbon (11). In Évora and Bragança, four minor went missing in each of the regions. Setúbal, Braga, Coimbra, Faro, Leiria, Viseu, Santarém and Aveiro also registered cases.

In most of the situations, the alert was given by the family, but there were also eleven flights that were denounced by the community, and seven by professionals from institutions that are related to children. In two cases, the "fugitives" themselves contacted the SOS-Missing Child services.

Eight denunciations arrived at the SOS services by e-mail, while the other 33 arrived by phone, the report reveals, further indicating that the Missing Children Service has already signalled 318 cases over the years. Last year, there were 41 cases, half of what was registered in 2009, when the services signalled 88 missing children.

in: Público, 10.08.2011


  1. The Murdoch papers came out with a similar article, pleasing the McCann's. I said similar, because they failed the main message, the truth. For them. A big number of children were abducted every week, like Madeleine McCann.
    Untrue, because:

    - Madeleine McCann was not abducted.
    - most of the child's who disappeared, were not abducted.
    - most of the child's who disappeared, are young teenagers who wonder off on their own.
    - the few number who were abducted, were abducted by one of the parents, inside a fighting divorce.
    - most were found in few days, weeks, months, years and come back to their families.
    - some don't come back because they don't want to. They are over 18 years old, but the police locate them know where they are.

    If a child did not come back and the police did not locate it, most probably the child was victim of a crime and is death. Now, the world is global, any investigation is global and very sophisticated. Even, if the police did not publicize it, is evident, ALL POLICES ARE CONNECTED, SHARING INFORMATION AND RESSOURCES.
    only the stupid McCann's and their team of evil lawyers and spoken-persons, live in the moon,CONVENNIENTLY, and are trying to fool the public with their fantasist abduction. This ship, fits their brains and their bank
    accounts... Not the brain of who has a pinch of intelligence.


    The media (in this case the Portuguese media) ought to know where their priorities lie. They ought to concentrate on home grown innocents not on well-to-do, arrogant, racist, privileged foreigners with political connections and dubious means.

    The media (and the PJ) ought to publicize and concentrate on those children who might be still alive and not on those which, for all we know, are already dead - accidentally or otherwise.

  3. Something else the McCanns will use in their favour against Portugal and the PJ....
    Astro, do you or Joana know when the liklihood of Dr Amarals case with the McCanns is likely to be??

  4. Na foto do Daily star Sunday (Mccannfiles), o parzinho parece um Casal de mendigos oportunistas, colados a um artigo faccioso para publicitarem o seu livro das mentiras, a espera de donativos. Como e que Estes jornais Podem descer Tao baixo, e sem escrupulos, gozar com os sentimentos das familias e das Vitimas realmente raptadas.
    Murdoch foi apanhado na teia dos subornos, da corrupcao e da fabricacao de noticias, mas as mentiras continuum.... Para alimentar os cofres de alguns jornais e o ego de alguns editores e seus amigos.

  5. @3 In the 41 missing children cases none was an abduction by a stranger, so I fail to see how the McCanns could spin this report in their favour. In fact, the McCanns never wanted anything to do with the various and well established Children institutions in Portugal, like the Portuguese Missing Children Association or the Child Support Institute or the SOS Children.

  6. Anon 3 "when the liklihood of Dr Amarals case with the McCanns is likely to be??"

    The question was not directed at me but I can tell you a solicitor friend with connections in the Ministry of Justice tells me it could happen late this year or early next year.

    If it doesn't, than it's everyone's guess. Personally I think he was guessing as well (...)

    Portugal has been fined recently by the EU for cases which have waited as much as 7 years to be heard!

    This is truly a pity for I suspect we might have to wait that much to read Amaral's 2nd expanded edition of the truth about the lies.

    Amaral's publishers might even decide to wait until the EU court of appeal has their saying.

    If the McCanns' loose (as they probably will) then they will appeal to the European court. Same applies to Amaral. It's a lock out I am afraid.

    I feel sorry for Amaral for he has been effectively gagged by Gutter-Pack... sorry I am not very good with names... Car-Park? Counter-Rap? Isobel Bonaparte? Is that it?..the lawyers you know...

  7. Thank you anonymous 6, I am anonymous 3, lets hope for his sake and for justice it will be much sooner, we can but hope.

  8. The Maccanns, must Thank their lucky stars every day the crime happened in Portugal. as justice in that country is only at a snails pace. Its a disgrace had it happened anywhere else this pair may be in jail now. Its going on far too long for any justice in this case. I hope Mr Amaral gets to clear his good name but I doubt it all the cards are stacked in favour of the Maccanns. Portugal must be the best country in the world to commit a crime and get away with it.

  9. What?! Not a single abduction by a paedophile? I thought there were hundreds, thousands of abductions in Portugal every year! I'm shocked! Does this mean that Kate is telling porkies in her book? She says there are zillions of paedo child abductions all over the place, a veritable plague of children disappearing, what with all those gipsies, corrupt coppers, etc?! No no no this can't be true, I can't believe Kate is lying! Not Kate, not the british papers, surely they can't be misleading the public. Noooooooo! ;-)

  10. Thank you, Astro & Joana, for this update. We have to work hard to keep up and keep on with optimism for Mr Amaral and family for some solution to the loose cannons we call McCanns as they never fail to stay with their lies! "..everything is probable and everything is possible in this world", so we hope somewhere along this way somebody will crack and 'spill the beans'. How is it possible that they are allowed, without restraint, to promote themselves at every given opportunity! They have created a sea of lies and are happily swimming in their negative world where life must be a bitch!

  11. Please note the link in your/Joana's article: http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/01/what-happened-to-inciting-racial-hatred.html in what concerns Tony Parsons "Oh Up Yours Senor" has been changed or is incorrect. This is the new link:


    You might wish to update it accordingly.

    I happened to notice it while e-mailing the Commission for Human Rights and the Council of Europe and drawing their attention to the fact that the Daily Mirror has yet to remove this highly provocative material from their website which may account for some Portuguese nationals being involved in the Brixton riots (looting and arsonry) in London this week. It is wrong I know and I am not condoning it but you know the mentality of kids nowadays...

  12. Off the subject but a thought occured to me, why cannot anyone read their lips as to what they are saying to each other alone, or in film clips. That might be interesting, more F------ T-----??
    It was done at a royal wedding and other events why not Mcs. just a thought.

  13. See Little Morsals blog to sign a Home Office petition into unanswered questions for Maddie, your signature is needed.

  14. External (related):


    Don't go to Portugal for your holiday

    2007 surge in PCC activity (PCC site)

    PCC rebukes Davies book claims over resolved complaints

    Paul Dacre lashes 'ignorant and prejudiced' PCC critics


    UK paper eases on anti-ambassador article after complaints hit new record

    Embaixador português atacado na imprensa inglesa (SOL)

    Meyer: Why Express editor left PCC

    The PCC ineffective "resolution" on Tony Parsons filthy attacks on the Portuguese and Portugal (which continued to be published on the Daily Mirror after the bellow "apology" was issued)

    The Portuguese Embassy complained that a comment piece, on the subject of Anglo-Portuguese relations in the wake of the Madeleine McCann investigation, inaccurately characterised the Ambassador’s views on the issue, and contained what were considered to be offensive comments about the Portuguese Ambassador, the Portuguese police and Portuguese people in general.

    The complaint was resolved when the newspaper sent the Ambassador a private letter of apology and published the following correction:
    Further to our article of 29th October, we are happy to make clear that whilst the contrary impression was given by the comments of the Portuguese Ambassador to the Times on 27 October we can confirm that the Ambassador did Antonio Santana Carlos not, and has not, said that the Madeleine McCann case has seriously damaged relations between Portugal and this country."


  15. Does anyone else think the McCanns are the most litigious and protected people on the planet? It appears that journalists and commentators can write anything, true or untrue, in the newspapers or their online versions about the Queen, anyone in the Royal Family, the Pope, politicians, they are all fair game. Only the McCanns are able to get anything that is not 100% to their liking removed immediately. Why would that be? A lot of the aforementioned people have much greater financial resources at their disposal.

  16. @13

    Public Enquiry Into Unanswered Questions Relating To The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann

    Responsible department: Home Office

    Kate and Gerry McCann have steadfastly refused to answer pertinent questions relating to the disappearance of their daughter. Recently, a sighting in Leh, India, was supported by themselves and their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, while the Leh Chief of Police denied that the event had taken place. Both parties cannot be right, and the fund-raising public needs to know the truth. Questions must also be asked regarding the use of money from the Find Madeleine Fund, following reports that the McCanns have used this for mortgage payments, and to fund lawyers for libel cases. Therefore I feel the need for a full public enquiry into these issues.


  17. Another Madeleine McCann Spreads Fear In The Algarve: Daily Star Spreads Fear

    MADELEINE McCann: The Daily Star’s Jonathan Corke says the Algarve is just waiting for another Maddie to happen. And only CCTV can prevent it:

    BRITISH children on holiday in Portugal’s Algarve are still “wide open” to another Madeleine McCann-style abduction because authorities refuse to install CCTV.

    She vanished in 2007. There have been no similar vanishing since. Why the fear now? And why only British kids?

    Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry have long believed a camera network in the region may have helped prevent her disappearance or helped in the search.

    Indeed. Had cameras been trained on every door and window on the fateful night when the great story began, we may well know more.

    Despite a campaign to have a CCTV network covering the Algarve holiday resorts, officials say they cannot justify the cost.

    It’s just about the money, then?

    Now there are fears that without the deterrent another child could be snatched.

    Why now?

    Former Algarve tourism chief Antonio Pina said: “For many years I have been fighting for CCTV in the Algarve as this would help the situation of increasing the police presence and creating a better feeling of security. Unfortunately, I have found that those in authority have a very small mentality when it comes to introducing this measure. This is a simple answer and it is crazy that it has not already been brought in.”

    The Daily Star then tells us:

    In the UK there are more than 4.2million CCTV cameras capturing each person up to 300 times a day. Portugal’s lack of cameras has meant that in the four years since she vanished from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, Madeleine has not been caught on film once.

    Well, the real Madeleine McCann hasn’t been seen on CCTV. At least twice.

    The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry would welcome the idea of greater surveillance in areas like that where families are on holiday.”

    What if a paedo got a job operating the CCTV cameras trained on the beaches? What then?

    The thinking seems to be that Portugal is backward in its attitude to CCTV. With CCTV, children do not go missing – and if they do, they get found. And that’s odd, because we’re often being told that thousands of children go missing in the UK. People like Shannon Matthews. Indeed, it was Corke who told us:

    An estimated 150 children a year are victims of Madeleine McCann-style abductions in Britain.

    And we are also told that CCTV doesn’t work. It’s not cost effective. So. Is it a matter of cash, as the Star says? No. The Portuguese constitution is clear:

    Everyone is accorded the rights to personal identity, to the development of personality, to civil capacity, to citizenship, to a good name and reputation, to their image, to speak out, to protect the privacy of their personal and family life, and to legal protection against any form of discrimination.

    Such are the facts…

    in the Anorak, June 14 2011 http://www.anorak.co.uk/283700/madeleine-mccann/another-madeleine-mccann-spreads-fear-in-the-algarve-daily-star-spreads-fear.html/

    Daily Star article http://www.dailystar.co.uk/posts/view/195525/CCTV-too-costly-to-save-tots-like-Madeleine-McCann/

  18. were the CCTVs preventing the huge number of children who went missing every year in UK? Most still missing with police knowing absolutely nothing about them.
    We don't need to go far, to see the useless of CCTV cameras when a criminal prepare well his/her crime. J. Yates was filmed buying a Pizza and disappear after that. How long have been the police, in the dark, even after having a body with all the evidences a body could have? The police had, even time to wrongly accuse her landlord.
    Come on British Mccjournalists, look inside your home before trowing stones at others. IT is little discussed in UK, but I really would like to see a study about the impact of the Xenophobic British media in the build of the mentality of the youngers. The last riots are a reflex of a culture of racism. What the youngers were doing while destroying the cities, was not a fight for a job or for high and better education, as many claim now. They were fighting each others in a xenophobic game that catch many innocents. What we can say, when you see blacks destroying the shops of the asiatics and vice-versa? Is the result of a culture of racism, mainly feed by journalists and a very manipulated media. But, they don't learn anything and I will be not surprised if after the fire being extinguishid, the xenophobic mccjournalists come again with articles supporting the couple sell their book. Claiming sights around the world, without the aval of any police. Was it not ridiculous, to have an article talking about missing persons with a photo of Gerry and Kate holding their book? What is the message behind that image?'Remember the book still there for you to buy!!!' an encripted advertisement showing how the crime compensates, at least on the bank acc. of this two and their team. That media is encouraging the crime and serving not the public, but the big interests of small groups in the society. CCTVs are useless. They are used to intimidate and controll only who is honest.
    The best, governments can do to combat some type of crimes, is educating the society starting with children at very early ages. Educating to respect the life of others and to dennounce with honestity and without fears, the wrongly doing of others. Contrary to the Mccann's who had a pact of silence to cover their wrongly behaviour. I really appreciate the courage of the mother of that girl (the one related with olympic games in London) who denounces her daughter. She gave a lesson to some of the poor skilled British journalists.

  19. Joana, I tried to sign the Petition at Little Morsals but I got a message saying, could only be sign by UK citizens or residents. The petition you gave the link is the same or is another one?

  20. Scotland Yard letter dated July 19, 2011 they will review every aspect of the McCann case and new evidence. An important letter. Waited for.

  21. Diane Webster of the Tapas nine said Jane Tanner did not visit her daughter early and was with her all that time at the Tapas restaurant.

  22. more than 4 children are abducted by strangers, every week, in the UK.
    Why don't they plant CCTV themselves, in every corner in Britain?

    Instead of advise, Portugal would love to see examples. Its only "abduction" by a stranger was Madeleine's. And it had never happened before. Disappeared children in Portugal were murdered and they knew the assassin.

    Mitchell, would Kate and Gerry also welcome the presence of British responsible parents in Algarve? The PJ would adore the idea.

    This article is probably based on something that is worrying the McCanns. Scotland Yard?

  23. Joana @14

    Much obliged for the extra links provided. I shall go through them one by one, note any content that is patently racist and pass it on to whom it may concern.

    The comments by Mr. Tony Parsons that triggered the Portuguese Embassy formal complaint (the "OH UP YOURS SENOR" article)is transparently racist and ought, by itself, stand in a court of law.

    I have already received some feedback from the Equality and Human Rights Commission www.equalityhumanrights.com
    but it is not clear at this stage if the Daily Mirror and/or Mr. Tony Parsons are liable to prosecution under the same regulations - or otherwise under European legislation.

    Incidentally, this is a case that should have been taken by the Portuguese Embassy in London or the Portuguese government in Lisbon and not left to the Portuguese Community to fight.

    This is more than a mute point for such ethnical slurs and attitudes (overt or covert) strike at the very heart of the recent looting in the UK.

    If one systematically defines some people as "sardine munching"; "leering bumpkins despised by their Northern European counterparts", etc. some of the young people targeted will react accordingly. This may be understood by what Jacques Lacan called the "mirror stage" effect which means that we all rely on each other to nurture each one's self-esteem. Some people however instead of giving they take-take-take and here is the result of pent-up frustration and systematically accumulated trauma.

    I heard (and this may be just a rumour) that some Portuguese youngsters were involved in the recent events in Brixton (lootings). I do not approve of any of it but I can begin to understand, as it were, their reason for such extreme behaviour particularly by those who read and remembered Mr. Parsons writings/views on the Portuguese.

    Journalists like Mr. Parsons not to mention other bigots and manipulators of public opinion, are in a very real sense, guilty of inciting criminal behaviour by so-called "ethnic" minorities in the UK.

    Thanks Joana for bringing this issue to our attention.

  24. Anon 18 "The thinking seems to be that Portugal is backward in its attitude to CCTV. With CCTV, children do not go missing – and if they do, they get found"

    Children do not go missing with CCTV? Who says so? The Daily Star? I thought so...

    There was a CCTV at the Tapas bar...another by the hotel the Smith's saw what seemed like Dr. Gerry McCann passing by with a young child in his arms...the problem was those CCTV records had been wiped out by the time the PJ got to them. Accidentally or otherwise.

    Shouldn't affluent parents with considerable financial means have thought of placing a hidden CCTV in the apartment just in case something happened while they were out? Particularly after the witnessed crying incident that night?

    I live alone in London in a small studio and I never go out without switching on my undercover CCTV. Mine is hidden in a wall clock... Interesting to see what your landlord gets up to when you are out and about BUT just as useful if someone had the bad idea of trying its luck with my belongings...

    Well, may be what they were up to was not meant to go on record...


    See here for example (or google it out):


  25. Criminal Profiler Pat Brown on the Jim Bohannon Show - Part 1 of 2


  26. The Portugal Judicaria has broken Brazil theft ring codes written on Algarve tourist apartments defining who likely to be in the apartments evenings including children alone.

  27. I hope the Scotland Yard officers who are investigating this case will request to interview Dr Amaral and the others who worked on the case at the time, and came to the conclusion that Madeleine died in the apartment. That would certainly give the McCanns something to think about. Also, that the 'stand alone' evidence that was mentioned that the PJ have will be brought to the fore, plus the information about the disappearance of Madeleine that David Payne wanted to give, yet didn't want put in his statement. Now why would he have wanted that not to be put on record, and was it ever passed on to the PJ? The LP certainly managed to keep the Gaspar statements back from the PJ for long enough. If they had been received at the time they were made by the doctors it might have been a completely different story, with a very different line of enquiry. This case still has much to be investigated and should never have been shelved.

  28. Report: Neighbor Admits To Suffocating 3-Year-Old Missouri Girl

    A Missouri man has confessed to murdering three-year-old Breeann Rodriguez, according to records released. The little girl, who was last seen riding her bike along with her five-year-old brother on Aug. 6 before she went missing when her brother went inside to get a drink, was murdered by her neighbor, Shawn Dale Morgan.

    The 43-year-old is a husband and a father with three children and lives on the same block as the little girl. According to the Probable Cause Affidavit filed in court and written by Officer Tim Trowbridge of the Bootheel Drug Task Force, Morgan admitted to the officer that he suffocated the girl.

    Morgan also revealed details on how he grabbed the girl, saying that he took her when he saw her standing on a pool ladder in his backyard. “He went to the little girl, grabbed her, and carried her inside the house,” the report said, before he used a plastic trash bag to suffocate her.

    In stunning details explained to a police officer, Morgan said that he put the trash bag over her mouth and nose, but noted that it “felt like it took an hour [for her] to die”. He said he later threw the girl inside the trash bag and disposed the bag over a railing and into the flood ditches alongside Highway 164. He also admitted that he threw the girl’s pink bike into the water. Just last week, Breeann’s father identified the training wheels and said that they belonged to his daughter.

    Morgan was arrested on Aug. 12. At the time, he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and armed criminal action. Morgan worked in a steel factory in Blytheville, Arkansas and was described by his colleagues as being a quiet man with a slight build. He is scheduled to appear in court later today at 9AM.

