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American Criminal Profiler probes McCann mystery

By Natasha Donn
Translations Bruno Filipe Pires (PT), Astrid Kuehl (DE)| Photos © Bruno Filipe Pires/Pat Brown 2012

American Criminal Profiler probes McCann mystery

«She arrived in Lisbon from Washington, D.C wheeling a travel-worn suitcase and carrying a metal detector. Inside her suitcase, she’d packed a soil probe and a spade. Pat Brown - Criminal Profiler, TV commentator and author - was on a mission. As social networking sites buzzed with the news – split between those that wished her well, and those that vociferously didn’t – Brown was undeterred. “This has nothing to do with self-publicity. I am simply trying to get to the truth”. We caught up with her when Brown arrived in the Algarve after meetings in the capital with Gonçalo Amaral and others who have put their reputations on the line in an attempt to solve the millennium’s greatest mystery.

«“Only the Truth” is intriguingly the title of the next book to be published by criminal profiler Pat Brown. A work of fiction, it is a story about a man who falls in love with a woman who is later arrested for murder. Hot on its heels will come a non-fiction handbook for parents, entitled: “How to Save your Daughter’s Life”, and then in 2013, Brown´s long-running research project, “The Murder of Cleopatra” will be published – her historical investigation inspired by profiling discoveries she made during a documentary for the Discovery Channel in 2004.»

One of the first questions we asked was why an American criminal profiler and TV personality felt the need cross the Atlantic to Portugal to investigate a missing person’s case that was almost five years old?

“Two reasons,” she told us. “One is that I have always been passionately involved in a search for the truth. It’s not something that makes me popular, but it’s something I care about above my own reputation as this case threatens to prejudice the way missing person’s cases are handled.”

“We have a situation here where there are two parents who have refused to cooperate fully with a police investigation – who have refused to answer questions, who have changed their stories and fled from jurisdiction – but who have then taken their story - in the way they want us to believe it - to the media, asking people to donate money to fund a search for a child who, statistically-speaking, is almost certainly dead!”

“I can understand bereaved parents doing some crazy things, but never have I seen parents like this before! Their actions have opened the door to speculation.”

“My other reason is to show support for Gonçalo Amaral and freedom of speech”.

Amaral faces trial for defamation of the McCanns over the publication of his book, “The Truth of the Lie” in which he maintains that three-year-old Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5a on the night of May 3rd 2007. His trial was originally set for February 9th -10th, but postponed. Brown decided to take advantage of her booked flight to see if she could learn anything new by visiting the crime scene. And did she?

“Yes, absolutely. I discovered more about the situation on the street; I learnt about the locks on the doors and how they work; how the shutter and window would be impossible to open from the outside; about the kind of terrain here – but my line of thought has remained the same: there are two simple answers to this crime”.

“The simplest answer is that Madeleine was abducted by a local predator (in which case she would almost certainly have been killed within two to three hours) – and the second simplest answer is that she died in a tragic accident and her body was disposed of”.

“To eliminate the second simplest answer, we have to establish without doubt that there was an abduction – and that hasn’t happened”.

Does she believe, like Gonçalo Amaral, that what’s needed is a reconstruction of the night Madeleine went missing?

“Hell yes! And that’s what they have consistently refused to go along with – all of them: the McCanns and the rest of the Tapas group! The McCanns particularly have been their own worst enemies. They could provide answers in a number of ways: by taking part in a reconstruction, by submitting to polygraph testing. You see, they have to be eliminated in order for the first simplest answer to be the highest probability!”

“Another aspect that truly bothers me is the promotion of mythology. Sex rings have become the new bogeyman. Every parent has been made to fear that their child could be grabbed by a sex ring – but sex rings do not operate in hotel complexes!”

“If a sex ring wants a child, it grabs one off the streets in some poor neighbourhood. It doesn’t snatch a middle-class child from its bed while on holiday, particularly when - if the stories we’re led to believe are true - all the parents were jumping up and down from their dinner table every 15 minutes to check on their children! Any abductor would be lying in wait thinking “when the heck am I going to get a chance to break into an apartment!”

