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McCann trial hearings to start in February 2012

The civil complaint filed by the McCanns against Gonçalo Amaral, over his book "Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira" (The Truth of the Lie) will start to be tried in February 2012.

The first two hearings have been scheduled for the 9th and 10th of February, 2012, at 9.30 a.m., at the Civil Court of Lisbon.

The defence fund that supports Mr Amaral by helping to finance the legal expenses related to this trial, is still in operation. Donations are very welcome. Please refer to Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral for contributions. Thank you.

The McCanns' Injunction: Quotes by the Defence Lawyers
Providência Cautelar dos McCann: Citações dos Advogados de Defesa
Audiência das testemunhas de defesa de Gonçalo Amaral
Gonçalo Amaral in Court: Witnesses defend that book results from the Investigation
The Temporary Injunction: Granted on September 9, 2009 (1143/09.0TVLSB)
Lisbon Appeals Court Decision on the McCann Couple Injunction (overturned)
McCanns appeal to the Supreme Court to forbid Gonçalo Amaral’s book
Supreme Court turns down McCanns' request


  1. I have serious supicions that Jesus was a Portuguese public official. Before dying, He said he would come back soon and He still didn't. It is already more than 2000 years ago. In Portugal we have to wait millions of years before something happens. February????????????

  2. Who knows the McCanns will be already behind bars, by this time.

  3. @ #1
    You seems so sure. Can you pls elaborate?

  4. Please, everyone, if you can afford it please make a donation to this most worthy of causes. Mr Amaral has given up so much to achieve justice in this sorry case, and deserves what little support we are able to give him.

  5. Thank you Astro for this news.

    Anon@2, I fervently hope that you are right.

    Long Live Justice and Freedom of Expression!

    A UK Citizen.

  6. Well I just made a donation via PayPal.
    I am very pleased to help the cause.
    All the best Mr Amaral.


  7. Thank you so much for your support W. :) Those who can't help the defence fund financially, that is Gonçalo Amaral's legal expenses in the 1.2 million euros libel claim made by the McCann couple can always help by sending a message to Gonçalo Amaral here http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/12/thank-you-note.html, here http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/11/mensagens-de-apoiosupport-messages.html or by email to projectojustica@gmail.com Thank you, obrigada.

  8. I hope the judges resist to all manipulation and pressures that will be coming from many sides, to protect the Mccann's. Only a complete blind and brainless person can believe today, the mccann's were not involved on maddie disappearance. The police files and the despicable behavior of the " duo " speaks by itself.
    I want to believe on the integrity of the judges of my country. Justice must be served. The book has no defamation, no manipulation, no accusations. What is there, is less then what was released on the PJ files. Compared to kates book, Amaral book is very pacific. Kate tried to accuse the workers of the OC, when she states on the book a worker had wrote a line saying the kids were alone on the flat. What is the objective of such revelation? Justifying the absence of a break in in the flat, with the abductor using a key to enter it.
    I hope, Kate book didn't pass unnoticed in the court and the lady face some pertinent questions related to what she wrote.
    At the end, I believe the case will be reopened by Amaral. He has the right to ask it to be reopened. After all, they have to prove, what he have done was wrong.
    That time, the time will work against the Mccann's. Mr. Pinto Monteiro leave his chair in April without choice to continue. He is on his 70's, then not allowed to maintain his job. Maddie case was a bad stain on his curriculum. He need to do something to help is image recover some dignity. Perpetuating the protection of the Mccann's will be his worst choice if he decide to continue the farce.

    I would like to invite everybody to contribute to the Fund that supports the legal defense of Mr. Amaral. He deserves our support. He had done nothing wrong and he is not a criminal. The Mccann's and their media squad tried to pass the idea of an incompetent police and tried to blame him about all the bad things that happened to Madeleine. Like if he was the guy in charged of taking care of that girl. Non, he was the police asked by the head of PJ to coordinate the investigation, because the case was very sensitive, very serious and he was a competent and intelligent investigator with a brilliant curriculum. Few British know he has more then one university degrees. Suspecting the parents is not being a bad police. It is normal. Just see what the Spanish police is doing on the last case of missing persons- the brother and sister, who disappeared the last weekend in a play area in Cordoba... They are suspecting the father and the all family from the father side, due to inconsistencies on his statements.

  9. " Depoimento do pai das crianças desaparecidas suscita "sérias duvidas" - JN

    A policia espanhola suspeita do pai, pelas mesas razoes porque a PJ suspeitou dos McCann. Vamos ver as cenas dos proximos capitulos no Caso espanhol.

  10. Thank you Joana, (post 7) for the information regarding financial support for Goncalo Amaral. Along with many other posters, I too will make a donation to his "fighting fund"

    Joana, I know you attended the Lisbon court, when the McCanns were trying to get Goncalo Amaral's book banned. Will you be attending the court in February?

    Do you know if Snr Amaral will countersue the McCanns? If he does, does he have to wait until the McCanns court case is finished? Or can he begin court proceedings now?

    Snr Amaral once said he would call the McCanns to the witness stand (or words to that effect) if they carried out their threat to sue him for libel. Do you know if he will be able to call the McCanns to the witness stand or do the McCanns not need to attend the court hearings?

    Also Joana, are the McCanns and Isabel Duarte, in contempt of court, for failing to return the 7,500 books to Goncalo Amaral? If they are, can the Supreme Judge bring them to court and fine or imprison them, for disobeying his order? Or will they legally be able to hang on to these books, until the forthcoming court case is concluded?

    I am sorry for asking you so many questions Joana, but as you will have gathered, I am pretty ignorant of the Portuguese law. Once again thank you Joana, for all the information you and your team put on your forum. xx

  11. There was a two years old English boy who disappeared on a Greek island, 20 years ago.He was playing at his English grandparents door, a farm, and he evaporated. Later there were rumours he was brought up by gipsies...
    Very strange story.After having knowing the McCanns, I doubt about every parent, may God and his parents forgive me.

  12. Very well said Anonymous (post 8) I will certainly donate to Dr Amaral's "fighting fund" and I know his many friends in Portugal, the UK and other countries around the world will do the same.

    Those of us who are Dr Amaral's friends, all have respect for him and we don't have to know him personally to have respect for him. He has behaved in a very dignified manner, in spite of the harassement he has suffered at the hands of the vile McCanns. He has also shown empathy for Madeleine and he has took her into his heart, which is something the McCanns have never done, before or after Madeleine went missing.

    If the McCanns had an ounce of love for Madeleine Sean and Amalie, they would not have treated them in the way they did in Portugal.

    As for the McCanns behaviour after Madeleine's disappearance, I can only describe it as appalling. For the McCanns to carry on with their leisure activities, while holidaymakers gave up their holidays and locals stayed off work for a week, to join the police, who had their leave and rest days cancelled so they could search for Madeleine, was criminal. All it did was convince me that the McCanns knew where Madeleine was and if she was dead or alive.

    I can accept that they didn't want to cry in public, but they should have had some respect for Madeleine on what would have been her 4th birthday.

    They treated the day as a day of celebration and the way they were laughing and joking outside the church as they accepted gifts of flowers and no doubt money, was disgusting. Nothing has changed, they have used Madeleine as a cash cow since the day the fund was set up and if they are not stopped, they will take Goncalo Amaral for every penny he has in the bank and they will also take the home he shares with his wife and children.

    The McCanns are a ruthless, hard hearted pair of b*****ds and the sooner they are put where they should have been put in 2007, the better.

  13. Hello again Joana. Can you please tell me if Goncalo Amaral reads your forum? If he doesn't and you are in contact with him, can you please tell him to read your forum. There are some lovely messages of support for him on here and although he must be completely stressed out, because of the McCanns harassment, these messages might just give him a lift in his darkest days and show him how much he means to all of us, who count him as our friend.

    I am sure Snr. Amaral's family would also love to see these messages.

  14. 9, acho que as crianças espanholas desaparecidas foram escondidas pelo pai pois parece que o casal está separando-se.
    Foi a minha primeira suspeita dos McCanns: esconderam a Maddie para pedir dinheiro.
    Antes tivesse sido.

  15. Why is that information not in the portuguese papers? At least I don't see anything on the on-line versions. I believe, if reach the news will call the attention of more people and more people will feel insulted by the mccann's brigade, special their Portuguese lawyers who show no any respect for the country.
    I hope GA get a top team of lawyers to keep the McCann's where they deserve to and force the case to be reopened and the truth exposed.

  16. Graeat news, the McCanns will finally have a lot to explain in court, that's for sure. GA's lawyers will take care of that.

  17. I will also be supporting Mr Amaral's defence fund God Bless Him and his family.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  18. Dandelion and Anonymous @ 8, very well said. I agree with everything you say. It would be lovely if Sr Amaral was able to see the messages of support from right-minded people of both countries - I believe he doesn't know English but hopefully someone could translate them for him. I should have said I have also made another donation and will do so again when I get paid.

  19. I continue to be stunned at the nerve of these two serial child-neglectors and at how they are getting away with it. The very fact that they were never charged with child abandonment is stunning, but that they continue to pursue this one man, and get away with it, is unbelievable.I am beginning to doubt we will ever see justice done for Maddie. There needs to be a murder charge at he very least.


    To Anon 1 who wrote: "February????????????"

    in the context of the McCanns' vs Amaral final showdown next February...

    I regret to disappoint you but, there are cases which have taken much longer.

    Take "Effiong Elemi-Edu, 40, was released from prison in Nigeria last month after spending more than 15 years inside awaiting trial." The moral is: good things come to those who wait.

    It is easy for us, who don't have to do the paperwork and put in the hours, to criticize the Portuguese justice slow-slow approach but what we have also to bear in mind is this is a very high profile case of global interest. Everything has to be just right - including the decision.

