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Scotland Yard searches for clues about Madeleine McCann in Barcelona

New Searches in the case of the missing child
Agents from the Scotland Yard and from the Spanish National Police carry boxes with documents given by the detectives agency, yesterday in Barcelona

by Makya Navarro (Madrid)

Police from the Scotland Yard search for clues about the mysterious disappearance of the little girl, Madeleine McCann, which occurred in May 3, 2007 at the Portuguese Algarve, where she was on holidays with her parents. The little girl disappeared a few days before her fourth birthday.

The British agents collected yesterday from the investigative agency Método 3 various boxes with copies of all the documentation that this private detectives accumulated during the six months they have worked for the parents of the girl. The London Metropolitan police reopened last May the review by order of the prime minister, David Cameron, and due to the request made by the parents.

Since then, Scotland Yard, reviews the investigations that were carried out, accordingly. They also have available a copy of the Portuguese police investigations, that archived the case in July of 2008 due to lack of evidence. Scotland Yard has allocated thirty people to this new investigation.

In the night of her disappearance, Madeleine slept in a bungalow in Praia da Luz with her two siblings whilst her parents dined at the near by bar.

Neither the police investigation, nor the private searches supported by the parents, nor the noisy media circus created around the dozens of alleged clues of the most varied kind have been able to explain what happened.

in El Periódico de Cataluña, 14 December 2011
At the time of this post this is the only online article in Spanish that mentions Scotland Yard and the Spanish detective agency Método 3 (PDF in Spanish here)

The Spin from the UK media

Maddy police 'following eight major new leads'
by Tom Worden in Barcelona and Justin Davenport

Scotland Yard detectives searching for Madeleine McCann are examining up to eight "very important" new leads after meeting Spanish private investigators, it was claimed today.

Four officers yesterday visited the Barcelona HQ of Metodo 3, the agency employed to look for her by Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry for six months after she vanished.

The British officers, from a 30-strong Met team reviewing the case, took away 30 boxes of documents compiled by the private detectives.

The agency's director, Francisco Marco, said there were "six, seven or eight very important leads" within the files which he claimed could help police to solve the case.

Madeleine, of Rothley in Leicestershire, disappeared from her parents' holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve in Portugal in May 2007. She was days short of her fourth birthday.

It is the second visit by British officers, who were in Barcelona last month. Mr Marco said on Spanish TV today: "We have provided them with all the documents and information we have collated worldwide about Madeleine's disappearance so they can continue the investigations we carried out in Spain, Morocco and the rest of the world.

"I think there are six, seven or eight very important leads in there."

He claimed Portuguese police ignored the leads for political reasons, and that when his investigators visited Portugal, "we were never allowed to do a proper job. The English police are now continuing with an investigation which should never have been closed".

Asked if he believed Madeleine is still alive, Mr Marco said: "When we were investigating we were always trying to find a living child. Hopefully for the parents she will be found alive."

Madeleine's parents, who have younger twins, a boy and a girl, hired Metodo 3 to find Madeleine four months after she vanished, for a reported £50,000 a month.

The agency, which it was claimed had 40 staff working on the case, sent a team to Morocco to chase up leads that she might have been smuggled out of Portugal.

Today Mr Marco said he still believed that was "very possibly" what happened to her but he refused to give more details on the leads.

in The Evening Standard, 14 December 2011


Private detective says up to eight strong leads in Madeleine McCann's disappearance were ignored by Portuguese police

From the same churnalist Tom Worden

30 boxes of files handed over to Scotland Yard
Agency followed leads in Spain and Morocco
Portuguese police criticised for closing case

Scotland Yard detectives searching for Madeleine McCann are examining up to eight 'very important' new leads after meeting private investigators in Spain, it emerged today.

On Tuesday four detectives visited the Barcelona headquarters of Metodo 3 - a Spanish agency that spent six months working for Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry.

The British officers - from a 30-strong Metropolitan Police team carrying out a review of the case - took away around 30 boxes of documents compiled by the private investigators.

Afterwards the agency's director, Francisco Marco, said there were 'six, seven or eight very important leads' within the files that could help police locate Madeleine.

Mr Marco also criticised Portuguese police for failing to follow up those leads, and for shelving the Madeleine investigation.

He was a guest on the Spanish TV show The Ana Rosa Programme this morning, and said: 'We have provided [Scotland Yard] with all the documents and information we have collated worldwide about Madeleine's disappearance so they can continue the investigations we carried out in Spain, Morocco and the rest of the world.

'I think there are six, seven or eight very important leads in there.

'They were passed at the time to Portuguese police who ignored them because it was a very politicised issue and they didn't want to look into anything that didn't come from their own sources... because of Portuguese chauvinism in this case, because they didn't want the English [police] or private detectives to discover more than they did.

'Every time anyone from Metodo 3 went to Portugal they were continually followed and monitored to see what they were doing.

'We were never allowed to do a proper job. Scotland Yard can now continue with all the work we did outside of Portugal and inside Portugal as well.

'The English police are now continuing with an investigation which should never have been closed.'

Asked if he believed Madeleine was still alive, Mr Marco said: 'When we were investigating we were always trying to find a living child.

'I'm not going to answer your question because I don't want to offend the parents.

'Hopefully for the parents she will be found alive. I am a father, and to lose a child and not know where he or she is is the worst thing in the world.'

Today Barcelona-based newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya published photographs of the Scotland Yard detectives, wearing suits, leaving the offices of Metodo 3, in the plush Eixample district of the city.

Metodo 3 were hired by the McCanns to look for their daughter in September 2007 - four months after Madeleine, days short of her fourth birthday, went missing during a family holiday in Praia da Luz, on the Algarve.

They were reportedly paid £50,000 a month to search for Madeleine and sent a team to Morocco to chase up leads that she might have been smuggled out of Portugal to north Africa.

Mr Marco was in daily contact with doctors Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leicestershire, and claimed he had 40 staff working on the case.

In December 2007 he was criticised after claiming in a newspaper interview that he knew who had abducted Madeleine and would have her home for Christmas.

Metodo 3 continued to work part-time on the search for Madeleine after their six-month contract - funded by the McCanns' backer Brian Kennedy and the Find Madeleine Fund - expired.

Today Mr Marco said he still believed it was 'very possible' Madeleine had been smuggled out of Portugal to Morocco. He refused to go into further detail about the nature of the fresh leads.

Also included in the files taken by Scotland Yard are investigations the agency carried out into Raymond Hewlett, a convicted British paedophile who was in Portugal when Madeleine went missing and left for Morocco three weeks later.

Hewlett, an ex-soldier and convicted child rapist, died of throat cancer aged 64 in Germany last year having refused to talk to detectives about Madeleine's disappearance.

Prime Minister David Cameron asked the Met to examine all the evidence connected to the Madeleine case in July.

Scotland Yard detectives travelled to Spain last month to meet with officers from the National Police and Civil Guard force.

They were also reportedly interested in chasing up a suspicious incident in Barcelona three days after Madeleine went missing.

A well-dressed woman with an Australian or New Zealand accent, described as looking like Victoria Beckham, is said to have approached a British tourist in the city's port area and asked him: 'Are you here to deliver my new daughter?'

in Daily Mail, 14 December 2011 (at 14:37)

«A Scotland Yard spokesman refused to confirm the meeting took place.

“We will not be providing a running commentary,” he added.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell added: “Kate and Gerry will simply not be commenting whilst the Metropolitan Police review of Madeleine’s case is under way.

“They remain pleased that the Met team is continuing its work and that progress is being made.”»

in The Mirror, Irish Examiner, etc

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  1. So they wouldn't have thought of passing these six, seven or eight important leads on to the police, or McCanns' newer investigators then? No, no hurry. These things sort themselves out.

  2. "Important leads"??? How important? Not important enough to be followed up by police? This sounds to me to be a diversion to the big story in London, the Leveson Inquiry, the publication of the diary.

  3. It is a review. The Scotland Yard is obliged to check on all documents. The mafioso of Metodo 3 aged a lot, but not worse than Kate.
    Joana, any idea what the translation of "pilantra"in English is?
    If there are such an important leads, why didn't Metodo 3 follow them?
    The McCanns stopped paying them because the leads were bringing nowhere, something the McCanns knew from the beginning.
    Next review: Kevin Halley.

  4. Seems they are still trying to discredit Portuguese police. As I always say, 'Kate, Gerald, ask the dogs.' Woof! Woof!

