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Police Cases: “Truth of the Lie” is on its Way

Gonçalo Amaral told TVmais that he hired the lawyer of the police officers, that he is divorced and he assures there are going to be news in the upcoming days. Gonçalo Amaral can now sell the books that were banned, but no one returns them.

by Hernâni Carvalho

The version of the former PJ coordinator-inspector regarding the Maddie case was liberated by the court and can return to the news stands. It's a "victory of freedom against the inquisition" said Gonçalo Amaral to TVmais.

The book “The Truth of the Lie” was seized and its sales prohibited following an injunction that Maddie's parents filed against Gonçalo Amaral and his publisher.

Gonçalo Amaral opposed that decision to the Appellate Court, the latter proved the former PJ officer was right. Then the McCanns appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice. However, that superior court refused their request. That means the book can be sold and Gonçalo Amaral can receive the author rights from his writings.

The problem now is that the trustee of the book copies - the McCann couple's lawyer herself - has not yet returned them to Gonçalo Amaral nor to the book publishers [Guerra e Paz].

“The Truth of the Lie” still awaits.

Police Super Lawyer

Due to the process the McCann couple have against him, Gonçalo Amaral had his goods and assets seized, as well as his author rights. With the recent release of his books, part of this sequestration stands without effect. It's the first victory in Gonçalo Amaral's new defence strategy.

Gonçalo Amaral confirmed that he discharged his previous lawyer and gave all the cases to Santos de Oliveira, known as the police super lawyer. “I can confirm that I have hired Dr. Oliveira, but I won't make further comments. Results will speak for themselves”.

In good spirits, the PJ coordinator-inspector says that he can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. At the moment he is just waiting for his books to be returned so they can be on the market again, “as it should happen in a free country, after all I've only written what is in the case files”, he said.


“Yes, I'm divorced from Sofia, of whom I remain a friend and with whom I share the education of our daughters. The priority is to give them stability. And, yes, I am living in Lisbon with my father and I won't say anything else about my private life. At the end of all this (a lot of water is still going to flow in the Thames river...) someone will reimburse me for all the wicked actions taken against me... Then, I will tell the rest”, said in a single burst Gonçalo Amaral, without accepting any further questions.

Court: Maddie's Guardianship

Upon request of the McCann couple, Maddie is at the guardianship of the court [Ward of Court]. In practice, this means that the search for the young girl will not be prevented. The decision to grant parental responsibility to a court in England may, in future, derail or inhibit the girl's parents to bring further actions on her behalf, since that becomes the prerogative of the court. But the important thing is to discover the whereabouts of the girl.

McCanns sue another one

The parents of Maddie, who disappeared in 2007 (when she was 3 years old) from an apartment where she was left alone with her two year old siblings, the twins, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, have now sued Anthony Bennett by attributing to him the authorship of a smear campaign. Bennett argues [based on the police case files] the McCann couple is responsible for the alleged death of the girl and has released this message in various publications and leaflets. The retired solicitor, Anthony Bennett, and chairman of the Madeleine Foundation, faces a possible prison sentence if found guilty of the accusations made by the McCann couple.

Madeleine Foundation

Founded in January 2008, the foundation aim was to draw attention to missing children cases. From the beginning, its chairman has always been critical of Maddie's parents, indicating that they had some responsibilities in the unknown fate of the child. In November 2009, after a long legal battle, the couple managed to close the Foundation's web site. Bennett and the couple have reached an agreement at that time and the solicitor took the commitment to not say or publish that the couple was in any way responsible for the death of their daughter. Now, the McCanns say that he did exactly the opposite.

in TVmais, paper edition, nº 996, 17 to 23 February, 2012

Note: with thanks to Maria C.



    I don't think the McCanns' ego will give a damn about how much they have to pay back Amaral in counter-compensation claims. The "Fund" pays.

    They would rather relished the catholic, sadic pleasure of having Amaral tied up to court proceedings very much like "he" had them pinned down in 2007. Stupid really but, who said vengeance is always the most intelligent course of action?

    "For it is precisely when a force has fallen into harm's way that is capable of striking a blow for victory." (Sun Tzu "The Art of War")

    Meanwhile, let us not forget that ultimately is the score that defines a game. As it stands we have 2-1 to the McCanns even if technically what we have is a draw - with Isabel Duarte holding the ball and wasting time AND the adepts patience - something the referee (if any) might accept but the "federation" won't like...

    My bet is the McCanns loose eventually "two-two" (on penalties.) and that will cost them more than what they bargained for. Let us wait and see for...

    ... in DeLux Lex, Law for the very rich, money always has the last word. Think Carter-*uck, think "Troika" i.e. Pinto "Photoshop", Isabel Duarte, Rogerio Alves et al. Same modus operandi.

    Fingers crossed.

    * "Dr. Eric Berne defined a "psychological game" as a patterned and predictable series of transactions which are superficially plausible but actually conceal motivations and lead to a well-defined predictable outcome." (in "Games People Play"/Penguin Books)

  2. I have just checked out Santos de Oliveira's image - Amaral's new lawyer. He looks awesomely intelligent.

    An undisclosed source told me that (as a result) "Isabel Duarte doubled her intake of Valium and Marinho Pinto is testing a new brand of heavy-duty incontinence pads" (quote/unquote)

