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McCanns' Libel Action: Marinho Pinto is a witness for the couple

by M.A.G.

The head of the bar of the Lawyer's Order, Marinho Pinto, will be a witness for the McCann couple against Gonçalo Amaral in the civil process that Madeleine's parents filed against the former coordinator of the Directorate of the Judiciária Police of Portimão, Correio da Manhã has found out.

Marinho Pinto has made himself available to testify, in person, against the former coordinator at the trial that was scheduled to start next week, but was postponed by the judge who granted the application made by the McCanns to hear several English witnesses via video conference.

Gonçalo Amaral won, at the Appellate Court, the injunction which prevented the publication of his book "A Verdade da Mentira" [The Truth of The Lie], where he defended the thesis that Maddie had died in the Algarve. The Appeals Court Judges considered that the prohibition of the publication of book violated the [Portuguese] Constitution.

in Correio da Manhã, January 28, 2012


  1. So both libel cases instigated by the McCanns have been postponed at their request: coincidence, or should we read something into this?


    Não me surpreende. Trata-se de um bastonário muito chegado a Isabel Duarte e a Rogério Alves - ambos advogados dos McCann em Portugal.

    Ficamos porem sem saber (embora possamos adivinhar) qual e o papel em tudo isto, da Cláudia Nogueira, Directora da Lift Consulting e encarregada das relações publicas e "marketing" da imagem "inocente" do casal McCann.

    E importante observar de passagem, que o responsável pela imagem e relações publicas dos McCann no Reino Unido, senão mesmo mundialmente, e o mister Clarence Mitchell, ex- assessor de imprensa e conselheiro do Governo de Sua Majestade em "todos os departamentos de estado" - inc. MI6?

    Clarence Mitchell - mais conhecido nos bastidores jornalísticos de Londres como "Rato Mickey"... e hoje Director da multi-nacional "Burston-Marsteller" - relações publicas, assessoria de imprensa e outros "pratinhos chineses" ("spinning").

    Importante notar que a Burston-Marsteller possui uma relação profissional muito especial, "exclusiva" mesmo, com a Lift Consulting em Portugal (Cláudia Nogueira).

    "Small world", como dizem os Ingleses...

    Claro que não existem prémios para os que adivinhar quem escolheu (e esta a pagar) a Isabel Duarte, Rogerio Alves e a outros (...)

    Mas tenhamos fé!

    Conforme noticiou o CM recentemente (Novembro 2011), a ministra da Justiça, Paula Teixeira da Cruz, não e exactamente uma admiradora do bastionario, e isso pode sugerir que embora os McCanns consigam na primeira instância, obter uma nota de credito no valor de um milhão de libras esterlinas (uma bagatela para a economia Portuguesa), o Tribunal de Apelação que se seguira, talvez não vá na burla ou, mesmo que vá (tempos difíceis estes), certamente que o Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos acabara por fazer Justiça ao Dr. Gonçalo Amaral - e por essa mesma razão, a todos os Portugueses...

    PS Gostaria de saber se no caso mais provável de Gonçalo Amaral ganhar e subsequentemente exigir um milhão ou dois de compensação pela destruição da sua vida profissional, da sua família, no exercício das suas liberdades fundamentais...

    ...quem ira nesse caso arrolar todos os bens dos McCanns em Inglaterra como eles fizeram a ele em Portugal?

    Como foi possível autorizarmos que um cidadão Português fosse destituído de todos os seus bens anos antes de um tribunal decidir se era culpado ou não!?! e ainda por um cidadãos estrangeiros?

    So mesmo um tribunal Português...


    O 25 de Abril não se fez para os McCanns! Fez-se para nos, Portugueses!


    :o Oh! Dear! I nearly chocked laughing! The choice of the cartoon could not have been more appropriate!

    Now seriously...

    It makes me wonder whether Pinto ("Chick") was invited to testify by her close friend Isabel Duarte? He voted for her, she voted for him (President of the Bar elections) "You scratch my back I will scratch yours!" - said the monkey in the children's story...

    If so, is Pinto getting any monies from the "Fund" for his time and rhetoric? Just asking...

    The real question is:

    Will Pinto have the cheek to explain to the judge how he, or some associate of his at his newspaper, "Photo-Shopped" Leonor Cipriano's "bruises" published in the "Expresso" which eventually led to the tarnishing in court of Amaral's ethics and principles?

    He wrote the article, I think, he should know.

    Who paid "Expresso" (if anyone) to frame Gonçalo Amaral and his colleagues? No prizes for guessing that, though. We do know who paid the medium (Metodo3).

    These are pertinent questions, and if I was Amaral's defence lawyer, I would barbecue the Pinto on that, piri-piri and all...

    Also, interesting to note the judge at the time accepted schizophrenic (medium) Aragao-Correia's insinuations, in spite of evidence he was "hallucinating"(Photoshop-ed evidence).

    The bottom line, however, is that Pinto, in spite of being under-height and over-weight, does have some leverage in Portuguese court proceedings. Sorry if that leaves courts in Portugal looking like those Kazakhstan...

    Fortunately for the cause of Gonçalo Amaral, democracy and fundamental freedoms in Portugal, the country Justice Minister - Paula Teixeira da Cruz thinks Marinho Pinto is an "offensive liar" (verbatim).



  4. From Comment #2:
    "Conforme noticiou o CM recentemente (Novembro 2011), a ministra da Justiça, Paula Teixeira da Cruz, não e exactamente uma admiradora do bastionario, e isso pode sugerir que embora os McCanns consigam na primeira instância, obter uma nota de credito no valor de um milhão de libras esterlinas (uma bagatela para a economia Portuguesa), o Tribunal de Apelação que se seguira, talvez não vá na burla ou, mesmo que vá (tempos difíceis estes), certamente que o Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos acabara por fazer Justiça ao Dr. Gonçalo Amaral - e por essa mesma razão, a todos os Portugueses..."

    Well, yes, even if the first instance court(trial) decies in favour of the McCanns (God forbid!), there is still a long legal path ahead, ending in the European Human Rights Court, but...and this is a BIG but...can Mr. Amaral afford the lenghty legal battle, the huge amount of money needed? I fear not...remember he was refused/not eligible for legal aid. I know there is the "Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral", but with the draconian economic cuts that are imposed on the portuguese right now the donations will be scarce.
    More and more justice is for the rich only, what a terribly unfair world we are living in...

  5. Translation to comment by anonymous 2

    Piracy or Conspiracy? Whatever…

    It does not surprise me. This is a head of the bar very close to Isabel Duarte and to Rogério Alves – both lawyers for the McCanns in Portugal.

    We remain without knowing (though we can make a guess) what is the role in all of this of Cláudia Nogueria, Lift Consulting director, who is in charge of the public relations and “marketing” of the “innocent” image of the McCann couple [Note: Salvador da Cunha is the CEO of Lift Consulting, see here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/12/summary-of-what-happened-yesterday.html & http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/08/carta-de-uma-noite-de-verao.html]

    It is also important to observe as a reminder, that the responsible of the image and public relations for the McCanns in the United Kingdom, if not world-wide, is mister Clarence Mitchell, former press aide and adviser to Her Majesty’s government in “every department of state” – including MI6?

    Clarence Mitchell - better known behind the scenes of the London newspapers as "Mickey Mouse" ... is now the Director of the multi-national “Burson-Marsteller” - public relations, media and other “[Circus] Chinese plates” (“spinning”). [http://www.prweek.com/uk/news/1112160/Burson-Marsteller-called-cover-Costa-Concordia-disaster/]

    Importantly, Burson-Marsteller has a very special working relationship, “exclusive2 even with Lift Consulting in Portugal (Cláudia Nogueira). [http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/12/mccann-detectives-hassling-algarve.html]

    “It’s a Small World”, as the English say ...

    Of course, there are no prizes for guessing who chose (and is paying) Isabel Duarte, Rogério Alves and others (...)

    But let’s have faith!

    As reported in the CM recently (November 2011), the Minister of Justice, Paula Teixeira da Cruz, is not exactly a fan of the head of the bar, and this may suggest that although the McCanns may, at the first instance, be able to obtain a credit note in the amount of a million pounds (a trifle for the Portuguese economy); the Court of Appeals that will follow, may not fall for the fraud but even if they do (these are hard times), certainly the European Court of Human Rights will end up making Justice to Dr. Gonçalo Amaral - and for that same reason, to all the Portuguese...[http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/nacional/portugal/ministra-da-justica-ataca-marinho-pinto]

    PS. I would like to know if in the likely case of Gonçalo Amaral winning and then subsequently demanding a million or two as compensation for the destruction of his professional life, of his family, and the exercise of his fundamental freedoms...

    …who will in that instance arrest all of the McCann assets in England as they did to him in Portugal?

    How is it possible that we have authorized a Portuguese citizen to be deprived of all of his possessions years before a court as yet to decide if he is guilty or not!?! And by foreign citizens?

    Only in a Portuguese court….

    Wake Up!

    The 25th of April was not done for the McCanns! It was done for us, the Portuguese!


    "The application made by the McCanns to hear several English witnesses via video conference."

    Will there be some revelations or will it all be no sex, lies and video tapes? By sex, we mean sucking your finger in a suggestive manner and referring to a child - namely Madeleine. Incidentally this testimony (Gaspar's) has led to numerous speculations but that is besides. See link below afterwards.


