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Gonçalo Amaral in Você na TV: Disappearance, abuse and abduction of children in Portugal

                                 Gonçalo Amaral
                                 Disappearance, abuse and abduction of children in Portugal

*audio and video are out of sync by a few frames, it's an issue caused by the original video that was uploaded online by TVI

Transcript to follow, as soon as possible

Você na TV, TVI, broadcast in November, 9, 2011


  1. Vi o video no blog de MC, "Palavras escritas". Gostei da forma Como MLGoucha conduziu a entrevista e da calma e inteligencia de GA. Ja imagino as pecas de mobiliario partidas em Rothley. Desta vez, pelo que o Inspector nao diz. Preparavam-se para usar a estrategia de sempre, a "fonte proxima" para denegrir, queimar, acusar e processar o policia, mas o intelligente inspector trocou-lhes as voltas. Reduziu-os a sua insignificancia. Nas duas entrevistas que vi, Maddie nem e assunto de rodape. Que desgraca para o par de celebridades decadente habituado a viver do dinheiro dos outros. Ficaram sem motivos para tentarem engrossar a conta bancaria.
    Sempre quero ve-los em Fevereiro, em Portugal, com o Velho discurso ha muito desactualizado, do policia que prejudicou a busca da filha, do rapto que aconteceu sem vestigios. Espero que haja journalistas corajosos a colocarem em directo as perguntas que ha muito aguardamos e que um Juiz exija a reconstituicao da noite
    do crime.
    Ao contrario dos outros casos de desaparecidos, no Caso maddie, a policia recolheu informacao importante, embora muito esteja ainda por investigar.

  2. There's a possibility that UK police will investigate the Madeleine case following the SY Review of the case. It is possible because UK police are investigating the case of the death of a British woman in India, although the India authorities deemed it to be accidental death at first. UK police have carried out a review and then an investigation followed and the British person's husband has been arrested. (UK Press)

  3. hopefully no one minds me filling a transcription gap (:

    Imagine two possibilities:

    1) You had done all you could, to cover your tracks, forensically that is, in a quick fashion, then left the 'evidence' to be found. Evidence that can be attributed to your bogey man and that doesn't point to you. Then you get closure.

    Then find that the 'evidence' is not found...

    So you have more time, things have moved on, new concerns arise, it was always a high risk strategy, initial assumptions keep shifting gear. So you tweak here and there, shift things about, but it is still findable. So there is still the potential for closure.

    2) The evidence is so all damming, there is no way to hide/remove the forensic evidence, not even from the bones of the case, so the evidence has to be completely destroyed, vaporised. There will never be any closure.

    Which one of the above fits the picture (media, campaign, book etc.) we've been presented by the McCanns?

  4. Time of death can be estimated as being at least two hours before the body left traces of cadaverine, but also if a body was carried with arms hanging limp, either rigor mortis had not yet set in (in humans it begins after about 3 hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates until about 72 hours after death) or it had passed. So the body would be either not more than 3 hours deceased or nearer 72 hours deceased at the time of carrying it. Children perhaps less.

  5. I already buy the book trough 'Wook'. I hope, thousands of people who can read portuguese, do the same across the world. That men deserves respect and the support of who care about the life of the children and believe in justice. One day ( soon I hope) the truth will be revealed and Maddie will achieve justice.

  6. What bothers me is that no Madeleine's relative is fighting to find her.
    How could she be so lonesome, both families only concerned about hiding
    the crime.
    What kind of people are they?


    E bom re-ver o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral! Aguardamos todos com alguma ansiedade o resultado final do caso da "difamação" (aspas-aspas) que lhe foi imposto pelo sinistro casal.

    Esperamos que a Justiça Portuguesa deixe de pagar tributo e vassalagem a coroa Inglesa.

    Esperamos que a Justiça Portuguesa aja como parte integrante de uma moderna e verdadeiramente independente democracia.

    Esperamos que a Justiça Portuguesa remova e devolva a mordaça aos "bulldogs".

  8. Leveson Inquiry: Kate McCann felt 'mentally raped' when diary published
    Kate McCann, the mother of missing toddler Madeleine, felt "mentally raped" when her private diary was published in a tabloid newspaper, the Leveson inquiry has heard.