  3. A ID e os Mccann vao ter muita dificuldade em justificar o que e que fizeram com os livros. Ou os devolvem ou vao ter de pagar uma indemnizacao. O circo ja nao tem pes para andar.
    Olhemos atentamente para o que Pat Brown tem ecsrito no seu blog desde que chegou a PDL. Olhemos sobretudo para o ultimo post sobre os depoimentos de alguns Tapas 9. Ela diz que o mais importante, sao os primeiros depoimentos, as primeiras historias, as primeiras mentiras. Aparentemente, nada de novo. Nada que ja nao tivesse sido analisado/discutido/concluido por muitos blogs/foruns na Internet. A diferenca e que agora a conclusao vem de uma criminal profiler com larga reputacao em criminologia. Nao vem so de uma criminal profiler que se limitou a analisar papeis, entrevistas e artigos de jornal. Vem de uma profissional que foi ao cenario do crime testar hipoteses e sobretudo, testar as varias hipoteses apresentadas pelos suspeitos e corroboradas pelos seus amigos. A(s) historia(s) deles nao batem certo. Sao uma avalanche de mentiras mal construidas tendo um unico objectivo- fundamentar um rapto sem fundamento e sem provas.
    Se Portugal nao reabrir esta investigacao, depois de tudo o que se tem passado, vai ficar muito mal internacionalmente. E esta descredibilizacao e bem pior do que a crise apregoada pela Troika. Nenhuma empresa, nenhum investidor aposta num pais que nem consegue resolver um crime cujas evidencias sao gritantes. um pais de compadrios, de arranjinhos, de escondidinhas, onde ate as criancas indefesas nao sao respeitadas porque se priveligiam mentiras que ajudam a safar(mal) os unicos que tinham acesso facil a essas criancas. Atencao que eu nao acredito que Maddie tenha sido alguma vez negligenciada pelos pais. Tambem nao acredito em nenhuma linha daquela sequencia de controis bizarros para aquela noite. Tenho mesmo duvidas que aquele jantar tenha existido.
    A unica certeza que tenho, e que Portugal e um Estado Negligente. A justica portuguesa e negligente ao deixar casos destes arrastarem-se no tempo, a espera que alguem das partes CONFESSE.
    Os advogados pagos pelo Fundo, treinam-nos bem para nao haver confissoes. Portanto a estrategia tem de ser outra: reconstruirem a noite do crime e confronta-los com as mentiras. A nao comparencia a reconstrucao ja tem que implicar uma incriminacao porque 'quem nao deve nao teme'.

  4. once they loose 1 case i think they will loose them all

  5. We want all the stories from Mitchell and Mccann to finish,it is time they stopped saying that Maddie has been seen they know that she is dead, in the beginning they said that they would not find her,they must know where Maddie was put.We want Mr Cameron to get the case opened,get to the truth and put an end to all these stories. Maddie died in the flat and they were all involved.They are pleased but the fund must keep going. Germany.

  6. Since 2008 Dr Santos de Oliveira has represented Alfredo Pequito - the former Bayer employee and whistleblower - in the long running Bayer Pharmaceuticals corruption case, described by some as David v Goliath (well worth reading)

    Incidentally John McCann is now at Bayer

    Interview with Alfredo Pequito, former employee of Bayer Portugal
    In 1997 Alfredo Pequito informed the public that Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies gave gifts to hundreds of medical doctors in Portugal to influence their prescription behaviour. The General Health Inspection Department in Portugal confirmed these accusations.
    Bayer also conducted unethical medical tests in Portugal, several test subjects died. Until today Bayer has not been charged with these crimes.

    Speech Alfredo Pequito, Bayer Shareholder Meeting, May 12, 2009

    September 2000
    A drugs industry insider turned whistleblower, who claims to have proof that multinational companies are 'bribing' thousands of doctors to prescribe their products, has narrowly escaped an apparent attempt on his life.
    Alfredo Pequito, a former employee of the German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer, needed 70 stitches after being stabbed by a man who scaled the back wall of the house in Lisbon last week where he is under armed police guard.
    The attack comes just days after Pequito told a national newspaper in Portugal, where he worked for the German firm, that he had the names of nearly 2,500 Portuguese doctors who have been induced with gifts including cash and travel vouchers to prescribe Bayer drugs.
    The attack on Pequito is the latest twist to in a saga dubbed 'Bayergate' by the Portuguese media, in which leading international drugs companies have also been accused of offering gold sovereigns and expensive dinner sets to doctors who prescribed their drugs.

  7. A very nice day to all.

    And, JM: i profited Your´s link with english translation (copy and paste....sometimes i like to make copies; others..... no)

    Enjoy the day.

  8. Uma ligação e a referência para este Blog! Boa!


    ....... " Quant à Gonçalo Amaral, qui avait été condamné en première instance pour son livre L’enquête interdite (Bourin Éditeur), la Cour d’appel lui a finalement donné raison. Les McCann ont bien tenté un recours devant la Cour suprême de justice, mais celle-ci a rejeté leur demande. L’ancien policier va donc pouvoir récupérer une partie de ses biens( http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2012/02/police-cases-truth-of-lie-is-on-its-way.html ?qui avaient été placés sous séquestre et remettre son livre en vente. Sa vie privée en a pris un sérieux coup, mais c’est le bout du tunnel, comme il dit. Pourtant, je crois qu’il n'en a pas fini avec les McCann.


    Je ne sais pas si un jour on saura ce qui est arrivé à la petite Maddie. Les disparitions d’enfants restent souvent inexpliquées. Mais cette affaire marquera son époque par sa médiatisation mondiale, via l’Internet, et par l’argent qui a été fait autour.

    Et puis, il restera ce roman.

  9. "DeLux Lex, Law for the very rich.............
    right on target anon1....... what you pay is what you get..................

  10. Mr.Cabrita is a very good lawyer but many people know he was seriouwly ill in the past. He got better but he still has to protect his health. Next steps in Amaral's life could be very tough for Cabrita.And personal health comes above anything.

  11. I wish Mr Amaral all the best of luck and hope for the MC what goes up will go down because it must.

  12. The kind hearted unsuspecting public should be protected from the McCanns and their constant begging bowl.

    That means the McCanns must be stopped from preventing the public reading books and gaining access to information alerting them to the findings of the official investigation. This official information, having been publicly released in the Case File so as to specifically inform the public of the facts and circumstances of the investigation, AND NOWHERE DOES IT CONCLUDE THAT MADELEINE WAS EVER ABDUCTED.

