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Joana Case: Leonor Cipriano's lawyer to be tried in February over defamation

Lisbon, 03 Jan (Lusa) - Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, starts to be tried on the 9th of February due to allegedly defaming Gonçalo Amaral, the Judiciary Police inspector who coordinated the investigation into the disappearance of Joana, in 2004.

The hearings will take place at the Court of Faro's Second Criminal Circuit and Gonçalo Amaral demands compensation in the amount of three thousand euros from Marcos Aragão Correia, as well as from the arguido António Pedro Dores, the head of the Association Against Exclusion through Development (ACED).

According to a judicial source, what lies at stake is a document dated April 8, 2008, titled "Report About Torture of Leonor Cipriano perpetrated by the Judiciary Police", which Aragão Correia wrote for ACED and which was publicised by the Association.

in: Visão, 03.01.2012

Update: Lawyer who has been accused of defamation by Gonçalo Amaral wants Attorney General intervention

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, who will be tried in February over defamation against Gonçalo Amaral, a PJ inspector and investigator in the “Joana Case”, has asked Portugal’s Attorney General to take an “urgent position” concerning the “heinous” accusation that he has been subject to.

“I write with the goal of obtaining your urgent position concerning the heinous and vile libelous accusation that has been made by prosecutors who are your subordinates”, lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia mentions in a letter to [Attorney General] Pinto Monteiro.

In the letter, which Lusa agency had Access to, the lawyer stresses that the torture that Leonor Cipriano was the victim of was “clearly proved”, unanimously, in a Jury Court, and later fully confirmed, without further possibility of appeal, by the Appeals Court of Évora.

in: Sapo with Lusa, 04.01.2012

Process Number: 87/08.8JAFAR
2º Criminal Court
Common Process (Singular Court)
Author Public Ministry
Plaintiff Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral
Arguido Marcos Teixeira da Fonte Aragão Correia
Arguido António Pedro de Andrade Dores
Judgement or final hearing 09-02-2012 9:30
- # -
Second date 28-02-2012 14:00

in Citius

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  1. Good, looks like justice likes 2012. So much to look forward to!

    Re Paul Dacre of Daily Mail justifying 2007? front page titled "Murderers" of Stephen Lawrence, I have a feeling this is pertinent to McCann case.

    Editors getting some balls?....just in time for next phase of Leveson inquiry, I hope so.


  2. Sorry 1997 not 2007 - re Paul Dacre, Stephen Lawrence and Mail Murderes headline

  3. I'm glad Mr and Mrs Lawrence have got justice for their son Stephen. When I heard the facts of the Stephen's case,I was ashamed to be British. I am disgusted at the British police and the way they handled Stephen's murder 18yrs ago. I hope all the officers who investigated the case in such a cack handed manner, are brought to task for what they did. These officers have prevented Stephen's mum and dad from grieving for Stephen.

    I am now of the opinion that the British police have covered for the McCanns. They covered up for the McCanns, when they never sent the Gaspars statements to the PJ, until after the McCanns returned home from P.D.L. the day after they were made arguidos.

    I am now hoping that 2012 will be the year that Goncalo Amaral and Madeleine, get the justice they deserve. I also hope that 2012, will be the beginning of the end of freedom for those involved with Madeleine's disappearance.

    In my opinion, the PJ know, who two of the people are and so do the British police. All we can hope is that at the end of the review, the two main culprits are flushed out and brought to justice.

    When that happens, the high profile people who helped them escape justice, will be very worried, because the two main culprits will squeal like pigs and name names. If they go down they will want to take others with them.

  4. Happy New Year everyone.

    3000 Euros from each, that's it? I doubt that will make much of a dent in either of the accused's pocket book. And the trial is taking place at the same time that Mr. Amaral is being tried, why?

  5. Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Morgan cases - Police corruption involved in both. Thank you to the jury who righted the wrongs in the Lawrence case. We can trust ordinary citizen more than we can trust police and politicians .

  6. Happy New year Guerra :) You raise a good point, why on the same date? It could be a mere coincidence, in that case one of the court trials will probably have to be postponed. According to Sky News article (http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16128127), spinned by Team McCann the court dates for the libel claim trial against Gonçalo Amaral are supposed to take place on the 9th and 10th of February. I've tried to get a confirmation on those dates here http://www.citius.mj.pt/Portal/consultas/ConsultasAgenda.aspx so far I wasn't able to find anything.

  7. «SCIENTIFIC advances used in the Stephen Lawrence case could solve the mysteries of Madeleine McCann and Jill Dando.

    Forensic experts working on the racist murder devised new techniques to discover microscopic clues that convicted two of the killers.

    Now Scotland Yard hopes the same revolutionary approach could help find the truth behind the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine in 2007 and the killing of BBC Crimewatch presenter Miss Dando in 1999.»


  8. Happy New Year to everyone

    From Dublin's Fair City :))

    guerra @4 & Joana @6 and add the Mc canns attempting to have Tony Bennett locked up on feb 8th and you have a hatrick of court attendences linked with this case (maybe nothing maybe something???)


  9. On the same day is cheaper, that's why.
    goodness, 3000 euro's?
    that is a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. About the trial being at the same time.... Again the Mccann's and their temptation to present everything as a coincidence. For me, again a strategy to distract from the main case and to discredit Amaral trying to make his defense weak.
    I hope a judge will ask that character how/ who and why he becomes Leonor lawyer if she had Joao Grade as her lawyer, payed with taxes of all Portuguese? Who contacted who, because I don't believe Leonor was able to find such character while inside the prison. What drives a guy to be the lawyer of a criminal which case was already analyzed by a court with a conviction? And off course the question that follow all the doubts: who payed his services? Leonor, from the prison? She had no money to pay Joao Grade, then if she payed that guy, from where came the money? I don't believe he was payed by the Portuguese taxes and I don't believe he works and make all the circus for free. Is that, one of the channels where the money grabbed under Madeleines name went?

  11. ANON @ 9

    Goncalo is keeping the big one i.e ( Multimillion Euro counter suit) for the Mc Canns, you will be VERY PLEASED to hear.
    Now thats what you can call A lot !!!!!!!!!
    When you stop crying that is.


  12. Happy New year A. DUBLINER :) Thank you for adding that the McCanns want to send Tony Bennett to prison, and that the trial is going to take place on the 8th of February. Are the McCanns attending both trials, or are they just going to send Carter Ruck to represent them in Tony Bennett's trial and attend Amaral's one the following day (if Sky News dates are correct)?

    @10 Spot on! One thing we can never forget is that Marcos Aragão Correia was a pawn for Team McCann, his role in this ongoing saga was instrumental to spread a "connection" between Joana Cipriano's case and Madeleine McCann's case, which was later spinned in the UK media almost omitting the fact that Leonor Cipriano was convicted along with her brother, João, in a Court of law for murdering in the most gruesome manner imaginable her own daughter.

    The answer to who paid for the child murderer Leonor Cipriano's defence, that is for 'Leonor lawyer' as he calls himself on a Team McCann Cyberbullying forum is very obvious just by reading the following two article extracts.

    «Método 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCanns, tried to convince Leonor Cipriano's Lawyer to change the course of defense. The agency operational wanted to make of Gonçalo Amaral - the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão, responsible for the investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine and Joana, the main target, through the intersection of the two cases in Detectives Hired by the McCanns want to Frame Gonçalo Amaral»

    «When confronted by 24Horas with the suspicions about his connection to the Maddie case, Marcos Aragão confirmed that he was already paid by persons that are connected to the McCanns. “They haven’t paid me honoraries but rather expenses due to transportation, lodging and food, in order to interview João Cipriano in prison”, the lawyer explained, adding that the purpose of the conversation was to “analyse” the procedures of Amaral as a PJ investigator in Leonor’s lawyer received money from the McCanns - 24Horas»

    What I still want to know is: Why is the Portuguese Lawyer's Order allowing this pseudo-lawyer to break consistently the Order's Deontological Code with total impunity?

  13. Somebody wrote here before, that he/she was just back from holidays in Liverpool and that people there believe the McCanns.
    I have my doubts about this story. It seems that England is already very well informed.
    Many people have internet, they can get a lot of information, if they want.
    The story sounds like the McCanns themselves. "A few people don't believe us but most people do".Millions and billions of people don't believe them, specially after having read Kate's book.

  14. At least Prince Philip has an alibi. He was in the hospital.

  15. anon. @9 3.000 euros is roughly about 2.500 pounds, not a huge sum to pay for all the distress that Leonor's lawyer has caused to Mr. Amaral & to his family. Unlike the McCanns Mr. Amaral is not looking to make a million pounds from that loony lawyer - a fool to be pitted more than anything else - Amaral is looking for Justice, a concept that might be strange to you and to those who defend the McCann couple.

  16. Joana @ 12, thank you for the explanation. Then, as I'm convinced, the money coming from donations asked under the umbrella of the search of Madeleine was also passed to the hands of that guy to frame the only person who had searched and know how to search Madeleine. That is a strong evidence against the couple in any court. Why they don't want the girl to be found? Why they persecute the police when he was already out of the investigation? Because they know, he knows a lot more about the case then what is public domain? Because he was/ is following the right track that could be lead to the body or to Madeleine remains? The explanation gave by Kate, that he was preventing the search of her daughter, was the most stupid one and could be eaten by a biased judge or media editor, but not by any independent judge in any court.
    Why the lawyer barist let MAC act with total impunity? For me is clear. I read somewhere that who passed the pictures of Leonor Cipriano with marks of aggression to the Espresso newspaper was Marinho Pinto when he was an anonymous lawyer in Coimbra and was having some freelancers work at some papers. That could explain why / who bring MAC into the Cipriano Saga. Marinho Pinto and Rodrigo Santiago become assistants on the tortura trial and for me was Marinho Pinto who passed to the " amnistia international" the image of a pj who tortured during the investigation. Was everything manipulated to discredit Amaral and to fit the Mccann's wishes.
    Why Marinho pinto persecuted Amaral and the investigators involved In the investigation of Leonor Cipriano? To get publicity since he loves to be polemical? To intimidate the all Pj and like that frame the police who could have intentions of investigating the corruption that surrounds some politics? At some point it was clear how he wanted to please politics like Jose Socrates. There is no innocent coincidences and inspectors like Amaral are always a stone on the shoes of who has accounts with justice.

  17. McCann -> Metodo 3 -> Marcos Aragão
    Unbelievable how McMafia instrumentalized that monster Leonor Cipriano for their own end, ugh!
    Those people to stop at nothing.

  18. @16 Well said, let me just add some extra info to what you wrote.

    It was Marinho e Pinto, the actual head of the Portuguese Lawyer's Order - lawyer & churnalist in 2005 - who wrote the article in the Expresso newspaper, where the first pictures of Leonor Cipriano bruised eyes were published - at that time those pictures were under judicial secrecy, which raises several questions. (http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/04/marinho-pinto-justifying-his-presence.html)

    It was also Marinho Pinto who - in a unprecedented move - demanded for the Lawyer's Order & himself to be constituted as an "assistant" in the 2009 trial of the 5 PJ officers accused of allegedly "torturing" Leonor Cipriano so he could not be called as a witness over those photos, as was requested by the defence lawyers. (http://www1.ionline.pt/interior/index.php?p=news-print&idNota=29291).

    It was also Marinho Pinto who wrote an article through the Lawyer's Order bulletin in 2009 defending José Socrates, affirming that the anonymous letter that involved the former prime minister in the Freeport scandal was manipulated by the Judiciary Police. (http://www.jn.pt/PaginaInicial/Nacional/Interior.aspx?content_id=1182816).

    It was Marinho Pinto's daughter, Barbara, who works in Rogério Alves (the McCanns lawyer)and Jerónimo Martins (the vice president of the Lawyer's Order General Council) law office, who defended an alleged victim of "torture" - a suspect of theft - against 3 PJ officers; where for the second time Marinho Pinto used the Lawyer's Order as an assistant. The former President of the Order António Pires said at the time: this is “regrettable under an ethical point of view. There may not be a legal incompatibility, but there is a moral incompatibility”. Curiously, one of the PJ officers was Tavares de Almeida, who was part of the investigation to the Maddie case. (http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/11/president-of-order-supports-his.html)

    And finally in 2010, Marinho Pinto supported Isabel Duarte's list (the McCanns media lawyer) in the elections to the Lawyer's Order Superior Council - Isabel lost the election but he didn't, unfortunately, and was re-elected for the triennium 2011-2013. (http://www.publico.pt/Sociedade/antonio-marinho-e-pinto-reeleito-bastonario-da-ordem-dos-advogados_1468368)

    Like you, anon @16, I'm totally convinced there are no innocent coincidences in the McCann case.

  19. Marinho Pinto, que figurinha, ein...?! Escorregadio como enguia e mais sujo que pau de galinheiro!

  20. Obrigada querido Himself :) muitos beijinhos

  21. Hang on a minute @13, not everybody believes in a multilayered conspiracy involving many different people. So if somebody posts their own opinions it does not make them the Mccanns or a paid agent of the Mccanns. As stupid as I may seem to some of you I believe the whole Mccann family are victims of many crimes against them. You have to consider the possibility that you have got it wrong and your comments are unjust.

    British people I know all believe Madeleine was abducted and my Portuguese friends believe the family had something to do with it or as they put it "I only know what is in the papers"

    Happy new year Joana

  22. Where are our dearest McCanns? Every Christmas and New Year we were all crashed by their interviews and suddenly they disappear.

  23. Good luck to Goncalo Amaral but I'm sorry to say I'm feeling very pessimistic about all this activity in February especially after the Leveson farce. Hope I'm wrong.

  24. I agree Joana. I don't believe the coinciding dates are accidental.

  25. Joana Morais 18: Many thanks!

  26. 1...2...3...Test... Test... Test...

