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Maddie: Attorney General's Office not part of new investigations

by: Paula Oliveira

The English police is investigating the disappearance of Maddie McCann without the assistance of Portuguese authorities. This information has been confirmed to TVI24 by the [Portuguese] Republic's Attorney General.

Three Scotland Yard investigators were in Barcelona between the 23rd and the 25th of November, following leads in the disappearance of the English child that disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2007. The presence of investigators in Spain may indicate that the child was taken across the border. But the Scotland Yard did not contact the Portuguese investigators.

«The Scotland Yard did not have any contact with the Attorney General's Office about that issue. In the process, there is no knowledge of the existence of any new data/facts about Maddie's disappearance. The process will only be reopened under the regulations of article 279 of the Penal Process Code, which is to say, if any new elements appear that invalidate the basis for the archiving», the Attorney General's Office states in a written reply to TVI24.

The case was archived by the Attorney General's Office. Approximately one year ago, Pinto Monteiro [the Attorney General] asserted that he would only reopen it if new data appeared.

In May last year, the Scotland Yard reopened the process after the personal intervention of the United Kingdom's prime minister, David Cameron.

It is not known whether the British investigators have discovered any new fact that the Portuguese police failed to notice.

In August this year, the Scotland Yard confirmed to [Portuguese news] agency Lusa that they travelled to Portugal in order to discuss the Maddie case with Portuguese investigators. At that time, the Judiciary Police (PJ) and the Attorney General said they did not know about that information.

in: TVI24, 06.12.2011


  1. How very odd Scotland Yard are reported as saying they are working WITH Portuguese and Spanish police...

  2. I forgot to say also thatit is reported in the press that the Portuguese police retain the lead in the investigation... as would be expected..

  3. Always interested when things are released a tad after the event, what the meaning is. The MET don't seem to be giving press conferences about their musings, although we are to beleive the McCanns are in the loop. Perhaps out of the loop is the PJ|Portuguese authorities.
    Fine line between REVIEW and REOPEN. Does anyone think,if the MET spotted something significant they will pass it to the PJ ? unless on Portuguese soil.
    But one would have thought to gain an understanding of the case, the MET would have needed access to the immediate environment, the much thwarted RECONTRUCTION, Tapas, Road, car park & apartment - it begs the question have they?


  4. Sickening, these people really are well looked after, I believed it was going to be different but it is clear that they have got away with this crime.

  5. Which U.K. newspaper will report on this obvious discrepancy?

  6. no reconstruction, note

  7. I think it is all a cynical ploy by Cameron to give the appearence that he is interested in solving the Madeleine McCann case. My guess is SY has been ordered to go through the motions, spend a bit of Tax Payer cash & produce a report that a Senior Civil Servant will then edit so that it is harmless & does not embarass former PMs Blair & especialy Brown, since Cameron the EUSSR loving fake Tory needs Labours support to prevent any demand for an EU Withdrawl Referendum that will come once again as dissatitisfaction from his backbenchers gathers once again as the EUSSR economy disintegrates. In the days of web based technology it was not necessary to dispatch 3 detectives to Barcelona. Any documments needing to be reviewed could have been scanned in & emailed to the yard by their Spanish Colleagues or Brit. Embassy staff & any interview of people could have been done by a secure link encrypted video conference.

  8. I wonder where this 'leak', ermmm I mean news, originated from. Nothing like giving the phantom abductor(s) a head up, still I'm sure the Mc's will be delighted.

  9. The Met are working on behalf of the McCann's. Therefore their task must be to 1) Discredit the PJ evidence and suspicions 2) Boost the credibility of the abduction theory and endorse the McCann's PI's.
    However, Eddie and Keelea do not lie, they have no agenda. Unless the Yard can offer a convincing explaination of the dogs alerts then the sceptics will NEVER away.

  10. So does this mean SY have not viewed the Portuguese files on this case or liaised with the Portguese investigators? Maybe they are just working from the info the McCanns are showing them. Unbelieeeeeeeeeeeevable !

  11. They've obviously gone to Spain to look at the acid beds in Huelva, and find out why the Mccanns went to Spain to give out leaflets when it was a Spannish public Holiday!!!!!
    They probabaly also want to speak to that weird Metado Investigation Team who were believed to have paid witnesses to say they saw Maddie.
    I'm quite impressed and hopeful really.