    The body of Breeann has still not been found. The FBI is asking anyone that has information about the case or the whereabouts of the girl to call 1-866-371-TIPS.


  29. Parents arrested after abandoning two year old in a rubbish bin

    Locals heard the child's cries from the rubbish container
    Photo EFEPhoto EFE
    enlarge photo

    The parents of a two year old girl have been arrested in Cabezo de Torres, close to Murcia City, after allegedly dumping the child in a waste bin.

    However the Guardia Civil has said that it is going to release the parents after investigations determined that the child was put in the bin by another child with whom she was playing.

    Several local residents heard the sound of the child’s sobs at 8,30pm on Saturday night coming from a container in Calle del Carmen. The child was reported to be ‘crying, sweating and with a face full of panic’, according to the Guardia Civil.

    The parents, of Moroccan origin, were soon identified and arrested and were handed to the Judicial Police of the National Police in Molina de Segura who are handling the case, but they soon concluded that the parents were not responsible.

    It’s not clear of the motive for the other child to end a game in such a way, or how long the girl was in the container which was 300m away from her home.


  30. Sometimes no news is good news

    Is it OK for children to watch bad news events as they unfold on TV, radio and other media.

    There were some sombre moments in our house recently as I explained to my children about the murders of all those young people in Norway. I hadn't planned to tell them, but I got such a shock when I heard about it initially that I went straightaway to share the news with my wife and forgot that the children were present.

    I rarely will deliberately tell them about such shocking, tragic and horrible events. I just don't think they need to know. Once they had heard about the killings, however, I was conscious that I needed to talk about it more.

    My children vary in age from seven to 13 and so will have different capacities to process and reassure themselves about this or any of the innumerable tragic events that get reported on in the media. I believe they need their parents' support to try to make sense of the bad news stories that they hear.

    So, what happens to children when they hear about wars, murders, abuse, kidnapping, tsunamis, droughts and the range of other horrible human behaviours and natural disasters? Moreover, what can we do to protect them, or at least cushion them, from the impact of such horrors?

    It's impossible to fully measure the impact of news on children. But we know, as adults, that the 24-hour news cycle can distort and sensationalise things, making it difficult to put into perspective for our children, let alone our teenagers, or even ourselves at times.

    For children, whose understanding of the world is mostly limited to their own experiences, the constant, relentless focus on specific news events makes them seem larger than life.

    Research findings from one study in the UK, for example, suggest that children will begin to over-estimate the amount of crime that occurs in distant communities through repeated exposure to television news.

    The same relentless focus on certain 'bad news' stories can also markedly affect our (and our children's) perception of how likely an event is to occur.

    As a case in point, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann led to a massive over-estimation by parents and children alike of the risk of child abduction. As a result, children may feel unnecessarily threatened, unsafe, fearful, and anxious.

    If we are lucky our children will let us know about the feelings they have, either through words or actions, and then we can do something about it.

    As one mum described it to me: "My three-year-old wouldn't go to bed in case a 'salami' (tsunami) came and washed away her bed like all the poor people in 'Chapman' (Japan)."

    Another mother explained: "One of my guys was upset a while back by all the economic bad news and announced in floods of tears one night that he would have to leave and find another family as we mightn't have enough money to keep him. He was absolutely traumatised. It's hard to appreciate the effect news can have on them."

    Both of these anecdotes, which mums shared with me on my Facebook page, show how anxieties and fears are often more powerful when they are about things over which we have no control.

    Usually, if we have influence over an event, then we can reduce our anxiety by taking some kind of action. But many of these bad news stories are about events that are beyond people's control.

    Further research that has looked at children's reactions to television news shows that older children are more likely to be frightened by television news than are younger children, probably because they understand it better.

    These children were interviewed about their comprehension of and emotional responses to everyday news stories. All of the children (aged eight to 12 years) were able to recall and describe news stories that made them feel upset.


  31. Another interesting experiment in the US assessed children's reactions to particular features of television news. Children from two age groups (six- and seven-year-olds and 10- and 11-year-olds) viewed one of four versions of a news story about gang violence. Each version varied according to the inclusion of video footage of the crime or not (footage vs no footage) and the proximity of the crime (local vs non-local).

    The results revealed that older children were more likely to be frightened by, and perceive themselves as personally vulnerable to, a story about a local as opposed to a non-local crime.

    So it seems again that older children are more affected, because perhaps they can understand what is happening and correctly perceive the danger involved, especially if the gang violence was reported to be happening nearby.

    The pervasive nature of news reporting is also an issue for families. Even if you decide to limit TV viewing, there is still radio reporting, print media reporting and the internet as alternative sources of news and information.

    It used to be the case that we had to go and seek information. Now we, and our children, are fed the information through push technologies that actively alert us to news and send it to our desktops, iPads and smartphones. Online social networks such as Twitter and Facebook can be virulent environments for the spread of news.

    The best we can do, then, is to filter or contextualise bad news for them. But when they are very small no news at all is the best option.

    For this reason it is highly desirable to switch off as many, if not all, sources of news for the under-sevens. Turn off the TV and radio news at the top of the hour and half-hour. Read the newspaper out of range of young eyes that can be frightened by the pictures.

    Pre-school children, for example, don't need to see or hear about something that will scare them. At this age, children will regularly confuse fact and fantasy and so it becomes very difficult for them to conceptualise and make sense of what is actually being described or displayed.

    One mother gave me a particularly good recent example of this when she told me about her five-year-old who came up with the following idea:

    "He wants to buy a ferry so that he can go and collect all the people in Somalia and bring them back to Ireland. He acknowledges it's a long journey so he said he would feed them 'something decent' on the way."

    While this tale reflects a good understanding from the five-year-old of the need to offer some kind of help to people in Somalia, the true extent and complexity of the issues there are lost on him, thankfully.

    When we notice that our small children are aware of different issues from the news we must try not to minimise or discount any concerns and fears that arise.

    Do talk with them about what they understand but focus mostly on reassuring them about their safety. Since small children gain their security from you, sometimes you have to reassure them about your safety too.


  32. Jeopardy

    Another key point for children this age is that they will react strongly to pictures of other young children in jeopardy. A different mother explained to me how she thought the Madeleine McCann story probably affected her children the most.

    Whenever there were news stories about her or if white vans were seen in their local area her children became quite troubled going to sleep.

    Sometimes we can worry that if we talk about difficult topics that they may have heard about on TV or the radio that we will increase their fears and make a situation worse. Some parents may leave things be in the hope that if their children aren't talking then they aren't bothered.

    This is not always a good assumption to make. Sometimes children will hold back on telling us their fears and stresses because they believe that we magically already know what they think and feel or because they don't want to burden us, or appear weak or vulnerable to us.

    As children get a bit older they have more capacity to understand what is being told to them in words and pictures. As the research shows, this can lead to even more anxiety because the dangers are better understood, too.

    This is the time to carefully consider your child's maturity and temperament in deciding how to engage with them about what they have been witnessing.

    Start by acknowledging their feeling (of worry, sadness, fear or whatever they express) and then you can try to reassure them that they are safe, despite whatever else is happening in the world.

    Remind your children that even though a story may be getting a lot of attention, it was just one event, and was most likely a very rare occurrence.

    Remember that your children will look to the way you handle your reactions to determine their own approaches. If you stay calm and considered, they will, too.

    This was the experience of one mum at the time of the earthquake in Japan: "I explained what was happening in Japan in terms he (seven) could understand, we looked up some scientific info on it and we made a donation to the relief fund so he felt empowered that he had helped in some way.

    "I also assured him that we don't suffer natural disasters like that over here so that he wasn't fearful it would happen to him. I hoped I had done enough and that news headlines would not upset him too much.

    "Then at Sunday dinner he pushed his potatoes back into a funny formation to create a dam and then released a sea of gravy across the rest of plate and shouted 'tsunami!' and made all his carrots get out of the way. So I think it was on his mind but not in a disturbing way, but rather it was just something that happens."

    For teenages existential questioning -- particularly with issues like death -- can become a big deal. Death is such an unknown phenomenon that many people, not just teens, find it hard to cope with the apparent random nature of it. This is particularly applicable to what happened in Norway, where the deaths were so violent.

    Bad news will always be present so the best we can do is try to shelter our small children from it and give our older children the forum to understand, question and be reassured about their own safety and the safety of others.


  33. Mumsnet Talk: Madeleine McCann info shown before Shrek, anyone else cross about this? "I was. I have chosen NOT to tell my nearly 4yo about this. I haven't discussed it in detail with 9yo ds either I CHOOSE not to put the news on in our house. I really resent this being shoved at my children before a U cert movie. Completely inappropriate imo."

    "My daughter did not know.
    The word 'snatched' was used.
    'Mummy, who is that little girl? Who snatched her?'"

    "3 year old DS asked why the little girl had been snatched and couldn't find her mummy and daddy. Luckily he didn't dwell on it but I was very upset, there was no distracting him. Completely inappropriate for a young child's trip to the cinema."


    Cinema chains ban Maddy's Shrek advert

    he UK's three biggest cinema chains have all agreed that they will not show an advertisement about Madeleine McCann in screenings of children's movies.

    Odeon, Cineworld and Vue, which account for around 70 per cent of movie theatres in the UK, have decided not to run the ad despite it being cleared by the Cinema Advertising Association and the British Board of Film Classification to run in U certificate films.

    The three have reached the decision following complaints from angry parents that an advertisement about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was shown before the children's film Shrek the Third.

    Bloggers on the Mumsnet website have posted over 400 comments on the issue and many have said that they complained to the Advertising Standards Authority and cinema operators.

    Some mothers complained that, having tried to protect their children from the story of Madeleine's disappearance in the media, they were confronted by it in the cinema.

    Others said that they felt their power to decide how much to tell their children had been taken from them.

    One posting read: "I think the level of information that we allow our children to have differs. We make a decision regarding what they can cope with based on their personalities and age.

    "The issue here is that the choice was taken out of your hands by showing it with a film which the youngest children can go to see."
    Another read: "My daughter did not know. The word 'snatched' was used. 'Mummy, who is that little girl? Who snatched her?"'

    Voiced by My Family and Harry Potter actor Zoe Wanamaker, the ad talks about Madeleine being "snatched" from a holiday apartment in Portugal and has been made through an advertising collaboration with the approval of the McCann family.

    A spokeswoman for the McCann's campaign told the paper that she was very sorry for any offence caused.

    "This is very uncomfortable for everyone," she said. "The ad is a very simple one. Madeleine was snatched, so that is why we used the word.

    And I think any mum in the McCanns' shoes would be doing the same, tearing their hair out and doing everything they could to find their daughter."

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/55583-cinema-chains-ban-maddys-shrek-advert#ixzz1VCFFwUyB

  34. 21, James Franklin, where did you see that letter?

  35. "And I think any mum in the McCanns' shoes would be doing the same, tearing their hair out and doing everything they could to find their daughter." Except, that on Madeleine case was an exercise to fool more public and guide them to they mainly business- the Fund.
    Wonder if the abductor ( a paedo) will enter the cinema to watch a shrek movie with Madeleine.
    Kate claims the book has two main destinys, the abductor or who knows something and live near him and Madeleine( assuming she had a careful abductor and with 8 years old was able to read it). Then, to who was destined the advertising on the shrek movie? To the honest public to fool it and grab donations. It is also amazing the way they changed the target of their campaigns, during these 4 years. Sometimes the public, sometimes the abductor and finally Madeleine. Was it not more easy and more helpful if they go back to Portugal to do the reconstruction with or without their friends? The sweeden police bring the author of the massacre on the island, back to the crime scene to do the reconstruction. Only the McCann's want the public to believe a reconstruction is useless for their daughter and prefer to invest in campaigns to raise money, used to pay their day life and some special lawyers.
    Well done that Sherek did not get connected with that pair of evil parents.

  36. Spain: 3 children found dead

    MADRID (AP) — Three children were found dead Monday at a home for disabled kids and a woman who worked there has been taken into custody, officials said.

    Cecilio Vadillo, a representative of the Interior Ministry in the northern Castilla-Leon region, said the children, aged 3, 9 and 14, were found after police were summoned to the home in the small town of Boecillo.

    Police found the three special-needs children and a 55-year-old woman who worked at the home with cuts to the head and wrist that could be consistent with a suicide attempt, Vadillo said.

    Vadillo said she is in custody at a hospital but has not been arrested, and the cause of the children's death is under investigation.

    An official in Vadillo's office said one hypothesis that police are working under is that the caretaker suffocated the children — who were severely disabled and had very limited mobility — with a plastic bag in what she saw as a mercy killing. This official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with department rules.

    The home could house six children but was occupied by only three at the time of the incident.

    The caretaker in custody had worked the overnight shift. A colleague found her in the morning lying in a bathtub and bleeding, the official said.

    The home is run by a Spanish charity called Mensajeros por la Paz, the president of which, the Rev. Angel Garcia, said the tragedy was "an act that can only stem from madness."

    Two of the children were Spanish and the third was from the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea. The caretaker is of Uruguayan origin.

    She had worked at the home for six years and there had never been any problem with her, according to the Castilla-Leon minister of family issues, Milagros Marcos.


  37. Jersey mourns after three adults and three children murdered in knife attack

    Victims were from two local Polish families, and a 30-year-old man remains under guard in hospital

    UK news

    Jersey mourns after three adults and three children murdered in knife attack

    Victims were from two local Polish families, and a 30-year-old man remains under guard in hospital

    reddit this

    Caroline Davies in St Helier and James Meikle
    The Guardian, Tuesday 16 August 2011
    Article history

    Izabela Rzeszowski
    Izabela Rzeszowska, who has been named by a family friend as the wife of Damian Rzeszowski. She, and her daughter, were among those found stabbed to death in Jersey. Photograph: Nicholas Razzell

    It had been a weekend of celebration for the Polish community on Jersey. Tourists were joining locals to sample Polish food and music, and Catholics had been marking the feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

    But by mid-afternoon on Sunday, the grim news – and the shock – were spreading across the island. Three children and three adults from two families had been killed in the capital, St Helier. Witnesses had seen blood, bodies and distraught emergency workers at a Victorian house of flats in a well-to-do part of town.

    Thousands of Poles have made their homes on Jersey, thousands more visit the island, and it emerged that all six victims – and a man suspected of killing them – were Polish.

    Four were members of one family, covering three generations – a man, a woman thought to be his daughter, a six-year-old girl and an 18-month-old boy. A mother and child from a second family also died.

    Three of the victims were named locally as Izabela Rzeszowska, her daughter, Kinga, aged six, and her 18-month-old son, Kasper. Her father, Marek, is also said to be one of the victims, along with her friend Marta de la Haye, and her five-year-old daughter, Julia. The man named locally as Damian Rzeszowski – Izabela's husband – was arrested on Sunday over the deaths. (...)


  38. 21 -
    James F. Lawton, could you please be more specific about the Scotland Yard letter of July 19th?
    About Dianne Webster, did you read it on the files that were made public or somewhere else?
    After have known who Duarte Levy is, I fear every good news.Please tell us more.
    Are you or are you not Levy?

  39. Anonymous 8, I think you're being too harsh on the Portuguese justice system. Let's not forget that the Portuguese police had the British government to contend with right from the get go. The British government immediately declared that Madeleine had been abducted and put pressure on the Portuguese police to only consider that possibility. Do you think the British government really cares about Madeleine? Was Clarence Mitchell sent over to Portugal to speak for Madeleine? Did the Home Office do its best to expedite the flow of information between the police forces of the respective countries? What about Mr. Murdoch, who exploits people's prejudices in order to sell a story, do you think he is acting in Madeleine's best interests?

    You said:

    "Portugal must be the best country in the world to commit a crime and get away with it".

    The reality is that it is not uncommon for criminals not to be sentenced for their crimes. Take the Casey Anthony case in the States for example, that took 3 years to go to trial, people thought it was an open and shut case. The only doubt in people's minds was if Miss Anthony would receive the death penalty. Well, to everyone's surprise and disgust, she was only found guilty of lying to the police and was soon released because of time served. It was a circumstantial case, as most cases are, with substantial evidence pointing to the mother as being guilty of murdering her child.

    In my opinion, from what has been made public of the Madeleine case files, there is no way any prosecutor in the world would proceed to trial. Remember that the alerts given by the English dogs are inadmissible as evidence in a Portuguese court. From what I have examined of the case file all I can conclude is that the McCann couple and their friends lied and one can deduce that it was for the purpose of simulating an abduction. There is still a lot of investigative work to be done, unfortunately it seems that the powers that be in Britain don't care enough about Madeleine to fully cooperate with the Portuguese police.

  40. You may be interested that the Kindle book 'Madeleine' is not even in the top 500 on amazon.com worldwide, unlike the UK site, amazon.co.uk. but the same pro Mc trolls are posting responses to book reviews there as on the UK site. This shows that they are pro McCann campaigners not ordinary members of the public, and the book reviews are skewed by them.


    Guerra at 40 "all I can conclude is that the McCann couple and their friends lied"

    I have concluded the same and I think:

    (1) There is a case for the couple and some of their friends to be prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    I am curious to see what happens in the Murat vs Tanner case...

    (2) There is also a case of children being left alone, unattended and one of them "dematerializing" as a result.

    On the other hand, I am sad to say the Portuguese courts have in the past been fined for taking too long to administer justice.


    Take the McCanns' vs Gonçalo Amaral case (if we forget Murat vs Jane Tanner for a moment).

    How many more years the courageous man has to wait to have his house, belongings, etc. returned to him and his family?

    How many more years until he has his name cleared? Until he is free to published an expanded version of the truth of the lies?

    Meanwhile the McCanns' are laughing all the way to the bank and even publishing a book themselves!!!

    :p May be what is needed is to send a wild bunch of British looters, murderers and arsonists over to Portugal to speed up procedures (joking!)

  42. The British or the Portuguese don't care about this case I tend to agree with 8 This crime was committed in Portugal the ball is in the Portuguese court. Brown has long gone, can't blame him now. Its up to the PJ to tell the UK Government to take a hike, No sorry the delay in this case now belongs to Portugal. It is one of two choices they have the evidence to get this case reopened, and get the Maccanns to court or the Maccanns are innocent there is no middle ground. Its gone on far too long. Its starting to look very very silly I think I hate to say it this crime will never be solved. The Maccann were underestimated by the PJ and that is where the faullt lies very firmly. I love Portugal and its people but in this you were duped.

  43. Not taking away for a second from 41 missing children

    1 missing child is tragic enough

    But Parsons was freely accessible for all members of the travelling public - for a week in early August @ Heathrow airport


    collecting stories - shame members on here did not tell him their stories

    Parsons is a left leaning, low rate writer - kinda like the mirror image of Jeffrey Archer-both talentless, yet successful, commercially-never critically, the latter a right wing/convicted criminal

    Parsons does not represent Britain-he's a mere sideshow a loud-mouthed git, badly damaged by an ill-fated marriage to Julie Burchill - who wouldn't be ?

