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Maddie 'unites' PJ and English police

Process: English Prime-Minister forces the review of all information

by Henrique Machado

Three elite officers from the British investigative police, Scotland Yard, arrived discreetly in Lisbon earlier last month. And they followed immediately to a meeting that was scheduled at the Judiciary Police [PJ] headquarters - in order to "tune up the cooperation mechanisms" in the analyses of new leads in the Maddie case, this was confirmed to Correio da Manhã by Pedro do Carmo [pictured above], the National joint director of the PJ.

The news was advanced yesterday by SkyNews after this team, from the Scotland Yard, was created in May by the direct order of Prime Minister David Cameron; following an appeal made to him by Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of the young girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos, on the night of May 3, 2007. The aim of the English investigators, who returned to London the following day is to comb thoroughly all the information and leads that were followed in the process - so they can suggest new steps to be taken to the PJ if appropriate.

The process is formally archived, "but it is the interest of PJ and of the Scotland Yard that we can, one day, get to the truth of the facts" of what happened in Praia da Luz, Pedro do Carmo adds. The head of the PJ, who chaired the meeting, advanced that it was a "constructive" meeting - ​​that united the British and elements of the PJ from Portimão, where the investigation unfolded.

It continues to arrive to the Portuguese and British police dozens of information, anonymous or not, about what could have happened to the English girl, with four years of age then, inside the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club. The majority concern the sightings in various places around the world, which have revealed themselves to be unfounded; others are more credible and have to be checked. Some point to kidnapping; others to the involvement of adults close to the child.

David Cameron gave in to the couple

The imposition of the British Prime-Minister to the Scotland Yard, in May, at the time of the book launch, ‘Madeleine’, in the United Kingdom, which coincided with the eight birthday of the missing child's disappearance, caused controversy in England. It was seen by some as a populist measure, of a politician that gave a differential treatment to the McCann couple - who had characterized Cameron as a "devout father and family man", asking him for a "independent review and transparent of the process". The Prime-Minister replied assuring them that he would commit the Scotland Yard to the case.

"The English have evidence": Gonçalo Amaral, former investigator of the process

Correio da Manhã – What can the English police add to the investigation?

Gonçalo Amaral – The English can always present the conclusions to which they themselves arrived in 2007. Because they know, they have the evidence of what happened - they don't need to investigate anything. All this is now a mere ‘show off’.

– How can these meetings be justified now?

– Only in terms of the political image of the English Prime-Minister. They are not coming here certainly to ask to consult a process, that they, from the first hour, have in England and fully translated in English...

– Is this another media maneuver from the McCanns?

– I don't know, however, if the Scotland Yard is investigating and if they no longer pay their detectives, they can return the money from the book.

in Correio da Manhã, September 9, 2011


  1. Well said, Mr Amaral!
    Have the British police explained to the Portugese police that they are restricted by the "powers that be" not to implicate the untouchable McCanns?

  2. Muito bom dia !

    Ai..... estes ingleses mais as suas histórias e interferências.....

    Entretanto o Martin ontem rescrevia " There are 30 Met officers - the equivalent of a murder squad - working on the review ..... ". Bem, afinal os 30 não estarão por cá a gozar o sol e as temperaturas de Setembro .

    Esta notícia foi actualizada pelo mundo; até no Brasil onde o MAC tem invadido blogs e todas as publicações que consegue.

    Farta deles todos.

    Quero apenas a Justiça para GA e a devolução dos Seus bens e a restituição do equilíbrio para a Sua vida e Sua Família. Ele deveria receber indemnizações por todos os prejuízos causados, físicos, materias e morais.

  3. What fascinating news Jo and thanks very much for this.

    I especially enjoyed the bit about some leads have proved to be unfounded but others point to kidnapping or involvement of adults close to the child.

    Well, we read it in the press back in 2007, TAPAS group as a whole hold the key to the entire mystery and that was certainly credible reporting. Such a shame these good people could not manage to just jump on a plane and do a bit of re-enacting for little Maddie McCann, unfathomable really for nice professional people as they clearly are.

    I also loved Goncalo's wry comment if Scotland Yard is investigating so they no longer pay their detectives, then they can return their book monies. I know we can count on the dear McCanns to leave no stone unturned in recompensing everyone who has so generously supported them in this way. Including, I am sure, we, the humble British and Portuguese tax payers.

    I am happy to continue to support them for many more years, albeit in somewhat lesser style than they are accustomed to. Jails are just one of those things I accept we need.

    I just feel there is a major push now to leave no further stones unturned in getting sufficient evidence to put the lot of them away and I mean that in the nicest possible way of course. Only in the same respect they put little Maddie McCann away.

  4. I certainly think it was a populist move by David Cameron, whether the McC's ultimately end up exonerated or charged and locked up, he's gonna be a public hero in SOMEBODIES eyes. It's win-win for him isn't it?
    I'm trying to stay positive, though I was alarmed to read that Kate and Gerry are being 'kept informed' at all stages. Why should they be? They were suspects, arguidos, and despite what they claim they were never 'cleared'. Also, Maddie is a ward of court, so they're not legally responsible for her either.
    So WHY would they be told what's going on? To prepare defences?
    Is Robert Murat also 'being kept informed at all times'???

  5. Sr Amaral says:

    "They are not coming here certainly to ask to consult a process, that they, from the first hour, have in England and fully translated in English..."

    Oh how correct he is as the ambassador said: the UK developed the evidence.

    It's all there no doubt any information translated at the time of investigation as Sr Amaral said, no need to go to Portugal they have it ALL right under their noses.

    Some would say they also have the perpetrators of the crime right here and right under (and up) their noses!

  6. Lá diz o ditado: "Apanha-se mais depressa um mentiroso do que um coxo"! Então o PGR e a PJ dizem à LUSA que não têm conhecimento de nada (post anterior, english police were in Portugal to discuss...) e agora vem a confirmação nada mais nada menos que pela boca de Pedro do Carmo!!! Não há estômago para as nojices da politiquice, irra!
    Que má imagem isto dá, fazem figura de tolos, tal os 3 macacos, "não vi, não ouvi, não falei", que distraídos andam, ou mal informados! Então quem reuniu com os "brits"? Algum agente subalterno, algum "rookie"? E as chefias e o PGR não foram informados??? A quem é que querem enganar?!

  7. The story in the Daily Express today, 'THIRTY BRITISH POLICE IN NEW MADELEINE MCCANN HUNT' attempts to massively spin the true situation in favour of the McCanns, that's obvious. They are scared of something so the story attempts to give the impression that the British police are cooperating with the McCanns, repeating it several times. They seem to be scared of what comes out in the blogs and in the Portuguese press now. The Express article even tries the old trick of rubbishing the Portuguese inquiry, whereas in truth the British and Portuguese agreed on the conclusions. They even try to speak for Cameron and Theresa May as though they are behind them, which cannot be true. It's obvious that the McCanns are still fighting for their image and lives, and perhaps know they are not home and dry. It's interesting that the words 'murder squad' are coming into articles now.

  8. Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

    A whitewash me thinks........


    - Correio da Manhã: "Is this another media manoeuvre from the McCanns?"I don't know, however, if the Scotland Yard is investigating and if they no longer pay their detectives, they can return the money from the book."

    - Gonçalo Amaral: "I don't know, however, if the Scotland Yard is investigating and if they no longer pay their detectives, they can return the money from the book."

  10. Are the SY team going to interview the Smith family, and do they have the 'stand alone' evidence? Surely both these elements are basic to the investigation. That is besides the indications from the excellent cadaver dog that a death occurred in the holiday apartment, plus cadaver scent on various items associated with the McCanns. How can the police dismiss such dogs when they constantly rely on them in their investigations, and they are held in the highest regard? Have they been ordered by a higher authority to ignore the dogs? Certainly Gerry McCann would like them dismissed. Based on these elements alone, it is hard to believe that SY are stupid enough to go dashing off looking for the 'bundleman' of Jane Tanner's imagination. Yet if they do, it can only be concluded that this 'review' is a complete whitewash played out entirely to appease the McCanns, and questions must be asked regarding any Masonic connections at play, since Cameron and Gerry McCann are certainly 'brothers' in that respect, as are many others in high positions in the UK police force. How come Gerry the Mason got what he wanted from Cameron when others with missing loved ones never get anything like the support the McCanns have had, let alone audiences with top Government Ministers? Many people are calling for transparency regarding Masonry, as they have suspicions with regard to a disreputable influence it has in public affairs, so now is their chance to prove it not to be so in this case. Otherwise that question mark will certainly linger for many who follow this case.

    Dr Amaral knows the evidence SY already have access to, and exactly what it is pointing to, and it is certainly not pointing to an abduction. The ball is in your court SY and those who have been following this case are watching and waiting and they are certainly not going to go away.


    I don't think there is much the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) can tell you except perhaps that you re-read Mr. Martin Grimes report (seeing the video would help).

    After you have done so, the members of your team with University education (if any) should then have a good look at the scientific report quoted elsewhere on this blog.

    Here is it again:


    By: Oesterhelweg L, Kröber S, Rottmann K, Willhöft J, Braun C, Thies N, Püschel K, Silkenath J, Gehl A.

    Institute of Legal Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany

    See?! It is not as if the PJ has "failed (as Martin Brunt puts it) to solve the mystery", it is simply that they were told by the powers that be to close their eyes, lower their trousers and forget all about it.

  12. Anon 6 "Lá diz o ditado: "Apanha-se mais depressa um mentiroso do que um coxo"!

    Amigo, em termos da legislação da UE a PJ não tem alternativa senão "cooperar" - tal como eles tiveram de. Podem e sabotar (tal como eles fizeram).

    Em termos da legislação da UE tudo não passa de diplomacia e RPs - "RPMs" como se diz na gíria. A PJ não tem outra opção senão participar na palhaçada. De resto que tem a PJ a esconder para alem do que já foi publicado?

    Aquilo que a PJ quiser esconder eles escondem. Os Ingleses não vão ter "carta branca" de acesso aos arquivos da PJ! Longe disso.

    Tenho mais de 10 anos de experiência com esta gente (como "antropólogo") e posso-lhe garantir que não são mais espertos do que nos. Muito pelo contrario.

    São frios, muito parados e incapazes de pensar lateralmente. Determinados e organizados, isso sim - e com um bom Exercito e Força Aérea mas, não estamos em guerra. De que vale uma boa organização, e um pensamento em linha reta contra meia dúzia de "dribles" mentais a la Ronaldo?

    :c Deixe-os pousar...