    I suppose, the McCanns might feel extremely embarrassed facing the cameras like they did last time, since this time the decision is likely to go against them.

    I suppose the first time the Macs just wanted to get even with Amaral - to make him a "suspect" too, no matter what the consequences.

    They struck luck and were allowed to get away - first by an incompetent or "sympathetic" judge (cough) and secondly, by an immature, impressionable judge (daddy's girl) who is reported to have peed in her pants when Madame Duarte started shouting abuse in court!

    The fact the Macs were invited to enter the court through the jury's door, unlike Amaral, a Portuguese citizen, immediately gave away what was going on behind scenes...

    It did indeed made Portugal look a subservient vassal of Her Majesty. Shame, shame, shame.

    :j Bolinhas


    Lady Joana at #5 "Salvador da Cunha is the CEO of Lift Consulting"

    Thanks Joana for clarifying that detail for us.

    I think Claudia Nogueira had some managerial role in the Lift, hadn't she?

    "Yes. She did and she does! She presses the elevator's buttons and is also in charge of the cleaners!" I hear you saying...

    :o It is not only Marcos Aragao-Correia who hears voices, you know...

    Now seriously, the important fact is that Lift Consulting, Portugal, has an exclusive association with Clarence Mitchell's Burston-Marsteller and we all know who and what "Mickey Mouse" stands for.

    We also know, ipso facto, what Burston-Marsteller stands for. Take this example:

    "In May 2011, Burson-Marsteller was hired by Facebook to conduct a PR attack on Google.

    Burson-Marsteller contacted a number of media companies and bloggers in an effort to get them to write unflattering stories about Google.

    The campaign backfired when one of the bloggers went public by posting the emails he received from Burson-Marsteller on the Internet." (quote/unquote)

    Sounds familiar?

    For all I know, they could be the ones behind Bren Ryan and the Pinto - but I make no allegations.




  8. Whoever this Marinho Pinto might be, I'm sure he will loose his job, dismissing himself or being dismissed.
    People who get involved with the McCanns are condemnd to trouble and poverty.
    That is what is happening to Tapas 7 and what happened to Amaral, to the Ocean Club, etc.
    One of these days Tapas 7 will be made arguidos, they will spend a huge amount of money paying their lawyers to defend them of a crime they did not commit, the McCanns will not help them,
    Marinho Pinto will write a book "Regrets & Regrets" etc.

  9. How damnably corrupt and disgusting it all sounds. A pox on all of them.


    #4 "Can Mr. Amaral afford the lenghty legal battle, the huge amount of money needed"

    Anything is possible my friend. A rich benefactor might pop up, who knows. Think about a Portuguese or Brazilian version of an ideologue like Kennedy or a Richard Branson...

    Some campaign could be put in place to draw the attention of Portuguese voters to the Justice system they have. Posters, leaflets...

    I mean, if each one of us could print 10, 50, 100 leaflets at home, in their printers, and hand them out to the crowds in the centre of Lisbon, by the Palace of Justice, everywhere. Mobilize, mobilize, public opinion imagine what could happen...

    The same can be done to draw people's attention to Amaral's Defence Fund; to one destitute Portuguese citizen plight against a British, global company posse...

    (McCanns' lawyers ensured all of his assets were frozen and confiscated years ahead of a court finding him guilty or innocent! Thus making it impossible for him to defend himself. It takes a Banana Republic to allow such a thing to happen to one of its citizens!)

    A Portuguese citizen's plight against the powerful, multi-million, legal and PR team of the McCanns who is backed by their "Shrimp" (Camarão or Cameron)

    We could draw the attention of the Portuguese public to the dangers of their government (and courts) ideological subservience to Britain...

    This is a matter that fundamentally interests the Portuguese people, the problem is, the Portuguese media is relatively muted (scared) when it comes to promote Amaral. People are still misinformed.

    Not all though. I just drove by the Bairro da Boavista (one of the toughest "bairros" in Lisbon with considerable revolutionary potential) and people there if asked if they ever heard of the McCanns' replied: "Esses fi*** da pu**!" - Portuguese for "Sons of God" - you get the gist...

    Pre-eminence in the news is always given, in the most benevolent, detached manner, to the McCanns, suggesting Clarence Mitchell/Lift Consulting/Burston-Marsteller are hard at work behind the scenes - as the Anonymous above pointed out (and I quote):

    "In May 2011, Burson-Marsteller was hired by Facebook to conduct a PR attack on Google.

    Burson-Marsteller contacted a number of media companies and bloggers in an effort to get them to write unflattering stories about Google.

    The campaign backfired when one of the bloggers went public by posting the emails he received from Burson-Marsteller on the Internet." (quote/unquote)

    We might need a Portuguese version of Joana Morais' Blog to draw attention of the Portuguese public at large.

    Of those who do not understand English or are unfamiliar with the Internet.

    People in Lisbon's suburbs and estates - those with considerable revolutionary potential and fire in the belly. No non-sense people...

    People in their 60's who fought for freedom and democracy in Portugal and witnessed the 1974 revolution and are now being sold out by their Justice system and lackeys like Marinho Pinto, Isabel Duarte & Rogerio Alves.

    People who have the power to vote, demonstrate and if necessary march to the Palace of Justice on the day to be heard! Make it another Tahir Square if necessary!

    History is what you make!


  11. Interesting comments. This case has involved Two Respectable Governments, one of which have demonstrated to the world its extent of corruption, cover-ups and the lies that has been cooked by the British Prime Minister (Godon Brown)& Jose Socrates, then followed by PM. David Cameron. This has virtually demonstrated to the world the corruption that exist in the U.K. specially in the Police Force, where the Chief Constable had to resign!!

    I therefore direct my comment to the Portugese Legal system, and the Police NOT to follow suit. In my opinion, this case should have been conducted in Portugal, and under Portugese Law. The McCanns were in Portugal,and the incident was in Portugese Territory.

    I believe that this is not too late to achieve.
    "Justiça pode ser feitas ea integridade de Portugal será restaurado."

  12. Burson Marsteller- director Matthew John Carter, also director of Labour Party Properties and Labour Party Nominees. Formerly based at Millbank London.

  13. flippin 'eck, No.10 - I'm practically on the streets. Away to go, as they say.

  14. That guy, Marinho Pinto, was the last joke in the Portuguese justice. The guy can't resist to the appeal of the easy money and the 5 minutes of media protagonism. Due to that, the Mccann's and he deserved each other. " flour from the same bag".
    As a lawyer, he was a disaster ( Coimbra town know him very well and gave about him the worst references). Just mention his name in " cafe's" and you will hear a choir of very bad names to classify him. Then the guy had to connect himself with other guys with similar curriculum to survive.
    What was the first change he made when he arrived to the Bar's lawyer? He increase his salary and his benefits. Very deontological.... No surprise to see him connected with people where the money smells so dirty and talks so easy. We can see where the Mccann's search their daughter and perhaps where is going the money from the Fund. A lot of mercenaries filling the cue. They are there to defend their pockets, not the t-shirt.
    On the other hand, this Mccann's apparent power, is really a strength for GA and many Internet sites/ blogs who where vilified by the Mccann's for suspecting their accounts in May 2007 and after that. Our suspicions are legitimate. The bunch of VIPs surrounding the Mccann's is far from a coincidence, far from being normal, far too far to be genuine and acceptable. They are persecuting GA and who believe him. WHY? He have done nothing wrong. During the exercise of his job, which he have done in a very competent way, he came across of many lies delivered by the parents to the police, personally or trough people related with them. That is enough to made them 'persons of interest for the investigation' . Plus, we the public, could also see how the information they delivered trough their media campaign, is not matching what we can see from the crime scene. I hope the trial peel the skin of all that manipulative liars and their mercenary supporters.

    :d Thanks @12 for the tip!

    Director Summary

    Mr Matthew John Carter has 11 company director or secretary appointments.

    Short name - Matthew Carter
    Director ID : 909593767

    Month/Year of Birth: 03/1972
    (For security reasons we only show Month/Year)
    Appointment Date: 10/02/2010
    Position: Director
    Occupation: CEO
    Company Status: Active

    Level 6
    South Central Saint Giles
    1 St Giles High Street
    United Kingdom
    WC2H 8AG

    Company Summary:
    Companies Names: Company Status
    I-SYT LIMITED Active
    16 OQS UNLIMITED Active
    (Director Resigned)
    (Director Resigned)
    (Director Resigned)

    So, could this help to explain the McCann/Clarence Mitchell/Gordon Brown/J. Socrates connection - even if Clarence wasn't there yet?

    Mickey Blue Eyes did work,after all, for Tony Blair, didn't he?

    Could have been this link/connection/acquaintance, that got the McCanns off the hook and why Gonçalo Amaral was made a scape goat and then removed from the investigation? So, it wasn't "conspiracy theory" after all...

    Small wonder people no longer believe in politicians or trust the Justice system!

    Anyway, back to Mickey Mouse's boss CV...

    The gentleman seems to have resigned as Director of Labour Party Nominees & Properties.

    Has he gone Con-Dem then?