    The McCanns' MUST loose - if the recommendations set forth along with the appeals' court decision are anything to go by...

    However, bearing in mind the McCanns' financial, legal, political, media and PR strong connections we must be prepared for an end "a la Murdoch" and the McCanns walking away with the heist. Keep your fingers crossed, your palms up and pray for Justice.

    I am donating £20 to Dr. Amaral defence fund just in case my prayers don't work....

  21. Anon 14 "Why is that information not in the Portuguese papers?"

    Does it have to be? It is in Joana Morais' hands and that is all we need to know or, may be in your case, all you need to report back.


  22. I feel honoured to have just sent a donation to Goncalo Amaral's fund,i only wish it could be more,i wish Mr Amaral the very best,and hope justice will be served with the awful McCanns losing.Joana please tell Goncalo that not all the Brit people are gullible when it comes to this pair.

  23. Great,

    count me in. Do you think the date is reasonably fix? Would already book a flight :)

  24. Can someone please explain exactly who is on trialhere and what evidence Mr Amaral can put to the mccanns personally if they are to be in the witness stand, if they can be called and if they can be cross examined, or is this about Mr Amaral defending himself only???

    and please everyone and everyone you know show your support by sending a goodluck comment....... http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/12/thank-you-note.html,

  25. When the McCanns first succeeded in getting Goncalo Amaral's book banned, I was shocked that the Portuguese justice system, were taking the side of the malicious lying child neglecting McCanns, who didn't have a good word to say about Snr Amaral and the PJ.

    Since the McCanns lost those two appeals, and the malicious complaint they made against Goncalo Amaral was thrown out, I have a feeling that Snr Amaral's luck has now changed for the better.

  26. "Why is that information not in the Portuguese papers?"

    "Does it have to be?", yes it have to be... If the portuguese press was really independent and doing a public service to the country.
    Every time the Mccann's show up in Portugal, we see a media brigade following them like if they were golden celebrities. Amaral deserves also some attention, special when what the mccann's want is 1 million of Euros without having to reopen the case. The Portuguese, who largely contributed to their Fund at the beginning, deserve to be informed about where exactly the money is being used. Is being used to intimidate who question their version and to sue the police who don't believe his fantasies and think the investigation is far from being concluded.
    I really don't understand how the pair can proceed with an accusation claiming they were defamed by Amaral if the book was already released by a trio of judges, who saw nothing wrong on it. The only explanation I can see, is based again on corruption, if the mccann's had an agreement with somebody with power who offered them the warranty that they are going to win the case. If not, their step is very dangerous and can end up with case reopened, which I think they don't want to happen. They are not the type who take such risk.
    The Euro attraction is what move them. If so, is a shame for the Portuguese papers to not report the libel case and give some publicity to Amaral Fund. The contribution to the Fund will increase if more people are aware of the situation and this can be achieved only with help of the media.
    Unfortunately, I think the Portuguese media is being manipulated also by the editors, the Mccann's lawyers managed to intimidate or scare. Maddie case become a " tabu". We see comments being washed from some articles, if the comments focus on any way, the mccann's . And I don't see such behavior in any other case.

  27. How long we still have to wait till we get some news?
    According to Moita Flores, there are 13 people directly involved in Maddie's case. Tapas 9 and more three persons. I thought at least 12 people but there is one more and it makes 13 of them. I believe Tapas 10 was approached in order to help hiding the body.Tapas 10 asked Tapas 11 to help carrying it but why did Tapas 13 get involved in it? The ownor of the freezer? My opinion is that the police have to be ready with everything, eventual new statements, before they knock on the doors of all of the Tapas.It will happen suddenly, at the same time, on all of the doors, in the middle of the night. This planning will take time in order to be perfectly done. And everything will be ready to start the process.
    I believe the order of a British public prosecuter to take them to Portugal will be ready because this could be a murder case. Cameron and Theresa May will drive them to the airport. Their pleasure!
    I don't think the McCanns have gotten many friends left. England will kick them out after they extorted their population, getting money.

  28. I believe that David Payne ordered his mother-in-law, Mrs.Webster, to stay at the table,watching if Madeleine would walk by, because she was not aware of the death. But Tapas 8 needed to get together at that moment because probably one of the couples was also not aware of what had happened. I think it was the Oldfields. The rest knew it.
    In the apartment, Kate sold them the story of the abduction for a very low price, manipulated them and asked them to think of the twins, neglect, jail for the parents etc, and instructed them what to say to the police.
    The rest knew already what to say.
    The Oldfields had very short time to think about everything and they agreeded to help the parents.
    And they got in trouble.
    In this case, it possible that Maddie died at the beginning of the evening of the 3rd.
    The fact that Mrs. Webster could not immediately join the group after the alarm, it is because the group had to privately talk to the Oldfields.

  29. If my theory about the Oldfields and Mrs. Webster is right, we have only six suspects left in Maddie's case.
    Sometimes I think Russel O'Brian got involved in it against his will.The reason is because he disappeared.
    But David Payne disappeared as well. Who knows O'Brian is also a paedophile and Tanner was protecting him by seeing the abductor.
    I also can't wait till we get to know how far the police are.

  30. Review of Madaleine case will not cost millions to the UK and it is not going to take years.
    It is a review of the conclusion of the investigation and not an excavation in Luxor,searching for the sandals of a Pharao.
    The MP will concetrate on the important aspects of the files. Tapas 9, the dogs, reconstruction of that night and inconsistences.That is enough.
    And if it is not enough, they can add more things to the files.
    But they know already it was not an abduction but a death.

    No Madeleine in Alaska, Buenos Aires, no serial killers.
    If it would take years, the McCanns , specially Gerry, would have looked a lot better on their last interview on Sky tv, Martin Brunt.

  31. Anonymous 6:31 I would like to see the last interview von M.Brunt, I don´t find it, could you please help me! Thanks!


    Anon 26 "If so, is a shame for the Portuguese papers to not report the libel case and give some publicity to Amaral Fund."

    Yours is a very good point. I am going to e-mail "Correio da Manhã" about it. You are absolutely right. They must draw the public's attention to the fact that their constitutional rights and freedoms are under threat from McCann Corporation and one way to fight them is to DONATE to Dr. Amaral Defence Fund.


    Ainda a propósito do comentário bastante oportuno do anónimo 26 sobre a falta de cobertura e apoio em Portugal ao Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, aqui fica o endereço (correio-e) do "Correio da Manhã". Façam como eu, escrevam.


    The above is the e-mail of Portuguese newspaper CM (widest circulation) for those of you who would like to alert CM to the risk posed by the McCann Corps' libel to Portuguese freedoms and constitutional rights, and the urgent need to inform the Portuguese public accordingly.

    It is also important that the Portuguese (and their friends abroad) contribute to Dr. Amaral Defence Fund so that he has a fighting chance vis a vis the multi-million legal team of the McCanns' and their British media, PR and political entourage.

    That is after all the role of the Portuguese "fourth estate", the Portuguese media.

  34. 31, here you have it


    you can type it directly on Google.

    and you will see the video made after it was known about the SY, and another one before the decision of Cameron's was made known.

  35. By writing a book based on the truth of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, in which he played a major part, Dr Amaral certainly was not committing libel. What he wrote is backed up by the released case files, there for anyone to read for themselves. It is also not libel to speculate as to what may have happened to the child, though Carter Ruck would certainly have people believe that it is.

    The McCanns are foolish indeed to proceed with this libel case since there is a strong possibility we will all then get to know what is that 'stand alone' evidence that the investigators have. That proof positive that leads them to believe that Madeleine did indeed die in the apartment, and that her parents must have had a hand in the removal of her body. I think the PJ have had quite enough of the McCanns and their slinging accusations against them, and the time is getting close to them revealing what they really do know, and what it was that nearly got Kate McCann arrested immediately before the McCanns fled to the UK.

    I can see the McCanns being on course to get more than they bargained for if they foolishly continue, and end up wishing they had let well alone. Every success to Dr Amaral and his supporters for refusing to back down to the demands of the McCanns who have tried so many times to stop the public from learning the truth of the investigation by attempting to gag him and his book. The truth, which also reveals that there never was any evidence that Madeleine was abducted.

    Yet the McCanns have been given millions on the strength of leading people to believe Madeleine was indeed abducted and it is them who should be stopped until they can prove this abduction 'fairy story' they have been selling. The 'fairy story' that runs contrary to the facts of the investigation.

    It is not the McCanns who should be protected from the publication of Dr Amaral's book, it is the kind hearted public who should be protected from the McCanns and their bogus begging bowls, especially as so little of the money even goes towards that so called search for the missing child.

  36. i have been following this case from day 2 and i can clearly see the wood from the trees,so i say bravo for Mr Amaral, justice for Madeleine is not far away now.

  37. Thank you for the link to the Martin Brunt interview and the videos Anonymous( post 34) I wish I could find the interview where Gerry McCann told the media that "he" meaning David Cameron, knows what it's like to lose a child.

    The woman in red who is speaking in the first video at 1 minute 50 seconds, needed to get her facts right, before she said she wished people would stop saying bad things about the McCanns. She is giving people the impression that the McCanns only left their children alone for 1 night, when she says she is sure the McCanns regret what happened that night.

    For someone who says she isn't here to defend the McCanns, she has done a pretty good job of defending them.

    I hope that David Cameron had a hidden agenda, when he asked Scotland Yard to assist the PJ in the review. I hope that he is confident that the review will lead to the reopening of the case and the eventual prosecution of the McCanns, for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

  38. Thank you very much anyonmous (post 33) for the email address of the Portuguese newspaper CM. Everyone who wants justice for Goncalo Amaral should email CM. I certainly will.