  5. All the millions the McCanns have had given them supposedly to search for Madeleine, and yet they could not be bothered to investigate these 'important' leads. Is nobody going to ask the McCanns the obvious question of WHY were they not investigated, or do the McCanns even get a pass on that. So much for 'no stone unturned' eh Gerry, but then why waste money when you know the answer to that.

  6. Wonder what its going to cost us taxpayers to have all those 30 boxes translated into English?

    So, it seems SY are only following the abduction fairy story - I give up, I really do.

  7. At the Leveson Inquiry, Crone (News of the World), under oath, says that Edmondson (News of the World) assured that he had permission to publish Kate's diary from Mitchell. The QC said he has documentary evidence broadly agreeing with this. Mitchell has denied this (not under oath). Why would the McCann's PR guru not know of the NoW intent to publish this diary? Why would NoW not seek his agreement? they were cooperating with McCanns, they even offered a million pound reward for information.

  8. One Word "WHITEWASH" this is all the protect the Mccanns and the high poweed people above them with friends in high places they are very protected, my only hope now as justice will never be done the the normal way ie police, courts, judges etc is Karma will come around in the end and punish the disgusting lot of them.

  9. Scotland Yard use cadaver and blood dogs extensively and are fully aware of them alerting all over the McCanns apartment, car, keys and clothing....WHY THE HELL ARE THEY CARRYING ON WITH THIS CHARADE???????

  10. Important leads withheld from all of those investigating the case. It would be disgraceful if this were the case. But was it?

  11. Who knows Clarence Mitchell is the one who sells information to the media.

    Later he will write a book "My life with the McCanns", "a story of a fake abduction and of a fraudulent fund".

    If Diana's lover wrote about their affair, why shouldn't Clarrie tell what he knows? He is just waiting for the Met's conclusion and he will be free to write.
    Journalists are never loyal.

  12. For a long time I thought O'Brian stayed in 5a in order to clean up the floor
    Madeleine was not victim of a cluster bomb. Now I think he and Tanner went to the beach in order to dig a hole.
    I don't know how deep a normal beach can be. The hole could be very near the street because it was too dark to go to the rocks near the sea.

  13. The Mccanns are doing everything to distract the public.Who said those are police people? Maybe they are delivering Christmas presents around.
    Next news: "No Christmas presents. They are muslims".
    I think the news above is a lie. The McCanns want us to believe she is out there.
    Happy that Portugal denied having any contact with the Met.
    It would become a new hell.
    Let them work in peace.

    For 4 months Metodo 3 got 50.000 euros per month (if it is true) and they did not follow the leads.

    Those leads never existed and Medtodo 3 never got that much money.
    The McCanns are not generous.


    Herr Gunther, who owns an H.A.L. solid state bio-computer reports that his equipment has detected a meaningful pattern of activity...

    Great PR activity (associated with the celebrity couple) always follows when Dr. Amaral makes a "move" or is perceived as making a "move".

    Again and again Herr Gunther's equipment has detected this "algorithm" at work. He says.

    Almost as soon as Dr. Amaral new book was published, news started to appear in the British media which suggested the child was "kidnapped" - a possibility when one considers that mathematically, the probability of ANY conceivable event is always greater than zero.

    So in terms of symbolic logic, the subliminal aim of this PR campaign seems to be to inform (or misinform) the public to the effect that the Portuguese/PJ/Dr. Amaral are incompetent and that all this new "evidence" (if any) suggests the child was kidnapped - as indeed her clinical parents have always maintained.

    "There is no evidence whatsoever that the child died in the apartment. Ask Eddie the forensic dog..." or words to that effect.

    Herr Gunther made a brief pause then he added to great effect. My algorithm can even make predictions!

    For instance, we should expect new media "revelations" in the build up to the February trial in Lisbon.

    I suspect David Cameron has ordered Scotland Yard to come up with a "breakthrough" of sorts (highly "suggestive" is all that will be required) designed to influence the outcome of the forthcoming trial but this is of course speculation.

    "David Cameron? Are you silly? What kind of breakthrough? Influence the outcome of the trial in what way?" I asked him.

    Herr Gunther grunted and shouted: "Are you stupid?"

    I must admit I feel stupid at times but not always... but then it dawned on me that this could be, perhaps, further evidence that the powers that be, have specifically instructed Scotland Yard to look ONLY for indications of kidnapping and leave all other possibilities aside but I make no allegations.

    Are we then witnessing, as Herr Gunther equipment suggests, a new surge in PR activity associated with the on-going process of a cover-up or it is all nothing but one coincidence upon another? The kind our "defunct" friend "Blackwatch" used to indulge in?

    You tell me...

  15. So if there are 6/8 " important clues" ignored by the pj does this meen that Super Cop Dave (as Gerry and Kate refer to him as)Edger has been scratching his arse for the past four years and getting well paid for it but not investigating these "clues"

    Mitchell is good at his job(easy when your a big spoofer)but just like his former colleagues in the gutter Brittish press he and the MC Canns will be found out sooner or Later.


  16. Good morning to you all!

    The reason why the McCanns sued Amaral is the fact that they say that his book and his documentary damaged the search for Madeleine.
    We have now the proof that it did not make any difference, to the point that the British government sent the Met to search for her, spending a huge lot of money.
    If Amaral's book would have been so destructif, the Met,Cameron and Theresa May would not have listened to the request of the parents.
    It did not matter at all.

    Conclusion: bring Amaral's books back to the stores .

  17. How intriguing is the McCanns' silence. Why aren`t they shouting about their gratitude and hope from the rooftops? Haven`t they at last got what they were so long whining for? And why is their official website so woefully out of date?

  18. PILANTRA (patife,salafrário, em português de Portugal = scoundrel, rascal, rogue

  19. http://womenincrimeink.blogspot.com/2011/12/are-cadaver-dogs-saying-youre-lying.html

  20. Colin Myler: I did not berate the McCanns over Hello story

    15 December 2011

    By Andrew Pugh

    Former News of the World editor Colin Myler yesterday claimed he would not have published excerpts from Kate McCann’s diary without permission – but was told by his news editor Ian Edmondson that the family’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell had given them the go-ahead.

    The claim has since beeny denied by Mitchell.

    At the Leveson Inquiry last month Kate McCann said she felt “mentally raped” after the NoW published transcripts from her personal diary on 14 September 2008 under the headline “Kate’s Diary: In her own words”, and said it was done without prior notice.

    The McCanns claimed that before the article was published Edmondson told Mitchell they were writing a “positive piece” but did not mention the diary, and if they had known they would have considered taking legal action to prevent publication.

    Also speaking to the Leveson Inquiry, Gerry McCann said that Myler had "berated" him in an "angry" phone call because the McCanns gave an exclusive story to Hello magazine - rather than the News of the World.

    Yesterday Myler revealed the diaries came from a female Portuguese journalist.

    He insisted that Edmondson told him he had cleared the story with Mitchell, telling the inquiry: "Ian Edmondson had assured me on more than one occasion that Clarence was aware of what we were intending to do and had said, 'good'.

    "I think it was very clear from Mr Edmondson's point of view how he had spelt out what he was doing."

    On the subject of the "angry" phone call too Gerry McCann, Myler said: "I don't have a reputation for berating people." He added that he "simply pointed out" his "surprise" that they took their story to Hello with a circulation, he said, of around 300,000 compared with the News of the World's three million plus sale.

    Responding to the diary claims, Mitchell said: "At no point in the one brief call that I received from Ian Edmondson on the Friday evening before publication did he spell out categorically that they had purchased a version of Kate's diary that had been leaked by the Portuguese police and that they were planning to publish it in as big a way as they subsequently did.

    "He led me to believe that they were looking to do a positive story on an inside page based on leaks in the Portuguese press of quotes in an alleged diary that had already appeared in Portugal in previous days.

    "I told him that we were in no way encouraging any such coverage of a diary, or even confirming that any diary existed.

    "However, I said if they were planning to run a positive piece that was up to them and it would be fine as long as it was positive.

    "All of my contemporaneous emails at the time are now with lawyers for the Leveson Inquiry, and I am more than happy to give my side of the conversation with Ian Edmondson if required.

    "You only need to look at the fact that the News of the World subsequently rolled over a few days later and not only published an apology in the following week's paper but also paid more than £120,000 to the Madeleine Fund by way of compensation. That speaks for itself."


  21. I thought McCanns knew about diary, Myler tells court

    Former News of the World editor says he regrets publication of diary excerpts but was assured that mother of Madeleine McCann had given her consent
    Posted: 14 December 2011 By: Joel Gunter

    Former News of the World editor Colin Myler told the Leveson inquiry today that he thought Kate McCann had given her permission for excerpts from her diary to be published when the tabloid bought them from a Portuguese journalist.