    And... the reason why (sort of) Cameron finds himself in the McCanns' bandwagon (dogs' barking and all) and summons Scotland Yard to discredit the Portuguese investigation - a decision that will cost the British Tax Payer millions? Not clear if tens or hundreds'. Could it come to a billion or two? God knows. They say it could last years...

    OK, may be it was all just a political manoeuvre to secure more votes in the next election and to show they care for the bulk of their voters from where McCanns' supporters and other romantics are to be found (upper/middle-class-ers, professionals, people-blood-suckers, and other VIPs.)

    Pedro Passos Coelho, prime-minister of Portugal, please take note. That's how they do it!


    :k Ruy Roskoff
    Criminal profiler and private investigator based in Portimão (Algarve).

  16. 12- Cash for Honours scandal and Yates of the Yard.

  17. @16 adding http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Yates_%28police_officer%29
    «John Yates (born 1959)[1] is a former Assistant Commissioner in the London Metropolitan Police Service (2006–2011). As leader of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)'s Special Inquiry Squad (often called the "Celebrity Squad"),[1] Yates was dubbed "Yates of the Yard" by the British press following his involvement in a number of cases with high media profiles. Yates came to particular prominence for heading the Cash for Honours investigation. Yates also coordinated the UK police response to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, heading "Operation Bracknell", for which he was awarded the Queen's Police Medal[2] in January 2006.[3] He resigned in July 2011 over criticism of a July 2009 review he carried out of the 2006 police investigation of the News of the World royal phone hacking scandal.»

    Cash for Honours http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash_for_Honours
    «Cash for Honours (also Cash for Peerages, Loans for Lordships, Loans for Honours or Loans for Peerages) is the name given by some in the media to a political scandal in the United Kingdom in 2006 and 2007 concerning the connection between political donations and the award of life peerages. A loophole in electoral law in the United Kingdom means that although anyone donating even small sums of money to a political party has to declare this as a matter of public record, those loaning money at commercial rates of interest did not have to make a public declaration.

    In March 2006, several men nominated for life peerages by then Prime Minister, Tony Blair,[1] were rejected by the House of Lords Appointments Commission. It was later revealed they had loaned large amounts of money to the governing Labour Party,[2] at the suggestion of Labour fundraiser Lord Levy. Suspicion was aroused by some that the peerages were a quid pro quo for the loans. This resulted in three complaints[3] to the Metropolitan Police by Scottish National Party MP Angus MacNeil, Elfyn Llwyd (Plaid Cymru parliamentary leader), and a third individual who continues to remain unidentified, as a breach of the law against selling honours.[4] The investigation was headed by Assistant Commissioner John Yates who has since resigned over the News of the World phone hacking scandal. During the investigation various members of the Labour Party (including Tony Blair), the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were questioned, and Labour's Lord Levy was arrested and later released on bail.[5] The investigation continued to have political impact throughout, as a range of stories continued to leak from the police investigation and damaged the government and Labour Party.[6]

    Following the unveiling of the scandal the Labour party had to repay the loans and was said to be in financial difficulty.[7] The police investigation was long and involved. It expanded to encompass potential charges of perverting the course of justice, apparently relating to suspected attempts to present evidence to the police in a particular way. At one point the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, obtained an injunction against the BBC, preventing them from reporting a story they claimed was in the public interest while he argued that the story was sub judice. This raised the possibility of a conflict of interest, the Attorney General being a political appointee. Tony Blair was interviewed three times as Prime Minister, though only as a witness and not under caution.

    After a long review of the police file, it was reported on 20 July 2007 that the Crown Prosecution Service would not bring any charges against any of the individuals involved.»

  18. I wrote Amaral giving him a good idea for his defence.

  19. I hope authorities in Portugal will have enough time to read Kate's book, all the lies and inconsistencies, the way she treats Portugal.
    And time to talk to the Met if it is possible.

  20. British witnesses, who could they be? Jane Tanner? That fat pig from Belgium?
    What could a British witness do in such a case, unless they are some of the Tapas?
    I don't believ any of the Tapas will show up.
    They are all running away, as much as they can.

  21. Advogado e presidente da Madeleine Foundation enfrenta prisão por difamar Kate e Gerry
    Arrisca cadeia por assediar casal McCann

    Tony Bennett, um advogado aposentado que preside a uma fundação privada com o nome de Madeleine McCann, a Madeleine Foundation, enfrenta uma possível pena de prisão se for considerado culpado de assédio a Kate e Gerry McCann.

    Os pais da pequena Maddie, desaparecida em 2007 na Praia da Luz, no Algarve, processaram Tony Bennett por atribuírem ao advogado a autoria de uma campanha de difamação contra eles. Segundo referiu ontem o jornal inglês ‘Sunday Telegraph’, este alegado assédio a Kate e Gerry McCann tem passado pelo lançamento de folhetos e publicações públicas, nos quais Tony Bennett defende que o casal é responsável pela alegada morte da menina.

    O casal processou o jurista e, no início do mês de Fevereiro, um tribunal britânico pode-rá decidir pela prisão do mesmo, bem como pelo pagamento de uma indemnização, que o advogado dificilmente poderá suportar.


  22. The British witnesses could be people who saw Madeleine somewhere, at a petrol station, wearing the same pyjama. We will start the story all over again.

  23. The use of this very controversial figure, which has sometimes taken pro McCann views, and occasionly very openly anti-Amaral has only one objective: to intimidate the court and influence the juges. Remember : he is a mannerless loud-mouth character who, at times, didn't shy away from bullying to get what he wanted.

  24. The trial is postpone. But when will it be?

  25. On McCann Files we can read about detectives of the Met, and the article is refering to murder team.
    Murder, not accident nor abduction.
    The team seems to have 37 people, studying the case. And there are famous ones among them, top detectives.
    The McCanns regret, don't they? This amount of detectives involved in the case means they lost their power.I hope the Smiths are prepared to go to Luz, for the reconstruction. And it seems that the PJ got useful letters, anonymous or otherwise, about this case.
    Perhaps the British police got some too.I can't believe people are keeping their mouths for such a long time.
    Kate stopped working because she makes too many mistakes when she talks, that's why she is staying home.
    I hope Oldfield will come forward with the truth. I have the strong idea that somebody of the Tapas will talk, before they all will be accused of obstruction of the investigation. It could be even Payne, unless the McCanns have gotten compromisising pictures of him, about little children.
    It could be the case. But Payne's silence speaks volumes.I don't believe he is sacrifising himself in order to hide a crime committed by his best friends.Probably he is hiding the truth because he could be suspected of other things.

  26. I expect the McCanns to come up with new sightings, They will do everything to convince the PJ to follow those new leads. They will try to manipulate the police again, in order to delay the the results of the Met.
    They probably will use the same witnesses against T. Bennett and against Amaral.It is not Amaral and Bennett who are the reason of the existence of the new witnesses: it is the Scotland Yard.
    "...action, not retorik".
    There we have the action and it is still not good!

  27. Matt Carter was investigated in the Cash for Honours investigation.

  28. Cash for honours may still go on -George Barclay

  29. Sorry, meant George Buckley

    "F" FOR RUCK...

    Joana's quote @17. Some addenda...

    "At one point the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, obtained an injunction against the BBC, preventing them from reporting a story they claimed was in the public interest while he argued that the story was sub judice. This raised the possibility of a conflict of interest, the Attorney General being a political appointee." (quote in Joana's posting above)

    Goldsmith was the longest serving Labour Attorney General (appointed under Tony Blair/Gordon Brown) (Wikipedia).

    Goldsmith, like Kate McCann was born in Liverpool but that was just a coincidence (...)

    Could it be a coincidence too many if I wrote John Yates is also from Liverpool? It is a fact, though.

    BTW, Yates, for all we know, could also be pulling the strings on the Madeleine MC "review" (some say "whitewashing")

    Small world indeed.

    Goldsmith, the baron, currently works for US law firm Debevoise & Plimpton as head of its European litigation practice...

    This is where the names Carter-Ruck and McCann might come to mind again. They certainly did to me, but that might have been just a coincidence.

    Now, what is not a coincidence - for that we know for sure, is that John Yates has, in the past, been given a "little hand" by Carter-Ruck and I quote:

    "The MPS have admitted paying Carter Ruck to make legal threats to the media over criticism of a senior police officer, John Yates, but refuse to disclose the sums involved, claiming this is "personal" information." Please read on.


    It is all very instructive ain't it?

    It gives you a profound insight into the workings of Justice in modern day democracies. No money, no justice or "no body, no crime", as they say (...)

    Same, I am afraid, applies to Portugal.

    Who is Isabel Duarte and Rogerio Alves if not the "Carter-*ucks" of the Republic?

    Who is Marinho Pinto but their Baron - foul mouths might say "payee" but that is mere expectoration...

    (Where the hell did I put the menthol pastilles?)

    Poor Gonçalo Amaral! You need a revolution not a kangaroo court "to show it off to the English" ("So p'ra Inglês ver!")

    One last thought... I suspect Scotland Yard's review of the Madeleine McCann's case is in very able hands but that again is mere expectoration.




  31. Joana at 19

    "Advogado e presidente da Madeleine Foundation enfrenta prisão por difamar Kate e Gerry
    Arrisca cadeia por assediar casal McCann"

    E de notar que o CM escreve "por difamar" e "assediar" e não por "expressar a sua opinião" e "insistir que se faca Justiça a Madeleine McCann" o que já por si pode sugerir, embora não esteja a dizer, que o seja, que o CM esta a ser pago pela Lift Consulting (Portugal) para escrever o que escreve.