  13. I think Dr. Amaral sounds somewhat frustrated and bugged, no wonder.
    What a foolish batshit crazy show is it that the SY are putting on in Portugal. The final whitewash I'd assume.

    '...Last night Madeleine’s devoted parents Kate and Gerry told how the development gave them fresh hope of a breakthrough in the hunt for their daughter.The couple's spokesman said Kate and Gerry are “extremely pleased” the meeting had taken place.
    The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said Kate and Gerry believed it was “a positive step in the right direction”...'

    That makes me wanna puke!
    Brood of vipers.

  14. YOU WISH...

    Anon 10 "Are the SY team going to interview the Smith family, and do they have the 'stand alone' evidence?"

    I don't think so. I suspect SY is under strict instructions from David Cameron (who is probably using the case for his own political ends) to look ONLY for any evidence that might help to locate Madeleine NOT to arrest whoever might be involved in the same.

    I mean... it has been pretty obvious from the very beginning that the McCanns' have received unseen, unheard of protection from two successive (and different) British governments. So, British colonial ideology aside, there could be another reason for such unconditional support...

    The only chance to provide a modicum of justice to Madeleine would be for the new Portuguese government to allow the McCanns' to be prosecuted on the grounds that they abandoned their daughter (indeed their children) to their fate.

    There is sound evidence of that besides, it is pretty obvious they (and their friends) "corrupted the course of justice". Both of these offences are punishable under Portuguese law.

    Indeed the Portuguese ambassador (in London) at the time did point out, in an interview to The Times, that the Portuguese authorities were already allowing the McCanns' to get away with these minor peccadilloes, so there you have it.

    What they needed to do now, would be to change their minds and bring the all circus to a halt by charging the McCanns' accordingly and issue a warrant for the British to arrest them and some of their friends but... that won't happen.

    I hope Pat Brown does gather the necessary funds to search for Madeleine - perhaps in the location originally given by Daniel Krugel in PdL...

    Finally, I solemnly declare that I believe the McCanns' are innocent! :a Hello Carter-Ruck!

    :q Please consider buying Pat Brown's book "PROFILE OF THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MADELEINE McCANN" banned from Amazon by the McCanns' but now available from Barnes & Noble as 50% of the royalties will go towards a no non-sense "MADELEINE MCCANN SEARCH FUND".

    This is the only Fund that might "come up with the goodies" (I think).

    The other is of course Prof. Cebolinha's famous project but I am not sure he is still at it. I have not heard of him for a while.


  15. Anon 14 "The other is of course Prof. Cebolinha's famous project but I am not sure he is still at it. I have not heard of him for a while."

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    He is and he is not. Nothing can be done without a helping hand from others. You cannot have Prof. Cebolinha's searching PdL alone! - with what? With his overgrown moustache? Please be sensible!

    :h Sue McNamara
    :j Prof. Cebolinha's housemaid

  16. In my opinion, the Masonic Lodge connection is at the core of the McCann's being given preferential treatment from the word 'go'! Why else were they not at least charged with wilful neglect for leaving three tiny tots unattended on numerous occasions? This case has always reeked of 'cover up'!

  17. David Cameron is not going to be behind any cover up.
    If they had sent a team of 2 detectives then I would say it could well be a cover up.
    But the main reason people become cops is because they can't stand injustice against innocents. A lot of people do.
    So 2 bad apples would be easy to find.
    30 bad apples would be impossible.

    Also of course, people take pride in their work.
    And in displaying their intelligence.
    This is a big case.
    These men can claim merit with a result, with an arrest.
    Who would deny that -the pinnacle of a career.
    not 30 of them.

    They will have met up with some bright cops in Portugal with a very impressive, thorough investigation behind them. They will want to in turn be able to present their case with proficiency and dilligence. They would not be willing to be made fools of.

    Whoever anonymous is saying Whitewash, I say the house is cards is tumbling rapidly. Many heads are going to roll. All linked together in this case and many others. The little network of higher breeding.
    Kate and Gerry are a small part in this.
    They are now going to be fed to the wolves.
    And Clarence will no longer be in their employ to speak for them
    and mostly people have been over explosed to their weirdness and self serving behaviour.
    They could be innocent and someone else guilty, yet it could all have been manipulated as pretending to be in their service but through actions been an absolute disservice.
    Do you know one person who would question their guilt?

    My question - the fate of Madeleine will not be a whitewash.
    That will come out.
    What I don't think will come out is how this was all allowed to play out to such a henious degree.
    Who on earth felt that they could sanction any cover up in the absence of a child.

    My wish for this investigation is that all those involved have one of the greatest qualities deep in their hearts and that is integrity. True integrity.

  18. Su I do hope you are right. I think I will lose my sanity if this affair is whitewashed. How transparently obvious there was no abduction and if senior MET men have to find a patsy where does that leave their credibility? What percentage of the world will believe there was no cover up? They would open themselves up to ridicule 'sandwich munching, bungling plods'!

    I don't believe the cover up is masonic although there may be many mason among those involved right to the top. It's far bigger than that.

  19. On and on and on goes the charade. This is a total con perpetrated by the British Establishment to fool thick UK people into thinking that something is being done and Madeleine is still alive.
    At the end of three years and with three million pounds of tax payer's money wasted the British plod will have excellent sun tans and they'll publicly conclude that the girl was abducted by person/persons unknown.
    As Amaral states, they know full well what happened from the previous inquiry. It's all about spin, spin and more spin...Anything to get the stench of death off of the McCanns.
    It won't work though.

  20. Are the Tapas 9 forced to do the reconstruction under the supervision of PJ and SY? if not, like GA said, is a show off and I will add, a whitewash.
    I don't need to go further to understand how the pictures of the crime scene ruin the description of Kate about the wind blowing the curtains. From PJ files ( pictures of maddie room), one side of the curtain is stuck against the wall and the other side has a chair in front. How the curtains under such conditions could blow like Kate described on Gerry documentary?

    I really don't believe that meetings with PJ and SY will lead to any truthful conclusion. The pass was full of corruption and manipulation involving people in high places. Exposing the truth, could be exposing those people. For Portugal this is another Casa Pia. For uk, another opportunity to destroy the image of Portugal and the Portuguese police. Wasn't incredible that while in Uk the phone hacking investigation starts with judge wanting to know how was the behavior of the media, we still reading on British papers, adjectives like the "devoted parents", "shambolic investigation", "despairing couple". That is not an independent way to write an article regarding a so sensitive case .

  21. Is SY going to return to PJ the report related with the sample of hair recovered from the boot of the scenic? Amaral said that report was never sent back to Portugal. And is the British government going to explain with transparence, why the FSS lab was shut down?

  22. Anon 7, desejo sinceramente que renga razao.

    Se toad esta palhacada for para limpar a imagem dos McCann e ignorar o que realmente aconteceu a crianca, o governo ingles precisa de explicar entre varias outras coisas, porque deslocou para o algarve os dois caes topo de gama mais a equipa que os treinava. Na altura, os jornais noticiaram custos diarios astronomicos para aqueles caes. Comida especial, transporte e alojamento especial. Justificaram isso com a infalibilidade devido ao treino a que estavam sujeitos. Nenhuma autoridade policial no mundo desloca um team destes se nao tem serias suspeitas e fortes evidencias a apontarem num determinado sentido. E e um facto que os caes treinados tem provado ser eficientes numa serie de situacoes: deteccao de droga, salvamento em situacoes de desastre, etc..

  23. Su, you're absolutely right. Besides Cameron and Theresa May must be fed up of the McCanns. Kate accused the Home Office of being indifferent about searching for Madeleine (why didn't she search herself?) and now they are shooting back. Very good. Somewhere I read that the McCanns spoke to the Scotland Yard before the SY left to Portugal last August and I don't believe it. But if they did, they did not achieve anything. We can read in Kate's book how unpowerful the McCanns are with the British police.They want to intimidade the PJ and to convince the British public that they are innocent.

    How could Gerry and Mitchell allow Kate to make those stupid accusations towards the Home Office, irritating them, making an appeal to the British public to pressure them for a review?

    This is the consequence of her stupidity. Tapas 5, whom I believe to be innocent about the death, are now in real trouble. False statements, "recognising" Murat, helping concealing the body.

    A woman who allows herself be called by Hot Lips, shows she hasn't gotten any brain. And a man who gets married to her hasn't gotten it either.

  24. You know, I think we should leave the McCanns' to live their lives and get on with the job of bringing up their two other children. Whatever happened must have been an accident...

    I know, I know,! If only they stopped with this fastidious "we are innocent campaign", but they won't.

    Surely if Madeleine had been abducted they would have killed her by now. She would have became a impending sentence.

    Worst, they are promoting the search in all the wrong places. They should try Eastern Europe or even better, where Daniel Krugel has told them to.

  25. The hacking scandal revealed that the British government, the police and the media are all in the same cozy bed. Mr. Cameron fulfilled Mrs. McCann's wishes not because he thought that it would increase his popularity, but because he feared the bad press he would receive if he didn't do what Mr. Murdoch requested of him. And why did Mrs. McCann want Mr. Cameron's help? Well, Mrs. McCann knew that if it were not for the British government having given credibility to their abduction story the public wouldn't have been so generous, she now needed to sell a book so once again she called upon her old friends to help.

    This is just another piece of theatre meant specifically to deceive Britons who have have been treated like children by their media, government and police. There are many nursery tales yet to come.

  26. Totally agree with you Guerra. This is for UK internal consumption, not to locate Madeleine or reveal the truth.
    GA said, the British have the evidences. Then what is this? A circus to clean the couple image?

  27. a request:

    people who have gotten old interviews of the McCanns could send them to the PJ in Portimão or to this blog here, in order to help the PJ in a eventual trial. Or to help Amaral.

  28. 24, Cameron is sending the MP because he himself is fed up of the whole story. Even if he is a victim of the phone hacking, who knows, he is still not a murderer. If strange things will come up from the phone investigations, they will be probably political and this is normal.
    Here we have a case of a death of an innocent child, a death that is covered up by the Labour.A murder?
    I don't see Murdoch pressuring anybody and he couldn't care less about the Mccanns. What is protecting them are the libel laws in the UK and their money to pay good lawyers.

  29. I'm as cynical as the next person, but I'm with Su here.

    It's a matter of simple logic: if this review is a "whitewash", i.e. the McCanns are totally exonerated, then there has to be proof of an abduction, otherwise they still won´t be in the clear, and a lot of taxpayers´ money will have gone down the drain. Not good for Cameron.