  39. Para mim e mais que evidente que a imprensa Portuguesa tambem esta tomada de assalto pelos advogados mccannianos, cujos honorarios sao pagos por donativos de gente honesta que foi enganada quando contribuiu para o Fundo. Foi pedido dinheiro para procurar a crianca e nao para pagar advogados cujos Unicos trabalhos tem Sido enviar cartas ameacadoras a Quem duvida da versao do rapto e demonstra que duvida, e perseguir o policia que recusou deodar-se corromper e silenciar. Se fosse pedido dinheiro para alimentar este tipo de advogados, Tenho a certeza, ninguem contribuiria.
    A proposito dos irmaos de Cordoba, nao errarei muito se disser que a maioria dos portugueses ve semelhancas entre este Caso e o de Maddie e comenta, onde pode, Essas semelhancas. No Correio da Manha e no JN, eu comentei e chamei a atencao para a accao judicial dos McCann contra GA e para o Fundo que ajuda a defesa de GA. Nenhum dos jornais publicou o meu comentario. E triste verificar isto quando os mesmos jornais toleram por vezes comentarios de gosto duvidoso a proposito de dramas tao serios e Tao penalizantes para as families envolvidas. A proposito da mae de Peniche que faleceu num acidente rodoviario e da bebe que acabou por nao se Salvar depois da cesariana, vi comentarios de muito mau gosto que denotam pobreza de espirito nao so por parte de Quem os escreve, mas tambem de Quem monitoriza os sites dos jornais e deixa que tais coisas sejam publicadas. Uma vergonha e uma enorme falta de professionalismo e de respeito pela dor dos outros. Estas Vitimas que nenhum esforco fizeram para serem noticia ou capas de jornais, acabaram por se-lo gracas ao infortunio que sobre as suas vidas se abateu. Ninguem quer saber dos seus direitos. Sao so os McCann. So estes nao Podem ser questionados, mesmo quando as mentiras que espalham doem de tao evidentes.
    E por isso que o Fundo de apoio a GA tem de ser publicitado. Ele representa o Nao a Vergonha. Foi ele, mas podia ser qualquer um de nos.

  40. The site "www.news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/15991044" doesn't work. There is a message saying the server can't be found.

  41. Anonymous 18:15: Thank you very much for your answer!!

  42. 31, a better explanation. you have to type http, ok?

    http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/ 15990214( see the McCanns complaining they are all by themselves, searching for Madeleine)

    http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/15991044(jesus!! gerry saying they are very pleased with the help coming from Scotland Yard.Not pleased at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  43. When Kate Mccann went to check on the children she shouted"they have taken her",after that the flat was full of people all shouting but apparantly the two babies asleep did not wake up in spite of all the noise,why was that,did they all have something strong to make them sleep?

  44. I love to watch Gerry's face on the last Martin Brunt's interview. Over and over again.

  45. Hi Joana,
    Kate Mccann inspirational woman of the year!!???

    I sent the following email to Woman and Home magazine...
    I would really like to know how Kate McCann can be on your list of inspirational women? someone who leaves 3 children under 4 alone night after night, and most of their days in a creche. someone not cleared of suspicion as the search was shelved, and someone who only needed to request the PJ reopen the search, the cost of a stamp. The amber alert was already in discussion, and was not her idea. Your magazine has not done its research in my opinion, and many others in respect of this choice. Some journalist should had read the PJ files.

    I believe we will see more of such beneficial publicity in respect of Kate in the future, as the the civil case draws nearer. It really amazes me.

  46. Greetings from São Paulo

    I still wonder how Tapas 7 felt when they learnd about the MP involved in the investigations. They must be very much irritated with the McCanns and, besides, scared. After having being very much helped by Brown, who succeeded to archive the files, the McCanns went so far that it became a mess for all of them.
    They are all in trouble now and it was not necessary.Tapas 5 helped the McCanns to get rid of jail, they lied for the couple, false statements, believing the story would take some a few months and
    now it got much worse. I don't believe Tapas 5 are still friends with the Mccanns. They got in too many difficulties, their lives are up side down, people are talking. I even wonder isf the Paynes are happy with Kate and Gerry.
    Kate's book was not necessary or at least her criticism on Theresa May and Cameron was not necessary.Attacking powerful people is the last thing a criminal should do.
    The McCanns thought their power was illimited , they could go on blaming and provoking the world and everything would remain ok for them.
    What a hard lesson.
    May the 3rd was a terrible lesson,and again a new one.
    Again, they can not change it.
    Good of Cameron and of Theresa May!

  47. I don't know if some of you are following the recent case of missing persons in Spain- the brothers from Huelva/ cordoba.
    Are really shocking, the similarities between this case and Maddie, after raising the alarm. In both cases, who raised the alarm lie to the police and made inconsistent statements. In both cases, the parents show no emotions, no tears while dealing with a so serious crime. In both cases there is no evidences from the victims showing they were on the places from where their parents claim they disappeared. No evidences from maddie on the bed, no evidences from the brothers in the park. On top of that, the parents supportive witnesses, appear to be so fake as the all story. Already people jumping on the Spanish case, looking for their minute of fame and probably selling interviews to the media before talking to the police.
    Is that what made Kate one of the 20 most inspirational woman's? From that perspective, yes.... She inspired and still inspiring all the perverted parents, from Karen Mathews in Uk, until J. Breton in Spain, if the suspicions from the police become confirmed in the futur..
    Something is true.... Nobody disappeared without leaving a trace, no matter how much gymnastic the suspects make, trying to convince the police and the public that this was what happen. If there is no traces, means, these victims where not there and the story build on the assumption they were there, must be questioned and checked with a reconstruction.
    Now, the Spanish police can feel what PJ suffered under the hands of two despicable parents who put the money and their image before the safe and the life of their child's. Only corruption, a lot of manipulation and lack support from UK in the affairs regarding the Mccann's can explain how they got away with a crime that put them exactly in the center. They runaway from the Portuguese justice but can't runaway from the public justice. Until they live, their case will be always connected and compared with another cases. It is Madeleine, making her own justice from whatever she is. Her parents will be never able to clean their names, if they don't face Portuguese justice and become without doubts, cleared. The letters from Carter-Ruck, and all the money fraudulently earned by the Fund, can't wash our conscience and brains. NOBODY DISAPPEARED WITHOUT LEAVING A TRACE.... And what was left in Mccann's case was a fingerprint from Kate in the window, showing who open it. A big surprise for Kate, I believe. She was not aspecting the police could find it. A Karma, my dear... There is no perfect crimes.


    "The book at stake in this process – “Maddie – the Truth of the Lie” – which was written by the defendant Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, has the main motivation of defending his personal and professional honour, as the author points out right away in the preface and throughout his text.

    The contents of the book does not offend any of the applicants’ fundamental rights.

    The exercise of its writing and publication is included in the constitutional rights that are secured to everyone by the European Convention on Human Rights and by the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution, namely in its articles 37 and 38.

    As we arrive at this point, we conclude that the decision that was made by the Court a quo must be revoked, and the analysis of the other issues that are placed under appeal are not justified, as they are considered prejudiced.

    The appeal by defendant Dr. Gonçalo Amaral is sustained.

    The other appeals are not taken into consideration, as it is understood that their appreciation is prejudiced – article 660, number 2, of the Civil Process Code.

    III – Decision

    In harmony with what is written above, under the terms of the cited dispositions, the Judges at this Appeals Court declare the validity of the appeal filed by defendant Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, and the sentence of the a quo Court is revoked, its disposition replaced by the following:

    The injunction is deemed not valid because it was not proved.

    Furthermore we deliberate that we do not acknowledge the rest of the appeals.

    Costs to be paid by the appealed parties [the McCann couple and their three children].

    Lisbon and Appeals Court, 14.10.2010

    The Appellate Court Judges,

    Francisco Bruto da Costa
    Catarina Arelo Manso
    António Valente


  49. Anon 39 "Para mim e mais que evidente que a imprensa Portuguesa também esta tomada de assalto pelos advogados mccannianos, cujos honorários são pagos por donativos de gente honesta que foi enganada ..."

    Sou da mesma opinião...de qualquer forma, pelo sim pelo não, também escrevi para o Correio da Manha (estou sem cedilhas no teclado!).


    Atenção aos organizadores do Fundo de Defesa do Dr. Amaral...existem comentários na Internet (semeados presumo por quem sabemos) que definem este fundo como uma burla. E importante ser transparente e esclarecer exatamente como o Fundo funciona. O ideal mesmo seria enviarem um comunicado de imprensa/"press release" para a LUSA e para a REUTERS, respetivamente.

    :e Joooooaaaaaana! Aaaaaaastro!Trabalho urgente p'ra vocês!



    Credit to Anon 27 to draw our attention to Dr. Moita Flores observation.

    Moita Flores is an academic, politician and former PJ inspector and advisor. Not sure if he would be willing to help out SY (knowing what they are up to) but just in case.


    To the best of my knowledge, Moita Flores actual reply to the journalists' question:"Do you maintain your conviction that Madeleine McCann was killed in Aldeia da Luz?" was:

    "I do. There are no material conditions to opt for another solution. The mystery lies with one or two of the ten or twelve elements that used to enter that apartment".


  52. 40, it was my mistake:
    no www.news...etc

    but http://news.sky etc

  53. 37, the woman in red is not defending the McCanns. Somewhere she says every parents have the right to know what happened to their child.In other words: let the MP officially tell us the child is dead, without being Carter Rucked.That is what is behind her words.