    Living and working in Britain I am happy to report that Mr. & Mrs. Smith in Blighty carry no ill-feeling to the Portuguese AT ALL.

    Those Brits that have been to the Algarve/Lisbon et al-have brilliant holiday memories.

    Those who never went to Portugal..imagine her as another Southern European nation, famous for great weather and lovely food.

    There is no racist sentiment against the Portuguese in the UK per se.

    I live in a tiny Georgian market town in Middle England-near to where I live there's a lovely Portuguese lady (married to an English gent) who runs a popular gift shop..selling furniture and also Portuguese pottery and tiles and gifts.

    I see her most every Saturday..we chat about the weather..sometimes I buy stuff for presents-cause it's all classy stuff and she is a kind and gentle lady.

    Her shop has neither been looted, nor her windows kicked in.

    since the 3rd of May 2007 - or at any time

    - she's part of the local community

    please don't make Parsons representative of an imagined anti-Portuguese sentiment in the UK (which just does not exist)

    The only one who would take satisfaction from this would be Parsons-yob himself

    Don't give him that satisfaction

    as always

  44. Is there anyone among us here who has gotten contacts in England, or in Portimao, who could tell us if the SY started already any contact with the PJ? Somebody must know something.
    Amaral must know it as well.How can we find out if the review is already going on?
    I understand it has to be kept secret but sometimes I hate secrets.Could any of you investigate if it at least started?

  45. Guerra, I believe we and the McCanns as well don't know much about what the PJ know. Take as example, the PJ probably hiding the blanket incident till Kate made her stupid mistake and Amaral commented it. They kept it secret, waiting for better days.That is what the police always do.They must know a lot of things they never talked about. Even during the interrogations in September 2007, the PJ did nos ask about the blanket, I believe. Who knows some Maddie's clothes disappeared as well or even a toy which with she could have being buried. Something pink and beautiful for her hair, we don't know.During the trial, the parents would have to explain the disappearence of all those things.I believe if Amaral is insisting on reopening the investigations, if he considers Cameron's request as a "shoot in the foot", it is because he knows the PJ know a loooooot more otherwise he would not suggest to start the investigations again. What we know from the files is perhaps not enough to comdemn them to jail, but we don't know everything.

    And I wonder why the cadaver dog barked at a short red T-shirt. It seemed to me that it rather belonged to Sean than to Madeleine.Too little and red, not her taste.

  46. Anonmous asks me this question on Joana Morais............ Robert Murat I know from police records was the first official interpreter for Diane Webster of the tapas nine. Diane Webster liked him. She told police perhaps more than once, perhaps Murat perhaps a England policeman, perhaps both, Jane Tanner did not visit her daughter early in the Tapas dinner. This is a matter of police record. Robert Murat did not know Jane Tanner and it was a week after Robert Murat interviewed Diane Webster that Jane Tanner got involved. She told Goncalo Amaral his walk looked like the man she had seen carrying a child at the intersection in front of the Mccann Apartment while Gerry and Jez Wilkins were conversing on avenue Francisco at the back of the McCann apartment. That is all she could tell Goncalo Amaral as she could not identify him in any other way. He had her in a shaded window police car to identify Robert Murat when he came out for lunch with some of his lower level Portugal Judiciaria drinking buddies. Robert Murat also was portugal judiciaria interpreter for Jez Wilkins and wife and others. It was in England that Jez Wilkins told police Jane Tanner absolutely did not pass him walking up avenue Francisco towards the intersection in front of the McCann apartment where she saw the man carrying the girl. Gerry said he did not see her either. However it was possible for Jane Tanner to look out the main entrance of the Tapas on avenue Francisco by light remaining in the sky and identify Jez and Gerry standing two blocks north on avenue Francisco. Jez Wilkins described to the England police that he talked to Gerry McCann at the rear of the Mccann apartment at the last segment of sunset which is called "nautical twilight" at which end of the ten minute segment all light is gone from the sky. That the streets lights were on and the sky still lit but dimly. That if you knew someone. at a distance you had enough sky light to identify them. Not much. Using U.S. naval observatory time sunset that day in the Algarve was at 8:23 P.M. and nautical twilight ended at 8:57 P.M. Thus there was a lot more window of opportunity for the abduction than if Gerry and Jez had talked 15 or 20 minutes later. Up to triple the oportunity for an abduction window based on U.S. Naval observatory time. This is something that is going to cost Scotland Yard a lot of money investigating. It does look like an abduction of a young near four year old pretty girl with parents both doctors to sell for profit in some part of the world, perhaps a remote ranch in the Amazon for the ranchers wife. But it also looks equally like the parents bought an illegal strong perscription medicine for sleep for Madeleine perhaps or probably from other doctors plus others as Madeleine was manipulating the two nights before wanting entertainment at the Tapas restaurant but the McCanns unwilling to take her there to their dinner and wine merriment. And she died of the medicine. That explains why the McCanns were not caught in the lurch as they had medicine business and medical people involved willing to get rid of her body. Or else a lot of people would go to jail. Take your choice. As to abduction for money I have read where the portugal judiciaria has decoded Brazil theft ring symbols on Algarve tourist apartments to know evenings who would be home, including only children. And bad medicine is also a viable option as only abductors could make Madeleine disappear, or the chain of individuals that supplied the McCanns with the bad sleeping medicine. So that a lot of people in what would amount to a big bust would not go to jail. Including the McCanns. If Kate McCann hit her and she died then they would be caught in the lurch given this scenario. No one would help them get rid of the body. They would be quickly apprehended. But if they had bad medicine provider partners then they would not be caught in the lurch having people available to get rid of the body. It works out as simple as that.

  47. I have said it before and I would like to say it again, it has never been officially declared that Madeleine was abducted. Quite the reverse, those who investigated the case have said in a Court of Law they believe that Madeleine died in the apartment, and the parents were duly informed of this.

    So why is nobody going after the McCanns to stop them from soliciting money from people who have been unaware of this and given them money on the strength of being told by the McCanns that Madeleine was abducted as a FACT. IT NEVER WAS A FACT.

    I see now that Clarence Mitchell is backtracking and trying to make out it was never said by Team McCann that the abduction was a fact, by saying that it was never certain that Madeleine was abducted. SO WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG FOR CLARENCE TO INFORM ANYBODY OF THIS? Have the McCanns and Clarence suddenly realised that by taking millions from the trusting unsuspecting public, and concealing from them the information stated by the investigators, of the concluded death of Madeleine in the apartment, that they have been perpetrating a FRAUD.

    Not only that, but they have gone out of their way to ensure that anybody who dares to oppose their version of the 'abduction fairy story' is silenced by threat of litigation. Surely it is about time the table was turned on these people. THE PUBLIC NEEDS PROTECTION FROM THE MCCANNS, THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH OF THE FINDINGS OF THE INVESTIGATION by somebody in authority. It is an utter disgrace that this has gone on for so long and the public kept in the dark, and are still being kept in the dark.

    I have not read Kate McCann's book, nor do I wish to, but have no doubt that the writing of it was attempting to mitigate this 'oversight' by informing the public years later the investigators believe Madeleine to be dead. Years later, and after the money was taken, yet doing it in such a way as to still attempt to make out Madeleine was abducted as a fact, by completely dismissing any evidence pointing otherwise, dogs included. She can write what she likes, but THE ABDUCTION FAIRY STORY OF THEIRS IS NOT A FACT.

    IT IS UTTERLY DISGUSTING THEY WERE NOT STOPPED YEARS AGO, OR MADE TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CONCLUSIONS OF THE INVESTIGATORS before they asked for the money. I hope all this will eventually come out in a court of law because it has been sickening to sit back and watch this, and know the McCanns are bending over backwards to silence anybody who tries to alert the unsuspecting public, so the public can then make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to give money over to the McCanns Fund.

    How many old age pensioners on a small income, small children who raided their piggy banks, people with far less money than these well heeled McCann, people who have gone without a meal so they can donate, etc., have give to this Fund of theirs. This Fund, that spends only a small percentage of the amount on any actual 'search'. This Fund, which is said to also support their extended family. Who exactly does that comprise of this well heeled family? Do the people who have donated really know this? If they did, would they still have donated? If they had been able to read Goncalo Amaral's book would they still have donated? We shall never know, and that is because they were never allowed to know. They were kept in the dark, and are still being kept in the dark, and still the McCanns try to silence people who are attempting to enlighten them. UTTERLY DISGUSTING.


    "(CBS) Sniffer dogs are known for helping hunters track quarry and police nab criminals. But a new study suggests dogs can be trained to sniff out lung cancer in its early stages, when treatment is likely to be successful.

    Researchers at Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany collected breath samples from 220 volunteers, including people with lung cancer or chronic pulmonary disease as well as healthy people, and let four specially trained woofers have a whiff. The dogs - two German shephers, a Lab, and an Australian shepherd - detected 71 out of 100 cases of lung cancer. In addition, they correctly indicated the absence of lung cancer in 372 out of 400 cases."

    I wonder if dogs could be used to locate missing children and/or their bodies? Has the Daniel Krugel area been checked by detective dogs? And if not, why not?

    Pat Brown, are you listening?
    Prof. Cebolina are you still hiding?



    "She told police that she had returned home from her third shift job around 7:30am and dozed off. When she awoke, she found the boys missing and began searching in and outside of the house. "Shes a great mom, we would never neglect our kids, that's the last thing we would do, ever," said the father of the children Scott Root.

    The boys' father was also inside and sleeping at the time of the incident. The boys were taken to area hospital to be checked out and then released to their father.

    Mom ran into the house not wanting to talk to the media after police released her on $10,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in Middlesex Superior Court in Middletown on April 20th. She is charged with risk of injury to a minor and reckless endangerment. The boys are back home and the Department of Children and Families are investigating."



  50. Anonemous asked me James Franklin Lawton about the Scotland Yard letter from Chief Inspector Redwood to THE MADELEINE FOUNDATION. I have read the excerps - all former investigations on the McCann Casse will be analyzed and anyone should send new information on the case to Scotland Yard for review. It is doubtfull the ten million dollars alloted Scotland Yard will cover it all and more will be allotted although Scotland Yard does not say this. This is what I believe. THE MADELEINE FOUNDATION received the letter upon request from Scotland Yard July 25, 2011. Type into Google search engine "TMF letter from Scothand yard". Anonemous also asked me agout Diane Webster. She was part of the Tapas Nine. Robert Murat was the official portugal judiciaria interpreter to do the first Diane Webster interview. She liked Robert Murat wheras some Tapas Nine thought him a "pushy" fellow. Dianee Webster was sitting with Jane Tanner early at the Tapas Restaurant and disagreed that early Jane Tanner went to visit her daughter. Yes it is a matter of public police record. THE MADELEINE FOUNDATION makes a left turn or right turn from traditional law enforcement investigation help in terms of this letter by stating only information that Madeleine McCann was not abducted (that she died in her apartment instead) be sent to Scotland Yard. Why waste Scotland Yards time?????. From what I read Scotland Yard wants all information.

  51. Interesting interview with Pat Brown at Little Morsals, showing how actively Kate search her daughter: sending e- mails to journalists trough Carter-Ruck, trying to silence who question her abduction theory and the "fairy tale" of her Maddie search. Competent polices and criminologists believe, Maddie is death and the Fund is another crime that needs a full investigation.

  52. http://spudgunsspoutings.blogspot.com/2011/08/madeleine-mccann-fact-fictiona-nd.html?showComment=1313766829374#c4199217410337806848 - The Word of Truth. Read it, know it. It's forbidden on Sky News.


    "Liam Gallagher is suing his brother Noel to demand an apology for claiming Oasis had to cancel a gig because he was hungover...Singer Liam, 38, issued a letter through his lawyers Carter-Ruck demanding an apology, and has now gone to the courts after Noel responded with a "deafening silence".


    :d Thank you!


    "Most of us have seen search and rescue dogs locating lost children on television shows. On TV, dogs use any means possible to find a lost person, from sniffing for human scent in the air to sniffing an article of clothing and tracking that individual's unique scent.

    While search and rescue dogs are capable, in principle, of being trained as both air scent and trailing dogs, most dog handlers train their dogs to perform only one of these disciplines. Therefore, the most valuable dog team, in terms of obtaining a high probability of detection, is one with a dog that can switch back and forth between air scenting and trailing as conditions dictate.

    All humans, alive or dead, constantly emit microscopic particles bearing human scent. Millions of these are airborne and are carried by the wind for considerable distances.


    The air scent dog is the type most frequently encountered. This dog finds lost people by picking up traces of human scent that are drifting in the air, and looks for the "cone" of scent where it is most concentrated. This dog will not normally discriminate scents, so there is the possibility of a "false alarm" if other people (searchers, citizens) are nearby. Airscent dogs work best in situations such as large parks or private lands that are closed at the time, since the dog will home in on any human scent. The success of an air scent dog will be affected by a number of factors, including wind conditions, air temperature, time of day, terrain, and presence or absence of contamination (auto exhaust, smoke, etc.). The best conditions for air scent dogs to work are early mornings or late afternoons on cool, cloudy days when there is a light wind.


    The trailing dog is often referred to as a "tracking" dog, although "tracking" and "trailing" are not the same to the purist. The trailing dog is directed to find a specific person by following minute particles of human tissue or skin cells cast off by the person as he or she travels. These heavier-than-air particles, which contain this person's scent, will normally be close to the ground or on nearby foliage, so the trailing dog will frequently have its "nose the ground," unlike the air scent dog.

    A Bloodhound is typically trained for scent discrimination. Each dog is usually worked in a harness, on a leash, and given an uncontaminated scent article (such as a piece of clothing) belonging to the missing person. The dog follows that scent and no other. At times, the dog may track, following the person's footsteps, or air scent, and home in on the subject's scent.

    Field contamination (scent of others) should not affect his work. He should be able to trail scents on pavements, streets, grass, water, etc. If there is a good scent article and a point where the person was last seen, a trailing dog can be the fastest way to find the victim. Without the scent article and a point where the person was last seen, these dogs cannot work effectively.

    While those are the two standard types of search and rescue dogs, there are also other dogs trained to find lost people.


    A tracking dog is trained to follow the path of a certain person. It physically tracks the path of the person, without relying on air scenting. This dog is usually worked in a harness and on leash. This type of dog is effective when pursuing an escaped criminal if no scent article is available. These dogs are also used successfully in search and rescue operations."



    A disaster dog is trained to find human scent in very unnatural environments, including collapsed structures and areas effected by tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters. This dog is trained to work on unstable surfaces, in small, confined spaces and other settings not usually found in the wilderness.


    A water search dog is trained to detect human scent that is in or under the water, focusing on the scent of the bodily gases that rise up. As a team, the handler and dog usually work in a boat or along the shoreline. Because of currents and general changes in the water, it can be hard to pinpoint the location of a body. To enhance the chance of location, a diver should be ready to search as soon as the dog indicates. Additional teams, unaware of the previous teams' findings, work independently to indicate a location. This allows team members to determine the most likely location of the body.


    An avalanche search dog is trained to detect human scent that is in or under snow, subsequent to an avalanche. These dogs are trained to detect the scent under many feet of snow, sometimes, 15 feet or more!


    A cadaver dog reacts to the scent of a dead human. The dog can be trained for above ground and buried cadaver searches. Although many dogs have the potential to detect human scent, whether dead or alive, the cadaver dog is trained to locate only human remains. The training process includes detection of very minute pieces of cadaver or even blood drops in a specified area."


  56. ANON 8 "Portugal must be the best country in the world to commit a crime and get away with it".

    :a Do you mean before the recent murders, lootings and arson attacks in British cities by British citizens?

    I doubt. Not even in the wake of the 1974, April 25 revolution did Portugal reached such levels of depravedness and impunity.

    As for the celebrity couple, we all know that only their status and connections in high places saved their VIP ar**s.

    OK, the evidence - as Guerra aptly pointed out above, was not exactly the type that would stand up to a multi-million defence team backed-up by their government.

    The case would have been closed and the "official version" upheld if it were not for citizens' media, and blogs like this.

  57. Well, this is taking a lot of time. I would like to request a Portuguese who takes part in this blog, to try to find out if the SY got already involved with this case, in Portugal. There must be a way to find it out. Within less than an year, Madeleine will be officially declared dead, I think. I hope the police will find her body before may the 3rd next year. Time goes by and we still don't know anything more than we read on the files. I hope a lot of nannies of the Ocean Club know what happened to the body and who is Tapas 10.I believe he/she comes from the Ocean Club, one of its employes, who has interest on hiding this case.

  58. I understand whole Portugal is on vacation now,or at least the judges, public prosecuters and I believe a part of the PJ has left on vacation for a few weeks. They all will re-start on September the 1st and I hope the MP got already some far, reading the files and a lot more that we don't know. By now the Leicestershire police must know a lot more about the couple and they can help the Scotland Yard and the Portuguese Police.The fact that Kate complained on her book that the Leicestershire refused to show the parents their files, because there was no clear evidence that they were not involved in the case, and at the end of her book they still had not seen the files, this fact gives me hope. The police in England are now (again)prepared to colaborate with the PJ.No Brown under Murdoch's pressure, the UK police can work freely.

  59. 21- how come you know this? To whom did the Scotland Yard write this letter and can you tell us the source?

  60. I always wondered why the British government sent Mitchell to be the spokesman of the McCanns. But it is now clear. If Labour was under Murdoch's pressure,in order to protect the McCanns, Brown had to send Clarence to control what the parents had to say.Murdoch wanted the McCanns to be free, why I don't know.
    The power of the media, that is unbelieveble.
    Sometimes I wonder if this insurection in big cities in the UK could have been provoked by the Conservatives. Who knows Cameron wants to distract the attention from the phone hackings.
    Anyway, those insurections are a temporaly releave for the McCanns.
    The media are talking about something else.


    thesargeants.net ran by the creative maverick and intellectual Paul Harper, has been knocked off line and (very much like Joana Morais and friends) kept incommunicado for over a week now!

    Net rumours say Paul too has been "carter-rucked"? "gutter-packed"? hacked? whatever...


    The above link refers to his posting:
    "Ocean Club Owner's Brother a pal of John Major..."
    So there you have it - the Conservative's connection...

  62. http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/when-can-you-leave-your-child-home-alone.html - DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS UNATTENDED! It is fraught with prison term!!! (sometimes. for someone. "usually").............but may be NOT IN THIS CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Anon58 "I believe he/she comes from the Ocean Club, one of its employes, who has interest on hiding this case."

    For all I know your intuition may be on the right track. We do know the brother of the owner of Ocean Club is (according to one source quoted above) "a pal of John Major" (former British PM) - even if the connection with Gordon Brown/Tony Blair (two Scots, one ideology) seems more convincing.

    So much for political strings attached to this case...

    Another piece of deductive thinking relates to Dr. G. McCann's Irish roots and his possible involvement (according to one source) with the British Intelligence Services (think undercover intelligence work against the IRA) - that would grant him certain privileges, if nothing else because if left "unprotected" and allowed to be "humiliated" in a "Third World" court of law he could "talk" about other things. A loose canon?