    For proof of an abduction there needs to be either:

    a) hard, genuine evidence, made public, of said abduction (in which case we can all pack up and get on with our lives, with relief as far as I am concerned).


    b) fabricated evidence of said abduction. And would ALL of 30 Scotland Yard detectives be prepared to risk their careers and the already tarnished reputation of the Met in this way? I think not.

  30. Anon 2 "Quero apenas a Justiça para GA e a devolução dos Seus bens e a restituição do equilíbrio para a Sua vida e Sua Família. Ele deveria receber indemnizações por todos os prejuízos causados, físicos, materiais e morais."

    Disse muito bem. Essa e exatamente a minha posição também.

  31. Guerra: "The hacking scandal revealed that the British government, the police and the media are all in the same cosy bed."

    Of course they are. The bed is definitely called "ideology" but the blanket might be something else by the name of "masonic" or MI5 or some other "conspiracy theory" term.


    Pat Brown latest interview on the Jim Bohannon Show? It's now on YOU TUBE for you to watch.


    Watch part 2 afterwards...........

  33. Perhaps the leaks to Correio da Manha happened on purpose, through the PJ and the British police themselves.
    Writing about letters, anonymous or not, telling what could have happen in the apartment 5a, it is a way to give a chance to Tapas 5 to come forward with the truth.
    I believe those letters exist.
    People who know the truth could present themselves now, instead of waiting.

  34. Anonymous 28, Are you sure that Scotland Yard has allocated 30 detectives to review a case with which members of its police force are intimately familiar? This is a PR exercise that's all it is, the costs incurred will be minimal. The British media has already given us a clue as to what this review is all about; it's about finding fault with the work done by the Portuguese police. It's not about finding out what happened to Madeleine. We have also been told that the final report of this so called review will not be published.

    At the conclusion or even during this pseudo review you can expect to see articles published in the British media referring to unknown sources that state how officers from Scotland Yard were shocked by the incompetence of the Portuguese police. We will be told that Madeleine may never be found because the Portuguese police bungled the entire investigation. That's it. No proof of an abductor just much of the same garbage we have been subjected to for the past four years.

  35. I think that probably Kate's book irritated the British public and they wrote the Home Office asking for an investigation.

    I listened to Pat Brown's interview on Jim Bohannon show (just call jim bohannon show youtube) and you can listen to it.
    Now my shocking conclusion is: 'no baby sitters' happened on purpose.Nobody would prevent the "abduction", no witnesses.I think some Tapas were manipulated to hide their intercoms, in order to testifie they were checking on the children. And Madeleine did not go to the beach that afternoon because the parents needed to prove she was still alive: Kate signed the nursery document.The murder happened after 5.30pm but who was the killer? it could have been Payne, doing a favor. And Why?

  36. Correction,

    somewhere I listened or read that the McCanns did not want a baby sitter in the apartment because the crime could have been premeditated.
    It was not on Jim Bohannon's show(Pat Brown)I guess, like I wrote here before.. Which one of you can help me to find that interview?

    it is true that after thhe cry incident, they still did not ask for a baby sitter.
    Why not?

  37. A visit to the PJ, one whole day was enough for talks and the MP went back. If it took that long to visit Portugal nearly three months, it must be because the MP were collecting all information about the Mccanns and Tapas 7 in England. They must have arrived in Lisbon with a lot more to tell, new statements, etc.
    Now the PJ have to organise everything that is new to them, planning what to do with all the information. After everything is ready, I believe the MP will fly to Portugal again, to discuss what to do about it. Possibly new interrogations in England, probably the reconstruction of that night in Algarve.

    It will be a lot of work. But it will happen.
    The McCanns still have time to buy an one-way-ticket to Brazil or Argentina. They will try to escape.

    I pray Matthew Oldfield will come forward with the truth. He was manipulated by the Mccanns, believing everything would be ok, after some weeks, and he got in serious trouble.

    He could better go to the SY and confess the truth. Murat is suing his wife and the McCanns will not help her with any single penny.
    It is their money. The Oldfields haven't even gotten enough money to pay Carter Rucker( what is the name?) or another similar lawyer.
    They are in financial trouble, probably for the rest of their lives.

    The truth will liberate them. They are lost anyway.

    I noticed that Kate doesn't thank Tapas 5 at the end of her book(Tanner, O'Brian,Rachel, Matthew,Webster).
    Not a word about them.
    They regret they ever helped the McCanns, don't they?

    The only thank words are to the Paynes.

  38. I think we should all email teresa May and show our disgust that SY is informing the MCs of all actions and news. This is hardly an unbiased review if the Mcs know whats going on every step of the way, to prepare their defence if it be they are guilt. An independent review should be without the holding the reigns. I am sending an email now!

  39. As for gerrys vision of leaving no stone unturned, this title was taken from a police training pamphlet, I believe it was for police in the serious crimes squad if i remember correctly.:s

  40. The UK PM has been gravely mislead if he believes the UK TAX paying public are, in any way supporting, the TEAM CELEBRITY MCCANNS OR the ludicrously, astonishing waste of money 'reviewing' evidence by NSY. There has been an increase in demand for 'Freedom of Information' requests: regarding the Mccanns. The most disgraceful of all aspects of this 'review' are:
    1. the mccans get to question and 'advise' NSY re progress(?)
    2. The outcome will not be made public!

    Trust me on this one the public are NOT behind them in any great mass.

    Can I please take a moment to make a few points about the 'whitewash and the Masonics'.

    The Mccanns are devout Roman Catholics (?) meeting the pope and all that jazz. Catholics are banned from being Masonic members ( due to the Roman catholic church hating its non allegiance to the pope. The Roman church declared it to be the anti christ among other stuff. Please 'google' and read about it. HOWEVER the Roman catholic church has it's own 'secret society' called the knights of St Columbus...google that! so enough about the Masons being involved with a catholic family.

    I Personally do not subscribe to any particular 'theory'. I am interested in a recent comment about Maddie being 'alive' when she was 'taken'. I think about a posibility of her being 'not alive' when she was taken.. because it puzzles me so, that Kate announced to everyone "they have taken her" what a paculiar thing to say. It was like she was letting people know: she has been taken away/removed: by whom/ someone known to the family? with their blessing/consent? I have no idea. it just troubles me so.

  41. Im afraid to be the bearer of bad news but here it is...Will the mccanns and others ever be prosecuted? NO.

    You have the evidence from the dog's, you HAD the evidence from Mrs Fenn, you have the evidence from the irish guy who said he saw the father carrying maddie, you have the Gasper statements regarding sick actions towards madeleine on a previous holiday,you have the most damning evidence from Mr Amaral and still they come out smelling of roses.

    There isn't a case like this in the world and nor will their be where such evidence has been brushed under the carpet

    The people now involved in this circus from celebrities to the pope to royalty and prime minister is the reason why it will never be allowed, not forgetting the twins who will be without parents and that goes for the kids of the tapas who will be given long sentences, it will NEVER be allowed to happen

  42. IIRC this is the week/month the libel trial may start. Imo the interview from 13 May 2011 (posted below) is extremely important:

    13 May 2011

    The LATE LATE Show

    Kate and Gerry McCann give their first Irish interview about that fateful night four years ago.

    f/f to approx 1.43.17 and listen to GM: When the dogs came which was actually something that happened at our request ciz we wanted a more thorough search and the National Policing Improvement Agency recommended these dogs and basically when the dogs barked in the apt round the car it suddenly gave them an opportunity to portray us as if we were involved.....


    For any other poster reading this post I recommend listening from 1.42.42 to the end to hear in context.

    Given Dr Amaral was part of the investigation team, then I believe he will know if the above is true. Dr Amaral will know if the EVRD dog and the CSI dog going over to Portugal happened at the request of the McCanns because they wanted a more thorough search! If it is not true? Then I hope that Dr Amaral's lawyer brings this up at the libel trial in Portugal.

    General E Speaking, Amazon.


  43. Kate says she Maddie was tired and she or Gerry carried her home, at the end of the afternoon. Could that be because the GNR sniffer dogs could have difficulties to find Maddie's traces going to or coming back from the nursery on that day?
    I think that the McCanns children always seem to be tired, all the time. Medicines?

  44. Are the McCanns coming to Lisbon on the 22nd?
    or are they scared?

    I hope Oldfield went to the SY, telling the truth.
    He must be fed up of this.
    He can get a job outside the UK and re-start his life, in case people will point to him calling him a paedophile.

  45. Perhaps the McCanns are at it again?? Amazon is accepting pre orders on Madeleine our continuing search, due out April 2012 in paperback!!Obviously she wont be found by then either, so give up SY.
    These people write mundane full of misinformation books, this does not assist Maddie at all.

  46. Bernard Hogan-Howe has been appointed as the new Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police and New Scotland Yard, that is reviewing the Madeleine McCann case. He was alleged to have launched a thousand balloons in Liverpool, each one to donate £1 to the Madeleine Fund. Was it the fund that hired the likes of Metodo 3, the procurer of sightings of the child, and the alleged fraudster, Halligen? I hope he will remain independent.

  47. Here is the link to the BBC article about Bernard Hogan-Howe letting off balloons in Liverpool to support the McCanns search when Chief Constable of Merseyside Police.

  48. The Mccanns have not been granted 'core participant status' in the Leveson Inquity into phone hacking. They are only 'specially interested parties'. Core status participant can claim funding for this.

  49. Actually it seems that the McCanns (why both of them?) have indeed been included as Core Participants in the Leveson Inquiry after all, so they will be able to claim public momey for being represented by a barrister

  50. An article written by Martin Brunt, on McCann Files and it starts:

    "They may not have welcomed the order from Down Street to launch an investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearence but at least Scotland Yard detectives have made a visit to Portugal".

    Hah, hah, hah, Brunt insinuates the McCanns but he continues the story saying he talks about the PJ.
    Very good, Martin.

  51. Are the Mccanns also abducted? Where are they?
    Preparing their emmigration to North Corea?

  52. The control freaks won a place on the phone hacking inquire.
    They have to control everything around them.
    What a life! Restless till Odfield tells the whole truth. I got the feeling he will do it.He was not that bad when inquired by the PJ.
    Rachel "recognised"Murat but she did not accuse him of being the abductor, like Tanner did. But she was stupid enough to keep company to Kate on some sport day.
    The Oldfields could better tell the truth and make an agreement with Murat, no suing if they tell the truth.This could be possible.
    Because the Mccanns are not intending to help them with money. Kate will give a rosary or a prayer card to Rachel, thanking her, and that will be all.And the Oldfields will lose their assets and will keep their bad name.(At least they will keep something!)
    There was a rumour, longer ago, that one of the couples of Tapas 9 splitted up(not the McCanns).Living under such a pressure, I believe this could be possible.