Brown’s experience of profiling began when she was already in her 40s and had been working as a sign language interpreter on hospital trauma wards for over a decade. During those years she “saw everything”: gunshot wounds, stab and rape casualties, victims and villains. The experience taught her a lot about life, crime and circumstance – and then she found herself having rented a room for four weeks to a man she believed should have been “a person-of-interest” in a brutal sexual homicide. This unsettling experience was the start of her interest in profiling and how homicide cases are handled. It took six years for the police to bring the man in for questioning and declare him a suspect in the murder – and it led to Brown specialising in a profession that invariably finds itself called in way too late.

“One of my ambitions is to make profilers a prerequisite on all police forces,” she told us. “We need to be called in right at the beginning. Crime scenes need better handling”.

“If parents were separated when police first arrived on the scene, along with everyone else involved, it would be much easier to verify everyone’s stories - and a true timeline could be established”.

“In this case, the McCanns and their friends were given days to confer with each other. The result is that in order to look better maybe, or to explain things that are embarrassing, they may have screwed up the timeline to the extent that they look guilty. Or, if the McCanns were involved in the death of their daughter, they had a chance to get their stories straight”.

So what’s the bottom line? Will this case ever be solved?

“If it could be proved that Gerry McCann was at the dinner table in the Tapas restaurant between 9.15 and 9.55” (when a man looking apparently very much like Gerry McCann was seen by an Irish family carrying a child in pink pyjamas over his shoulder as he walked in the direction of the beach) “then that would be proof that there was an abduction”.

“If the cadaver dogs were right” (brought in three months after Madeleine went missing, and which reacted positively to the possibility that a dead body had lain in the apartment) “then there was no abduction”.

“And for those two details to be established, we’re back to the reasoning of former police officer in charge of the case, Gonçalo Amaral: there has to be a reconstruction of that fateful night of 3rd May 2007 – using all parties involved.”

“But so far as we know, that doesn’t look like happening any day soon!” Brown shakes her head. “I honestly don’t know what the Metropolitan Police are doing with their current review of the case - which is costing millions of pounds. As far as I can see, they haven’t started where they should have started – with crime scene reconstruction.

“That’s where there’s the best crack at getting to the truth!”

Pat Brown and Gonçalo Amaral, Lisbon 2012

Investigadora americana investiga caso McCann

«Chegou da capital dos Estados Unidos a Portugal com uma mala de viagem bastante usada e um detector de metais. Na bagagem, trouxe ainda uma sonda para pesquisas no solo e uma pá. Pat Brown, 56 anos, profiler criminal, autora e colaboradora de vários programas televisivos nos Estados Unidos da América, veio em missão por conta própria. A notícia da sua viagem ao Algarve fez eco nas redes sociais, dando origem a mensagens de apoio e de escárnio. Nada que afectasse a determinação de Pat Brown. “Isto não tem a ver com publicidade para a minha pessoa. Apenas vim à procura da verdade”, disse-nos em entrevista. Uns dias antes, Brown esteve em Lisboa, para falar com Gonçalo Amaral e outros que também já sofreram as consequências por procurarem desvendar um dos maiores mistérios da actualidade.

«O próximo livro a ser publicado pela profiler criminal Pat Brown vai ter o intrigante título «Only the Truth». É uma obra de ficção que narra a história de um homem que se apaixona por uma mulher que vai ser presa por homicídio. No prelo está também um livro não-ficcional para pais com o título «How to Save your Daughter’s Life». Finalmente, 2013 vai ser o culminar de um longo projecto de pesquisa histórica sobre o assassinato da rainha egípcia Cleópatra. O livro, a publicar, revela todas as descobertas que fez durante a produção de um documentário para o Discovery Channel, em 2004.»

Uma das nossas primeiras perguntas foi por que motivo uma investigadora criminal norte-americana – e celebridade televisiva – sentiu necessidade de atravessar o Atlântico até Portugal para rever o caso de uma criança que está desaparecida há quase cinco anos?

“Por duas razões”, respondeu. “A primeira é que porque sempre estive muito empenhada na busca pela verdade. Isso não é algo que me faça popular, mas é algo que respeito mais do que a minha própria reputação, até porque este caso ameaça prejudicar a forma como as investigações sobre pessoas desaparecidas são feitas.”

