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Gonçalo Amaral: “Justice works in Silence”

“Justice works in Silence”

His life has been ripped apart since he led the police investigation into the Millennium’s greatest mystery, and came into legal confrontation with Kate and Gerry McCann. Gonçalo Amaral has lost his family, his business, his assets and the income from his controversial book that states all the reasons why he believes three-year-old Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A in Praia da Luz back in May of 2007. Now, four-and-a-half years down the line, he faces another hurdle: a trial for defamation of the McCanns – due to start in Lisbon in February – in which the couple are claiming 1.2 million euros in damages. Does he think he can win? “Of course”, he says. This is the man whose maxim is “justice works in silence”. He still believes the case of the world’s most famous missing person will be solved. And he told Algarve123 what he thinks is needed to get there…
You wouldn’t miss him in a crowd. Gonçalo Amaral, 52, is strikingly tall with a penchant for hats. He was wearing a long black coat, a black fedora and a bright red scarf when we met him on the terrace of Casa Inglesa in Portimão. He looked much more like an intellectual than a former police officer, but these days his life is spent largely writing - an activity he’s come to love as much as the police work that used to fill his days.

Our first question: “How’s life?” elicited the reply “Bad!” so any further niceties went by the board.

What Amaral has always maintained is that the McCanns’ zeal for litigation “will not bring their daughter back”. He claims various legal suits against him, and a number of other Portuguese public figures who have verbalised “anti-McCann-story” sentiments, are totally out of keeping with the Catholic faith so fervently embraced by Madeleine’s mother Kate.

“Is it Catholic to hold sentiments of vengeance? To seek to destroy a family as mine has been destroyed?” he asks.

“This litigation will carry a heavy price – but I have faith that the mystery will be resolved. “Even if I “disappear” in the process - as Kate McCann has written that she wishes I would in her book - I have a daughter and lots of friends who will make sure justice is done”.

It may sound theatrical - but Amaral is not about theatre. He is about truth – hard facts, solid investigative work.

“The case has to be re-opened, and I have faith that it will be,” he said. “It will either be when this current “procurador” leaves, or when the current chief of police leaves. It’s not something I am pushing for - even if I could - it’s just something I feel certain will happen. And when it does, the first, most essential thing to be done will be a reconstruction of that very first night – the night Madeleine disappeared. Because that’s what happened: she literally disappeared! The reconstruction will have to involve all the parties: the McCanns and their friends. You see, there are so many inconsistencies in these people’s statements that a reconstruction will very quickly highlight where they have not told the truth”.

An example of the power of reconstructions came only weeks ago in Spain where a father claimed his two children were abducted from a park. A police reconstruction quickly proved that the father had never taken his children to the park: witnesses who had seen him arrive in his car but hadn’t noticed the children in the back seat, were surprised to discover that in the reconstruction the child-sized dummies in the back were clearly visible. The children’s father is now in jail – although the children are still missing.

Amaral explained that when Madeleine disappeared police didn’t organise a reconstruction in Praia da Luz “because there were so many journalists on the ground” – and once the heat had died down, “the McCanns refused. They said any reconstruction should be made by actors – but the whole reason for reconstructions is to use the people involved, and see where their stories don’t add up!”

Going back to that first night is logical: the initial 48-hours after any disappearance are crucial. They can literally mean the difference between life and death – but in Madeleine’s case, Amaral is convinced of the latter. The theory that has led to his prosecution by the McCanns for defamation is clearly set out in his book “A Verdade de Mentira” (The Truth of the Lie) – banned from sale in 2009, and then “released” by the Appeals Court a year later. We say “released” because the books were actually never returned to publishers Guerra & Paz, and thus they and Amaral have had nothing to sell…

“It’s another part of the whole plot to assassinate my civil position,” Amaral says matter-of-factly. “I’ve been left with no chances; no way of paying my debts; liens on my property. I’ve had to move away from my family in order to protect them. My marriage, well, it’s not so good. Not good at all, really. My life seems to be all about divorce…”

So how does he find the strength to move forwards?

“Well, I put the McCanns in a metaphorical box and I am not really thinking too much about the trial in February. I think I will win, and then they will appeal – but I have to have a path. I want to open another consultancy. I had one when I left the police force, but that was destroyed when the McCanns went after me over “A Verdade de Mentira”.

So that’s one thing - and the other is writing. I have recently brought out a new book: “Vidas sem Defesa” about missing children cases in Portugal, and I have another one almost ready (I am not going to tell you what it is about!). After that, I would like to take police “mysteries” and study them and write stories, not novels; stories based on facts to show what I believe really happened. There’s a real lack of books of this type.”

So he’s not angry over the agonies and frustrations he’s endured from what came from essentially doing his job?

“I have my anger well-guarded. No feelings for revenge. Like I say, they will pay for what they have done to me and my family – but through the courts. Even after everything that has happened, I still have faith in the Portuguese justice system”.

And does he have any clues as to what catapulted the Madeleine case into the stratosphere of media attention? Why did the McCanns receive so much help from the British authorities right from the very beginning? And why were they and the so-called Tapas 7 never taken to task for child neglect – considering that they all left their children alone at night during the ill-fated holiday?