    People can then be free to make their own informed decision as to whether they want to give more of their hard earned money to the well heeled McCanns, who are hardly on skid row, yet constantly bleat they are yet again down to their last half a million and needing yet more money.

    If the McCanns no longer manage to rake the money in as they have been doing, then too bad, but they could then start using their own for a change, or perhaps they themselves could actually go do some searching, and stop giving money for a supposed search to people who have turned out to be some very shady characters indeed.

    They could always downsize that great big house they live in, for which it was revealed at the beginning they had been using Fund money to pay the mortgage.

    Maybe the Court should be asking them if they now own this property outright, and if so, how they managed to pay for it so soon after Madeleine went missing, when they have said that every penny they receive would go to the Fund to search for her. I hardly need remind people that for most of us it takes many years to pay off a mortgage.

    The Court should also ask them why, until recently, it was stated that half of the Fund money went to the McCanns' extended family, and just who that comprised. Over the years how much approximately have the 'extended family' had of this Fund money?

    Yes indeed, the public need protection in this case, and they wont get that unless they are allowed access to the information available, books and all. Then let the people themselves decide if they want to continue coughing us yet more money to the McCanns.

    May I wish every success to all those standing against the suppression of freedom of information in this case.

  13. Anon 12 (when they have said that every penny they receive would go to the Fund to search for her, etc.)

    You reminded me of something of great interest I read recently (following Joana's recommendation made elsewhere in this blog) and which I would, in turn, humbly recommend to you and anyone who brings the McCanns' Fund to the forum. Quite an eye opener. Link here:


    This was written by Enid O'Dowd - a professional, chartered accountant who also happens to be a member of the National Union of Journalists (Dublin Freelance Branch). So she knows what she is writing about.

    Incidentally, Enid has also reviewed the book "Madeleine". Have a look here:

    http://www.townandvillage.ie/ June 2011 issue.

  14. Anon 6 De Oliveira, Pequito and John McCann Connection with Bayer

    Thanks for the info. and the links. I didn't know Dr. Santos de Oliveira represented Mr. Pequito against the powerful BAYER but that surely can only be a good omen. Sounds like Isabel Duarte's nemesis.

    When someone here wrote (Anon2) that "Isabel Duarte had doubled her intake of Valium and Marinho Pinto was testing a new brand of heavy-duty incontinence pads" I thought of it was some kind of metaphorical joke but, surely the status of Dr. Oliveira must have rattled the McCanns' legal team. De Oliveira presence bodes well to Goncalo Amaral, no wonder he sounds so optimistic!

    Another thing, John McCann is indeed associated with Bayer in the UK. I just checked with LinkedIN

    "John McCann
    Key Account Manager,Xarelto,Bayer
    Glasgow, United Kingdom Pharmaceuticals"

    More details at: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/john-mccann/11/589/304

    I don't see the connection, though - unless you meant the underlying energy of "corruption" (Fund) and De Oliveira past success in dealing with powerful dark forces.

    Thanks again #6 for a very informative comment.

  15. Anon 13

    No chapter and verse of where and when the McCanns say this, but that is the public perception presented to them by Team McCann, that all money goes into the Fund to be used for searching for Madeleine and there is no way the majority of the public would be sending money to the McCanns except for the use of it in the searching for their ABDUCTED daughter.

    Even as the 'abduction' brainwashing continues, and there is no proof whatsoever of an abduction, the majority of the public are believing the money is being spent entirely for this purpose, and the McCanns know that, since there was outrage when it was revealed they had been using money sent for the search, to pay their mortgage instead. They will not risk that again, though on the previous occasion somebody else told of this being done. Will there be somebody who will come forward again and say what happened to the vast amount of money the McCanns have received?

    So, until then, we must all know that ain't going to happen again because the McCanns have got it so well sewn up they can do what the hell they like with the money, and they know it. There is no accountability whatsoever.

    That is why it is so important the public be informed as to the facts and circumstances of the investigation, and the conclusions reached by investigators as to the death of the child in the holiday apartment. The public can then make an informed decision of whether to donate money for the 'search', or not.

  16. I had the hope the Oldfields were honest people and now I read an article on McCann Files that they did not want a reconstruction.
    An then I start wondering again if Matthew was involved in the death or in the disappearence.He was the only one who went to the apartment, short before Jane saw the man. I don't believe in the existence of the abductor but I suspect Matthew gave the body to Gerry, whom I believe was outside the window. I hope the Met will find out his role in this case.
    Rachel and Matthew have something to hide, I'm sure of it.
    Child abuse?

  17. The McCanns could better have chosen going to Portugal before internet was found out.

  18. Where are the McCanns?

    Trying to feel better after the Met got involved in the case? If they are, it will still take a long time.
    I wish they would give at least an interview now which would be again analysed by Martin Roberts.
    According to myself I believe Amaral knows what is going on between the PJ and the Met.

  19. What a lack of contra-information about Madeleine's case. I agree with the comment above: where are the McCanns?
    Probably to Costa del Sol, searching for the girl.
    I wish I could see them now on an interview.

    And it seems Tapas 7 will not state on Amaral's process. 7 witnesses of no-killing and of an abduction and they are not coming.I don't believe the McCanns did not ask any of them. I believe they refused to state again.At the end of her book, Kate thanks the Paynes and she doesn't specially thanks Tapas 5. And probably at their request. Can you imagine those doctors travelling around, to congresses, symposia, being recognized as being paedophiles? In the UK and abroad.
    If they don't come forward with the truth, they will remain paedophiles at the eyes of the public. For the rest of their lives. And this is not good also for their children.
    That's why I think it is really odd that none of the 7 came forward with the truth.
    The McCanns could have evidences against all of them, not only against Payne.