    JM's comment box seemingly not working last night...preview option and test digits not popping under "Chrome". Thought they were through "a papo seco"! Lost two award winning comments, potential Oscar candidates as a result. Damn it! Let me see if it works under old Bill's browser...

  27. I wish Goncalo Amaral all the very best for the upcoming libel cases,if there's any justice he will prevail in both,does anyone know if Goncalo's book will be translated into English in the near future?.


    In a comment that went lost last night, courtesy of Chrome "The Browser", I drew attention to the synchronicity shown by the trial dates (February) - a point other IQ's on this blog were also quick to point out. I need not therefore elaborate further on these.

    What no one seems to have antecipated is the prediction I made (or attempted to make) last night (Chrome) that following the release of this news item (Amaral vs. Correia) the McCann's PR machine would come up with a "counter news" release.

    I also hypothesized (more out of caution than anything else) that their move could be postponned for as late as February 2012 even suggesting this would be Scotland Yard related. I was wrong or perhaps I am still right on the latter count. Wait and see.

    At any rate, the knee-jerky reaction of the McCanns' Marketing/PR apparatus was as I expected.

    You have to give credit to the McCanns' public relations team for "marketing" efficiency. Unfortunately, the more they tamper with the "trampa" the more stinky it gets. You know what I mean?


    What some of observers of this blog failed to note is the events galore date (February 2012) is not just about trials.

    February is also the month when Pat Brown will start TO DIG FOR MADELEINE IN PORTUGAL.

    Again expect Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell and Lift Consulting - The McCanns' PR agents in Portugal to come up with some news stealing counter move as soon as Pat Brown lands in Portugal. Certainly blogs have already appeared on the Internet to try and discredit her criminal profiler know-how.

    PAT BROWN HAS ALSO SUED THE McCANNS' but whether that will come to trial in February too is anyone's guess.

    Those who may have dificculty in understanding such PR strategy, should refer to Jean Baudrillard concept of "Simulacra and Simulation". Please see next posting for technical details.

    Thank you and good day.

    Mystic Mario


    "Baudrillard claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is of a simulation of reality.

    Moreover, these simulacra are not merely mediations of reality, nor even deceptive mediations of reality; they are not based in a reality nor do they hide a reality, they simply hide that anything like reality is irrelevant to our current understanding of our lives."

    "Simulacra and Simulation" breaks the sign-order into 4 stages:

    The first stage is a faithful image/copy, where we believe, and it may even be correct that, a sign is a "reflection of a profound reality", this is a good appearance, in what Baudrillard called "the sacramental order".

    The second stage is perversion of reality, this is where we believe the sign to be an unfaithful copy, which "masks and denatures" reality as an "evil appearance - it is of the order of maleficence". Here, signs and images do not faithfully show us reality, but can hint at the existence of something real which the sign itself is incapable of encapsulating.

    The third stage masks the absence of a profound reality, where the simulacrum pretends to be a faithful copy, but it is a copy with no original. Signs and images claim to represent something real, but no representation is taking place and arbitrary images are merely suggested as things which they have no relationship to. Baudrillard calls this the "order of sorcery".

    The fourth stage is pure simulation, in which the simulacrum has no relationship to any reality whatsoever. Here, signs merely reflect other signs and any claim to reality on the part of images or signs is only of the order of other such claims."

    Now, do I need to give you a sweet for guessing which stage PR operates? I knew you would guess it!


  30. I don't believe that the purpose of this particular litigation process is to acquire 6000 Euros. Surely, Mr. Amaral's reputation is worth more to him than that minuscule amount.

    In following certain cases in Portugal it has become evident to me that certain laws make no sense, unless they were written to protect criminals.

    Why is it that a person who is found guilty of a crime can remain free by launching a series of endless appeals. A guy is found guilty of molesting children and in the days that follow he is giving television interviews, that's disgraceful. Change the law, if a person is found guilty of a crime he or she must go directly to jail. The person in entitled to appeal the decision but he must await the outcome while in jail.

    This story of person not being able to give testimony if he is made an assistant to the process is absurd. What is the purpose of this law? Change the law, if a person needs to be called to testify by the Defense and or the Prosecution then he or she cannot be made an assistant to the process.

    Marinho e Pinto is a blustering criminal.

  31. Joana Morais at #7

    "Now Scotland Yard hopes the same revolutionary approach could help find the truth behind the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine in 2007 and the killing of BBC Crimewatch presenter Miss Dando in 1999.»

    :p Oh! my!Someone, somewhere may need yet another bottle of wine...

    NB Assuming the Express is quoting SY accurately, that is.

  32. Mr. Amaral actually instigated this process about 4 years ago. It is only now that Mr. Amaral's claim against Mr. Correia is being brought to trial. I hope that they incarcerate this clown, Marcos Correia; he lied in court and has made a mockery of the Portuguese justice system.

  33. Any chance this 'lawyer' will end up inside with those evil clients of his? Here's hoping.

    As for the upcoming McCann/Amaral libel trial, I hope Dr Amaral will find some way to introduce the Gaspar statements, and the question as to why the LP kept back those statements from the Portuguese investigators working the case at the time. The lady doctor Gaspar was so concerned by what she had seen and heard in the conversation between David Payne and Gerry McCann that she felt it necessary to contact the police when she learnt that Madeleine was missing.

    Also, as a matter of interest, is David Payne a Mason as well? So many in the UK police force are Masons. Plus Gerry McCann is, Gordon Brown is, David Cameron is, and quite a number of others with various connections to the case. So many Masons popping up here, there, and everywhere. There should be some questions asked about that as well, especially if the SY investigation turns out to be an expensive whitewash. We know that many in SY are Masonic members. Surely there wouldn't be Masons in UK doing favours for their Masonic pals and interfering with the course of justice!!! Why did the McCanns get this favour of an investigation by SY from Mason Cameron when so many others with genuine missing family members get nothing?

    No doubt there will be many questions still to be asked if this SY 'investigation' turns out to be a case of ignoring the evidence already on hand, plus the dogs as well, in favour of the McCanns' version of events of somebody running off into the night with Madeleine, and that within a three minute period when there was all the supposed constant checking going on.

    That any trained UK cops could possibly ignore the dogs in this case would be simply unbelievable when they know the value and reliability of those dogs. I don't doubt we will all be watching to see whether the SY investigators do that, and if they do so will be smelling the stink of very large rodents.

  34. Marinho Pinto enterrado ate as orelhas no lamacal Mccann. Para mim, foi ele quem conduziu o MAC ate ao galinheiro da Cipriano. Ele sabia que para defender escumalha ja sentenciada tinha de usar um advogado tonto sediado na Madeira. Qualquer outro com dois dedos de testa, nao aceitava tal servico, por maior que fosse a verba a receber. A Cipriano nao lhe interessava. Ela estar ca fora ou apodrecer na prisao, era igual. A unica razao porque esta figurante se tornou importante foi TER SIDO INVESTIGADA PELOS INSPECTORES QUE INVESTIGARAM O CASO MADDIE. Portanto para mim, a perseguicao a GA foi encomendada e cozinhada nos escritorios dos advogados portugueses ( o ex- bastonario da ordem dos advogados e o actual bastonario). isto mostra bem a etica e os metodos usados por alguns advogados na defesa dos seus clientes. Crimes atras de crimes. Nao admira que os Mccann se pavoneiem em Portugal convencidos que sao os " reis do gado" e que nada lhes vai acontecer. Conhecem os metodos e pagaram bem por aqueles servicos. Afinal o Fundo gozava de boa saude naquele tempo e provavelmente os honorarios que pagaram foram tao altos que esses valores foram por si so uma garantia de que varias bocas ficavam caladas. estes advogadozecos estao presos ao caso e sabem que o deslindar da verdade e tambem perigoso para eles. Ficara exposto o modus operandi e nao podem deixar de ser criminalmente responsabilizados se estas suspeitas que povoam o cerebro de milhoes de portugueses, se confirmarem. E por isso que a RTP insulta Portugal sempre que tras aos seus ecrans, estes figurantes para comentarem casos relacionados com a justica. A TV paga pelos impostos dos portugueses tem de ter mais respeito pelos contribuintes, ate porque os seus jornalistas sao pessoas inteligentes e por isso ja deverao ter feito o mesmo exercicio de raciocinio que milhoes de portugueses fizeram. Sera assim tao dificil perceber a jogada? Ela foi ficando clarissima. So e preciso juizes e jornalistas competentes e isentos para desmascararem estes cavalheiros.

  35. wasn't interesting that the McCann's never connected their case with the most mediatic case of a missing person in Portugal, Rui Pedro? Contrary to Madeleine, where no any evidence points to an abduction, with Rui Pedro there is strong suspicions that he was abducted. what drives the Mccann's away from that case? Any good explanation for that, mrs Kate Mccann? Why you and your husband never endorsed a public message to the parents of Rui Pedro?

  36. Joana, Astro, is it possible for you to interview Amaral, with some questions from us too? He says the process is plenty of evidence and last May he said: "The Met will see things in the process that will not please the McCanns."

    Goodness, and according to Mitchell the McCanns are constantly pleased!
    Finally something different.

    Is it possible that the Home Office obliges the McCanns to go to Portugal and to make the reconstruction?
    It is about the death of a child, accidental or otherwise and abbout the concealing of the body.

  37. @22 I don't believe in conspiracy theories, what I do believe in is in connivance, tacit consents, collusion, seizing opportunities to fulfil hidden agendas. The McCann case is permeated of all the above since the very beginning.

    Though I respect your opinion there is one proven crime the McCann couple are guilty of, which they themselves have confessed to the Judiciary Police and is on record: They have left three minors, a 3 year-old child and her two-year-old twin siblings, alone, without proper supervision, with all the risk factors that exposure carries. That happened not one night but almost every night until the 3 year-old child mysteriously disappeared. That in itself, is a crime in Portugal, and the name of that crime is neglect, punishable by law.

    So far there has been a absence of Justice for this crime committed against three very young children.

    Happy New year to you and to your loved ones.

  38. Hi Joana just to say happy new year to you, and hope 2012 is the year we see justice being brought to those lowest of the low who are involved in Maddie's "disappearence", and to those who have protected them from day one.I would also like to say good luck to Mr Amaral a true gentleman who's only crime was to find out what really happened to an innocent 3 year old, yet had his family life and career ripped apart by the scum involved, (that includes our british press and media who make me sick, and all the time ar*se licking the vile Mccanns, shame on them)

  39. Anonymous 22,

    One may wish to ignore the alerts given by the English cadaver dogs to the signs of death in the McCann's apartment and in their vehicle. Technically, that evidence is inadmissible in a Portuguese court. But, any unbiased person who reads that case file cannot ignore the incongruent testimony, convincing evidence that a simulation of abduction occurred. We don't know how the child died; we don't know where and how the body was disposed of; but there is strong evidence that the crime scene was altered and that the accounts of events were fabricated to make it appear that an abduction took place.

    That is why the McCann's and their friends avoided at all costs the re-enactment of the play they conducted on May 3, 2007. And that is why in the final dispatch it states that in not taking part in the re-enactment the McCann couple missed an opportunity to erase the suspicion that the public has of their involvement in the disappearance of their child. It is strange that they would forego that opportunity, is it not? The McCanns have spent millions to try to manipulate public opinion, and here was a low cost opportunity to set the record straight. I'm sure if they really wanted the re-enactment to take place their friends would oblige; why, they could have even compensated their friends, to motivate them to take part. That being said, isn't the purpose of the re-enactment to gather clues to determine what happened to the child?

    "I only know what's in the papers."

    It's funny you bring that up. That is essentially why the McCann couple used any means at their disposal to control the flow of information to Britain and other English speaking countries, one of those means being PR firms with political connections. In Portugal you can state your view that Madeleine was abducted without being censored, harassed or sued. In Britain if you try to publicly voice that Madeleine was not abducted, you will be censored and if you go to great efforts to express your opinion, you will be harassed and you will be sued. Now, why is that?

  40. Joana at 38:

    "I don't believe in conspiracy theories, what I do believe in is in connivance, tacit consents, collusion, seizing opportunities to fulfil hidden agendas. The McCann case is permeated of all the above since the very beginning."

    I could not have phrased it better!

    Factors/dynamics such as ideology, cultural hegemony, key people in media/government ("maestro" Clarence Mitchell), tribal loyalties in general, political subservience, PR, marketing and image "dry cleaning" all accounted for by your concise, diplomatic phrasing.

    Which brings me to @22 point:

    "I believe the whole Mccann family are victims of many crimes against them. You have to consider the possibility that you have got it wrong and your comments are unjust."

    @22 opinion underlines the necessity of being more tactful when handling facts such as, say, the forensic dogs findings.

    I mean, if I were to write Eddie (Mr. Grimes star forensic dog) picked up cadaver odour in the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared and where only her parents lived at the time of her dematerialization, I am not defaming anyone. I am just presenting a variation on a statement of fact (as in Mr. Grimes report/PJ files).

    Naturally, human nature and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights being what it is, I am free to add an opinion as to what may have happened, don't I?

    By the way, what is your opinion on this @22?

    That Dr. Kate McCann used to take "Cuddly Cat" (Madeleine's toy) to work? - as she has quoted to have said? Come on!

    It sounds to me like a poor excuse or alibi! But fair enough. Prove her proof if you can. Give us a piece of your mind on this...

    And please don't worry about the prospect of being carter-rucked. the McCanns' won't sue you unless you have a LOT of money ("profit/power" drive) and/or a LOT of people respect your opinion ("dry-cleaning" program) AND you are saying something that goes against the Fund and the MCs "official version of events...

    Let it be known that the use of the terms "profit/power", "dry-cleaning program" and "official version of events" are not allegations I make, but inferences others have made.