“Ah, now there we’re getting into politics – and quite honestly, those are questions for the British public to ask. I don’t have to have theories about them. My job was to find Madeleine”.

A job handed to him nearly five years ago – and one that he will never forget.

in Algarve123, Edition 707 (8 Dec 2011)


  1. Dr Amaral is philosophical that the McCanns are not home and dry. Perhaps the Mccans are too. They seemed ill-at-ease when at first giving evidence at Leveson, a scared nervousness that wasn’t apparent in other witnesses. Gerry seemed very grateful for Lord Leveson’s favours, such as the offer of a break, and kind words saying that a press stories such as about DNA in their hire car were ‘probably made up’. Has no-one read the police evidence files?

    Perhaps they thought their Leveson appearance was an opportunity to associate with popular and prominent people who are accepted in society, people who have credibility. By their performance they would hope to increase their credibility and discredit alleged evidence that appeared in the media, press and Sky News.

    Kate seemed to focus intently on the barrister questioning them particularly perhaps at tense moments when she fixed him with a gaze. The barrister highlighted that it was interesting why it was that the Daily Express made an apparent u-turn about it’s firm stance on what it had published. Leveson quickly moved away from that.

    And if there were no body fluids found in the boot of the hire car what are the published police evidences referring to? It seems Leveson hasn’t read the PJ files, and there was no cross examination.

    Should SY be made aware of this?

  2. More striking than the height and stature of Goncalo Amaral is the manner in which he has conducted himself on both a professional and personal level throughout the past 4+ years, since the time Madeleine Beth McCann was reported as 'missing.' In charge of what was to become the most famous missing person case in the world, to describe as challenging, an understatement. To have been subjected to the wrath and hate of parents of a missing child in the form of libel/legal actions against him, their attempt at silencing him from speaking about the conclusions reached re their missing daughter, parents who refused point blank to fully co-operate with the investigation into the disappearance of their child, a travesty.

    Interesting is the point made by Goncalo Amaral;

    “Is it Catholic to hold sentiments of vengeance? To seek to destroy a family as mine has been destroyed?” he asks.

    Seemingly for Kate McCann it is! Evidenced by the legal actions. But Kate McCann does not stop at this she has openly stated she wishes harm to befall Goncalo Amaral. Is she issuing a threat, perhaps physical also, in saying that she hopes he "disappears?"

    The mother of missing Madeleine claimed on radio interview, that she prays for the alleged abductor of her missing child, wishes the alleged abductor no harm. Such compassion for this paedophile who they suggest has abducted their daughter, committed heinous crimes against this child (example, p.129)who, if exists, has tortured her for 4+ years. Yet for the man, the officer in charge of investigating this tragic case, who sought only to find young Madeleine, she harbours unhealthy thoughts, hatred and wishes him harm. A police officer who carried out his job who cared and still does, it is obvious to me at least, more for the welfare of this child and discovering what happened to her, than her own parents. They seek not to discover what happened to the child, only to silence those who do not agree their fanciful tale of child abduction.

    Goncalo Amaral is not the bumbling (ex) detective that the McCann's prefer him to be portrayed as, not the person they would like the public to believe him to be. At time of this investigation, a highly experienced police officer with many years service under his belt, and unlike Gerry McCann- (a ‘Mr. Angry’ figure who cannot control his temper, demonstrated in his now infamous public displays, resulting in, some might say, deserved ridicule) - Goncalo Amaral is a quiet spoken, articulate and intelligent individual, the realisation of this, a shock to the McCann systems, and plans. Without question he knows the truth of this case. The McCann's know too. I believe what they "know" is no different to that of Goncalo Amaral.

    It is therefore no surprise that he became the thorn in the McCann flesh. A thorn still there, a thorn they will pay any price to have removed. And by any means? The 'why' is obvious!
    If there is one thing that ALL must surely agree are Goncalo Amaral's wise words on 'reconstruction of events.'

    He speaks of the 'power of reconstructions' and specifically with regards the Madeleine case:

    "You see, there are so many inconsistencies in these people’s statements that a reconstruction will very quickly highlight where they have not told the truth”.

    Not a person on the planet who can in all honesty deny these words.

    Good luck to Goncalo Amaral for the upcoming legal action and best wishes for happier times in the future.


  3. Justice may work in silence, when the job is done and dusted, let it find a very loud voice so all can hear.


  4. ‘FIONA’


    What makes a good/best/close friend?


    Similar interests, good company, fun to be with, trustworthiness, loyalty honesty, being supportive, loving, understanding, caring, reliable – just a few of the attributes we may associate with a “best” friend, all ingredients which enable a friendship to grow strong, lasting.

    But how far would either party in such a relationship be prepared to go to defend/protect the other? Would ‘one’ lie for the other, not a white lie, a lie which concealed for instance a terrible and tragic fatal accident or crime. A lie which if discovered would result in serious consequences for all involved?

    Possibly, if they too had something to lose!

    What would it take for cracks to develop within such a relationship, one based and built on trust and honesty?

