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McCann Spin: Gypsy link to Maddie

Clarence Mitchell spinning the "Gypsies" who dun it, January 2008

BRITISH detectives are to return to Spain to investigate a possible gypsy link in the disappearance of Maddie McCann.

A team from Scotland Yard have already spent three days looking into claims that the youngster was smuggled into Spain and taken to Barcelona.

They met with both Spain’s UDYCO organised crime unit and detective Dave Edgar, who has spent years investigating the Spanish claims.

 Dave Edgar  & Clarence Mitchell promoting a "Victoria Beckham" look-a-like suspect seen in Barcelona, August 2009

Now they are reported to be returning to investigate the theory that she was snatched by a child kidnap gang run by gypsies.

Portuguese police have already investigated a report by holidaymaker Andre van Wyk that he had seen a girl resembling Madeleine being taken in a cart to a gypsy camp near Portimao, about 16kms from where Maddie disappeared.

Days later a British holidaymaker Jean Godwin saw a girl – ’100 per cent Madeleine’ – being dragged around by ‘gypsy women’ 35kms away.

Her information was followed up by both detective Edgar working for the McCann’s and Portuguese police, but nothing was ever conclusive.

The latest development is part of an on-going ‘investigative review’ into the girl’s disappearance in Portugal in 2007, ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron last year.

Last week, the McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry welcome the on-going work by the Metropolitan Police and they are pleased that the investigative review is making progress.”

in The Olive press, December 13, 2011


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  1. Back to the gypsies... It would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic (and an awful waste of public money).

    Dave Edgar is still on a extended holiday in Portugal and Spain then. All paid for by the gullible public who donated to the "fund".

    It's a blessing that poor old George Harrison is dead as he bears an uncanny resemblance to the caricature of the "Beast".

  2. This is ironical. Writing about gypsies means to make the McCanns and Mitchell bigger liers and more ridiculous than they already are.
    Nobody knows what the Met are doing now. They would never tell it.They want to work in peace.
    I even don't believe they have been in Barcelona and if they did, it could have been to ask for the results gotten by Metodo 3.
    The McCanns need new smoke and mirrors but this time it will not work.
    Within some days we will read the Mep went to Marakesh, Malta, Belgium, etc

  3. Anon. 1 @ 15.19

    Too true - to have to actually read this report is laughable. Poor old SY - a laughing stock and corrupt to boot!

    If I am not mistaken this is a novel way to slap us all round the face in public to show us that whatever or whoever we charge with investigating this sad affair - they are going to come back with "a wooden spoon"!

  4. When we were still little, my brother and I used to play "African", we would great each other with the words "uga buga leopardu".
    I just read "Gonçalo Amaral's twitter" and it is clearly not written by a Portuguese nor by a Brazilian. The person who presents himself as Amaral probably comes from an English speaking country.
    It is very much "me Amaral, me canibal, me very much fear, me lost process in future, me enjoy not".

    I hope it is not Kate because if it is her, she is seriously ill.

  5. WHITEWASH!.....Thanks Cameron you clown.
    No better than the two Labour Party pricks that looked after them too.
    Why the hell are they being protected??
    I feel like puking.

  6. Was this written by a journalist or just random pieces of text thrown up and put together by a computer?

    "BRITISH detectives are to return to Spain to investigate a possible gypsy link in the disappearance of Maddie McCann".!

    Who says? Maybe an 'unknown source'?

    "A team from Scotland Yard have already spent three days looking into claims that the youngster was smuggled into Spain and taken to Barcelona".

    Who says? A family member?

    "They met with both Spain’s UDYCO organised crime unit and detective Dave Edgar, who has spent years investigating the Spanish claims."

    Who says? Now this sounds like Clarence Mitchell.

    What a load of drivel! If SY went to Spain it was probably to have meetings about money laundering, so techniaclly ....yes....it was about the McCann case but certainly nothing to do with gypsies.