    Ih Saidh

  41. guerra, 33, jesus, four years ago? I can't think of a trial of the McCanns.
    Why did it take so long?
    Is Portugal the ideal country to get rid of a child?

  42. Hi Joana, Thankyou for your response @22. If the laws with regards to neglect of responsibilities have been broken then prehaps they should be followed through and contested accordingly. I know of many resorts in the UK and on the continent that offer an hourly check in nanny service while the parents are out which would be effectively the same thing as this case. If illegal this law should be consistent in the EU.

    In response to connivance, tacit consents, collusion and seizing opportunities I am not sure. Better descriptions would be perseverance, fighting spirit, belief and love. I would refer to the parents of Stephen Lawrence who campaigned heroically for 18 years for justice. They had to endure corruption, abuse, racial hatred, red tape and vandalism to their sons monument. I am convinced that had Mr and Mrs Lawrence not persevered with keeping their son in the public eye they would not have achieved the same success. As I see it Madeleine's family have been relentless and will not give up untill their daughter is home. I believe they will achieve this.

  43. May God bless the Met.
    and may God bless you, dearest Nigel Moore ( McCann Files).
    There is news from the Scotland Yard on your blog.

    McCanns, you asked that South African magician, Daniel Krugel, to come to Praia da Luz, in order to find Madeleine.
    He came, he said she was there, probably buried and he suggested dogs.
    British police suggested cadaver dogs, about which the PJ had never heard.
    The dogs came, the PJ brough them also to 5a and inside de Scenic, and te McCanns were made arguidos.


    And later the McCanns started to be a pain in de anus of the British government, insisting on a review.
    They knew Britain said many times it was a Portuguese matter.
    12 May 2012, Kate: "If you are a prime minister, you have a responsibility"
    Gerry: "We want action, not retorik"
    Cameron's reply: "Ok, we send the Scotland Yard".

    HAH, HAH, HAH.

    go to the toilet and flush your heads.

  44. Joana, I want to sing with you

    #I feel pretty,#

    #I feel pretty...#

    By now the Scotland Yard knows about the Gaspars, if they did not know about it before.

    please read McCann Files of today's.

  45. Happy New Year, Jo!

    There's a 2nd date (in addition to the 1st one) appearing on the Citius site for 28-02-2012 at 14:00

  46. the mccanns ought to be very afraid as correia has got something on them and correia is a total nut case and could cause any amount of trouble for them(i hope),i just hope they are paying him well.
    Good luck to Sr Amaral.

  47. On the Maddie Case Files there is an article (2007) "McCanns accused of pressuring..." members of Tapas 7.
    There was at least one of them willing to change his/her statement.
    I hope the Scotland Yard is following you, Joana, and that such articles are read by it.

    I'm so happy that things seem to go fast.

  48. Operation Grange

    On 12 May 2011 the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) announced that, at the request of the Home Secretary, it had agreed to bring its particular expertise to the Madeleine McCann case.

    The then Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, considered the request and took the decision that on balance it was the right thing to do. This was subject to funding being made available by the Home Office, as this case is beyond the MPS's jurisdiction.

    The Portuguese authorities retain the lead.

    While the MPS will not provide a running commentary on its involvement, known as Operation Grange, it is felt appropriate to make the remit available to the public and it is available in the related publications.


    Madeleine McCann Investigation Team

    Major Investigation Team 5
    Homicide and Serious Crime Command
    Belgravia Police station
    202-206 Buckingham Palace Rd
    London SW1W 9SX


    Word Docs

    Operation Grange - Remit of Investigation (25 KB)

    Information for UK law enforcement agencies (365 KB)

    ps. Thanks Nige, will have a look :) beijinhos

  49. my apologies the page is http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Operation-Grange/1400005508791/35434

  50. Perversely, the McCann’s and their supporters are quite happy to ally themselves with child-killer Leonor Cipriano and her lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia. You’d think the likes of these two would be the last people on earth Team McCann would wish to be associated with.

    Cipriano was convicted of murdering, dismembering and disposing of her own daughter, eight year old Joana. During Cipriano’s trial witnesses testified that the little girl had been neglected and abused during her short life. After her death and disappearance Joana's bloody fingerprints were found on a door that she had clung to during the attack. Even Cipriano’s family have disowned her and refuse to take her in on her release from prison - perhaps the McCann’s, or one of their supporters, will kindly offer her a roof over her head.

    None of these people - the McCanns, their supporters or associates - have any regard for little Joana and in their zeal they ignore her fate and use her case, twisting it to their advantage (just as they did with the little Spanish girl Mari Luz). TM supporters actually sympathise with Leonor Cipriano, conveniently forgetting that she confessed to killing her own daughter BEFORE the so-called ‘torture’ incident. They even dispute the conviction of this child-killer - a conviction which has been upheld - yet fall over themselves to support Goncalo Amaral’s conviction simply because, in his case, the court's decision suits their agenda.

    Back in 2007, Lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia - that champion of child-killer Cipriano and cohort of the McCann’s private investigators, Metodo 3 - announced to the world that Madeleine McCann was dead - he claimed she’d been raped, murdered and thrown in a dam. Strangely enough, the McCann’s made no objections to Correia’s theory though they sue others for claiming Madeleine is dead. ‘It harms the search ’ they say. Obviously they believe Amaral has far more credibility than Marcos Aragão Correia. Hopefully, his proven lies against Amaral will be exposed in the forthcoming court action, though I take nothing for granted in this case .

  51. New fictional book based on the McCann case: 'Belle famille' by Arthur Dreyfus, Gallimard edition - review on Le Monde http://www.lemonde.fr/livres/article/2012/01/05/lectures-coupables_1625784_3260.html

  52. Joana, you, Astro, Nigel Moore and others are a big help to the police.
    So many useful articles, useful comments, the police will definitely use many of them in their investigaion.
    Somewhere I read that there will be (or there is already) a possibility of using a lie detector in England, in case of child sex abuse.Not everywhere but it seems a city is using it.
    Let us hope they will use it on Tapas 9.

  53. My English is not very strong.
    Who can explain me the Met's statement that we can read now on McCann Files.
    Does it say the Met are also investigating and their work is more than only review?
    And does it say the Met is going straight to the point instead of reviewing sightings here , sightings there?
    Joana, help me!

  54. @54 Do you want me to translate the bellow doc to Portuguese? I can do that later on. Basically, my understanding is that MET is doing, for the time being, a review of all the data concerning the investigation to Madeleine McCann's disappearance. The data comprises the documentation that was gathered from the Judiciary Police, the Leicestershire Police, Scotland Yard/MET, Europol, Interpol, FBI, NPIA, (probably more information from International police forces who worked in cooperation with the official investigation) and documentation gathered by the McCanns private detectives: Método 3 (Francisco Marco), Noel Hogan, Red Defence and Oakley International (Kevin Halligen), (former MI5 undercover spy) Henri Exton, Control Risks Group, Nigel Brown, Dave Carter, Ray Cooper, Arthur Cowley & former RUC Det. Insp. Dave Edgar [Alpha Investigations Group (Alphaig Limited)]... There might be more, who knows? Besides the rent-a-cops, I also believe the roles of the press advisers, the fund, the fund directors, a certain backer of that fund, and in particular Clarence Mitchell & Carter-Ruck roles should also be investigated. But this isn't an investigation... it's a 3,5 million pounds review.

    The support and expertise proffered by the Commissioner will be provided by the Homicide & Serious Crime Command - SCD1.

    The activity, in the first instance, will be that of an 'investigative review'. This will entail a review of the whole of the investigation(s) which have been conducted in to the circumstances of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

    The focus of the review will be of the material held by three main stakeholders (and in the following order of primacy);

    The Portuguese Law Enforcement agencies.
    UK Law Enforcement agencies,
    Other private investigative agencies/staff and organisations.

    The investigative review is intended to collate, record and analyse what has gone before.

    It is to examine the case and seek to determine, (as if the abduction occurred in the UK) what additional, new investigative approaches we would take and which can assist the Portuguese authorities in progressing the matter. Whilst ordinarily a review has no investigative remit whatsoever- the scale and extent of this enquiry cannot permit for such an approach. It will take too long to progress to any "action stage" if activity is given wholly and solely to a review process.

    The 'investigative review' will be conducted with transparency, openness and thoroughness.

    The work will be overseen through the Gold Group management structure, which will also manage the central relationships with other key stakeholders and provide continuing oversight and direction to the investigative remit.


  55. @54 Even for an English speaker it takes a few reads to try to understand what is being said!

    In my opinion, it seems to be saying that whilst the Met are carrying out 'a review the whole of the investigation(s)' [and note: in the original document the word 'whole' is written in bold and italicised for emphasis - so that would include the circumstances of Madeleine's disappearance, not simply her whereabouts now] they will also be investigating [i.e. going beyond a straightforward review of the case - they use the word 'investigative' 6 times in this short statement] anything they deem worthy and will pass anything that may 'assist the Portuguese authorities in progressing the matter' [i.e. to reopen the case] straight away [they state it would take "too long" to wait until the end of the review to progress to this "action stage"].

    Given they are already onto stakeholder No.3 in their list, then it may suggest they are already well ahead with their task.

    The one peculiar aspect of the statement is the use of the phrase 'as if the abduction occurred in the UK'. That phrase sits like a fish out of water with everything else in the statement. Given the terms of the review, that they themselves have stated, then it cannot possibly be a serious review if only one scenario is considered. I can only presume, and it's simply my opinion, that this phrase has been inserted to buy them some peace and quiet from the McCanns and their umbilical tabloid chums.

    At this point, it's worth repeating again the statement from the assistant chief constable of Leicestershire: "While one or both of them [the McCanns] may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine's disappearance."

    And this one from an FOIA request, related to Ben Needham, in which the FCO stated: 'You will also be aware of the Madeleine McCann case. Both this and the Needham case are categorised as a missing persons, rather than child abduction cases, as there is no evidence in either case to support whether the children were or were not abducted.'

    So, that couldn't be any clearer: There is no evidence that eliminates the McCanns from involvement in Madeleine's disappearance and there is no evidence of an abduction.

  56. Thank you so much Nige, that is a very interesting and excellent take on the MET document. Further to what you wrote, I guess that a typical child abduction wouldn't be investigated by the Homicide & Serious Crime Command (SCD1) unit, but by the Child Abuse Investigation Command (SCD5) unit.

    «Who we are

    The Homicide and Serious Crime Command is responsible for the investigation of homicide and other serious crimes in London.

    Murder Investigation Teams investigate:

    All murder, manslaughter and infanticide offences;
    Deaths within the workplace or mass disaster where culpability for the loss of life is likely to be an issue in criminal court
    Attempted murder where the evidence of intent is unambiguous or where a risk assessment identifies substantive risk to life
    High-risk missing persons where there is a substantive reason to suspect life has been taken or is under threat
    Linked series of two or more stranger rapes which are beyond the capability of SCD2 Sapphire Command or other 'critical incidents'

    Additionally, the teams provide advice for the MPS and other police forces on 'High Risk' situations.»

  57. Response to @40 and @41. I am @22 and @43. Call me Wally

    I respect your right to express opinions and I have taken them on board. Good points.

    Free speech does not include discrimination, defamation and inciting violance but that is not the real point here. If infomation is presented in way to mean someting that it is not, it would be a complex equivalence, which can be a hypnotic tool. If you were to then personally profit from that representation it can be argued as fraud. I could say anything, charge people for it and claim free speech.

    Brings me to the dogs @41. Eddie and Keela are the best in the business and their findings merit investigation.

    It must be said that it needs to be backed up by further forensics. It is not yet known how sensitive a dogs nose actually is. The dog will smell oddor carrying molecules into its sensory mucosa which is many times more advanced than a human nose. My point being is that we do not really know how long a dog can smell cadaver or if it is a direct, second hand, third hand case of cadaver oddor.

    Where it gets a bit thin for me is the sent on Madeleine's t-shirt. There is no real explanation for this T-shirt to come in to contact with first hand cadaver. So if one were to argue that the sent rubbed on to something then on to the T-shirt, it can just as easily be argued that the sent can come from any number of sources before being passed on to the T-shirt.

    I am sure all of us want what is best for Madeleine. I see people on both sides of the arguement treat each other terribly.

  58. 56, dear Nigel, thank you for telling us that that English(probably written by Nostradamus) is a difficult one.
    I now remember Amaral said he was happy with the Met, because they have a lot of experience with fake abductions.
    I think the "abduction" is now the point of depart for the police, not yet the dogs.

    They will reinforce the McCanns staged the story.

  59. I'm 59, thinking about the fake abduction, there will be proof that Jane Tanner was lying ( no abductor), no abductor behind the door, like Gerry told, a proof that Murat has nothing to do with the case,like Russel, Fiona and Rachel insinuated.
    Only the issue "fake abduction" will bring the group in serious trouble.
    And it is probably more important than the scent, at this moment.
    Also because Justice in Portugal does not accept the scent as a proof but as a strong indication.
    But a fake abduction is probably easier to proof: no broken windows, no broken shutters, no finger prints, no DNA, window difficult to access, abductor did not fit behind the door, inconsistences.

  60. anon at 53 in the newspaper that i read about british police requesting that lie detectors be used in cases of suspected child abuse two or three forces were mentioned and one of those was leicester police

  61. Dear Joana,

    So glad to have you back on the case!

    Just my thoughts. The METS brief, in plain english:

    1. SY will act as it would have, when a child had gone missing in the UK;
    2. SY is to fully assist the PJ by passing on new leads discovered in the process to the PJ (enabling them of course to re-open the case!)
    3. SY are given full authority to investigate ANYTHING.

    Please remember: 3.5 mln and 30 SY cops have been made available to do the investigating. These officers have been ridiculed by some by calling them Dad's Army, and pointing out that their present employment would be just a ruse to delay their redundancies.