    E claro que o CM pode apenas estar com medo dos McCann - o que e natural. "Junta-te aos fortes e serás um deles" - como diz a velha mentalidade fascista.

    Acontece também que muitas vezes os editores Portugueses se deixam ir atrás da escolha de adjectivos, da interpretação dos factos (slant) das agências noticiosas Britânicas, sem sequer repararem no veneno que metem a boca e, depois, a opiniao publica Portuguesa e que sofre as consequências. Nunca se da valor próprio ao que e nosso, nunca se protege o que e Português ou de interesse nacional. Ate na nossa língua isso hoje se vê. E triste.

    Exemplo: Enviei recentemente um comentário ao CM sobre a noticia do Marinho Pinto ter entrado na conta de pagamentos do "Fundo" (...) escusado será dizer que o CM não publicou.

    :i Mudaram as moscas...



    6 St Andrew Street,
    Greater London
    United Kingdom
    EC4A 3AE
    Tel (020) 7353 5005
    Fax (020) 7353 1062
    DX DX 333 Chancery Lane
    Email : lawyers@carter-ruck.com
    Website : www.carter-ruck.com

    Carter-Ruck houses a "first-class" team that is incredibly well regarded for its claimant work, as well as a strong and ever-growing presence in corporate reputation management. It acts for a diverse mix of high-profile and high net worth individuals. (cough). Cough mine. I have a cold! :p


    Andrew Stephenson is "an excellent lawyer and litigator," who is praised for his client management skills. He secured a settlement on behalf of Professor Henrik Thomsen in his long-running libel case brought by GE Healthcare.

    Alasdair Pepper "really rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck in" and recently represented Prince Radu of Romania in a libel claim against Royalty Monthly magazine.

    Nigel Tait "is absolutely brilliant" and "first rate, with extremely good judgement." He achieved an apology for Simon Cowell from Heat magazine, and is defending journalist Hardeep Singh in an appeal brought by His Holiness Baba Jeet Singh Ji Maharaj. Admiring sources agree that "when things get hairy, you never detect any signs of weakness; he drives a case forward until the other side flinches."

    Magnus Boyd "is fantastic and you can get hold of him anywhere, which is always such a relief." Clients go on to further praise his diligent and effective approach. He is acting for former defence secretary Bob Ainsworth MP in libel proceedings against the Daily Mail.

    Interviewees recognise Adam Tudor as "extremely good" and alongside Isabel Hudson he continues to provide advice to Kate and Gerry McCann. Tudor and Hudson were both also involved in securing apologies from a number of major newspapers on behalf of Trafigura.

    Ruth Collard represented Professor John Moore with regards to comments made in the Spectator.

    Cameron Doley is representing the Prime Minister of Turkey, who is suing the Daily Telegraph over allegations of political donations made by the State of Iran.

    Claire Gill "is pleasant, professional and quick to understand a matter." Her workload has included assisting the former chairman of the Indian Premier League in libel proceedings against the chairman of the English Cricket Board, and securing substantial damages for Boris Berezovsky in a libel action.

    Lucy Middleton "is very much coming up and will be a major player in due course."


    Nice bunch right?

    Last night on the lift, a neighbour stepped on my brand new "Church's" shoes. Naturally I was offended by the visitor's lack of tact which left a scratch on my expensive "submarines".

    I called Carter-Ruck this morning asking to be represented. "What kind of fees do you charge?" I enquired just to be on the safe side, you know.

    I don't recall the figures, for as soon as the voice - which sounded like Meryl Streep's in "The Iron Lady", asked me if I was a "high net worth individual" I fainted... and had to be rushed to hospital with a panick attack.

    I would still recommend Carter-Ruck to Gonçalo Amaral though - if only he had enough the funds to spare, that is.

    Things being so, I can only wish him luck at the European Court of Human Rights stage, but I wouldn't put too much faith on that either.

    The judges there are driven in big, black, bullet-proof limousines (like the one Carter-Ruck used to deliver its files to Tony Bennett) and they like to get paid too.

    Anyway, I digress. To save myself from further inconvenience (and expenses) I decided to just "shoot" the neighbour (with a water pistol filled with bleach).

    If you find Justice too expensive just DIY on the cheap. Mind the Law, though. :o

  33. Joana @ 19, parece que o CM apagou esta noticia do site. Tera Sido para evitar os comentarios dos leitores?

  34. #18 I hope authorities in Portugal will have enough time to read Kate's book,

    I don't think they would bother with pulp fiction. As for contradictions they had enough of a head ache sorting out the Tapas9 contradictions and the false sightings.

    Robert Murat might have read it though. He is trying to pin down at least one of Ms. Tanner "little inconsistencies" (about the size of a Zeppelin) that made him a suspect and in the process destroyed his life.

    I understand Gonçalo Amaral, not Marinho Pinto, will be the main witness on that trial, but don't be surprised if Isabel Duarte and Rogerio Alves - the Portuguese Carter-*ucks will be representing Miss Tanner...

  35. Ruy Roskoff wrote: "Cameron finds himself in the McCanns' bandwagon (dogs' barking and all) and summons Scotland Yard to discredit the Portuguese investigation - a decision that will cost the British Tax Payer millions? Not clear if tens or hundreds"

    Interesting thoughts.....

    I can tell you (well, it's all over the press here) that the investigation "will cost more than £1.3million in its first year" - so I don't think it will come to a billion but 20 or 30 million, may be. If it runs for 10 years say, which is unlikely.

    I suspect as soon as Scotland Yard issues a criticism or two of the PJ handling of the case, their main target (PR) would have been hit and they will be phased out into more important tasks.

    Also, it seems John Yates is not involved, at least officially, but of course, there are bound to be informal "professional exchanges" just the same.

    The few names of those involved in the "review" - which was first suggested to Cameron by The Madeleine Foundation (Tony Bennett) and NOT the McCanns, as many have been led to believe via Murdoch's SUN newspaper, are as follows:

    Chief ­Superintendent Hamish Campbell - not Amish by the way, but both of his names are Scottish(worth remembering Gerry McCann is Scottish too and that "tribal loyalties" count); Commander Simon Foy also specialized in Child crime, Mr Andy Redwood (also based in Belgravia - a rather posh area of London by the way, adjacent to Buckingham Palace) and Detective Inspector Tim Dobson.

    The latter is of course the gentleman to whom Tony Bennett (Madeleine Foundation) handed a dossier to in Belgravia Police Station to mark Goncalo Amaral's Day.

    This dossier, contained, according to Tony Bennett, and I quote:

    "information relating to a source within the McCann Team who had disclosed evidence to us which suggested that the main purpose of the McCann Team’s private investigations may not have been to find Madeleine."

    What about that?


    Another thing, the fact that Cameron reacted to the McCanns' appeal in the "Sun" newspaper and ignored Tony Bennett's a few months earlier may suggest he was trying to court not his traditional electorate but that of the readership of the "Sun" (Labour).

    Interesting to note in passing that Murdoch's "Sun" has always credited itself for electing Margaret Tatcher (Con). The implication being that they can get make their wishes come true by "spinning" their readership.

    The McCanns have supporters (and enemies) in all strata of British society

  36. Interesting analysis at the McCann files [read in full, link bellow]:


    By Dr Martin Roberts
    28 January 2012

    Gerry McCann's televised meeting with Jeremy Paxman features several quizzical moments on the part of the interviewee, but one in particular stands out:

    JP (on the subject of media attention in Portugal): "Do you think, to some degree, you reaped a whirlwind?"

    GM (after an initial verbal fumble): "We had very clear objectives, what we wanted, and any parents would take the opportunity of trying to get information into the investigation, that might help find their daughter, and that's what our clear objectives were..."

    Even an uninformed listener is likely to have wondered why Gerry McCann should have found such a straightforward question apparently stressful, his answer being peppered with speech errors initially. If they took the time to think about it, they might also have wondered how this statement answered the question, since 'getting information into the investigation' and airing it before the media are not at all the same pursuit. To simplify the issue however, we may classify this semantic confusion straightforwardly as resulting from the stress hitherto observed. The real cause of curiosity resides in the first clause, which concerns the taking of a very particular opportunity.

    The Paxman interview was included as part of a BBC Newsnight programme broadcast early in March 2009, and covered the unprecedented media activity surrounding the McCanns in the wake of Madeleine's disappearance; activity which Gerry 'fully expected to die down' after the parents' European 'trips.' These junkets, to Germany, Holland and Morocco, occupied Kate and Gerry and McCann until mid-June, travelling to locations 'where we felt there might be information relevant.' (relevant to what exactly is not made clear). After which time the parents remained in Portugal where, emotionally unprepared to leave, they felt closer to their missing daughter. (...)

    (..)Having had every opportunity during interview to inform the PJ of as much relevant detail as they possibly could, the McCanns should have largely met their 'clear objective.' Obviously they did not meet it entirely, since they went jetting off looking for further information, of a type they had previously disregarded. Objective not totally fulfilled therefore. But in the absence of information worth passing on to investigators, 'taking the opportunity of trying to get information into the investigation' would necessarily require initiative.