    Kate McCann was distraught when her private diary was printed, the court heard
    By Sarah Rainey7:07PM GMT 16 Nov 2011
    Mrs McCann's thoughts and feelings about her daughter's disappearance were printed in extracts from her personal journal, which appeared in the News of the World in 2008.
    David Sherborne, the lawyer acting for 51 victims of press intrusion, told Lord Justice Leveson that the publication of the diary was a "blatant intrusion" into the McCann family's private live.
    They "begged for restraint" but little was shown, Mr Sherborne said.
    The News of the World later apologised for printing the diary, which was leaked by a reporter after being in the possession of the Portuguese police.
    The revelations came on the third day of the Leveson inquiry as the court heard:

  9. According to myself, the McCanns'children lived compleetely poisoned by sleeping medicines.
    The twins not only didn't wake up on the 3rd, but also not on May the 1st, when Madeleine cried for 75 minutes.
    It would be interesting to investigate why didn't Madeleine get enough of them on the first and probably enough on the 2nd and the 3rd.
    Now I understand why the police suspects death caused by sleeping pills.
    Maddié's siblings did not wake up on the 1st.

  10. So the barrister Mr Sherbornes in the Leveson inquiry said that Kate McCann felt 'mentally raped' by the NoW publication of her diary. That's a very emotive word to use to gain public sympathy. How she recovered to publish her book and bare all including a description of 'little body parts being torn apart' is remarkable. I didn't hear the Dowler family describing their feelings in such lurid detail, they remain dignified and correct because they really were violated by the press. They didn't court and use the press.

  11. ah,Mr Amaral is a grand man,what with all the sh** that he is going through with the mccanns he is still trying to help other children.god bless you Mr Amaral.

  12. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2011/11/17/kate-mccann-mentally-raped-news-of-the-world_n_1099011.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cuk%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk1%7C85464

    I sincerely hope Sr Amaral gets his day in court with these two liars !

  13. There was an interview made in Ireland, on May the 13th, where Kate really cried.
    The interviewer asked if Madeleine would be still alive and would not want to go back to her parents, "no, this is my reality" and Gerry said she maybe does not even know she is missing.
    That's is when Kate cried. A little daughter who does not want to go back to her neglect parents, and, it is true: a dead person does not know he/she is missing.

  14. yah, now I remember.
    It was on TV3, Ireland.
    On the second part the interviewer says he asked a sport man(I think) what was the worst thing he had READ about himself, through the years.

    After telling this story, he asked the McCanns if being accused of involvement in the disappearence was the worst thing that they had read about themselves or that was written about them (was there something worse?).
    They said yes, it was the involvement.

    I think that the Irish interviewer meant the Gaspars' statements.

  15. AMOSTRA (taster)

    As primeiras 43 paginas do livro encontram-se disponibilizadas no sitio da editora. Clicar no elo em baixo.

    (The first 43 pages of the book are available from the publishers' site. Click link below.)


  16. How much money did German TV pay Mccanns for their program. That story is all lies according to recent posts,in Germany the people believe Madeleine died in the flat.Mitchell should stop bringing these stories to Germany as the people are not fooled. Mr Cameron had better be careful of Mitchell he is a Labour party supporter and a friend of Mr Brown. Poor Maddie had a bad time with her parents who often left her alone and did not love her,they pleased she is not there anymore.. Germany.

  17. Watching Lorraine Kelly's site,about missing children, I noticed she does not publish anything about Madeleine's disappearence.

  18. Dr Watson revealed that a partial DNA profile from a seat belt buckle was also a match for Duffy.

    “Sixteen (DNA) components matched corresponding DNA components of Colin Duffy’s DNA profile,” she explained.

  19. Check out the mccannfiles.com for more info on the situation...

  20. There is an inquiry going on now, about phone hacking in Britain.
    On Sky news we can see photos of the McCanns. They, specially Kate, aged a lot, after last May.
    Yeah, why did they irritate the British government, with their appeal for a transparant, independent review, knowing Cameron would not agree with the request, like he and Theresa May had said it before?
    "A matter for the Portuguese authorities."
    Gerry is saying that his phone was not hacked. Why taking part of the inquiry?
    They know one of these days the SY will come with the first answers.
    They are trying to control the tsunami they caused 4 years ago.
    Too late, McCanns: you are finished and there will be justice for Madeline and Murat.