    Indeed, the kidnapping (if there was one) could have been the "creative" work of an IRA agent except we would be entering the realms of creative imagination...

    These arguments would be worth pursuing if we were to believe (as the evidence from the investigation seems to suggest) that Madeleine died accidentally in the apartment.

    The main argument against the McCann's innocence comes not just from some of the witnesses obvious contradictions (not to say blatant lies) but critically from the cadaver dog ("Eddie").

    It is very hard to accept that a top-dog (literally) with such track record could have been wrong those many times in those many places.

    Fortunately for the McCanns' - as Guerra aptly pointed out above - the dog testimony per se would prove nothing in a court of law but...it does prove something in a court of public opinion, does it not?

    I simply don't see how the dog's testimony can be wiped out from public memory...

    Scent contamination? That remains a possibility... unfortunately the McCanns' have spent more money (and made more money) by imposing their "official version" of events on others (by brute legal force) rather than providing (by means of research data and expert argument) some plausible counter-arguments.

    Some sort of alternative rationale that would somehow contradict the preliminary conclusions of the investigation - particularly since no subsequent conclusions were made. The one that was made looks more like a "cop out"...

    For instance, Dr. K. McCann assertion (according to one source) that she used to take "cuddly cat" with her to work as to justify the dog's positive reaction to it (by means of contamination), is simply not convincing. In fact, it is incriminating.

    The more you go into the nitty-gritty of this case the more obscure it gets.

    "Madeleine" has been written in the style of a celebrity sharing her true, innermost feelings (as it were) rather than a systematic and intelligent deconstruction of the case against them.

    "Madeleine" may have made millions but by evading the most important questions, "drops", as they say, "the penny"...

    We can only sit back and wait for Dr. Amaral expanded version of "The Truth of the Lie".

    Until then...

  64. Anonymous 43, This is not a prime ministerial issue it is a British government issue which includes both parties, Labour and the Conservatives. The British government is a mess, the latest revelations that have come out of the hacking scandal give a strong indication that its politicians are far more concerned about the type of press they receive than the actual jobs they are hired to do. This is why you wouldn't be out of bounds in saying that Mr. Murdoch rules Britain.

    You said:

    "It is one of two choices they have the evidence to get this case reopened, and get the Maccanns to court or the Maccanns are innocent there is no middle ground. Its gone on far too long. Its starting to look very very silly I think I hate to say it this crime will never be solved."

    Do you not realise that the Portuguese justice system made that choice back in 2008 when they archived the case? The case was at an impasse because of lack of cooperation from British authorities, indeed the silliness had gone on long enough so they put an end to it. The ball is in England's court, the suspects and the people that colluded with them are in England. Portugal has long given up on waiting for British authorities to undertake the investigative work that was requested of them.

    I have no problem with the British people wanting to create another legend along the lines of the Loch Ness Monster, i.e. Madeleine is alive somewhere in the world in a paedophile's lair. If they want to contribute their money to maintain that story, so be it. What bothers me is people blaming, libeling, and slandering those that worked very hard to solve this case.

  65. This is the end of this sorry saga. THE MCCANNS WILL NEVER BE PROSECUTED....so we may as well all give up thinking otherwise, because quite frankly im sick to the back teeth of thinking they will stand trial..........IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.

    Even Mr Amaral has given up, he can't even be bothered to get his once banned books back even though the courts have granted him permission to have them back so that alone spells it out..

    All what is happening now is everybody is going over the same old crap over and over and over again....it's boring now, unless the people who started this off ie Mr Amaral continue to persue them then its a closed shop, and lets face it Mr Amaral has done a disappearing act.....BOTTLED IT just like everyone else......

  66. @66 Never give up! Never say die! It is up to us, who do not accept all the lies passed on to us, to keep the pressure on. We must keep asking the questions. Somebody mentioned that the McCann case is not allowed to be discussed in Portugal, I do not know the facts, maybe this is why Dr Amaral is quiet. We have to continue through the one medium we've got viz. the Internet, to get our views across and every view is valid! thank you, Joana!

  67. Anon 66 "This is the end of this sorry saga...Even Mr Amaral has given up"

    I don't think Amaral has given up. He is still gagged and will stay so for as long as the McCanns' vs. Amaral defamation case awaits trial...

    ... perhaps this is the one reason publishers (both in Portugal and abroad) are wary of the gutter-pack (as they say) and holding up the release of Amaral's new book accordingly.

    Let's hope the trial hits the stage just before Christmas in time to top the best-selling lists - and the decision is favourable to him - as indeed the recent appeals' court ruling suggests.

    I suspect Amaral's will have the final word on the case, one that will linger for ever in the public's mind. Fingers crossed.

    I don't know whether the McCanns' are guilty or innocent but what I do know is that I would entrust my dog "Mak" with my own life - if you know what I mean.

  68. Guerra "I have no problem with the British people wanting to create another legend along the lines of the Loch Ness Monster...What bothers me is people blaming, libeling, and slandering those that worked very hard to solve this case."

    :q Your comment hits the nail in the head.

  69. Hello Anonymous you are so wrong about Mr Amaral. He has taken steps to take the McCanns and their lawyer Isabel Duarte to court, because Isabel Duarte has not returned Dr Amaral's books to him, after the McCanns lost their 2 appeals to have the book banned permanently.

    The McCanns and Isabel Duarte, will face up to 5yrs in jail, because Isabel Duarte, I presume on the McCanns instructions, has disobeyed the court order.

    There is a video on You Tube that you can watch and see for yourself the steps Goncalo Amaral has taken to get his books returned. I don't have the link, but if you want to see the video type.... Goncalo Amaral Book Ban Overturned -McCanns Not Returned Books. The video is well worth watching.

    Regarding the McCanns not being prosecuted, I also don't have faith in this happening. What I am pretty sure of is, whether the McCanns are prosecuted or not, in a court of law, they will face justice of a different kind, when Sean and Amalie are older.

  70. I did not find any letter from Scotland Yard on Madeleine Foundation.

  71. Anon #66,

    Mr. Amaral on his own cannot force the McCanns and Isabel Duarte to give the books back!!! Only the court and judge can do that. He has placed a formal complaint to the court and is waiting for the court to take action. It's not his fault that the portuguese justice system moves at a snail's pace, and to make things worse we're in the middle of the judicial holidays. That's right, the "sardine munching" courts and judges close up shop during August!
    What do you want Mr. Amaral to do? To show up at Isabel Duarte's office brandishing a shot-gun, Rambo style, and force her to surrender the books?!

  72. Anon #64 wrote:

    "We do know the brother of the owner of Ocean Club is (according to one source quoted above) "a pal of John Major" (former British PM) - even if the connection with Gordon Brown/Tony Blair (two Scots, one ideology) seems more convincing."

    The Symington family is co-owner of the Ocean Club, and they also are in the Port Wine business. I remember that John Major used to holiday in a Port Wine estate on the banks of the river Douro, owned by a british family, the Symingtons maybe...? And...Murat is related to the Symingtons too.

  73. Normally the McCanns go back to Algarve, in the Autumn. I expect them to visit the Hubbards in October or September.And to visit those other friends they say they have.
    If the Scotland Yard are working with the PJ, they for sure will go back, trying to find out what is going on.
    And to check on the grave.

  74. 66, wait. something is about to happen. have you noticed the mccanns
    are very silent after madeline's birthday? they are not very happy with cameron's request.where are they now? where is their entusiasm?
    wait and see. at this moment whole Portugal is on holidays, wait till September!

  75. 66, it looks like you want us all to give up on this case.
    But we will not.
    Dont underestimate the police, they will reopen this case.
    I believe the MP is already involved in the investigations.
    It is already three months ago that the Scotland Yard received Cameron's request.
    It can not take that long to contact Portugal.
    But I believe there is a lot of work to be done before they get their conclusion.
    At first, the SY needs a translation of the files.
    They have to discuss them with the PJ.
    I believe there is more information now than there was in 2007.
    The Leicestershire police must know a lot. Think of David Payne. There must be people around in the UK that know more about him.
    There must be people who know a lot more about the McCanns, about Kate's personality and Kate's Freudian slips.
    Give the police some time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. two things intrigued me about the Madeleine case..the first a given: child disappears into thin air - where is she ?

    the second: the manipulation of media - both mainstream and social

    I hate to agree with @66 but he/she is right-the circus has left town.

    We know (one of the few things we know) that the mainstream media in the UK have been gagged re. the case - after the Hackney/Camden/Manchester lootings we also know that the authorities can pick up 'posters' at will - whether that's a good or bad thing is another discussion

    upshot-Kate did NOT explain anything about the timelines on and before 3rd of May 2007 - the book is an exercise in self pity and guilt management - there is not a forensic detail in it that might lead to finding her disappeared first-born child.

    The British public bought the book en-masse-combine that with the enforced quietening of mainstream and social media..

    I suppose that's what's called a slam dunk for the Tapasniks

    As for Amaral having given up the fight-maybe so-but can you blame him ? He went about it all wrong and alienated the wrong people-but even he could not have foreseen the s*it storm that was looming. He's a cop not a clairvoyant.

    I'd rather like to know how Grime can sleep at night.

    If the child had been spirited away it would need someone with local knowledge - all my once verbose and stupid theories of the past are reduced to this.

    Someone in the Algarve who's bilingual and has local knowledge and possibly access to a number of properties - KNOWS

    Having finally succumbed to the lure of Occam's bleeding razor..


  77. I too doubt justice will ever be done for Maddie, but if that happens the Mcs remain with a question mark hanging over them. People do not forget, and one day...what goes around comes around.
    This has all been cleverly thought out, otherwise there would have been a slip by now. Remember"I am not here to enjoy myself", strange comment that.
    One thing, on the written time of visits so it shows the time of Tanners sighting of egg man, this was al written before the police arrived, yet Tanner did not tell anyone till much later??so how can this be written down???food for thought.

  78. anon @66
    Dont agree with your remarks about Dr Amaral, maybe he is keeping his cards close to his chest so to speak. The problem is he is one against many, and he does not have or want a fraudulant fund to pay top flight lawyers, he hasnt got the power to reopen the case, cos for sure Los McCanns are not going to, which is why so many dont believe them. But i will only say dont under estimate him. The courts are all on vacations so maybe in september we may see a date fore the hearing, and i pray to god he wins.

  79. ....Meanwhile, what has happened to Kevin Halligan? He was last heard of in custody in London, perhaps on the way to a court in the USA.
    And what are Messrs Cowley and Edgar, the intrepid detectives a)doing right now and even more important b) being paid per month?

  80. What the hell is wrong with the McCanns (aside from the fact that they are serial child neglectors and possibly murderers)? Surely most people who have got away with murder would slink off and get on with their lives. But these two just cannot give up the limelight.

    I too have given up hope that Madeleine will ever get the justice she deserves. The parents have got away with murder. The fact that they are getting away with fraud as well is extremely aggravating.

    All along I have believed that one of the T9 will break to save their own neck or reputation. But maybe Payne does not mind being called a pedo. Maybe his wife does not mind her husband and the father of her children being called a pedo. Maybe the other parents don't mind being called child neglectors. Maybe Jane Tanner doesn't mind being called a liar. Maybe all of them don't mind being called money-grubbing.

    What could be worse than being called all those awful things? There must be something far worse to hold them in silence for so long.

  81. Which Metropolitan Police Special Crime Directorate (SCD) department did David Payne phone on the 4th May 2007 at 23;13;41 for 100seconds

    Specialist Crime

    DepartmentsChild Abuse Investigation Command
    Covert Policing
    Crime Academy
    Economic and Specialist Crime
    Fingerprint Services
    Forensic Services
    Homicide and Serious Crime Command
    Overseas Visitors Registration
    Serious and Organised Crime
    Service Intelligence Bureau

    Related links

    Female Genital Mutilation
    Child Abuse Imagery Information Line
    Choosing and Employing Child Care
    Police Family Disclosure Protocol
    Scotland Yard's Wanted
    Child Exploitation and Online Protection

  82. Isar at 77, you say 'I'd rather like to know how Grime can sleep at night'.

    Still trying to dismiss the dogs eh, along with their handler. You are so transparent.

    As for Dr Amaral, he has not given up the fight, nor will he, until he sees justice done.

  83. Wait till September which September, there are 100 Septembers in 100 years, lets face it the Maccann rule and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It Looks like Portugal has been on holiday since May 2007.Are you saying no one in Portugal has the power to reopen this case I don't believe this for a second, Mr Amaral God bless you and be with you. But for your families sake give up I hate to say this you will never win the Maccanns.

  84. I think all Tapas mind about what happened. None of them likes this story.
    My impression is that they did not want Kate to mention them at the end of the book,in her "thank words".
    She thanks David and Fiona on a very special way and she mentions some other people.
    It is bad enough that Tapas 5 got involved in a crime, even if it was by accident, and that we know their names as witnesses.They don't want to be presented as friends, belonging to a group suspect of being pedophiles.Very bad for them. Who knows they are not pedophiles and they will have to live the rest of their lives with a cloud of suspicions above their head.

    I don't think Kate's special thank words to the Paynes are words of true thankfulness, but words to put them in more trouble, in case she needs it.Connecting them directly to the case, for some good reason for her.The McCanns aren't true to anybody, not even to their little daughter who hasn't gotten a decent grave.


    Greetings Dandellion! Thanks for drawing our attention to this VERY recent YouTube video on the "McGag".

    Here is the link:


  86. Isar at 77

    "If the child had been spirited away it would need someone with local knowledge"

    Could you please elaborate on that?
    Much obliged.


  87. Anon 82 "Which Metropolitan Police Special Crime Directorate (SCD) department did David Payne phone on the 4th May 2007 at 23;13;41 for 100seconds"

    Could it have been the "Covert Policing"?

  88. Hi Anonymous post 86 thank you very much for the link regarding McGag. I hope that the judge who will preside over the case, will put the McCanns where they would have been put in 2007/8 if the British Government hadn't intervened.

    I should say that my post 70 was a reply to post 66.


    Joana Morais at #14
    "anonymous @11 thank you for the link update!"

    I am informed that the PCC regards any offensive text/article which has been subjected to its mediation and remains published on-line as "republication"...

    ...which means that anything you find on the Daily Mirror website written by Mr. T. Parsons which, as a Portuguese or a Citizen of the World, you find racist, offensive or defamatory, can and should be reported to the Press Complaints Commission.

    I have done just that AND guess what? The PCC is looking into the matter.

    Furthermore, it is important to note that although the "Daily Mirror" at the time issued a half baked apology to the Portuguese ambassador in London, it DID not apologize to the Portuguese people (or their police for that matter), so please feel free to complaint until the issue is addressed.

    Don't know what to complain about? Please have a look at the "menu" below (as it were):


    The PCC e-mail address is as follows:


    NB Please note that the link to "Oh! Up Yours Senor" - Mr. Parsons racist masterpiece is now at:


    Also, readers of this blog who have, or are proud of their African roots - and let us not forget, that is where all of us, Homo Sapiens sapiens, originated... may also wish to complain about Mr. Parsons latest racist "gem" which can be found here:


    Note for instance the blatant prejudice when he writes:

    "Without the gang culture of BLACK London, none of the riots would have happened – including the riots in other cities like Manchester and Birmingham where MOST OF RIOTERS WERE WHITE." (capitals mine).


  90. Anon 68: I would like to clarify that Gonçalo Amaral is no longer gagged and he can speak freely about the case. He was given his freedom of speech back when the book ban was overturned on 19 October 2010.

  91. @ 83 transparent - that's clear - a good thing

    Haute de la Garenne was a complete failure by Grime

    Luz was not different

    the dogs aren't to blame-they can after all just react to what's put in front of their noses

    if Amaral had to have any beef with anyone-IMHO it would have to be with Grime


  92. @ 87

    kindly google

    John Stalker Murat Madeleine McCann Sunday Express

    best regards


  93. Mr. Cameron loves his little girl (todays press)but what about poor little Maddie and what she must have suffered,the way she was treated.When will he open the case and get to the truth,the whole world believes she died in the flat and that is the truth,please open the case and get help from Mr Amaral.Do not listen to Mitchell he has made enough trouble already.If Maddie was abducted then someone would know and would have come forward in the beginning to claim the reward that was offered.


    1. McCanns v "Tal & Qual" (Lusitanian newspaper).

    2. McCanns v "24 Horas" (Lusitanian newspaper).

    3. Justine McGuiness v Mirror Group Newspapers (former "reputation manager" for the McCanns'.

    4. McCanns v Express Newspapers, other TV and media outlets (four major newspapers!). Roy Greenslade (of the "Guardian" wrote: “It is unprecedented for four major newspapers to offer front-page apologies, but it is more than warranted given that the papers had committed a substantial libel that ‘shamed the entire British press’.”

    5. McCanns' friends (Tapas 7) v Media (Express newspapers and other major media groups in the UK).

    6. McCanns v Gonçalo Amaral and TVI (Lusitanian TV Channel) as well as his publisher (also Lusitanian).

    7. McCanns v T Bennett & D Butler.

    8. McCanns' main financial backer (B & K Kennedy) v T Bennett.

    9. McCanns' v Joana Morais (she had to remove an article on her blog which had been published by a British newspaper!).

    10. McCanns v Pamalam

    11. McCanns v Madeleine Foundation (several).

    12. McCanns & Jon Corner v McCann Exposure & Wordpress.

    13. McCanns main financial backer (Brian Kennedy) v McCann Exposure & Wordpress.

    14. McCanns' v McCanns v Pat Brown, Criminal Profiler.

    15. McCanns v Prof. Paulo Sargento (Lusitanian forensic psychologist and university professor). Unconfirmed.

    16. McCanns' v Dr. Hernâni Carvalho (Lusitanian journalist and psychologist). Unconfirmed.

    17. McCanns' v TVI (Lusitanian TV station). Unconfirmed.


    1. Robert Murat v Jane Tanner (Tapas "1").

    That's all folks!


    PSssst! I have a new batch of the best-selling souvenir "McGags" for sale (wear around your neck) for just US#1 plus P&P (joking!)



  95. If Mr Amaral no longer has a gagging order over him why has he chosen to say or do anything positive, seems to me he has given up, he knows the mccanns have won, they must have thought all there lottery wins had come at once when Miss Fenn passed away as she was the only credible witness..apart from the dog's that is and they can't realy say much.

    are we to wait another 4 years digging over and over the same old crap, because as long as you do that will happily fall into there hands, because they are just laughing at all this..

  96. The McCann Connection: Now I See
    At the very end of the article below, the writer, Peter Burden, asks:

    If the MPs had asked Yates if he knew who sponsored the Annual Police Bravery awards, I wonder if they would have been surprised to hear that it is in fact the Screws stable-mate, the Sun,

    Well, I can't speak for the MPs, but I'm most certainly surprised to be made aware of this little nugget. And having been made aware of it; my, how things do drop into place.