    It fell to Kate (who couldn't bear to use her camera after taking the 'last photo') to get information into the investigation, and via the proper channels of police liaison, thereby giving the attendant matter of mysticism an air of respectability. And it came to pass that the PJ diligently investigated the ownership and movements (not) of the yacht 'Shearwater.' Just as they had diligently held a press conference to announce inclusion in their 'missing persons' bulletin of an official photograph, of pyjamas identical to those being worn by Madeleine at the time of her disappearance.

    Interfering with a police investigation is a crime in the U.K. and, I dare say, in Portugal also.»

    Video here
    Transcript here

  37. @31 "parece que o CM apagou esta noticia do site. Tera Sido para evitar os comentarios dos leitores?"

    Não apagou não, esta la. Não vale e a pena comentar que eles não publicam. Ordem da Lift Consulting? Penso mas, claro pode ser paranóia.


  38. Joana at 34
    Just read it. Dr. Martin Roberts is a brilliant analyst. I would recommend the Portuguese judge that will preside at the "defamation" trial McCanns versus Dr. Amaral human rights and right to survive, to read them all. Quite instructive. Ideally to read along with the PJ Files, Dr. Amaral "The Truth of Lie" or indeed "Madeleine".

    Here is the YouTube link for the visuals...


    Watch the smirk in Dr. McCann's face at the beginning (as if to imply: "Paxo! I am going to call Carter-Ruck in a minute if you keep misbehaving!)and Paxman's penetrating stare at him at the end...pity we dont have Dr. McCann's reaction to that on camera...



    Thanks to Anon 14 for briefing us on those interesting personal details but we might have to admit the guy is not a complete idiot otherwise his colleagues would not have voted him in as President. Are they all worst than him? I doubt.

    What transpired so far is that Pinto speaks his mind ad lib - luckily for him, Carter-Ruck does not operate in Portugal and he is on the right side of the fence.

    I translated what he said about the Portuguese Justice minister and that was appalling. I understand the minister left the meeting in disgust.

    We have a guy like that in London (Bob Crow) who heads the Transport Workers Union. He was elected not because he is a gentleman, or the owner of a privileged IQ, but he is big, fat and has a big mouth.

    This Pinto of the Bar also comes through as a "street vendor" of sorts. May be his task is to impress the judge and intimidate the defence lawyer - after all he is The President of the bar who can mess up his associate's career! No joke!

    Watch Pinto here in action with a Portuguese TVI journalist. I believe the same TV station the McCanns' want a few 100K from.


    Pinto motor-mouth and intimidation tactics almost knock the journalist out - literally.

    I felt sorry for her. She cannot not get a word in edgeways. At first I thought her surgically enhanced lips were getting in the way but no! It wasn't that. Pinto did not allow her to speak. He goes on and on and on.

    I thought one would have to go back to ancient Greece to witness this kind of rhetorical performance! Mamma mia!

    Indeed if his performance here is anything to go by the McCann trial is going to be quite an opera...on Broadway...

  40. Anon 33: "the Madeline McCann review "will cost more than £1.3million in its first year".

    Really? So if there is money to pay for the MMC so-called review (or "whitewashing" as some cynics put it) how come "A police pay deal that will save about £150 million a year was approved by the Home Secretary today?" and "The review's proposals would leave at least 40% of officers worse off, with the biggest losers having their take-home pay slashed by up to £4,000 a year."

    :b I mean the money for the Madeleine McCann "whitewashing" had to come from somewhere, right?



    If you thought Scotland's Yard image was stinkier than Ocean Club, Apartment's 5A you were right. Read the latest:

    "Scotland Yard has been accused of hiring out officers for cash after it emerged that Richard Branson's Virgin empire secretly paid police overtime costs in a fraud inquiry."

    :e Daaaaviid!!! Camarooooon! Where are you? There you are....come here:

    Are you sure it is not Richard Branson that is paying Scotland Yard's "review" of the Madeleine McCann case? I thought so...


  42. Could it be that Gerry took part of the plan, he left to the tennis court knowing what was about to happen?
    Immediately after the alarm, both knew what to do, they didn't contradict each other, the body was already hidden.
    I can't imagine that people, suffering of a schock abroad, can improvise on such a perfect way within a few hours.
    They are doctors, they can improvise, but they learned and exercised what to do in case of emergency.A murder is different, unless they committed some before. Somewhere I read that a nanny offered baby sitting for the 3rd too, and it was refused, even after the cry incident.
    It seems that both parents had agreeded with each other not to accept extra people in the apartment.
    In this case, Gerry could have worked together with Kate.

  43. O artigo do CM ainda lá está, ou melhor estão, tanto este como o do Tony Bennett. O que não aparece são os comentários dos leitores...só 2 comentários no artigo do M.Pinto e nenhum no de T.Bennett. Alguém acredita que não tenham sido feitos mais do que 2 comentários ao artigo??? Só eu fiz 3, mas nenhum foi publicado!
    CM está sob a pata da Lift Con???

    Ei Lift, lift the paw from CM's neck!

  44. I believe the McCanns lost all supporters they had.
    Nobody wants to support a crime against a defenseless child. Their support is their money and Clarence Mitchell.
    Since I read Kate's book, I found out that they did not have much support at all, only Brown, who put pressure on Socrates.
    Even the media are irritated with them and they are waiting for the official publication of the review.Revenge, that's what will happen.In this life we have to be careful when choosing our enemies.Not everyone is suitable to be one. Having the media as enemy, one is lost. They can make and they can destroy.They are waiting for their turn, like a snake under a rock. When the Met come out with the truth, it will be the point of no return.Tapas 7 will be made official suspects, their photos and their names on the front pages, internet again speculating if all of them are paedophiles, the McCanns will show up in new clothes, wearing new jewels,Tapas 7 as poor as a church mouse, destroyed because they allowed themslves to be manipulated by the parents.
    There is still time to come forward with the truh, telling the police. It will cost them much less money than having to hire a sollicitor, defending themselves. They will be witnesses, not suspects.After confessing the truth, Justice will concentrate on the McCanns, not on them.Because the McCanns are the responsible ones for Madeleine's death and disappearance.
    A certain British Ben Needman, 2,(I think) disappeared in Greece many years ago, his family went back to England and the case was shelved.
    The Greek police could not find any proof against anyone.
    Were the McCanns inspired on this case? "A garlic country can help us..."

  45. Hi Joana,

    I know this is a very direct question and I understand if you are not comfortable answering it.

    Do you believe that The English and/or Portuguese governments know or beleive that Madeleine died in apartment 5a and are involved in cover up?

  46. I believe the Leveson Inquiry gave us a hint as to what tactics the McCann couple will use in their libel trial against Mr. Amaral. My guess is that English journalists will testify that the source of those unfounded articles with regard to the Madeleine case was Mr. Amaral himself. I very much doubt that the focus of the prosecution will be Mr. Amaral's book, given the judgment that was handed down by the appellate court in his favour.


    Isn't there a rule in your Bar called the "rule of immunity of the Portuguese public interest?"

    The reason I am asking you this, is because such a rule exists in Britain (as applied to British citizens)...

    I give you an example:

    When a British Met officer (by the name of De Freitas) was asked by Dr. Cabrita (Amaral's lawyer) to testify on the behalf of his client in court - referring here of course to the McCanns "legal" bid to defraud the Portuguese economy in more than £1 million in "compensation" money, De Freitas replied:

    "Any potential evidence [testimonial] that I can give may be subject to confidentiality and Immunity of the English Public Interest".


    Suck on that for a while and see if your overweight brain gets the gist of it...

    As the Portuguese dictum goes: "Quanto mais the agachas mais o símbolo do cobre se te vê!"...

    ...which roughly translated means: "The more you bend forward, the more you expose your rear".

    The problem is...it is not just your rear that you are exposing, it is the rear of Portugal.

    It is our freedoms! Our constitutional rights!

    The question I, a Portuguese citizen, asks you is this:

    :r Are you doing his for money or for Queen and country?

    :a Just asking...

  48. Being as the UK media appear to be disregarding the alerting of the dogs in the McCann's holiday apartment, (exactly as the McCanns would wish them to do), we should be constantly bringing this subject to the fore to make up for that. Those dogs in particular are the best in the world, and have worked hundreds of cases and never been wrong, so why would anybody who knows about their alerting to the blood and smell of cadaver scent in the holiday apartment and McCann's hire car,(except ardent McCann fans who believe every word the McCanns tell them), believe they would get it wrong in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

    Gerry McCann in particular has tried hard to sweep the issue of the dogs under the carpet. If those SY investigators do the same, then we can be assured that whatever they have been up to has been one big whitewash waste of time and money from start to finish. No genuine copper worth his salt would ever dismiss blood and cadaver dogs, as they are trusted and relied on throughout police investigations the world over.

    We shall see. Meanwhile, we should never allow the subject of the dogs to be put to one side and ignored. How the McCanns would love for us to do that since they have tried to ridicule them and distract from them from the start.


    Thanks Joana. I had missed this very much apropos article!

    "I read his book and I was convinced, as I had been before, anyway, that it was not an abduction. But the book does not defame the McCanns, Gonçalo Amaral does not express his opinion in it, but an investigation thesis”, says João Grade.