    The excerpts – which were purchased for €3,000, Myler revealed today – included entries from the days shortly after Madeleine McCann's disappearance in May 2007.

    According to Myler, he was told by former News of the World news editor Ian Edmondson that the family had consented to the publication of the diary, which Myler conceded today probably emanated from the local police.

    The former editor said today that Edmondson had been in daily contact with the McCann family's representative Clarence Mitchell, and that Edmondson had said Mitchell was aware of the News of the World's intention to publish and had said "good".

    Myler said he had told Edmondson on the Friday night: "I don't want Kate coming out of church on Sunday morning and finding out that her diaries have been published without her knowledge."

    Myler told the court he regretted the publication, but had been given assurances by Edmondson that the tabloid was on safe ground. Lord Leveson challenged the clarity of Edmondson's assurances, calling a transcript of a conversation between him and Myler over the issue, which was read in court, "ambiguous".

    Myler told the inquiry that he would not have published if he had known Kate McCann had not given her consent, and "felt very bad" about the episode.

    The former editor was also grilled by inquiry counsel Robery Jay QC about the allegation that he "berated" Gerry McCann over the phone after the McCanns decided to give an interview to Hello magazine rather than the News of the World.

    Myler denied the claim, telling the court that he had "no cause at any stage to berate or be irate at Gerry". He said he "valued" his relationship with Madeleine's father, and had simply pointed out to him that the News of the World had better circulation than Hello. (...)


  22. Why is SY consorting with a buch of Charlatans? Surely they should be reviewing the PJ case files instead. I smell a rat.
    A. Del Montello

  23. A very encouraging interpretation of events in Barcelona on Blacksmith Bureau today.

  24. I don't care who suggested to Kate that she record her thoughts/feelings when Madeleine was "abducted". IF my child was "abducted" I would have to be heavily sedated; I would not be able to write a single word.

    Her diary was compiled after the fact as part of the agenda to sell Madeleine as a commodity.

    Anon 22 "I smell a rat"

    Me too. Thanks to Mr. Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell for clarifying it for us in the following quote:

    "However, I said if they were planning to run a positive piece that was up to them and it would be fine as long as it was positive." (in Joana's posting above).

    I suspect any piece published/shown in the press/media MUST be "positive" i.e. it MUST conform to the McCanns'/"Mickey Mouse" Mitchell spinned version of events.

    By the same token, the last thing Scotland Yard wishes to, is look into the PJ official files and/or for that matter interview Martin Grimes or test his dogs forensic reliability, say.

    Why would Scotland Yard behave in such seemingly biased way?

    Could it be that they are under strict instructions from David Cameron to look ONLY for evidence that supports the McCanns'/Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell PR version of events?

    Could it be that because of Mickey Mouse's media connections ONLY suitable material concerning SY post-investigation reaches the public?

    Some other reason such ideology?

    When will we read in the media that SY spoke with Dr. Amaral or any of the other PJ detectives involved in the case?

    Or that SY have conducted "reliability tests" with Martin Grimes' forensic dogs?

    We must not be surprised to read that SY is using the mediumship services of Marcos Aragão Correia to get to the bottom of this case.

    MAC, as many of us recall, asserted that Madeleine was murdered by some psycho - a statement which confirms the findings of Eddie The Dog except there must have been some static in his head for what Dr. Correia actually got from Spirit was that Madeleine was raped (very odd) and dumped in a reservoir (not so odd). That the parents had been framed by the PJ (very odd). Dr. Correia has since managed to come up with doctored Photoshop images from another case to prove his point and discredit Dr. Amaral and PJ personnel.

    I do respect Dr. Correia's metaphysical convictions and Photoshop expertise but, I have difficulty in reconciling them with the dogs' barking in the apartment. Eddie detected the cadaver odour in the parents apartment NOT in the water reservoir.

    Why would Eddie detect a cadaver odour in the apartment if according to the "official" (McCanns/Mitchell) version of events no serious accident ever took place in there?

    Could Eddie have sniffed a victim from a parallel universe whose last fart, somehow, ripped through the fabric of time and space?

    :b Phewww...

  26. Anon 17 "How intriguing is the McCanns' silence. Why aren`t they shouting about their gratitude and hope from the rooftops?"

    Could it be because it was them and/or their PR team that planned/leaked the "news"? Please refer to Joana's sub-posting above...

  27. Joana @ 20
    Reading Mitchell's 'denial' the crucial word to note is one straight from the Spin Doctors Learning Manual and that word is 'categorically' in 'at no point . . . did he spell out categorically . . .'. Mitchell's attempting to worm his way out of this. He's squirming.

  28. 6, don't give up. By chance we happen to know that the SY went to see Metodo 3 (if it is true), but the SY is controlling everything, not only Spain and they have to.It is a review.We don't know what they are doing elsewhere, Rothley, Portimao, etc.They have to control Gerry's bank accounts, Tapas 7 bank accounts, telephone bills,etc

  29. We have to accept that the McCanns are never going to be brought to justice.
    They are backed to the hilt by the bent UK police, the bent UK government and the bent UK media.
    The implications of them having the entire establishment behind them for whatever dark reason is quite frightening.

  30. Gerry was aware at the Leveson Inquiry that it is important to keep some things out of the Press that only the suspect would know. The Leicestershire police refused to allow the McCanns to see all their evidence. The PJ released only a proportion of the evidence for publication. Mr Cameron only agreed in part to Gerry's request for a review. Justice has to work in silence (who said that).

  31. I would imagine there could quite a few real clues in Metodo3's boxes of tricks that could lead SY to the true culprits, IF the documents in the boxes consist of genuine paperwork/correspondence.

    If Metodo3 knew in advance about the arrival of SY, then we may have to resign ourselves to the possibility that anything incriminating would probably have been destroyed beforehand.

    If M3 really had these leads all these years, the McCanns would have been whining in the press and the bewk about it long before now. And why did they pay Metodo3 to sit on leads for years?


  32. I don't know why I bother.

    "30 Officers" -The message: This review is of utmost importance to the Metropolitan Police.

    "30 Boxes" -The message: Metodo3 did a lot of investigative work.

    "8 strong leads" -The message: The child was abducted and is still alive.

    "Portuguese ignored evidence due to political reasons" -The message here is self evident.

    "agency claimed it had a staff of 40 working on the case" -Trying to justify the fee that the British media claimed Metodo3 was charging.

    "A Scotland Yard spokesman refused to confirm the meeting took place." -It's laughable and not unexpected,well, at least they referred to a "Scotland Yard spokesman" and not to "a source close to the investigation."

    As I predicted sometime ago, these type of articles are now starting to appear. Articles intended to give the impression that the Metropolitan police are actually undertaking a review and to once again convey the notion that the Portuguese police were remiss in their investigation. There are no 30 officers reviewing this cold case. Metodo3 never did anything that would result in documentation that would fill 30 boxes. And there never was a staff of 40 working on the case. In one of the few objective articles that I read in the British press, a journalist who visited the headquarters of Metodo3 was surprised to find that no one was manning the phones for the numerous tips that were said to be constantly coming in from the public.

    There are those who believe that nothing will come of this purported review, i.e. that the Metropolitan police will return to Mr. Cameron and say: "we found nothing." I on the other hand believe that no review is being conducted at all, that this is an elaborate PR exercise. Yes, it's true, that's how corrupt I believe England has become; corrupt politicians, corrupt chiefs of police, corrupt media; all one cosy family that came together to make their illicit activities more viable.

  33. The diary was another way for the McCanns to make money. At first allow its publication, using Clarence Mitchell, and after that getting 120.000 pounds, after making an agreement with NOW.
    I don't believe this diary was leaked from the PJ. Not at all.
    It leaked from Rothley, via, via, and the Mccanns could sue the news paper.
    I would like to know the identity of that Portuguese journalist. She probably doesn't exist.

  34. 22, del Montello, there is no rat. The Scotland Yard has to review everything before they go back to 5a. Checking on Metodo 3 documents', all the ridiculous stories, they can eliminate them.
    A review works by eliminating the eventual possibilities.
    The Met, Cameron,Theresa May know Maddie is dead and they know it since a long time.
    Going to Barcelona, it is a part of the Met's work. Otherwise the McCanns woud say: the Scotland Yard never talked to Marco.
    Marco is taking the profit to make a propaganda for his business.He also knows Maddie is dead.