    Should a best friend forget a lunch date with the other, it may cause annoyance, but not enough to harm the friendship, irksome but easily mended. Should one forget to attend the birthday celebration of the other’s child - rather more than annoying, hurtful and thoughtless on their part!

    What if one “best” friend forgot to attend the funeral of a close member of the other’s family, then lied by way of excuse? For most – unforgiveable, the end of the friendship!
    But the biggie - What if best friend ‘A’ fails not only best friend ‘B’ but the entire family of ‘B’ her children/close and extended family members, lets them down so very badly, and does so in various ways, one being making untrue claims, in other words lying in statements she made to others, or to be more specific, making false statements to the police, in respect of an incident and statements ‘B’ was closely and heavily involved in and had previously discussed with her?
    ‘A’s’ statements to police contradict the police statements made by ‘B.’ Further ‘A’s statements contradict also the statements made by ‘B’ in televised interviews, witnessed by thousands.

    How can ‘B’ find a way to forgive ‘A’ for such hateful behaviour – ‘A’ has lied to police, has given them a detailed account, outlining details of what she claims to be, a statement made to her, by ‘B.’

    Does ‘B’ in this instance, forgive and forget and continue as before, all jolly hockey sticks? I think not.



  5. Kate McCann found herself in this very position.

    Her PR people have though, for whatever reason, kept this one under their hat! No legal action has been taken by the McCann’s in this respect. Rather remiss of Clarence Mitchell their highly paid PR man to not bring such a serious matter to the attention of the public, or for their lawyers Carter Ruck not to dispatch at the very least a caution – a ‘friendly’ word of warning.
    We are left to wonder why!

    McCann’s daughter Madeleine vanished in mysterious circumstances from the holiday apartment where she and her toddler siblings, twins Sean and Amelie were subjected to, the now well documented, nightly ritual of neglect by their parents Kate and Gerry McCann. The McCann children left unattended in an unsecure premise - the patio door being left unlocked, or so the McCann couple have led the public to believe.
    Madeleine we know also was prone to waking in the night. In fact she had done so on several occasions during her time at this apartment. The night before she vanished being but one according to Kate and Gerry McCann. This she told her parents on the morning of her disappearance, that she and a sibling had been awake and crying wondering where mummy and daddy had gone!

    The McCann’s dismissed the child, said it meant nothing! Went out and left the children alone again that evening- in the unlocked apartment!

    Kate and Gerry McCann have both stated that Madeleine would not, and could not leave the apartment of her own accord. Why?

    She was not able, did not have the strength to draw back the curtains which framed the unlocked patio door. She was not able to slide open the unlocked patio door, and furthermore she was not able to open the locked child safety gate at the top of the stairway which led from the patio area to the street below.

    This the McCann’s stated on televised interview.

    But best friend Fiona Payne had another tale to tell, a version of events which is in no way similar to that as related by Kate and Gerry McCann. Best friend, Payne, claims that Kate McCann, during dinner on the evening Madeleine disappeared, stated the following in relation to the unlocked patio door. This is the statement she gave to Leicestershire Police:-

    “She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean, this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying ‘Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or’, erm,‘or locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there and the door’s locked if she woke up’,

    It is clear from what Fiona Payne has told the police that the McCann’s left the door unlocked so that Madeleine would be able to exit said apartment in the dark of night to go search for her parents.



  6. IF Fiona is being truthful – how shocking a picture she paints of the McCann couple, their complete and utter lack of care or interest in their children’s welfare and protection, wandering out to dinner leaving their children for the 5th night alone. Kate McCann, discussing over dinner whether it best if her daughter wakes is afraid and cannot exit the apartment, or if it best if she wakes is afraid and is able to leave through the unlocked door. How cold and callous of her to discuss the abandonment and fear of her child in this way! To use Kate’s own words, discussing Madeleine being alone and afraid with as much sensitivity as one would give to a can of beans falling from a shelf! Or three cans as the case may be. Three little McCann children were left alone and afraid.

    Three little McCann children have paid a high price, Madeleine the highest price of all. Each of their young lives changed for evermore by the abhorrent, selfish and neglectful conduct of their parents.

    Kate McCann claims, now 4 years later, that Madeleine could not draw back the curtains which framed the unlocked patio door, therefore could not make an attempt at sliding the door open. Madeleine, a child, days shy of her 4th birthday, not having the physical strength to draw back a curtain – not able to slip behind it to reach the door? Children very much younger than Madeleine are able to do just that, and very able to open a patio door, especially one which is not locked!
    At the time of making this claim had Kate McCann forgotten the version by Fiona Payne, or did she think, those following the case might have?

    What possible reason could there have been for Fiona Payne her best friend, to give the police an entirely different account? An account which contradicts the McCann version!
    Some say Fiona lied on behalf of the McCann’s so as to strengthen the McCann story of the unlocked door, which of course in turn developed the McCann story, that of an abductor - able to gain easy access to the apartment. One should add at this juncture that there has to-date been no evidence found of an abductor. Evidence pointing to and leading police in another direction has been uncovered!