  20. "... there are going to be news the upcoming days".
    I hate this kind of announcements. Why not telling it immediately? And the word "upcoming" can mean a long or a shorter time, it depends how impatient we are. I fear it will be a long time. It can be anything: books back to the shops, an interview with the new lawyer, but it could be also the announcements that the Met are ready with the revision.
    This is torture.Come on, Amaral, tell us!

  21. Strange tittle:

    "Police cases: "the Truth of the Lie" on its way".
    To start, we read "police cases" and I have the impression that it has to do with the police and not with Amaral's book.
    And it is saying "truth of the lie" is on its way.Not the book because it was edited, translated in several languages and sold years ago.In 2008 it went its way and it arrived in the book stores.
    Nothing new.
    But the truth of the lie being officially revelead by the Met would be new.

    And Amaral assures that there are going to be news in the upcoming days.
    He assures this is going to happen.
    I think it is not the books going back to the shops because the trial is postpone to April and we are still in February.
    It is something else.
    Could it be something happening in the UK?

  22. just tried to buy this on amazon - have asked if they can make it available for the kindle

  23. Enid O'Dowd's review of Madeleine's book given above (A14) doesn't work. This does:

  24. @23 just tried to buy this on amazon - have asked if they can make it available for the kindle

    I tried it too but oddly enough I find only the Italian version is available:


    I don't think they will publish an English version, let alone sell it, NOT until after the "final" court showdown in April and even then only if Amaral's rights are re-instated.

    The McCanns' will then launch an appeal (don't worry the Fund pays) - first to the Portuguese courts and then to the European Court of Human Rights. The same is of course true if Amaral looses. Money talks...

    Any attempt by Amazon.uk to sell the book will be immediately "carter-rucked" and its sale placed on hold. I doubt Amaral will ever be published in Britain. In the US may be. Just may be. Of course the McCanns will always be welcome to publish in Portugal. No one will sue them for that. It's called double standards.

    What will probably happen is once Amaral is cleared by the Portuguese courts he will publish his expanded version of The Book - that much he has said. This will then become the definite and final word on the case. The McCanns' will once more try to gag him. The circus will go on ad nauseam.


  25. Latest Pat Brown analysis!

  26. I am 22 and I'm coming back with my comment.
    If it had to do with Amaral's book, the tittle would probably have been "freedom of speech: truth of the lie on its way again".Besides, the tittle is missing the article "the" before the word truth.It is possible it is not refering to the book but to the truth.
    I don't believe the book will be published in the UK now. Not yet.

  27. Why were there 11 British NHS Dr's staying at the Ocean Club that week Maddie vanished? Also Pharmaceutical staff there but booked in with their partners names, several chemists, bigshot medicine man Weinberger, several financial people and merchant bankers, and other NHS staff. A "relationship building" freebie paid for by the Pharma companies? Corporate Hospitality for NHS Dr's? Tut, Tut! It wasn't a holiday was it Gerry?

  28. @21/27 «Police Cases» is the column title/section that Hernâni Carvalho writes, the title is a literate translation, there's no "the" at the beginning. And «it's on its way» since it was banned, obviously. It's easy to understand that if you read the full article. There's no date set yet for the trial.

    @23 The PDF is on the right sidebar, on a box widget titled «This blog in the press» - @13 pointed to a different article by the same author at http://www.mccannfiles.com/id405.html and to the one that was already placed here inside the widget. @13's link was also correct, you just needed to copy/paste the url, check for that specific edition and download the PDF.

    @24 You might still find the German edition at Amazon, not sure.

    @20 Yes, let's give the McCanns all the strategies...

    @16 You might want to read the case files regarding the reconstruction, the appeals made by the PJ to the Tapas 7, their refusal, etc.

  29. Ney the German killer had nothing to do with Madeleine but Mitchell saw it all as a chance to blame someone,he has always done this by every story of any criminal.It's time he slowed down on looking for skapegoats.Mccanns never loved Maddie like she said in the book,they all know Maddie died in the flat,they are just after the money.Mr Cameron should be careful with Mitchell who was friends with Mr Brown,look after Britain.

  30. Are we ever going to find out the truth about the 'bag' that was found in Portugal and said to contain such items as jeans, fleece top, shower curtain, child's green top, rubber band, child's pencil case, and some sort of material, a sheet or blanket? The clothing was said to have traces of previously frozen bodily matter attached to it.

    This information was commented on by the McCanns themselves at the time, as they said they hoped it would prove to be a lead of some kind.

    Though the UK media said the bag was a carrier bag, the Portuguese said it was a blue/black? suitcase type bag. There is a big difference between the two. Was the description of it being a 'carrier bag' courtesy of Clarence Mitchell?

    Did the forensics ever do work on the contents, and if so, what was the outcome? Just what was that all about?

  31. #27,
    But, why take the children along then...? If it was business, why not leave them with relatives in the UK? Was it business but should not/must not look like it was...?

  32. News in the upcoming days... What could it be? From Amaral or from the PJ?
    I hope it will not take too long before we hear it. If Amaral "assures" it, it will probably come from him. He can not assure anything will be done by other people. I really hope for more information, more facts known by the police. I think the PJ are not willing to tell anything.After their bad experience with the British media in 2007, they will keep their mouths till the McCanns find themselves behind bars.And I hope it will be very soon. A public prosecuter must be already preparing himself for the trial.A lot of work. And I hope Tapas 7 or maybe Tapas 5 went to the police with the truth. They must be fed up of the McCanns.
    There has been a "he" in the past who wanted to tell the truth to the Met but gave it up because of the political lobby around the parents. Who could this "he"have been? Let us pray he is now corageous enough to come forward.

  33. Speaking about the bag, the Faro airport must have filmed it when the McCanns arrived. Or when they left England. Difficult for them to deny its existence.