  35. I do declare that all lenses will soon be focussed on Clarence Mitchell.
    There was a link to an article on the guardian on Steel Magnolia yesterday that was absolutely briliant - well the comments.
    There were two posters - I only recall the one - Just Listening.
    Then there was the pro Mccann muddying the waters and making out that bloggers involved in questioning the couple are evil and hate filled.

    The difference between the pros and the questioning of the two posters shooting from the hip were as different as night and day. Any journalist looking at those comments would be forced off their arses into investigating.

    I have never had as much faith in this case being resolved as I did yesterday reading the comments on the Guardian.
    No great surprise that the Guaridan subsequently closed the comments down.
    The essence of the first comment was why the Guardian was spending so much time questioning whether NOW had permission to run with the diary story and why no - one was actually doing any journalism on the case whatsoever apart from cutting and pasting what Mitchell said.

    Definitely eyes will soon turn on the man who lies with as many teeth in this mouth - and then they will lead to Coulson and the right to #10 and the whole house of cards is about to come down.

  36. Leveson seems to be want to protect the McCanns in the discrepancy between Kate and the NOTW over whether she knew of the diary publication. Why? Jay QC says he has documents broadly proving she/Mitchell knew. Why does Leveson say they are ambiguous? Is someone pulling his strings? When will the establishment stop protecting the McCanns and allow justice to be done?

  37. i believe the maccanns and mitchell new all along the diarys were going to be published,the the good actress kate feins horror and gets lots of £££££££££ out of it.they are just plain vile people

  38. We now read that the police are investigating new leads,these are not new,we heard them all before,years ago. If they want to find the real truth then they should open the case,but Mitchell and Mccanns are afraid that the truth will come out,so this will never happen We all believe that Maddie died in the flat and the dogs proved it.

  39. Ah! Ah! SY will catch the contacts and perhaps the bills of many "witnesses" who gave interviews and convenient news about sights of Madeleine across the world. If SY didn't come out exposing the fake sights, then we have the confirmation of the whitewash payed by the taxes of the British.

  40. On the Maddie case files(see above) you can see a video "breakfast BBC" I forgot the title, where Kate says:

    "You don't expect somebody to come in your house and steel your child out of "your bed".
    You can notice that the journalist continues asking questions but few seconds after "your bed" he breaths differently, like being shocked.

    That is why Kate refused to answer the 48 questions. Too stupid.

  41. News of the World made hush payment of £125K to McCanns
    Confidential deal towards search fund for Madeleine was part of apology for tabloid's publication of mother Kate's diary extracts

    by Daniel Boffey

    The News of the World paid £125,000 to the fund supporting the search for Madeleine McCann as part of an apology for publishing Kate McCann's diaries – on condition that the terms of the deal remained secret.

    The payment was made after the missing girl's parents expressed their outrage at the story, which Kate McCann said made her feel "mentally raped". All the parties involved in the negotiations over the payment, which was agreed in September 2008, were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement hiding the scale of the newspaper's culpability.

    The payment was made despite claims by the defunct newspaper's editor at the Leveson inquiry last week that he believed he had had the full support of the McCanns to publish. Colin Myler, who edited the NoW from 2007 until it closed this year, told the inquiry he had received repeated assurances from his head of news, Ian Edmondson, that the McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, supported publication – a claim which has been strenuously denied.

    Myler told the inquiry that he subsequently ran an apology and paid a "substantial sum" because "he felt very bad that she didn't know". However, the Observer has learned that the NoW initially tried to minimise the compensation. A source at News International, the owner of the newspaper, said there were hours of negotiations between the newspaper's lawyers and Carter-Ruck, the solicitors hired by the McCanns, in the days following publication of the story on 14 September 2008.

    A deal was finally struck in which a £125,000 payment was agreed, but all parties were obliged to sign agreements that they would not talk about the size of the compensation. Last night Kate and Gerry McCann's spokesman declined to comment on the revelation.

    The Leveson inquiry into the media will hear this week from former NoW sports journalist Matt Driscoll, who was awarded almost £800,000 for unfair dismissal in April 2007 while on long-term sick leave for stress-related depression following a campaign of bullying provoked by the newspaper's then editor, Andy Coulson.

    It will also hear via video link from Piers Morgan, former editor of the Daily Mirror and the NoW, who now works for CNN in New York. At 28, Morgan was appointed editor of the NoW, making him the youngest tabloid newspaper editor in history. He was editor of the Daily Mirror for more than 10 years, but was sacked in 2004 after the newspaper conceded that photos it published apparently showing British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.

    more at guardian.co.uk, Saturday 17 December 2011 13.48 GMT

  42. Read as well

    What Kate McCann’s Secret Diary Does Not Tell 24-10-11 at The Maddie Case Files| In Spanish at El Confidencial
    «The police had asked Kate McCann to try to reconstruct in detail and in writing all her activities, meetings, conversations, phone calls and visits, during the days previous to Madeleine’s disappearance. Including the tiniest or most trivial detail. They assured her that this memory exercise would help the investigators follow the leads that might have appeared to her as having gone unnoticed. Kate McCann was used, since her teenage years, to take up her exercise book every day and write some impressions and details of her life. In other words, she kept a diary. However, this was not told to the Portuguese police. She waited for the arrival of the British intelligence service to deliver this more intimate diary. When the existence of this book came to light, the Portuguese police requested a copy from the British. It was denied. A gesture that muddied even further the already tense relations between the Portuguese and British investigators who were collaborating in the search for the girl.»

    Who's Lying to Leveson?... at Notes from a Potting Shedder blog

    Not spinning but dangling at The Blacksmith Bureau blog

    Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Why Madeleine McCann is Likely Dead at Criminal Profiler Pat Brown's blog

    'Team McCann' recruits FACEBOOK! at Mike's (Spudgun) blog

    Hundreds of computers linked to press hackers at The Independent

  43. Anon.29 and Anon. 30.

    Unfortunately the Mccanns will only ever be suspects in Portugal.

    Is this enough for us and for Madeleine?

    As Portugal, I feel, is where they eventually wanted to live this is some sort of recompense. Their goal posts are now changed and their route has been adjusted accordingly. Its quite incredible it has taken the disappearance of a mere child to expose the complete and utter corruption of the UK and those that are in power.

    guerra - Spot on!

  44. The news about SY searching for clues, had no echo in Portugal or Spain. The Spanish and the portuguese papers didn't gave any attention to that spin from team McCann. Another strategy to fool people.

  45. 29, you are the McCanns, aren't you? Wishful thinking!

  46. 29, if the UK entire establishment was behind the McCanns, the Home Office would not have involved the Met in the case.
    Pleaase read Kate's book and you can see how much she complains about lack of support from the British authorities, Home Office refused to receive them more than once and even did not reply their letters, the Leisertershire police did not show them their files, they did not see Jim Gamble's rapport, in Portugal (last May ) Kate complained that the UK police did not pubicly show their support(and certainly not privetly, I guess). The good years when they were supported by Murdoch are finished, Brown is gone.
    Read carefully Cameron's letter to them, how irritated and ironical he sounds.
    I would love to read the letter Theresa May wrote to them and, if they never published it, it is because it is certainly very ironical and also showing how fed up she is of them.
    They make enemies all over the place.

  47. «A source close to Metodo 3 said: “Officially or unofficially Metodo 3 have never stopped looking for Madeleine. It was the biggest job they were ever given. People literally went all over the world and it has become very personal for many of them.”

    When Mr Fernandez was asked if Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, had requested him to hand over his files to the Yard, said: “Of course, I would need their permission but I am not going to say any more. All our ­dealings with the McCanns are confidential and private.”» James Murray, Express, December 18, 2011 http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/290600/Madeleine-Secret-files-reveal-four-sightings-in-Morocco

    «The Telegraph saw "Cameron standing firm as his deputy runs" at a "cathartic moment" deserving "the plaudits of a majority in this country". The Times discerned "a perilous moment for the coalition". Even the Mirror got stroppy over "pygmy" jibes – and the Express, predictably enough, was all for pulling the Lib Dem house down, doing familiar numbers on "bloated Eurocrats" with one hand while finding "eight 'very important' new leads in the hunt for Madeleine McCann" with the other. (Well, that should cheer Lord Leveson up a bit.)» Peter Preston, The Observer, Guardian, December 18, 2011 http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/dec/18/eurosceptic-nick-clegg-press-comment

  48. Well, anonymous 46, if Mrs. McCann said it then it must be true. Here is some old news, see if you can reach any conclusions from these snippets.


    "The Conservative Party is set to hire Clarence Mitchell, best-known as spokesman for Madeleine McCann's parents, as the head of media monitoring for its general election campaign, PRWeek can exclusively reveal.