    Fiona’s statement, one would not welcome, not from a close friend or indeed from anyone if not true. A statement one would challenge robustly. One, which the McCann’s, based on their track record, should surely have resulted with them raising a legal action against Fiona Payne for making what is(if the McCann version is to be believed) in effect untrue statements to police. In essence, friend Fiona stated that Kate and Gerry knew there was every possibility their daughter Madeleine would wake, and wander out of the apartment into the dark streets of Praia Da Luz in search of mummy and daddy and had left the door unlocked for this very purpose!

    McCann’s though, say otherwise!

    The McCann’s have attempted to silence others for far less than the slurs made by Kate’s best friend. Yet not a sign or a hint of Carter Ruck for Fiona!

    Fiona must be a real good friend for Kate to overlook such a statement to police, the bond between them stronger than that perhaps which Kate and Madeleine shared – Kate’s priority and loyalty it would seem lie with Fiona, and not Madeleine...
    How extraordinary for any friendship to withstand such a statement, if not true, as made by Fiona Payne!



  7. Perhaps more extraordinary:-

    The police in Portugal required and requested the group of friends who holidayed with the McCann’s to participate in a criminal style reconstruction of the events of the evening Madeleine disappeared. This did not happen as the friends refused to co-operate with the police. Astounding to think that anyone at all would refuse to assist police in the investigation of a missing child... When that child is the daughter of your best friend, there is no comprehending the actions or reasons given by the “best” friend in refusing to do so.

    Best friend Fiona having given that damning police witness statement, now has the opportunity to co-operate fully with police authorities, return to Portugal, and assist in whatever way she can with police inquiries. Does she? NO!
    Fiona feels it would serve no purpose to do so. She, along with others in the group of friends adopted this same attitude.

    More astonishing, more than difficult to comprehend is that Kate McCann mother of the missing child is in agreement! Gerry the father of the missing child in recent interview stating also that he too agrees with the decision! The McCann couple condone the refusal of their friends to assist with police inquiries.

    What message does that send to those very many people who have given so generously to the Find Madeleine Fund, who have given of their time? What does it say to the public who the McCann’s ask to be vigilant to do all in their power to help find their missing daughter, when they themselves have not physically searched for the child, with Kate McCann admitting also to having been too busy on that first week to go out and look for her daughter!
    If Joe Bloggs announced he could help with inquiries but was too busy, or that he felt it would serve no purpose, so would give it a ‘miss’ how would such a statement be met by the McCann couple?

    Quite baffling behaviour from the parents who claim they will leave ‘no stone unturned’ in the search for their missing child.

    If you were the mum/dad of a missing child - Is there any excuse at all that your best friend could offer that you would find acceptable in justifying their refusing to help police in the investigation into the disappearance of your child? I think not!
    More to the point – It is inconceivable that said person would remain your best friend.

    Kate McCann some say is not like any other mother – one cannot argue with that – not like any mother I know for sure. The reasons for this, too many to mention, but page 129 and a book fit only for the fire but one that springs to mind!
    Kate McCann, like Fiona Payne also refused to fully co-operate with the police investigation, refusing to answer many questions put to her. She certainly had the legal right to refuse – but I ask – Why would any mother of a missing child want to hinder the police investigation in so doing?

    That is exactly what best friends Kate McCann and Fiona Payne did – together and separately they hindered police inquiries re the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann. Was this their intention?

    For these “best” friends to have put their own interests before that of missing Madeleine, one can only ask - What is the bond which binds them?

    What possible reason could there be for Fiona Payne to lie to police about her friend, Kate McCann, and what possible reason for Kate McCann to condone and forgive the actions of her friend in both lying re her, and refusing also to assist police in what was quite possibly Madeleine’s best chance of being found, saved from her suffering. By all accounts, not what one would expect of a parent grieving their missing child.


  8. To not participate in a police reconstruction which could have led to tracing Madeleine or thrown some light on the events of that evening, preferring to leave the youngster in the hands of the paedophiles, they are so sure abducted her, restricting her chances of being found...quite beggar’s belief. It is obvious to one and all that under no circumstances were the group of friends going to allow a reconstruction to take place. They were taking no chances then or now that inconsistencies in their police witness statements might surface and become more widely known, perhaps also leading to charges and convictions.

    For these two mums to refuse to help in a police inquiry one must ask also - Who it is they are protecting, and who in their eyes is more important than Madeleine...as someone clearly is!
    If innocent of all involvement in this child’s disappearance the best friends have nothing to fear.

    Madeleine on the other hand, if alive, and as they say, with a paedophile, has much to fear each and every day. If the daily suffering and torture of a young child did not “move” best friend Payne in the slightest, did not prick her conscience to do what is right – nothing will.

    If the thought of her first born child in the hands of a paedophile, and the callous actions of her best friend in refusing to co-operate with police are not enough for Kate McCann to do the right thing and disown this best friend Fiona Payne, to fail to shout it from the rooftops that her friends refused to assist police, refused to help her missing child one might be left to conclude that they both, Kate McCann and Fiona Payne:

    1. Have lied and colluded re the disappearance of this child.
    2. Are bound by their knowledge of the events of 3rd May 2007 which led to the disappearance of this child.
    4. Have equally as much to lose if truth regarding the disappearance comes to light.
    5. Both have partners equally involved and with equally if not more to lose.