    What am I talking about? Probably the most singular bizarre incident in the whole of the Madeleine McCann affair, even more bizarre than Jim Gamble's unequivocal support of Kate and Gerry McCann, the appearance as guest of honour of Gerry McCann, at the NPIA's Annual Police Bravery awards; sponsors, as we now know, News International.

    Taken from
    http://Only in Americia. blogspot

    This site has some interesting articles on GM

  97. Madeleine's father hails UK police Friday, 13 Jul 2007

    The father of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann has praised the "sterling work" of police officers and detectives in the UK.

    Speaking at the National Police Federation annual bravery awards last night, Gerry McCann said the role of police forces was "often not appreciated until you really need their help".

    Leaving his wife Kate and two young twins behind in Portugal, Mr McCann has flown to Britain to talk to police involved in the search for his daughter. She remains missing after being abducted from her bed while she slept at a holiday resort in Praia da Luz, the Algarve, on May 3rd.

    He will also visit the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre later today to discuss their role in aiding Portuguese police find Madeleine.
    At last night's award ceremony, attended by Prince Charles, Mr McCann received a standing ovation from police officers, which he described as a "humbling" experience.

    "The vast majority of [police officers] that I managed to speak to are, like us, very optimistic that we will find Madeleine safe and well," he wrote later on his online blog.

    Http://Only In america.Blogspot.com

  98. cont.
    In response to the question, how will the McCanns be remembered, one Mirror Forum member wrote:

    “they will become a leading force in the world to get rid of the hidden evil in our society, and to out those who try to cover up for the tragedies these criminals can cause”.

    For a couple who were at this time suspects in their daughter's disappearance, the statement brokered something of a paradox; just how could these two ordinary individuals who had been openly pilloried for their routine negligence transform themselves into credible figureheads for law-enforcement overnight? Within the time it took to finish one glass of wine and discover one of your children missing, the McCanns exchanged their prison-issue denims for outfits tailored to a more 'practical' design.

    And what at first had sounded like a most absurd suggestion by one deluded forum member steadily acquired some semblance of authority.


    This site is well worth a read, you begin to feel the connections. Justice for maddie.....I doubt it? MBEs for G&K possile???!!!!

    Only in America.blogspot.com

  99. Anon 96

    The McCanns have not been laughing. The bruises on their knuckles testified to that. Those poor walls.

    Anon 96 "Mr Amaral no longer has a gagging order over him"

    YES! In a sense he is - at least until the McCanns' v Amaral final showdown takes place sometime in the future (it could take years).

    In the interim, he was been allowed to sell "The Truth of the Lie" but the problem is, the McCanns' have refused to return thousands of copies apprehended by the McCanns' (Madame Duarte)in spite of the Portuguese appeal judges ruling (...)

    And let us face it... no publisher in its right mind would dare to publish Amaral's new new book and face the wrath of the McCann's "posse"...not until the issue is finally settled - particularly now with David Cameron on their bandwagon...

    You see...Portugal has no weapons of mass destruction, Britain has...

    Under such circumstances he has no alternative but to wear the McGag!

    It is a case for the European Court of Human Rights you might say...

    "Mr Amaral no longer has a gagging order over him"

    YES! In a sense he is - at least until the McCanns' v Amaral final showdown takes place. In the interim he was been allowed to sell "The Truth of the Lie", the problem is, the McCanns' have refused to return thousands of aprehended copies in spite of the Portuguese appeal judges ruling (...)

    And let us face it... no publisher in its right mind would dare to publish Amaral's new new book and face the wrath of the McCann's "posse"...not until the issue is settled - particularly now with David Cameron on their bandwaggon.

    You see...Portugal has no weapons of mass destruction, Britain has...

    Who wants to wear the McGag? You? :c

  102. 96, Amaral has not given up at all.He does not need to show up in every paper and tv channel.
    He must know what is going on between the PJ and the SY.He must even being helping the SY, as a witness. I believe everything is going on in deep silence.
    Possibly he gags himself right now to protect the review and eventual new investigations.He has to keep his mouth not to destroy what both polices are achieving together.
    If it was going wrong, he would have commented it already because he is free to do it and he is the type of person who does not accept injustice.
    The last time he spoke in public about this case was last May, 12th,with the words "this is a shoot in the foot".

  103. Any word from Amaral now could bring the british media to Portugal in order to make a mess of everything. The police need to work in peace, without any pressure on them.This time no mediacircus, no Brown, no Murdoch.
    we have to be patient.

  104. If Amaral made already a statement as witness, he is not allowed to talk about this case. I think he is not even allowed to publish his book yet.A couple of times Gerry and Kate were escaping of difficult questions from the media by saying they were not allowed to talk about it, even when they were still witnesses.
    At that time they engaged Philomena to do it for them.

    By the way, why didn't we hear anything or nearly anything from Gerry's other sister? From his mother? They kept themselves silent.

  105. Last update on Findmadeleine website: May 11th 2011 (letter to David Cameron). And, incidentally, still asking us to look for Pockface and Victoria Beckham lookalike.

    Last entry on Findmadeleine Facebook: August 19th ("we are looking for gap year students....)

    Last mention of the McCanns in the British press: I can´t remember.

    It isn´t just Amaral who is keeping a low profile at the moment.

    Let´s face it, none of us has a clue as to what might be going on behind the scenes.

  106. Thank you @ 102, the encouragement is praiseworthy as we will let Dr Amaral and Madeleine down when we stop asking questions! Thank you also Joana and team for this space!

  107. 102. I hope you are right, I cannot imagine in a million years Mr Amaral will back, down, I think the Maccann pair thought he would settle with them out of court. they are very quiet at the moment is it true they are on holiday. This case is not over by a long shot, will they face justice, will Madelaines remains ever be found is anyone looking for what remains of the child. Let us hope and pray so.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  108. #104, wrote:

    "By the way, why didn't we hear anything or nearly anything from Gerry's other sister? From his mother? They kept themselves silent."

    When you say Gerry's sister I suppose you mean Philomena McCann or Trish McCann, but...what about Gerry's other sister, Jacqueline, the one who never got involved in anything about the case, as far as I know of? Not one public appearance, not one photo or interview in the media, she is a complete mistery, the only member of the "extended family" who kept well away from all of it!
    The woman somehow managed to remain almost totally unknown!

    http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/FAMILY.htm#jmJACQUELINE McCANN

    "Gerry McCanns sister. She shares the same birthday as Madeleine.
    No other information or image is available."


    This is "old news" by the way (2003) but it still raises the question:

    Could the average McCouple have afforded the device and avoid the worst? - unless of course "the worst" was accidental and/or unavoidable (...)

    Please read on...

    BY Julia Scheeres

    About the size of a grain of rice, the VeriChip is injected beneath the skin and transmits a unique 125-kilohertz radio frequency signal.

    Solusat, the Mexican distributor of the VeriChip, is marketing the device as an emergency ID tag under its new VeriKid program.

    A Mexican company has launched a service to implant microchips in children as an anti-kidnapping device.
    Solusat, the Mexican distributor of the VeriChip -- a rice-size microchip that is injected beneath the skin and transmits a 125-kilohertz radio frequency signal -- is marketing the device as an emergency ID under its new VeriKid program.

    The service has even garnered the backing of Mexico's National Foundation of Investigations of Robbed and Missing Children, which has agreed to promote the service.

    According to a press release announcing the collaboration, the foundation has estimated that 133,000 Mexican children have been abducted over the past five years." (quote/unquote)


    Mmmm... I don't know what to think of it. Do you?

    I have e-mailed VeriChip for details...

    I don't like the idea of implanting a microchip under the skin of children but... on the other hand, I would not mind if they were hidden in a false tooth (flexible denture), tight ring, cloth item, etc.

    It is essentially a great idea! Me thinks...

    :k "Rui Roskoff's
    Security Solutions

  110. Sorry Astro! This is a bit off of the mark of the subject being addressed here.

    A few humbling thoughts for all die hard pro-M believers - M for "Mickey Mouse"...

    "The greatest user of the libel courts – the greatest thief in UK history"

    Courtesy of John Blacksmith at:


  111. The more I read about the Freemason connections in this case the more the possibility grows that Gerry McCann is getting help from this quarter in high places. If that turns out to be so then it should be exposed. That includes those SY detectives who are supposedly working on this case at the moment. There are quite a few people who want transparency where Freemasonry is concerned, and how is it that the McCanns have got their way with Cameron (a Freemason himself), when thousands of others who have missing loved ones will never receive the same treatment. If this SY 'review' turns out to be a whitewash for the McCanns, then knowing what we know about the original investigation pointing to the death of Madeleine in the holiday apartment, I think we should be asking these kind of questions of those in authority.

  112. Jacqueline McCann? I never heard of her! Are you sure?
    Who knows trouble in the family. Or maybe this Jacqueline felt the truth right away. She could be the relative to whom Kate asked to take care of Madeleine. At the moment she heard of the abduction, she felt it was not true imo.
    Till now I'd thought that Gerry had only two sisters.She could be a wonderful witness.

  113. 111, Gerry is not getting any help from any important organisation.He got it before, when people believed in an abduction.
    This story went too far, people who would be prepared to support them are not anylonger. Freemasons are not criminals, murderes.Why involve the McCanns in mysterious things? They were supported by Murdoch who pressured Brown and the Labour and now they are supported by the libel laws and they have money. On Kate's book you can read the McCanns have gotten no power with Cameron and Theresa May.
    Neither with the Leicestershire police.Kate did not correct her information about that police, at the end of the book, telling they were allowing the McCanns to see the files.It means that that police still dont't have any clear evidence that the parents are not involved in the crime otherwise a public prosecuter in England would have made a statement freeing the McCanns.

    How could Gerry allow Kate to write such a stupidity?
    None of us knew it, it was not necessary to to tell it.
    I have the impression the couple is not very close to each other, since months ago. Specially Gerry, he disappeared.

  114. If I understood it well,the only man in the world who is not a freemason is my milkman and he famous for that in my town.
    We all got photographs of him in our living rooms.
    We are proud of him.

  115. How did they manage to see Cameron?
    Kate is bold, a cheeky woman.And manipulative.
    In Holland they say: a bold person has the half of the world.

  116. I wonder if Kate is going to visit Luz, Praia da Luz this September, beginning October(about the 2nd).
    I have a new theory: it could be possible that the last time the parents saw Madeleine alive was on May 2nd. They came home late in the evening and they left to visit some of Tapas 7, for a drink.Kate went back to check on the children, during the night, and she found Madeleine dead.It was the beginning of the 3rd but it could have been she died at the very end of the 2nd, when the parents were visiting some people. But this does not fit in Amaral's words that she died here and than died there.Unless Amaral never said that.Or Madeleine had a cardiac arrest at the nursery, resuscitated, and got it again in the apartment.
    The stories "why did you not come", "my best day ever","how beautiful she was and how lucky I was", the photo at the swimmingpool, what a hell of concentration on the 3rd!everything positive! and don't forget the "three angels"seen by Payne.

    Will Kate dare to go back to Algarve on next weeks?

  117. continuing:

    is there a statement where somebody says he/she did not see Kate for breakfast at the Millenium on the 3rd?
    Was it a waiter and Mrs. Webster?

    I believe the McCanns said they took breakfast at the apartment every day only to hide the fact that Kate did not show up on the 3rd. I hope the Baptiste super market has cameras in order to control their groceries.

  118. I agree that every investigation that may be happening now has to be done in all silence otherwise the McCanns will come up with 600 new sightings every week, like they did when the PJ were about to send the rogatory letters.
    After they have made an analyse of everything, they will call the McCanns, I presume.And the MP still have to be informed about new useful facts, which could have appeared after the files were shelved.I believe these new facts exist because the police never stop.
    I wonder how many people are going to live in Greece now,and I would not be surprised if they left already.

    Did you notice that Jane Tanner disappeared? She was always so talkative!

  119. @110,i fear you could be so right,but what sort of person is a mason when they help to cover up the death of a child,they must be very sick people indeed.


    Reply to: Anon 111 "the Freemason connections in this case"

    Any possibility is worth considering and this one is extremely interesting.

    Note for instance the Mitchell/Brown/Cameron/McCann Scottish connection (names) bearing in mind the following:

    (a) "Following the arrest of European Templars (particularly French) on Friday 13, 1307, the remaining body of Knights escaped to Scotland"


    (b) The Rothley/Knights Templar connection. Remember the McCanns' still live there and Rothley was once "a major centre of Templar activity". For all we know, there is still some Templars activity going on there. See here:


    (c) The Freemasons' décor (statuary) of the garden of the villa opposite the Murats' in PdL which by the way was not far from the Ocean Club "Apartment 5A"...

    Link below: Scroll down the blog until you come across the unmistakably Freemasonic symbols:


    (d) Draw your own inferences ...

    Personally I would (humbly) advise any officials connected with this case which might be reading this... I am thinking of the PJ...I would keep the SY out of it for obvious reasons... to have a "Podengo" (Portuguese police dog par excellence) to test this hypothesis and clear up any possibility - even if any traces might have been wiped out by now, but...

    ...one never knows how far back in time a dog's nose can stretch - particularly if there were any bones/clothes/DNA traces left behind...

    No allegations made. No animosity implied.


    "Freemasons in the police leading the attack on David Cameron's riot response"


    In my reply to Anon 111 above. Please add these two items to my speculative outline above:

    (e) "Masonic rules require members to do all they can to support each other, to look after each other and to keep each others' lawful secrets." (quote/unquote)


    (f) "“We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else’s business”, says David Payne. (quote/unquote)


  123. On the Freemasons connection

    Sherlock Holmes once said:"when you rule out the impossible all you have left is the possible".


    Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' master spinster...sorry...I meant...spinner... joins LEWIS PR as Director of Media Strategy and Public Affairs (2010)...

    Who is LEWIS PR?

    "Our approach to all communications programs is based on the notion of ‘Sustained Impact’.

    At the heart of every campaign is a body of content: our journalistic roots and broad digital content production capabilities mean that each campaign revolves around content that inspires, educates, informs or entertains.

    Then we optimize that content so it builds equity for your brand over time.

    We use our experience in media relations and community management to gather organic endorsements through earned, owned and social media."

    "As an agency we always look for ways to reach beyond the traditional realm of PR, to give clients wide-ranging impact and ultimately to make PR a commercial success."


    Some of LEWIS PR clients...

    See here: http://www.lewispr.com/Clients.aspx

    The Madeleine Fund company - Leaving No Stone Unturned, Ltd., is not listed. Why is that?

    :a You guessed!

  125. Something intrigues me.

    We know Kate's trousers and blouse had human cadaver scent.
    I expected Gerry's coat and trousers to have it as well but it seems not to be the case.
    Was walking down the street, with the body in his arms, not enough to influence his clothes?

  126. Three months ago Cameron replied the McCanns and he refered to a letter that Theresa May was writing them.The McCanns never commented that letter, which must be already in their possession. Not even Clarence talked about its contents. My conclusion is that it must be worse news for the McCanns, several shoots in their foot, otherwise we would have heard of their new victory.
    Possibly Theresa May read the last part of Kate's book, irritating, attacking her Home Office, and her letter must be shocking for the McCanns.
    They are silent, aren't they?

  127. going back about my comment above, I remember that while the McCanns were still arguidos, we had no idea about the Gaspars' statemnets, nor about the Smiths. They were witnesses and they had to keep their mouths. I also remember that the waiters were not allowed to tell around what they had told the police.
    I believe that this is Amaral's situation now. I even think he made his statement already.
    And who is the witness that told the PJ that Kate asked a relative to bring up Madeleine? The relative him/herself?

  128. anon 111
    I agree with you, this is all cover my back Freemasonry, their rule is to protect their brother at what ever cost, including perjury, so I read on another blog. The pressure is on and the Mcs feel in safe hands in the Uk, gerry amongst the brothers. There are a lot of connects here that simply do not tie up.What happened to our british police forces? My father was a chief superintendant, he served 30yrs in the police, he would hate whats happening nowadays.
    I cannot bbeliieve there has been no comeback on how gerry MC was in possession of thos CEOP / police booklets and why??

  129. I still wonder if the PJ found more clothes with cadaver scent and never talked about it.If the body was in the car, Gerry could have carried it and his clothes could be contaminated with the smell.It is high time Gerry writes a book telling he gave his clothes to another GNR man.

  130. Why did Amaral say he believes David Payne holds the key of this mystery? Only a visit at 6.30pm to the apartment(if it is true) would not be enough for me because I believe she died at the beginning of the 3rd.And she died behind the sofa.Could he have killed Madeleine?

    The McCanns were the last to be invited to go to Algarve with the group, if they told the truth and the Paynes are their best friends, living quite close to Rothley
    Strange. I would have expected they would be the first ones to be approached by David.
    Something behind this?

    Green Bird

  131. I forgot if I wrote this before but I remember Amaral commenting that the police could interrogate ex-ambassador John Buck or the one who followed him up, asking about the Wikileaks comment.

    There must be people besides Tapas 9 who know Madeline is dead, perhaps Jacqueline McCann's best friend.

    I also wonder if Madeline's body wasn't brought to Lagos for a while before it was buried.
    It is obvious that the McCanns had difficulties to get rid of the body because it was not yet buried 23, 25 days after her death.

    The PJ never said they found earth in the boots of the car, probably not at all.Till that moment, she was kept in a very clean place.
    I hope there are undercovers around in Rothley, trying to find out if Gerry had interest in another woman and that could have irritated Kate. Their marriage disturbed by a child that could not sleep well, coming to the parents bed nearly every night, Kate tired of the twins and of her.There were so many reasons to lose her temper.Had they plans to split up?

    I remember how Kate looked and behaved after they left that attelier in Washington( Madeleine was Hier), after have seeing a new Madeline's picture, at 6 years old. They were in a car and Kate was obviously angry with Gerry and he was looking at her with a guilty face and very much worried.
    Is Gerry the indirect reason that Madeline died?
    Was he planning to leave home and that's why Kate asked a relative to bring up Madeleine, in order to save her marriage?


    How Many Are Now Wearing the McGag?

    There is a new entry at #18! - Paul Harper/Pixie Loom/thesargeants.net

    1. McCanns v "Tal & Qual" (Lusitanian newspaper).

    2. McCanns v "24 Horas" (Lusitanian newspaper).

    3. Justine McGuiness v Mirror Group Newspapers (former "reputation manager" for the McCanns'.

    4. McCanns v Express Newspapers, other TV and media outlets (four major newspapers!).

    5. McCanns' friends (Tapas 7) v Media (Express newspapers and other major media groups in the UK).

    6. McCanns v Gonçalo Amaral and TVI (Lusitanian TV Channel) as well as his publisher (also Lusitanian).

    7. McCanns v T Bennett & D Butler.

    8. McCanns' main financial backer (B & K Kennedy) v T Bennett.

    9. McCanns' v Joana Morais (she had to remove an article on her blog which had been published by a British newspaper!).

    10. McCanns v Pamalam

    11. McCanns v Madeleine Foundation (several).

    12. McCanns & Jon Corner v McCann Exposure & Wordpress.

    13. McCanns main financial backer (Brian Kennedy) v McCann Exposure & Wordpress.

    14. McCanns' v McCanns v Pat Brown, Criminal Profiler.

    15. McCanns v Prof. Paulo Sargento (Lusitanian forensic psychologist and university professor). Unconfirmed.

    16. McCanns' v Dr. Hernâni Carvalho (Lusitanian journalist and psychologist). Unconfirmed.

    17. McCanns' v TVI (Lusitanian TV station). Unconfirmed.

    18. ***NEW! (unconfirmed) McCanns. v Paul Harper/Pixel Loom/the sargeants.net

    NB Please note the up to date number above is well above 18 as several "gags" to the British press come under "1" item and many others may have gone unreported.