    Long before they became friends, the lawyer refused to cooperate with Spanish detective agency Método 3, which, according to a special programme on SIC on the 12th of February, wanted to count on his help in the investigation due to the Amaral factor, which was common to the Maddie and Joana cases.

    Grade refused. Método 3 contacted Marcos Aragão Correia, who accepted."

    Read all here:


  50. It is Kate and Gerry McCann, via their lawyers, who are doing a job of 'harassing' certain people who dare to state the findings and conclusions of the official investigation, in that Madeleine died in the holiday apartment.

    Last time I looked people were allowed free speech to discuss information already in the public domain, as in this case. The information is readily available to the public, as it is officially released Case File information by the Portuguese authorities. It is certainly not libel or slander to promulgate this information.

    Maybe the McCanns should take it up with the Portuguese authorities, though no doubt they know they have no chance of winning that one, so they continue to stamp their feet, and bully and complain, because it is not going to go away and people will not stop discussing it, and the more they try, the more interest people will show and want to know.

  51. On Levenson inquiry, Gerry said they felt incredibly frustated because they come from a country where the police tell what they are doing and the Pj was saying nothing.

    Are the Met telling you what they are doing now, Gerry?
    Tell us!

  52. The Mccanns intrude on everything they can or better, they could.For a long time I thought they were powerful because of their importance in the British society, but I realise now that it happened because of their capacity of intruding around. One example is that Kate tried to attrackt Prince Charles' attention, that day in a church or cathedral.She didn't, of course. Their power were based on the media and on Clarence Mitchell who is a good lier.They need important people around them because of their inferiority complex.They need attention and they are name droppers.
    How difficuld must it be to get rid of them. They are like an octopus.
    The only people who found the right way to get rid of them were Cameron and Theresa May.
    I have the terrible feeling that Madeleine's death was not an accident. I have the awful feeling it was premeditated, in order to help them climbing in the English society. England is based on castas. Being Philomena's close relatives, they knew it would be very difficult. Being the doctors with important contacts around would make it easier. But important people took distance from them, starting with the Pope who took Madeleine out of the Vatican site, short before the parents became arguidos.Last two years they were insisting that their prime minister should talk to Portugal's prime minister, about Madeleine's case.
    Instead of talking to Portugal, he talked to the Met.
    And the couple disappeared from the media. Where are they now?

    Kate and Gerry are sick people.


    So, whereas the "Marinho Pintos", "Isabel Duartes" and "Rogério Alves" of Britain (Carter-Ruck) have, along with entrepreneurs (e.g. Richard Branson), media moguls (Rupert Murdoch), government (David Cameron, PM) and authorities (Scotland Yard) been keen to shield and protect two of their suspect citizens (i.e. the McCanns and the so-called "Tapas 9")...

    ... The Portuguese, on the contrary, have been happy to play a subservient Judas to the British Crown, allowing one of their finest ex-public servants (Gonçalo Amaral) to be humiliated in the public sphere and taken to court by two former suspects, hoping perhaps this will give them some global credit. :o Oh dear!

    Such pathetic level of subservience to "Great" Britain, must be profoundly embarrassing to any Portuguese citizen worth its sea salt. :h Jeeeeesus!

  54. Sir Christopher Meyer, former chairman of the PCC and the former director of the PCC have witnessed on oath at the Leveson Inquiry that in contacts with the McCanns, they received no complaint about the 'unpleasant' press articles in the Daily Express, nor were they asked to intervene. Mayer says that the McCanns had already decided to go to Law. So why didn't they do this immediately if the articles were hindering the search for Maddy?


    Bar Pinto, Metodo3, Medium MAC, the McCanns' legal team in Lisbon and the character assassination of Gonçalo Amaral...

    Jeeeesus! How could I have missed this! Joana had it all pinned down as far back as 2008! Please read on...



    I guess that explains the presence of the Bar (Pinto) in the forthcoming trial to explain to the judge how to decide in Amaral's case. Pity he is not on the side of Gonçalo Amaral. Amaral doesn't have the funds. "The Fund", does.


    Also, the one-off incident (cough), might explain how the Portuguese Justice system allowed the McCanns' to file a case against Gonçalo Amaral in the first place; then gag and confiscate all of his properties and assets, years before the case came to trial (and we are still waiting).

    How is the man suppose to defend himself against the Carter-*ucks of the under-par Portuguese Republic? Will the decision matter?

    :h Pass the mop



    The director of a main Portuguese station (Eduardo Moniz) advised Marinho Pinto to pay more attention to his "oral hygiene", namely to be more careful with what he says and the manner he expresses himself, otherwise risks to bring his role and the institution he represents into disrepute" - or words to that effect...

    "Deveria ser o primeiro a ter cuidado com o que diz, bem como com a forma como se expressa. Perder a cabeça daquela maneira é lamentável e não prestigia o cargo que ocupa nem a classe que representa."


    The director was referring to Pinto's performance during one of their news programmes. See post above (below):

    :c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jafsjsDu1vM

  58. 'the evening standard"on McCanns Files today.
    It is not saying much and it is not an official message from the Met.


    "The cost of the Met's review of the Madeleine McCann investigation is set to reach nearly £2 million a year after it was launched, the Evening Standard reveals today...

    "When the review was announced it sparked controversy over the use of public funds.

    Labour peer Lord Harris has said the case raises "very big questions", adding:

    "There is clearly an issue about the resources being used."...

    "Sources say the inquiry could take years to complete and they have played down hopes of a major breakthrough in the review so far."

    Then at the end, in a rather intelligent move to avoid being Carter-*ucked or labelled as "Anti-McCann" the journo adds on behalf of the Standard:

    "The cost of the inquiry compares with the £80 million spent on the policing operations to tackle and investigate the summer riots." Nice comparison.

    The key subliminal connection is of course with "ethnics", "barbarians" as if to instantly remind a certain readership of the "bloody Portuguese cops who bangled the investigation and let the "egg man" escape".

    A better analogy would be, of course, with the personnel and resources that will not be available to investigate other, more recent cases where there is a stronger possibility the children might be alive. These are of course children not as wealthy as Madeleine was. What's the matter with Scotland Yard, they don't trust their own dogs?


    Also some of the comments are rather intelligent. Take this one from a certain Mr. James Stephen:

    "I'm not sure I understand the point of this article; it seems to fall into the "So what?" category.

    Taking the £2m figure in isolation is meaningless, as is the comparison with the cost of the investigation into the riots.

    Even if we had a league table showing the cost of all major police investigations I'm still not sure what it would really tell us.

    I would be much more interested in how much the police waste on peripheral activities as opposed to trying to catch criminals." :d

  60. PPC ex Meyer on the Leveson enquiry. Not a word about the defamation of G. Amaral, the Portuguese PJ or for that matter their ambassador in London but what should one expect?

  61. I'm tired of "a friend of the McCanns'said..." "sources said..." "detectives went to Lourdes, France, and a source said..."( if the British detectives are protestants or muslims, they must have felt terrified).We Catholics are used to it.

  62. Again a new article on McCann Files where the journalist writes there is no breakthrough achived by the Met.
    It is not a question of a breakthrough. It is a review of what is achieved by the police in Portugal. A breakthough would mean an investigation but is is only a case if the Met agree with the PJ conclusion or not, if they see missed opportunities, if they have suggestions. The PJ had already a breakthrough in 2007, the child is dead and the parents are responsible for it. No abduction. According to that difficuld letter written by the Met, which was explained to us by Nigel, the Met are concentrated on the important points of the case and they don't want to waist time, if I remember it well. Neither do we.
    Of course they had to read all the rubbish written by Metodo 3 but it must not be too many interesting things.Not at all.
    The Met started by the abduction, are reading all the investigations, and they will go back to 5a, the dogs, the blanket,the inconsistences and...
    also advise the reconstruction. I hope Oldfield and his wife will be corageous enough to tell what they wanted to tell before. Who knows Justice will forgive them, exchanging their new stataments for the fake ones, in 2007.

  63. Amaral's trial seems to have been postpone to April.

  64. Those McCanns are steadily paying off all who might be a problem to them.These people are more interested in money andfame than looking for their daughter. Ive read Dr Amarals book and Lady McCanns bills and moon type novelete, where the hero finally gets to have sex again. I respectDr Amarals opinion, its notaccusing and very clear. I know where my support lies, for little Maddie andDr Amaral,. I triedto look at the Mcs side of things but the fund,bribary,inconsistencies,unhelpness of the Mcs and theuse of their missing child as a cash cow confirms to me my support is in the right place. Theres probably a great deal of Mason handshakes, and the money from the fund has been leaked away. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Dr Amaral, not many would put they belongings,home family at risk for the truth of what happenedto a little girl. a very brave man who stands to be ruined iftheMcshavetheir way, and they call themselves christians, no their actions say different. It seem the tapas will notbe giving video evidence...why is that, they should be supenored as they are the only ones who can credibly say what happened that night. For sure they all refused. We haveto find a way to support this honorable man for all he is doing, remember its for us as well.
    Anyone who contributed to the fund should complain and report it as not doing exactly what it say. I dont live in UK so I cant start it.
    Make it a red rose day for Dr Amaral and may he win hands down.

  65. I hope the Met will ask Kevin Halligen why the McCanns sent that huge amount of money to him. In my opnion it was with the intention to put it on their privete account in Washington or somewhere else. They probably they were planning to escape, in 2008.