    It cannot be ruled out that the fate of Madeleine is already known to these two women Kate McCann and Fiona Payne hence the ease with which they speak of refusing to help the child allowing them to display such a sickening and unforgiveable cold and uncaring attitude in respect of her possible suffering at the hands of a paedophile. No one with a modicum of humanity would refuse this helpless child unless of course self preservation was at the core.

    For sure, and for now at least, it very much looks like Kate McCann and Fiona Payne stand together firmly and defiantly on top of a stone crucial to this tragic case, hindering any possible progress. Lessening any chance however remote of Madeleine being found or how she came to vanish being discovered – a reconstruction of events! The refusal and reluctance by Payne on this count speaks volumes. The mere thought of their timeline being tested throws this group of people into turmoil...terrified the truth will out...

    If there is one thing we have learned re the McCann’s is that their stories never tally. Never have, not when Madeleine disappeared, not then, not now. The Leveson Inquiry demonstrating the lengths these people will go to distort, their lack of moral standing once more on display.

    As for Kate McCann and Fiona Payne – which of them has been less than truthful in their telling of their tales- Kate, Fiona or both?

    Are they Best Friends, or as perceived by some – Partners in Crime?

    A. Miller

    Goncalo Amaral is correct with regards a reconstruction, as is my good friend Sandra Ryan who we nicknamed 'Reconstruction Ryan' as she has, from day dot, insisted that the McCann party must be ordered to take part in a reconstruction of events, not sent an 'invite' which they are able to refuse!

    Best wishes one and all, and to you Joana a special thanks for keeping us so informed.

  9. Tick tock - Kate and Gerry tick tock, see you in Portimao in February!

  10. If there is any justice in this world then you surely deserve a huge slice of it Mr Amaral, out of this whole sorry affair you have been the only one who has been dealt with appalingly, both by the British media and the mccanns, in fact appaling is not the word im looking for Disgusting would be more fitting...and the only reason because they know you know what really happened and they cant stomach that.
    In Feb when this all starts again i would not want to be in the mccanns shoes because the media are about to jump all over the mccanns...

  11. The translation of " to be fed up" in Portuguese is "estar de saco cheio".
    At least in Brazil.

  12. The Sunday Express has now re raised the story of the Beckam lookalike. People have had enough of these far fetched tales,its' time the police investigated the tapas seven stories and got to the truth,if they want the real truth,open the case,involve Mr Amaral and have a proper investigation. Germany.

  13. this is so sad,Mr Amaral you have my respect,and this applys to the mccanns,EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES,

  14. Good luck Mr. Amaral - I really hope you win this case - the evil Mccanns are guilty as hell - the wrong person is being brought to court!

  15. Welcome back Joana! I trust you had a great time in the Maldives. Oh! how I envy you... :k

    Well, what do I make of this? Dr. Amaral to divorce his wife? Hmmm...we don't know the full story, do we?

    Could it be a shrewd move by "Big Rock" that will save his wife and children half of their patrimony? IF the McCanns' manage to walk away with yet another trumped up defamation case and his much coveted scalp, that is?

    In any ideology - particularly a world dominating ideology such as the British, status counts. Doctors are way up in any ideology and much more so when they have connections in high places.

    Compare the McCanns' treatment with that of an imaginary Joe Bloggs' placed in the same situation with forensic dogs barking and all...

    Think of how many other cases of "de-materialized" children is Scotland Yard looking into under a prime minister personal instructions...

    Whether status stays above human rights that remains to be seen. We shall have to wait until February 2012 to find out.

    The question is:

    Will the present social-democrat government in Portugal show as much subservience to Her Majesty government as the ousted Socialists?

    I am not exactly a fan of social-democrat policies but, I sense Passos-Coelho (The Portuguese PM) may have more backbone than Socrates - a "puppet on the strings" at the hands of defunct Gordon Brown who, by the way, along with Dr. Gerry McCann and (I am told) Clarence Mitchell was a Scotsman. Tribal loyalties were at play, you might say...

    Unfortunately, the fact that Dr. Amaral has already been found guilty of a "false statement" by an appeals court in Portugal - in a trial apparently engineered by the neophyte lawyer Marcos Aragão Correio in association with Metodo3 and the loving couple, remains a bad omen - even if such legal incongruence happened during the Socialists' watch...

    Leonor Cipriano haematomae or "shiners" in common parlance, were seemingly, the result of "Photoshop" manipulation! The appeals' court however dismissed solid evidence of that. Don't believe it? See the video...


    WHO was behind the appeals court decision then? I hear you asking...

    Your guess is as good as mine, except to me it sounded like another round of applause for the celebrity couple.

    We can only hope that come February 2012, no one will be behind another "surprise decision" and Dr. Amaral's basic human freedoms will be, fully restored. Costs and preliminary damages payable by the McCanns.

    Of course we all know that this is a big IF when we already know that in spite of a appeals' court decision for the McCanns' to release Dr. Amaral's books, their legal team have kept them locked in defiance of the Law. This again suggests the McCanns' are a law into themselves! I told you - status stands above the law...