“Temos aqui uma situação na qual há dois pais que se recusaram a cooperar totalmente com a investigação policial – que se recusaram a responder a questões, que mudaram as versões dos seus depoimentos e escaparam à jurisdição – e que depois contaram a sua história da forma em que querem que acreditemos, levaram-na à imprensa, e pediram ao público para doar dinheiro para um fundo destinado a pagar as despesas da procura por uma criança que, estatisticamente falando, muito provavelmente já estará morta”, argumenta.

“Posso compreender que pais em luto possam fazer coisas insensatas, mas nunca tinha visto antes pais portarem-se assim. As suas atitudes abriram as portas à especulação”, diz.

“A outra razão é que quero demonstrar apoio para com Gonçalo Amaral e a liberdade de expressão.”

Como é sabido, o ex-inspector da Polícia Judiciária que na altura coordenou a investigação criminal do caso, tem um litígio legal com Kate e Gerry McCann, por causa da publicação do seu controverso livro «Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira». Está acusado de difamação, porque o livro sustenta a sua tese que a filha do casal britânico morreu no apartamento 5A na noite de 3 de Maio de 2007. O julgamento estava inicialmente marcado para os dias 9 e 10 de Fevereiro, mas acabou por ser adiado.

Depois de ser ter encontrado com Amaral, Pat visitou o local onde tudo aconteceu em busca de novos dados. Perguntamos-lhe se encontrou alguma coisa na Praia da Luz?

“Sim, definitivamente. Descobri mais sobre a situação na rua. Descobri mais sobre as fechaduras e as portas e como funcionam; como a persiana e a janela seriam impossíveis de abrir a partir do exterior, e também sobre o tipo de terreno aqui. Mas no fundo, a minha linha de pensamento ficou na mesma. Há duas respostas simples para este crime.”

“A resposta mais simples é que Madeleine foi raptada por um predador local, e neste caso, ela teria sido morta, quase de certeza, nas duas ou três horas imediatamente a seguir. A segunda resposta mais simples é que ela morreu num trágico acidente e o corpo foi descartado.”

“Para eliminar a segunda resposta mais simples, temos de estabelecer, sem quaisquer dúvidas, que se tratou de um rapto – e isso não aconteceu!” Então, perguntamos a Pat Brown se acredita, tal como Gonçalo Amaral, que é necessária uma reconstituição da noite em que a criança de 3 anos de idade desapareceu?

“Obviamente que sim! E isso é algo que eles se têm sistematicamente recusado a fazer – todos eles, os McCanns e o grupo de amigos que estavam no restaurante Tapas! Os McCanns em particular têm sido os seus próprios piores inimigos. Eles poderiam providenciar respostas de várias formas, ao participarem numa reconstituição, ou a submeterem-se a um teste no polígrafo. Portanto, como vê, isto tem de ser eliminado para que a primeira resposta mais simples tenha as mais altas probabilidades”, diz.

“Outro aspecto que verdadeiramente me incomoda é a promoção da mitologia. As redes de pedofilia e de sexo infantil são os novos papões. Cada pai tem vindo a ser convencido que deve temer a possibilidade da sua criança cair nestas situações – mas a verdade é que estas redes não operam em complexos hoteleiros. Se uma rede de pedofilia quer uma criança, agarra uma na rua, sobretudo em meios mais pobres e desfavorecidos. Não vai roubar uma criança da classe média alta da sua cama de férias – particularmente quando – e se é que as histórias a que temos vindo a ser convencidos a acreditar são verdadeiras – todos os pais estavam a saltar da mesa para os seus quartos a cada 15 minutos para verem se as crianças estavam bem! Qualquer raptor perderia a paciência a pensar quando é que teria uma oportunidade de entrar no apartamento!”

A experiência de Brown enquanto profiler criminal começa já depois dos 40 anos de idade. Antes, trabalhou como intérprete de linguagem gestual nas urgências de vários hospitais durante mais deuma década. Durante esses anos, Brown diz ter “visto tudo”: ferimentos provocados por tiros de caçadeiras, mortes, violações, punhaladas, vítimas e vilões. A experiência ensinou-lhe muito sobre a vida, o crime e a circunstância – e certo dia, viu-se ela própria envolvida num caso. Durante quatro semanas, alugou um quarto a um homem que acredita que deveria ter sido o principal suspeito de um brutal homicídio sexual. Esta má experiência marcou o início do seu interesse em traçar perfis e em como os casos de homicídios eram tratados. Demorou seis anos até a polícia finalmente interrogar o homem e declará-lo suspeito no dito assassinato. Foi também este caso que a levou a especializar-se numa profissão que, invariavelmente, só é chamada à acção quando já é demasiado tarde.