    1 – Why was it that on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, when the little English girl went missing – remember that she was left asleep, alone with her two younger siblings, while her parents dined with their friends -, the McCanns, already in the company of the PJ, felt the need to be also accompanied by the English television channels, that arrived the very next morning?

    2 – Why was it that they, supposedly feeling ravaged by the greatest sorrow that can possibly hit a mother and father, yet supported by the authorities and the population of their own country and of the country where the facts took place, immediately nominated a couple of grotesque figures that are called press advisors or spokespeople?

    3 – Why did British prime minister Gordon Brown, not satisfied with the perfectly correct gesture of contacting the Portuguese authorities, asking them to give the case special attention, offer his Government spokesman to take over that function with the McCann couple?

    4 – Why have the Portuguese missing children's processes never earned from the authorities one hundredth of the investment in human and material resources to track them down?

    5 – Why do the members of the Portuguese Parliament have a regimental figure called 'defence of the bench's honour' at their disposal, while a high-ranking criminal investigation police officer has to request early retirement to defend his honour, and ends up being criminalised for that gesture?

    6 – Why do we continue to have two models of Justice in Portugal, one for the powerful from anywhere in the world, and another one for common citizens?"

    Catalina Pestana in "Sol" (paper edition), Translated by Astro.


  67. By its mouth the fish dies.

    Shoal 9 made too many mistakes during their statements. I hope the Met noticed it already.
    And I hope that at least two of the Shoal will come forward whith the the story they intended to tell in 2007.

  68. what a world eh ? unbelievable the corruption / evil that rules it.

    Wheres viv? and the fantastic met police she kept spouting rubbish about - i see she's quiet now - stupid lady.
    so know you see my once great country infiltrated by corrupt scumbags in the police, media, government, courts - they have control of the establishments allowing to spin and corrupt whatever they choose.

    keeps logs of all involved and their day will come of that be certain.

    to the mccanns and your scumbag supporters - you should be ashamed - you are all part of the abuse and murder of a child... all of you.

    you will not keep it covered for ever and their will be many that will always keep this case alive and the people involved wherever you try to move too.
    the only way to be free - will be to tell the truth - i will not lie your lives are ruined.


  69. Thank you Joana xx, for posting the video and transcript of the interview between Gerry McCann and Jeremy Paxman. I'm just going to comment about Gerry McCann laughing in the interview.

    I have seen video upon video, of the vile Gerry McCann, smirking or laughing out loud, when he is asked a question about the events surrounding Madeleine's abduction.

    The interview between Jeremy Paxman and McCann, is no exception. I have yet to see an interviewer, ask the laughing McCann, what he finds so funny. I also fail to see how Gerry McCann can laugh, when he is talking about any aspect of Madeleine's disappearance.

    Kate McCann is as vile as her husband. She puts on a mournful face when she is being interviewed on television. However there are many photographs of her laughing when she should have been crying. These photographs were taken only days after Madeleine disappeared.

    The photograph that sticks in my mind, is the photograph of the McCanns laughing outside the church, on what would have been Madeleine's fourth birthday. Madeleine had only been missing for 8 days, but to look at the McCanns, one would think they had won the lottery.

    When one takes a look at these videos and photographs, it's hardly surprising that the McCanns are heavily criticised and suspected of being more involved with Madeleine's disappearance, than neglect.



  71. http://www.sundayworld.com/index.php

    Donald Mcintyre has done a another "cold case" review. The reason I bring this up is this one is interesting because it combines the McCann's "purporting" claims with the Irish family. Also it concentrates on "UK" pedophile networks. I have done a quick shot of what he says below. I think it is noteworthy for a number of reasons one being it combines both side of the fence and could be construed a Gerry Mccann being the architect of Madeleine's "kidnap"... All IMO

    Taken by a pedophile gang

    Not by an opportunist but by a coordinated effort

    In UK alone there are 250,000 sex offenders

    Estimated that only 1 in 5 ever get before the courts in the first place

    In the UK there are only 200,000 police officers

    A major American Satellite company did have coverage of the P de Luz area at this time

    The magic bullet that could potentially solve this crime

    We do know that the press, the media and the McCann,s have tried to access the material and to date they have not been succesful.

    To my mind and according to the statements of the McCanns, there must have been an intruder in 5a when Gerry checked in to check on his children at around 9:10 pm.

    IF we were to take the sighting by Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns and part of the Tapas 7, as accurate, she saw a man carrying a child away matching the description of Madeleine McCann at around 9:15pm

    For that to have happened the child must have been taken away from either the window, the back window, which is my preferred exit, or out of the front door, if as the police are now considering, the perpetrator had keys.

    Although the patio doors were much more exposed, it would have made much more sense for the perpetrator to escape out back rather than out of the front.

    At the same time Gerry McCann was having a conversation with a friend very close to the patio doors.

    That would have made exit through patio doors unlikely if not impossible by the abductor.

    From there the child was likely whisked away on foot.

    Previously in another cold case review I thought that she was probably whisked off in a car, possibly outside the resort.

    But another sighting matching a description of Maddie raised the new possiblility that the child was kept off the street for upwards of half an hour before being carried towards the see front seen by Irish witness Martin Smith and his family, onto a possible rendevous car and then out of the resort.

    Maddie is most likely the victim of a fixated preferential pedophile ring, these are focused and obsessive offenders and the jury must be out on whether Maddie is still alive.

  72. Joana

    Comletely off of topic and I apologise .

    If Kate attended 6 dead bodies the week previous to the holiday wouldn't be posible to find the records in England to prove if this was indeed fact ( or fiction) ?

  73. #53 who wrote - To my mind and according to the statements of the McCanns, there must have been an intruder in 5a when Gerry checked in to check on his children at around 9:10 pm.

    It is all very logical my friend but there is only a critical piece of evidence missing - the forensic dogs'. "Eddies's" in particular. Its testimony, as it were, is particularly relevant when you consider that the dog did not detect the scent of death in any of their medical friends apartments, clothes, cars nor even in Robert Murat's property which one of their Tapas friends (wrongly or deliberately) pointed the finger at. That for me, quite aside from the witness statements contradictions, is the main hurdle and the main reason a considerable number of people will always look at the McCanns as suspects. I am not saying I do. I am saying hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people will.


    :t :t :t BEMVINDA! WELLCOME!

    Transpira na Internet que Pat Brown, a famosa crime-perfilista Norte-Americana, chega Terça-Feira (7) a Portugal.

    Apesar muita gente ter alertado jornais e agências noticiosas, tanto em Portugal como no Reino Unido, nada se ouve, fala ou se vê. Excelente "tapa-olhos" e "mordaça" da Boulson-Marsteller e da Lift-Consulting, temos de admitir.

    Enfim, nos estamos sabendo e agora você também.

    Para noticias na hora e mais detalhes veja o blogue e a pagina do Facebook dela:



  75. For Dandellion

    Very perceptive observations. I saw the video and thought the same. Also did you notice Jeremy stare at him at the very end? Interesting. Pity the camera does not give us Gerry's reaction. That would be a thousand words.

  76. 71 continued briefly...

    The Key, if there was only one key, then that was the one used by one person to let two people into 5a.

    The "unlikely" exit from the patio doors because Gerry was there, is the most likely exit.

    It's also why Tanner saw the "abductor" heading away to the rear of 5a

    Sort of adds up doesn't it.

  77. Pinto, the "Chick" of the Bar?

    He looks more like a "galo" to me (cockerel).
    Pleeeease don't post anymore of this funny links!
    This is a serious blog and you can injure someone with laughter...

  78. It seems the Met will interrogate Tapas 7, within a short time.
    Why not Tapas 9? Kate and Gerry are also part of the group. Only Tapas 7,it could be hope for us all.The McCanns are excluded for the moment and it means the police see them as suspects, not as witnesses. This is good news. If the Met would consider them innocents, they would be on the list of witnesses, together with the rest.
    The Met know how to squeeze their compatriots. They belong to the same culture, they know how to get the truth out of them. I can't wait.
    I believe that the Met are now at the end of the review. After having learning all information gathered, they can start to re-interview the Tapas.They know how to question them.
    If I would be a Tapas, I would tell the truth now, instead of choosing to be on the papers, again as a lier.
    Strange, but I have the feeling that Payne will come forward with the truth. By now, we all suspect him as being a paedophile and most of us believe he is involved in Maddie's death, but he isn't, imo.
    For him, it was a coincidence being sending to 5a, at 6.30, but I wonder if it was for Kate and Gerry. It could be that Madeleine died before Gerry went to the tennis court, because I don't understand how come the couple gave such a different statements, on May the fourth.Gerry told Payne stayed 30 minutes in the apartment, Kate said 30 seconds, Payne said 5 minutes.They had the whole night before to exercise what they would tell the police and they told it wrongly. Did Gerry want Payne to get involved in that mess and is that the reason he disappeared from the media? Could he be the "people" close to the McCanns who are not helping them at all? Payne disappeared already before the Gaspars'statements were known, immediately, already in May 2007. On videos one can see that he doesn't walk beside Kate nor Gerry, his best friends. He walks behind them.