    :a Long live Monarchy and Feudalism!

  16. I am disgusted with the article on the Sky News Website, regarding the McCanns forthcoming libel case against Goncalo Amaral. The article stated that Goncalo Amaral, bungled the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance and the McCanns say that the contents of his book, has stopped people from looking for Madeleine.

    Words cannot describe my feelings towards the McCanns. I have never hated anyone in my life, but I hate this pair of neglecting b*****ds. Who do they think they are and more to the point why are they so protected.

    If the McCanns didn't know they were committing a crime, each time they left their 3 tiny children unsupervised, in that unlocked, unlit apartment, they knew they were dicing with danger and possibly death.

    We all know they have lied to save their own skins, while not caring about the skins of their 3 children. We all know they didn't search for Madeleine and we all know they've made a shed load of money out of Madeleine's disappearance. This money has feathered the nest of the McCanns and if Clarence Mitchell was speaking the truth, the money has also feathered the nest of the McCanns wider family, because Mitchell said donors to the fund won't mind the McCanns and their wider family, using the fund to assist them.

    The McCanns have said that they will not be giving evidence at next years libel case, but they will be attending court. Goncalo Amaral said in the past, that he would be calling the McCanns to the witness stand, I hope he keeps to his word.

    I would love to go to Portugal next February, but due to family committments I can't. I would love to be able to stand outside the court with a loud megaphone and as Goncalo walked into the court, I would shout "Justice for Dr Amaral and Madeleine." When the McCanns walked into court I would shout ..."Jail for the McCanns, they are to blame for whatever happened to Madeleine and whatever suffering she endured on her way to God only knows where."

    If I were Goncalo Amaral, I would take a lawsuit out against Sky News for printing lies about him.

    I've just had a thought, maybe Sky News and all the other media outlets who appear to support the McCanns are doing so, in case they are brought to justice, then they can't say they've been tried by the media.

  17. A maior vergonha dos ultimos tempos e o artigo de propaganda pro McCann que o site da Sky News traz hoje. Desapareceu o NOTW mas deixou um legado de seguidores para perpetuarem a farsa e encaixarem algum nas contas bancarias. Sinceramente, nao accredito que Estes editores e journalistas nao sejam pagos para debitarem tanta mentira na cabeca oca dos seus leitores.
    Kate diz que o policia Enriqueceu a custa da filha. Deve estar a ver-se ao espelho. A garota da Primark que so deixou de ser "Tao pirosa" porque pisou solo Algarvio, vem falar de enriquecimento ilicito... Para rir se nao fosse Tao triste, Tao sacaninha . Houve realmente enriquecimento illicito, mas foi em solo de Sua Majestade. Milhoes foram enganados num Fundo de rapto sem provas. Milhoes foram defraudados por um livro que nao e o que foi publicitado. E assim, vai a nossa querida Kate, de mentira em mentira ate ao anzol final.

  18. mccannfiles with Sky news: how news stories can be misrepresented! how the british public can be misinformed. there is no explanation of the background and why this court case is taking place. so much too, defaming the character of dr amaral - how can they get away with it. No comments either - conveniently...

  19. The McCanns are disgusting! Their comments about Goncalo Amaral reflect what they themselves are guilty of. Classic narcissism. It is now just about how much money they can get their grubby little hands on. However much money they get it will not help to find Madeleine. If Scotland Yard can't find her, then their money won't - and how much money have they spent so far. All to no avail. Poor, poor Madeleine.

  20. As much as I sympathise with Amaral, it's important to remember that the McCann's are completely innocent, completely.

    Till proven otherwise in a court of law by an unbiased jury.

    I noticed in the Levenson inquiry that the negative press covered a four month period - September 2007 to January 2008 or thereabouts.

    If you take the UK headlines into consideration, slightly longer if you believe Kate's claim that a BBC journalist drew their attention to rumblings earlier, then negative press coverage represents around 10% of the total 4yr period. Pretty tame for a couple of media sl.ts. And they all said "sorry" (:

    I hope all current/future press coverage is slanted towards the McCanns, and family friends keep up the good work.

    Having said that what comes out of the February court case is what comes out, I'm sure the media is quite capable of reporting the facts of the verbal result of that along with the McCann slant.

    It's only by believing that we get to see how far they will go to get us to believe.

    Protecting assets is what comes to mind re Amaral's divorce, if not fine, if so, fine too.

  21. Dr Amaral is a class act and a logical thinker. He has accurately recorded in his Book the McCanns attempted to ban, the facts and circumstances of the investigation he was involved in, and the conclusions reached, as will no doubt be obvious to the judiciary at the upcoming trial, just as it was to the judges who previously lifted the injunction.

    Also, no matter how the McCanns have tried to spin, explain, or ridicule those doggies they object to, the dogs have never been wrong, and are used and trusted by police investigators the world over, and that includes SY. The UK public also trust them.

    Poor McCanns, for them the truth just wont lie down and play dead no matter how many books they write or interviews they give, and for people who like to be in control, as the McCanns do, how very frustrating when things don't work out as planned. Just as the media have reported them as being 'furious' at various times, it must be FURY indeed if they don't get their own way. Bashing of walls perhaps?