“Uma das minhas ambições é fazer dos profilers um pré-requisito em todas as forças policiais. Precisamos de ser chamados logo de início. E os locais dos crimes precisam de ser melhor processados.”

“Se os pais tivessem sido logo separados quando a polícia chegou ao local, tal como todos os outros envolvidos, teria sido muito mais fácil verificar todos os depoimentos e versões, e poderia ter sido estabelecida uma verdadeira cronologia dos factos”.

“Neste caso, os McCanns e os seus amigos tiveram vários dias para conferenciarem uns com os outros. O resultado é que, talvez de modo às coisas parecerem melhores, ou para explicarem coisas que são embaraçosas, eles talvez tenham adulterado a cronologia para além daquilo que os poderia comprometer”, diz. Isto é, se os McCanns estiveram envolvidos na morte da sua filha, tiveram uma oportunidade prévia de organizarem as suas histórias.

Em última análise, será que alguma vez este caso será resolvido?

“Se puder ser provado que o Gerry McCann estava na mesa do jantar no restaurante Tapas entre as 9h15 e as 9h55” – hora em que um homem muito parecido com ele foi visto por uma família irlandesa, a carregar ao ombro uma criança em pijama cor-de-rosa, em direcção à praia – “então, isso seria a prova que realmente teria havido um rapto.”

”Se os cães que detectam vestígios de cadáver estiverem certos” – foram trazidos ao local três meses depois do desaparecimento de Madeleine, e reagiram positivamente à possibilidade de um corpo morto ter estado no apartamento – “então, não houve qualquer rapto.”

“E para que estes dois detalhes possam ser determinados com rigor, voltamos ao raciocínio de Gonçalo Amaral que se tem batido pela reconstituição do que aconteceu – utilizando todas as partes envolvidas.”

“Mas, pelo que sei, não me parece que isso irá acontecer em breve!”, lamenta Brown, abanando a cabeça. “Honestamente, não sei o que a Metropolitan Police está a fazer com a sua revisão actual do caso em curso, e que está a custar milhões de libras. Pelo que vejo, eles ainda não começaram por onde deveriam ter começado – com uma reconstituição da noite do desaparecimento”.

“É aí que está a melhor chave para chegar à verdade!”

Kriminalfall-Analytikerin untersucht McCann Geheimnis

«Sie traf mit einem abgenutzten Rollkoffer und einem Metall-Detektor aus den USA ein. In ihrem Koffer befand sich ein Spaten und eine Bodenprobe. Pat Brown, Kriminalfall- Analytikerin, TV Kommentatorin und Autorin war in einer Mission unterwegs. Als sich die Neuigkeit in Windeseile in den sozialen Netzwerken verbreitetete, war die Meinung geteilt zwischen denen, die ihr alles Gute wünschten und denen, die lautstark die gegenteilige Ansicht vertraten. Brown liess sich nicht abschrecken. “Es hat nichts mit Eigenwerbung zu tun. Ich versuche einfach die Wahrheit herauszufinden“. Algarve123 traf sich mit Brown bei ihrer Ankunft an der Algarve. Zuvor hatte sie in Lissabon einige Treffen mit Gonçalo Amaral und Anderen, die ihren guten Ruf aufs Spiel setzen, um das grösste Rätsel des Jahrtausends zu lösen.

«“Only the Truth” ist der vielversprechende Titel des nächsten Buches von Kriminalfall- Analytikerin Pat Brown. Der Roman erzählt die Geschichte eines Mannes, der sich in eine Frau verliebt, die später wegen Mordes verhaftet wird. Kurz darauf kommt ein Sachbuch für Eltern mit dem Titel “How to Save your Daughter’s Life” heraus und 2013 wird Browns Langzeit-Forschungsprojekt
“The Murder of Cleopatra“ veröffentlicht. Die historische Untersuchung ist inspiriert von Entdeckungen, die die Fallanalytikerin 2004 im Rahmen einer Dokumentation für den Discovery Channel machte.»