  54. anon. 49 Quando se iniciou o 'Cidadãos pela Defesa dos Direitos e Liberdades - Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral' todos os comunicados em relação ao Fundo de Defesa, Manifesto e Carta de Princípios foram enviados aos média e publicados no blog em várias línguas, respectivamente em http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/11/press-release-fundo-de-defesa.html, http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/11/manifesto.html e http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/11/carta-de-principios.html

    Quanto aos comentários difamatórios feitos na internet por energúmenos apaniguados e/ou avençados do casal McCann, esses não merecem qualquer resposta nem atenção.

  55. anon. 49 Já agora acrescento que o 'Cidadãos pela Defesa dos Direitos e Liberdades - Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral' teve ampla cobertura pela imprensa nacional como pode ver pelos "Recortes de Imprensa" aqui http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/11/recortes-de-imprensa.html


    JOANA @53 Muito obrigada pelo esclarecimento.

    Pessoalmente nunca duvidei da idoneidade da iniciativa mas, sabes como são as mas línguas, as "relações publicas" e os "cujo ditos"...

    Ocorre-me porem que um novo comunicado de imprensa poderia servir de "colher de chá" e levantar um pouco de pé...


    "Voltamos a chamar a atenção dos meios de comunicação social na sua qualidade de "quarto governo" e defensores dos direitos constitucionais de todos os Portugueses.

    Fazemos referencia ao dilema que volta a enfrentar o ex-inspetor da PJ, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral face a uma equipa internacional de advogados, e peritos em relações publicas, contratados pelo casal McCann. Equipas pagas para o amordaçar e destruir, para o transformarem no bode expiatório de um crime que ele não cometeu - um crime de abandono de menores com graves consequências e/ou de morte acidental (mais provável).

    Estes "contratados" pelos McCann são, tanto quanto sabemos, financiadas por doações publicas (feitas de boa fé), por multi-milionários (fins publicitários), alem da venda do livro de memorias "Madeleine" e outras bugigangas lançadas no ativo da companhia criada pelos McCann - o "Madeleine Fund". Uma companhia de responsabilidade limitada.


    Tendo em vista o julgamento que se inicia em Fevereiro de 2012, e da máxima importância voltar a chamar a atenção da comunicação social para o risco que correm as liberdades fundamentais dos Portugueses com a criação (hipotética) de um precedente jurídico!

    E de salientar que o casal McCann conta em Portugal com dois dos mais "distintos" e "bem pagos" advogados do pais, para não falar de uma das "melhores" e "dispendiosas" agências de relações publicas ou "marketing".

    Sendo assim, e da máxima importância que a comunicação social volte a alertar o publico Português, para a existência de um Fundo de Defesa do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral para o qual, se desejarem ajudar, podem contribuir com o que quer que seja.

    A nosso ver, a defesa dos direitos fundamentais de todos os Portugueses passa neste caso pela defesa do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral.

    Para detalhes e estatutos do mesmo, ver aqui:

    Post Scriptum

    O importante e reavivar a memoria coletiva, alertar o povo Português! Nem que se tenha que pedir a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian que financie um anuncio de primeira pagina em todos os jornais de língua Portuguesa - na Europa, em África, na América do Sul, etc.

  57. "Do you mantain your conviction that Madeleine was killed in Aldeia da Luz?"
    "I do"."

    a dialogue between a journalist and Moita Flores, on July 2008.

    Aldeia da Luz and not Praia da Luz?
    Joana, are aldeia and Praia the same,in this case, or does Moita Flores mean she was killed in the village of Luz?

  58. Joana at 55

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this. Amaral's Defence Fund was given wide coverage. Wow! Veeeery good. Well done!

    Still, it may not be a bad idea to try and relaunch the idea, to revive people's memories... particularly bearing in mind the McCanns' multi-million last ditched attempt to destroy Amaral and turn him into a scape goat for their sins. Amaral still needs all support he can get from us. Money talks and you can hear the McCans' speaking in tongues...

  59. Anon 56 Thanks for the link;

    "To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine’s family."

    To judge from the phrasing of this objective (third I think) it seems obvious the McCanns' idea in setting up this fund was not just road-running or champagne living on a beer budget.

  60. 57, Aldeia da Luz is Praia da Luz, village is the translation of the word aldeia. Praia da Luz is also known as Luz and Vila da Luz, in fact Luz isn't a village, it gained the stauts of a town in 2001.

  61. Hello Anonymous (post 53) I beg to differ. The lady in red was defending the McCanns, when said she wished people would stop saying bad things about the McCanns.

    She must be aware that Madeleine is no longer around because of the McCanns behaviour towards their 3 children. Just as she must be aware that the McCanns children were left unsupervised, all but one night of their holiday, when she implied they had only been left once, which was on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    I agree that parents of missing children need to know what has happened to them, but the McCanns made it very hard for the PJ to establish what happened to Madeleine. They told lies about different aspects of Madeleine's disappearance, they trashed their apartment, knowing it was a crime scene and they refused to cooperate with the PJ.

    Goncalo Amaral and his successor, have both established that Madeleine was harmed in the McCanns apartment. Cadaver scent was found in both of the McCanns apartments, inside of their hire car, on the key fob of their hire car, on Kate McCann's clothing, two items of Madeleine's clothing and Cuddle Cat.

    This evidence was discounted, making it impossible for the PJ to say Madeleine was dead. If the PJ can't officially say Madeleine is dead, why do you say an MP can say Madeleine is dead? If an MP came out with that statement, he would be Carter Rucked and once again the McCanns would be laughing all the way to the bank.

  62. 51, ten or twelve elements who used to enter the apartment?
    used to? who were those people?
    nannies? ocean club?
    was the death planned?

  63. On the Sky video where we see a destroyed,scared Gerry, we can also watch Kate going inside the police station in Algarve,2007, while we hear Martin Brunt's voice speaking about the "few clues"around the case.
    But we see Kate, at that part, not the couple and not Madeleine.
    Insinuations, insinuations, insinuations...

  64. Very long ago I wrote here that the answer would come from Praia da Luz. This is still my opinion.
    And I always thought the explosion would come from the Tapas group itself.
    One of them would come forward with the story.
    I thought of Mrs Webster, Rachel, Matthew and even of Tanner.
    One of them, or a relative of the four of those above, would finally betrade the McCanns: he/she would contact the police.

    In my most wonderful dreams I could never think that the betrayal would come from the McCanns themselves.
    Even Jim Gamble with his huge experience in crimes could not imagine it: "the person(s) who did it will be controlling people around him/her(themselves)..." Kate and Gerry forgot to control each other, they probably did not accept any criticism from relatives and Clarence, and they got themselves in deep mud.

    What a relieve for Tapas 5, when they realised the McCanns pissed on themselves. It was not necessary for any of those 5 to piss on the couple.
    By now,Kate and Gerry must have lost all of the Tapas, including the Paynes who got in real trouble,imo.

    Let us wait and see.

  65. IMHO The Tapas group is fighting in any possible way "muddying waters" (on the Martin Brunt's blog- example) and all over the Internet defending Mccanns and themselves. The quantity of this posters is exactly around "Tapas 10", changing their IDs. They invent different versions of the story straining the imagination in full. But what is really sad they have absolute control of the Martins blog. They delete any post they do not like showing no any respect to peoples opinion. (What I am talking about! "respect"! "opinion"! THEY DO NOT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT, THEY HAVE NO SHAME). This group of "defenders" do everything to destroy the blog. Do they remember this little girl we are talking about for four years? Do they have any kind of heart? Or just ... organs!?


    Anon 62 "ten or twelve elements who used to enter the apartment? used to? who were those people?"

    Are you asking Rui Roskoff? Anon 51? Or Dr. Moita Flores?

    I am not sure. The "Tapas 9" we know them to be:

    Gerry McCann & Kate McCann - main "suspects"
    David Payne - who once made paedo-like and/or psychoanalytical remarks about Madeleine at a restaurant table - contrast for example his witness statements with those of Kate McCann listed above...
    Fiona Payne
    Dianne Webster
    Russell O’Brien
    Jane Tanner - a master of creative visualization.
    Matthew Oldfield
    and Rachael Oldfield.

    That's your nine planets as it were.

    Then you have the twins and Madeleine herself - that's 12 but... was Dr. Moita Flores referring to the children? Probably not.

    So, who was Dr. Moita Flores referring to? Murat and his kick sides? I doubt.

    Your guess is as good as mine, but I do have a few other hypothesis to offer shared by other expert analysts and investigators.

    (1) A possible abductor who came through the back door OR a front door accidentally left open and who Gerry found fondling over the body of his asphyxiated daughter and subsequently kills - by lethal injection. Anyone seen the film "Debt" recently? Like that...

    This is an unlikely scenario, I know, but we do have a recent finding of human bones pertaining to a young adult recovered by a Portuguese fishing trawler's off the coast of Tavira (Algarve).


    (2) One or two staff who saw and/or helped to clean what happened but were paid or threatened not to say a word. Again it is most unlikely but as any conceivable event it has an "above zero" probability.

    (3) Two or three of the McCanns' close connections which helped to dispose of the bod(ies)? These, some analysts say, could have been contacted during a trip Gerry made to the UK on the 16th May 2007 "for a series of meetings" - as he put it, and arrived in PdL discretely as "undertakers" of sorts. This is of course another speculative hypothesis.

    The list goes on but my favourite guess remains that of abduction, as suggested by the the McCanns' themselves, their honourable spokesperson (Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell), their contracted PR agents and their multi-million, international team of defamation lawyers.

    The problem is I keep hitting my head on the forensic dogs' reaction - Eddie's in particular.

    Why would it bark so many times in so many different settings? The mind boggles.

    To bark or not to bark, could that be the question and answer simultaneously?