  12. Investigating the mccanns private investigators ?
    Were meto3 based in Barcelona ?

  13. If Portugual wanted these two neglecting parents back to answer what they did with their kid then the AG should be re-opening the case while the Met are involved.
    Come on Portugual grow some b*%*%


    Hmmm. It seems to me one side is not telling the truth - nothing but the truth...

    I am trying to work out which side is. Please bear with me...

    Could it be the side with the largest bank account and best organized political, legal and PR apparatus?

    Once I have worked this one out I will report back - unless some other genius here cracks it first that is...

  15. Scotland Yard could be investigating the true role of the private investigators Metodo 3 hired by the McCanns in connection with some sort of deception, which is itself a crime in the UK. How many crimes have been committed in the charade. The story could be leaked for a reason. The story could be planted for TM spin.

  16. For goodness sake, who is lying?
    In September the UK Press Association published SY detectives had been in Lisbon, talking to the PJ, and it was an agreable meeting.
    A couple of days ago we learned they went to Barcelona and who said they did?
    Somebody is lying.
    Or maybe Portugal wants to avoid the pressure of the British media, that terrible media circus.

    The text above writes about "investigation" and not about review.
    Astro, Amaral must know the truth.
    Could you please call him and ask him about this article above?
    Or could you interview the police in Portimão?
    We have the right to know.
    I believe the McCanns are not being protected this time. Gerry is too thin and he looks too unhappy.

  17. I think this is sensible. When the Mccan's face charges by the MET it will make the Mccann's vast PR team face lots of difficulties in who to slander! as if they were working with the portugese it would be far too easy for them to poke holes into the whole matter!

    The reason the media are making comment about the 'Lookalike' Scenario is because its the only scenario they can report on.

    The British Media sure as hell can't state that the real reason homicide detectives have gone to spain is to investigate the 2 hours of missing time when the Mccann's went to Helluva where the Portugese thought it was possible they could have buried the body!

  18. C ould it be that the PJ want to get rid of eventual new sightings, provided by the McCanns?
    And they want to work in peace?

  19. whitewash, excellent reading (with extras) - dogs normally have four legs.


  20. @16....Sorry, I can assure you the bastard McCanns ARE being protected and always will be.

  21. Who knows the SY started reviewing outside Portugal and than they will continue it in Portugal.
    I believe the PJ are fed up, after the experiences they had in 2007/2008.
    Or shall will call this The Pinocchio Cold Case?
    I can't imagine the UK Press Association lying about this news.
    Is England so sick?
    It is very much possible Portugal is hiding the fact they have contact with the Met, till things are ready.
    It seems Martin Brunt spoke to the Scotland Yard, in May.
    The Mccanns, specially Gerry, are looking too unhappy and thin, it got to be true.
    I believe the Met are in contact with the PJ.

  22. We have a right to know nothing about this case, everything in this investigation,PJ or UK police, must be under wraps, they are dealing with a very slippery pair, who will never give in unless forced to do so.
    I agree they both look dreadful.We all would if we were waiting for the dreaded knock on the door and come it will.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  23. I don't believe the Portuguese story.I believe the PJ are running 1000 kilometres per hour, from the media.
    They don't want to talk about it otherwise they will again live under the media pressure, and who knows, under the British political pressure. They learned their lesson in 2007 when they lost their trust in the British government.
    Admitting the visits of the SY to them, it would be admitting going back to hell.
    Let them rest and let them do their work in peace.
    If there was no contact between the two police, we would have heard it from Amaral.
    I believe Theresa May and Cameron are serious.