In einer der ersten Fragen wollten wir erfahren, warum eine amerikanische Kriminalfallanalytikerin und TV-Persönlichkeit das Bedürfnis verspürte, den Atlantik bis nach Portugal zu überqueren, um in einem fast fünf Jahre alten Vermisstenfall zu ermitteln.

“Zwei Gründe,” sagte sie uns. “Zunächst einmal war ich schon immer mit Leidenschaft in die Suche nach der Wahrheit involviert. Es macht mich nicht berühmt, aber es ist etwas, das mir sehr am Herzen liegt, weil dieser Fall die Art und Weise wie mit Vermisstenfällen umgegangen wird, zu beschädigen droht.”

“Wir haben hier eine Situation, in der die Eltern nicht vollständig bei einer polizeilichen Ermittlung kooperierten, sich weigerten, Fragen zu beantworten, ihre Aussagen änderten und vor der Gerichtsbarkeit flohen, dann aber mit ihrer Version der Geschichte an die Presse gingen, um Leute dazu zu bringen, Geld zu spenden für die Suche nach einem Kind, das statistisch gesehen beinahe sicher, bereits tot war.”

“Ich verstehe hinterbliebene Eltern, die verrückte Sachen machen, aber noch nie habe ich solche Eltern gesehen! Ihr Handeln öffnete den Mutmassungen Tür und Tor.”

“Mein anderer Grund ist zu zeigen, dass ich Gonçalo Amaral unterstütze und für die Freiheit der Rede eintrete.”

Amaral ist angeklagt wegen Verleumdung der Familie Mc Cann durch die Veröffentlichung seines Buches “The Truth of the Lie” (auf deutsch: “Maddie - Die Wahrheit über die Lüge”), in dem er behauptet, dass deren Tochter in der Nacht des 3. Mai 2007 in Appartment 5a starb. Der Prozess war zunächst für den 9. und 10. Februar angesetzt, wurde aber verschoben. Brown entschied sich, den gebuchten Flug zu nutzen, um zu sehen, ob sich aus dem Besuch des Tatorts neue Schlüsse ziehen liessen. Und war es so?

“Ja, tatsächlich. Ich fand mehr über die Situation in der Umgebung heraus. Ich erfuhr etwas über die Türschlösser und deren Funktion - es wäre unmöglich gewesen, die Fensterläden und die Fenster von aussen zu öffnen - und über die Art des Geländes hier. Aber meine Grundposition blieb bestehen: es gibt zwei einfache Antworten in diesem Kriminalfall.”

“Die einfachste Antwort besagt, dass ein ortsansässiger Verbrecher Madeleine entführte (in diesem Fall wurde sie fast sicher innerhalb von zwei bis drei Stunden getötet) und die zweiteinfachste Antwort ist, dass sie bei einem tragischen Unfall starb und ihr Körper beseitigt wurde.”

“Um die zweiteinfachste Antwort auszuschliessen, müssen wir zweifellos beweisen, dass es eine Entführung gab und das ist bisher nicht geschehen.”

Glaubt sie, ebenso wie Gonçalo Amaral, dass die Nacht, in der die dreijährige Madeleine verschwand, unbedingt rekonstruiert werden müsste?

“Na klar! Aber sie weigern sich beharrlich, sie alle: die McCanns und der Rest der Tapas Gruppe! Vor allem die McCanns waren ihre eigenen ärgsten Feinde. Sie könnten auf verschiedenste Art antworten: durch ihre Beteiligung bei einer Rekonstruktion des Tathergangs, durch die Teilnahme an einem Test mit dem Lügendetektor. Sehen Sie, sie müssten als Tatbeteiligte ausgeschlossen werden können, damit die erste, einfachste Antwort die wahrscheinlichste ist.”

“Ein anderer Aspekt der mich wirklich stört, ist die Schaffung von Mythologien. Sex-Ring heisst das neue Feindbild. Den Eltern wird eingeredet, dass ihr Kind von einem Sex-Ring geschnappt werden könnte, aber Sex-Ringe arbeiten nicht in Hotelkomplexen! Wenn ein Sex-Ring ein Kind will, entführt er es auf offener Strasse in einem sozial-schwachen Viertel. Man entführt kein Kind der Mittelschicht in den Ferien aus dem Bett, vor allem nicht, wenn wir den Geschichten Glauben schenken wollen, dass die Eltern alle 15 Minuten vom Tisch aufgestanden sind, um nach ihren Kindern zu sehen. Jeder auf der Lauer liegende Entführer würde sich fragen “wann, verdammt nochmal,werde ich die Chance bekommen in ein Appartment einzubrechen!”