    At any rate the strategy seems to be working.

    The British press and British public opinion is now definitely pro- McCann, thanks to Mitchell "Mickey" "Blue Eyes" strategy. In doubt?

    Simply consider the number of "Madeleine" copies sold to date - even assuming a substantial number were purchased by "free thinkers".

    In all fairness, we must therefore congratulate (cough) LEWIS PR/"Mickey Blue Eyes" strategy which is:

    "Our approach to all communications programs is based on the notion of ‘Sustained Impact’".As an agency WE ALWAYS LOOK FOR WAYS TO REACH BEYOND THE TRADITIONAL REALM OF PR, to give clients wide-ranging impact and ultimately to make PR a commercial success." (quote/unquote)

    Source: http://www.lewispr.com/

  133. The despicable McCann's have no shame, now they are using another site to sell a 2012 calendar of Madeleine. They fool school children to participate on their business. A new way to ask donations. The book of lies is not selling well, they are back to public donations. Calendars are normally given by business advertisers for free. This two explore their daughter in all ways.

  134. Which one of you can tell me the names of the three nannies who left the Ocean Club short after the disappearence?
    Thank You.


    Livia Deodato / "Maria Clara" (Marie Claire) / Terras de Vera Cruz

    "Não acho que Madeleine tenha morrido", diz Kate McCann, mãe da menina desaparecida há quatro anos em Portugal, em conversa exclusiva com Marie Claire

    Ela não perde a esperança de encontrar a filha e dá detalhes do caso no livro que será lançado na Bienal do Livro do Rio de Janeiro, a partir desta sexta-feira

    Sua fala é pausada e a voz parece estar constantemente embargada por um choro prestes a romper (that's news!).

    É difícil mensurar a dor e a tristeza sentidas por Kate McCann, quatro anos depois do desaparecimento de sua filha Madeleine. Hoje com 43 anos, a britânica não desistiu da procura pela primogênita. Ela abandonou a medicina e, desde o dia 3 de maio de 2007, se dedica exclusivamente a reunir informações enviadas por pessoas de todo o mundo que acreditam ter encontrado a menina – se estiver viva, ela tem 8 anos (no site www.findmadeleine.com, há uma projeção de sua atual fisionomia).

    A polícia arquivou oficialmente o caso em julho de 2008. Mas Kate e sua família, não. O livro que leva o nome "Madeleine" foi lançado na Inglaterra e em Portugal em maio e agora chega ao Brasil (Editora Prumo, 440 págs., R$ 49,90). Baseado no diário escrito por Kate ao longo dos anos e no inquérito policial, o livro levanta a hipótese de sequestro por uma rede de pedofilia, critica (?) a investigação conduzida pela polícia portuguesa (e a falta de ação da britânica) e fala da crise que se instalou no casamento entre Kate e Gerry, pai de Madeleine. Os filhos mais novos, os gêmeos Sean e Amelie, hoje com 6 anos e meio, continuam perguntando sobre a irmã mais velha e explicam aos amiguinhos que “a mamãe costumava ser médica, mas agora está procurando por Madeleine”.

    “Ainda há esperança. Vivemos numa espécie de limbo desde que ela sumiu, mas não podemos desistir”, diz Kate, na entrevista exclusiva que ela concedeu a Marie Claire.

    Marie Claire - Como você se sente hoje? E como estão Gerry e os gêmeos?

    Kate McCann - Muito bem, se considerarmos tudo o que passamos. Estamos muito mais fortes. Agora, procuramos pelo equilíbrio. Gerry trabalha em tempo integral e o meu trabalho tem sido continuar a busca por Madeleine. Agora também temos a chance de fazer várias coisas normais, de família, como levar Sean e Amelie para a escola.

    MC - Os gêmeos fazem perguntas frequentes sobre Madeleine?

    KM - Não todos os dias, mas com uma certa frequência. O desaparecimento dela também faz parte da vida deles. Eles entendem o que aconteceu e o que estamos tentando fazer. No entendimento deles é muito simples: “Madeleine está desaparecida e temos de encontrá-la.” Conversamos sempre sobre o resgate, sobre o que vamos fazer quando ela voltar para casa, sobre esperança.

    MC - A esperança de encontrar Madeleine se tornou a razão de sua vida. Qual será a sua reação se descobrir que ela está morta?

    KM - Infelizmente, eu considero todas as possibilidades. Nos últimos dias, só consigo pensar no pior. Mas ainda temos esperança, de qualquer modo. Eu li sobre muitos outros casos, de famílias que conseguiram recuperar seus filhos após décadas de desaparecimento. Não podemos desistir. É duro não saber sobre o paradeiro dela – estamos vivendo numa espécie de limbo desde que ela sumiu. E é tão difícil de sacudir a poeira e se reeguer. Temos de continuar à procura.

    MC - Você não trabalha mais? Dedica-se o tempo todo à busca de Madeleine?

    KM - Eu não exerço mais a medicina. Os últimos quatro anos provavelmente foram os anos em que estive mais ocupada da minha vida “profissional”. Passei muito tempo visitando os arquivos da polícia, escrevendo o meu livro e também lançando campanhas de busca por Madeleine. Até mesmo para abrir o Gmail, leva-se muito tempo. Sean e Amelie entenderam e sempre dizem aos amiguinhos: “a mamãe costumava ser médica, mas agora está procurando por Madeleine”. Enquanto não a encontramos, há ainda muito trabalho a ser feito.

    Parte 1/2


    (falta aqui um bocado que cortamos para caber...)
    Google "revistamarieclaire+globo+com"

    MC - Existe algum motivo para você sorrir hoje?

    KM - Por um bom tempo, não me permiti desfrutar da vida e me sentia culpada se o fizesse. Mas o fato é que se eu não tivesse dado um tempo, não teria de onde mais tirar forças para continuar as buscas. Tenho outras duas crianças e agora estou mais forte. Sinto-me mais capaz de curtir a vida – e faço isso por Madeleine.

    MC - Você consegue sentir a presença de Madeleine?

    KM - Eu não acho que ela morreu. Qualquer mãe se sentiria assim. Sinto-me próxima a ela. Madeleine é parte da nossa família. Não sentimos que esse será o fim.

    MC - Como você lida com as lembranças deixadas por Madeleine? Consegue rever fotos e vídeos?

    KM - São muitas boas lembranças. Quando eu começo a revisitá-las, às vezes sinto muita tristeza, outras vezes me deixa feliz e me reconforta, me traz tranquilidade. Ela está na nossa vida. Há fotos dela por toda a nossa casa. A Amelie sempre se refere a ela como “a minha irmã mais velha”.

    MC - Em um determinado momento, vocês foram acusados de serem suspeitos. Como lidou com isso?

    KM - (voz embargada) Eu achei inacreditável. Quando você imagina que nada pior pode acontecer... A busca por Madeleine se tornou a minha maior obsessão. E muita gente não entendeu isso. É como um pesadelo, um sonho ruim do qual você não consegue acordar.

    MC - Por outro lado, você recebeu apoio de pessoas de todo o mundo...

    KM - Eu seria incapaz de descrever a importância do apoio que venho recebendo desde o desaparecimento de Madeleine. Isso me ajudou enormemente. As pessoas foram muito boas e cuidadosas – e isso também nos fortaleceu para continuar na luta. Nós tivemos inclusive um apoio grande do Brasil, de uma família muito querida que acabou se tornando muito próxima de nós.

    MC - Como é a sua relação com a imprensa hoje?

    KM - Nós precisamos da mídia. Madeleine precisa dela para ser encontrada. Nós enfrentamos maus bocados com a imprensa. Mas ainda espero que ela ajude a encontrar Madeleine. Apenas pedimos para que os jornalistas sejam responsáveis com as informações, pois é a nossa pequena que está desaparecida.

    MC - É muito doloroso ou cansativo continuar dando entrevistas? Ou você acredita que isso é o que tem de ser feito para que as buscas por Madeleine continuem?

    KM - No início achava tudo isso bem intimidador. As perguntas me pareciam muito difíceis e mexiam demais com os meus sentimentos. Sempre procurei preservar a minha privacidade. Mas como já dei dezenas e dezenas de entrevistas nos últimos quatro anos, me acostumei um pouco. Sei que a mídia é poderosa e alcança milhões de pessoas. E se isso for necessário para trazer a minha Madeleine de volta, eu farei isso.

    MC - Você visita Portugal com frequência?

    KM - Sim. Vamos bastante a Lisboa para conversar com advogados. Vou também a Praia da Luz umas 5 vezes por ano (local do resort onde a família passava férias e de onde Madeleine foi raptada). Logo depois de seu desaparecimento, eu não conseguia voltar para lá, mas agora vou com alguma frequência porque lá me sinto mais próxima dela.

    MC - Quais são os seus próximos passos agora?

    KM - Continuo escrevendo um diário. O livro foi lançado em maio na Inglaterra e em Portugal. Na próxima semana será lançado no Brasil, em setembro na Alemanha, no meio de outubro na Espanha e em alguns outros países até o fim do ano. As pessoas lerão o livro e vão saber que ainda existem várias perguntas que continuam sem respostas – e que elas podem ser capazes de responder. Nós acreditamos nas informações que nos são enviadas e esperamos reuni-las para que cheguemos até ela. Tenho fé que vamos encontrar a informação-chave que está faltando para encontrá-la. Continuem procurando e rezando por Madeleine, que continua desaparecida. Não podemos desistir.

    (parte 2/2)

  137. According to McCann Files, Kate's book is being published in Brazil now, a country where a child disappears forever every second of the day. Why Brazil?
    Are the McCanns planing to escape to South America, will they say there are important sightings of Maddie's somewhere in that country, are they going to a South American country where a law protects people, don't deliver them back to the originaly country where they commited a crime? Argentina and Brazil had such laws in the past.

  138. On McCann Files I was reading Amaral's interviews where he talks about the beach and the fact that salt disturbs the scent of people, making difficult for dogs to find them. In this case, my conclusion is that there was no Tapas 10.On the afternoon of the 3rd, Tapas 7 went to the beach and imo the men among them had the goal to find a temporarily grave for Maddie, who was already dead.They checked on all of the rocks, little and bigger, and they found a little? cave covered by sea water.They found it and in the evening Gerry took the body to the beach, where O'Brian was waiting for him.Maybe they both moved big stones to cover it, perhaps there was a little tunnel easy for a body to be hidden in and they (or O'Brian) put the corpse in there.No dog would find it because of the salty water.
    After going back, Gerry became hysterical praying like a muslim does, to hide eventual dirt of sand on his trousers.
    The only child who did not go to the beach was Madeleine and maybe the siblings. I believe that some nannies helped the Mccanns by letting Kate sign that document of the 3rd.
    On the same night, kate and Gerry got a large amount of money from Brian Kennedy, which I suspect was used to rent an apartment some later.An apartment with a freezer, rent under the name of an unknown person, probably a relative. Who knows the body was replaced from the tunnel to the apartment when the Mccanns went to the Vatican, taking the media with them and leaving Praia da Luz in peace for some days. The body on the beach explains the often presence of Kate's near the sea, in PdL.

  139. I read on the Jill Havern website that the McCann Amaral preliminary libel hearing in Lisbon will take place on or around the 22 Sept. but CLOSED to the PUBLIC. Why is this allowed? Does that mean that reporting by journalists willl not be allowed? What sort of justice is this, in secret? Presumably the McCanns are afraid that witnesses (including Snr Amaral) will have some embarrassing testimony that they want to keep from the public. I think that it is very important that this case must be covered in the media as widely as possible and that court transcripts and proceedings ahould be cvered on twitter and all other news media as they happen because the truth needs to come out for the sake of objectivity and justice. The McCanns should not be allowed to continue to spin everything as they wish, in my opinion.

  140. #120,

    Sorry...the "Podengo", a portuguese POLICE dog?!
    As far as I know the Podengos are excellent hunting dogs, with a paramount sniffing ability to track down the prey, but I don't recall ever having seen one in the police forces. Lots of Alsatians, Rotweillers, Belgian Shepherds and even the occasional Labrador Retriever, but no Podengos!

  141. #124,

    The child Gerry was carrying down the street (and seen by the Smith family) was NOT Madeleine...maybe...
    If I was asked to make a guess I would say it was Tanner's eldest daughter...it was a diversion, planting a false trail. He knew he would certainly be seen by someone, when he entered the top of the street he spotted the Smiths, he could have turned around, hide, but no...he kept going straight down, right into the Smiths. He wanted to be seen, wanted to have someone later telling the police that a man with a child in his arms had been seen heading towards the church and the beach, diverting the attention from the real direction where Madeleine had really been taken, by someone other than Gerry, of course, hence NO cadaver scent on his clothes.
    Just an idea...

  142. According to the files, there was Madeleine's blood in the car.Probably they did not immediately wrapped her in a sheet or blanket when they took her out of the salty water.They must have done it later, in the pinky blanket, before they buried her somewhere in Praia da Luz.


    Anon 124 "I expected Gerry's coat and trousers to have it as well but it seems not to be the case."

    You expected it because you forgot Dr. GM had since been back in the UK on "urgent business" leaving his wife to weather the media storm. Remember?

    May be he had a change of clothing back in the UK... or perhaps they thought of contamination beforehand... or perhaps only the mother was involved and there is much truth in Textusa's theory... or perhaps it was only his wife that used to go around seeing deceased patients prior to their holidays in PdL...or some other reason. Pro-McCanns' will tell you the PJ deliberately contaminated the clothes in order to frame the McCanns' which is preposterous, but there you are.

    If it weren't for the dogs the McCanns' could even be innocent.

    The question is:

    Could the forensic dogs have been wrong that many times in those many places? Answer this question and you crack this case.

    What about "cuddly cat?" I hear you asking?
    Well, you see, Dr. Kate McCann used to take Madeleine's "Cuddly Cat" with her during her visits to her deceased patients - if you can believe that, that is. I do, because that is what she says she used to do.

    As it stands - full credit to the success of Mickey "Mitchell" Mouse, LEWIS PR and LIFT CONSULTING PR marketing campaign, the "grand jury" of public opinion is divided - mostly because of their English-speaking members. The rest of the world has a fair idea of what probably happened after all it is all in Gonçalo Amaral's book "The Truth of a Lie".

    Amaral, let us not forget, the chief co-ordinator of the investigation, was an inspector with some 26 years experience (...) not a "leering bumpkin" - to borrow an expression from the distinguished British intellectual and Nobel prize candidate: Tony Parsons (cough).

    It would help if the McCanns' PR and legal representatives didn't go around muzzling people with this "McGag" and allowed experts such as Pat Brown to think because...

    "When you rule out the impossible all you have left with is the possible". (Sherlock Holmes).


    Anon 136 "Brazil...a country where a child disappears forever every second of the day. Why Brazil?"

    The number is about 40.000 per year, actually. If a child went missing every second, the number would be (average): 31.556.926 which, as you will agree, is slightly exaggerated...

    Likewise, there were 4,802 in the UK reported missing - about 88.5 reports per day go to the Metropolitan police...

    Please bear in mind that would take 34,78 UK's to make one Brazil so at 40.000 the number of children that go missing in Brazil is proportionally much lower than in the UK. Surprising is it not? :b

    In Portugal the figure at 41 (2010) is minimalist.

    Which brings us to the second part of your statement.

    "Why Brazil"?

    I don't know. Surely it is part of Mickey "Mitchell" Mouse "The McCanns' Are Innocent" global marketing campaign. Then, Brazil speaks/reads a kind of Portuguese and rather dislike the Portuguese - very much like Americans tend to dislike "limmeys".

    Let us not forget the main "beef" the McCanns' have IS against Amaral and his book. He was the only one who had guts to tell it "as he (and his colleagues) saw fit".

    The way he/they saw it, differs from the McCanns' government sponsored, PR, "official version" of events and THAT had to be re-addressed by the sheer brute force of legal and marketing campaigns.

    With the publication of "Madeleine" world-wide they tried (and so far succeeded) in going one-up on the chief investigator. You see, his book sold less copies...

    The McCanns' team must be feeling elated - well, at least until Amaral comes up with an extended version of The "Truth of the Lie" but that must wait until the defamation case McCanns' v Amaral is formally dismissed and Amaral's counter-compensation claims initiated.

    No doubt the sale proceedings of "Madeleine" will help the McCanns foot the massive legal bill that will be filed against them by the man they forced out of his job, out of his home, out of his car, out of his assets, out of his livelihood...

    Dr. G. Amaral and his family are still subsisting, not (unlike the McCanns') living like sinister celebrities on sponsored money...

    If "Madeleine" global sales go as well as their strategists and PR advisers expect they may not need to sell their house in Rothley to pay for what comes next.

    There is a saying in Portugal "O primeiro milho e dos pardais" which roughly translated means: "the first corn goes to the sparrows" :p

    All this by the way should give you an insight into world politics, what is modernly understood as "democracy" and the countries that lead (or mislead) the world. Et amen!

  145. Anon 133 "Which one of you can tell me the names of the three nannies who left the Ocean Club short after the disappearance?"

    Thank You.

    See if this helps. Then Google each name to see what comes out. http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/NANNYS.htm

    To my mind Charlotte Pennington's statements are the most interesting - the problem is she is a trained actress and would naturally feel sympathetic towards the McCanns because of her (Australian) their (British) nationality. Same genetic resonance/cultural roots.

    Concerning the nannies that left? What is your mind on exactly? Anything you might like to share with us?

  146. No human cadaver scent in Gerry's clothes. He probably gave them to somebody of the Tapas or to his brothers to bring them back to England. Carrying a body down the streets, a blood drop could have fallen on his clothes. The same about carrying the body to the car.
    he had to destroy his clothes.

  147. "Wheeling & dealing" - a must read at:

  148. Anon 138 "Sorry...the "Podengo", a portuguese POLICE dog?!"

    The "Podengo" is a hunting dog par excellence. You are quite right. I have a "Podengo" (big) in my villa in Algarve which I have trained for "police work" (past-time). It is almost infallible when it comes to locating/retrieving hidden objects (and it is getting better all the time). Yes, I agree with you. The "Podengo" is not popular with the police. I really don't know why, which is the reason why I was promoting it (as it were).

    "Your neighbour's lawn is always greener" you know(...)