    I wonder what sort of get out is being engineered here, not just the McCanns but mainly the bigger players in this tragic farce.
    Who will take the blame and what is the price?

  7. I agree with poster number 2.
    of course the MET aren't going to say where they are going and what they are doing.
    And for goodness sake, why would anyone choose to kidnap a child who has defects and is a screamer, and difficult to control. There was a perfect little toddler in the same room, a much better proposition. And she wouldn't have woken up however much noise the "abductor" made, even if he banged on the walls !!!! It's really laughable, but utterly tragic.

  8. Love your comment (1),
    It is pathetic and I am just wondering if it is a joke, spending this amount of money to come back with the same nonsense, oh la la....,
    by the way you two, last night I told my son off I could not sleep all night (felt so guilty), please explain something to me, how do you do it???

  9. has anybody heard of the link between andrew brown brother of the then prime minister gordon and wether he was part of the tapas group, i remember the press hounding him shortly after the vanishing and he would not come to his door, also reports saying that someone flew home from the group on the night in question rather hastily and under cover,,,maybe a private charter jet??

  10. If it is so easy to hack phones, I hope some papers hacked the McCanns' and the Tapas 7 phones and that they are keeping all of the information somewhere,
    An idealist telephonist could help recording their talks among themselves.
    But it is also possible that the British police hacked theirs, already in 2007.
    Any news?

  11. It is not Dr Amaral who is discouraging the search for Madeleine, it is the McCanns with this sort of ridiculous garbage they are publishing, which is clearly fantasy. It is not conceivable that SY would be following up so-called 'leads' in Barcelona that have already been dismissed by the police. The private detectives 'evidence' must have been reported to the British/Portuguese police for follow-up, all along, otherwise they have found no evidence, which is clearly the case.

    Please give us more of this rubbish McCanns, it is so foolish.

  12. Rogério Alves é um chato de galocha.

    Carlos Pinto de Abreu is lovely.

  13. Oh nao, os ciganos outra vez. E o Mitchell Patetao ainda vive no tempo em que os ciganos eram saltimbancos de burro e carroca, acampados de terra em terra. Agora andam de Mercedes e tem Mais valores morais e Mais nivel que ele.
    Hilariante juntar esta historia com a descricao do rapto e dos Dias anteriores a 3 de Maio. Como e que os ciganos descobriram uma miuda que passou os Dias enfiada na creche do OC? Alguma ideia caro Mitchell? Quando o sr. Debita uma mentira tem de ter repostas convincentes para as perguntas que a seguir tem de ser feitas. O problema e que nao ha ninguem com Txxxxx para lhe fazer estar perguntas publicamente e em directo. Voce debita as larachas que quer e eu divirto-me a ver 3 palhacos enterrados ate ao pescoco num crime que cada dia cheira Mais a algo Mais serio do que um simples accident domestico.

  14. well f*** my old boots.the gypo,s are back in the frame,who,s gonna be next,any takers.if this was,nt so serious it would be laughable.

  15. Clarence Mitchell and Dave Edgar are worse than the NOTW liars. Now that takes a lot to beat ! Clarence should get First Prize for best Spinner in the World.


  16. As far as I remember Sr. Amaral predicted the sighting spinning. What are we supposed to believe of this SY mission? Did Cameron send a few close pensioners to do some whitewashing, making complete fools of themselves and spend a few days in nice Spanish hotels? I find it hard to believe in serous investigation. BTW, anything about Kevin Halligen?

  17. We all new this would happen you can read them like a book,,,,unbelievable!!! I bet Scotland Yard are wanting to find out who is spinning these lies, but hey SY are probably well on to them now and are sitting back and patiently waiting.

    I agree with the above poster the longer this charade goes on the more i also suspect maddy was murdered Ive always believe it was an accident but not anymore

    Great to see you back blogging Joana really missed your blog

  18. IN RETRO...

    ...Everything is a doubt (plausible) unless we have a mobile photo, a snap, CCTV footage to make it a certainty which we don't. So, what are we left with? Not much.