  24. @ 17 & 18

    Certainly if this case of a missing person is to be brought to a conclusion and the perpetrators of whatever crime is involved brought to justice, then it is obviously not going to be done by coming up with a solution which involves the Portuguese authorities. Too easy for the legal and PR people to use British media and official antipathy towards everything "foreign" to discredit joint evidence and blow holes in any case dependent upon such evidence. Imagine a renewal of the PR campaign focusing on the alleged blundering of the bumbling "sardine munching" Portuguese "cops". Endless headlines in the British media slagging off the PJ and Dr. Amaral; anything to take the focus off what should really be investigated. No doubt the legal team would use such a hue and cry as a last resort to support a defence that a fair trial was impossible under such circumstances. That IMO is why it is so important that the Met investigate in complete secrecy and build their own case without the Portuguese, without Dr. Amaral and most importantly, with no public/media-leaked input from the parents or their legal and PR team.
    IMO the Portuguese have done everything they possibly could to find the child and/or solve the case. That they had to shelve the investigation does not reflect negatively on them; without the parents' and other witnesses' cooperation it was inevitable.
    But for the British authorities, it cannot be allowed to stop there. A British citizen has disappeared. Those responsible for her safety are also British citizens. The law is quite clear in this respect, the authorities are bound to investigate that disappearance, whether it happened in the UK, Portugal, Timbuktu or anywhere else on the planet.
    What better way to carry out such an investigation than to use only the facts recorded by Leicestershire Constabulary? Facts which were presumably recorded in accordance with the requirements of British law? Indeed, the Met have access to all the evidence without having to refer to the Portuguese files or debate conclusions with the Portuguese police at all. They have the rogatory interviews, all the forensics and should they deem it necessary, access to medical records and phone records too. They can investigate the behaviour of the parents and others over the past four years without ever talking to them. They can investigate the "sightings" and establish whether there is indeed a pattern of false sightings "investigated" by phoney private investigators as a tactic to confuse and frustrate the investigation. They can investigate the fund and actions of its directors and show conspiracy to defraud and/or pervert the cause of justice should the fund have been used for that purpose. Given that they have a budget of more than 3 million pounds authorized by the British Prime Minister and Home Secretary and have put together a homicide team of 30 detectives to do it, there is no reason to assume that this is not happening.
    IMO therefore, it is logical that the Met are not working with the Portuguese authorities on this and indeed, it is very positive that the Portuguese have made this irrefutably clear from the start and continue to refute information to the contrary appearing in the British media. Claims originating from the parents' PR team and put out through the usual "media suspects" concerning possible activities of the Met are designed to confuse, foment mistrust and discredit the operation.

  25. The distance between Luz and Barcelona is about 1040 kilometres. A lot.
    It is possible the SY is reviewing all information indeed.Barcelona happened on August 2009. They are further now, I believe.They must be following it according to days, months, etc. What surprises me is that there has been no sightings in the UK.
    Madeleine went to Malta, North Africa, South America, crossing all possible oceans and seas but she didn't take the train to England.

    The Met must be writing dozens an dozens of reports and I hope authorities are reading them as fast as it can be read.
    I would not be surprised if the McCanns were sending more information, in order to delay everything. It is a review and not the reopening of the files. A reopening now would be a disaster.
    A review has a limit.

  26. Mr Amaral would you please give us your thoughts on this, this is becoming comical...

  27. Adolf Eichmann comitted his crimes in Europe and Israel brought him to justice after he was kidnapped in Argentina.Not long ago the Netherlands delivered a Dutch criminal terrorist to the US, where he got a trial and was condemnd by the American law.
    The UK is a part of the European Union and I wonder if the McCanns could be judge in England, where 15 DNA points are enough to identify a person, where neglect is much more severe punished than in Portugal, where they created their fraudulent fund and where they irritated the Home Office and the Prime minister.(Kate: "If you are a Prime minister, you have a responsibility..." 12-05-2011. What about your responsibility, Kate?)

    I hope both police will choose the worst place for the trial.

  28. Martin Brunt on his blog at Sky News raised a very interesting scenary: If S Y went to Barcelona, related to M3 and his fruitless activities.
    An investigation of the fraudulent Fund could be on the way, while reviewing the Maddie case. Cameron must cover his face in shame if he end up that review without exposing the fraudulent Fund and bring to justice who set and operate it. It is clear, the sights, the persecutions to some innocents amazing called "persons of interest" and some witnesses, were payed by who wanted and got financial/ judicial profit from that .

  29. SY wasting money in a 5 stars holiday in Barcelona. They could at least use the time to increase their personal culture visiting some monuments. Tourists said, Barcelona has a good night life where those cops can learn also something.
    Investing the Old story of the Victoria lookalike? Really? That was full investigated long ago by Spanish and portuguese police and GA said the British police are aware of all the investigation.
    Do you remember the owner of. Cafe/ bar in the Marina where the lady was hypothetical spotted ( always by a person that cannot be named) saying in an interview, that none of the Mccann's detectives went there to interrogate or investigate anything? How many times the Mccann's went to Spain? I lost the number. The pair who made all efforts to travel around the world and fool people with a search to raise money, never spent a minute searching their daughter on the places where they claim their girl have been. BTW, how many miles is Barcelona away from PDL? 10 miles? What a joke, you become David Edgar with your shameful employers.