  22. If the McCanns would have known that the Scotland Yard would get involved in the case, Kate would have written a different book.
    There is still time enough to write a leaflet, telling how great Portugal and the PJ are.
    She still can repair it.And she can spread it, home by home, like the Madeleine Foundation did.
    There is a new comment on McCann Files, where the writer says he does not believe the Met were visiting Barcelona. It is a made up story, he thinks, and I think so too.

  23. The mccann's just keep running because in Portugal there is no "balls" to stop this two evil parents and the way they explore the memory of their daughter. The government had changed but the lawyers offices connected with power, still the same. Until this lawyers were prevented to walk inside the parliament, corruption and manipulation of some cases in justice, were not stopped. A shame, to be polite because the correct adjective is another one.
    My only hope lie on the judges. If they are competent and independent, they will give a lesson to the Mccann's reducing them to the insignificance they are and forcing them to give evidences for what they claim with a reconstruction. This will end up with the case reopened and back will came the evidences found by the dogs and an important question, if not a serious diplomatic issue between the 2 countries, that Amaral lawyers will not let go away: WHY THE REPPORT OF THE HAIR SAMPLE FOUND ON THE BOOT OF THE SCENIC WAS NOT SENT BACK TO PORTUGAL BY THE FSS LAB? was it not tested? If so, why? Was it tested? If so, why the results were hidden from the main investigation? Amaral said the samples were perfect with roots and were quite a lot to be considered been there due to cloths transference. So many cats with tail out, Mccann's. (cont)

  24. Cont: If you walk away with that, then the Portuguese public who payed the investigation and are paying a huge bill in the actual crisis, have the evidence they are waiting for, to incriminate and judge not only most of the politics as individuals, but the all system. That will be the prove that the democracy failed, the republic failed, the revolution performed on 25 April 1974, failed. The Portuguese were known for their tolerance and their pacific way to deal with most sensitive moments, but patience has limits. Maddie case, due to the behavior of her parents, is no longer a private issue of the Mccann's. Become global and affects the life of many people in Portugal and around the world, no matter if they try to dismiss it. It is a fact, they are inspiring many evil, who copied them, looking for money or for 5 minutes of fame. (cont)

  25. Cont: Cont: To the person, who posted the first comment. I agree with you in almost all your comment but you should not forget that the permiss" everybody is innocent until guilt is proven" is valid also for Dr. Amaral. The Mccann's, in a very biased analyze and from the top of their arrogance, delivered to the British media an image of a guilt Amaral. Guilt for what? Guilt for doing is job in a competent and incorruptible way? Guilt for suspecting the parents who immediately on the first week, delivered not only to the police but also to the media, more then one version of the events and some are the opposite with lies everybody can spot immediately? Was it mr.Amaral, who forced them to call the media and say one day the shutters were damaged and the door locked, while next day, the door was opened because journalists and common people can see the shutters were Ok and so old and burned by the Sun that was impossible to be opened from outside without been broken? Who force them to lie and adjust their story to the circumstantial moments? That, was what damage their reputation, their credibility and the all abduction story. That, yes, damaged the search of their daughter by the public. We start smelling the rat that could be behind their words, but like always, they conveniently label the public with a "stupid stick" and lie on the millions raised on the Fund to pay who also conveniently, earn an insultuous amount of money and help them to continue the circus. It is a profitable business for a group of evils working for them. (cont)

  26. Cont : I hope, some Judges like Carlos Alexandre step on their feet to expose the farse and show what is really the Carter Ruck office- very good with intimidating letters, but very weak in Court.
    Mccann's are saying they will attend the trial but will not give evidences. How? One of the first things to do is to give evidences that bake the defamation. The book, the supreme court, already said, has no defamation because states what is in the investigation. The articles on the papers are the responsibility of the papers. No any paper can say the source of the information was Amaral. PJ, long ago, when Amaral still in the investigation, stands against the leaks from the investigation to the press, opening the window for a suspictious behavior from some of the British investigators who came to Portugal to hypothetical work with PJ, but in fact were helping the parents and doing odd things. Will be nice for Mr Cameron, if the court case Bring to day light the behavior of the British police, damaging completely the reputation of that police and raising suspicion on the way other cases were solved in Uk.
    We know, why the Mccann's are trying to not give evidences. As witnesses, they cannot lie in court and cannot remain in silence. A right they had as arguidos but they lost as witnesses. Playing with the authorities again. Trying to perform exceptional rules that suit their conveniences.
    Amaral is a clever guy with an elephant memory and the patience of a chinese fisherman. That is the stone on
    mccann's shoes. He will end up with case reopened and the mccann's doing what they run away from, during this 4 years- the reconstruction. The world will be able to see who is really preventing the search of Madeleine and who still not caring about the pain and the feelings of that little
    girl. Will be amazing if the Mccann's end up having to pay 1.2 M euros to Amaral plus the Cost of the court. Next step, will be Portugal suing them for their lack collaboration with justice and the manipulation of the investigation. The evil Mccann's are opening a bucket of worms counting with their friends, Mr, Cameron and associates. The same PM, who end up isolated in the last European meeting and was reduced to his insignificance by Sarkozy.