    The curse of the McCanns.

  53. Here on this blog there is "Press News" on the page Maddie Case Files.
    I never saw it before and I see that it is up to date.
    Thank you.

  54. 37, who said the SY is informing the McCanns about everything?
    On Kate's book you can read how unpowerful the parents are.No power with the Leincestshire police, who refuse to give information, they did not read the rapport of the CEOP,which was brought to the Home Office, Kate complained that Home Office did not reply her letters...
    They are not that powerful.
    If it was a fiasco, we would have seen an Amaral interview, telling it.
    Don't believe the media. They need to make noise.

  55. Click on Maddie Case Files(above) and click on Press News, you will read the one of today's: Gerry understands people who commit suicide.

    Well, why is he remembering and saying this now, after he got all support from the Labour government, from rich and poor people, from the whole UK,even from Socrates and when there is hope that the SY will find Madeleine? According to myself, the police stopted searching for Maddie on 2007, he had 4 years to take his own life, if he wanted to, because he felt abandonned by authorities. He feels bad, I understand it, but why did he allow Kate to insult the Home Office, to criticise that Ministery
    to the point that the Home Office asked the MP to officially get involved in the case?

    Are those Gerry's words a threat? Is he warning the police, warning Justice, the blogs, "watch out, I can do something to myself".

    Too many things happened during these last four years: a disappearence,inconsistences, the dogs,cadaver scent, blood in the car, a fraudulent fund,they destroyed lives around, including Tapas5's,they sued around, they became rich, they were supported by Brown and the media.

    Why refering to suicide now?

    Is he using the German media to pressure Tapas 5? Is one of them intending to tell the truth to the police?
    If his is telling this to the German media, there is a possibility that Maddie's body can be found.

    Speaking about suicide, is he blackmailing around or does he mean it?

    And I believe the MP is seriously working with the PJ.

  56. Anon 39 Actually there is a Catholic Masonic organisation of which concerns have been raised. That aside, the McCanns were never devout Catholics anyway according to Kate's mother, and presumably she should know. There is no reason therefore that there should not be a Masonic factor in this case with the McCanns linked to certain Masonic others with authority and influence. It should not be discounted.

  57. Gonçalo Amaral – The English can always present the conclusions to which they themselves arrived in 2007. Because they know, they have the evidence of what happened - they don't need to investigate anything. All this is now a mere ‘show off’........

    The case was shelved because the PJ couldn't go any further and charge the McCanns and Mr Amaral knows this, so imo it is NOT TO "SHOW OFF" as he says, he dosen't know what is happening at this present moment in time he is out of the lope now, he might get the odd comment from friends in the job, but Imo it will all be top secret.
    IMO the PJ know what happened in may 2007 and yes I believe that the PJ passed alot of evidence on to Scotland Yard but NOT ALL, also whatever evidence the PJ and SY have, was at the time NOT enough to persue the case then, now 4.4years on SY have been in Portugal to update and imo the time has now come for both heads to get together, to bring this case to an end

    I personaly think that all the stuff that is going on at the moment should be kept out the public domain, to stop the McCanns from saying they will not get a fair Trial when it happens.

  58. Guerra @ 33

    "There are 30 Met officers – the equivalent of a murder squad – working on the review and I’m told that a senior officer is having to give regular spending updates to the Home Office which is funding an operation that will cost several millions and last many months."

    This is according to Martin Brunt, Sky´s crime correspondent. I suppose he could just be lying through his teeth. However, I´m afraid that, unlike yourself presumably, I don´t know enough to be able to challenge the truth of his report.

  59. For God sake I beg you all on this blog, stop this Maccanns devout Catholic farce, Kate and Gerry Maccann are not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, Devout Catholic and never have been its a cover for them. I am a practising catholic and have been all my life I am now 45, I have tried to obey all the rules and restriction of my faith, I have been to Fatima and Lourdes many many time and Knock and Rome, I love my faith, I have never lasped, in my faith, Am I a devout Catholic No I am not, and dont know anyone who is. What is a devout Catholic, I don't know.
    But I am certain of one thing its not what the Maccanns are. I am sick reading comments about the Catholic faith on this blog, I think its time to call it a day.
    And by the way The knights of St Columba do wonderful work and are not in any way Masonic or a secret society. I did read I may be wrong Mr Amaral belongs to this group, is he a mason now. I don't think so.
    Rachel UK.

  60. Gerry is really very much worried about what will happen next.He is refering to the dark days of being suspects, with the world looking at them as being the guilty ones. He experiences again the same fear he had four years ago, and he feels again they are in danger.He knows they will experience the suspicions all over again, this time also under the pressure of the Scotland Yard.And besides the PJ know a lot more than they knew in 2007/2008. They will be interrogated as witnesses, not as arguidos, they will be obliged to answer all the questions. He experiences again his understanding for people who commit suicide, a thought that probably belonged already to his past and that came back otherwise he would not have refered to it now. Scotland Yard is not yet ready with their talks with the PJ and Gerry knows already what is about to happen.
    This last interview in Germany shows that the McCanns haven't gotten any power against the MP.A shouting, screaming Gerry, begging for merciness. Refering to suicide, putting moral pressure on the police.No suicide, Gerry, the siblings need you.At the same time you have to remember your little daughter lost her life, because of her irresponsible parents. After the cry incident,75 minutes, you still didn't accept a baby sitter to take care of your children. On purpose? The police will find it out.

  61. I just read the Daily Star of yesterday the 18th, where Gerry says he understands suicide. For more than three years the McCanns have complained about the lack of interest of the British government and of the PJ, regarding the fate of Madeleine's. To a point that they had to hire privete detectives to search for her.Kate accused the Home Office, specially Theresa May, of being indifferent to this tragic case.She made an appeal to the British community to write the Home Office, demanding a review of the case.
    Cameron and Theresa May took those request very seriously and they ordered Scotland Yard to get involved in a review.
    The SY has been already in Portugal, in August.
    And now, after having achieved what they prayed for, during more than three years, Gerry gives interviews in Germany and not a single word about the Scotland Yard's contact with the PJ. Nothing.No public thanks to Cameron and Theresa May, nada, nada, nada. No word about an eventual optimism towards an eventual success of the MP.It was his chance to show his gratitude, nice propaganda for the UK,finally people caring about Madeleine, May and Cameron are great.
    Instead of, he talks about suicide.
    Which one of us would expect Gerry talking about suicide? Specially after the McCanns have achieved what they wanted and insisted on?
    How can a human being ever make these people happy?
    What a tiring couple.

    PS Why didn't the McCanns publish the Home Office letter to them, of the May 12th?

  62. Why are the Mccanns to be Core Participants in the Leveson Inquiry when Mitchell has said that their phones weren't hacked? As for press intrusion into their lives, is that the same press that serialised their book, and publishes Mitchell's press articles and withdraws smiley photos that they don't like? Just what have they to complain about? Surely they will not complain about the Murdoch press and bite the hand that feeds them, or will they?

  63. "Catholics are banned from being Masonic members"

    Well, catholics are also banned from using contraception...but that doesn't stop many of them from using it, does it...?
    Cherie Blair (arrrgh!) for one, another "devout" catholic who boasted on her book about how her second child came to be, because she forgot to take her contraception on a state visit!

  64. Anon. #58,
    "I am sick reading comments about the Catholic faith on this blog, I think its time to call it a day."

    I suggest you take that one up with the McCanns! After all they were the ones who played the "catholic card", they deliberately and cunningly CHOSE to open that door, maybe to get on the good side of the portuguese people, who are mostly catholics. Since they made a very public show of their supposed faith the public is entitled to analyse and discuss their actions, to judge if those are in accordance with the dogmas of the catholic church. If catholicism is a recurrent subject of discussion here and in other blogs about the Madeleine McCann case that is entirely the McCanns fault!

  65. ! Suicide! Books! Selebs... . What about start dancing for example? Or singing?
    Or just sit in front of the camera and tell the world what have you done to your little girl! And put the end to this so long tragic-comical story about MONEY!

  66. On Liverpool Echo of 9-9-2011( see Press News, The Maddie Case Files) there is a news that SY will review the statements and the alibis.
    Besides that, it intrigues me the photo that that news paper choosed for the article.Madeleine with eye shadow on.
    What do people know in Liverpool that we don't know?

  67. 60, I believe hundreds or even thousands of people wrote the Home Office demanding a review of the case.

    It would be very nice if the McCanns indeed would publish Theresa May's letter to them.
    Everybody would love to read it, after they all did their best to request for a new search through the files.
    I don't understand why they still did not publicise it.
    We want to see it.

  68. Anonymous 57, I know as much as the next person. My guess as to what will transpire is based on my 4 years of experience in observing the conduct of Britain's media, its politicians and police with regard to this case.

    Mr. Brunt also said:

    "They may not have welcomed the order from Downing Street to launch an investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, but at least Scotland Yard detectives have made a first visit to Portugual."

    "I can't imagine they were given a warm welcome by their Portuguese colleagues whose work (failure to solve the mystery) the Met team is reviewing."

    The last sentence basically discloses what this is all about. I very much doubt that any police force would dedicate 30 officers to review a cold case involving a missing child. And If any review is taking place I very much doubt that it is for the purpose of finding out what happened to the girl.

    That being said, my opinion with regards to the Metropolitan police would likely change if they actually investigated Mr. James Murdoch and confronted him with his lies. But, it appears that the police is more concerned with imprisoning those individuals who let the world know that the Metropolitan police did nothing with the evidence of hacking that they had in their possession for all these years.

  69. Now I understand that the McCanns were(still are?) haunted by Maddie.
    Gerry too. It is on Kate's book and at first I thought those were only nervous thoughts. But the news paper The People comments it as being haunting.

  70. Hello Rachel (post 58), those who keep saying the McCanns are devout Catholics, have obviously not heard the media interview, Susan Healey Kate McCann's mother, gave shortly after Madeleine disappeared. Mrs Healey said, she never understood why her daughter wanted the Merseyside Priest to fly out to Praia da Luz, because her daughter and son-in-law didn't follow the Catholic religion.

    If the McCanns were good Catholics, Kate McCann would never have embarked down the I.V.F. road, to get pregnant. In my opinion, the McCanns, for reasons best known to themselves, have used the Catholic Church.