  30. 22, T4two, though the crime happened in Portugal, the body is probably in Praia da Luz and I believe the PJ have a lot more of information that they are keeping for themselves.A police don't share everything they have with another.I even think they are not sharing everything now with the Met.And how do you come to the idea that the Leicestershire police got all of the information? Ok, the Met is busy with an independent review but they need all of the important issues kept by the PJ.My opinion is that there is a contact with the Portuguese police and Portugal does not want to admit it.Too many bad experiences.

  31. The McCanns are home & dry,it clearly showed at the Leveson enquiry,if anyone thinks that SY will arrest the McCanns for anything at all then they are delluding themselves.Someone or something powerful is behind the McCanns & no one will have the guts to end it.Poor Madeleine.

  32. Please read "The Forbidden Investigation" by Goncalo Amaral here: http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/AMARALS_BOOK_ENGLISH.htm

    I really can't understand WHY it could be "FORBIDDEN"! Nothing abusive, just facts. Clearly - the parents are doing everything to cover something disgusting and horrible. And what is even more disgusting - someone (very powerful) protects them.

    God bless Goncalo Amaral! Our dear friend, you even couldn't imagine how many of us are with you every day with all our hearts. We believe you. We believe one day The Truth will shine out. Little Madeleine deserves it.


    Assuming the news advanced by TVI are reality-testable... we may speculate that the "revisionist" function of Scotland Yard in this case is to denigrate the PJ investigation. It is an attempt to get the McCanns' off the (suspects) hook where they have been hanging ever since.

    This case is no longer a matter of criminology. It is a matter of ideology; of two prominent British citizens "wronged" as it were by a the wanna-be cops of a "banana republic" (as perceived).

    Evidence of the above is, for example, the couple's ruthless pursuit of Dr. Amaral - the chief co-ordinator of the investigation. Why?

    Dr. Amaral's expert views probably feel like a giant index finger tatooed on their foreheads with the caption "guilty" :p

    Please correct me if I am wrong...

  34. I agree with other posters that the McCanns look dreadful and in my opinion it is because Scotland Yard and the PJ are conducting the review. They are terrified that the Met will uncover something that the PJ missed. Something that will end their days of freedom.

    The McCanns wanted David Cameron to conduct this review and he might have done, if Gerry McCann hadn't used Mr Cameron's son Ivor as tool,to get what he and his wife wanted.

    This is what Gerry McCann said, when he told the media he had asked David Cameron to review the case. " He knows what it's like to lose a child" I can only imagine how David and Samantha Cameron felt, when they heard Gerry McCann utter those cruel words. Ivor Cameron lost his life through complications that were linked to his disability. He wasn't left unsupervised, in a unlocked unlit apartment, while his parents went out to dinner.

    When the McCanns learned that David Cameron had asked Scotland Yard to conduct the review, Gerry McCann said, they only partially got what they wanted.

    I hope that by the time Scotland Yard and the PJ finish their review, the McCanns get what they should have got in 2007.... Jail for a very long time.

  35. Hi Astro! How are you? OK? Is Joana still alive (and kicking)? Hope so.

    I wonder if you could publish this here? I think it is still much apropos - considering Amaral's and now Bennett's dilemma, that is.

    "Petition for a full public enquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance

    The petition calls on the British government to hold a full and open public enquiry, with the power to summon witnesses, into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    We petition the European Court of Human Rights, under Article 44 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, to protect the constitutional rights of Citizen Gonçalo Amaral, in a case of blatant disrespect for the universally consecrated right to Freedom of Expression."


    They had to change their website address from .org to .org.uk as the previous has been vastly censored and edited by the McCanns' lawyers... :h

  36. T4two

    Very good and detailed post. I am almost convinced but not quite. You see you have forgotten about "the Brothers" you know those ones that have connections everywhere.