Browns Erfahrung mit der Erstellung von Fallanalysen begann als sie schon über 4o war und bereits mehr als ein Jahrzehnt als Gebärdensprachedolmetscherin in Krankenhäusern mit Unfallopfern gearbeitet hatte. In diesen Jahren sah sie “Alles”: Schussverletzungen, Opfer von Messerstechereien und Vergewaltigungen, Leidtragende und Schurken. Die Erfahrung hatte sie einiges über Leben, Kriminalität und Umstände gelehrt. Dann fand sie heraus, dass sie selbst für vier Wochen ein Zimmer an einen Mann untervermietet hatte, von dem sie glaubte, dass er ein Verdächtiger in einem brutalen Sexualmordfall sein könnte.Dieses beunruhigende Erlebnis markierte den Beginn ihres Interesses für die Erstellung von Kriminalfall-Analysen und den Umgang mit Mordfällen; man benötigte sechs Jahre, um den Mann zur Vernehmung vorzuladen und zum Verdächtigen in diesem Mordfall zu erklären und es brachte sie dazu, sich in einem Beruf zu spezialisieren, dessen Dienste grundsätzlich zu spät in Anspruch genommen werden.

“Eines meiner Anliegen ist es, Fallanalytiker zu einer Grundvoraussetzung bei allen Polizeieinheiten zu machen. Wir müssen gleich zu Anfang gerufen werden. Tatorte bedürfen besserer Vorgehensweisen.”

“Wenn Eltern ebenso wie alle weiteren Beteiligten sofort nachdem die Polizei am Tatort eintrifft, voneinander getrennt würden, wäre es viel einfacher, die Aussagen zu überprüfen und einen genauen Tathergang zu ermitteln.”

“In diesem Fall gab man den McCanns und ihren Freunden tagelang Zeit sich zu beraten. Mit dem Ergebnis, dass sie vielleicht, um besser dazustehen oder um peinliche Dinge zu erklären, die Ermittlungen zum Tathergang in einem Masse behinderten, welches sie schuldig erscheinen lässt. Oder, wenn die McCanns in den Tod ihrer Tochter verwickelt waren, die Chance ihre Geschichten zu korrigieren.”

Wie ist ihr Fazit? Wird der Fall jemals gelöst werden?

“Falls bewiesen werden kann, dass Gerry McCann zwischen 21.15 und 21.55 Uhr in dem Tapas Restaurant beim Abendessen sass” (während ein Mann, der Gerry McCann anscheinend sehr ähnlich sah, mit einem Kind in einem rosafarbenen Pyjama auf dem Arm auf dem Weg Richtung Strand von einer irischen Familie gesehen wurde)“wäre das der Beleg dafür, dass es eine Entführung gab.”

“Wenn die Spürhunde richtig lagen, (eingesetzt drei Monate nachdem Madeleine verschwand, reagierten sie positiv auf die Möglichkeit, dass sich eine Leiche in dem Appartment befunden hat) dann hat keine Entführung stattgefunden.”

“Um diese beiden Details zu beweisen, kehren wir zurück zu der Argumentation des damals verantwortlichen ehemaligen Polizeibeamten Gonçalo Amaral: es muss eine Rekonstruktion des Verbrechens geben bei der alle Beteiligten anwesend sind.”

“Aber soweit uns bekannt ist, sieht es bisher nicht so aus, als würde dies in naher Zukunft geschehen!” Brown schüttelt den Kopf: “Ich weiss wirklich nicht wie die englische Polizei bei der aktuellen überprüfung des Falls vorgeht, der Millionen britische Pfund kostet. Soweit ich es beurteilen kann, haben sie nicht dort angefangen, wo sie hätten anfangen sollen: bei der Rekonstruktion des Tathergangs.”

“Darin liegt am ehesten die Chance, die Wahrheit zu ergründen!”

Published in Algarve 123, n.º 717, February, 23, 2012 - VivaAlgarve Supplement

Get the 'Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann' before the McCanns Carter-Ruck it.