    Take myself as a potential witness. A university graduate with a modicum of IQ, a fine working memory who happens to be the best private investigator in Portimão.

    I have just returned from Portimão Retail Park which has a large open air car park and many shops.

    After some browsing and failing to decide what I'm going to offer the cat for Christmas, I drive to the "Marisqueira Carvi" restaurant to try and put some weight on.

    Imagine me now waiting for my order ("arroz de marisco") and sipping a glass of "Lagoa" (red). Incidentally, in case you haven't noticed, I am sitting by that corner, by the large window, watching people go by.

    By now the restaurant is half empty. A sure sign we are in the Winter (almost). An hour or so later, well fed and hoping to have put on some weight, I jump into my "Cinquecento" and drive home. Nothing unusual has caught my eye all afternoon. Nothing suspect that is.

    I have in a previous posting given you a description of my apartment so I need not go into details here. I disarm the guillotine above the door before entering and afterwards place the cascavels back in the "solarium". I check the bleeping answer-phone. Three messages from Ana X, one from Herr von Opel. I switch on the TV and prepare some coffee ready for another night of insomnia.

    Let us now for the sake of argument imagine that is news time and the newscaster is announcing a Portuguese baby has been kidnapped from a pram apparently by a slender, fair headed woman (possibly German but could be English or from some other Northern European stock). There is a picture of the baby as well. The baby has dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Quite pretty actually.

    The photo-kit drawing of the suspect juggles my memory. I ask myself:

    "Did I meet anyone this afternoon that matches that description?"


  19. IN RETRO (continued)

    What description? Fair hair? Actually I think I did. There was this woman at the shopping centre carrying a baby in her arms. She seemed in a hurry but she was not running. Who wants to attract attention, anyway? So, that is one suspect so far.

    There was also the blonde woman tip-toeing with a big holdall which I saw from the restaurant's front window while sipping wine and staring outside. Suspect number two. Anyone else? No, no one I can think of. Sorry.

    Should I contact the PJ? No! They don't like me. They think they are the only professionals in town besides who/what did I actually see? One woman with fair hair? Two? Can I describe at least one of them? No, not really.

    What was she wearing? erm...was it a green anorak? No, wait. I think it was yellowish. Shoes? Dress or casual? Trainers? Heels? How tall was she? About 1,80 meters? 1,90? Make up your mind! Eye colour? Probably grey. Northern Europeans usually have cold, stainless steel-grey eyes, but call them "blue". "Blue" eyes, then. How did she look like? Was she well dressed or casually dressed? Did her sense of dressing looked imported? Local?

    I give up!

    Let me tell you this. If a client comes to see me with a photo-kit description of a target and does not have a proper photo, I don't touch the case unless it is a job for "Raf", my sniffer dog - who by the way has just barked!!! He knows I was talking about him...

    Public relations however is a different matter.

    You can say a "blonde woman" or a "gipsy woman". A "gipsy woman" however (at least in peoples' minds) is more likely to commit a crime even if, statistically at least, the reverse is true. Crime figures tend to be higher in Northern Europe (including the UK) where the non-gipsy looking type predominates. Yet, for some reason the prejudice subsists. Call it ideology.

    By the same token people are often shocked when parents are made suspect (by the Police) of the disappearance of their own offspring. The reason again is statistical.

    So you see, there may not be a real gipsy link to Madeleine after all. Only Eddie, the sniffer dog link remains...

    Ruy Roskoff
    Criminal Profiler and Investigator based in Portimão.

    (Listed in the International Who's Who of Investigative Professionals.)

  20. After becoming a father of two girls, I started to take an interest in this case. I read the PJ files, all the books and most blogs on the internet. After one year of study the only conclusion I have come up with is that I would not let my daughters anywhere near the Algarve.

    I do not think a lot of the comments that are allowed on this blog be appropriate.


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