    I believe the content of your post is absolutely spot on its what will happen if any force decides to try and bring charges that's the problem. In fact, IMO it will be derailed well before this can happen. They are way, way in front of us and always have been. By the time we cotton on to a what is reported they are gone over the horizon.

    wish it were otherwise. :(

  37. what with all thats coming out of the leveston enquiry i would,nt trust any of our police force ever again.This has got whitewash written all over it

  38. The UK police can investigate a crime against a British citizen that occurred in a foreign countty. UK police recently investigated the death of a British woman who died in India. The India police concluded it was an accident, but UK police have re-opened the case and the husband is suspected of her murder. (The Times)Nevertheless, the SY have insisted that this is not an investigation, but a review... for the present time perhaps.

  39. On McCann Files we ca read about Amaral and his wife splitting up, getting divorced to protect his family.
    I don't believe things are bad between tho two people but I believe he has to convince around that it is really a divorce.
    He is looking too well and well dressed.Much better than the McCanns are looking now.
    Let Justice in Portugal read Kate's book, before February the 12th and before the SY opens the process.
    Because I believe this request will come from the UK.
    And let us see what is going to happen, in February.

  40. Amaral's words: "Justice works in silence".
    This could be an answer to our question. Is Amaral also insinuating a secret contact between the PJ with and Met, at this moment?
    In this case, the UK Press Association is telling the truth. I can't imagine pathologially lying is a national illness in the UK, obliged by law.

    Somewhere, interview, Gerry tells they were the ones who suggested the dogs.
    According to Amaral it was an idea of the British police.
    I believe Amaral.

    I still have to laugh when I think of the fact that the McCanns suggested Daniel Krugel, which later resulted on the coming of the dogs.

    And I adore the fact that the McCanns were the ones who insisted on a review and Cameron listened to them Hah hah hah.

  41. For what it's worth, there is NO portuguese word for the english colloquial "fedup" but there are a number of portuguese words for "upset"

    Kate McCann implies that her Diary, published in the News of the World, was an English translation of the portuguese translated version of the original. I can't think of a simpler way to say that!

    ...and that an example of this was "upset" becoming 'fedup"

    I smell a rat, just not sure what it is.

  42. I had not heard (see Mccannfiles most recent)that Dr. Amaral's life had been thrown into such disarray. I am sad that his marriage has been disrupted, especially since it seemed to be so supportive...condolences

  43. Re Levenson inquiry, at 24:14 mins Gerry gives Kate a couple of nasty hip nudges against her hand which is either on his chair arm or his thigh? Watch her jolt both times then remove her hand.

    All is not good between them?

  44. Anon 41 "there is NO Portuguese word for the English "fed-up"

    Dear friend,

    Without wishing to antagonize you, may I point out that there is a literal equivalent to "fed-up" in Portuguese and that is "cheio" - as in "Arre! Ate da vómitos! Estou CHEIO dos McCanns ate a ponta dos cabelos!"

    Prof. Casteleiro

  45. "Someone is behind the McCanns"

    I have read that in many places already but i still fail to understand why "they" would be behind them,
    why go through all the trouble for that couple who are no-ones...
    just because they are part of some group, just because they know one or two things?

    Wouldn't it be easier to keep them under control instead of keeping the whole wise world silent/confused? I understand "they" would show a bit of support in the beginning but i think it got much further than what was expected in 2007 and im sure a lot of support has tired since and left the building.

    What will really cause the end of this awful couple is their greed more than their guilt. To get more money they needed more publicity and they ended up caught in their own game.
    They look unhealthy and old, not at all in a love relationship, more like tied to each other on death row.
    And our task is to raise awareness, to not let them get away with it.

  46. Their protection is a fact but recent political developments have,for me, revealed important connections.

  47. I don't hold with the idea there needs to be a public inquiry, I don't see what it would achieve.

    There is sufficient public money that is the £3.5 million being spent on whatever it is the MET are now doing.

    Was this what the McCanns wanted, who knows? Did they use Cameron's son ... I don't think so. The only use here was probably Rebekah Brooks, using her networking\friendship with Cameron, and making a public spectacle that it was the SUN's publication of the McCanns open letter. Probably the bite in the bum in this case, will come from the very tool (or sword) that the Tapas group use, the Media.

    I'm saddened to read the mixed picture out of Portugal that Dr Amaral's private life is in shatters. The Sky did a right ‘kill’ job on him this last weekend and really exposes the media of the UK at it’s worse. If TM really sourced this they must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    But over the last week the source of the METS recent visit to Spain seems to be ambiguous that it needed mention.

    And where is Halligen these days ? Still a sitting duck for the MET whenever they wish to interview him

    The plot thickens.



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