    Rui Roskoff
    Criminal profiler and private investigator based in Portimão/Portugal

  67. 65, I don't think the Tapas are commenting on any blog.Not at all. They are not taking any risk, talking about the story.
    People who are writing in favor of the Mccanns are the McCanns themselves and their families.

    If Jane Tanner would not have lied about the abductor, the McCanns would have had a "window of opportunity" to get away with the crime.But it is her "abductor" who incriminates the McCanns and the rest of the group.
    Gerry and Kate could have told the prepetator had left through the patio door, short after Gerry met Jez, and it would have been easier for the Tapas to sustain the abduction.
    The window was too narrow, he had no key of the front door, he had to come in and to leave through the back door.
    But unfortunately Jane Tanner saw that George Harrison wearing Gerry's clothes, carrying Madeleine, sometimes wrapped in and sometimes not wrapped in a blanket.

    I'm happy Amaral told the SY is specialised in solving fake abductions.

  68. Imo Dandelion is right, MP's can't say Maddie is dead without being sued. I would be glad if an MP had the guts to say that she has been harmed. I don't see how this can be disputed when even with the McCann's version of events, she has suffered psychological harm. They seem to think a child can be abducted without trauma - its simply not possible. Not only do they tell lies, everyone around them support their lies with more lies. It's a phenomenon which is very disturbing to witness.

  69. Dandelion, people are certainly able to quote those officials who worked on the case and say that they believe Madeleine is dead. As long as the source of this information is provided it is not libel, and certainly not in this case since these things were actually said in a court of law and are in the public domain. It was revealed that it was the belief of the investigators that Madeleine died in the apartment. These are the people who worked on the case, and they know much more than any of us, so who is able to contradict them, but of course, the McCanns and their supporters will try very hard, especially in their attempts to dismiss the dogs, but so far no luck, since the dogs are respected too much by the cops and the public. That cadaver dog is simply the best around, and at the end of the day the alerting of those doggies just wont go away and be ignored. Madeleine can still be searched for, but it is surely a body that would be searched for by any self respecting cop, who would bet on those dogs any day of the week, as they have done so many times in the past and with great success.

  70. It was a happy end for the McCanns, July 2008. Lucky people, protected by Gordon Brown and by Murdoch. They managed to get away with their crime, they had become millionairs, famous, getting attention from the public. The handsome, photogenic couple was enjoying their success.
    But beauty, photogeny, fame, money are not enough in this world.
    You got to have a minimum of intelligence and that is what they don't have. If they would have rest on July 2008, continuing living their lives in silence, they would not have been in trouble now.
    But they wanted more money, selling the book and offending the British government, not careful at all, enjoying the principles of democracy, free to say everything they wanted to, without mesuring the consequences.
    They underestimated the PM and Theresa May.

    Good of you, British government.

  71. "Brunt DNA 10 September 2007" YouTube video

    Martin brunt reporting a full match of Madeleine DNA in a sample recovered from the Renault Scenic boot, hired 5 weeks after the disappearance.

    "Brunt- Implanting the idea that Kate was the perpetrator" YouTube video

    Martin Brunt reporting that Gerry sister is aspecting Kate to be charged with the accidental death of Madeleine.

    ( facts that talk more then million of words and Brunt and Sky News, still there, untouched by the letters of Carter-ruck).
    We know why the Mccann's will never fill the form to reopen the case. They know, the police knows the truth and as GA said, the British police has the evidences against them.

  72. Inconsistencies about the checking of the missing child, claims that the alleged abductor climbed into the room from a window when the front door was unlocked and forensic evidence shows no evidence, admission that there was alcohol consumed, attacks on the investigating police by the extended family, delays in contacting police, public appeals and a spin machine, while refusing to co-operate with police, the hiring of a hi-profile lawyer and private investigator. Not the McCann case, but the disappearance of 10 month old Lisa Irwin in USA. Thought this may be of interest. Good For You

  73. Hi 68, there might not have been an MP who had mentioned death but there has been one very recently who mentioned murder, here you go !

    David Kelly, NuTory Boy, Norman Baker and me
    The determination of the British political elite to prevent any meaningful investigation of Dr David Kelly’s death continues unabated. At Prime Minister’s Questions on 18 May 2011 a Conservative MP Sir Peter Tapsell asked “Now that there is to be an investigation into the abduction or murder of Madeleine McCann, isn’t there a much stronger case for a full investigation into the suicide or murder of Dr David Kelly?” Cameron replied : “On the issue of Dr David Kelly, I thought the results of the inquest that were carried out and the report into it were fairly clear and I don’t think it is necessary to take that case forward.”

    I call it Parliamentary Privilage, he cannot be sued !

    Jimuck !

  74. Hello Anonymous (post 69) An MP cannot public statement, saying Madeleine is dead, until the PJ make an official statement to say she is dead.

    I believe those dogs did find evidence to prove Madeleine was harmed and died in the McCanns apartment, but the laboratory where the evidence was sent to, discounted it. I firmly believe that the Labour Government was involved with this evidence being discounted, just as the Labour Government and someone from the Portuguese Government, made sure the McCanns walked away from the very serious crimes they committed against their children, which lead to the disappearance of Madeleine.

    This case stinks to high heaven.

  75. Watching the news yesterday, it was very clear that the young Israelian
    is very much traumatised and the expression in his eyes is not very healthy.
    Five years of abduction and we see the results.
    How dare the McCanns to say that Madeleine could not have suffered any harm,(if she was abducted). As doctors, they know very well that an abduction destroys a person, even a young child.If she really had been abducted, Kate and Gerry would have talked on a different way.They would have shown their concern for the girl.
    They never felt any concern for her because she was dead.
    On the Sky video of May the 12th,I noticed that Gerry has gotten depressive eyes and Kate doesn't.It looks like Garry feels his daughters's death and Kate doesn't.
    She is more concerned about her own clothes.

  76. Hello Anonymous (post 70)I agree with everything you have said in your excellent post. Apart from the help the McCanns were given by the Labour and Portuguese Government, which enabled them to walk away from their crimes against their 3 children, the McCanns are now celebrities, thanks to the likes of Lorraine Kelly and Fiona Phillips.

    These two stupid women have tried to brainwash people into thinking that the McCanns only made a silly mistake, when they left their 3 children unsupervised in their holiday apartment. Fiona Phillips went as far as saying that she and her husband also left their children unsupervised,while they went out for the evening, when they were on holiday.

    Since then both of the McCanns have been given accolades. Gerry McCann was also given a standing ovation, by the police officers at an event where he was invited to make a speech. Recently Kate McCann was given the title of Inspirational Woman of the Year and her book "Madeleine" has been short listed for the title of "Popular Non-Fiction Book of the Year"

    The world has gone mad.

  77. How long do we still have to wait till the McCanns confess the truth?
    The Scotland Yard must know by now that it was not an abduction.
    The parents will have to explain Maddie's disapearance, the barking dogs(which are accepted in England as being witnesses of a presence of a human cadaver scent) and the 15 DNA points.
    The MP police can interrogate the Mccanns in England itself, at the PJ's presence, and pressure them to confess the truth.
    The UK belongs to the EU, I think this would be possible.
    Amaral said that there are things in the files that will not please the McCanns.
    Things that will please all of us!

  78. The scum bags are in Madrid trying to flog their book :c
    When I have an article I"ll post it although I wonder what for??

  79. I can't get enough of watching the two Sky videos, the first one a happy couple and the second one, a destroyed Gerry.
    I would like to see them now, on a new interview.
    I hope the MP warned the airports and harbours not to let the McCanns embarc, till their investigation is ready.
    Well, the conclusions are already made by the Portuguese police and it will not be such a lot of work for the MP. Only checking on everything.
    Maybe to add more facts coming from the UK. This is not going to take a long time.
    But for me, this is taking centuries. I've never being so impatient in my life.
    And why aren't the McCanns complaining against the silence around the Scotland Yard?
    In Portugal they and the British media were complaining all the time.

  80. It seems tha Mrs.Fenn communicated the cry incident to the Ocean Club and even so the McCanns did not ask for a baby sitter.
    It is very strange that they even did not think that a new incident could again disturb the neighbours. They took the risk Madeleine could cry on the following evening, Wednesday.But it is not known if she did because Mrs. Fenn had gone out.
    Why didn't the McCanns ask for a baby-sitter, specially after having known of the cry incident?
    This makes me think of the possibility that it was not a question of neglect but on purpose. Pre-meditated.
    My theory is thet Kate could have gone back to 5a on Wednesday evening and caused the death, accidentally or otherwise. She went back to the restaurant and quietly waited till 11pm, when both parents found the child behind the sofa.
    Maybe Kate tried to convince Gerry it was an accident but being a doctor himself he saw it wasn't.
    Another thing that supports my theory is the fact that the cleaning lady that would have gone to 5a on Thursday, in order to collect the trash, had gotten such a lot of extra work to do in other apartments that there was no time left to pick the trash up.
    In this case, Tapas 10,11,12 could be people working at the Ocean Club.
    The nannies? And one of the managers who ordered the cleaning lady to work somewhere else?

    I find it very difficult to believe Madeleine was still alive at 5.30pm of the 3rd.
    But the fact that she was the only child that did not go to the beach that afternoon could be a part of the plan. Maybe she was already dead or maybe Kate needed to prove she was still alive by bringing her to the creche and Kate signing the acte de 'présence. In this case she was still alive.
    Imo, that going to the creche that afternoon, if she went, was part of the plan. More witnesses besides Tapas 7.