  34. 29, a person like Mitchell is nobody's friend like I believe the McCanns are also nobody's friends. With their lack of principles they are not true to anyone. I even think that Mitchell is not a McCanns' friend. He likes their money and that's all.One day Mitchell will come up with a book about them. He is just waiting for a window of opportunity. The day the McCanns are financially broken, behind bars, Clarence will publish what he observed and what he found out about the couple. People like Clarence are profiteurs.By the way the McCanns too. They are the same.

  35. Joana, when a police officer went to the McCanns villa to tell them they were being made arguidos, there was a video showing them leaving the villa, Gerry wearing a white shirt, carrying Sean and Kate carrying Amelie. Kate got inside the car and a lady was covering the car window with a big bag, in order to hide Kate. Do yoou know by chance where can I find that video?
    Thank you.

  36. 32, I would like to think you are right, but it seems too much to hope for.

  37. I've followed the case for a oouple of years and I constantly discover snippets of information. Can anyone confirm whether the curtains in the McCanns' 5A apartment were washed soon after Madeleine's disappearance? You can explain away washing Cuddle cat but washing curtains seems a little strange.

  38. Tony Bennett's trial is postpone to 9th 10th of May. See McCanns files.
    Running against the clock. There is still time left for the Met to hurry up with their work.More than 2 months.

    35, I'm right and that is my intuition. I even believe Tapas 7 have been already re-interviewd by the Met.

  39. Anon 27

    What's John le Carre take on all of this?

    Whole affair reminds me of his latest, the sting operation involving the heist of a russian mafioso-turned-snitch, ending with the plane crash killing all and sundry.


  40. @ 34

    Remember Clarence is acting on instructions, in fact, re the Diary, it was said by a journalist on Leveson that the reason Myers asked ? to be vague to Clarence re what they had was so that it could be said that Clarence "wasn't acting properly on instructions"

    There you go, the get out clause of a PR rep (-:

  41. From 45 secs onwards, some Sky footage of McCanns shifty behaviour, it's quite entertaining...


  42. Where is the news of the upcoming days? Do we have to wait such a long time?
    News from the 17 till 23 February, on a news paper.
    I hate waiting. For nearly 5 years I am following this story and I every second became too long, since the Scotland Yard got involved in the case.
    Secrets and secrets, I understand the police and now I hope the police will undestand us. All of us are at their side but not knowing what is going on and how far they are with the revision, it is a torture.
    And I hope Amaral si coming with news, very soon.

  43. I wonder if Tapas 7 are following the blogs about the McCanns. I hope they are and they can read how people think about this whole case.I don't understand why they allow innocent people like Murat and Amaral to get in difficulties because of them. They are the ones who committed crimes (at least the crime of hiding a corpse and a crime of manipulate the public in order to make money) and Amaral, Bennett, Murat received the invoyces. But I believe that the Met is at the final fase of their work.Last November they approached Metodo 3 and it is nearly 4 months ago.
    Possibly they are making an evaluation of everything now and they are writing a report about their conclusions. By the way exactly the same conclusions the PJ have. I read somewhere that the police(PJ or Met?) received several letters, anonymous or not, about what happened or about the McCanns. I believe that after the report is compleeted, the Met will interrogate Tapas 7 and will interrogate new people and they will add everything to the document. And we will all see that Amaral's book The Truth of the Lie is telling the truth, based on the files, like he said. And I hope he will come up with a leaflet telling us more.
    And I trust that his book will be published in the UK, very soon. Who knows the publication in the UK is the news that he assured we will hear about.

  44. 5th February 2012 - Tapas Seven to be interviewed by Scotland Yard in review of Madeleine McCann abduction

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2096682/Tapas-Seven-interviewed-review-Madeleine-McCann-abduction.html?ITO=1490


    #44 - 5th February 2012 - Tapas Seven to be interviewed by Scotland Yard in review of Madeleine McCann abduction?

    With due respect allow me to say I doubt.

    What for? To help out Jane Tanner in her forthcoming court showdown with Robert Murat (defamation)? Far shot.

    Scotland Yard does not give up details of what they are doing - particularly now they are under fire for doing just that. Chances are the journo made it up to sell a few more extra copies. It is called "churnalism".

    Nothing that will come out of the SY is meant to damage the McCanns' "official version" of events. I don't think those were Cameron's instructions.

    The Prime Minister's decision to spend a few million on behalf of the McCanns' was solely designed to appeal to McCann fans on both sides of the ballot box - from Rosiepops' cleaning army to Richard Branson's wanna be's.

    :d Cheers!

    Drink Australian, think Australian.

  46. 37, the courtains of 5a were not washed that evening.They were kept where they were hanging the whole time. The floor behind the couch was washed and I think the wall too. You can see the courtains on the photos.
    I always hope there were more traces around which about the PJ never told.
    Speaking aboout Truth of the Lie, on his book Amaral doesn't tell that Gerry's front door key was found in the kitchen that evening and that means Gerry was using the back door, the patio door, not what he told.
    Possibly the body left also through the patio door, and through that narrow street between the apartment and the Tapas, something that the PJ have thought already and Amaral prefered not to refer to it.
    As long a case is not yet resolved, the police don't tell much.

  47. Dr Amaral said the McCanns have now 'shot themselves in the foot' by SY becoming involved. If that is so, here's hoping we are going to see them both in Court to answer charges very soon.

    If it can be proved the McCanns knew all along that Madeleine was dead, no matter it can't be proved how she died, then the media will go wild with that story, and the McCanns would be sued from all directions, besides receiving a hefty prison sentence for what would be one of the biggest fraudulent scams ever.

  48. 37, from an almost failing memory (after following this from its beginning!) I think it was the shower curtainthat was either washed (difficult to prove) or replaced with a new one. Would the Baptista small supermarket opposite the flat sell shower curtains?
    They might have sold bleach or disinfectant to Gerry, Kate or any Tapas, as holiday apartments don't usually have cleaning materials as that is the province of the actual cleaners. Wasn't the cleaner turned away one morning? Sorry not to have examples to hand.

