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Gonçalo Amaral in Boa Tarde: Without a trace...

                               Without a Trace...
                       Book "Defenceless Lives" includes guide for the parents of missing children


English Transcript (ongoing)

Conceição Lino (CL): Today he is here to speak about this issue. Your new book is precisely about the disappearance, kidnap and abuse of children in Portugal: "Defenceless Lives". Why did you decide to write this book?

Gonçalo Amaral (GA): Well, because I realized that there is a reality, a sad reality of which there is a certain lack of knowledge, a lack of studies about the phenomenon and problematic regarding the disappearance of children in Portugal. As in other cases the police forces act on a case by case basis and what is lacking in Portugal, in various situations, is to study and plan the reaction to certain types of crimes. And in fact, in this case, it didn't exist. There aren't...

CL: In your opinion...

GA: There aren't any studies. The police acts case by case, most times the acting is based on the experience, by the police logical reasoning...

CL: Different teams, in different locations in the country...

GA: Yes, exactly.

CL: In your opinion should there be a specialized team only for this kind of cases?

GA: Without a doubt. At a national level, we are a small country, there should be a police unit solely for the disappearance of children. Kidnap or not, but for the disappearance of children. Regardless if it is a voluntary disappearance or not, even in voluntary disappearances, that child and the anxiety that her absence - it could be for a day or two [the disappearance] - causes to the family, the anguish implied, that is important.

CL: It is one of the worries you have in this book, you speak about the suffering, the...

GA: Exactly.

CL: ...the devastation that is, for a family to feel the absence and not have any information about their child, about...

GA: And they don't even know what to do.

CL: ...about the child if it is a small child; but, inclusively the grandparents, the siblings, all the family not knowing what to do and with a huge suffering.

GA: Huge suffering. In the United States, for example, there is a guide - and I speak about that guide here [in the book] - of support to the families of long-term missing children, in Portugal that [guide] is unknown. What can the families expect from the authorities? From the police activities? What can they do to contribute to the return of the child, and what can they do to survive that tragedy that affects not only the parents, but also the siblings - if they exist. Here in Portugal we don't have anything like that. Even though other countries have that, here in Portugal no one ever talked about that, on those guides to support the families. This book also has that concern, it speaks about the families, what the families can expect, what they can do, how to help, and how they can survive to all that.

CL: The number of missing children cases in Portugal, of children who have disappeared without a trace, is much lower in comparison to other places around the world, right? But they are sufficient to raise concerns...

GA: Yes, much, much lower. One case would be enough.

CL:...One case would be enough - and to alarm any of us. And if this happened to me? It's something that worries any person.

GA: And it could happen to anyone, unfortunately it could happen. That is the preoccupation in this book, and also to explain to people how the police should be organized, what the authorities can do, what tools they have and need to investigate these cases.

stopped at 3'18'' of 25'28'', to continue

Boa Tarde, SIC, broadcast on November 11, 2011


  1. hopefully this one wont get snatched away from the courts like his other book/s.............and while we are at it STILL has not been returned, as far as im aware...

  2. Dr. Amaral is to be commended for this new effort. He is certainly doing much more to fulfill the "Madeleine Fund" objectives than team McCann: in this particular case, helping the families of other missing children.

  3. Obrigada Joana pela publicacao do video aqui. Que contraste, a serenidade de Goncalo Amaral com o Marketing dos Mccann que em cada entrevista pretendem vender o rapto como o unico dos crimes que pode acontecer a uma crianca. Curiosamente, o menos frequente e quando acontece e normalmente parental.
    A maioria dos casos noticiados indicam esta dura realidade, o perigo para a crianca comeca dentro da sua casa, no circulo que ela conhece bem e em quem confia. Tragico e triste, sobretudo quando sabemos quao relaxada e a justica para este tipo de criminosos que nem precisa de sair a rua para procurar a sua presa.
    Segundo alguns blogs, no reino de sua majestade ja fontes associadas ao casal disseram o que estes pensam do livro de GA que ainda nao leram: Os seus advogados e eles estao a acompanhar as entrevistas de GA para agirem em conformidade relativamente ao que este disser do caso Maddie. Uma declaracao de perseguicao, mais uma vez. Eles tem liberdade para acusar e insultar um pais inteiro, mas o investigador nao e livre de emitir a sua opiniao pessoal ainda que factualmente fundamentada. E este o Portugal que temos... ninguem sai a rua para por no devido lugar estes senhores que recusaram reconstituir a noite do crime e com isso provar que a historia que contam era possivel.
    Vou ja encomendar o meu livro. Apesar de tanta perseguicao, ainda acredito que vai haver justica e GA precisa da participacao de todos os portugueses nesta cruzada. Tem sido o unico a lutar, em silencio ou nao, pelos direitos de Madeleine e de todas as criancas.

  4. I enjoyed Mr. Amaral's interview and I congratulate him for his new book. It's a very good reading and very enlightening.
    However he seems to be unaware of much work that has been done by ONGs, namely IAC, which was one of the first organizations to work within the EU Comission to implement the European number 116 000 (SOS-Criança Desaparecida, in Portugal), which has been working since 2004 and finally connected with other 9 european countries in 2009, to look out for runaway, kidnaped, lost or hurt, or forcefuly migrant children.
    There is an Observatory that works with many other countries and police authorities - Europol, Interpol, FBI and even the stupid Brits.

  5. :m FAX THE McCANNS'

    Good, sound advice, this is!

    A set of expert opinions conveniently organized in a book for every McCannite (and Scotland Yard) to read.

    A book to take with you on your next holiday abroad just in case s**t happens.

    All about sinister encounters and tracking strategies.
    Not much about forensic dogs' but we already know all about those.

  6. Sky News today mention the mccanns phone being hacked and how distressing it was for her.............the reply's are damning never have i seen the amount of negative posts damning the pair, it's realy quite severe, this story a year ago would have had some backing them but to have non just say's it all.......they must be spitting with rage

  7. AMOSTRA (taster)

    As primeiras 43 paginas do livro encontram-se disponibilizadas no sitio da editora. Clicar no elo em baixo.

    (The first 43 pages of the book are available from the publishers' site. Click link below.)



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