  81. I understand that the police in the UK were following eventual traces and leads about Madeleine and they were sending the information to Portugal.This is very good news. Probably they started it seriously after the McCanns were made official suspects. And I believe they must have continued it even after the files were archived.
    They must have a lot of information because there must exist lots of Gaspars around, people who know the McCanns well.
    I can't wait till the whole UK hears the fund is fraudulent. It will be like a new Hiroshima. Gerry's colleagues will be assured that they were betraded by the McCanns and their families. The whole Tapas, except for Mrs. Webster, will be sued for various reasons and the McCanns will not help any of the Tapas 7 by giving them money.

  82. Amaral will win the case.
    Not even in doubt.
    Where the loathsome McCanns go from there is anyone's guess.

  83. I watched Gerry's face on Sky, May the 13th.
    If he was looking like that it is because the crime was not perfect otherwise he would not fear the Scotland Yard and would look a lot better, like he looked the day before, also on Sky.

  84. I invite everybody here to go to Skynews, to click the words "madeleine mccann videos" on "search" and you will see a longer part of the interview of the May 12th.
    The McCanns simply offended Dave Cameron, gravely offended him, and refered to him as he was the neglect parent who lost Madeleine,
    using the word "responsibily" connected with the Prime Minister.
    How I hope Cameron has asked the SY to crash them in pieces.And they will end behind bars, now I'm sure of it.
    They are now full of enemies.

  85. I also believe Goncalo Amaral should win the case thrown at him by the gruesome twosome. It will be a travesty of justice if he doesn't, especially as the McCanns failed to get Dr Amaral's book permanently banned in the Appeal and Supreme Courts.

    The malicious allegation made against Dr Amaral, by Isabel Duarte on behalf of the McCanns was also thrown out. In my opinion, the McCanns and Isabel Duarte, should have been prosecuted for making this malicious allegation against Dr Amaral. It was blatently harassment and it proved that the McCanns through Isabel Duarte, were out to get Dr Amaral.

    I am still waiting to see if the McCanns and Isabel Duarte are hauled into court for refusing to return the 7,500 books belonging to Dr Amaral. The McCanns and Isabel Duarte are in contempt of the Supreme court, because they disobeyed the Supreme Court Judge, when he ordered them to return the books to Dr Amaral. Again it will be a travesty of justice, if the trio are not hauled into court, because their disobedience, carries a jail sentence of up to 5yrs.

    If the McCanns along with Isabel Duarte are not prosecuted for this offence and the PJ with the help of Scotland Yard, don't prosecute the McCanns for their part in Madeleine's disappearance, once the review has ended, then the McCanns will think they are above the law.

  86. The McCanns'videos of the June 12th disappeared from Sky news.
    Those were the videos where Kate and Gerry are attacking the PM, filmed some hours before Cameron shot back.
    I regret I didn't preserved them to myself.

  87. The McCanns will stop being saucy now. After the MP got involved in the case, they will remain silent.

  88. I seem to remember the McCanns actually asked the cleaning lady not to clean on one day, weds? They said they had already cleared up and it wasn´t necessary. Anyone know where i might find this information, as I cant remember where i read it

  89. 78, in Madrid?

    And a direct flight to Buenos Aires?

  90. I presume the McCanns, Tapas 7 and other witnesses will go to Portugal in all silence, all together on the same day.
    This time Tapas 9 will not be capable to refuse to go, because the law(Scotland Yard) is officially involved in the case. They have no choice.
    The Law in England will oblige them to show up in Algarve. Jesus, Gerry, how could you be that stupid.I wish I could see your face right now.Sleeping well?
    No judge will be at your side at the moment the PJ request your presence in Portimao. You have to go. it is a death and perhaps a murder, like the MP suggested before, in 2007.

  91. For readers who are following the case of "missing" baby Lisa Irwin of Kansas City, Mo., U.S.A. - a cadaver dog has "hit" inside the family home. I have read many comments on American websites referencing the similarities to the Madeleine McCann case. Congratulations to all those who have referred readers to mccannfiles.com and Joana Morais for further information.

  92. No 84

    This is the video of Gerry throwing his toys out of the pram. Just copy and past the link -


    It still there, I've just checked.

  93. 86, I think you could find what you are looking for in the statements.
    But I understood the cleaning lady was in 5a on Wednesday.
    But not on the Thursday, for the trash.

  94. 90, thank you for your reply but I don't mean that video you're talking about, which we can find on Martin Brunt.
    I mean 2 other ones where specially Gerry attacks the British governement, warning them for their responsibility towards Maddie, etc.

  95. 91: Could you please give me the link of missing Lisa Irwin ? Thanks!

  96. Anonymous #95 - If you Google "Lisa Irwin" you will find hundreds of sites covering this unfortunate case of "missing" baby Lisa. The Kansas City Star newspaper, "KansasCity.com" is a good source and contains a comment section which I urge all to make use of. I'm in Canada and while we don't get much information on the case here (or McCann news), comparisons are being made in the U.S. of the two cases. I suspect some of the comments I have read over the last few days are coming from readers overseas. By commenting, we have an opportunity to express ourselves to our American "cousins".

  97. Anonymous #95 - I forgot to add that the Daily Mail is also covering the "baby Lisa" case and the comments are very interesting.

  98. There were 2 extra videos of the May 12th on Sky, the day Kate presented her book to the public. Wearing her blue dress, she looked splendid, for being a mother whose little daughter is in hands of paedophiles.
    Those 2 videos were posted short ago and disappeared short after.Carter Rucked, no doubts. It was Gerry attacking the British government for doing nothing to search for Madeleine, that she is a British citzen with rights, he was aggressive with words, criticising, and not nice at all and asking the Prime Minister to ask the public to search for Madeleine.(Hah hah hah!)
    The video where The McCanns say they are all by themselves looking for the girl is still there, Martin Brunt,and it is a short part of the ones which disappeared.

  99. 86, I'm 86

    not June the 12th but

    May the 12th, the day Kate presented her book.

  100. Cameron replied the McCanns on May the 12th, Madeleine's birthday.

    No word about it, no wishes she could be alive and well, wherever she might be.

  101. I love Martin Brunt's video, "McCanns defend..." and we hear M. Brunt telling that the investigation was archived "with few clues"and while he says it, we see Kate arriving at the Police station...

    Few clues?

  102. I have been away from comenting in the blog for few days, due to a crash in my PC but not away from the news. The Spanish Jose Breton case, is very similar to the Mccann's, apart the end of the lies story, because on the Spanish case, the Judge had balls and no 'God pressures, to send Breton to the place where he belongs to- the jail. At least, there he could have time to think in the story he created and think a second on his children. Another case showing the statistics have little chance to fail. Some kids are in danger when left under the care of their parents.
    What I found a complete absence of character, sentiments, etc, is the choice of the Mccann's, their attitude and their words, now. On the same week that Spain is dealing with a mediatic and shocking case of missing children, the Mccann's went to the country, to advertise and sell their pile of lies called Madeleine. Nothing stops their business. Wonder why two parents, who claim innocence, need to be so ridiculous exposed in a very delicate moment.

    I believe the news about Jose Breton were everywhere in Spain, intoxicating the public, exactly like the Mccann's in 2007, but the pair manage to say they were not aware of the case. What a convennient answer, to avoid very complicated questions comparing both cases. Even, without been aware, they sent a message of support and solidarity to the parents of Jose and Ruth. To which parents? To the mother or the father, or to both? Again they lost an oportunnity to keep their mouths closed, since the father is in prison, accused of more or less the same crimes, PJ suspected the Mccann's.

  103. ....'Durante la búsqueda pidió pizza y otras fruslerías en varias ocasiones; entró y salió en la casa de la parcela varias veces, sembrada de fotos, dibujos y juguetes de sus hijos, montañas de juguetes algunos sin desembalar. A quienes estaban allí, se les encogía el corazón. A José no parecía importarle. Preguntó un par de veces cuándo se marchaban porque quería ver el fútbol. Los agentes aseguran que no es habitual cruzarse con un detenido así. No ha aportado ni una sola pista. Cuando le preguntaban si había matado a sus hijos tampoco se alteraba. Su abogado, de hecho, va a esgrimir como defensa el trastorno bipolar que parece sufrir Bretón.'- abc.es

    Lembra-me um certo casalimho, em que ela reclamava da falta de hospitalidade da PJ que nao lhe ofereceu um snack enquanto a interrogava, e ele, despreocupadamente chupava um chupa-chupa e consultava na Net os resultados do campeonato ingles de futebol, enquanto a PJ vivia horas de azafama a tentar localizar a crianca depois de ter recebido uma pista.

  104. Three months after the Home Office's request, the MP went to Portugal for secret talks and it is nearly three months later. I wonder what is going on now. Preparing the recontituition? The Smiths from Ireland, Tapas 9, the nannies, the two, three extra people who used to visit the apartment, and that combined with an Amaral's statement...
    What more? There must be more people who will be called by the police.
    They will all go to Algarve as witnesses, not as arguidos. A witness is not allowed not to colaborate with the police.A witness is obliged to answer all of the questions, even 48!
    The Scotland Yard will bring them, if they refuse it.
    I think everything will be ready, beyond investigation, when they arrive.
    Helped by the MP, it will go fast.

  105. where are the mccanns? no interview in the uk?
    showing how happy they are with the MP involved in the case?

    The Scotland Yard's task will not take too long. They just have to concentrate themselves on May the 3rd, the cadaver scent,blood in the boots, the blanket, the inconsistencies, that's it.
    No Moroc, Spain, Malta, etc

    No new sightings? Why not, McCanns?

  106. I wonder how many people wrote already to the MP telling what they know about the Mccanns, what they heard and the same about the Paynes.