  49. 45, hi there Australian,
    thanks for your wishful thinking contribution.Doubts about the Met and about Cameron. OK, it is your right. It is definitely what you want, not even what you wish.
    On the McCanns interviews last year, May the 12th, and on Kate's book we can see and read how abandonned they were and felt regarding the British government.
    And Cameron's answer shows how fed up and irritated the British government got with the couple.
    Search for the Sky news video where Gerry thanks(and defends) "Mr. Cameron" on the 13th. Gerry is destroyed of fear and had lost his confidence in himself.Speaking about criticising, aggression, the McCanns had gone too far. They are now silent, scared to death.

    After having gagged Amaral for a short time, Cameron and Theresa May gagged them.

  50. 48, the only think I remember about a shower courtain has to do with a bag that was found somewhere on the way to the airport. There was a shower courtain inside of it, a pair of trousers,I think blood, hair and something pink.No idea if it was important for the police.

  51. FAO 46

    I read somewhere in the PJ Files that the curtains were forensically tested and there was evidence of blood etc but also signs that they were washed around the time of the 'abduction'

  52. #44, thank you for:


    Think what you may about the article, believe it or not believe it, but it's well worth reading the readers comments!
    One may have a dislike for the Daily Mail and its type of journalism but I praise it for one thing: it is the only one who accepts comments on McCann related news and publishes them , even when highly unfavourable to the couple.


    "45, hi there Australian,
    thanks for your wishful thinking contribution"

    :d I must admit being under the influence of an excellent Billi Billi Creek Shiraz (Australian) which clocked in at 14 degrees proof - a detail I only found out afterwards. On second thoughts, I feel some sympathy now for Jane Tanner's surrealist imagination. Not sure if she had been drinking Australian, though. She had what we call "kangaroo vision"(variable perspective).

    "Vino veritas" aside (and please note I am on "SPA" right now) if ideology rules still apply (Marx/Gramsci/Althusser/Bourdieu/Žižek) and/or if Michel Foucault's concept of episteme holds true, Scotland Yard's review will lead to nothing new.

    I mean, when a hegemonic country police force ostensibly takes over another down on the pecking order, their ulterior motive becomes pretty obvious.

    Why would David Cameron do such a thing if it were not for Ideology (cultural hegemony to be precise) and ballot box calculations? Sympathy for the devil?

    Why did Cameron, recently, sent more troops to the Falklands? (including a warship and a nuclear sub)? To protect Prince William from the island's macacas?
    Come on friend!

    OK. You don't believe me? Fine! I am not 100% sure myself... but let us wait and watch out for any supporting evidence of my theory and yours.

    As for mine, I don't think we have to wait that much longer. The Yard's "preliminar conclusions" will come out around the time the McCanns vs Amaral trial hits the stage. These should be read as attempts to impress and influence the Portuguese judges. Naturally.

    Further "evidence" in the form of "speculative revelations" will appear during the McCanns' appeal stages both in Portugal and in the EU Court of Human Rights.

    One must never loose track of the fact that this case, having escaped the closing net of the Portuguese PJ, is now in the hands of two of the foremost PR agencies in the global-capitalist world, namely Burston-Marsteller and Lift Consulting (...) Not to mention a multi-million "Euro-Pound" team of "designer" lawyers which includes the very head of the Portuguese Bar as a central witness for the McCanns'. Fascinating.


    These predictions do not detract from any other PR manoeuvres by "Mickey Mouse Mitchell & Associates", designed to counteract anything that might transpire from the "opposition" (e.g. Dr. Amaral)

    :h It's "wishful thinking" alright!

  54. Anon 48

    I have never heard whether a shower curtain was replaced or missing in the holiday apartment, and I can't remember seeing photos of the holiday apartment bathroom either. Just as there were photos taken of the bedrooms and living room, they must surely exist.

  55. fao 37,46 & 48

    taken from mcannfiles

    "It has also been alleged that curtains behind the sofa had traces of blood which were found to have been washed when they were taken away and analysed."



    about 3/4 of the way down

  56. Further washed curtains reference

    Gerry McCann Abuse of power website quotes:

    "The dogs detected cadaver odour behind a couch in the apartment’s living room, close to a window that leads to the resort’s back area. This window had curtains that were removed and analysed by police, and a small blood sample was detected. Both the curtains and the wall where it was located at, had been washed."



    Scroll down right hand side - underneath pic of blue curtains

  57. ....even the Joana Morais website mentions evidence of the window curtains being washed:



    The latest on the McCanns' attempted gagging of lawyer Tony Bennett (in case you missed it).

    "The 25 alleged beaches of undertaking that may send me (Tony Bennett) to prison.

    The 25 alleged breaches of undertaking now pleaded in support of the application to commit me to prison may be summarised as follows. The breaches are numbered 1 to 25 as listed in Exhibit ‘IJH6’ at pages 1 to 10 of the new bundle, with the previous number for each given on brackets afterwards:

    No. 1 (previously 1) Allegedly breaching an undertaking not to sell my book ‘60 Reasons’ by ‘selling’ a book to one Michael Sangerte. I told ‘Michale Sangerte’ that the book was no longer for sale. When Michael Sangerte said he required it because he claimed it would one day ‘be an important historical document’ for which he was ‘prepared to pay a high price’, I agreed to find a copy for him, and sent it to him in exchange for its normal previous price, £5 including postage. The buyer turned out to be Michael Gunnill of Upchurch, Kent, who had deliberately deceived me into selling a copy which otherwise I had absolutely no intention of doing.