    But frankly, isn't their brief the stuff dreams and very successful movies are made of: Silent Witness, Inspector Frost and Midsommer Murders all rolled into one?!

    Just read the following paragraph very carefully:

    "It is to examine the case and seek to determine, (as if the abduction occurred in the UK) what additional, new investigative approaches we would take and which can assist the Portuguese authorities in progressing the matter. Whilst ordinarily a review has no investigative remit whatsoever- the scale and extent of this enquiry cannot permit for such an approach. It will take too long to progress to any "action stage" if activity is given wholly and solely to a review process."

    So, please pay close attention: NOT'SOLELY A REVIEW'.
    Now which type of enquiry would that be: not solely a review?

    A whitewash, or a true 'Gentlemen, we got them!'?

    Inspectors Frost, Lynley et al: we rely on you to do your job!


  62. 58,speaking about the red T-shirt with cadaver scent, I found it strange too. I thought of the possibility that it was a cold evening and Madeleine was wearing two shirts, to keep her warm.I used to do the same with my daughter when she was little, two shirts during the night during the winter.This could be an explanation.Another explanation could be that Madeleine was not yet bathed before her death, that she died still wearing the red shirt and that Kate changed her after her death, who knows to convince Tapas 7 or 5 that that it was an accident while she was bathing the twins and Madeline was already ready for the night.
    If the other Tapas would have seen the body in a red T-shirt, behind the sofa, it would have been more difficult to convince them.
    It is possible that at least Kate told her friends that Madeleine died while she was in the bathroom with the siblings.
    No reason to hide a corpse.

  63. @42 "Is Portugal the ideal country to get rid of a child?"

    Please spare us the ideological crap!

    Let us have a look at the statistics, shall we?

    In the UK approximately 140.000 children are reported missing EVERY year.

    In Portugal (2008 figures) only 24 children were reported missing. All have since been found.

    Go and suck on that for a while...

    Ready for more? Here we go...

    Portugal was one of the first countries in Europe (2008) to create an emergency phone line (116000) for missing children.

    Others have since followed:

    Belgium,Slovakia, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Poland(...)

    I wonder if the UK has had the same idea since? Do you happen to know? If not please FAX THE McCANNS'!


  64. HI @58! I AM "IH SAIDH" AT #41

    You do show considerable compassion by giving the McCanns' the unconditional benefit of a doubt. I understand.

    I too want to give the couple and their friends the benefit of a doubt, except mine is conditional. Conditional to some crucial questions being answered.

    You see, I am having problems with many aspects of this case none of which "Madeleine" (the book) clarifies and so I have to go, by what the investigation data is telling me.

    From the initial contradictory witness statements to the subsequent "positive identification" (framing) of Robert Murat by Jane Tanner (denied since Murat has sued her...).

    From the forensic dogs's findings (Eddie and Keela) to the processing anomalies by the defunct Forensic Scientific Services (UK).

    In this context it has been remarked by some sources within the PJ - as reported by the Portuguese press "that despite “us (Portugal) having good criminal investigation labs”, a political decision was made to have the tests carried out in English labs, launching the suspicion over whether or not they were manipulated. “We let the English do everything that they want”, they say, recalling that this case “suffered various political influences, due to the missing child’s parents’ social and political status”.

    But continuing...

    From the McCanns' global PR campaign and political connections (e.g. Clarence Mitchell, David Cameron et al) to the systematic suing of any persons or organizations (preferably with a million or so to spare) that dare to defy their "official" (read: manipulated) version of events.

    The above arguments are mere examples that come to mind but there are others we won't go into here because of time and format constraints.

    I suggest you take a deep breath and tackle what's available of The Official PJ Files. Place yourself in an investigator's shoes not as a fan and/or enemy of the couple but as an independent observer/operator and see where that leads.

    You did not answer my question concerning the scent in Madeleine's toy (the machine washed "Cuddly Cat") and the mother rather poor rationale that she used to take it to work but, at least you tried by offering another example.

    True, in the case of the toy, we would need to know whether the mother took it along with Madeleine or just by herself as she seemed to suggest. The latter would make it (makes it!) very "fishy", don't you think?

    Furthermore, is there evidence (e.g. CCTV) of her having done so? Thad she been in touch with those many deceased patients, as she claims? Obviously, she should have been "grilled" at the time about these "alibis", but you don't "grill" people of her status and connections, do you?

    Also, the British police were not exactly cooperating with the PJ - particularly after they heard the dogs barking :p

    Concerning the subject of scent contamination. This is a study I particularly like, but then I may be biased. Have a read and draw your own inferences (...)

    "Cadaver Dogs– A Study on Detection of Contaminated Carpet Squares."

    Oesterhelweg L, Kröber S, Rottmann K, Willhöft J, Braun C, Thies N, Püschel K, Silkenath J, Gehl A.

    Institute of Legal Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany.

    Excerpt here:


    See also:


  65. 59, I agree with you. They have to start reviewing the abduction.Where did you see Amaral saying the Met have a lot of experience with fake abductions?
    When the Met's work is ready and they have seen too that there could not have been any abduction, they can take the McCanns to Praia da Luz for the reconstruction.And the Smiths, of course. And that would be enough.
    If the Scotland Yard are part of this now, the McCanns got to go.
    No excuses. I expect at least one of Tapas 5 to come forward with the truth, before the review is ready.
    Imagine the photos of all of them on the front page of the news papers under the word LIERS.

    Better than PAEDOPHILES!

    Coming forward is better for their names, if they are innocent.
    They better tell the truth, before they get an invoyce of 3,5 million pounds.

    Because they are forcing England spending money, taxes from the population,
    the UK in bad economic shape but who cares?

    By the way: if Gerry really asked Payne to check on Kate, 30 minutes after he left 5a, it is odd.Gerry could have known if it was possible for Kate and the children to come to the court and it wasn't necessary to send Payne. Because she had slept separated from him the previous night(and this is not a crime) could it be that she was psychologic unstable that afternoon, angry with Gerry, and he was concernd about her and the children? And he sent Payne to control the situation and not to invite them to the court. That is why Payne did not tell about this visit on his first statement. Payne arrived at 5a and Madeleine was already dead,imo.
    And if it was the case, could a sleeping pill work so fast? Dead in 30 minutes? And who said it would work?
    Kate could have been psychotic at that moment, her GP must know more about her than the police know.
    For sake of the twins, her GP got to tell it to the police.


    Anon 43 wrote:

    "In response to connivance, tacit consents, collusion and seizing opportunities I am not sure. Better descriptions would be perseverance, fighting spirit, belief and love. I would refer to the parents of Stephen Lawrence who campaigned heroically for 18 years for justice."

    Comparing Madeleine's parents with Stephen Lawrence's case is not as a good an analogy as you might have thought...

    The facts of Lawrence investigation have always pointed in the same direction. The reason the culprits were not incarcerated in the first place was down to "connivance, tacit consents, collusion" with the Met Police. Racism or ethnical prejudice, if you like.

    When you come to think of it, very much the same has happened so far with Madeleine's case. The guilty are still at large even if we have good indications (PJ Files) of who they might be.

    Your comment seems to amount to an act of faith in the McCanns' innocence rather than a rational evaluation of the facts.

    I hate to do this but I have to refer you again to the official PJ Files:


    "Why would the parents lie if there had been an accident?" I hear you asking.

    That is a good point. Think about it (both ways). Switch off your heart and plug in your "biocomputer". Be an investigator, a judge, a member of the jury.

    Start by working with the hypothesis that the McCanns' & friends are trying to cover up for their peccadilloes while "projecting" (Freud) their guilt onto others, both as a "smoke screen" and a desperate attempt to protect their professional status, their "good names" and safeguard (if possible improve) their financial assets and their other two children name and future. Too cynical? OK we will try something else next time...

    "If they were guilty would they make so much noise? Create so many waves? Surely they must have a clear conscience!" I hear you saying...

    What do they have to loose? Let us suppose that THE BODY OF MADELEINE WAS FOUND BY PAT BROWN - the well-known American criminal profiler who has recently SUED THE McCANNS' and starts digging for Madeleine next month in Portugal...

    So what if she does? How would you link the body (if any) to the parents? Because you found some forensic material belonging to the parents on her? What would that prove? Nothing. They were in daily contact with her, you see. No risk whatsoever...

    Such finding would bring the search for Madeleine circus to a halt, though.

    In case you haven't noticed, you are dealing here with two extremely cool (some say "ruthless") and intelligent people who happen to be doctors which means they would have dealt with death matter of factly. Moved on.

    They didn't show much emotion to start with, did they?

    This is, of course, pure speculation. Just to show how views change according to the angle. One must look at it from all sides as an investigator would.

    "Are the McCanns' guilty? Innocent? What do you think, then?" I hear you asking...

    They are certainly guilty of abandoning their children to their fate...Madeleine crying her lungs out for that long and to the extent that even the neighbour upstairs could hear her, is rather telling don't you think? Pity she did not call the police there and then. She would have saved Madeleine's life. May be.

    As for the "usual suspects"...well... police statistics show that the parents and/or the family of a dead child are often associated with the crime. Could this be the case?

    Yes/no/may be! In other words, I am open to (factual) persuasion.


    Thanks to Anon 30 above for the tip below! The PR starts to make more sense now...


  67. Hi Nige!

    Good to see you here!
    :q Keep up the good work!

  68. The use of the phrase "as if the abduction occurred in the UK" underlines the position of Scotland Yard under English law, since where murder and manslaughter are concerned, the English court has jurisdiction over offences committed abroad, if committed by a British citizen (Section 9 of the Offences against the Person Act 1861 and section 3 of the British Nationality Act 1948). Therefore the disappearance or 'abduction' of the British citizen Madeleine McCann is most definitely a matter for the English court and therefore for the appropriate English investigating authority, in this case Scotland Yard, if there are sufficient grounds to suspect that a crime was committed by British citizens, irrespective of where that crime took place. This position does not affect the jurisdiction of the Portuguese investigating authorities in any way, but what it does mean is that if British citizens were found to have committed an offence such as concealment of a cadaver or whatever under Portuguese law and were sentenced to a term of imprisonment for that crime which would presumably be far less than for manslaughter or murder, they could still face manslaughter or murder charges in England. In such circumstances, taking the rap for a lesser crime in the country where the crime was committed is not an option.


    Please note that SY labelled the "review" grange and not "blood speck", "bloodhound", "sniffer" or "CO" (as in cadaver odour). Why?

    Good question!

    Was it a matter of chance and necessity driven by a random sub-conscious desire, a question of Systemic Functional Linguistics or simply an explicit order that shows up as a coded intent?

    I will explain...

    Was this an order from the toffee PM for Scotland Yard to look for a grange, anything that would keep the public's mind away from any conceivable Amaralian-Eddian scenario?

    At first I thought, a grange was some kind of grapefruit but, according to the on-line dictionary, a grange is "a farmhouse, with the barns and other buildings for farming purposes." in other words, an ideal "hideout", where the abductors (cough) could have encarcerated "little" Madeleine? Do you follow?

    When SY calls an operation "Grange" they are already suggesting they are looking for a hideout not a burial and certainly not an accident prone mother or father.

    The "Grange Theory", AKA the "Dungeon Theory" is, of course, the brain-child of "rent-a-cop" Dave Edgar and his "side kick" Arthur Cowley. No animosity implied.

    See more about the two gentlemen here:


    If I am right (and I often am) then the objective of operation "Grange" is to debunk and denigrate the initial Portuguese investigation on the behalf of the trio Cameron-Mitchell-McCann. There was no accident, you know...

    Too far-fetching? Well, tell it to the "I Ching"...

    I will say more...

    If the 49-stalks are right, a confirmation of the "I Ching's" prediction will appear in the form of a Scotland Yard's "pseudo-breakthrough", that will be passed on to the British media around the time the McCanns' versus Dr. Amaral trial hits the stage (next month).

    The idea may be (and this is now pure speculation, not I Ching divination) to try and influence the judge's decision towards the McCanns'. At any rate, the timing of such "revelation" (divination) will confirm the work of SY as a PR exercise on behalf of the Conservative Party (every vote counts) and the McCanns (speculative).

    NB Please read with "medical prescription". The future can be predicted but is not written in stone and opinions, contrary to what some parties may have led you to believe, are free to express.

    I make no allegations. Thank you Ruck.

    :h Mystic Mario

    PS "According to Freud's early psychoanalytic theory, a lapsus represents a missed deed that hides an unconscious desire." (...)

  70. The Scotland Yard is obviously working through the elimination system.
    They take the abduction theory and they eliminate everything that is impossible.
    Amaral said already that the window is the most important in the McCanns explanation.
    The Met will see that it is impossible to abduct a child through that window, without leaving any traces and without help from another person.Too high, too narrow, few seconds left for the abductor to steal the girl and to escape, while Gerry and Jezz were chatting together, and to cross the street on time because Tanner had to see him.She needed an alibi and he had to hurry up.
    After the Met conclude that it was not an abduction, like the PJ said before, than things will go better.
    Just invite Tapas 9 for a little talk and say: "It was not an abduction. What was it than?"

  71. If the Met also get the conclusion that there was no abduction, they don't have to read all information about Madeleine being seeing in all of the pretol sations of the world, in her pyjamas, asking: when will I see my mummy again?

    dear Nigel, next life I want to get married to you.

  72. I have been reading Rico Sordas blog and it is apparent that when Rico describes the McCann case as a 'mirror image' of the Jersey Abuse case he is talking about many aspects of the case. One thing that stands out is how the word of PR men trumps scientific and credible evidence, the spin is accepted as the truth.

    Of course the spin is repeated over and over again with the other side of the argument ignored or 'trashed'. Reading Rico's blog one also sees how the the Independent British Police Review was used to destroy the original child abuse investigation and trample over the evidence. If anyone doubts that the Met would not try something similar with the McCann case then you should read Rico's blog. I would love to hear Rico's views on the Met review.