  79. #74,

    I feel that Pat Brown would do her investigative work much better and much easier if she did not announce her movements to the world! If she came to Portugal incognito, did whatever she has to do and left incognito, she would have total freedom of action, instead, by sharing her presence here with everyone, people who support her but also those who will do everything in their power to hinder her work, cause her trouble and who knows, even threat her safety, she is taking an enormous risk. I strongly believe that her investigation here would have a bigger chance of success if it was done in silence...

  80. #61 could you give us the link? This one does not work.
    It takes you to the main page and IF you search there are literally 100s to go through. I gave up with my eyes started aching...


    76 "It's also why Tanner saw the "abductor" heading away to the rear of 5a"

    AND (most importantly) why Gerry pretended not to see Tanner passing. Of course, such theory would require a reconstitution to clarify details and catch liars (if any) which the McCanns and friends refused.

    If we go down the pro_McCanns route and discard Eddie's (cadaver dog) testimony, then it would have been more likely for Madeleine to walk out in the night through an open door, or window-door, and then been "picked up" by some stray psycho under cover of the night. There were some road works nearby (...)

    This, by the way, was my first theory, before I looked into witness contradictions,false sightings, accusations... and saw the forensic dogs video and report. Quite an eye opener.

    The McCanns could still be innocent but as the investigation stands, I don't see how.

    Incidentally, on the subject of contradictions Ms. Johanne who occasionally comments on this blog, has just come out with a list of them - in terms of questions SY should ask the Tapas, and I quote:


    To Matt:

    Are you being treated for your colour blindness (regarding fabrics), your inability to count (windows) and your problem identifying shapes (of tables)?

    To Russell:
    How did Matt react when you entered his apartment with his key on Sunday evening to check on his daughter while Matt was inside with his tummy bug?

    To Jane:
    Did you hear Rachael snoring when you listened at her window on Wednesday evening to check on her daughter?

    To Rachael:
    Didn't it feel odd to watch a group of children at tennis on Thursday when none of the group's children took part but were instead out on a boat trip at the beach?

    To Fiona:
    When you collected Maddie together with Kate from the creche on Thursday at lunch time, was she as drenched, cold and wet as yourself from sailing on the rough sea?

    To David:
    How did it feel to get thrown in the deep end when your buddy claimed that you checked on his daughter on the WEDNESDAY alone inside the apartment?" (quote/unquote). Full article below:




  83. It is possible that the SY Review is intended to give the UK government a hard estimation of the strength of the evidence against the Mccanns Also to shut them up. They have been an embarrassment to Cameron. The government will then have the knowledge to keep them under control. Either prosecute them or shut them up and wind down the fund.


    79 wrote: I feel that Pat Brown would do her investigative work much better and much easier if she did not announce her movements to the world!

    You have a point. The other point is we don't know exactly what is in her mind.

    One thing is for sure, she will be meeting with Amaral and getting inside information on the case. She does not need to go around showing off. She can talk to him quietly somewhere privately.

    However, by making herself visible (and knowing in advance she will not be attracting the media frenzy the McCanns' do) she also ensures her views are aired. This is good for her - she has just sued the McCanns' or at any rate threatened Carter-Ruck. Biutiful!

    Her "have-no-fear-come-come-children" stance is also good for alternative views on the case, including those of Amaral.

    My personal feeling is, SHE KNOWS Amaral's nose is right on target and, being a stoic person with considerable fortitude, is supporting him - whom she sees as a kind of colleague. Something the Portuguese authorities should have done in the first place but have not. Shame on them. Even Marinho Pinto, someone who fought against censorship has joined the McCanns bandwagon (for money, some say). What a clown!

    You have to realize this is History in the make and Americans like to be on top of it. She will, I am sure. So will Gonçalo Amaral.

    PSssst...I understand Pat will be back in April for the trial. To meet the Fockers... :d

  85. SY should ask Kate McCann why she first off said she 'knew immediately' that Madeleine had been abducted because she saw that cuddlecat had been placed on 'the shelf'. Which shelf was she referring to, and why is the toy now said to have been on the bed when Madeleine was discovered missing. Why did she change her story?

    SY should ask Matthew Oldfield about the check he said he did in the apartment at 9.30pm, when he said he did not manage see Madeleine's bed at the time, though he saw the twins? Why was that, as it would have been easy to see into Madeleine's bed. A reconstruction would certainly have helped clarify this issue.

    If he also checked the books on 'the shelf' in the apartment as he said he did in his statement, as he was hoping there was something interesting to read, did he see cuddlecat on that same shelf at this 9.30pm check?

    If there was no cuddlecat on the shelf at that time, 9.30pm, then it could not have been the supposed 'abductor' that Jane Tanner saw at 9.05pm who put it there for Kate McCann to see it at 10pm.

    Yet Kate McCann very definitely said the cuddlecat had been on 'the shelf' when she first entered the apartment at 10pm, and it had alerted her to Madeleine having been taken. Then cuddlecat was suddenly changed to having been on the bed. WHY THE NEED TO DISMISS THE SIGHTING OF THE CUDDLECAT ON THE SHELF?

    Were Kate McCann and MO referring to two different shelves? If so, which shelves were they referring to? There does not appear to have been a shelf in the children's bedroom.

    Or is there only the one shelf they could have been referring to? The one in the living area? Is that the shelf Kate first said the Cuddlecat was seen on at 10pm, and is it the same shelf that MO checked the books on, and saw no cuddlecat there at 9.30pm.

    Did Kate McCann have to change her story of the toy having been on the shelf when she realised MO had made a statement about checking along the same shelf looking at the books, and had made no mention of the toy being there at 9.30pm. Jane Tanner's abductor sighting at 9.05pm would have hardly been credible then, because the 'abductor' could not have put the cat on the shelf after the 9.30pm check by Matthew Oldfield, and him seeing no toy there then.

    If the toy was not there at the 9.30pm check by MO, yet Kate McCann really had seen it there at 10pm and continued to say that she had, then it would mean whoever placed it there must have done so AFTER Matthew Oldfield had left the apartment at 9.30pm.

    Did the person, on entering the apartment after MO left, pick up the cuddlecat and place it on 'the shelf', (the same shelf Kate McCann and MO were referring to), then pick up Madeleine and set off down the road with her? The taking away of Madeleine from the apartment therefore happening between 9.30pm and 10pm. Just in time to be bumping into the the Smith family.

    If there is only the one shelf in question, then it is very important to verify the issue of 'the shelf' that was certainly mentioned directly by Kate McCann when Madeleine first went missing, and by Matthew Oldfield in his statement.

    Barring somebody confessing, or somebody coming forward who knows what really happened to Madeleine, a reconstruction of the events based on information and statements given would be a must.

    The McCanns must not be allowed to simply change the story as they go along without giving an account as to why.

  86. #85 Why did she (Kate) change her story?

    Good point(s). Kate is not, by the way, the only one who changed her story. Others did too. The most interesting shift is that of Jane Tanner. At one stage she was positive Robert Murat was the abductor then (around the time Murat sued her - case ongoing) she changed her story or rather Mickey Mouse (Mitchell) spinned it for her. Incidentally Amaral is one who will testify in this particular trial (Murat vs Tanner) but that is besides.

    Kate even goes on to contradict other witness statements. Check out Johanna's theory at:



    Is he AGAIN entering his "bar" as an "assistant in the process"? A bar he occasionally brings into disrepute? See below.


    Sorry! I digressed!

    Is Pinto entering his position in the "bar" as "assistant in the process" like he did in Leonor Cipriano's trial in order to avoid being questioned by the defence (Amaral's)?

    I refer here to those allegedly false (Photo-Shopped) "battered" Leonor Cipriano photographs he placed in his "Expresso" newspaper article and on which basis the former PJ chief-coordinator of Madeleine McCann investigation was found "guilty" of a peccadillo he did not commit? Oh dear!


    That shows you how top lawyers can come up with false evidence for the sake of a "premium" result.

    "Who was/is the man from Amarante being paid by?
    The Fund"?

    The other question I keep hearing is:

    "How much is being passed under the table?"

    "Is it a cut, a percentage of the 1,2 million Euros asked by the McCann posse, or a fixed rate, no matter what?"

    Perhaps Mr. Pinto is just doing it for Queen & Country...

    That old Portuguese costume of denigrating what is ours and wiping the rear of those we deem "superiors", you know...

    "No! No! No! it is not thaaaat! You see, Pinto's Celtic-Iberian mestizo ancestry, resonates with that of the McCanns'. It all boils down to a peasant ancestry and his long gone tribal loyalties..."

    :o I see...


    :i Amarante! Pass me the spitoon please...
    Thanks! I feel better...

    An old man from Restelo



    por Isabel Duarte

    Lista candidata ao Conselho Superior da Ordem dos Advogados a Quarta-feira, 24 de Novembro de 2010 às 3:47 ·

    (*) Texto com base na minha intervenção oral feita antes do início do jantar na Sociedade de Geografia.

    Está presente neste nosso jantar o Sr Dr ANTÓNIO MARINHO E PINTO, expressamente na sua qualidade de candidato a bastonário e na de nosso convidado..."

    Vide texto completo em:


  89. :d "No tempo presente, o Dr MARINHO E PINTO publicitou o seu apoio à nossa Lista. Aceitou o convite para o nosso jantar e hoje está presente. Pelos vistos é natural que o faça." (Isabel Duarte)



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