    "Mitchell will join the Tory comms operation, reporting directly to director of communications Andy Coulson."


    "James Harding, editor of the Times, met the prime minister twice for "general discussion" in April and June 2011. Dominic Mohan, the Sun editor, met Cameron in May, for the same stated reason."

    "Cameron held more than twice the number of meetings with Murdoch executives than with those from any other media organisation."


    "David Cameron’s promise when establishing the Leveson Inquiry in July 2011 that he would ensure a new era of openness about ministers’ meetings with media proprietors and executives is proving to be an empty gesture.

    "Five months have elapsed without any new information being released and the Prime Minister’s published log for his first fourteen months in Downing Street was a meaningless charade. He hid behind euphemisms such as “general discussion” when describing the purpose of meetings with Rupert and James Murdoch."

    "Cameron used the catch-all term “general discussion” alongside eight of the entries for meetings with either Rupert or James Murdoch or one or other of the News International editors. There was no indication as to the topics discussed nor was there any clue as to what transpired during Rebekah Brooks’ two visits to Chequers or the Prime Minister’s social engagements with James Murdoch and other News International executives.

    "Therefore the point which has to be addressed is the reality of life in Westminster and Whitehall: politicians and their spin doctors socialise with media proprietors, executives and editors for a purpose and the outcome of their deliberations needs to be declared."

    I wonder if that meeting with Dominic Mohan was in early May, and if it was, could it be that Mr. Cameron wanted to personally deliver that letter containing the response that Mrs. McCann wanted so badly before her book was released.

    Is it common practice for a prime minister to have regular meetings with editors of newspapers, what purpose does it serve?


  49. http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/jul/13/john-yates-meeting-news-international

    "John Yates and other senior Metropolitan Police officers had regular meetings with News International staff over the last few years."


    "We need full disclosure of all connections, relationships and meetings between the Metropolitan Police and News International, right now. It isn't enough to defer these issues to the judge-led inquiry, as the Mayor and Home Secretary seem content to do.

    “The continual drip of information about the relationship between News International, in particular the News of the World, and the Metropolitan Police Service is in serious danger of damaging the reputation of the police and tarnishing the excellent work police officers do across the capital and across the country. Policing is too important to allow that to happen."


    "Lord Justice Leveson has attended two evening events at the London home of PR boss Matthew Freud - who is married to Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth - as well as having another dinner with him.

    "The revelations raised questions over why the judge had been chosen to carry out the landmark inquiry into the media, police and politicians."

    One big happy close-knit family, don't you think?

  50. Just love that Express article. Describing the "four interesting sightings" in Morocco that Fernandez is so pleased about it goes on to say:

    "In a third sighting, a Moroccan-looking woman was seen carrying a blonde-haired, white-skinned girl.

    The child was eventually identified as THE FIVE-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER OF AN OLIVE FARMER."

    It's a load of codswallop, and the Express knows it is a load of codawallop.

    By Sunday Star Reporter/ 18 December 2011

    POLICE have finally admitted Madeleine McCann was abducted four years ago.

    Her parents Kate and ­Gerry had fought ­authorities to accept she was snatched from their holiday apartment in ­Portugal.

    But only now have ­detectives put in writing that her case is one of ­abduction.

    The Met at first refused to release paperwork under the Freedom of ­Information Act on the grounds it would “adversely harm the ­investigation”.

    But, after an appeal, ­police finally handed over details to the Daily Star Sunday last week after a wait of nearly three months.

    A source close to the McCanns, both 43, said: “Kate and Gerry are pleased the police are treating it as an abduction because that’s what they have said was the case since Madeleine went missing.”

    A Scotland Yard review of Madeleine’s case began in May after pressure from the Prime Minister and Home Secretary Theresa May.

    Met police spokesman ­Simon Fisher told the Daily Star Sunday the terms ­allowed for “investigating any sort of lead” from ­studying the files.

    A spokesman for the ­McCanns said: “We are pleased the review is ­making progress.”


    More Spin from the Express group (see James Murray article today in the Sunday Express http://is.gd/wIo6fB), first of all there isn't a byline ie the article is not signed, it's a McCann spin article, unsourced, absolutely Mitchellian. Secondly, the only quote attributed to a named source from the MET is «Met police spokesman ­Simon Fisher told the Daily Star Sunday the terms ­allowed for “investigating any sort of lead” from ­studying the files» which means exactly that - Homicide, accidental death, abduction, are the hypotheses being considered in the "review". Last Wednesday we could read in a similar article published in several newspapers from the UK media (http://is.gd/J2E2Ao): «A Scotland Yard spokesman refused to confirm the meeting took place.“We will not be providing a running commentary,” he added.» Lastly, there isn't any new FOI public release at the MET's site http://www.met.police.uk/foi/disclosure/disclosure_log.htm nor at http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/search/Metropolitan%20Police%20Service%20/newest All in my opinion.

  52. Ongoing FOI request on MET police payments to Carter Ruck

    Dear S strong,

    I am writing to record a complaint about the Metropolitan Police's
    handling of this information request.

    Several weeks ago the Met formally refused to reveal how much
    taxpayer's money you had given to the law firm Carter Ruck to help
    fund John Yates' threats against the media over criticism of his
    handling of the phonehacking scandal. I also asked for all details
    of all payments made by you to Carter Ruck since 2005.

    The Met claimed, falsely, that complying with my request would
    violate the Data Protection Act. The Met also claimed, bizarrely,
    that "I do not believe that any member of the public would
    reasonably expect the MPS to release this information to the
    public" - a claim that, to be blunt, suggests a worrying disconnect
    from the concerns of the general public about the use of public

    It was clear at the time that these claims lacked credibility and
    would not be sustainable - in the end you would have to reveal the
    information. But the Met also appeared to be doing everything it
    could to drag the process out for as long as possible. Your
    proposal on Friday to delay for yet another month the "internal
    review" of this FOI request was just the latest example.

    Today it is being reported that details of the John Yates legal
    fees have been revealed in full to the Independent newspaper -

    While this u-turn is welcome it also confirms as wholly spurious
    the Met's insistence that disclosing the information would violate
    the Data Protection Act.

    It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that in its handling of
    this affair the Metropolitan Police has been motivated more by a
    desire to avoid embarrassment than to comply promptly and fairly
    with the law on Freedom of Information.

    Now that the Metropolitan Police has admitted, through its actions,
    that the Data Protection Act does not in fact prevent disclosure of
    the payments made to Carter Ruck in the John Yates libel case,
    there can be no good reason to delay further the release of the
    other information I have requested. Will you therefore please now
    give me, at your earliest convenience:

    1. Details of all payments made and costs incurred by the
    Metropolitan Police to the law firm Carter Ruck from January 1st
    2005 to July 12th 2011.
    2. Details of the services for which those payments and costs were
    made or incurred.

    Yours faithfully,

    Richard Wilson

    «Details of all payments made and costs incurred by the Metropolitan Police
    to the law firm Carter Ruck from January 1st 2005 to July 12th 2011.
    Details of the services for which those payments and costs were made or

    The MPS can confirm Carter Ruck was paid a total of £7,175 in respect of
    legal advice provided to the MPS. This concerned a defamation claim
    against the Guardian Newspaper relating to Assistant Commissioner John
    Yates. One payment of £1175 was made on 23/3/11 and a second payment, of
    £6000, was made on 1/4/11. No other payments made to Carter Ruck relate to
    legal advice in respect of Mr Yates.

    Additional information is held in respect of payments to Carter Ruck which
    relate to a third party. Any details in regards to these payment details
    remain exempt from disclosure by virtue of Section 40(2) (Personal Information).»


  53. "Police Finally Admit Madeleine was Abducted" Daily Star Dec 18 2011. Well what rubbish, Mitchell must be desperate. Firstly the Review is confidential and is NOT an investigation. Secondly, the conclusions it was stated will be confidential. Thirdly the investigation is led by the Portuguese who clearly believe there was NO ABDUCTION as stated in court in Lisbon in 2010. This silly story is to divert attention from all the 'mistakes' Kate has been making in the Leveson Inquiry, contradicted by Tom Crone and NOTW staff, with documents to prove it as said by Jay QC.

  54. I cannot believe these journalists at the daily star are even allowed to publish such rubbish! I don't like it, i'm afraid some people don't think further and just believe what they read.
    The more people think the McCanns are innocent, the less chance for them to be condemned is it not? In case it is a trial with a jury...
    It's like the press is now, after the Levenson inquiry, trying to make sure they don't upset the royal couple to not get sued.
    I can't wait until Scotland Yard make a true official declaration that they are suspects, to see the look on their faces and to hear what Clarence will have to say about it.