  27. The Mccann's and Carter Ruck are counting with a case solved on the same way they earn the money from the Express group they sue in Uk, without a trial. All faked, all performed in the back stage. Could be their huge and last mistake, after many others. Portugal has no tradition of cases were somebody won a defamation case. Even the last PM and some of his friends, like Paulo Pedroso, lost some and when they won, another court appeal was done and they never earned the money.
    Will be interesting to see if with Mccann's will be different.
    Since Amaral is no longer a masterpiece in the official investigation, IF NO ANY EVIDENCE AGAINST THE MCCANN'S WERE RAISED AND AVAILABLE, a press conference done by somebody with power in PJ or by the Attorney General, stating that there was a mistake/ errors in the investigation or no evidences against the mccann's were raised, will be enough to clean the face of the Mccann's. Much more efficient and less trouble to everybody, even if the Mccann's sue PJ after that. Portugal could always justify the errors as a normal result in many cases and trow the ball to the British partners since the dogs were British and most of the compromising evidences were tested and stated by UK. Why no any official police have done this during the last 4 years? I just found one reason- there is evidences against the parents, a part the lies we all spotted in the press, delivered by them or by somebody on their behalf.
    The Mccann's tried to twist the shelving due to not enough evidences, in to a trial result with them been cleared by the Portuguese justice. In fact, what PJ stated in the final report, is the evidences pointed to the girl been dead and having died inside the 5A. If so, Watever was done, and any money asked or earned with excuse of searching a live girl, after the final report was made publicly, is a fraud and a crime on itself.
    From the mouth of PJ or the Attorney General, what I heard, is the case shelved waiting for a better prove, for a new strong evidence that could reopen the case. The case was not closed or solved, is in stand by. That is completely different then what the manipulative mccann's are delivering to the British readers. The day, the case will be reopened, their arguido condition is back and only a trial in court could clear them. To allow that, they will be forced to do the reconstruction without actors. Refusing that court request is on itself an incrimination. Will be amazing to see how the despicable mccann's and their friends will perform their movements on the magic night with an abductor having less then 5 minutes to snatch one girl and calm down 3 children. This 5 minutes are enough to ruin their story. Then the accusation lawyers can always ask them, why they used a Madeleine activity book to write down a time scale that should be in the all Tapas 9 memory if was really experienced by them, and why J Tanner had a So interesting view of the abductor. She spotted small details but was not able to describe main issues that could attract the attention of any real witness.

  28. "We need money to continue the search for Madeleine" (Kate)

    What about finding yourself a job? The children are already nearly 7 years old, they spend the day at school, you can go cleaning around.
    More than four easy years, making money like water. In such a short time you got 2,5 million pounds and spent them, it is now high time to start working. Gerry has experience alredy that extremely expensive hotel in Lisbon (typical something of a person who was very poor in the past), and now you go working, Kate.We will all applaud!
    Another million will not get you very far because you're used to burn money.
    Try cheaper lawyers, they exist.

    Are you considering financially helping your friends Tapas 7?
    They got in trouble because of you and they are needing a lot of money in order to protect themselves when the Mep come up with their conclusions, which will be the same of the PJ's.
    False statements, obstruction of investigations, hiding a crime...

    Come on, help them, instead going to church every Sunday.

  29. re sky news,what in the world is happening in england when you have a major news outlet spewing out this vile insult to the man who was trying to find their daughter,sky must owe the mccanns big time.
    the mccanns are pure venom,god help their 2 remaining children to have to live with people like this.

  30. @anonymous #20

    In UK "negative press coverage represents around 10% of the total 4yr period", you wrote.

    Easily achieved, considering the injunctions the woeful duo have slapped on the UK medias, preventing them to say anything negative about them.

    If they are so innocent as you believe them to be, why do they have to silence everyone who doesn't believe their story or even dare mention the word neglect?

    I hope Portuguese justice will prevail as justice should.

  31. Regarding court cases - is there any news of the Murat/Tanner case?

  32. A. Miller,
    How nice to hear (read!) from you, I've missed you and your balanced and "right on the spot" posts!
    You have the wonderful hability to put in words what goes on in my mind, it's always a pleasure to read all you write.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and to Joana, Astro and all the posters and readers of this blog!

    Mrs. BlackCat

  33. How sad to read that Mr. Amaral and his lovely wife Sofia are considering divorce, it's such a shame, they were so united, they have endured so much hardship...but it all has finnaly taken its toll, I guess. So, so sad...
    Damned McCanns, you will rot in hell for destroying the Amaral family! Remember...what goes around comes around...all the evil you cause will come back to you, multiplied by 100 fold!

  34. #18,
    I tried over and over to publish a comment in Martin Brunt's Life of Crime on that subject, to no avail! It was always rejected, never came on. Someone is monitoring the comments on that blog and does not allow the "inconvenient" ones to come to light...

  35. Though the mills of God grind slowly;
    Yet they grind exceeding small;
    Though with patience he stands waiting,
    With exactness grinds he all.


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