    The McCanns, certainly used the Priest who gave them the key to the church in Praia da Luz and told them they could go to the church any time day or night. The Priest was deeply hurt, when the McCanns didn't tell him they were returning home and gave the key to one of the parishioners, to give to him. Although the McCanns hurt the Priest, he said he will never tell anyone what they told him. He said he would take their secret to his grave.

  71. Why the devil are the McCanns involved in the phone hacking enquiry? No journalist investigated them, least of all the Murdoch press. I fear they will never face justice, their fraud will remain protected by the authorities. But why why why?!

  72. Is the lawyer Rogério Alves also abducted?
    I wish he is.
    I hate that man.

  73. On the Daily Mirror we can read Gerry talks about people that confess things that they haven't done, because they are under pressure. That was a part of an interview the couple gave in Germany.
    Interesting. No interviews in the UK. They continue to search for Madeleine, this time in Germany.
    If they had confessed her death four years ago, by now they would have been clean of any further punishment, if it was an accident.
    Sometimes I think it was more than an accident.Couldn't they have said they went to bed, one of them went to the bathroom some later and found her dead? Unless she died very early in the evening. And it intrigues me that there was blood in the car which means the injury was probably not superficial.Or was it? If it was superficial on her skin, probably she would not have bleed in the boots.Falling down at that distance, height, behind the couch, would not cause much blood, imo, because her weight was not heavy.Besides the floor was not sharp.It would have killed her, perhaps,but no blood.
    I think that blood could tell more to a pathologist.An adult can fall down very heavily without losing blood.

  74. I'm afraid we will have to accept the fraud of the McCanns has been a success.

  75. 37, the SY is not informing the McCanns at all.If the media is telling that it is to impress everybody.How many times I have to say the McCanns are not powerful anymore. Read Kate's book.They are even not powerful with the CEOP because Kate tells they did not read its repports that were delivered to the Home Office.And where are their happy interviews about the trip of the SY to Portugal, last August? No interviews, except for in Germany and they don't comment it at all.
    On his photo on the Daily Star, Gerry is looking destroyed(his eyes).She looks always ok, no problem. Gerry realises how far they have gone, he realises things are not ok at all, and that they are at risk.How many crimes did they commit sinds 2007? Concealing of the body, obstruction of the investigations, allowing Malinka and Murat getting in trouble, a fraudulent fund,people losing their jobs like people working at the Tapas( this is also a crime),being neglect, and, don't forget, Madeleine's death: what did she die of?
    Sueing everybody they can sue. And the costs the PJ made in this investigation?

  76. I was reading again Cameron's letter on Find Madeleine and I payed a lot of attention to his words: what an ironical letter!

    He is really fed up of the McCanns.

    "We discussed this when we met, but I realise that a further 18 months have gone by since then.
    That you have been so corageous over all this time, and have not given up speaks volumes".

    When they met each other 18 months before, Cameron explained them the impossibility for his government to get involved in crime investigation abroad, about which the McCanns knew already and completetely understood, of course.

    Guaranteeded by those rules and laws,no mixing up in some other country business, the McCanns continued to persist on a revision, making smoke and mirrors to impress the British public.

    Calling them corageous, Cameron reffers to their persisting fearless - "over all this time "(18 months)- of getting in trouble.

    And he concludes that having "not given up speaks volumes".
    This "speaks volumes" means he sees the McCanns as people who will keep pressuring on about impossible things and, and if he does not take mesures against these people, calling the Scotland Yard, he will be anoyed by them till the Apocalips.

    I wonder how Theresa May's letter is.

    It must be much worse.

  77. Originally, the Find Madeleine.com was giving everybody the chance to anonymously email the parents, telling where we had seen Maddie, still wearing or not the same pyjamas.
    This possibility disappeared which means they could have been attacket by the whole humanity.That's what I believe.

  78. Ian - 70

    I could be wrong, but I think that their links with the Masonic Lodge is the reason they are above the law. It is well known that one of their sworn to secrecy rules is to protect their members at all costs. I think that's the same reason their Tapas pals have never come forward with any information, or told their stories to any of the media.

    The same with the priest in Praia de Luz, who was under the same sort of restrictions, being unable to break his Church vows, thereby giving the McCanns the protection they needed. He has long since bowed out from the pressure.

  79. Think of the young lives that will be DESTROYED by prosecuting these people, the twins...the only reason why they will never be prosecuted, the powers at be are protecting the young and innocent at all costs......

    Go on about how rough she looks and how ill he looks all you like, to be frank they look bloody terrible but that's what guilt does to a person, eats away from the inside like a cancer, but it has nothing to do with them worrying over being caught , that will never happen Now, to far gone........

  80. The Mccanns are used to cling to people, dominating them. You can see the destruction they caused in Tapas 5'lives. They all obeyed them, giving false statements because they were under pressure.
    They thought they could do the same to Cameron and Theresa May but they got rid of the couple and the McCanns themselves are now in bad sheets. Imo, Cameron knows Madeleine is dead.
    And I believe he was very much irritated when he talked to the MP and Theresa May was irritated too.
    Well, it will take some few months to interrogate Tapas 7 again,
    They have to pay Murat anyway, they can better tell the truth now before they lose more money.

  81. There must have been more statements about the McCanns. Neighbours of the Healeys, Kate's colleagues, the Paynes'friends, neighbours and relatives.This will take a long time till the police of both countries organise the whole information.
    But they will. I hope somebody of Tapas 5 has gone to the police telling what is known among them, relatives, friends of them.
    They are lost anyway. Not telling the truth, it will be worse.

  82. I agree with Rachel, people are missing her point here, I have never lasped in my faith, and I would not call myself a devout Catholic, its the Maccanns and Cherie Blair who use the name Catholic and are anything but. These people are a terrible example of the Catholic faith, Any Catholic who has IVF,or uses Contraception, is outside the Catholic church. Even if they attend mass, they are living a lie, Kate and Gerry Maccann used the Catholic faith as a cover for their Image. to call them devout is really an insult That is the last I am saying on this matter.

  83. 78, protecting the twins? The parents commit a crime and we have to think of the siblings? We? That's a joke! Why didn't they think about this themselves? They are irresponsible parents, selfish, neglect and even Jim Gamble admitted that the perpetrator could strike again. It is tragic for the children but much more tragic for Madeleine who lost her life.
    The siblings are living at risk, specially having Payne around.A terrible crime happened and the parents have to be brought to justice. Of course they are worried about being caught, that is why they were manipulaing around, in order to get away with it. They destroyed already so many lives, starting with Madeleine, and the siblings'lives are destroyed already, since 2007. After 75 minutes of crying, still no baby sitter to take care of the children.They could not care less or the crime was premeditated.
    They are dangerous and I am convinced that Kate is unstable. And what about the fradulent fund? Cheating on people, on young children.
    Never prosecuted and too far gone? Not at all, this case is still very fresh and the stupid Kate kept it fresher than it had to be. That book of hers was a terrible mistake, she irritated the Home Office and the Prime Minister, she wrote she gave the pink blanket to a GNR police man, they saw Maddie's ghost...
    Don't worry,they will be caught. Justice for Madeleine.

  84. Hello Anonymous (post 78) A lot of people use the excuse that the McCanns should not be prosecuted for their part in Madeleine's disappearance, because it wouldn't be fair on Sean and Amalie, if they were jailed.

    No one seems to think about the welfare of the twins, while they are in the McCanns care. The McCanns began to mess with their children's heads, when they told them a monster had taken Madeleine away. They bought Sean and Amalie gifts for Christmas and their birthdays and told them Madeleine had sent them. They also told them Madeleine was coming home on Christmas day (2009) they set a place for her at the table and the twins were watching for her coming down the path.

    How do I know all this? Kate McCann's mother told the media the story about the gifts and Kate McCann told the media the story about Madeleine coming home on Christmas day (2009) Kate McCann said they had taken advice from child psychiatrists, before they told the twins what they did.

    I don't believe for one minute child psychiatrists told the McCanns to say what they did to Sean and Amalie. The McCanns are pathalogical liars and have been, since the day they told the lie about the shutter.

    I wonder if these so called child psychiatrists have read Kate McCann's book of sex and lies and told the McCanns to let Sean and Amalie read it. Kate McCann has already said she wrote the book for Sean and Amalie, so they would learn the truth about Madeleine's disappearance. Do the twins need to know that their mother couldn't have sex with their father? Do the twins need to read their mother's thought on Madeleine's perfect little genetalia, being violated by the paedophile she believes took her away?

    Apart from the McCanns behaviour surrounding Madeleine's disappearance and "that book" Sean and Amalie have to cope with living with a bad tempered father, who flies into a rage, when he is asked simple questions about Madeleine's disappearance. Gerry McCann, gave a fine example of how easily he can lose his temper, when he told his mate who was videoing him as he was on the airport bus, on his way to board the plane for the Praia da Luz holiday, to "F**K OFF" because he (Gerry McCann) wan't here to enjoy himself.

    I shudder to think what happens in the McCanns household when the twins have a tantrum and things can get worse as they approach puberty.

  85. Hello Anonymous (post 75). I heard Gerry McCann's speech to the media, regarding his letter to David Cameron and I was disgusted. He said that David Cameron knew what it was like to lose a child, which I can imagine would have greatly upset David and Samantha Cameron.

    Gerry McCann stooped as low as he possibly could, when he used Ivan Cameron's death, as a way of getting David Cameron to order a review into Madeleine's disappearance.

    Gerry McCann said he was only partially pleased when Mr Cameron asked Scotland Yard to conduct the review. I deduced from McCann's statement, that he wanted Mr Cameron to conduct the review. I believe it is because McCann knows, that there is a high chance that they (the McCanns) will be hauled back to the Algarve to explain their behaviour, that lead to Madeleine's disappearance on that so called family holiday.

  86. I am pinning my hopes, that there will be soon be a court case, following Goncalo Amaral's recent denunciation of the McCanns and their lawyer, because the McCanns lawyer, Isabel Duarte didn't return his books. I am presuming the McCanns are involved, because they instructed their lawyer not to return the books.

    If the case does go to court, the McCanns and their lawyer, could face up to 5yrs in jail. If the McCanns are imprisoned, the PJ and Scotland Yard, could use this opportunity to question them again about Madeleine's disappearance.

    This potential court case, could be the start of justice for Madeleine. Something she was denied, when the McCanns friends in high places, helped them escape from prosecution, for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

  87. 84, Gerry was not even partially pleased. He was not pleased at all.
    Cameron's answer crashed them"you keep on persisting and I will get rid of you.fuck off!"
    Very good.The Camerons did everything to save their little son, they were responsible towards him and I believe that Dave got irritated with it being compared to Madeleine's death.
    Are we going to see Theresa May's letter?