    Interesting that the PJ say Kate caused Maddie's death and Amaral says David Payne has the key of the mystery.
    This could not only be based on Payne's visit to 5a, at 6.30pm and on the Gaspars'statements. It would not be enough to get this conclusion.Even if he stayed there a full 30 minutes, it could have been only a simple visit and a chat.
    The PJ must know a lot more about those moments.Maybe Payne himself was talking too much to an eventual mistress or to a friend, who decided to inform the police.
    It is obvious that he probably has to do with the death simply because he vanished years ago and he was the only one with a monitor, that night.
    That monitor was his alibi.And he was the only man who did not check on any child. This is very suspicious.
    I think the rest had ook a monitor but it was hidden somewhere together with the clothes that were used to clean the floor behind the couch.
    Maybe in the blue bag, which was taken away by Tapas 12.

  107. Can you distinguish the good guys from the bad guys? Gonçalo Amaral is a good guy and we have the proof. Read on....

    Men and the Sexualization of Young Girls

    Encouraging princess culture—however innocently—contributes to the sexualization of girls. Men can be part of the solution to the ‘princess problem.’

    This may surprise the readers of the Good Men Project Magazine, but we’re part of a problem: the princess problem.

    More and more experts recognize that “princess culture” does great harm to girls....


    Gerry Appeal: 'Treat Madeleine Like A Princess'

    Madeleine McCann's parents have appealed to her abductor to treat her "like a princess as she deserves".


    Gonçalo Amaral is not responsible from the sexualization of young girls but Kate & Gerry McCann are however 'innocent' their references to Madeleine as a 'princess' may seem to some.

  108. Kate seems to have made a phone call at 7.00am of the 3rd.
    I hope the SY found out to whom.

  109. The Mcs are responsible for the mimicked crimes of abduction, they have been seen to get away with everything and make money. They are responsible for their actions that influence others. Gerry Mc never seems to work these days, and if the book is written by Kate, why is he also in the publicity? To make sure Kate is kept under control.
    Look at the Lisa Irwin case, and the two sml children missing in spain, cadaver dogs used in both crimes. See Gerry the dogs work well.The Mcs have influenced the media and avoided reopening the case, the one action that would show their innocence. I pray to god that Dr Amaral has more up his sleeve that may cause this case to be reopened. I am losing faith in the review.Justice for Madeleine

  110. Rui at 66 "A possible abductor who came through the back door OR a front door accidentally left open and who Gerry found fondling over the body of his asphyxiated daughter and subsequently kills - by lethal injection.".

    I suppose you are basing your assumptions on Dr. McCann's statements that (1) he spent some time in the bathroom (2) that he sensed someone in the apartment.

    Now what was Dr. McCann doing in the bathroom during that time? Masturbating? Checking his teeth? Moving his bowels? Preparing the syringe??? Your guess is as good as mine...

    But let us suppose that having sensed that an abductor was in his children bedroom he came out of the bathroom with a syringe as a weapon ready for the kill. The thing is, the syringe must have been filled with a poison of some sort which the PJ would have (perhaps) found - unless he diluted the benzodiazepines his wife was taking and used that as a weapon. Hmmm...

    I find it too far-fetching.

    You came into your apartment, you sense an intruder is there and then you have the composure to work out a plan, fill the syringe, etc. while your children are exposed to the beast. I don't think so. He would probably have attacked the intruder in the heat of the moment. He is rather fit. And if by accident or deliberation he happened to kill the bastard he did not need to cover his tracks at all! Did he really need to? Those bones found have nothing to do with him.

    By the same token, it puzzles me that having sensed an intruder there in the first place Dr. McCann did not took the time to double check on that. That was fishy but... like "Mickey Mouse" says: there is always an innocent explanation.

    No. In my book he would have come home, found an intruder and, worst, her daughter asphyxiated and he would have attacked/killed the psycho in any way he fancied. No need to hide anything. As far as the PJ was concerned he did it in self-defence. No witnesses. Also there is some sense when he says "If it had been an accident, so what?" even if I can sense a rationale for covering that... one's medical image, your good name, the future of your other children, etc. but I am not here to speculate.

    Rui, I like to read your provocative and often amusing postings but on this occasion I think you lost the plot :c

    :k P.J. Tipps
    Investigateur Extraordinaire

  111. To a person who uses to post here and who knows a little about the Scotland Yard:

    any news about he McCanns?

  112. How long is this going to take? I simply can't wait much longer.
    But I understand that the police has to be ready with all of the investigations before they take definitive steps.And they have to plan the arrival of every witness in Algarve, they have to plan the reconstruction of that night. And it intrigues me that an earlier draft did no slam the bedroom's door before, specially when Oldfield came inside the apartment at 9.30pm.

  113. He (or she) who has nothing to hide, hides nothing.

  114. The e-book 'Madeleine' is down to No. 56 in the 'Non-Fiction' category (one of nine categories) on Amazon e-books. Next to another book called, 'Abused - A Daughter's Story'. Hmmm.

  115. I hope SY decide to interview the Smith family and allay any fears and intimidation they may feel.

  116. To :k PJ Tipps at 110

    Good to hear from you Sir. I stand corrected. That must have been my monkey-mind wondering :o

    Rui Roskoff

  117. Monsieur Roskoff

    Une manque de preuves, c'est d'abord un manque d'attention. Plus on fait attention, plus les preuves sont solides , mais les preuves dénaturent la vue d'ensemble, fragmentent la vérité...

  118. Hah, hah, hah,

    the two videos 15991044 and 15990214 have been removed from Sky, Martin Brunt. The articles are still there.
    Probably an action of Carter Fuck.
    What a regret, what a regret!
    The McCanns are doing everything to hide what they have said before.
    Stupid people. What a shame I can not watch Gerry's face anymore, on May the 13th.

  119. The UK police won´t be doing any reconstruction, or bringing tapas and Co to Portugal. They are only conducting a review, at the end they will advise whether they could offer further suggestions on the investigation to the PJ. Of course if a suspect jumped out at them then I would imagine things may take a different turn.
    Sadly if the PJ had lots of damaging information on file why haven´t they used it? Our only hope is Dr Amaral, may have uncovered something and is holding it until the court action. I hope this is the case, we can trust him to fight for Maddie, so let all donate a little to his defence fund.

    Anon 105

    The McCanns have been swanning around in Spain, selling their book
    and looking for sympathy. In my eyes they dont seem that worried, but in February 2012 they might be.

  120. anon 112 good point about the door not slamming before.

    It appears that the reason there could have been a cover up by the UK government of that time was that G McCann was in line for a high flying political position in the ministry of health.Just prior to Maddies disappearance. It also appears that the UK police refused to hand over Kates diary, and the McCanns met to put the timeline of visits together before even calling the police. This is from a Spanish article

    I havent time to translate it at this minute, but at least someone has the balls to point out a few truths whilst The Mcs are in Spain
    promotingtheir truth. Basically GM wouldnt want a scandal that may prevent him from this possible position Through Gordon Brown as in the past he had already worked for Gordon Browns brother Andew,who was a director of COMARE (comitee on medical aspects of radiation)
    GB wanted to develop more nuclear power stations, and it was GMc job to help allay the nuclear fears of the public in respect of these stations causing cancer in children.
    The article is very interesting, and should be read, for me it answers why there was so muchpolitical hoo ha.
    You scratch my back I will Scratch yours. Thanks to whoever posted this link before, the articleis recent 24/10

  121. Will the McCanns ask Dave Cameron to punish Robert Black because he obviously is Madeleine McCann's abductor?

    When the rogatory letters were already ready, the McCanns kept announcing sights here and there, delaying everything.
    Why aren't they doing the same now, when the MP is involved in the case?
    And where is the poster(here) who has gotten indirect contact with somebody of the Scotland Yard?

  122. they killed her, a mar is right, and the evil repulsive mcanns deserve the slab

  123. go go go go go go go mr Amaral........... the brits are all behind you not the murderes

  124. Please, all of you, get it into your heads now...THE REVIEW IS A CHARADE. Nothing more than another PR excercise on behalf of the British Government and the eternally protected McCanns.
    They will NEVER face justice.

  125. Anonymous @ 121, who is Robert Black?

  126. Given the indications of the dogs it is a dead body they should be searching for, and a good place to start looking would be Rothley, taking those sniffer dogs with them. The cops know this was never done, and they know it should have been done, and they only need a warrant to do it.

    Are the McCanns now going to leg it back pronto, or will there be yet another red herring distraction pointing elsewhere? Dr Amaral says SY already know, so they will no doubt have suspicions of where to look.

  127. 124, is that what you fear or is that what you want?

  128. Can anyone confirm wether Andrew Brown(brother of the then PM Gordon) was on holiday with the clan at the time?? apparently someone from the group flew home that night back to england in a hurry, may have chartered a private jet....there was talk at the time that it was he..

  129. There are big doubts as to when Maddie went missing / died. Most 'anti McCanns' and all pro McCanns agree that she disappeared on 3rd May. On what basis? It is based on the depositions of the McCanns, several tapas friends, possibly doctored (no pun) creche records. Amaral, the PJ, recently Pat Brown, and others agree on the 3rd May. However, these same people are convinced the McCanns and tapas friends lied. So, if they are lying, why believe anything they have said.

    A conspiracy involving several people is complex and involves forward planning. If Maddie went missing at circa 9.00 pm on the 3rd May it would mean the McCanns would have had less than an hour to convince and bring the tapas friends 'on-board' and be party to a possible manslaughter. Quite frankly this seems unlikely. A conspiracy of this nature would require 24/48 hrs.

    Perhaps, the sadly missed Mrs Fenn knew more?

    The conspiracy seemed to have gone well until the Smith sighting. Tanner was brought in to plug the hole.