    Taken to it's logical conclusion, I would expect to see a Met press conference where the original Amaral lead investigation is completely trashed. The SY remit does nothing to dispel those fears. But as Rico says the truth is out there. Maddie has an amazing lady called Pat Brown speaking up for her and a lot of people listening.

    It is going to be a long, hard fight but given time the truth will proveil..

  73. It is even possible Payne never went to the apartment. Is there any witness that confirms this story?
    This makes me suspect Madeleine died short after 6pm and the story about David was made up in case the body would be found some days after.
    Doctors know how long a digestion takes, Madeleine had tea at a certain time, the baby sitters knew it.
    An autopsie would reveal the time around her death and it could have been also before 6pm, when Gerry was still at home.
    He immediately said: "We can not change it"and he went playing tennis.

  74. Today God is very busy with this blog.
    He already blessed Joana, Astro and Nigel
    and now I ask Him to bless T4two.

    I hope the McCanns will pay their crimes in the country where the law is the worst for them.

  75. @75 Please tell us more and hopefully you know what happened. We do speculate to find some theory, motive, logic anything that will make sense. Maddie seems to be left by the wayside and Gonçalo Amaral trampled on. It is all so weird that these parents can live their lives without any accountability, unchallenged and they beg for more money as often as they are given an opportunity, to fatten their fund.

  76. Are the SY investigators going to interview the Smith family by any chance? If they are ignored, and the dogs are ignored, in favour of chasing phantom abductors on behalf of the McCanns then there is definitely something very wrong about the whole investigation, and though it may please the McCanns it will certainly make many others very angry and disgusted.

  77. 61, I hope it is true.
    they can let the Mccanns do such a test, in front of the cameras.

  78. Rico Sorda in:


  79. 78, protecting the McCanns is past tense.If you observe the interviews, you can see the journalists were not nice to them, after they became suspects of being involved in at least the disappearence of the body.
    I don't believe the Scotland Yard is being merciful to them.
    They are doing their job, being honest. They will need the reports about the dogs and very probably they invite the Smiths for the reconstruction.
    But I believe that at first they will prove there was no abduction at all and than they will let Jerry walk down the street with a 90 cm girl in his arms, in pyjamas.
    It is clear to us that he does not want it.
    It is now too late for the Mccanns.They should have stopped with their noise in 2008, they would have been free now.

  80. @73 "If anyone doubts that the Met would not try something similar with the McCann case then you should read Rico's blog. I would love to hear Rico's views on the Met review."

    Thanks for Rico's reference. Interesting. Yours is very much Mario's position above, even if it is not clear whether "the mystic" is being serious. I suppose at this stage in the proceedings we have nothing left to do except have a good laugh.

    Mind you, I truly hope, come February, the McCanns won't be laughing all the way to the bank...knock wood...

  81. Poster 75,you wouldn,t say "It wasn,t an accident" unless you have been privy to something that could be the most important information yet ,I don,t expect you to eloborate on here,but if you know it WAS NOT an accident ,then,please do whats right!! please.

  82. according to sandra felgueiras, rtp, "one yaear of disappearance"gerry said that madeleine was picked up at 6.30pm (and not at 5.30pm as we can see on the creche's document, signed by kate").
    I don't know where sandra read that.

    this could mean that the mccanns wanted to cover up the real time of death that could have happened before 6.30pm.

    Gerry exchanged 14 messages between, 9.15pm and 9.45pm.
    I believe digging the grave started after it became dark, after 9pm.
    Exchanging messages could have been with some Tapas that were digging on the beach, in the dark.
    a message in a little more than every two minutes.
    What a sinister story.
    we still don't know if there were were pink fibres in the boot of the Scenic.
    fibres with blood?

  83. Seems everything is happening in February.
    Kevin Halligen's Appeal due to be heard at The Supreme Court on 28 February 2012

  84. Which of the McCann's Tapas friends is the one the cadaver dog also indicated had the smell of cadaver scent on an item of their clothing, and why is this person not identified by name in the File when the work of the dogs was being itemised? Did this person ever supply a reason as to why the dog may have alerted to their clothing, or weren't they even asked. No doubt if some item of clothing of Murat's had been alerted to we would never have heard the last of it. He might even have found himself behind bars. So, why has the friend of the McCann's been given a pass?

  85. Mystic Mario at 29, I suspect you were referring to Tony Bennett's trial timed against Amaral vs Correia as the work of the McCanns' PR/Marketing team, right? That could have been a coincidence. I don't think the MCs can set trial dates as well. Also you have Pat Brown taking the McCanns' to court - funny if that happened in February too. Your more recent prediction - SY related makes more sense to me even if it was meant as a joke :)

  86. As far as we know, the only concrete issue in this case till now is the "no abduction".
    That is what the police can prove for 100%. No leads, no DNA, no finger prints, no broken window, nothing of concrete.

    The scent is an abstract proof.
    Madeleine's DNA (car) is not compleet.
    Tapas 9 could change their statements ("I was confused, sorry!")

    But the absence of concrete evidence in the sleeping room and in the rest of the apartment is the evidence itself.

    That is why the Met choosed for treating the case as an abduction(that never happened),departing from the crime scene, to officially come to the conclusion that there was no abduction.By the way, they knew it already.

    It is a much shorter way and the right way.

  87. good-morning,everybody,

    let us hope the SY will also interview Kevin Ha...(?)
    I bet the McCanns have a bank account in the US or Canada, in case they would escape.
    Kevin must know it.

  88. Leveson inquiry: former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie is giving evidence http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/hearings/ to follow Dominic Mohan, the Sun current editor

  89. Do people in the UK know that it was not an abduction?

  90. One mention to McCanns in the Leveson inquiry this morning:

    Extract via the Guardian

    «Edwards is asked about press intrusion alleged by Kate and Gerry McCann.

    "I'm a dad of a little girl who was seven at the time," he says. "I felt tremendous sympathy with the McCanns … Looking back on it now I don't think it was right that Mrs McCann had to drive through that crown of photgraphers [sic] and TV cameras."

    He is referring to the ambush of paparazzi that greeted the McCanns on their arrival back in Leicestershire shortly after Madeleine disappeared.

    "We got it spot on in Portugal," he says, "but we may not have been so good when it came back to Leicestershire, no."

    He suggests in any other such case the number of TV cameras and photographers allowed to attend events should be limited.»


    Extract from John Edwards witness statement:

    «Did your newspaper instruct any photographer, employed or otherwise, to follow or take photos of Kate McCann on her return from Portugal in September 2007? Did your newspaper publish any photos of Kate McCann taken in this period? If so, did the picture editor inquire into the context in which the photos were taken? If so, what in your view justified the publication of these photos?

    The Sun has never employed any photographer to follow Kate McCann but we did photograph her and family on their return from Portugal, On one occasion pictures were provided by the Press Association after their arrival at East Midlands airport. This was arranged on a pool basis. We did continue to cover this story in the days to follow. We were part of the press and TV crews who were stationed on public land at the exit to the housing development where they live, From this vantage point our photographer took pictures of them leaving and arriving home by car. We did not follow them at any time, on one occasion we took photographs of Mr and Mrs McCann walking to and from church, but we were already there and photographed them as they approached, I believe that in the
    early days after Madeleine’s disappearance, they were prepared to be photographed without pixilation of their children’s faces.

    However, as the story unfolded and media attention increased, the family’s media representative requested that their children’s faces should be pixelated and this was respected. At that time, no complaint about our behaviour was made, and we believed that continued publicity of this terrible story was paramount in the search for Madeleine. Had we been aware that our behaviour was causing the McCanns concerns, we would have acted upon them.
    I believe that The Sun has had a positive relationship with the McCanns since the very beginning of the search for their daughter. For example, I helped design, print and distribute about 2,000 missing posters of Madeleine with full co-operation from the family, especially Mr McCann’s sister who had asked for our help directly {see Exhibit "JE1"). In May of this year The Sun serialised the McCann’s book, running extracts every day for a week: and to promote the book Mrs McCann agreed to be photographed and interviewed by The Sun, and appear in a video that has been posted on the title’s website.»

    PDF: http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Witness-Statement-of-John-Edwards.pdf

  91. To Anon 85

    Thanks for your perceptive comment. I have since changed the crystal ball battery. I am on "Duracell" now.

    On to another subject.

    I was chatting last night with Ruy Roskoff (the criminal profiler and investigator based in Portimão) and he was telling me what he heard on the grapevine down there namely that the Amaral vs Correia trial was meant to happen much earlier.

    This would have given Amaral time to further clarify how he, and his colleagues, were framed by Correia - for example on the basis of "Photoshop" manipulated pictures of Leonor Cipriano. A point the previous appeal court did not take into account.

    Now, knowing that Correia was in tandem with Metodo3 (indeed paid by them) and Metodo3 working for the McCanns', it is pretty obvious what the McCanns' PR/Marketing/Legal apparatus might have been (and still are) up to, namely to discredit Amaral and his team and thus lend more credibility to their "official", faked abduction, version of events. He went on.

    "It is truly a pity (and indeed a bad omen) that the powers that be in Portugal, did not set the trial ahead of the McCanns vs Amaral confrontation, but of course, we all know (I didn't) how high up in the legal hierarchy in Portugal the McCanns' lawyers are". He added.

    Anyway, Ruy thinks Amaral will stand a much better change against the McCanns in the European Court of Human Rights.

    Whether Ruy learned this from Amaral's close circles in Portimão or was on one of his speculative flights I have no idea. May be he had been bitten again by one of his cobras...

    Mystic Mario

  92. New changes, Company information for MADELEINE'S FUND: LEAVING NO STONE UNTURNED LIMITED (06248215) incorporated.: http://ukdata.com/company/06248215/MADELEINE-S-FUND--LEAVING-NO-STONE-UNTURNED-LIMITED see https://twitter.com/#!/ElementaryForce/status/156287157676412928 and https://twitter.com/#!/ElementaryForce/status/156288014220402688

    And on the #PactScandal: Cherie Blair steps down as a patron of Lady Meyer's charity - Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/9000854/Cherie-Blair-steps-down-as-a-patron-of-Lady-Meyers-charity.html

  93. In response to Ih Saidh and @67

    Hope you had a nice weekend?

    I read those articles you recommended and found them very interesting. 220 million receptors in a dogs nose compaired to 5 million in a humans. I am leaning on this statement to argue my point about a dogs nose being so sensitive it can easily pick up second hand cadaver odour. If I am right (I am usually wrong) about cadaver odour on Madeleine's T-shirt being second hand then the same can be said for cuddle cat, car key etc.

    I do not want to offend any body, so please do not take this the wrong way. As it seems to me the existing evidence can be used to indite others aswell.

    Who had direct invovement in the investigation? Who had knowledge of local cat burglers? Who did not attend the crime scene? Who has never spoken to the victims parents? Why delay shutting the borders? Why delay in collecting the cctv footage at Estrela da Luz Resort hotel? Why refuse initial involvement of Eddie and Keela? Why suddenly accept this help? Who had access to the perants belongings? Who profited from the childs dissapearance?

    Do I believe this theory? No, it is nonsence

    My point is that the current evidence can be translated in different ways. There needs to be more physical and/or forensic evidence.

    As I look at the witness statements I can only assume it was that for the Mccanns alleged involvement to be possible there would have to be somewhere between 8 to 30 people to be involved. It gets weak for me here. People with a clean record all having to deal with this pressure and not one of them has cracked (someone always cracks).

    In 2007 when I first heard this on the news I thought it was very sad. Then I read (in UK press) that Doctors usually sedate their kids and it could have been an accident and I believed that. Then I read (in the UK press) about the cadavor dogs and (like many) thought the parents must have been involved. Then this year I decided to look into it a bit more. Now that I do know some facts about this case, I strongly feel that there was a abduction and the Mccanns are inocent. Sorry.

    The only ones who know for sure which direction investigation should go are the ones who are involved or have been wrongly accused. Any other person who categorically states "this is what happened" does not have the right to (opinions and thoeries are not definitive)


  94. Dominic Mahon, Editor of the Sun just started giving evidence at the Leveson inquiry http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/hearings/ live video

  95. Joana at 91

    Filed on: 21-12-2011• STATEMENT OF COMPANY'S OBJECTS £3.99
    Filed on: 21-12-2011• Resolution to adopt or alter Memorandum and Articles £18.00


    What's new in company objects?
    Adopt and alter?

    You don't need Mario's crystal ball to know these alterations are PR motivated. :a

  96. Interesting post in Textusa's blog:


    I agree with Textusa, I have no faith or trust whatsoever in the "Operation Grange" (the Met review)!

  97. @93 Sorry, will post soon. More money motivated than anything else.

  98. Cameron to face Leveson questions on media links
    Ben Webster Media Editor
    1 minute ago

    David Cameron is expected to be summoned to give evidence to the Leveson inquiry about his relationship with Rupert Murdoch and senior figures from News International under investigation for phone hacking. Lord Justice Leveson is “99.9 per cent certain” to call the Prime Minister to be questioned under oath about his meetings with newspaper proprietors and editors, according to a source close to the inquiry. Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister, and Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, are also expected to be called to give evidence during the section of the inquiry considering relationships between police and politicians. The inquiry team has indicated that it plans to call Mr Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation, parent company of News International, which publishes The Times and published the News of the World until its closure in… (...)


  99. Wally @95 stop being a Wally please.
    Tell us something we dont know after 56 months of everything thats been published and said from both sides in this case.

    We know to a certain extent why the case was shelved and why there have been no charges brought against the mc canns or tapas gang YET due to lack of evidence (only plenty of indications and circumstantial evidence)but we live in hope and belief that some day when least expected the documented liars i.e gerry and kate will be caught out.
    How many people were involved the framing of the Birmingham six ,the Guilford four and the Maguires? including Police officers you can bet it was more than 30 for sure.