  88. Wasn't Amaral's hearing today? About the books.

    78,I don't see why we should carry the responsibility over the twins.
    If young children could be used to prevent a trial and a conviction, the whole world would be a large cemetery.Can't you see that the McCanns are dangerous for children, irresponsible,liers and profiteurs?That is what they are.And still friends with the Paynes, while we all know at least David is a paedophile? Those children need better parents. Justice in England got to see it and to protect the siblings.They could be being abused now because paedophilie can not be cured, the four of them are doctors who can get sleeping medicines without being noticed.
    I don't believe any of them got rid of this filthy behaviour.

    84, thank you for telling us what you heard. Imagine Cameron conducting the investigation, hah hah hah. At the McCanns service.
    The first important person who dispised the McCanns, according to myself, was Prince Charles. He did not approach Kate, he did not let himself be photographed at her side.
    Since than I thought the media got more strenght.Am I right?

  89. I believe SY is having a terrible lot of work now, checking on the McCanns bank account and who knows the Paynes'.I wonder if they went to the Baptista super market that often, buying their breakfast, like they said.They will say that they bought it cash.But the police will see where they bought their euros.Probably at the Faro airport.

    It is hightime now that the Oldfields come forward with the truth, before the police start checking on their privete lives.
    The truth will be known anyway, now that England is cooperating with Portugal.

  90. Anon 78 and 83 Dandelion 1906

    Both excellent posts, thank you.

  91. yes,knowing it is not possible for a Prime Minister to get involved in a criminal investigation abroad or even in his own country, and supported by rules and laws that protected them from achieving what they were persisting on, the McCanns got two fatal torpedos back, one from Theresa May and one from Cameron.
    We read Cameron's torpedo and now I hope we will see Theresa May's one. This last one must be terrible, that's why they did not show it.
    I believe the Metropolitan Police are vomitting this couple too and they will do everything to reopen the case.

  92. 90, very well said. I also believe the MP are vomitting the McCanns.
    They irritate everybody around. The time people were supporting them is over.

  93. Joana, wasn't Amaral's hearing (books) today? Any news?

  94. 82/83 i apologise what i actually meant by my ealier post is the reasoning behind why i dont think they will ever be prosecuted and that reason being...as i see it that they are being kept out of the courts/prison for the sake of the kids, they[ powers at be] dont want to see another 2 lives destroyed..

    who/what is ever protecting the prents... they are protecting the twins by keeping the parents out of JAIL

  95. Hello Anonymous (post93) I understood what you meant, I was referring to other people who believe the McCanns have committed a crime, but think they should not be jailed because it wouldn't be fair on the twins.

    Other parents with young children who have committed serious crimes have been prosecuted and jailed. The powers that be, haven't told the police to drop the charges because it wouldn't be fair on the their children if they are jailed.

    The McCanns committed a crime in Portugal, every time they left their 3 children without adult supervision, the crime was more serious because, if the McCanns were speaking the truth, Madeleine disappeared while they were out.

    If the McCanns were lying about the events of May the 3rd and Madeleine was not abducted, then Sean and Amalie are at risk, while they are in the McCanns care.

    It is common knowledge that Goncalo Amaral, believes Madeleine was harmed in the McCanns apartment. The officer who took Dr Amaral's place, when Dr Amaral was removed from the case, has come to the same conclusion.

    I believe the McCanns escape from justice, was nothing to do with Sean and Amalie, I believe it is because the ones who helped them escape justice, are involved with something that the McCanns are involved with, that must never come out. Or the McCanns know something and it is vital that they are not prosecuted.

    It appears that the new leader of the Met is someone known to the McCanns and their family. He was involved in the event surrounding the 4th anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance. I have a feeling that he might try to put a stop to the review, using finances as an excuse. I also have a feeling that he may try to stop Goncalo Amaral, from taking the McCanns and their lawyer Isabel Duarte to court, because they didn't return his books.

    If this does happen, then the McCanns are home and dry, along with the Queen, they will have the "above the law" status.

    I can't help the way I am feeling, regarding the review and Goncalo Amaral's court case against the McCanns and I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

  96. After things seem to go very fast now, S.Y. already been in Portugal, people in favor of reopening the case, I think English authorities got to pay attention to the twins and take them away from their home. Imo they are in danger. The parents are unstable, specially Kate, they will feel ashamed and guilty towards the people who believed their story, giving money and supporting them, and they can do serious harm to the siblings before they take their own lives.It seems to me extremely difficult to continue living after Madeleine's strange death, the concealing of her body, the lies, the false accusations, destroying lives around,like they did to Murat,keeping their friendship with the Paynes,even after the Gaspars'statements were known, becoming rich through a fraudulent fund, it is too much for those two people.
    Unless they are real sociopaths.They and their families.
    I hope they will allow the twins to live and not make of them worse victims than they already are.
    If they learned some responsibility, they should bring the twins to live in a safer home.And their GP got to do something about this.

  97. Anon 93 (I am 89)
    That's what I mean, your posts and Dandelion's are both excellent. The twins are what this is really about; it is disgusting, but imo they are the McCanns' biggest asset and probably their downfall as well in the long run.

  98. Dandelion 1906 both your posts 84 and 85 are excellent. I hope that now Cameron and SY are involved we will see justice for Madeleine. I am surprised the Mccanns have managed to keep going for as long as they have misleading the public and taking donations, it is about time they were brought to account for all their crimes. This has gone on far too long, they and their Tapas friends should all face the consequences for what they have done.
    Most polls reveal that the majority of the public believe Mccanns are guilty and that Madeleine died in the apartment and they covered up her death.

  99. Parents who deserve it go to jail all the time. No one is going to keep the McCanns out of jail simply to make sure the other kids do not lose their parents. The McCann twins will be handed over to the grandparents or other family members to raise. Or foster care if no family member wants them. But I'm sure they will. There are other reasons these two are still at large.

    I have asked myself all along why the McCanns keep thrusting themselves into the public eye when they are guilty. I would have thought criminals would keep a low profile and then I saw this documentary.

    I was astounded at the story in part three of the pedophile who kills a child then then insinuates himself into the child's family continually going on TV and radio to "catch the killer." Like the McCanns with their constant, "search for Madeleine." A real eye opener.

  100. If Matthew Oldfield is not willing to tell the truth this time, he definitely will be made arguido. Helping hiding a crime.
    His name will be in all of the British papers and on the tv news.
    This will crash his carrier. Unreliable doctor.
    He can better tell it now, before everything gets much worse.
    I expect the explosion will come from somebody of the Tapas.
    They can't continue hiding the truth. Preferable to tell it now than to become as poor as a church mouse: lawyers cost a huge amont of money and the McCanns will not help them financially.
    Matthew sacrificing himself in order to protect criminals.

  101. I think of the possibility of Cameron and Theresa May putting pressure on the MP to solve this case as soon as they can. By the way, the conclusions are already made by the PJ. Probably they are controlling the alibis right now.And the blanket "gaven" by Kate to a police man of the GNR, after they were kicked out of 5a at 2.00 in the morning of the 4th and the police photographer took its picture the following day, when only the police had access to the apartment.I hope the PJ found pink fibres in the boots of the car and never told it.Fibres are very difficult to be cleaned up, they can be hidden everywhere. I wonder where the blood came from, enough for the apartment and for the boots.When a heart stops beating, the blood circulation stops too but even though they found Maddie's blood in the car.Could falling against the wall be enough to bleed that much, even 23 days after?

  102. Ian @70 I dont believe that the McCanns have got away with it, the high profile backers seem to have jumped ship, SY are reviewing and the McCanns have never been so quiet. Have you been on Missing Madeleine forum, some good info on there also.

    Anon 78 and 83 Dandelion 1906, excellant posts.

    Anon 93...Nobody is kept from been sent to jail because of them having two children, justice is justice.
    If this was the case then they would be nobody in the jails in the UK.

    Gina UK

  103. ANON93

  104. The McCanns probably stopped getting on the nerves of Cameron and Theresa May's. At least for a while. And they are now probably trying to find out what is going on at the Scotland Yard, and annoying them. But not intensivily. They learned their lesson.
    I can imagine the large quantity of requests the PM and the Home Office received, asking for transparant, etc, review.
    I enjoy much more all seconds of my life since I read Cameron's letter to them.
    He must have known what Kate wrote about his government, about the Home Office, even before the book was officially published.

    It is a tough lesson.

  105. On Amaral's documentary, we see Gerry praying like an arab does and on Amaral's book he tells also that this scene was repeated on the floor of the sleeping room, by both parents.
    It is obvious that Gerry was destroying incriminating traces on his pants and I think that the place where Madeleine was hidden that night was very different from 5a and from the restaurant.A place with sand or earth, where Gerry had to sit down on his knies in order to hide the body.I also believe O'Brian was there, helping him with hiding. That place must be quite low, among rocks?, dark, deep and it could be covered up with fresh salty water.And not far away from 5a.

  106. It's definitely time that the doctor's surgery (in Rothley?) where Kate worked was investigated.She claimed that the odour of death/cadaver detected on her black-and-white checked trousers came from six dead bodies. She also claimed that the odour of death on the Cuddle Cat came from taking the toy to work where it picked up the smell too.
    I haven't read her book, this was all claimed when the famous dogs almost lost their 'voices' when they barked furiously at her clothes and the toy.
    SO, where and who were all these dead patients that Kate, a part-time General Practitioner came into contact with? Did she visit the homes while holding Cuddle Cat? The list of dead patients has never been mentioned or questioned. No one has come forward claiming that any member of the Rothley community died in the week before that holiday. (Am I correct in remembering reading that her daughters' toy was only given to Maddy as a present actually on the holiday)?
    And why, as a doctor, did she wear the same trousers on the holiday- if they were packed in a suitcase, the smell would have contaminated other clothes and possessions too.

  107. Four years went already by, even more than four years, and I can't wait the day this trial will start.
    How happy I am that all authorities are fed up of the McCanns.
    It comforts me when I read the last part of Kate's book, no replies from the Home Office, and the part where she tells about the reply from the Leincestshire police ( no clear evidence the parents are not involved in the crime), something she did not repair later.
    I wonder if the McCanns will visit Portugal again and very soon.They willn't, I believe.
    They will stay home.Or they'll escape from the UK.