  21. Gerry is now at least one size smaller than he was on last May.I could see him on Sky news, on a short video. The video of today's is blocked and those of the 12 and 13th last May are blocked as well.
    I believe he is realising better how bad their situation is.Imo Kate is not feeling the danger around them.
    Her perception does not go very far.
    I would not be surprised if Gerry would take his own life. How to explain the fraudulent fund, the death of the child, myself I would be deadly ashamed to meet my colleagues and my friends(if I still had them).

    This lost of weight shows they lost their war.Gerry is much thinner now than he was when he was made arguido.
    And those locked videos mean they don't want any more criticism.

  22. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm HELLO........ IS ANYONE THERE.WHAT'S GOING ON JOANA ??


  23. The McCanns had and still have such a horrible lot to say to the public, thorough the media,that they even contracted a spokes man to say it for them.
    And this is going on for more than four years. As long the media was attacking Portugal and its police, everything was ok with the McCanns.
    When finally a part of the files were made public and the media talked about them, the McCanns started suing around and yesterday, during the inquire, they complained about lack of privacy and about the "lies".
    They used the media when it was convenient to them, "tomorrow we will go to the shrine of Fatima", "please, if you have Madeleine, let her come home..." "please, bring our little girl back. Por favor..."
    When they went to the Pope, they took the media with them, they traveled to Germany, Holland, Spain, Morroc, always allowing the media to be with them.
    Short ago, Kate published her book and they gratefully used the media, in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Portugal...

    Now they are in trouble. At any moment the Press Association will publish about at least a part of the Scotland Yard's reviews.
    I believe the normal media will be free to repeat the news.
    And the McCanns are trying to block it, before we all read it.

    Gerry has lost a lot of weight.I saw them on Sky news, yesterday.
    If he lost such a lot of weight it is because there is the great possibility that the police will get the silver bullet, otherwise he would not be concerned about the Scotland Yard's involvement.

    The McCanns will have a lot to explain.

  24. Now I suspect Jane Tanner is involved in the concealing of the body.
    Kate says in her book that Jane was in her own apartment when Kate raised the alarm.
    O'Brian was away the whole evening...
    Probably he was at the beach, waiting for Gerry, and Tanner joined him in order to help hiding the corpse.
    That is why Tanner saw the abductor, giving herself an alibi.
    Imo Jane is also involved in the disappearance.

  25. The sky news' videos were not blocked but I think it was something wrong with my computer.
    It is repaired now.

  26. Clarence Mitchell can not be a spokes man of any British authority anymore, let alone of a British government.
    It is finished with him because he destroyed his own name.
    Nobody will acccept him involved with any Prime minister and he must be aware of it.
    He will depend on privete people in order to make money and to support himseld.
    Was it worth while, specially now during this great economical crises?
    The only guarantee he has gotten left is the guarantee that he is an unreliable man.

  27. I listened to the McCanns on McCann Files.It was the day they took part on the inquire about phone hacking.
    I think the news papers that were attacked by them will reply, of course.
    Who knows a journalist has the answer about the disappearence of the little girl and will come up with a surprise.
    I hope they have.

  28. The Mccanns called the media immediately after the disappearence, it became a media circus in their favor, the families allowed themselves to be interviewed and now they were complaining against the media, at the inquiry about phone hackings.

    The same media that helped them to become rich and helped them to get away with their crime, by pressuring Gordon Brown, those media were sued by the McCanns who payed their own lawyers with the money they got through the help the media gave them.

    Riff raff people, no doubts about that.

    Ah, guys, this is going to change!
    May God bless Cameron, Theresa May, the PJ, Amaral and the Scotland Yard!

  29. Gerry, Ivonne Martin advised Kate not to involve the media in the case. She identified herself as being somebody who worked with abused children, from the UK.
    The PJ warned you "no media" and even "no Madeleine's photos"showing her coloboma. They warned you both: "It will be her death sentence".

    You both called the media, and published the close up photo.

    On the Levenson inquiry you, Gerry, complained about the media, the same media you invited in your lives, and it ren out of your hands.
    You went to Oprah, Holland, Germany, Morroc, Spain, Ireland, even when things were bad for you both.
    Somewhere on the Levenson inquire you write and say you expected the presence of the media to stay only six weeks in Praia da Luz.(They would go back home, Madeleine would continue living with the abductor and you could go back to Rothley).
    Bad planned, Gerry, bad planned, Kate.
    You both come from England, you saw what happened to Diana, what the paparazzi did to her, you must know what happened in the Profumo affair and still believing you would succeed better?