    Keep your hollow sarcastic apoligies to yourself.

  100. From Ih Saidh to @95

    "The only ones who know for sure which direction investigation should go are the ones who are involved or have been wrongly accused." Do you mean Dr. G. Amaral?

    Now seriously. There is some thought provoking material in your comment. Given more time I would try and play the devil's advocate on some of the points you raised even if I do not feel particularly obliged to do so. You did not comment on all the points I did raise. No criticism implied. We are just voicing opinions here. No allegations are being made. Hi Carter! How is Ruck?

    You seemed inclined to agree that one of the most incriminating aspects of this case, quite aside from witness contradictions, scapegoating (Murat), etc. is the forensic dogs evidence. I will therefore put this question to you:

    If we discount any wrong-doings from FSS in other respects and assume contamination (clothing) could have occurred (based on the scientific evidence of the study I suggested and the inferences you made of it) BECAUSE of Mrs. McCann profession and her alleged contact with a number of dead bodies (unverified), you would need to know if the assertion was true and how close that contact (if any) was.

    What was she wearing? Did she conduct an autopsy or two? I don't think that was the case but that would not be the crucial doubt I would, a priori, raise as an investigator.

    My suspicion would lie on the fact that given most of her friends were doctors thus likely to have encountered deaths in the course of their work and likewise be contaminated...

    How come the specialist dog (Eddie) did not bark (alert) to that possibility when he was brought to sniff into their medical friends apartments? Do you follow?

    "Why did the dog not pick up any scent in Dr. Gerry McCann's clothing then?" I hear you asking.

    Another good point. True by the same logic, his clothes should have been contaminated enough for the dogs to sniff it out except we know Dr. G. McCann travelled to the UK very soon after Madeleine's disappearance. A change of clothes could have taken place (...) The dog (Eddie) did pick a scent of cadaver in the closet/wardrobe where a missing holdall (seemingly) was initially photographed by the PJ. See the video (here on JM blog), whether Eddie would have picked the same scent at their home in Rothley (UK) we shall never know.

    The hotel CCTV is a good point for which I have no counter argument except there is a link between the owner of the hotel in which the Smiths' were staying and Kennedy - the McCanns' benefactor. An interesting, well documented, speculation about these connections was given by "Blackwatch" of www.thesargeants.net fame which has been off-line for some time now. Some say it has been carter-rucked.

    Also the Smiths' sighting did not reach the PJ until sometime later but of course the PJ should have thought about that immediately and checked the CCTV footage of every single CCTV camera in PdL. A mistake Dr. Amaral (at the time the chief co-ordinator of the investigation) readily admits. Indeed in his recent book (just published) he advises the PJ on how to avoid such errors in the future.

    Errare humanus est, and at any rate, we are not discussing flaws in the PJ investigation or the British side of the investigation for that matter, e.g. their failure to inform the PJ on crucial witness statements, time wasting, etc. To be or not to be guilty that is the question...

    And the McCanns' are guilty in the court of public opinion for leaving their children alone and abandoning them to their fate. If only they would stop the PR, the marketing, the legal money-making, the "dry-cleaning" of their images (an the denigration of others), we could all forget about it and let them get on with their lives and their consciences. If Madeleine is alive she will appear. All this drum beating only scares the foxes (if any).

    I must get some sleep now. It is my turn tomorrow on the Leveson enquiry :d

    Have a good day!

    Ih Saidh

  101. 95, it is your good right to believe in the abduction.
    It makes this blog here very interesting.
    But there are no signs and absolute no evidence in the apartment.The Tapas story could not be true, according to the police.
    How do you explain the cadaver scent,the blood in the car,the cloths, the inconsistences, the wish of at least one Tapas to change his statement (2007), disappearence of the pink blanket...

    The police must know more than they are telling. The shutters could not have being open from the outside, the abductor did not fit behind the door,no finger prints, Matt was near the apartment at 8.55, gerry inside at 9.05, Jezz walked back near the parking, about 9.15.
    The Met is specialised in in fake abductions. We have to wait.

    The worst of all: why did the McCanns insist in not having a baby-sitter, even after the cry incident?

  102. Well 95, this must be the wally himself Gerry McCann coming here to pretend he has one fan!

  103. Textusa, if it was a whitewash, Cameron and the Home Office would not have started it(whitewash is not necessary because they are not behind bars).
    And the Mccanns would have published Theresa May's letter to them. I think it was not a very nice letter.
    Portugal says there is no review, the Met say they might not publish the results(might, not will).
    Conclusion: they don't want the media around them, being a pain in their anus. They want to work in peace.
    Mitchell and the McCanns disappeared from the media.
    I trust this will resolve the crime, otherwise the McCanns will continue attacking the British govenment, Portugal, etc.


    Talk about the Leveson enquiry Joana... Any idea, when Tony Parsons AND Dr. Gonçalo Amaral will give their respective statements to the Leveson Enquiry? Just wondering...


    "Adjectives used by the British Press to describe Goncalo Amaral and/or the Portuguese police (Source: Factiva database):

    Note: To date, I cannot find a single article with an objective bio of Goncalo Amaral. Not one. Please send me a link, if you have found anything(news.winnow at gmail dot com).(Thanks!)

    53 articles: "boozy" or "boozer" (Examples)

    418 articles: "disgraced, disgraceful, disgrace" (Examples)

    440 articles: "outrage, outrageous" etc.

    37 articles: "bungling"

    23 articles: "Keystone cops" (or Kops) (or Keystone cretins) ("Keystone" cops has been used by English speaking people to describe bumbling or inept cops; based on old movies of the Keystone Cops. Extremely insulting articles.)

    42 articles: "Goncalo Amaral" and "lunch" (includes all the "boozy lunch" "two hour lunch" etc. There are more than this, actually, but am not reading full text - many accuse him of "boozy three hour lunches" etc. but I'll need to run through them to get an accurate count Why is it newsworthy that a man eats lunch?)

    45 articles: "inept"

    220 articles: "sacked" or "fired" (Note: Amaral was TRANSFERRED off the Maddie case and then chose to quit.)

    49 articles: "hampered" "hampering" "hindered" "hindering" (the investigation);

    43 articles: "outburst" (regarding his statement re: McCanns and the British police)

    43 articles: "shameful" "shame" "shamed"

    14 articles: "evil"

    146 articles: "torture" "tortured" "attacked" (re: Leonor Cipriano)

    Quoted with implicit permission from:


    (Page 1/2)


    Other terms used to describe this honorable police officer (Dr. Goncalo Amaral) and/or his colleagues.:

    "Oh, up yours, senor" (Title of column in the Daily Mirror by Tony Parsons - about which the Press Commission received 485 complaints.)

    sweaty oafish

    Inspector Clueless

    corpulent figure in an ill-fitting jacket

    fat, sweaty cop

    out of his depth



    failed police chief

    giant ego

    manufacturing a case

    dishing dirt

    making stuff up

    feeding smears to the press

    spends hundreds of pounds per week at Carvi fish restaurant

    witch hunt

    stupendously stupid

    fragile macho pride

    swaggering plods

    lumbering yokels




    Portuguese tormentors

    leaked information to the media

    vital evidence was ditched

    crucial documents were ignored

    weeks were wasted

    a shambles from the outset

    ignored sightings

    worked only four hours a day

    dirty tricks

    scarily amateur police investigation

    flawed inquiry

    beleaguered police

    evil suggestions (re: the McCanns)

    bizarre allegations

    vile slurs

    just want a convenient confession, true or false

    career in tatters

    abysmally mishandled Portuguese police investigation



    "Amaral was the main reason Kate and Gerry were named as suspects, despite there not being a shred of evidence that the couple were involved" (Blogger note: cadaver dog alerts to McCann items only, Gaspar statement, Smith family sighting, refusal to answer police questions or return to Portugal for reconstruction, changes to statements re: the night Maddie disappeared, etc.)

    "Life on Mars" police (refers to a British television program, extremely insulting articles).

    "It was bad enough for the McCanns that their child was snatched. It was worse luck still for it to happen in a backwater policed by incompetents." (In other words, Portugal is a backwater country and it's police force is incompetent. A general statement rather than a specific complaint about this particular case.)

    spectacularly stupid, cruel Portuguese police”



    fitting up her parents

    it is the Portuguese police who are the clowns

    Cruel, stupid, spiteful clowns

    bunch of clueless amateurs

    turned their rage on the McCanns

    Portuguese citizens

    leering bumpkins

    sardine munchers (This began when Tony Parsons said about the Portuguese Ambassador to Britain "If you can't say something constructive about the disappearance of little Madeleine, then you just keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut."

    "... a scathing attack by Sir Richard Branson on the Portuguese media...'The Portuguese press have behaved abysmally, fed inaccurate stories by the Portuguese police, which all turned out to be a load of garbage,' he told The Observer" 30 Sept. 2007
    "In my opinion, this is a professional, orchestrated effort to destroy the reputation of a man who is unwilling to betray the truth. Bear in mind that these are PUBLISHED NEWS ARTICLES, not merely British citizens speaking on forums or blogs. The examples above ALL come from the British MEDIA.

    The most recent example of the outrageous treatment of Dr. Amaral is the BBC broadcast claiming he had said "F*** the McCanns". Native Portuguese claim that Amaral actually said "'Não, faça aos McCanns" "Ask the McCanns" in response to a reporter's questions. (GONCALO AMARAL DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH - a fact widely reported over the last three years .)"

    The above text is quoted with implicit permision from:


    Thank you Winnower!


    I can only give you my own personal experience in dealing with the Press Complaints Commission. This is what they had to say about my complaint against Tony Parsons (treatment of Dr. Amaral, Portuguese embassador, people, etc.)


    "The complainant’s predominant concern appeared to be that the remarks made about the Portuguese by the columnist, both in this article and others, were highly offensive. While the Commission fully acknowledged his position, it made clear that the terms of the Editors’ Code of Practice do not address issues of taste and offence." :c ahahahahaha

    "Clause 12 (Discrimination) of the Code. The terms of this clause stipulate that newspapers must avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to an individual’s race. However, it does not cover references to groups or categories of people. The only identifiable Portuguese individual referred to in the article was Portugal’s ambassador to Britain and, as the complainant was aware, the Commission had previously received and resolved a complaint from Senor Carlos about the article to his satisfaction. Given that Clause 12 did not cover references to groups of people in general, such as the Portuguese people, the Portuguese police and media, the Commission could not establish a breach of the Code on these grounds." :c ahahahahahahah

    "under Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Code in that that the apology was not sufficiently prominent. The Commission noted that the statement remained available on the newspaper’s website and was searchable. It made clear that the terms of the clarification had been arranged with the complainant – SENOR Carlos (SIC) – and that it was for him to raise concerns if he did not consider that the wording was published in a sufficiently prominent position. It could not establish a breach of the Code on this point." :c ahahahahahahahahhhh...oh dear...I nearly peed on my pants laughing!

    Press Complaints Commission? Leveson Enquiry? You ought to know these are safety valves to channel genuine concerns, digest, and flush them out - with an attractive package. These people are themselves embedded in the same discourse (Foucault) in the same ideology. For Christ's sake, what do you expect?

    :i I know what is like to be "commissioned". These people (Lord Leveson) share the same overall discourse patterns (as in Foucault) are embedded in the same episteme (Foucault) and ideology (as in Althusser "the ideological state apparatuses")

    :o Good night and good luck!


    "Michel Foucault used the term épisteme in a highly specialized sense in his work The Order of Things to mean the historical a priori that grounds knowledge and its discourses and thus represents the condition of their possibility within a particular epoch." (Wikipedia)

    "In Althusser’s view, our values, desires and preferences are inculcated in us by ideological practice, the sphere which has the defining property of constituting individuals as subjects. Ideological practice consists of an assortment of institutions called Ideological State Apparatuses (ISAs), which include the family, the media, religious organisations and, most importantly in capitalist societies, the education system, as well as the received ideas that they propagate. There is, however, no single ISA that produces in us the belief that we are self-conscious agents." (Wikipedia).


  109. re the fund, what we must all remember is any monies the mccanns make is BLOOD MONEY, MADELEINES BLOOD...

  110. When is the Tanner/Murat case to be held? Anyone know? February too?

  111. [quote express]
    More than £487,000 was spent on the campaign to locate Madeleine and merchandise costs in 2010-11, the accounts show.

    now i think this fund needs to be looked into, i reckon most of that £487,000 has been salted away somewhere

  112. I agree with Textusa,the so called Met review is a done deal,the McCann's are home and dry,so i'm going to stop following this case,& hope that one day someone will find their conscious and bring justice to Madeleine.God bless her.

  113. I don't believe Madeleine died by accident either. If she had died by accident when the McCanns were absent from the apartment by falling behind the settee, all they would have to do was to leave her there and say they had found her next morning. They could have given the reason for her death as having happened when she was sleep walking, and whilst they had been asleep in bed. It would have looked like the genuine accident is was, and it would all have been sorted then and there, and they could have returned home taking Madeleine with them for burial.

    This would not have been possible if the body had shown signs that it was obviously no accident that had caused the death. Then it would have had to be whisked away and hidden, with no possibility of pretending it was an accident.

    The same would also apply to a medicinal overdose to help Madeleine sleep, which the McCanns would surely have been able to explain was completely accidental, and much sympathy would have been given them.

    As soon as the dogs alerted to the blood and cadaver scent this case should have been treated as a murder investigation, and should be reopened as such.

  114. The continuing saga of the Aarushi murder

    by Brijesh Kallappa

    Fourteen-year-old Aarushi Talwar, daughter of dentist parents, was found dead with her throat slit at the family's Noida residence on the intervening night of May 15-16, 2008, while the body of their domestic help, Hemraj, was found on the terrace the following day. The initial investigation in the case carried out by the Uttar Pradesh Police led to the arrest of Aarushi's father Rajesh Talwar on May 23, 2008. After frenzied media reporting and public outrage, the probe was handed over to the CBI and Rajesh Talwar was granted bail by the Ghaziabad court on July 11, 2008.