  108. I'm on a hurry and I can not find what I was looking for. Somebody here comments about the SY detective,who will take care of this case, and who was present at a manifestation(Liverpool?) in favor of Madeleine, longer ago.
    Well, in every film you can see a police man, detective, present at the funeral, receptions, other occasions that have connection with the victim, who was murdered.
    If it is true that SY man was present at one of (and for) Maddie's manifestation,it is very well possible he went there to hear what people were talking about, what people had to say about the Healeys and specially about Kate. This could have been the goal of his presence at the manifestation.

    Of course the police in England don't trust the McCanns.

  109. Which one of you can still remember the name of the hospital where Matthew Oldfield is working?
    We could all write him, requesting him to tell the truth.
    McCann Files published something about he being(or will be) interrogated by the SY. I think it was at the beginnig of Septemer but I can not remember the hospitál's address.

  110. At 94
    "It appears that the new leader of the Met is someone known to the McCanns and their family. He was involved in the event surrounding the 4th anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance. I have a feeling that he might try to put a stop to the review, using finances as an excuse"

    Total rubbish, just because he was part of lighting a lattern last year that makes him involved with the Mcs, he was lighting a latern probably to show willing, you make the Mcs to be gods, and far from it they are.
    Where is your proof that he is trying to put a stop to the "Review" stating something like that you should be putting up your proof imo.

    The Mcs are finished,I know because a close relative of a friend is a met officer, NOT on the case, but in the know.


  112. For a while, the McCanns will stop being a pain in every authority's ass.
    I expect them to have learned their lesson, although I believe this is a question of an obsessessive compulsive behaviour.
    Slowly, they will start bugging around again.
    According to myself, the CEOP is not showing that "One minute for Madeleine"anymore.

  113. Hello Anonymous (post 108) if you had read my post (94) properly, you would have noticed that I said these are my thoughts regarding the review and the court case between Goncalo Amaral and the McCanns, as well as their lawyer Isabel Duarte.

    Regarding the chief of the Met, I did read that he is a friend of the McCanns, but I can't put proof on here, that he is a friend of the McCanns, anymore than you can put proof on here, that a friend of a close relative of yours is an officer in the met, who is "in the know" and says the McCanns are finished.

    What I will say about the new chief of the Met is, whether he was a friend of the McCanns or not, when he was a senior officer in the Merseyside police, he should not have got involved with any event surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine. He must know that the McCanns are involved with Madeleine's disappearance, if only for neglect. Which in itself was a crime and I presume is still a crime in Portugal.

  114. 109, I'm 92, but thanks for apologising. I love people giving me a second thought even if it is about a mistake.
    many kisses,

  115. Hello Anonymous (post 110)In my opinion, Madeleine has never been at the forefront of this case, especially around the time when the McCanns were at risk of being prosecuted. The McCanns "friends in high places" pulled out all the stops, to get them back on British soil, as soon as a prosecution was on the cards.

    The McCanns gratefully accepted their help, despite promising never to leave Portugal without Madeleine, because they believed Madeleine was being held in Portugal. The McCanns didn't set foot in Portugal, until the coast was clear. In other words they were sure they would not be arrested. They waited until their arguido status had been removed and then they returned, with a vow to "Get Goncalo"

    Sean and Amalie McCann, may suffer a similar fate to Madeleine, if someone doesn't keep a watchful eye on them. If anything does happen to them, Social Services and the police will trot out that old familiar statement "Lessons will be learned"

    They trot out that statement, everytime a tragedy happens to a child who is known to them, because at some point they have been neglected or harmed by one or both of their parents.

  116. 108, there seems always to be people around who have gotten connection with the British police, directly and indirectly.
    Now 108 is telling us what we really want to learn.
    A close relative of a friend of my uncle's former neighbour, who vanished during the WWI... and who never ...

    108, TELL US MORE!

  117. Matthew Oldfield works at the Kingston Hospital, Surrey and he lives in London.
    I have no idea what Surrey is, a city, a part of London, whatever.
    We can write to the hospital, addressed to him.

  118. 108, thank you for yours words.
    I believe you are the same person who commented weeks ago about a relative or a friend who works at the S.Y. and you wrote"...it is not looking good for the McCanns".
    I was longing to read a new post from you, hoping you would talk about this friend again.You give us strenght, thank you again. I wish you would tell us more but I believe you are not allowed to.
    I still fear the McCanns could commit suicide, after not being able to escape from the serious trouble they are in now. It is really the first time they are in terrible trouble, much more than they were on that fatal night.I fear for the twin's lives.What a mess they made of everything, what a stupid book complaining about the Home Office and requesting the whole humanity to write Cameron and to write Theresa May, asking for something they knew it was impossible to achieve, at that time. What a fatal letter they wrote to the Prime Minister, believing his answer would be again NO. Smoke and mirrors became real fire, who could expect that?

    Cameron had no other choice than to order the S.Y. to get involved in the case, otherwise the McCanns would continue being pain in his ass, they would spread around that the Prime Minister was irresponsible towards a little, innocent British citzen.
    It is more than obvious Cameron knows Maddie is dead.

  119. Good morning, everybody!
    Before leaving to my work, I want to comment nr. 108, with the positive news about the finished McCanns.Very good. But I think it is a little early to sing victory because I think the MP still have a lot of work to do before they take the final steps.Unless their investigation was already ongoing much before the Prime Minister made his decision public.It could be possible.I think we will get some leaks, extra interrogations, new statements, and that is what I hope.The PJ must have a lot more information about this case, information that was not yet known in 2007/2008.Let us hope.Who knows people went to the police in the UK, telling what they found out during the last three years.And I expect a revange from the media, that was gagged by Carte Rucker and that are waiting for the "window of opportunity"to crash the McCanns. And they will be crashed, mark my words.But I think the administration of all useful information will be a hell of a work, and organising everythink will be tiring.The PJ and the MP will feel extremely happy to fight back and to show us the truth again.

  120. Is it true or not that the McCanns called Sky News on that fatal night and was Sky News hiding the truth about that call? Was that the beginning of the pressure on Blair and Gordon Brown and if it was, was the death premeditated, with Murdoch's support?
    I hope the Scotland Yard found out about this call. If this call was denied by Sky News, in order to protect the McCanns, than my conclusion is that there was an agreement before the group left England. I don't see why Carlos Anjos would lie about this.

  121. Continuing my thoughts about Sky News, it seems to me very logical that the parents, or at least one of them, planned to get rid of the girl abroad, being supported by the media, which was gagged by Murdoch himself. In England they would have gotten much less support, no consul, no ambassador, no Clarence, no Pope, no Mrs. Blair, no Brown and ... no money. Only contact with the regular police. This premeditation must have taken a long time of planning,in England,and it was not improvised after the cry incident.
    It is odd that even after Mrs. Fenn had contacted the Ocean Club about the cry incident, the parents still did no ask for a baby sitter. After the cry incident, the parents were on a hurry. Six days after their arrival, the abductor had followed them all the time, but what a bad luck: the Smiths were walking around!
    I believe more and more that it was not an accident.

  122. I know 3 high ranking ex policemen (around the country), and one met police serving officer with 25 years experience.

    when asked about the MADDIE case, they all have the same reaction, a snigger and "do you think I was born yesterday, of course she is dead"

    aunty anti

  123. I always thought the answer about Madeleine would definitely come from Praia da Luz but I suspect now that it is coming even from Tapas 5, or from some McCanns relatives or friends.
    I suspect the English police know a lot more by now and they can complete the PJ puzzel:details of the death,where the body have been brought to, who helped the parents and the whereabouts of the corpse.
    I wonder if Kate dares to go back to Portugal now, to visit the Hubbards.

  124. If I were a religious man I'd pray for the damnation of the McCann's. Im not, but I do long for the announcement that the McCann fund has been suspended and the McCann's arrested for fraud and perverting the course of justice. Sadly those who support them will never be punished - but hey, you dont punich fools for their mistakes do you!

  125. Hello Anymous (post 121). Kate McCann recently said that she makes 2or 3 solo trips a year to Praia da Luz. She said she stays with the Hubbards and they all pray for the safe return of Madeleine. She says she feels close to Madeleine, when she visit's Praia da Luz, because she feels Madeleine is being held somewhere around Praia da Luz.

    I read the ghastly paragraph (online) on page 129 of Kate McCann's book "Madeleine" and there is no way Madeleine would be alive, if she endured, what Kate McCann imagines she endured, at the hands of a paedophile.

  126. It's not that I'm doubting 108 at all... Good to hear what s/he says, but those of us who have been around since the first weeks and encountered the very plausible Coldwater... are very cool about unspecified insider information'... 'I know a man, who knows a man, who has it on good authority, from the horse's mouth etc etc'. For instance Coldwater claimed to have attended a barbecue where a senior policeman told him etc etc... It was all going to end soon... one of the Tapas group has recanted and so on and so on... Mind you, any professional remotely concerned with child protection I have spoken to thinks the same as 108's contact... There... I'm doing it myself... Oh when will it all end!

  127. I've just been reading an article regarding Goncalo Amaral's denouncing of the McCanns and their lawyer Isabel Duarte, for not returning the 7,500 seized copies of his book, "The Truth of the Lie"

    If I have correctly read the article, it seems like it is up to the authorities to bring court proceedings against the McCanns and Isabel Duarte, because the crime is against the public authority and not Goncalo Amaral.

    Can Joana or someone else please tell me if there is going to be a court case, against the McCanns and their lawyer?

  128. I don't think it makes any sense to say that Sean and Amelie are at risk. Obviously not. Do you think that the parents will take the risk to have anything happen to them while they are under such scrutiny.
    That is not the reason why they need to go to jail. They need to be sent to jail because of the part they played in their eldest daughters death.
    And I still fail to understand why, if they really wanted Maddie to get out of their lives, why they did it like that. Being doctors, why didn't they, for example, make her sick, or make her 'accidentally' fall from the stairs at home or something. It doesn't make sense.
    Im still not convinced they planned this to happen. Unless there is a deeper dark secret that has to do with her fake date of birth and the fact she might not be their real daughter and such, but all that is not credible either...

  129. Joana ... is it just you alone that does the moderation of comments? I ask because it takes days, rather than minutes or hours for a reponse to be printed. Do you not have any helpers to moderate with you?

  130. I must admit I am totally confused regarding Portuguese court cases. For instance why was there all the hoopla with the media and all attending the court when the McCanns won the case for a temporary injunction to silence Dr Amaral and his book, and there they were crowing afterwards. Yet when he won the case in the higher court which lifted the ban that had been imposed, this was like a bolt out of the blue, and the UK media appear not to have picked up on that to the same extent. The McCanns did not even show up. Do they have prior notice of the verdict so that they can roll out the publicity machine if they win, and can attempt to keep it as quiet as possible if the verdict goes against them?