    No. 2 (previously No. 2) Publishing and selling the book ‘The Madeleine McCann Case Files: Volume 1’. It is claimed by the McCanns that this is libellous. The book is simply a compilation of 12 witness statements, police or expert reports, either in full or extracts from them, which were made public by the Portuguese Police 3½ years ago, in late 2008. So far as I am aware, the McCanns have not sued for libel either the Portuguese Police for publishing these documents, nor the authors of any of them, e.g. Dr Arul Gaspar, Dr Katarina Gaspar, Martin Grime and Inspector Tavares de Almedia. These various statements and reports have been published on numerous places on the internet and probably read by hundreds of thousands of people. So far as I am aware, the McCanns have not sued any of the website, forum or blog owners who have been carrying this material for the past 3½ years. I do not understand therefore the basis on which it is claimed that the contents of our book are libellous, if the McCanns have not sued any of the various authors and publishers of the material over the past 3½ years. IMPORTANT NOTE: Despite our publishing this book in January 2010, it was not until 1 December 2011 (when a limousine brought me the committal papers) that the McCanns first stated that they had any objection to this publication

    No. 3 (previously No. 3) Sending to our members, supporters and contacts an email refuting the claims of the BBC that Goncalo Amaral had used the expression ‘F___ the McCanns’ outside the Lisbon Court in January 2010. The McCanns say that parts of this email libelled them.

    Nos. 4 to 9 concern material published on The Madeleine Foundation website, as follows [IMPORTANT NOTE: Within 24 hours of our being notified by the McCanns of their objection to these six articles and five more on our website to which the McCanns objected, we removed them from our website].

    No. 4 (previously No. 15) Publishing a copy of our letter to Home Secretary Theresa May on 4 July 2010 about the possibility of a ‘Review’ into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The McCanns say a part of that letter libelled them.

    No. 5 (previously No. 18) Publishing an item ‘News from The Madeleine Foundation’ on 24 September 2010 which Mrs McCanns say included a libel of them. I am not at liberty to say what the contents of this letter were.

    No. 6 (previously No. 27) Re-publishing in February 2011 in full an article by Barbara Nottage on the events of the evening of 3 May 2007 which we had previously substantially cut - a year earlier - at the request of the McCanns. The reason we reinstated the article in full was because a few weeks earlier the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell had admitted that the abduction of Madeleine was not a fact but only an ‘assumption’ or ‘working hypothesis’."



    "No. 7 (previously No. 32) Publishing a copy of our letter to Prime Minister David Cameron sent on 18 May 2011 about the remit of the ‘Review’ ordered by David Cameron into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The McCanns say parts of that letter libelled them. I am not at liberty to say what the contents of this letter were.

    No. 8 (previously No. 34) Publishing a letter I sent to Carter-Ruck on 8 June 2011.

    No. 9 (previously No. 36) Publishing a copy of our letter to Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, Head of the Scotland Yard Review Team, sent on 11 July 2011 about the remit of the ‘Review’ ordered by David Cameron into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The McCanns say parts of that letter libelled them. I am not at liberty to say what the contents of this letter were.

    Nos. 10 to 23 inclusive concern 14 postings on the forum ‘Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann’. [IMPORTANT NOTE: Within 24 hours of our being notified by the McCanns of their objection to these 14 and around 26 other postings of mine on this forum to which the McCanns objected, I arranged their removal from that forum, except for the last three which were removed on being notified about them on 1 December 2011].

    These are the dates of these postings:

    No. 10 (previously No. 44) - 4 July 2010 (four messages)

    No. 11 (previously No. 46) - 13 July 2010 (two messages giving a link to a YouTube video I made reading out the 48 questions that Dr Kate McCann refused to answer when she was pulled in for questioning on 7 September 2007). That video is considered by the McCanns to libel them, although that list of 48 questions can be read all over the internet including today on the BBC website

    No. 12 (previously No. 48) - 24 July 2010 (two messages)

    No. 13 (previously No. 51) - 2 January 2011

    No. 14 (previously No. 64) - 16 April 2011, which refers to the ‘50 FACTS’ leaflet published by the Madeleine McCann Research Group, a document that the McCanns say libelled them

    No. 15 (previously No. 72) - 2 May 2011 (two messages)

    No. 16 (previously No. 79) - 14 May 2011

    No. 17 (previously No. 87) - 22 June 2011 (two messages)

    No. 18 (previously No. 90) - 7 July 2011

    No. 19 (previously No. 97) - 20 July 2011

    No. 20 (previously No. 108) - 3 August 2011

    No. 21 (previously No. 109 - 18 August 2011

    No. 22 (previously No. 118) - 7 September 2011

    No. 23 (previously No. 130) - 1 November 2011

    No. 24 (previously No. 140) A tweet on Twitter dated 7 July 2011 which referred to the report of Inspector Tavares de Almedia [NOTE: See also No. 2 above].

    No. 25 (previously No. 147) Distributing the leaflet ‘50 FACTS’ in Cheshire, Lancashire and Flinshire.



  60. After Amaral wrote The Truth of the Lie, we heard about the incident of the pink blanket and about Gerry's blue bag, which existence was denied by Gerry himself.Is it possible that the story about the courtain shower is true?Amaral doesn't refer to it on his book. After so many publications about this case, I believe in the Possibility that the truth will be told by one of the Tapas. A little pressure put by the Met, and somebody will come up with the truth.

  61. Anon 49 "Doubts about the Met and about Cameron. OK, it is your right."

    Well for all I know #45 may not be far off the mark. Martin Brunt - of Murdoch's SKY (Rupert is an old friend of Clarence Mitchell by the way) wrote in his blog in May last year:

    "The McCanns have written again to the Home Secretary asking for her help...stand by for Cameron to take a personal interest... and why not, at a time when his government is poised to bail out debt-riddled Portugal with a £4bn hand-out?"