  55. The false story in the Daily Star Dec 18 about the police finally believing that Madeleine was abducted is another 'own goal' for the McCanns. The story informs ordinary readers who are not aware of the case that the police have never believed that an abduction took place. Well done.

  56. So, Carter-Ruck has both the McCanns and the MET as clients...interesting, very interesting...que grande "caldeirada", mas de peixe podre, empesta à légua!

  57. What proof is there of an abduction??? What proof has the MET found? Will it be shared with the public?
    This "review" stinks!

  58. The dark connections between high-rank MET officers and the NI...Kate gave the diary to the british police, but the british police refused access to it to the portuguese police (see Joana's post #42, above)...just who leaked the diary to the media then...?
    How many guesses do you need...?

  59. The Sunday Express are again reporting the so called sightings,these are old stories with nothing new.Surely the person who saw Maddie at the petrol station would have watched her get in a car and then taken the number.All the people who say they saw Maddie,did nothing about it.The police should not listen to Mitchells stories but should investigate themselves and wait until Febuary and Mr Amarals case is settled. His book is a list of true events and must be considered.Mr Amaral should be asked to open the case.find the truth and not be fooled by Mitchell.

  60. This is not true at all. The SY never said that. Besides there is no time enough to analise all of the Metodo 3 files in a few days.SY collected the documents on December the 13th, the article was written yesterday, the 17th. Don't tell me the SY took all documents to a pub in Barcelona and read them, made a rapport and contact the media.

    Let us wait for news from the Press Association.

    I don't see any problem on the fact the SY using Carter Ruck for what they need.
    Carter Ruck is not bild up only for the McCanns. And if some inspectors of the SY happen to be Catholic, it would not mean they are protecting the McCanns.
    Clarence does not say anything but"they are very pleased"
    What a pleased people.

    Read 46 above.

  61. The absence of a byline on the Daily Star article speaks volumes. I can't believe that there are still people out there who actually believe that because they read this rubbish "in the paper", that it is anywhere near accurate. Clarence Mitchell is working overtime to divert attention from the Leveson inquiry; which inquiry should be adding the article to the agenda. I have noticed that Leveson himself has added "abduction" to his vocabulary.

  62. This current crop of tabloid stories takes me back to the early days of madeleine,s 'abduction'. Back then I actually thought the stories in the media such as 'jemmied shutters'and comic-book cartoon villains who steal children from their beds, came from one source - the official police investigation. I wasn't paying attention.

    In the article above, the largely dicredited Marco makes his absurd claim 'I think there are six, seven or eight very important leads in there.' That specific, eh?

    Yet this junk is presented in the press in such a way as to fool people (or at least those who are not paying attention) into believing this 'news' comes from Scotland Yard investigators. It's a dangerous game being played by Clarence. The police, Mr Mitchell, are paying very close attention. Or at least, I bloody well hope they are.


    I don't wish to sound obnoxious but from my perspective the only leads that need to be FULLY investigated are:

    (1) Those provided by Martin Grimes in his report.

    Reliability tests should be conducted in order to determine the probability (if any) of "Eddie" (cadaver odour sniffer dog) being wrong. Contamination tests along the lines described by Dr. Kate McCann should also be carried out and the veracity of her statements (contacts with those many corpses) double checked. Other avenues of enquiry within such parameter are also possible, indeed necessary, in order to establish whether she is "telling the truth, nothing but the truth."

    (2) Witness statements double-checked (particularly those of the couple and their close friends).

    A reconstruction should be made with all involved. Those who refused charged with obstructing the course of justice. Ms. Jane Tanner's contradictory statements and false identification of Robert Murat as the "kidnapper", given priority (...)

    (3) Diggings in the area recommended by Danie Krugel. and/or Pat Brown - the famous American criminal profiler who, incidentally, will start digging for Madeleine in February 2012.






  64. Why oh why Scotland Yard do not start searches for clues about Madeleine McCann from her parents?! It would be much shorter way, much cheaper and the most simple. Why not start from obvious things lying on the surface? Just because Mccanns ordered NOT to find The Truth! They are able to order to Scotland Yard! That's where from this "NEW CLUES"! And this endless song about mystical abduction!

  65. how many other newspapers printed that the police now know Madeleine was abducted or was it just the star.
    (thats a comic paper,not to be taken seriously)

  66. The Express reported that the Spanish detective said that "he couldn't believe the things that Mr Amaral said in his book" is it because Mitchell asked them to report it this way. If that is true then the spanish detectives are just like the others. The police should go the right way and open the case,they will never find Maddie she is in the sea and the money is more important they forgot her a long time ago.

  67. What silly stories TM make up for us to knock down. If Metodo had 30 boxes of evidence including eight leads, their masters the McCanns must have known. So why wait until now before chasing them up? Do the Mcanns expect us to belive they have been sitting on their hands while the PJ, they claim, did nothing? What crap.

  68. The Mccanns are silent. Probably the flu.We wait.
    I wish them an unquiet Christmas, very concerned and being visited by Madeleine.
    The concealing of the body was not perfect. If it was, they would not be worried about fake sightings.

  69. I can't understand why KM's employers at the medical practice haven't confirmed or made public whether or not KM had indeed been in contact with so many dead bodies during the week prior to going to Portugal .

  70. Nick Fagge (originally Express but migrated to Mail); Gerard Couzens;Mail and who was sent to pick up diary for NOTW; Danial Sanderson Mail allcareers started in May 2007

    Haven,t checked any other Mccann journo friends...

  71. I wrote this before and I write it again: the review will happen through the "elimination system".
    The Met is reading all of the trash, eliminating everything that was not possible, till they officially get inside of 5a, reading all of the official conclusions of the PJ.


    Of course it has to start from the fake abduction.Perhaps the Met studied it alredy, concluded that there was no abduction but they are reviewing the rubish leads because it is a review,
    I'm very pleased (to cite Clarrie)that Portugal denies any review.Working in peace, they learned their lesson, years ago.
    It is our turn to be pleased.
    It is possible the Met is already at the end of the review.
    The most important is: there was no abduction, punto, basta.

    The McCanns have to prove how the abductor could have open the shutters from outside.Show us!
    How did he fit behind the sleeping room door.
    No DNA, no finger prints on the front door.
    Where is the pink blanket.

  72. 70, we don't know if they did not comfirm.

    Don't forget: the police never tell everything.

  73. Just a thought:

    When you are in collusion with someone and you know the public is suspicious, it is advantageous to give the public the impression that the one you have been colluding with has been far from helpful or even has been your adversary.

    For example:

    If members of the government helped you in avoiding being prosecuted for your crimes, it is convenient for both parties if you accuse the government of not doing enough or even of not being helpful at all.

    If a media mogul was instrumental in your international campaign to deceive the public, it is beneficial to both parties if you claim that you were aggrieved by the very media that played a large part in making your fraudulent activities successful.

  74. Joana, is it true that if the Met find enough reason to reopen the case, they will do it?
    And is it true that this is what the Home Office intends to do, after the review is ready? You live in Porugal and you have the chance to find out what is the intention of this all.
    I believe England wants to solve this problem, before the McCanns escape to somewhere.
    not to Cuiabá,please. We don't want them here.

  75. I invite you all to click on the Maddie Case Files, above, and click on archive 2007 "McCanns accused of pressuring Tapas..." and you can see that at least a person (a "he") wanted to change his statement but felt intimidated also by political and economical pressure.
    Read it.
    I hope this "he"will come forward and tell what happened "before, during and after the dinner", like he was planning to tell in November 2007.
    Myself, I think it was Oldfield.

    We are now four years later, even more than four years, and he must have gotten used to the story.
    Let us hope he changed his mind and that he is not scared anymore of the consequences.

    The Met will convince him to tell the truth, I hope.
    What is the use to help criminals if you are a correct person?

  76. 76, I found it on News archive 2007 and it is shocking.I thought they were all paedophiles but it seems they are not.
    Those honest Tapas are spending money in order to defend themselves of a crime they did not commit. And they will continue spending money if they don't come forward telling everything.Till the rest of their lives.
    Now I understand why Kate only thanked the Paynes, at the end of her book.
    Probably the rest broke up with the McCanns.
    I have confidence the Met will squizze Oldfield and the rest. A police know how to let people talk. They take their time and they get an answer.

  77. http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/

    Amaral should apply for Core Participant status - see note for 19 December on this link with email address.