Brief synopsis: What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007? Was she abducted as the Gerry and Kate have claimed or did something happen to Madeleine on May 3 in the vacation apartment and the incident covered up? Criminal Profiler Pat Brown analyses the evidence and takes the readers through the steps of profiling, developing a theory that is intriguing and controversial.

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    Enid O'Dowd takes an in depth look into the setting up and subsequent running of Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited - A review of the background to setting up the limited company Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned and a forensic examination of the company accounts» http://www.mccannfiles.com/id405.html

  2. Bom dia, estimada Joana,
    peço desulpa, o meu comentário não é sobre este assunto, mas ao ligar o computador dei com isto no SAPO e fiquei desolada:



    LAMENTÁVEL! O que dizer sobre isto...?
    pérolas a porcos...?

  3. Olá bom dia, obrigada, já tinha lido ontem à noite, enviei uma mensagem ao Presidente da Câmara Municipal de Sintra, Dr. Fernando Seara pelo facebook, aguardo resposta. Em 2007 já se tinha discutido o problema http://gracamorais.blogspot.com/2007/05/painel-de-azulejos-de-graa-morais.html Agora isto é vandalismo http://twitpic.com/8nsbds

    um beijinho, Joana

  4. A wolf by the ears, fantastic reading are the Maccann's nearly washed out. Oh please God yes. Mr Amaral (what a man)God Bless him.

    Mary Liverpool UK

  5. While you're there, could you try (or get some athlete to do it) climbing out of a groundfloor window while holding a child? A pillow would do as a substitute. Leave no scrapes on the shutter or paintwork, wall or windowsill and no traces on the ground outside as you land. This of course, leaves out any sound from the child.

  6. JM : já cumpri o meu castigo. lol
    Foi via PJGA para o Seu correio. Bj.º

  7. The full interview is available on line. Subscribe and you shall find. Because this is a British media outlet (and in spite of the appearances) you may wish to be careful with your personal data least you end up black listed by Carter-Ruck. Just a touch of conspiracy theory to spice up proceedings. Too scared? OK. I understand. Do as I do! Google and you shall find. Jill Havern did you say?

  8. One of the Dutch princes(43) was buried under snow in Austria and it took 25 minutes to free him. His resuscitation took 50 minutes and I imagine he was at least 70 minutes without oxigen. There was the hope he was not very much destroyed but he is.His brothers and his mother the queen look dreadfully destroyed, although they communicated they hope the prince will get some better. Comparing the Dutch Royal family's reaction and the McCanns', I see a huge difference.The family is really suffering, they loved that man.
    Watching Kate at the Breakfast show, BBC, 2008, she looks wonderful and happy. Also when she launched her book last May the 12th.
    Last May the 13th they looked bad because they knwe already about the Met.

  9. Pat Brown's reports from her profiling trip are still on-going. Only the first is was published here. These are the other two to date



  10. Posted on Sky Blog by Adult Miller

    I know little of Pat Brown but what I find interesting is how so many condemn the woman, say she is a ‘nobody.’

    This 'nobody' it would seem from what I read here and from what those who contribute here say, appears to be the 'talk of the town' on all other sites -

    Pat's visit to Portugal has stirred up a hornet’s nest for sure and it is those who support the McCann couple in their abduction theory who are running around flapping as though they have been stung!

    Perhaps they have?

    Her theories whatever they are she is as entitled to as we all here are.

    Ordinarily I would say her theories are no more relevant than anyone else's but for the fact that she became a target of the McCann Team!

    From that alone - one knows immediately that this lady, is trouble with a capital ‘T’ to the Team, and I think most here either know or can have a good stab as to why...

    Panic stations already begun, I will be watching closely as Pat our profiler from across the pond pushes more buttons, makes waves -

    Interesting times ahead..

  11. I am troubled by Pat's assertion that, if it could be proved that Gerry was at the table between 9.15 and 9.55 then that would be proof of an abduction. It may indicate that Gerry was not the man seen by the Smith family but, as there is no concrete evidence that Madeleine was removed from the apartment between these times, I fail to see how gerry's presence or otherwise at the table could in any way exonerate him. I mean not to criticise and have high hopes for Pat's continued involvement but am somewhat concerned at the apparent lack of attention to detail on this particular point.


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