    The CBI, after probing the murder for over two-and-a-half years, had filed its closure report in the case in the Ghaziabad Special CBI court, saying it had been unable to find out any evidence to prosecute the Talwars. The Ghaziabad trial court, however, had rejected the CBI closure report, saying there was enough prima facie material in the agency's report to put the couple on trial for their alleged involvement in the twin murders and had issued summons to them to face trial. The magistrate took cognisance of the case and summoned the Talwars on February 9, 2011.

    Rajesh and Nupur Talwar went to the Allahabad High court, which had dismissed their pleas to quash the trial court summons and the proceedings initiated against them. They were then constrained to approach the Supreme Court of India which had on March 19 last year stayed the trial against them. The Supreme Court dismissed their petitions. The Talwars will now have to stand trial for the murder of their daughter.

    Two features which point to the complicity of the Talwars is the surgical precision causing the death of the two, as also the fact that the crime scene was 'dressed up' before policemen arrived on the scene. The spate of 'honour killings' by parents in and around North India gives rise too to some suspicion regarding the role of the Talwar couple.

    A year before the Aarushi murder, a three-year-old British girl, Madeleine McCann, whose parents were also doctors, went missing when the family holidayed in Portugal in 2007. The investigation appeared to focus more tightly on her parents. Portuguese police came close to charging parents Kate and Gerry McCann after demanding the mother's diary be seized as trial evidence. Madeleine disappeared from a room in a Portuguese holiday resort in May while she and her younger twin siblings were left unattended when her parents were dining with seven of their friends at a nearby restaurant 50 metres away.

    The Portuguese newspaper 'Correio da Manha' cited police sources as saying new tests on blood found in the car hired by the McCanns conclusively showed it was Madeleine's. "The definitive result of the tests leaves no doubts for the Policia Judiciaria. The blood found in the Mc Canns' car is that of Madeleine as well as those samples detected in the flat," the paper said. Portuguese newspapers had already published what they claim are extracts from Kate's journal and say the diary is fundamental to the belief that the 39-year-old GP and mother-of-three was involved in the death of her daughter. Passages are said to reveal a mother at her wits' end coping with three hysterical kids. Her twins, Sean and Amelie, were aged two when their sister vanished. Cardiologist Gerry, 39, is said to be portrayed as an absentee dad happy to leave his wife to shoulder the burden while he relaxed on holidays.

    (continues bellow)

  115. Unsubstantiated claims in the Portuguese media said police believed that the child was killed in the apartment and her body moved in a car hired 25 days after she vanished. According to 'Correio Da Manha', the police case against the McCanns consisted of sniffer dogs and that traces of blood indicate the presence of the little girl's body behind a sofa and in the trunk of the car. The McCanns, though formally notified as 'suspects', were allowed to leave Portugal when the English Press thoroughly examined their rather shameful role in the sordid affair. The parents remain free even as the child remains untraced and reports recently emanated that a child resembling the missing one was seen in Leh in India sometime in July, 2011.

    Seasoned investigators say that investigations alone cannot tell the complete story, some lucky breakthrough is often essential to solve a crime.

    Investigations fall short in certain cases where the motive is completely oblique. It is for this reason that the celebrated Judge Lord Denning said, "The devil himself knows not the thought of man."

    In a murder case in Chikamagalur District (Mrs Gandhi's constituency) in 1995-96, an attractive housewife, Smt. Aruna, was found strangled to death by an electric cord, in nude state. Her gold bangles were stolen but much of the valuables remained locked in her almirah. The needle of suspicion pointed towards her husband Dr Manjunath since their three-year-old daughter told the police during interrogation that her father, who had left for the clinic in the morning, had returned home for a brief while. Dr Manjunath was imprisoned without bail for as much as a year. Meanwhile, the trial went on. In the public eye and in the eyes of the press, Dr Manjunath turned into one of the worst kind of cold-blooded killers.

    Two years later, in a stray incident, three travelling salesmen of a reputed company were arrested in Goa (about 600 km away from Chikamagalur) for strangling a lone woman to death. When interrogated, they provided a list of killings that they had been involved in, including that of Smt. Aruna. Dr Manjunath was forthwith absolved of all charges since a self-inculpatory confession had been made by the travelling salesmen.

    This presents a lesson for the public who are baying for the blood of either the Talwars or Krishna in the Arushi murder case or even in that of Ruchika Girhotra's case. Ruchika's case is a stand-alone one, in which, if the facts as projected ultimately turn out to be true, Mr SPS Rathore deserves the worst kind of punishment.

    However, the press or the public have not been invested with the powers to conduct trial. It reminds one of a lady teacher who was arrested for prostitution and for involving her students in the trade too. It turned out to be some journalist's idea of a great story. Trial by the media or by the people's court is dangerous. Civilisation has advanced far too much for popular trials where due process is not followed, nor the rule of law.


  116. If Amaral's book and the blogs would have disturbed the search for Madeleine, Cameron and Theresa May would not have request the Met to find her.
    And the Met would not have done it.
    If they did, it is because it made no difference.

  117. 115, after the dogs and the blood in the Scenic, the police made the McCanns arguidos and they were about to continue the process.
    That's when Brown came again between the couple and the police and they had to allow the couple to leave the country and Amaral was dismissed from his task.

  118. @85 Thank you for posting that information regarding Kevin Halligen, the former McCanns detective, extradition appeal to the Supreme Court

    Case Summary
    On appeal from the QBD Divisional Court (England and Wales)

    What are the minimum requirements to constitute good notice of appeal for the purposes of section 108(4) of the Extradition Act 2003?

    If an individual is notified by fax sent after 4:30p.m. that the Secretary of State has decided to order his extradition, when does time begin to run for the purposes of the 14-day time limit in section 108(4) of the Extradition Act 2003?


    The Appellant was arrested under a provisional arrest warrant issued under section 73 of the Extradition Act 2003. He was remanded in custody while the Secretary of State considered whether to order his extradition to the USA. On 22 December 2010 officials acting on behalf of the Secretary of State sent a fax to the Appellant informing him that the Secretary of State had decided to order his extradition. It is not clear whether the fax was sent before or after 4:30pm on that day.

    Seven days later, on 29 December 2010, the Appellant’s solicitors filed a full notice of appeal in form N161 with the Administrative Court. On the same day, the Appellant also sent a handwritten letter to the Secretary of State asking her to ‘accept this letter as notice and service of my intent to appeal that order’ and stating that he had instructed solicitors and counsel for that purpose.

    On 4 January 2011 the 14-day time limit for filing and serving a notice of appeal prima facie expired. On 5 January 2011 the Appellant’s solicitors faxed a sealed copy of the Appellant’s form N161 to the Crown Prosecution Service and posted a sealed copy of the form to the Secretary of State.

    On trial of a preliminary issue, the Divisional Court held that it did not have jurisdiction to entertain an appeal against the Secretary of State’s decision to order the Appellant’s extradition since the Appellant had failed to comply with the requirements of section 108(4) of the Extradition Act 2003. The court held that the Appellant’s handwritten letter was not a notice of appeal because it was no more than an indication that the Appellant intended to appeal. The court also held that the 14-day time limit began to run on the day that the Appellant was informed that the Secretary of State had ordered his extradition, regardless of what time during the day the fax notifying him of the decision was actually sent. Accordingly, the time-limit for filing and serving a valid notice of appeal had expired on 4 January 2011 – before the Appellant served his form N161 on the Secretary of State and the CPS.

    Subject Matter catchwords for indexing

    Extradition – Appeals – Requirements of valid notice of appeal – When time begins to run for purposes of statutory 14-day time limit

    (continues bellow)

  119. General
    CaseID UKSC 2011/0180
    Case name R (on the application of Halligen) (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent)
    Case stage Permission Granted
    Date of issue 10 Aug 2011
    Expedition requested Not Applied For
    Order being appealed - Date 21 Jun 2011
    Order being appealed - Court Divisional Court QBD (EW)
    Devolution No
    Human Rights raised Yes
    Human Rights raised - details Article 6 ECHR Declaration of Incompatibility sought
    Intervener No

    Permission to appeal
    Date supporting documents received 16 Aug 2011
    Date PTA application referred to justices 04 Oct 2011
    Date of oral hearing -
    Permission granted/refused Granted
    Notice of intention to proceed filed Yes

    Appellant name Kevin Richard Halligen
    Appellant case due date -
    Appellant case date filed -
    Respondent name Secretary of State for the Home Department
    Date form 3 filed 18 Nov 2011

    Justices allocated No
    PTA granted by court below No
    Statement of facts & issues and Appendix due date 28 Feb 2012

  120. Joana. Correio da Manha said it is really Maddie's blood.
    When did it say that, in 2007 or recently?
    Could you please be more specific?

  121. 116, children can be extremely tiring and I can't think of having three children of two and three years old and keeping a job, even for two days a week. I had the impression Gerry is not very helpful at home. He went playing tennis while she had to bath all the three children, dress them up, read for them. She could have lost her temper.Madeleine's death could have been the result of an accumulation of irritations, tiredness, feeling abandonned, they were abroad, not in their own home and Gerry could not care less. Maybe the fact Kate had slept separated the night before could have been after a row, about her tiredness.We don't know and she had the whole night to think about their marriage and about her tiredness, not seeing any positive perspective for her future.If it was premeditaded, it was not at the last moment.She must have thought about it before, for a long time.Now she gets Gerry's attention but for a very high price.But at least he is paying attention to her.

  122. I don't believe Correio da Manha ever said about new DNA tests of Madeleine's and if it was true you would have seen it, Joana.
    That is what I regret about some journalists. They make up stories and that is a shame.
    Doubts, doubts...
    The PJ would never have told anyone about eventual new tests.

  123. How come? On May the 13th 2011 Gerry told an Irish interviewer that the fund had had in total 2,5 million pounds.
    On McCann files the Press Association says that it had had 1.846 million in total. Maybe taxes? Or lies?

  124. One of the things investigators look for in a suspected murder investigation are cuts, scratches, and bruising to hands/knuckles of suspects, but of course Kate had her friend seeing her bashing the walls to account for the bruising on her hands.

  125. #105,
    what makes me suspicious of the real purpose of the SY review is the fact that the SY stated they are investigating the case as an abduction case! They declare, black on white, that they are dealing with the case as if Madeleine's ABDUCTION had occured in the UK! They do not say "as if her disappearance occured in the UK", so it must mean they are not looking at other possible scenarios, they accept the parents version/claim of abduction, even if that was not the conclusion of the official joint portuguese and british original investigation!
    That, for me is a BIG red flag!

    "The investigative review is intended to collate, record and analyse what has gone before.

    It is to examine the case and seek to determine, (AS IF THE ABDUCTION OCCURRED IN THE UK) what additional, new investigative approaches we would take and which can assist the Portuguese authorities in progressing the matter."


    ... Which tend to reflect poorly differentiated and distorted perceptions often based on bits and bytes of sourced data circulated by the Media. In the absence of more info these give rise to opinions. Opinions are not verdicts even if they may feel like it.

    The important point to bear in mind about opinions is that they are a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT that cannot be denied by the sheer brute force of expensive legal stunts.

    The McCanns are not being tried as such in a court of law proper. The public has the right to express an opinion based on what the media has vehiculated and what the facts of the investigation revealed.

    Top investigators themselves have.

    Consider for example Dr. G. Amaral and other experts such as Prof. Moita Flores and Prof. Paulo Sargento - to quote but three, among others who have given their opinions either in court or in writing.

    So what B. Kalappa claims in his article boils down to his own opinion spoken in terms of a defence of the McCanns' and others in a court of public opinion. Good on him. I could have said the same or the opposite.

    But let us not be fooled!

    The McCanns' are at the very least guilty of abandoning their children to their fate and there are witnesses. People that heard Madeleine alone, frightened, crying her lungs out at night while her parents were out enjoying a drink or two (my inference).

    So, if we assume no accident has happen, i.e. the opposite of what the investigation and experts suggested, abandoning children to their fate has certainly happen. How else would Madeleine have vanished? Snatching a child under a mother's own eyes is very difficult. Try that with my bulldog bitch...bearing in mind humans are much more intelligent than dogs - except when it comes to olfact.

    Now, if the compassionate Portuguese powers that be allowed them to get away with it, then it was their prerogative but you can still can have an opinion. Against or in favour of the McCanns'.

    Public opinion is not a sentence. No public opinion can ever send the McCanns' to prison for them to learn their lesson properly. I am being lenient here, of course.

    What they did was to set a bad example around the world. Two highly educated people who should have known better left their children alone and abandoned them to their fate and then were allowed to get away with it. The average Joe Bloggs now thinks it can do the same with impunity!

    Having said that, I think it is time we left the McCanns' in peace - if only they would stop nagging about being innocent. I can't stand it!

    Just A. Comment...

    http://ibnlive.in.com/blogs/brijeshkalappa/2992/63059/the-continuing-saga-of-the-aarushi-murder.html (as quoted by Joana at #117)

  127. For Wallis

    Read this in the context of the FSS forensic report and see if you can come up with some hypotheses that differ from the FSS report


    Ih Saidh

  128. Dr Christian Ludke mentions Munchausen by proxy.This is usually carried out by a female carer ie a mother,who usually has connections to the medical proffession,it usually ends in two ways 1.Death or 2.When the child starts school, when it may carry on with a younger sibling.


    @102 "The dog (Eddie) did pick a scent of cadaver in the closet/wardrobe where a missing holdall (seemingly) was initially photographed by the PJ."