    Anon 120

  149. Mccanns have been in the Sunday Express again with thier untrue book.Holland and Germany believe Maddie died in the flat they dont believe what is written in the book as it is all about making money. Mr Amaral should get in contact with Mr Cameron to get to the truth and close this case once and for all. The whole world wants it cleared up and to find out the truth.Poor Maddie,what she must have suffered she was never loved.Germany.

  150. The dogs were bring in because the police (both) had already circumstantial evidences and strong suspicions against the parents.
    Look at the cost of those two dogs. Millions of pounds, special food, special environment... Do you think, the police made this dogs to travel to Portugal without any reason?
    Forget what the PR team says now and said after their work. What is important is what the British police said before the dogs arrived- they are high trained dogs to locate human cadaver scent and human body fluids. They have been used by polices like the FBI to crack complicate cases with success. Not a single time they failed.
    How can two dogs be wrong on the same items and same locations? No way.... Just because they all belong to the McCann's? The dogs don't know you, Gerry and Kate. Unfortunately for you, FOR THE DOGS YOU ARE JUST TWO ORDINARY SUSPECTS LIKE SOME OTHERS THEY INVESTIGATE WITH ACCURACY. That wish of being always an exception is becoming a kind of disease that is ruining you like a cancer.
    Go to brazil to spread there your lies. Portuguese police and Brazilian police work together in many cases and use to share many things.
    The sweet brazilians will not buy your stories. They are not stupid and Amaral version got there years ahead of your lies. Maybe the Brazilian public had the courage to trow at your faces the despicable parents you are and why few people believes you.
    Where are the twins now, while the mother is traveling instead of helping them with beginning of the school year?
    She lost a child at the hands of Paedos ( according to her fantasy) who have been so professional that left no traces but has no fears to leave her twins exposing them at the same risks.
    What the money do to people... On the night the girl disappeared she didn't search her. Was too cold and too dark. I believe if outside there were a pot with euros, she will leave the flat to search it.
    That's why you cannot complaint about why the public is so critical. Your behavior at the beginning was disgusting and still disgusting. To search you daughter you just had to send a letter to request the investigation to be reopened. That has the cost of a stamp. Then, why all that circus? We know why... Money, easy money. Some of the people you fool are parents who have to work hard every month to get enough money to pay basic things, like a modest house, food, school and medical assistance. For a moment do you think on that people? Non!!!!

  151. McCann's can't go more low on their circus. Look at all items/T-shirts with Madeleine face, they have on sale at "great us art- Apparel"? Baby bibs and maternity T-shirts. really?
    For a week, they claim, they left their child's in a foreign creche during the day and alone during the night. Now they are selling the image of the child they lost, due to that behavior, in items to be used by babies and pre-mums... Shame on that exploitation. What makes me feel better is I never saw anybody wearing that items. If so, I had no problems to congratulate the person for his/ her bad taste.

  152. 137. libel hearing, who against who?
    I don't believe the McCanns will come to Lisbon for this hearing.
    They will stay home. No risks, specially if the MP got already involved in the investigations.


    Anon 144 "No human cadaver scent in Gerry's clothes. He probably gave them to somebody of the Tapas or to his brothers to bring them back to England."

    Easy...easy... unless you want to end up with a "McGag" and add to the long list of those struggling to say "Hello!"

    We have to be careful with poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted trails of thought. Such not only put your freedom of expression at risk but cAN draw the attention of Messrs. Carter-Ruck, LLP (& Gutter-Pack,PPL) to this blog.

    Let us go very slowly. Let us take a deep breath and ...1...2....3... exhale... "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...."

    We must not just assume the parents are guilty until someone (preferably with scientific credentials) explains to us certain inconsistencies and unknowns...

    Things like the absence of cadaver odour in Dr.Gerry McCann's clothes for example...

    True Dr. McCann left Faro for Coventry (UK) on the 20th of May 2007 (Sunday) leaving his wife behind. He returned the following Tuesday by the hand of media master spinner: Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell. I understand "Mickey Mouse" is Mr. Mitchell "nick name" in Britain but I could be wrong.

    Naturally, whether he (Dr. McCann) could have taken his contaminated clothes with him and left them behind (in Rothley) is open to debate but, we must not infer that this MUST be the sole reason why the dogs did not detect any scent on his clothes. There are other possibilities.

    For instance, we do not know the extent to which and/or the time it takes for the cadaver odour to settle on a victim and contaminate its immediate surroundings.

    According to some sources it could be a matter of minutes, according to others an hour or more.



    Also, once the odour settles, it is not clear whether the scent can be passed on to others by prolonged contact or proximity even if it seems logical to assume it can.

    It is complicated.

    Fortunately, I happened to meet Rui Roskoff last night at the Coromoto Cafe & Gelateria in Portimao (not far from PdL, actually).

    Rui, as you might remember, is the controversial, self-styled, "Luso-Brazilian criminal profiler and private investigator" who has in the past ruffled the feathers of some very high IQ presences on this blog.

    The guy seems for real and I have been informed that until recently, he worked for SIS (the Portuguese equivalent of MI5.) This, however, could be just rumour. Anyway, I diverge...

    Rui Roskoff is of the opinion that the scent's presence in Dr. Kate McCann's clothes could simply mean her clothes had been contaminated.

    Not only by her patients, as she herself argues, but by her own daughter's toy - "cuddly cat".

    The rationale for this, Roskoff argued, was that in the aftermath of her daughter's "disappearance", the mother always carried "cuddly cat" with her. "Remember all those photos?". He asked me. I nodded and said "Si".

    The logic was, the scent (of death) present in the child as the result of a fatal accident (or some other sinister scenario) spread to the toy and then to the mother's clothes as she continually carried it around. In other words, she ended up contaminated by "cuddly cat" over a period of time...

    This also explains why the "scent of death" was absent in the father's. He never carried the toy around with him...

    The inference Roskoff makes here was - and I must admit I had difficulty in offering a counter-argument except that Dr. McCann had been to the UK in the interim:

    "Assuming (as key investigators suggested) there was an accident of some sort, Madeleine MUST have been found by the parents (one or the other) still holding "cuddly cat" as she laid, dead - waiting for them to come home late as usual that night..."

    I ordered another coffee ice cream as Roskoff went on:

    "If this was the case, than the scent (of death) could have passed to the mother's clothes simply because of her systematic holding of the toy! Furthermore..." He went on... "Such scenario would suggest the parents (one or the other) found Madeleine dead still holding on to the toy "for comfort".

    "This by the way..." He asserted " would also imply the parents (and possibly some of their friends) would have known all along what had happened. This could perhaps explain the witness inconsistencies which some perceive as downright lies..."

    I don't think I looked totally convinced, for Rui smiled quizzically at me, adding:

    "This is of course pure conjecture, but a line of speculation which is perfectly consistent with the FACTS of the investigation. I could not possibly be "McGagged" for it!"

    He laughed, finnished his ice cream and ordered another.

    By then it was gone well past 22:30 and I had been out and about for nearly two hours. I thought I'd better sprint back to the hotel least my girl friend Carina called the GNR and stirred up yet another global search - this time for baby Meeh...

    :d Ray Gelato

  155. Clarence Mitchell, the ex-BBC presenter famous for being the spokesman for Madeleine McCann's parents, is the new UK MD of Burson-Marsteller.
    looks like he is in good company!

    Burson-Marsteller is the company that governments with poor human rights records and corporations in trouble with environmentalists have turned to when in crisis.
    Google Search: Burson-Marsteller on PR Watch

  156. Tony Blair is godfather to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter
    Tony Blair is godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch’s young children, it has emerged in an interview with the media tycoon’s wife Wendi.

  157. Paranoia stalks today’s parents

    According to the US Justice Department, the chances of a child being abducted by a stranger are one in a million. So why do

    we live in an age that assumes every smile hides a disgusting thought, every gesture is a lure and every stranger is a potential kidnapper?

    No playground child is free of a ‘‘helicopter’’ mum or dad and no middle-aged man can pass a girl on the street without getting a scared ‘‘please don’t eat me’’ glance. What is going on?

    The modern world has never been safer and yet paranoia is at such an insane level parents see paedophiles lurking around every corner.

    ‘‘Don’t talk to strangers’’ and variants such as ‘‘don’t accept candy from strangers’’ and ‘‘never get into a stranger’s car’’ are often-heard phrases. But children don’t really understand why they should do these things.

    So how do children discriminate between being careful and plain rude by not talking to strangers? Short answer: they don’t, and that’s the root of the whole problem.

    Fear for the most vulnerable element of our society has given birth to a parental stranger-danger culture that drills the fear of the unknown into our children so strongly they are conditioned into point-blank rudeness.

    If a grandfather hugs his grandchild, it’s worrying how likely he is to get a reaction like, ‘‘You can’t do that! That’s inappropriate!’’, a response that is very likely to result in a broken heart.

    So why now? Why were our parents allowed to cross the country on their bikes without anyone even realising they were gone, when the new generation can’t play on the front lawn without parental supervision?

    Some say that higher population density means that these days you are more likely to live near a thief or a kidnapper.

    Personally, I blame communication. Warnings and horror stories reach the modern population at light-speed in the information age and, thanks to this, every parent fears that their child will become the next Madeleine McCann.

    Yes, parents getting involved in their children’s lives is a good thing; but is this line of thought going to lead us to a day when the only politically correct way of talking to someone is on Facebook?

    Computers let us shop, learn, chat, watch movies, listen to songs, go to work, participate in political campaigns and interact with friends.

    Are people beginning to perceive it as safer to simply stay online than go outside and risk encountering a multitude of potentially dangerous people?

    Here’s a tip: google ‘‘stranger danger’’ or similar and see what comes up. You might be interested by some of the posters and videos that all but claim children should carry guns to protect themselves.

    (continues bellow)

  158. The rare horror stories of abduction and violation of children have seen parents lock their kids up with a helmet, cellphone, nanny, alarm system, hot line to the police and some modern mums and dads even consider micro-chipping their kids now.

    But I don’t see this frantic overprotectiveness as being the fault of the parents. Whenever a child dies, the world blames the parents. Is it any wonder that Mum and Dad get a little anxious when little Tommy is late home?

    Maybe it’s worth sacrificing a little independence for the sake of safety.

    Trevor Butterworth, a spokesman for the research centre STATS.org, said, ‘‘The statistics show that abduction is an incredibly rare event, and you can’t protect people from very rare events. ‘‘It would be like trying to create a shield against being struck by lightning.’’

    #A woman named Lenore Skenazy recently left her 10-year-old son (at his insistence) at an unfamiliar place with ‘‘a subway map, a MetroCard, a $20 bill, and several quarters, just in case he had to make a call’’. He arrived home bursting with confidence, pride and independence.

    Mrs Skenazy’s actions have seen her virtually condemned her as a child abuser. I would say good on her, her son will never forget the challenge he sought, tackled and overcame. Because of that challenge, he has grown independent, confident and more likely to take initiative in his life.

    Parents should look out for their children’s safety, but in a country drowning in a sea of pointless walking school buses, we should remember that a child will never be an adult until they have stood on their own two feet.

    in The New Zealand Herald, 6 Sep 2011

  159. I've read that the U.K. press are reporting that Clarence Mitchell is the new "MD" of Burson-Marsteller. I have no idea what this firm is engaged in, I'm assuming it must be some form of communication. Where I live, an M.D. is a Medical Doctor. Having spent so much time with the McCanns, I hope he doesn't think this makes him qualified to practice medicine.

  160. MD - Managing Director http://burson-marsteller.co.uk/newsroom/2011/09/former-bbc-presenter-clarence-mitchell-joins-burson-marsteller-uk/

  161. «Roscofe

    Roscofe (significado português) - de má qualidade. Rasca
    Roscofe (significado brasileiro e russo) - ânus.

    A asserção da palavra Roscofe provém do nome de uma marca de relógios - "Roskopf"- aportuguesada para Roscofe.

    Uma versão conta a seguinte história: Estes relógios muito baratos eram vendidos no porto de Roscoff aos incautos marinheiros que ali aportavam. Só funcionavam 24 horas, porque não tinham mecanismo. Lá dentro apenas havia um cabelo que permitia ao relógio rodar os ponteiros durante 1 dia. Mais que suficiente para os marinheiros que os compravam zarparem de novo.

    Outra versão mais fiável: Refere apenas que eram relógios de bolso baratos, patenteados e comercializados pelo sr. Roskopf, um relojoeiro alemão. O preço permitiu que o proletariado conseguisse comprar relógios. Várias imitações de má qualidade com nomes parecidos a Roskopf surgiram na época, o que pode ter dado origem à associação com má qualidade.

    Quanto ao significado russo que foi mais tarde importado para o nordeste brasileiro a origem é um mistério embora possa ter nascido da associação entre a ideia de que uma coisa que não presta é um cú.»


  162. Lady Joana Morais at 157

    "MD - Managing Director http://burson-marsteller.co.uk/newsroom/2011/09/former-bbc-presenter-clarence-mitchell-joins-burson-marsteller-uk/".

    Thanks for the update madam! Mickey Mouse is no longer at LEWIS PR and is now after another type of cheese. Hmmm.

    Mind you, he should have complied with the photographer and said "Cheeese!" before s/he press the shutter. He looks the worst for wear, doesn't he? And he is wearing black...is he mourning for the death of someone? Just asking...

  163. Thank you Joana - of course, Managing Director, now why didn't I figure that out? Thanks again.


    Anon 158 "Roscofe (significado português) - de má qualidade. Rasca. Roscofe (significado brasileiro e russo) - ânus."

    :c Thank you for clarifying that one for us.

    I wonder if you were referring to Rui Roskoff (with a "k" and double "ff") - the well-known criminal profiler and private investigator who has, on occasion, shared his wisdom on these pages?

    Was that it?

    If so, I am pleased to meet your persona. I love you too...

    One ought to be careful with adding (or missing) consonants. Consider for example the Portuguese name "Carvalho" - as in Ricardo Carvalho, the well-known soccer player.

    If you omit the "v" from his name, the semantics change dramatically. The devil is in the detail.

    Same applies to "cesto" and "sexto", mear/miar, etc.

    I personally don't mind if my surname has such homophonic connotations and/or if people like you use it to try to get at me (try again!) but, one thought strikes me...

    ...did I offend anyone close to you starting with an "M"? Just asking...

    Anyway, what does ROSKOFF (as in my surname) means? I hear you asking.

    The truth is, I have no idea.

    All I know is that my grand father was a Jewish refugee from Austria by the name of Roskoff who came to Portugal to escape the Nazis (the real McCoys of the epoch), married and settled down in Évora (Portugal). The rest is history.

    I do know this ancestor was related to Georg Gustav Roskoff, an Austrian theologian who was a professor of Old Testament Exegesis at the University of Vienna. I known this because the draft of the book he wrote "History of the Devil" (a best seller in his days) is still with the family. My twin sister.

    Now, strictly speaking Roskoff is my middle surname but I like to use it instead of "Da Gama" (too posh) besides Roskoff, as you have aptly demonstrated, carries much more punch.

    :k Rui Roskoff

    Luso-Brazilian Criminal Profiler and Private Investigator based in Portimão.

    PS This posting was passed on to me by someone I met recently. A free-lance journalist working for the "Corriere della Sera" (he says) by the nickname of "Ray Gelato" (cough).

    He is here in Portimao to interview Dr. Gonçalo Amaral (he says) and someone referred him on to me as a possible go-between. Don't ask me why.

    Ta Dah!

  165. Oh non... Rui Roskof again? To read and smile. A good text, it is all. Can Rui Roskof explain why the scent appears only in one blouse and one trouser from Kate, if she was carrying the cuddle cat all around, for many weeks, wearing different clothes? BTW, she wears the trousers where the scent was caught in many pictures and videos immediately after the girl went missing. Lack of clothes or forced by the circumstances?
    That Rui roskof has a flavor between Levy and MAC. To read and enjoy....thinking why this person waste time posting in blogs to distract the attention of readers in to a different direction. Jocking / mocking or having an agenda?


    Clarence Mitchell mudou de casaca e trabalha agora para a firma Bolsão & Martelo, RP


  167. "This also explains why the "scent of death" was absent in the father's. He never carried the toy around with him... "

    But he slept with Kate or not? Following your idea, he must be contaminated by contaminated Kate. And who contaminated Sean red tshirt?- the cuddle cat obviously. The same cuddle cat who spent almost 24 hours on Kate hands but find some time to have such odd idea of spending some time inside the boot of the scenic. And I no longer go with magic cuddle cat being able to contaminate the keys of the car. That story has already enough characters to feed the circus and act like if magic could drive the real life.
    What means "We have to be careful with poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted trails of thought. Such not only put your freedom of expression at risk but cAN draw the attention of Messrs. Carter-Ruck, LLP (& Gutter-Pack,PPL) to this blog?" An advise, a message or a threat?

  168. ..."Mitchell also held the position of director of the Conservative Party's Election Media Monitoring Unit, reporting directly to director of communications Andy Coulson".

    Andy cousin is not one of the guys involved in the scandal of the Phone H?

  169. To me it is obvious that Gerry must have hidden his black coat and light colour trousers of the 3rd because he was seen by the Smiths.He could even have gaven it to O'Brian, before the alarm.Or to some other Tapas. Or maybe the PJ noticed the clothes that evening and they disappeared later, like the pink blanket.

  170. Anon. #158,
    You brought a nostalgic smile to my face...while reading your post I was transported back to my childhood(49 now) and the many times I heard my grand parents say: - "Oh, isso é de marca Roscoff", about things they considered of poor quality.
    Sweet memories...
    Thank you!

  171. Mitchell's photo is to be found on McCann Files. Dressed up in black, he standing against a wall, waiting for a gun shot.

  172. Maddie's bed was not used on the evening of the 3rd, neither Kate's bed in the parents'room. OK, Kate slept in the children's room.
    IMO, Maddie's bed was not used at all since the cleaning ladies had been in the apartment, on Wednesday.That could mean that Maddie died on Wednesday evening and acccording to Amaral she died in two different places (??????????????).Was she taken to the Paynes on Wednesday evening, for some dark purposes? If she was, did Mrs. Webster agree with it? If she went there, Mrs. Webster must have seen her.In this case, who brought her back to 5a and why didn't that person put her to bed? Was it Kate who picked her up? And was maddie not wearing her pyjamas pants all the time?


    I was listening to LBC radio this morning and heard the news the McCanns' wish to be involved in the phone hacking scandal.

    People might be asking why? In fact people are asking why. I was on the phone to some friends and acquaintances and did a small survey of their opinions. Here is a small sample:

    1. "Any news that remotely concerns the McCanns' and their "missing" daughter can and will be used by their PR advisers to promote their image, generate funds and disseminate their brand. All part of a global marketing campaign that sells the idea the parents are innocent."

    2. "They want to make sure in the event of some intrusion that truly compromises them would be the first to know. Either in order to repress (injunction) or to provide a suitable alibi that would protect them in the event of a late trial."