    This also applies to the case against Jane Tanner and friends for saying that Murat was the man they saw that night, when it turned out not to have been true. That this criminal action was going to go ahead seems to have been verified by Clarence making that statement where he attempted to defend Jane Tanner saying she had never pointed the finger at Murat. So what has happened in that case? Is it still ongoing? Has it been and gone and we have not been informed? Am I the only one who is mystified as to the silence? Why the need for silence?

    As for the upcoming case in which the McCanns have accused Dr Amaral of libel, is this trial going to be in public? Or is this going to happen behind closed doors and the public not informed about it at all until it is finished? Will the media be there as before when the McCanns were crowing at their victory at the imposition of a temporary injunction, or could they have already got wind the case will not go in their favour and they will not even turn up, along with their pals from the media? If so, that may be an indicator of a good outcome for Dr Amaral. Who knows how many things have already been decided behind closed doors. If I remember rightly the McCanns certainly managed to get an interview behind closed doors with the judge who handed out the injunction decision in their favour. Yet they said not a word in court. Justice certainly wasn't seen to be done on that occasion since we don't know what they had previously said to the judge in private, and Clarence was said to have been there speaking on their behalf, and we must not forget that the PJ said of him that he 'lies through every tooth in his head'. Was the judge ever made aware of that? I hope the mystery of what is happening, or not happening, with these court cases will soon be revealed.

  131. The Silence of The McCanns...and the 'review'...we await the continuing failure of justice....

  132. I can't help but compare this case with that of Amanda Knox - possibly staged break-in, shutters drawn, controversial DNA evidence and footprints, apparent lying by defendant(s), huge PR campaign, becomes international issue with Italian justice being pilloried, millions spent, and for what - Meredith Kercher's family is no further forward in reaching closure, and that agony continues.

    It makes one ask as to whether any prosecution in the case of Maddie McCann is going to achieve anything except the spending of a huge amount of money - what price justice?

  133. Nothing in this case make sense, its slow and now I am boared stiff with it, are we going to see justice. Don't hold your breath. I used to check every day, for news on this case. Now I find catching up on the UK soaps more interesting. Portugese justice system must be the laughing stock of Europe. Anyone got any fireworks.


    Those who have criticized the benevolent, softly-softly approach of the Portuguese authorities vis a vis the McCanns' and their friends should reflect on the outcome of this case.

    In the end Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox were set free in spite of very suggestive circumstantial evidence, lies and contradictions. There were set free on the basis of inconclusive DNA evidence, sample contamination claims, etc. Deja vu?

    True the McCanns' too could have learnt their lesson had they been charged for abandoning their children to their fate and allowed to atone for their sins in prison - for a year or two, say... even assuming nothing more sinister had taken place. I am inclined to believe the PR even David Cameron does. Who am-I not to? :d

    Could it be, as many suspect, that there are two sets of standards when it comes to dish out justice, namely for those who have and for those who have not? May be...

    A thought for the day:

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

    Joseph Goebbels, "The Nazi"

  135. Anon. 130

    I agree - about the only thing that is transparent is the failure of Justice.

  136. Hello Anonymous(post 127)I think it certainly does make sense to say Sean and Amalie are at risk. Have you ever listened to the McCanns and heard them say what they told Sean and Amalie? If you have, you will come to the same conclusion as I have and that is the McCanns are messing with their remaining children's heads.

    Read page 129 of Kate McCann's book Madeliene, this is the book that Kate McCann hopes that wherever 8yr old Madeleine is, she will be allowed to read the book. This is the book that Kate McCann says she wrote for Sean and Amalie. This book is based on sex and lies and is not fit to read by anyone under the age of 18yrs of age, let alone an 8yr old child.

    How many times have we heard of children being harmed or even killed, when they are supposedly under the watchful eye of Social Services? Baby Peter is just one example of children who have fallen through the net, when they were supposed to be closely watched by Social Services.

    Regarding the McCanns going to jail and because you have quoted my post, I can only presume you think, that I think, the McCanns should go to jail, in case they harm Sean and Amalie. If that is the case, you are completely wrong. I have always said that the McCanns should go to jail for the crimes they committed against Madeleine Sean and Amalie, on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    I know the McCanns left their children unsupervised all but one night of that family holiday and I know that what they did was neglect, but I am presuming the PJ could have only prosecuted the McCanns for leaving their children unsupervised on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    I don't know what you mean when you say the McCanns "did it like that". In my opinion the only thing that the PJ have proof of, is the McCanns admittance that they left their children unsupervised on the night Madeleine disappeared. What the McCanns admitted to was neglect which was a crime in Portugal. That on it's own may not have been serious enough for them to be jailed, but if Madeleine disappeared while the McCanns were out, I read that their crime warranted a jail sentence.

    Scotland Yard must know why the McCanns were allowed to walk away from their crime, without fear of prosecution. Goncalo Amaral has said the British Government intervened and because Gerry McCann said that Gordon Brown gave them his personal telephone number and told them to phone him day or night, I can only presume Dr Amaral is speaking the truth.

    Why would the British Government want to save the McCanns from prosecution, when they committed a crime that lead to Madeliene's disappearance? Why was it so important for the British Government to keep the McCanns out of jail? Do the McCanns know something that our Goverment don't want the rest of us to know?

    If at the end of the review Scotland Yard come to the conclusion that the McCanns are not involved with Madeleine's disappearance, I will come to the conclusion that the McCanns do know something that the Government don't want to come out. Something that would come out if the McCanns were ever prosecuted, because the Government know the McCanns would squeal like pigs.

    It will be a travesty of justice for Madeleine, if her parents aren't prosecuted for their part in her disappearance, or if anyone else who is involved in her disappearance, isn't brought to justice.

    As far as the McCanns are concerned, if they aren't brought to justice for their part in Madeleine's disappearance, they will have set a precedent for anyone in Portugal to do what they admitted doing in Praia da Luz, without fear of prosecution.

  137. Gerry McCann keeps banging on about there being no evidence that Madeleine came to any harm. Does he honestly think that if he says it enough times the public are going to believe him. Madeleine is missing that is for sure, gone, vanished, disappeared, and the McCanns even keep insisting she was 'abducted'. If that is not harm having come to Madeleine, then I don't know what Gerry McCann thinks it is. A picnic in the park perhaps! He is an absolute idiot. What the investigators really think of him, goodness knows.

    As for the dogs, and the cadaver scent, and the blood. We all know what the McCanns want us to think about that. We are supposed to pretend it never happened and forget about it. Too bad for the McCanns that the cops have great faith in the dogs, and no matter how much the McCanns squirm and twist and turn with their excuses to account for the dogs indicating death in their holiday apartment and their hire car when Madeleine is missing, those pesky dogs are still woofing at their heels.

  138. I firmly believe the McCanns know where Madeleine is and if she is dead or alive.

  139. i'd say half the children in the UK are at some kind of risk from idiotic parent/s...you only have to look around at the single parents these day's to see that.. boozing, drugs, unstable, bad backgrounds and what do the NSPCC do??? JACK SHITE is what,, i would not give that corporation diddly squat..Seems the fashion where i am for a stupid little cow to get pregnant asap and get given a flat and all the trimmings..just watch a bit of Jeremy Kyle to see the state of this country....are the twins and kids of the other mob at risk? yes.

    For Social Services and the NSPCC to totaly ignore a damning statement from the gaspers regarding what they thought was paedophilic actions from an adult towards Madeleine say's it all realy..not once did they see fit to investigate further, pretty damn dispicable dont you think?

    These are the people you should be aiming your questions and fears towards the NSPCC see what they come back with...


    Yours is a good point. In both cases we find lies, contradictions and circumstantial evidence were not sufficient to imprison look-alike culprits .

    They never are... when a case is in the hands of good PR contortionists and lawyers with a good grip on the dialectics of court proceedings.

    In the absence of video footage of a crime, contradictions, lies and circumstantial evidence count for (almost) nothing.

    Same applies to DNA (low count) sampling.

    What would it prove if the blood specks found in the apartment were from Madeleine? Nothing. The mother has already said M. had nose bleeds, injured her knee, etc. Can you prove she is lying?

    What about the car booth samples?

    The presence of her brother and sister nappies makes the findings inconclusive - some say the results were made inconclusive. That is also a possibility to bear in mind but...how do you challenge the defunct FSS final report?

    What about the dogs? Ah! That only counts in a court of public opinion such as this besides the mother is reported to have said she used to take "cuddly cat" with her to work. Cuddly cat was of course her daughter's favourite toy. That is very odd, I know, but in a court of law, you would be "barking up the wrong tree" simply because you may not be able to prove she is lying.

    On the account of the dogs' behaviour I am inclined to believe so-and-so is guilty of you know what but that is just my (Carter-Ruck-free) opinion.

    And if all the above arguments were not enough, add to the equation the full force of British ideology brought to bear on a bankrupt country in great need of financial favours. Think Cameron-Scotland Yard...

    It is complicated.

    So Foxy Knoxy too goes on to make millions from interviews, TV appearances, defamation claims, etc. - who doesn't?

    And meanwhile...

    Gonçalo Amaral's efforts to upheld a professional opinion of public interest is gagged and his financial future and well-being of wife and daughters put in jeopardy. Biutiful!

    It is, you might say, a "mondo cano" which is Italian for a "dog's world".

  141. Anon 132"Portugese justice system must be the laughing stock of Europe"

    It is Portu"guese" not Portu"geese"... :b

    That said whether the Portuguese justice system is the laughing stock of Europe or not I guess you might have to wait and see. Good things come to those who wait...

    At this stage we don't know who is delaying McCanns versus Amaral trial. It is at any rate a high-profile case and no doubt the proceedings are being handed with with great care.

    Now, if the McCanns are able to get away with Amaral's scalp then Portugal will, no doubt, be the laughing stock of the world.

    As a Lusitanian national I would feel so embarrassed by such ideological servilism that I would probably apply for political asylum in Kazakhstan.

  142. Metropolitan Police Service Foia disclosure on the Madeleine #McCann case 'review' (£3.5 million pounds) http://is.gd/SGlivs

  143. Has anyone ever contacted the NSPCC regarding the statement regarding the actions of Mr Payne towards Madeleine on a previous holiday? be intrigued to know if they ever looked into the case


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