    Angelo Del Montello

  130. Well, the extra SY budget of £3.5m if that's what it was, could be estimated to cover a year's review. That's a long time to be twiddling your thumbs, so something must be going on. The outcome was said to be confidential, so we won't know what is found out unless Wikileaks is told, or unless there are arrests. Perhaps this is to force the McCanns to STFU as they're such an embarrassment to Cameron. Perhaps at the end the Portuguese will have enough to conrinue with the case. Perhaps the UK will bring charges re the Fund.

  131. Five months after Cameron's reply, the McCanns finally recovered from the schock they suffered and they commented somewhere(Daily Mail?) that they are very pleased with the MP's involvement in the case.
    I wonder if Gerry's patients take that long to start talking after an operation.

    Are Kate and Gerry still living in the UK?

  132. It took 6 months [http://is.gd/7bCmGr], time enough to do the "autobiographic book" tour promotion, world-wide, crying that they didn't have any police "looking" for Madeleine. The McCanns finally admitted last Thursday, the 27, in their "fund" site to the general and less informed public that they had in fact received the help of Cameron's government as a MET/SY review (whatever that means, it does not mean a reopening as proclaimed by Murdoch's tabloid Sun). In any case their media spins are getting less and less published by the UK media(particularly since Murdoch's news outlets scandal), and when they are published, it's amazing to read the "most unhelpful" and "negative" comments of the vox populi world-wide. Only fools, McCann team paid trolls and people who don't genuinely know anything about this case (generally minus 15 years old teenagers) believe the defamatorial, xenophobical, insulting lies of Kate and Gerry's book. I just wonder when are they going to be sued by the several parties vilified in their book and recent interviews. I can even imagine a citizen's lawsuit coming their way, if they continue to harass the Portuguese people.

  133. 127...I am the author of post 124.
    It is not what I want. What a pathetic question.
    I have watched this vile pair being protected from day one and so have you. Three British Prime Ministers in a row have taken them under their wing, the UK media tells blatant lies for them and has done for over 4 years. Even the disgusting BBC has tried to blacken Amaral's character on behalf of them.
    If you think they are suddenly going to be brought to justice after a ridiculous 'review' that they themselves asked for, then you have to be very gullible.
    Never underestimate just how protected they are.... and it will always be so.
    The only way they end up in the dock is if someone blows a whistle. It's the only hope.

  134. Kate: "If you are in a position of Prime Minister, you have a responsibility..." Sky video, 12 May 2011.

    And if you are in a position of parents, Kate?

  135. 'La Guardia Civil investiga el asesinato de una bebé a manos de una secta hace 30 años', abc.es 30/10/2011

    '.Un miembro del grupo ha denunciado que la enterraron en un caserío de NavarraCRUZ MORCILLO / MADRID. Se llamaba Ainara, y poco más se sabe de los escasos catorce meses que duró su vida. Con esa edad desapareció, hace casi treinta años, y su huella quedó sepultada en el olvido. Pero no todos los que conocieron al bebé y las extrañas circunstancias que le tocó vivir la borraron de su mente. Según ha podido saber ABC, hace un tiempo alguien decidió que ya era hora de hablar y denunció un episodio espeluznante, una confabulación de fanatismo y miedo de la que la pequeña Ainara fue la víctima.

    Esta persona contó que los padres de esa niña pertenecían a una secta, un grupo de sumisos que habían establecido su base en un caserío de Lesaka (Navarra). Allí debió de criarse la niña, en ese ambiente de anulación, hasta el día de su muerte. Según el denunciante, los propios padres ofrecieron a la hija en sacrificio a su comunidad como los adeptos que entregan su patrimonio, su voluntad y su dinero. Y el sacrificio se consumó: Ainara —explicó— fue asesinada y enterrada cerca de la casona en la que vivía el grupo.

    A raíz de esta información, el Juzgado de Instrucción número 1 de Pamplona abrió una investigación, que está en marcha, para intentar aclarar este oscuro episodio. La «operación Ainara», de la Comandancia de la Guardia Civil de Navarra, busca poner luz a un delito de asesinato y encubrimiento. Los agentes han buscado y encontrado a casi una decena de supuestos miembros de la secta, que según el informante se disolvió al cabo de unos años.

    Esta misma semana han sido imputados y llamados a declarar ex adeptos en Elda (Alicante), L´ Escala (Gerona), Rota (Cádiz) y Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid), además de llevarse a cabo numerosas gestiones en Navarra. La investigación es secreta, por el delicado asunto y el tiempo transcurrido. Según ha podido saber ABC, el pacto de silencio se ha mantenido inquebrantable y los que en su día fueron partícipes, autores o encubridores del asesinato de Ainara han retomado una vida normal, con una perfecta integración que lava su pasado de miedo y adhesión. En Gerona viven tres de los ex miembros de la secta, y otros dos en Madrid. Uno de los imputados es médico.

    Cuando Ainara desapareció, hubo quien preguntó por ella. Sus padres confirmaron a algunos allegados que había muerto. Inventaron un viaje al Reino Unido, donde, según explicaron, la pequeña sufrió un ictus del que no se recuperó, y decidieron enterrarla allí. Con esa farsa justificaron que no hubiera partida de defunción de la niña. La Guardia Civil no ha confirmado si entre los imputados están los progenitores. El denunciante marcó una zona donde supuestamente enterraron a la niña, pero ahora hay que encontrarla. Han pasado treinta años y era un bebé. La tarea no será sencilla.'

    Mccann's, you can't rest. One day, somebody somewhere will break the pact and will reveal the truth. What a condemnation, having to sleep every night inside the prison of your consciences and having to lie 24 over 24 hours to your remain child's.

  136. Anon 128, according to another Forum, who have been dinning at Tapas with Tapas 9 before the alarm was raised and flew out of PDL on early May 4, was Phillip Edmonds. He even claims to have pictures of his children showing Madeleine on the background, on May 3. If so, why are those pictures not released to the public? They should be the last pictures of Madeleine, not the one with her father and sister near the pool. If the pictures really exist, why are the mccann's not using them to prove, from an independent witness, Madeleine was alive on the third?

  137. Madelaine Maccann is dead, of that we can be sure her parents are involved in whatever happened, to the child, there is a massive cover up both in the UK and Portugal of that we can be certain. The Maccanns are well protected, unless Mr Amaral, pulls a big and I mean big rabbit out of the hat, he will lose, this pair are untouchable. The only thing we can do is donate to his legal fund and pray and hope. We all thought justice would be served 2 years ago how wrong we all were. I am sorry to say but this has gone on far too long for justice to be served now. Stuff you all prove it, its what Kate and Gerry have said since May 2007.

  138. Si parte da un dettaglio qualsiasi, talvolta di poco conto, e senza volerlo si giunge a scoprire grandi princìpi...


    "Achamos incrível que não haja nenhuma polícia a procurá-la. Todas as investigações oficiais estão encerradas", acrescentou Kate McCann.

    "We find it incredible that there is no police force actively looking for her (Madeleine). All official investigations are now closed." - added Kate McCann.

    The above paragraphs refer to a recent statement made by Kate McCann to the Spanish newspaper "El Pais" as quoted by "CM" (references below).

    I am under the impression this is a rather inaccurate statement (to add to a few blatant others already on file) but I may be wrong.

    "She is just following the PR, marketing guidelines that "Madeleine" was written to help finance the search for Madeleine whereas the book was written to counteract the factual information and dispassionate expert opinion provided by Dr. Amaral in his book "The Truth of the Lie". Simple. The British tax payer are the ones paying Scotland Yard's on-going investigation. The proceedings of her book are likely to go to something else - probably to pay for Dr. Amaral counter compensation claims..."


    The above is a comment from a UCL student sharing my table at "Starbucks" (St. Paul's cathedral). This is her own personal opinion, not mine. Get Carter!


    Tip by:

    http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2011/10/mccann-libel-trial-hearings-to-start-in.html (See under "Portuguese Press on the McCann Case")

  140. my posts have not been posted on here why??????????? stinks

  141. Hi,
    Last many days I am searching some good article and I am very glad to find your article. This is very essential and informative information for me. I would like to say your post is superb and relevant my topics.

  142. Only 12 weeks to go, before the McCanns libel trial hearing starts. Let us all hope, that this is the beginning of the end of the days of freedom, for the "Gruesome Twosome".

    Good luck to Goncalo Amaral, may his fight for justice, for himself and little Madeleine, soon be over.

  143. Completely unrelated - but chillingly similar: check out what's currently happening in the US with Gary Giordano.

    This creepy fraudster is claiming he went swimming with his 'companion' who then suddenly went missing in the ocean. He took out a $1.5m life insurance on this woman before the trip. He was held in Aruba 4 months but released because no physical evidence could be found against him. He is now back in the US and, like the McCanns, using the media to it's fullest.

    He has the same air as the McCann's - that certainty that nobody will find her remains so it's just his story against a HUGE weight of likelihood. I saw him questioned on US TV this morning (I'm on a business trip from the UK). He was actually grilled pretty heavily the way the McCanns aren't in the UK media. The interviewer said "So your story is that you were out there swimming, you got into difficulty and headed back for shore and she disappeared. So why did you introduce the idea of human traffickers? Are we supposed to believe that they pulled up in a boat, took her out of the water and you didn't see it?" His response was to explain the trafficker 'abduction' theory by saying that while in jail in Aruba, other prisoners had told him that human traffickers often put people ashore in Aruba??

    You want to see someone lying as badly as the McCann's - and with a similar look of extreme arrogance in his eyes - then Google Gary Giordano + Aruba.

    Oh yes - and the one thing he has nothing to say about is any concern for, or loss over the fate of this poor woman. Does that sound familiar?


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