    3. "It helps to give the McCanns' an aura of innocence to counter-act the sinister image that emerges from the facts of the investigation (PJ FILES)."

    4. "It is yet another form to protest their innocence. The parents are innocent. Isn't that obvious?"

    The remaining 9 interviews either reflect the above trend or are unpublishable as they may construed as defamation by Messrs. Carter-Ruck LLP - the celebrity lawyers.

  174. Anon at 155 "Some modern mums and dads even consider micro-chipping their kids now."

    You are right. Both of my grand-children (twins) now carry a small global localization device with them. Their parents can, at any given moment tell where their children are (complete with a detailed map, street names, etc.). It is amazing.

    As for myself, ever since the riots in London, I now carry a distress alarm and always have my mobile phone ready to call the police. I had five "hoodies" arrested last night who were loitering outside with obvious intent.

    I suppose we are now living the very last evenings on Earth. Civilization is breaking down day by day and all we will be left with is an urban jungle run by feral criminals. An enormous rubbish dump. It is a sad, sad end for a species who once showed so much promise. When you think this planet was a oasis, a paradise in the infinite desert of the Cosmos and you look around and see what we humans have done to it, tears come to your eyes - it is a crime of cosmic proportions.

    The McCanns' crime (if any) pales by comparison.

  175. Anon 150

    Ray Gelato? Which Ray Gelato? This Ray Gelato?


  176. McCanns still fighting to make a shadow, holding a sieve against the light.
    They are now involving themselves in the phone hacking, scared to death(see McCann Files).
    If they told the truth, why fear?
    Wasn't that Rebecca their friend?

  177. Clarence Mitchell : "McCanns' records were also probed, but there was no evidence of suspicious activity" in July 06, 2011, on various UK media, ref. article http://is.gd/g2haba

    Now: Gerry & Kate McCann seek phone-hacking probe role

    «They are among alleged victims who want to be "core participants" in the first part of the Leveson Inquiry.

    Core participant status means a person is deemed to be specially interested in the subject and may apply for public funding for legal representation

    in various UK media, September 6, 2011, ref. article http://is.gd/uCocTr

  178. The control freaks are trying to get involved in the phone hackings now.They must know their phones were hacked.They will do everything to avoid publication of their chats with other people.
    I hope everything is already in the hands of the MP.A crime is a crime, the judge will not protect the Mccanns.Besides, the journalists who listened to their chats must know a lot!
    Till some time ago Murdoch was their God, pressuring Brown, the Labour, etc in order to force the archiving of the files, and now the McCanns turn themselves against him!

  179. By seeking phone hacking probe role, the McCanns will try to force a way into the Scotland Yard, in order to find out what is going on in Portimao. That is their goal. Manipulation, using the judge.
    Which one of you knows the address of the judge responsible for the phone hacking case and would you please write him and write the MP warning them that according to the Leicestershire police there is no clear evidence the parents are not involved in the crime and that the Mccanns are probably trying to manipulate the judge and the SY? And if the SY are already involved with the PJ that the judge has to keep distance from them?

  180. Yah, Rui Roskoff...
    And all of us are Shakespeare or more precisely, the Queen of England.

  181. Speaking about clothes and going back in time to 2007 where everything starts and where the clues to solve the mystery should be:

    Look at GNR pictures from the 5a. What we see? A cream man trousers on top of McCann's bed which appears to be deranged only on one side. Gerry slept there, Kate not ( she assumed that). Now in the living room sofas, what looks like a black jacket. Two formal clothes that look not appropriate to be used by tourists.
    Now, look at the description gave by Jane while describing her abductor sight "( * )....He was wearing linen type cloth trousers, beige to golden in colour, a "duffy" sic type jacket (but not that thick)." later added the color black. And look at the description of the Smiths sight: "- they pass a man walking down the middle of the street, carrying a child...The man is not dressed like a tourist; he's wearing cream or beige trousers, classic cut, of linen or cotton. He is white, 30-35 yrs, 1.70-1.80 meters tall, average build, physically fit, short, brown hair, with a face that looks tanned" ...and a dark jacket.
    Jane was describing the egg man. The smiths were describing who they believe was Gerry.

    Now, going to McCann's trip to Europe- Berlin and Amsterdam:
    Berlin: " the couple, from Rothley in Leicestershire, made the trip to appeal for information from German holidaymakers in Portugal's Praia da Luz on May 3.
    They urged them to check their holiday snaps for images of a male suspect who was seen carrying a child near to the resort.
    The man is thought to be 35, 1m75 tall, dark hair and wore a dark jacket, a light coloured trousers, and dark shoes."
    ""We are here to ask the German public for help in searching for our little daughter," Gerry McCann announced at a press conference in Berlin with his wife Kate at his side."
    Amsterdam: " We have come to the Netherlands today with a very specific objective. After British and German tourists, the largest group of nationals who make up the tourists in the Algarve are the Dutch."

    In Berlin they were confronted with a very uncomfortable question suggesting the public is suspecting them. Gerry feel nervous and replied "He told the reporter for German radio: "Without going into too much detail, we were with a large group of people, and you know there is absolutely no way Kate and I are involved in this abduction."

    They went to Berlin and Amsterdam to track down eventual photographs of tourists having the abductor on the background. Now look at the clothes Gerry is wearing knowing many media and TVs will be covering that trip? Beige trousers and a black jacket.
    Why did he dress up like the abductor for the trip involving this 2 countries? In Moroccos, he changed. What a bade taste? A strange coincidence or no coincidence at all and he has a specific objective which was knowing who could have seen the abductor ( him, if we believe the only independent sight, the smiths). They were asking pictures to be handed to them and to the police. Mitchell, expensive lawyers and an healthy Fund were available to be used on their best interest. Just a feeling, since now they jumped to the front line of the phone hacking trying to be involved. Nothing shows their phones were hacked. Then what drives them there? I just see 2 reasons- knowing what could be delivered incriminating them and MONEY, trying to grab taxes donations for their Fund or sue another innocent victim of their spin.

  182. So the McCanns want to be represented in the Leveson Phone Hacking Inquiry. Is this another opportunity for Kate to play the victim and Gerry to grandstand in public? Clarence Mitchell reportedly said there was no evidence of suspicious activity, so what's it all about? Diverting attantion from Snr Amaral court case in Lisbon on Sep 22 and after would be the priority, of course. The McCanns wouldn't want that to be played out in the press as the truth will be told by witnesses. Come on, journalists, and Martin Brunt, get to Lisbon and report, report, report on wordwide media all the clever McCann tricks designed to fool the public.

  183. Anon 162 "she wears the trousers where the scent was caught in many pictures and videos immediately after the girl went missing."

    You ask Roskoff (or is it Rosbeef?) if he can "explain why the scent appears only in one blouse and one trouser from Kate, if she was carrying the cuddle cat all around, for many weeks, wearing different clothes?" and then you answer it yourself ("she wears the trousers where the scent was caught in many pictures and videos immediately after the girl went missing."). Oh! Dear! I don't think Rui, an upmarket investigator, will bother with you but thanks for your contribution. Have a lovely day.

    A "roscofe" fan of Roskoff

  184. Anon 164 "But he slept with Kate or not? Following your idea, he must be contaminated by contaminated Kate."

    We don't know if they slept together... They did not on the night before the event (if my memory helps).

    In any case this is somewhat a mute point as they would shower afterwards and that would erase or greatly diminish the target scent.

    We are now talking of contamination of something that was contaminated by the original source. Are we assuming then scent contamination spreads like a virus?

    I don't think dogs' noses work that way. They are natural hunters. What they probably detect is proximity and the DIRECT association of the target scent with the material directly associated with it.

    However, as Eddie's (the dog) trainer clarifies, they will also detect the target scent, if it lingers in the air or a draft or a predominant air current concentrates the scent in a given place such a corner, a wardrobe, etc. See the video.

    I myself would like to hear what Roskoff has to say except he did point out it was a conjecture not the result of a through investigation...

    A roscofe fan of Roskoff

  185. Anon 164 "What does "We have to be careful with poorly differentiated and emotionally distorted trails of thought. Such not only put your freedom of expression at risk but can draw the attention of Messrs. Carter-Ruck, LLP (& Gutter-Pack,PPL) to this blog?" mean?

    "An advise, a message or a threat?" You ask.

    It means what it says. It could be a subliminal message to the Carter-Rucks and the Gutter-Packs of Life. Who knows? I follow the muses...

    Anti-Macs don't need to get paranoid everytime the door hinges start creacking!

    You remind me of Carina, my girl friend. Yesterday back from the hairdresser, she called the local GNR (Portimao) because she found the bedroom verandah window opened and the curtains dancing in the breeze. Well, I had opened it my self on my way to the roof (to man the telescope).

    Sorry! The door bell is ringing! Carina is back...hush..hush...

    :d Ray Gelato

    Disclaimer: I am not Ray Gelato, the Jazz star.
    I am just borrowing his name for a while. Oh! By the way, Thanks to Anon 172 for the link...Carina went commando listening to it! :p


  186. Anon 165 "Andy Coulson? is not one of the guys involved in the phone hacking scandal?"

    Yes he is...as for Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell honi soit qui mal y pense...


  187. Lady Joana Morais at 174

    Interesting fact-association which makes us wonder about the celebrity couple's vested interests...

  188. Anon 162 "thinking why this person waste time posting in blogs to distract the attention of readers in to a different direction. Jocking / mocking or having an agenda?"

    Stop sneaking at other people's motives. It is bad manners.

    Let us see you strutting your own stuff instead...

  189. NOW, THEN...

    Anon 164 "The same cuddle cat who spent almost 24 hours on Kate hands but find some time to have such odd idea of spending some time inside the boot of the scenic. And I no longer go with magic cuddle cat being able to contaminate the keys of the car."

    Sir/Madam! Forgive me to say but... you let your broom go off on a tangent and hit the Ming dynasty vase on top of the commode!

    I also read Roskoff's comment...

    My understanding was that the car boot (and the keys) need not have been contaminated by "Cuddly Cat" but by what came next.

    What you could argue is that Dr. KMC clothes were contaminated in the car but that would leave you to explain why her husband's were not, since both used it.

    What we may have here are two different scenarios and please remember this is mere speculation and no allegations are being made (if Prof. Cebolinha finds out I am on-line again, I will get the sack!)

    One scenario (described by Mr. Roskoff) pertains to the scene of the accident (Apartment 5A) and...the other to the "disposal of evidence" (Renault "Scenic").

    I understand Mr. Roskoff was not referring to the second scenario (car) but to the first (Apt. 5A).

    The introduction of this "two-scenario concept" should enable you to sweep your own doubts. No sweat...

    :h Sue McNamara - "a broom at your service".

    :j Prof. Celolinha's housemaid


    Parents of schoolgirl, 17, charged with her murder EIGHT years after she vanished...


    Reporter X

  191. It really is a pity that the McCanns didnt show the same enthusiasm for asking for the case to be reopened. They are seeking hero status. If their phones went untapped then why are they wanting to be one of the core people in the enquiry. WHY? These two are now so full of their own wind, they continue to fly away..untouchable. Who knows what the truth is behind Maddies disappearance, the most prominent feature in all of this is the couples search for wealth and fame, Maddie is long forgotten.

  192. Leveson Inquiry

    All papers can be sent to the Leveson Inquiry Team at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL or by email to Solicitor.LevesonInquiry@tsol.gsi.gov.uk.


    Read as well - Terms of reference for Judge-led Inquiry

    Download the application hearing where the mccanns requested for "core participants status", here http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/news/transcripts-from-6-september-core-participant-hearing/

  193. Seems that Anon. 164 and few other posters bothered a guy that pretends to act as a pro-McCann while he has another agenda or is just mocking with a serious crime.
    If Kate got contaminated by the cuddle cat who was been with dead Madeleine and not by Madeleine, it is logic the assumption that cuddle cat was the responsible of the contamination inside the car. A joke, my dear. the problem is when somebody mocks others and has little capacity to dealt with who jokes with him. For me whatever you are, Roskoff, cebolinha, gelato or so on.... You are a joke. The death of a little girl and the police who lost valuable things on his life deserve more respect.
    Your posts are not contributing to an intelligent discussion. Are to distract readers and bring the attention to another direction. I could be wrong, but that is my point of view.
    Your continuous interest in sticking your name and activities to ex- PJ inspectors is a illness or an agenda? Again I could be wrong, but I think you are trying to seek some information regarding Goncalo Amaral , trough Joana or trough a poster. If not, I'm sorry.... Is your fault... You passed a wrong message and in accordance a wrong
    image. I know, you can call me stupid or whatever you want with your missives. I'm used with that reactions since I don't buy fairy tales and love to mock with who tries to mock with us. Was not the case of that post butvwho cares... You are too intelligent for me and for all posters you react to.Then I don't need to endorse my comment to a particular(s) poster(s).

    Cheers from anon 164


    "Intelligence is significantly lacking if humour is absent"
    (Ih Saidh)

    Anon 190 "If Kate got contaminated by the cuddle cat who was been with dead Madeleine and not by Madeleine, it is logic the assumption that cuddle cat was the responsible of the contamination inside the car. A joke, my dear."

    The first thing we notice is that your standards of English dropped dramatically from the original Anon 164 to Anon 190, but let us leave the linguistic forensics aside and deal with the rather gratuitous issue "you" raise.

    As someone here has already pointed out, Roskoff was referring to the possibility that Madeleine was found dead by her parents - a theory forward by leading detectives who worked on the case.

    Roskoff adds to this the detail/possibility that Madeleine could have died holding on to "cuddle cat" for comfort (sic).

    It seems evident to me that Roskoff is dealing with the accident scene alone. He is not dealing with a hypothetical, follow-up "disposal scenario". His focus is on the "accident scenario".

    This in keeping with "Occam's razor" which suggests: "we should tend towards simpler theories until we can trade some simplicity for increased explanatory power".

    Chew on that for a while...

    Remember you have to be dead for a period of time (ranging from minutes to hours) before the scent of death leaves an imprint. The assumption Roskoff makes requires therefore:

    (1)Madeleine to have been dead (assuming this is what happened) by a certain period of time.

    (2) Holding on to the toy (or very close to it) as she laid there, dead (assumption made).

    (3) The next step in his hypothesis is that the toy may have subsequently contaminated her mother' clothes because of her holding on to it all the time.

    The contamination of her clothes need not have been via the toy. This, as the author (R) pointed out, was just an hypothesis.

    I don't think we have to elaborate much more on this except by bringing in scientific data/evidence to support such hypothesis.

    "...Carpet squares were used as an odour transporting media after they had been contaminated with the scent of two recently deceased bodies (bodies are all less than 3 hours old). The contamination occurred for 2 mins. as well as 10 mins. without any direct contact between the carpet and the corpse. Comparative searches by the dogs were performed over a time period of 65 days (10 mins. contamination) and 35 days (2 mins. contamination).

    The results of this study indicate that the well-trained cadaver dog is an outstanding tool for crime scene investigation displaying excellent sensitivity (75-100), specificity (91-100), and having a positive predictive value (90-100), negative predictive value (90-100) as well as accuracy (92-100)." (quote/unquote).

    The reference for the above research/study, in case you are interested, is here:


    By: Oesterhelweg L, Kröber S, Rottmann K, Willhöft J, Braun C, Thies N, Püschel K, Silkenath J, Gehl A.

    (Institute of Legal Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany)


    "Intelligence is significantly lacking if humour is absent"
    (Ih Saidh)

    So the toy contamination hypothesis put forward by Roskoff is a plausible one, i.e. one that could stand as argument in a court of law, if it came to that.

    Now, to get back to the point Anon 165 makes - actually no point was actually being made by Anon 165. It was just an attempt to dismiss ex-cathedra Roskoff's argument but let's pretend there was a point being made...

    In which case it would also have been possible (but less likely) for the toy to contaminate the car, but we need not overstretch this hypothesis (Occam's admonition) because it seems obvious that if the car was at all contaminated, it was by other means (enter disposal scenario).

    Please refer to the PJ Files for details - basically the section that deal with the scent and/or forensic samples found there, including the car keys.


    I really don't get what Roskoff wrote (as reported by Gelato) that pressed your buttons. Was it, as you suggested, because they are too intelligent for you?

    This is not a matter of intelligence my friend. It is a matter of seeing what is right in front of your nose. If dogs can do just that, why do we humans have such difficulty?

    The other issue that irritates you is the use of aliases.

    Well, why don't you sign with your full name (and address) to make it easier for the censors (Carter-Ruck) to track you down?

    The use of aliases makes it easier for others to address your comments if they feel like it. Now if you don't like the comments from A, B, C, D, etc. I suggest you don't read them. The thing is, they too have the right to express themselves particularly if they do so in a humorous, educated, intelligent and/or intelligible manner.

    :a Have a good day!

    Herr Gunther

  196. Just when I think the McCanns can't stoop any lower, they go and prove me wrong. The McCanns know that there is money to be made from the phone hacking scandal and because the tax payer will pay their legal fees, they will cooperate fully with the investigation.

    The McCanns wouldn't cooperate with the PJ, when it came to the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. This came as no surprise to me, because when they admitted that they never physically searched for Madeleine, I realised that they had more of a hand in Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

    If the McCanns phone was hacked, I hope that whoever hacked their phone, heard something that was of interest to the PJ and if they have not passed on the information they have a recording of it.

    Madeleine will never be forgotten by the McCanns, but unfortunately it will be for the wrong reasons. They know there is money to be made out of her and while the money is rolling in, they will keep her name in the public eye. The minute the money stops rolling in, the McCanns will announce that they have conceded Madeleine is dead and unless they are brought to justice, we will never hear from them again.

  197. If Clarence Mitchell is to be believed,the McCanns phones weren't hacked. They want to participate, as core participants, in the judicial inquiry into the phone hacking scandal as alleged victims.

    If the McCanns phones weren't hacked, how can they be classed as alleged victims?

    I think the McCanns have an ulterior motive, for wanting to involve themselves in the phone hacking scandal and their motive is money. There will be some gullible people out there who will think the McCanns have "once again" been treated shabbily by the media. They will feel sorry for them and will want to show how sorry they are, in the only way they can, by donating to Madeleine's fund.

    Once again the McCanns will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  198. The McCanns need to be on a stage, calling the attention to themselves all the time. I believe it is Kate, rather than Gerry. She needs admiration all the time, spot lights must be project on her.Very difficult personality and I believe it is not easy to be married to her.Very tiring for every person who is part of her life.

  199. Joana Morais at 189 "Leveson Enquiry"

    Thanks for this info.

    It seems the first stage of the enquiry "will examine relations between the press and public.The investigation is one of a number of inquiries looking at the way the media operates in the UK." (quote/unquote)

    I am wondering if all of us (referring in particular to the Portuguese commentators)who were offended by the derogatory, offensive if not down right racist language of the distinguished journalist and Nobel prize candidate (cough) Tony Parsons should wish to be included in the Leveson enquiry.

    Have you applied? I am giving the subject further thought...

    Spread the news...


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