    How did Brunt know Cameron would take a personal interest in the case? What makes him assume the Portuguese Justice system (inc. the PJ) was on "SALE"? Ideological preconceptions of his own? Inside information?



  62. @ anon (28/02 17:28) that clip was 8th May

  63. Teresa Almeida's report in PJ files deals with the bag with the shower curtain, t-shirt etc. She says it was a media invention.

  64. @63
    Teresa Almeida's report in PJ files deals with the bag with the shower curtain, t-shirt etc. She says it was a media invention.............

    Didn't someone who knows the apartment 5A say that there isn't any shower curtains they are actually glass showers in the bathroom, so the shower curtain would have not come out of 5A.


    63:Teresa Almeida's report in PJ files deals with the bag with the shower curtain, t-shirt etc. She says it was a media invention.

    Concerning the sports bag and according to G. Amaral who was the chief-coordinator of the investigation at the time, "a sports bag", was photographed inside the McCanns' wardrobe less than an hour after the child was reported missing - which means it was not taken by the abductor (...)

    The photo is in the official PJ Files.

    This FACT was reiterated by Gonçalo Amaral during a recent interview with Hernâni Carvalho on SIC TV which unfortunately was not published by Joana here:


    In this programme a photo of Gerry McCann carrying a similar bag (golf) is also shown. It is a famous photo anyway. You may already know it.

    It is not a media invention. It could be a Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell fabrication, though.

    Scroll 3/4 to see the blue holdhall:


  66. anonymous @65 http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2012/03/maddie-case-goncalo-amaral-returns-to.html

  67. Clarification from me at 63
    There is a missing blue bag as pictured in the wardrobe. This is not the bag Teresa Almeida refers to, which is the carrier bag supposedly found on the way to the airport with a shower curtain, jean with deposits ...amongst others,
    There was also a bag with a Tshirt handed in by James Keown and this is in PJ files. So there are 3 bags, not to be confused!
    If the "airport" bag does exist, it was not found by the PJ
    Gerry denied the existence of the blue bag which clearly did exist


    Anon 61 "Martin Brunt - of Murdoch's SKY (Rupert is an old friend of Clarence Mitchell by the way)"

    You were damn right! And it is not only Martin Brunt who is close to Rupert Murdoch! David Cameron too (Rebekah Brooks' same thing).

    Now, quite aside "ballot box calculations", the Prime Minister's summoning of Scotland Yard on behalf of Clarence Mitchell/McCanns' starts to make sense.

    "Mickey Mouse" was Head of the British Government Media Monitoring Unit before becoming the McCanns' spokesperson. He also manages the McCanns' global advertising and PR campaigns.

    On the "Daily Mail" today:

    "David Cameron ‘probably’ rode a retired police horse loaned to Rebekah Brooks, it emerged last night. The revelation sparked fresh questions about the Prime Minister’s closeness to the former News of the World editor and to the Murdoch media empire.
    Mr Cameron confirmed yesterday that he had gone riding with the journalist’s husband Charlie Brooks, who is a racehorse trainer." (quote/unquote)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2108780/David-Cameron-ridden-police-horse-loaned-Rebekah-Brooks-Downing-Street-admits.html#ixzz1nxxvULZv


    Someone planted a flower in Teresa. Oh Dear! Was it me? Sorry!

    Also #63 thanks for clarifying the bag in question. Point taken. Could you let us have the link to Teresa Almeida stating the bag never existed? I can't find it.

  70. Joana at 66

    That was me. Sorry. I just missed it. For a while I thought you had missed it or could not deal with it because of time constraints. You are a star!

  71. Two airline baggage identification tags 340816 and 340817 http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/01_VOLUME_Ia_Page_06_small1.jpg

  72. @70 No problems, I should have started it sooner, but had a hectic week. Have a good weekend and if you want to help feel free ;)

  73. 69 I'm sure you know the PJ files inside out, but if you just google the Pj files and search the name you'll find it. You apologise too much, by the way. No need

  74. If the contents were a media invention, which media invented it, Portuguese or UK, and why did they have different versions of what the bag looked like, one said a carrier bag and the other a suitcase type bag? As for the contents, somebody must have been very inventive indeed to think up that strange list.

  75. Who was the member of the Tapas friends who was also said to have had an item of clothing alerted to by the cadaver dog? Why is the name of this person not being revealed, when just about everything was revealed about Murat, (though there was no alert to any of his clothing or possessions by the dogs), plus the items belonging to the McCanns was also identified as having been alerted to by the cadaver dog.

    Why was the identity of this anonymous person not revealed.

  76. 69 I'm sure you know the PJ files inside out, but if you just google the Pj files and search the name you'll find it.

    In your case (73) I wouldn't be so sure. The reason I asked you was because I could not find it in the context you provide, but since you are unable to provide it yourself I must assume you don't know either. I thought so.

    Incidentally, I apologize whenever I feel I should. I don't believe being rude to others brings the best out of them. I am not one of these pathetic, post-modern, feral types who carries a knife, crashes through others without saying "excuse me" and thinks the use of the "magic word" (please) is for dummies.

    What's the point in rewarding the animal side of us? We have all been there, done that aeons ago.
    Like the Old Man said: "If it is true Humans have jumped from the Apes, it is also true they haven't jumped very far..."

    So, since we can't jump, we might just as well walk - the talk.

  77. Joana at 72

    No problem but we would have to coordinate the task. I will probably e-mail you tomorrow (via "contact us"). I could draft the last 10 mins. say but you would need to check it afterwards to make sure it was up to scratch. :h

  78. They can print it in swahili for all i care, im still going to order a 1000 copies and distribute on the tube, its the cover you see it the cover that will make people look up and notice.......

  79. Was the anonymous person a brother of a leading politician at the time?

  80. Anon 79 "Was the anonymous person a brother of a leading politician at the time?"

    Which anonymous person? You? Always quote the number. Thank you brother.


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