    You forgot to provide the link for Wallis to see. Here:


    And here what Dr. David Payne had to say about the missing holdall...

    Please read it in the context of what the Chief Prosecutor (Magalhães Menezes) said, namely that the "McCanns and their friends were not telling the truth".

    This, I think, in the very same statement that exonerates the McCanns from the condition of "arguidos" (roughly = suspects).

    This statement from the public prosecutor reveals the leniency shown by the Portuguese justice system vis a vis the social status and political connections of the McCanns and their friends and likewise indicates the severe governmental pressures the Lusitanian PJ were subjected to.


    But continuing. Here is an interesting excerpt...

    "1485 ”What about a kit bag? Would they have a kit bag with them?”
    Reply ”Err he certainly didn’t have a great big tennis bag or a, you know, err I mean I used to be a squash, a semi-professional squash player and you know they certainly didn’t have anything that I would call a kit bag from days when I played…”
    1485 ”Yeah.”
    Reply ”You know, a lot of sport, err if they had a rucksack with some water in that would be, you know, about as big as it got, you know a small rucksack. But it certainly wasn’t a big tennis, you know, things that you could put a tennis racquet in.”
    1485 ”Yeah.”
    Reply ”There was nothing of that size that you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that, it would have been just purely, if they had anything…”
    1485 ”Yeah.”

    http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/mccann-case-david-anthony-payne_27.html (in 3 parts)

    See here for some interesting speculations on the same rogatory interview...


    Hope this helps to clarify your mind (one way or the other). No allegations made.


    Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral nasceu a 2 de Outubro de 1959 na aldeia de Torredeita, perto de Viseu.

    Cursou engenharia no ISEL e no IST.

    Em 1992/1997 cursou, no período nocturno, a Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa, tendo-se licenciado em Ciências Jurídicas e Criminais.

    Ingressou na Administração Pública em 1973, com 14 anos.

    Em Novembro de 1981 iniciou o curso de formação de agentes da Polícia Judiciária, tendo tomado posse em 1982 como Agente.

    Em 1997/1998 frequentou o curso de Subinspectores da PJ, sendo O PRIMEIRO CLASSIFICADO ENTRE 100 ALUNOS!

    Em 2000/2001 cumpriu o curso de Coordenadores da PJ. Exerceu funções em Lisboa, no Algarve e nos Açores.

    Durante anos perseguiu, com eficácia, com todo o tipo criminalidade violenta e organizada: furtos, roubos, homicídios, tráfico de estupefacientes.

    Teve uma carreira profissional impoluta, amplamente reconhecida por colegas e superiores hierárquicos, bem como por magistrados judiciais e do Ministério Público, por funcionários judiciais e advogados, com quem teve o prazer de lidar durante muitos anos.

    Tem como máxima que «a justiça se realiza em silêncio ».

    Foi Coordenador Operacional das investigações do “caso Maddie”, entre 3 de Maio e 2 de Outubro de 2007, tendo nessa ocasião sido afastado da investigação, NUM ACTO INÉDITO DA HISTORIA DA POLICIA JUDICIARIA (PJ).

    Aposentou-se em 1 Julho de 2008, ao fim de 27 anos de carreira policial, a fim de readquirir a plenitude da sua liberdade de expressão sobre o caso que investigou e de contribuir, na medida do possível, para a descoberta da verdade material e a realização da justiça.

    Considera-se um beirão por nascença, lisboeta por migração e algarvio por adopção. É casado em segundas núpcias e tem 3 filhas."


    NOME: Maria Isabel Rodrigues Duarte
    NOME PROFISSIONAL: Isabel Duarte


    Licenciatura em Direito pela FD da UCL, com média de 14 valores, no ano de 1978.

    (Esclarecimento do comentador:

    Nota máxima era de 20 valores. Uma nota de 14 valores equivale a um "suficiente +" apenas - nada de especial, portanto. Compare-se por exemplo com o facto do Dr. Goncalo Amaral ter sido o primeiro classificado no curso de agentes entre 100 candidatos.)
    Curso sobre direitos de autor, Conferências do Convento, 1994 (Portugal/Sesimbra);
    Curso Avançado de Plano Oficial de Contas/O.A.; 2005 (Portugal/Lisboa)
    Frequência do Seminário “Voto Electrónico e Privacidade dos Eleitores” ministrada pela Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados em Dezembro de 2005 (Portugal/Lisboa)
    Pós Graduação em curso de Desenvolvimento Pessoal e Profissional ministrado pela Universidade Católica/Lisboa, no ano lectivo de 2006/2007

    Advogada, com a Cédula Profissional nº. 4607 do CDLOA, desde 1980
    Ministra formação a jornalistas em empresas de media, sempre que solicitada, desde o ano 2000
    Tem assistido extrajudicialmente e representado judicialmente, desde 1985, jornalistas e órgãos de comunicação social, tem colaborado na conformação jurídica das actividades de produção de conteúdos para televisão, e trabalhado, como Advogada, em áreas tão diversificadas como construção civil, comércio, cedência temporária de trabalhadores, indústria do papel, farmácia e turismo.




    "In view of the costs of legal representation, and because only very expensive barristers are allowed to represent Defendants in High Court proceedings, I shall have to represent myself.

    The law on freedom of speech in this country (UK) i.e. what one can reasonably say about another without crossing the indistinct line between fair and honest comment on the one hand, and libelling someone on the other, has been changed as a result of the decision two years ago in Spiller v Joseph. There, five Supreme Court judges unanimously extended the rights of those who might be making adverse comment on others. It is well worth a careful read, but does run to 48 pages..."

    Tony Bennett writing today on Jill Havern Forum. Sourced via Nige's McCann Files:

    It sounds like the final nail in the coffin of British democracy.

    :m Portuguese judges better smart up. The Portuguese freedoms so many of us fought and died for, are at stake here. The McCanns must not be allowed to defraud and get away with their planed £1 million "heist" and their vengeance gag, PR plan!

    The world is looking at you!


    For Mr. Amaral this is no doubt a fight worth fighting. If successful it will help to clear some of the mud Mr. Correia threw at him under the tutelage of Metodo3. Remember M3? Such high hopes. All PR in the end...


    We must not forget when it comes to the McCann vs Amaral fight that the McCanns' are associated with top PR agents such as Clarence Mitchell.

    That Clarence Mitchell, is a former head of the "UK Government’s Media Monitoring Unit, which led a team that advised No 10 and all of the major Departments of State (which probably included MI5 and MI6) on how best to respond to the daily news agenda". For all we know, he still has connections there and (being British) everywhere...

    Furthermore,"Mickey Mouse" (Clarence Mitchell nickname), is now THE managing director of Burson-Marsteller, UK - "a leading global public relations, communications and public affairs firm, providing strategic counsel to corporate and public affairs clients".

    Also, let us not forget Burson-Marsteller has an exclusive partnership with Lift Consulting - the McCanns' PR apparatus in Portugal...

    :a Small world, I know...

    Fingers crossed for Mr. Amaral and the Portuguese Justice system. Let us hope a follow up to 25 April 1974 won't be necessary.




    Joana @18

    Muuuiiiito obrigado por esta informação. Estava completamente for fora! Quanto mais mais me informo sobre os cujo ditos mais torço o nariz! Cheira a "erva" por todo o lado!

    Mais alguns detalhes de interesse trazidos pelo "cão de busca" ("Google")

    CURRICULUM VITAE/Dados Pessoais:

    António de Sousa Marinho e Pinto, (também usa assinar António Marinho e Pinto ou apenas António Marinho), nascido a 10 de Setembro de 1950, na freguesia de Vila Chão do Marão, Concelho de Amarante, Distrito do Porto e residente em Coimbra, na freguesia de Santo António dos Olivais.

    Director da ANOP - Agência Noticiosa Portuguesa na Região Autónoma da Madeira (1979-1980);

    Director da ANOP na Região Centro (1984-1986);

    Director da LUSA-Agência de Informação na Região Centro (1986-1987);

    Jornalista no jornal EXPRESSO (1989-2006);

    Docente do Curso Superior de Comunicação na Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra, onde leccionou a disciplina de Práticas da Comunicação (1994-1995)

    Professor Auxiliar Convidado da Faculdade de Letras de Coimbra, leccionando as cadeiras de Noções Fundamentais de Direito, de Direito da comunicação e de Deontologia do Jornalismo na Licenciatura em Jornalismo – Instituto de Estudos Jornalísticos (2005-2008).

    Membro da Direcção do Sindicato dos Jornalistas (1986-1987);

    Membro do Conselho de Redacção do jornal Expresso (1996-1997 e 2001-2002);

    Membro do Conselho Geral da Ordem dos Advogados (2002-2003)

    Presidente da Comissão de Direitos Humanos da Ordem dos Advogados(2002-2003)

    Membro da Amnistia Internacional !!! (não lhe ocorreu protestar contra o arrolamento e congelamento de todos os bens de G. Amaral anos antes de este ser julgado destruindo assim uma família (Portuguesa) para tentar salvar outra de ex-arguidos Britânicos - só mesmo para Inglês ver...

    Bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados (2008 ate a data)

    Qualquer associacao com a Madeira/Aragao Correia... "Photoshopped" fotos publicadas pelo "Expresso" usadas pelo tribunal como "evidencia" para processar Gonçalo Amaral... direito e liberdade de expressao de autores e jornalistas (ou repressão das mesmas)... com peritos da Comunicação Social e conselheiro do Governo de Sua Majestade e do casal McCann...refiro-me ao velho Clarence Mitchell, mais conhecido como "Rato Mickey"... e claro da "Lift Consulting, Portugal" - a empresa de marketing dos McCann intimamente ligada a multi-nacional Burston-Marsteller dirigida pelo "Mickey", e pura coincidência!

    E de estranhar como alguem que lutou pelos Direitos Humanos ate 25 de Abril 1974 se coloca umas décadas depois ao serviço do Camarão, de Sua Majestade, do "Rato Mickey" e do casal McCann...

    Faz lembrar a filha de Ryan (Bren Ryan) que de guardiã dos "3 Arguidos" passou a avançada de centro dos McCanns com um sitio" próprio para RPs, penas e devaneios (regrets and ramblings).

    :p Onde esta o saco do gelo?


    "From Ih Saidh to @95"

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011
    Are Cadaver Dogs saying You're Lying?

    by Pat Brown

    Funny thing about those cadaver dogs; they haven't got a bone to pick with the person being investigated, no interest in closing a case or in railroading anyone.

    They just do what they have been trained to do. They may not be perfect in that they miss hitting on a spot, but they don't hit on spots for no reason. They are trained to locate where dead bodies of humans have been, not live human beings, not dirty diapers, not on a package of meat, nor a hundred other unseen types of biological items.

    There is only one thing that trips them up; the body of a decomposing pig (because of the similarity it has to a human body). Unless you can prove you had a dead hog lying about in you living room or in your car, the hit a cadaver dog makes is going to be on human remains.

    Actually, I am the one of very few people who could actually have a cadaver dog hit in my house for that very reason since my beloved potbelly pig, Gwendolyn (see the video) did indeed expire on my living room floor; however, most people can't make that claim.

    Gerry and Kate McCann, parents of the missing child, Madeleine McCann, dismiss the fact that Eddie, the cadaver dog, hit in their vacation apartment and in their rental car in 2007 (but not in any of their friends' vacation apartments nor early suspect Robert Murat's house or property) as meaningless because cadaver dogs are "rubbish."

    In that same year, a cadaver dog also alerted to the smell of death in Adrian Prout's UK home after his wife, Kate, vanished. Although he claimed he was innocent and her body had not been found, Prout was convicted. After having a fan club that protested steadily that Prout was railroaded, Prout confessed and indicated the area where the body was buried; then more cadaver dogs helped police in the search and Kate's body was found on his farm.

    Next we have cadaver dogs hitting in the case of missing baby, Lisa Irwin, who supposedly was abducted in the middle of the night while her intoxicated mother slept. They hit on one spot in the Kansas City home of the parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, right on the floor next to the bed in the master bedroom. Deborah, the mother, claims she changed diapers there, but if the dogs were hitting on dirty diapers in the home, I would gather they would hit in more places than that one spot.



    Now, cadaver dogs have hit again in a missing child case. Two-year-old Bianca Jones went missing in Detroit on December 2. Her father, D'Andre Lane, who was babysitting her at time, claimed on the day he was to return the child to her mother's home, he was carjacked at 10 in the morning by two men with guns.

    Now, his story stinks worse than a decomposing body. First of all, the "carjackers" choose him (a streetwise felon) driving a 1994 Mercury Marquis (not exactly a hot car from the most carjacked automobiles list). Daddy, seeing two thugs are about to drive off with his little girl puts up no resistance. Instead he calls 911 and the police go searching for the car.

    Oddly, it is found just six blocks away (and one block from Binika Jones' house, the mother of Bianca), with no child in it. So, let me get this straight. These two carjackers went to the trouble of ousting D'Andre Lane from a car with a toddler in the car seat, don't take the car somewhere and strip it, don't sell it, don't use it for committing robberies (a common use of a carjacked vehicle) and don't take it for a joyride. They drive just six blocks and dump it. Maybe they didn't realize there was a child in it and, therefore abandoned the car? Maybe, but then why would they take the child? The story blows. And so did Dre's attempt to pass the polygraph. Not only that, but two witnesses saw the action: one saw D'Andre driving alone down the street and the other, standing by a window overlooking the alley, saw Lane pull the vehicle into it and walk away. No baby seen with him or in the car.

    D'Andre Lane is swearing up and down he didn't have anything to do with his daughter going missing, but everything about his story has been pretty much been annihilated by the circumstances and witnesses. The cadaver dogs hitting in his apartment and in his car pretty much puts a bow on his story as being a crock.

    D'Andre Lane is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but he isn't a suspect for nothing. In the words of Gerry McCann, "Ask the dogs."



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