  78. Guerra 74 - Yes I`m sure that`s how real undercover operations do work - doing the exact opposite of what`s normal. Like what better way to cover for paedos, drugsters and the like, than to run a company that supposedly hunts them down.

  79. Amaral's documentary is back on Joana's blog. I didn't expected that before February next.
    Something going on?

    I knew already about the story Jane Tanner wanted to change her statements. I didn't not know about a "he"intending to do it too.
    I believe Payne, Tanner and o'Brian are involved at least in the hiding the body.
    O'Brian was digging the grave, imo, perhaps helped by Gerry, who was "watching football".
    I hear Gerry's reaction to the death: "we can not change it. let us protect the survivers".
    Imo they took a spade from the street reparations(Luz) and used it.
    I have no idea how deep a normal beach can be, how deep was the grave.
    And I believe the McCanns hired the car one day before going to the Vatican in orde to let a relative exhume the body and take it to a freezer. On their visit to the Pope, they invited the media with them and Praia da Luz was empty of journalists. The exhumation must have happened in the middle of the night and the PJ must have seen it and even filmed it.They are just waiting for the trial.

  80. Hello magazine- Phil Hall former NoW editor, then Hello was going to work with the McCanns. Father of Ross Hall. McCanns give interview to Hello!

  81. I always thought it was strange that Russel O'Brian disappeared from the Madeleine's map, since May or June 2007. He is not on the photo when Tapas 7 received the payment from Express, he is not on Gerry's documentary(he could have showed a sheet with vomit), no interviews to papers or tv.
    I fear the abductor took him as well.
    He must be deeply involved in the desappearance, like I believe Payne has also to do with it.
    I think O'Brian could have helped digging the hole and Payne did something else!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. To comment on Kate's fateful week before the holiday, when she attended to six corpses - we have never heard a word about those events. (She apparently wore the same black-checked trousers on the holiday - unwashed.)
    While the UK police don't tell everything, we have never heard any comments whatseoever from any member of the six bereaved families of Rothley/Leicester. The tabloids would certainly be happy to print quite innocent articles from the relatives of the six deceased persons.
    Something on the lines of "Poor Kate was so good to us at the time and we really feel for her now in her own time of trouble" kind of thing.
    Instead, not a word.Think on, as they say up north.

  83. I'm afraid the Met are working for the politicians and big buisness . The investigation will only promote the Mc's lies . I can't believe how corrupt those at the top have become it beggers belief . I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it .

  84. Oh dear - in February 2012 the Australians are opening a 4th inquest into the "Dingo baby" case of Lindy Chamberlain, which was never solved. Now who will get more notice in the UK press - that or the McCann/Amaral hearing?

  85. Now I understand why Oldfield was never made arguido.
    He was planning to tell the truth and that is what Brown did not want.Brown was pressured by the media and by a tv channel, that would turn themselves against him.

    Brown had to free the McCanns, in order to become a prime minister.

    very well planned, McCanns, very well planned.
    Congratulations!And celebrations!

    This was premeditated, wasn't it? Going abroad, Portugal, refusing baby sitters, even after the crying on May the 1st,calling diplomats and the British authorities, calling the media, media circus, visiting the Pope...

    And lying, o god, I forgot, lying all the time.
    But you both will pay, fucking devils, you will pay for all bad things you did in this world.
    And it will not take that long.

  86. DR. Oldfield, what about approaching the Met and telling the truth?
    They will catch you anyway.
    If you are scared, send them an anonymous letter, telling what happened that night.

    You will be seeing as a bad character man, hiding a crime.
    If you decide for telling it, you will sleep better and Maddie's ghost will leave you alone.

  87. Pat Brown speaking a week ago on the Vito Colucci radio show:


  88. http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Witness-Statement-of-David-Pilditch.pdf

    its paragraph 24 of this witness statement that is exercising Sherbourne (who acts for Mccanns) at leveson inquiry. Do all the participants have their own lawyers at inquiry?



  90. I too believe Matt had no part in any cover up.Having looked AGAIN at the creche records for the TWINS ,Amelia & Sean,surely the entry for THEM on the 3rd MAY ,is the most significant piece of EVIDENCE needed to PROVE when this debacle really started,as it states NO MORNING ATTENDANCE!!??? something must have happened "big time"to stop that pair taking their little ones to their daily baby minders!!However at 14.45 Kate signs them in,and also signs them out at17,25.Madeleine,s creche entry for 3rd shows the parents place of CONTACT is TENNIS/ROOM ,Gerry signed her in at 9.10and out at 12.25,Kate signs her in at 14.50 and out at 17.30! SO as their place of contact was TENNIS/ROOM on the morning of 3rd why didn,t they take twins to creche? The nanny ,Catrina Baker,s statement fully supports the parents in that Madeleine had been part of the group that she was in charge of when they "sailed"to another beach on a small yellow catamaran between10 and 11,HOWEVER within 24 hours of her interview ,she was "dispatched"by Mark Warner to take up a new post in Greece???along with 4 other members of staff! A s most people here know ,there have been several question marks over the "validity of the creche records".If that is a possibility I just hope SCOTLAND YARD don,t miss a chance to re interveiw those employees,and of course the ones still"in charge" of this LIE , The Macaans" !!!!

  91. 84, you certainly don't hope you are wrong and I believe you are also 29, above.
    You want to influence us about the Kate and Gerry's political power.
    If Theresa May and Cameron sent the Met to Portugal, it means they lost it.

    You are the Mccanns, aren't you?

  92. Lynn at #90

    Mmmm... very well noted. I assume your PJ files' data is correct. The problem is SY is not looking for any evidence that might compromise the parents (strict orders from Cameron?). Naturally this is all speculation. We must wait to see what SY does (...)
    I may be wrong about SY (but I doubt).


  93. The McCann Files

    who wrote


    instead of


  94. :j @ Anon 81 Phil Hall is Ross Hall's uncle, not his father.

    :j @ Anon 82 Russell O'Brien took part in the Regents Park run for Missing People back in Spring/Summer this year, along with Kate & Gerry McCann, Rachael Oldfield and an Inspector from Leicester Police. O'Brien finished well down in the 100s.

  95. 33, Uk tax payer. This review of the madeleine case is a very worth while investigation. I can not believe people on this blog complain about it being a waste of their tax when they have been educated and kept healthy in this country. Before they even come close to paying back what they have cost the country they jump on a soap box and decide this poor little girl should not have any support from authorities and everyone should listen to them with their superior opinions and detective skills.

    Alot of hate on here because eddie smelt the groceries. Can not really say what I want to because Joana will not allow it.

    But if you want to get into it I will happily change some minds on this blog

  96. This investigation is being made a top priority. I hope it yields results and this is solved once and for all for the sake of this vulnerable little girl. My daughter is the same age as Madeleine and she is the most precious person in my life. Perhaps, then, attention will focus on other missing child cases and that they will share the status of this one. All who are missing need all the help there is to solve the mysteries of how and why they are no longer present. How many more shattered families have to wait before they too get their answers? Too many. If anything, let this be the start of getting answers and results after too much time. Better late than never.

  97. On the McCann Files, there is a letter from the Home Office that gave a lot of hope to us all.
    The British police did not start their investigation now but it seems they were doing it already through the years and sending their information to the Portuguese police.
    It must be a lot of files.
    I bet they have the missing peace of the puzzle. Kate makes too many mistakes.
    What a terrible Christmas for the McCanns. And no Christmas for Madeleine. Never more. Next Christmas they will be behing bars, for a death, hiding a crime, for fraudulent fund, for allowing the polie to suspect Murat,for obstruction of the investigations.
    The same for Oldfield, Payne and Tanner, also behind bars for hiding a crime, protecting criminals, allowing the fraudulent fund, for obstruction of the investigation, for allowing Murat's life being destroyed, for allowing the twins to live with dangerous parents.

    I believe they are all paedophiles, without exceptions, and it is high time they get punished.
    And if the Oldfields are good friends of the Paynes, it is because they are the same too.

  98. 92 Amanda,

    you're again the Mccanns.