    Wasn't Sky news the first one to help you that fatal night and now you complain about their constant presence in Praia da Luz?

    Complaining about Madeleine being reported as being seeing in India, last Summer, that the abductor could read about it on the papers and run away with Madeleine?
    This abductor of yours must be very tired by now, running away all the time. And don't tell me Madeline was in pyjamas.
    Do you expect people of the UK to be stupid, believing your arguments?

    McCanns, how did you enjoy that interview in Ireland, Tv3?

    The journalist says( 2nd video) that he supposes that being accused of being involved in the disappearance could have been the worst the couple had read about themselves, and he continues, "but WAS it?"

    More than obviously, he meant the Gaspars' statements.

    Gerry, on the Levenson inquiry you complained about violation of your privete life, casused by the media.
    What about Kate telling us about your (both) sex life, about Madeline's genitals, about the Royal part of Gerry's body?

    You are both sick people and it is high time British authorities take the siblings away from you.

  30. Interview on Tv3, Ireland, you can find on


    there are more interviews on the same page.On one of them the interviewer asks if it is possible to open the shutters from outside and Gerry replies "Yes"

  31. Correction of Tv3 interview. I forgot a "s".


  32. Please tell us why can we see no more postings.Germany.

  33. What is the use to pay Clarence Mitchell to talk for them, if they talk for themselves, making mistakes?
    The Leverson inquiry is a new death sentence for the Mccanns.

  34. This is taking long, very long.Difficult for us to wait for news.But I understand that it is going to take time.I believe tha police in England have gotten more information about this case. Till they organise everything and they decide whom they got to arrest, we will have to be patient.
    I wonder if the McCanns want to go back to Portugal, for the reconstruction.It is possible that the MPS has to officially open the case and to transport Tapas 9 to Praia da Luz.All of them inside a big container.
    And I wonder if the McCanns have gotten any friend left, friends who gave money to the fund on order to search for Madeleine.

  35. Good morning,
    it is Saturday but I got to work today.
    Before I leave, I want to tell that I finished reading Kate's book, yesterday, and I hope somebody will advise it to the judges that will judge about Amaral's books going back to the stores.
    They got to know what the McCanns are spreading around about the Portuguese police and about Portugal.All judges in Portugal got to read it.
    I love the idea the Metropolitan Police got involved in the case.
    A big kiss to Cameron and Theresa May: they are wonderful people.

  36. Now I remember thet there were workers working on the streets of Praia da Luz, when Madeleine disappeared.
    It is possible that O'Brian or Tanner stole a spade from them, that evening,in order to dig a hole in the beach. A hole near the waves and they buried the child in it.
    It would have been very difficult for them to walk in dark, till a rock, carrying a corpse. A hole would have been the ideal solution, at that moment, if you can call it ideal. If a spade was stolen, the PJ must know it.And very much possible that the boots had traces of sand, not earth.
    Sand with blood, who knows.

  37. The SY has been short ago 3 days in Barcelona(see Sky news). Probably searching for that Victoria Beckman look alike.
    This could mean that their review is around August 2009 and it is going fast.
    It is known that police work by elimination of eventual leads.One by one.
    They do that everywhere in the world.
    By eliminating everything that is not possible, the possible will be left over.
    I expect the McCanns to come up with more sightings, in order to delay the
    review. But it is a review, not a new investigation.
    According to Sky news, the SY has been already 3 times in Portugal.

  38. Once on three months.

    Cameron announced the review on May, Friday the 13th(Ohhh!)
    3 months later(August) the MPS went to Portugal.
    And November last, also 3 months after, they go to Barcelona.

    I expect more news next February.

    maybe the SY went to Barcelona to check on the fees the McCanns said to have payed Metodo3.

  39. The Scotland Yard in Barcelona? Probably checking on the documents Metodo 3 can have about "their investigation".
    They never investigated, of course.They knew Madeleine was dead.
    It is good to check on the costs, how much the McCanns payed them for doing nothing.
    I hope the SY will interrogate Kevin (Haley?something like that)and ask him the reason Fund money was sent to the US. I suspect the McCanns have a privete bank account somewhere there and intended to protect themselves, in case they would escape. At that time they were still arguidos.

    Kevin has nothing to loose, he can tell about this.


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