  99. The letter from the Home Office of October the 17th 2011, published on McCann Files, desappeared from that blog.

  100. If 29 & 84 and possibly 93 are the McCanns then they are even more devious than I thought if that is at all possible; they are certainly in cahoots with Lucifer and the likes, they are following every dark avenue to leave in place their doings of the last 4 and more years. The McCanns are an example of what this world has plunged to, even more so when these two started to cast their nets. What an example for their children and the child who is struggling in the world she no doubt occupies now, to see these two, her parents, making every effort to profit from her death! They are
    marching on through their mire they have created, their dredging, taking along whom they see fit, they WILL find victims because they HAVE to!!For the gullible unsuspecting,public to keep fat and bulging, their fund, what can be more crooked and no accountability! No looking back. They have nothing to lose when they continue in their low life fashion, they have created their own Hades, Hot Lips and Jerry, the comic figure if you like. "Next Christmas they will be behind bars, for a death, hiding a crime, for fraudulent fund, for allowing the police to suspect Murat, for obstruction of the investigations.
    The same for Oldfield, Payne and Tanner, also behind bars for hiding a crime, protecting criminals, allowing the fraudulent fund, for obstruction of the investigation, for allowing Murat's life being destroyed, for allowing the twins to live with dangerous parents.

    I believe they are all paedophiles, without exceptions, and it is high time they get punished.
    And if the Oldfields are good friends of the Paynes, it is because they are the same too".
    Hope you are right 96, they should be behind bars for their multiple
    offences and lies.


  101. "Goncalo Amaral needs to understand that the UK interference claim will never be accepted judicially and that making it in February will be fatal... http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/ Please ask S. Amaral to read John Blacksmith's article.

  102. Thank you Jilly for your correction of my mistake re Phil Hall being father of Ross. He is as you say, his uncle. Keep up your great research!

  103. 95, "for the sake of this vulnerable little girl".
    vulnerable? she is dead, as you very well know.

    "the most precious thing in my life".

    ("our most precious gift")

    focus on other missing child?

    you are Kate, aren't you?

  104. where are the McCanns? hiding in Payne's garden?

  105. @ 96.
    I believe very strongly that your last sentence would make all the pieces fit.
    For the longest time I have thought this. It would account for all kinds of people in all walks of life with that in common needing to have a massive cover-up like we see here.
    Look at Hollie Greig. There really are that type out there & they never seem to be brought up on charges.
    What a world we live in.


  106. 96, there is no letter from the Home Office on McCannfiles. Where did you see it?

    Myself, I wonder if Matthew Oldfield is a paedophile too. He could be, because he is friend of David Payne's.
    If he was not friends with the MacCanns and still protecting them, it is possible that Kate and Gerry have paedophilic pictures of the Oldfields, that's why they have no other choice than to protect Maddie's parents.

    That is a very serious possibility. If he does not come forward with the truth, we can be sure Mattheuw is a paedophile.

  107. @ Anonymous 93

    Are you talking about the McCann Files website?

    If so, I don't understand what you are trying to say as neither of the words you have highlighted appear on the site.

  108. Ms Morais, You have not posted any of my comments that are not in line with your opinions. You should not bang on about freedom of speech if you do not understand it. Bad girl

  109. Mitchell and Mccanns are constantly reporting in the German press,the German people are not fooled and are very upset.They dont want their papers like they did in Britain to fool the people we only want the truth of what happened and are now waiting for Sr Amaral,he is a honest man and we hope the police will open the case and the truth of what happened to Madeleine will come out.The Mccann team say they will never find her is this because she is in the sea and will never be found. The dogs went from the flat to the sea.

  110. If it was not an accident, it must have had a reason.
    Tiredness caused by three children, without any perspective of getting better.
    Too much work at home and resteless nights because of Madeleine's imnsonia.
    According to Amaral's documentary, Kate was bathing the children that fatal evening, all by herself.(Gerry was enjoying life at the tennis court.)
    But the children were getting older, the worst belonged to the past, imo.
    It could have been something else, as reason.
    Was Kate suffering of lack of attention from her husband, was her tiredness a threat to her marriage, would Madeline's death approach them to each other because she knew Gerry would hide the crime and would permanentely stay at her side, for ever and ever, also in order to control her words to the public?
    His presence in her life seems to be guaranteed,imo.With that fraudulent fund and concealing the body, he will never leave home.
    Kate has no brothers and sisters, she grew up alone and she must hate loneliness. Finaly a husband, and she feared loosing him.
    Just a thought.
    Gerry was about to get a promotion(if it is true) and I wonder if it was a promotion inside his hospital or a promotion obliging him to travel around, leaving Kate alone with their three children, and the risk to meet young ladies on his path?

    On Gerry's documentary there is a scene where both are sitting in the car and it is clear to me that Kate is angry with him and he is watching her on a guilty and concerned way. That was filmed after they left the laboratory where they were shown Madeleine's picture, at six years old(Washington). Looking at the picture, at the studio, Kate comments "what Madeleine had missed" those two years.
    If she was and still is alive, she did not miss anything. She is just living somewhere else. Kate's expression on their way back, in the car, gave me the idea that Gerry could have been the original reason of the death. In this case, the reason was more than tiredness.A combination of factors.

  111. "Police finally admit Madeleine was abducted"

    Journalists are obliged to find an issue to write about.We heard it on the Levenson inquiry. The Met are not saying anything at all, nor are the PJ.
    Spin, spin, spin.

    I don't even think this news was at the McCanns request.

  112. If SY really want to do something useful they could question David Payne as to what he knows about the broken fridge in McCann's holiday apartment. That was the one he mentioned in his statement, and somehow the McCanns forgot about. What did happen to that fridge, and what was it that he wanted to tell 'off the record' about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann when he was being questioned by the LP? David Payne could turn out to be a very important witness indeed.

  113. Joana, Astro, I wish you a very good and healthy year and I thank you for everything you are doing and have done for justice for Madeleine.
    2012 will bring the answers to this crime.
    The McCanns will pay for their crime against an innocent child and against the public.
    "Who ever took Madeleine could strike again".(Martin Brunt)

  114. McCanns, you like and you need getting involved with important people and to show the world how important you are.
    The ambassador, the consul, Brown, the Pope, Socrates, Cameron... somebody in Washington...
    Cameron wrote you last May, you published it but...
    You forgot to show us you also got a letter from Theresa May, also a important minister, whom you asked for help longer ago.
    She was very gentle, writing you last May, answering your request, offering everything she could offer in order to FIND (not to search for) Madeleine.

    You got her reply on Friday, the 13th, if you got it by regular mail.

    Why don't you show us Mrs. May's letter?

    Mrs. May offer last May is definitely a disaster for you both.How regretful is it for both of you.

    Within some time you will publish your next book, Kate.

    The Fatal May (by Kate McCann)

  115. #100,
    Is this the Home Office letter you mean?

    "Home Office response, 17 Ocober 2011"

    A Happy New Year to all!

  116. 109 in case you meant to take Joana's blog into your own hands, thank goodness it was not possible! We have had enough of McCann control! How I hope this year will finally see these two where they belong. Their life is one big farce, every word they say or write, utterly reinforces their lies; they have held their heads above water with their ceaseless corrupted ways. Thank you, Joana,they want centre stage, pulling the strings and leaving the paying UK citizens in the dark. It suits McCanns, it is still paying for the bacon!

  117. I am 106. the 96 I spoke of has somehow become 98.
    My comments pertain to 98.


  118. There is a film La Piscine, with Romy Schneider and Alain Delon, a story of a couple that rent a house for two weeks, for holidays, they meet an ex-lover of the wife (Romy) and his daughter, with whom Delon falls in love.
    They begin an affair, Delon announces his wife that he is about to leave her, for his new love, and his wife feels devastated.
    The husband(Delon) kills the father in the swimming pool, in order to be free to get his much youger daughter.
    At a certain moment the police believe in an accident but Romy lies to her husband that the police suspect him. The husband gives up the young lady because he needs his wife's support and alibi and they remain married.
    The wife uses a murder in order to save her marriage.


    These wishes go especially to "Big Rock" in Portimão but include Joana Morais, Astro and all free spirits which have upheld the torch of freedom, the right to interpret facts without any fear of coercion whatsoever, against the power of public relations, media obfuscation, ideology and political subservience.

    Let us all hope and root for that come Spring, Dr.G. Amaral will have all his rights reinstated and have all properties and assets confiscated by the McCanns' returned to him - with costs (...)

    May Drs. Kate and Gerry McCann pay a very heavy price, not just for abandoning their children to their fate but also for attempting to silence and destroy the very person who led the investigation into their daughter's disappearance in an attempt (some say) to "dry clean" their image.

    Such auspicious outcome would bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion only to be followed by Dr. Amaral definitive requiem - an expanded version of "A Verdade da Mentira".


  120. Paedophiles the lot of them.
    Really believe 2012 will be 'Annus Horriblis' for McCann's and their cronies, evil species.
    Thank you for all you do, Joana... Hope 2012 brings you all you wish for.


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